Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


Part 3

Dooby marched between the DuBois driveway gateposts with his new Lacrosse
stick over his shoulder and his book bag bouncing on his opposite hip. He'd
just waved his bus on, after shouting to the driver that he had a
ride. Then traded fingers and insults with the gang already on the bus
until it was out of sight. Christian offered him a ride to school, but
neither thought about agreeing on a time. He hoped Christian hadn't
forgotten, or he'd have to suffer the indignity of getting his mother to
drive him, his father was already long gone before he'd pounded down the
stairs for breakfast.

He grinned when he thought about his little sister Jennifer, only ten years
old and already looking at boys wistfully, and Cory, the previous afternoon
almost hungrily. Jennifer was already at the table, eating, but waiting for
him, ready to start their regular verbal joust across the breakfast table.

The two siblings never said good morning, there were no preliminaries, just
the main bout. Jennifer grinned at her older brother. "So what's Cory like?
He's so, so dreamy, and so, so big." She asked sweetly waiting only until
Dooby drained his glass of orange juice.

"Huh?" Dooby asked sourly.

"You know his thing, as in really gigantic, what's like in bed?"

Dooby's eyes widened, "Bed? Huh?"

Jennifer grinned knowingly after she looked over his shoulder to see that
their mother was busy at the stove while she watched and/or listened to the
early morning news on the kitchen TV. She enjoyed putting Dooby on the
defensive and her suspicions were instantly proved correct from seeing his
reaction to her opening gambit. "DUH! I'm not stupid you know and I
overheard Mom and Dad talking about you months ago, then Saturday you and
Uncle Tommy couldn't stop looking at each other wearing those skimpy little
bathing suits which are so, so, sexy. Then Uncle Tommy came downstairs in
the morning. If you expect me to believe he slept on the floor you're
dumber than you look. DUH! Too bad Uncle Tommy's off the market, he's so
dreamy too," she frowned, "but I think the world will be a safer place
without any little Dooby's running around." She suddenly reached across the
table and took his hand. "That's not really true you know, I'm really going
to miss having one call me Aunt Jennifer, but I guess I understand," she
said softly, then shouted, "You big jerk!" And ran from the table.

"Dooby! Must you pick on your little sister every single morning at
breakfast?" His mother asked.

"Awe Mom, she just realized that I probably won't be having any kids for
her to pick on as they grow up, that's all." Dooby hadn't thought about
that aspect of being gay. He filed the thought away to ask Tommy about
it. He rolled his eyes when he realized what he said and waited for his
mother's comment.

His mother put his breakfast in front of him then hugged his neck and
kissed the back of his head. "Your father and I aren't very happy about
that either, so I guess we'll just have to concentrate on you. Don't forget
to take the trash out when you leave for school."

Dooby heard the whine of a small engine down shifting rapidly as it
approached. He turned and grinned without moving when Christian braked his
Honda Civic as the front bumper touched his shins. He brought his stick
down in a blur and stopped it an inch from the car's hood. He laughed at
Christian's horrified expression and scooted to the passenger door.

Christian snatched Dooby's new stick before he could put it in the back
seat. "Titanium! Holy shit! Where'd you get a hundred and forty bucks for

Dooby giggled and slipped on his new sunglasses without answering directly,
"Guess. Uncle Tommy's an only kid and his dad left him more money than he
can spent, plus my father said the family business, they print shit, is so
busy he's going to expand. Anyway, this is a Christmas present. You should
see his house, what a pad! When you walk in his bedroom, you just want to
hop in the bed. There's big windows, and mirrors and the fucking bathroom
is part of the bedroom, except for the john."

"Did you? When I saw you Sunday, it looked like you planned to even if he
lived in a shack."

"Did I what?"

"You know, hop, like you said."

"Well, yeah, kinda, I guess we did some stuff. I was horny. I got tired of
you staring at me in the locker room all the time, but you never did
anything, you know, said anything, until Sunday morning in the Vet, but by
then it was too late. Uncle Tommy stayed over Saturday night. He bunked in
with me. He was half snockered he touched me and I wouldn't let him stop at
first, until he couldn't stop. There had to be a first time, and you were
always too busy with your friends, except for just looking in the fucking
locker room." Dooby sucked in some air, "Besides it was always going to be
Uncle Tommy since December. You didn't get on the list until practice

"Hey don't get so defensive, I know I've been dragging my feet. I never
would've done anything ever, if you guys hadn't come along on Sunday
morning. Then with you sitting on my leg I couldn't help doing something to
let you know. Did Tommy notice when I touched you?"

Dooby burst out laughing, "Notice?" He gasped, "Hell no not the first time
when you JUST touched me or the second time when you used my cock to show
him where fourth gear was. He was so busy watching your hand we're all
lucky we're still alive. I suppose you didn't see his cock stretched out
along his leg for air, or did you think that's where he keeps it all the

Christian blushed, "Yeah actually I did. I was scared to tell you the
truth. All along from the first practice, it's been a fucking long
season. You should know that you take the longest time to dress of anyone
on any team I've been on. You can shed your clothes like they were on fire,
then you turned to face me to talk to me and just stand there and watch
me. I can feel your eyes on me like X-ray machines. And you're so fucking
clumsy; you keep dropping stuff and bending over either with your ass in
the air, or your damn head inches from my cock. Man I wanted to go with you
so badly this weekend that I ached. I jerked off four times straight after
I got home."

Dooby frowned, "Man what a waste. Too bad you didn't come with us." He
shook his head sadly before he looked puzzled, "Wait a minute, scared?
Scared of what? Are you a cherry with guys at your advanced age?" He asked
suspiciously. "I know you aren't with girls, they hang all over you. A lot
of the silly bitches would let you fuck them in front of the whole school."
He grinned at the thought, "Actually I wouldn't mind seeing that myself."

Christian shook his head half-heartedly, "Not exactly, just not very
experienced, not enough to start things. Oh, you're totally wrong about
girls. I've dated a few, but we never did anything. They make me look like
a stud in school because they're all over me all the time, that's all."

"Excuse me? DUH! Start things? I fucking started things all you had to do
was offer me a ride home. Come on tell Uncle Dooby all about it." He gave
Christian a motherly pat on the shoulder, then, after he looked back to be
sure that there was no one behind them, he left his hand there to admire
the muscles tactilely for the first time.

