Green Horsey...Horsey Green

This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.

At dawn they started the long ride up the mountain. The double sled was in
the lead since it would be the slower. The path was steep and narrow, but
Alex and Jeremy said it was wide enough for the sleds. They moved slowly
up. Sometimes it was a long drop from the edge of the path. Sometimes they
had lots of room. But with Alex and Mike driving carefully they crawled up
the path. It took Alex and Jeremy six hours to walk up. It took them that
long to drive up. But once they got to the top it would be faster. All
they needed to figure out was, where were they going?

Douglas decided that they should wait until morning to start out. It was
still warm and dry on the plateau, but they could tell it wouldn't be as hot
as down in the desert. They could now go during the daylight. They still
had four tents and set them up on flat places. The ground was hard and it
was a little windy, but they were able to get the tents set up. They used
the sleds to tie them to, one on each side of a sled.

Drew, Drake, Scooter, and Douglas took up one tent. Mike, Alex, Brett, and
Jeremy another. Jordan, Travis, and Ryan, the third. Stevie and Jim got
the solo tent. They also got first guard duty as their payment.

Before heading for bed Douglas met with his cabinet. Scooter, Mike, and
Alex sat with him in one of the tents.

"Now that we're up here, where do we go?" Douglas asked. "It's a big

"Well, Stevie thought from the computer that west was best. But it could be
any direction except the one we came from," Alex said.

"Well, when you think of the side Matthew was sitting on west seems the best
bet," Mike said.

"But the way I was dodging rocks and hills, who can be sure?" Alex asked.
"I made some wide turns. It could be west, southwest, south, maybe
southeast. East is pretty much out, because Matthew would never have seen
something from that side of the shuttle."

"So, it looks like west or southwest is our best bet. But what if we go
right past the valley, to one side or the other? I wish I knew exactly
where to go. I wish I had a map, a marker, anything. I guess wrong and we
might end up nowhere," Douglas said.

Mike looked at Douglas. "And maybe, there is no place to go to. Maybe the
valley doesn't exist." Mike was usually such an optimist. Douglas knew it
was getting rough when Mike started to express his doubts.
"I know. But we won't ever survive even thinking that. We have to fight to
get to where ever we're going. It just has to exist. Matthew has to be

"What about the guards?" Scooter asked. "Do you really think we need them?"

"At least for tonight. Since we're at the top of the trail. After tonight,
I don't think so. I don't know if RC is going to follow us up here, but if
he is this is his one time to make trouble. So we have guards tonight."
Then Douglas set up the schedule for the night and took off his watch to
give to the first two guards.

After that they broke up and got everyone into their tents. The twins were
in the same tent as Douglas and Scooter. Douglas and Scooter had been naked
all evening, but the twins were reluctant to do that in front of everybody.
Nobody pushed them to. The twins were going to have to get used to them.
They stared when they saw boys holding hands and kissing their lovers.

"No wonder mom didn't want us hanging with them," Drake whispered to Drew.
Drew just nodded his head and kept looking. Sometimes a boy had a boner and
didn't even seem to mind it. He reached down and adjusted his in his pants.
He wondered if he should take his off and show what he had. But if Drake
wasn't going to then he wasn't either. Yet.

They laid out four sleeping bags in the tent. Each boy got in his own bag.
Drew and Drake had slept with Scooter and Douglas the night before. Scooter
and Douglas were too exhausted to do anything that night, but tonight the
weather was pleasant, they had enough water (almost) and they wanted each
other in the worst way. Douglas wished now he had taken the tent that Jim
and Stevie were in. Then they could have some privacy. Now they were lying
there holding hands hoping they didn't fall asleep before the twins did.

I love you my sweetness. I want you with me tonight. Douglas sent his
thoughts to his love.

I'll be with you. I love you, Douglas. I love you so so much.

They lay there holding hands and trading thoughts. They were thoughts of
love. Douglas was hard as a rock. So was Scooter. Scooter's only cum
since leaving the "Moonduster" was a wet dream. He was ready for something
with his love.

