Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


  Part 42


Jamie Haze

The two weeks between the big family weekend at High View Farm and spring
break vacation at Coral Place, seemed to whistle by for Dooby and Cory.
There was school of course, a necessary but ongoing annoyance for the
present. Then on the way to that noble institution, the boys spent their
time conferencing with Charlie about closing the deal to buy the executive
jet they'd agreed on.

Charlie found that what Auggie said about such aircraft costing `a dime a
dozen' wasn't quite accurate. He discovered that the largest of the smaller
jets, such as Trasker's, were the best buys because of their higher initial
purchase price, maintenance and staffing, therefore they were the hardest
to resell. In fact, the one he chose was almost as cheap (expressed in
millions of dollars) as some small jets such as Lear's.

The Gulfstream G60 had been purchased new, just one year earlier, by a
company who used most of their cash reserves to avoid financing charges.
They, like President Bush, seemed unware that there was a recession until
large orders were cancelled and payment for orders already delivered were
delayed 120 days and longer. A year later, they needed every nickel to
stave off bankruptcy. As usual, the first contract they cancelled was for
office plant leasing.

Employees weren't aware that there were problems until the absence of
luxuriant greenery turned their offices into barren wastelands of shiny
steel and Formica. Next to go on the market was the damned plane they
shouldn't have bought outright in the first place. The company advertised
everywhere they could think of, along with networking with other companies
they ever dealt with and received no offers or even inquiries.

Charlie saw the ads. The purchase price was well under market for a jet
with less than 150 hours flight time on the engines. He was tempted to pay
asking, but first checked out the company who was selling the aircraft at
such a huge discount. After he read the results of that investigation and
after consultation with the boys, he offered $10 million under the asking

No one was more surprised when, 24 hours later, their offer was accepted.
Charlie had expected a counter offer but further negotiations were
unnecessary as long as payment was in cash and the sale completed that same
week. That was no problem, Charlie had lots of that and at least one of the
three partners was delighted to take an afternoon off from school just to
sign his name. Charlie and Cory just rolled their eyes at Dooby's joy.

Charlie took care of the next steps. He got the aircraft surveyed from
`appetite to asshole' to be very sure it was airworthy while he engaged a
special staffing service, or employment agency who specialized in supplying
qualified pilots and other personnel to owners of executive aircraft. He
specified that all potential personnel be extremely liberal minded, or, if
possible, gays would be most acceptable as long as they possessed
unblemished credentials.

The agency representative Charlie was working with was delighted with that
one qualification. They had just three gays, all were pilots, on their
client list who were difficult to place permanently because they had come
out of the closet but otherwise had impeccable credentials. The man had
difficulty in believing Charlie was gay, but of course he hadn't met Cory
and Dooby and didn't know they were Charlie's partners.

Three pilots would be temporaries during the first flight from Newark to
some county airport in the hinterlands of New Jersey where the jet would be
based. It wasn't until they met Charlie, his wife Laura, Deacon, his
partner Mark, two half-grown Labs and especially the two teenage boys,
Dooby and Cory onboard the plane that they understood the need for gay
pilots. The three were worried because a flight crew on a jet consisted of
a pilot and a copilot. That left one of them without a job at the end of
the short flight. The unlucky individual would go back to his job of
tending bar while he waited for the next temporary job aboard a plane.

When the neatly uniformed pilots first boarded, Charlie directed them into
the main cabin for coffee and pastries. They were served by a steward who
was asked to join the party after he finished. All three regretted that a
steward had already been hired because the unlucky one of them would have
been delighted to have that job or any job as long as it was flying aboard
a jet.

As the meet and greet progressed, Dooby winked his approval to Cory of all
three pilots before he got up to begin his personal inspection of the new
family jet. He began aft in the bathroom that came with a small shower.
"The shower is almost too small for two guys," he reported to those in the
cabin. He added with a giggle, "Too small unless they're very good friends.
If they aren't, they will be by the time they turn off the water. We'll
just have to make do I guess."

Dooby couldn't see the pilot's reaction but he could hear the stifled
snickers. "Dooby, really!" Laura called out, "Don't start or you'll be
grounded right here in Newark and have to find your own way home," she

"Come on Mom Laura, I was joking," Dooby claimed on his way forward through
the cabin. "We have to be up front with these guys from the start, so they
can relax, concentrate on flying and not worry about saying something you
might think is off color, as you put it." He turned to the three pilots and
the steward, "If your gaydar is working, you already guessed that Cory and
I are partners and Deacon and Mark, being old guys, have very little time
to fool around, so they're almost married."

Dooby danced away from Deacon as he began to stand up to give chase. Dooby
turned back in time to warn the steward, "You should know new guy, you're
holding that Danish too low with Chuckie sitting so close," he warned.
"Oops, too late. Chuckie, you are one very naughty dog, but I bet that
Danish was good."

With Dooby forward somewhere, Charlie and Laura began asking what countries
they'd flown to. They admitted that being young and gay, none had
experience flying anywhere overseas except Canada. Although flying to any
country was pretty standard around the world, so they didn't anticipate any
problems. As they talked, the pilots got more enthusiastic with a glimmer
of hope. Flying anywhere long distance required three pilots on the flight
deck so one was always rested to give one of the other two breaks when

Then Charlie revealed their future plans for the use of the plane. He and
Laura would be flying for a month or more at a time to vacation spots
anywhere in the world. They would be dropped off then the jet would return
to fly Dooby, Cory and company around the US until it was time to pick them
up to return Charlie and Laura home.

Dooby interrupted the cabin conversation at that point. "Hey guys all the
lights in the cockpit just turned on somehow. I didn't do it, honest," he
called out.

"When Dooby says he didn't do something, honest, it means he did whatever
turned the lights on," Cory announced. He added, "Feel free to pound his
ass! If you don't, I will as soon as I get my hands on him." He had to
shout at the three pilot's backs as they ran forward.

Dooby started laughing at his joke when he heard the sounds of someone
approaching the cockpit at speed. Of course, no lights were on that
shouldn't be since the jet was on standby; ready to start the engines.

The first guy to reach Dooby, sitting in the pilot's seat, yanked him to
his feet by closing both hands on his shirt front. He was spun around and
pushed down the short corridor to the galley. "This is as far as you're
allowed to come if one of us isn't in the cockpit, you little asshole!"

"I think we just found our chief pilot, he already knows Dooby's nickname,"
Cory stated with a laugh.

The short flight to the county airport where the Spelling's corporate jet
was still based, was uneventful. The conversation revolved around
transporting Thelma and Louise, two Asian elephants from High View Farm
down to Marathon Key and Coral Place as a surprise for Auggie Bligh. The
elephant's handler, Benji, thought Auggie was joking when he invited them,
but Cory and Dooby were sure he was serious, so all that remained was the
logistics of transport for them as well as another plane that would be
packed with hay for them to eat during their one week stay.

Charlie contacted the same air freight company he'd chartered a plane from
to ship his and Laura's new limo to wherever they wanted it to be.
Apparently, the company was used to strange client shipping requests as
they had a plane that had been modified to transport horses around the
country so it would be no problem for the two elephants to fly in that. The
additional plane transporting hay was no problem at all.

The boys laughed when they told Charlie about how Benji asked the ladies if
they wanted to take a long trip to visit the big slow moving older guy who
took a second ride. While Benji asked, he imitated Auggie's slow walk and
mode of speech with some cursing thrown in so they remembered who he was
talking about. He even hugged both their trunks just like Auggie did to get
a second ride.

