by Douglas DD

"Permission to come aboard, Sir," Captain Parrish said.

"Permission granted," Douglas replied. This formality made it clear to all
the boys that Douglas was indeed the Captain of the "Paxton" in the mind of
Captain Parrish.

The captain and his group came aboard the "Paxton." Amahl saw the group of
naked boys greeting them, and much to his surprise found himself getting
hard. This was the group he wanted to meet ever since the first radio
broadcast. He was waiting for a group of big tall heroes, and instead he
was face to face with a group of skinny naked boys, some of them shorter
than he was.

Then he started looking closely and began to first to notice a few
things. Like some of the boys were holding hands. He noticed hidden in the
group of naked boys were two thin boys with beautiful pointed ears and
golden manes down their necks to their backs. Amahl had already noticed the
boys before the formalities between the two Captains took place, but their
presence still awed him. He was looking at alien boys. Extraterrestrial
Alien Life Forms. He stared at them and couldn't take his eyes off them. He
couldn't believe he was looking at intelligent life from another planet. He
couldn't believe how human they looked. He wasn't sure what he expected,
but not something so human looking. Not only were they human looking, but
much to his surprise he found them sexy too. The ears and the mane gave
them an exotic look that let him know they weren't from Earth.

Captain Parrish was just as surprised as he noticed the two Hakaanen
boys. He knew the boys had made First Contact with an alien, but to
actually see them...well it was so incredible it sent chills going down his

Throughout his whole life he had read books saying other intelligent life
probably didn't exist in the galaxy. Ever since he learned over the radio
that that was wrong he couldn't wait to meet this intelligent life. And
there it was. But they were boys. Well, I shouldn't be surprised, he

Douglas started introducing everyone on the "Paxton". Captain Parrish
introduced Amahl (more than one boy thought Amahl was very cute),
Dr. Rashad, and Lieutenant Shrader.

After all of the introductions Douglas, Alex, Scooter, and Mike met with
Captain Parrish's group in a meeting room. Brett helped Mike bring some
yasho, a Hakaan tea-like drink. The boys were used to drinking it, but the
Captain's group all had to catch their breath because of the strong taste.

"Do you need sugar, Captain?" Mike asked, with a slight smirk on his
face. Captain Parrish looked at him, wondering how serious he was.

"Well, it is different tasting. It looks like you boys are used to it." He
paused for a moment, cleared his throat. "I notice that you you....don't"

"That we don't have any clothes on?" Scooter asked.

"Well...yes," the Captain said, trying to keep from smiling.

"It's the Hakaan way. You noticed the two boys. They were naked. The Hakaan
wear clothes only to keep warm or for ceremonies. We've all grown to like

The Captain cleared his throat again. He knew, as he saw Douglas and
Scooter, and Mike and Alex holding hands, that there was more going on than
boys being naked. Douglas saw him staring at them and suddenly figured out
what was bothering the Captain. Holding hands with Scooter had become so
natural, he didn't even give it a thought. He kept Scooter's hand in his
and waited for the Captain to say something.

"Is it way of life to ...well....for boys to...." It was
obvious that Captain Parrish was embarrassed.

"Hakaan boys do more than hold hands, Captain. Their way of life is much
different from ours. And it is a way of life all of us have come to love."
He didn't mention to the Captain that almost all of them had been attracted
to the Hakaan way of life before they had ever met any Hakaanen.

"Captain," Douglas said, "one of the reasons we survived is because we love
each other. Each of us here has a friend. No, that's not right. He is more
than a friend. Someone we would die for." Douglas was at a loss for words.

"What he's trying to say is," Alex said, "is we each have a lover. We each
have a boy we are in love with."

Captain Parrish sat quietly for a few moments taking all of that in. Then
he said, "I congratulate you all. On surviving. On loving. On finding what
it takes to live. I said earlier I was honored to be on your ship. What you
just told me hasn't changed that. I respect each one of you for what you
have and for who you are."

The boys let out a spontaneous sigh of relief. They would have to talk
about all of this again when they returned to Earth. But for now, the fact
that Captain Parrish accepted them, was important. They would take things
one step at a time. Captain Parrish had also drawn the same conclusion the
boys had. They had not reverted to savagery and had been able to survive
because of the strong love they had for each other. He thought it ironic
that the two boys who didn't survive were the two who did not feel that
love, or that the one boy who stayed behind felt it for an alien.

