First Contacts

by Douglas DD

This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.

The Hakaanen man pulled Matthew out of the buried tent. He laid him out on
the sand and gave him some water. He only had enough to help get him home,
so now he would have to share it. Plus he had some water for his unicorn,
but they were bred to not need a lot. They were a little like camels in
that way. He could see the boy was thirsty and weak and hurt. He wondered
how he ended up here buried in the sand. Who could be so hurtful to leave a
young one behind like this? Young ones were to be treated with loving
care. They must be like the Shkah who treat their young as if they were
their property. He had seen Shkah children beaten. This was even
worse. Leaving a young one to die was the most horrible thing he could

He lifted the little body of Matthew onto the saddle. He held the boy close
and started the beautiful black unicorn back to the valley. The unicorn
could travel fast, even in the sand when he needed to, and this time he was
put to a fast pace. He would be into the valley in two days going through
the North pass.

He wondered who the little one was and where he had come from. He looked so
strange with his rounded ears and no mane. But he had seen that the young
one was a boy, looking like the boys in the valley except he had no skin
across the head of his penis. He rode until meal time, then shared his food
and water with Mathew. He promised that if he ever found out who did this
to him they would pay.

He got out his water bottles, made sure Matthew had plenty to drink, then
started up the North pass. Matthew leaned back against the strange man with
the pointed ears riding the weird horse. The man hugged him to keep him
safe on the unicorn. Matt wondered where his friends were. He remembered
the storm and the tent getting blown down, and the wind stopping, and then
hearing voices call his name, but he thought he was in a dream.

Matthew was still hurting a lot, but he was awake. The strange man would
talk to him, but he couldn't understand him. He was scared. He didn't know
where he was going or what would happen to him.

When the Hakaanen man came over the last hill into the valley Matthew was
asleep. But he felt the unicorn stop and opened his eyes. In front of him
was a beautiful green valley with blue sky and white clouds. He figured
either he was dead and this was heaven, or he really did see a green valley
when the "Moonduster" was landing.

They soon were down in the valley riding through forests and fields.Not too
far into it they were met by a coach pulled by two unicorns. Matthew was
lifted into it. He could look out of the window. Sometimes he saw a house
and people who looked like the man. Most weren't wearing clothes. A couple
of times they met other men riding or in wagons who stopped to talk. Hardly
anybody seemed to know he was inside. Soon they were in a small town. They
came to a large building. The man picked Matthew up and carried him inside.

They went into a room and the man put Matthew on a bed. Soon another man
came in. Matthew could kind of tell he was in some kind of hospital and
that the man was a doctor. He was just wearing a white jacket.

"Well, Mokan, what have you brought me? It looks like a young one. But
looking much different. So this is who you radioed us about."

"It is, Doctor. He is not of this planet or any other one we know of. But
he is a young one who has been treated badly by his people, left to die in
the desert because of his injuries I suspect."

Matthew couldn't understand a word of what they were saying, but he knew
they were talking about him.

"Word is spreading quickly about this young one. How did he get here on
this planet? This is all very strange. We need to learn how to communicate
with him."

The doctor started to examine him. "Well, he seems to be very much the same
as us. All the parts are there."

He called for his nurse, and soon gave Matthew a complete physical. When he
was finished he set to work on fixing Matthew's broken leg. It had to be
reset. As far as the doctor could tell he had nothing else wrong with him
except he needed lots more food and water. For now he would stay in the
hospital, but he was going to need a place to stay after. And they would
need to find out about him somehow. Who he was, where he came from, and
who had so cold bloodedly left him behind.

Matthew soon found himself in a bed. He had a cast on his leg ,but he was
in a soft bed with fresh clean sheets. He tried to remember the last time
he had been in a bed, way back on the "Starkeeper". He couldn't remember
how long ago that was. But it felt so good. He feel asleep until somebody
woke him up. It was a nurse with dinner. Matthew ate like he hadn't in so
long. It smelled good, tasted good, and was a hot meal. Matthew almost
wanted to cry from happiness. He didn't know much about these people,
except they seemed extra nice.

But then when it got dark he thought about his friends. He wondered what
happened to them.

