This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.

Chapter 34


by Douglas DD

Robert Charles woke up with Vordkan draped all over him. He pushed him
away. Sometimes Vordkan seemed like a warrior, just like how he saw the
Shkah men. And sometimes he seemed like a wuss fag like the fucking boys
from the "Starkeeper". But having Vordkan as a friend looked like a way to
power, so he would put up with anything. He wasn't sure how, just yet, but
these Shkah guys were going to give him power, even if it was only over his
fellow Earth boys.

He rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. He thought about being a
warrior, of riding a unicorn and swooping past Douglas and the Earth boys,
whacking them with his sword. It would be much more adventurous then
shooting them with a laser gun from far off. He wanted to look Douglas in
the eye when he took care of his faggot ass and cut his head right off his


Douglas lay on the cot that was put in the lounge. Drake, Jim, Stevie, and
Jordan were all that were left of the boys he was supposed to be
leading. Brett was in a hospital bed. Scooter was missing, probably
kidnapped. Two boys were kidnapped, and four others were away trying to
find them. Douglas looked up at the ceiling. I really should go turn off
the lights, he thought. He could hear one of the boys snoring. He thought
about what he was like when he first got on board the "Starkeeper." He was
mad and lonely. He had been taken from the school where he was the
president, where he was popular and was somebody. He was on the ship and
sulcy and full of anger. And it seemed he liked being that way. And then he
met Scooter. And Scooter showed him what he had inside of himself. Scooter
showed him love. Scooter touched his soul. Then he found the love of a
group of boys who became his family, who picked him to lead them and keep
them safe. Now his decisions weren't about fund raisers and school
dances. They were about life and death, about survival. He had led them
across the desert on a strange planet and into a valley that seemed like
paradise but was full of danger. He looked at the four boys in the room. He
thought about the rest of them, about Alex, Mike, Jeremy, and Travis on a
mission; about Ryan and Drew kidnapped and lost; about Brett sick
downstairs; about Matthew dead and buried under the sand; and about his
sweet love, hurt and missing. All he knew was that up to now he loved them
and they were survivors.

He sighed and took a deep breath. He pulled back the covers and turned off
the light. It seemed a little chilly in the room, especially since they
were all naked. He leaned out of the open window and looked up at the night
sky. He hoped to see stars or one of the moons, but he saw nothing but dark
sky. He felt a little breeze and a drop of rain on it.

Scooter, my sweet love, where are you? I love you. Come to me. I need you
my sweetness.

Down below in the courtyard the cold was making the energy leave Scooter's
body. A drop of rain fell on him. He shook and shivered. His brain was
shutting down. Hypothermia was setting in. Inside his head he thought he
heard something. A thought from his love. He lifted his head.


The thought struck Douglas's mind like a lightning bolt. There was no doubt
he had just gotten something from Scooter. But from where? He could be
anywhere. Then he remembered what happened up on the plateau, how Scooter
didn't get very far away before his thoughts started fading. And the one
thought that hit him was strong. It could only mean Scooter was close.

Scooter! Scooter! I heard you. Talk to me again my sweet sweet love. Give
me your thoughts. Fill my mind.

Scooter remembered the danger. He heard his love and his love was in

Robert Charles, he's here. Danger. Robert Charles. I hurt and I can't
think. Then Scooter's mind faded to black.

Oh my God, Douglas thought. Robert Charles has Scooter somewhere in the
hospital. It was Robert Charles who took Scooter. Took him after giving
Scooter blood. And now the bastard had Scooter in terrible danger. He
needed to find him. He woke up the sleeping boys.

"I think Scooter is close," Douglas said.

"How do you know?" Stevie asked.

"I felt a thought. It was short, but it was strong. I can only feel a
thought like that when he is close. I need your help finding him."

"That's bullshit," a voice from one of the cots said.

Douglas looked over at Jordan. "What do you mean by that?" he asked.

"You can't read each other's minds. That's BS and we all know it. I'm not
going to help."

"That's your choice, Jordan. I can't read his mind (Douglas knew he needed
to lie some here, to protect the secret), but I can feel is presence. The
rest of you going to help?"

"You bet we are," Stevie said. He glared at Jordan. "Jordan, I was actually
getting to like you for a while, but now you're turning into a real
asshole. Come on guys, let's go."

"I think we need a plan first," Douglas said. "I think he's in the
building. Let's check out this floor first, then work our way down to the
bottom floor. Check each room and closet and door. and hope we don't get
caught snooping. I think somebody has him prisoner, so if it looks
dangerous don't go in. Come back here and we'll meet. No matter what,
everybody be back here in fifteen minutes."

Douglas, Drake, Jim, and Stevie headed silently out of the lounge. Drake
stayed with Douglas. He was so young Douglas didn't want him off
alone. They looked inside of rooms quietly, hoping not to disturb any
sleeping patients. They had to watch out for the nurses and the people who
worked at the hospital, since they would wonder what they were doing
sneaking around, and there would be no way to tell them.