Christian leaned over slightly into Dooby's hand. "God that feels good," he
sighed. "Not exactly means that I'm kind of used to getting regular head
jobs, up until last year, whenever I wanted one from when I was twelve,
almost thirteen."

"Oh wow, unreal, you were one lucky mother fucker."

"Yeah, I was." Christian agreed. He told Dooby that he was helping a next
door neighbor, a widower, cut down a dead tree the summer he was
twelve. The neighbor was doing the work with a chain saw cutting the wood
into fireplace lengths. Christian was either carrying or using a
wheelbarrow to move the pieces off the lawn to pile them where they were
out of the way so they could later be split and stacked to season.

A thunderstorm rolled in about the time they'd almost finished. The man was
finished using the saw and when the first drops started to fall, he ran to
his house for cover. Christian was wearing a pair of old gym shorts and no
shirt so it didn't matter if he got wet, he was being paid to help and he
wanted to finish so he could collect his money. He finished in a downpour
before he ran for the garage.

His neighbor greeted him with a towel and led him into the laundry room. He
decided Christian wasn't doing a proper job of drying himself, so he
snatched the towel back and started all over again beginning with his
hair. Christian was tall and gangly, colt like but with developing muscles
to cover long bones. His neighbor began complimenting him with similar
comments and gradually stopped using the towel. He traced muscles in
Christian's back with his hands and eventually was stopped when Christian's
shorts blocked his explorations. He explained that the shorts were leaking
water and they should go into the drier or there was no point in drying his
long legs.

He didn't wait for Christian to approve, because he didn't ask
permission. The man simply hooked his thumbs in the waistband and pushed,
following the shorts down by bending, then kneeling and holding them apart
so Christian could step out of them. He then helped the teenager step out
of his sopping gym shoes. While on his knees, he tossed everything
including the towel into the drier, so Christian was completely naked with
nothing to cover himself. The man silently ran his hands up and down
Christian's legs, continually working higher. Christian was briefly
thankful that he faced away, because he'd become fully hard when the man
gently spread his legs by pushing insistently on the inside of his
knees. The strange but gentle hands traveled higher to the boy's
crotch. Fingers first, then the hand reached through and palmed his balls,
before the hand was withdrawn. The man used Christian's hips to turn his
body one hundred eighty degrees.

Christian was breathless as he looked down on himself. His neighbor was the
first person, male or female to see him naked and fully aroused. He thrust
himself forward by leaning back with his elbows on the drier. He'd already
realized that the man's purpose was to get him hard and perhaps play with
his youthful cock, only recently topped by a tight thin mound of soft light
brown curls. The man studied him with his eyes inches away from the
engorged pink-red head mounted at the end of a hard six-inch shaft. The man
looked both pleased and surprised.

The man lifted his eyes to Christian's with a look of concern. He spoke for
the first time since the shorts disappeared. "This won't do, not at all,
you're horribly congested. You need to be drained or you'll explode. Tell
me Christian, are you old enough to come? Do you masturbate? Ah, jerk off?"

Christian could only nod once. He felt that he was so close to coming
without touching himself he was paralyzed with the fear that actually
vocalizing his newly found abilities to briefly satisfy himself would cause
him to shoot onto the man's face, there wouldn't be much, but he'd
definitely notice. He needn't have worried the man saw the strain in
Christian's eyes.

"That started it," Christian told Dooby as they rocketed along country
roads to the regional high school. "From that day until last year when he
moved to be closer to his daughter and sold his house, I never had to jerk
off. He loved to see me wandering around his house naked, but he never took
off his clothes and never did anything but give me head. He said he had a
problem and couldn't get it up. He told me from the start that aspiring
athletes need to exercise their entire bodies, including organs and the
second and third time I came that afternoon I did the work and he provided
the mouth. Then, until the day he moved out, if I wanted to get my rocks
off, all I had to do was show up, plus he always had odd jobs for me to do,
real work like splitting wood, mowing the lawn, cleaning his basement or
attic, shit like that. He paid me for that stuff but never for fucking his

Dooby was wide eyed, "Goddamn, were you ever lucky."

Christian nodded, "He bought this car for me, brand new, so I guess he did
pay me, but at least I didn't feel like a whore collecting a few bucks a
pop. He gave me the keys when I went over to say goodbye. He said he was
thinking of putting me in his will, but that his daughter was a greedy
bitch and probably would contest that, but that she couldn't argue about
what she didn't know about until after it was a done deal." He parked in
the student parking lot close to the gate; the lot was still empty because
they were so early. "From now on, you can wait at your house, and I won't
be this early." He patted the steering wheel, "This little bus only makes
one stop on its route, one nerd is enough."

"Me? Fuck you Christian! I am not a nerd!" Dooby retorted over his shoulder
while he ran ahead to the student entrance and nearly broke his arm when he
discovered the door was locked. It was still too early to admit students.

"I rest my case." Christian laughed. "Come on, the field entrance is
unlocked. Some guys get here early to use the weight room before classes
and you do need to file that Rolls-Royce stick in your locker."

"Hey, you want to stay for dinner tonight? I told my mom you might when I
asked what we were having. Its roast beef tonight, if you like it rare."
Dooby looked hopeful.

"Sure, if it's not too much trouble, and if we aren't too late." Christian
looked at Dooby shyly. "I, I was kind of thinking that after practice, we
might run a few laps," he saw Dooby's face change and rushed on. "I meant
just enough until we see the guys and the coach bail, then we'd have the
locker room and showers to ourselves. That is if you want to."

Understanding dawned in Dooby's eyes, "DUH! Want to? Are you fucking nuts?
I'll race you from the field and the last, check that; the first one in the
shower gets fucked. That would be me, since I'm faster than your sorry
ragged out old ass."

Christian hesitated, "Man I want to, but not in the showers. Can we save
that until we're really alone and there's no hurry?"

Dooby nodded, "Yeah I guess we better," he giggled, "like until the weekend
at Uncle Tommy's. He's expecting us on Friday night, after practice but
before dinner. Hey do you have an extra stick? We'll need four so we can
sort of actually play a game, two on two."

"Four? Who's the fourth guy? Is he, does he? I mean I'm not interested in
putting on any shows."

