This story contains sex between minor boys and teen-agers. If such things
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by Douglas DD

Captain Parrish and Secretary Manning left Dralkan and Trundall at
Scooter's house and headed for the airfield to get back to their jet. Their
next stop was to see Mike and invite him to join the mission to Inferno.

Mike was home at his dad's house when they got there. He was up in his
room. He heard the doorbell and quickly pulled on a pair of sweats and a
T-shirt. He was surprised to see the two men. He invited them into the
house. He took them into the living room. Ryan was sprawled on the couch
taking a nap. The TV was on. He was wearing nothing, his bare butt hanging
along the side of the couch. Mike blushed. He had forgotten Ryan was in

Captain Parrish and Secretary Manning were starting to get used to naked
boys after being around the two Hakaan boys and their visit to
Scooter's. Dralkan and Trundall had lived with both of them over the month
they had been on Earth. They had both found the alien boys to be
interesting, and they become accustomed to Hakaan dress, or more
accurately, undress.

Secretary Manning had to get used to one other thing. Dralkan and Trundall
came to live to live with Secretary Manning two weeks after their arrival
on Earth. It had been two weeks of whirlwind interview, parades, and
special appearances. They said nobody ever made a fuss like this on
Hakaan. The Secretary said that Earth liked to make a fuss about anything
it could make a fuss about. The Manning's adusted quickly to having two
boys whose preferred form of dress was not to dress at all.

What was more of an adjustment for the Secretary was the realization his
son, Conner, was no longer a little boy. Conner was 12, blonde, blue-eyed,
slender, quiet, but confident. In those first two weeks Secretary Manning
learned a lot about Hakaan culture. He wondered whether to let the two boys
go in their traditional undress or have them wear clothes. Intitially he
wondered how Conner would react to them. He wondered if he would be curious
about the kind of sex Hakaan boys enjoyed. For a couple of days he
considered either taking away his invitation, or having Conner visit his

Instead he talked to his son. He talked about Hakaan culture, which Conner
was already hearing a lot about. He warned Conner not to let himself be
talked into something he didn't want to do. The discussion was pretty much
one-sided until Conner finally spoke up.


"Yes, son?"

"Can I go naked with them while they're here?"

That was just the question Secretary Manning was afraid of. But he had
already decided on the answer.

"If that is what you think you need to do to be a good host, then it is
okay with me. But do it only if it's what you want."

"It is," Conner said blushing slightly.

The Secretary took a deep breath and then asked, "Do you want to do more?"

Conner blushed again. His dad didn't push it. "Just don't do anything you
don't feel comfortable with," he said.

Conner assured him he wouldn't. And he didn't. And when the two weeks were
over Conner knew more about sex with boys than he ever thought possible,
and felt comfortable with all of it. Secretary Manning and his wife knew
what was going on up in Conner's bedroom and quietly looked the other
way. Conner had never seemed happier. Meanwhile, the Secretary was
pleasantly surprised to discover that awareness of what was going on
upstairs heighened his own interest in sex, as well as his wife's, and the
two had been experiencing sexual fulfillment they hadn't experienced since
before Conner was born.

Now Secretary Manning and Captain Parrish had a naked boy sitting with them
again. It was beginning to seem almost normal and natural.

"What brings big time people like you here?" Ryan asked. Ryan was not happy
at being awakened from his nap.

"Ryan," Mike chided, "these are important guests." Then he turned to the
Captain and the Secretary and said, "But what ARE you doing here?"

Captain Parrish did the talking, since he knew Mike best. "Mike we
understand you are going to skip the quality prep school education offered
you here."

"I am. School isn't for me. I want to be on the frontier. I'm joining my
brother Brad on AO IV."

"But if you complete the education requirements you will get a guaranteed
spot in the Space Academy. Which will give you the chance to explore beyond
the frontier."

"I understand that, Sir. And that's fine for some people who are more
patient than me. After what happened the past few months, I just don't see
myself sitting in a classroom for the next six to seven years."

"I think you will grow up to regret that decision."

"That might be true, Sir. But it's my decision to regret. Nobody else's."

"What if I gave you the chance to not have to regret it?"


Captain Parrish told Mike about his upcoming expedition to Inferno, and how
he had already asked Scooter and Douglas to go and would love to have Mike
go too. It would give him two things, a chance to go back into space and to
the "frontier" and also would earn him classroom credits counting towards
prep school. He could make a more informed decision on the prep school

"That way, when you are old enough to enter the Academy, your decision will
be based on whether you want to go then. You can at least decide. If you
don't have the proper credits the decision is already made for you. I'm
offering you both worlds. You get a semester's credit at the prep school by
doing this, and you can take more time to decide. I think you will make a
fine Astronaut someday, Mike. I hate to see you be in a position where you
can't succeed."

"Did Scooter and Douglas agree to go?" Mike asked.

"Yes. All they need is their parent's approval. Which I think they will
get." Captain Parrish hadn't told the two boys that he had already talked
to their parents. He understood they would feel better if each boy thought
he had talked his parents into agreeing. The parents were fine with it as
long as their boys were.

"I'll go under one condition," Mike said.

Ryan felt his heart thump hard. He had kind of lost Travis, and would lose
him for good when he left for AO IV. Now he was going to lose Mike too. He
suddenly felt lonelier than before he boarded the "Starkeeper".

"What's that?" Captain Parrish asked.

"That Ryan come too."

"I don't believe that's possible..." Secretary Manning started to
say. Captain Parrish cut him off with a quick glare.

"Done. We leave in two weeks, if your father approves." Captain Parrish
already knew the answer to that one too. What he didn't know was how to get
permission for Ryan. He would leave that one up to Secretary Manning.

"How long will the voyage take?" Mike asked.

"Four weeks. That includes a stopover at Alpha Orion IV to pick up
Dr. Larson. She is going to use her knowledge to help with the terraforming
on Inferno. Quite a few more improvements have been made on the Starr
Drive. The 'Starblazer' has the latest equipment installed in it. Some of
it is still experimental and we learned not to put any new stuff on a
passenger ship until we've used it extensively. It also has warp radio, the
Hakaan ship to ship kind, which is the only kind we know, of course. Even
with our stop over, we will get to Inferno about the same time the
'Starfinder' gets to Hakaan."

"So Jim will be going too?" Ryan asked.

"No. We can't take everyone in your group you know," Secretary Manning

"But Dr. Larson is Jim's Mom. He's leaving on the 'Starkeeper' in a couple
of days."

Captain Parrish and Secretary Manning both looked embarrassed. Finally the
Secretary spoke up. "In all that was going on we had forgotten about
that. But he is living with an Aunt and going to school. She is his
guardian for now, and I think she would prefer Jim stayed on Earth and
attended school if he can't rejoin his mother."

"I think you should let Jim decide that, Sir. I think you will find that
his Aunt is a bitch." Captain Parrish opened his mouth to speak. "Sorry
about the language, Sir, but it's true. You just said yourself that we will
get a Prep School education in space, and Jim is going to a regular high
school right now. So let's add Jim so he can be with his mother and be
where he is happy."

