This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.


Round Ears

by Douglas DD

From the starship, Ryan did the talking to the "Survivor" on the radio.
Scooter was on the radio in the shuttle. Jim was using the amazing telescope
on the navigation panel. Looking in the view screen, Jim could follow the
shuttle's descent on the high-resolution telescope. The telescope locked
into the shuttle's radio beacon and automatically tracked the shuttle
throughout its descent. Visual contact was lost only when the shuttle
disappeared behind a cloud.

After the aborted landing, Scooter told them they had radio contact with
some Hakaanen and he would get back to them. Jim followed the shuttle as it
headed northwest, circled around, and then started its approach to the
runway. The sky was partly cloudy, but he could see the "Survivor" land.
Immediately after what looked like a safe landing, he saw an explosion and
fireball. Involuntary reflex action forced him to close his eyes to protect
them from the intense brilliance of the explosion. When he opened his eyes
he could see nothing on the ground. Billowing smoke shrouded the scene

Ryan got on the radio. "This is the 'Paxton' calling the 'Survivor'." There
was no answer. He tried again and still got no answer. He looked over at
Jim. Jim's face was totally white. The console beeped, and Jim looked at
the view screen. The screen was blank, except for a message that read, "NO

"I think we lost them," he said. "I think they crashed."

All the boys were on the bridge. And all of them felt sudden fear and
emptiness. If Jim was right they were alone in space. They were the last

Thraller heard the chat between the "Survivor" and the "Paxton." He couldn't
understand any of it. It was one thing that it seemed to be a boy with a
weird accent talking, but now the radio had boys talking a language he had
never heard before. And why were children flying the shuttle. The voices
sounded like teenagers at best. What was going on? he wondered.

Alex, Scooter, and Travis were blinded by the explosion ahead of them at
the end of the runway.

"What the FUCK!!!" Alex screamed. "They're trying to kill us!"

Douglas was standing at the open cockpit door looking at the huge fireball
rising up into the sky. "No. I don't think so," he said.

"NO? Are you nuts, Douglas?! That was almost us being blown up!. And if
nothing else they tried to blind us! I'm getting us out of here!"

"To where? This is the only runway we've found. We have no fuel. And
besides, they weren't trying to kill us. That part is obvious."

"Not to me it isn't," Alex said as the shuttle came to a stop. They looked
at the burning hulk in front of them. They saw it was the old shuttle they
had seen at the end of the runway that had just blown up. "Explain please."
Douglas could see that Alex was shaking with anger.

"Well, first, let's taxi to the terminal. We need to get off of this
runway. And turn off the trasponder!"

"No taxiing until you tell me how we're not in danger," Alex demanded.

"Alex, either you taxi to the terminal or Travis will. But we're going to
start taxiing now, and that's an order. We need to get off this runway
fast." `Sometimes you just have to kick Alex in the balls to get what you
want', Douglas thought at Scooter, who quickly hid his smile. Douglas knew
what had happened at the end of the runway, and he knew for the plan that
was unfolding to work they had to clear the runway fast. "I'll tell you
while we head there."

For the second time in two days Alex glared at Douglas. He liked him better
when he hadn't been so sure of himself. Now he seemed to be full of
himself. He had forgotten that Douglas had been the same way when he led
them from the "Moonduster" to the big valley. The difference now was
Douglas was confident in his leadership abilities and acted quicker and
more decisively than he had then. When things were safe and comfortable,
Douglas lay back and acted like a Student Council president. But when the
group was in danger, Douglas took complete control. It was Douglas, after
all, who had decided to exile Robert Charles.

Alex took a deep breath, switched off the transponer, and turned the
shuttle around and taxied it toward the terminal. "So, explain this mess,
before we get to the terminal and get attacked."

"Quit being paranoid, Alex. Think. If they wanted to kill us they would
have just let us land on the first runway we tried to land on. Why wave us
off and give us a smooth runway to land on? No, there is some weird shit
going on here, but it doesn't have to do with killing us. I think we're
safe. In fact, look over there." Douglas pointed to one side of the
terminal. A Hakaan lady was waving lights at them, just like at an airport.

Just then the radio sounded. "This is the 'Paxton' calling the 'Survivor'."

Scooter got ready to answer. Douglas stopped him.