"Shows? There won't be any shows, not at first anyway, everyone will be
looking at everyone sure but we'll all be busy. I tried the show shit, just
watching Tommy and Cory, That's his name, Cory, and it flat ass didn't
work. Threesomes are kind of cool but a foursome should be out of this
world. Wait until you see Cory, he's fourteen like me, but he's only five
feet tall, my little sister, the baby slut, was ready to drop her drawers
the first time she saw him yesterday when Tommy dropped me off. Cory
wrestles ninety-eight pound," Dooby broke up laughing. "I just thought of
something. Cory blames the team for spreading the word so the whole school
calls him the walking cock. There's no way he can hide himself in wrestling
tights, the little dufus."

"A little guy that well hung?"

Dooby raised his hands with his palms facing in. "I shit you not. Really!
He admits to eleven inches but we'll have to hold him down and measure, I
think he's cutting off an inch. I know he sure feels bigger." He stopped
chattering when they reached the field doors, so named because they led
from the locker rooms and gym to the playing fields. He tugged on one
cautiously while Christian laughed at him. The door was unlocked.

Dooby put his new stick in his locker then took Christian's hand and
whispered because of the echo, "Come on, let's check out the shower room."

Christian squeezed his hand, grinned and led the way. The shower room was
'L' shaped. The shank or widest part was also long; a freestanding tile
wall divided it with showers on each side as well as the walls. The foot of
the 'L' was narrower and far shorter with three showerheads on each
opposing wall. Each was separated from it's neighbor by a four foot wall,
which occasionally made doubling up during peak periods interesting for the
guys forced to share a stall, since there was very little space to get out
of the other guy's way.

Christian led Dooby to the last stall in the foot of the room. Dooby
grinned, "You want to get down and dirty now, before classes?" He asked
while he started to unbutton his shirt.

"Shit no," Christian whispered, "I mean yes, but we're dressed and we don't
have the time to do it right." He pulled Dooby tight against his body and
grinned down on him. "I was thinking about just a sample," he hesitated,
"like did Tommy ever kiss you?"

Dooby didn't bother to answer; he pulled Christian's head down and bored
into his surprised closed mouth with a determined tongue. It took Christian
a moment to respond, but when he did, Dooby found his feet dangling in thin
air as Christian picked him up so he didn't need to bend down. Dooby's
experience was no match for Christian's stronger and more dexterous
tongue. He quickly forced Dooby's to retreat, overwhelmed it, and then dove
for his tonsils. They broke apart suddenly when they both heard the echo of
the locker room door opening and closing. The top of the steel door rubbed
against it's frame and gave out a distinctive metallic fart-like sound.

Dooby broke away to go a peek around the corner. He almost made it but
Christian pulled him back, "NO!" He whispered frantically. "Just wait,
he'll leave." They became a pair of master spies, with their bodies pasted
to the wall right at the corner.

Christian's 'he' became them, hurrying and whispering into the shower
room. Christian pulled Dooby into the last stall in the back and forced him
down behind the partition wall. The two unexpected visitors stopped after
they got to the corner, at the spot Dooby and Christian just
abandoned. They heard the thunk of a book bag being dropped on the tile,
the jangle of a belt buckle, the rustle of clothing and indistinct
whispers. Dooby grinned back at Christian who was still holding him down so
he wouldn't try to peek over the partition. Christian looked scared and
horrified. Dooby dropped his head to floor level suddenly and stretched his
neck enough to get an eye around the stall divider. He withdrew before
Christian could pull him back.

Dooby was trying very hard to keep from giggling when he put his lips to
Christian's ear, "One of them, that really good pitcher that transferred
in, in January, is getting head from a blond guy." He breathed in
Christian's ear, before he snaked his tongue going for the inner
ear. Christian pulled his head back and banged it painfully on the tile
wall. Dooby giggled silently then found Christian's ear again. "Come on, we
can leave now," he struggled to stand.

Christian tightened his grip. "No! They'll know who we are, why we were
here," he reasoned irrationally out of desperation.

Dooby agreed with several nods, worked his hand between their bodies and
honked Christian. Surprised, Christian loosened his grip and Dooby was
free. He stood up and leaned on the divider they were hiding behind, then
pulled Christian up and towed him toward the busy couple. The guy getting
serviced had his eyes closed, his head lolled from side to side, his lips
were pursed and his hands held two fists full of blond hair. The blond on
his knees worked his head faster and faster while they watched. Both were
so engrossed Christian and Dooby could have just walked away without being
noticed. Christian had that in mind when he tugged Dooby's arm. Dooby shook
him off and moved closer to watch the grand finale. Christian couldn't
resist following and looked over Dooby's shoulder with eyes like
saucers. He couldn't quite believe they, he was watching a live sex
show. He blinked and looked down to find one of his hands massaging Dooby's
ass through his jeans when Dooby pushed back locking his hand against his
own thigh.

Dooby looked back and up at Christian, "Hold that thought until tonight,"
he said conversationally, just as the pitcher unloaded both balls into the
kneeling blondes' throat.

The pitcher's eyes snapped open in surprise and fear at first then he
grinned and moaned. The blond struggled to get away. The pitcher held his
head, "Relax, it's just two more guys." He allowed the blond head to pull
off when he was finished.

The blond head resolved into the face of the varsity catcher. He stood up
and smiled. "Newbies huh? Strength in numbers?" He asked hopefully.

"Yeah, that's what we were thinking." Dooby agreed as he looked at his
watch, "Ten minutes to first bell," he eyed the catcher's hard cock
protruding through his open fly, "but it looks like you'll make it. See you
around." He said nudging Christian. They started to walk away.

"Hey wait." The pitcher called softly. "In the future if you come in here
at odd times like this, how about a low whistle? We'll do the same, so we
know, okay?"

"Yeah, that'll work. Later! Hope everything comes out okay." Dooby answered
with a giggle.


Tom arrived at the printing plant at seven o'clock in the morning. His
gang, his employees, ten of them would start pulling in around seven-thirty
although they didn't start working until eight. He put a box of doughnuts
and pastries on the counter in the lunchroom and started the big coffee pot
perking. He went into his father's office, his office; he corrected himself
with a sigh, to make a phone call. If he didn't call early, he'd miss the
man he wanted to talk to, an old friend of his father's, a swimming pool

The phone rang once, "Custom Pools."

"Hey Mr. Smith, this is Tom Paterson."

"Hey yourself Tommy! Man I want to thank you again for doing that brochure
for me directly, without having to go through one of those half-ass copy
shops. The layout and all those pictures, and the copy, everything sure
makes me look good. You should start up an advertising division."