He knew they weren't on a soft bed with clean sheets eating delicious hot
meals and drinking sweet fruit juices. He didn't know why he was left
behind, but he he was sure it wasn't on purpose. He knew the voices he
heard had to be his friends looking for him, not some dream. He missed them
and wanted them back. He fell asleep dreaming of naked boys with pointed


Robert Charles hung on for dear life to the man on the unicorn. The man
wasn't quite sure what he had come across. It was a young one from another
planet is all he could figure out. And a male. He gave him some
water. Somehow he was going to be able to use him for something. He had
come over the pass to mess up a weather station, but it had been moved
again. Instead he found something even better. He rode up the North pass,
then turned west and headed for the little valley that the Shkah lived in.

Robert Charles was pretty much out of it. He got just enough water from the
man who took him into the valley. He took him to a small cabin and put him
on a bed. He gave him water and food and left him alone to have a meeting.

"So, Bazel, what have you found out in the miserable desert? An interesting
prize it looks like."

"Yes, Arkron. He came from somewhere other than here. There may be a wreck
somewhere. That means machinery. Maybe weapons. Things we can use against
the hated Hakaanen fools in the big valley. We must learn to communicate
with this young one. He can give us much. We have waited long enough. The
time to settle our battle and win back the valley is near, and your young
treasure might have just what we need to get what we want."

"Our time is near Bazel. We soon will be ruling the Hakaanen fools. We've
built up our strength for ten years. Maybe the last thing we need is
something this young one has."

Bazel stood up. "The Shkah will rule soon, great leader." He saluted and
walked out, his blue and green mane flopping behind him.

By the next day Robert Charles was feeling better. He didn't know a lot
about the people who rescued him, but he was surprised to see how poor they
were. They had small farms and cabins and not a lot of machines. He
expected people who made a colony on a planet to have much more. But it
looked like Douglas was right about Matthew. There was a green valley. He
wondered if Douglas and his group would find it. Probably not. They were a
bunch of weaklings and cowards. They already lost Matthew and tried to kill
him because they knew he was the only one who was strong enough to lead

He sat up on his hard bed. Somebody was coming into the room. It looked
like a boy his own age. He saw he was wearing only a cloth around his waist
and nothing else. The boy gave him some food and some juice. He sat on a
chair next to the bed and waited for Robert Charles to finish. Then he took
the dishes away. He came back for all the meals. The next day Robert
Charles was out of bed and feeling good. The boy made motions for Robert
Charles to follow him. They got into a wagon and headed up a long
road. Robert Charles felt a little nervous. He had no idea where they were
going or what this was about. The boy seemed really friendly. Once they
left the village he took his cloth off and was naked. He looked just like
any Earth boy down there. Robert Charles took off the cloth that they gave
him and they both sat there naked. The boy smiled as he drove the cart up
the road.

After a couple of hours they got to the top of a hill. Out ahead of them
was a huge green valley, with large seas, and forests and farms. So this
was the main colony. The people who rescued him weren't part of it, it
looked like. They had their own poor little colony. This was getting

The boy pointed to the valley and turned his thumbs down and frowned. Then
he pointed back to where he lived and turned his thumbs up and smiled. If
all that meant the same that it did on Earth, then it meant he was with the
good guys, and whoever lived in the valley were the bad guys. Robert
Charles grinned at the boy telling him he understood. This was his kind of
thing. He was ready to help his new friends in any way he could. They
rescued him and saved his life. Now he would pay them back.


Matthew woke up in the bright room. He was feeling so much better. His leg
hurt some, but the rest of him felt good. He wished he had a Vid or a
book. He was bored all of a sudden.

Then he heard the door open. A boy who looked to be his age, around eleven,
walked in. Matthew could see that hewas beautiful. He was naked, with
golden hair, smooth pointed ears, and a light golden mane of hair that went
half way down his back. Matthew could see he had a small smooth penis and
marble sized testicles that looked like the ones on any normal Earth
boy. He remembered seeing most of the people and all of the children naked
when he rode in the coach.

The boy started talking to him, but Matthew couldn't understand him. The
boy pulled back Matthew's blanket and looked at him. Matthew nodded yes,
hoping it meant yes to the boy. The boy hesitated.

