Robert Charles

by Douglas DD

Robert Charles sat under a tree eating some stolen food. He thought about
the last few days, about how he managed to get under this tree and what he
planned to do. He remembered the night Vordkan and Orzano were caught. To
his surprise they ended up in his cell. These Hakaan really have no clue at
all, he thought. They are all so good they don't know how to handle anyone
who is bad. Which is why the Shkah would have run all over them if that
asshole Douglas had kept his nose out of the whole affair. He figured he
had only one reason to escape, and that was to get every ounce of revenge he
could on Douglas. To make that preppy asshole's life as miserable as his
own life now was. He wanted to make Douglas wish he had never challenged
his leadership. He wanted make the little asshole wish he had never been

Vordkan and Orzano were with him for only one night, but he learned a lot
from them. He learned when their hearing was. He learned where Vordkan and
Orzano were staying at Orzano's uncle's house. He learned Vordkan knew of a
large cave in the mountains on the east side of the valley. After that
night he kept making plans.

His sad sniffling look at the trial was part of his plan. He wanted the
Hakaanen to think he was broken and finished. As careless as they were, he
wanted them more careless. They never would expect him to escape, because
he had nowhere to go.

Every day he was taken outside for an hour of exercise. Scooter had told
him what the result of the trial was since he couldn't understand the stupid
language the pointed eared freaks spoke. How he wanted to grab the little
blond haired shit by the throat and shake him when he came into his cell to
explain the result of the trial in detali. He knew that he wouldn't be sent
to exile in the valley until after Vordkan's trial. Orzano was probably
going to get a slap on the wrist because he was so young, but Vordkan could
easily end up joining him in the other valley.

Robert Charles had heard all about the shuttle flights. He wasn't sure if
it meant the group was leaving Inferno, but he knew if it did, he needed to
act fast. Plus, he had to escape before the trial so that he could get
Vordkan's help finding the way to the cave.

He thought about the night before. When his exercise came he indicated he
didn't feel well and started showing some tears. Then, using the little bit
of Hakaan that he knew he asked if he could go later. The guard nodded yes
and left.

After dinner, Robert Charles asked for his exercise. The guard opened the
door and led him to the court yard in back. Even though it was surrounded
by a fence, Robert Charles knew the guards never locked the door back into
the jail. When the guard came to get him, he put on his sad look, hunched
his shoulders. He looked totally defeated. The guard, taken in by his
feigned sickness didn't even bother to put cuffs on him. Robert Charles had
been so quiet and sick that there really wasn't much to be worried about, he

They got to the courtyard and Robert Charles started his walk. It was slow,
head down, walking the circle around the courtyard. The guard sat on a
bench by the door, thinking what a nice ass the boy had, and wondering how a
round eared boy compared to a Hakaan boy. While the guard was lost in his
thoughts, Robert Charles cut his walk closer to him. Before the guard knew
what was happening, Robert Charles leaped on him and knocked him to the
ground. He grabbed the guard's laser gun and jammed it hard into the
guard's stomach, making him grunt. Then he fired the laser gun at the guard
point blank and ran through the door.

The Hakaan jail wasn't well guarded. Rarely were more than two prisoners in
the jail, and it was usually for minor crimes. Crime was virtually
nonexistent on Inferno and the jail was not well guarded. Robert Charles
was able to merely walk right past the desk and out the door. Robert Charles
had picked evening for his escape because the gathering darkness would help
conceal his round ears and smooth neck.

He wasn't very familiar with Orkyl, but he knew the jail was close to the
edge of town, and if he headed south he would soon be in the country. He
took off to the south, and soon found himself in the countryside. He headed
west toward the airport, taking care of something there. Nothing was
guarded and it didn't take him long to get there.

That night he quietly broke into a farm house (which wasn't hard, since the
Hakaan never locked their doors), and stole some food. He found a satchel
hanging on a hook and put as much food as he could inside of it. He grabbed
a spoon and an opener, and put them into the satchel too. He then took off
into the woods and found shelter in the forest and fell asleep.

Robert Charles finished his meal and stretched. He had wasted enough time
thinking of what happened. He needed to find Vordkan. He put everything
into the satchel, clipped the gun to the strap and started the walk through
the woods and fields to the north end of town.