They spent the some time discussing what was going to happen next. They
agreed the boys would return to Earth on the "Starfinder" and that they
would leave the "Paxton" behind. It was the only starship the Hakaan had
left. Captain Parrish said the boys would get 3 rooms to share. Space was
limited on the "Starfinder." They asked if they would be taking a room from
Amahl. The Captain looked surprised.

"One of the rooms was empty. One belongs to a couple of scientists who can
double up with somebody else. And one was Amahl's, who will move in with
his father. We will move some cots into the rooms. And it kind of looks
like you boys have no problem being crowded in with each other," he added
with a laugh. The boys laughed with him.

Next they talked about the Hakaanen and about the making of first official
contact. Douglas and Endron had been talking a lot the last week, and they
had devised a plan. Douglas was ready to present it to Captain Parrish.

He explained about the plague, and the Ancients, and how the Ancients took
away Hakaan technology. He told how the machinery and electronics on
Inferno were getting old, and how they were hoping for help from
Hakaan. But that help wasn't going to come, because the Ancients forced the
Hakaanen to abandon their technology and way of life.

Douglas explained how more and more people on Hakaan were unhappy with the
Ancients. They were tired of being afraid and wanted their lives to move
forward again. He told about Endron, who was one of the leaders of that
group, and how he felt it was time for the Hakaanen to have a free

"That's all very interesting, Douglas, but I don't think we should be
interfering with their government. We don't really have any rules about
contact with alien cultures, because ,to be honest, we never really thought
we would find any. At least nothing humanoid like us. So, I guess I have to
be the one to set the rules," Captain Parrish said.

"But you won't have to get involved. That's what makes this plan so cool,"
Douglas said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you do plan on making contact, right?"

"Yes. Of course. I'm just now sure how yet."

"Well, that's what the plan is about."

"You want me to make contact with your friend Enron? I'm afraid I can't do
that, it would...."

"Endron," Douglas interrupted, "and no that's not," but he saw the glare
coming from the Captain's eyes. "Sorry, sir, I didn't mean to interrupt."
Douglas realized suddenly that this was the first time since leaving the
"Starkeeper" that he had to defer to an adult. He didn't care for the

"I'm afraid I can't make first contact with Endron," he went on like
nothing had happened. "I have to make first contact with the legal
government of the planet, no matter how much you might not like them."

"Captain, I'm sorry I interrupted." Damn, why did I apologize again?
Douglas thought. I'm his equal, and I'm acting like a scared kid. "But, you
have it all wrong. The plan is for you to make contact with the
Ancients. We know it has to be done that way."

"I'm afraid I don't understand. Maybe I'm the one who should start

"It's kind of like this. Hakaan is going backwards. The plague made them
afraid of their technology and knowledge. The Ancients derived their power
from that fear. Now things are better. A lot of people miss their way of
life. But the Ancients have all the technology that works. Or they think
they do. They use what they have to keep them in power."

The Captain looked at Douglas with new respect. He somehow still wanted to
see the boy in front of him as some wild naked savage. But here was a boy
speaking with intelligence about the government of an alien planet like
he'd grown up there.

"Go on," Captain Parrish said.

"The way it works is this. You contact the Hakaan government. Arrange to
land in their capital city where everybody can see you. Leave them no
choice. On top of everything else you bring Dralkan and Trundall back with
you. Let them know where that first shuttle came from. A shuttle that was a
Hakaan shuttle. Now they know there has been contact even before yours."

The Captain nodded, listening carefully, waiting for Douglas to continue.

Douglas thought about his long talks over the radio with Endron. Endron
wanted the Earth shuttle to land at the village he was hiding in. Then he
would use the landing to announce that it was time to overthrow the
Ancients and have an election. But the boys had a different plan, and
Douglas persuaded Endron to go for it.

"See, now the Ancients have a problem. Your shuttle lands. Contact has
already been made. Earth has all this technology at the same time Hakaan
has lost its own. People are going to be afraid in a different way. They
are going to want Hakaan to get back what it lost so it can be equal with
the aliens from Earth who have landed on their planet."

