This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.



by Douglas DD

The Shkah in the cave heard the scream. Vordkan ran for the door.
Robbachass did it, he thought. He was hoping way down deep he wouldn't do
it, but he did it. He killed one of the boys.

The scream carried away down from the cave on the plateau to the five
trackers. Alex, Mike, and Jeremy were asleep, but Travis and Bandar were
snuggling and making out. Travis was learning how to make a Hakaan feel
good, and Bandar sure seemed to have a human figured out. But the scream
stopped them in mid-stroke.

"What was that?" Travis asked.

"En kano shopra?" Bandar asked.

Travis woke up the other boys. The scream had already woken up Alex, who
was a light sleeper.

"It sounded like a scream. Hakaan? Shkah? Human?" Alex said.

"I don't know," Alex said. "Where did it come from?"

Almost like he understood, Bandar got out of his sleeping bag and motioned
the boys to follow him. Enghar had told him to go to the caves.. He was
going to get there in the morning. Now it looked like they should have kept
going, that they might be too late now.


Douglas put his hand on Jordan's shoulder.

"Come with me, please, Jordan."


"We need to talk."

"About what?"

"Everything. About what's bugging you and what we can do about it."

"Nothing's bugging me. Now leave me alone!" Jordan turned around and buried
his face into his pillow.

Douglas sat next to him on the cot. "Jordan, I know you're feeling left
out. You're the only one without a boyfriend, if you even want one. But you
did some things that upset people the last couple of days and we need to
talk it over. We need to all be together here. We're all alone a long way
from home. So I need to know what's wrong and how to fix it."

"I want to go home, "Jordan wailed.

"We all do, Jordan. But right now we're stuck here and we have to live with
it. And we will make it best if we're all together. We can't fight each
other. We have to help and support each other. And that means
always. You're not helping us to find Scooter really hurt everybody. He
came real close to dying right here at the hospital."

"You guys don't like me. You hate me. I sat with Matthew the whole time he
was sick and he didn't say anything. You ignore me and make me sleep
alone. You guys treat me like I'm nobody. You treat me like shit! I hate
all of you."

He started sobbing hard into the pillow. Douglas leaned down and tried to
hug him but Jordan pushed him away.

"Go away and leave me alone!"

Douglas talked quietly to Jordan, almost whispering in his ear, "We don't
hate you, Jordan. We love you. We love you through the good and the
bad. Remember that no matter what you do, no matter what happens to you or
to us on this planet, we all will love you. Unconditionally. Through
anything. We will love you until you can love yourself and return our love.
And I love you, Jordan. I want you with us on our side. I love you. No
matter what." He kissed Jordan lightly on the cheek and got up. "I love
you. We love you. Don't forget that. Ever."

As Douglas walked out Jordan wondered how much of that was true and how
much was bullshit. He wondered if Douglas would still love him if he knew
he had peed on his lover and left him lying in the rain behind that bush.

He almost got up and said something, but he didn't, because he knew what
the answer would be. Douglas would hate him. So what if he let him go on
one of his stupid expeditions. Douglas hated him and was lying to him. And
he would get back at him for it, no matter what it took.


Robert Charles had the knife at Drew's throat ready to push it in. Drew let
out a loud scream of terror which startled Robert Charles. He stopped,
putting a small slit in Drew's skin. His heart was thumping, his dick was
hard. He felt so hot. He wanted to push the knife through the little boy's
throatso badly, to see the blood gush out, to have total power. And if it
was that asshole Douglas or one of his toady friends he wouldn't have even
stopped, he would have run the knife right through them. But the scream
from the little boy stopped him. He wanted the power but this was so cold

"P..p...p....please," Drew begged. He was shaking and the tears were
flowing. "I don't want to die."

Robert Charles came around to the front of Drew. He dropped his loin cloth
and pushed his hard dick against Drew's smooth body. A small dribble of
blood was going down it from the cut on this throat. Robert Charles started
humping against the little boy. He would take this boy and then kill
him. He would have every kind of power. He needed to cum so bad first.

Vordkan came up the hill and could see the shadows at the top. He snuck up
and looked closer. He could see Robert Charles humping the front of the
small boy. He turned and sent the Shkah men back, telling him it was okay,
that Robert Charles was just teasing them before he did what he was told to
do. He asked again if he could hide and watch. This time they agreed. They
wanted the young Vordkan to have the same attitude for blood. They told him
that he couldn't interfere and he agreed.

Robert Charles had his eyes closed and was pushing against Drew's torso. He
was lost to the world.

"You're disgusting," Ryan said. "You're a real sicko. Come and get
me. Leave him alone."

Robert Charles was so lost in himself he didn't even hear Ryan. All he was
thinking about was cumming and then getting the ultimate thrill of power.


Bandar was on the radio talking to Enghar. He gave Enghar instructions to
give to his dad. Enghar shook his head. There was no way Bandar's dad
would agree to what Bandar was asking for, he thought, but he said he would

Enghar called the number Bandar gave him. He got the Mayor right away and
told him what Bandar told him.

The Mayor thought for a minute. He called the Governor and asked for
permission. The Governor turned him down, which he figured would happen.

"The lives of seven boys are at stake here, including my son."

"Your son didn't have to go with the round ears. I told you that they
should have stayed and not upset the Shkah. I will not help the round ears.
And since you can communicate with your son, tell him to turn around and
leave them."

"I can't do that, Governor. I will say this. My son, at fourteen, has more
courage than you ever got in a life time. And when election time comes I
will be running against you. Everybody will know what you decided about
saving the lives of those boys, the whole story, right from the very
beginning. And I will defeat you."

"I don't think the round ears will affect the election much. Nobody in the
valley cares about them.

They care more about keeping their farms safe and the valley peaceful."

"And I think you're wrong. The people of the valley do care, and you will
find that out. Now, I have important work to do. Good-bye." And for the
second time he hung up on the Governor.

Next he called his cousin and told him exactly what he needed.

"Is this okay with the Governor?"

"No. But Bandar's life is at stake here. I will be responsible for
whatever happens."

"If it means saving Bandar and his friends, I'm with you. I don't care what
happens. Just tell me what to do."