It took him most of the day. He checked the map Vordkan had drawn for him.
The house was on a road at the outskirts of town. Robert Charles sat in the
woods and waited until it got dark. He was learning patience. Being
patient would get him what he wanted, which was the total destruction of


Kallama took Scooter and Douglas to school. With Robert Charles on the
loose again, they knew it was now unsafe to walk there until he was caught.

In the school the boys had for a meeting.

"Now what?" Mike asked. "We're right back to where we were before the

"I think the person he wants is me," Douglas said. "I guess you guys will
get escorts to and from school. Scooter and I will have guards with us
twenty-four seven. The house will be guarded all night front and back."
Since Douglas had seen how good Hakaan guards were, it didn't exactly make
him feel completely safe.

Alex had a worried look. "I gave him a pretty hard time, maybe more than
anybody. None of you peed on him after all. He might want me, too. He's
threatened me more than once."

"Good point Alex. I'll talk to Mayor Andorn and see what can be done. He's
taken charge instead of the Governor. I think if we asked the Governor for
help he'd send us a guard vort and that would be about all."

They discussed if they should be armed or not. They decided not to be.
They didn't want another shootout like before. They figured armed or not,
if RC wanted them he would get them. And they had guards, even if they were
Hakaanen and not much as fighters.

After school a vanlike car came up. It looked like Mayor Andorn had found
something in some garage. Since it was like a small bus, they could all
get in it. They saw the driver was one of the policeman and that he was
armed. It looked like nobody wanted another shootout in the street.

Scooter and Douglas were the last two dropped off. Kallama was at the house
to meet them. The house across the street was still empty, and it was being

After dinner all the boys settled in. Travis's arm hurt, but he had a teen
boy's horniness, which Ryan was more than happy to take care of for him.
Careful, loving use of his mouth and hands gave Travis a body shaking
orgasm. Travis kissed Ryan with a deep kiss.

Scooter and Douglas were watching a Hakaan vid. It was old and was filmed
on the planet. It was on a disc, but it still showed its age. Not many
original Hakaan disks were left. They both could see that Hakaan was a
beautiful planet in every way. The cities and the country were both neat and
clean. The buildings soared, and there were airplanes and fast trains to
carry people. They wondered if the planet was still like that. Something
still wasn't right or a starship would have visited Inferno since the
"Paxton" had made its voyage. Douglas and Scooter were cuddled and close
through the whole movie, which was some kind of an adventure story.

Robert Charles went behind a shed that was close to the woods. Vordkan said
that this would be their meeting place if Robert Charles managed to escape.
He told Robert Charles he would check there every night for a week. Robert
Charles waited, and just after dark he saw two people leave the house and
come his way. One was tall, the other short, and he knew exactly who they

Vordkan and Orzano came up to the shed. Then Vordkan led them both into the
woods, where they found a small clearing. Vordkan opened a box and pulled
out a large blanket which the three boys sat down on. Vordkan saw the laser
gun attached to Robert Charles's satchel. Since Orzano had the same mental
gift that Scooter had, he could do the translating.

Vordkan had brought some food and water, and Robert Charles ate and drank

"Thanks, buddy. You're the best. So, do you have the map and all the stuff
I told you I needed?"

"I remembered everything you told me."

Vordkan had told Robert Charles he would have a map to get the cave in the
eastern mountains. The Shkah had used it for a hiding place after some of
their raids. It wasn't far away from the valley, but was well hidden. He
said some Shkah raiders found it by accident after a raid, and figured it
was a great place to hide themselves and supplies. Then they could start a
new raid from there and not have to go all the way back to the small valley.
He ws certain they had food and water stored there, and maybe some

"Why aren't you in jail?" Robert Charles asked. "I didn't get to stay in
some house."

"I'm not a round ear. And I never killed anybody. They are going to decide
what to charge me with tomorrow. Until then, I'm staying here with Orzano's
aunt and uncle. Orzano isn't going to have anything happen to him I think.
He'll probably go back to the small valley tomorrow."

"Are you going to help me get Douglas?" Robert Charles asked.

"I said I would," Vordkan answered.

"It has to be tonight then, since you have your hearing tomorrow."

"We need to plan this out now, to make sure we all know what to do. Orzano
will stay back and be there if we need to communicate."

"Why can't I do it all with you?" Orzano was liking the adventures. "I'm
twelve. I'm old enough."

"Kiddo, this is going to be dangerous. And there is going to be big trouble
when you and Vordkan are missed." Robert Charles figured this was one of the
first places they would look for him and Vordkan had said the police chief
had stopped by and said to be on the lookout for Robert Charles.

