This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.



by Douglas DD

Douglas sat in the small lounge of the "Starfinder" looking at the colors
of warp space swirl around the window. Two more weeks, he thought. Two more
weeks and the adventure will be over. He would see his home planet, his old
friends, and his parents again. But he wouldn't be the same young boy who
left Earth so many months ago. He had grown and put on some muscle. He was
still slender, but he was solid. He even managed to sprout a few fuzzy thin
pubic hairs, and every now and then his voice would crack. But while the
physical changes showed he was changing from a boy to a man, inside Douglas
knew he had grown so much more.

Scooter came into the lounge and snuggled up next to him. "What are you
thinking, my love?"

"About the past. And the future. Us. I don't know. I should be totally
happy going home. But somehow it feels empty too. I mean, I want to see my
parents so badly, but I'm afraid too in some ways. I'm afraid that they
will still think I'm a little boy. And I'm not, Scooter. None of us are any
more, not even the twins."

"I know, my love." Scooter patted Douglas's arm and rubbed his
shoulder. Both boys had uniforms on. Even after four weeks on the
"Atlantis" it felt strange wearing clothes. But Captain Parrish insisted,
and it was his ship. But as soon as they got into their cabins, the
uniforms came off. They hardly ever bothered wearing underwear.

The two boys kissed, hard and deep. Showing their affection in places like
the lounge was okay. Not all of the crew liked seeing the boys holding
hands or kissing lightly, but they all respected them enough to let it
go. John Woods was their biggest supporter, and the boys had found out
early on that he was gay. He was their friend and advisor and they were
happy for his help.

Scooter and Douglas cuddled closely, watching the colors flow by. Douglas
thought about the last six weeks, especially right after their landing on
Hakaan. Scooter's landing announcement was broadcast worldwide. The
Ancients and Thraller knew from that moment their rule was over. Endron
landed his flyer inside the compound and Thraller landed right after
him. As soon as he saw the shuttle he could tell it was alien in origin and
he knew it was trouble. Nothing could stop change from happening, now.

The entire event was broadcast worldwide and seen and heard on the public
radios and vids that had been controlled by the Ancients. One of Endron's
followers was the announcer. Even though there were few radios, most of the
population soon heard the news. Endron called for an election, saying that
it was time to return the technology of Hakaan to the people. The Hakaan
people were once on an even footing with their visitors, and needed to
return there. The people of Kana walked and rode to the walls of the
compound after they watching the shuttle fly into it and many of them heard
Scooter's words.

The Ancients gave a weak story about the Earthlings bringing new diseases
and plagues, but Douglas pointed out that they had lived a long time with
the Hakaanen on Inferno and nobody had become sick. Enghar's father had
made a vid of the people of Inferno for him to show, to prove they hadn't
brought disease. It was impressive, especially since it was done by a
doctor. That ended the argument before it even started.

Correctly guessing that Endron was going to win the election, Captain
Parrish negotiated a treaty with him to be approved by the newly elected
council. It would be taken back to Earth for their approval. Part of it was
for Earth to help get Hakaan back on its feet and for the planets to start
relations with each other. Captain Parrish told them he would see that a
starship would be sent to Hakaan with experts on technology and diplomats.

Two weeks after the landing, Captain Parrish decided there was no more that
they could do on Hakaan. It was time to get the boys home to their
families. During the two weeks the crew and the boys went to meet Hakaan
people. They were broadcast on vids. Vid screens were set up in the front
windows of buildings and the Earthlings were shown all day, live and on
tape. Douglas, Scooter, Mike, and Brett stayed with Dralkan and
Trundall. They got tours of the capital, went to Hakaan school, and spoke
about the problems of the people on Inferno. Endron said that as soon as
Hakaan got itself back together it would help Inferno and the other lost
colony. Captain Parrish pledged the help of the people of Earth.

