Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


Chapter  2

Dooby suggested that they use the old back roads to get to Tom's house
before they left the DuBois driveway because he wanted to drive by the
certain someone's house in the off chance he was outside, and Tom could see
him, maybe even meet him. "Who is this guy? He must be hot, the way you
keep wiggling around." Tom asked but enjoyed watching Dooby's body. Dooby
decided the uniform of the day; they wore their new shorts, just shorts, no
shirts and certainly nothing under the shorts.

The passenger seat belt kept locking to restrain Dooby's movement when he
leaned forward and twisted his neck to look Tom in the eyes even though
they both wore sunglasses. Dooby giggled and moved again like he was trying
to screw himself into the bucket seat. "Someone's name is Christian Dunn,
is that a tough name or what? He looks like his name. I like to keep moving
so I can feel you sloshing around with breakfast, you know your cum mixing
with the eggs and bacon. Are we going to fuck as soon as we get to your

Tom winced, "Would it be possible for you to be a little less graphic? Try
saying make love or something."

"Okay, are we going to make love as soon as we get home? I want you to fuck
me doggie style, we haven't tried that yet." Dooby waited for Tom's
reaction, almost without giggling.

Tom lifted his foot from the accelerator, craned his neck up and looked
forward. The Vet slowed dramatically. "Holy shit! Look at that! That
couldn't be your Christian Dunn could it?" He asked shaking his head
quickly while knowing somehow that it was. A sleek glittering sweat soaked
body sprinted along the side of the road, running in the same direction
they were going. The body wore high cut running shorts, split on the sides
almost to the waistband. The head was topped with light brown hair darkened
by wet and made into bouncing ringlets. Long back muscles moved
rhythmically, perfectly synchronized with those prominent in his moving
arms and long legs.

Dooby pulled his sunglasses off and tried to pull himself to his feet with
his hands on the top of the windshield. The seat belt held him back, so he
reached to the steering wheel and blew the horn as the Vet's nose drew even
with the runner. Christian stumbled losing his stride and concentration at
the same time. "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!" He screamed before he even looked up to
see who destroyed his wind sprint.

Dooby giggled, not intimidated by the taller older teenager. "You're lucky
we didn't run your sorry ass over you big clumsy lummox! If you want to run
stay out of the fucking road! Hey Christian! How's it going? Sorry about
the horn, but Uncle Tommy couldn't resist."

"ME!" Tom screeched.

Christian pressed his legs on the side of the car, reached to Dooby's neck
and lifted him. The seat belt fought back. "You little mother fucker!" He
laughed when Dooby pounded his wrists, then suddenly went limp in his
hands, trying to act unconscious, giggling and making almost legitimate
choking sounds before Christian released his hold. He wiped the sweat from
his face, then his hand on Dooby's shoulder. His light brown eyes fixed on
Tom while he talked to Dooby, "One of these day's shrimp, you're going to
the hospital to get my stick out of your ass and the ball out of your big
mouth." His eyes left Tom to travel the length of the car. He whistled,
"Choice machine, very choice."

Dooby agreed with a nod, "Man is it ever. It's my Uncle Tom's. Tommy, this
is Christian Dunn."

Tom waved; delighted that he still wore his sunglasses. His eyes feasted on
the six-foot body of an athlete who probably was good at any sport he tried
and still only a junior in high school. It was obvious that Christian had
been out running for quite a while, but his breathing was almost normal.

Christian acknowledged Tom with a nod, then looked down on Dooby to see
Dooby's eyes fixed on the bulge in his soggy shorts. Dooby realized he'd
been caught and lifted them to look him in the eye and grin without
embarrassment. "What's with you shrimp? You look different, you've changed
somehow," he frowned then grinned and deftly plucked Dooby's glasses off
his face and settled them on his own nose. He looked down on Dooby again,
"Oh, it was just the expensive shades. Freshmen shouldn't be allowed to
wear these, but somehow you still look older all of a sudden." He gave the
glasses back. "How'd you con your dad out of those?"

"Uncle Tommy, Tommy paid for them and I'm," he burst out laughing, "paying
him back as soon as I can con the money out of my father." All three of
them laughed Dooby the hardest. "Are you almost done, or just starting?
It's hard to tell, you sweat just thinking about moving your big ass any
faster than a walk." Dooby giggled as his eyes drifted to Christian's
shorts again.

"I do, do I?" Christian ran his hands over his chest and gut then grabbed
Dooby's head and washed his face with his wet hands. We'd be a great team
if you could catch a pass as well as you run on the field," he laughed,
"and your mouth all the time. Actually I was just getting done with five
miles. I like to finish with a sprint from here home. Now since I got
interrupted I guess I'll walk. See ya! Nice to meet you Tommy." He started
to walk away from the car.

"Wait," Dooby called, "we can give you a lift!" He looked at Tom with
pleading eyes, "Can't we Uncle Tommy?"

Tom nodded and moved the Vet even with Christian again, he was enjoying the
constant by play between the two younger boys, and he wanted it to
continue. "Sure, hop in. Scoot over Dooby, give the man some room."

"I'm soaked, I better walk." Christian shook his head, but stopped walking,
waiting to be convinced.

"No problem, Dooby won't melt and the upholstery's leather." Tom encouraged
while Dooby nodded, released the seat belt and moved so he balanced on the
console on one ass cheek to make room. He leaned over to open the door

"You're sure?" Christian asked with a grin, only after he slipped into the
seat and closed the door. Tom answered by popping the clutch and
accelerating. Their heads tipped back together from the sudden increase in

Dooby lost his delicate perch and slipped to wedge his little ass between
the console and Christian's thigh. He leaned into Christian's chest. The
feel of their bare flesh touching in so many places caused Dooby's face to
redden. "OOPS!" He intoned in his deepest voice, "Sorry about that."

"No problem, here get comfortable. You're no bigger than a lap dog."
Christian slipped his hands under Dooby and lifted him then settled him on
his thigh so Dooby straddled his leg. Christian winked at Tom, "That's how
he made varsity, we needed a mascot. Actually he's really good and he
embarrasses the rest of us into keeping up with him." Dooby couldn't resist
wiggling noticeably to grind his ass hole into Christian's thighbone, that,
or getting a raging hardon. Fortunately it grew pointing up, so it was
contained in his shorts. His red face matured to match the Vet's
paint. Christen was less than helpful by surrounding Dooby's body with his
hands and pulling him back so Dooby leaned against his chest again. He
compounded Dooby's blood pressure then by not moving his hands from Dooby's
chest and even used an index finger to count the ripples in his taught gut
starting from just below the ribcage and working down to his low slung
waistband while he stared at the passing countryside. Dooby turned spastic
suddenly when Christian's finger got to the cloth tent and the back of his
hand brushed, and paused to push very lightly at Dooby's hardon before he
moved it back to it's starting point. Dooby put his hand on Christian's
exposed opposite leg to steady himself, conveniently too high up. Dooby
closed his hand on Christian's cock that by then was straining to get out
of the light jock that barely contained it under almost transparent wet
running shorts.

Dooby snatched his hand away at the same time he felt Christian's heated
breath in his ear, "Wow, you've grown up this weekend." He whispered, then
giggled softly.

Tom drove slowly and erratically very glad they were on a country road at
nine o'clock on a Sunday morning. The boys didn't notice that the Vet was
all over the road or that Tom couldn't find fourth gear, they concentrated
on each other. The second trip Christian's hand made down Dooby's body, he
and Tom discovered forth gear at the same time, Tom with a sweaty hand on
the shift stick knob and Christian with his palm covering the knob of
Dooby's cock standing proud inside his shorts.

Christian glanced to the right, "HERE!" He shouted, "We're here, that's,
that was my driveway," he said in a normal voice. Tom stomped on the brake
while Christian abandoned Dooby's knob to open the door before the car
stopped. Dooby dropped to the seat as Christian reclaimed his leg to climb
out and slam the door. He started running back down the road. "Thanks for
the lift," he called.

"Wait, goddamn it!" Dooby stopped him. "You can come with us if you want
to, if you aren't doing anything the rest of the weekend." He called to
Christian's back, then looked at Tom pleading, "He can can't he?"

Tom nodded, "Sure, really you can, we'd enjoy the company!" Tom called out.

