Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


 Part 23

All the other students, no matter what grade, scrutinized the new guys at
Blair Academy. There was a pecking order, the school was like an inverted
pyramid, everyone, it seemed looked down on others they felt beneath them
unless they were jocks. Dooby, Cory and Christian felt uncomfortable on
their first day there. At lunch, the three felt eyes on them. They were at
a disadvantage since they were day students, unlike the majority of
students at Blair Academy. They ate their lunches silently until Dooby,
tired of the sneering whispers piped up, "I've got an idea, let's charter a
jet and head to Coral Place for the weekend! We can bring our books and do
our studying there."

The three missed Coral Place and their friends from Georgia, no matter how
impractical the idea was. They knew they couldn't go, they had lots of work
to do, but that didn't stop Dooby from dreaming and putting the snooty
assholes in their places.

Someone from a close table overheard, "Yeah, right, like you could really
charter a skateboard to cross the street," he challenged while he jeered,
testing the three newbies.

"Have you ever flown commercial?" Dooby asked him in mock astonishment as
if he was horrified by the concept as his acting ability kicked in. He was
on a roll, "I haven't, what's it like?" he asked eagerly, generally at the
table the comment came from.

"We'll just use dad's jet, like always, as long as you stop trying to pay
him - that's embarrassing." Cory volunteered and warned. He continued,
ignoring the intrusion into their conversation, "but no further than
Marathon. We are not to leave the country again, or I, that is we, get cut
off from using it again."

Dooby looked morose and properly warned. 'Shit, well I sort of wanted to go
back to Paradise Island, maybe Saturday night. I've still got the six
thousand I won last time, and I feel lucky again." The tables within
hearing distance grew quiet. Dooby's look suddenly brightened with a
thought. "I know, I'll charter a chopper in Marathon so the plane can stay
there, and your dad won't know," he concluded happily.

The same jeering voice intruded again, talking to his friends, "Yeah, what
assholes. I'll bet they're new shippers (on scholarships) and don't own
shit like half the guys in here."

Cory identified the voice and acted without thinking of the possible
consequences. Suddenly, the mouth found himself face down kissing carpet
and feeling a painful arm lock. Although the guy was clearly forty pounds
heavier, Cory had no problems controlling him as he pushed the arm higher
and hissed in his ear, "Look motherfucker, my last name is Spelling. If you
eat food you may have bought it from one of our stores. My big mouth friend
is Harold DuBois the Second, for whatever that's worth, he's a French
Count, but while he's here, he's just Dooby, and won't speak a word of
French. The other guy's father is an attorney with one conglomerate client,
and you question our right to be here?"

The kid admitted he might have been wrong as Cory increased pressure on his
arm. Cory released the arm, helped the dumbfound boy up and offered his
hand along with a smile. It was all over in thirty seconds. "Hi, my name's
Cory Spelling."

The boy rubbed his arm before he smiled and shook with Cory. "Trust my luck
to fuck with a wrestler. I'm Zack Bradley. My grandfather plays golf with
your dad all the time."

Christian and Dooby were standing behind Cory actually looming over him in
case anyone else wanted some action. Christian grinned, "Carl Bradley? I've
played with him and Charley, Cory's dad." He giggled, "That was a
profitable Saturday morning at a hundred a hole." He ignored the gasps from
around the silent room, "I'm Christian Dunn."

Zack cracked up. He grabbed Christian's hand and pumped his arm. "You're
THAT Christian? Man, gramps is still moaning about that round, but he's
looking forward to playing you again because you helped his game even if
you are a 'sarcastic prick', I think that's the term he called you. None of
the guys gramps plays with are used to getting skunked as in lose every
hole and to just one guy yet. You give expensive lessons. Hey, my game
could use some help, you want to play sometime?" Christian agreed without
hesitation because Charley told him he'd be playing with future
contemporary power brokers, so if asked, agree and to always play his best
and beat the shit out of them if he could, to gain their respect and
culture their true friendships.

The ice was broken. Zack seemed to be the leader of the old money clique as
opposed to the 'new' money crowd and lastly the lowly boys there on
scholarships, once prominent families or not. When Christian introduced
Dooby, Zack hesitated, looked at Dooby strangely and bowed over his
hand. After he introduced them to the three guys at his table, he guided
them through the dining hall and introduced the three to other select guys
regardless of grade level. What Zack was doing was announcing to the entire
student body that Cory, Christian and Dooby were social equals and
instantly in his clique and to fuck with them was to fuck with them all.

Word quickly spread through the school that Dooby was a French Count and
incognito while in America to study so by the time Dooby and Christian
appeared in the locker room to change for Lacrosse tryouts, everyone
knew. What the other students didn't know was how one treated a titled
Frenchman until Dooby became Dooby by working his way through the lockers,
introducing himself and cranking everyone's arm. He even wished everyone
luck in making the team. A few guys even grinned and looked at their right
hands in amazement. Zack Bradley came running in late while most of the
others drew their equipment. He lugged a bag containing his own as did
Dooby and Christian.

By then Dooby and Christian were naked except for helmets and shoulder
pads, and playfully dueling with their sticks - playfully, but
skillfully. Zack grinned, dropped his bag on the bench beside them and
promptly stripped as fast as he could to join the action. Three pairs of
eyes roved, almost unnoticed. All three enjoyed what they saw, "You guys
will be a Godsend to our team, man, and did we suck the big one last
year. We won one fucking match the whole season," Zack moaned as his stick
blocked Dooby's from 'accidentally' landing on Christian's armored
shoulder. He stopped and backed away staring at their body's openly,
delighted that he found an excuse. "How'd you guys get such great tans?" he
asked and cocked his hip toward them pointing at his small strip of white
skin. He also noticed that both were carefully very neatly barbered and
wanted them to notice that he was too.