Tom laughed, "Thanks, and you're welcome. I've thought about advertising,
but I'm not creative enough."

"Bullshit, hire some talent, you'd make a fortune." Mr. Smith laughed,
"Shit boy you already are, good thing I was sitting down when I opened your
bill, but it's worth it. When it comes to charging, you're just like your
dad," he laughed harder, "or me for that matter. As you'll discover when I
get around to building your pool. You're too fucking fussy, you know that?
Fussy costs, but I love those jobs."

"The pool is why I called, I was wondering if I could get moved up on your
waiting list. I was swimming this weekend, and I discovered I'm out of
shape. I was thinking maybe we could barter, like you forget that bill,
plus I'll do your printing for a year and if you want, I'll put together
some newspaper layouts."

Tom listened to silence for thirty seconds, then, "Tommy boy we have a deal
if you'll reprint my brochure after I finish your pool, revised, with a
picture of that bad boy."


"Good, I'm glad I already pulled the permit and you get up early 'cause
starting at daylight tomorrow there's going to be some noise."


Cory walked into the kitchen while his mother's back was turned and sat
down quickly. "Morning Mom."

She turned and smiled, "Good morning sweetie," she answered then did a
double take and frowned at him, "Is there something special going on at
school today, or maybe there's a national emergency I didn't hear about?"

"Huh? National emergency?"

"Well, I see you're wearing a real shirt that even has a collar. Did Good
Will come by and take all your baggy sweat shirts and extra large tee
shirts away?"

Cory grinned, but tried to look disgusted, "Damn Mom, I just decided to
dress a little different this morning, that's all."

His mother tipped her head and looked under the table. "Different? You
actually look nice. Stand up, let me see the new you."

Cory stood up reluctantly. "There, satisfied?"

"You know you look more like your father every day." She said as her eyes
skittered over his stone washed western boot cut jeans, and paused at
Cory's prominent bulge a second too long. He knew what she was referring to
as she tried to cover. "It must be the way you've combed your hair, plus
you're taller."

He lifted one foot; "Taller because of the boots, two inch heels
help. Except for altitude, I think I'm, check that, HOPE, I'm done growing
everywhere else." He grinned mischievously and posed with his hip thrust
out, "I've reached the age where I think I should start doing a little
advertising, don't you?"

His mother bent over laughing, "Oh sweetie you're such a delight to have
around. Your father got my attention the first time just like that."

Cory frowned, "Speaking of that vacant position Mom, you can invite your
boyfriend home for the weekend anytime you want. I'll stay out of your way
and I'll even be nice to him. In fact this weekend I met Tom Paterson, he's
a really sharp guy, easy to talk to, anyway his cousin Dooby was there for
the weekend, we're the same age and he's on his school's varsity Lacrosse
team. He was teaching me how to play. I was having so much fun I stayed
over night there. Dooby's coming back this weekend again, so I could stay
there if it will make you feel more comfortable here with what's his
name. Tom already said I could anytime."

"I'm having dinner with what's his name this evening and we'll talk it over
then." Cory's mother hesitated, "But you're absolutely sure you don't

"Nope. We both have needs in the birds and bees department, and mine are
just starting to fly, so I guess I understand your needs a little better
too now."

Cory called Paterson Contract Printing during his lunch period. He was
surprised when a woman answered the phone, not Tom. He hadn't thought about
how big a small company could be. He only spent thirty seconds on hold
before Tom picked up the extension. His greeting was surprised, warm and
friendly, "Hey Cory, what's up?" Cory giggled at the double meaning. "You
know what I mean," Tom added with a laugh, and a blush that Cory couldn't

"Yeah, I know. My mom's going out tonight, and I was wondering if it would
be all right if I came over."

Tom didn't hesitate, the time to question his relationship with two under
age boys had come and gone, he was committed and looked forward to
continuing it as long as they were willing and before they found friends
closer to their own age. "Sure, anytime, I told you that. You could even
come over for dinner, but I don't get home much before six, I don't
generally eat until eight."

"Bummer," Cory laughed, "the plight of the single homemaker. We could go
out. You fed me all weekend; it would be my treat. I have money; I'd like
to. I could even cook. I CAN cook, before you start laughing. Why not stop
at my house on your way home, I'll have dinner waiting. We could mess
around after, just a little, or not if you're tired we don't always have

Tom giggled, "Speak for yourself."

"Yeah, I was just being polite I guess, I would have had to put the make on

"How about this; just go over to my place and cook there. The freezer's
full, there's stuff for a salad and I can bring home a loaf of French
bread. How's that sound?"

"Perfect, except you probably lock your doors, I can't get in."

Tom laughed, "The Tahoe bay has a touch pad combination, and I don't lock
the inside door. I put that on for my mom if she needs to get in
sometime. She has a problem with keys. The combination is her birthday, so
she doesn't have to write it down."

"Cool!" Cory was delighted, but hesitated, he covered the mouth piece of
his cellphone, "One thing Uncle Tommy, can I get naked?"

Tom's voice turned husky, "I thought that was the rule unless you and Dooby
held another meeting and out voted me again."


Dooby and Christian ran side by side around the track. Dooby talked
Christian into engineering extra laps after regular practice. They took
turns checking each other in a scrimmage and Dooby was working on his
accidental trip and fall technique, where his stick would come down on the
opposing attacker's helmet or shoulder pads extra hard to shake the ball
loose while he appeared to be trying to recover. Christian was supposed to
lose his temper, strip off his helmet and they would wrestle impotently
still wearing their heavy gloves until the coach noticed and gave them both
laps. A brief skirmish was usually worth ten laps in addition to the ten
the whole team ran before they could hit the showers.

Dooby thought up his plan during morning history class and told Christian
about it at lunch. He reasoned that it would be out of the ordinary for him
to actually volunteer to run more laps after practice, because he always
ran his heart out during every practice and extra laps if he wasn't ordered
to would be out of character. Also, teammate or the coach might notice and
wonder about the sudden camaraderie. Christian agreed with a shrug.

Unfortunately, Dooby forgot that there were other players in the
scrimmage. Someone checked Dooby hard just as he was beginning to trip; he
really did lose his balance and the titanium stick not the cross landed on
Christian's helmet instead of his padded shoulder as planned. The force of
the bow sent him reeling. His chin strap broke and his helmet flew
off. Dooby got his feet under him first and started running. He saw
Christian's face and knew he was in trouble. Christian brought him down
with a flying tackle, and rather than a few pulled punches as planned, he
started using Dooby's head to investigate how hard the playing field
actually was. Teammates pulled Christian off before he did any real harm to
Dooby's head or put much of a dent in the turf. The result was twenty
additional laps, not ten.