When they thought they heard regular breathing from the twins, Scooter got
out of his sleeping bag and crawled into Douglas's. They kissed hard and
held each other tight. Their hard boners rubbed against each other as they
kissed and hugged and rolled in the sleeping bag. Scooter was on top of
Douglas kissing and hugging and humping.

God, I love you, Douglas.

God, I love you, Scooter.

The sound woke up Drew. His sleeping bag was the closest one to theirs. He
wasn't sure what was going on, but he knew it had to do with sex. His eyes
could make out the movement and he could hear the sound coming from
Douglas's sleeping bag.

I hope we don't wake them up, Scooter thought. They have to find out about
us some time, Douglas thought back. Now is as good as any.

Scooter and Douglas were humping each other hard now, lost in each other.
Douglas wanted Scooter in him and wished he was in the two man tent. But
still, he had his love, and he would cum hard with him.

Drew saw the sleeping bag moving as the boys humped. He could hear them
moaning and kissing. He wasn't sure what it was all about, but he knew what
it was doing to him. He pulled off his undies and put his fingers around
his hard 2" hairless cocklet. He started rubbing it, like he had a lot of
times before. But this time it seemed to be something he needed to do hard
and fast. He used to do it some and stop. Sometimes he and Drake would
watch each other a little. This time was different though. He couldn't
stop himself if he tried.

He heard moans from the other bag. He kept jerking as Scooter and Douglas
came to their orgasm. Douglas arched, pushed against Scooter, kissed him
deep, and covered his love with his cum. Scooter came right after him,
mixing his light cum with Douglas's heavier cum. They both moaned with
pleasure, then stayed in each other's arms.

Drew heard them cum, not knowing exactly what had happened, and his hand
kept flying. His dick had never felt like this before. His fingers flew
across it. Suddenly his back arched, his dick felt like he was gonna pee or
something, feeling shot through him like never before, and his dick and body
twitched and spasmed with his first ever dry cum. He moaned without even
knowing it.

Scooter and Douglas heard him jack off and moan as they hugged each other.
Guess he was awake, my love, Douglas thought. They licked the cum off each
other the best they could, since they couldn't wash it off later. Then
Douglas hugged Scooter tighter and they fell asleep. Drew fell asleep with
a strange glow around him, wondering what it was that had just happened. He
would have to tell Drake in the morning.


Drew woke up again when Douglas and Scooter got back from their guard duty.
He noticed that they went back into the same sleeping bag, and they kissed
each other, but before he could tell if more happened he fell asleep.

When morning came Drew was the first one awake. He saw that Douglas and
Scooter were wrapped around each other. Then Alex poked his nose into the

"Time to get up guys. The sun is going to peek out any second."

Douglas moaned and stretched. He kissed Scooter, then saw that Drew was
awake and blushed some. Drew felt his face turn red too. He turned and
woke up his twin brother. Drew and Drake weren't identical, but they looked
a lot alike. They had black hair and deep brown eyes and slender builds
with little baby fat on them. They were close to starting adolescence, but
still little boys.

Douglas and Scooter got out of their sleeping bag. Drew saw they were both
naked. He got up out of his. Scooter and Douglas were surprised to see he
was naked too. Drake was surprised at the same thing. He got out still
wearing his dirty white briefs.

"You took your clothes off, brother."

"Yeah. It was more comfy that way." He pulled his briefs out of the
sleeping bag. "Plus these things are dirty and they stink."

The boys had slowly let their whole bodies tan since they landed on Inferno.
They felt pretty comfortable being naked all day now and saving their
clothes for when they really needed them. They still had a lot of
sunscreen, but used it mostly on their faces, butts, and crotch. The rest
of them was tanned dark. Scooter told the twins they might want to stay or
be naked and they would let them have extra sunscreen until they got used to
the sun. Drake shrugged and pulled off his dirty undies. If it was good
enough for Drew then it was good enough for him.

The boys left the tent. Drew sat next to Scooter while they ate.

"You guys were doing nasty stuff last night, huh?"

Scooter laughed. "Noooo, not nasty. It was love. Sorry it woke you up.
And I hope it didn't bother you."