Christian and Dooby noticed. "We just got back from vacation," Dooby
answered with a shrug, "we spent the last couple of weeks on a private
island in the Keys. That's what we were talking about at lunch when we were
so rudely interrupted, motherfucker." Dooby giggled at Zack's contrite
expression, "Don't worry about being taken down so fast, Cory does it to me
all the time," he interjected and continued unaware that the room became
hushed both from Count Dooby's using the word and using it to tag Zack
Bradley of all people, one of the apparent heirs to the Bradley banking
fortune along with his cousin. "The island is called Coral Place. We
fished, swam and did a lot of diving all bare ass. Have you ever heard of
Auggie Bligh, Bligh Communications and Bligh Media Group?" He didn't wait
for an answer from Zack, but he got a nod along with several others from
the guys listening and admiring their tans and/or their three bodies openly
while they had the chance and were invited to. "Auggie owns it and where
Auggie goes, his staff goes, even his CEO. They were bare ass all the time,
so when in Rome as they say." He shrugged again, "Actually, it's habit
forming. I'm staying with Cory Spelling; his 'rents are in Europe so we've
got a thousand acres to ourselves." There were several intakes of breath as
Dooby, Christian and Zack began to suit up. None knew of anyone except
Zack's grandfather who could still afford a really large estate. Christian
grinned inwardly. Only Dooby was capable of instilling awe using a few
words and only dropping one name.

While Dobby and Christian were making their presence known in Lacrosse,
Cory was doing the same in wrestling. He stripped with everyone else
standing close to his locker. No one could suit up until they were weighed
so he got in line waiting quietly. The burly senior in front of him dwarfed
him. "You have got to be the heavy weight," he commented to the middle of
the guy's back.

The senior turned and looked down after looking at the guy behind Cory. He
grinned and nodded, "Yup, and you must be a new ninety-eight pounder
right?" He offered his hand, "I'm Steve Gray, welcome aboard. There's no
question that you'll make the squad after I saw you take out Bradley at
lunch. Zack deserved it though. He's a nice guy most of the." Steve stopped
in the middle of his sentence when he was scanning Cory's chiseled perfect
little body and his eyes froze on his monster manhood. "Shit," he pointed
and laughed, "you must have been standing in front of me when they handed
out cocks, you got mine and they gave me yours! Hey, guys! Check this new
guy out!" he called.

The line dissolved and Cory was suddenly surrounded. The coach even
abandoned the scales. Cory just looked around at all the other packages and
shook his head in mock sadness, "I guess I'm king of the hill in the cock
department. Too bad guys, but you should know that this isn't always a
blessing when my date takes one look and runs off screaming or she doesn't
run and then I can't get all the way in." He looked up at big Steve, "By
the way, I'm Cory Spelling."

The coach interrupted their handshake, "Spelling, you're the one who
snatched Bradley so fast and had him crying uncle?" Cory shrugged but Steve
nodded enthusiastically. "You'll have to wrestle Keller for the Varsity
position." The coach pointed. Cory and Keller grinned at each other

Dooby and Christian leaned against Christian's Vet in the small day student
parking lot chatting with Zack while they waited for Cory after
tryouts. They were all wearing shorts and carrying their tee shirts. Cory
dressed the same but carrying suit and book bags came running at them and
didn't stop until Dooby lay on the pavement under him, his books and
uniform dropped, "I beat a senior! I made Varsity, can you believe it?"

"Well, hello to you too," Dooby remonstrated with a giggle, carefully not
kissing his lover although he was very tempted. "We did too. Now get off
me, asshole," he grumbled, still giggling his pleasure at seeing Cory so

Zack looked from Cory's body to Christian's when Cory was back on his feet
and had stowed his things, "Man, same fine body in two sizes," he half
mumbled, thinking out loud.

Dooby heard him, he giggled and pointed at Cory's shorts, "Not quite."

Zack did a suitable double take and watched Cory's lightening reaction time
kick in. Dooby was already dancing away in anticipation, but wasn't fast
enough as his head was suddenly under Cory's arm and Cory's free hand
administered a severe head nuggie. "You couldn't resist could you,

Christian rolled his eyes, "The wrestling team already saw you, so by now
the whole school knows," he reminded Cory. He turned to Zack, changing the
subject. "Do you need a lift? We'll be crowded but we can manage."

Zack frowned, and tipped his head at a shinning black Caddy Escalade,
"Gramps thinks that's safer than a real car, but thanks. Plus I'm waiting
for my cousin he waits for me in the library," he added. He explained when
he saw questions in their eyes, "You met him, I introduced you at lunch,
Billy Kidd."

Dooby shrugged, "Who remembers names?"