Christian stopped and half turned back to look at them and grinned after he
looked down at himself. His body was in profile. "Thanks, but I better
not. You shrimp, better spend the rest of the weekend getting finished
growing up. That's how you've changed all of a sudden. Wait for me Tuesday,
I'll pick you up."

"Huh?" Dooby looked confused.

Christian rolled his eyes and shook his head, "DUH! You want to ride the
fucking bus or with me to school from now on? See ya! I'll take a rain
check on the weekend Tommy, thanks!" He giggled and started running again.

Tom and Dooby watched Christian disappear. Tom giggled and returned his
cock to his shorts from it's resting place on the inside of his left leg
where it was enjoying the air from the time Christian first started feeling
up Dooby. Dooby looked down at himself, "Shit, good thing precum washes
out. If you ever got to fifth gear it would have been a humongus load. We
better get home fast, unless you want to get rude on the side of the road."

Tom laid rubber in first and second before he answered. "Holy shit Dooby,
he's one in a million. Your father's right, you do have good taste."

"Huh?" Dooby stopped rubbing the spot on his shorts.

Tom bit his tongue mentally, then reconsidered, "Your father was waiting
for me this morning at the bottom of the stairs. We had a little
conversation about you. They know."

Color drained from Dooby's face. "Know? Know what?" Tom just looked at
him. "Oh, already? I guess we were too noisy huh? I thought about that this
morning." Dooby frowned, "If they know, how come you're still alive? Wasn't
he mad as in kill the pervert who molested me mad?"

"I think he would have if it was a shock, but they've known for a year. It
was just a question of who you picked for your first time, me, or
Christian." He grinned, "I won, and we were."

"Were what?

"Noisy. You had the smarts to put your bed directly over theirs. They were
keeping score at first, but they fell asleep after the third trip to
shower. You're fucking bed thunks or something."

"A whole year?" Dooby asked weakly.

Tom giggled, deciding to lighten the mood. "Yup, a year. It seems you hide
your skin mags in that old trunk you thought was full of old clothes. They
aren't old, they're seasonal." Dooby looked puzzled. "Meaning that winter
stuff goes in and summer stuff comes out, spring and fall get it? Your
mother found them last year."

"I wonder why I'm still alive? Last month Dad and I were in the mall and we
saw two guys holding hands, really old guys like in their thirties, not
young like you, I like to jive you about your age to annoy you," Dooby
hastened to explain when he saw Tom frown. "You know what I mean. Anyway,
Dad mumbled something about fucking queers keeping it in their bedroom, and
he doesn't say fuck in front of me very often."

Tom shrugged, "Maybe he was sort of suggesting to you that it would be
really nice if you didn't like let your hair grow and use makeup, shit like
that. Like not go around screaming that you're gay and daring the straights
to do something about it, since like it or not they are in the majority."

Dooby looked disgusted with Tom's analogy. "Shit! I'd never do that. It's
no ones fucking business. Besides, if I ever tried to hold your hand, or
Christian's, in public anyway, you'd kill me, and vice versa for that

"That's the way I feel too. It's easier to get along with the world by
maintaining a low profile. We're jocks and we like jocks. The swishy types
even if they're jocks scare me into running away; I wouldn't want to be
seen with them. I guess I want to do my thing without getting
labeled. Maybe they can't help it, but I'm not sure they aren't
acting. Anyway they lose more because of the fucking
advertising. Understand?"

"Yup." Dooby started to giggle; "Hey did Pop tell you to have this Dutch
Uncle conversation with me about the birds and the bees?"

Tom laughed, "Nope, except to tell you that they know, and almost
understand. You're still their son and they'll support you as long as you
don't get into that trunk and start wearing your mom's dresses. The gay
birds and bees part was my idea."

"So what happens now? What do I do when you drop me off Monday?"

Tom shrugged, "I guess just act fucked up like normal. Be yourself and give
everyone including you a chance to adjust." He smiled, "There will be one
benefit in the next month or so, your dad is going to finish the whole
upstairs for you as your bedroom, your private space. BUT, as soon as you
get home you have to move that fucked up bed somewhere, anywhere else from
where it is now, until they get you a new one."

"Really?" Dooby looked amazed; "Will I have a private entrance?"

It was Tom's turn to look amazed, "Don't press your luck there. I think
they'll want to see whom you invite up there, I mean who actually goes up
there with you. Plan on using the regular stairway, and don't get
sneaky. You won't get points for sneaky, no secrets, just privacy."

"Fuck, who wants to be sneaky if I can invite Christian home for the
weekend without grief, or you. There's no one I need to be sneaky with."

Tom cocked his head in thought. "Remember, they know about me, but
Christian may not like the idea of them knowing about him. If he goes
upstairs with you, he's coming out to them, strangers, and your parents. It
might take him some time to get used to the idea of them knowing and being
assured that your dad won't cut his balls off in mid-stroke."

"Oh yeah, I didn't think about the other guy, Christian might insist on
sneaky, but there's no point because they already know."

"Wrong. All they know is that you've been running your big motor mouth
about him. They won't know he's gay until he climbs the stairs with you,
especially for a weekend. You better think about starting slowly. Maybe
officially he could help you with a course he's already had. Give him a
reason to be in your bedroom other than fucking."

Dooby giggled, "Now who's being fucking graphic? That's gross Tommy, you
could have said I'm having trouble with sex education," he snapped his
fingers excitedly, "or maybe he is and I'm helping him, since I'll know
almost everything there is to know after this weekend."

Tom nodded and laughed, "Of course as a jock, you know you can never get in
too much practice."

Tom turned on to a major highway and started to pass a big vacant discount
department store surrounded by a huge empty parking lot. He impulsively
signaled and turned into the lot wearing a shit-eating grin by the time he
stopped and shut off the ignition.

"Why are we stopping here? Aren't we kind of in a hurry?" Dooby looked down
at himself, "At least one of us is."

Tom climbed out of the car and looked down on Dooby. "We can rush home and
fuck, or spend some time here teaching you how to drive. You pick."

"REALLY? Drive this? Are you fucking nuts? I pick this, we have all weekend
to MAKE LOVE!" Dooby corrected Tom at the top of his lungs while he scooted
around the back of the Vet to slowly, almost reverently settle into the
driver's seat.

Tom got in the passenger side and closed the door. He was about to make a
caution and safety speech, but Dooby beat him to it. "Now Uncle Tommy, this
is serious business, this is a very expensive driving machine, and with me
behind the wheel there will be no fucking around, no jokes, none. Is that
crystal clear? If you forget and get funny the lessons end, but if you
behave and pay attention, I'll let you teach me whenever I want. Do we have
a deal?" Dooby offered Tom his hand. They shook, "Is that how you were
going to start me out?"

Tom nodded and laughed, "Yup, you said it all, except for that last bit,
I'll have to think about that. Let's just see how lesson one goes
first. Okay, start her up."

Tom inadvertently created a monster. Dooby argued that they should continue
after an hour. They stopped when Dooby was stopped at an imaginary stop
sign and signaling a left turn. He looked right, then left at the front
fender of a police cruiser stopped alongside them. The cop saluted them
with a smile, "Driving lessons?" He asked.

Tom grinned, "Yes sir. Is it okay here on private property? I didn't think
about that before we started."

The cop shrugged, "I don't see whoever owns this joint complaining. This is
the safest place to learn. Better here than on the road. You're doing great
son, keep up the good work." He waved again then drove off.

Dooby wiped his forehead, "Damn, I just about shit when I saw that word
'POLICE' on the fender. That's enough for the day let's go home."

"They always have the same effect on me too." Tom agreed

Tom's new house was invisible from the road because of a bend in the
driveway through a small woodland. He grinned at Dooby's reaction when they
got to the open meadow. "Holy shit Uncle Tommy, what a bachelor pad. It's
fucking huge. He anticipated Tom's plan to wash the Vet. "Leave it out so I
can wash it. I don't want to be seen driving a machine like this all
covered with bug shit." He grinned, "But later, I want to check out your
bedroom. Driving this thing gives me a hardon," he looked into Tom's lap
and giggled, "just like you. Driving it a whole day must be a bitch."

