The Big Valley

by Douglas DD

This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.

The two groups of boys stood looking at each other. The Hakaanen boys said
something, but of course Scooter and Douglas had no idea what it was. They
didn't bother saying anything back. They just smiled and held their hands

"It works in the vids," Douglas told Scooter.

"I hope they saw the same vids then," Scooter replied.

"I wish we could talk to them somehow. We can't stand here forever."

"I wonder," Scooter said.

"Wonder what?"

"If thoughts are in languages, or are something else?"

"Huh?" Douglas wasn't quite sure where Scooter was going. Then he
recognized the look of concentration on Scooter's face. Scooter was trying
to send his thoughts to the alien boy just like he tried sending them to
him. He could tell Scooter was thinking harder and harder. Finally he let
out his breath. The two alien boys were still looking at him. Something
had to be done quickly.

Douglas tried to make contact too. All he got was a small headache.

"What about both of us, Douglas?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not sure. Send your thought to me. Then I send it to the big boy on
the right. Let's try it."

"We are from Earth. We come in peace."

The Hakaanen boy opened his eyes up wide. The thoughts were loud but
Douglas could understand them. "I'm Bandar. Who are you? Where are you
from? How did you get into my mind?"

Douglas heard it but Scooter fell down on his butt. His eyes were open
wide and he moaned. Douglas bent over him.

"Scooter! My love! Are you okay!!??"

Scooter shook his head. "Wow. Yeah. I got hit hard by his thoughts."

"Did you understand them?"

"No. It was like noise. Send me another thought to send him, to keep it

"Send your thoughts back quietly. It is too hard and hurts us," Scooter
send to boy in front of him.

"Scooter, as soon as you feel it send it to me. Maybe that will make it
weaker and work the opposite of what we were doing."

Scooter set himself, ready he hoped for whatever hit him. He was
concentrating on Douglas when a thought blasted him and shook him, but he
sent it right toward Douglas. Douglas could feel the power of the thought
but he held steady and it went through Scooter.

It is working, Scooter. I got it. I understood him. This is so weird.
The thoughts have to go from me to you to him and then back that way. It's
like my brain and your brain need to work together, but you can't
understand any of it."

"I'm like a communications satellite or something."

"Exactly. Your acting as a relay. It's so weird."

They found out that the boy's name was Bandar and that he was called a

Douglas decided to try more. "Bandar, I am Douglas. My friend is Scooter.
We are from a distant planet called Earth. Our ship crashed here and we
are lost and far from home."

"Just the two of you survived?"

"There are thirteen of us." Douglas thought it was too complicated to try
to explain about the two different crashes.

"Thirteen? Where are they?"

Douglas wasn't sure whether to trust Bandar. Alex had suggested holding
back a couple of guys in reserve in case there was trouble. But Douglas
didn't want to split them. They might never find each other again.
Whatever they faced they would face together. Besides, they had been
through so much, it was time to stop, no matter what happened. And in the
end, he really didn't have a choice but to trust the naked boy in front of
him, so he held nothing back.

"Across the road in the woods."

"Tell them to come out. We won't hurt any of you."

Douglas turned around and waved to the woods. The bushes all moved and
suddenly eleven boys came walking out, skinny, scared, with long matted
hair, and even after swimming, still a little dirty.

"Welcome to the Fire Planet," Bandar said.

Douglas told the group what Bandar told them.

"We call it Inferno."

"Good name." And he smiled at the group.

The other Hakaanen boys came out from behind their bushes. They all sat in
the grass and Bandar and Douglas continued to exchange thoughts. Bandar
seemed to be the only one they could send thoughts to and he didn't seem to
need help like he and Scooter did. Douglas told them the story of how they
got to Inferno. And he found out why the Hakaanen had so few cars and no
fliers and such. Bandar told how they had been cut off from their home
planet for so many years.