Robert Charles laid out his plans. Vordkan repeated them back. They had a
good idea of what they were going to do.

Vordkan got them on the road that went by Kallama's house, and soon they
were close to it. Robert Charles left Vordkan a few houses away. He gave
Vordkan his laser gun and headed around to the back of Kallama's house with

Vordkan went down the street and saw a guard in front of the house. All the
guard saw was what looked like a Hakaan teenager coming up the street.
Vordkan walked right up to him and shot him with the laser gun. It was set
to full stun.

In the back, Scooter and Douglas were sitting on the deck in the warm
evening. They were on a love seat swing, cuddling and kissing and talking.
They knew there was a guard in front and a guard somewhere in back. They
both thought how great it was on Inferno that they could sit here and make
out some while they talked and nobody cared. In fact the guard was pretty
much hiding in the darkness watching them.

"Do you think Robert Charles is going to try something soon?" Scooter asked.

"I think in the next day or two," Douglas answered. "It's the reason he

"Like tonight?"

"Could be. But let's not worry too much about it."

Vordkan found Robert Charles hiding in the brush right behind the yard.
They were trying to see if there was another guard. It was hard to tell
since there was a wooden fence around the yard. Robert Charles got a boost
up to look over the fence. He couldn't believe his luck. Douglas and
Scooter were sitting in the back in a swing chair. Then he froze. There
was somebody right underneath him. The guard. He wondered why he hadn't
heard them, but he saw that he was on the ground sleeping.

Robert Charles motioned for the laser gun. Vordkan handed it up to him. He
clicked the firing switch, then pointed it down and fired right at the
guards head. The guard jerked and dropped. Robert Charles jumped up on the
fence and then down to the ground.

Douglas and Scooter saw the quick flash by the fence. They knew instantly
what it was. A laser gun. Douglas started to get up, but Robert Charles
aimed the gun at the top of the swinging chair and sliced through the chains
holding it. Douglas and Scooter fell to the deck, and Douglas realized
right away that the gun was set to kill.

He and Scooter both froze as Robert Charles ran over to them.

"Well, well, look who I just happen to run into," Robert Charles said,
pointing the gun at them. "I didn't know you guys lived here."

"Cut the act, RC," Douglas said. "What do you want? I know that thing is
on kill. Are you going to use that or just talk us to death?"

"Hahaha, you're stupid as usual, Douglas. No, I have plans for you. I am
going to make you suffer. Killing you now is too good for you. You
destroyed my life, asshole, and I'm going to make you pay in blood, one drop
at a time."

"You leave my lover alone," Scooter said.

Robert Charles backhanded Scooter as hard as he could, knocking him to the
ground. "Shut up, shrimp! The first drops of blood will be all yours. I'm
going to make his life miserable, and part of that he is going to be seeing
you suffer." He pushed Scooter back. Scooter fell into the broken love
swing and then over the top. Robert Charles noticed a light go on in the
house and grabbed Douglas.

"Let's go assholes. I have plans for you both." He pointed the gun at
Scooter, who got up. He was a little shook up. The upstairs window opened
and Kallama looked out. Robert Charles herded them out of the yard and to
the front of the house. The guard Vordkan had stunned was waking up. He
yelled and pointed his gun, but Robert Charles got him first. His body
shook and dropped. Douglas knew RC's laser gun was set to kill. He had to
fight the urge to vomit. He had no doubt Robert Charles was crazy.

They took off down the street. The last thing Douglas saw was Kallama and
his partner coming out the front door. Robert Charles turned and fired
toward the house. He missed, but the two men ducked back inside the door.
They watched as the boys disappeared into the dark.

They found their way back to Vordkan's uncle's house. They scouted the area
carefully before heading to the barn to make sure the police weren't around.
Then Vordkan and Orzano helped get two unicorns saddled. They were being
as quiet as they could. Robert Charles had Scooter and Douglas both gagged.
He set Douglas up ahead of him and Scooter got his own to ride.

"Remember, shrimpo, I have the gun. You try taking off, Douglas here gets
the message," Robert Charles said.

Vordkan and Orzano shared a third unicorn. They road slowly out of the
barn, and out of the courtyard, and they took off into the woods, heading
west. After a couple of miles, they headed south, and then later, back
east. Robert Charles planned to ride all night along the road so they could
reach the edge of the valley by noon.

