Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


 Part 26

Dooby, Cory and all the other guys watched the finished first show that was
to air on Auggie's new cable channel dubbed 'The Fun/Almost Adult Channel',
in Carl's media room. Since Dooby and Cory participated they yawned their
way through the first part. Auggie chose to establish the boys as horny
teenagers always interested in the opposite sex and actually having sex
with their girls at the earliest opportunity. The show opened with the
heroes debarking from Auggie's jet into Orlando International Airport,
meeting two girls, signing autographs and then waving as they departed to
begin their Disney World vacation. Scenes progressed. The boys were
reunited with the two girls at and in the hotel pool. The camera looked
down on the two couples making out on poolside lounges and there was no
doubt about the boys' excited states, even covered by towels they just
emphasized, both length and girth, the bold outlines created by the two
girls' wandering hands. Gradually the dialog softened to muted mumbles as a
voice over, the two girls hatching a plot to get them pregnant by Dooby and
Cory came in clearly.

The boys watching the show booed and hissed at such a treacherous plot all
while laughing their collective asses off as Dooby and Cory were by then
busy making out with each other and ignoring the big screen
completely. Dooby and Cory came up for air when they recognized Scott's
voice. Scott was on screen interviewing two boys. One was tall, lean and
blond while the other was a head shorter, sported dark curly hair and had
bright sparkling blue eyes. Both were very easy on the eyes. These were the
two alternates the girls mentioned several times.

It was quickly established that the boy's parents had been apprised of the
plot and after some discussion, gave their consent for their sons to
participate. The parents rationalized on camera that their sons were at an
age when they would soon lose their virginities if indeed they were still
intact no matter what, so they may as well do so with the parents knowing
where they went and to whom; a pair of such deserving virgin sisters was
hard to believe.

The local mall was the favorite meeting place for all teens in the small
city and it was also where a hidden camera taped the two developing
relationships most conveniently and there were also occasional sound
bites. The boys regretfully terminated relations with the girls after a
month as planned. They did it in the mall where there couldn't be too many
loud recriminations. While both boys were delighted with the unlimited sex,
the girls had the intelligence and personalities of rocks and the grating
voices of screech owls.

The two couples were sitting at a table in the food court finishing their
after school snacks. One of the girls began whining about getting to their
basement family room love nest while their parents were still at work.

The tall blond boy sighed, "I guess this would mean that you two still
aren't pregnant."

"Pregnant? Whatever do you mean? We certainly don't want to get pregnant!"
The older sister countered, she hoped without looking guilty.

Cory's look-a-like giggled. "Yeah you did. If we had a boy, you'd probably
name him Cory."

"And ours would be named Dooby, wouldn't it?" Dooby's near twin didn't wait
for either girl to think up an answer. He placed a small recorder on the
table. "This is a gift from Dooby and Cory. They said you two were dumb
blonds but we didn't believe them at first until you let us wear condoms so
we wouldn't get you pregnant."

"But, but you said they were to prevent STD's!" The older sister screeched
with rising indignation.

There was much male laughter. The boys on camera had to hold each other in
their chairs to keep from sliding off to the floor. Dooby's look-a-like was
first to temporarily regain his composure. "They are, that's their other

The boys helped each other to stand and continued to hold each other up as
they stumbled off down the mall concourse with tears streaming down their
faces. They hadn't quite reached an exit when they and all the other mall
patrons heard one united echoing scream. Obviously the sisters had listened
to the recording.

The premier show ended with five minutes of artfully edited teasers or one
long trailer. It soon became clear that the next show would be the diving
and fishing adventure. There was a long snatch showing all the guys wearing
their Tarzan suits lined up on the dock as Dooby outlined the Tarzan
contest while a phone number and a web site appeared at the bottom of the
screen. There were others of the guys from the rear wearing scuba and
nothing else as they left the dive boat, a blip of Dooby's hand teasing the
Clown Fish and guys shown facing and hand feeding a group of large toothy
fish. The teaser also included Dooby and Cory fighting their fish. The
trailer concluded in the casino with Dooby standing at a craps table behind
an impressive pile of chips, wearing a bemused grin at Cory standing at his

"I'll need you two for a lot of narration for this next segment," Scott
said from behind Dooby and Cory as the lights came up. He explained
further, "There are so many bleeps the actual dialog sounds like a stuck
doorbell, so we decided to leave them, just turn down the volume while you
guys narrate. Of course you'd have to do it for the underwater scenes
anyway," he left them to extend his thinking.

"Yeah, that will work, those bleeps do get annoying just like me saying
spit so often I've got to stop that," Dooby agreed. "I have to do a caution
for that fish feeding scene too."

No one in the group had time to watch much television and so they were
unaware of Auggie's intensifying advertising campaign hyping the new not
quite adult channel on all his other channels or another ad of a new series
dubbed simply, 'Teenagers'. All the dorm rooms were wired to receive cable
both for Internet access and as a perk, cable television
programming. Boarders who watched some cable TV quickly picked up on the
new series and the surprising fact that two of their own, Cory and Count
Dooby were to be the leading characters. Word spread and it became a
challenge for others to watch any given channel long enough to see the
trailer for themselves since Dooby and Cory in the ad were wearing very
brief Speedo tank suits and seen helping two beautiful blonds wearing
string bikinis from a swimming pool. Better yet the girls appeared to be
almost surgically attached to the boys' bodies including their hands inside
the boys' tiny bathing suits.

Dooby, Cory and Christian met Zack, Billy, Kurt, Carl, David and Alan in
the day student parking lot on Monday morning. The new boys had been
outfitted in uniforms temporally from Zack and Billy's packed closets full
of clothing that no longer fit, most were almost new since the cousins were
growing so fast. Zack already told the four what to expect and how to
handle themselves from the beginning. "You'll walk in like you own the
place. Never look down, never look away from a guy if they make eye contact
with you and smile if they look like they could be friends. Always be
polite," he grinned, "even to your instructors. You'll find out that most
are really nice guys and just a few are real assholes. Just remember that
you are a member of the Bradley family just like Billy and I and we'll let
everyone know it, we take shit from no one."

Surprise of surprises, once inside the school, the other guys they met
seemed to be interested in Dooby and Cory. Everyone was friendly but in a
strange way. It seemed to Dooby and Cory that everyone knew a secret but
them and yet the others were bursting to tell them but no one did the whole
day. The two just looked at each other, shrugged and carried on with their
day. Cory sighed with relief when he got to the wrestling team locker room
and began to change for practice. Big Steve the team heavy weight picked a
locker next to Cory's the first day and they'd become casual friends. Steve
was not as reticent about discussing the burning question on the whole
student body's minds.

"So," Steve began, "did you and Count Dooby fuck those two blonds and how
much are we going to see?" he asked boldly.

"Blonds?" Cory asked blankly because Steve could not possibly know about
blonds in the visiting rebel contingent over the weekend or Billy Kidd

Steve laughed at Cory's expression. "Now don't play dumb on me bud. You
know the two in the new show, Teenagers, that premiers Thursday night. The
ad for the show runs all the time. It shows you two lucky dogs climbing out
of a pool with the girls both giving you a hand, if you know what I
mean. You should know that you can't hide much in those little speed suits
you were wearing. It looked like your suit was about to tear apart from the
strain!" Steve clapped Cory on the back nearly driving him into the

A light bulb in Cory's head clicked on. "Oh those blonds." He sighed in
relief and grinned. "We were sure planning to. We, that would be Dooby and
I knew we were being taped but those bitches didn't. The sound guy has a
little directional microphone that was still aimed at the girls after we
left to go to a meeting. They wanted us to fuck them because they wanted to
get knocked up and then blackmail us for all the support they could get."

"So did you fuck them anyway?" Steve asked hopefully. "The whole school
wants to know," he added.

Cory giggled, "Is that why everyone was acting so strange today?" He
continued after Steve nodded, "That was the plan until we heard the
recording. We already had dinner dates with them. We met their parents
before we went out and got a signed release from their dad in return for
five grand. The production company now owns everything, audio and video
that they say or do."

"Will you just answer the question, yes, or no?"

"Well yes, but just in the mouth not where they wanted it." Cory was
oblivious to Steve's reaction and continued, "There's audio but no
video. If you watch the show, you'll know when their mouths are full
because they stop their annoying chatter and Dooby and I start talking
about the weather and which park we wanted to visit the next day. Our
discussion was a little strained because our attention was on where our
cocks were, we left right after we finished." He concluded pulling up his
singlet and then adjusting his cock so it was bent down over his monster
oranges at least to start with.

Steve remained transfixed just wearing his jock and holding his singlet
while he thought over what Cory casually admitted to. Finally he had to
ask, "You mean you and Count Dobby actually got naked with two girls in the
same room and fucked them in their mouths while you watched each other?"

"Yup." Cory confirmed while he tied his shoes. "In the heat of the moment,
we even touched each other. Man that was hot. That kind of sent us both
over the edge."

Steven sat down to hurriedly to pull on his singlet. "Oh man, hot? You have
no idea. My girlfriend won't do that. Shit, I have to beg her to stroke

Cory laughed and lowered his voice. "If you want her to give you head, try
eating her first. After that, you won't have any problems except maybe
getting it out of her mouth," he advised.

"I'll yield to your expertise on Friday night. I just hope she won't be
grossed out." Steve shook himself, "We better change the subject or I'll
never be able to leave the locker room. Say Cory, who are the new guys you
showed up with this morning?"