"Mother fucker," Christian rumbled on each exhale, "mother fucker."

"Hey chill okay? I said I was sorry. I didn't plan on getting my ass
checked at that second." Dooby puffed, "It really was an accident."

"Mother fucker."

"You know, I was thinking, in a real match, if a teammate checked me like
that, and it was a real accident, how much penalty time would I get?"

"Mother fucker."

Dooby looked up at Christian, "Would you stop with that? It sounds
threatening, like you sure hold a grudge a long time."

Christian grinned, "When I get you in that shower room, I'll show you
grudge. I'm going to poke your tonsils out. How many more laps?"

"Two, no one. You better be careful I've been known to bite," Dooby grinned
then frowned, "Don't you ever breathe hard like normal guys?"

"It's two, and you won't be doing any biting unless you have teeth in your
little ass hole."

"I'll do that if you want, but it might be nicer if we waited until we get
to my house. I called, my parents are taking my little sister to the
movies, we'll have the joint to ourselves until at least nine o'clock."
Dooby did call. He begged his mother to take Jennifer to the early
show. She refused at first citing a school night, plus Dooby's father would
be tired. She agreed after he told her that Christian was definitely
staying for dinner and he was going to help him with schoolwork for which
they needed peace and quiet. She read between the lines and didn't ask
about the nature of the homework, but warned him about the family having to
vacate every time Dooby wanted to 'study' with a friend.

"Okay, but if you bite you'll be swallowing teeth too." Christian slowed,
"Do you swallow?" Dooby grinned in answer. "I've swallowed my own, but the
thought of another guy's kind of gives me a hard on."

Dooby looked up pleasantly surprised; "Can you suck yourself off too?"

Christian tripped on nothing and giggled, "You are one weirdo mother
fucker, just full of surprises."

Dooby shook his head, "Nope just plain full. Uncle Tommy and Cory together
couldn't drain me, but I sure liked them trying."

Dooby looked around the empty locker room, "What about the janitors, when
do they clean this swamp?"

"I think they wait until after the recreation department gets done with the
gym around ten." His jersey and shoulder pads muffled Christian's answer,
as he struggled to pull them both off at once. Dooby was faster, when he
could see again Dooby was watching him standing naked and hard surrounded
by his dropped uniform and gear. He pushed off his shorts without moving
his eyes from Dooby's cock and started to hyperventilate, "Oh wow," he
puffed, "it looks even better than I imagined, so beautiful."

Dooby frowned, "If you keep looking at me like that, well, you'll be the
first guy to get me off with his eyeballs. Come on while we're all sweaty."
He reached out, grabbed and pulled Christian to the shower room walking
backward. Christian stumbled along willingly, breathing through his mouth
increased. "Don't you dare come before I get my mouth on you," he warned
playfully. "I'd hate to have you see me crawling around on this fucking
yucky floor licking up the spots."

"How can you run your mouth at a time like this?" Christian asked through
gritted teeth.

It was Dooby's turn to pant, "Because if I don't, I'll shoot, I'm way too
fast, but I'm working on it."

They just about were out of sight around the corner in the back of the
shower room before they both fell to their knees at the same time, each
intending to service the other first. Dooby pulled Christian off balance so
he fell on his side. He struggled to right himself until Dooby pushed him
back. "Stay put, we better do this together." He pivoted on his ass and
stretched out, held himself up on one elbow, and Christian's over heated
cock with his other hand, then leaned in to swallow him without
preamble. Christian watched for a second then caught Dooby's cock in his
mouth. Thirty seconds later both boys shivered, and bucked their bodies
into the others' mouth.

Christian stopped nursing Dooby first when he felt Dooby start to re-harden
in his mouth. "Come on, let's shower and get out of here. This is way
dangerous, as in really." He stood up and pulled Dooby to his feet.

Dooby agreed with a giggle, "You know I walked around most of the fucking
day with half a hardon looking forward to now, and it was over in thirty
seconds. We're wasting our time here, we should be home in my bed, after
dinner of course, I'm starved." Dooby turned on one shower then scanned the
partitions for a bar of forgotten soap. He returned to Christian with
two. "Tonight we have a choice of Ivory or Dove. Dove? I wonder who uses
Dove in here?" He giggled, "I'll bet there's a queer on the team, we'll
have to watch our asses!" He giggled maniacally at his joke and handed
Christian the Ivory then got behind him to wash his back with the Dove. We
best wash our own cocks or we'll never get out of here."


Tom could hear his sound systems' bass pounding the beat of rock music when
he pulled into the open garage. Cory's little trick bike was parked along
the wall. He opened the door to the kitchen to see Cory working on tearing
up lettuce at the island counter with his back to the door. He was wearing
Tom's barbecue apron and from the back it looked like a hospital gown. His
exposed tight little butt wiggled, keeping time with the music. The bottom
hem was six inches from the floor. "HONEY, I'M HOME!" he sang, then giggled
when Cory jumped.

Cory ran to Tom accepting his roll and pulled his smiling lips down to kiss
him, before he pulled away and looked at his watch. "It's two minutes past
six, you're late. Just where have you been? I've been slaving here cooking
your dinner. I'll bet you've been screwing around with that Conner kid down
the road! That's it, no nooky for you tonight, I think I have a headache."

"I was not, the Conner kid wasn't home. He's usually in the middle of the
road on his bike daring me to run over his beautiful little ass."

Cory kissed Tom again, "Thanks, I needed that. The Conner kid's beautiful
little ass is all ready and waiting for you," he backed away when Tom
dropped his hand to the subject of the conversation. "Later, I'm starved,
but you have time for a drink while the spuds bake. I defrosted steaks and
rubbed them down with lemon pepper and garlic." He frowned suddenly, "You
know you've been home a whole minute and you're still in violation of
Paterson house rule one, I'll have to call Dooby later to find out what the
penalty is."

Tom started unbuttoning his shirt as he ran for his bedroom laughing,
"Forget Dooby, you think up something and I'll vote with you," he
called. "I'm going to take a quick shower and get nice and clean."

Cory thought fast, "Not too clean, inside doesn't matter. That's the


"You just gave me your proxy, majority rules. You're on top all week."