Tom looked down at himself and giggled, "Actually, you're to blame for
this, come on in, you're the first person to see the inside other than my
mom. It's too bad your dad didn't have time to build it for me, I would
have liked that, but the guy he recommended did a good job."

Tom led the way from the garage into the kitchen area. Then they stood in
the great room. Dooby looked around long enough to get his bearings, then
made a beeline for a hallway on the opposite wall Tom grinned and
followed. He caught up to Dooby in the master bedroom, already naked,
sitting like an Indian in the center of the king size bed, grinning. "Too
bad you ran out of money before you finished it, but it's tough so far."

Tom looked around with a frown, "Okay, I'll bite, what didn't I finish?"

"The bathroom wall." Dooby pointed to an open alcove. The bedroom carpet
ended abruptly and tile began. Two steps up led to a large spa tub with a
large window behind it that looked out on an almost finished terrace and
the newly mowed meadow beyond. Opposite the tub was a counter with double
sinks, and in the back corner there was an open shower with two
showerheads, one on each opposing wall. "You certainly don't expect me to
take a shower with you watching from here in bed, and I don't see a john
come to think of it."

Tom opened a door to reveal the toilet. "I admit it's different, but I like
it, it's convenient. Since you don't, the guest room is back here, that
bath room is more conventional." Tom turned to Dooby. He'd lost interest in
the bath area of the big comfortable room. He was stretched out on the bed
playing with his cock, while he watched what he was doing and Tom in the
mirrored wall opposite the side of the bed.

Tom abandoned his shorts in the doorway. Dooby turned to him at the moment
Tom jumped on the bed. He opened his arms and spread his legs at the same
time. Tom rested his weight on Dooby's lighter body. They kissed while
Dooby wormed a hand between their bodies to guide Tom. He broke the
kiss. "Damn lift up a second."

Tom shook his head. "Later, now that we're home, we'll get you all nice and
clean first. I was thinking that we haven't tried sixty-nining yet. Then we
can wash the Vet. By then it'll be time for lunch. I was thinking of
ordering a pizza."

Dooby ceased the struggle with his hand and frowned, "Just one? What are
you going to eat?"

"Okay two, but I'm still going to try to drain you out this afternoon, so I
don't want to over eat, that is if you're sure you don't want to try being
on top?"

Dooby pushed Tom unexpectedly. Tom flopped to his back and Dooby swung his
body around, lay back down alongside Tom and gobbled him in his mouth. Tom
lifted himself to one elbow and lowered his head just as Dooby lifted
his. "Tommy?" He asked softly. "After I come, don't swallow right
away. Wait for me to get you off and then let's kiss to mix it around
together before we swallow, okay?"

To answer, Tom started thrusting into Dooby's fist, since Dooby continued
his pelvic motion while he asked. He knew if he answered verbally, he was
very likely to get a blast in his face. Dooby hadn't come for over three
hours. Tom held him securely in his fist when Dooby's movements became
frantic a few minutes later. The thought of swirling Dooby's cum around in
his mouth with his tongue was enough for him to pump himself into Dooby's
willing mouth. They pulled away together and both sat up at the same
time. Their lips joined and they opened their mouths wide. Their tongues
danced for a minute before they swallowed together.

"Wow!" Tom puffed after a moment, "That was different, really sensual maybe
you should be the teacher."

Dooby giggled, "I'm just trying to see if it's true."

"What's true?" Tom asked suspiciously.

"The bit about teaching old dogs new tricks!" He laughed, pushed himself
away before Tom could grab him and ran to the doorway before he stopped
waiting for Tom to chase him through the house.

Tom shook his head and laughed, "It seems like you broke the truce
Harold. It's war now and I'll win because I don't really get as bent out of
shape by being called old, as you do when someone uses your name Harold! So
there Harold! I'm not chasing you because when I caught you we'd probably
have to get it on again and we'll never get around the washing the Vet, or
getting pizza for lunch." Tom walked into his closet and came out with a
fist full of Speedos. "Here these are all your size. Put one on and let's
get to work. I'll reinstate the truce until the Vet is done, if you work
hard and do a good job, maybe I'll continue it."

Tom enjoyed seeing Dooby wince each time he said Harold. "Okay, deal, I'm
sorry, I just couldn't resist. Twenty three isn't really old, you can sure
still fuck like a rabbit."

Tom winced at that, "That was a compliment I think. Thanks." He pulled on a
speed suit and waited for Dooby to pick out a color he liked.

Dooby found one that was smaller than the others, all twenty-sixes, "Hey,
this one's a twenty-four." He pulled it up his legs, and watched himself in
the mirrors as each time he pulled the back up far enough to cover his
crack, just barely, the front was pulled down to just expose the upper
limit of his pubes. He reached in to arrange his cock and balls. Since his
balls already occupied the available pouch area, he compromised by allowing
his cock to point to his left thigh. He rubbed his white belly and pulled
at his almost invisible bush. "Damn blond hair, I always look bald. I think
I'm going to work on getting an all over tan this summer so my hair stands

"It's really tight and sexy, there's sure nothing left to the
imagination. Good thing we're behind the trees, if you wore that in public
you'd get arrested for being naked." Tom laughed while Dooby posed for him.

"You dare me to go naked now? I will if you say it's all right." Dooby
looked hopeful.

Tom shrugged he liked the idea of going naked outside, "I guess we can in
the back on the terrace or down in the field, but the garage is on the side
of the house. You'd be seen if someone came through the trees, and I'd get
arrested for corrupting the morals of a minor."

The Corvette washing quickly degenerated into a combination water and soap
fight. Dooby used enough soap in the bucket to wash a bus. The soap was in
a squeeze bottle, and when Tom complained, Dooby shot the concentrate on
his chest and bathing suit. When Tom tried to wash the soap off, he quickly
looked like a walking scrubbing bubbles advertisement. Dooby laughed and
kept his distance, until Tom ignored the suds on his body and started to
actually wash the Vet. Dooby came to help. He squatted to wash a wheel when
Tom dumped the whole bucket over his head. Dooby jumped Tom and they
wrestled on the grass until they noticed that the Vet was starting to dry
without being rinsed, then they ignored the soap drying on them and started
to work on the car seriously.

"Hi!" A froggy voice hailed them from the driveway ten minutes later.

They turned together. Tom thought he recognized the boy as a neighbor who
lived a half mile down the road and could frequently be found in the middle
of the road practicing tricks on his BMX bicycle. The boy was sitting on
his bike with the front wheel turned sideways and his feet on the peddles,
he was neatly balanced with his arms folded across his chest. "Hey, hi. You
live down the road don't you?" Tom asked, "Let's see your last name is
O'Donnell? Something like that. Jewish right?" Tom grinned at the change of
expression. Dooby just stared.

"My name's Conner, Cory Conner. It's Irish of course you were just trying
to piss me off. I know that. Your name is Tom Paterson. Nice house, but
nicer car. I watched them build this. I like construction. I'd like to
design houses someday."

Dooby perked up when the kid said he liked construction and
architecture. He tossed the sponge to Tom and walked to Cory to offer his
hand. He forgot he was nearly naked. "Dooby DuBois, Dooby rhymes with
Scooby. Hi, I'm Tommy's cousin. My dad's a builder. He just does mansions
and shit for people with money interested in quality. He charges the shit
out of them, but they get what they want. Cool wheels you got there, you
must be good. You don't happen to play Lacrosse do you? I brought two
sticks, maybe we could past the ball around for a while." He paused for
breath and looked hopeful.

Cory stepped off his bike and carefully lowered it to the driveway. He
stood up and giggled up at Dooby's surprised expression. Cory was just over
five feet tall while Dooby was five-nine. "Don't say it, my dad is
five-four, but my mom is five-seven so there's still hope. I'm pretty good
on my bike, very good at Playstation, and you probably can't beat me in a
chess match. Obviously I never played Lacrosse, but I'd like to try it if
you show me how, I'm a fast learner."

Dooby was shaking his right hand as if he hurt it somehow. He grinned,
"That's cool, but you don't shake hands like a nerd."

"Oh I work out a lot, I told you there was still hope, and I wrestle,
ninety-eight pound," he looked up and down Dooby's body, "and if you don't
wrestle I can probably pin you in under three minutes. If you did wrestle,
you'd probably be a state champ in your weight class," Cory qualified the
compliment, "that is if you put on a little muscle." He giggled again at
Dooby's dumbfounded look.