Living with two Hakaan boys, the four Earth boys found out that there were
even more sexual secrets to be learned. The bedroom was a busy place during
the two weeks. Douglas was amazed that of the four of them Brett seemed to
be the one who could get into some of the Hakaan sexual positions the
best. Dralkan was impressed and Brett couldn't get enough cums. . He kept
looking in the mirror to see if his ears were getting pointy and his neck
was getting hairy. He felt like he should be an honorary Hakaanen. The
sexual contact the boys had had with the Hakaan boys on Inferno had been
different and educational, but these boys were much more knowledgeable. It
appeared the Hakaan on Inferno were forgetting more than just their

The big thing for Brett, though, was meeting Arbim. Arbim was 14, smooth,
slender, and small like Brett. He was unattached. He lived a few houses
away from Dralkan. Brett and Arbim hit it off right away, and before
anybody knew it Brett had pretty much moved into Abrim's house, where he
had a tough time getting out of his bedroom.

The two weeks had been wonderful. Endron said it was like the planet had
awakened from a twenty-five year slumber. With the population smaller than
before, it would take time to rebuild, but if Earth could help them, they
would be back to where they had been soon. The election wasn't going to
happen until two weeks after the Earthlings left, but no one doubted Endron
would win. Captain Parrish made it clear to the Ancients that an Earth
ship was coming back. He didn't threaten anything, but he knew they needed
to understand that this wasn't a one time stop over. Their problems weren't
going to be over when the "Atlantis" left because some day more ships from
Earth would be coming.

One of the issues they had to deal with was whether they should take a
Hakaanen to Earth with them. Douglas and Captain Parrish sat down together
one day to talk about it. Douglas and the boys had talked about it earlier
and thought it would be a great idea. Captain Parrish hadn't thought about
it at all.

"What did you want to meet about, Douglas?"

"About who will go with us to represent Hakaan."

"I didn't know anybody was. Hakaan doesn't have a real government right now
to represent them. So I don't see much use in taking somebody. I'm sure we
will send a ship back here to take care of that business right away."

"I didn't mean as a diplomat representing the government. I meant somebody
to just be there for their planet. As Hakaanen. They can go back on the
ship you mentioned. But think what it would mean to Earth to actually have
a real Hakaanen. To be able to meet one."

"Everybody who we know is going to be pretty busy setting up a new
government and cleaning up the mess here."

"The kids won't be." Douglas looked straight into the Captain's eyes.

"You're not suggesting that we take some Hakaan boys with us are you?
That's impossible."


"Their parents would never agree. I mean they're kids. They would be gone
for at least four months. They would never allow it to happen."

"You don't know the Hakaanen very well. They give their kids a lot of
freedom and responsibility. I mean they allowed us to take Dralkan and
Trundall with us when we left to try to make contact.

"But you didn't take any from Inferno," Captain Parrish pointed out.

"Everybody was worried that the plague was still on Hakaan. We couldn't
risk taking them. That was why our success was so important. So how about
it, Captain? Can you at least ask?"

Captain Parrish smiled slightly. He liked Douglas. He saw starship captain
material in him. He knew he wouldn't hesitate recommending him for the
Space Academy. "Who did you have in mind?"

"Dralkan and Trundall."

"Just those two?"

"I know them best. And I know their dads. Plus, they already have
experience in space."

"I'll see what I can do," Captain Parrish said. Douglas smiled. He knew
how to direct the hard-nosed captain almost perfectly, just like any
teenager worth his salt should know to maneuver any adult in authority.


Scooter had fallen asleep against Douglas. Douglas ran his hand lightly
through his lover's hair. He heard some noise behind him and turned around.
It was Dralkan and Trundall.

"Sorry bothering you," Dralkan said. He and Trundall had been taking
English lessons ever since the "Starfinder" had left Hakaan. Scooter was
their teacher. Both boys were smart and learned fast. They didn't have the
language telepathy that Scooter, Orzano, and Bandar had, but they did have
the ability to learn language fast.

"You're not bothering us," Douglas said. "Come on in and sit down."

The Hakaan boys had loose fitting uniforms on. Captain Parrish said they
could continue with their customary style of dress (which of course meant
nothing at all, except leather belts and straps), but told them they should
get used to wearing clothes. On Earth they would have to follow Earth

The boys disagreed with this. However, Captain Parrish pointed out that
they ended up following Hakaan customs by being naked, and now the Hakaan
boys would have to follow Earth customs and wear clothes, so for an hour a
day the boys wore clothes. But no underwear! They refused to wear
underwear, and insisted the clothes they wore be loose fitting, like all
Hakaan garments were. The Hakaanen only dressed for ceremonies or to
protect themselves from the weather, and their garments were loose and
comfortable. Douglas still thought it would be a great idea for Dralkan
and Trundall to step off the shuttle wearing only their belts. He hoped
maybe they would get a chance to show off their native ways before their
visit was over.

