This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
offend you, or you are not at least 18 years of age, then please don't read
on. This story is not true, but who knows, maybe some day it will be.



by Douglas DD

President M'Buto was meeting with his cabinet. The "Starfinder" would be
entering orbit in six hours. That couldn't be kept secret. Civilians on
various space stations and ships would see it arriving, not to mention
regular channels could be monitored. The first broadcast from the
"Starfinder" after it left warp had surely been heard. It was already
common knowledge that the starship had returned early from its mission.
M'Buto had to decide how to deal with the news from the starship. Dealing
with the lost boys was the easier problem of the two. Parents were already
being called and were sworn to secrecy. Douglas and Scooter had been
filling them in on some of what happened. The entire cabinet agreed that
when the entire story came out it would be more incredible than any fiction

The Hakaanen were another thing. Already Admiral Yamamoto and Admiral
Lansing were working to get the "Starfinder" prepared to return to
Hakaan. Secretary Manning was getting up a list of diplomats to send there.
>From what Captain Parrish had told them the Hakaanen were going to need a
lot of help restoring their planet. And Earth was ready to help. He told
them about the warp radio and how the Hakaanen had allowed it to be
installed on the "Starfinder". Meeting the Haakanen had already benefited
Earth. Plus, their role in rescuing the lost boys showed the kind of people
they were. President M'Buto was looking forward to dealing with them.

President M'Buto scheduled a television broadcast for the exact time the
"Starfinder" entered orbit. He had it leak that it had to do with the
return of the space exploration ship "Starfinder" and that a major news
break was involved.

At 2035 Zulu, Earth Central Control guided the "Starfinder" into an Earth
orbit. All of the boys had been watching Earth from lounge windows for
hours. Now their home was filling the window. Douglas remembered seeing it
for the first time from the window of the "Starkeeper." Somehow it looked
so much more beautiful now.

Dralkan stood behind Douglas and Scooter and looked out. He put his arms
around both of them and said, "It's a beautiful planet, almost as beautiful
as Hakaan." Then he laughed. He knew his friends were happy to be home,
and he knew he was already missing Hakaan badly. He was glad that Trundall
was with him, and that he loved his Earth friends so much, or he would be
miserable. He had just been gone for a couple of weeks, so he had a good
idea of what the round ears were feeling. They had been gone for six

A TV monitor was on and tuned to an Earth station. President M'Buto's
broadcast was about to start. Word had gotten around that this was going to
be a huge announcement and people were looking in from all over the world,
on the Moon, and on delay to Mars, Venus, and the satellite colonies of the
gas giants.

Everyone was wondering what could be so important. One of the rumors was
that the 'Starfinder' returned early because they had found intelligent
life, and that Earth was in danger of invasion. There were lots of
different reactions to that.

"I don't think they found intelligent life," the Reverend Horace Smith of
the Church of Mother Earth said. "God would not allow that. The people of
Earth are the chosen people of the universe."

Roger Fenster of the Earth One Society said that Earth needed to start
building an invasion fleet.

But most people believed that if any life was found, it probably was some
kind of simple plant life or bacteria. That was what explorers and
scientists were excited about, and the kind of life most of them thought
would most likely be found.

They all stopped talking when they heard the announcer's voice. "Ladies and
Gentlemen, the President of the Earth Federation of Nations."

President M'Buto walked onto the stage. The cameras focused on the
impressive six foot seven African. He walked to the podium and looked into
the camera. He looked serious but relaxed.

"Citizens of Earth. I have asked for this opportunity to speak to you
because I have momentous news. The space exploration starship 'Starfinder'
under Captain Robert Parrish has returned early from it's latest mission
after two incredible discoveries.

"The first involves the starship 'Starkeeper' which, as you know, returned
from a tragic voyage some months ago involving damage to the ship, the loss
of lives, and the disappearance of fifteen young boys when two shuttles
were prematurely launched from the ship. Today the 'Starfinder' has twelve
of those boys on board, safe and sound. The story of their survival and
rescue is an extraordinary one that will live in space history and legend
forever, and is one you all shall soon know."

He paused to give the audience a chance to think about what he said. He
could imagine what the reactions were from the people watching and
listening to this historic broadcast. Then he went on. "But, this isn't
the only piece of news to be brought back by the 'Starfinder'. Since before
we conquered space we have always wondered about the existence of
extraterrestrial life. So far, even after exploring hundreds of solar
systems and putting science stations and colonies on many planets, the only
life on another planet we have been to is the life we put there ourselves."
Again there was a pause.

Around the world, people were holding their breaths. Did the 'Starfinder"
discover some kind of life? Or was it the rescued children who found it?
Was it simple plant life? Some kind of animal life? Or more? They all
waited for the announcement, wondering what would be revealed.

"I think the best way to announce this is to show a clip of the tape of the
'Starfinder' telling us of the discovery. A discovery made by the boys of
the 'Starkeeper'. Before I say more, watch carefully, for after you have
seen this you will understand that our planet, outer space, our lives,
maybe our whole system of religion and faith, will never quite be the same
again. The first person you see will be Captain Parrish."

The view switched from the President to a vid of the "Starkeeper". They saw
Captain Parrish get out of a chair. Taking his place, wearing a stunning
red robe with blue and yellow embroidered symbols, a leather belt strapped
around his shoulder to his waist, was a boy who obviously was not of
Earth. His delicate, beautiful pointed ears, his dark thin eyebrows, his
shiny golden mane gave him an otherworldly look. he looked human, yet
different. His attractiveness was stunning. He was an alien and an
intelligent being. Humanity held its breath. There was no doubt something
incredibly amazing was happening.