Tom joined them laughing; he shook Cory's hand. "Right on neighbor, you put
motor mouth down fast and furious."

Cory was dressed in baggy shorts that stopped below his knees and large
sweatshirt. "Thanks neighbor, but I wasn't trying to put anyone down, just
trying to show Dooby that my mind works as fast as his." He reached up
suddenly placed a hand on each bare chest and pushed them away from him, he
complained laughing, "You tall guys get me all out of scale and I'm working
on my tan, you're making shadows." Then he looked at the partially washed,
abandoned Vet, "Can I help you finish up? Then you can teach me how to play
Lacrosse, but I warn you, I play to win."

Dooby tilted his head and grinned, "Wearing all those clothes, you're
asking, no, begging to get wet. Uncle Tommy really gets sloppy, and he
likes to pick on me." He snapped his fingers, "Want to change? He's got
loads of these suits from when they actually fit him."

"Now who's picking?" Tom asked. "Someone better help, if this soap dries it
might not come off without wrecking the paint, plus of course there
wouldn't be anymore driving lessons."

Dooby started running into the garage, "Come on Cory!" His voice
echoed. Cory shrugged and ran to catch up.

In Tom's bedroom, Dooby pawed through the small jumble of Speedos lying on
the bed. Cory looked around and whistled his appreciation of his
surroundings. "Holy shit what a pad! All Tom would have to do to get
someone in that bed is bring them in here. All the mirrors, the fireplace,
the spa, and that fucking huge television up high so you could watch it
without sitting up in bed."

"Yeah, all that occurred to me too when I first saw this room. Damn, I'm
wearing the smallest suit and I guess there's only one. These others would
fall off you."

Cory smirked without looking at the sizes. "I could probably keep it up."

"You can wear this one, I'll wash it in the shower, that is if you don't
mind putting it on wet." Dooby didn't wait for Cory to answer. He walked to
the bath area and turned on both showers, then pushed the small suit off
and started to wash the soap out of it. "It may be used, but it sure will
be clean." He held it under the spray then twisted it, keeping his back to
the bedroom. He was hoping Cory would strip and join him. He wanted to see
his little body naked. From the moment he first looked at Cory's freckled
face, framed by long dark hair, he had to concentrate to keep from getting
a hardon. The degree of difficulty kept multiplying as Cory shook his hand
with strength then said he was an athlete, a good one, without bragging, a
brain, again without bragging and that he worked out. Then there was the
exotic attraction of his diminutive height.

The second shower shut off; Cory's hip bumped Dooby's thigh. "No point in
wasting water," he said softly. Cory's voice was deep and it always came
out sounding like he needed to clear his throat or he was gargling, husky,
sex charged. Dooby was losing it, his cock was fully elongated and was
beginning to rise, his washing and wringing became nervous and jerky. He
felt a hand on his back, then two. "You're covered with soap, all
slippery. I'll wash it off, get under the water further."

Cory worked his strong hands like twin buffers starting with Dooby's
shoulders. They worked up and down his arms, then cris-crossed his back,
moving slowly and steadily down to his ass before he hesitated. Dooby was
panting. "Something wrong? There's soap there too."

Cory started his hands moving again, less efficiently, more sensually. They
played near Dooby's crack. "Maybe you can tell, I'm kind of a first timer,
I'm a little scared. Not that I haven't wanted to, do this I mean, in the
shower, with one or two other guys on the wrestling team, your size but
older. Back then I wanted someone my age, not so superior like them just
taller and with a super body." Dooby spread his legs, he hoped the
invitation was clear enough, it was. A finger brushed his pucker. "I
watched you and Tommy wrestling from the trees." He chuckled, "You have
some interesting holds. I thought he was going to nail you right there on
the lawn. He has a great body, so do you, I got so hard; I had to wait to
calm down. Will Tom be jealous if he catches us doing this? I couldn't
believe it when you said come in and change, but he was grinning when I ran
to catch you."

Dooby started giggling naturally as he turned around, he didn't look down
immediately because he assumed he'd see a hard cock in scale with the size
of Cory's body and it didn't matter. The exciting thing to him was suddenly
discovering someone else his own age, a gay and a virgin who wanted him or
Tom to dispose of the problem. "Nope. He's happy. He wants me to find
friends my own age. He's my teacher, he was chicken at first, and I had to
put the make on him, like I knew what I was doing. He's experienced, but
only with one guy before me, his college roommate. I don't know how they
ever got any studying done, except for sex education. He looked down when
Cory screwed up enough nerve to touch his cock. He looked lower. His eyes
bugged out, "Jesus H. Christ! Holy shit! Where the fuck did you get THAT?"
He bent over as if he was in pain and squeezed his ass cheeks
together. "Holy shit! Can I touch it? How big is that? Man when they were
handing out cocks you were standing in the thoroughbred stallion line."

Cory was on the verge of tears. "I, I was kind of afraid you would say
that. I'm sorry it scares you. Half the fucking school calls me the walking
cock, you know, from gym and the wrestling team, they all talk."

Dooby saw how upset Cory was by his jokes. "Hey chill out, I was just
joking." Cory backed away. Dooby reached out, grabbed and pulled him back
in close. "Can I hold it?" He asked again.

"You already are," Cory giggled.

"Oh yeah, I am." Dooby dropped to his knees. His eyes bugged out a second
time. "Goddamn," he said softly, clearly amazed, "the Big Guy gave you
matching nuts. If these work like my normal sized pair, you're packing a
cum factory. Let's see." Dooby opened his mouth, then put his hands on
Cory's hips and pulled him closer and closer. Cory massaged his neck and
shoulders more and more frantically. Dooby tried, but couldn't swallow
Cory's entire length. When Cory's hands clutched the back of his wet head,
Dooby pulled back and held the turgid head in his mouth. Cory's first load
didn't spurt like his and Tom's, it flowed, and flowed before it trickled.

Cory managed one long, "Ohooooooo," his knees failed. Dooby held him up
with a hand under each small muscular cheek, until even the trickle
stopped. Cory found strength in his eagerness to reciprocate. He lifted
Dooby to his feet with his hands under Dooby's arms. "My turn!" He rasped
excitedly and dropped to his knees. He got Dooby in his mouth and began to
move his head.

through the house.

Dooby moaned and started pumping himself into Cory's mouth. "YES!" He
answered in a strangled scream. He giggled and panted to Cory, "We better
get a move on, I don't want to piss the old guy off. He's also teaching me
how to drive the Vet. Oh, and don't call him old, he isn't really but when
I jive him about it, he calls me by my real name."

"What is your real name?" Cory asked while he pulled on the soggy little
Speedo, then experimented with the best position for his cock. Dooby
covered his mouth and mumbled. "What?"

"It's Harold," Dooby answered resigned to allowing Cory to know and kicking
his ass mentally for bringing up the subject. "If you call me that," he
spit, "I'll kick your ass wrestler or not," he warned with a frown.

Cory burst out laughing, "That's a cool name compared to mine."

"There's nothing wrong with Cory it's not nerdy like mine."

"My real name's Courtney." Cory waited for Dooby to laugh.

Dooby shrugged, "That a cool name. What's wrong with that?"

Cory looked pained; "There's a girl in my class, ever since kindergarten in
fact, that's her name too."

"Oh, I see the problem." Dooby put out his hand, "Okay, between us, there's
no Harold and no Courtney. Deal?"

Cory pumped Dooby's arm before they did a high and low five then bumped
hips together to seal their pact. "Deal!"

Dooby turned to the doorway with his arm around Cory's shoulders, and
caught a towel in the face. Tom threw another at Cory but missed because he
disappeared behind Dooby. "I washed it and I rinsed it. The price for pizza
is you two birds wipe it down. I'm going to shower, dress and call in the
order. If you aren't finished when they get here, you eat it cold."

Dooby giggled, "Okay Uncle Tommy! You don't need to cop an attitude. But
first, you just gotta see this." He twisted his neck and looked down
laughing, "Come on out, there's no point in hiding it, he's going to see it
anyway." He pulled Cory's arm until Cory stood in front of him facing Tom.