"So it's not nasty?"

"Not to us. We all do it here."

"Yeah, I kinda noticed." Drew giggled a little.

"We all love each other, Drew. It's helped us to survive. But we had this
love even before we came to Inferno. It started on the "Starkeeper'."

"Okay." Drew nodded like he understood, but he really wasn't sure he did.
It sounded like everybody here was gay or something. "And you didn't bother
me none." He thought about telling Scooter about the feeling he got last
night, but decided not to. Not yet, anyway.

When he was alone with Drake he told him what he saw last night. And he
told him about the good feeling he got.

"Really?" Drake asked.

"Yeah. You gotta try it tonight. It feels like you can't believe."

"Maybe." Drake wondered if Drew was going to get like the older guys. And
if he liked that.

The sleds were started up and they headed southwest. Jordan sat next to the

"You guys remember me? We talked in the games room the few times you came

"Yeah," Drake said. He remembered he didn't like Jordan. He was too pushy.
The guy they liked was Matthew, but they heard he was dead, which made
them sad. They thought about how close they came to being dead, and how
lucky they were to be found by Douglas and Mike.

"You think maybe we could be friends or something?" Jordan asked.

"Maybe." Drake wished Jordan would leave them alone for now. He didn't
like him much and didn't think Drew did either. But he was the closest to
them in age. The only boy other than them who wasn't a teenager.

The dragged on for everybody. It was hot, but not as hot as in the desert.
The extra bottles gave them four more days of water at two bottles a piece,
which was what Douglas was still giving them.

They were cut to two meals now too. Half meals soon, or the food wouldn't
last as long as the water. Not that it mattered after it all ran out.
Nobody talked much. Most of them sat and held hands or napped. They were
all naked, all tired, all hungry and thirsty. Nobody was thinking much
about sex. They wanted it and missed it, but were too tired for it. All of
them were sweaty and smelly and dirty. Drake and Drew might have been in
the best shape of any of them despite their being in the crash. The dirt on
them hadn't crusted yet.

When dinner time came they stopped and ate. Drank some water. Talked. Then
went on for a couple more hours before they stopped for the night.

Douglas met with his cabinet again. They decided that they would go in the
same direction, even if they didn't have any reason to. It just seemed the
right thing to do. Another day going southwest. They also agreed they
wouldn't need any more guards. It didn't seem very likely that Robert
Charles could find them here.

Douglas had asked Drew and Drake if they had seen any green from the
"Sundancer". They said they hadn't, which didn't surprise Douglas. Only
Matthew had seen it from the "Moonduster" and he only did because he had
unbuckled himself. Which ended up leading to his death. Shit, Douglas
thought, I can't be thinking like this.

Alex and Mike got to be alone tonight, switching with Jim and Stevie. Mike
and Alex made out some and talked.

"This must be how early man was," Alex said.

"How's that, my love?"

"Making love when he's dirty and stinky and smelly."

"Well, you can never smell bad to me, love."

Mike let Alex make love to him. As tired and thirsty as they were it was
something they both needed. It was short, they both just wanted to cum.
But it was sweet.

Stevie and Jim had done it the night before. Travis and Ryan slept together
and rubbed off. The cum would be just more junk on their dirty bodies.
Jordan was in the tent but they didn't care. They wanted each other while
they still had energy to do it.

Scooter and Douglas crashed right away. Drew wanted to talk to Drake about
last night, but Drake was gone right away too. Drew took his dick in his
hand, got it hard, and repeated what he felt the night before. It was so
good. He couldn't believe he waited this long to find out about it. He had
to tell Drake.


Morning came and again the sleds headed southwest. The plateau went on
forever it seemed. But their supplies wouldn't last forever. Was Southwest
right? Who knew. They just kept going, hoping they would hit something,

Douglas knew everybody was looking to him to get them somewhere. And all he
had were the words of a dead boy who was hurt. Green horsey. What was the
green horsey anyway? And why did he think he could find it? All he could
do was keep them going, keep them alive, and hope for something lucky. They
hadn't seen a lot of luck so far.