Dralkan sat in the chair, looked into the camera, and said, "My name
Dralkan. Greeting to Earth from the people of Hakaan."

The camera came back to the President, who once again stood silently for a
moment, letting the significance of the moment sink in. "As you can see,
my fellow citizens, we are not alone. Amazingly our First Contact with an
alien species was made not by one of our space exploration ships operated
by highly trained crews, but by a group of middle school and high school
adolescent boys. What you will hear from them is one of the greatest tales
of survival in history.

"Tomorrow they will land at the Nevada space site." The Nevada site was
where the space fleet shuttles landed. Commercial space shuttles took off
and landed at the Island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. "A couple of
centuries ago, Area 51 in Nevada was a secret site. Ironically, people
thought space aliens were captured and kept there. And now the first
extra-terrestrials to visit Earth will be landing at that legendary
site. Tomorrow the young representatives of the planet Hakaan will set foot
on our planet. I ask you all to welcome them to Earth with open arms. And I
ask you all to welcome back our long lost citizens."

The picture faded out. The broadcast was over and phones all over Earth
were ringing and people were talking. The planet was in an instant uproar.

The Reverend Smith said thr video was fake. Why would an alien society send
a boy to represent the planet? he asked. Roger Fenster called the Hakaanen
the Enemy, and said they sent children to make us drop our guard before
they invaded us. Their voices fell on deaf ears. The people of Earth were
excited. It was like it was something they had waited for since Earth first
thought about space travel and the first science fiction books were
written. The first visitors weren't invaders or little green men. They were
kids that could only be called beautiful. Most people on Earth felt that
they had just found new friends in the Milky Way. The Milky Way was no
longer a vast and empty place. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Douglas
finished his interview with the writer. He had agreed to do one television
interview and one magazine interview. Then everybody could share it. He had
done a press conference the day after they landed on Earth, but this
interview had more detail. Nobody liked his decision, but Douglas figured
that was too bad. His parents backed him up completely. The television
interview had taken all day to film, and the magazine interview two days to
do. The magazine writer had asked a lot of questions, and Douglas told as
much of his story as he could. The writer was even interested in the
possibility of writing a book.

Douglas didn't care about books. Even with his restrictions on interviews,
he was being bothered by people who wanted to get around it. It was almost
as bad for the rest of the boys. Dralkan and Trundall had to be hidden
away. All of Earth was interested in all of them and their story. And all
of Earth was excited about the Hakaanen. The media was turning Douglas's
life into a circius.

He remembered the landing in Nevada. They landed there because Space Fleet
could restrict access. But people had lined up along the distant fences of
the space port to watch the landings of the three shuttles bringing the
boys back. Two were from the "Starkeeper", the "Atlantis" and the "Uranus",
and the third was the "John Glenn" which was based on Earth. It was
estimated that 500,000 people lined the borders of the Space Fleet
port. There were television cameras and photographers everywhere. Even with
their landing in the desert there was a huge crowd at the terminal. Most of
them wore space fleet uniforms. This was where the academy was as well as
the space port. The Earth boys' choice of clothing did not require much
discussion. The Space Fleet uniforms they had worn on the ship had no
appeal to them. The uniforms made them look like any of the crew members.
The only clothing the boys had brought, or even owned for that matter, was
the Hakaan ceremonial robes they have been given on Inferno. They would
wear the robes, so colorful and beautiful, as they stepped off the
shuttles. It would be a statement of where they had been, and what they
had accomplished.

As each boy stepped out of their shuttle there was a huge cheer, with the
biggest ones coming for the two Hakaan boys who were also dressed in their
ceremonial robes. A new era was beginning on Earth and in space Oddly,
although he was home, Douglas felt out-of-place. Living with his parents
meant he had to again ask permission beofre he could do many things.
He'd been in charge of himself, and others, in a dangerus situation, yet
now he was being treated as a child. His parents had already told him he
would be starting school again in two weeks. It was all exciting then, but
now Douglas was getting tired of all the attention. He would be starting
school in two weeks. He had a lot to make up. He wasn't real excited about
going. He and the other boys had done a lot of catching up on the computers
of the "Starkeeper" during their voyage home. Going back to a regular
school didn't appeal to him. He looked up at the stars at night and
realized he missed space. He knew he missed his friends, who had become his
family. And he definitely missed Scooter. He talked to Scooter almost
every day by phone, but it wasn't the same as being with him. He didn't
think he could stay separated from him much longer. He missed him so much.

Douglas thought about the two weeks since they got back. The reunion with
parents. His fifteenth birthday, almost forgetten in the rest of the
excitement. The long interviews with government officials. The television
and newspaper interviews. The last night the group had together. They were
left alone and it was a night of laughing and talking and crying and
kissing and sex. They hoped that someday they would all be together again;
a reunion of The Survivors.

The next day they were split up, some going home to their happy parents,
some going other places, and all of them, no matter how happy they were to
be home, were sad that they were being split up.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Another two weeks went by. After testing
and private lessons it was decided that Douglas could return to school in
another week. Douglas called Scooter and found out that he would be
returning to school soon too.

"Douglas, my dad said he would send a jet to you to pick you up and that
you could spend the week here. We could swim, and ride, and well..., do
other things." Douglas looked at his love on the view screen and could see
his sexy grin.

"Let me check with my parents, love," Douglas said. He left the view phone
for a couple of minutes. "They're cool with it," he said when he got back.