The elephants seemed to agree to the visit with a couple of snorts, nods
and trunk salutes. After the ladies' approval, Benji told them that this
would be his first ever airplane trip too and confessed he and Bobby were
scared. He warned that they both might need lots of trunk hugs until they
arrived in Florida.

The boys and the ladies had been to Florida before with the circus, but it
stayed in the panhandle where the state was bordered with other states so
the distance to other engagements was minimized. While the boys looked
forward to visiting the Keys, they were just nervous about the mode of
travel they had to take to get there, in the company of the ladies.

When Benji heard Cory ask Mark about finding a truck to get the ladies to
the airport, he asked how far away it was. Then since it was only 10 miles
away, he guessed they would be delighted to walk that far to see something
of the countryside along the way. Cory was delighted to find the ladies
could walk that far, because when they arrived in Marathon, they could
easily walk the shorter distance from the Marathon airport to Coral Place
so they would be a complete surprise to Auggie and Zeek, since another
semi-truck wouldn't be required in Marathon to worry about.


While it had been over two weeks since Tony and Brent had arrived at the
Rainbow Club, Tony had almost forgotten why he was there. Meeting Auggie
Bligh was no longer as urgent as deciding where to have breakfast each
morning; in the dining room, on the terrace or have trays delivered to the
beach. Or, how to start the day; with Bloody Mary's, or Screwdrivers.

One thing he was sure of, he would buy a home there before he returned to
California. Tony and Brent borrowed an SUV from the Club. Then they slowly
began their search by hugging the Gulf coast side of the islands. They
wanted waterfront with a sandy beach as well as complete privacy from the
road and neighboring properties, if any.

One morning, they were creeping along a single lane road that barely
qualified as a driveway. They already knew from a sign, that the road was a
dead end. Sooner than expected, the road was blocked by a set of open gates
with a sign that said `Private Property'. They couldn't see the house from
the entrance as the view was blocked by a mature orange grove where the old
trees had grown together. There couldn't be a better privacy screen and as
a bonus, the trees were loaded with fruit.

They didn't get far before the drive branched. The left branch looked
fairly well traveled with the pavement in good condition. But the pavement
on the right was cracked in places with weeds beginning to encroach. They
picked `the road less traveled' and soon popped out of the grove to see the
placid Gulf lapping a sandy beach. More importantly, there was a rambling
single-story house that looked like it had faced the Gulf for 50 years or
more, yet it seemed to be in good condition, having weathered any storms
Mother Nature had thrown at the Keys during its lifetime.

Tony's joy was infectious, Brent scampered ahead to report what he saw
through salt encrusted windows before Tony got that far. "Did you miss
seeing the private property sign?" a man asked calmly from the edge of the
grove behind them. He was carrying a wicker market basket that was half
full of fruit.

The man was nude with a rich dark tan and didn't seem to be embarrassed to
accost the trespassers in that state of undress. Brent was the first to see
the man was not alone as a pair of tow headed boys of perhaps seven and
eight years old, appeared walking from the beach toward the man. Their tans
were golden to match their nearly white sun-bleached blond hair.

Tony spun around resisting the urge to reach for a weapon at his waist,
which was fortunate since he and Brent only wore shorts without shirts so
neither was armed. Tony began to give his guards their freedom as soon as
they arrived at the Rainbow Club, including daily house hunts, so they were

"Um, yes, we saw the sign," Tony said, "That's why we drove in. We've been
looking for a home just like this. You know, the kind that's ultra-private,
where we wouldn't have to wear any clothes, just like you. Do you happen to
own this home or know the people who do? We want to make an offer."

"I own it," the man admitted, "we lived here until our new house on the
other side of the grove was finished. First, if you guys are nudists, my
boys would be more comfortable if you prove it."

A few seconds later, Tony and Brent were carrying their shorts as they
walked to the man to shake his hand and introduce each other. The man was
Randy Smith. His boys were Randy, age eight, and Danny age seven.
Somewhere, way back when, Danny decided he wanted a name that rhymed with
his brother's so he announced his name henceforth was Dandy.

Randy stood back while his boys gave Tony and Brent a tour of the empty
house which was their playground on rainy days so they knew it better than
their father. The fairly modern kitchen opened to a family or great room
depending on how old you were. Randy said they used one end as a dining
area. This was Randy and Dandy's primary play area where their toys were

There was a formal living room, a den, four bedrooms and three full baths
not including the master bath that was a part of a suite. All the rooms
were large with views that were either orange trees or open water. Outside
there was a rickety dock out to deeper water, a large concrete terrace with
a pipe frame over it that once upon a time was for a roll up awning. There
was no pool but there was plumbing and electric where a spa was once
located. For safety, the home's walls were double stacked reinforced
concrete block, the windows were all tempered glass and were equipped with
roll down storm shutters.

All in all, the house was ideal for Tony's or more accurately Tony and
Brent's winter home. "How much are you asking?" Tony opened negotiations.

Randy laughed, "Come on over to our house while you dream up how much
you're offering," he countered.

Along the way, they stopped to pick more fruit to fill Randy's basket. It
was then that Tony and Brent discovered the hard way that picking oranges
was nothing like picking apples or peaches. The orange tree branches pulled
back harder than the picker pulled and sprang forward to lash out at body
parts with some thorns along the branches. The adults laughed as the little
boys demonstrated the twisting technique to pick the orange without getting
slashed by the offended branch.

Dandy suddenly looked at Tony's hand with a frown. "You got a scratch Uncle
Tony!" The boy exclaimed as he pointed to a bloody spot on his arm. "Don't
worry I'll get you some cream and a Band-Aid as soon as we get home," he
assured although he wondered why his new Uncle Tony was red faced and
laughing at his near fatal injury.

After the boys ran away to find the biggest oranges within their limited
reach, Randy told Tony, "Don't think that just because you've been adopted,
you're going to get a lower family purchase price. If I have to live this
close to family, the price goes up not down," he quipped.

Tony and Brent were flabbergasted when they first saw Randy's home. It was
two stories, with the first floor nearly touching the beach. From their
limited research a brand-new house should have been built on stilts. They
wondered how Randy got around that iron clad regulation. They didn't have
to ask.

Randy told them what appeared to be the second floor was actually the house
that was built on concrete stilts. The first floor concealed the stilts
that was built with breakaway or blow away sides and room partitions. The
first floor was all living space that was all designed to blow away if
there was a direct hit from a hurricane, hopefully saving their actual
second floor home. Whatever, he and the boys would have evacuated long
before any such storm arrived.

When they got to the terrace, Randy asked if anyone was interested in
squeezing their morning harvest. Two hands shot up along with excited
jumping up and down. Randy usually helped his sons to avoid having orange
juice all over the kitchen, that, and to be sure there would be enough
juice to refrigerate to drink later.

"Okay, you've got the job all by yourselves. If you do a good job and keep
the kitchen clean with the juice in the pitcher where it belongs, then we
can all have Screw Divers together.

As the boys proudly carried the heavy basket away between them, Brent
whispered, "You allow them to drink at their ages?"

Randy shook his head. "Nope. To them, a Screw Driver is served in a tulip
glass with an orange slice. That's what they're after. The stemware makes
them all grown up. Then without looking into the kitchen, he reminded
little Randy, "Just remember you're going to need all 10 of your fingers
until you die. Please be careful with that knife when cutting oranges.

The men heard whispers and giggles before the juicer started to growl.
"What was that Daddy?" Randy shouted over the noise, of course accompanied
by more giggles.

"Don't make me come in there. You heard me, be careful!"