One of the things the Hakaanen did for Captain Parrish was give him the
warp radio. They hoped it would be the start of exchanging technology and
ideas between the two planets. Endron gave it as a good faith gift to help
convince Earth to send the tools needed to get the Hakaanen back on their

Lieutenant Shrader tried reaching other starships on the warp radio, but
apparently none of them seemed to have their radios on. They would probably
have to wait until they came out of warp to send news of the rescue of the
boys from the "Starkeeper". Douglas asked Dralkan and Trundall if they
were nervous about what was coming up. They said they were very
nervous. They had brought their ceremonial robes to wear when they reached
Earth. Douglas knew how beautiful the robes were and how beautiful the boys
were. He was sure that Earth would love them at first sight.

He remembered the first time he saw Hakaan boys. It was at the reservoir
near the cliffs on Inferno. He remembered how beautiful they looked
then. They had done nothing since but become more beautiful.

Scooter stirred and opened his eyes. He looked up and smiled at Douglas. It
was close to dinner time. The four boys sat and watched the colors go by
and talked about Earth for another half hour, then got up to head for the
dining room. Two more weeks and they would be leaving warp space and seeing


The boys were packed into three rooms. They didn't keep the same rooms for
two nights in a row. Almost every night had some kind of sexual activity.
Sometimes partners, sometimes trios, sometimes groups, whatever they wanted
to have that night. Sometimes it was just a night to rest. Even the twins
took part as they felt more and more comfortable having sex around the
other boys. Drew really loved sucking his "big brother", Ryan, but they
usually stuck with each other. They did learn a lot of new things from the
Hakaan boys, but when the voyage home ended, they both were still virgins.

Brett liked having sex with the Hakaan boys. He was the only boy who could
get into some of the Hakaan sex positions, and he found he loved the
feelings he got from them. As good as Dralkan and Trundall were, they
weren't as good as Arbim. Brett missed Arbim. He had only known Arbim for
two weeks, but something special had happened between them. Not like what
was happening between him and Jeremy, but it was something very special and
hard to describe. Somehow they connected mentally: at times their thoughts
were one. He wished they had invited Arbim to come along.


While space flight normally was uneventful and boring, making time in space
seemed to last forever, the days of the flight home flew by. Even with all
that was happening on board the starship, the boys' minds were occupied
with thoughts of Earth and home. The day they would be leaving warp had
arrived. The boys were all in places where they could catch a look at
Earth as the "Starfinder" left warp space.

Douglas, Scooter, Mike, and Dralkan were sitting in the bridge looking at
the view screen. The colors of warp space were flashing by. In five minutes
they would be leaving warp space and the planet Earth would show up on the
view screen. It would still be small since they would be coming out of warp
two days away, but it would be there. The other boys were in the lounge
where they could see it on the view screen or maybe even through the

Douglas could feel his heart thumping. It felt like it was ready to leap
right out of his chest. As much as he didn't want the adventure to end, he
was happy it was. He had this incredible urge to see his parents again; to
be their boy again. He could feel the same feeling surging from
Scooter. Now that home was so close they were ready to be there.

Douglas heard the orders being given on the bridge, but paid no attention
to what they were. Suddenly he felt the little lurch and dizziness that
came from entering and leaving warp. And there, ahead of them was the
bluish disk of Earth. Douglas felt his face become wet. Embarrassed, he put
his sleeve up to his eyes and tried wiping away the tears that were
dripping down, but with no success. The dam had burst, and his shirt was
becoming wet with the cascading tears.. He turned to look at Scooter and
Mike, and saw they were having the same problem. Tears were pouring down
their cheeks. Douglas got up and gave each of them a hug. When he hugged
Scooter, Scooter put his head on Douglas's chest and started sobbing.

"We're home, Douglas. You did what you promised. You got us home."

Douglas was bawling just has hard. "It was all of us got us here. We did it
as a team, my love. We all worked together to get us home."