"Holy shit Cory!" Tom stared.

Dooby cracked up, "That's what I said! And look, he's even got the balls to

Cory turned scarlet from Dooby's comments and more so from having Tom's
eyes on him. He also felt his cock hardening. He'd pointed it down and bent
it around his balls inside the little suit. As it gained solidity it
straightened and pulled the tiny suits' waistband down and away from his
body revealing his neat mound of black curls. "Damn guys this is
embarrassing, I'm not a freak, just a little over hung." He protested

Dooby sank to his knees and went myopic, inspecting Cory's taught belly
from a few inches away. "You may as well get over it," he scolded. "It's
not going away and everyone's going to stare until they get used to the
idea. I just noticed your damn pubes. Look Uncle Tommy, they're already up
to his belly button, I wish mine would get that far, man that's neat." He
gave Cory's cock a gentle squeeze through the thin material, "I can hardly
wait to feel this bad boy in action, and I need to practice giving you
head, but first if we want lunch we better get our asses in gear." He stood
up, got behind Cory and steered him out the door with his hands on the
smaller boy's shoulders, leaving Tom to watch them still in shock,
speechless and painfully hard.

Tom calmed down under the needle spray of his shower but thought of how
dramatically his sex life had changed in less than twenty-four hours. He'd
gone from being resigned to marriage with his fist, to his hard bodied
insatiable cousin Dooby and suddenly he was looking forward to experiencing
Cory with his athletic doll-like body, a ten or eleven inch cock and
baseballs for nuts. It also appeared to Tom that beautiful little Cory was
just as interested in him since he continued to stare at Tom's body in
general and his Speedo in particular.

Dooby eyed Cory while they dried and polished Tom's Vet, "You know you have
a fantastic body, you should use it to advertise. There's nothing wrong
with having a big dick. I'd love to have one just like it. I'd never wear
those baggy clothes. I'd wear regular jeans and shorts. No one would notice
how tall you are. I'd walk proud with my head up, and let my pants do the
talking. If someone called you the walking cock thank him and laugh while
you stare at his and shake your head. Shit, you'd have to fight off the
guys, you could certainly pick and choose who you wanted to fuck around
with." Dooby giggled, "You'd even have to fight off the girls unless you
came out to the whole school and I wouldn't advise that, then you'd have
the bible thumpers and the redneck assholes after you. Nope, low profile
and ostentatious display is the way you should go." He concluded.

They stood back to admire the gleaming Corvette. Dooby rested his arm on
Cory's shoulders. Cory leaned into him and put his arm around Dooby's
waist. "I have regular clothes, I just never wear them. Maybe I'll try
jeans on Tuesday, just to see what happens."

Dooby's busy mind switched gears, "Hey I told you I brought two sticks, you
want to pass the ball around for a while now? Then you can show me some
moves on your bike."

"Sure," Cory looked back at where he left his bike it was gone. He frowned.

Dooby nudged him and pointed. Tom moved the bike into the garage. It rested
against the wall alongside the Tahoe. "Maybe Uncle Tommy's telling you
something, like that's where it should be parked when you come over from
now on," he suggested while he opened the Vet's trunk to get out the
Lacrosse sticks and a bag of balls. He closed it carefully. "How long can
you stay?"


"Tonight, how long can you stay before your parents start looking for you?"

"Oh," Cory grinned and blushed, then giggled, "actually all weekend if I
can, I mean if Uncle Tommy let's me. I live with my mom we're divorced. She
has a boy friend and she doesn't want me to know they've been fucking
around for months. She won't let him stay over, so they go away. I always
forward calls from our home phone to my cellphone in case she calls to
check on me." His grin widened, "I never thought that would come in handy
until just now."

Dooby handed Cory his new stick and raced him to the back of the house to
the middle of the sloped lawn. He looked back and up at the house, "Hey
this is private just like Uncle Tommy said." He dropped his stick and the
ball bag then pushed his suit off. "I'm going to get an great all over tan
this summer. I just decided, I'm going naked when I'm here, and after I get
home, whenever I go in the pool." He shrugged, "Uncle Tommy just told me my
folks know, I don't care about my older brother and my little sister barges
into the bathroom all the time if she thinks I take too long. The baby slut
likes looking I think." He picked up his stick then looked at Cory, "Well?"
He asked grinning.

Cory played stupid, "Well what? I can't catch a ball until you throw it."

Dooby struck a pose and giggled, "You're new to this game. The Indians
invented it and they always played it naked, so that's how we should play
it here, kind of the purist version. You gonna peel that suit off, or do I
have to take it off you?"

Cory backed away; "If we wrestle out here in the open things will happen
that I want to happen, just not out here."

"Well then get naked and we won't wrestle, plus if we're naked, we'll
embarrass the shit out of Uncle Tommy so he'll get naked too. He's still
uptight about doing shit with me, so we'll really have to work together to
get him into bed with both of us." Cory grinned.

When Tom walked out on the terrace carrying three pizza boxes forty-five
minutes later, his jaw dropped. The boys were running, zigzagging across
the field from thirty to fifty feet apart. Both were naked, and both had
fallen under the spell of competition. They adroitly passed the ball back
and forth, but each made the other work to catch it in the cross
successfully. While he watched, Cory passed to Dooby, high and in front of
him. He leaped up and forward, caught the ball, and then before he landed
on his face he tucked and rolled. Tom was amazed to see him pass the ball
back to Cory from his back. The ball was high and fast, Cory jumped
straight up and caught it, then winged a line drive straight at Dooby's
body. When they got to the tree line, they turned and ran back. They called
compliments and hooted derision back and forth. Cory missed most often and
Dooby shouted suggestions along with his boos. They were incredibly
beautiful. He put the pizzas on a table and sat down to watch them for a
few minutes, before he damned the pizza for getting cold. He called them

They ran up to Tom laughing and pushing each other, both bodies streamed
sweat. "Wow, that was some kind of workout, you'll need to shower again."
The boys pulled chairs close to him and the first pizza began to disappear.

Dooby grinned lecherously, "Yeah we know, we will after we eat and get you
out there with us. We want to get you all nice and sweaty too. Then in the
shower you can get us all nice and clean everywhere so we don't have to
keep taking showers again all afternoon." He nudged Cory, "Of course first,
you need to get naked. We passed a new rule; everyone goes naked the rest
of the weekend. Do we de-pants you or are you going to obey?"

Tom grinned, "Don't I get a vote?"

Cory giggled and nodded, "Yup, we knew how you'd vote, so we voted for you,
the majority rules, you snooze, you lose, sorry about that, two to one."

Tom smiled, shrugged and pushed his shorts off. "There. No hassle,

Dooby decided to push his reluctant conservative cousin to see if Tom would
indulge him in a fantasy. He frowned, "Nope, not quite. We also voted to
make you our sex slave for the weekend. You have to do whatever we want."

The idea intrigued Tom, "How'd I vote on this motion?"

"Sorry you lost this one too," Cory grinned with his eyes on Tom's
lengthening cock.

Tom saw two hopeful grinning faces. Dooby was nodding his head, willing him
to agree. Cory was more reticent. "Sorry guys, but we're all just too new
at this. Everything is happening too fast. Maybe later sometime if we're
still fooling around after we get to know each other, and you guys decide
what you like to do, and more importantly who you really want to do it
with, then we'll talk about it."

Dooby shrugged, "It was worth a try." He opened the second box. "These are
great pizzas, they're just too small."

Cory looked disappointed for some reason. Tom asked, "Is something wrong

Dooby answered for him, "I told him all the trouble I had getting you to
cooperate at first. He's worried that you won't want to be his first that's
all. You know like fuck him without a rubber." He chewed, and happily
talked with his mouth full. "Of course I get the grand prize. He's going to
fuck me with THAT!"

Tom rolled his eyes. Cory turned red and studied his lap. "Goddamnit Dooby,
only your stomach is as big as your mouth." He squeezed Cory's arm and
leaned into his ear. "I'll be your slave this weekend if you're worried,"
he whispered.

Cory brightened and smiled, "Thanks Uncle Tommy, it's important."