This was a big disappointment. All the way to the valley they were hoping
that whoever lived here could somehow find a way to get them home. Now it
looked like they were trapped on Inferno for the rest of their lives. A
lot of the excitement left Douglas. They had been through so much and gone
so far, and it seemed like it was all for nothing. Now all they could hope
for was that these people who called themselves the Hakaanen were really as
friendly as they seemed.


Robert Charles woke up suddenly, wondering who was beside him. He reached
and felt the soft breast of the native girl. Oh man, he thought, was she
ever good in bed. He figured she was thirteen in Earth years, but she sure
knew her stuff. It was the best fuck he ever had. Well, second best.
Somehow that little Matthew kid was the best. Gawd, what a tight little
ass he had. Too bad that asshole Douglas left him behind buried in the
sand. He'd love to have that eleven year old ass now.

He got up out of bed to take a pee. At least these weird people had modern
plumbing. Some things they had were so modern and up to date, and some
were so old fashioned. They were definitely weird. But if they wanted to
kick some ass, he would help them, especially if that fucking Douglas and
his group were on the receiving end.

He pissed and went into the kitchen. Vordkan was sitting there, wearing
just a cloth around his middle. Robert Charles could see it was tented
out. He's seen Vordkan hard and he was impressive. Robert Charles figured
him at around seventeen. They were learning how to communicate pretty
well. He figured out that tomorrow they were going to leave early to find
the "Moonduster" and maybe some weapons. He wondered what they had planned
for today. And what they had planned later for the wusses who lived across
the hills in the big valley.


Matthew yawned and looked out the window. He could tell it was late and he
had slept in. Enghar was sleeping next to him. Matthew petted the little
alien boy's mane. He was amazed byhow much Enghar was beginning to mean to
him. He was learning some Hakaan words, but somehow they could communicate
without them.
He loved Enghar's mane. It was so soft and smooth. It felt like silk.
And Enghar loved having his pointed ears touched..

He wondered when he would be able to meet some of Enghar's friends, and if
they were like Enghar, who never seemed to be dressed, even when he went to
school the day before.

Enghar lay there while Matthew petted his mane. The Hakaanen loved having
their manes stroked. It was very erotic. And Enghar loved it as much as
anybody. He could feel himself getting hard. He didn't know it or
understand it, but he was falling in love with the sweet round eared boy.
He turned slowly over and kissed him. Matthew kissed him back, deep and

"Mattoo, ost lesha drey," he whispered.

"Engar, I love you," Matthew whispered back.

Without knowing each other's language, each boy instinctively knew what was
said. On Earth or on Hakaan, love was love and couldn't be disguised.


Douglas was trading thoughts with Bandar when suddenly it was like Bandar's
thoughts were breaking up, he could only get a few words and they were
jumbled. Scooter yelled at him to stop.

"My head hurts. I can't keep going."

"Doing the thoughts is hurting Scooter. We have to stop for now, Bandar."

"Okay. We'll wait until Scooter is ready. My head kind of hurts too."

They stopped. Douglas could feel the strain too. He knew it must be
doubly hard on Scooter, because he had to relay the messages both ways.
Scooter lay flat on his back. Ryan brought him some water as Douglas put
his arm around him.

"Are you okay, my sweet?"

"Yeah. I just need to rest. That was hard."

It's so weird, Douglas thought. Scooter can't communicate his thoughts
with Bandar. I can't do it. But together we can. And the same with it
coming back. It had to go through Scooter, and only Bandar could seem to
do it. Well, at least they could communicate, and they were finding that
these Hakaan boys were very interesting people.

They talked about what they had learned. And by the looks of it that was
what the Hakaanen boys were doing too. The boys, except Bandar, who was
older, looked to be between 12 and 15. Bandar seemed to be their leader.
But he didn't look like he was bullying anybody, everybody just seemed to
listen to him. The most amazing thing they learned was that sex between
boys was looked at as being totally natural. Kids hardly ever wore
clothes, and adults didn't wear them much either.