Robert Charles was close to cumming over Drew. Ryan kept telling him what a
piece of shit he was, almost screaming it at him. Vordkan was behind a rock
at the edge of the hill masturbating. He didn't know exactly what was
being said, but the whole thing excited him. He wanted to get up and join
in. He didn't notice five boys coming over the hill to his right.

Bandar was going to lead the trackers into the caves. But Alex's sharp eyes
noticed the two poles on the hill above them. Robert Charles's lamp had
just enough light to make them show up. It looked like there were some kind
of people up there, so they decided to go up the hill instead of into the
caves. They shut off their lamps, and hoped that whoever was at the top
hadn't seen them.

They went up the side of the hill, all hoping that they wouldn't see
something horrible. What they did see wasn't as bad as they feared but it
made them stop for a few seconds. Two boys were tied to tall stakes, and it
looked like one was being humped by another boy from the front. Alex pulled
out a laser rifle, set to stun.

Travis turned on his light, and Mike, Bandar, and Jeremy followed him. They
lit up both stakes. What they saw next, stunned them even more.


The Mayor called the hospital and talked to Enghar. Enghar told Scooter and
Douglas what was said. Douglas got on the radio. Travis was carrying
it. Douglas told Travis what to expect. Travis told Douglas that it had
better be soon, and told him what was happening in front of him.

In front of him everybody's lights were shining on the stakes. Nobody was
surprised to see that it was Drew and Ryan who were tied to the stakes. The
surprise was the person with the blue green hair. It was Robert
Charles. Another one back from the dead. Alex didn't hesitate. He fired
the laser rifle at him, aiming for his crotch. He got a direct hit. Robert
Charles screamed in pain and dropped to the ground.

Vordkan saw all this and headed down the front trail to the caves to get
the Shkah men. No matter what happened the boys couldn't get far, and Shkah
men had unicorns. He had to get them up right away so they wouldn't have to
go chasing them in the dark.

Mike quickly untied Drew. Travis went off the radio and ran over and
untied Ryan.

Ryan fell into Travis's arms. Travis held up his chin and kissed him on the
lips. Ryan hugged Travis and kissed him hard back.

"Oh, God, Travis, I'm so glad you're here. I was so scared."

"Come on guys," Alex yelled. "We gotta get out of here, quick."

He started back the way they came but Bandar grabbed him and turned him the
other way.

"What the hell, Bandar?"

Bandar didn't understand. He just pointed in that direction. Alex figured
Bandar probably knew an escape path, and after all, it was his planet. The
six boys started following Bandar. Mike looked down at Robert Charles. He
was rolling in pain holding his groin.

"So what do we do with him?"

"I'd love to piss on him again," Alex said. "Stun shooting his balls was
too good for him. I should have set the gun to kill."

They were heading to the edge of the hill when they heard sounds behind
them. Travis turned and shined his bright light in that direction. Coming
up the hill were Shkah men on unicorns. They turned to run for the other
side of the hill, following Bandar. But they knew no matter what they did,
they couldn't escape.


Douglas looked at the other boys. All but Jordan were sitting around
him. They heard what was said on the radio. Robert Charles was in
danger. Drake was sniffling and Scooter was holding him close and tight,
giving him a super tight hug.

"Is Drew ever coming back?"

"He is," Scooter told him. "Have faith. We have a plan going now. You're
going to see your brother real soon."

Douglas looked at the silent radio hoping to hear something. He knew one
thing. It was probably getting pretty scary where they were. The question
was, would their plan work in time?"


Alex could see that they were going to be trapped at the edge of the
hill. It was a cliff going straight down. There was no way they could
escape. Why had Bandar led them to this side instead of the way they had
come? Was he betraying them to the Shkah at the last minute? No, he would
never do that. Alex felt that in his bones. He must have just gotten
confused and made a terrible mistake. And now they were going to pay for

The Shkah men on the unicorns stopped at the top of the hill waiting for
more to catch up. Mike looked at them gathering in the dark and wondered
what they were up to. Were they going to charge them and run them off the
cliff? He held his laser rifle in his hand. Well, let them come, he
thought. I'm ready for them.

All of them had heard a low roaring noise behind them, but they were so
focused on what was ahead of them they didn't turn to see what it was. But
Bandar did turn. He blinked his flashlight three times and the roar got
louder. Suddenly a flyer came up over the top of the cliff and landed just
a few feet from the boys. The side door opened and Bandar hopped in waving
at the others to follow. Ryan went in next followed by Travis. Mike boosted
Drew into the flier and then followed him. Jeremy got in next. Alex saw the
unicorns ready to charge across the mesa and started firing the laser rifle
at them. He grabbed at Mike's wrist with one hand and fired more shots with
the other. He had slowed them down some. He hopped onto the flier and it
lifted off and zoomed away from the mesa. They looked down at the dark mesa
just seeing a few lights.

Mike was looking the other way and saw the lights of the little valley. And
in the air above them were the same twinkling colored lights that they had
seen earlier. He again wondered what they were.

The flier turned and raced to the big valley. They could see the lights of
the villages and farms and soon they were landing at a field at
capital. The pilot shut down the engines, looked at boys, and smiled. They
all smiled back. Bandar said something to them and then they opened the
door. There was a bus like vehicle waiting for them outside. Bandar's
father was there too. He gave his son a hug and a kiss, then hugged each of
the other boys as they got off the flier. He saw that Drew had blood on
him, but he couldn't tell if it was his or somebody else's. The boys and
Bandar's dad got on the bus and it started up.

It was then that Ryan saw that Drew was bleeding. He had a wound on this
throat where Robert Charles had cut him. It didn't look serious, but Bandar
got some tissues from the driver and put them on the wound. Drew had blood
all in front of him. In all the excitement, nobody had noticed, but now
they could see it. Drew was still pale and shaking after what happened to
him on the hill.

The bus got to the hospital and they all piled out. Douglas, Drake, and
Scooter were waiting for them at entrance. Hugs and kisses went everywhere,
but the two biggest hugs were the one Mike and Matthew gave each other and
the one Drew and Drake gave each other. The twins were together again. Mike
was with his little "brother" again. And most importantly, for the first
time since Matthew was left behind buried in the sand, the whole group was
together again. Robert Charles had been exiled. He wasn't a part of them
any longer. But now they were all there, plus two more.