"YEAHHHHHHHHHHH," Scooter yelled.

"Your dad knows about us, right?" Douglas asked.

"Yes, and he's cool with it. And your parents know too, right?"

"Yeah. They have no problem with it. Or so they say. They're still trying
to get used to my being alive."

"So is Dad."

That afternoon, Douglas's dad took him to the airfield. The jet belonging
to Scooter's dad landed about a half hour later. Scooter bounced out of the
flyer and ran to Douglas. The two boys hugged and kissed, not caring who
saw or what they thought. It was the first time they had touched each other
in almost a month, and they couldn't get enough of each other. Their only
other time together had been during a very tough visit. Their dads looked
on, a little embarrassed, but also happy for their sons.

Douglas and Scooter got into the jet, buckled in, and got ready for the
trip back to Florida. On the way there they talked about the past month and
all that had happened since they returned to Earth. Each boy shared what he
knew and between them they had a good picture of what had happened to their

Douglas Douglas's parents were at the spaceport in Nevada when the shuttles
landed. Douglas had been on the "Atlantis". Douglas's dad told him of the
day the "Moonduster" and the "Sundancer" had been launched from the

The explosion created by overheating the warp enhancer had created a good
deal of damage. The Chief Engineer and half of engineering had been killed
along with a half dozen other passengers and crew. There were many
injuries. Nobody had noticed until almost an hour after the explosion that
the shuttles had been launched. The ship's automatic fire control system
worked quickly, but there still was a lot of damage.

The parents of the boys on the shuttles insisted that the captain turn the
starship around to look for them. The Captain told them it was impossible,
they had covered too much distance, the ship was badly damaged, it was
difficult to turn a starship around, and that even if they could turn the
ship around he was worried that if they dropped out of warp they might
never get back into warp space again.

The Assistant Engineer took over as Chief Engineer. The explosion had
damaged a lot of the main instruments and damaged the warp enhancer
badly. The ship was still able to run on warp drive, but the regular space
drive was damaged and if the ship left warp it might not be able to start
back up into warp again.

The new Chief went to Gordon Starr and asked if the enhancer could be
fixed. Starr was devastated over losing his son and at first refused to
help. He just wanted to be left alone. But he realized that wasn't what
Scooter would want. Scooter would want him to help get the "Starkeeper" and
its passengers back home. Scooter would want him to fight. So for his lost
son, Gordon Starr agreed to see if the damage could be fixed.

The section that held the warp enhancer was a mangle of metal and burned
wiring and parts. The explosion had devastated it. Gordon walked through
the mess. He was surprised that the ship had been able to maintain warp
function after the enhancer blew. The automatic switching circuits worked.
He found some parts that were usable. The electronics were totally
destroyed, but they could be replaced from nonessential parts of the
ship. What he wanted to see if the core of the warp enhancer was still
intact. If it was he figured out he could make enough parts in the ship's
shop to rebuild the enhancer. Without it, they would run out of food long
before they reached Earth, even with all the teenage boys gone.

Gordon Starr was able to repair the enhancer and bring it online without
having to take the ship out of warp. And he insisted that he be in complete
charge of it and that they not go over his limits. Because of his efforts,
the "Starkeeper" returned to Earth, much to Earth's surprise. No starship
missing as long as the "Starkeeper" had ever come back before. But there
was also sadness when they found out that almost all the boys in the ship
had been lost in a freak accident.

Douglas's parents never really recovered from the loss of their son. But
they didn't lose hope that he was still alive either. When they got the
call from President M'Buto that Douglas was alive and returning to Earth
they cried on each other the whole day. Tears of happiness. Then they
headed to Nevada to be reunited.

The next month was one of the longest Douglas had ever gone through. People
wanted so much from him. It felt like more than he ever had to give on
Inferno. Then, it was a matter of survival. Now it was like he was being
looked at through a microscope by the entire planet.

He had to make two difficult visits that first week. He took Scooter on one
and Mike on the other. The first one was to Matthew's parents. After the
return of the "Starkeeper" his family decided to stay on Earth. Matthew's
mother did not want to go back into space, so the family settled in their
old city.

Douglas called her a couple of days after their arrival on Earth.

"Hello, Mrs. Reed. This is Douglas Daniels. I was wondering if I could come
to see you soon so we can talk about Matthew."

"You left him behind! I heard you left him behind! My sweet Matthew. You
left him on that awful planet!" Douglas could hear here sobbing into the

"Mrs. Reed, I would like to come and explain it to you."

"There is nothing to explain!"


There was a long pause, and finally she said, "Okay. But don't expect me
to like it or to like you."

They set up a time. Douglas called Scooter and Scooter got his dad to agree
to take them to the Reed's. Douglas wasn't looking forward to the visit,
but he was looking forward to seeing Scooter.

The visit was a tough one. Douglas explained that Matthew made the choice
to stay on Inferno because he thought he had more love there than he did
with his parents. Matthew's mother didn't believe that and blamed Douglas
for leaving him behind.

"You left him behind twice," she said. "In the desert and then on the god
awful planet. You hated my son."

"No, Mam. Matthew saved our lives when he saw the green valley. We all owed
him. I loved you son. We all did. And so did his Meshanna and his family."

"Stop with all this alien mumbo jumbo. He belongs here with his family, not
with some freaky aliens we know nothing about."

"He is alive," Scooter said. "You can visit him some day."

"I refuse to ever go back into space. Ever. As far as I'm concerned you
killed my son. Now get out of my house and don't ever come back!" She
walked away in tears and Douglas and Scooter left.