The boys discussed a cover story for that question, "Well, Carl Bradley
supports a boy's shelter in New York City. You know, it's a place for
runaways, throwaways and guys from really broken homes. He was in there
last week and saw those four guys huddled together in a dorm. They were new
and scared shitless. He wondered how they would turn out if someone gave
them every opportunity to succeed. Since he, Zack and Billy rattle around
in that huge old house and there are fifteen bedrooms that haven't been
used in years, he brought them home."

"That's cool! Okay, I'll spread the word; no one will fuck with the four
new guys unless they want to fuck with me." Steve declared as he finished
dressing. He changed the subject again as they made their way into the
wrestling room. "Did you have a good time at the races?" he asked.

Cory looked up at Steve in surprise, "Yea, we did. Were you there?"

"Sure, every year. We had a space about five down from yours."

"Why didn't you stop by to say hello? We could have hoisted a brew."

Steve looked embarrassed. "I didn't want to intrude, you know, like we know
each other but we aren't really friends."

Cory smiled, "You know it's kind of hard to become friends unless we make
the effort." He had a thought, "Say, do you play golf?"

"Of course, since I was six. My dad spent enough on lessons for me. If I
had that money I could be driving a new Porsche rather than his old
one. Instead, the club pro drives a fucking Infinity." Steve giggled at his
joke. "Golf is my other sport. I even got elected Captain of the team this
year," he giggled again and depreciated the honor. "Of course that may have
been because I'm the only senior on the team this year."

Cory ignored the comment and asked, "Do you want to play Saturday? We need
a fourth."

"Saturday? Sure I'd love to. Who else is playing?"

"Dooby and Kurt, one of the new guys."

"Is he the one that was always sitting on Zack's shoulders at the races?"

"Yup. Man I'm glad you know how to play. Maybe you could give us some
pointers along the way." Cory suggested.

"Sure but why do you need pointers from me? You guys can't be that bad."

"Pointers as in we've never played before. Saturday will be our first

"Holy shit, your first round on a Saturday? What time, late in the

"I think around eight in the morning. That's Dad and Carl's usual
time. They said to let them know how many foursomes and they'd get us tee
times around theirs. Why?"

"Because Saturday is the busiest day on any course and early tee times are
impossible to get. Plus as first timers you'll slow everyone behind you
down so much they'll be spitting nails because you'll be cutting into their
poker time."

Cory shrugged his innocence, "I don't know, but that's what Carl told
us. Just let him know how many foursomes and he'd arrange for start times
around theirs. End quote. Dooby wants to get there really early so he has
time to practice so I'll be there early too so maybe we won't make complete
assholes of ourselves. As far as poker is concerned, if those old guys want
to play with us, they'd just have to wait anyway."

Steve didn't tell Cory what he thought was going to happen but he made a
suggestion. "If you guys bring your clubs with you tomorrow, after practice
we'll go out to the school's little nine-hole course and we'll see what you
can do and maybe I can give you some pointers there."

Cory grinned happily, "Great! I didn't even know there was a course on
campus. I'll see if Christian is free tomorrow too, he's so good he gives
Dad lessons every time they play. He gave Carl a lesson when they played
and he wants more but Saturday he has to give Bart a lesson."

"Is Christian that good?"

"Man, Dad seems to think so even though when it comes to golf, Dad and Carl
refer to him as the sarcastic prick. Still after they started taking
Christian's advise they don't complain about losing every hole to him at
fifty bucks a pop."

The next day, after Steve began spreading the word about Dooby and Cory's
success with the advertised blonds and the school grapevine took over,
Dooby and Cory were treated as if they were celebrities and looked at with
awe and giant knowing grins. Since few teenage boys would ever admit that
they were virgins, it was mostly Seniors and some Juniors who bragged of
getting laid and fewer still to actually getting a head job, let alone
fucking a girl in her mouth. But according to Steve, that was what
happened. Better yet the dirty deeds were accomplished together, (that
would be both couples) on the same bed and with the lights on so they could
watch each other! Yet again, according to Steve, Cory treated the whole
affair as an everyday occurrence to the extent that the two new campus
heroes even felt free to touch each other to heighten each other's

The first hole of the campus nine-hole course incorporated the
Lacrosse/soccer practice field as the first-hole fairway. The tee was at
one end and the green was located fifty yards beyond the other end over a
small knoll so the green couldn't be seen from the tee. During Lacrosse
practice, Dooby acted preoccupied. While the team took a break Dooby ran to
the crest of the knoll and then stood there for a few seconds looking back
and forth. He raised his arms and pointed back at the tee with one hand and
apparently off into space with the other stepping back and forth until he
nodded in satisfaction.

"What the fuck is Dooby doing?" Christian asked Zack.

Zack laughed, "He's lining up the pin with the first tee. Very clever for a
first-timer, actually everyone needs to check out the pin location since
you can't see it from the tee. This course is small, only nine holes but it
isn't easy."

After practice resumed, if Dooby wasn't on the field, he drove imaginary
golf balls with an imaginary club until Christian warned him, "Dooby, if
the coach catches you and you get laps it will be too dark to drive real
golf balls by the time you get done. If that happens you get no more help
from me, I'm up to my ass in work in the office and I can't afford another
afternoon off so I'll see you Saturday at the club." Dooby immediately
dropped his hands and even apologized.

After practice, Dooby was in and out of the showers so fast, he barely got
wet. He dressed in record time and then began his 'Dooby dance' around
Christian and Zack, badgering them to hurry until finally Christian tossed
him the keys to the Tahoe so he could get his clubs. Dooby took the keys
and then put out his hand to Zack. Zack arched an eyebrow in question.

"Come on Zack, yours too. You, Christian and Cory are the only guys who
aren't already waiting for us. We'll bring your clubs too and meet you at
the first tee."

"Okay, thanks Dooby," Zack had time to say before Dooby disappeared out the
locker room door.

"What's Count Dooby's problem?" a boy asked. "He's always a little hyper,
but I've never seen him so wound up," he added.

Zack shrugged his ignorance intentionally but Christian answered without
thinking, "We're all playing a round on Saturday and since Dooby's never
played before, we're giving him and some other guys some pointers on the
course here in a couple of minutes."

"Way cool! Watching will give us something to do until dinner." The boy
enthused and hurried to finish dressing.

Christian winced as the light dawned. "Asshole," Zack whispered as they
also hurried to finish dressing so they could get to the first tee before
half the school boarders showed up to watch. Time after classes but before
dinner almost never included studying and any different kind of activity
was a most welcome diversion.

Cory and Steve joined Zack and Christian as they began to jog around the
big field house out to the playing fields. All the other boys were already
there but stood back watching Dooby doing something on the slightly
elevated tee. Dooby had placed twelve tees twelve inches apart in a
straight line and was then placing a new ball on each tee.

Christian frowned and asked, "Did you forget to buy any range balls Doob?"

"Nope, I didn't forget, I just didn't buy any. You recommended Titleist so
I bought them and I'll always be playing with a new one each round so why
would I want to learn using a mix up of brands that might be damaged inside
somehow, but of course no one can see. Plus there's always a range of
quality which has to do with retail price, like how long should a cheap
ball be used for anything before it's just worn out?"

"Okay, okay I see your point." Christian said as he gave up gracefully.

"Can you just hit those fucking balls so we can have a turn before dark?"
Bold Kurt grumbled. The boys couldn't hear the major intake of breath
caused by the rude question directed at Count Dobby himself.

Dooby grinned at Kurt. "Sure twerp. Tell everyone to be quiet please."

Kurt turned back to see what had been a few students had grown into a
tournament size gallery. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he roared in his changing

Dooby addressed the first ball in the line, and took two very professional
looking practice swings before sending the first ball off with a solid
thwack. Then without pausing between balls he hit the other eleven the same
way and in exactly the same direction. All had disappeared over the
knoll. He collected his tees, and inspected each for damage before
returning all but one to his bag. That was about when he noticed that no
one was talking, everyone was silent. The first person he saw when he
looked back was Christian. Christian was staring at him with wide
unblinking eyes.

Dooby misinterpreted Christian's expression and frowned back. "Don't start
on me Christian," he warned. "If you do, I swear I'll come over there and
try to beat the living shit out of you. This golf shit is hard for me to
concentrate on, but I did the best I could."

Christian shook himself out of his trance. "Wait Doob, I wasn't planning to
say anything yet because I'm still speechless. You hit all twelve balls
perfectly, at least by my unprofessional standards. You used a perfect
form, swing and follow through that anyone could see." He grinned suddenly
before continuing, "The proof is that they all went where you wanted them
to. They did, didn't they?"

Mollified, Dooby turned shy. "Thanks Christian, I'm sorry I jumped you." He
turned and looked up the field/fairway wistfully. "I think they did, I hope
they did. It felt good. Want to go look?" he asked hopefully while nodding
his head, willing Christian to agree.

Christian looked around at the other guys who had yet to hit their first
golf ball ever. Steve relieved him of his hesitation. "Go ahead
Christian. I'm the one who suggested this to Cory, so I'll handle this with
Zack's help since I wasn't expecting such a large class," he looked around,
"or such a large gallery." By then the dorms were almost empty and all the
boys were buzzing quietly about Count Dooby's impressive driving
demonstration. Those who played explained to those few who didn't.