Tom and Cory were lying on the bed after dinner. They'd worked together to
clean the kitchen. They were both excited, but weren't in a hurry. Cory
snuggled down against Tom's side and hesitantly rubbed his chest. "Can I
touch you all over, I mean really look at you with my eyes and hands?"

Tom purred under Cory's delicate touch, "It seems like that's what you're
already doing, but go ahead, really look and feel all you want. God that
feels good."

Cory sat on his heels with his knees pressing Tom's side. He leaned down
with wide eyes and kissed wherever his hands traveled. His fingers tweaked
Tom's copper nickel size nipples until they were hard, then nursed each
one. His tongue became a third hand that left a tiny wet trail that marked
his progress. He lifted Tom's cock out of the way of his navel, pretending
disinterest as one finger explored the tight shallow curl before his
tongue. He shifted his position to between Tom's legs when he could no
longer ignore the straining cock in his hands. His tongue wetted the shaft
then moved lower to his balls.

He sat up suddenly surprised; Tom grinned down at him. "Hey, you shaved
down here and you trimmed your pubes so they're neat and tight."

"Yeah," Tom chuckled, "high and tight. Scott and I used to do that for each
other. Neither of us liked stopping to fish a hair out of our mouths. Scott
got me into that. It was like a ritual of trust between lovers. You know,
letting someone get down there with a razor. After we graduated, I let it
grow in, but I shaved again after I got home last night."

Cory's head disappeared briefly, Tom could feel his tongue exploring over
around and under. He sat up again and grinned. "Yeah I do, even your shaft,
right down to the root. That's cool, it makes you look bigger too." He
scurried off the bed pulling at Tom's arm, "Come on shave and trim me just
like that. It's really sexy."

"You sure? When those bad boys are still growing in, it's like a manhood
issue." He giggled, "Like with blondes, I'm about done and it doesn't
matter, but now I think Dooby inventories his every morning. Don't go after
him with a razor. In fact if you want to earn his undying love, when you
guys are making out next time, complain that his whiskers are scratchy and
see what happens. I know, I've been there, done that."

Cory laughed, shaking his head; "Yeah but he's only got peach fuzz on his
balls anyway so it doesn't matter. Come on shave me. Please?" He begged.

Tom had him lay down on the tiles after he got wet. He put a new blade in
his razor. Cory held his legs up and spread. Tom lathered him and carefully
went to work, shaving the base of his magnificent shaft, then his balls. He
stopped and got a small mirror so Cory could see the result.

Cory frowned, "Go further, my crotch too, and all around my hole." He
blushed, "There's hair there too, that kind of should go away, in case you
ever wanted to, ah, you know, get down there again, you know, with your
mouth. That kind of drives me up the wall, you know."

"Yeah, I know, I like that too. Scott always insisted I shave him all the
way because he thought of his hole as a pussy, my pussy, and he didn't want
to give me any excuses. Okay, but after I finish you, you clean me up
too. It's almost impossible to do on yourself." It was Tom's turn to blush,
"Just in case you ever let me out of the penalty box and I get on the
bottom sometime."

"Wow! If you're a good boy maybe later, and that means I get to clean you
up too while we're in the shower anyway."

Tom's unlimited cooperation instilled confidence in Cory. He stopped asking
permission each time he wanted to do something new or even again. He
eagerly led Tom back to the bed after they were both shaved and Tom was
squeaky clean inside and out. He pushed Tom down on his back, then boldly
straddled his chest on his knees, then slowly slithered back. He raised
himself and Tom's cock then just as slowly settled back down on him,
impaling himself. "Oh wow! God that feels sooo goood," Cory whispered with
a drawn out moan as he started moving on Tom and grinding his ass or newly
shaved pussy into Tom's willing body.

Tom pulled Cory down and kissed him then whispered, "Hold my head up, I can
suck you off."

Cory locked his fingers on the back of Tom's neck and pulled. Tom's still
supple swimmer's body curled until the head and two inches of Cory's oozing
cock was in his mouth.

They quickly got a rhythm going. Tom worked Cory's cock with his hand, more
and more furiously as he got closer to the ultimate moment. Tom's free hand
moved over Cory's small hard body from his tiny dark nipples down and
back. Cory leaned down and forward pulling Tom's head closer with his
hands, without regard to any pain he might be causing, while Tom bent his
legs so his feet had purchase and bucked himself up into Cory while he held
him down by holding and twisting his hips. They moaned together as they
traded cum.

After, Cory settled down on Tom content, his shoulders slumped and he
relaxed, grinning from ear to ear. "How was that? Wow, I could take a nap
right now if I could figure out how to keep from falling over," he said
softly and sighed. "I think I'll just sit here all night." Tom grinned at
him. Cory blinked his big blue eyes widened when he felt Tom growing in

"Think so huh? You young punks are all alike, no stamina. Now we go to
phase two, that's when you find out why we shave and get so clean." Tom
bucked suddenly and yanked Cory sideways. When he was free, he rolled the
small boy to his stomach, then lifted his hips until he was on his
knees. He pushed Cory's head and shoulders down until they were pressed
into the bed while he forced his legs apart as far as they would go. Cory's
monster cock dragged on the bed. "After you fuck a tight pussy you need to
eat it while it's still relaxed, then when I'm done I'm going to fuck it
again. Is that all okay with you?"

"Yes Sir." Cory mumbled then grinned and looked back, "You know I'm getting
to be liking this."

Tom chuckled, "Good, then you can be thinking up something interesting for
phase three, anything you want to try, just be imaginative."

Cory felt Tom's tongue begin it's explorations, "Oh wow Tommy, I think I'll
just copy you, is that okay?"

Tom paused for a second, "I was hoping you'd say that."


Dooby and Christian found the kitchen table set for two and a note. 'SORRY
FINISHED. WE'LL BE HOME AT 9:30. - MOM'. The time was underlined. Dooby
grinned; the line was a warning from his mother. He looked at the clock it
was six-thirty. "We have to eat, if we don't, questions will be asked. You
mind lukewarm, it'll save time?"

Christian nodded, "Warm is good, let's move it."