They noticed some of the Hakaanen boys seemed to be getting used to them.
They were holding hands and kissing and hugging. Douglas could swear a
couple of them, who looked around eleven, had a dry cum back by one of the
bushes. The Earth boys held hands or hugged some, but they were too tired
and hungry to do much more but get boners.

"Scooter, I need to tell Bandar something."

"What?" Douglas could tell that Scooter was very tired.

"That we need food. Or hadn't you noticed?"

Scooter thought about his grumbling stomach and looked at the group of
skinny boys. "Only about every five seconds," he said with a little laugh.
He took a deep breath. "Go for it."

"Bandar, it's been a long time since we had much of a meal. We are all
very hungry. Do you think...."

"Don't say anymore. We can swim and make out some other day. Let's go
take care of all of you."

Sending Bandar's thoughts is what took it out of Scooter. He could read
Douglas's thoughts almost as easily as breathing. But going back and forth
to Bandar was hard.
Sending wasn't so bad, it was about the same as sending to Douglas, it
was just getting Douglas's thoughts and sending them just right took a lot
of concentration. But getting Bandar's thoughts wore him out. All he got
in his head was like static and it was loud. Sending whatever it was to
Douglas was different from sending his own thoughts because he didn't even
know what it was he was sending or if he was sending all of it. And he
found out from Douglas that when he started getting tired Bandar's thoughts
started to get all jumbled.

Scooter noticed the Hakaanen boys starting to get up. "What did he say?"

"He said something like...let's eat."

They all went back across the road to get their back packs. The Hakaanen
let the Earth boys have the wagon to ride in. They walked or jogged along
behind. Two of them ran ahead to tell the adults in their village of their

Bandar's village was at the opposite end of the valley from Enghar's
village. There were a dozen villages in the valley, plus two larger towns,
including was the capital city of the valley. A lot of people lived on
their farms. And there was also the Shkah in the smaller valley over the
north hills.

Other than the mayor of the village, the people of Bandar's village knew
nothing of the finding of Matthew, so when the wagon full of Earth boys
approached the village, they were totally amazed. Now word was going to be
spread fast. It was a lot harder to keep thirteen boys secret than it was
one boy.

The boys were taken to the center of the village and into a large building.
The building was the village school. The boys were taken to the cafeteria.
Some adults showed up with food, and pretty soon a meal was being cooked
up. And before they knew it, for the first time in weeks, they were
sitting down to a hot cooked meal made with fresh meat and fresh
vegetables. On top of that they had salads made of delicious fruits and
vegetables. They ate until their stomachs hurt.


Enghar showed Matthew his crutches and gave him some quick lessons on how
to use them. Matthew could get around on his own now, which made him very
happy. The two boys went outside into the sunny backyard. Enghar brought
a couple of games out. The electronic games were all old. Inferno had no
way to make new things. Everything new had come from Hakaan, and now they
were cut off. The electronic toys were hand-me-downs. Sometimes the parts
from worn out ones were used to keep another game going. But most of the
games and toys now were hand made ones. All of the things the Hakaanen had
were wearing out or being kept for special uses. Every day they kept their
radio on hoping to get a signal from a ship coming in from Hakaan.

The game they decided to play was kind of a combination board and card game
that was simple but hard. Simple enough that Enghar could teach it to
Matthew without having to use words, but hard enough that it was full of
all kinds of strategy. Matthew looked at Enghar. He couldn't believe the
feeling he had for him. He wished his friends and his big brother were
here so he could share everything with them. He was so happy and warm and
sad at the same time. As much as he was starting to love Enghar he wished
deep inside for his friends, and way deep inside to be home with his
parents. As bad as they were sometimes they were still his parents. He
never thought he would miss them like this. "I wonder if they miss me?" he
thought suddenly. He shook his head trying to get the thought out. The
scary thing was, they just might not.