Christian picked up his bag to go with Dooby until he saw that Dooby was
showing Kurt how he stood just so while addressing the ball, his swing and
follow through. "Are we going to play for five hundred bucks a hole on
Saturday too?" Kurt asked Dooby.

The boys closest to the tee hushed to hear the answer. "Too?" Steve asked.

Dooby answered, "Yup, Charlie Spelling, Carl Bradley and Christian are
playing with Bart Cain for five hundred a hole, but Christian has to give
Bart his undivided attention in the form of lessons all eighteen holes." He
giggled, "Bart's resigned to handing over nine grand to Christian, but then
Christian has to play poker with them after the game so Bart has a chance
to win some of his money back." Then he dropped a bombshell while giggling
even harder, "The old guys are letting me in their game too. We played a
few hands after dinner thanks to Kurt here, Bart's grandsons were being
arrogant assholes at the table and Kurt called them rude motherfuckers at
the table. Everyone heard him. Then he suggested a poker game, you know
just us young guys at a one hundred ante. Bart's good, but he won't catch
me like that again." Dooby explained about making the mistake of not
looking at the one card he drew because he knew that whatever it was,
wouldn't improve the four of a kind he held and Bart noticed.

"Well are we?" Kurt rumbled.

"Are we what?" Dooby asked.

"You know motherfucker, five hundred a hole!" Kurt insisted.

Dooby cocked his head and looked skyward trying to think of a way to say no
since none of them in their foursome except Steve had ever played before
and he didn't want any of their little group to simply contribute to
Steve's further financial well being. Steve came to the rescue. "Look
little buddy, I don't want to just take your money at the end of the game
because you're just learning to play and I've played since I was six, but
I'll make you a deal. If you can drive just one of these balls over that
knoll just like Dooby did, I'll agree." He glanced at Cory, "This is a
package deal Cory has to do the same, both of you from here using a dozen
balls. Deal?"

Kurt grinned and reached up to high five Steve's monster hand before he
turned to see Dooby in the way of driving his first ball. "Do you agree too
Dooby?" Dooby nodded. "Okay then get the fuck out of the way so I can try."

"One thing before you start, use the soccer goals' right hand upright as
your target to get over the knoll." Dooby said over his shoulder as he and
Christian began to walk away. Dooby suddenly realized that Christian hadn't
teed off and sent him back to the tee.

"Where's the pin?" Christian asked Dooby.

"Five yards back from the near edge," Dooby answered. After Christian sent
a ball over the knoll in a line that he'd indicated, he got a pleased smile
on his face. "That looked a tad hard but it was pin high and it might roll
back since the green is sloped back into the hill. Fifty bucks a hole?"

Christian grinned and nodded. The two happily walked away and were halfway
down the sideline when they heard the distinctive sound of a well-hit
ball. Both ducked after covering their heads but then heard the ball hit
the hard packed playing field in front of them and looked up in time to see
it bounce and roll by the right side of the soccer goal. They also noticed
that they were being followed respectfully back a distance by almost the
entire instant gallery.

"Shit!" Dooby moaned. "I guess I better bring some extra money to pay off
Steve on Saturday."

Christian frowned. "You will pay him if you start playing with that
attitude. Just plan on beating the shit out of him and you'll be surprised
how well you'll do. I'm only very serious about what I do with my ball. The
rest of the time I agitate the shit out of the other three guys. They laugh
at my joking but it affects their game. Just don't ridicule. In your case
just be Dooby. That's expected coming from you if your opponent knows you."

Just then they crested the knoll and could look down on the first
green. Both bobbed their heads slightly as they counted golf balls
scattered around the pin while the gallery of students swirled around them
to almost surround the green.

"Twelve?" Dooby asked with a frown.

"Twelve." Christian confirmed.

As they walked on the green Dooby started taking Christian's advise by
asking, "Hey guys would you look around where you're standing? Christian
lost his ball." He added after watching the hunt for a moment, "Be careful
not to step on it if you find it he doesn't have a mashie club yet." He
smacked his forehead, "Shit, now you know what you're getting for

Christian just shook his head and grinned as he watched half the mob on
their hands and knees looking for a lost ball halfway into the trees and
back up the gentle slope toward the field all at Dooby's simple joking
request. No less than three balls were found in the rough around the green
but none belonged to either player.

Christian finally thought to look in the cup, and there it was. "Dooby,
call the boys off, I found it. Come here and look, the question is whose is

"A hole-in-one?" Dooby asked, astounded. "It must be yours. It couldn't be
one of mine. My name is on all of mine. I bought one of those little
printer things like yours. They're really fun to use." He added nervously.

By then the gallery was densely packed as close to the cup as they could
get without actually stepping on the green. Christian grinned and shook his
head. "Nope it's not mine. You were right it did roll back. That's mine."
He pointed to a ball about two feet above the pin. Dooby dropped to his
hands and knees and his head on the green to squint at the ball until he
could see part of Christian's name. He looked at the ball resting in
Christian's palm and could see his own name printed on one side.

"You aren't kidding me?" Dooby asked.

"Nope there were twelve now with this one, there are thirteen. You count
them if you don't believe me."

Someone in the crowd agreed, "We all saw Christian pick that ball out of
the cup dude, you got a hole-in-one!" Suddenly Dooby dove at Christian,
knocking him flat. He just caught himself in time suppressing the urge to
kiss Christian on the lips in total joy while he bounced on Christian's

Christian was able to calm Dooby down by using one of Cory's expedients, in
this case a wristlock worked well. He gave Dooby the hole and then Dooby
worried about having scorecards to make it more official so Christian went
to his bag and brought back two printed blanks and two little
pencils. Dooby happily printed his name at the top and carefully filled in
his first hole score in the blank square while Christian putted out in two
for a birdie. Dooby was about to collect the rest of his balls until
Christian stopped him.

"You can put them away after you putt all of them. You do need some
practice putting. You obviously can drive a ball but now you really need to
work on your short game."

Dooby agreed and after he putted the last ball he started for his bag to
see that a grinning guy with a mouth full of well-tended teeth was holding
it. "We'll caddy for you if it's alright." The student volunteered.

Dooby shrugged his indifference and looked at Christian after he saw that
another guy had captured his bag and looked hopeful as well. Christian
nodded, "Sure thanks, but you know you don't have to. We can carry our

"Yeah, but we want to and we're volunteering. You aren't making us."

"Okay then," Dooby agreed and of course stuck out his hand, "I'm Dooby." He
said as if they didn't know.

"Hi, I'm Colin and this is Kerry." With introductions and hand shakes out
of the way, the four just left the edge of the green when a ball thunked
down on the green followed by a muted "FORE!"

Dooby giggled and shook his head. "It looks like we're gonna be playing for
five hundred a hole on Saturday." Then free of his bag he took off running
for the top of slope so he could be heard. "I'll be right back." He called
over his shoulder.

Dooby waved both hands over his head to get Kurt's attention and after Kurt
waved back he cupped his hands around his mouth and screamed, "A LITTLE

After Dooby returned Christian suggested, "Maybe Cory won't get one over
the knoll."

Dooby laughed at that. "Don't even think it. He stood there quietly
watching me drive twelve and then he watched Kurt keep trying until he made
it so he's not about to be left behind. He'll listen to Steve and Zack and
I'd bet he'll plunk three or four balls on that green before he runs out."

After the tension of the first hole, the remaining eight were fun. They
laughed and joked between themselves and the guys in the gallery and they
were merciless in issuing jibs. They even began skipping arm in arm on
their way to the next tee while singing snatches of traveling songs like;
'Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go.' or 'We're off to see the Wizard,
the wonderful Wizard of Oz.'. They and the mob surrounding them only got
serious when one of them tended their ball in play - after all, they were
in a competition.

They finished the ninth hole just as the sun disappeared. Dooby danced
around Christian while he totaled their individual hole wins although he
and everyone in the gallery already knew, but Dooby wanted it
official. Dooby won two holes; four holes were draws (they had matching
scores), which left Christian winning only three holes. Dooby had his
billfold out and paid out the hundred-fifty dollars enthusiastically.

He turned to Colin hesitantly, "Would you be offended if I offered you a
fifty dollar tip? I don't always know how rich guys do things."

Colin snatched the bill from Dooby's hand with the speed of light and
tucked it away in his pocket with a giggle, "I don't know how they do
things either. My father pays for me to go here to get the best education
money can buy, but then he gives me a small allowance so I have all the
time in the world to study since I can't afford to do anything else." He
laughed at his tale of poverty. Kerry didn't seem offended by Christian's
fifty either as he handed off Christian's bag.

"Who else is playing with you Saturday?" Kerry asked.

Dooby ticked off his foursome, "Well me, Cory Spelling, Kurt Bradley and
Steve, Cory's buddy from wrestling. I don't know his last name."

"That would be Steve Cain," Colin interrupted helpfully.

Dooby grinned his thanks. "I wonder if he's related to Bart?"

Colin looked to Kerry for an answer since he lived closer to the school. "I
think Steve is Bart's nephew. Shit Colin, we're late for chow. When do you
tee off Saturday?"

"Around eight, maybe earlier," Dooby stuttered, "but they use carts, we
can't have caddies."

Kerry answered from the gathering darkness, "We know, I'm a member. We'll
just be part of your gallery! At five hundred a hole, who would miss
watching that match?"