Douglas vowed to never let them get split up again. But like every other
time he made that promise, he wasn't going to be able to keep this one


The Shkah men angrily watched the flier take off and head toward the big
valley. They had just been ready to start their charge to run the boys off
the cliff when the flier appeared up over the top of the mesa. It had
loaded the boys too fast for them to react, and when they were able to
charge one of them started shooting at them. And then it was gone.

Vordkan stopped next to Robert Charles, who was hurt. He twisted and
moaned. His balls were hurting. They felt like a horse had kicked them a
dozen times. He was doubled over and could hardly move.

He moaned some more. The Shkah men came up and got off their unicorns. One
of them went over to Robert Charles. He got him to straighten out his legs,
which hurt at first then started to make him feel better. Another one
picked up his knife which had blood on the blade. He showed it to the other
Shkah men. They said some things and nodded.

Vordkan and a Shkah helped Robert Charles to the cave. In the morning it
would be time to decide if he passed his test and if he didn't, what they
were going to do with him.


The doctor cleaned up Drew's cut. It wasn't real serious. The blade had
been real sharp. But he probably would have a little scar there after he

Douglas and Scooter told the trackers about how they were rescued. They all
owed Bandar's father a big thanks for getting the flier up there to rescue
them. Alex told them about the rescue and how they were pulled out just in
time. Ryan told about the kidnapping, their escape and being found by
Robert Charles.

"Robert Charles had a look in his eyes like I had never seen. It was like
really wild. I think he's losing it. He's more than a pain in the butt. I
think he's become evil."

"But he didn't follow through cutting Drew's throat," Douglas said. "He
couldn't kill him."

"What I think," Ryan said, "is that Drew's scream surprised him. I mean it
was loud. It sure surprised me. It made RC stop and then he was so turned
on by it, he decided to get off on Drew. I think if Alex and you guys
hadn't shown up he would have done worse things to him."

Drew shivered wondering what could be worse than what Robert Charles was
doing to him then, cutting his throat and then rubbing his dick all over
him. He started crying again thinking about it. Drake hugged his twin
brother. Ryan hugged him from the other side. Drew started feeling safe
and warm again sitting between his brother and his "brother".

"It figures Robert Charles would end up with those Shkah guys," Scooter

"I'm glad they didn't rescue me," Matthew said. "I'm glad it was the guy
who did or who knows what would've happened. I know I wouldn't have met
Engar." He smiled at the Hakaan boy next to him.

"Well, I think that Robert Charles is going to be trouble," Douglas said.

"How can he go against his own kind like that?" Jeremy asked.

"He's gone nuts. And don't forget, his own kind exiled him," Douglas said.

"He deserved it," Alex said.

"Sure he did. I wouldn't have kicked him out otherwise. But he still is
going to hate me, and us, for it. We have to watch out for him. He's very

Mike and Alex brought up the bright flash and the blinking lights that they
saw in the direction of the little valley. Scooter told Enghar what they
were talking about. Enghar asked Bandar about it. The Mayor was there
listening. He knew exactly what was going on. His cousin had also told him
what he saw.

The mayor told Scooter what it was. Scooter translated it for the rest of

"What you guys saw was an energy field. It goes like this. The little
valley was where the Hakaanen first settled. The energy field went over
the valley while they made an atmosphere for it. Then the first settlers
came when the little valley was finished. The energy field kept the
atmosphere in. Jim can explain how it all works later.

"Then they started atmosphere in the big valley with an energy field too.
They started on the whole planet of Inferno. When the big valley was done
they all moved from the little valley. But all the machinery is still
there. Finally, the Shkah were sent to the small valley. So the Shkah
turned the energy field on. That's what you saw."

"Why did they turn it on?" Jeremy asked. "Because it's pretty?"

Scooter talked to the Mayor. The Mayor answered him. Scooter translated

"He says they probably just wanted to see if it still works. As far as he
knows they never have turned it on since they were sent there. So he
figures they were just messing around to see. There is no danger to losing
the atmosphere. All of the equipment and stuff that is used to keep them
going is in the Big Valley."

"Can we see the equipment tomorrow?" Jim asked.

Scooter asked the Mayor, who said yes. He said he would take them there

"What do you have in mind, Jim?" Douglas asked.

"I'm not sure yet. I'll tell you later. Right now I just have some things I
want to check out."

Jordan was lying on his cot listening to all this. So, Robert Charles was
still alive. And he was becoming powerful. Jordan thought of how he could
get back at everybody here who hurt him and hated him. He needed to find
Robert Charles. Robert Charles would help him get back at everybody. And he
knew he could help Robert Charles in what he was doing. Now, if he could
only find him.


When morning came the bus was waiting for them outside of the
hospital. Douglas thought somebody must think they were pretty special to
use one of those instead of a wagon. He knew how careful the Hakaanen were
with their machines. The Mayor rode with them back to his village. He did a
lot of talking with Douglas. Scooter translated for them.

Douglas thanked him for sending the flyer to rescue them. The Mayor said he
did it for all of them, not just his son. He said Douglas and his group
were like Hakaanen to him. They were a plus for the whole big valley. He
had heard how much Enghar and Mattoo loved each other which told him a
lot. He asked Douglas what the round eared boy helping the Shkah was like.
Douglas told him about Robert Charles. The Mayor shook his head. He sounded
just like a Shkah to him.

They all got to the Mayor's house and settled in some. They started talking
and were waiting for the company the Mayor invited to come over.

Douglas asked the Mayor about the Shkah closing the energy field and why
they did it. The Mayor said he figured they just wanted to see if it still
worked. They probably do it a lot and this was the first time they were
seen doing it. Nobody goes up on the plateau very often.

Scooter kept translating their talk.

"Do the Shkah come down here much?" Douglas asked.

"They do raids on farms sometimes. Steal things. Burn crops. Nothing big."

"What do you do about it?"

"Nothing. Our Governor thinks if we leave them alone and don't make them
mad they will leave us alone, or at least not escalate things."

"So what about us? What about the kidnapping and Scooter being shot? That's
nothing big? They can go shoot at us and nothing happens? Bandar told
Scooter the Governor wasn't going to do anything to rescue Ryan and
Drew. And do nothing about shooting Scooter. Why wouldn't he help us? It
isn't right!"