"Maybe I shouldn't have given in," Douglas said. "It might have been wrong
to leave him behind."

"No, you weren't, my sweetums. She is just an egg donor. I don't think she
misses Mattoo as much as she says she does, but she has to put on an
act. You left Mattoo where he was loved like he never was before in his
life. You know he is happy where he is."

Douglas kissed Scooter. He felt better, but he still wasn't totally sure he
had made the right decision.

There was really nobody to visit to talk about Jordan. Jordan's dad was
dead and his mother had left them long ago and disappeared. Douglas had
made sure that in his interviews he told that Jordan died a hero. Maybe his
mother would read about it somewhere.

The other visit was to see Robert Charles's father. He took Mike with him
on that one. It was the first time he'd seen his "First Officer" since the
group's last night together. The government flew them to the world capital
in Switzerland. Robert Charles's father was working in the Department of
Colonies. He was hoping to be the first Governor on a new colony being
started. The two boys visited him in his office.

"Come in boys, come in. Sit down. Thank you for coming."

Douglas could see that the father had lost a lot of weight. He was sure he
missed his son. The two boys sat down in massive overstuffed leather

"I read your accounts of what happened in the newspapers and
magazines. Every one I could find. They weren't very complimentary of my
son. What was it you had against him? He was born and raised to lead, yet
somehow you are the one who became the group leader. And he doesn't come
back. I would like to know what happened, and I want you to hold back

Douglas took the man at his word. He told of how Robert Charles worked to
gain power on the "Starkeeper". He told of him panicking on the
"Moonduster" and launching it after the explosion. He told Robert Charles's
father about the power struggle in the desert and how the issue was whether
they believed Matthew's story of the green valley. He told things that
Robert Charles's father didn't want to hear. Things that weren't in the
magazine articles (but might be in the book, Douglas thought). He told of
RC stealing water from Matthew and how he was forced to exile him. He told
him about how they learned that RC had buried Matthew and made sure he
wouldn't be found. Then he went on and told about the Shkah uprising and
how Robert Charles helped lead it. He told the story of how Jordan died,
getting in the way of RC's line of fire. In the stories to magazines they
all had agreed to only say that RC and Jordan had died during an uprising
by a rebel group called the Shkah. But RC's father was getting the full
story. The father looked at the boys as they told the story. His face
showed no emotion.

Douglas told of the killings of innocent Hakaanen by Robert Charles. He
came to the trial and the exile. And finally he told him of the escape and
kidnapping, the battle in the cave and the death of his son. Through the
whole thing the RC's father remained silent and emotionless. Douglas
finally finished and the three of them sat quietly in the office. The only
sound Douglas could hear was the hum of the air-conditioning system.

Finally the former Governor spoke. "You paint a pretty sad picture of my
son. I raised him from birth to become a leader. He was smart enough. He
had a forceful personality. He knew what it took to lead. Yet it was you
who was chosen over my son. I don't understand how a natural leader like my
son could lose out to you."

Mike and Douglas said nothing. They knew he was going to say more. "Robert
Charles confused leadership and power. He could be a bully at times, but he
was trained to lead. He knew how to be in charge. That's what I raised him
to be. I always felt that when the right moment came he would take all he
learned and shine. It was my son who should be getting the accolades for
surviving. Not you. You don't even begin to approach the potential he had."

He got up from behind his desk. Douglas and Mike both knew that the visit
was over. They got up from their chairs. The former Governor shook their
hands. "Thank you for coming. I'm sorry my son caused you all so much
grief. I'm sorry things didn't work out as well as they could have."

"I wish it had been different, Sir," Douglas said.

"Me too. But it wasn't" The boys started our the door when the Governor's
voice stopped them. "You did a fine job, Douglas. As good as anyone could
ever have done. I'm sure your parents are proud of you." Douglas
appreciated the words, but they sounded hollow.

Douglas nodded, and walked out to join Mike. The Governor sat back down at
his desk and stared out of the window, tears dripping down his cheeks.

For Scooter's dad, Scooter was his whole life. After the explosion had been
contained and he found out that the shuttle had been launched, he was
crushed. It was like he had nothing to live for. But he was soon shaken out
of that and rebuilt the warp enhancer out of what was left and spare parts.
He was the sole reason the "Starkeeper" was able to limp home.

After he returned to Earth he took all he had learned about his invention
and made it better and faster. The Starr Drive that the "Starfinder" had
used was the result of his work. Everything he did, he did in the memory of
his son. And along the way he met Mark, and discovered that he could even
start feeling happy again.

He was sitting in his lab at a computer studying equations and drawings for
a more efficient version of the Starr Drive when his videophone rang. He
was surprised to hear the voice of President M'Buto himself.

"Doctor Starr, your son has been found. He is less than two days from Earth
and in excellent health."

Gordon Starr sat in his lab, stunned. He called Mark and told him the
news. He turned off his computer and made arrangements for both of them to
take his private jet to Nevada to meet his son. The President hadn't said
how or where Scott had been found, and for the moment he didn't care. All
he cared about was that his boy was safe and was coming home.

After he returned home, Scooter found himself being constantly asked for
interviews. He talked to Douglas almost daily, either on the phone or by
computer. In fact, almost all of the boys would go online and chat almost
every day. They were finding it hard to be separated from each other.

Except for the visit to see Matthew's mother with Douglas, Scooter hadn't
seen any of the other boys. He missed them all, and was not ready in any
way to return to school to a group of strangers who hadn't come close to
doing the things he had done.