Brent spoke up, "Why don't I go in there so they can teach me how oranges
are squeezed. Maybe if I'm good, they'll let me have a turn."

"Don't count on it. Believe it or not they take their chores seriously,
especially squeezing oranges without me helping. They won't want you
messing them up."

Tony openly told Randy that they were staying at the Rainbow Club that was
designed and built to cater to gays. Randy shrugged that revelation away
which surprised Tony. "Aren't you worried that one of us will molest your

"Nope, from what little I've read, molesters are mostly straight men who
may even be married, with kids of their own. You obviously don't fit that
mold. Now have you thought up an offer that I just can't refuse?"

Tony named a price that was so huge, it caused Randy to hesitate. Tony
shrugged and bumped the offer up by another million dollars. Randy couldn't
get his hand out to shake on the deal fast enough.

The men were distracted by Randy and Brent's laughter, Dandy shouted,
"Uncle Brent my head ain't a juice squeezer! Now I've got orange pits in my
hair and the juice is running down my body."

"Oh dear," Brent said between laughs, "I think those pits are starting to
grow! You'll be the only kid in your school with orange trees growing out
of your head."

"Do me next Uncle Brent," Randy demanded equal time despite the possibility
of trees growing on his head. "Be quick, I see Dad and Uncle Tony on their
way in here."

"We better find the closest shower," Brent suggested, "so we're clean when
they catch up to us. Then there's no proof that we messed the kitchen.
Which way should we go?"

While Randy and Tony entered from the beach, the boys and Brent were
exiting through the side door from the kitchen. The boys led Brent around
outside to the beachside shower where they shared a bottle of shower gel
and the shower head. Brent agreed to wash the boy's hair but declined to
wash the rest of their bodies even though they begged for the service.

"Nope, no way," Brent stated.

"Why not? Daddy washes us."

"Guys my age who aren't related, don't wash guys your age, so forget it.
Just be happy I got the seeds out of your hair before they put down roots.
Here comes your father and Tony. Try to look innocent," Brent had time to
say before the men approached while trying to hide their laughter.

"Okay you three, march right back into the kitchen and clean up the mess
you made. Don't come out of there until I inspect your work. Plus, I still
want that half gallon pitcher filled with orange juice. After you finish,
you will go into your classroom for a two-hour study time instead of the
usual one hour.

Brent tried to look contrite as he raised his hand for permission to speak.
When Randy nodded, Brent asked, "Sir, what am I supposed to study?" He was
enjoying his roll as a mischievous kid.

Randy held his chin for a moment, "What do you do for a living when you
aren't teaching my boys about your kind of mischief?"

"Well, I'm kind of Tony's computer geek."

"Excellent, your job will be to teach these boys how to use their laptops.
I tried but I don't know much about them either."

"Yes Sir, it shall be done" Brent promised seriously. He looked at Tony,
"That is I will if we have time?"

Tony nodded, "Take all the time you want. Meanwhile what do you three kids
want on your lunchtime pizzas? My treat."

My laptop is in the truck," Brent reminded.

"You can go get it after you help your henchmen clean up the kitchen."

"What's a henchmen Dad?" Randy asked.

"Think of a co-conspirator, that's what your Uncle Tony meant."

"Oh, why didn't you just call us that Uncle Tony?"

Around noon when the pizza arrived, two kids and one big boy came out of
the study room long enough to wolf down their slices and rush back into the
study room to resume their computer lessons. The kids were delighted to
have a home school teacher other than their father.

During the `getting to know your new neighbor' talk, Randy told Tony he was
a successful novelist whose real name never appeared on the mystery novels
he wrote. He was a `ghost writer' for a few select novelists. This allowed
them time to successfully promote their books. In return Randy said he
collected 50 percent of the royalties, residuals and for potential movie
deals for as long as the contracts lasted, which he guessed would be
forever since the men with their names on the books could never admit they
didn't write them; that they were literary frauds.

When it was time for Tony to reveal his sources of income, he was more or
less truthful. He told Randy that in his far younger days he actually
strived to be known as the `Don of Dons' in the old mafia world. But when
the states and Federal government decided to crush the Mafia, they
naturally took aim at Tony as the alleged Don of Dons even though there was
no proof. That's when he retired.

Thereafter he maintained a low profile as he began to invest in assorted
businesses he thought showed promise. So far, he admitted to a 70 percent
success rate, so he was happy, financially secure and best of all, still
alive. That reminded Tony that he needed to pay Randy for his new home and
four acres of orange trees.

Randy led Tony to the study room door where they heard lots of laughter but
no discussion of computers. They opened the door to see two kids and one
big boy sitting on the floor playing with remote control cars.

Tony stepped over to Brent and playfully grabbed him by the ear. "Come on
you little geek, it's time to go to work. We need to pay Randy for our new
home before he changes his mind," Tony said as Brent scrambled to his feet
to relieve the pressure on his ear.

Back out on the terrace with his laptop open and connected to Randy's
Wi-Fi, Brent looked at Tony, "How much?" then he looked at Randy to ask,
"Where to? I'll need an account number."

All while Brent was typing in the information, young Randy and Dandy had
their chins on his shoulders to stare at the monitor with eyes as big as
marbles. This was their first look at a practical application of what a
computer could do. The numbers the boys saw meant nothing to them.

Tony and Brent arrived at the Club at the peak of the cocktail hour to be
welcomed by friends of two weeks as well as others of just a few days,
before they were served drinks of their choice out on the terrace. As Tony
looked around he saw two older men who were wearing shorts and shirts
sitting with the Club owners, Mattie and Jimmy, also dressed as usual while
the rest of the long table, consisting of younger guys and the youngest, a
pair of teenagers who just had to be twins, were all gloriously naked,
completely tanned, as well as totally at ease with their mode of dress
while being surrounded by strangers.

After a short time, the younger guys stood up and began to circulate
through the seated crowd. The twins approached Tony and Brent. They were
invited to a volleyball game. Just for fun they stressed, no one would keep
score. Tony was the first to stand up. He wanted to see more of the twins
while they were in motion with muscles under stress. They were Kevin and
Kyle, although since they weren't wearing their red and blue caps, the
question of who was who was moot.

Who's that well set up old man?" Auggie asked Mattie about Tony.

Mattie giggled before she answered, "Who you callin' old? You're way more
far gone than him. His name is Tony and he's your invited guest from out in
California. Admit it, you forgot about him, but you'll sure remember when
you look at the bill we're sending." She gave Auggie a poke in the ribs to
remember her by.

While the twins weren't very good volleyball players, having had to earn a
living when they should have been playing, they were still far better than
Tony. In fact, Tony was accorded the singular honor of being the Rainbow
Club's worst player -- ever. Brent and the boys from Coral Place didn't let
him forget it.

To rinse off, the opposing team opted for a dip in the Gulf. While Kevin,
Kyle and the rest of their team moved toward the shower close to the pool.
The four dogs left off begging from any guest who was chewing something and
joined them.

"You boys keep an eye out for your brothers," Auggie reminded as they
walked near his table. "And," he added, "don't tarry cause the scamps still
have to wipe up all the drool they got on my new boat right after supper
before it dries," he took pleasure in jabbing the twins.

"Ow, Daddy, that there was just a one-off thing," Kyle protested with a

"Well, with your brothers around, they'll make sure there's no two-off
thing," Auggie argued.

"Yes Sir." The twins capitulated.

"What happened?" Tony asked while waiting with the twins for a turn under
the shower.