"No, it probably isn't son, but he was doing what he thought was best for
the valley. I think he was wrong, but I don't think he meant anything bad
against you by it." The Mayor didn't really believe it. He knew that the
Governor was prejudiced, but he didn't want to upset Douglas more.

"Well, I have another question then,'" Douglas said.

Scooter started translating again.

"About what?" the Mayor asked.

"About the Shkah putting up the energy field. You said they were just
testing it. I'm asking, WHY were they testing it? Why do they think they
might need it?"

"Because they just want to know if it works. Maybe in case the machines
break down here."

"And you don't see anything suspicious at all?"

"No. There is no reason to be."

Douglas looked at Mike and Alex. "I guess humans are more suspicious than
Hakaanen are. I think something is up. And it isn't good."

He turned back to the Mayor. Scooter was ready to translate again.

"What if the Shkah were planning to blow up the atmosphere making machines
or something like that?"

"Oh no. The Shkah are troublemakers, but they would never do that. And the
atmosphere is getting closer and closer to complete around the whole

"They tried killing two of us," Douglas reminded him. "So, what if they
decided to do something to the machines, what would happen?"

The Mayor thought for a second. "Right away, not much. But since only the
valleys and the desert area and mountains close by have full atmosphere we
would start losing some. But it would be slow. And we could raise our
energy shield."

"Would that be destroyed with the machines though?"

The Mayor nodded yes. "And the outer shields where the oxygen atmosphere
ends in the Southern hemisphere would collapse too. And then the poison
atmosphere we are replacing would start coming up to the north. It would
take a couple of months, but unless we fix everything it would get here."

When they studied the atmosphere from the "Moonduster" they never noticed
the poisonous atmosphere in the south. They were orbiting the northern

"But," the Mayor said, "the Shkah wouldn't do that. Why would they?"

"To conquer you," Douglas said.

"Conquer? What do you mean conquer? Why would they do that? And besides,
they have no way of destroying the machines."

"These Hakaanen are way too nice in some ways," Douglas said to the other
boys. "I mean they haven't had wars for hundreds of years. The Shkah are
like a totally weird thing happening. Maybe because they are all cut off
from the home planet. I don't know why, but, we have all seen they are
becoming evil. The Hakaanen think so differently from us."

Again Scooter translated for Douglas and the Mayor. "Are the machines

"Guarded? Why? Look the Shkah wouldn't ever do anything to the
machines. And like I said, there is no way they can damage or destroy it."

"That's not true, dad," Bandar said. "Remember a couple of months ago you
told me that some explosives were stolen from a warehouse. That you figured
some of farmer near the mountains took them. Well, maybe it was the Shkah."

The Mayor turned pale. For the first time in the talk the thought hit him
that maybe the Shkah could do something. He needed to talk to the
Governor. They had to do something just in case the round ears were right.

The company was arriving at the house. It was now crowded with boys. Not
only the human boys, but some of the Hakaanen boys came too. Food and
drinks were laid out in the house and in back. Some of the fathers came
too. They were happy that the round ears had been rescued. Some had
started becoming friends with their own sons. And looking at Enghar and
Matthew, everybody could see how they felt about each other. And they could
see that the round eared boys were like Hakaan boys, naked and full of

The human boys were learning that they didn't have to hide their feelings.
Kissing a lover in front of everybody was okay. Being naked with a boner
was okay. They figured that just going and having sex wasn't needed to be a
little more private. But nobody minded if guys made out some, or if they
sneaked away for sex. The Hakaan and "Starkeeper" boys pretty much saw
things the same way. All but Jordan and the twins. Jordan sat alone
sulking and when a couple of Hakaan boys tried getting him involved he
refused. The twins ate and played and had fun. They didn't mind the sex
things around them. They found it exciting. But they didn't want to
participate, even though both of them found their little dicks getting rock

The party was a couple of hours a long when an electric car pulled up in
front of the Mayor's house. The driver opened his door, then opened the
back door. A large man dressed in colorful clothes stepped out.

"Oh, oh," said Bandar to Scooter. "This could be trouble."


Robert Charles was out in the sun wondering what was going on in the
cave. The Shkah men and Vordkan had been in there all morning talking. It
was past lunch now and he was hungry. He knew they were deciding what to do
with him. He was pissed at himself for not slitting the little boy's
throat. What was his name? he thought. Drew? Drake? One of those.

He should have killed him. He could have done it but the scream scared
him. Then he was so hard, he wanted to own him before he killed him. He was
ready to untie him and fuck him when Douglas's asshole friends showed
up. God, I bet his little firm ass is tight, he thought. I was going to
give him something to think about before I killed him, let him know what it
was like to have a big hard dick rammed up him by the guy who had power of
life and death over him, that he had every kind of power there was. But
then those fuckers showed up and ruined everything. Hhe sat there
wondering what was going on back in the caves.

And in the caves they were ready to make a final decision about Robert

"He was cutting him, there was blood on his knife and Vordkan swears he saw
blood. He was a coward. He couldn't do it," Ankyol said.

The other Shkah men were agreeing. Vordkan asked if he could say
something. They all agreed to listen.

"Robbachass was ready to kill him and he screamed. Then he decided to have
sex. Rape him even (that was hard to say since the Hakaan didn't have a
word for rape). After that he was going to kill him even slower and with
more pain. He told me what he was doing. It's not his fault he was
interrupted. What he was going to do was even more than kill, he was going
to dominate. I think he should be allowed to go with us on our great

"I agree," one of the Shkah said. "And part of it will be to find this
round ear again and do it right. And kill any round ear or Hakaanen who
gets in his way. And to be the one to set off our big blow against our now
hated enemy the Hakaanen."

"You're right," Ankyor said. "And the Hakaanen, by coming here to our
territory last night gave us the excuse we needed to destroy their lives as
they know them. They have never gotten back at us for what we've done. And
now they come for two round eared boys. Plus they allow the round ears to
come here and anger us. Well, my fellow Shkah, I am angry. Let's return to
our valley and see if their part of our mission worked. And if it did,
Robbachass goes with us and as long as he shows his loyalty by spilling the
blood of the round ears and Hakaanen he stays with us. Let us go. The time
for action is here."