After the room emptied, Jordan got up and went into the elevator and down
to the bottom floor. He had his backpack with him. He was going to start
looking down there. If Robert Charles was around like everybody said, then
if he found Scooter first he might find Robert Charles and Robert Charles
would get him away from all of these people who never really liked him. He
wasn't sure he believed all that stuff about mind reading, but he figured
it wouldn't hurt to try looking. Maybe there would be something in it for

He was nervous about being in the hall alone. He pushed open the door to
the courtyard and walked outside. He wasn't sure what he was looking for
there but it seemed safer than the hall. It was cool and starting to rain
and turned around to go back in. Then he thought he saw something behind
the bush on his right.

He stopped to look. The light from the hall window was shining behind the
bush and he saw what looked like legs and feet. He walked to the back of
the bush and saw the feet and legs attached to a butt and the butt attached
to the body of a boy. There was no mane and the hair was hard to see but it
looked blonde. It was human. He turned the body to see who it was, even
though he already had a good idea. He was right. It was Scooter, and he
looked close to dead. He was blue and shaking and unconscious. The
question in his mind now was, what was he going to do about this? He
remembered how everybody was treating him now, like he was nobody. And
Scooter was Douglas's boyfriend, his little fuck buddy.

He got up off his knees, stood over Scooter and peed over him, soaking him,
just like everybody had done to Robert Charles. He then picked up his
backpack, walked into the hall and to the elevator. He went up to the third
floor, into the lounge, and set his backpack down. He got on his cot, put
the blanket over him and closed his eyes. Let them find Scooter for
themselves, it wasn't his problem.


Matthew was lying in bed wondering what happened to Scooter. Enghar was
snoring lightly. He heard it start to rain outside. He thought about how
wonderful it was to be here in this green valley, alive, and loved. He
snuggled up to Enghar and thought of their sweet talk in the hospital
courtyard. It was so sunny and warm and Enghar helped him so much with his
words. He was understanding more each day. And even at eleven years old,
without really knowing it, he understood love. He loved Enghar more than
he could ever imagine, more than anybody he had ever loved.. Even more than
his "brother" Mike, who he missed terribly.

He thought about the courtyard. Enghar pushing his wheelchair past the
beautiful bush with the red flowers. They smelled so good. He pushed up
against Enghar tighter thinking about it, seeing the foot behind the bush.

He shook his head. Foot? He closed his eyes tight. Did he really see a
foot? He thought harder. If he had seen a foot then whose foot was it? And
what was it doing behind the bush? It seemed the size of a boy's foot. And
a boy was missing. Why hadn't his brain thought about it before?

He started shaking Enghar. "Engar, Engar, wake up, wake up!"

Enghar moaned sleepily. "What?" he said in Hakaan.

"Scooter. I know were," he answered in Hakaan.


"No. Get your dad."

Enghar moaned and got out of bed and went out of the room. He came back
with his dad. The doctor asked Matthew what was wrong.

"Scooter. Alive. Bush." It was all he could remember how to say.

The doctor looked at him like he was nuts.

"Hospital," Matthew said getting frustrated. "Scooter. Hospital under

The doctor wasn't totally sure what Matthew meant. "Mattoo, you want me to
take you to the hospital?"

Matthew nodded yes. "Scooter there."

"You know where Scootah is?" he asked slowly.

Matthew nodded yes.

"How do you know?"

Matthew didn't know how to explain it. He just pointed to his eyes and then
to his head.

"You just remembered seeing something?" the doctor asked.

Matthew understood remember and see. He nodded yes.

The doctor helped Matthew out of the bed, got his crutches for him and gave
him and Enghar each a jacket.

They got into his car. Because he was a doctor he got one of the few
electric cars that still worked. They headed quickly for the
hospital. Matthew was sitting in the front seat wondering what they would
think if this whole thing was just his imagination? And maybe it was. They
would find out soon.


The boys were all back in the lounge. They had found nothing. Douglas was
angry with Jordan, who was lying asleep with his back to them. He wanted to
wake him and shake him and scream at him. Scooter was in trouble and he
didn't even care. He thought Jordan was getting better and trying, but now
he was the same old uncaring Jordan.

They decided they had covered the top floor as much as they could. Now they
would try the second floor and hope he was there. Douglas could hear the
rain picking up outside. He was glad he didn't have to be out in it.

They left the lounge and took the elevator to the second floor, splitting
up again to look for Scooter.

Downstairs, Matthew, Enghar, and the doctor came in through the doctor's
entrance to the hospital. Matthew was going as fast he could on his
crutches. He led them to the courtyard. Now, which bush was it? he
thought. The first one seemed right. And, just like Jordan, he saw the
light shining on the leg and foot from the hall window. He went back behind
the bush and saw Scooter, lying on his side, cold and wet with rain. He
called to the doctor.

Enghar's dad pushed back the bush and leaned over Scooter. His body was
cold. The doctor checked his pulse and his breathing. His pulse was
weak. It didn't happen much on Inferno with the controlled weather in the
valley, and the hot desert, but the doctor knew Scooter had hypothermia. He
had to be warmed right away. He picked Scooter up and took him to the
emergency room.