He told his father about his love for Douglas and about the things he had
learned from the Hakaanen. He was surprised and pleased to find out that
Mark was his father's lover. Scooter's father was fully understanding
about Scooter's feelings. Now if only he and Douglas could get together and
stay together his life would be perfect. Mike Mike was living with his
father. He knew it was a temporary thing. Not that he didn't love his
father, but the urge in him was to return to space and to Alpha Orion
IV. Going back to school on Earth, going to the Space Academy, none of that
interested him.

All of the "Starkeeper" boys were offered entry into the Space Academy when
they were old enough by President M'Buto. Mike wasn't interested. He
wanted to join Brad and help build a planet. Brad had taken a starship to
Alpha Orion IV and Mike was ready to follow him. He didn't like being on
crowded Earth. He wanted to be in the frontier. He wanted to build.

His father was going to purchase a ticket for him, but found out that any
of the survivors who wanted to finish the journey to Alpha Orion IV would
go for free. Their journey had never been completed. He was leaving on the
next spaceship. And he would have somebody with him. Ryan. Ryan Ryan's
parents were on Alpha Orion IV. They had been told when the "Starkeeper"
was overdue. They were more upset at losing the extra money than at losing
Ryan. The "Starburst" had brought the news of the return of the boys to
Alpha Orion IV. Right away Ryan's parents wrote a letter demanding that
Ryan take the first available starship to Alpha Orion IV. It would be
delivered on the return trip of the "Starburst".

Ryan had stayed with the Swanson's before he left, but they had taken
somebody else in and didn't have room for Ryan. So Ryan ended up with Mike,
living with him and his dad. And in doing so Ryan found himself sleeping
with Mike every night. And found himself falling in love with him. He kept
trying to remind himself that he loved Travis, and he did. But Mike had a
way of taking in his loneliness and hurt into his big body and heart.

Mike's dad saw what was going on and understood. He knew what had happened
between all the boys during their adventure. It looked like a lot of that
was carrying over.

Mike and Ryan enjoyed having sex together. The only time they had during
the long adventure was during some of their group sex. Now they found
out. And they found out that it was extra special. They found themselves
totally linked in ways they never thought of. Ryan wanted to go to Alpha
Orion IV with Mike. But he did not want to see his parents. Ever. Travis
Travis's parents had finished their journey to Alpha Orion IV after their
return to Earth. Travis went to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousin
Nathan. He had a reservation on the next starship to Alpha Orion IV to join
his parents.

Travis's uncle didn't live far from his old house and he started back to
school almost right away. He had worked hard catching up, and while he was
still behind he figured he was smart enough to get completely caught up
soon. He didn't want to hang around being bored.

His relatives had been at the spaceport in Nevada to meet him. Their hugs
and tears meant a lot to him. His last night with Ryan had been emotional,
and both boys promised never to lose touch and to find a way to be
together. Now he had the emotion of being with his relatives and of
thinking of returning to his parents.

The hug that meant the most to him, though, was the one he got from little
Nathan. Nathan was 11, and when Travis had left he had thought of him as
being his cousin, a cute, sweet little boy. But now Nathan was closing in
on puberty, and suddenly he looked incredibly sexy. Travis found himself
getting hard when the boy wrapped his arms around him. He knew he should
shake off his feelings, but he couldn't.

Travis's first night at his uncle's went normally enough. He was given the
bed in the spare bedroom and managed to fall asleep quickly. The next
morning he had the house to himself, since his aunt and uncle were working
and Nathan was in school. He went downstairs, naked, got some breakfast,
then lay down on the couch. He rubbed his penis and soon got himself hard
and started jerking off. As much as he tried to fight it, his jerk off
fantasy kept turning to Nathan, and when he shot his load over his chest
and belly he was imagining himself shooting it into Nathan's eager mouth.

That night, Nathan asked Travis to tuck him in and read to him. Travis
watched intently as Nathan pulled off his T-shirt and shorts. He stood
before him wearing only a pair of brilliant white briefs. Travis grabbed a
chair and sat next to Nathan's bed and took the book that Nathan handed
him. He waited while Nathan went into the bathroom to pee and to brush and
floss his teeth. When he got back, Nathan crawled in under the covers and
patted a spot on his bed.

"Sit here, Travis." Travis obeyed, getting off the chair and sitting on the
spot on the bed. He opened the book and got ready to read.

"Travis?" Nathan asked in his sweet boy soprano voice.

"Yes, cousin?"

"I heard that guys on Hakinen...,"

"Hakaan," Travis corrected.

"Hakaan. Hakaan. Well, I heard that they like do stuff with each other."


"You know what I mean. The sex stuff they talked about."

For some reason Travis felt embarrassed by the way the conversation was
going. He couldn't figure out why. He had long ago quit being embarrassed
by sex, but talking about it with his little cousin was not only
embarrassing him, it was exciting him.

"Yeah, Nipper," he said, calling Nathan by his nickname, "they do stuff."

"Did you do that stuff?"

Travis hesitated. Might as well be honest, he thought. "Yeah, I did that

"A lot? Like all the time?"

"I don't know about all the time. But I did it a lot."

"Did you like it?"

Travis grinned at Nathan. "I liked."

There was a moment of silence. Travis could feel his hard dick straining at
his shorts. He was certain Nathan could see the bulge. "Travis?" Nathan
asked in almost a whisper.

"Yes, cousin?"

"Could you, like, show me what you did?" Nathan's voice was barely a

Another moment of silence. "Um...well...I don't know. I mean...."