Scooter had every confidence in Douglas. He believed, like Douglas did,
that there was something for them to find. All the evidence said so. And
every day, every hour, he seemed to become more and more their leader. All
he knew is he would follow Douglas anywhere. Even back into the desert of

Alex was driving a sled. He knew Douglas didn't have a clue about where
they were going. But he also knew he would follow him to wherever. His
decision to exile RC was an awesome one, even if he wanted top kill him.
But Douglas had made a hard choice and stuck with it. And the asshole was
out of their lives forever.

Mike was with Alex in the front. He thought of the night he had with
Douglas on the hill. Douglas let a lot out there. And now, suddenly, he
was more and more the leader they expected. Things were hard right now, but
Douglas kept them thinking it would be okay soon. When somebody got down,
he got them back up. Only he, Alex, and Scooter knew how he really felt
sometimes. And it was their job to prop him up like he did everybody else.

Stevie was glad he had Jim and Alex both. He was proud of Alex for the
things he did. He knew how much Alex helped to get things done. And he
knew Alex didn't mind having Douglas in charge. Alex liked being in the
middle of stuff without running stuff. Jim was next to him. He missed his
mother. Like all of them he was so lonely and homesick and scared. But he
had his Stevie, which helped him so much. He would be lost without his

Brett was still feeling good about how he helped with the power cells. He
and Jeremy lay in each other's arms. He was so lonely and afraid, but he
had the strong arms of Jeremy to help him. He was sick some, but not a lot.
Everybody was weak and tired now. Jeremy looked at his thin little lover.
Brett had been tougher and braver than he ever thought he would be. He
kissed Brett's lips and hugged him close.

Ryan and Travis were always quiet, but they were ready to do anything to
help. They both were worried about where they would end up, but they
trusted Douglas to figure out something. They just hoped it was before they
ran out of food and water.

Jordan was the loneliest of any of them. He had no boyfriend. Matthew was
gone. He often felt bad about the things he did to Matthew on the
"Starkeeper". He wanted to make up for it. Now Matthew was dead.
Sometimes he hated Brett, and he didn't know why. Sometimes he got so mad
he wanted to mess the whole thing up. But he knew he would die if he did.
He wanted Robert Charles to like him. He wanted anybody to like him. He
was tired of being alone. He looked at Drew and Drake. Maybe one of them
would like him. He wanted to make them like him. He noticed they were both
hard. He liked that.

Drake and Drew sat close to each other. Drew told Drake about his good
feeling. He saw that it made his twin brother hard hearing it like it made
him hard telling it. Then he saw Jordan looking at them, and it made them
both embarrassed. Somehow around all the other guys this seemed good, but
around Jordan it seemed nasty.

Another night came and another morning. They headed off southwest again.
Douglas had decided if nothing happened here they would split up. He didn't
want to, but they needed to find something, and two had a better chance at
it. The radios they took were worthless. For whatever reason they were
only good for 100 yards or so. Maybe it was the atmosphere. He wished they
had them when they did their scouting. Stevie kept working on them, but
they only went a short way. So he would have to think of a way for one
group to tell the other group if they found something. Or maybe they would
go so far then come back and meet. This was the problem with splitting,
they may never get back together again.

That night everybody slept right away. The were tired, hungry, thirsty,
dirty. All but Jordan, Drew, and Drake had a lover in his arms.


When morning came Robert Charles felt the sun beat on him again. He had
tried going back to the "Moonduster", but he got totally lost. Now he was
almost out of water. Fucking Douglas, he thought. Mr. Nice guy. I don't
want to kill you, he says. Fuck him. He'd rather have had Alex kill him on
the spot. If I ever see Douglas again I will kill him. No questions asked.
He will die.

Robert Charles stood up, his naked body filthy and burned. He grabbed his
water bottle to get a drink. He opened it, then got dizzy and stumbled.
The bottle dropped, the last of his water spilled into the sand. Fuck, he
thought. I'm dead now.

He fell. Heard something. Saw something. I'm dead, he thought. I'm dead.
How else could I see a unicorn.

He saw a golden unicorn. And somebody with pointed ears and a green and
blue mane. He closed his eyes and lost consciousness. He new he had died
for sure.