"His Aunt will refuse to let him go."

"Find a way around her then. You guys should be able to."

"You're right," the Secretary said. "I think we can find a way. And we'll
find a way to get Ryan on that ship too." He looked at Captain
Parrish. "That tutor you're taking might as well earn his keep."

The two men got up and shook hands with the boys. After they left the
house, Secretary Manning said, "Those are some head strong boys."

"That they are. But remember, they are teenagers. And they have become
used to making their own decisions for survival. Adults don't intimidate
them." He chuckled, "Even big time adults like we are."
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Scooter, Douglas, and the Hakaan boys were
lying naked on Scooter's bed. The last couple of hours had been
exhausting. They had poured everything they had into wild, hard sex. Now
they were relaxing and talking.

They were talking about how the "Starkeeper" and the "Starfinder" would be
leaving in a couple of days. The group of boys who had come back on the
"Starfinder" would probably never be together again.

"Why not?" Dralkan asked. "What's wrong with tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow?" Scooter answered. "That's a bit short notice. And where would
we have it? It wouldn't work."

"Well, it sure won't work unless we try," Douglas said. "We know people in
high places. We're celebrities. And Dralkan and Trundall are big time
celebrities. So we should get the ball moving."

Douglas got up and got a slip of paper off of Scooter's desk. Before
anybody knew what was going on he was dialing the number Secretary Manning
had given him. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The next afternoon
found the four boys flying to a government retreat. They would soon be
meeting the rest of the "Starkeeper" group. It could be a long time before
they were ever together as a group again.

Secretary Manning wondered why they didn't think of a meeting earlier. But
things were happening fast, and he seemed to be getting good at overlooking
things. Which wasn't what he was being paid to do. He had had a busy day
after Douglas's call. First he had to find a way to get permission for Ryan
to on the mission to Inferno. That ended up being easy, since Mike's dad
had just become his temporary guardian that day, something neither Mike or
Ryan had know. Getting Jim free to go was harder. Mike had been right. His
Aunt was a bitch of a lady to deal with. But he convinced her that Jim
would receive the kind of education he needed on the mission. He assured
her they really were going to pick up Jim's mother, so she finally gave in.

Only Jim's aunt and the twin's parents were reluctant to have the good-bye
reunion. The twin's parents had some concerns regarding the sexual issues,
but the Secretary told them it would be a great experience and maybe their
last chance to be with the boys who had saved their lives. They finally
gave permission.

Douglas and his group were the first to arrive. The four boys started
setting up the meeting room in the retreat. They had picked up some
decorations, and started hanging paper and banners and other things. They
had chosen a bon voyage theme.

Soon the other boys started arriving. There were hugs and laughs and kisses
and tears. The staff gave the boys privacy. There were no
chaperones. Their clothes came off fast, and the bedrooms they would be
sleeping in later soon had a lot of action going on. The good-byes were
wild and sexual.

The jet Travis was on carried Captain Parrish part of the way. He sat next
to Travis and talked to him. They had a good talk. One of the things he
found out was that Travis just wasn't ready to leave yet. He said he was
helping his little cousin with some issues and if he had a little more time
he could leave feeling better about things. He also told him how great it
would be to fly with his close friends like Douglas, Scooter, and Ryan
before they left on the last part of their mission. By the time they landed
where Captain Parrish's destination, the Captain had agreed to let Travis
go to Alpha Orion IV on the "Starblazer". Travis was more than happy. But
he would miss Nipper badly.

The next morning after showering and eating, the boys leaving on the
"Starkeeper" were driven to the space port to catch their shuttle. The
good-byes were filled with tears, and kisses, and hugs, and a few
gropes. The odd thing was that even with the "Starkeeper's" almost two week
head start the "Starkeeper" and the "Starblazer" would end up getting to
Alpha Orion IV at close to the same time. The brand new Starr Drive in the
"Starblazer" was the fastest yet by far.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The next two weeks were hectic. Jim's
Aunt seemed to lose interest in him when he got permission to leave
her. She called him an ungrateful little animal and said she was happy to
get rid of him. Jim was happy to leave. She gave him permission to spend
the two weeks with Travis. Jim had never been happier to leave a place in
his life. And the two weeks he spent with Travis were heaven. He found out
that he had much more in common with Travis than he thought..

They never got tired of talking, or of having sex. And Nathan found himself
the center of attention of both of them. It didn't take long for Nathan to
learn about anal sex. He learned from watching and doing with them. Their
nights were usually spent three to a bed. Jim ended up loving little
Nathan as much as Travis did. They both were going to miss the little

Douglas and Scooter both spent the time with their families. They knew
their parents were making a big sacrifice letting them go again after they
had been gone for so long. And they both would miss their parents. But they
were happy that their parents saw them as being grown up enough to go off
on the mission. Their parents did see them as different than they were when
they left.

That wasn't true for the twins. Their parents treated them like the little
kids they had been on the "Starkeeper". They almost didn't let the twins go
to the bon voyage party because they were afraid for them, even though the
boys at the party had saved their lives and brought them back. The twins
had been part of the great adventure. Now they were just little kids
again. It was one more reason they enjoyed being in each other's beds. And
a reason they wish they could see their brother Jason, who they knew would
treat them like they were much more grown up.

Mike and Ryan started getting ready to leave. They even had a chance to pay
a visit to Alex and Stevie. It was kind of emotional for Mike and Alex.

On the first night, after a loving session in bed, they had a long talk in

"I love you, Mike. I'm going to miss you. We were great together."

"You were great, fly boy. You brought us down safely more than once. But
that first time....shit, what a landing!"

"We all walked away," Alex said, giving Mike a kiss.

They hugged and made love again and slept one last time in each other's

When it was time to leave, Mike gave Stevie a big hug. "You take care of
flyboy for me now," he told him.

"He needs me more than ever," Stevie said. "And by the way, you're new boy
friend? He's great in bed." Stevie smiled and squeezed Mike. Then Mike
turned to Alex.

"I love you, you big donkey," Alex said. "I think you got a winner in
Ryan. And I know Ryan got a winner in you."

"I'll see you again, love."

"Maybe. You as a Captain. Me as the helmsman. Ryan and Stevie at our sides
as we go exploring the galaxy. I like that idea."

They kissed and hugged and dropped a couple of tears. They had been friends
and lovers and more. Separating wasn't easy for either of them. Mike was
quiet and sad all the way back to his dad's, and Ryan knew enough not to
disturb him. He just held his hand and touched him. More comforting would
come later.

For all of them, the two weeks were soon over. Jim and Travis had a wild
final night with Nipper. Nipper sucked them both off at the same time,
trading off one for the other, back and forth until they both cummed in his
mouth and on his face almost at the same time. Nipper was going miss the
older boys. And Travis was going to miss his little cousin who he had come
to love so much.

The next day Travis, Jim, Mike, Scooter, Ryan, and Douglas met at the
Nevada terminal. They looked out at the shuttle "John Glenn" which was
sitting outside the terminal.