"Please." Travis looked into Nathan's big brown puppy dog eyes with their
pleading look, his sweet innocent, yet sexy face, and the whole thing made
his dick feel like it was going to pop out of his shorts.

"Please," Nathan pleaded again.

Travis wanted to do it and he didn't want to do it. But one more look into
his cousin's eyes convinced him that the little boy was serious. Saying
nothing, Travis pulled off his T-shirt, unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts,
and pulled them down. His white briefs were seriously tented out.

"Why are your undies wet in front?" Nathan asked.

Travis said nothing. He pulled back the blankets and saw Nathan's
beautiful, smooth, slender body lying in front of him, his torso
disappearing into the brilliant white briefs. Travis slid in beside his

"Aren't you going to take your undies off?" Nathan asked.

"Yours are still on," Travis replied. But before Nathan could say anything,
Travis slipped his fingers inside the waistband of Nathan's briefs and
started tugging. Nathan lifted his butt off the bed and Travis pulled them
down and off in one smooth motion. The sight of Nathan's rock hard three
inch cock and his tight smooth balls took Travis's breath away. He was
totally smooth, hard, and beautiful.

Travis pulled off his briefs, his six incher slapping against his belly,
precum oozing out of it. He pulled Nathan up tight against him and kissed
him. Nathan was surprised but figured out quickly what to do. Then, not
able to stand it any more, Travis went down on him, taking his hard little
cocklet completely into his mouth. Nathan moaned and twitched and bucked as
Travis sucked and licked him, his hand running over and around the little
boy's cute bubble butt. It didn't take long for Nathan to have an
incredibly intense dry orgasm, sending feeling through the little boy like
he'd never experienced before. He knew all about jerking off, but the
feelings he got there weren't even close to what had just happened. His
arching body collapsed on the bed.

"Oh, man, Travis. That was awesome."

Travis hugged the boy close to him, side by side, his hard dick rubbing
against the little boy's belly. It only took about a dozen strokes for him
to shoot his cream all over the boy's belly and chest.

"What was that? What happened?" Nathan asked.

"I cummed. Sorry I made a mess."

Nathan scooped up some of the cum with his finger and smelled it. Then he
took a taste. "This is what makes babies, right?"


"And when I suck on yours it could shoot into my mouth, right?"

"Only if you want to do it and only if you want it to."

"I do, Travis." He took another gob of cum and licked it.

"You like it?"

"I guess so. I'm sleepy."

Travis started getting up off the bed. "No, please stay here," Nathan

Travis kept moving, but Nathan grabbed him with his arms. Another puppy
dog look, another sweet soprano please, and the two naked boys had the
covers over them and were wrapped around each other, falling quickly
asleep. He never spent another night in the guest room. He showed Nathan
all about having sex with another guy. And even though Nathan was his
cousin, he found himself totally in love with him. Nathan's parents never
said a word about his new sleeping place.

In school, his old girl friend Kaylin tried going out with him again. But
Travis told her he wasn't interested, even though he still liked
her. Kaylin was hoping to have a celebrity as her boy friend and was very
disappointed. She asked if he was going out with somebody else.

"You might say so," he said.

Kaylin had read what the Hakaanen were like. "A boy or a girl?" she asked

"Somebody I love," Travis said. Kaylin quit chasing after him after that.

Now it was getting close to time for Travis to leave. And he realized that
as much as he wanted to join his family, he didn't want to leave Nathan,
that he was totally in love with his cousin. But departure date was a week
away, and the thought of leaving Nathan was depressing him. Alex and
Stevie Alex and Stevie had been together their whole lives and never
disagreed on anything. But now, for the first time, they were having a
problem agreeing on something.

Their dad met them at the spaceport in Nevada. He told them once again
times were a little better and he had money. They could stay with him, but
he was going to be on the road for a few days. Alex said he and Stevie
could probably take care of themselves while he was gone. He laughed and
said they were probably right about that.

The disagreement between the two was that Alex wanted to stay on Earth and
go to school and take advantage of his being able to attend the Space
Academy. He knew he wanted to be a space pilot, maybe even a captain
someday. He knew that Earth schools were better than anything he could
attend on the frontier planet of Alpha Orion IV. Stevie, on the other hand,
wanted to head for the frontier and live with their mom and step-dad. He
wanted off crowded Earth. Alex tried to convince him that he could do
almost anything he wanted to with a good education. He could become a space
scientist and travel to new worlds. He could maybe even be the person to
figure out how to make warp radio work between radios outside of warp
space. Stevie wasn't convinced though. He wanted back into space. And he
wanted Alex to go with him.

Their dad left for his quick road trip. He left some money for Alex and
Stevie for food. Alex was going to start school right away. Stevie was in
no hurry and stayed home on Alex's first day. When Alex got home he had a
big surprise. The uncle they had lived with and hated was paying a
visit. He arrived just before Alex got home. When Alex came in he saw
Stevie being cornered by the uncle.

"What are you doing here?" Alex demanded.

The uncle backed away from Stevie. "My nephews are celebrities. I thought
they might need some adult help while their dad is gone. Life for a
celebrity can be tough."

"We don't need your help. We don't want you here."

"I think you do. I know you guys liked what went on when you lived with

"We hated it. We hate you!" Alex said. "Now get out!"

"I don't think so. Young boys shouldn't be left alone."

"We're not so young any more. And there isn't much that can happen to us
that would match what we went through."

"Well, how about you guys telling your old uncle about it." He put his arm
around Stevie.