The two sleds ran slowly across the plateau. It was just past noon.
Suddenly there was a loud bang and first sled with the trailer stopped and
tilted to the left. The parts of the track lay scattered everywhere. The
entire left track had totally broken apart. They all hopped off the stopped
sleds and looked. There was nothing left to put together.

"Looks like we're fucked," Mike said. "I don't think that can be fixed."

"Stevie?" Douglas asked.

"It can," Stevie said. "But it's gonna take time. We can take the track
off the trailer and put it on this sled. I've got the tools. It's gonna
take all of us to do it."

The rest of the day was spent jacking up the sleds, taking off the track,
moving it to the other sled, and putting it on. They all thought how happy
they were that the tracks were small ones, but they were still heavy.
Stevie, Travis, and Jordan all worked to get it on. Everybody was full of
grease and dirt on top of everything else. Every boy was dark with dirt and

They got the track on just before sunset. The sled was started up and
tested. It seemed to work. Stevie got credit for another miracle.

The tents were set up. Douglas and Scooter sat on a rock watching the sun

"We lost almost a whole day today," Douglas said. "I guess it could have
been worse. At least we got it fixed."

"I love you," Scooter said. They held hands and watched the sunset.

"I have to split us tomorrow, Scooter. I hate doing it, but I have no
choice. Better some of us make it than none of us. I don't know what else
to do. We're going to be out of water and food soon."

"I know, my sweet love. I wish we could figure out where to go."

"I wish I could take us there. Matthew is dead. Lost for nothing. I
suppose RC is dead. I have two new little kids to watch. I don't know if
we can make it, Scooter. In a few days it's going to be over. We have to
split up."

Scooter snuggled up against Douglas, sending thoughts of love to him.
Douglas stroked Scooter's hair.

"Stevie performed his miracle, I wish I could perform mine."

"You've kept us alive, Douglas."

"But did I do the right think? I'm beginning to think we should have
stayed. Look at us. We're all filthy dirty stinky boys. Our hair is long
and gooey. We are hungry and thirsty. At least there we would have lived a
year more and died in comfort."

"And we would have died not fighting. Died giving up. You gave us a reason
to keep going. You had us fight, Douglas. I love you."

Douglas looked at the red sunset. The rocks were beautiful. To the
southwest, the direction he would go in tomorrow, they stood up tall and red
and orange. To the West it was the same, with the sun behind them. He
would send Alex that way. He looked up northwest. Nothing there but rocks.
What if they had passed up the valley? What if it was in that direction.

One rock caught his attention. It was tall, with two ledges sticking out
the front. The top was shaped almost like the head of a horse. It looked
like a horse rearing up on it's hind legs. It was silhouetted by the
sunset. The sun dipped below the horizon.

"Well, I guess we should walk back, Scooter. The show is over. Tomorrow we
might see some of our friends for the last time."

They got up and started back to camp. He held Scooter's hand, sad about
what he had to do tomorrow. He was going to lose some of his friends, just
like he had lost Matthew. Matthew? he thought. Matthew?

He turned and looked at the rock. He could still see it in the red sky. A
horse rearing. A horsey. Horsey!!!

"Scooter!!! Look at that rock over there on the horizon," he said pointing
to the Northwest. "What does it look like to you?"

Scooter took a look. "Like a horse rearing up, almost." Then he looked at
Douglas. They both were grinning.

"Yes, Scooter. Horsey. Not green horsey. It's Matthew
saw the horse rock and the green valley past it. Horse and then green.!!!!!." He grabbed Scooter and hugged him. "I think Matthew
has just saved our lives."

They ran back to the camp and had everybody look before the sky turned too
dark. They all saw what Scooter and Douglas saw.

"Ok, gang, tomorrow we don't split and go Southwest and west. We all go
northwest together. If we're right, on the other side of that rock is our
green valley."

"And if we're wrong?" Jordan asked.

Nobody had to answer that out loud. They each knew the answer inside. If
they were wrong, then they were all dead. Because they wouldn't know where
to go next.

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