"Way back when we were right here showering with the dogs. Two guests
thought to make a grab for our asses or junk. The dogs thought they were
just playin' until one kicked little Auggie in the side. Just then a big
friend of ours showed up and gave both guys a smack down. One guy flew
halfway across the pool. From then on we get watched whenever we're here
just because we're a mite underage."

Tony couldn't help laughing at that. "I foresee that you two will look a
mite underage when you're 25." Jeff agreed with Tony's assessment with a

"Say Tony are you better at fishin' than you are at volleyball?" Kevin
asked as he dodged away from Tony's raised hands into the shower spray to
be joined by all four dogs. "Now remember," he instructed the dogs, "don't
shake off until you're real close to Daddy." It was clear that a prank was

"Wise ass was askin' because our Daddy is lettin' us test drive his new
boat tomorrow," Kyle explained.

"As a matter of fact, I've done quite a lot of fishing down in Mexico, all
along the Yucatan peninsula. Am I to assume you guys are inviting us, that
would be me and my partner Brent, to go fishing?"

"Yup. There'll be just y'all and our family including our dogs of course. By
the way, we were sure to wipe up our drool as we inspected Daddy's new
boat. There's even an inside stairway up to the fly bridge. Daddy added
that for the dogs so they don't have to climb up and down the outside
ladder." The boys didn't see Tony roll his eyes. He wasn't sure he would
spend a fortune to modify a yacht for the convenience of some dogs.

Since Tony and Brent had been talking to Kevin and Kyle, the boys invited
them to the table for a drink and of course, to meet their Dad in advance
of the fishing trip.

While the dogs already shook off after showering, they were still plenty
wet when they jumped up with their big feet on Auggie and Zeek's shorts.
"Did some kid tell you to get us wet?" Auggie questioned with a raised
eyebrow aimed at the twins. Of course, they admitted guilt with grins and a
pair of vacant stares up at the sky.

After brief introductions, Auggie had the twins shuffle down the table two
chairs so Tony and Brent could join him at the end of the table. "You've
sure got a nice bunch of people here for dinner. I'm sure you know the food
here is excellent and the service is top notch," Tony said to begin the
conversation as two servers appeared to take drink orders.

"Yup they is nice boys most of the time except when they is playin' pranks
on poor old me. We thought to come here to celebrate some things. I got me
a new fishin' boat for one." Auggie looked a Mattie before he continued,
"Then, while we was up north visitin', my great nephews water playground
was delivered right into our lagoon. The electricians promise to have it
runnin' sometime tomorrow."

Mattie was suitably surprised, "You really bought them a water playground
before they're even born?"

"Yup, just like I promised. It looks so cool, I might just try out the
waterslides. But that ain't all," Auggie continued, "The marina building
is finished. The store is open already, and the second Dead Lobster
restaurant will open this weekend. Party time!" Auggie sang as he waved his
empty glass in the air with a questioning look at Zeek. That's when Zeek
handed over a bag containing four bottles of booze to a server after he
proudly showed one bottle around.

The label read, `Bligh's Best, Bourbon aged 20 Years'.

"Is that the same stuff we were forced to swill?" Stevie asked with a frown.

Auggie nodded. Then he said, "I don't recall anyone bendin' your arm except

"That's the problem; that stuff goes down way too smooth," Stevie groused.

"Can we try some of that?" The twins were quick to ask in unison.

"I'm guessin' one won't hurt y'all, but just one. I sure don't want your
brains scrambled like Stevie boy's." Auggie jabbed Stevie, then ignored
Stevie's middle finger rubbing his nose.

The server asked the twins, "Do you want yours neat?"

The twins looked perplexed, "Of course neat; please don't spill any," Kevin
answered, "And we'd like ours on the rocks with a splash of water, just
like Daddy drinks his."

"Oh, and the usual four fingers," Kyle added. "Daddy's fingers, not ours."

"Make that one of their pinky fingers," Auggie corrected with another roll
of his eyes, "The rest of the glass is for ice an' water."

In return, the twins rolled their eyes just like their Daddy. No one
noticed or cared the fourth cut crystal bottle stopped being passed around
when it was in front of them. Along the way, someone had pulled the
stopper, perhaps to sniff the contents. A loose cork would make it easier
to mix proper drinks when no one was looking.

Jeff upset their plans by moving the bottle directly in front of his place
with a frown and a whisper to his charges, "Just be happy you got that
much, and don't look for a repeat until you're 21."

During dinner, Auggie thanked Tony for taking care of some California
problems for him. He didn't elaborate. While Tony said it was his pleasure
and thanked Auggie in return for allowing him to keep the excellent Picasso

Auggie looked surprised. First, Tony didn't call the painting a forgery.
Then that he was happy to keep it. "Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but I
think I own the only accurate reproduction of that particular Picasso,"
Tony explained with a laugh. "We also brought along some other property two
other guys, let's just say `borrowed' from you the same night your painting
disappeared," he informed Auggie.

Once again Auggie showed his surprise. He'd forgotten about the laptop
cases stuffed with cash. "That there cash was from a little sideline
business me an' my boys is runnin'. Why don't y'all just keep it for your
expenses?" He suggested so as not to offend Tony.

Tony giggled and lowered his voice, "I believe the local sewerage plant had
the biggest expense, shall we say, processing the four wrong doers," he
assured. "Besides," he continued, "don't forget they were going to swindle
me out of over $80 million."

"Well, why don't we do this," Auggie suggested, "why don't y'all just keep
them bags for now. You never can tell when I might need your disposal
services again. Them there bags might be some kind of advance payment."

No one watching from the corner of their eyes knew what the two men said,
but they were delighted to see Tony and Auggie shake hands before they
raised their voices and began discussing the next day's fishing trip and
the excellence of Bligh's Best Bourbon.

Tony liked the new brand so much, he ordered a case in advance. Then he
invited his four `business associates' over to the table to meet Auggie and
his boys. Auggie took one look at the young men while he was seated and
they were standing and he invited them along, which pleased Tony and Brent.
After two weeks at the Rainbow Club, Tony, Brent and the four guys had
become a `six-some' (or three two-some's) where the guys only used their
rooms for sleeping, while Tony and Brent's bed was devoted to `recreation'.
Another benefit of their stay was that Tony no longer needed his little
blue pills. Watching and participating in their porn shows was all the
stimulus Tony required.


Even Tony was surprised at the beauty of Fishin' Boy II the next morning.
Just over 90 feet of sport fishing machine that was docked in front of a
genuine Frank Lloyd Wright home. Tony wanted to tour the yacht as much as
he wanted to tour the home's interior.

As the day's Co-Captains, the twins took it upon themselves to be the tour
guides. The boys had already dressed for command, by proudly wearing their
Captain's caps. Tony, Brent and their four associates, happily followed the
boys and made appreciative noises whenever Kevin or Kyle stopped suddenly
to point out one of the yacht's many special features that Fishin' Boy I
didn't enjoy.

Only Jeff realized that the comments the men made pertained to a pair of
matching boy bodies as they walked or skipped along just like cats or
perhaps ballet dancers whose bodies were perfectly perpetually attuned to
each other unconsciously. When he saw the men try to look away from the
twins each time they looked back to explain something, he spoke up with a

"Relax guys you've got all day to look at them. You can even take pictures
as long as none ever reach the press or the Internet," Jeff told them.

"All day to look at what?" Kevin paused the tour to ask.

comfort of the salon since he could hear his son's conversation. He figured
they were so wound up, the tour could continue for another hour or two and
he wanted to go fishing so it was time to call a halt, start the engines
and cast off.