"Our family is a bit dysfunctional, our parents split long ago. My father
and his mother just never grew up. Either one kind of shows up when they
want to take a break from vacationing, Gramps never approved of my mother
or Billy's father so they're history too, but very comfortable. Gramps has
custody of us both. End of story." Zack hesitated and made an offer, "If
we're going to pal around together," he grinned when he saw three smiles of
agreement. "You'd find out anyway, or what someone thinks is going on. What
I just told you is the truth." He looked up, "Here comes my favorite little
bookworm." He whistled shrilly, "HURRY THE FUCK UP!" he shouted with a

Cory, Dooby and Christian turned to see a tall gangling teen look up from
reading a book while he walked slowly toward them or rather toward the
parking lot. He filed the book in his book bag and started jogging toward
them. After Zack reintroduced Billy, Cory looked up at Dooby in question;
Dooby nodded. "If you guys aren't doing anything tonight, how about

Zack and Billy looked at each other, Billy blushed and shrugged slightly,
he still hadn't spoken a word. Zack grinned and nodded as he reached for
his cellphone. After he finished the call to his grandfather, he looked at
the phone strangely. "Holy shit, Gramps approves of you guys."

Cory shrugged, "He and dad are friends, so he probably thinks it would be a
good thing if we are too."

Christian interrupted, "Since Zack's got wheels you can ride with him. I've
got a lot of work to do at the office and Tom's at a meeting overnight,
so..." he opened the vets' hatch again so they could transfer their book
bags and clothes. Billy looked disappointed about Christian's refusal and
watched him until he slipped behind the wheel to disappear since the top
was in place.

Once in the big Spelling house and upstairs in the lounge of what was once
the master suite, Dooby took Cory's suit bag and handed Cory his book
bag. Cory put their books on two facing desks, the only additions to the
original furnishings, while Dooby disappeared into the bedroom to hang
their school clothes in the closet. "How about if we drag dinner down to
the cabana by the pool?" Dooby asked when he returned. "There may not be
many warm days left, so we may as well enjoy them."

Zack's eyes widened and he grinned, while Billy went goggle eyed. Dooby was
happily naked and unselfconscious waiting for answers. "Okay by me," Zack
agreed and pushed his shorts off while he frowned at his cousin. "Get naked
Billy. Damn, your tie is still tight and your collar button is still
buttoned," he mumbled and began to strip Billy as if he was too young to do
it himself. Billy stared at the carpet and allowed Zack to do it and even
helped by lifting his feet when necessary without being asked.

It was Cory and Dooby's turn to stare. "How is it that you have an athletic
body if you're a bookworm?" Dooby asked while admiring the sleek body with
a hint of pecs and then hard, slightly rippled and flat abdomen all the way
down to a nice four-inch dangler topped by a wedge of tightly trimmed
blondish pubes.

"I do a lot of riding," Billy answered in a soft voice, speaking for the
first time. He realized what he said and amended, "horses, I ride horses,
jumpers and dressage, I enter all the shows." He and Zack both colored at
the slip of tongue, the innuendo.

"Come on, we can talk on the way to raiding the kitchen," Cory said and led
the way. "Since we're maybe going to be friends, there's some shit you need
to know about us."

"Maybe?" Zack asked with a frown as they descended the wide front staircase
four abreast.

Dooby nodded, "Yeah, I was bullshitting at lunch. We did spend some of our
vacation on Coral Place, but we work for Auggie Bligh and we could never
fly there on a weekend because we're going to have to work most of the
weekend just to keep up but we really could if we weren't so busy. We will
be going back there over Thanksgiving to tape our Christmas show though."

"Huh?" Zach and Billy asked together, by then thoroughly confused by
Dooby's cryptic explanation.

Cory rolled his eyes, "What dildo is trying to explain is that he and I
have this little TV show, an infomercial where we hype the stores, our
director left in some stuff in the first show that should have been out
takes and it became a cooking comedy. Auggie saw it and is taking it
national on one of his cable channels and is creating another late night
show using out takes and by following us around with a camera," he
explained and then boldly put his arm around Dooby's waist. "There's just
one more thing, we're gay."

Zack and Billy froze just inside the kitchen door while Dooby spun away
from Cory to investigate dinner. Billy grinned at Zack, silently waiting
for his reaction. Zack looked at Billy, shrugged and his face reddened. "I
guess I am too, and I made Billy into one too," he said just above a

Billy put his arm over Zack's shoulders and pulled him in tight. "I keep
telling you that you didn't. For the last time, all you did was make me
aware of myself a little earlier."

Dooby opened the oven door and grinned, oblivious to the quiet conversation
across the room. He interrupted, "Wow, we're in luck guys, wait until you
taste this lasagna. I'll bring this; you guys grab the rest of the shit,"
he commanded, already donning oven mittens. He turned carrying the main
course back through the house. "What's with you guys?" he asked, "You're
blocking the damn door."

"We're gay," Zack admitted a second time but including Billy.

Dooby giggled, "Christian and I knew that since we saw that you shave your
cock and balls just like we do, and then upstairs, well, look at Billy, you
keep him so high and tight. That's really sexy but we can't go that far
because of sports." He looked at Cory, "Maybe we should next summer?" He
didn't wait for an answer; he just threatened them with the hot pan to get
them out of the way. "Grab a bottle of good dago red on your way!" he
called back to Cory.

"Is he really a French Count?" Zack asked suspiciously. "He talks and
swears like he's American."

"Is HE the Count?" Billy asked eagerly.

Cory giggled, "Nope, I just started that to piss him off. Now that the
whole school knows, but also knows that he's incognito, it should get
interesting. Just please don't give it away, yet."

Zack grinned and looked out to see that Dobby was leaving the garden level
as they were just leaving the house, "It's working like you wouldn't
believe, you should have seen the guys in the locker room. He went around
to everyone shaking hands, some of those idiots looked at him as if he was
a celebrity or something. It was amazing. Even the coach was differential
at first, until old Doob proved he could play as nasty as the rest of us on
varsity and didn't mind taking his licks either. He and Christian are a duo
you can tell that, they've played together before."