When it got daylight, they left the road and headed through the woods,
keeping to paths as much as they could, and going around farms so they
wouldn't be seen.

When they got to where the trail climbed the valley wall, they found a shady
spot off the road to rest. Robert Charles tied Douglas and Scooter to a
couple of trees and lay back to sleep. Vordkan and Orzano took turns
watching. Robert Charles had taken off their gags since there was no one
around to hear anything.

"What do you think is going to happen to us, Douglas?" Scooter asked.

"I don't know. But I know Robert Charles is crazy and we have to get away
from him."

"Shut up!" Vordkan whispered. "He's just going to scare you. I won't let
him hurt you."

"What makes you think you can stop him?" Douglas said. "He's crazy. He
killed both of those guards."

"No, he didn't. The gun was set to stun. I set it myself."

"Look at it again. How do you think he sliced down the swing if it was set
to stun?"

"He set it back."

"Look at it. I bet you're wrong."

But Vordkan wouldn't look. He just told them to be quiet so they wouldn't
wake Robert Charles.

As it started turning dark Vordkan woke up Robert Charles, who woke up
Douglas and Scooter, who had finally fallen asleep.

He instructed Vordkan and Orzano to head south, and if they were asked to
say he had gone up a south path somewhere toward the small valley. In fact
they could go there themselves and throw the police totally off.

"Robbachass, did you have the gun set to kill last night?" Vordkan asked.

"Of course not. It was set to stun. You can look at it if you want. Why
would you ask that?"

"I don't know. Because of the swing, I guess."

"Well, yeah, I did then, but I set it back. Don't worry, I didn't kill
those guards. It was on heavy stun. You can look at the gun if you don't
believe me. But I hope by now we trust each other totally. Right?"

Vordkan looked at him.

"Right?" he asked again. He was smiling, and to Douglas his smile was the
most evil things he had ever seen.

"Right," Vordkan answered. He was three years older than Robert Charles,
but it was obvious to both Scooter and Douglas that Robert Charles dominated
him. Orzano said nothing. He just watched. Orzano and Vordkan got on their
unicorn. Douglas and Scooter both noticed that Vordkan didn't bother
looking at the gun.

"You know where to find me," Robert Charles said. "And in five days be at
our meeting place each night until I get there." He looked at Douglas and
Scooter. "By then I will be ready for two more round ears."

The three boys watched Vordkan and Orzano ride off to the south.

"Well, it's up out of the valley for us. I have the map, and you're gonna
love where we're going, Dougie."

"Don't call me Dougie....RC."

Robert Charles walked over to Scooter and slapped him across the face.
Scooter yelped with surprise.

"Don't piss me off, Dougie!!. Cuz when you do, I'm gonna take it out on
your little boyfriend here." He looked at Scooter, who was wiping blood
from his lip with his hand. "I bet he has a hot tight ass. I can't wait to
find out." Scooter spit at the ground, hitting Robert Charles's foot.

"Oh, so that's how it's gonna be, Shrimpo. I'm going to be sure to fuck you
extra hard for that. I can be patient. But you will pay for it Shrimpo.
Big time!!! Now, get on your horsey, and you hop on mine. It's time to do
some hill climbing."

Douglas and Scooter were both hungry and thirsty. They watched Robert
Charles pull out his water bottle and take a long drink of water.

"Want some?"

They both nodded yes.

"Tough shit, guys. Just doesn't seem to be enough to go around. Guess I've
gotta ration it, just like some asshole did in the desert. And I'd feed you
guys, but damn if I didn't bring only enough food for one meal. And I
forgot about you guys and ate it before I woke you up. I'm really sorry,
guys. Really, I am." He gave them the same evil smile that Douglas had
seen earlier.

"Well, you will be out of food soon too," Scooter said.

"There is plenty where we are going. Vordkan says there is a stockpile of
food and water. And who knows, I might share some with you."

Again Douglas was on Robert Charles's unicorn, sitting in front of him, and
Scooter was on his own unicorn.

"Do you plan on going up the path in the dark?" Douglas asked.

"Of course. Do you think I want to advertise? I've learned that unicorns
can see in see in the dark pretty good, and they are very sure footed. And
Scooter's is going first, so if it goes over the edge at least our lives
will be spared. And me and you can still have fun." Robert Charles
squeezed Douglas's butt. "I bet you can't wait, huh baby?"