Dooby led Christian up the stairs by six fifty-five. The kitchen was
spotless and there was no leftover roast to refrigerate. They left a
mingled trail of clothes from the top of the stairs to the bed. Christian
reached for Dooby just as Dooby snapped his fingers and scooted out of
reach, heading for the bathroom. "Come on in here first. Uncle Tommy gave
me a couple of these." He showed a wide-eyed Christian two little plastic
bottles. "Trust me, these make it nicer. Want to use one or just be on

"Show me. You little fucker, you've got me by an inch, and I want to feel
that extra inch in action."

Dooby grinned, "This is a little gross at first but you get used to it."

"Gross?" Christian asked with a nervous laugh, "So is fucking a guy, but
not enough to turn me off from doing it." He watched Dooby with a grin,
"Actually, if we had more time it would be a turn on to do this to each

Dooby giggled as he flushed, "You and Uncle Tommy will get along just

Christian won the race back to the bed only because Dooby took a step
toward where his bed used to be, over his parents' bedroom, under a window
in the back of the house. The first thing he did after Tom and Cory left
Monday was to move it to it's new position under a window in front of the
house, over the seldom used dinning room. He joined Christian after a
shallow dive to the vacant side, then barely had time to turn over before
Christian covered him with his slippery body.

Dooby got carried away with the bottle of mineral oil in the bathroom so
Christian snatched the bottle away and reciprocated until their bodies
glistened wetly from necks to knees. Christian instantly went into the hump
mode on Dooby's concave belly.

Dooby tapped him politely on the shoulder, "Excuse me, but you're a little
off the target, raise up a sec and I'll get you straightened out."
Christian went prone, balanced on his hands and toes. Dooby looked down the
length of the hard body braced over him. His hands traced muscles on their
way south. He reveled in the feel and the ability to finally touch
Christian wherever he wanted. He spread and lifted his legs as he gently
maneuvered Christian's pulsing cock. "Okay, down." Christian
collapsed. "OOOF! I was about to say slowly, but I guess it doesn't matter
now. I think you broke a record getting it in to the hilt."

"Did I hurt you? I'm sorry if I did," Christian panted as instinct took
over and he started moving. He lost interest in Dooby's answer as his eyes
rolled up and his body shuddered on a down stroke. Dooby felt the
involuntary pulsing and individual spurts. He watched Christian's eyes
return from a quick visual inspection of his brain. Christian grinned down
on him then kissed his deeply while his hips started moving again.

Dooby giggled, "Man you're worse than me, and you're almost old. Slow down
a little or you'll be dead before you're time."

The second time was slower and Christian started swiveling his hips
experimentally. When he saw Dooby's expression change from a grin to closed
eye rapture he continued as long as he was in control. The last minute
became a frantic pounding. Dooby responded by meeting each thrust
halfway. After the last tiny spurt Dooby assumed they'd enjoy a few minutes
of cuddling and comparing notes on the quality of the performance, but
Christian rolled, holding Dooby in his arms. He popped out audibly. Dooby
thought about moaning his frustration until he found their positions were
suddenly reversed and he was on top, with Christian already spreading and
raising his legs, with one hand between their oil slicked and sweated

to grab him.

Christian forced Dooby to arch his body then pulled him down with a single
grunt of pain before he showed Dooby a mouth full of perfect snowy white
teeth in a radiant pleased smile. "Oh yeah Dooby boy, oh yeah! Now do your
thing, but make it last as long as you can."

Dooby barely moved before he groaned and giggled, "Too late, scratch one
old cherry. Want me to do it again?" He asked hopefully. Christian pulled
Dooby's head down and kissed him by way of an answer. Dooby's second shot
was close to normal and he actually worked up a sweat the third time before
Christian was satisfied.

Christian insisted that they shower at eight thirty because he wanted to be
dressed and gone by nine o'clock, hopefully before Dooby's parents returned
from the movies. Dooby agreed reluctantly, but suggested that they take a
swim first to get some of the oil off in the pool rather than his shower to
minimize the clean up since sanitation of his bathroom was one of his
chores. They padded down the stairs barefoot and naked and raced each other
through the house. Dooby snapped on the underwater lights before they ran
out the door. They dove in together. They raced each other in the pool,
judged each other's abilities in diving off the diving board and of course
wrestled together. They both gloried in their newfound ability to touch
each other wherever either wanted. Holds included the honk and yank, a
variation that involved twisting and the deep finger goose. The object of
each spontaneous bout was to protect your privates while getting one of the
holds on your opponent. They took breaks in front of a return in the middle
of the wall in the shallow end where the heated water entered the
pool. Steam rose from the surface because evenings after dark were still
cool. The deck surrounding the pool ran with water. The wrestling was
competitive, slightly sensual at times, but not enough for them to turn
sexual, they were having fun and in the process, becoming friends after
becoming lovers. Christian forgot about his departure time and Dooby didn't

"So what's Tommy like?" Christian asked as he replaced Dooby in front of
the hot water jet. Both were standing with their knees bent so only their
heads were above water.

Dooby ducked under then surfaced, "You met him, he's cool. He still thinks
young like us except he works for a living and actually has money to spend
on whatever he wants, unlike us. I was thinking of asking him if I could
work for him this summer. You know, like live there that would be cool."

"Yeah it would, but I meant in bed, you know."

Dooby giggled, "Man in bed, once he loosens up and gets cranked, there's
nothing he hasn't already done a million times with his college buddy. He's
an animal, but a cool one. I mean he's not nasty and he doesn't ever hurt
but he's showed us shit two guys can do that even I never thought of. He
says all sex is a little dirty, even between straights and he's done that
too, so just ignore it, try everything and decide what floats your boat,
then do mostly what you like. Kind of develop a relationship, give and
take. Tommy's roomy liked the bottom all the time, but Tommy likes both, so
they switched around on a schedule if you can believe that. They gave each
other pleasure and they were good friends too, I think that counts. I think
it's getting late, we better bail."

They got to the middle of the family room before the lights came on. Dooby'
father blinked his surprise with his hand on the wall switch. Christian
reacted by pulling Dooby in front of him holding him by the arms so he
couldn't get away or cover himself.

"Hi, I was just coming to find you two, we brought home ice cream for you
and your mom baked brownies this afternoon." John explained with as casual
smile as he could manage.

"Hi Dad. We were skinny dipping and forgot it was late."

John rolled his eyes, "I think I noticed," he laughed. "Hi Christian, good
to see you. Thanks for helping Dooby with his homework."

"Hello Mr. DuBois. Wise ass didn't think we'd need towels since we'll
shower anyway."