Matthew wasn't very good at the game. Enghar won every time, but they both
could see that Matthew was getting better. Enghar sometimes would show
Matthew what he should have done right after he made a play.

After the game they worked on learning words. Enghar was trying to help
Matthew learn the Hakaan language. Enghar had heard his parents talk about
having a retired teacher start coming in to teach him to speak. Enghar
figured it would be easier if Matthew knew some words. Matthew was smart
and a quick learner. Already he could name dozens of things. If this was
going to be his home for the rest of his life, he figured he better start
learning how to live here. And if everybody was like Enghar and his family
this was a pretty cool place to be. Already he had gotten more hugs and
little kisses from Enghar's parents than he had during the last three years
from his own parents. They treated him just like he was a member of their

Enghar won one more game. But it was closer. Matthew liked the game and
knew he would be equal to Enghar real soon. Enghar gave Matthew a kiss,
and they put the game away. They moved to a two person seat and sat and
hugged. It didn't take long for more to happen. Enghar's mother saw them
making out through the window. She turned away to give them their privacy.
She smiled. It looked like her son had a friend, lover, and maybe a
brother. Now if they could just find out where he came from and how he got
buried under the sand.
If she could find who did that to the sweet boy in her son's arms she
would tear his eyes out.


Vordkan and Robert Charles were each on a unicorn. Robert Charles had
ridden horses on Earth and riding a unicorn wasn't much different. Vordkan
was showing Robert Charles how to use the swords while riding a unicorn.
Robert Charles picked up the idea quickly. He was hitting and slicing
melons riding and hardly ever missing. The Hakaanen did this as sport.
They hadn't fought each other for centuries. But as far as the Shkah were
concerned that was going to end. They were going to have their beliefs win
out. And they were going to get all the technology back. The Hakaanen in
the valley wouldn't know how to fight. If Robert Charles had the weapons
he described to them then the fight to get the big valley under their
control would be a short one.

Robert Charles went after another melon. Whack! Perfect! Right in half.
Damn he was good. He wondered what kind of reception the boys were getting
from the Hakaanen. He hoped they were being treated like the pieces of
shit they were. He didn't know much about the Hakaanen, but they must be
pretty awful people if they were hated so much by the Shkah. Already, in a
couple of days, he was learning a lot. And he would soon be learning more.


The mayor of Awanstor was on the radio talking to the Governor of the
colony. He told him about the boys that were found by the lake.

"They sound like the boy that was found in the desert. Now we kind of know
the story of how they got here. Amazing that a group of boys can do what
they did. Pilot a space ship to a planet, land it, and make it through
that hell desert to find a this valley. I'm not sure I believe it
all. There has to be some adults involved," the Governor said. "How did
you find this all out? Do they know our language?"

"No. Apparently they just communicated somehow with Bandar. They were vague
about that."

"Okay, if there are adults involved, then where are they. We need to be
very cautious and watchful here. I am suspicious of these boys."

"I don't think any of our young ones could do what they did," they Mayor
said, ignoring the Governor's remark.

"We spoil our young ones. They are soft. Life here, even with our things
breaking down, is soft and easy," the Governor said.

"Maybe. But we had the same soft life. We seem to be doing okay."

"But how long can the valley survive if our machines break down?"

"We can still make parts from other machines. And Grendon says in five
more years we won't need the machines running all the time. The atmosphere
won't be all we want but it will stay steady if we run the machines half
the time. But we're not there yet."

"Let's hope we never need to find out what life is like without those
machines running," the Governor said.

"Now comes the question if we tell those round eared boys about Mattoo, the
lone boy?" the Mayor asked.

"Why not?"

"We're thinking maybe they are the ones who left him to die under the sand.
Our boys say they seem really nice, but they are aliens. We don't know how
they think."

"How could young ones act like that? Even the Shkah don't act that

"They are aliens. We don't know how they think. Maybe they act nice and
are cruel to each other. I think we should wait until we learn more."