"Yup, on a regional high school team, plus a group of us played together
all summer. We've got a very private field set up over at Dooby's cousins'
house where Christian lives. There we play the purist version, except Tom,
Christian's partner, makes us wear all the protective gear."

Zack grinned, "Does purist and very private mean you play mostly naked?"

"It sure does. If you and Billy are interested, come over there on
Sunday. We'll have our show in the can by Saturday night, so Sunday we play
and fuck around." Cory hesitated, "You guys don't have to with any of us
since you're a couple, the law is you can just say no, but I really mean
fuck around."

"What time?" Billy asked, again eagerly.

"Fuck Sunday, can we watch you tape your show too?" Zack countered.

"Sure if you don't mind a camera in your face occasionally. Out takes, you
know, for the other show." Cory answered. "Don't worry, you'll fit in,
somehow we're all good looking studs."

"And we know it," Dooby said with a giggle from the pavilion's kitchen

"We're all modest too," Cory continued rolling his eyes, "We're all couples
and mostly anything goes when some of us get together. We don't think that
sex with other guys matters as long as there aren't any secrets, and good
sex has nothing to do with love." He held up his hand so his ring showed.

Zack nodded and looked at Billy, who grinned for some reason. Zack grinned
back. He explained suddenly, "See our problem is that I'll be heading off
to Yale next year and if we had to spend this whole year looking, we were
determined to find him someone safe to play with."

"We?" Dooby handed out long necks and flopped on a chair next to Billy and
then admired the stretched out body, who's gut seemed collapsed on his
spine and his cock kind of arched over and down naturally.

"Yes, we, Gramps has known about us since about the time Billy reached
puberty and I turned him into a sex fiend. We were looking for someone safe
for him to be close pals with, and someone gramps approved of, and you
guys, with phenomenal Christian, golfer AND body, are it," he frowned,
"well you two anyway, I just remembered that Christian's a senior too."

Dooby looked around hungrily, "Just where is the snack tray, asshole?" he
asked, looking at Cory. He didn't wait for a lame answer when Cory looked
guilty. "Don't bother, I'll go get it, man," he grumbled, "Dooby do this,
Dooby do that. Here we have guests for the first time and you sit there
deciding who you want to fuck you first, what a slut." Dooby's lament
disappeared with his body, back up to the house.

Dooby started jogging, "Wait," Billy called only fifty feet behind him by
time he reached the garden. Dooby halted and looked over his shoulder. He
grinned and waited for Billy.

Dooby arched his eyebrow, "I'm glad it's mutual. What do you like to do?"
he asked bluntly as they resumed their journey.

"Say what?" Billy looked away, "Oh, whatever you want to do."

Dooby frowned, "I could see that Zack is the boss, but what would you like
to do, say with me, without Zack around? Ah, like right now, a quickie?"

Billy sank to his knees by way of answering and looked up at Dooby
hopefully, "I'd really like to get you off, right now, out in the sun,
where thousands of people could watch us if they had telescopes."

Dooby went hard instantly. He grinned, "We could really give them a better
show if we sixty-nined out on the front terrace. You can even see the New
York skyline if it's really clear. Come on." He pulled Billy to his feet
and was rewarded by seven slender inches that fit between his legs
perfectly when he pulled Billy against his body for a trial kiss. The two
swapped spit for a minute before Dooby pulled away, grabbed Billy's hand
and tugged him into a run to the front terrace where he pulled a lounge
chair cushion to the flagstones and then fell on it before Billy could.

Billy looked askance at Dooby inviting him down with his hands. "You want
me to fuck you in the mouth?"

"Absolutely, if you wanted me to fuck yours you need to call it or be
quicker. Now get down here before I lose it, or you do. I can see that this
one is really going to be a quickie."

"Yeah, it has been a long day," Billy whispered, as he knelt at Dooby's
shoulders, leaned forward and stretched out to gobble in Dooby's cock, all
in one liquid movement. A second later he began moving slowly. Dooby sped
Billy's movements to match his bobbing head with his hands.

Zack looked at his watch, "I wonder what's taking them so long?" he asked
Cory nervously eyeing Cory's cock and the pair of oranges that supported it
as Corry stretched to give him a better view.

Cory winked, "I know what they're doing, they're getting ahead of us, that
is if you want them to. I hate being in second place at anything, don't
you?" he asked. He stood up and walked the short distance to the queen size
air mattress and allowed his compact little body to fall backward. When he
stopped bouncing he was hard and magnificent. Zack stood looking down on
him sporting a heavy six inches.

Zack grinned stepped to the other end of the mattress and allowed his body
to fall forward. Cory screamed and laughed as Zack stopped his fall with
his arms. "Motherfucker, Christian does that to us all the time."

"Thanks for letting me be on top the first time with this big boy. I'm
going to really work at swallowing you, but it's going to take some
practice." He mumbled between exploring licks. Cory couldn't answer and
didn't want to.