"You know, when we get to the plateau and it gets daylight they will have
the flyer out looking for us. Mayor Andorn will see to that. He's going to
be the Governor real soon."

Robert Charles opened up the satchel and pulled out a dozen computer boards.

"I took a little side trip by the airport and look what I found in the
flyer. I have a feeling, knowing how they don't have much in parts around
here, that the flyer is going to be sitting right on the ground for a

Douglas felt his heart sink. Robert Charles had had nothing to do in jail
but plan this, and he had planned it very well. And he seemed to have it
planned pretty good. He was more afraid for Scooter than for himself, he
didn't want to see his lover get hurt again.

The boys started up the hill with Scooter in the lead. It was true that
unicorns could see well in the dark and were sure-footed, but the path was
narrow, and it was a steep drop down the side. Douglas knew it was the same
path they followed down when they first came into the valley. He remembered
seeing signs it was climbed by some kind of animal, and now he knew it had
to be unicorns.

Because it was dark, the trip was slow. Scooter had a lot of experience
with horses and his unicorn was an easy animal for him to ride. Robert
Charles was an experienced rider too, but Douglas had never ridden before he
came to Inferno and rode the unicorns. He was nervous about riding up the
side of the cliff. One of the two moons was at three quarter full, and that
helped give some light. Douglas peeked down into the valley as they climbed
up higher. He could see the lights of towns and farm houses, but most of
the valley was dark.

After what seemed like forever they reached the plateau. Douglas knew the
path ended here. He wondered where they would start heading. But Robert
Charles went away from the cliff, then told Scooter to stop and get off his
unicorn. Scooter obeyed and then he had Douglas get off his. Robert
Charles got down and tied both of the boys up.

"Time for a nap boys. We need daylight to find the place we're looking

"You mean the place you're looking for. We want to go back home," Douglas

Robert Charles walked up to Scooter and slapped him hard, drawing some blood
again. "I thought I told you not to get mouthy with me, Dougie. You wanna
talk, that's fine, but just remember if you do your lover boy here takes the
punishment. And I don't think you want to see his face all bloody and
rearranged do you? I mean how can you love somebody with a mangled face?"

Robert Charles made sure both boys were tied securely, then found a smooth
spot and fell asleep. He had both boys gagged so they wouldn't plan
anything behind his back.

The sun was shining in Robert Charles's face and woke him up. He looked
real quickly to see if his two prisoners were still there. They were both
safely tied up. He woke them both up, reached into his saddle and pulled
out a packet of food, and washed it down with water. He made sure they both
were watching him.

"Oh were you guys thirsty? Damn. I'm sorry, I should have shared. And I
bet you're really hungry. I'm being such a bad friend." He looked at
Douglas. "I mean friends are guys that send people out into the desert to
die, right? Because they wanted a little extra water." He kicked Douglas
hard in the ribs. Douglas grunted with pain.

"Your lover is going to suffer. You're going to suffer. In the end,
Dougie, you're going to end up just like you wanted me to, only with nobody
coming by to rescue you. You're gonna wish from the bottom of your soul you
never messed with me."

He untied the two boys. Douglas got up painfully, but he forgot his pain
when he saw his lover's swollen lip and bruised cheek.

"You can kick me all you want," Douglas said. "You can do whatever you want
to me, I don't care. But let Scooter go."

Robert Charles backhanded Scooter, making him cry out. Douglas winced.

"I thought I told you not to talk, Dougie. You sure are a slow learner.
You keep jabbering, your lover boy here is going to be hating you because
he's gonna think all you want to do is get him beat up."

"Don't listen to him, Douglas," Scooter said. Douglas could tell he was in
pain. His words were blurry and slurred. "I love you."

Robert Charles slapped Scooter again. "And shutting up goes for you too,
fairy boy. Now get up on your horses."

Douglas had two feelings deep inside of him. One was his love for Scooter.
He was hurting so much for his lover. Every time Scooter got slapped it was
like he was feeling it too. He could feel the pain in Scooter's brain. The
other feeling was scary, and he didn't know what it was at first, but he
figured it out. It was hatred. He hated Robert Charles and wanted nothing
more than to see him dead. He had never felt anything like it in his life.
It was like it was the opposite of the love he felt for Scooter. So what
he felt for Robert Charles must be hate. And he hated himself for feeling
it, but he couldn't help it. He hated Robert Charles.