"Enghar," he said pointing to himself. "Un bona Enghar."

Matthew looked at him and thought, well we have to start somewhere. He
pointed to himself and said, "Matthew. Un bona Matthew. My name is
Matthew." Matthew smiled and pointed to the boy. "Engar." Then he pointed
to himself. "Matthew."

The boy did the same thing. He pointed to Matthew. "Mattoo." He couldn't
seem to make the th. Then he pointed to himself. "Enghar." They both

Enghar went back to pulling down the blankets, revealing Matthew's naked
body. He went to the sink and filled a pan with warm soapy water. Then he
came back and got some towels under Matthew. Then he gently washed
Matthew's body. When he got to his dick and balls, Matthew found himself
getting hard. Then he was turned over and Enghar washed his back and his
ass. Matthew found himself involuntarily humping the towel under him
lightly while the alien boy did that.

Enghar turned Matthew over. He took the towels off of the bed. Matthew
could see that Enghar had a boner as hard as his own. Enghar pointed to the
bed. Matthew nodded yes. Enghar got in, lay next to Matthew and kissed him
lightly on the lips. Matthew felt a shiver go through him as he and the
alien boy made full body contact, their warm naked skins rubbing. Matthew
opened his mouth and let Enghar's tongue in. First contact was being made
between the two alien species, and it consisted of two young boys full of
desire They kissed harder, and deeper, realizing that the other boy, though
alien, tasted good and sweet. Then Enghar looked at Matthew and pointed
down. "Mattoo. Blesow?"

Again Matthew nodded yes, as he had a pretty good idea of what the alien
boy watned.. Enghar started tonguing him, licking his neck, his shoulders,
his nipples. He kept licking down. Matthew squirmed. He hadn't had
anything like this in so long, and the alien boy really knew what he was
going. Matthew shivered and shook with sexual excitement. Enghar kept
licking him down.

What an interesting race, Matthew thought. He is doing this like it happens
all the time. This is so awesome, so sexy, so wonderful.

Enghar could tell Matthew was loving his. Matthew's race was like his, he
guessed. He was going to make this strange alien boy feel very good and
welcome. He kept licking down to his belly button. Matthew groaned. It
looked like whatever made a Hakaanen feel good made this strange looking
boy feel good too. He kept going down to his hairless pube area, licking
down to the hard hairless dick on front of him. Strange that it doesn't
have any skin, Enghar thought. It looks very weird. He went passed it and
started licking his balls. No difference there. They were the right size
and tasted nice. Then his tongue moved up the Earth boy's shaft, licking up
and down. Matthew squirmed and groaned. Enghar licked up the shaft, and
finally licked the naked dick head. Matthew almost howled it felt so
good. Then Enghar let Matthew's small hairless dick slide into his mouth
and Matthew moaned again, arched his back, and rammed Enghar's mouth, and
dry cummed so hard he almost knocked the Hakaanen boy off the bed. Matthew
collapsed on the bed, breathing hard.

"Mattoo," Enghar smiled.

"Wow, Engar, that was awesome."

Enghar pointed to his own hard 3 incher. Matthew nodded yes. Because of
his cast, Matthew couldn't move easily, so Enghar got over him and eased
his dick into Matthew's mouth and started humping it. Just then the door
opened and the nurse and the doctor came in.

Oh, shit, Matthew thought. He almost bit Enghar's cock he was so
shocked. I'm in trouble now.

They're going to kill me.


Robert Charles followed the Shkah teen across the village. He thought his
name was Vordkan, but he couldn't be sure and he didn't care all that
much. He is an alien after all, and not even human. I just need to play it
cool, he thought, and see how all of this can help me.

They went into a barn and climbed up a ladder. Robert Charles wasn't sure
what was going on this time, but he followed Vordkan wherever he went. He
was even learning a few of their words. They climbed up into a loft, and
there he saw a gorgeous teen girl. Her hair was light brown, with her
pointed ears to each side. She was naked. She looked like she might be 13
if she had been an Earth girl.