Colin and Kerry burst into the school dining room with news that perhaps
the gallery hadn't heard. "Guys! Wait until you hear this," Kerry half
shouted to their regular tablemates as they sat down still trying to look
presentable. Kerry had everyone's attention, "You know that guy Christian
Dunn? He owns his own ad agency and after Lacrosse practice, he climbs in
his very choice vet and goes to his office to work."

"Maybe his dad's bankrolling an expensive hobby?" Someone suggested.

"Bull shit!" Colin joined the telling. "Count Dooby begged him to play
another round tomorrow afternoon and Christian said he couldn't because he
had too much work to do. It turns out that he's only got two clients. One
is Spelling's Markets and the other is Justa Pizza. Christian said he was
struggling to meet the deadline for introducing a new line of toasted subs
and he's got a thousand billboards to hang artwork and copy on. Also Count
Dooby got a hole-in-one this afternoon and he's going to be appearing in TV
ads pushing the new subs. He also gave us each a coupon for ten bucks off
anything Justa Pizza sells. Like there's no minimum bullshit." The boys
looked down at their untouched dinners, up at each other and grinned.

"I'll drive!" One boy shouted as all eight guys ran for the door.

"Hi guys," Dooby greeted the others milling around Zack's Escalade and
Christian's Tahoe. "How come you guys are still here? You haven't even
loaded your clubs," he added.

"We're still here because you have our keys." Zack growled.

"OOPS! My bad!" Dooby acknowledged and danced to behind Christian while he
dug into his pocket. He tossed Zack his set after helpfully unlocking all
the Escalade's doors. The boys loaded their bags and then as they were
climbing aboard themselves they left Dooby with lots of middle finger

"Let's get loaded up guys, I'm beat. It's late and I don't know about you
but I'm starved." Christian told Cory and Dooby.

"Do you think I did okay today Christian?" Dooby asked as they were
climbing the steepest part of Spelling's driveway.

"I already told you Doob, I'm astounded, more astounded after actually
playing nine holes with you. What I can't figure out is how you learned so
fast, we just decided to play at the races."

Dooby giggled tiredly. "I learned from the Golf Channel. I found some
programs that were condensed tournaments, you know just highlights. All of
those highlights showed the best players hitting the ball twelve ways from
Sunday, and of course, the best of the best was always Tiger, so I
concentrated on how he did it; his drive, his long strokes, putts,
everything. They must attach a film crew to tail him. Anyway, I practiced
his stance and form when addressing the ball, everything."

"Where was I when you were watching TV?" Cory asked while snuggled in
Dooby's lap.

"Sleeping. I tried to wake you and only succeeded in almost getting pulled
down for another round so I let you sleep. Anyway, surprise, it worked,
Tiger really does it right." Dooby declared.

Christian chuckled, "I'm sure he'd be happy to hear that you approve."

"Well it did; didn't it work, I mean?"

"Yup it did. Leave your bags where they are so you two can play a round
before dark tomorrow afternoon." Christian suggested.

The next day the school buzz was directed toward Christian. Unlike Dooby
whose title made him less approachable, guys he didn't know came up to
Christian boldly, introduced themselves and shook his hand. Most laughingly
told him that they hoped his success rubbed off on them. At first he didn't
know what they were talking about until Dooby told him that everyone knew
about the ad agency and his two mega clients.

Christian frowned. "How'd they find out, or have you been out flapping your

Dooby looked pained, "Man you are so suspicious, remember we had caddies?
They were right behind us when we were talking about Justa Pizza and the
toasted subs. I bet we weren't out the gate before everyone knew what you
do after school."

"Oh, well it's not really a secret, I guess. I was used to being anonymous
though, but I guess those days are gone now." Christian moaned.

Saturday morning Dooby and Cory were up before daylight. The forecast
called for crystal clear, sunny skies but only forty degrees at
sunrise. "Shit," Dooby grumped to Cory, "I guess we play in long pants. It
will be up to seventy by noon but by then we'll be playing cards. I guess
I'll bring shorts and change after the game though so I can be
comfortable. You want shorts?" he asked from inside their walk-in closet.

"Yes please," Cory mumbled from the bathroom while he shaved.

When Dooby walked into their dressing room, he was festooned with clothes
he thought he might wear and carried a sports bag they would pack with
toiletries and clothes they could change into after showering in the
clubhouse locker room. Dooby immediately dropped everything on a chair and
began a stealthy approach toward Cory who was standing in front of his
marble basin with his back to the open dressing room. Of course Cory saw
him coming in the mirrored wall he faced. He knew what Dooby wanted. It was
the same every morning after showering. They never left their suite until
they enjoyed a drink of each other's cum.

"I know, I know," Dooby mumbled in Cory's ear, "not until you finish
shaving." His long arms surrounded Cory's tightly muscled compact torso and
his hands wandered everywhere feeling muscles and tweaking nipples while he
fitted his hard cock straight up against Cory's back and then thrust his
hips gently.

Cory moaned and leaned back. "You know, if this is intended to speed up my
shaving, it isn't working very well. I know, maybe I'll start a moustache
for today only." He grabbed a towel and wiped his upper lip and then the
rest of the residual spots from his face. By then he was able to toss the
towel at Dooby's basin as Dooby carried him past on the way to the bedroom
and unmade bed.

Dooby sat on the bed, and then lay down keeping Cory on top of his
body. That was a signal to Cory, Dooby wanted to be mastered, and his mouth
to be used for his lover's pleasure. Cory pulled away after a passionate
kiss. "Are you sure?"

Dooby nodded, "Just spin around and replace your tongue with something
bigger and far longer." Cory obeyed. He placed his knees above Dooby's
shoulders and leaned forward until he looked down on Dooby's magnificent
throbbing cock that rose to meet his mouth.

Dooby took Cory's drooling heavy eleven inches in his hand and guided it
into his open mouth. When he was comfortable he singled Cory by surrounding
the two small hard melons with his wide spread fingers. Cory sank
slowly. Sudden pressure on his ass cheeks would signal distress. Cory
relaxed when he was able to put his body weight on Dooby's but he didn't
move a muscle. It was one thing, a milestone in their lovemaking when Dooby
trained his mouth and throat to accept Cory's mammoth cock totally, but
after that was accomplished learning to enjoy being fucked in that position
was quite another. It took time and perseverance but he did it. They didn't
make love like this often. It was reserved for special occasions and today
was the first time that Dooby and Cory would officially compete against
each other in a game called golf.

With a light squeeze from Dooby's fingers, Cory began to thrust very gently
and deeply. Dooby controlled Cory with his fingers. Dooby increased Cory's
thrusting gradually, his butt was allowed to lift higher and long stroking
was demanded at the end, the moment of truth. Cory didn't do anything but
hold the head of Dooby's cock in his mouth ready to accept Dooby's
bountiful donation at the same moment he pumped his very carefully into
Dooby's. Dooby swallowed eagerly and easily while Cory braced his body on
his hands and knees helplessly above Dooby. Finished and sated, Cory rolled
off Dooby and swung around for some cuddling and nuzzling for a few minutes
before it was time to haul their contented asses to the dressing room.

Cory went straight into the closet to pick out something to wear while
Dooby stopped to eye his earlier choices critically. "Cory?" he called. "I
may be getting more insane but I have a blue sweater, a turtleneck that I
don't remember buying. I wonder where it came from."

Cory giggled. "It's not blue its teal. I bought it for you because I
thought it would match your eyes. Do you like it?"

"Yeah I do, I picked it out to wear today, didn't I? Why'd you buy me a
sweater?" Dooby wondered as he shook it out and held it up. The size seemed
perfect but he couldn't resist an opening to tease, so he waited.

"There's a neat sporting goods store up in Maine, they have really nice
quality clothing, I got one too except mine is black. I've ordered clothes
from them before."

Dooby pounced on the opening, "If you shop there, won't this be too small
for me?" he asked like a true innocent.

"Now Doob, please don't start on me. You just gave me such a rare sexual
high, if you bring me down from your dumb jokes, I'll really hurt you after
I suck you off again."

"Ouch, okay peace, I just couldn't resist. Man I sure hope today doesn't
turn into a circus. Some guys from school are coming over to be our gallery
and Scott and his band of merry men are going to film us for
Teenagers. That show is sure to be cancelled if Auggie thinks us playing
eighteen holes is going to hold the interest the viewing public when their
only interest is in seeing skin, making out and implied sex; he better
think again."

Cory appeared from the closet and agreed, "Yeah, I kind of think so too but
maybe Auggie knows what's best. He's been in the business a long time and
we both know he doesn't like losing money. Maybe he thinks you'll fuck up
somehow. If you hadn't fucked up on the first cooking shows we wouldn't be
where we are today; wherever that is."

While they were talking, they were dressing. Dooby pulled a Diving Down
Under tee shirt on then pulled on a pair of white sail cloth long pants
that he hadn't worn since the previous winter. "Damn I must have
grown. These pants are almost too short but I can correct that by just
pushing them down further." The result was stunning if anyone was
interested in seeing Dooby's cock bulge out further than it normally
did. Cory quickly approved the new look. The teal turtleneck sweater came
next and then he slipped on a light chamois dark rust color unlined jacket
that looked like a sport coat. The teal did set off his eyes and the coat
color complimented his red blond hair. Cory thought he looked exactly like
what everyone thought he was; a young French nobleman dressed for a day on
a golf course.

"Shit Dooby, you look fantastic. Just wait until your admiring fans get a
look at you." Cory complimented him.