The men cheered and yelled and left the cave. Tonight they would head along
the cliffs and hills to the big valley. In a couple of days they would
start to make the big valley a place where nobody could live.

Vordkan left the cave and went to Robert Charles. "Robbachass, ost lesha
drey." (Robert Charles, I love you.)

Robert Charles looked up. Vordkan sat next to him and put his arm around
him. They both smiled. Vordkan pointed towards the big valley. He made an
explosion noise and showed things going up with his hands. They both smiled
more. Robert Charles nodded yes.

The Shkah men came out of the cave. They walked over to the two boys. They
all got on their unicorns and rode back to the small valley. It was time to
plan for their big blow against the Hakaanen.


Bandar knew who the man was coming out of the car. Bandar said that it was
the Governor. Scooter told Douglas and the rest of the boys.

The Governor stomped into the Mayor's house. He found the Mayor and yelled
that he wanted to speak to him in private.

"Anything you have to say, Governor, can be said right here in front of my
friends, their sons, and my round eared friends. I have nothing to hide
from them. Do you?"

Scooter was translating as best he could for everybody. While he now knew
the Hakaan language, it still was all going too fast for him. But he tried
and did pretty well. He wished he could get it all from Bandar's mind, then
he wouldn't miss any words, but it also would be way harder for him to
translate. Everybody could tell the Governor was furious. They didn't need
a translator to tell that.

"Okay," the Governor said, "I'll say this so everybody can hear
then. Because I don't have anything to hide either." He looked straight at
the Mayor. "And just what on Hakaan did you think you were doing? How could
you send a flier out there without my permission? How could you anger the
Shkah like that? I've been talking with their leader all day. He is very

"About what?" the Mayor asked.

"About your attack on his people."

"My attack!!!!!!??? Who kidnapped two children from our valley and tried
to kill another one?

Who attacked whom?"

"They weren't our children. They were round ears. We should have let them

The Governor didn't know that Scooter knew the language. He didn't realize
Scooter's constant talk was him translating what he was saying.

"How can you say that?" the Mayor asked. "Look at who is here. All these
boys are friends of the round eared boys. And all of their parents
vote. They have not been here long and already they have made friends, just
like a Hakaanen boy would. And I think Mattoo and young Enghar are even
closer than friends. They could even be Meshanna some day. Governor, we
have only known them a very short time and they have entered our
hearts. And even if it was for five minutes, they came to us, trusting
us. We should have protected them like they were our own children and
fought for them the same way. My own son went with the round ears to
look. I saw five young ones leave on a dangerous mission. The only thing
I'm sorry about is that I waited so long to help them. For the first time
ever, I am ashamed to be Hakaanen. The round eared young ones put us all to
shame with their courage."

The Hakaanen boys and parents applauded. And suddenly so did the human
boys. It was then the Governor realized that the round ears knew what he
had said.

"Dooglass, the round eared leader, thinks we might be in danger," the Mayor
told the Governor.

"Thanks to him and his kind," the Governor replied. "They have angered our
Shkah neighbors."

The Mayor told him about the energy field over the little valley. "Dooglass
thinks the Shkah have something planned against our atmosphere machines."

The Governor got even madder. "Again, because of THEM!" He pointed at
Douglas and Scooter who were the closest two humans.

"Well, I think you should put some guards around the building."

"And who are you to tell me what to do? You sent a flyer off without my
permission which angered our neighbors. The Shkah leader promised me though
that if we do nothing more against them he would do nothing about what
happened last night. The Shkah might be different, but in the end they are
Hakaanen just like us. I trust his word. If we put guards out it will show
that we don't trust their word and make them angry again."

"That is the craziest thing I ever heard," the Mayor said. "I don't know
why the Shkah left the Proper Way, but they have. They have stolen, burned,
and now tried to kill. Now I think they want to conquer the big valley. And
the way to get it is to destroy our machines. You must protect them."

"And you are going into things that are none of your business. I am wasting
my time here. I just want you to know that I am planning on seeing you in
court. That flyer should never have left the ground. The round ears are not
our concern. And while taking about them, how dare you mention of them and
Meshanna in the same breath. It's bad enough you bring war on us with your
actions. But you will not desicrate sacred Hakaan traditions."

The doctor stood up. He was a person the whole valley respected. He was the
best doctor on the planet. Even the Shkah came to him with their worst
problems. "If you look over on the couch you will see my son and Mattoo,
one of those round eared boys, hugging each other. My son heard every
word. And my son loves his Mattoo who loves his Enghar. Don't you ever
tell me those young ones are not our concern. Mattoo is like a son to
me. And if Engar should ever choose the round eared boy as his Meshanna, I
would be the first to stand behind him. It would not desecrate Hakaan
tradition, it would celebrate it. I hear the Mayor of this village plans
to run against you in two months." He looked at Bandar's dad. "I'll tell
you right now, he has my vote." There was more cheering and the Governor
stomped out, madder than ever before.

"We need to see those machines in the morning," Jim told Scooter. "I want
to see how they work."

"And we need to see if we can protect them," Alex said.

Scooter told the Mayor, who said the first thing in the morning he would
take them there. Douglas hoped that wouldn't be too late.


Robert Charles and the Shkah spent the day packing up for a trip along the
hills. They would follow the hills to a trail that went down into the big
valley close to where their target was. The Shkah leader, Arkron, told the
other Shkah about his talk with the Hakaan Governor. They all laughed over
the things the Governor said. The Hakaanen were so trusting. In the last
300 years the Hakaan had not had wars and so little crime, they only had a
couple of policemen and jail cells.

In the entire history of Inferno there had only been one murder, and that
involved two of the Shkah. But somehow being on Inferno and being cut off
from Hakaan had made some of them see things differently than other
Hakaanen. It had made them see the Hakaanen as weak and themselves as
strong and powerful and the strong and powerful were the ones who should

Robert Charles didn't understand all that was going on, but he could
somehow tell that this was where the power was. He knew if he could only
understand the language and learn more he could help them more.