"I can't believe I'm leaving Earth and leaving Dad already," Scooter said.

"Me either," Douglas replied. "I'm even more surprised Mom and Dad let me
go away."

"Dad said he was happy I was safe. And he I think he understood that what
happened to us on Inferno has kind of changed us from being little kids."

"Same with my parents. I was afraid they'd think I was the same immature
kid who was on the 'Starkeeper'. They said this was going to be a bigger
opportunity then school could be. But they would miss me a lot."

"That's what Dad said. That he really wanted me to stay with him, but that
he knew how much going back meant to me. And he was proud that I was brave
enough to go back."

"Well, it's not all that brave. No offense. Once we found the Big Valley we
had friends and help and....."

"...and battles and a revolt and RC. And all the things we went through
from the landing to finding the valley. Going back is kind of scary to me."

"I'm sorry my love." Scooter felt Douglas's thoughts echo through is mind
and smiled.

"Nothing to be sorry for. I love you."

"I love you." ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The "Starblazer"
was in orbit around Alpha Orion IV. It had taken them almost seven months
extra, but they had finally arrived. In six hours she would be heading for
Inferno. Douglas and Scooter had gone down to the planet on the " Valentina
Tereshkova " and met Brett and Jeremy who had arrived the day before. They
were amazed at how fast the "Starblazer" had made it to Alpha Orion IV. It
looked like the days of long trips to the colonies would soon be gone
thanks to the Starr Drive. It took a week to get from Earth to AO IV. It
would only take three more weeks to get to Inferno. The "Starkeeper" made
the trip to AO IV in three weeks, which already was slow compared to the
"Starblazer." But they both were so much faster than what the
"Starkeeper's" original trip would've been when the boys first went on her.

Seeing Jeremy and Brett was great, but they only had time to get a tour of
the main city on Alpha Orion IV, Kennedy. They had hugged Travis good-bye,
and even sneaked in a kiss. Mike and Ryan stayed on the ship. Travis left
with his parents and Scooter and Douglas left with Brett, Jeremy, and
Brett's Dad. Kennedy was the only real city on the planet so far. When they
got back to the terminal, Jim and his Mom were there. And so was Travis.

"Hey, T!" Douglas said. "Did you come to tell us good-bye?"

Then he saw the long, sad look on Travis's face. "What's wrong?"

"Dad saw you guys kiss me. We was just starting around the corner.
Somebody told him about the Hakaanen ways. He said if that's the way it
was, I could go join them and you."

"I thought that attitude was ancient history," Scooter said. "I mean I know
not everybody likes gays and stuff, but they put up with them. And gays
have legal protections."

"Then you better tell my dad. Because right now I don't have a home. And I
sure don't want to stay here. I'm sorry I ever left my Aunt and Uncle and
Nathan." And suddenly tears started flowing down his cheeks. Travis rubbed
them off in a hurry. "Sorry guys," he said, sobbing a little. "But I just
don't know what to do."

"Well, I can tell you this. You do have a home. And it's with us," Douglas

Two hours later Jim's Mom suddenly found herself going from having one
teenager to two of them as she became Travis's legal guardian. Travis rode
the " Valentina Tereshkova " back to the "Starblazer". He was on his way to
Inferno. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ During the trip to Inferno,
Travis found himself getting closer and closer to Jim. At first it bothered
him seeing how close Ryan and Mike were. But Jim told him one night about
how he felt when he first saw Douglas and Scooter together and how it hurt
even though he hadn't seen Scooter in years. But then he found Stevie and
it started hurting less. With Travis he had even more going for him.

"I love you, T. I don't know why we didn't figure it out before."

"I guess it wasn't meant to be until now. But I know I love you, too, Jim."

In the three weeks it took the "Starblazer" to get to Inferno the
relationship between Scooter and Douglas became even more solid. Ryan and
Mike realized they were interconnected. And Jim and Travis were
unquestionably in love. Jim's mother was totally accepting of all six boys
and happy that they were happy. She found herself really liking Travis and
was happy Jim had such a great friend, or maybe more.

The "Starblazer" had been in contact with both the "Starkeeper" and the
"Starfinder" on the way to Alpha Orion IV. On the way to Inferno they kept
talking with the "Starfinder". When the "Starfinder" left warp to orbit
Hakaan they lost contact. Captain Parrish didn't try contacting any more
ships. He was preparing for getting in contact with Inferno. He and his
whole crew, along with the six boys, were getting ready for whatever
happened when the ship dropped out of warp.

What the Captain didn't plan on was getting a radio message from the
"Paxton". The Hakaanen had kept the name the Earth boys had given it in
honor of what they had done to help the Hakaan people. They had a hard time
saying the name, though. It kept sounding like "packton", but Douglas
thought it was great that they kept the name.

The "Paxton" was going to the other colony to let them know that the home
planet was back in the space business, even if they only had the one
starship. However, they believed the starship which had been sent to the
colony was still in oribit there, and that would give The Hakaanen two
starships. The ancients had destroyed all the rest of the Hakaan
fleet. After visiting the colony they planned on warping to
Inferno. Whether they would get there before the "Starblazer" left to
return to Earth was something they didn't know yet.

Lieutenant Commander John Woods was assigned to the "Starblazer". He told
the boys how happy he was the six of them were on the mission. And how glad
he was that they and the Hakaan boys had been accepted for what and who
they were.

"Well, not totally," Travis said sadly.

John ruffled the boy's hair. "Sorry, T. But you have Jim and his Mom
now. That's got to make you happy."

Travis smiled and looked at the officer. "Yes, sir. It does." And he
turned and kissed Jim. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The
"Starblazer" came out of warp with the familiar jolt. Scooter wondered if
it seemed stronger because of the Starr Drive warp enhancer, or if he was
just imagining it. The boys looked at the barren brown planet through the
view port with mixed emotions. They all remembered the first time they had
seen it from the "Moonduster", wondering if they could land there, and if
they could, if they could survive there.

Douglas heard somebody come into the lounge. He turned and saw that it was
Captain Parrish and Lieutenant Commander Woods.

"Not a very inviting place," the Captain said, putting his hands on
Douglas's shoulders while gazing out the viewport. "It looks even more
forbidding than I thought."

"It was the only place we had to land. It was that or drift and die in
space. And the fact it had a breathable atmosphere meant we had a chance."

"Didn't you find the fact that it had a breathable atmosphere somewhat
strange?" Woods asked.

"Sure. Most of us figured it meant there had to be some kind of life
there. And whatever happened, if we could land our shuttle, we had a

"Alex did quite a job didn't he?"

"He did an awesome job. He's going to make a great pilot."

"When we have a chance, I would love to see the route you took to
safety. If you guys are willing to show me," Captain Parrish said.

Douglas gave him a wide grin. "We'd love to."