Matthew and Enghar were left standing in the rain. They went quickly
inside. Enghar led Matthew to the elevator and Enghar pushed the third
floor button. They got off on the third floor and headed for the
lounge. Enghar knew that the round eared boys were there and figured it was
time for them to see Matthew. He'd been thinking about it all the way to
the hospital. He wished he could hide Matthew from them forever. He was
scared in two ways. Either they buried him on purpose and would want to
hurt him again. Or they lost him somehow and Matthew would want to get back
with them. Maybe Matthew even had a boyfriend to go back to.

If they did hurt Matthew, he would find out in a hurry. Because Matthew
would let him know.

And if Matthew was going to go back to them it probably was best he knew
now before he got so close to Matthew he couldn't stand losing him. Or
decided to make him his special love, his Meshanna.

Matthew was excited about who he would see. He missed them all so much. He
wanted to see one of his own kind so bad. But he was still worried about
one thing...why had they left him behind to die? But for now he just wanted
to see somebody he knew that he could talk to.

The boys entered the lounge. The lights were off. Enghar turned them
on. There was only one boy in there.

"What the fuck...," Jordan mumbled. He turned to see a Hakaan boy standing
there. 'What was one of those ugly bastards doing waking me up?' he
thought. Then he looked at who was standing behind the Hakaan boy. He
rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming.


Matthew said nothing. He took a step behind Enghar. He didn't like
Jordan. Jordan scared him. He remembered right away the things Jordan had
done to him on the "Starkeeper". He didn't remember Jordan sitting with him
on the "Moonduster" when he was hurt and sick. Other than Robert Charles,
Jordan was the last person he wanted to see, and now he was the only one

Enghar noticed that Matthew was stepping behind him. That said it
all. They HAD left him behind to die. Right then he hated Jordan and all
the round ears. He wished he had been able to leave Scooter to die in the
rain like Matthew was left to die in the desert. He wished he had never
brought his Mattoo into this room.

Jordan got up and headed towards Matthew, but Enghar grabbed him hard and
stopped him.

"Let go of me, you pointy eared fuck!" Jordan screamed. He yanked at
Enghar's arm and pushed him into Matthew. The Hakaanen never fought and
Enghar was surprised at what just happened. He had never been pushed like

Enghar didn't know what he said, but Matthew did. Both Enghar and Matthew
had never hit anybody in their lives, but Matthew was as angry as he had
ever been in his whole life. Nobody pushed the boy he loved like that. He
balanced himself and raised one of his crutches, ready to hit Jordan with
it if he had to.

"What's wrong Matthew? It's me, Jordan. I love you. What have these
bastards done to you? Brainwashed you?"

"Stay away from me Jordan. Just stay away. And don't talk about my friend
like that, or I'll beat you up."

"Ohhhhh, aren't you talking tough. They have brainwashed you."

Jordan took another step toward Matthew and Matthew raised his crutch
again. He was ready to bash him on the head. Then he heard something from
behind him.

"Hey, what's going on!" Matthew turned around to see Douglas standing in
the door way. There were three other boys with him. Douglas said the same
thing Jordan had said, only he doubled it.

"Matthew?" he asked. Then it was, "MATTHEW!!!!!!!!" He came over and hugged
Matthew so hard that he knocked his crutches down, but he held Matthew up
with the power of his hug. "Oh My God! You're alive!" Suddenly both boys
were bawling. Stevie and Jim were looking on with tears in their eyes. They
both wanted to get their hugs in. Drake wasn't totally sure what was going
on, but he had heard that Matthew had died in the desert, so he knew that
something special was happening.

Douglas got Matthew over to a cot and sat him down. He saw the cast on his
foot. Casts were foreign to the boys, because their medicine could heal
most bone breaks with in a couple of days. Douglas saw how healthy he
was. Then he noticed Enghar. He nodded toward him.

"That's Engar. He's the doctor's son. I live with him. He's my lo...."

Douglas interrupted him. "How did you get out of the desert?"

Suddenly Matthew's face changed. A look of anger came over it. "Why did you
leave me there?"


It was getting cold along the side of the hill. Some of the rain from the
valley fell there, but it was more a drizzle than a rain. Ryan and Drew
were getting wet. Ryan rolled over and covered Drew with his body trying to
keep him dry.

"You okay, bro?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah. I'm cold."

Ryan yelled at the sleeping Shkah man who was supposed to be guarding them,
trying to wake him up. He had fallen asleep on the dry side of a tent that
was set up on a flat spot on the side of the hill. It was why they stopped
there. The boys were left outside tied up with one of them watching
them. They were supposed to switch off, but the guard had fallen
asleep. Both boys had worked at the knots in the ropes, but they were good
knots and tight. Right now they just wanted to keep warm and dry so Ryan
yelled to wake somebody up.