"Okay. I agree then. I'll let the doctor and his wife know. They will
have to tell their son before he lets Mattoo know. He might become fearful
if they are like you think."

"Thank you, Governor. Maybe this is all for nothing, but I don't want to
see harm come to that young one. From what I heard he could easily be
Hakaanen by the way he is acting around the doctor's little one."

They hung up their phones. "And how long are the phones going to last?"
the Governor thought. Everything is either wearing out or being taken
apart to make parts for the atmosphere making machines. They weren't
supposed to be on their own just yet. They still were depending on supplies
from Hakaan, supplies that they haven't seen in 25 years. He wondered what
was going on now on his home planet.


Bazel and Arkron were discussing their trip to the desert; how much water
to take, how much food and how much they could trust the alien young one.
A couple of other Shkah men were there. One of them thought killing off
the alien was a good idea. As soon as they got the weapons, use one of
them on him. But he was voted down, they might need him later. And
Vordkan seemed to like him. Finally, as much as they were different, deep
inside the were still Hakaanen and they weren't that cruel and sneaky. But
they all admitted they didn't really trust the alien boy.

They figured out that the boys who had come to the large valley had kicked
Robbachass out of their group, and mostly because he tried to be a firm
leader. Well, the same thing happened to them. They got kicked out of the
great valley because they tried to be firm about how to use the machinery
and technology they had left after the robot ship came with its message.
So they felt like they had a lot in common with the alien boy. But they
weren't sure how he would react when he saw his own kind. Whose side would
he be on then?

The Shkah man who had talked about killing Robert Charles came up with an
idea they liked. While Robbachass was leading Bazel's party to their
crashed ship, they would kidnap a couple of the alien boys. They should
have no trouble learning where they were, and Hakaanen never guarded
anything, so the whole thing should be easy. This would be a good step in
their battle with the big valley. The Shkah mostly messed up Hakaanen
farms on brief small raids. Now it was time to really make them think.
And they would be less likely to react hard to an alien boy disappearing
than to one of their own being kidnapped.

>From what Robbachass said the party should be gone for a week. The
unicorns travel fast, but they had to find the crash too. That would not
be easy. They figured that with a couple of days to plan and do some
spying, they would do the kidnapping in four or five days. When Robbachass
came back a couple of his own kind would be prisoner here. And how he
reacted to them and treated them would say how much they would trust him.
It might even tell whether he would live or die.


The thirteen boys were kept together in the gym of the school. Cots were
brought for them to sleep on. Bandar told them that the village council
was going to take care of them for now, and that the council for the whole
colony was going to meet in a couple of days to decide what to do. For now
they could all stay together in the gym. They would do anything they could
to make them comfortable.

A table of treats and drinks was laid out for them. The cots were all set
up. Even some kind of vid machine was brought in and Bandar showed them
how to use it. Bandar was becoming pretty important since he was still the
only one who could communicate thoughts with the Earth boys.

Bandar was hoping to maybe have some sex with the strange looking visitors
some day. Even though they looked strange, with rounded ears and no manes,
they also looked very sexy. But he knew it wouldn't be tonight. He could
see that they were tired and a little scared. But he was hoping it could
happen soon. If you change the ears and add a mane they didn't look any
different. And more than one boy thought the Hakaanen had a sexy look too.

After Bandar left, Douglas called a meeting of the whole group.

"Well, guys, we're here in the valley. Warm and fed and comfortable. And
still kind of lost it looks like. The question is what do we do now?"
Douglas said.

"You mean you don't know?" Jeremy asked and everyone laughed. They knew
what Douglas meant.

"I know this much," Douglas said. "We can't let them split us up. We
might never all find each other again, especially if we get moved out of
this village. This valley isn't huge, but it's big enough to get lost in."

"But do we have a choice?" Mike asked.