"So you're saying that by us landing people will want an election to bring
back the old way of life. To bring back their technology so they can be on
an equal footing with us."

"Exactly. And you are doing just what you are supposed to, contacting the
government. Whatever happens after that is what happens. It's not in your
control. I mean, nothing might happen, but I don't think so. Endron is
going to use your landing as a reason to demand that elections be held."

"You've put a lot of thought into this, haven't you?"

"Yes, Sir."

"And the whole idea might not work, you know,"

"I know that, Sir. But it's about the only way to do it so that you don't
get involved in Hakaan politics, but still have a chance to help my

"You friends? You're a remarkable young man. You've made friends with an
alien culture on two different planets. You've represented your planet

"Thank you, Sir."

"And one other thing. We're both Captains. Call me Captain, or Captain
Parrish. But not Sir. As far as I'm concerned we are equal in rank."

Douglas smiled. "Thank you,, Captain."

"When are we going to make this landing?"

"You're asking me?"

"Yes, I'm asking you. This is your mission."

Douglas remembered their first talk over the radio when he had to demand
the Captain's respect. Now he knew he had it. He had earned that respect
and he was getting it.

"Let me talk to Endron. But, I think tomorrow morning should work. I mean
why wait, right?"

The Captain got up and ruffled Douglas's hair. "Exactly. Why wait."

Douglas cringed at the ruffled hair. One minute he was a respected Captain
and equal, and the next he was a boy getting his hair ruffled. He wondered
if Captain Parrish would ever get it figured out.


Endron agreed with Douglas the next morning would be great. He and his
followers were ready. They were connected into the broadcast radio system.
Only the government could broadcast, but Endron had long ago found a way to
break into the system. Now it was time to put his plans to work.

Captain Parrish said he was going to return to the "Starfinder" to prepare
the "Atlantis" for the landing. Before landing he would return to pick up
the two Hakaan boys.

Douglas was ready to ask if some of his crew could go. But he caught
himself. Instead he said, "Captain, I would like to have some of my crew
members to on the mission. I think they can help you a lot. Scooter knows
the language almost perfectly, and we all have a basic understanding of
Hakaan culture."

Captain Parrish was ready to say it was too dangerous to take kids, but he
caught himself too. Once again he almost forgot that these weren't ordinary
kids, that these kids had done more than most starship crews ever would. "I
should have room for four of your crew, Captain Daniels. Have them prepared
to join us tomorrow."

When they got to the airlock, Amahl was waiting for them along with his dad
and Lieutenant Shrader.

"Father, can I spend the night here?" Amahl asked. He hadn't seen anybody
his own age for six weeks. He had gotten a tour of the ship and heard some
of the boys' stories while he waited for the meeting to end. He had been so
looking forward to meeting the boys since they had been discovered. They
seemed so special to him. He was not disappointed.

Douglas heard how Amahl addressed his dad as father. Pretty formal, he
thought. He figured he know already what Amahl's dad would say.

Amahl's dad stared at him.

"Please?" Amahl begged.

Dr. Rashad thought about the naked boys on the "Paxton", and thought about
the things he found out those boys liked to do with each other. He called
Amahl aside.

"Son, I think you know what these boys have been doing with each other."

"Yes. Having an adventure. Surviving."

"No, I meant something different." The topic was starting to embarrass
Dr. Rashad. Especially since he could remember doing some of the same
things when he was his son's age. He wasn't sure if he wanted his son
having the same experiences.

"If you mean the sex," Amahl said, boldly, "I know what it is they do. And
I don't care. But if you let me stay, I promise I won't do that if it
displeases you, Father. I just want to be with them. I've already started
making friends. Please, Father. I won't do anything you don't want me to, I

Dr. Rashad gave his son a warm smile. Thoughts of Khalil entered his
head. Of those four wonderful years between 13 and 16 when they did so much
together. He shook his head to clear it. "Have fun, son. Do whatever you
like. I'll see you in the morning."

Amahl smiled back. If he heard his father right, and he was sure he did, he
was just told that it was okay for him to mess around. And he sure didn't
plan on asking his father what he meant. All he knew was, his father hadn't
said no. Which was as good as a yes.