Cory and Tom took turns using Dooby's old, slightly bent aluminum stick
after Tom and Dooby argued a minute. Tom told him that he needed to get
used to its different weight and feel while he and Cory were just having
fun. Whichever of them didn't have the stick, they ran behind the other to
catch or run after missed balls. They played for an hour before they all
needed a break. Dooby collected the balls and brought them with both sticks
in the house. He got them sodas while Tom and Cory policed the table on the
terrace. The empty pizza boxes were so clean, except for grease spots; they
could have been reused. They found Dooby and their sodas in Tom's
bedroom. He had both showers running and was enjoying one of them.

"It's about time," Dooby scolded. "School is in session," he pointed to the
bed and giggled nervously, "I got the classroom ready." He stripped the bed
of everything but the bottom sheet and pillows. Tom and Cory stared at the
bed, then looked at each other. Their erections grew to match Dooby's. Cory
took Tom's hand shyly and tugged him to the shower. "Now Uncle Tommy, show
us how to get inside clean, we already know how to do the outside."

Tom blushed and went to the cabinet under the sinks. Dooby and Cory crowded
him to look wide-eyed at the three small disposable enema bottles he held
after detouring to open the door that concealed the toilet. "This might
seem gross at first, but it's worth doing." He looked at his eager cousin,
"Later, like if you and Christian really hit it off, getting your lover
ready is like a really sensual experience, part of foreplay. Scott and I
took turns with each other because I made him. He liked the bottom best,
but I like both, so we switched days during the week to humor me, then on
weekends I let him be my pussy because he liked getting it so much." He
paused to allow the boys to digest that.

Dooby frowned, "I don't know what Christian likes. If Scott was the damn
quarterback and liked getting it, maybe I should be prepared, just in
case." He stroked himself carefully, "Wow, I always thought a stud like him
would just automatically be on top." He looked hopefully at Tom, "Can I try
it tonight with you so I know what it's like, just in case."

Tom pulled Dooby against his body and kissed him. "I'd like that very much
all night if you want."

Cory gently tugged at Tom's arm to get his attention, "Uncle Tommy? Would,
would you, would you kiss me like that?" He stammered.

Dooby pushed Tom away and into Cory. Cory wrapped his arms around Tom;
pulled him close then lifted his head with his eyes closed. Tom lifted him
off the tile and closed his legs to squeeze Cory's iron hard cock snuggled
tight under his balls. Their first kiss lasted and lasted.

Dooby watched them and waited. Finally he tapped both their shoulders
politely. "Excuse me lover boys, I just wanted to remind you that I'm here
too. Can we try a three way kiss?" Tom pulled him close with one arm while
he still held Cory with the other. Dooby used an arm to help. Their lips
came together sort of, their tongues fought briefly before Dooby pulled
away. "So much for that. Maybe the odd man should just suck someone's
cock." He snapped his fingers as if he just had a revelation, "I know," he
giggled, "I'll suck my own." He lay on the wet tiles on his back and
flipped back to his shoulders with his feet over his head. "Betcha you
can't do this," he giggled again before he took the head of his cock in his

Cory laughed, "How much?" He sat down alongside Dooby with his legs out
straight. "I've been doing this since, since ever." He simply bent down and
gobbled in a couple of inches.

Tom roared, "You fucking guys are a trip." He waved one of the bottles so
Dooby could see it; "Since you're down there, with that tight little ass in
the air." He didn't finish his sentence. He inserted the nozzle and
squeezed before he warned Dooby, "You best be ready to run, this works
pretty fast."

Dooby spit himself out of his mouth. He was about to complain before his
expression changed suddenly. His crossed his eyes and sat up as his heels
hit the tiles, "Holy shit! Fast? Get out of my way you guys!" He got to his
feet and ran for the toilet. Tom had Cory get on his hands and knees, but
waited until Dooby reappeared after he flushed looking satisfied and very
pleased with himself. He bowed to Cory as he ran by.

Tom handed Dooby his bottle refilled with water. "Here rinse yourself," he
grinned, "I told you it was fast."

Dooby hefted the bottle, "I thought you said something about this being a
sensual experience? It sure hasn't been so far," he grumped wearing a sour

Tom laughed and shook his head, "If we were alone it would've been, but
this is a lesson, so it's clinical."

"Clinical my ass!" He giggled and started to insert the nozzle, but looked
at the closed toilet cubical door. "I'll just wait until Cory gets out of
there," he mused. When Cory reappeared Dooby used the contents of his
bottle, then drifted toward the toilet, just before he closed the door he
called back, "Don't hurry Cory, I see Uncle Tommy has 'Car and Driver' in
here and there's a good article on Corvettes. Later!"

Tom didn't hear Dooby; his attention was on Cory's erection as he walked
slowly closer staring at the floor, looking like a blushing bride. Tom
pulled Cory into his arms, he whispered, "Let's go into the guest room,
with you the rest of this should be sensual as promised."

Cory didn't bother to look around the conventional bathroom. He couldn't
see anything or anyone but Tom when they weren't making out. Tom waited for
him under the shower while he sat on the toilet after the second
treatment. He turned Cory to face the wall with his legs spread and knelt
behind him. Cory shivered when Tom slipped a finger in him easily, then
another and another he worked them in and out slowly. "This is unscented
massage oil." Tom explained softly, "It's not too slippery," he impulsively
withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his tongue. Cory moaned and
leaned forward to hold himself up with his hands on the wall. "And it's
also edible," he added after a few minutes. "We better find the bed, if I
can walk."

Cory turned and bent down to kiss Tom while he was still kneeling, he
moaned again, enjoying Tom's slippery, oily lips. They went through the
motions of drying each other while their lips remained connected, then Tom
carried Cory in his arms back to his bedroom. Dooby was stretched out on
the bed on his back, with his hands clasped behind his head.

Dooby smiled when he saw them. He remained serious, "Now that was sensual,
I peeked. Ignore me, just do your thing together, and I'll just watch, but
after you finish Uncle Tommy don't plan on taking any nap while you're
still in him, because I need some too."

Tom nodded. He placed Cory on the bed as if he was a pagan priest placing a
sacrifice on an altar stone, flat on his back with his arms stretched, held
by imaginary cords. He moved to the foot of the bed and spread weak legs as
wide as they would go. He knelt on his knees between them. Cory's cock was
so engorged with blood the skin on the shaft and head glistened. The head
rested at his ribcage oozing precum, too heavy to lift to meet Tom's
mouth. Tom leaned forward and down until Cory could feel his warm breath on
his cock and was surprised when he felt it rise, only an inch, then quiver
in anticipation. It was enough. Tom took the head in his mouth without
using his hands, then sat up enough so it was vertical, before he very
slowly lowered it again and the shaft began to disappear.

Cory's hand closed on Dooby's arm. He pulled Dooby closer. They kissed when
Dooby's head was in range. Cory's hand moved down Dooby's body and closed
on his cock with a vise like grip. He tugged gently at first and when Dooby
didn't move fast enough, forcefully enough for Dooby to demonstrate how
agile his lithe body really was, until Dooby found himself curled around
Cory's head with his shoulders jammed against the beds' headboard and his
cock buried in Cory's throat.

Dooby used his new vantage point to watch his cousin swallow Cory
completely. Dooby's hips moved of their own volition forcing Cory to kiss
his delicate white gold mound of soft hair repeatedly.

Tom lifted his head to a more comfortable point in his throat before he
began to bob using his back muscles. Cory came without warning. His small
body bucked, Tom pulled back so he could taste and swallow, while Dooby
yelped when Cory's teeth closed on him accidentally. That was enough for
him to spasm. He made sure Cory didn't need to swallow in retribution.

Dooby had to pull out and move quickly out of the way of Cory's intruding
feet when Tom abandoned his still dribbling cock and lifted his legs
forcing them down to touch his own shoulders. Dooby obligingly held Cory's
ankles. When Cory's virgin pucker was exposed, vulnerable and waiting, Tom
used fingers of both hands to stretch the unwilling muscle before he spit
in the temporary opening. Then immediately replaced his fingers with his
cock head.

Dooby grinned, "You're getting fucked with your own cum," he whispered to
answer Cory's puzzled frown. Cory nodded imperceptibly and smiled

Tom leaned down and forward sinking deeper into Cory as he moved. He kissed
Cory lightly, then asked anxiously, "You okay?" He remained motionless
above the small body until Cory smiled, nodded and pulled Tom's weight down
on his legs with his arms and sucked Tom's tongue into his mouth.