Mike smiled through his tears. "But you were the one who held the team
together. It was you who led us here."

Captain Parrish walked up to them. "You guys are all incredible. But you
can congratulate each other later. Let's get on the radio and start getting
the news to Earth."

Captain Parrish and Douglas had discussed how to announce their
return. Douglas was pleased that Captain Parrish had asked him for his
opinions. Sometimes he felt lost with no decisions to make and nothing to
do. He felt like was just another teenaged boy. When Captain Parrish called
him into his office to discuss how to work out the announcement, Douglas
literally glowed.

Lieutenant Shrader was manning the ship's radio. "'U.S.S Starfinder'
calling Earth Control requesting approach coordinates."

A voice came back over the radio. "Come in 'Starfinder'. You're back
early." The controller gave some coordinates to give them a route to Earth
through all the space traffic. "You're back early," he repeated. "Is
something wrong?"

Lieutenant Shrader's answer was to tell the controller he needed to have a
Code 14 communication set up. This meant he needed a scrambled, secure line
to Space Fleet headquarters, and not just to headquarters, but to somebody
with a high rank. The controller didn't ask why. He knew he wasn't supposed
to, but he couldn't help thinking that only something very serious required
setting up a Code 14 communication. He pushed some buttons and a voice came
over his radio.

"Admiral Ramirez here What is it?." The Admiral sounded a little irritated
at being disturbed.

"Sir, the 'Starfinder' is back and requests a Code 14 communication."

The Admiral's attitude changed immediately. A Code 14 was serious, and his
concern showed in his voice. "The 'Starfinder' isn't due back for at least
another six months. Did they say what it was about?"

"No, Sir. I'm not supposed to ask over a regular radio frequency."

"Yes, of course." The Admiral sounded irritated again. He didn't like
someone of lower rank reminding him of what the rules were. "Well, connect
me to them, Lieutenant."

The Controller pushed a couple of buttons and the Admiral and the
'Starkeeper' were connected on a secure, scrambled radio frequency.

"Hello, 'Starkeeper'. This is Admiral Ramirez. This had better be serious
to have you back months early and asking for a Code 14."

"Hello, Admiral. Captain Parrish reporting, Sir." Parrish was disappointed
Ramirez was the Admiral they were connected to. Ramirez was a pompous ass
who always thought he knew everything, and had a hard time listening to
anybody who wasn't an Admiral as well. He didn't want Ramirez to be the
only one getting this communication. He took a deep breath.

"Admiral, I have incredible news. With all due respect, I believe it needs
the Fleet Chiefs, as well as the Director of Space Exploration and
Colonization and President M'buto involved."

"That's asking for quite a bit. I think I should be the judge of who
listens to this, Captain."

"Again, with all due respect, the news I have is of such importance it
needs to be dealt with by the highest authorities, immediately"

Captain Parrish realized he was being insubordinate, but he did not trust
Ramirez. Parrish wouldn't have any qualms dealing with any Admiral other
than Ramirez, but Parrish knew Ramirez had attained his Rank a lot like
Captain Fuller had; based on who, not what, he knew. Ramirez had also
exploited every possible situation he could to further his advancement.
Being insubordinate to Ramirez was dangerous. Ramirez was the consumate
politician and bureaucrat inside the fleet, but his abilities as an Admiral
left much to be desired. Ramirez could easlity detroy Parrish's carreer,
but Parrish was not about to deliver the fates of the boys into the hands
of Ramirez. Ramirez would take control of the entire situation and would
do whatever he felt was of most benefit to himself. Parrish owed the boys
on his ship the best he could do for them, even if it earned him a
reprimand. He had promised Douglas that he would give the news only to the
highest authorities in Earth's government.

"Captain, this is close to insubordination."

"I understand, Admiral. But I assure you this needs the people I named. And
I assure you if you don't get the people I asked for, you will have to
answer to them."

"You have no right to talk to me like that. I will not be ordered around by
a mere Captain."

"Admiral, if you don't do what I ask, then I will ask to be connected to
somebody else. And I will get what I want."

Douglas was listening to this with his mouth open. Captain Parrish was
sounding just like he had when he told the Captain what it was that he
wanted when first contact had been made with the "Starfinder". He realized
even more what kind of man Captain Parrish was. And what kind of friend.