"Don't answer!" he commanded.

"Why not? They're worried about us. We haven't talked to them since we
aborted the first landing attempt," Scooter said.

"Because we blew up when we landed here!"


"What do you think that explosion was about? That's our shuttle at the end
of the runway."

Scooter understood what Douglas was saying. He looked at him and
smiled. Alex and Travis had it figured out. too. The situation on Hakaan
was not what it was the last time Inferno had had contact with it. It
appeared the present situation meant it was important to hide them from
somebody, most likely the government of the planet.

They heard the "Paxton" on the radio again, but they ignored it. They were
almost at the terminal.

The lady guided them and they turned into a space next to the
terminal. There was a hangar in front of them that was covered with trees
and other plants. Alex folded the wings and guided the shuttle through the

Outside, the runway cover was moving back into place. But part of the
cover was different. It had broken trees and tire tracks that led right to
the burning hulk. It looked like the shuttle had hit the runway too late
and had gone off the end of it.

Alex stopped the "Survivor" inside the underground hangar and shut off the

"So, who is going to surprise the two ladies outside?" Douglas asked.

"Surprise?" Mike asked. "What to you mean, surprise? You mean because
we're naked?"

"They would be more surprised if we were dressed," Travis said. "I think he
means our ears and bare backs."

"Oh. Duh. The Donkey wasn't thinking too good on that one. I got too used
to being just one of the guys on Inferno. But I think us two big guys, me
and Jeremy would work out just fine. First Earthlings to set foot on
Hakaan. What do you think, Jeremy? Give it to the two thugs?"

Douglas kind of wanted the honor for himself, but he nodded okay. After
all, he was still the leader. Let his friends get the glory. If there was
ever going to be any glory.

They saw a set of stairs moved up to the door of the shuttle. Mike opened
the door, and he and Jeremy stepped out onto the stairs. Corrinna,
Dralkan's mother was the first to see them. When she got a close look at
them, she put her hand to her mouth in surprise. The boys she saw were
certainly not Hakaanen boys. And if they weren't Hakaanen, who were they?
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dralkan contacted his dad on his radio. His
dad had seen the smoke rise from where the old space port was. Dralkan told
him that plan A had been put into motion. He instructed Dralkan, Trundall,
and Shamene to meet him at the end of the runway farthest from the
terminal. Dralkan knew which one he meant, but he didn't know why they
should meet there.

The three boys stood at the end of the weed covered runway. The sun was
beating down on them. Suddenly, they heard a humming noise above them and
saw a flyer, just like in the history books. It had to belong to The
Ancients. They were about to bolt into the woods, but the flyer came down
too quickly. Dralkan stood there, frightened, but he wasn't sure why. It
wasn't illegal to play in the old airport. Kids hung around there all the
time. Still, seeing the flyer land made him quiver with fright.

The three boys froze, watching to see who would come out of the flyer. They
knew running away would probably make things worse. The Ancients and their
police knew how to find people. But instead of men in police uniforms, a
naked man appeared at the door. It was Dralkan's father, who lowered a

"Quick son, we have no time. All three of you get on!" his dad yelled.

The three boys climbed up the ladder and the flyer lifted straight up and
shot off.

"Wow! Where did you get this dad?" Dralkan was impressed.

"It was an experimental flyer, one that can hover land land and take off
vertically. When the Ancients started taking away the machines, your
grandfather confiscated this one. He found there was no record of it
existing because it was experimental, so he kept it for himself to be used
at a time when it was really needed. And that time is now."

Dralkan saw that dad's Meshanna and partner was on board. And so were a
couple of other men he recognized.

"Where are we going?"

"To the old spaceport. I heard what you did. That was very brave of
you. You were cool under fire."

Dad doesn't even know the half of it, he thought, thinking of himself
standing in the middle of the runway waving off the landing shuttle. Now
that was scary.

The flyer raced low over the tree tops heading for the old space
port. Endron, Dralkan's dad, had heard from Corrinna that something strange
was going on at the space port, but she wouldn't say what. She would only
say there was something strange about the kids on the shuttle. She did
sound very aggitated. Why, he thought, was a shuttle from one of the lost
colonies being piloted by children?