They rode across the plateau. After awhile, Douglas saw a large rock up
ahead he recognized. It was the horse rock Matthew had seen so long ago
from the window of the "Moonduster", and they seemed to be heading straight
to it.

"You recognize it, Dougie?" Robert Charles said. "Is that the horsy little
Matthew saw? The one that brought you to the big valley? The horsy that
got you elected leader over me? Isn't funny that you're going to die inside
that horsy. Because that's where the cavern is. Under that big tall horse

They got up close to it and Robert Charles looked at his map. "When Vordkan
told me about this rock, and how it looked like a unicorn without a horn, I
figured it out. That the horsy was real. Which really pissed me off,
Dougie. It pissed me off that you were right. When you kicked me out into
the desert, I was hoping you were wrong and the whole bunch of you would die
up in the hills somewhere. So, now I guess I'm going to get my wish. When
I get done, you'll all be dead and buried up here on the plateau under that

They got to the east side of the rock. The boys got off their unicorns.
Robert Charles tied them to a rock that was jutting out and got a flashlight
from his pack and an electric lantern. He told the two boys to go into the

"Be careful. According to Vordkan there is a drop off soon. I guess it's a
long way down. I would sure hate to lose one of you before we have fun
together." Robert Charles started laughing and his evil laugh echoed all
over the cavern.

They came to an opening. Boxes of foodstuff and potable water had been
stored there. Robert Charles tied up the two boys next to each other.
Douglas felt a rock digging into his back and tried to squirm off of it He
suddenly realized that it might be something he could use to his advantage
and decided to keep his body over the rock, concealing it from Robert
Charles. Robert Charles opened one of the water barrels, filled his canteen
with water and drank, taking greedy gulps. He cracked open a box of
crackers, then sat on the ground enjoying an impromptu picnic.
"You know guys, back on Earth, I smoked pot sometimes and then I'd get the
munchies. I got so hungry. That's how I feel right now. I bet you guys
feel the same way."

He went over to Douglas and sat on his chest. He was heavy, and Douglas
grunted. His ribs were still sore from being kicked. He looked down at
Douglas's face, his own face looking eerie in the lantern light.

"You know what I'm gonna do, Dougie? I'm gonna make you suffer boy by boy.
I'm gonna make you watch each boy you tried to save die one by one. And I'm
gonna start with your lover, so you will be so sick watching me you won't
even want to live. You will beg me to kill you to save your friends.
Because you're that kind of guy. A nice guy who will do anything to be
loved and followed. But it won't do you any good. I'm gonna let you beg
and then let you watch them die one by one."

He held out some bread. "You want some?" He put it close to Douglas's dry
mouth, then yanked it back. He laughed. "Look over there at your poor
lover. Doesn't he look sad, his mouth all swollen up like that. Wait until
you see his ass all swollen after I rape him over and over."

He reached for his canteen and put it to Douglas's lips. "Drink up. Who
knows when you'll get water again." Douglas drank some quick swallows. The
water tasted so good and wet and cool on his dry lips, and in his dry mouth
and throat.

Robert Charles abruptly yanked the canteen away. He was not going to let
Douglas actually satifsy his thirst. Water dripped down Douglas's naked,
dirty, smooth chest. Robert Charles set the canteen down in front of Douglas
and smiled.

"Doesn't Scooter get any?" Douglas asked.

Robert Charles laughed again. He turned and slapped Scooter hard in the
face again. "Fuck no! I'm gonna take his ass while he's hungry and
thirsty. Look at him! Mouth swollen! Lips dry! Face all bruised! Where
is your beautiful boy now? Your lover? All there is to see is ugliness.
And I'm going to make him uglier. Hateful looking! I'm gonna rip him open
raping his tight ass."

But Douglas didn't see ugliness at all. He only saw Scooter's beauty, his
inner beauty and sweetness that nobody could touch. The hatefulness was in
Robert Charles's face and filled whatever heart he had. Douglas felt his
own hatred growing inside of him, filling him up. He knew he was hating
Robert Charles with every part of his being. The hate was filling him up.
His only thought was to kill the boy who was sitting on top of him.

"I love you, Douglas. I love you." Scooter's thoughts hit him for the
first time in a long time. He wondered why sometimes he could read him and
sometimes he couldn't. But now he could read him and feel him as his love
came through all the hate inside of him.