The Shkah man heard the yelling and woke up. He jumped up and came around
the tent and saw the two boys, Ryan on top of Drew trying to keep him
dry. While the Shkah saw the world different from most of the Hakaanen,
they were still in a lot of ways, Hakaanen. The Shkah carried the boys
behind the tent in the dry spot. He went to his unicorn and got a blanket
and put it over them. He felt bad that they didn't give them one, but the
night was very warm when they fell asleep and the rains usually didn't come
up to the hills. But tonight the winds were right and it was probably
raining over in his own small valley and the hills here could get wet. He
went into the tent and woke up a new guard. It was time to sleep.

Ryan snuggled up to his little friend. They couldn't cuddle because their
arms were tied, but they could touch front to front and keep each other
warm. Drew liked the feel of Ryan's body, but could also feel Ryan's
hardness against him. And he wasn't so sure he liked that.

But he didn't know what as much as Ryan liked the warm feel of Drew, he was
confused because the boy he thought of as a little bro got him hard like

With those thoughts in their heads the two boys finally fell asleep.


"We gotta talk more soon," Douglas said, "but I have to find Scooter. He's
missing, but I feel he's here, I feel it."

"We found him," Matthew said.

Douglas stared at him. "You did? When? Where? Why didn't I know?"

"Just now. In the courtyard behind the first bush."

Douglas sat down on a chair. "You mean he was there all day?"


Douglas looked down at the floor. "But..but..I was around the courtyard all
day. I should have known. I should have found him." He looked up at
Matthew. "How is he?"

"I don't know. He looked bad. He's in the emergency room." Matthew told him
what he saw in the courtyard.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let go down there." Douglas got up and
headed for the door.

"Douglas, wait." Douglas had never heard Matthew be assertive before. He


"Engar's dad is Scooter's doctor. He knows we're here. He'll tell us. Let's
wait here and be out of the way."

"No. I can't do that. Scooter saved my life. I failed him today. I didn't
find him. I have to be with him. You guys stay here. I'm going to my
love." He walked out of the room and headed for the elevator. He took it
down to the first floor and went looking for the emergency room.

Douglas wasn't sure where the emergency room was but he figured it had to
be on the first floor. It didn't take him long to find it, since it wasn't
a real big hospital. A couple of nurses saw him come in and tried to stop
him. He asked for Scooter. They didn't understand him and tried to tell him
to leave. He didn't understand them. One of the nurses left to find
somebody to help her get rid of him when Enghar came in through the
door. He said something to the nurse who backed away.

Enghar took Douglas's hand and tugged on it. Douglas resisted at
first. But then he remembered what Matthew looked like, healthy, happy, and
confident. And maybe this Hakaan boy had something to do with that. So he
decided to follow him.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The doctor had Scooter on the bed
under blankets working to get him warm. Scooter was shivering and
weak. The doctor had only seen two of the alien boys, but they were
mammals, and they seemed close to the Hakaan in their structure so he knew
that the boy on the bed had had too much happen to him in the last day. He
was close to dead and there was nothing he could do to save him. He
wondered how the boy ended up in the courtyard. He felt for him, dying like
this away from his home, his family and his friends. He had sent Enghar up
to be with his friends and maybe it was time to have them come and pay a
last visit, if the round ears did that. He still wasn't totally sure about

Even after getting him warm he knew there was nothing he could do to save
the round eared boy this time. He had lost too much blood, had had too
little food and water, and had been outside too long. It looked like his
wound was getting infected. He didn't even know what drugs would help him,
of if any would.

He heard something behind him. It was Enghar and a round eared boy coming
into the room. The boy stopped and stared at the bed, then ran to it. He
looked at the alien boy on the bed, so pale, an IV stuck in him, an oxygen
tube in his nose. He had no color at all, and looked like he might already
be dead.

Enghar and the doctor stood at the end of the bed as Douglas found a seat
and sat next to Scooter. 'Oh God, Scooter, what have I done?' he
thought. `You stepped in front of me and saved me and I couldn't even find
you when you were just a few feet away from me to save your life. I've
done nothing for you. Please forgive me Scooter, and please don't die on

Matthew came hobbling in on his crutches. Jim, Drake, and Stevie came in
behind him. Enghar's dad looked at the sad loos on the boys' faces. They
all looked sad and concerned. He said something to Enghar, who said it
slower to Matthew. Matthew could feel the tears dripping down his face.

He hobbled over to Douglas and put his arms around him from behind. Douglas
felt a couple of tears drop on him.

"What's wrong. Matthew? What did he say?"

"I...I couldn't understand much. But I think he said Scooter would probably
not live throught the night and that there was no way he could help."


Ryan woke up suddenly. It was still dark out. The rain had stopped. He felt
Drew pressing against him. Somehow Drew had turned around so that he had
his back to Ryan. He felt Drew's arms tied behind him. Drew's butt was
pushing up against him and he liked the feeling, but he moved back and
relieved the pressure between them. If Drew was going to be his little
bro, then he had to ignore the feelings he gave him. Besides he was too
tired and too scared to try anything.