After the bags were packed Robert Charles and Vordkan went to look up the
girl Robert Charles had slept with before going to the "Moonduster". Robert
Charles finally got that her name was Mishka. They went to a shed at the
edge of the village and took their clothes off. Robert Charles watched as
Vordkan made out with Mishka then ended by fucking her. When he was
finished, Robert Charles did the same. After he cummed, he and Vordkan were
still both very horny, but Mishaka had to return to home. The three of them
put their loin cloths on. Mishka didn't put anything on over her small
breasts. Most Shkah girls and women went topless.

After Mishka left, Vordkan signaled Robert Charles to wait and he took
off. Robert Charles waited by pulling down his loin cloth, sitting on the
ground and playing with his still hard cock, thinking of them and
Mishka. After about fifteen minutes Vordkan returned with two things. One
was a large bottle of reddish liquid. The other was a boy who looked to be
around 11 or 12. He had a very light golden mane. Robert Charles had
noticed that the younger Shkah boys didn't color their manes. The boys with
colored manes looked like they were all in their teens. And he also noticed
that no girls had colored manes.

Vordkan said something to the boy. Then he turned to Robert Charles. "This
is Orzano." Then Robert Charles heard, "Es Bona Orzano."

"What did you say?" Robert Charles asked. Vordkan looked at him
strangely. Then he thought it, "What did you say?"

Now Vordkan looked at him, totally stunned. The boys looked at each other
and smiled. What they didn't know right away, but soon figured out, was
that they both had some mental powers. But they needed a relay to use them
on each other, just like Douglas did to communicate with Bandar. Instead of
a human being the relay, like Scooter was, this time a Shkah was the
relay. It was Orzano. As Robert Charles saw this he realized that he now
had a chance for more power. Now he could communicate.

Vordkan opened the bottle and took a swallow. He coughed a little, then
passed the bottle to Orzano, who took a smaller swallow. He took a deep
breath and coughed. He passed it to Robert Charles who took a swallow and
spit it all out. It was like drinking fire but he wasn't about to let the
two Shkah boys do something he couldn't do. He immediatly took another
swallow. This time he got it down, but with a cough like all the rest of
them. His stomach felt so warm inside and the feeling shot up to his
head. Damn, this is powerful stuff, he thought. That little alcoholic
Jordan would kill to drink this.

Robert Charles started learning what was being planned. He smiled. Now he
knew why they blew up the "Moonduster". They were testing how to use the
explosives they had stolen from the Hakaanen. And the business with Ryan
and the twin, that was a test, which he almost flunked because he didn't
finish up what he started. But he was going to, he told Vordkan, he just
wanted to take care of some other business first. Vordkan smiled and took
a big swallow, followed by Orzano, and then Robert Charles. Robert Charles
looked at Orzano's smooth skin, his hairless groin, his smooth legs, and
fine mane, his sweet face. He wanted him and Orzano could feel it. Orzano
had to tell Vordkan and Robert Charles to stop with the thoughts, because
he was getting a huge headache.

All three of them were getting very drunk. Robert Charles got close to
Orzano and started playing with his hairless cock, getting it hard. They
kept drinking and getting drunker. Robert Charles wondered if Orzano's
firm butt was better than Mishka's cunt. He grabbed Orzano, and it didn't
take long for him to find out. Orzano's virgin butt won easily.

The three boys staggered out of the shed when they were done. The bottle
wasn't all the way empty, but what they drank was strong and they could
barely walk. Vordkan was older and had drunk this Pahkah a lot
before. Robert Charles was 14 and while he had been drunk before, the
Pahkah was stronger than anything he had ever had. Orzano had been given a
couple of tastes by his father, but this was his first time ever being
drunk and he was really just a small boy. They almost had to drag him home
he was so drunk and they could barely stand up themselves. Orzano was
naked because they had forgotten to put his kilt on. Half way to his house
he ended up puking his guts out. Robert Charles and Vordkan left Orzano
passed out on the porch of his cabin, then they weaved to Vordkan's house
where they passed out on Vordkan's bed. The last thing Robert Charles
thought was, tomorrow I'm going to war.


The evening was different in the village of Awanstor. The Mayor decided
that the boys would stay together in the city hall. There was a meeting
room where they could sleep, they would find beds and cots for them, and it
had a small kitchen. It even had a bathroom with a shower. Some of the
Hakaan parents volunteered to help stand watch over the city hall during
the night.

Only two boys didn't stay. Matthew went back with Enghar because of his
leg. He told Douglas he was willing to stay so they would all be
together. Douglas replied that after he got out of his cast and could walk
normally that he could stay with the group. He gave Matthew one of the
radios so he could stay in touch. But before he left he went back into a
bedroom with Mike and did something he wanted to do for a long time. And
just like he thought it would, the cum of his big "brother" tasted strong
but excellent. He kissed Mike to share the taste, something he learned from
Enghar. But Mike had so much more than his Hakaanen friend and lover
did. The "brothers" separated happily.

Brett was going back to the hospital for a couple more days. The doctor had
been using some drugs that worked on Hakaan children. He used small doses,
but the Hakaanen and the "hoomanns" seemed a lot alike and already he could
tell that Brett was breathing better. Once he found the right dose he felt
Brett should be just fine and could rejoin his friends.

That night the boys stayed up late, even though they knew they would have
to get up early to go on their trip. Most of them put cots or beds together
or shared floor space.

Douglas made sweet love to his Scooter. They both blocked out the rest of
the boys in the room. The only things they knew were each other's bodies
and minds until they each had an orgasm that left them shaking and
dizzy. They fell asleep happily in each other's arms.

Travis was so happy his Ryan was back. Ryan felt his love more than once
and after that they traded places. They didn't care who was in the room
either as they humped each other naked in the middle of the floor. All the
boys in the room were their family, and they shared everything including
their happiness and love.

Alex and Mike were happy to have each other again at last. They too made
sweet awesome love, Mike cumming for the second time that evening deep
inside of Alex, his love.

For Jim and Stevie it was a 69 that brought them off. They loved the feel
and touch of each other.

Jeremy and Jordan were without partners and wandered to each other. They
jerked each other off, but it was no more than getting off. Jeremy could do
it with anybody, and Jordan knew Jeremy didn't care anything for him, that
they were doing it because it was better than jerking off alone.

Drake and Drew knew what was going on around them. Drake remembered Drew
touching him down there and showing him what to do and how good it felt. He
went to touch Drew's cocklet, but Drew pushed him away. All Drew could
think about was the knife at his throat and then Robert Charles humping his
ugly big thing over his body. He turned away from Drew fighting off tears.