"I'm not a little boy any more. Take your hands off Stevie and get out of
here or I will kick your ass!"

The uncle kept his arm around Stevie and laughed. "I warned you." Alex
walked right up to him, pulled him away from Stevie, and slammed him to the
floor. He then kicked him in the ribs, hard. The man grunted. Alex kicked
him again.

"Get out! Don't ever come back! Ever! Or I will tell everything you ever
did to us. And don't think I won't. I'm not afraid of you any more."

The man got up slowly and painfully and walked out the front door holding
his side. Alex slammed the door behind him. Stevie came up hugging his
brother, tears dripping on his shirt. It didn't take long for them to get
naked and in bed and begin making wild love.

And it didn't take but a few more days for Stevie to tell Alex, "I can't be
without you brother. Maybe I should show everybody in school what being
smart is all about."

Alex hugged him saying, "We're gonna take over the Space Academy
brother. You wait and see." Brett and Jeremy Brett was picked up in Nevada
by his older brother Todd. Brett asked Jeremy to join them, and Jeremy
accepted right away. Brett was pleased. They went to the family
estate. Brett's father took the "Starburst" to Alpha Orion IV after the
"Starkeeper". He took Ian with him, so only Todd was left.

But the good news for Brett was that Jeremy was invited to stay at the
estate. Jeremy didn't hesitate to say yes. Todd wasn't surprised that
Jeremy and Brett ended up sharing the same bed.

Brett wanted to see his dad and Jeremy wanted to see his parents. They both
agreed that they would go to their parents on Alpha Orion IV. They had
their tickets and reservations for the next flight there.

Brett was happy that he wasn't separated from his studly love. And Jeremy
was happy to be with the skinny little sweet boy he loved so much. Brett
might not have been the strongest boy physically, but he had so often
showed a strong brave heart. Jeremy loved him more than ever. He never
wanted to be separated from Brett, and he was happy they were going to AO
IV together.

The irony of the trip back was that they would be taking the
"Starkeeper". It would be its first voyage since the accident. Drew and
Drake Life was good for the twins, Drew and Drake. Their family stayed on
Earth, hoping against hope their boys would return. The family reunion was
emotional, with all of their older brothers and their parents hugging and

When they got to the new house they saw that their parents had left an
empty room in the big house for them. Right now there were just two beds
and two chest of drawers.

The first night home they were in their own beds. It was as though they
didn't want to talk about the things that happened after their rescue on
Inferno. They didn't talk about it the second night either. Drew just went
ahead and crawled into Drake's bed next to his twin.

There was no talk, but they both loved the end result. They just went ahead
and kept it up every night, figuring they loved each other, they liked it,
and when it came time to like girls they'd change. But for now, they'd take
care of each other. The twins and their family were staying on Earth.
Dralkan and Trundall The big celebrities, though, were Dralkan and
Trundall. They were on television. They visited cities. They were seen by
people all over the planet. And they loved it, except for the fact they
couldn't be naked. A lot of people wanted to see them in their native
Hakaan clothes though, and they didn't mean the ceremonial robes. They
meant wearing just the shoulder and hip belts and nothing else.

The two boys and brought some vids showing Hakaan. They were quite popular,
because they showed men, women, and children in typical Hakaan clothing,
which meant practically none. Hakaanen anatomy was the same as human except
for the ears, the mane, some internal organs, and the fact they were
smaller and more slender for the most part. Some stations refused to show
the Hakaan vids, or censored them. But most of them showed the Hakaan as
they were, and Earth loved it.

Some kids in one town started showing up for school in Hakaan dress, or
undress. They got sent home right away, but not without some smiles. A lot
of people started wondering how long it would take that Hakaan custom to
take hold, or if it would.

The boys explained that they were Meshannas and what a Meshanna was. That
they were lovers and more than lovers. A lot of people were shocked about a
society that allowed young boys to behave like that and to take on a life
partner at puberty. They didn't understand that a Meshanna was more of a
soul mate than a life partner. Some Meshannas lived together for life. Some
had different partners. But no matter what they were all linked for life.

The Reverend Horace Smith talked about the Hakaanen's pointed ears, their
nakedness, and their homosexual ways, and said that their planet was
Godless and under control of the Devil. He said the Meshanna thing showed
that their society was corrupt and sinful. The fact that they had no
churches made him even more sure. He ignored their worship of the God
Jeswa, saying that the God they worshiped was really the Devil. He said
that Earth needed to change Hakaan society now. Hakaan needed God and the
Bible, and the first ship going back should leave the scientists behind and
carry as many ministers of God as they could.

Roger Fenster wanted Earth to have nothing to do with Hakaan. He saw them
as a danger to the human way of life.

He and Reverend Smith called for the return of the boys and for making
Hakaan and its colonies forbidden territory. They got attention on TV, and
some people took them seriously, but Earth loved the Hakaan. They saw a
happy, peaceful, intelligent people, and wanted Earth to be friends with

The "Starfinder" was almost ready to return to Hakaan. It would carry
scientists and diplomats and would return the two boys to Hakaan. They were
both very homesick. The trip had been fun, but they were ready to return
home. They both agreed that Earth was too crowded and dirty and could
hardly wait to get back to their beautiful planet. Jim Jim was staying
with an aunt. He was hoping to stay with Scooter, but she forbade it. She
was an old maid aunt who thought Reverend Smith was the expert on life. And
since he had no use for the Hakaanen or for the boys who had been rescued
she was going to make sure Jim wasn't going to be more corrupted.