Tom started to move, slowly and carefully at first, until Cory tried to
lift his hips to meet each thrust. He went to his toes and elbows to give
Cory the freedom he wanted. Cory then struggled to free his legs, caught
between Tom's arms. Tom rocked his weight to one side, then the other
lifting each elbow. Cory wrapped his legs around Tom's waist, then with
leverage, met each of Tom's down thrusts halfway and Tom's weight drove
Cory back into the mattress.

Dooby decided he didn't really want to be ignored, and made his cousin
spread his legs with a hard knee. He got between them then hunkered down
for a close examination of the action. He spread Tom's cheeks. Tom's pucker
was nondescript, almost invisible, none the worse for wear considering the
frequent pounding his roommate quarterback must have given it every other
night during the last school year, except weekends, Dooby corrected
himself. Dooby stood up on his knees to compare nuts, with one hand
squeezing his while the other hand handled Tom's. Tom's were a little
larger and they still depended a little even while he was pounding the shit
out of Cory with his super hard cock. Dooby smiled, "Correction," he
thought, "Tom made our young asses into pussies, so there's no shit to
pound, just tight space." Dooby's balls were always tightly bunched when he
was hard, so he guessed he still had some growing to do in that department,
which pleased him enough to squeeze Tom's harder with one hand while he
encircled them with the other.

The squeeze was enough to cause Tom to fall on Cory; he arched up with his
head and shoulders. Dooby saw his always muscular and still small ass
cheeks turn to stone and his crack became a barely perceptible line. Tom
moaned loudly while he pumped himself into Cory. Cory responded by pounding
his heels repeatedly on Tom's rock-like ass, and surprisingly possessed the
strength in his gut muscles to bounce Tom around as if Tom was the
featherweight of their union.

Tom collapsed and relaxed on Cory. Cory dropped his legs to Tom's side with
his legs bent enough to put his feet flat on the bed. Both sighed together
while Tom's lips traveled Cory's face administering small kisses
randomly. It was obvious to Dooby that neither was in any hurry to break
their union.

"Are you done yet? You are aren't you?" Dooby's questions were ignored as
if he wasn't there per his earlier instructions. "If you're done Tommy get
off him, I'm hot and you need to cool me off like right away." Dooby still
held Tom's balls and when he remained unanswered after a polite minute, he
squeezed and lifted Tom's nuts at the same time.

Tom howled and scrambled his body to follow his balls. "DOOBY! Goddamnit
layoff!" Tom rolled and knocked Dooby's hand away.

Cory started to sit up, Dooby pushed him back with a feral grin, and "No
you don't, just stay put. I've got plans for that nice newly christened
pussy now that there's something in it to eat."

"What?" Cory croaked.

Dooby giggled and lifted Cory's legs again. "No need to play dumb, I told
you I peeked and if Tommy can I can." He held Cory's legs back and bent his
head while he spread his own legs standing on his knees. "Come on Uncle
Tommy, remember I told you we hadn't done it doggie style yet, let's get
with the program."

Tom grinned and got behind Dooby by walking on his knees. He reached around
Dooby to hold Dooby's hard cock and balls while he guided himself with the
other. He pushed in without warning, and was surprised when Dooby pushed
back. He leaned down over Dooby's back to watch him eat Cory.

Dooby looked to the side at Tom, "Look at that Tommy, it's running out,
that must have been the mother of mother loads. Wow! Got any tips for me?"

"Nope. Improvise, that's what I always do." Tom straightened and started
pounding Dooby after he watched the boy plant his lips hard enough to
create a vacuum. He was amazed at Dooby's enthusiasm, since he and Scott
only thought about it for the first two months. After they got used to the
act and found they both enjoyed it, giving or getting, they added it to
their love making.

After Tom came deep in Dooby, he winked at Cory and nodded down at
Dooby. Cory grinned and understood after Tom made a fist and pumped his arm
several times. Tom, still buried, fell forward collapsing Dooby flat
between Cory's legs and pushing him forward. Tom kept him crawling up
Cory's body by goosing him hard in the crotch. Cory continued to hold his
legs up. Dooby had remained hard ever since they returned to the bedroom
and he was leaking precum in quantity. When Tom saw Cory's exposed ass
between Dooby's legs, he stopped him by grabbing his cock, bending it so
Dooby arched his body, then pulled him back down and snuggled his cock head
in Cory. Then Tom just pushed down on Dooby's ass until he was fully
engaged, and his gut touched the backs of Cory's legs.

"There, I think that just about takes care of all the cherries in motor
mouth's little pie." Tom giggled while Dooby protested that he was just
raped, although he instinctively started to thrust into Cory. Then he
suddenly got quiet and very busy. Tom stayed where he was and waited. Dooby
was so hot he didn't have long to wait. When Dooby froze in place and
locked lips with Cory, Tom squeezed his balls.

After Dooby caught his breath, he grinned down at Cory, "That was kind of
fast I know, could I try it again?" Dooby resumed moving his hips.

Cory wrapped his legs around Dooby's waist and giggled with Tom, "You
already are, this time take you're time."

Tom left them alone, went to the bath area and used the third bottle. The
boys watched him from the bed while he watched them. "Now I like this open
plan of yours. If someone is in here with you, you'd both be naked anyway,
and showering together or watching, there's no need for a wall and door."
Dooby called to Tom while he dried himself.

"DUH!" Tom laughed and nodded, "I just never dreamed my first guest would
be my infant cousin and the neighbor kid who's always in the middle of the
road on his bike." When he returned to the bed, he separated them and lay
down on his back between them. "Okay who's first?"

"Infant?" Dooby pouted.

"This KID walks softly and packs a big stick from now on!" Cory warned.

"I'm first." They declared together then laughed and entered into
negotiations over Tom's body.

Dooby won by getting between Tom's legs while he made his case, then
grinned at Cory, "Possession is, as the saying goes. I'll just get him
slippery, you'll need all the slippery you can get. After, I promise I'll
leave you two alone since it's your first time and it needs to be perfect
for you like it was for me."

Tom lifted his legs after Dooby sucked a load of slippery out of him. Later
after he came in Tom, he realized that he'd made love to Tom or they made
love together rather than just fucking him to get his rocks off. He sighed
and closed his eyes with his head on Tom's chest, content then to just
cuddle against him for hours.

Cory nudged him, "We can both use him as a pillow later, but right now get
out of there or be prepared to get hurt." Cory ran his fingers into Dooby's
crack. "Still slippery yourself I see, maybe it won't hurt after all." He
moved to make good his threat.

Dooby retreated to the side of the bed as fast as he could scramble. "Oh no
you won't, Uncle Tommy's first. If he survives then I'll try you. By the
way, just in case, does nine-eleven work out here in the woods?" He sat up
suddenly and grinned at Tom. "If you don't make it can I have the Vet?" Tom
gave him the finger while he pulled Cory between his legs. "Now Uncle
Tommy, don't you remember? We just did, and by the way it was
great. Thanks." He got quiet and lay still.

Cory rested his weight on Tom and made out with him until he felt himself
humping Tom's belly and he was breathing hard. He raised his body and Tom
guided him. Tom nodded and Cory lowered himself anxiously, looking for the
first sign of pain on Tom's face. Tom kept smiling and nodding until Cory
once again rest his weight on Tom. He reached down to be sure then smiled
in delight. They made out for five more minutes before Cory even twitched
his hips. Tom's eyes snapped open; he nodded and grinned encouragement. The
twitches grew, Cory's little butt lifted higher and higher with each stroke
he tried to go slowly, but the needs of his body and the newness of the act
overwhelmed him. His cock became a mammoth piston with the engine on
overload. He came with a scream muffled by Tom's mouth. Tom discovered that
at some point he'd allowed his legs to fall, there was no chance of Cory
falling out.

Cory kissed Tom a final time, then rested his head on Tom's shoulder and
drifted to sleep while Tom rubbed his back. Tom motioned to Dooby to join
them. Dooby snuggled against Tom's side with his head on Tom's vacant
shoulder. Tom held him close and they joined Cory. They slept for an hour
without moving. Tom woke first. He lifted his head. The boys were facing
each other with their noses separated by inches. Asleep they looked
innocent, like babies or little angels, vulnerable, but safe in his arms.