"What I still can't figure out is why I have admiring fans. Golf is still
just a game and I'm not even a good player." Dooby complained.

Cory dressed the same but all in black except his jacket was dark brown and
instead of cross trainers he wore dark brown gleaming hand tooled cowboy
boots with two-inch heels. Just as they were admiring themselves in the
full-length dressing mirror the intercom crackled. It was Charlie advising
them to get their asses in gear if they wanted to eat breakfast. Thunder on
the staircase announced their arrival on the first floor and tracked their
progress through the huge house toward the dining room.

Charlie halted them in the wide central hallway that ran the length of the
house. "Hold it boys, we're having breakfast at the club this morning, so
head out to my truck out front."

Dooby and Cory executed a military about face that would have done credit
to a drill team and were sitting peacefully in the backseat waiting for him
when he got there. He looked back at them to see six inches of daylight
between them and that space occupied by their hands held low on the seat so
no one could see that they were holding hands. When he asked if one of them
was sick they shook their heads.

Dooby finally volunteered, "Gramps, stop staring, we aren't sick, we're
both just kind of satisfied."

"Damn boys, what time did you get up this morning?" Charlie knew he
shouldn't have asked that question as soon as it was out of his mouth.

"Which time?" Dooby asked and then both boys had the good grace to blush

Dooby and Cory both realized that something was going on as soon as they
approached the club parking lot when they saw that the seldom used back
half of the lot was almost full and an attendant had been posted near the
gate to ask their business. Charlie didn't give the boy a chance to ask him
questions. "These two guys are playing this morning, but they're also
hosting the party in the tent. I'll just drop them there and then go on up
to the club house."

After he closed his window he turned back to the boys to explain; "The
headmaster called Carl Thursday afternoon to say that most of the boys that
boarded wanted transportation this morning so they could watch you guys
play a round. Carl had no objection but called me to ask what they'd do
once they got here before the game. The ballroom is booked for a wedding,
so I called a good caterer to get a tent set up and ready to serve both
breakfast before and lunch after your game. I guess that makes you two
their hosts. I know you'll make me proud guys." He added as he stopped near
the entrance to the tent. "You're going off at seven-thirty. Check in five
minutes early. Your carts will be loaded with your clubs and ready to
go. Do not be late. I guess I won't have any trouble finding you on the
course." Charlie giggled and drove away leaving Dooby and Cory standing in
the parking lot in front of the tent with their mouth hanging open.

Guys with questions immediately surrounded Dooby and Cory. Cory looked up
at Dooby wearing an expression that said: DO SOMETHING AND DO IT NOW!

Dooby grinned, nodded and took command, "Hi guys! I don't know why you want
to watch us play this morning but you're here so Cory and his dad decided
to spring for breakfast and we're both starved so let's go in and eat."
When no one moved toward the entrance, he realized that they were waiting
for him to go first so he nudged Cory to get him moving and started
forward. They met Steve and Kurt, the other half of their foursome on the
way and waved them in.

After high fives all around, Dooby asked Kurt, "Where's Zack and the rest
of your gang?"

Kurt shrugged, "Just look for Alex's head," he giggled, "the rest of him is
under it. The rest of the gang should be with him. Are you really buying
breakfast for this whole mob?" he asked Cory almost without taking a

Cory grinned, "Yup. Come on let's get in line in front of Steve so we get
something to eat."

Steve loomed over both boys. Since they'd played together the last three
afternoons, a casual friendship developed between the four and that soon
included joking about relative statures. Steve was six-four and Cory and
Kurt weren't, so when they jibed him, he felt free to jibe them right back
and they loved it, at least Dooby noticed, Cory was learning to. "You two
shrimp better lay off before I have breakfast." Steve warned. Steve waved
at Zack to get his attention and soon the rest of their little golf club
joined them and together they resumed the short walk to breakfast in the

Dooby saw his brother Artie standing in the bed of a pickup truck with his
camera on his shoulder along with Johnnie-Be-Good with his directional
microphone aimed in their general direction. He waved, Artie's camera
bobbed in a return wave.

They had almost reached the tent entrance when an adult male voice asked,
"Are you Dooby Dubois?"

Dooby stopped and turned to the voice. The man held out a small microphone
with a wire lead back to a recorder slung over his shoulder. Dooby smiled,
"Yes, that's me."

"Do you have time to answer some questions?" The man asked.

"I'm sorry, not right now. We're on our way inside to have breakfast." Not
wishing to sound like a prick he added, "Maybe later after breakfast, if
there's time."

The man, obviously a reporter appeared not to have heard Dooby, he asked,
"Is it true you got a hole-in-one with your first golf ball?"

Cory watched Dooby's face carefully. Dooby was slow to anger but it had
happened and when he saw his jaw tightened and his face colored slightly
before going bright red, look out. "Later." Dooby said in answer. He turned
and entered the tent before he resumed breathing. Then he heard another
question shouted, "Who paid for this breakfast?"

Dooby turned back to see the man's location marked by a hand holding the
microphone in the air over his head. Dooby stormed back outside. He
answered through clenched teeth, "This is a private country club. Members
hold affairs like this all the time. If you get invited, you are a guest,
and if you wonder about such things, you have to assume your host is paying
the bill. I'm an invited guest and he's my host" he nodded toward Cory,
"and if he didn't invite you, then you are crashing and you are
trespassing. Now get the fuck out of my face!"

The boys closest to the confrontation saw that this guy pissed off Count
Dooby and they didn't like that. They began to jostle the reporter. Two
even bumped him hard. Both apologized and melted into the boys crowded
behind them.

Inside the tent finally, Dooby aimed for one of two serving lines. The one
he picked was slower because the guests were invited to order eggs cooked
to order. Dooby and Cory asked for three each over easy. Kurt was next in
line and when the cook asked how he wanted his eggs, Kurt didn't even blink
but answered eagerly, "Eggs Benedict please."

Cory and Dooby nearly fell over laughing although they tried not to since
Kurt was still sensitive about his upbringing. The cook to his credit
realized that Kurt was serious and recovered before the boys. "I'm sorry
bud, I'd make some for you if I could but I can't because this is just a
temporary kitchen and I don't have the makings," he explained.

Kurt was satisfied. "Oh, then I'll have three over easy too." When Kurt was
given his eggs he thanked the man and then asked, "Do you have sausage and
bacon?" The cook was already working on four eggs for Steve.

He pointed with his spatula, "Down further."


"Down further."


"On the table."

Steve butted in. "Move it shrimp. Quit hassling the guy, you can see he's
busy. We'll explore together, but don't worry, we won't miss anything. I'm
an expert when it comes to buffets."

When they held a plate of eggs, bacon and sausage in one hand and a plate
that held a stack of fresh hot blueberry pancakes in the other, Kurt
discovered he needed more hands, Steve steered Kurt to the table and then
encouraged him to put his plates down next to Dooby. He eyed Dooby
suspiciously, "We're going back to get some biscuits and gravy. Don't even
think about eating our stuff. If you want more, Steve says you can go back
for seconds," he advised Dooby and Cory.

When Kurt and Steve finished their breakfasts there were six clean plates
in front of them. They leaned back together and belched loudly in two-part
harmony. The guys sitting near them cheered. Dooby and Cory stood up. "Are
you leaving?" Kurt asked. He was ready to go and looking forward to their
game even though he knew it might cost him some of his gambling winnings.

"Nope, we're going to the pastry table to get some snacks we can eat while
we play." Cory explained. "Come on pick out something you like."

"Wait. Here, I brought a bag to put them in." Steve produced a small
soft-sided cooler. He explained when he saw Cory grinning at him. "It's not
like that. When I play, I always stop in the club restaurant to get it
filled with snacks to eat on the course. I was going to do that this
morning when I dumped my clubs until I saw the tent and the guys milling
around. I thought there might be a breakfast so I waited."

Just as Kurt was about to leave the table to join the guys, a waiter
holding a tray appeared at his side. "Are you the gentleman who requested
Eggs Benedict?"

Kurt frowned slightly. He didn't know why someone would still be interested
in that little incident. The cook asked how he wanted his eggs fixed and he
answered honestly and he understood why he couldn't get them after the cook
explained the problem. "Ah, yes," he answered tentatively, kind of waiting
for the other shoe to drop.

The waiter smiled and pushed Kurt's empty plate away and replaced it with
another covered with a domed lid. Then he removed the lid. "Complements of
the chef, sir with his apology for not being prepared earlier. This was
ordered from the clubhouse kitchen, especially for you."

Kurt's eyes went to saucer proportions as he stared at two steaming
Hollandaise covered mounds. "Holy shit! He did it!" He twisted in his chair
to see the chef behind the egg station smiling at him. "THANKS DUDE!" he
boomed out. The chef gave him a half bow in return. After the waiter
replaced his silverware and napkin, he dug in to the dish as if he hadn't
already eaten enough breakfast for two people.

The three laughed at seeing Kurt's delight. "Slow down dude," Cory told
him, "there's still plenty of time, and we'll get enough pastries for you."

Getting enough ...clairs and Danish was easy; the pastry table was almost
untouched. The problem was how to get them into Steve's cooler bag without
them all sticking together. Dooby was experimenting with wrapping a paper
napkin around an ...clair, and when that didn't work, he was eating the
damaged pastry. Dooby's antics drew the attention of a neatly dressed man
who asked what they were doing. After Dooby explained their problem, the
man politely told them that the caterer normally didn't offer doggie bags
and certainly not anything 'to go'.