Matthew and Enghar went right to Enghar's bed when they got to his house
and hugged tight. Enghar was so afraid of losing his Mattoo back to his
round eared friends. Matthew only thought of how much he loved his
Enghar. Matthew stroked Enghar's mane, his hard cock, his firm ass, as the
boys made love that was as sweet as anybody's. Around three o'clock a
scream awoke everybody in the room in the city hall. Ryan knew the scream
right away. It was Drew. He got up, found the light switch and turned it
on. Drake was hugging his twin brother and sobbing as Drew kept
screaming. Ryan went over and took the little boy and stroked his hair and
whispered to him. He started to calm down. The parent who was guarding them
came in. Scooter told him everything was okay, that it was just a
nightmare. Ryan and Drake held Drew between them until he fell
asleep. Douglas watched them and then turned out the light when he saw they
were sleeping.


When morning came the Shkah set off on their trip. They were taking the
long way to get down into the big valley and it would take them all day to
get to their destination. Their saddle bags were loaded with food, drink,
weapons, and the explosives. Vordkan and Robert Charles both had huge
hangovers. They had told Arkron, the Shkah leader about Orzano and the way
they could communicate through his mind. He he decided to bring Orzano
with them so they could all communicate with Robert Charles. Orzano was
sick, but was put on a unicorn anyway. They had to stop to let him puke
twice, but they knew with him they would be better off than without
him. Arkron pretty much figured what had happened the night before,
especially after Vordkan's father told about the missing bottle and
Orzano's father told about finding his son passed out on the porch in the
morning. Arkron laughed and said they would soon learn to handle Pahkah
like men. He too had been 12 the first time he had the stuff. The Shkah men
laughed and talked about their early drunks and sexual adventures.

Robert Charles almost fell off his unicorn once. He shook his head and
drank some water. He kept looking at Orzano and wondered why he thought
the Shkah boy was so much sexier than the girl he had last night. It was
Mishka who should be in his mind right now, not Orzano. Then he thought
about their mission and realized he could hardly wait for tomorrow to come
when they reached their target.


The Earth boys were also up early. Everybody asked Drew if he felt okay and
he kept saying he wasfine. A couple of moms came and cooked up
breakfast. Douglas thought it was strange to see moms, but he wasn't all
that sure how the Hakaanen families worked. Mostly he saw dads with sons
and moms with daughters. From what he was told these moms were probably
partners and the mothers of one or two of the boys they had stayed with

Then a wagon came. It was pulled by two unicorns. The boys got in it. The
driver was the father of Prekan, the boy Ryan and Travis had stayed
with. Perkan, Bandar, and Bandar's father were also there. The wagon was
packed full, but they got everybody in and headed for the village where the
atmosphere machines were. The machines were at the south end of the valley
and it would take them until noon to get there.

They stopped a couple of times to drink, stretch, and pee. One time they
had a peeing contest to see who could pee the farthest. They were all
amazed when Jeremy won it. Douglas would have bet on Bandar.

It was close to noon when the wagon got to the building where the machines
were located. Some Hakaanen met them and served them all lunch, and then
the boys got their tour of the great atmosphere machines. Enghar, Brett,
and Matthew showed up to go with them just as they finished lunch.

Jim knew the most about what they were seeing. When his mother invented her
new quick system for making atmosphere and terraforming she told Jim about
what she was doing. And what she didn't tell Jim asked about. Jim was very
smart, he loved science, and had a great memory. It didn't take him long to
realize he knew as much or more about terraforming as the Chief
Environmental Engineer of the Hakaanen. Scooter tried to translate what
they were saying, but he couldn't keep up. Sometimes Jim and the Engineer
had to point and draw to get their ideas across. The Engineer was amazed at
how much Jim knew. In fact Jim saw that he could help improve the way the
machines worked and he was telling the Engineer that. Even though Jim was
just a kid the Engineer listened to him, because the Hakaanen respected
their kids and their ideas. And he liked some of Jim's.

They went down below in the caves, which were a lot like the caves Jim saw
on Mars. Ryan and Mike both remembered what had happened down in those
caves. That seemed like years ago now.

When the tour was over they went out a back door. The guide pointed to
where the energy field would start from in the cliffs if they ever needed
to use it. It was powerful enough to spread out and cover all of the big
valley. One of the machines they saw in the building controlled the energy

Douglas and Mike noticed how close the building was to the cliffs. They
wondered if there was a path down those cliffs anywhere near. Scooter asked
their guide, who pointed to a narrow one that wound down. It was so steep
and narrow unicorns couldn't use it, but people on foot could go down it,
but slowly.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Douglas asked Mike and Alex.

"If you mean you're thinking of the Shkah coming down the hill to damage
the machinery, then I'm thinking what you're thinking," Mike said.

Douglas sent Scooter to get the Mayor and the Chief Engineer. When they
came out Douglas told them what they were thinking. The Mayor nodded his
head and saw what Douglas was talking about. The Chief Engineer said he
didn't think Douglas was thinking right. It was one thing for him to
respect what Jim knew about terraforming, but when it came to respecting
what the boys knew about fighting, all he could think of was that since the
Hakaanen didn't fight why should they worry. But when Douglas kept
insisting that he put guards up he said he would call the Governor first.

When he didn't move Douglas kept looking at him. Finally, Douglas asked if
he was going to call. The Mayor looked at him too. Finally he went back
into the building. The Mayor went with him, and the boys waited.

"How are you feeling, brother," Douglas asked Brett. He hadn't had much
chance to talk to him.

"Much better," Brett said. "Whatever that doctor is using, they should have
it on Earth, because it really seems to be working. Either that or I go
live in the desert."

Douglas hugged him. "I'm glad you're better. We all were getting worried
about you."

They all were talking some more when the Mayor and the Chief Engineer came
back out.

"The Governor said that I had nothing to worry about," the Chief Engineer
said. "Everything has been taken care of."

Douglas was pretty sure he knew what that meant. "Does that mean he's
posting guards?" Douglas asked the Mayor.

"It means what the Governor told us yesterday. He will do nothing that he
thinks will anger the Shkah."