Suddenly he had an idea. What if he used his teeth on Drew's knots. Could
he untie them that way? He knew his teeth could do a lot. He remembered one
time on the "Starkeeper" when he took Travis's pants and undies off using
just his teeth. He got very tired doing it, but he did it.

And while the reward was a great one, the reward here would be even better.
It would be freedom.

He wiggled down under the blanket and found Drew's tied hands. He got his
teeth around the knot and started working it, trying to pull a piece of it
through the knot. It took him a long time to make much progress. For one
thing his mouth was getting the knot wet, which made it swell up a little
and become even tighter.

He went on even longer, his jaw getting sore. A couple of times Drew maoned
a little in his sleep and moved, one time bumping his nose with his
back. Finally he decided he was going to have to wake Drew up, becuase when
he gave a really hard pull on the knot, all that happened was that he
jerked Drew's hands up. He needed Drew to keep his hands steady so that the
rope would move instead.

He started bumping Drew and whispering in his ear to wake him up. After
what seemed like hours, Drew finally woke up. He blinked and saw that it
was still dark.

"What's wrong?" he moaned. "It's still night."

"Shhhhhh. Hold your hands tight. I'm trying something," Ryan whispered
back. He hoped that their guard at fallen asleep again and hadn't heard
them. He went back to yanking on the rope with his teeth. Something would
have to happen soon because his jaw was getting very tired. Just when he
thought he couldn't tug at the rope even one more time, it moved. His heart
started beating faster. He tugged again. He felt the rope slipping and
moving. Suddenly it started to move more easily.

"Are you getting it?" Drew whispered.

"Shhhhhh...yeah," Ryan whispered back. A couple more tugs and the knot was
loose enough that Drew could wiggle his hands out of it. From there is it
was just a matter of Drew untying Ryan and them both of them untying their

Ryan checked to see if the guard was awake. It was hard to tell. He finally
decided they should leave now while it was still dark. He didn't know what
time it was or how long it would be before sunrise. The boys slipped out
from under the blankets and into the cool night.

Ryan decided that while downhill was the direction they needed to go to get
back to the valley, that was also the way the men would go looking for
them. So they would go uphill until they could find another way to get
down. The kidnappers would never think of looking for them uphill. And
maybe they could find something to hide behind, and if the men did go
searching uphill, they could sneak down as soon as the men went by. Ryan
took Drew's hand and started leading him quietly up the hill.


Douglas looked at his love. His sweet face was pale and thin. He could
barely see him breathing. He was determined that Scooter would live to see
the morning and a lot of mornings after that. Scooter had pushed him away
and taken the arrow that was heading for him. And he had failed Scooter by
not finding him in the courtyard. Tonight, right now, he would not fail his
sweetness. He held Scooter's hand and looked at his sweet face.

`My sweet love. My Sweetness. My soulmate. I'm here. I'm sending all my
love and strength. I am here for you. My heart and yours are one. My soul
and yours are one. I am giving you life and strength. I would give my life
for you, my love, just like you tried for me. Only you won't be giving your
life because I won't allow you to die. I love you, I love you, I love you,
I love you. I send you my song of love.'

Douglas held Scooter's hand and kept it up minute after minute. Two hours
went by and Douglas didn't budge. He just sent his thoughts straight to
Scooter. Nothing was coming back from him. All he saw was Scooter's white
face, still, with the tubes sticking out. But even looking as horrible as
it did, Scooter's face was the most beautiful thing in the galaxy as far as
Douglas was concerned.

You're beautiful, my sweetness. I love you. I need you back. You will be
back. I will be with you forever and ever until the end of time and
beyond. And you will be with me.

The doctor came into the room. The boys were asleep on the floor, all but
Douglas, who sat still by the injured boy's bed silently holding his
hand. He looked at the pale and skinny little boy he figured wouldn't live
until morning. Well, sunrise was close and he was still alive. He looked at
the boy holding his hand, and at the friends on the floor, including his
son. He had kept thinking that these boys were worse than the Shkah. That
they had left sweet little Mattoo behind to die because he was hurt and
sick. That they were worse than evil. Now, looking at them and how they
acted, he knew that wasn't true. And he remembered what the Mayor told him
about what his son Bandar had said. About how Douglas had cried when he
talked about leaving Mattoo behind, and how they had tried so hard to find
him under the sand. Whatever the reason why Mattoo was left behind, it
wasn't because they left him on purpose. He looked at Mattoo curled up
against Enghar. He looked at the boys holding hands on the bed. What he saw
in the room was love as good as Hakaanen love and boys who were as good as
any Hakaanen boys.

That made him think about himself. He had given up on the boy on the
bed. He said he couldn't help the sick boy on the second floor. Did he do
that because they were round eared boys who he didn't respect? He realized
that he didn't like the answer that popped into his head. He buzzed for a
nurse. It was time for him to do his job and to save Mattoo's friend.