There was no shortage of hands to cast off and take in the lines so the
twins and Jeff were on the fly bridge when they saw Little Auggie's head
appear above the outside ladder. That's when they remembered they had
forgotten to show the dogs the tight spiral of steps that wound up to the
bridge deck from the corner of the salon.

Kevin put the engines in neutral without consultation, while Kyle raced
down the spiral, popped out on the deck and called the three remaining dogs
inside the salon. The dogs looked puzzled and whined as if they had done
something wrong. This was a break in established procedure.

When they watched Kyle reverse course the climb the inside steps and saw
little Auggie's head appear looking down on them, they suddenly understood
with all four of them running up and down the spiral for the next 15
minutes just to be sure it was really there. Since it was, it just had to
be their private route to and from the salon to the fly bridge.

The men and boys not involved with running the boat were talking and
laughing in the salon and through the open doors to the fighting deck until
Auggie suddenly looked around to see that they were entering Trasker's
Marina, at dead slow speed, not racing balls out the few miles out to the
Gulf Stream.

Auggie had been sitting in the fighting chair in solitary splendor. He was
about to shout to question the reason when Kyle appeared at his side to
explain before their Dad's blood pressure had a chance to rise.

"This is our plan Dad. First you need to catch the first fish on your new
boat. We'll troll to catch you a big one. Then we'll let our guests have a
turn, before we start looking for a weed line to fish so everyone can catch
a school dolphin or two. We're sure everyone will have a blast. But first
we have to stop in here to get the tackle we have stored here since we
don't have enough on board," Kyle explained slowly in short sentences as if
he was speaking to a child.

Auggie had no come back, so he said, "Well, why in tarnation didn't y'all
say so instead of gettin' me all riled up?" Then he called out, "Fish fry

It was Kyle's turn to roll his eye up to his brother, Jeff and the dogs who
were looking down at him and laughing. "I just did tell y'all," he mumbled
as he jumped to the dock with Stevie to tie off temporary lines.

Kevin chose to dock at one of two spaces that had been made when Brenden
suggested a better boat slip arrangement so there was space for two really
large yachts to dock permanently.

Ms. May Ellen bustled out of the new enlarged store to greet them. She was
smiling until she realized she was looking at Kyle and Stevie and neither
was wearing a stitch of clothes on `her' dock. Worse, she had just greeted
Kyle with a motherly hug before he raced into the store.

Stevie realized and just disappeared back onto Fishin' Boy II. Meanwhile,
when Ms. May Ellen really looked at the boat she saw that the only two guys
wearing clothes was Auggie and Zeek. She sputtered wordlessly but didn't
stop looking. It didn't take long before a small crowd gathered to both
look at the naked sailors, the beautiful new boat and Kyle, when he emerged
from the store with an arm load of fishing poles.

Kyle was also sputtering as well as red faced. "Someone pinched my butt.
She was either a customer or one of Ms. May Ellen's store helpers," he
grumbled as the guys took his tackle then, to add insult to injury, sent
him back to the dock to cast off the lines.

As usual, Kevin had the wheel until they got well into the Gulf Stream.
Then with his storehouse of coordinates, Kyle took over to take them into a
specific area. Kevin and Jeff had baited the hooks so they were ready to
drop back the lines when Kyle slowed the boat to trolling speed.

Auggie was so excited he'd limited his drinking so that wouldn't be an
excuse if he lost his fish. Of course, he'd remained seated in the fighting
chair and continued to stare aft at where to baits broke water with tiny
splashes. He was first to call that a fish was following a bait when it
first broke water from the side. When it missed, they watched as it turned
to come back for another try. Kyle reduced speed further to help it succeed.

It broached for the strike, it came out of the water far enough so they
could see it was a big billfish. The fight lasted 45 minutes before the
fish was tired enough to allow it to be reeled in to the open stern. Auggie
posed with the big marlin lying on its side without asking for it to be
gaffed and boated.

Instead, he asked for wire cutters to cut the leader himself. They watched
the current take it back a way before it drew energy from somewhere, turned
and swam away off to the side as it gradually dove for deeper, safer water.

Auggie was ecstatic with his well-documented billfish and didn't hesitate
to take a big gulp of the drink Logan handed him. Then it was Tony's turn
in the fighting chair. He was also content to take photos of his bull
dolphin before it too was released to fight another day.

Then it seemed no one else wanted to take a turn as there were too many
guys. But, everyone wanted to fish exactly as the twins thought, so they
put away the big heavy poles and reels and came out with enough spin-cast
rigs until everyone had a pole.

Meanwhile, Kyle had boosted power and was looking through binoculars at the
horizon. It took an hour before he saw something he liked. A simple wave to
his brother and a pointed direction was enough for Kevin and Jeff to hand
out baggies of cut bait. Then he sent the fishermen out all along Fishin'
Boy II's port side's 90-foot length from bow to stern, more or less equally
spaced, with their poles and bait.

This boat, being longer, was also wide enough so that it had a `wrap around
deck'. The dogs were delighted with this arrangement which allowed them to
hold sort of races, really just chasing each other. Prior to that, after
they'd been shown the interior route to the fly bridge they almost wore out
the treads running up and down which in the end, cut into their morning nap

After everyone was spread out, a new doggie game developed. Little Jimmy
snatched up Logan's baggie of cut bait and took off down the side of the
boat. Logan gave chase while laughing and cussing out the playful
semi-clumsy blond dog with his always slashing tail. Slightly clumsy but
more adept at avoiding other humans along the narrow deck when they tried
to block him while Logan was slowed by the need to apologize for his
natural human clumsiness.

By the time Logan gave up the chase and returned to his station along the
rail, Jimmy the dog had returned to greet him while trotting from the
opposite direction with the stolen bait baggie still in his mouth. He
dropped it at Logan's feet to have Logan kneel to congratulate Jimmy with
neck scratches, head pats and a kiss on the nose for being so clever.

As usual the other three dogs attempted to imitate Jimmy, but they didn't
fare as well as verbal warnings of, "Don't even think about it,"
accompanied by frowns cast in their directions was enough to end the new
game before it got started.

By then, Kyle had maneuvered the big boat so it was parallel to a definite
line of drifting orange colored weed and kept it on station by using
forward, reverse and the bow thrusters that Auggie was unaware of until
that moment. Auggie had already baited his hook so his was the first line
in the water. He was also the first to hook a fish and boat a seven to
eight-pound school dolphin.

As the official if temporary mate, Jeff, unhooked the wiggling fish and
then carried it aft to the empty fish box. "That's one," Jeff announced,
"We'll stop at 20, so if you haven't boated a fish by then, you get to pay
the bar bill tonight," he warned with a giggle.

The mention of a bar bill got Auggie to announce, "Yup, an' just so y'all
know, Bligh's Best goes for $100 bucks a shot around these parts, though I
expect the price will be more than somewhat higher around the rest of the
world. Zeek boy will bartend an' I'll just keep charge of the till, so
y'all bring your cash money to the fish fry!"


The first task before daylight on Saturday morning was to get Thelma and
Louise's hides sparkling clean for their flight to Marathon in the Florida
Keys. The ladies had hairs all over their backs that trapped the wood
shavings used as their bedding. They stretched out to sleep, threw shavings
at each other and over themselves as well as their handlers, Benji and

While the boys could brush each other off, it wasn't as easy to clean off
the elephants. The first time Dooby and Cory found Benji using a water hose
and then a leaf blower to dry them, Dooby wondered if there wasn't a more
efficient and enjoyable (for the ladies) way to do the job.