Cory had softened but remained attached which only his extraordinary length
allowed. The irrepressible Dooby pressed his erection into Tom's thigh. He
enjoyed the feel of both boys' bodies. Cory was a natural lover and Dooby
was learning. Tom grinned when he thought of the pleasant surprise
Christian would experience, if not Tuesday, as soon as Dooby could manage
it and certainly by the next weekend. Tom yawned audibly and woke both

Cory wiggled to get more comfortable and popped out of Tom. His eyes opened
wide in wonder, "I was in there all the time we slept?"

Tom chuckled, "Yup, it was great, thanks, that was a new experience for me,
hell you were a new experience for me."

Dooby tickled Cory to make in slide off Tom, intending to get things
started again, until his stomach growled. He lifted his head enough to look
at the clock, "Got anything to eat Uncle Tommy, it's dinner time at Dooby
DuBois' house."

"There's plenty in the freezer, but how about if we just go out? I know a
good restaurant that serves a good buffet, all you can eat, how about going
there? I know I couldn't cook all you two can eat between now and

"Yeah! Let's go there!" Dooby sniffed an armpit, then the air. His button
nose wrinkled, he frowned, "AFTER we shower, we sure are funky."

Tom agreed, "It comes with the territory. Let's move."

Tom drove the Vet to the restaurant and made the boys sit on the seat
together, not one on the other's lap for obvious reasons. They were a
little crowded but they managed with a minimum of grumbling from Dooby. Tom
requested a table close to the buffet. The restaurant manager offered an
insincere 'Thank you for visiting.' with a sigh of relief when they left.

Back in Tom's house, suddenly their house, their bedroom and bed, Dooby
cuddled Cory protectively and frowned at his cousin. "Now Uncle Tommy, Cory
is going to fuck me at last with is big old jamoke, so I want no fooling
around from you, don't bother us, you can watch, just leave us alone." He
grinned suddenly, "That is of course until he's in me up to the root, then
you could probably fuck me in the mouth because I wouldn't be able to
defend myself. Is that what you were planning?" He asked hopefully nodding
his head. Tom just nodded and grinned.

The rest of the night was a blur of good sex that got better as the boys
got over the excitement and newness of gay sex and the freedom to act on
their impulses and desires. They were ready to sleep before they planned,
satiated, with filled bellies, they were two half grown puppies, or simply
two teenage boys. Tom woke them at nine-thirty Monday morning. He found
them again using him as a pillow, one sleeping on each side, facing him,
pressing against him. He held one in each arm while they held each other
across his chest. He woke them because he at least had to piss badly and he
couldn't move. At first they wanted to play until he abandoned them for the
toilet, then they decided they needed relief as well, so the three pissed
together. Tom turned on both showers and pointed, holding his nose. After
they showered, they playfully tried to get him back to the bed.

Tom ended the developing wrestling match with one magic word, "Breakfast!"
He became the Pied Piper on the shortest route to the kitchen.

Dooby and Cory sat on stools at the bar; he gave them glasses, a gallon of
milk and a half-gallon of orange juice. He made coffee first then started
on breakfast, pancakes, eggs and bacon. When they were done, Tom pushed
them into the kitchen to cleanup while he sat on a stool and watched them
and finished the coffee. While they worked he asked what they wanted to do
the rest of the day. They answered him with grins cocked heads and raised
hopeful eyebrows.

Tom shrugged, "Okay by me, we can just put off practice driving until next
weekend." He looked at Dooby, "Let's see this would have been your second
lesson and Cory's first, but."

"You mean you'll teach me too?" When Tom nodded Cory looked at Dooby and
giggled, "I'm changing my vote, Uncle Tommy wins this one we can always
fuck around."

Tom followed the mini-stampede to the bedroom to dress and found Dooby
generously offering Cory a pair of Tom's new shorts to wear while he held
Cory's long baggy pair over his head. With Tom's encouragement, he tried
them on. They were men's size small; they fit, except even with the waist
pulled as low as possible his cock head peeked out from a leg hem.

A frustrated Cory explained, "See guys it's always this long and when I get
a hardon, all it does is maybe get an inch longer," he grinned, "and of
course harder."

Tom offered him a narrow banded swimmer's jock, and that solved the
problem. "We noticed that," he said dryly with a straight face.

They returned to the empty parking lot. Cory got behind the wheel
first. Tom perched uncomfortably on the console and Dooby watched quietly
from the passenger seat. Cory surprised them by already knowing how to
shift through the pattern. Cory giggled, "My mom has a Jeep, her fun
car. She drives her Caddy mostly for work because it has four doors. I
drive the Jeep when she's not home if I feel like it. She sells real
estate, she's really good at it and always made three times what my father
made," he looked into space and frowned. "That's one reason he
split. Anyway, we're divorced we're not poor."

Dooby leaned forward to see Cory, "Shit, no one thought you were, not in
that neighborhood. Anytime you want someone older to talk to just stop in
and visit Uncle Tommy."

Tom's arm dropped from the back of the driver's seat. He squeezed Cory's
shoulder, "Sure anytime."

Dooby's turn to drive was interrupted by Tom's cell phone. Dooby's father,
Tom's uncle called to asked if Dooby remembered he had a pile of homework
to finish for school Tuesday, the next day. Dooby winced when Tom relayed
the question. His father heard his shouted answer, "FUCK!"

"I'll bring him back home right after lunch." Tom assured his Uncle
John. Tom looked at his watch, "How about big hoagies?" He suggested, "It's
about that time now. Plus my ass is getting sore." Dooby nodded in

They sat at a picnic table in front of the sub shop to devour their
twelve-inch subs. Cory wore a perpetual smile, even while he chewed and his
smile grew each time he returned from inside the shop from getting things
like salt, pepper and napkins.

"What's with you?" Dooby asked before Tom could after Cory's fourth trip.

He leaned into Dooby and giggled then explained in a low voice. "Man you
were right about these shorts. Everyone in the place is looking, and not
like I'm a freak. The guys look kind of envious and the girls and even the
women look at me like they're hot to trot."

Dooby pounded him on the back, "See? I fucking told you. I wish I went to
your school, I'd like to see the looks you get there." Dooby leaned back
and down to look under the table. Even sitting down it was easy to see a
flexible 'D'-cell flashlight arched out and down to disappear between
Cory's legs. When they finished eating and he stood up, it was clear from a
distance that what strained the material of Tom's former shorts was
definitely not a sock.

An hour later Tom parked in the DuBois driveway. Dooby introduced Cory
proudly as a new friend, a neighbor of Tom's and extolled his intelligence
and athletic prowess, before he led Cory off the look at the pool his
bedroom and the rest of the house.

John DuBois raised an eyebrow to Tom "Did you tell him? He doesn't seem any

"Yup I think he's relieved that you know." Tom grinned, "He's delighted
that you're finishing up the second floor for him, but he wants to talk to
you about an outside entrance." Tom ignored his Uncle John's flabbergasted,
"WHAT?" and continued while he laughed. "I've been teaching him how to
drive stick shift, using the Vet, and he's already wondering what you're
planning to get him for graduation or preferably for his seventeenth
birthday, so he'd have it to drive his senior year."

"WHAT? Now he wants a Corvette?" John was incredulous.

"I think he'd be satisfied with a used one."

"Over my dead body. What about the little kid Cory? He's got a great
handshake and he's not afraid to look me in the eye." John lowered his
voice, "What I'd like to know is, is that thing in his shorts for real?
Where'd Dooby find him? I like the kid already and I don't even know him."

"He found us. We were washing 'OUR' Vet and he just appeared. They talked
sports a few minutes before Dooby invited him into the house." Tom
prudently decided to minimize his involvement in the implied relationship.

John shrugged then grinned, "I told you the little shit had good taste, but
I didn't know he was so fast."

Tom nodded, "He sure does and he sure is, we met Christian Dunn as we were
leaving Sunday morning. I think Dooby has him penciled in for sometime this
week to help with his homework, after practice. Dooby works fast without

"Yup, that's our Dooby."


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