Douglas held Scooter's hand sending his thoughts of love like he had been
doing all night. His head was hurting badly, feeling like it was going to
burst, but he kept on sending. He was determined to keep sending his
thoughts, no matter what, no matter how long it took. The nurse came up and
showed him a needle and a test tube. Douglas wondered what was going on,
but he soon got the idea through his tired, hurting head. The nurse swabbed
his arm and took a tube of blood from him. She marked it. Then she did the
same with Drake, Jim, and Stevie. She didn't take any from Mattoo, because
he had given blood the day before. She gave the tubes to an assistant to
take to the lab. Then she went upstairs to take blood from Jordan. Stevie
followed her, thinking that might be where she was going with the extra
tubes. He didn't trust Jordan.

Douglas went back to holding his love. He looked straight at him again. He
sent his thought into him, waiting for a reply. Waiting for even the
smallest spark from the pale, still boy in front of him. Douglas squeezed
his cold hand and kept thinking.

Somehwere deep inside Scooter's brain, a little light was flickering. It
didn't mean a thing to him, but the light kept his mind warm. All the
little space in his mind could feel was Douglas' love right along with the
beating of his heart. His mind and soul knew nothing except that Douglas
was there with him touching his body and mind.

Douglas wished he could lie next to Scooter, but he was afraid of pulling
out a tube. So he just held his friend's hand and kept sending his
thoughts, his love, and his soul.


The nurse went into the lounge. Jordan was asleep on a cot. Stevie came in
behind her and looked at the nurse and then at Jordan. She nodded. He woke
Jordan up. Jordan rubbed his eyes.

"What's going on?" he mumbled

"The nurse wants to take some blood," Stevie said.

"She ain't getting any of my blood," Jordon whined. "Why does she want it?"

"Scooter might be able to use it."

"Fuck Scooter!"

Stevie walked up to him and slapped his face hard. The nurse almost dropped
everything. This wasn't something Hakaan children did, unless they were
Shkah. She watched Stevie with her mouth open.

Stevie grabbed Jordan. "Listen to me. I don't know what's eating you, but
you WILL give blood and you WILL NOT say anything else against Scooter or
I'll cut you open and take the blood out myself!"

Stevie sat on Jordan, his legs straddling him, and faced him. He reached
back and put one hand around Jordan's balls.

"Now, you're going to give the nurse a tube of blood. You're going to make
a fist so she can get it. If you don't, then the thing that is going to be
squeezed is this." He squeezed Jordan's balls hard enough to make him
squeal. "And if she ends up needing more of your precious blood you're
going to give that too, and I hope it will be without me sitting on top of
you! Do you understand?!"

Jordan nodded yes and started tearing up. He wanted back on the
"Starkeeper" so badly. He was somebody there. He was nobody here.
Everybody hated him and he couldn't figure out why. Douglas totally
ignored him and acted like he didn't even exist.

Jordan was mad and scared at the same time. He was mad at Stevie for
treating him like this, mad at Douglas for ignoring him, mad at Scooter for
getting more attention than he was, mad at Matthew for finding him and
hating him, and afraid of Stevie who looked like he was ready to do just
about anything to him.

Stevie sat on top of Jordan and was just as mad. Stevie didn't lose his
temper much. He had kept his good sense of humor through every bit of
trouble, even after Robert Charles had forced him to have sex with him. He
always had a quiet smile and a nice word for everybody. He left getting
angry to his brother, Alex. He knew Alex would be ready to kill Jordan
right now. But Jordan had made him madder than anybody in his whole
life. Even Robert Charles making him have sex wasn't as bad as what Jordan
was doing. That wasn't life and death. Now Jordan was going to give his
blood, like it or not.

The nurse stuck the needle in Jordan's arm and the tube started filling up
with dark red blood.

When she finished, Stevie got up off of him. He was amazed to see that
incident had given them both erections.

"You better come downstairs with me," Stevie told Jordan. Stevie didn't
trust Jordan and wouldn't put it past him to run away rather than give more
blood if it was needed. The boys headed down the stairs and back to
Scooter's room.

A half hour later the doctor was looking at the tests. His lab guy was
great and he checked the bloods and found that like the Hakaan the round
ears had different blood types. But the tests showed what would go together
if the round eared blood worked like Hakaanen blood did. From what he could
tell, three of the boys could give blood; numbers one, two, and five. That
wasn't bad. He sent his findings to the doctor. The doctor looked at them
and decided that blood from two boys would be the best. The third out be
only if he absolutely needed it.

Boy number one was Douglas, number two was Drake, and nunber five was
Jordan. He decided that Drake was too young, so he picked Douglas and
Jordan. If the tests were correct, things should work out okay. Then all he
had to worry about was the infection.

Douglas gave his blood, and then it was Jordan's turn. Stevie glared at
him, so Jordan made a fist and gave more blood. While Scooter was getting
his blood, the doctor gave him medicine for his infection. Everything else
I've tried has worked, so this should too, he thought.

Douglas kept sitting there sending his thoughts into Scooter's head. He
thought he was hitting nothing with his mind because he was feeling nothing
coming back. But he kept sending to the deathly still pale boy on the
bed. He didn't know that his thoughts were touching the little spot of
light deep in Scooter's brain.