The " Valentina Tereshkova " was ready to be launched from the
"Starblazer". The crew consisted of a pilot and a copilot. Captain Parrish
was on board, as was Commander Woods, since he had become such a good
friend to the boys. There were two representatives of the Space
Exploration Office. Jim's Mom was on board. And of course, so were the six

The shuttle was launched and began its descent into Inferno's
atmosphere. The boys were thinking again of the first time they tried to
land and how Alex had to abort the entry into the atmosphere and try
again. They thought of how scared they had been. Even when Alex landed the
"Survivor" it was a little scary because he wasn't an experienced trained
pilot, but nothing compared to the terror of that first landing.

Now a pair of professional pilots were landing them and it had gone from an
adventure to being routine. Douglas looked out the window at the deserts of
Inferno. The planet had been their home, both good and bad. He never
thought he would be coming back, especially this soon. He wondered who
would be at the space port to meet them. He was sure Matthew and his family
would be. He figured the Governor would be. He was hoping his Hakaan
friends would be there. It turned out he wasn't even close to guessing who
really would be there.

Douglas watched the barren brown ground come closer as the shuttle headed
for the Big Valley. It brought memories roaring into his head. Suddenly,
the shuttle was going over the small valley of the Shkah. They were almost
there. Brown hills flew under them and then they were over the Big
Valley. Douglas could feel his heart thumping as he looked at the green
fields and forests that had meant so much to them at the end of their long
trek across the desert and mountains of Inferno.

"We're over the valley," he told Scooter. Scooter leaned over him to look
out of the window.

"It's still beautiful," he said.

The ground was close. They were almost ready to touch down. Just as they
got over the end of the runway the boys saw something that took their
breath away. People were lining the length of the runway to the terminal
and beyond. The shuttle hit the ground smoothly and raced by them.

"Everybody on the planet must be there," Douglas said. This was so much
different then their landing on Hakaan. This was a huge welcome home

The " Valentina Tereshkova " taxied to the terminal. The pilot brought it
to a stop and shut down the engines. Douglas had been looking out the
window hoping he could recognize somebody, but the crowd was mostly a
blur. He realized that was because he was crying.

They had already agreed the first to leave the shuttle would be the
boys. Workers wheeled stairs up to the shuttle and then the door was opened
by Commander Woods. Douglas was the first person at the door. As soon as he
stepped out, a gigantic roar started from the huge crowd. It went on and on
and on. The tears that had just stopped, started over again. He stepped
down and aside so that the other boys could enjoy what was
happening. Scooter, then Mike, Ryan, Jim, and Travis stepped out, and with
each boy the roar started anew.

Two small figures started across the tarmac. Douglas could see that it was
Matthew and Enghar. The two boys started going from a fast walk to a
run. The boys on the steps started down. Suddenly the whole group of them
were in a massive hug, laughing, yelling, crying, hugging, and loving, with
the whole planet looking on and cheering.

Douglas looked at Matthew and realized he'd been growing. His arms and legs
were getting long and lanky. Then he smiled, because his butt was still the
fine firm bubble butt he remembered. Like the boys in front of him, Douglas
and the Earth boys were in Hakaan dress. Meaning they were naked. The rest
of the people on the shuttle were dressed in Earth garb.

They were led up to the balcony at the top of the terminal. A microphone
was set up. Governor Andorn made opening remarks, welcoming the boys, and
welcoming their new guests from Earth. The Governor was especially pleased
to see Douglas, Scooter, and Mike, whom he saw as the leaders of the group.

Scooter was the one selected to speak for the Earthlings, since he was
fluent in Hakaan. He wished it was Douglas speaking. Douglas was a better
speaker, but could only speak passable Hakaan. Scooter's speech was written
down, and Douglas assured him he would help him mentally if he needed
it. Douglas reminded Scooter that his thoughts would be with him all the

Scooter looked out at the big crowd and started shaking. Then he caught his
breath and let it out slowly and started talking.

"Citizens of Shakaman Prol (Fire Planet, Hakaan for Inferno) we are happy
to return to you, our friends." A huge roar went up. Scooter waited
nervously for the noise to abate. "We couldn't all make it back to you,
but six of us are here. And we brought the people to help start the
rebuilding of the Big Valley and your planet." More cheers. "And soon a
Hakaan starship will arrive...." Huge cheers. Inferno, Shakaman Prol, was
going to survive. They were going to survive. Scooter was shaking like a
leaf. He couldn't get his closing going.

You're doing great, Douglas told him. They love you. Their minds were
connected. That was all Scooter needed. He went on with confidence. "The
starship will get here after it visits Ghermesh (the other colony) and
restart relations with your home planet." More cheers erupted. "We're back
here with our friends. We love our friends and family here. We love
Shakaman Prol. We love all of you!" The crowd exploded. It roared.

Fantastic, My Sweetness. They love you, Douglas told him.

Scooter waved his friends to the throng and all six boys waved to the huge
crowd. The crowd started chanting, "Earth! Earth! Earth! Earth!" All six
boys smiled and felt waves of emotion surge through them. After ten minutes
of cheering and shouting and waving the boys were finally led off the
balcony and down the stairs to the ground floor.

"Looks like being a speaker is pretty exciting for you Scooter," Mike
chuckled. Scooter had sprouted a boner from the excitement. "Looks like he
got more than chills down his spine." Scooter turned red, thinking that
sometimes being naked in public wasn't always the best way to go. But he
also knew Hakaan boys got boners just like Earth boys and weren't
embarrassed when they happened in public. Scooter had seen boners and
gotten boners when he was going to school on Inferno. He was glad it didn't
start building until after his speech, and when it did he could hide behind
the other boys.

The boys were loaded onto the only bus on Inferno. Like everything else on
the planet that was mechanical, it was old and rickety and was only used
when it needed to be. But it worked. The six Earth boys boarded the bus,
along with Captain Parrish, John Woods, and the two Ambassadors. Matthew,
Enghar, and their family came on board and so did Bandar and Hajo. The
shuttle crew was staying with the shuttle.

They drove to the Governor's mansion. Governor Andorn had a banquet laid
out for the guests and they ate the best meal they had had since leaving
Earth, which was saying a lot because the food on starships was excellent.
After the dinner he gave his real speech, his welcome speech to his old
friends from Earth, and to those he hoped would be his old friends from
Earth. He had known in his heart that someday Douglas and the roundears
would return to Inferno with help.

After the banquet, and some Pahkah for everybody, including the boys (a
small amount though) the adult members of the Earth party were shown to
their rooms. The Earth boys and the Hakaan boys were taken to a large
recreation type room at the back of the mansion. There were chairs,
couches, temporary beds, and games. It was their room for the night.

The boys had their Hakaan belts off almost immediately and went from almost
naked to completely naked. Enghar has gotten a small line of pubic hair,
but Matthew was still smooth. There was a lot of chat and small talk and
big talk. Matthew asked about his parents and wondered if they sent
anything for him.

"Let's talk about that tomorrow," Douglas said.

Matthew had a pretty good idea of what that meant and got a sad look to his
face. Enghar put his arm around him and hugged him close.

"I love you, Mattoo. You are my Meshanna and mine forever."