"Captain, this had better not be some kind of stupid wild goose chase.
Because if it is your career is over. You will end up being an Ensign
manning a one man asteroid out beyond Mars. Is that clear, Captain?"

"Perfectly clear Admiral. Now please get me the people I asked for. Radio
us when you have them."

"It will take time."

"We're two days out. I expect to hear from you before then."

"You are in deep trouble Captain. This has all been recorded. You will
have your audience, but let me tell you this. You just brought back your
last command. Out."

"Somehow I don't think so Admiral. Out."

Douglas and Scooter both hugged Captain Parrish, then stepped back,

"You were awesome! Totally awesome!" Douglas said. "But I'm sorry you
might not be a Captain again."

"I don't know if I was awesome or not. But I do know this. You boys will
land on Earth under our terms. It's going to be a zoo there no matter
what. But the big cheese will have control over it, not some paper pushing
Admiral like Ramirez. And I have a suspicion the good Admiral is not going
to get his wish regarding my future." Captain Parrish knew he would be
coming back as a hero, and Admiral Ramirez was not going to have an easy
time taking away his command.

"Are you going to be in trouble?" Scooter asked.

"I doubt it Scooter, but if I am it will be worth it. You guys have all
become very important to me. And it's my duty to protect my crew, no matter
what. And you are my passengers, my crew, and more."

"Looks like we have a lot in common," Douglas told Captain Parrish with a
sly grin.

"How's that?"

"We both don't mind reading out somebody in authority for the good of our

Captain Parrish smiled and ruffled Douglas's hair, making him cringe.
Douglas realized is was a gesture of affection, but he didn't think it was
the appropriate thing for one Captain to do to another.

As the "Starfinder" raced towards Earth the entire bridge clustered as
close to the communications consul as much as they could, waiting for the
answer from Earth. They were all ready to give their news.


It was almost a day later when Ensign Rogers called Lieutenant Shrader and
Captain Parrish. "A scrambled message is being received. I told them to
wait for you."

"I'll be right there." Parrish paged Douglas and the Earth boys, along with
Dralkan and Trundall. They went to the officers' lounge behind the
bridge. Lieutenant Shrader had set up a radio there so they could all
listen in to what was happening. The boys took seats or sat down on the
floor. Captain Parrish sat at the table with the radio. It was connected to
the big radio on the console.

"Parrish here."

"Hello, Captain. Admiral Yamamoto here. You've created quite a commotion
with your Code 14 yesterday." Parrish was pleased. Admiral Yamamoto was the
head of the Space Fleet and was a good person. Hopefully the heads of
government he asked for were there too. "I hope this is important,
Captain. You have some big hitters in this room right now."

The Admiral was on the view screen. The broadcast was set up for video.
The camera focusing on the Admiral moved back. Some one was operating
it. The one on the ship was locked in one place and had only one view. The
camera showed three other people in the room. Parrish and Shrader
recognized them as Admiral Lassen, head of Space Exploration for the Space
Fleet, Tyler Manning, Secretary of Space Exploration and Colonization, and
President M'Buto himself. Admiral Ramirez wasn't there. Parrish was
pleased. He had been taken seriously.

"Captain Parrish, when a Captain comes out of warp months early and risks
his career asking for the heads of Space Fleet and the Government, I figure
he's totally lost his mind or he has incredibly important news. Your
reputation as a Captain and explorer of space is among the best in the
Fleet. I decided to take you seriously, despite the recommendations of
Admiral Ramirez. Now I hope you don't let me down." Captain Parrish had
discovered a possible colony planet on one of his voyages and was well
thought of by Space Fleet.

"I won't Admiral. The news I have may be the biggest news ever brought home
by a space exploration ship. Admiral Lassen, Mr. Secretary, it is good to
see you here. And Mr. President, it is an honor for you be here for
this. You won't find this a waste of your time."

"I am ready for the news, Captain," the President said. He was a huge
African man, the descendant of tribal chiefs. His father sent him off to an
English school when he was young. M'Buto was smart and full of ambition. He
ended up going to Harvard, became the President of his country, and last
year was elected the President of the Earth government. He was a big
supporter of space exploration and was a well liked leader.