"Oh, God, I love you Scooter. You are so beautiful. You will always be
beautiful. I love you."

Robert Charles saw them looking at each other. He misread the way Douglas
was staring at Scooter.

"Ugly, huh? You want to beg for his life Douglas. Your lover. The first
one you can save. All you have to do is beg."

"He's beautiful," Douglas whispered, and the realized his mistake. Robert
Charles got up off of Douglas, slapped Scooter, then kicked him in the
stomach and ribs. The sound of Scooter's scream of pain hit him in the
heart. He felt it tear into his own heart. His body shook with Scooter's

"I love you, Scooter, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. God, I love

"It hurts, Douglas. I love you. It's not your fault. Save yourself. I
can't save me. I love you."

"Scooter, I will die for you. I love you. You're getting out of this
alive. And in one piece. I swear it."

Robert Charles looked at Douglas and Scooter and smiled. "Well, it's been a
long day. I want to take care of things when I'm fresh. I want you both to
look forward to tomorrow. I want to make sure Scooter is plenty thirsty and
hungry, so he can enjoy it more."

"You can't get it up, RC," Scooter whispered through is swollen lips,
"unless you go out and fuck the unicorns."

"Scooter, no! Please, don't make him madder. He's crazy. He wants to hurt
you worse."

"He wants to kill me. I love you. I can save you."

"Noooooooooo, Scooter. Noooooooooooooo."

"You've got a bigger mouth than Dougie does, Shrimpo. Must be some kind of
faggot thing. Take a look at this." Robert Charles was wearing a loin
cloth like a Shkah. He pulled it off and showed his steel hard member. "I
guess you want it pretty bad right now."

"RC. Please, don't..." But Robert Charles kicked him in the same place he
as before. Douglas felt something crack inside and the pain shot up through
his ribs. He fought hard not to vomit.

"Don't call me RC, asshole. I was the leader you know! Me! Not you, you
candy ass faggot. Me! I'm the stud. I'm the one raised to be a leader.
They fucking followed you across the fucking desert and then you thought you
were so fucking awesome. I took extra water. Big fucking deal." He gave
Douglas another kick. Douglas moaned with pain. "The little boy was
useless. He was dying. A good leader would've left him to help the group.
I needed the water more than him. And it was just water, you little prick.
You fucking sent me to die for drinking water, when you left him behind
buried in the sand to die! So who is the killer? Well, who's gonna die
now, faggot? Who's deserves to die? It sure the fuck isn't me! You're the
killer, not me."

"You knocked down his tent, didn't you?" Douglas asked. "It was you who
buried him, wasn't it." Douglas had been moving his hands back and forth on
the rock that was digging into him. He hoped if he kept Robert Charles
angry he might not notice.

"Shut up!" Robert Charles yelled, his voice echoing through the cavern.
"Shut up! I never touched the tent! Shut up!" He gave Douglas another
kick in the ribs. Douglas was close to passing out from the pain.

"You want to rape somebody? You want to kill somebody? Then it's gotta be
me. You said it. I took your position as leader! I'm the killer, just
like you said. You want me to beg? I'm begging! Leave Scooter alone!"

Scooter could feel all of Douglas's pain on top of his. Plus he was so
hungry and so thirsty. His face and ribs and stomach all hurt, and added to
that was Douglas's pain. He knew how hard it was for Douglas to talk. How
much it hurt him, and he could feel Douglas's emotions. His love, and one
he never felt before, an ugly emotion that he knew Douglas felt for Robert
Charles. He knew right away in his pain filled brain that it was the
emotion of hate. And as much as Robert Charles had hurt him, as much as he
had hurt Douglas, and as much as he was planning to hurt him, Scooter could
not hate Robert Charles. He felt for him. He knew Robert Charles was a
lost lonely boy who had lost touch with his soul, and for that he couldn't
hate him. He knew if he couldn't hate Robert Charles, he couldn't hate
anybody. He was not capable of hating. But Douglas was. He knew how
Douglas could lose control of his emotions sometimes, but even then, feeling
the hate coming out of Douglas's mind made all the pain inside him increase.
Scooter tried to suck the hate out of Douglas, but he couldn't. Douglas
was getting lost in it.

Robert Charles dropped his loin cloth to the ground. His erection stood out
in front him, full of ugliness and power. He untied Scooter's legs, spread
them, and got down between them.

"I was going to let you guys have the night to look forward to this, but I
am so fucking horny I can't wait!"