Cory grinned up at the man whose monogrammed chef's coat was still
unstained and immaculate. "Even if my last name is Spelling?" he asked
quietly so no one else except Dooby and Steve could hear that he'd used his
name as leverage.

The chef didn't even blink, only his smile broadened. "I'll get some wax
paper and help to fill that cooler for you. Hold on just a minute." He
returned in under a minute with two service guys and a box of wax
paper. The boys pointed out their choices and stood back. The cooler was
filled with neatly wrapped bundles in no time.

Cory shook the man's hand while he introduced himself, thanked him for the
extra service and promised to see him again when they next needed catering
services. The man, who turned out to be George of George's Fine Catering
asked if they would make an announcement concerning lunch after the match
and that Justa Pizza's toasted subs and Top Dog's hot dogs and burgers
would also be served in addition to his offerings. Cory looked at Dooby
hopefully. It was obvious that he wanted Dooby to do the announcing since
Dooby possessed a natural 'gift for gab' while Cory was only comfortable
talking to a camera. Dooby nodded.

Dooby looked around the tent to find Kerry talking to Colin and another guy
Dooby didn't know. The three had their backs to Dooby and didn't see him
approach. "Hey Kerry, man you sure work fast. I just heard you'll be
serving your stuff at lunch. That's a great promotion, you'll pick up loads
of school business at your closest store."

"Thanks Dooby. It was almost too easy. I talked to Christian and he agreed
to help me, then right while I was standing there he called Cory's
dad. Charlie Spelling himself, I talked to him for over fifteen minutes, he
even congratulated me for being a fellow entrepreneur and agreed to help me
in any way he could. Then he suggested this bash as a first promotion for
Top Dog. I called my dad, who was concentrating on mounting a new specimen
at the time and being preoccupied, he told me to do whatever I wanted, so
here we are. Thanks Dooby for all your help too."

"No problem dude, I didn't do anything except tell you to get off your ass
and get in touch with Christian."

Kerry pulled the silent boy forward by his shirt. "This is Josh, a friend
of ours. He just told us that he has a present for you. Josh is an Eagle
Scout and always carries his Swiss Army knife."

"Present?" Dooby asked wondering why someone he didn't know would give him
a present.

"Well?" Kerry encouraged Josh.

"Well earlier, we were near that reporter, and after he pissed you off,
Colin pushed me into his side. Somehow the wire to his microphone got cut
and the jack pulled out of his recorder." Josh handed Dooby the cut wire
with a jack on one end. Dooby burst out laughing. "Wait there's more. I
think I accidentally pushed the eject button too." He said innocently,
"This is what popped out." He offered Dooby a cassette. Dooby howled his
delight loud enough to bring Cory and Steve running to see what happened.

After Dooby recovered, he saw that everyone was beginning to stand, getting
ready to follow the foursome to the clubhouse. He waved to get everyone's
attention, talking and laughing ceased almost instantly. "Wait guys, I have
some announcements. First, our tee off time is seven-thirty sharp so you
have until then to relax if you still want to follow us around. Next, Chef
George, who provided us with this excellent breakfast is upset that no one
seemed to like his fresh pastries even though he has them hidden in that
back corner where no one could see them." He chided Chef George. "I'm told
that what doesn't get eaten, gets tossed. I tried an ...clair and they're
great. Help him out so he doesn't have to toss them. Next, lunch will be
served here starting whenever we get finished on the course. In addition to
what Chef George has for us. Justa Pizza will be here with pizza and our
new toasted subs." Dooby had to wait for the cheering to die down before he
could continue. "And that's not all, Kerry Kohn," he thumped Kerry on the
shoulder to identify him, "will have his Top Dog Restaurant's hot dogs and
big fresh burgers available for your dining pleasure. Best of all, you can
order anything to go from Justa Pizza or Top Dog before you leave, so you
can avoid the school's Saturday night mystery meat supper if you want
to. Thank you all for all your support, but I still can't figure out why
you guys are giving it." Dooby's speech ended there amid thunderous
cheering and applause. The more enterprising guys cheered all the way to
the pastry table in order to be the first to help Chef George out the most.

Steve stopped the guys just inside the tent entrance and took a deep
breath. "Look guys we need to talk." Dooby, Cory and Kurt looked at him
expectantly. "If I had known that we were going to play for five hundred a
hole when Cory invited me to play with you guys I would have said no. You
three have yet to play your first eighteen holes and I've been doing it
since I was six. Between you we might tie a hole or two and one of you may
even win a hole but I'll be taking everything else and I really don't want
to win under those circumstances.

"You guys are all playing well and you'll get better each time you play and
maybe in a year or two if you want to try to take me down betting that kind
of money I'll play you but now is not the time. I propose that we quietly
drop that heavy bet and just play for fun or maybe fifty bucks a hole
maximum. No one will know and no one will be around to see us exchanging
money at the end of the game anyway. So what do you say?"

Kurt was the first to answer. "You know, Monday afternoon I insisted on the
bet before I even hit my first ball. I wasn't really thinking and I kicked
my own ass that night when I realized I was going to lose nine thousand
dollars because of my big mouth. Before I came to live with Gramps, the
most money I ever remember having was twenty dollars and I found that in
the gutter. What I have now I won from gambling, plus Gramps gives me an
allowance. I really enjoy having it; it's like a kind of security blanket I
guess. So okay, let's just play for fifty bucks, if we do, playing this
round will be fun."

"I agreed to play for big money because I never expected Kurt to get a ball
on the first green and when he almost beaned me, I knew I was fucked
because Cory certainly would follow Kurt. I agree to fifty bucks. There's
something else too; let's not heckle each other today like we were doing on
the school course. We can joke around with each other and our damned
gallery and since we're playing behind Christian, Charlie, Carl and Bart we
can certainly heckle them if we can catch up to them. Okay?"

Cory nodded his head, "Deal! Now let's go have some fun."

Scott stuck his head in the tent looking for them. "There you are. Here put
these on," he instructed as he handed out the little microphone/receiver
sets. "We're giving Johnnie a camera today for better video coverage so
these will handle the audio." Dooby and Cory helped Steve and Kurt get
hooked up and then snaked the wires under their own clothes, clipped the
little mics to their sweaters and fitted the earpieces to their ears.

"CAN YOU HEAR ME?" Kurt shouted, delighted with a new toy.

Everyone jumped and flinched. Scott glared at Kurt, "DO NOT SHOUT!" he
roared back. It was Kurt's turn to flinch.

"I guess that would be a yes." Kurt suggested with a pixie grin.

"Oh Dooby, there are some reporters outside. They'd like to talk to you."
Scott advised before he disappeared.

"Shit." Dooby groaned, "Why me?"

"Just go into your Dooby act," Cory soothed, "be your charming self when
you're on camera and bullshit them as usual. They'll run out of questions
or you look at your watch and tell them we have to run. End of interview."

"Yeah okay, anything to get rid of them. Come on guys; come with me, some
moral support will be a good thing."

Dooby trusted that they were following him as he stepped outside wearing a
radiant smile on his puzzled face. "Good morning guys. Did you want to talk
to me?"

"Yup, just a few questions, but not here, over there at that picnic table,
you can stand on the seat so we can see you better, you know get some
better shots."

Dooby rolled his eyes, shrugged and climbed onto the bench seat as
directed. Dooby did not know that the man who had him stand on the bench
wasn't a reporter nor was the man standing near him clicking away with a
still camera. Both worked for Saul Bergen, International Models. One was a
senior art director and the other was a senior casting director.

Saul Bergen, International Models wasn't the largest modeling agency in the
world but they were the most prestigious. No clients came to them looking
for 'cute' or merely handsome models to fill pages in a department store
catalogue or a simple magazine advertisement, they not only couldn't afford
the fees, but Saul wouldn't expose anyone in his stable of beauties, male
or female to such lowly work and risk spoiling their growing reputations as
being the best top models in the industry.

Saul Bergen very rarely - perhaps only one in two thousand hopefuls who
descended on his office weekly - selected any kid for a preliminary video
interview and of those few, one in ten might be offered a contract after
Saul reviewed the videos. Saul preferred to discover his own raw talent and
was constantly on the look out for that special face and body with
potential. Those were few and far between, but if he offered a contract,
that lucky individual had the potential to earn millions over their
estimated ten year modeling life.

Saul first became interested in Dooby when he watched Dooby and Cory's
debut cooking show on the public channel. He lived alone in a penthouse
apartment overlooking the East River. He liked to cook and he clipped
coupons from Spelling's weekly circular and shopped for groceries at
Spelling's. While Saul wrote down Dooby's name as someone to be watched for
the next two years, he felt Dooby was still too young and wasn't finished
growing, plus a lot could happen in two years.

As the first show progressed to the next, Saul realized that the boys
weren't using a script or reading a teleprompter, they ad-libbed
everything. Neither boy was afraid of the camera and looked into the lens
while Dooby explained how to make a batch of brownies as if he was showing
only one viewer. Saul liked Cory as well but realized that he would always
be too short to be made into a high fashion model. Dooby demonstrated a
complete range of facial expressions denoting happiness and joy, but
nothing serious so far. That changed when he dropped the egg. Dooby knelt
down below the counter surface and when the camera found him kneeling in
front of an unbroken yoke and broken shell, his expression had changed to
sorrow, as if he'd accidentally killed a friend.