Douglas had everyone scheduled to get up early. He crawled over Amahl and
his feet hit the carpet. Amahl yawned, looked at Douglas, and smiled.
Douglas smiled back. Amahl had learned a lot the night before. He was
inexperienced but willing to learn. He and Scooter had taught Amahl as much
as they could in one night, which turned out to be a lot. Amahl still had
the taste of cum in his mouth, and his butt was a little sore. All three
boys were tired. They had stayed up very late.

After the "Atlantis" docked with the "Paxton", Dralkan, Trundall, and four
Earth boys got on board. Amahl would wait for it to return. He was
disappointed, but he knew the "Atlantis" was not a large shuttle and only
had limited room. It was for exploring, not transporting passengers.

Douglas thought about how he had chosen the four boys. First, while he knew
it was selfish in some ways, he chose himself. He knew the Hakaan and their
culture as well as anybody. He knew Captain Parrish respected his opinions
and listened to him. He wanted to be there to give advice against making
what might be a dumb decision. He wasn't sure if the Captain would listen
to anybody else as seriously.

The second boy was Scooter. That was an obvious choice, and not just
because Scooter was his lover and soulmate. Scooter knew the Hakaan
language better than any of them because of the telepathic skills he had
and he was going to be very important as a translator.

The third one was Mike. Mike was important to him. He was his second in
command and his best friend. He was the one who stayed calm when it all hit
the fan. Big, strong, quiet, calm, Mike. He had to go.

The fourth one he picked for a totally different reason. Someone who got
left behind most of the time because he so often couldn't keep up, but was
someone who had shown insight. Someone who stayed in the background, but
more than one time had come up with a good idea or suggestion. As far as
Douglas was concerned, Brett had earned the right to go on a mission.

The boys boarded the "Atlantis" along with Dralkan and Trundall. The
shuttle released itself from the "Paxton" and started towards Hakaan. The
"Atlantis" carried the four Earth boys, the two Hakaan boys, Captain
Parrish, Lieutenant Shrader, and the pilots, Lieutenant Commander John
Woods and Ensign Conrad Drabowski.

When the shuttle entered the atmosphere, Thraller noticed it on his
scanner. So, he thought, the shuttle was returning. And if they returned,
Endron would be there to meet it. There was only one place to land the
shuttle and he had the runway cleared for landing. He was going to be there
to meet it right along with the rebels. He couldn't believe the rebels
were so bold as to think they could just land the shuttle again and get
away with it. But apparently they were. The proof was on his scanner. He
called for the flyer. It was manned and ready to go at any time.

Thraller ran out of the building and to the flyer. It quickly taxied down
the short runway and took off, heading for the old space port. While the
flyer was heading to the space port, the shuttle was aiming for the capital
city of Kana. Captain Parrish wanted to land right at the small runway in
the city that the boys had seen on their landing, but had ignored because
it was too short to land a Hakaan shuttle on. Since the "Atlantis" could
land vertically, it didn't matter how long the runway was.

The flyer landed at the spaceport. Thraller was sure the shuttle was about
ten minutes away from landing. While he wasn't sure why it was now
returning, he had had a feeling it was going to come back. Nobody could
stay up in space forever, and he was a very patient man. He was ready to
wait for however long it took for it to return.

He had his radio scanning. It picked something up from the shuttle. It was
the voice of a boy again. He recognized the answering voice. It was
Endron. He was going to leave in his stolen flyer. And it was going to land
right here with the shuttle. He had his own flyer hidden in the big
underground hanger he had discovered. He was ready. Whatever plan Endron
had going was ending today. Endron is acting like I'm stupid, Thraller
thought, and he's not going to get away with it.

He no longer had his tracking scope. It was at the compound. But he had
calcutlated very carefully the shuttle's point of entry and how long it
would take for it to get to the spaceport.

He stood out on the terminal's balcony, checking the skies. He wondered if
the shuttle or Endron would arrive first.

He heard a boom to the west. He knew it was a sonic boom from the shuttle
and that it would be slowing soon to land at the spaceport. He wondered if
Endron and whoever was on the shuttle knew that he had control of the
spaceport. Well, it didn't make a difference, he thought. There was no
other place to land.