Cory playfully suggested walking them through a car wash. He was surprised
when Dooby agreed. Only it would have to be modified, Dooby added. His
fertile mind thought the washing part would have adjustable pressure washer
nozzles that would be angled so as when one walked through, the shavings
and dirt would be forced backward, hopefully off the ladies' ass end.

Then Dooby thought to use a conventional carwash blower-drier to which a
heating element would be added so it was sort of like a lower temperature
sauna. He put Deacon in charge of creating the first ever elephant walk
through washer-drier.

At first, Deacon thought Dooby was joking until he pointed to the loafing
area's side wall closest the ladies `bedroom', then up at the steel rafters
where the contraptions were to be suspended, hopefully out of elephant
reach. He knew Dooby was serious when Dooby walked away while dusting his
hands together just like Cory was fond of doing to signal; problem solved.

The carwash equipment manufacturer also thought Deacon was joking until he
promised in writing to pay a 100 percent premium over the regular cost if
the modified equipment arrived by the end of the week. He thought they
would need a week for on-site modifications determined by having the ladies
walk through to take a bath, then be airdried.

Cory got his dad to send out one of Spelling's construction crews to set
everything up. Thelma and Louise watched the construction with interest but
refused to walk through until Benji went first. Louise removed choice by
carrying her handler to the entrance, then blocking his retreat.

They gave Benji no choice, but he wasn't going alone. He pointed a
come-hither finger at Bobby then to Cory and Dooby to stop them from
laughing. The ladies seemed to understand and quickly had the three boys
standing with Benji as well as blocking their escape.

Benji waved the ladies back as he began to undress, so he could place his
clothes out of harm's way. The other guys quickly followed suit then lined
up behind Benji to make like a single elephant. Benji stopped the parade as
soon as they were well into the spray. The water felt okay but there wasn't
enough pressure and the water needed to be warmer. Deacon made the
adjustments until Benji told him to stop when he judged everything to be
ideal for the elephants.

Dooby, at the end of the line made a suggestion, "You know this washer
would be even better if there were steam lines all along the sides at floor
level to warm up my legs and ass."

Dooby yelped when he was goosed by Thelma's trunk. She was following
closely and Dooby didn't know it. She wanted to get all the way into the
warm pressurized sprays so she pushed the boys forward into the drying
area. That heated stream of air was like trying to walk into a hurricane
wind for them but it probably would be ideal for drying an elephant.

While the boys were dressing Thelma and Louise had taken a second trip
through their washer-dryer and were about to take a third until Benji ran
to the power button to shut it down.

There, Benji realized he made a mistake, after the fact. Both ladies were
watching him, so they knew where the button was on the side of the washer
end of the machine. He tried to distract them by calling them to get their
coats on so they could go outside and play. They obeyed but Benji didn't
see them look back at the big odd-looking machine, that to them was an
exciting new indoor toy, although it was located outside the sliding doors
in the roofed over loafing area.

That evening, when Benji and Bobby came down from the house as usual, they
found Thelma and Louise in their `bedroom' and already well-sprinkled with
wood shavings stuck to the hairs on their backs. Someone, they assumed
Dooby and Cory, had already removed their coats, folded them and put them

The next morning when the two elephant handlers went down to the barn to
load hay into all the mangers and clean up two piles of crap from the
loafing area before they put the lady's coats on, they found that the
lady's backs were already devoid of wood shavings.

When Benji looked at the floor in the washing end of the machine, he found
water still trickling into the drain. How do elephants try to look innocent
you ask? Simple, they turn their backs and flick their tails while looking
up the hill at the house where they would receive a small morning snack as
soon as they got up there after their boys put their coats on. This would
be while they kept their ears out to listen to Benji's tone of voice if he
realized what they had done. The ladies were pleased when Benji turned on
the washer and called them over for a morning bath.

Benji decided the best course of action was to play dumb. It was obvious
that the ladies knew where the power button was, what it was for and they
used it to take shower baths on their own that morning as well as most
probably, all future mornings. It occurred to Benji that they may have used
the shower the previous evening, after lights out and the boys returned to
the house. Oh well, a clean elephant or two made for happy, contented
handlers as well as the elephants themselves.

Saturday morning, the day they would depart for Florida, Dooby continued
the ruse by turning on the shower and calling the clean elephants over to
take a bath. Charlie was with them that morning as well. He hadn't seen the
new washer-drier in action before and the ladies were happy to show him.

He and Laura were there because the new jet was based at the local airport.
The airport was also where their new limo was to be loaded on a propjet for
the trip south. A similar plane would transport the elephants and yet
another would carry a load of alfalfa hay for the big ladies to eat during
their stay at Coral Place.

Thelma and Louise sensed they were embarking on an adventure and were eager
to begin. Both knelt before they were asked, then looked at Benji and Bobby
as if to say, `If you're going with us, you best get on board, or be left

Benji and Bobby were as excited as the ladies. This was their first flight
ever, plus they were going on their very first all-expense paid vacation to
visit Auggie Bligh, who they found out was one of the wealthiest
individuals in the country. Individual, Cory had explained, as opposed to
being part of a family like the Walton's, who founded Walmart.

It was Dooby who explained that Cory's father, Charlie Spelling, was
another individual who had equally deep pockets. This evidenced by the fact
that he and his wife had always planned to take their limo, that Charlie
always called a `truck', with them to wherever in the world they traveled.
Not only that, but Barry, their driver, would always accompany them. Also,
whenever possible, Barry's boyfriend, Johnnie, would also tag along.

Johnnie wouldn't be along on this trip though, because he was still new to
his job managing Charlie's -- New York and he was still in the midst of
forming his management team. He had no one to leave in charge of the super
busy restaurant for a whole week.

The parade to the airport consisted of Deacon driving Dooby's `truck' with
his partner Mark at his side in the lead, followed by the two ladies single
file, with Barry driving Charlie and Laura to bring up the rear. Dooby and
Cory had split up to sit behind Benji and Bobby on the elephants
respectively. As owners, they'd declined Benji's offer to ride in the front
positions and try to actually `steer' the ladies by using both words and
their legs.

Dooby and Cory had invited Benji and Bobby to their bedroom suite along
with Deacon and Mark, several times but they always declined for a number
of lame reasons. Therefore, during the 10-mile elephant walk to the
airport, the boys decided to begin the bashful handler's seduction.

Cory planned to develop a sudden fear of heights, which would require him
to wrap his arms around Bobby. He certainly couldn't be blamed if his hands
sought out a convenient `handle' inside Bobby's jeans.

On the other hand, Dooby was going to get dizzy (or dizzier) that required
him to grasp Benji in a similar manner. Dooby and Cory decided if the
handlers really didn't want to play, both were driving `handsfree', so they
could use their hands to remove their cocks from the boy's grasps if they
objected to being groped.

Further, the boys didn't tell the handlers that Coral Place and the Rainbow
Club were both clothing free or that the entire group of Orsini models
would be there so Dom Orsini could get fresh photos of that whole mob
including Dooby and Cory of course, or that the mob planned to have nightly
pajama parties during which, no PJ's were allowed.

By the time the procession reached the planes, Benji and Bobby couldn't get
the ladies loaded up fast enough, close the aft hatch by lifting the ramp
and getting into the air. Their efforts were made more difficult by Benji's
need to hold his jacket closed, while Bobby' had to use both hands to pull
his sweatshirt down in front, all due to Cory and Dooby's `handy work'.

Then since Charlie and Laura were at the rear of the procession and Chuckie
and Laurie decided to ride with them, the dogs were delayed in sniffing out
the planes. The critters seemed to be looking for something or someone.
Deacon and his partner followed them only because the plane that was to
carry the ladies was the last one in the line of planes.