Endron knew that he had to get to the other spaceport quickly, because The
Ancients would soon have a flyer heading that way to investigate. The good
news was theirs couldn't land, because this was the only flyer ever made on
Hakaan that could land and take off vertically. Endron didn't know that
the engineers on Inferno had retrofitted their flyers to do the same just
after communication ended between the two planets.

The flyer got to the field and they could see the cover was over it, and at
the end the old shuttle hulk was still burning. He headed for the
terminal. He needed to get the flyer landed and into the hangar right away.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thraller sat with Hamnod, one of the
Ancients. He told him about the strange things he heard on the radio; the
unfamiliar language and the fact that all the voices belonged to boys.

Hamnod agreed with Thraller; a flyer needed to be sent immediately to the
scene. The situation had to be investigated throroughly and any surivors
taken into custody and permanently isolated

Thraller radioed to get a flyer ready. He was going to be on it. If anybody
was left alive, he was going to see to the capture personally. He had no
problem in his mind about killing any of the crash survivors if a capture
couldn't be made. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Corrinna looked at the two
strange looking boys at the doorway. . She didn't know what they were, but
they weren't Haakan. They were naked boys, they were wearing Hakaan belts,
but they had round ears and no mane down their backs. The shuttle was
Haakan. She could tell by the writing on the sides. The boy doing the
talking on the radio as the shuttle landed, spoke Haakan, though he had a
strange accent. However, there was do doubt these boys were some kind of
alien species, and not Hakaan. She didn't think twenty-five years would
change the appearance of Hakaanen that much.

Mike and Jeremy walked down the stairs, and behind them came three smaller
boys, followed by another somewhat bigger boy. They all seemed to be
smiling as they came down the stairs. A small dark haired boy came forward
and gave the Haakan sign of greeting.

"Shamra Morna," Douglas said. It was the most formal kind of Haakan

She was surprised that this strange looking boy knew the Haakan
greeting. But then there must be a Haakan there somewhere, because whoever
was on the radio could speak the language perfectly, though with an

Scooter came up to her next. "Shamra Morna."

Corrinna looked at the boys. She had fear and anger in her eyes. "Who are
you? Where are you from?"

"We are from a planet called Earth. We became stranded on your colony of
Inferno (Scooter used the Hakaan name for it)."

"Then how did you find your way here?"

Scooter started telling the story. But Corrinna stopped them and asked them
to return to the shuttle. She was afraid of the strange boys and wanted
them in the shuttle until Endron got there. Not wanting to create any
trouble, Douglas led them back up the stairs into the shuttle. They needed
the help of the Haakanen who rescued them in order to survive.

Scooter turned to the two Haakan women. "Lasherra." Thank you.

The boys went into the shuttle and sat in the cabin. "Why did she send us
back?" Jeremy asked.

"She's scared," Douglas answered. "She's waiting for help to come. That's
what I think."

Everybody agreed with him. Now it was a matter of waiting to see what was
going to happen.

"Should we call the 'Paxton'?" Jeremy asked.

"No," Douglas answered. "We don't want anybody picking up our radio
signal. It looks like our rescuers want it to look like we crashed. Until
we find out differently, we're going to play along with it."

"But they're going to worry."

"I know. But for now we need to stay silent."

Outside, a flyer landed next to the terminal. Corrinna opened the hangar
door and it was moved inside. The boys on the shuttle looked out the window
as the flyer was pushed in. They watched four men and three boys exit the
flyer. They talked to Corrinna, who excitedly pointed to the shuttle. One
of the men left the group and climbed the stairs into the shuttle.

"We need you to all come with us. Now!" Then he walked back down. The boys
looked at each other after Scooter translated. Most of them understood what
he said. They'd learned a lot of the language in school. Scooter merely
confirmed it. What they didn't like was the tone of voice the man had used.

They left the shuttle and followed the Haakan into the terminal. It was
time to tell their story, and hope that their rescuers wouldn't turn on
them because they were aliens. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Thaller looked out of the window of his flyer. The wreckage of the shuttle
was still burning and it looked completely destroyed. He could see the tire
marks on the runway. It looked like the runway was too overgrown to land on
and the landing had gotten out of control. He didn't see how anybody could
survive the crash and explosion. He was actually hoping to find some
survivors so he could send his soldiers to find out what was going on. But
it looked like all they would find were burned bodies. There was no way he
could land and he would have to return to the base and make the journey by
land. He ordered the pilot to return to Kana. He took a last look at the
burning shuttle. He still had three questions in his mind. What was the
strange language on the radio? Why were children piloting the shuttle as
well as doing the talking from whatever starship was in orbit?