"I don't know. I don't know what they are like. The kids are nice,
awesome in fact. The adults have treated us great. But that is just this
village. Who knows what this colony council is like."

The twins were snuffling some. They had been upset since they figured out
there was no way off of the planet and no way back to their parents and
family. Right now all the wanted was some house to live in. They looked
around the gym and knew that this wasn't it.

"We just have to tell them," Alex said. "At least we're lucky and can

"And what if they act like adults and don't listen because they think they
know what's best for us?" Travis asked.

"Then we do the best we can to hang together. Is everybody with me on
Until we find out more, we don't let ourselves get split up. We hang
together even if it means running off to the woods. I mean we survived a
desert with no food and water. We should be able to make it in some
woods." Douglas looked at the group waiting for an answer.

"I'm with my love," Scooter said.

"We're with you," Mike and Alex said.

When they got done four of them didn't agree. They wanted the wandering
and moving around to stop now. Jordan, Braden, and the twins voted to go
wherever they were asked. The vote was 8-4, with Douglas as leader not

"If we do get split, are you going to stay with us?" Douglas asked.

"We need tonight to think about it," Braden answered.

"Fair enough. And the rest of us will have to think if we want to leave
you four to yourselves. All of us think hard. We got here by sticking
together through hard times. Let's not let what looks like good times tear
us apart. We still have a lot to learn about our hosts."

They went to their cots. Nobody was surprised when the cots were put into
pairs. Scooter and Douglas. Alex and Mike. Travis and Ryan. Braden and
Jeremy. Stevie and Jim. Jordan was by himself. The only thing he was
wishing for was some of his dad's vodka. He wondered if the Hakaanen had
alcohol. The twins, Drew and Drake, had their beds close but not together.

The boys were fed now. They'd had water. They were pretty clean.
Tomorrow, it was promised, they would be very clean since the showers would
be unlocked in the morning.
And most importantly, they were very horny.

Drew could hear the noises of kissing and sex. He was very hard.

"Drake, I want to show you what I learned."

"What's that?"

"Just slide your bed over."

Drake did. Drew put his hand on Drake's dick. He couldn't believe he did
that, but after being around this group it seemed totally natural instead
of totally weird.

"It's this." And Drew started to stroke his twin brother's little cock.

All thirteen had an orgasm before an hour had gone by. For three of them
it was dry. And for one it was his first ever. Nobody had thought of
including Jordan, who jerked himself to a dry cum. Ten of them slept in
each other's arms on the double cots. Only Jordan and the twins didn't.
The lights were out and the breathing deep as the boys slept in some kind
of a bed for the first time since their last night on the "Starkeeper."


The council members and the mayor were busy with a conference phone call.

"Then it's agreed," the mayor said. "We have the homes set aside.
Tomorrow afternoon we move them to families in this village, the
neighboring village, and the farms. We have enough places now for them to
stay. This will be hard on them for now, but until we can figure out what
to do with them, it's all for their own good."

"I agree. We'll try to let them get together, maybe on weekends," the
councilman who had been put in charge of taking care of the boys said.
"But having them in a home for now is the best thing for them. We'll move
them after lunch with Bandar's help. I'll talk to him tomorrow morning."

The councilmen and the mayor all hung up knowing they were doing the best
thing for the young ones.

The boys were snuggling close. Douglas loved the feel of Scooter's arm
around him. He couldn't sleep. He was worried about them being split
apart. He knew it wasn't the best thing for them right now. They'd been
through too much together to get broken up as soon as they found safety.

Matthew was in Enghar's bed this time. He missed his friends. He was
missing his parents less and less, and he was loving his Enghar more and

Robert Charles was sleeping alone. They would be waking up before dawn.
He was ready for the trip. And ready to show the Shkah that he was with
them. He hoped they could get to the laser guns. He couldn't wait to have
one in the faces of Douglas, Alex, and Mike.

Next. Chapter 31. Education

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