"I love you, Enghar. More than anybody in the world." The two boys kissed
and hugged.

From there it didn't take long for the group of boys to get hard and start
kissing and hugging and groping and cumming. One thing that Scooter noticed
was that the sex between Matthew and Enghar was free and easy and full of
fun. It sometimes seemed Hakaan boys were sometimes more concerned with
their sexual tricks and having a wild orgasm then they were with making
sweet love to a partner. But that didn't seem the case with Matthew and
Enghar. Their sex was like the two of them were made to have sex
together. It reminded him of Douglas and himself. Scooter wondered if it
was because Enghar and Matthew were Meshannas.

When they finally tired out and slept, Scooter ended up cuddled with
Enghar, Douglas with Matthew, Jim with Bandar, Travis with Hajo, and Ryan
and Mike ended up together. But that was after they all had multiple
orgasms rolling around with each other.

The next day they all got up late. They had morning erections and all
wanted to mess around more, but they knew they had to get going. After
quick showers they were all served a huge breakfast in the banquet
room. The rest of the Earth contingent was there. They already had meetings
planned to discuss trade and commerce and to discuss Earth helping Inferno
get back on it's feet and progress in terraforming the planet.

Jim's mother was already at meeting with the Engineers. She was amazed to
see some of her ideas being used. She knew Jim had talked to the Chief
Engineer and was amazed and what her Jim had been able to show him. She was
very proud of her son.

After breakfast the boys were taken to their old school where they were
treated like kings. The boys at the school all crowded around the Earth
boys wanting at least to touch them. The boys talked to each of the classes
about what Hakaan was like and about their trip home.

Then they were taken back to the mansion. Governor Andorn asked them
questions about Hakaan and what happened there. The boys spent the whole
afternoon telling their story. They told about landing on Hakaan and
getting the warp radio from Endron. They told about the Ancients and
Endron's coming to power. And finally they told about Dralkan and Trundall
going to Earth with them and how Earth reacted to meeting their new friends
in space.

"No wonder help never came," Andorn said. "The dirty Shkah. The Ancients
weren't true Hakaan. I don't see how they ever stayed in power."

"People there were frightened," Douglas said. "The Ancients kept them
frightened until we came. And then they saw they had nothing to be afraid

"And they got the dirty Shkah to help them. The Shkah here are back in the
small valley and seem happy. A couple of them are tired of the attitude in
the small valley and have moved over here to the Big Valley and started
some new farms. We're happy to have them."

When the meeting was over Mike, Ryan, Jim, and Travis went with Bandar and
Hajo. Scooter and Douglas went to spend the night with Enghar and Matthew.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Enghar's parents had a great dinner
for the boys, cooked outdoors over a fire; a Hakaan barbecue.

That night the four boys had a tumble on Enghar's bed. It was actually
Enghar and Matthew's bed now. They were Meshannas and lovers and everything
to each other.

While the sex between the four boys ended up being incredible, the talk
afterwards, with the four of them cuddled up in the bed meant more.

"So my Mom didn't miss me?" Matthew asked.

Douglas gave the little boy an extra tight hug. And he isn't so little any
more, Douglas thought. His arms and legs were growing, and up close he
could see a few tiny little hairs at the base of his penis.

"I think she did," Douglas lied.

"She doesn't love me," Matthew said. "She never did. She loved my sisters
but never me. Did she send me anything?"

There was a long silence after the question. Douglas didn't know what to

Hug him hard, my love, Scooter said in his mind.

Douglas gave Matthew an even harder squeeze than before.

"I didn't think so," the boy sobbed. "Not even a card. Not even a letter."
Tears started dripping down his cheeks. Douglas held him close.

"We love you," he whispered in Matthew's ear. "We do love you so,
Mattoo. I'm so glad you made me keep you here."

"I'm glad you did. This is my home. Enghar is my Meshanna. I was the round
eared Hakaan boy," he chuckled through a sob. "I so love my family
here. They are my family." He wrapped his arms around Douglas and kissed
him. It didn't take long for Scooter and Enghar to be sitting on the bed
jerking off and watching Douglas slide his hard boner up Matthew's rounded
rear and make sweet love to him.

After their second cum the subject was Meshannas and Scooter told Enghar
and Matthew how lucky they were to be able to be each other's Meshannas.

"Why don't you try asking if you can be Meshannas?" Matthew asked. "You two
would be perfect."

"But we're both Earthlings," Scooter said. "The priest already said we

"Things change," Enghar said. "I bet after what happened last night, he
would let you if you could get through his questions. Ask the priest. The
worst that could happen is he says no. But I think you have a chance. There
were a few who thought you would never return, no matter what happened, but
most of us had faith. And you did return. You proved yourself. You're
Hakaan at heart." Matthew said. "Go for it."

As the boys started drifting off, Enghar and Matthew cuddled on one side of
the big bed and Scooter and Douglas on the other.

"Let's ask," Scooter said. "You know we can pass the test. You know what
our love is like. We are Meshannas already except for the ceremony, and we
don't need a ceremony to prove our love for each other."

"You're right, my love. But let's see if we can do it. That would be so
perfect for us. Let's ask tomorrow." He kissed Scooter's cheeks, and the
four boys were suddenly all asleep. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The
next day the boys weren't able to see the priest, however. Captain Parrish
had arranged for a flyer to fly them along the route that the boys had
followed from the "Moonduster" to the Big Valley. The flyer was the last
working Hakaan flyer. They took off from the Big Valley and flew over the
mountains and the desert. Captain Parrish and Commander Woods were on board
with the six boys plus Matthew and Enghar. The flyer was full.

Nobody said much as the flyer flew around looking for the wreckage of the
"Moonduster". Douglas thought he had a good idea where it was, but they
had a hard time finding the fuselage. Finally Matthew yelled out, "I see
something! Look out the right side!"

The flyer made a turn and everybody on the right side saw a little
scattering of wreckage buried by sand.

"I didn't realize it was destroyed that badly," Commander Woods said. "How
did you survive that?"

"It wasn't. It looks like somebody did that after we left it," Douglas
said. "The fuselage was smashed up but it was still pretty much intact."

"But who would do that? And why?" Captain Parrish asked.

"My guess is Robert Charles. And because he could. Just to make sure we
could get nothing from it, ever."

The flyer was brought in for a landing next to the wreckage. They got out
of it and were immediately hit by the desert heat and the strong sun. The
heat almost knocked them out.

"Is this what it was like when you started your trek?" Captain Parrish

"Yes, Sir. It was like this from the moment we landed." Mike answered.

"Good Lord." Captain Parrish had a great amount of respect for what the
boys had done, and it was now growing even more.

They poked through the wreckage for a while, but it was hot and there
wasn't much to see. Most of it was buried in the sand, and what was left
was mostly small pieces. Douglas was sad that Robert Charles ended up
deciding to blow up the "Moonduster". It seemed a waste of time and energy
to do it. The "Moonduster" had been one of his homes during the
adventure. Maybe not always a real happy one, but it got them to safety.