Mark as the resident Vet, was planning to travel with the ladies in case
there was a medical problem, although he was praying. Obviously, there was
very little he could do, thousands of feet in the air. All of a sudden, the
dogs turned to race up the ramp to join their friends, the elephants.

Deacon shrugged. If the dogs planned to ride with the ladies, that's where
he would be too, although he was looking forward to riding with the family
in their new jet, of course, with the dogs since they were inseparable
during the day when the guys were in school.

Since Dooby and Cory got Benji and Bobby all hot and bothered during the
10-mile hike to the airport, the horny handlers planned to join the `mile
high' club (although they didn't know there was such a club or what joining
entailed) beginning as soon as the aft ramp was closed to give them some
privacy. They totally forgot about Mark and were further confounded when
the dogs and Deacon ran up the ramp to join them.

>From the first night when Benji and Bobby joined Deacon and Mark as
roommates, they embarked on a real honeymoon in their large room, a
king-size bed, a bathroom and a shower that included their very own
squirting dildo. Gone was the cramped space of the tiny camper on the back
of a pickup truck although very romantic.

The boys also got comfortable with being nude in the apartment since Deacon
and Mark had no plans to begin wearing clothes because they suddenly had
new roommates. But so far, the handlers had been able to resist Deacon and
Mark's and Dooby and Cory's very tempting standing offer to join them in
one or the other couple's bed.

Benji and Bobby realized that was about to change since they were suffering
from diamond-cutter erections and blue-balls, thanks to Dooby and Cory's
`handiwork' on the elephant's backs when they couldn't get away. The boy's
tight jeans had suddenly become painful liabilities. The jeans had to come
off, and once off, Mark and Deacon were about to get a free porn show.

By the time the big propjet reached altitude, Benji and Bobby were naked
and making out using two of the four passenger seats in the forward part of
the plane. They were about to go back near the ladies where they folded
away the lady's winter coats when they saw movement behind them. They
separated long enough to see Mark and Deacon, naked, hard and unfolding the
elephant coats right in front of the ladies.

All it took for Benji and Bobby to join Deacon and Mark were silly grins.
The foursome was about to have a show and tell while standing up until
Benji paused the action to move the winter coats closer to the elephants,
to within easy trunk range, in the event that the ladies wished to
participate in the action to amuse themselves during the flight.

Then Benji became the ring master by directing Mark and Deacon to stand
closer to Louise to submit to a whole-body tour of inspection including all
nooks and crannies exactly as Thelma was doing to them. That action was
super erotic, to be sucked and blown over the lengths of their bodies not
to mention being well anointed with elephant snot.

The party soon went from vertical to horizontal. Once again Deacon and Mark
were told to scoot back so they were directly under Louise's trunk. In the
96 positions, the ladies resumed their tours of inspection. Of particular
interest, they took to inspect the four humans' asses and reproductive
parts. These areas were always available and within reach on other animals,
but not so much with human animals because of human's annoying habit of
hiding those points of identification by cloth.

>From the human's point of view, to have one's balls almost sucked off their
bodies and then expelled with force was the ultimate in erotic pleasure.
Especially when one considered it was being accomplished by an animal who
weighed in at several tons who could just as easily take one step forward
and squash both partners with trash can sized foot.

After the first ejaculations, all four boys moved closer together without
changing head to toe positions. Heads kissed then sucked in the readily
available cock. The second round took longer but was no less rewarding in
the end.

Then it was time to take a lunch break. Benji and Bobby brought forth
hidden bales of hay as well as sacks of melons and squash first, these to
occupy the ladies so they would be less prone to snatching the boy's ham
sandwiches. While they might be herbivores, the ladies might be tempted by
the scent of iceberg lettuce in the sandwiches.

Talk soon changed to Dooby and Cory's blatant attempts to seduce the poor
country boys on the walk to the airport. Bobby admitted with a red face, if
the walk had been a mile longer, he would have messed the front of his

"Just wait until you get a look at Cory's dick when it's hard," Deacon

"I already did if y'all recall. The first day before lunch," Benji
reminded. He gave a sly look at Bobby, "In fact if I didn't know you were
on your way, I believe that boy would have had me on my back even with all
them other guys watchin' and doin' whatever to each other. That was just
before them muddy dogs showed up."

Mention of dogs and the smell of ham got the dogs to put in appearance
after their morning naps. The boys were sitting crossed legged in front of
the elephants so they were at the perfect level for the dogs. Chuckie
managed to snatch Benji's half eaten sandwich out of his hand, while Laurie
tried for Deacon's, and missed badly. Deacon being completely familiar with
the lab's penchant for unapologetic food thievery. Deacon went for his ever
present back pack to bring out two sealed baggies that contained chunks of
beef, ham and chicken, all leftovers and intended for the dog's lunch.

Mark suddenly began laughing. "If you want to get Dooby and Cory back, make
them sit in front of you for the trip to wherever we're going. Tell them
you'll teach them how to steer. One touch of someone else's hand will get
them up for whatever you want to do to them. Just remember they won't take
kindly to wasting a load."

Mark's further suggestions were drowned out by the pilot on the intercom,
"We'll be landing in about 10 minutes. The weather on Marathon Key is sunny
and 82 degrees. By the way, my co-pilot and I really enjoyed the show.
Thank you very much. We look forward to seeing more on the return trip in
about a week."

"WHAT SHOW?" Benji screamed from a bright red face that matched the rest of
his body.

"Look up at the forward bulkhead," came the slightly metallic reply
accompanied by laughter.

The foursome looked to see a remote-controlled camera staring down on them.
Deacon shrugged and laughed. "We may as well get used to cameras in the
bedroom. The guys you're about to meet are prone to producing home movies
that are triple X rated. If you guys had gone to one of the pajama parties
in Cory and Dooby's bedroom, you'd have seen everyone in action. Don't
worry, I'm sure you'll fit in someone while we're here. Now we better get
some shorts on and get the ladies situated for the landing."

The air freight company had never flown elephants before but they
suggested, for everyone's safety, that the ladies lower their center of
gravity as much as possible. This would also prevent them from lurching
their weight forward when the plane braked after landing.

Deacon and Mark pulled on gym shorts while Bobby and Benji just had their
tired old raggedy cutoff jeans although the other noted the country boys
filled them to capacity. "We don't have no regular shorts," Bobby

"Don't worry, from what Dooby said we won't even be wearing shorts once we
get to Auggie Bligh's island and the gates close," Deacon informed.

"Golly Gee," Bobby went into his Gomer Pyle country mode, "what if I
sunburn my junk?"

"What you mean is what if WE sunburn OUR junk?" Benji corrected with a
giggle as he motioned for the ladies to get down on their knees with a
promise they would soon see sunlight, summer temperatures, meaning no more
overcoats and get a good big drink of water.

Benji decided not to carry water on the plane because of the probability
that a water fight would break out in the confined space started by certain
unnamed playful elephants.

While the plane taxied, Benji got the ladies standing up and turned around
to face the aft door that turned into a wide, gently sloping ramp after it
was lowered. The ladies needed to no encouragement to debark into the
sunlight and tropical warmth then follow their excited handlers to the
nearest building they saw with a water hose.

Benji ran the water until it ran cool to the touch, then he shot the steam
into their open mouths. After they finished, Benji turned to shut the water
off when Louise snatched the hose way to begin splashing everyone within
her limited range, including Dooby and Cory who suddenly appeared. They
were all dressed alike; just wearing shorts. Dooby rushed in to get under
the flowing water. That it seemed, took Louise's fun out of wetting humans.