"No problem, all guys like to skinny dip, including me. Just go through the
living room to the stairs and the ladies will never know."

"Thanks, we're history." Christian relaxed slightly, but not enough to
release his shield. He duck walked Dooby to the other doorway.

They almost made it when Jennifer peeked around her father. "Wow! Nice butt
Christian!" She sang melodically. She was about to say more, but her father
covered her mouth and eyes with his hands. He released her when he heard
the boys pounding feet on the stairs. "Dad!" She protested, "I've seen
Dooby naked lots of times."

"Maybe, he's your brother, but you weren't supposed to see Christian. Come
on let's go have some ice cream."

"You know Daddy, it's no fair Dooby's too good looking, he'll have all the
yummy guys in the whole high school converted before I get there and I'll
die a spinster."

"Huh?" John was speechless.

"Well this weekend he collected Uncle Tommy and dreamy Cory, and tonight he
brings home hunky Christian. It's just not fair." Jennifer giggled
suddenly, "On the brighter side, it's sure not going to be boring around
here anymore."

The boys showered and Christian dressed; Dooby pulled on a pair of old
shorts. By the time they reached the kitchen Dooby's parents and sister had
gone to bed. Dooby divided the half-gallon of ice cream in two bowels. The
plate of brownies waited for them on the table. He frowned at the brownies,
"Damn, I must be getting old, I can usually smell brownies when I walk in
the door. I wonder where Mom hid them this time?" He mused.

"Man we were sure lucky they went to the movies, I would have been scared
limp if they were home tonight."

Dooby looked away, he didn't like the game he was playing, keeping secrets,
this one secret, from Christian. "Actually, I begged Mom to go, she ordered
Dad, and Jennifer didn't have a choice. But it was kind of a one time
thing." He filled his mouth with brownie and ice cream.

Christian's spoon hesitated mid way to his mouth, "Begged?" He asked
quietly. He lowered his spoon staring at Dooby.

Dooby nodded and finally swallowed. "They know about me, but not you," he
added lamely.

"Have you ever heard of guilt by association?" Christian asked softly, with
a hint of shock and perhaps menace.

"Yeah somewhere, I think I have," Dooby answered weakly before he mustered
some courage. "It's not about guilt though, they don't care if you're gay,
no, I mean they care, they care a lot, so much that they went out tonight
to give us some space the first time. They know you a little from Lacrosse,
they like you, Dad thinks you're a sharp guy. I think if he didn't they
wouldn't have gone. I've already been told, Tommy told me, no
sneaking. That's the rule, no sneaking. They care, but they don't mind, I
mean they mind, but they know they can't stop me or change me. Like it was
dumb and it's dangerous for us to ever use the shower room today or ever
again. We don't have to. They know me since I'm their son. If they ever
like grounded me because I was gay, I'd be in the showers with someone all
the time and I'd have a ladder up to my bedroom window. You probably
wouldn't use the ladder, but there are guys that would and I'd find them, I
know me pretty well too."

Christian concentrated on eating his ice cream. The only sound in the
kitchen was an occasional clink of a spoon on a bowl. Dooby watched him
from the corner of his eye. When Christian finished he took Dooby's hand,
"Come on, walk me out to the car." Dooby had the foresight to snap the
outside lights off on the way.

"You aren't pissed at me?" Dooby asked hopefully in the darkness. Christian
continued to hold his hand, then leaned down and kissed him tenderly.

"Yeah, actually I am a little, but I think I'm more pissed at the system
that says jocks can't be fags and I don't know if I can ever face your
parents again. I also wonder how my parents would react to the
news. Visiting a neighbor to get head never seemed like sneaking, but
what's happening now sure does, and I don't like it already." Christian
giggled, "You're very wrong about one thing though."

"What's that?" Dooby's hand dropped to Christian's expanding bulge.

"I very most definitely would so use the ladder. Now just unhand me, it's
getting late, I need my beauty sleep." He giggled and pushed Dooby's hand
away before he could close the car door. "I'll see you tomorrow right here
at seven-thirty."


Tom and Cory snapped awake when the phone buzzed. Tom reached over Cory
spooned against his body, and pushed the speakerphone button to answer. The
clock clicked over to ten-thirty. "Hello Dooby." He said with a grin
without taking the trouble to look at the caller ID.

"Hey what's up? Christian just left. What a night! Fantastic! He was a
cherry! Can you believe that? Not all the way but."

Tom interrupted, "It's too late to begin a blow by blow account Dooby."

"How'd you know that was the part that wasn't cherry? Is Cory there? Am I
on the speakerphone? It sounds like I am, sort of hollow, it must be a
cheap phone. Hi Cory! Did you learn anything new? Why won't you guys talk
to me?"

"Who can get a word in sideways motor mouth." Cory said then looked back at
Tom; "Motor mouth fits him."

"I heard that." Dooby tried to sound angry. "But I don't care, I'm high,
high on Christian Dunn, but that's just temporary I think. He likes old
guys. He asked me a lot of questions about you Uncle Tommy. He sure looked
disappointed when I told him about your three inch dick and train tunnel
you call an ass."

"Now Harold, don't pick on me. You didn't tell him that really did you?"

"Of course not Uncle Tommy, but only because I just thought it up. Besides
Christian's already seen your cock when you had him out for air in the
Vet. Say Cory, are you staying over there tonight? Man that sucks, I have
to sleep with my fucking fist."


"Did you want to say something?" Dooby squeaked in a tiny voice before it
returned to normal. "I told Christian my folks know about me, so they also
know about him. I know we talked about keeping that a secret but I just had
too Uncle Tommy secrets are sneaky and I didn't want sneaky with him. At
first he considered killing me, as in really, I saw it in his eyes, but now
he's thinking it over and getting used to the idea. Now I don't know what
we'll do, he'll do the rest of the week. He's scared to face Dad now, if he
can't adjust then messing around here is out, and his parents don't know,
so his house is out too. Tonight we messed around in the showers after
everyone left, but I don't think we'll be doing that again either, it's
just too dangerous. Shit, I'm all fucked up."

Cory and Tommy burst into laughter at the same time. Tom calmed down enough
to ask, "Will you guys be coming over this weekend now?"

"I think so, but we didn't get around to that. If he says no, then he's the
only one who's fucked up. Once you start getting it, it's impossible to
stop." Dooby mumbled morosely.

"We know," Cory and Tom said simultaneously.


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