They got back in the flyer and traced the route to the mountains. Douglas
pointed to the area where they lost Matthew. Parrish and Woods could see
how lucky Matthew was to still be alive. Then they landed at the fork where
Douglas sent the exploration parties to look for a way over the
mountains. Douglas told again about Brett's hiding the recharger and about
how he exiled Robert Charles from the group.

Then the flyer flew to where the "Sundancer" had crashed. There wasn't much
to see there either. Captain Parrish said that the remains of the dead crew
men would have to be gathered sometime and returned to Earth, or they at
least would need to get a proper burial on Inferno.

They took off again and flew over the mountains. They looked rough and
forbidding from the air, but the boys knew that they were even rougher at
ground level.

Matthew almost screamed when he saw the his horsey with the valley behind
it. "That's it!!!! The horsey!" He was laughing and crying almost at
once. It was the first time he had seen the huge rock since the crash
landing of the "Moonduster."

"It's real! I mean I knew it was real! But now I know it's real!" Matthew
went on.

"I think you're babbling some, little brother," Mike said with a chuckle.

Matthew blew Mike a kiss. "Your staying with me tonight, big brother."

Mike grinned a huge grin. "My pleasure."

The flyer was soon flying back over the Big Valley, coming over it at the
lake where the Earth boys first met the Hakaan boys. After circling the
lake it returned to the space port and landed next to the " Valentina
Tereshkova ."

The boys got out and stood on the tarmac. It was hot in the valley, but
the climate was controlled there and it wasn't uncomfortable. Not like it
had been in the desert.

Captain Parrish faced the boys. "Douglas. Boys. A most remarkable
journey. Most remarkable. And then to top that off by flying a starship
between star systems. I keep thinking I can't get more amazed by what you
did, yet I always seem to. You are all to be commended."

After that they all went off to the places they were staying that
night. Douglas, Scooter, and Ryan went to stay with Bandar. Travis and Jim
were going to stay at the Governor's mansion. And Mike ended up enjoying a
loving sexy night with his little "brother" Matthew. Matthew had an extra
tender spot in his heart for Mike, who had rescued him from his depression
on the "Starkeeper." He loved Mike like a brother and more.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The next day the boys had an
appointment with the priest. They wanted to find out if it was possible for
two non-Hakaanen to become Meshannas and to go through the joining.

The six boys and the priest were crowded into the little office. Douglas
acted as their spokesman, and in his broken Hakaan told the priest what
they wanted. Scooter helped him when he could, mostly through his thought
projections. He explained the closeness he and Scooter had developed, from
the first moment they met. He told how Mike and Ryan had found themselves
acting as one since they got back from Earth. And he told how Jim and
Travis connected after Jim moved in with Travis.

"I guess why I'm telling you this is that we want to know if it is possible
for us to go through the joining and become Meshannas," Douglas said.

"None of you are Hakaanen," the priest said sternly.

"We know that," Douglas said. Like, duh! he projected to Scooter. "But we
have lived and loved with Hakaanen. We have taken part in the Hakaan way of
life. One of our own kind has become a Meshanna with a Hakaanen and has
shown himself to be a loyal and loving one, just like any Hakaanen would
be. He has shown a human can go through the Joining. And we came back to
this home of ours after we returned to our own home planet. We came back
because it IS a home for us. We brought back the help we promised to the
people we love."

"You are serious about this? Absolutely serious?" the priest asked.

"Absolutely. All of us." The other boys all nodded.

"I had heard this question was coming from you. So I have already prepared
my answer."

Scooter and Douglas looked at the priest with their hearts beating. They
both wanted the Joining in the worst way. In ways they couldn't even begin
to describe.

"I have one question to ask before I give you my ruling. The ruling the
Great God Jeswa would approve of."

The hearts were still thumping as they awaited the question.

"Have any of you asked your partner formally to take part in the joining?"

The question was a surprise. It certainly wasn't what they expected. They
were ready for a question on respecting Hakaan values and culture or
something. But not a simple one like this. All six said no at almost the
same time. Douglas was afraid that somehow they had blown it.

"That is good. It shows you respect our culture. That you didn't do
something you didn't understand."

Douglas breathed a sigh of relief. They had answered correctly. The main
reason he hadn't asked Scooter was that he didn't remember the entire
ceremony from their short time at school and didn't have a chance to ask
Matthew about it. But part of it was also that they didn't feel right
asking each other formally until they knew if it was the right thing to do.

"Since you were found here on Shakaman Prol you have respected us and our
culture. You have helped us overcome many perils. You helped our home
planet over come evil. And perhaps the biggest thing is that you came
back. You not only came back, but you came back with the same respect for
our culture. And you came back to ask to be a part of that culture.

"I do not feel that the Joining should be open to alien beings. But you
Earth boys of Shakaman Prol are not alien beings to us. You are Hakaanen,
Hakaanen in every way but in your genes. I look at you in your Hakaanen
dress today and I feel right in saying that any boys of your group may take
part in the Joining. Of course that is if..."

But he was interrupted by cheering. The serious old priest fought back a
smile and raised his hand to get silence. "That is if you pass the Joining
test. I will see each pair in four days to decide. Before you come to my
office you must complete the formal asking." With that he dismissed them
from his office.

"I guess we better see Mattoo, Enghar, Bandar and Hajo and get some
lessons," Mike said. "Because I have a feeling if we don't do this right,
we won't get a second chance. Us aliens might be getting a break here, but
I don't think the old priest is going to put up with any fuck ups."

Four days, Douglas thought. Four days and I get to find out if Scooter and
I can become joined. Four days to pass the test. And for some reason, I
have a feeling that test will be much harder for us than for a couple of
Hakaan boys. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "Scooter, my love of our
youngness, I ask you, with all my heart, all my soul, and all my spirit, to
be my soulmate and my heart's love for life. I ask you to be my Meshanna."
Douglas had practiced it since talking to Enghar about the exact words,
which were said in the Hakaan language.

"Douglas, my love of my youngness, I answer your request by saying I will
take into my heart, my mind, and my spirit your love and I will give you my
answer at the time of decision." They knew they had to wait at least three
days before the time of decision. Since their appointment was in three days
they had to give the decision in the minimum time. Not like that was going
to be a problem. Scooter could have given it in three seconds.

The three days seemed to take forever to go by. But the boys were busy. For
one, their tutor had been brought down in another shuttle and he put them
to work studying. For another they were fitted for new ceremonial
robes. And they also got to sit in on meetings with the adults because of
Scooter's ability to speak Hakaan fluently.

One time they went with Jim's mother as she flew to check the atmosphere
readings and saw some parts of the planet they'd never seen before.
Douglas could see that if they had gone the wrong way on their trek they
never would have recovered.

The three day waiting period was up. He knew that Mike had asked Ryan and
Travis had asked Jim. Today was the say of answering. Douglas and Scooter
were in their room in the Governor's mansion, lying together in bed, naked,
ready for sex. As dictated by Hakaan custom they had been required to avoid
sex during the waiting period, from the time of asking to the time of
decision. They were incredibly horny.