And finally, why had the shuttle suddenly aborted its landing on the rough
runway of the main airport and flown to the rougher runway of the old
spaceport? The runways of the airport could still be easily spotted from
the sky, but the runway of the old cargo port was much more difficult to
make out. Unless somebody knew it was there it was almost impossible to see
it from the sky. Since it was in the middle of a forest, the runway was in
worse shape then the one at the main airport. So why abort a landing on a
runway they could see and that almost looked good enough to land on for a
runway that was in worse shape and was practically hidden?

He got on the radio and sent a message to Hamnod. He told the Ancient in
his opinion it might be a good idea to send patrolmen to the old
spaceport. Something didn't seem right. Hamnod received the message, and
acted on it right away He ordered Thraller and his men to head for the
cargo port as soon as possible. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The
six boys from the "Survivor" went into a large room with the Haakanen.
Endron, Corrinna, Trundall, Shamene, and Dralkan all sat down. Corrinna's
partner stayed in the front of the old terminal to keep watch for anybody

Endron stared at the six boys. Their round ears and bare backs made it
obvious they weren't Haakan. Other than that he could see little
difference. They were even naked like Haakan boys, with Haakan pocket belts
to hold what they needed. They were the same size and weight as Hakaan
Their faces were smooth and their wide, clear eyes sparkled exaclty like
Hakaan boys in their early teens would look Some of the boys were slight,
while the musculature on others had begun to noticeabley develop, exactly
as on pubescent Hakaan boys.Some of them had pubic hair, while some of them
didn't, but this too, was not unusual. What was unusual was that only the
penis on the small blonde boy resemebled a Hakaan. The other's penises were
different, lacking the normal skin over the head. His mind was full of
questions. How did they get here in a Haakan shuttle? How did they learn
the language? Where were they from? What did they want? And could they be

Dralkan was amazed at what he saw. He knew that the shuttle was being flown
by boys from the voices on the radio. But he never imagined they were boys
like this. Alien boys from some alien world. The excitement of seeing them
couldn't be denied. Dralkan often dreamed of the stars and space travel,
and of the days Haakanen traveled to the stars. What was happening now was
beyond his wildest dreams.

Scooter, the small blonde boy with the normal penis, did the talking for
the group. He explained that the other boys could understand and speak
some Haakan, but he was the only one who could speak the language
fluently. While it seemed that he was the one doing all the talking, what
the Haakanen didn't know was that he was in constant mental contact with
Douglas, who fed him instructions. The Earth boys knew Douglas would be
doing a lot of the talking through Scooter because they had discussed
possibility before landing the shuttle.

Scooter started telling Endron and the Haakanen their story of how a ship
full of boys ended up crash landing on a lonely desert planet. He had
gotten to the start of their trek across the desert to the mountains when
they got an alert from the front of the terminal. A flyer was approaching.
Endron motioned to everyone to follow him. They went to the front of the
building and looked at the flyer circling the field. It was obvious it was
observing the crash site. Then it flitted away over the trees.

"We're safe," Dralkan said. "We fooled them. The round ears are safe too."

"For now," Endron said. "We have to get them out of here as soon as
possible. Our little ruse won't fool them for long I'm sure. I wouldn't be
surprised to see soldiers by tomorrow. If they could land vertically like
us they would be here within a couple of hours. Fortunately they never
learned how to build a flyer that could do that."

Scooter and Douglas thought that was strange. The Hakaanen could conquer
the stars, but never invented a way to land an aircraft vertically? They
didn't even have helicopters. They both thought about the flyer on Inferno,
which could land straight up and down. They didn't realize that the flyer
on Inferno had been modified by Quan and his men after the last starship
had come. We had that technology long before we ever went into space,
Douglas thought. Douglas was willing to bet the Haakan probably invented
some things that Earthlings never thought of.