Louise dropped the hose and looked at dripping Benji as if to say, "What's

This time when the boys boarded their rides Dooby and Cory sat in front
while Benji and Bobby sat behind the close enough for their fronts to touch
the younger boys' backs exactly as Dooby and Cory did to them. There was a
wait while Charlie's truck was unloaded. When it was the Dooby saw that
there was a second truck.

"Hey, that's our truck," Dooby called to Cory.

"DUH! Cory shouted back, "That proves you don't listen when I tell you
something! I told you Dad said since there was all kinds of room he would
take our truck with his as well, so we could be independent." He hid his
grin when he saw Dooby scratching his head because he actually forgot to
tell Dooby what Charlie said.

"Oh yeah, I remember now," Dooby said at last with a shrug. He didn't see
Cory turn his face away so he wouldn't be caught laughing.

The unusual procession got underway with Charlie in the lead since he'd
been to Coral Place before, while Deacon brought up the rear. As they
progressed along Route 1, the ladies began looking right and left whenever
they could see water.

Dooby noticed and shouted a suggestion that they stop in at the Rainbow
Club so the ladies could take a first swim. It occurred to the boys that
the ladies couldn't swim from Coral Place because the Atlantic side was
bulk headed and the water on the back of the islet near the causeway and
orange grove was all shallow with a mucky bottom.

By then talking was becoming difficult for the younger guys, since Benji
and Bobby had begun massaging their cocks ever since they left the airport
with whispered promises of more as soon as they arrived at where they were
going. When Louise got to the Club driveway, Dooby just pointed like a turn
signal while Benji instructed, "Right turn." Thelma and Deacon, driving
Dooby's truck, followed. Charlie swore before he told Barry to make a
U-turn and follow.

Charlie wasn't really upset because he and Laura would stay at the Club
with all the other parents of the invited mob of boys and one girl, so they
would just drop off their luggage, greet Mattie and Jimmy and get settled
in their room while the boys and elephants took a swim in the Gulf.

When the elephants with four boys riding them, rounded the buildings'
corner to get to the beach, all activity by guests and the horde of
employees stopped dead for a minute. Then Dooby cupped his hands around his
mouth and shouted, "What's wrong, haven't you ever seen elephants before?"

With that said, Dooby pulled Benji off balance so they fell off Louise.
Then Dooby set the example by dropping his shorts the tossing them to a
chair. He cocked a hip at Benji causing his deflating hardon to jiggle
seductively. "I don't know what you and Bobby did with Deacon and Mark on
that plane but I like the change and those sweet nothings you whispered,
but not here. We'll have to wait until tonight at Coral Place," he promised.

The dogs, not being fools ran in the front door and out the terrace doors
to get to the water and join their monster friends. It didn't matter that
Mattie was following while wielding her broom. By then she was seven months
pregnant with twins and had slowed her running to a fast kind of shuffle.

When Cory and Dooby saw her coming, they changed direction to run her down.
They hugged her together and kissed her cheeks. Benji and Bobby approached
more cautiously, partly because they were naked, Mattie wasn't, and partly
because she was a woman who was staring at their junk before she made eye

Dooby introduced Mattie to the two shy handlers, "This is Mattie and her
husband Jimmy. As you can see Mattie is having babies, two to be exact.
Both are boys. Cory fathered one and I fathered the other. According to
Mattie, one will be blondish like me and the other will have dark curly
hair just like his daddy, and both will have permanent tans just like their

"SAY WHAT?!" Benji managed to say before he shook his head, took Bobby's
arm and ran to catch up to the ladies.

"I'll explain later!" Cory called after the befuddled guys.

By then the ladies had reached deep enough water so they could actually
swim, further buoyed up by the salt water. Of course, they had the distinct
advantage of breathing by just keeping their trunks out of the water like
periscopes. They certainly would never set any swimming records but Benji
was just pleased that they could swim, apparently like other animals,
naturally. As far as he knew, they never had the opportunity to really swim

Benji swam up to Louise's head and asked, "Is it okay if we use your back
as a swim and dive platform?"

While Benji didn't expect Louise to understand what he asked, but he was
surprised by her answer. She swiftly lowered her trunk into the water, then
raised it already aimed at his face. The surprise blast of water caused him
to spit and sputter while the perpetrator made her slow escape after giving
Bobby a similar shot.

The ladies paddled around for ten minutes before they turned to the beach.
On dry land once again, they both looked at Benji and made a strange noise
then kept on walking around the side of the building.

"They're hungry," Benji announced as he ran to catch up to them to try to
head them off from eating the landscape bushes in the front of the building.

Benji was relieved to see them ignore the expensive landscape and make
their way to the orange and grapefruit trees on the other side of the
parking lot. There, they began picking and eating the ripe fruit one by
one. When the gang caught up, Benji apologized to Mattie and Jimmy for the
loss of their fruit and the occasional small leafy branch that had refused
to give up its bounty.

He explained that they'd eaten citrus fruit before occasionally so they
knew what oranges were and how good they tasted. "Let them eat their fill,"
Jimmy allowed, "there's plenty, but," he qualified, "those trees are old
varieties that are full of seeds so we just use them for making juice. Do
you think the seeds will hurt them?"

The general response was laughter and shaking heads. "No more than those
leaves or woody branches that they'd happily eat if there was no fruit,"
Benji responded.

"Come on over to Coral Place if you want to see Auggie's reaction when he
first sees them. We planned their visit as a surprise, meaning he's
expecting us but not Thelma and Louise," Dooby invited with giggles of

The parade continued, plus one regular size SUV. The guard at the gate
opened it with his mouth hanging open equally far. The first area the
elephants saw as they entered was the orange grove. They turned to have
another snack despite Benji telling them to stay on the driveway. The only
instruction they listened to was to kneel so the boys could jump off. Then
they stood up again to work together to denude a single tree of all the
fruit they could easily reach.

While alone together temporarily, a rare occurrence at Coral Place, Cory
made a suggestion to Dooby he'd been thinking about. "You know with the
success of the Club down here and our Daytona Beach operation making money
from start up, I think we're missing out on making more with other gay
style clubs."

Cory had Dooby's full attention. For Dooby, making money was almost as
enjoyable as hazing sex...well, almost. "What did you have in mind," Dooby
asked eagerly while they walked along the drive to fetch Auggie to show him
his two new unexpected guests.

"Well, I think we should find sites to build more of both kind of club
before someone else gets the same idea." Cory shut up as he watched Dooby's
face while his fertile brain switched into profit mode.

Dooby didn't take long before he agreed, "Holy shit," he exclaimed, "we
should start buying sites, islands or waterfront acreage in warm states in
the US first, then move out into other temperate counties. While doing
this, we should begin to pick up failing waterfront motels and hotels, but
only one per market," Dooby giggled, "We sure don't want to compete with
ourselves," he added while he aimed a playful punch at Cory's shoulder
before he continued. "Then in the cities, I'm sure we could find buildings,
maybe old hotels we could turn into very private clubs, pretty much like
what old Playboy did with their clubs in every major city back in the olden
days, only ours would have indoor pools and spa facilities that just
wouldn't quit as well as restaurants and elegant suites."

At that point, they'd reached the kitchen screen door. Dooby was on the
verge of walking into the wall adjacent to the door before Cory took his
arm to yank him back on course. Of course, the smell of food brought Dooby
back to earth, and with the banging screen door he returned to be his usual
annoying self at Coral Place.

"Hey Auggie, WE'RE HERE!"


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