Jim was enrolled right into school. He was sad and lonely there. He liked
most of the kids there okay, but he didn't have any friends. He was treated
well, though some kids thought he was stuck up because he didn't say
much. But he was just shy.

His mother was still on Alpha Orion IV. He had a ticket on the
"Starkeeper". And he could hardly wait to leave his Aunt.

He missed Stevie and Scooter and the whole group. He missed the fun, and
the laughs, and the adventure, and the sex. If he was going to be alone, he
wanted it to be with his mother, not with his evil Aunt.

His Aunt wouldn't even let him call his friends. He hated her and could
hardly wait to get away from her. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Douglas and Scooter were on their fifth day together. It had been a time of
swimming, sunning, walking the beach, riding bikes, and a lot of love
making. They had made love in bed, by the pool, in the woods, on the beach,
even under a highway bridge. They were making the most of their time
together, and had only three days left.

It was afternoon. The sun was out and the weather was hot. The two boys
were lying naked on the pool deck sunning themselves. Douglas's fingers
were rubbing Scooter's. Scooter heard the door bell ringing inside the

"Shit. Who is that?" Scooter asked.

"Maybe some girls wanting a look at our hot bods," Douglas answered.

"Yuck. Lots of luck to them then. It won't happen!"

Scooter got up. Douglas could see that he had an erection and smiled. He
loved Scooter so much. Scooter headed into the house and Douglas followed

As Scooter got to the front door Douglas asked, "You plan on answering the
door naked?"

Scooter looked down and blushed, then laughed. He took a look to see who it
was. He was stunned to see Captain Parrish, Secretary Manning, and Dralkan
and Trundall. Dralkan and Trundall were in regular Hakaan clothes, meaning
their shoulder and hip belts.

Scooter turned to Douglas and answered his question. "Yep," he said

He opened the door standing before the visitors in all his glory. Dralkan
and Trundall just figured it was normal. Captain Parrish figured the same
thing. Secretary Manning was still trying to get used to the Hakaan way of
doing things and blushed some.

Scooter invited them all into the house and asked if they wanted something
to drink. He ended up getting sodas for everybody. They sat in the cool
air-conditioned house talking some and drinking their ice cold drinks. It
was the first time Scooter and Douglas had been with the two Hakaan boys
since the group's last night together.

The small talk ended when the Secretary said, "I guess I should tell you
the reason for our visit."

Scooter and Douglas looked at the Secretary, giving him all of their
attention. They could tell the Secretary was still a little bothered
sitting in the room with a pair of naked Earth boys and a pair of naked
Hakaan boys. But it didn't stop them from sitting on the couch naked and

"We are here for two reasons. The first one is, the "Starfinder" will be
leaving for Hakaan in two days. Dralkan and Trundall wanted to say
good-bye. They wish they could tell the whole group good-bye. They made a
tape for the rest of the boys, but they wanted to talk to Douglas
personally. When we found out he was staying here, they felt that was even
better. They could see Scooter too."

"How long can they stay?" Douglas asked. Scooter asked them the same
question in Hakaan, even though the two boys could now speak passable

"Overnight we hope?" Dralkan answered.

"You hope right," Scooter said. The boys all grinned.

"Well, then that's settled. We will send somebody by to pick them up
tomorrow afternoon." The Secretary coughed once and said, "Fortunately you
boys don't have to carry much luggage around." Captain Parrish tried to
hide a grin.

"Is Captain Parrish going to command the 'Starfinder'?" Scooter asked.

Captain Parrish answered Scooter's question. "No, I'm not, Scooter. That
is the second thing I'm here to talk about. I'm going to be commanding the
'Starblazer' on its maiden voyage. It just finished it's shakedown
voyages. The Captain is pregnant and won't be able to take a long voyage.
Considering the destination, I'm kind of the logical choice to take her

"Cool," Douglas said. He hated saying "cool" but he kept saying it
anyway. "Where are you going?"


"Whoa. Awesome," Douglas said. God I'm sounding like a dork, he thought.

"They need a lot of help there," Scooter said.

"And we will be taking them some help. Especially terraforming
technology. We heard what you said about things falling apart. We're
hoping we can start doing some trading with them. From what you said they
have a lot of food to trade, plus the possibility of minerals."

"So, when do you leave?"

"In two weeks."

"Cool," Douglas said. Damn, he thought, there I go again. "Maybe you can
take some messages to our friends there and to Matthew."

"I can do better than that," Captain Parrish said.

"Oh? How?"

"I want you, Scooter, and Mike to go with us."

"To Inferno?"

"We thought having you boys with us would help get relations started on the
right foot. We can continue your education on board. Maybe bring a tutor
from the Academy Prep School. We think it will be a great continuation of
your education. Better than a classroom, where I think you two would die
right now. I want you on my ship. On my crew. If you are willing and your
parents allow it."

Douglas got hit with a thought from Scooter. One long Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

"Hell yes, we're willing," Douglas said. "Oops. Excuse me sir."

Captain Parrish laughed. "It's okay. This time."

"Just tell us when we leave!"

"We leave in a week. I know it's short notice, ."

"Have you asked Mike yet?"

"Not yet. We were going to ask you first. We got lucky that we could get
you and Scooter in one trip."

"I know he will say yes," Douglas said.

Douglas looked over at Scooter who had a mile wide grin on his face. Maybe
the adventure wasn't over yet. They hoped Mike could join them. But
whatever happened, they were going back into space, and back to Inferno,
which in so many ways was like home to them.

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