Saul watched Dooby and his antics casually over time. He caught some shows
and missed others. His casual observations of Dooby suddenly changed to
intense scrutiny after a major cosmetics company based in Europe contacted
him. It seems they were interested in cracking into a so far untapped
market. They'd developed a complete line of skin care products specifically
designed for teenage boys. The keystone of the line was a new
fragrance. They wanted a teenage boy to represent the company and the new
products in all media around the world. They wanted a boy, (specifically
not a twenties something young man who looked to be in his mid teens),
whose face and form would become synonymous with the new teen line. Dooby
fit the corporate parameters perfectly and he was the reason Saul was at
the country club that morning, sitting in the back of a stretched Lincoln
limousine watching Dooby's image on a twenty-two inch screen as the signals
were received through a laptop from a small video camera his artistic
director held. Still photos from the other camera went directly to a file
for later review.

The position of the picnic table was no accident when Dooby stood on the
table's bench seat, the background would be blue sky and trees displaying
full fall colors. Saul sucked in his breath as he watched Dooby standing on
the seat. The clothes the boy wore fit him perfectly and were exactly the
right color contrasts. Dooby sold the clothing he wore as he stood before
the reporter's cameras. Dooby looked at his watch, he was already becoming
impatient waiting for questions. His men were armed with a list of
questions, but they were waiting for the reporters to exhaust theirs first.

"Do you guys have anymore questions?" Dooby quipped. "If not, we need to
get over to the clubhouse."

"No, wait, is it true you made a hole-in-one the first time you drove a
golf ball?"

"No, not exactly. I drove a dozen balls at a green I couldn't see. One of
them went in but I don't know which one."

"If you were practicing why would it be a hole-in-one?"

"Because after I finished my practice drives Christian Dunn and I decided
to play the nine holes on our school course. Christian drove a ball out to
the first green where my twelve were already. He agreed that I would putt
out my ball that was closest to the hole. When we looked down on the green
we counted twelve balls and there should have been thirteen including
Christian's, Christian discovered the thirteenth ball in the cup and that
ball was in play. Ergo he gave me a hole-in-one score for the first hole."

"Where were your other balls?"

Dooby shrugged, "They were all within a five foot radius around the cup. I
practice putted the others out before we moved off to the second tee."

"You played nine holes?"


"How well did you do?"

Dooby looked skyward trying to remember. Cory grinned; Dooby had slipped
into his acting mode. "Let's see, I won two holes, we drew even on four and
Christian won the other three but he wasn't concentrating on his game, he
was too busy helping me, which was the whole point of playing so I don't
look like an asshole on the course today."

"Tell us about your school."

Dooby gave the Blair Academy a fantastic plug by describing the academics
first as being the best; then he described the modern school facilities and
ended with the quality of the athletic programs. When it appeared that
there were no more questions and Dooby was about to jump off the bench,
Saul's artistic director asked, "Have you ever considered professional
modeling as a career Dooby?" Saul waited tensely for Dooby's answer.

"You mean like wear designer clothes and walk up and down an isle while
people stare at you?"

"Yes sometimes, runways are a big part of high fashion modeling."

"Then to be honest, yes I have and no I couldn't do that, be a model I

"Why not?"

"I haven't seen a whole lot of men's designer clothing or them being
modeled, just once while channel surfing. The guys wearing them all looked
kind of pained but at least they had the nerve to be seen wearing them. I
don't think I could get that far without laughing my ass off. I could model
clothes like these that I'm wearing though. See?" With that Dooby struck a
pose with his hands at his sides and strolled the length of the bench seat,
all eight feet of it. He paused there, slipped the fingers of one hand in
his pants pocket, offered a slight smile and wink to the audience and
strolled back to the other end of the bench. He bowed to acknowledge the
thunderous applause the whole mob gave him.

"How was that?" Dooby asked the reporter who was the artistic director. The
man nodded. "I could model clothes like these but there's no point. These
are traditional, ah I guess you could call them designs, someone did. Maybe
call stuff like a turtleneck timeless, that would work."

"Do you wear a men's fragrance?"

"Sure, I even put on extra this morning because I'll be nervous playing and
I'd rather smell like bay rum than sweat."

One reporter who was somewhat flamboyantly dressed and limp of wrist asked;
"Could I sniff?"

Dooby looked playfully horrified. "Sorry dude, if I let you sniff my neck
you might stay long enough to give me a hickey." He winked seductively at
the reporter.

"I would not!" The reporter claimed while giggling and swishing his butt.

"Could I sniff your neck?" A young woman asked.

Dooby took one look at the beautiful woman and knelt on the bench while
pulling the side of his turtleneck down to expose his neck. "Ma'am, you can
even stay there long enough to give me a hickey." Dooby heard her inhale
and then before she stood up she blew in his ear. Dooby moaned, stood and
fixed his sweater. He grinned down on the woman, "Would you have dinner
with me tonight?" He looked little boy hopeful.

The woman blushed, "I think you might be a bit too young for me, Dooby, but
thank you, that was very sweet and I think your fragrance is very manly. It
suits you."

"I'm young chronologically but I think I'm ready to go physically." Dooby
replied and bent slightly to glance at his package and up to meet the
woman's eyes while wearing a lecherous grin.

"Find me in a couple of years," the woman called before melting away into
the crowd.

Saul's man saw Dooby look at his watch again. Time was of the essence. He
had one more question; "Do you ever use any skin care products?"

Dooby grinned and nodded. "Oh sure, all the time. You can see that I have a
light complexion so I sunburn easily, and I tend to have dry skin
too. Right now I'm wearing a skin conditioner that has an SPF four
sunscreen in it on my face. In the summer out, by the pool, I use the same
stuff only it has more sunscreen in it - SPF fifteen, I think. I have to
really be careful in Florida. When I'm down there, I add the top gun that
has SPF thirty in it. Of course it's all waterproof. Generally after I
shower, I use a moisturizer, that's because of my dry skin problem." He
looked at his watch again and frowned, "Look guys this has been fun,
thanks, but we really have to bail."

The reporters thanked him and waited for the horde of boys to pass them
before they trailed behind them. Saul's men met him at the car. Saul
planned to join the gallery too.

Saul grinned at the men. "I thought we were properly fucked when he chopped
up most designers. None of them will ever try to hire him."

"Good, then they won't be disappointed. We only want him right now for this
new fragrance and skin care line anyway. How'd the video come across on the

Sal grinned from ear to ear as he answered, "He's one in a million. He sold
the clothes he's wearing, endorsed his school and sold teenagers on using
skin care products. I think that boy could sell camel shit back to the
original owner if he tried." The three men hurried to catch up to Dooby's
teen gallery.

The boys in the gallery formed a neat 'U' around the first tee a respectful
distance away. They were totally silent as Steve placed his ball to tee off
first. This first hole was an easy straight away except the pin was three
hundred fifty yards away. Steve used his driver. His shot was clean and the
ball landed about two hundred eighty yards down the fairway. He was pleased
with his position and the gallery applauded.

Kurt was up next. He held his driver and looked at the club head
apprehensively. Dooby calmed him down with a comment to the silent
mob. "This is the first time Kurt, Cory or I have had a chance to use a
wood, so if we screw up, please be kind."

"Never?" A reporter asked in amazement in a loud whisper so as not to
disturb Kurt.

"Never," Dooby answered softly, "the school course isn't long enough but
we'll all do the best we can." Whispers relayed the brief conversation
throughout the gallery.

Kurt took two mighty practice swings before addressing his ball. His tongue
peeked out the side of his mouth. The club head connected solidly. His ball
arched up and out down the fairway and bounced, then rolled to a stop about
two hundred twenty yards out. Kurt's pleased grin almost covered his face.

Dooby slapped him on the back and said playfully; "I think you would have
caught Steve if you'd used more tongue." Kurt agreed through his
giggles. The gallery cheered.

Cory was next up. Dooby could tell he was nervous. "Think tall hog!" Dooby
called out.

Cory looked at Dooby and nodded wearing a smile. He took a deep breath and
settled down. His ball landed in the left rough just off the fairway even
with Kurt. Two boys standing on that side broke from the mob. They ran to
where Cory's ball disappeared and soon waved back indicating that they'd
found it. "Shit," Cory moaned but he wasn't really unhappy. He'd just
discovered that he could use a wood.

The crowd hushed to silence as Dooby placed his ball carefully on a tee. He
shaded his eyes to stare up the fairway for a minute before he was
satisfied. He took two practice swings before addressing his ball then he
bounced the club head gently on the turf behind his ball for what seemed
like an eternity. There was a united intake of breath as it sailed away up
very high and then out to almost disappear in the sky. It reappeared
suddenly as it bounced near Steve's ball and rolled to a stop ten yards
further out.

Steve blinked in pleased surprise "Goddamn nice Dooby," he congratulated

"Thanks, I was aiming at your ball." Dooby answered.

Steve stopped walking to the carts. Dooby stopped and looked up to see that
Steve appeared to be mad suddenly. "You were aiming at my ball?" Dooby
nodded. "Well never do that again." Dooby looked confused. Steve asked,
"Did you use all your power?" Dooby shook his head. "In the future, you aim
at the fucking pin if you can see it and you use every once of power to
reach it. Leave everyone behind if you can. That's what Tiger would have
done and always does. The name of the game is to win."