"But how will the Shkah even know there are guards unless they come to the
building?" Douglas asked. "And if they come to the building, it sure won't
be because they want a tour of the place. This is so stupid." Douglas had
lost his patience with the Hakaan Governor. Why couldn't he see the danger

"What if we stay and guard it?" Alex asked.

"I think the Governor is getting to know you boys too well," the Mayor
replied. "If you stay then he will send lock you away."

Now Douglas was furious. "Is he one of the Shkah or what? He seems to be
completely on their side!"

"No," the Mayor said, trying to calm Douglas down. "The Governor is a good
man. I don't agree with him at all here, but he really does think what he
is doing is best for the big valley. The Hakaanen haven't fought among
themselves for so long it is hard for the Governor to think that way. He
still thinks of the Shkah as being regular Hakaan men. He can't accept that
they are different from us in how they think."

The Mayor gave the boys a quick history lesson. A thousand years ago the
Hakaanen had been much different. They were more like the Shkah. There
were two different continents on Hakaan and they were rivals. They were
constantly fighting, sometimes even at war with each other. They were both
close to heading into space, and one group was afraid that the group that
got there first would keep them from conquering space, and would use space
to orbit weapons aimed at the other continent. They didn't trust each other
at all. So they went to war to keep the other continent from getting there
first. That wasn't the only reason for the war, but it was the excuse they
used for starting it.

The war was terrible. It lasted one hundred years and by the time it was
over most of the cities and technology of the Hakaanen was destroyed. The
planet's way of life was in some ways like the way they were living on
Inferno now. During this time the peaceful followers of the God Jeswa came
to power. Most of the more violent Hakaan had been killed off fighting one
hundred years worth of war. The Jeswans slowly brought peace to the
planet. They ended up building the way of life on Hakaan as much as they
did the technology. It was seven hundred of years before they went into
space again, but this time it was as peaceful explorers. While there were
sometimes minor problems, for eight hundred years their life had been
peaceful. While there were still some followers of the Shkah way, they were
a tiny minority and had no influence.

Now, of course, nobody knew what was going on there. For all they knew the
virus had wiped out the whole planet. But somehow it seemed a lot of the
Hakaan who had the warlike blood of the past had ended up on Inferno. But
it wasn't until after Inferno was cut off from Hakaan that they started
making problems and left for the small valley.

"The Governor is forgetting our past," the Mayor said. "He forgets that the
war-like blood of the Shkah goes back a long way. And that they have
remained peaceful for all these years because there were so few of
them. But now there seem to be more here. A lot of them remember the old
warriors of the past. And they think that is how the way of the Hakaanen
should be. The Governor forgets that it took a lot of work to make the
peaceful society we have today."

Douglas asked again if they could stay there overnight and keep guard. But
the Mayor said it would be best if they didn't. He said there were always
workers in the building and they would check out the path down every hour
to see if anybody was coming down it. It takes about an hour to get down it
and it's too dangerous to do at night, so he figured if the path was used
anybody coming down it would be seen.

Douglas, Alex, Mike, and Scooter looked at the winding path up the
cliff. They weren't so sure about that.


The sun was setting when the Shkah got to the end of the valley. Even
riding on the unicorns it was a long hard trip. Robert Charles looked down
at the big valley. From this end it was a steep drop down. The paths on the
north end were more gentle. The mountains and cliffs got steeper the
farther south the valley went.

Vordkan sent his thoughts through Robert Charles through Orzano, letting
him know what the Shkah men were saying.

"If we start now we can go down while it starts getting dark. It will be
light enough to see going down, but we will be in the shadows and if we're
careful we won't be seen," Arkron said.

It sounded like a good plan to Robert Charles. Then they would hide out
until it was dark and place the explosives around the building. Somebody
would press the button and they would hide out in the woods. After that
they would make some more trouble. The hardest part was that they planned
to walk their unicorns down the path, which was narrow and steep, and it
would be getting dark. But, if they were going to succeed they needed to
take some risks. And this would be a big one.

Down in the valley one of the workers looked out at the trail going down
the cliff. It was in the shadows, but he looked as carefully as he
could. Nothing seemed to be on it. He went back inside.

They got off their unicorns and took the bridles and started leading them
down the trail. It was hardest for Orzano and Robert Charles. The men had
been down the cliffs a lot, and Vordkan had been riding around since he was
little like Orzano. While Orzano had ridden around a lot, this was his
first time going down a trail like this.

The went slowly down, hugging the cliff. The unicorns followed calmly. They
were used to riding in the hills, much more than the Hakaan's unicorns
were. The Mayor never thought that unicorns could make it down the
trail. But in little over an hour, when it was almost totally dark, they
were down in the valley.

Another worker looked quickly at where the trail was. It was dark and there
was nothing to see. He went back in.


The boys finished their dinner. Douglas knew that the Hakaanen couldn't
serve them like this forever and something was going to need to be
done. But for now he wanted them all together. After the attack and the
kidnapping it was too dangerous to put them all in different houses.
Douglas called a meeting.

"I think we should go to the terraforming building. I just have a bad
feeling. I need some volunteers." Everybody volunteered, including Matthew
and Brett.

He finally decided to let everybody but Matthew, Drew, and Drake
come. Matthew understood why, but the twins were disappointed. He would
stay behind with Prekan. Bandar and Enghar would go with the rest.

"Where is Jordan?" Stevie asked.

Nobody knew. They had seen him at dinner. Then they thought he went to the
bathroom or something because he had walked out of the room. But now they
remembered that he never came back.

"Well, we can't worry about him now. Let's go," Douglas said.


Two of the Shkah men went to set the explosives in the building. Robert
Charles was with one and Vordkan with the other. Robert Charles had his
instructions on what to do.

Jordan walked around the huge terraforming building. He wondered if Robert
Charles had come down the cliff and if he would find him.

And ten boys were walking to the building, wondering what they were going
to find, but planning to stay there all night if they had to. Douglas
figured the Governor hadn't done a thing for them, so why should they
listen to him. Douglas felt he was doing the best thing for the Hakaanen by
disobeying his orders. And he knew if he was wrong they were in big
trouble. But he didn't care, because if he was right, and didn't act on his
feelings, then everybody was in big trouble.

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