Scooter watched Robert Charles move up between his legs. He could see what
had happened when he was a little boy, what Douglas had helped him to
forget. Now it was going to happen all over again, but he still couldn't
hate Robert Charles.

Douglas felt the rope snap from sawing it on the rock underneath him. His
hands were now free. He hurt so badly. The pain had him close to backing
out, but Robert Charles was not going to get Scooter. He was not going to
hurt his lover any more. Douglas had all his emotions going at once. His
complete unconditional love for Scooter, his unadulterated hatred for Robert
Charles. He called on everything he ever learned in sports about winning in
the last minute, searching for every bit of strength and energy he could
find. He rolled on his knees. He saw Robert Charles's hard leaking dick
ready to push into Scooter's beautiful, perfectly formed rose.

Robert Charles paid no attention to Douglas. He was intensly focused on
raping the boy underneath him. Douglas lowered his head and pushed himself
forward, head butting Robert Charles in the stomach, knocking him over.

"What the fuck...??"

Douglas twisted and kicked him in the balls with his bound feet. Robert
Charles got up, moaning in pain. He took some steps toward Douglas, but
Douglas rammed his feet into Robert Charles's knees. Robert Charles fell
over backward, just a few feet from the edge of the ledge. Douglas knew it
was a long way down into the pit. He knew Robert Charles had all the
advantage. He was bigger, stronger, older, not tied up, and didn't have
broken ribs.

As Robert Charles tried getting up again, Douglas rolled his body into him,
knocking him down one more time. But his momentum carried him right to the
very edge of the ledge. He heard rocks break off and drop, and it took a
long time before they could be heard hitting bottom. The pain Douglas felt
in his side was incredible. He felt like vomiting. He couldn't move.

Robert Charles crawled toward him. "I've had it with you! Let's forget the
games. I'm taking you now!" The hatred Douglas felt for Robert Charles
didn't even touch the hatred and evil that was inside Robert Charles. The
teenager had lost almost everything that was human in him. He was running
on pure hatred.

He was coming to push Douglas over. He was on his hands and knees, ready to
lift him up and roll him over the side of the cliff. Douglas hurt so much
he couldn't move to avoid Robert Charles. He knew that there was now
nothing he could do to stop him. Suddenly all the pain left him. He felt
nothing, but Scooter's love filling his brain.

Just as Robert Charles lunged at him, Douglas managed to push himself away.
Robert Charles twisted and his legs went over the side, knocking down rocks.
Robert Charles grabbed on to the side of the cliff, and hung on by his

He looked up at Douglas with pleading eyes. "Don't let me fall. Don't let
me die," he begged. "Save me."

Douglas looked at Robert Charles through the hatred in his own brain.
Robert Charles deserved only one thing and that was to fall off the cliff
and down into the abyss and die. All he had to do was stay where he was,
doing nothing but looking at him, and in a few seconds it would be over.
Douglas just lay there watching, refusing to put out his hands to grab
Robert Charles.

"Oh, God, I don't want to die! I'm so sorry! Help me!

In a daze, Douglas reached out with his hands and grabbed Robert Charles's
wrists. He tried pulling up as Robert Charles tried to get a foothold and
help pull himself up. Scooter lay on his back watching the struggle. His
body was full of his own pain and of all the pain he had pulled out of
Douglas. He was tied up hand and foot. He could do nothing but watch and
try to keep Douglas's pain inside of himself.

Douglas was hurt and weak, even if the pain was gone. He could feel Robert
Charles slip from his grasp. "Pull up, RC. Pull and you can make it up"

Scooter felt waves of blackness go through him. The pain was more than he
could handle. His little body shook. He had saved his lover's life, and he
now was trying to help his lover save another life, as worthless as it was.
He tried to stay conscious. His body shook again. Douglas felt a flash of
pain go through him causing his hold on Robert Charles to slip. His body
started moving to the edge. Then the pain left him again and he was able to
regrab Robert Charles. Once again Robert Charles worked to scramble up.

"Pull one more time. We're gonna do it, Robert Charles."

All the pain hit Scooter again. He couldn't handle it. He blacked out.
Douglas felt his whole side catch fire. Waves of pain went through him.
His hands wouldn't stay closed. He tried closing them as he felt Robert
Charles's wrists slip away. The last thing he remembered was the sound of
the boy's screams as he fell deep into the darkness.

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