They returned to the big room in the back. Scooter finished telling their
story. Endron still wasn't trusting the boys a lot. When he heard of the
role of two of them in the Shkah rebellion he had even more reason not to
trust these strange boys. The Shkah on Haakan were working for the
Ancients, and could not be trusted at all. He almost ignored the part
about their role in bringing down the Shkah on Inferno and seemed only to
hear the part about Robert Charles and Jordan aiding them.

Finally, Scooter talked about Matthew. He told how he and Enghar became
Meshannas, and how all of the boys were at the Joining to witness it.

"Wait!" Endor said. "You mean to say a Haakan boy became the Meshanna of
one of your kind? And you all witnessed a Joining? Where is that boy now?
Up in the starship?"

"No. He stayed behind to be with his Meshanna and his Hakaan family."

Endor was stunned. "This boy, this Mattoo, decided to stay behind with his
Meshanna? He picked a Hakaan boy over his own kind?"

"Yes. Yes, he did," Scooter said.

Endor looked closely at Scooter, locking eyes with Scooter and giving him a
penatrating gaze. Endor saw no hint of deception in Scooter's eyes. At
the same time Endor felt something inside himself. It was something he
couldn't describe, but his fear of the boys ebbed and he viewed them with
new respect. If one of these round eared boys could gain the approval of a
Priest to take part in a Joining with another Hakaanen, the perhaps these
boys could be trusted. Perhaps these boys were what they had been waiting
on for twenty-five years. He told Scooter to go on with his story.

Scooter told of how the machinery was wearing out on Inferno. He told of
their own desire to see their own families and their home. He told of how
hard it was to leave Inferno despite that. They had grown to love their
Hakaanen friends and families. But the Hakaanen on Inferno needed parts and
new machines, or someday they would lose to the forces of the
planet. Inferno wasn't conquered yet, and without the atmosphere machinery
the planet would end up winning.

Endron told Scooter what had happened on Hakaan during the last twenty-five
years. He told them it looked like the home planet would not be able to
help the lost colony of Inferno. The Ancients had seen to that. It was all
they could do to keep even a little of the once great Hakaan technology

"If we could find a way back to our own home maybe we could bring our own
technology to help Inferno," Scooter suggested. Douglas had sent the idea
to him, and Scooter thought it was a good one.

"You would need an entire load of warp fuel," Endron said. "We don't have
any at all. One of the first things the Ancients did was take all the fuel
from the spaceport."

"We would need rocket fuel too," Scooter said. "We need to get the shuttle
back into space, as well as being able to refuel the rockets on the

"Rocket fuel we have. We have a supply stored in underground tanks. We can
fuel your shuttle. But rocket fuel needed special tanker shuttles to get it
up into space. "I don't know if there is any warp fuel left on Hakaan. And
if there is, it would be well guarded by the Ancients Shkah police."

The more Endron talked to Scooter and the more he saw of the other boys,
the more he liked what he saw and heard. The boys were smart. They had to
be to get this far. Incredibly smart. They obviously liked each other a
lot. They had to be able to work together to get as far as they got. Their
long lost colony respected them. One of them became the Meshanna of a
Hakaanen. That probably said more than anything. In fact looking at them,
at their eyes and how they talked to each other, he could see that some of
them could easily become the Meshannas of each other if their culture had
such a thing. The leader, Douglas, who had to be very strong to get them
all this far, and the little blonde haired boy doing the talking, were two
boys who had the look between them that almost all Meshannas had.

Endron told the boys he needed to talk to his friends and family alone for
a moment. The Hakaanen left the room and gathered in the front room with
the view. They could see that the fire in the old shuttle had almost burned

"I don't know about you, but I like them and I trust them. I didn't at
first.," Endron said. "It's a shock to find out that the Haakanen are not
the only intelligent beings in the galaxy like we thought. But if we are
going to have galactic visitors, I can't think of better ones to have than
those boys in the back. I want to know what you think. I truly believe they
were sent here with a purpose."

"I think the blonde one doing all the talking for them is sooooooo sexy,"
Dralkan said, and the entire group laughed, including Trundall. And he's
the only one who doesn't have a strange looking penis, Dralkan thought. It
was pretty obvious what Dralkan thought by just looking at his still rock
hard erection.