The two boys sat face to face, raging hard ons pointing straight up.
Douglas was already leaking precum.

"Scooter, my love of my youngness, have you reached your time of deciding?"

"Douglas, the love of my youngness, I have."

"And what be that deciding?"

Scooter didn't hesitate. He looked into Douglas's eyes, love shining
between them. "My deciding be that I wish to be in your heart, your soul,
and your mind forever. I want us to be one, no matter what happens with our
lives. I want to be your Meshanna. I want you to be mine."

"Then let us be joined," Douglas said.

The boys kissed. They cried. Then they made wild mad love.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The same thing had happened in two other
bedrooms. The next day they went to the priest for their interviews. By the
rules they had to pick an interviewer they had never had sex with. Douglas
picked Modar, the tutor who had been their tutor and teacher when they went
to school. Scooter picked Governor Andorn as his. Their interview went well
and when the priest asked them together if they felt like their minds and
souls were one they held each other's hands and said absolutely.

Mike had picked Enghar's father as his interviewer and Ryan also picked
Modar, the teacher. Jim picked the Chief Engineer of the terraforming plant
and Travis surprised even himself by picking Roobine, the retired shuttle

When the interviews were over they waited for the decisions to be made. The
pairs were called in one at a time. Each pair met with the priest.

"Dooglass and Scoot. You two have carried yourselves well. You will be part
of the Joining, the Ceremony of Souls in two days. May you find only
happiness as each other's Meshannas."

Douglas and Scooter wiped away some tears, kissed, and went through a back
door to the office. Then Mike and Ryan were called in. They got the same
speech from the priest and left out of the same door, hugging and kissing
Scooter and Douglas when they found out the news.

But when Jim and Travis went in the results were different. "Shames and
Trafus, you are fine candidates to be Meshannas. But I cannot approve it at
this time. I see your love and friendship, but not the connection that is
necessary to become Meshannas. Work to develop it if you think it is there
and come back the next time a Joining is called. And if you don't see it
then maybe you were meant to be friends and lovers but not Meshannas." The
two boys were fighting off tears.

"This is not a bad thing, my sons. You have some of the specialness between
you. Being friends and lovers is a high calling. When you are a Meshanna
you must have a high understanding of what that means. And you must touch
each other's souls. So far I don't see all that is needed for you to be
Meshannas. May you have good luck in finding it."

The two boys thanked the old priest and went out the same door. Two Hakaan
boys were waiting outside for their interview. The other four boys were sad
when they heard the news and comforted Jim and Travis.

"You'll have another chance," Mike said. "Next time you will show them."

Ryan was hugging his former lover Travis hard. "I hope you find the same
connection I found," he told him. "I love you."

"I love you, Ryan. I love Jim. I don't know what happened. I don't know why
we didn't pass. We love each other. After we leave here, we may never get
another chance." He burst out crying. Travis was beside himself. He thought
Ryan had been his soul mate. And now Jim, but that didn't pass somebody's
phony interview and lousy test. He was feeling bitter. What Travis didn't
know then, was that his future Meshanna was his little eleven year old
cousin lying alone and lonely in a bed on Earth. And what Jim didn't know
was that he hadn't even met his Meshanna yet, but would in just a few short
days, and that was going to be at the upcoming Joining, the Ceremony of
Souls. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

There were six Joinings scheduled for this Ceremony of Souls. It was
decided to have the Joinings of the Earthlings last because of the way
everybody on Inferno felt about them. Their Joining was full of
controversy in a lot of ways, yet almost everybody on Inferno was happy for
them, especially their friends and former classmates. The controversy was
their not being Hakaan. But they also knew it wasn't an automatic decision
since two of the round eared boys had been turned down.

Jim and Travis had both been disappointed. But they were determined try it
again some day. They made love the night before the Ceremony. It was
wonderful lovemaking. They still couldn't understand why they were turned
down. But they were going to wear their ceremonial robes and be there for
the Joinings of the friends they loved so much. Jim's robe was white with
blue and gold trim. Travis had had a white robe with orange and green
trim. They couldn't have the designs because they weren't Joined or being
Joined, but they could have two color trim on the robes.

The first four ceremonies were finished. It was time for Mike and
Ryan. There was the drum roll and the call of the horn and Mike was called
out to the stage. He was wearing a purple ceremonial robe with gold trim
and designs. He called down Captain Parrish to represent his family. Then
he called Enghar's parents, Governor Andorn, Roobine, and Modar. After that
it was Enghar, Matthew, Bandar, and Hajo, along with the other friends he
had made at school. He called his friends from Earth; Scooter, Douglas,
Jim, and Travis. Mike thanked them and bowed to them all. Finally, he
called his Meshanna to be, Ryan.

Ryan stepped out in a stunning robe of forest green with silver trim and
designs. He had a silver comet streaking across his chest. He called down
John Woods to represent his family. And as far as he was concerned, John
was more family to him then his own family was. Everybody else he wanted on
the stage was there and he had them stand up again. Being in front of all
the people at the amphitheater made him very nervous, but he worked hard to
keep from showing it. Ryan was shy and quiet and all the people there
almost made him shake.

Ryan gave his thanks. Then the quiet music played and Mike and Ryan met in
the middle and kissed. The ceremony went by both of them in a blur. With
Scooter translating, John Woods spoke for Ryan. Matthew was the speaker for
Mike, his big "brother". Mike had been his speaker when he was Joined.

The Mashan juice was given. And then Ryan found himself, his shy self,
rubbing his body against his love with hundreds of people watching and
suddenly cumming over him. He was both aroused and embarrassed, and being
aroused won.

But in his mind he heard, Ryan, Ost Lesha Drey just as Mike heard in his,
Mike, Ost Lesha Drey. He heard the priest say, "You are now Meshannas," and
he collapsed into Mike's arms. Mike carried him off the stage and the crowd
cheered for the first round ears to take each other as Meshannas.

Then the stage was cleared and the drum rolled and the horn
sounded. Douglas stepped out into the spotlight. The crowd cheered for the
leader of the round ears, who they looked upon as a hero. Douglas stood
proudly in his light blue ceremonial robe, trimmed with red and with white
designs. He ,too, called Captain Parrish to represent his parents and
family. Then he called John Woods, Enghar's parents, Modar, Governor
Andorn, the Chief Engineer, Roobine, and his Hakaan friends. After that he
called his Earth friends down. Ryan had revived and walked down with Mike,
his new Meshanna. They both were dressed in their robes.

Douglas gave his thanks. He bowed to them all and thanked each of them. A
special thanks went to Mike for being a rock for him to lean on during
their trek through the desert and through space. Then he called for his
sweet love.

Scooter stepped onto the stage. The light had his blond hair gleaming
brightly. He was wearing a beautiful golden robe, trimmed in pink. It had a
pink star on the left side of the chest. It was plain, simple, and
incredibly beautiful.