Lieutenant Commander Woods was slowing the shuttle down below the speed of
sound. He could see the spaceport ahead and below. He glided right over it
as he lowered is flaps and slowed the shuttle more.

Thraller watched as the shuttle zipped over the spaceport, slowing to
land. It was not the shuttle that had landed a few weeks before. In fact it
didn't look like any kind of shuttle he had ever seen before. "Where is he
going?" he asked the soldier next to him. "The only place to land is here!"
He didn't expect an answer, and he didn't get one.

Then Thraller saw a dot off on the horizon. He picked up his binoculars and
trained them on the dot. It was a flyer. It had to be Endron's. It wasn't
heading to the spaceport, it was heading towards Kana. He trained the
glasses on the shuttle and saw that it was heading for Kana as well.

In the capital compound in the middle of Kana the Ancients were having a
meeting. Thraller had radioed them that the shuttle was returning and he
was going to meet it. They wanted to get whatever colonists were on it
captured and find out why they returned and why the colony sent boys and
not men. They wanted to make sure no shuttle will ever return again. The
coming of the shuttle had caused a lot of problems. People were
restless. They were wondering why one of the colonies could go into
space. They were wondering why the Ancients still had technology. They were
wondering why their standard of living was getting worse and worse. The
Ancients knew that the only way they could prove their power was to
completely humiliate whoever was flying the shuttle. The best thing would
be to shoot it down, but they didn't have the weapons to do it. So they
would just have to capture the crew and destroy the shuttle after it

Thraller's voice came over the radio. "The shuttle went past the
spaceport. It looks like it's heading for Kana."

"Why?" the leader of the Ancients asked.

"I don't know. But you should be seeing it now. There is one thing you
should know."

"What is that?"

"The shuttle isn't from a Hakaan colony."

"What do you mean? Where else could it come from? It certainly didn't come
from here."

"That's right," was all Thraller said. But the meaning of it made the
leader of the Ancients turn pale with fright. He went through the large
glass doors of the meeting room onto the balcony. He saw the mysterious
shuttle approach the city. It appeared to be heading right toward the
compound. Well, it's just going to fly over us, he thought. The runway
isn't long enough for an aircraft that big to land on.

The shuttle approached the small runway. Suddenly the swept wings expanded
and faced out. The shuttle almost stopped. Thrusters were holding it above
the ground. The landing gear was lowered and the shuttle eased down towards
the runway.

The leader turned to the other Ancients. "Great Jeswa above, it is landing!
Right here in the compound!" He felt his hands shake. He sensed that the
mystery shuttle somehow meant the end of their power over the Hakaan


John Woods brought the "Atlantis" down for a soft landing. Douglas barely
felt it touch the ground. Alex had been good, but untrained. Douglas just
got a demonstration of what a skilled, trained pilot could do with a

Right away the shuttle was surrounded by armed guards. Captain Parrish had
already decided that they would gamble and leave the shuttle unarmed. It
was important that the Hakaanen saw the they arrived in peace.

Scooter was on the radio talking to Endron. Endron's flyer was approaching
the compound and soon landed next to the shuttle. He told Scooter how to
connect into the radio in the Ancient's conference room.

Endron was broadcasting the whole thing on radio and on vid. While only
select public places had them, he knew that word would spread fast when
people started seeing what was happening in the capital. Already the
citizens of Kana were heading to the compound and gathering outside the
walls. Everyone sensed that something big was happening.

Scooter stepped to the open door of the shuttle. He stood proudly in the
doorway, naked, except for his Hakaan shoulder and waist belts.His blond
hair and tan skin glowed in the sunlight. Endron trained the video camera
on them, and Scooter spoke into a cordless microphone.. He spoke nearly
perfect Hakaan, and his words were heard and seen in the main conference
room of the Ancients, almost every radio and vid on the planet Hakaan. It
was the voice of a young teen, but the words were spoken with the
confidence of a man.

"This is Scott Starr of the Earth starship 'U.S.S Starfinder'. We come to
Hakaan in peace."

And with those words the dark reign of the Ancients over the planet Hakaan
started to come to an end.





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