Dooby and Billy returned just then. Both looked relaxed and happy and Billy
had turned into as big a chatterbox as Dooby. Of course, Dooby was
experienced with group sex but Billy was wide eyed watching Zack, his
cousin, making it with another guy for the first time. Dooby moved to
Zack's closed legs and pried them open. He looked up at Billy, "Open up
Cory's legs so you can get in close like this, weigh his nuts like this,"
he demonstrated on Zack. "Nice rack you've got there Zack, save some,
because I'm next." Dooby then boldly spread Zack's muscular straining
cheeks. "Nice tight little pussy too." He looked up to see Billy watching
him. "Damn Billy, right after dinner, we'll send them up to the bathroom,
this will be highly edible after there's something in there to
eat. Meanwhile, since we're already clean we can work on filling ours with
each other."

"EAT?" Billy gasped.

"Sure don't you guys eat each other's pussy?" Dooby looked astonished.

"Well yes, but I didn't think about anyone else doing it. Zack's been
eating me since I was ten." Zack paused to look up at Billy and
glare. "Sorry but that just slipped out but if you recall I was the one who
talked you into fucking me the first time."

"TEN?" Dooby whooped, "Goddamn you guys have been making it with each other
for four years already? Shit, you're more experienced than we are. Come on,
help me get dinner on the table, Cory's about to explode Zack, get ready to
swallow or drown," he warned with a giggle.

Billy and Zack's story emerged after everyone had second helpings on their

Zack and Billy had been living with their grandfather for three years when
Zack was fourteen and Billy was ten and they got together the first
time. They treated each other like brothers except there was always the age
difference and diverse interests. Zack was into team sports and golf while
Billy enjoyed studying for the fun of it and spent hours every summer day
riding and training his horses. One hot sunny day in July, the boys were
having breakfast with their grandfather Carl, and as usual they told him
what they planned to do. Both were highly mobile with a car and driver at
their disposal after he delivered Carl to his office.

"I was going to go to the club and find a pickup game," Zack sighed, "but
it's already too hot, so I think I'll just hang out by the pool and read
the new 'Harry Potter' that just came out."

Billy quickly revised his plans; "I'll just work one of them this morning
and then join you at the pool if you want some company." Billy always
deferred to his older cousin and he looked at Zack hopefully. Billy loved
looking at Zack's body all the time but loved seeing him nearly naked,
wearing a very brief bikini or better yet naked in their wing in his
bedroom if the door was open. Zack had little love of wearing clothes in
privacy and didn't seem to mind if Billy looked since he always got naked
too if Zack was. If the door was closed the 'do not disturb' sign was out,
and for over a year and a half the door was more frequently closed than
open for some reason.

Zack smiled and shrugged, "Sure little bro, I always enjoy your company
except around those smelly nags of yours." Zack rode frequently until the
previous summer when the horse balked at a jump and Zack went ass over
elbows. He broke his arm in the fall, which meant that he had to sit on the
sidelines watching all the fall sports. That accident ended his riding
career, and the stable became Billy's sole territory.

When it was lunchtime, Zack went into the kitchen to get his tray as had
become their custom. Two trays were ready and they could eat wherever they
pleased. Zack took his tray to the pool and was mildly disappointed at
having seen that Billy hadn't claimed his tray yet. He smiled to himself,
"He forgot or he got involved. He'll remember his lunch at dinnertime," he
thought. "I don't know why but I really enjoy looking at his body. In a
couple of years he'll be as sleek as a yearling stallion." With that
thought, he slipped into the pool until he calmed down. Other images of
guys in the locker room entered his head and he quickly realized there was
only one way to calm down. He climbed from the pool and wrapped a towel
around his waist and then daringly pulled it tight to look down on his
bulge while he walked through the house and up stairs to his room. It
wasn't really daring he knew, all the servants had the afternoons off and
wouldn't reappear until four o'clock.

Zack's towel and tiny bathing suit dropped together halfway to his bed
where he quickly stretched out to begin pounding his meat, keeping pace
with the slide show in his mind. "What are you doing? Is that called
jerking off?" Zack's eyes flew open to see Billy wearing his bikini holding
a sandwich with his blue saucer eyes fixed on his rock hard cock.

"Yes it is, as soon as you sprout some hair around your cock you'll be
doing this all the time too."

"Wow, can I watch?" Billy asked as the thin material covering his crotch
bulged with his youthful boner.

"You can if you strip too." Billy put his sandwich on the table and shed
his suit in a flash. "Get on the bed and you can feel it, you can even do
this for me if you want. I'll show you how." Zack took Billy's hand and
covered it so it held his shaft. He moved their hands up and down slowly,
quivering under Billy's touch at being jerked off by an alien hand. "Oh
man, that feel's so good," he moaned. He had another thought, more like an
inspiration. "Hey stop a minute, I want to show you something else that I
imagine feels even better. Girls do this to guys all the time and it's
something that two guys can do, too. Let me try it on you first."

Zack's heart was pounding double time as he arranged his young cousin's
willing body on his back with his legs spread and he knelt between them. He
thrilled at touching Billy's hairless five-inch boner as he stroked it a
few times before lowering his mouth and began bobbing his head. Billy
moaned his pleasure and within five minutes, suddenly grabbed Zack's head
and arched his body up while pulling Zack down.

"Zack, that was wonderful. What happened?" Billy panted.

Zack grinned, on seeing Billy's elation. "That, my dear cousin, was a
blank. It's exactly what it feels like when you really do come. I've done
it a couple of times but I had to beat myself raw trying and I tried lots."

"Can I try that on you now?" Billy asked hesitantly into Zack's neck after
Zack crept up his smaller, lighter body. Billy was eager to reciprocate
although he loved the weight and warmth and the feel of their two cocks
mashed together between their guts.