Scooter had Captain Parrish represent his family.. He called down Pam,
Jim's mother, who he had known since he was a little kid. Then he called
down the adults, his Hakaan friends, and his Earth friends. He gave his
thanks to them.

The quiet theme started playing and the two boys kissed in the middle.

"Scooter, my love of my youngness, I want you as my Meshanna. My
soulmate. My love in my heart, mind, and soul, forever. Please be mine."

"Douglas, my love of my youngness, I want you as my Meshanna. My
soulmate. My love in my heart, mind, and soul, forever. Please be mine."

The priest handed both boys the juice of the Mashan root. They drank,
kissed, mixed the juices, and then swallowed.

Douglas removed Scooter's robe, marveling at the beautiful naked body of
his love. Then Scooter removed Douglas's. They kissed, penises
touching. The priest put the black and white ceremonial blanket around the
kissing boys.

Then Governor Andorn stood up and told why the boys should be joined. He
was Douglas's choice. He told about the leadership the boys showed and the
closeness he saw in both of them. He told how they proudly took on the
Hakaan ways and culture. After him, Enghar stood up for Scooter and told
how proud he was to know both of them. He explained how wonderful is own
round eared Meshanna was and how he knew that Scooter and Douglas would
find the same happiness.

Then the priest said, "In the name of the Great God Jeswa, I name you
Meshannas." He turned the blanket over to the gray side. "Like the stripes
on this blanket becoming one color, your souls and minds and hearts are now
one. Being a Meshanna is for life and is never ended by distance, partners,
or death. Is that what you both wish?"

"It is," they both said together.

They drank their second glass of Mashan juice the same way they had drunk
the first. And as the powerful herb washed over their minds, they became
totally lost in each other. They kissed. The music, their friends, the
crowd disappeared into the background and all that was left in the universe
was the other boy's lover. All Douglas could see was Scooter's beauty. All
Scooter could see was Douglas. The two boys rubbed against each other,
humping, kissing, holding, hugging, shouting with pleasure and joy. The
entire universe was them.

Scooter, Ost Lesha Drey. I love you.

Douglas, Ost Lesha Drey. I love you.

And when they finally cummed, their entire orgasm seemed to come from deep
with in them and take in every ounce of their beings. The priest was amazed
at the intensity of feelings emanating from the boys. The screams of
delight filled the amphitheater, and they came in a wild mutual orgasm, cum
shooting over each other and themselves. Like Ryan, they both collapsed to
their knees. The priest mixed the boys' cum on his index finger and let
them taste it.

"You are now Meshannas." Once again the crowd cheered. The priest helped
the boys off the stage. Another Ceremony of the Soul was over. Mike and
Ryan, Scooter and Douglas were Joined.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ After the effects of the root wore
off, Scooter and Douglas joined the throngs at the celebration fair. Their
robes were off. They held hands and received congratulations from the
Hakaanen who saw them. People they had never met came to them and told them
how wonderful it was that boys from a different planet thought so much of
the Hakaan way that they came across the galaxy to be Joined.

As Scooter and Douglas turned a corner around a tent they saw a surprising
thing. Jim was with a Hakaan boy who looked around 11 or 12. He still had
his robe on, a plain white one, since he was not yet wet and able to be
Joined. The could overhear what was being said.

"I'm having trouble taking my robe off," the Hakaan boy said. "Could you
help me."

"Sure," Jim said. Jim's was already off. The boy lifted his arms and Jim
pulled the robe off of him. His body was slim, smooth, and sexy. Jim looked
at it and almost drooled.

"You want to walk around together?" the boy asked.

"Sure," Jim said again. The boy stuck out his hand. Jim took it. It was a
simple, touching gesture.

"I saw you and the ceremony. I couldn't take my eyes off you. My name is
Reshada," the boy told him. That was how Jim felt right now. He couldn't
take his eyes off the boy. What neither boy knew right then was that in a
few months, after Reshada became wet, Jim and Reshada would become the
second pair of mixed Meshannas.

That night the new Meshannas bedded down together in their own rooms and
made a special kind of love. The return to Inferno had been worth it just
for the Joining. But the time was coming to make decisions about what was
going to happen next in their lives. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Douglas and Scooter were going to return to Earth on the "Starblazer". Both
of them wanted to return to school to prepare for their futures, which they
both knew would take them into space. They both knew they would someday
return to Inferno. Mike and Ryan decided more ships would be coming and
going. They wanted to stay on Inferno for now and help to rebuild. Jim was
going to stay on Inferno with his mother for now. He knew he wasn't going
to get formal schooling, but he was going to learn a lot about terraforming
by helping transform the Hakaan equipment. He already had helped with that
some. All three of them knew their futures were in space, however, and
they all knew it would mean returning to school.

Travis was going back to Earth too. He saw no reason to stay on
Hakaan. From the moment he met Reshada he could tell that he and Jim had
some kind of link. And just looking at Jim with the younger boy, Travis
knew where his heart really was. It was with his cousin. He knew he had to
return to Earth. And he knew deep in his heart that someday he would return
to Inferno with Nathan for the Joining ceremony.

Five days had gone by since the Joining. The trade and treaty talks were
almost over. Captain Parrish announced that they would leave in two days.

Scooter and Douglas had spent the night before with Enghar and Matthew.
They decided they wanted this night to be one just for the two of
them. They got a couple of bicycles, backpacks and a sleeping bag. Then
they rode to the nearby west cliffs and parked the bikes.

Then they climbed up the cliff trail. The sun was hot, and got hotter as
they climbed. They had plenty of water in their packs and on their
belts. It was late afternoon when they got to the top. They stood at the
edge and looked down into the dark green big valley. A couple of clouds
drifted past. They held hands and looked at the sight. They both wondered
when they would see it again.

"I'm going to miss Mike, Ryan, and Jim," Scooter said. "I miss the rest of
the group so much. We'll be leaving Matthew again, too."

"Well, we have it planned to spend tomorrow night with them. Another
special good-bye. And everybody seems happy. Even Jim and Travis after
their disappointment."

The talked and held hands and walked. They stopped to set up camp. They
laid out the only sleeping bag they needed. They set up a stove and cooked
their dinner.

When they finished eating they watched the sun go down, looking at it and
then back to the valley as it got dark from the shadows of the cliffs and
mountains. The stars came out. Both moons were on the other side of the
planet, and the sky was darker then it usually was at night. Because they
were above the thick atmosphere of the valley the stars were crisp and

The two boys were inside the double sleeping bag, lying on their backs,
bodies touching, holding hands. They were staring up at the bright,
sparkling, twinkling stars. Their love for each other was sparking between
them. Their hearts were joined, their minds one. Meshannas. They cuddled
up close, still looking up at the bright clusters of stars. Both boys knew
that their future was in the stars above them. There were stars and planets
waiting for them to discover. They belonged to the stars. They looked at
the stars, seeing their dance and hearing their song. The light, coming
from so far away, was sending its message to the boys. They felt the
message was all around them, filling their souls....Ost Lesha Drey.....Ost
Lesha Drey....I love you.....I love you.


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