"Well, I have two pieces of news. My first piece of news is going to be
presented by...." Captain Parrish hesitated a second...."by a fellow

"Another Captain?" Admiral Yamamoto asked, somewhat confused.

Captain Parrish moved out of the seat the camera was focused on. Douglas
took his place. The four men in the conference room looked even more
confused. They didn't know who this other Captain was going to be, but they
didn't expect a young teenage boy.

Douglas sat in front of the camera. He suddenly was incredibly nervous. He
was about to address the President of Earth. He took a deep breath and
said, "Admiral Yamamoto, Admiral Lassen, Mr. Secretary, Mr. President. My
name is Douglas Daniels. I was a passenger on the "Starkeeper" and was on
the "Moonduster" when it was accidentally launched. I'm the leader of The

There was a long silence at the other end. Then Admiral Lassen said, "Oh my
God. That can't be. You boys are alive? You survived?"

"It's a miracle," Secretary Manning said. "A miracle. But how? How could
you survive months in space?"

"It's a long story sir. Or sirs. I will tell you that all of us but three
are coming back to Earth. And that includes the twins who were on the

The men in the conference room were stunned. The news was more incredible
than they ever imagined. Little did they realize that even bigger news was
to follow. "This news was well worth the trouble you put us through,
Captain," the President said. "It's going to be very interesting to hear
their story. If you call this young man a fellow a Captain, the story must
be quite extraordinary, and he must be quite an extraordinary young man."
Douglas felt like saying, You haven't even heard the really big news yet.

"You will hear it soon, sir. All of it." Or at least as much as we're
willing to tell, he thought. "Here is Captain Parrish again. He has one
more piece of important news."

Douglas stepped away from the chair. He had the feeling that he had the
respect of the powerful men in the conference room on Earth. They saw a
leader who had survived in space and led a group of boys to safety and
home. They weren't sure how he had done it, but just the fact that he had
impressed them greatly. The leaders all wondered what the next piece of
news. They couldn't conceive of anything that could be bigger news than
the rescue of the "Starkeeper" children.

Captain Parrish sat back in the chair at the table.

"You said you had two pieces of news, Captain," the President said.

"I have a hard time imagining something bigger than the news you just gave
us. That might have been the most incredible news I've heard as President.
The news is going to make for some happy parents and will thrill the people
of Earth. This will be an amazing story. Totally amazing."

"Mr. President, I think that the second thing needs to be seen rather than
talked about. I'm going to give my chair up to another boy. A very, very
special boy. An incredible discovery. Watch very carefully. Our lives will
never be the same, Sir. Trust me."

"We all are very curious now, Captain. This MUST be an incredible

"Oh, it is, Mr. President. It is for sure. Captain Parrish got out of the
chair and was replaced my very handsome young boy. The men assembled on
Earth were waiting for this boy to speak an dtell them incredible news, as
Douglas just had, but the boy said nothing. Then Secretary Manning's eyes
widened, and he said softly, "Unbelieveable." Realization came to the
other men almost simultaneously. It was not what the boy had to say. It
was the boy! Very delicate pointed ears. A golden mane of hair cascading
over the back of an exquisitely embroidered red robe. the beautiful boy
looking out at them through the vid screen began to speak the words he had
been practicing for three days."

"My name is Dralkan. Greeting to Earth from the people of Hakaan."

Dralkan watched as the men he was speaking to, who had been leaning forward
in their chairs gazing intently into the screen, began to sink slowly back
into their chairs. Dralkan became nervous, because none of the men were
saying anything, to themselves or to each other.

President M'Buto stood up, smiled, and said to Dralkan, "The People of
Earth sincerely return greetings to the People of Hakaan."

Still stunned by the enormity of the historical event of which he was being
an active part, M'Buto could think of nothing further to say, other than
the lone thought in his mind. "Young man, the lives of the People of
Hakaan and the Lives of the People of Earth have just been changed for all

Douglas looked at Dralkan with pride. It meant a lot to all of the boys
that the final step of first contact was completed by a teenager, and done
with such poise and grace. Douglas felt a surge of pride and love for the
friends he loved so much. They were home at last.

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