Zack lifted his head to look down on his smiling cousin. "Do you want to
maybe practice making out for a while first?"

"Making out how?" Billy asked mischievously with an open mouth, and
inviting smile since he had a reasonable idea of what that meant.

Billy was right. "Like this," Zack whispered before he lowered his lips and
his tongue probed Billy's mouth.

Billy was delighted. Making out was something he could do, that they could
do as equals. His tongue shot upward into Zack's mouth and kissing became a
sport, a duel. Zack began dry humping Billy's gut and suddenly they were
slippery which felt even better. Billy felt the change and used surprising
strength to roll them so that he was on top and he grinned down on Zack.

"Can I try that out on you now? You did it to me, and fair is fair," he
reminded Zack as he skittered down his fourteen-year-old cousin's
developing body, delighted that he was suddenly able to do so and he hoped
he'd be allowed to continue if he did a good job. He held up Zack's
throbbing cock and studied it myopically, "Wow, this is huge. Will I get
this big, do you think?"

Zack lifted his head to grin, "Definitely, maybe bigger if you use it
frequently, you know lots of practice. I'll help you if you want."

"Yeah! Bonk me on the head if I bite okay?" Billy didn't wait for an answer
he was determined not to bite since Zack didn't bite his.

Zack watched half his cock disappear and Billy's cheeks collapsed as he
bobbed his head and sucked experimentally. That was too much for
Zack. "Take your mouth away," he panted, "I'm going to come!" he shouted as
his body arched and his hands fluttered around Billy's head wanting to hold
it and bury his cock in the mouth that had become a pussy. To his total
surprise, Billy did it for him briefly before pulling back part way to suck
with greater enthusiasm. Suck and swallow. Billy continued to suck after
Zack's body wilted back to the bed until Zack dragged him up his body and
kissed his thanks.

The two boys 'practiced' making out again until once again Zack began
grinding his hips. "Can I suck you again?" Billy asked.

Zack shook his head, "Not until after I suck you."

Zack worked diligently for twenty minutes and at one point even lifted
Billy's legs to stab the tiny pucker with his tongue, but only succeeded in
almost shooting his own ready load.

"Give it up," Billy moaned. "You said blanks were rare, I guess they are
even though I enjoyed the try. Stretch out and let me get at you before you
have an attack of something." The air conditioning was not keeping up with
their heated bodies.

After Zack's second blast, they lay together cuddling. Billy lay with his
head on Zack's chest watching his hand play with the limp teenage cock
suddenly at his disposal. "Zack?"


"Could we try corn holing now?"

"Corn holing? What's that?"

"You put your cock in my butt. The old groom, Charlie, told me about it. He
said that his older brothers used to do it to him all the time. He said
that I looked ripe for it. I think he was suggesting something but I just
laughed and changed the subject. He's definitely not my older brother, but
you are, almost. I'd do it with you," Billy concluded in a whisper. Zack's
first response was to grow up in Billy's hand. Billy giggled, "Is this a

"No, but I like the thought, but I'm too big, I'd hurt you." Zack sat them
both up suddenly, "But you aren't big enough to hurt me. We'll do it in the
shower, it'll be less messy, you know shitty."

"We could take enemas first. I know all about them, our last nanny was
always asking if 'we' had 'our' BM today and if I said no, I got stripped
and guided to the bathroom."

Zack erupted in laughter ignoring the 'we'. "The old bitch did that to you
too? Did she play with your cock too?" Billy blushed and nodded. "I said
'no' every other day so she'd play with me." Zack imitated her British
accent; "'Coming along quite nicely I see, you dear boy will be a proper
lady killer in a few short years.' Too bad, she probably took her equipment
with her."

Billy jumped off the bed and started running, "No she didn't, it's in my
bathroom closet," he said over his shoulder.

Zack got hard again watching Billy's tiny crack and picturing the little
pucker it concealed. "Maybe in a year or so." he moaned in his mind.

Billy insured that he got his enema first by never giving up control of the
equipment and after the bag was full, draining it into himself after
dipping the nozzle into a bottle of mineral oil. Zack again watched Billy
run into the toilet alcove and by the time he returned Zack had the bag
refilled and ready. He handed the nozzle to Billy and got down on his hands
and knees, "You can have the honors."

Billy giggled, "Right o!" he sank to his knees at Zack's side and used a
hand to hold Zack's cock and balls firmly before he inserted the nozzle,
"Just so you don't try to get away," he admonished like the former nanny.

Zack cracked up, "Cool it Billy or you'll have to clean up my bathroom," he
warned. Billy let go quickly. "I meant making jokes - I like being held."

"Oh," Billy returned his hand.

After they rinsed each other, they raced back to Zack's bed. Billy won and
lay on his belly, stubbornly looking back at Zack, "Just try it, please?"

Zack lay down between Billy's spread legs and stared at the alluring little
bubble butt cheeks and the dark narrow seam that separated them. His
breathing rate increased as he used his fingers to spread them to once
again expose the tiny pink pucker. Billy ended Zack's resistance by
clenching it, winking at him. Zack lowered his head ignoring the smeared-on
mineral oil. They were both covered with the stuff and Zack was going to
have to clean his bathroom since he started the brief oil fight. Billy
relaxed as much as he could and Zack's tongue sank and sank.

Billy became the boss. He moaned, "Use your fingers to spread me," he
ordered and moaned again as Zack slipped a middle finger all the way in.

"Does that hurt?"