Vordkan pointed at himself and then at her. Robert Charles pointed down to
his rising cock. Vordkan nodded yes. Robert Charles walked up to the girl
and kissed her.


Matthew woke up in the strange new room. He thought about the day before
and how he got here. He remembered the doctor and the nurse walking in
while Enghar was humping his mouth. He knew he was dead. He knew Enghar
was in trouble. They would kill him for what he was doing. But they just
smiled, said something, and walked back out. Then Enghar smiled at him, and
pushed his hard little cock back against his mouth. Matthew remembered
opening it again and letting Enghar finish what he started. He remembered
Enghar firing a couple of drops in his mouth that were the sweetest things
he have ever tasted. He wanted to keep it in his mouth forever. Then he
and Enghar lay there cuddling. He kept wondering if something would happen
to him for what he was doing with Enghar but the adults didn't upset or
surprised by what they had seen.

Well, something did happen. The doctor and a lady came with a wheel chair
the next morning. Enghar was with them, naked and smiling. They got
Matthew into the wheel chair and then into a car. This surprised Matthew
because he had seen mostly carts and carriages pulled by unicorns. He rode
to the edge of the town and then was put back in the wheel chair and pushed
into a nice house. It didn't take him long to figure out that the house
belonged to the doctor and the lady, and that Enghar must be their son. He
couldn't figure out how it was they could be caught doing what they were
doing, but he gets brought home to their house. These people were way
different from anybody he knew. At first he was scared that he was in
trouble. Now it looked like what he did didn't make any difference. Like it
was normal.

He was given his own room. He figured it must be a guest room or something.
But he barely got settled in when Enghar came and wheeled him into his
own room. spent. Enghar showed him some of his games and using sign
language and a few words he showed Matthew how to play. Pretty soon they
were playing like they'd been friends forever. That night Enghar came into
his room and they did the same things they had in the hospital. Enghar
stayed and slept with him. When Matthew woke up, Enghar was gone.

He couldn't get out of bed and he had to pee. So he finally just yelled,
"Hello!!!" The lady who he figured was Enghar's mother came in and
smiled. She helped him out of bed and into the wheel chair. H pointed to
the bathroom and she laughed. He had no idea how he was going to pee from
the wheel chair, but she helped him to get upright, and he was able to pee.
He was super embarrassed by it, but she seemed unphased. He hoped Enghar
could find a way to help him take care of calls of nature later. Enghar's
mother pushed him to a table and brought out a bowl of something that
looked like hot oatmeal with some kind of berry on it. Matthew tasted it
very slowly. It was so good and so sweet and he was so hungry. He gobbled
down the entire bowl and before he could even think of enjoying it, another
bowl was put in front of him. He was still hungry so he ate it too. He also
had a glass of delicious fruit juice. Well, he thought, if nothing else the
food here sure is good.

After eating he was wheeled into the living room where some kind of a vid
was on. He watched it. He couldn't understand anything that was going on,
but it was something to do. He wondered where Enghar was, but as the day
went on he thought maybe he might be in school, if these people had a

At lunch the Enghar's father came home. Matthew listened to them talk, and
even though he didn't understand a word, he knew they were talking about

"This is so interesting, Katja," the doctor said.

"How is that, Mandor?" his wife answered.

"They are so much like us. The blood is a little different. The liver is
backwards. But they are almost like us. The genetic difference is
tiny. It's amazing how alike we are. I mean I could tell what was wrong
with him and I was able to fix him. And from what we saw with him and
Enghar he is a very healthy boy. I was afraid their society was like the
Shkah that way, but then we caught him on the bed with Enghar feeding his
penis into his mouth. I was so happy to see that, even if we did embarrass
both of them." He laughed and so did his wife. Matthew liked the sound of
the laugh. He liked who he was with.

"How did he get here though? How did a strange alien boy end up buried in
the sand on our planet? And what kind of evil people would leave him to die
like that? We must find out his story. Enghar is doing well with him. They
seem to like each other. This young one, Mattoo seems very nice."

"He must feel very alone. His own people abandoning him and now living with
people who are strange to him and that do no speak his language. I hope he
realizes we like him and that he has a home here with us."