"Sorry," Dooby squeaked, "I wasn't thinking about that. I will in the
future." Dooby suddenly noted that the cheering remained unabated even
though the gallery was moving out up both sides of the fairway. "Hey guys,"
he said to a few boys near the carts, "could you pass the word that they
need to keep it down a little? You're disturbing the whole course and
giving some old guys playing another excuse for landing in the trees or a
sand trap." The word spread gradually and the boys reduced the volume

Dooby stopped his cart opposite the two guys who had asked him all those
irrelevant questions about modeling and skin care. Their cameras were
trained on him and Saul Bergen was delighted to see Dooby so close up, his
face was flawless. "Hi guys. You guys aren't reporters are you unless you
work for some kind of fashion magazine?"

Saul stepped forward, he offered Dooby his hand and introduced himself. "No
they aren't, they work for me. I own a modeling agency."

Dooby cut him off with the shake of his head; "I thought I made it clear
that I'm not interested in modeling any of that designer shit. Did you ever
see anyone wearing anything like those designs in public?" Dooby put finger
quotes around 'designs'.

"Frankly no, and privately, I agree with you, although I make my living
from fees they pay me for those models. I have a client who is looking for
a young man just like you. They've developed a totally new line of skincare
products and a fragrance geared specifically for use by teenage boys and
they want a teen to be their spokesperson."

Dooby thought for a moment while watching Cory across the fairway blast his
ball out of the rough to send it onto the green. "Great shot Cory, but you
cut a lot of hay. Want me to call in a baler?" Dooby giggled when Cory
responded with a middle finger. Dooby turned back to Saul. "If the stuff
works, if I can try it all out first, I guess I could help you out." Dooby
continued, "About the fragrance though, if the stuff smells like most of
the popular shit already on the market, I've got a shelf full of those in
my bathroom, collecting dust by the way, then we might have a problem."
Dooby saw Saul frown so he explained, "Those all smell like watered down
women's perfumes. You can almost see a cloud of fumes surrounding guys who
use one of those, so if the new stuff smells like them, I don't think I
could help you there." He saw the Eagle Scout Josh backing away and
giggled. "Cool it Josh, you didn't take a bath in the stuff, plus you've
been in the fresh air for a while so the fumes are getting weaker. What I
just said is only my opinion anyway, and maybe my sniffer is messed up

"Could we at least talk about it soon somewhere quiet?" Saul asked trying
to keep desperation from his voice.

"Sure, if you aren't doing anything Monday night, how about coming out to
the house for dinner? Come out early to avoid the rush from the city. Cory
and I will be home between five and five-thirty, but Cory's mom can
entertain you until we get there." Saul nodded dumbly. "Okay, here's Cory's
cell phone number to call for directions. Are just you three coming out?"

Saul nodded, "Thanks yes, and maybe one more if he's in town. Cory's
phone?" he wondered.

Dooby giggled, "Yup, the silly duffus always carries his, keeps it turned
on and lucky for me, always answers it. Hey, stop in the tent for lunch
after we finish. You can meet all the gang and get directions then." He
watched Kurt use his pitching wedge to loft his ball to the back of the
green. He joined Cory in their cart. "Later!" he called as they drove away
up the cart path to where his and Steve's balls reposed in the middle of
the fairway.

They finished the par four first hole with Steve getting a birdie, Dooby
got par and Cory and Kurt each with one over. With the pressure of using a
wood out of the way everyone relaxed and began to really enjoy the game and
have fun. Cory sliced his drive from the tee on the fifth hole, which was a
dogleg; his ball disappeared into the woods on the left side of the
fairway. Unfortunately the dogleg bent to the right. Dooby slinked over to
where Kerry stood with Colin and Josh. He whispered to them and their grins
grew, all of them nodded that they understood what he wanted them to do.

The bird dogs popped out of the woodland and waved. They had found Cory's
ball again. Cory waved back. Dooby stopped their cart opposite where his
ball disappeared and where the birddogs stood at the edge of the small
woodland. As soon as Cory disappeared into the trees Dooby stepped from the
cart and raised his arms and on the down beat over two hundred-fifty male
voices began to sing; "Hi ho, hi ho it's into the trees we go!" Cory
reappeared bent over and holding his sides from laughing. Dooby bowed to
Cory and the third repeat degenerated into mob laughter. The fun was over
when Cory's ball sliced through tree leaves to land back on the fairway.

The eighteenth hole was the most difficult on the course. It was a right
angle dogleg to the left. Giant boulders sprouted along the fairway as
additional hazards in addition to deep bunkers. The area between the
fairway legs was strewn with even more boulders, a few struggling trees and
lots of brush. The area was referred to as never-never land meaning if a
golfer attempted to take a short cut by cutting off the corner and didn't
make it over to the fairway on the other side, his ball was lost because he
was never, never going to find it. Dooby watched Steve carefully since he
was going over never-never land and Dooby planned to follow while Cory and
Kurt decided to be safe and conservative and stick to the fairway.

Steve was all smiles after his drive, Cory and Kurt high fived after Kurt's
ball landed near Cory's on the fairway right at the turn. Dooby's drive to
cut the corner was bad, the ball didn't climb, it stayed low more like a
line drive. The two bird dogs that had worked the right side of the
fairways had crossed over to join their fellow volunteers on the left. All
four boys disappeared where Dooby's ball had sailed over their heads. The
two carts stopped on the cart path at that point.

"I'm going to look around a little before I have to take a penalty drop
here. Wish me luck." Dooby said to Cory before he climbed from their
cart. The gallery had gone silent. The four bird dogs popped out of the
bushes in different places just as Dooby crossed the fairway to join them
in the search although all four shrugged their failure to find the missing
ball. Dooby thanked the boys for their efforts and told them he was going
to look himself. They followed and began to search again.

One boy said to his partner, "Maybe the bitch went further than we thought,
come on let's look around closer to the other side." Dooby watched them
disappear without much hope.

Suddenly one of the boys shouted, "WE FOUND IT! IT MADE IT TO THE FAIRWAY!"

"FANTASTIC!" Dooby shouted while he ran like a nimble mountain goat back to
where the guys were waiting.

Cory laughed. "Man you are one lucky motherfucker. Just for making it you
can walk back through there while Kurt and I drive to the green, then we'll
catch up to you with your clubs."

Dooby waved and disappeared back into the brush. The surrounding boys who
were anxious to catch up to Dooby again hurried along Saul and his
men. Along the way, a boy looked at Saul. "You know Cory's right, Count
Dooby is a lucky fucker but it's not all luck. Do you know where he learned
to play golf?" Saul shook his head so the boy continued, "He learned this
week from the golf channel on cable. He got up late at night and watched
condensed versions of tournaments. Count Dooby watched Tiger Woods and he
has Tiger down perfectly, his stance, swing and follow through. I had
lessons before I played my first round and I'm not going to tell you my
score but there were three digits." The boy took a small pad from his
pocket. "I've been keeping his score just for fun and if Count Dooby makes
par on this last hole he'll finish with a seventy-six. Par is
seventy-two. Now that's pretty fucking fantastic, I think."

"You keep calling him Count Dooby, why is that?" Saul asked.

"Because he's a real French Count. He came to the United States to get his
education and he's incognito. He wants to be just one of the guys. If you
spoke French to him, Cory told us he wouldn't answer, so out of respect we
just call him Dooby to his face and Count Dooby behind his back."

"Fascinating," Saul managed before talking stopped as the boys rounded the
corner and stopped to watch Cory and Kurt take their second strokes, both
aiming at the pin one hundred fifty yards away. Everyone could see Dooby on
the edge of the fairway, fifty yards from the pin; he was doing his Dooby
dance impatient for the carts and his clubs to reach him.

Kurt saw him as well. He looked at Cory, "Just look at that silly son of a
bitch," he complained, "that's distracting." He dropped his club and cupped
his mouth to shout; "STOP THAT YOU GOOFY MOTHERFUCKER!" Dooby froze and
then backed halfway into the brush to stand quietly to watch them. Kurt's
ball landed in the rough ten yards short of the green. Cory's shot landed
just barely on the green as far away from the pin as it could be without
being in a bunker in the back.

Charlie, Carl, Bart and Christian waited for them near the green and were
eager to hear their final scores. Steve won as expected with a
seventy-four, Dooby followed with seventy-six exactly as the boy predicted,
Cory finished with a seventy-nine and little Kurt was delighted with an

Saul did a double take when he got a good look at Christian. He nudged his
artistic director and pointed with his chin. "Holy shit!" the man mumbled
as he moved his camera to Christian. "Two finds in one day in such a small
town. I wonder what they put in the water around here?" Then Tom joined the
group with young Carl, Darryl and Alex. The three men were just calming
down from staring at the four new arrivals when a door from the clubhouse
opened and Zack, Billy, David and Alan burst on the scene. They'd been in
the longest since they had the earliest tee time. The men looked dazed but
kept their cameras working. "Jesus H. Christ, we've stumbled into a whole
nest of them!"

Suddenly Dooby stopped to hold his ear. He grinned and shouted, "CUT!
THAT"S A WRAP!" He saw Steve, Cory and Kurt coming after him all rubbing
their ears.

"OOPS!" Dooby boomed and took off running while laughing his ass off, with
Steve, Kurt and Cory in close pursuit. The other guys in their golf club
ran after them, which initiated a stampede by the whole gallery.


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