"Noo!" Billy cooed, "It feels fantastic put in another one and move them
around. Zack added another finger and used two to very gently fuck the
tight hole that he was quickly turning into a beautiful pussy. He added a
third finger without being asked and gradually opened them while thrusting

Zack worked a few more minutes before pulling them out to see that the
muscles stayed relaxed. "It worked! Quick, roll over; I want to see your
face as I enter to see if I'm hurting you. You understand that if this
works, well, once won't be enough," he warned looking into Billy's
eyes. Billy nodded, reached and guided Zach to first contact. Zach sank
until the head was in. Billy sucked in his breath, nodded again and
suddenly Zack's pubes were tickling Billy's growing nut sack.

"We did it! Look!" Zack innocently lifted his upper body so Billy could see
that they were firmly connected as if he couldn't feel it.

Billy pulled Zack down to kiss him before he said, "You're big cock is way
better than fingers and they felt great. Now that you're in the saddle
start riding this filly and try real hard not to fall off please."

Zack laughed, "You, little bro, are a stallion with a pussy, never a filly,
you got that, and I won't ever fall off!" he withdrew and thrust in for
emphasis and his face went weird, just before Billy felt his powerful
ejaculations deep in his gut.

Billy felt free to giggle at Zack's frustration, "Would that be what's
called a premature ejaculation?" he teased innocently after locking his
ankles around Zack's waist to lever his small body up and down on Zach's
still hard cock.

Zack began thrusting slowly on his own. He grinned down on Billy, "You know
you read too much? And no, it wasn't, I was over excited, ah, I hope," he
amended. The second shot erupted ten whole minutes later and Zack felt

"So that's how I made my little cousin into a queer," Zack concluded the

"Will you stop with the guilt trip already?" Billy snapped. "I was gay when
we moved in with gramps. Didn't you notice that I got naked as soon as I
saw that you were? I wanted your body back when I was seven," Billy
grinned, "but at the time I didn't know for what, but when I was ten I
found out. I got hard that morning at breakfast just picturing you out at
the pool and I wanted to feast my eyes on you all afternoon. Of course,
what we ended up doing was even better and I realized why I liked looking
at you so much."

"Does your grandfather know?" Dooby asked while he split up two half
gallons of ice cream into four bowls.

Zack and Billy looked at each other and shrugged together, deciding
something. Billy nodded, "Yeah, he does. You'd find out about that
too. After I started pumping cum, Zack had me practicing on him every
night. Gramps always stopped in our rooms every night to say that he was
turning in and give us each a peck on the cheek. He was away on a business
trip and was supposed to be gone all week, but he got back on Thursday
night and we didn't know it. It was late fall, so it was dark and we were
in Zack's bed. I don't remember who was on top but the door was
open. Gramps watched us from the dark hall for over an hour. From then on
after he said goodnight, we thought the coast was clear and we did our
thing while gramps watched us from the hall."

"He never said a word in all that time," Zack picked up the story, "then
just before Christmas he went on another business trip, he told us, but I
guess it really was a shopping trip. Gramps came home on a night after we
were already zonked out, in the morning when we came down for breakfast;
there was gramps and a British kid named Darryl. Gramps is kind of blunt
when he wants to be and he told us he'd been watching us and we stirred up
the memory of an experience he had when he was my age. That was two years
ago when I was sixteen and Billy was almost thirteen. He told us that
Darrel was gay and that he was being very well paid for us to use him and
that he would watch. Darrel claimed then that he was eighteen but he didn't
look it to us, and that first night he didn't act like he was experienced
at all. We still don't know where gramps found him but like your dad,
gramps can afford his whims. We both fuck him while gramps watches and then
they leave. You can guess what they do alone together with Darrel packing
at least two loads. We haven't asked and Darrel hasn't said, but Gramps has
never been happier and more relaxed so what's good for gramps is good for

"We helped out two old guys almost the same way. They were the original
owners of Coral Place. They'd been partners since the ice age and sold the
place to Auggie with life rights to live there. We just barged in their
bedroom and got in bed with them. We got them comfortable with touching us
and then they gave us head jobs and later we gave them a show and got some
of the other guys to spend time with them too. Maybe you should try the
same thing with your gramps. The most he can do is throw you out of his
bedroom, but then maybe not if he's waiting for you to kind of
volunteer. Maybe try it tonight, you could deliver him a nice big fresh

Zack and Billy had time to look at each other and grin before Dooby took
Billy's hand and led him to the air mattress. Zack led Cory but beat the
little wrestler to his back. "Pin me," he ordered, waving Cory down.

Dooby, Cory and Christian waited for Zack and Billy in the student parking
lot the next morning. They arrived smiling; "It worked?" Dooby asked

Zack nodded, barely able to keep from hugging Dooby and had to be content
with high fives all around. "He was like a kid locked in a toy store and
still smiling at us this morning at breakfast."

"You mean like a breeder locked in a stud barn with three stallions to work
with," Billy corrected with a giggle. "Oh, you guys are invited for dinner
tonight or any night you're free. Gramps kind of hinted that he'd like to
meet the donors of last evening's snack."

"You too Christian, and Tom, if you guys want to, and of course he'd like
to set up a golf date with you. He said he's been saving up to play you
again," Zack laughed. "We also told him about Auggie Bligh and his stable,
I hope that was all right; anyway he kind of likes the idea of surrounding
himself with a few other young guys, and he'd like to meet Auggie

"Sure, we can arrange that," Dooby agreed but since they had entered a
hallway with other students heading to classes he couldn't say more.