"So far only a very few people know about him. We're going to have to tell
everyone soon. Enghar has been told not to tell his friends yet. But word
is already spreading because he has been seen. I just want him to get to
know us first and get him well."

Matthew thought about his friends. He hoped so much that Douglas and the
rest of the "Starkeeper" boys could find the valley. He knew that if they
didn't they would all end up dying. "What if I end up being the only human
left alive here?" he thought. I better start learning their language, this
might end up being my home.


Robert Charles saw the riders come in. They went into one of the
huts. Pretty soon Vordkan got him and led him into the hut. The men all
pointed to him and said things he couldn't understand. Then one of them
got out what looked like a camera. He pointed to a viewer in it. Robert
Charles looked in it and gasped. The picture looked like it was taken with
a telephoto lens and it showed three naked boys coming down a trail on the
side of cliff. He recognized them. At the front was Douglas. Behind him
came Scooter and then Stevie. There were some more behind but they weren't
in focus and he couldn't tell who they were. He stared at the picture of
Douglas. He knew just looking at the picture that he hated
Douglas. Douglas liked to say he was the leader because they all wanted him
and because he wanted to do what was best for the group. What a bunch of
bullshit, Robert Charles thought. He is in it for power just like everybody
else. So he found his fucking precious valley, he thought. If he has his
new friends figured out it wouldn't do him a lot of good.

He looked at the Shkah men and at Vordkan. He took a piece of paper and
pencil. He drew a desert scene and put himself in it. Robert Charles was
not a bad artist. The Shkah nodded and smiled and talked. Then he pointed
from the camera to the picture and gave a thumbs down gesture. Then he
pointed at the camera again and gave a throat slashing gesture. Vordkan
repeated the what Robert Charles showed him. Everybody turned and
nodded. Robert Charles smiled and nodded yes. It looked like they

Vordkan listened to the men for a moment, then made 13 marks. Boy are they
bad counters, Robert Charles thought. He shook his head now and wrote
through one of the marks, leaving twelve. Then he pointed to himself and
wrote through another one of the marks leaving eleven. There were thirteen
of us, he thought. How did they know that? With Matthew dead and him
exiled, for now, there should only be eleven. But Vordkan made thirteen
marks. How did they know about Matthew? That was the only way they could
come up with thirteen boys.

One of the men got up and came back with a map. Robert Charles figured it
was a map of the large valley. He pointed to what looked like a town. Then
he hammered on it and pounded on it. Robert Charles nodded yes and
smiled. Another man brought out a large sword. He pointed to it and then
pointed to Robert Charles. Robert Charles figured he was asking if he could
get any weapons. He thought about the "Moonduster." He knew that they had
been trying to figure out where the weapons were locked, if there even were
any. He was sure that the First Officer said there were, but he never said
where. Well, he was ready to take his new friends there to find out. And
if they found some he had an idea it would put him on the side with some
power and meanness. And it would be the start of his revenge.


Enghar came home carrying some books. I was was right, Matthew thought, he
was at a school. He wondered if he would be going there soon. But right
then it didn't matter as Enghar wheeled Matthew into his bedroom and put
him on his bed. Right now the Hakaanen and Earth boys had important things
to take care of, and a deep kiss got it started. Enghar was glad his
weekend was starting. He would have three long days with this strange but
wonderful alien boy who was dropped into his life. He was going to try to
find out how this beautiful creature with the round ears ended up on


Douglas and Scooter stepped out into the road, ready to make what they
thought was going to be first contact. The Hakaanen boys saw the two Earth
boys come out of the forest and stared, startled. Then they decided to run
and hide someplace fast. Only the two oldest boys didn't move. Douglas and
Scooter crossed the road and stood looking at the two naked boys, who
looked like they were their age.

"Hello," Scooter said holding his hands out.

"Hello," Douglas said doing the same.

The two Hakaanen boys stood there with their arms folded staring at the two
strange round eared boys who had come out of the woods. Behind them six
younger boys looked from behind bushes. On the other side eleven boys were
looking from behind trees. Nobody moved. Nobody knew what to do next. The
four boys stood in the middle of the dusty road, different in their looks,
but a like in their nakedness, staring at each other.

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