They all agreed they liked and trusted the round eared boys. Like the
Hakaanen on Inferno, they saw that the Earth boys could help their
cause. But without warp fuel, the question was, how?
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Shkah patrol was gathered
inside the walls of the Ancients' capitol building. Their vehicles were
ready and loaded. In the morning they would be leaving over the old highway
to the spaceport, which was still useable. A lot of Hakaanen had their
vacation homes out there, including at the spaceport. They went in their
carriages and carts pulled by unicorns.

Thaller looked at his map. He looked at the roads going to and from the old
spaceport. He had long suspected that the people making their vacation
homes out there were supporters of technology, which means they were not
friends of The Ancients. He looked at the old roads, trying to figure out
if anybody was trying to escape from the spaceport which road they would
take. And everything in his mind pointed to the mountains to the
west. There were caves, old cabins, old mines, and other hiding places up
there. The map showed only one road up there. He looked at the map and
checked out the connecting roads. He decided to play a hunch. He decided to
take one of the vehicles and set it up off the mountain road. Just for a
few hours. Just in case his hunch was right. He looked at the map again. It
was a good hunch. And he was going to take his vehicle and men and leave
now and travel overnight. He wanted to be up the road long before anybody
else had a chance to go up.

Something wasn't right with that crash. The rebel group saw the shuttle as
a way to get ahead, he was sure. But he saw it as the opposite. They
thought they had fooled him and would be more in the open. And that was
going to destroy them. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ After dinner
Endron asked the boys about who was left on the starship. Scooter told him
and told him how they didn't answer their radio call after they
landed. Endron nodded. They are just as smart as I thought they were,
Endron thought. They knew not to give themselves and us away.

He told them how their own radios couldn't be detected by The Ancients, as
long as the broadcasts were short, and offered to let them send a quick
message to their starship.

Douglas sent it. "Hakaan to 'Paxton'. We are safe. Please don't answer
this. We'll tell more later. Digi out."

They had agreed before the shuttle left that if Douglas called himself Digi
then everything was okay. The worried boys on the "Paxton" all started
breathing normally again. They didn't know what the explosion meant, but
they did know that their friends and lovers were safe.

The Earth boys were given rooms with beds. The old terminal had lots of
bedrooms. The apartment owners were all part of the group that was against
the Ancients.

Mike and Alex had a room. They ignored the second bed and crawled into a
bed together. More than sleep was on their minds. It wasn't long before
Mike found himself inside of his lover, Alex, pounding on his ass.

Jeremy and Travis shared another room. They started out in separate beds,
thinking of their own boy friends. But they both were horny, and they both
knew that their lovers wouldn't mind their getting off with another member
of the family. Jeremy came over to Travis's bed, and the two boys were soon
started on what would be two sessions of hot oral sex.

For Scooter and Douglas the story ended up being a little different. They
were just getting ready for some lovemaking when there was a knock on their
door. They opened it. It was Dralkan. The Hakaan boy was hard again, and he
could see right away that the two strange looking round eared boys were
too. He had been very nervous coming up to the door, hoping that since they
had lived on the Haakan colony, they would look at sex the same way the
Hakaan did. He wasn't disappointed. Seeing the exotic strange looking penis
on the dark haired boy made him even more excited.

Douglas and Scooter had both thought Dralkan was hot when they first saw
him. But at that time they were concerned with business. Now they looked at
the horny Hakaan teen, and business was the farthest thing from their mind.
By the time the three boys fell asleep, Scooter and Douglas had both
drilled Dralkan's firm tight ass, giving him exactly what he wanted. He
couldn't wait until morning to tell Trundall that the round eared boys had
no problem with sex, and were, in fact, excellent love makers. He wondered
if there would be a chance for all four of them to do something in the
future. Maybe he could even bring his little brother, Shamene. He had
thought that the round eared boys were sexy. And he was right. They were
very sexy. They even knew how to use his mane to make him feel sexy and
good. It was obvious he was not the first Hakaan boy to have sex with
them. He found out after they were done that he was right about that.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ When morning came the three boys,
Scooter, Douglas, and Dralkan were squeezed into the bed, tight, cozy, and
cuddled. They got up when Shamene came in without knocking and told them
breakfast was ready.