Dooby had third period free. He settled under a tree in the middle of the
quad so he wouldn't be overheard when he called Auggie. His call only
lasted three minutes and two of those were used discussing fishing. Auggie
knew of Carl Bradley from Charlie, and Dooby explained his long suppressed

"Sure Dooby boy, we'll be up there Friday night. The short trip will be ah
right nice change of pace. Oops, gotta go, Jim Bob just fired up Fishin'
Boy. We're havin' a fish fry tonight."

It turned out that there was also a fish fry at the Bradley home at
poolside. After introductions were out of the way, and drinks were served,
Dooby tested the pool with a toe and pushed off his shorts before he looked
at Carl, "Hey gramps do we have time for a swim?" he asked.

Carl turned and blinked, "Ah, yes, I'd planned an hour and I guess bathing
suits just became optional." Carl didn't know where to look first as all
the boys stripped, even Tom but he sat back down near Carl while Christian
opted to swim. Darryl stripped as well but stood at Carl's side. "You can
go too, make some new friends."

With permission, Darryl ran toward the area where Dooby just surfaced in
the shallows where Christian was actively attempting to drown Dooby for
honking him. Dooby wanted Christian erect so he could compare Zack's cock
with Christian's. Dooby watched Darryl dive and swim in their direction,
"Hey Darryl! Is it true that redheads have big cocks?" he asked and reached
and was rewarded with eight hard inches in seconds. "Yup, feel this thing,
Christian," he said taking Christian's hand and placing it. He was trying
to pull it away until he felt Darryl thrust himself further with a step
closer, and a tentative hand groped his and stayed to explore. Suddenly all
the boys were making introductions all over again, just shaking cocks
instead of hands.

Tom sighed and shook his head, "I'm sorry about Dooby. He's always starting

Carl laughed, "Yes the boys told me he's very creative and apparently
always very horny and outgoing."

As they spoke Dooby separated Darryl from the group and tugged him up the
steps out of the pool. "Damn Carl, you have excellent taste. Darryl's

"Yes he is, thank you. Until I discovered him, my only other adventure was
with a redhead who looked somewhat like he does, so many years ago. I'm
reliving my teenage experience through him, silly old man that I am. I
wanted a redhead so I went to Scotland and began looking just after dark
when the street boys come out. I was sitting in the back of a Rolls with
the windows down. Darryl was standing on a street corner and he looked so
pathetic and he stared at me so hopefully, not at the car like the others,
but directly at me. He came running when I beckoned to him. He thanked me
profusely in very proper English, no lilt at all.

"His story came out in the morning. His father is an MP, House of Lords
even. Darryl was caught being serviced by their estate superintendent. It
seemed that he'd developed a taste for mature men and vice versa. Darryl
was thrown out and disowned but he was rumored to have run away. He made
his way to Glasgow and I found him just as he was beginning his first night
of work.

"I smuggled him on my plane as a baggage handler and off the same way. Once
safely here I contacted his father, threatened with exposure as one who
would stoop so low to abandon a son for a simple sexual misadventure,
especially in England, he promptly sent me Darryl's passport and gave me
custody. He's a second son so he won't inherit the title and by now I hope
he's been forgotten." Carl stretched his neck suddenly, "Where did Darryl
and Dooby get off to?" he asked.

Tom started laughing and stood up. He pointed, "Not far, behind that big
flowerpot and from the legs I can see, you're right, they are getting
off. In fact, the pool seems to be empty," Carl watched Tom lengthen,
"perhaps we should go see what the boys are up to?" he suggested absently
as his erection led him to the other guys.

They all sat down to actually eat dinner two hours later. Carl was a master
at grilling and the fish was delicious. Carl turned pensive, and finally
cleared his throat as he looked at Tom, "Tom, I was wondering if you would
have time to have lunch with me and Darryl at the club tomorrow? Among
other things we need to talk about Spelling's IPO." He ignored Darryl's
silent laughter, the only one at the noisy table who had heard him. Carl
lowered his voice further. "Actually Tom I'd like your opinion on a
waiter. Darryl refers to him as Mr. Stunning. I'm retiring my whole staff
here in the house and replacing them with more liberal minds contained in
young attractive male bodies," he actually blushed, "and, ah, the waiter,
Alex, Darryl thinks would be splendid as our butler. They've been ogling
each other at lunch there for weeks."

"Hey gramps," Dooby got Carl's attention, "I forgot, but I just remembered,
I called Auggie this morning. Man the fish are really biting." Tom frowned
while Carl smiled his amusement. "Oh yeah, they're flying up here Friday
night for the weekend."

"Splendid," Carl said at once, "they can stay here."

It was Dooby's turn to frown, "Ah, Gramps, you've got live in help, maids
and everything."

"Yes, I do now but I won't by Friday. I'll send them all on a vacation to
begin their retirement."

Dooby grinned hugely, "Then the only other things you'll need are seven or
eight big air mattresses, decide where we're eventually going to sleep and
a ramp for Auggie's scooter." Dooby stood up suddenly dismissing the
subject and pulled Billy to his feet. "Come on, show us your horses," his
voice sank to a loud giggling whisper that carried the length of the table,
"and we'll leave you with some dessert."

Carl stood up as well, "Perhaps you might like to look at the field house
too?" He had just the place for sexual misadventures.

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determination he invests in cleaning up my work. I even enjoy the final
read more.

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