`I love you....I love you...I love you...I'm here my sweetness. We're all
working to make you better. You are my sweetness and my soulmate and my
love and my best friend. I love you, Scooter.'

His head hurt so badly. He waited and waited for an answer. He held
Scooter's hand and kept sending his love. He was not going to give up.


The guard woke up as the sun started coming up. He looked around and then
got up to check on the round eared boys. He looked at their blanket. He was
stunned. All he saw there were the ropes on top of the blankets, but no
boys. 'How could they get away?' he thought. They were tied tight. He knew
the three other men would be angry when the found out he had fallen asleep
and the boys had escaped.

He woke up the other three men, and they indeed were very angry. Two of
them screamed at him, but the third had fallen asleep too, so he knew it
could have been him who let the boys escape instead of the other guard.
When everybody calmed down, they decided to split up to find the boys. They
could only go up or down the hill trail, and they couldn't have more than
an hour's head start. They were on foot with no shoes, since they had taken
their sandals away from them. The couldn't have gone far.

Two of the men started down the trail on the their unicorns and the other
two started up. They figured within an hour they would find them. How far
could two naked boys wearing no shoes get?

The two naked boys were climbing up the trail. Their feet hurt and the sun
was getting hot. They were already hungry and thirsty. And they were going
to have to figure out how to get back down before long.

"Listen," Drew said suddenly. "I hear something."

They stopped. They could hear the sound of hooves coming up the trail. They
looked for some place to hide. It was straight up ond side and straight
down the other side. The sound was getting louder. Ryan looked around
desparately for a place to hide Drew. He was willing to give himself up to
save his little bro. The sounds were louder. They were trapped. There was
no place to hide.


Alex was cuddled up close to Bandar. He started stroking Bandar's mane,
which felt almost like silk. He had found out last night that the Hakaanen
loved having their manes stroked when they had sex. It was a major turn on
for them.

He shook Bandar gently, waking him up. Bandar opened his eyes and yawned
and stretched. The two boys got out of their sleeping bags and woke up
Mike, Travis, and Jeremy. They rolled up their bags and lit their camp
stove. Mike opened up some food packs and they boiled some water and put
the packs in. There were streams and lakes around so there was plenty of

After they finished eating and cleaning up their camp area, they started
hiking toward the hills. They were certain that they would find the boys
someplace up there or in the Shkah valley.


Ryan suddenly saw an opening behind a large rock just above the trail. He
pushed Drew into it and saw there was room enough for him to squeeze into
it as well. The two boys squeezed together tightly and listened to the
unicorns clomping past them. After the noise had died down and the dust
had settled they crawled back out. Ryan looked up the side of the hill. It
actually looked possible to climb up there to the top. It wasn't as steep
and there were rocks to hide behind. They had to get away from the trail
and find another way. He pointed up. Drew nodded. The two boys started
their climb in the hot hot sun.


Douglas felt himself nodding off. It was dinner time and was tired and
hungry. His head hurt. He hadn't slept in almost two days. But he kept
sending his thoughts to Scooter, kept trying to wake up his sleeping mind,
trying to find some spark in it.

`I love you my sweet love, my sweetness, my forever love. I know you're
there, I know you're going to live now. I love you so much. Scooter, you
are the light of my life, my sweet love. I'm here for you, I will always be
here for you. I love you.'

He squeezed Scooter's hand. And deep inside Scooter's mind the little
glimmer started to grow. The little spot full of Douglas's thoughts got
bigger. It was like sunshine was starting to shine in Scooter's dark mind.

'Douglas? Douglas...I'm so hungry.'

Douglas jerked totally awake.

"Scooter! Scooter! Are you there?"

Suddenly everybody was looking at Douglas and at Scooter.

'Douglas, I love you. You're here. I love you soooooooo much. I knew you
would be here. God, I love you.'

'I love you Scooter. You're back! God, I love you.'

Scooter's eyes fluttered open. He moaned a little. He still hurt some and
was full of tubes. Enghar got a nurse who came in and then she called for
the doctor.

Enghar's dad came in and started checking Scooter over. He had a smile on
his face. The worst was over. He looked at the boys and nodded yes. Douglas
leaned over and kissed his love, forgetting about the oxygen tubes, which
fell from his nose. The doctor just took them and put them away. Scooter
wouldn't be needing them any more.

"I love you, Douglas," Scooter whispered.

"I love you, Scooter" Douglas said. He crawled up on the bed and snuggled
up next to him. A meal was brought for both of them, and within the next
hour they were cuddled up on the bed and sound asleep. Whatever needed to
be said and done would wait until the next day. Right now sleeping in each
other's arms was enough.


Robert Charles had spent the night with Vordkan inside of him, fucking him,
like he was some kind of faggot. Yet, being fucked by the big powerful
alien boy didn't seen like a fag thing at all. It seemed to make him more
masculine. And it was the hottest sex he had ever had in his life.