He looked at the three boys on the bed. "I know what you did," he said
smiling. His little dick was very hard.

Dralkan through his pillow at him. "Get lost and let us clean up!"

Shamene ducked the pillow and ran out of the room laughing.

When everybody got to breakfast they sat down for some serious eating and
talking. Endron said he had a couple of ideas. But before he discussed them
they needed to get away from the spaceport. He didn't want to take the
flyer. If The Ancients were suspicious he didn't want them seeing it. He
was willing to risk taking one of their vans, however. The roads were
pretty covered by trees and someone in a flyer would have a hard time
seeing them.

"Where are we going?" Scooter asked.

Endron pointed to some mountains in the west. "Here. We take this road up
into the mountains. There are two mines up there where we have hidden a lot
of Haakan technology. And I think the thing we need to help you and us is
there just waiting for us."

The boys asked him for details, but he said they would see find out about
it when they got there. But for now they needed to prepare to leave right
away. He had a feeling the patrol that flew over would be back.

The van could seat eleven in four rows of seats. With Corrinna, her
Meshanna, Dralkan's sister, Endron, the three Hakaan boys and the six Earth
boys, they were crowded in. Shamene sat on Mike's lap and Scooter sat on
Travis's. He wanted to sit on Douglas's, but he knew he was too close to
Douglas's weight to sit there for a long trip. Still, feeling Travis's dick
up against his butt felt very good.

They didn't pack anything except some food. Endron said they would have
everything else they needed up at the old mine. The van pulled out from the

Thraller had pushed his group all night. They switched drivers every
hour. It was just after dawn when they got to the junction with the
mountain highway. Thraller had the driver head up towards the mountains. A
Shkah village was up in a remote part of the mountains. Thraller and some
of his patrol knew the mountain highway pretty well. And Thraller knew just
the spot to meet anyone trying to escape into the mountains.

The van took off up the old highway heading west. They drove until they got
to the junction with the highway from Kana. As Douglas looked east down
that highway he thought something seemed wrong, but didn't give it much
thought. Soon they were heading up into the mountains. Shamene said he
needed to pee and Endron pulled over.

"Pee stop. Go now. Last stop until we get to the old mine," Endron said.

The nine boys piled out. Travis, Scooter, and Dralkan were fighting
boners. Mike had one too from little Shamene sitting on his lap. The road
was never used and the boys had no problem standing by the side and peeing,
even with ladies there. The Hakaan were never embarrassed about their

Douglas looked up the mountain rode. Something still didn't seem right to
him, but he couldn't figure out what. They all got back onto the van and
headed up the mountain road.


A few miles up the road Thraller and his patrol were parked off the
road. They had a perfect view looking down the mountain road.

"Why are you so sure they are coming up here?" one of the patrolmen asked.

"Because it is what I would do. The best places to hide are here in the
mountains. I think they figured their little trick would fool us for longer
than it did. They won't ever suspect we would beat them here."

"They would be riding a carriage or wagon anyway," the patrolman said.

"I wouldn't be too sure," Thraller replied.

Suddenly he saw motion. Thraller trained his binoculars on the highway. It
was a van coming up the highway. Just as he figured. These were the rebels
they had heard so much about and feared. Now they were about to enter a

The van kept coming up the winding road, sometimes disappearing behind the
trees or cliffs then reappearing soon after. Thraller saw it come right
underneath them. They would be going around a rock overhang then switching
back. And when they did, they would be coming right into his trap. He would
have the rebels right where he wanted them. And if his suspicions were
right, he would have whoever was on that shuttle too. He wasn't sure how
they landed safely, but somehow he was sure they did. Why else would they
go to the spaceport to land?

Thraller wheeled his truck out to block the road. The mountains were
quiet. I should be hearing the engine of the van. He was about to start
worrying when he heard the van coming around the turn. The noise must have
been blocked off by the rocks and trees.

Endron steered the van around a turn when he saw the military truck
blocking the road. There was nothing he could do. He knew they were
caught. He hit the brakes hard and came to a fast stop, kicking up rocks
and dirt.

The patrolmen raised their laser rifles. Thraller got out of the truck and
walked up to the van. He signaled Endron to open his window.

"Well, well, Endron," he said. "It certainly is a surprise meeting you


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