The boys got up and showered, lathering each other up, playing with each
other's dicks, balls, butts, kissing with passion. Robert Charles stroked
the big Shkah boy's mane as they both had huge satisfying orgasms under the
hard running water of the shower. Vordkan knew that if a Shkah man saw him
doing the dispicable acts that were accepted by Hakaan culture he would be
exiled to the Hakaanen valley. But he didn't care. He was suddenly totally
in love with the round eared creature sharing the shower with him.

Robert Charles and Vordkan dried each other off. Vordkan got Robert
Charles's now long hair good and dry. Then he got a blue tube and a green
tube. He started rubbing liquid into Robert Charles's hair. When he
finished he led RC to a mirror. Robert Charles looked in it, at his blue
green hair. Just like a Shkah. He smiled. Doing this queer stuff with
Vordkan was paying off. He was becoming one of them. What he didn't know
was that his biggest test was yet to come.


Darkness came and Ryan and Drew stopped. They were lost and hungry and
thirsty. Ryan's idea of how to get back down hadn't worked and he couldn't
find the place where they had come up. He should have marked it. They found
a flat spot behind a rock on the plateau. Ryan hugged Drew tightly. Drew
buried his head in Ryan's chest and sobbed himself to sleep. Ryan kissed
the little boy's forehead and kept him close to keep his as warm as he

It was beginning to look like he had made a mistake in escaping. Their feet
were cut and bleeding. They were hungry, thirsty, and were lost. And now
they were cold. He knew they couldn't hold out much longer. Poor Drew was
completely out of gas and he was close. Something would have to happen
tomorrow, even if it was finding their kidnappers again because right now
he could see that they wouldn't be able to make it on their own for more
than another day.


The sun rose over the big valley again. Douglas woke up with Scooter in his
arms. He kissed him lightly on the lips. Today was going to be a day of
finding things out and getting organized again. It would be a time to talk
to Matthew and find out what happened with him. And it was time for him to
talk to Jordan and get things straight with him. He had been so worried
about other things he had been kind of ignoring Jordan.

Scooter opened his eyes. "Good morning, my sweetums."

Douglas smiled back. "Good morning, my love" He let his hand run down to
Scooter's smooth crotch and felt his hardness. He felt Scooter's hand on
his. It looked like Scooter's energy was returning fast. But in the end all
Scooter could do was let Douglas rub up against his body and then jerk him
off . It didn't take long for the boys and the sheets to become sticky.


Matthew woke up next to Enghar. They had put their cots together. He was
happy his friends were back. He needed to find out more about how he got
left behind, but he was sure it wasn't on purpose now. And he knew, even
with all his friends back, that his real love was right here. He hugged
Enghar. He had to let him know that even though his friends were back, his
love was hugging him tight at this very instant.


Robert Charles, Vordkan, and four Shkah men left the town just before dawn
and headed up into the hills. Robert Charles didn't know where they were
going, just that it was important. He thought about his night with Vordkan,
how he let Vordkan have him. He had said he would never be anybody's
bottom, but now he was doing it for some alien puke. But if that was the
road to Douglas, he would do it. He didn't even realize that in a way he
was doing for Vordkan what Stevie had done for him. And he ignored the
fact that he was falling in love with him.

The Shkah men and Vordkan knew they were heading for the cave up in the
hills to the south, and that there they would meet the two boys who would
be Robert Charles's test of loyalty. They would see if Robert Charles
really deserved to wear green and blue in his hair.


The five boys on the tracking team got up early. They were close to the
hills. They knew that it could be harder to track there because there were
would be no broken bushes and branches to follow. They packed up and
followed the trail left behind by the men on their unicorns. They saw that
the trail opened up into a meadow just before the hill. They came out into
the morning sunshine. They weren't ready for what they saw there. Two Shkah
men just getting on their unicorns. They stopped and started at the four
naked round eared and one naked Hakaan boy who suddenly walked into the
tall grass of the meadow.


Ryan tried to get Drew going. But Drew's feet were too cut and sore.

"I'm not going any farther." Drew sat down on a rock. He was too dry to
even cry. "I'm staying right here."

"Don't give up Drew. I'll carry you." Ryan knew he couldn't do it for long,
if at all, but he had to say something.

"No. You go without me. I don't want to go any more." Drew was shaking
with dry sobs.

Ryan remembered Matthew and how they lost him in the desert. Well, Drew
wasn't lost in any sandstorm. He was sitting right in front of him. And he
would sit right here with him if he had to. He was sticking with his little
bro no matter what.

Off toward the north he saw some dust rising. Soon he saw what he thought
were unicorns. And then he saw they had riders. As they came closer he saw
that there were six of them. He thought about hiding or running. But there
was no place to go and they were too tired and hungry. Plus their feet
wouldn't take them anywhere.

The unicorns came up to where he was standing. The riders stopped. They all
had the same kind of blue green hair that their kidnappers had. They had
hats on. One of the riders looked strangely familiar, but Ryan was looking
into the sun and couldn't be sure.

"Well, Ryan," the rider said in perfect English, "how interesting to meet
you here in the middle of nowhere."

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