Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


Part 4

Tom inched his way along the driveway to the student pickup area at the
regional high school. He was in line with others, mothers mostly, who drove
their kids to and from the school daily. Two sets of double doors belched
kids like ants running from a flooded nest, but then it was Friday
afternoon and the early summer weekend beckoned. He spotted Cory in a group
of boys and girls because even the girls were taller. Four of them were two
couples and it was easy to see from the way they touched each other beyond
holding hands, that they were no longer troubled by virginity.

Cory saw the gleaming red Corvette, waved in response to Tom's grin and
started running through the throng as if they weren't obstacles. The group
Cory abandoned watched him climb into the Vet wearing envious expressions
until the guys noticed the girls' view included Tom as well as the Vet.

Tom handed Cory a molded eyeglass case, "Here, a gift for being my galley
slave all week. Put them on and wave to your fans," he giggled at seeing
Cory's eyes widen in delight before the new sunglasses hid them. "I bought
a pair for Christian too. I thought we should be a team."

"Oh wow! Thanks Tommy! These are so very cool." Cory stood up, held himself
with a hand on the windshield frame and first waved then started making
little crosses with the fingers of his free hand. Tom looked up in
question. "I'm blessing the mob," Cory explained, "just like the Pope does
it, or did it before he had to start using both hands to hold himself up."
He flopped back into the seat laughing at the finger signs he received back
in response, particularly from the two guys with girlfriends.

"Two of your friends don't seem to like me very much." Tom suggested.

Cory howled, "Of course not, you're unfair competition, a young good
looking blond stud driving a new Vet, they'd like you dead or out of
sight. Where to first?"

"Groceries, lots and lots of groceries. Man you know this is the first time
I've ever taken an afternoon off? I was in a rut. I was thinking that this
summer we should take a vacation somewhere, drive somewhere and see some

"You mean just the two of us?" Cory asked with an unreadable expression.

"Hell no. We'd never leave Dooby behind and hopefully Christian will fit in
too." He giggled at Cory's snicker. "Seriously, maybe Florida for a couple
of weeks, have you ever been to Disney World?" Tom didn't wait for an
answer, caught by his spontaneous thought. "Of course we could spend two
weeks right there in Orlando, but if we hit the high spots we could get
down to the Keys and maybe do some fishing and diving too.

"Yeah, that would be cool." Cory cocked an eye at Tom, "You have the hots
for Christian and Dooby and I kind of have the hots for each other." He
blushed, "It would be like a honeymoon for all of us, just kind of loose,
we wouldn't be two couples exclusively, more like a foursome at times."

Cory surprised Tom in the super market by producing an actual shopping
list. He shoved a cart at Tom and led the way up the first aisle, happily
referring to his list, then adding things to the cart. Tom looked around to
be sure there was no one close by before he whispered guilt in his voice;
"If we ran into anyone we know right now, I think we'd both be outted. Look
at us; we look like we're married. I'm waiting for you to start bitching at
me because I'm not keeping up with you."

Cory quickly looked around, then down at his list. He grinned, "As a matter
of fact, you aren't paying attention. If you can't keep up, go sit on the
bench in front of the store with the rest of the old timers waiting for
their wives while I finish." He giggled and nodded then stuffed the list in
his jeans pocket. "You're right. If my Mom saw us it would all be over,
this scene is a little too domestic." His smile faded, "I've been thinking
about that. I need to tell her before she finds out somehow like this. I
was thinking of asking Dooby if he'd go home with me so he and I kind of
looked like a couple, not in love maybe, because we aren't, but definitely
compatible as first timers. Maybe like we bunked with each other in your
guestroom last weekend, and we hit it off. I need to keep you out of it
whatever happens.

"I've been talking Dooby up every time I see her, and you too, but you more
like a substitute father. After, when you meet her or she calls you and you
talk it over, you could just say you discovered what happened the next
morning. Say maybe you were surprised and thought about not inviting your
cousin to stay over anymore, and/or me to stay either, but then after you
thought it over, you decided giving us a safe place to get together was
more sensible than trying to keep us apart." He snapped his fingers, "Then
you tell her that you suggested that we tell our parents because sneaking
is not a good thing, OR no more sleepovers at your house! That would work
of course because Dooby lives so far away, but wouldn't really because then
we'd both be out and looking." Cory shrugged, "She knows, you know, shit
everyone knows that once they start getting it they can't stop. Maybe just
tell her that letting Dooby and I do our thing together is safer than one
night stands. What do you think?"

They walked up the aisle talking quietly without looking right or left,
shopping was forgotten. Tom smiled, trying to conceal his concern, "You
just convinced me, so if you can remember all that," he shrugged, "it's
worth a try. I just hope you can distance my sorry no will power ass from
you two, the thought of going to jail isn't very attractive. He looked back
down the aisle and grinned, "You better sneak a peek at our list darling,
don't blame me if we get home and we discover you forgot something," he
whispered jokingly.

Dooby's mother, father and sister had just begun eating dinner Wednesday
evening when he walked in after Christian dropped him off. He looked like
his dog just died as he threw himself into his chair. Everyone paused to
listen to the sound of Christian's Honda as he accelerated and shifted
gears on the driveway, until there was silence. Dooby's eyes remained on
the food he piled on his plate.

Jennifer raised a DuBois pale eyebrow, "So? Just where is Mr. Christian
Dunn, your hunky boyfriend? I thought he was staying for dinner
tonight. Mom cooked two extra stuffed pork chops and I set his place."

Dooby looked to his side, to Artie's place, before he looked up at Jennifer
in question. "He's gone home I guess. He said he had too much homework."

Jennifer patted the empty chair at her side. "He may be your boyfriend, but
he sits by me at dinner in this house," she sighed dramatically and
continued, "since this is as close as any girl is going to get to him. What
a waste," she couldn't resist adding and received two warning frowns from
their parents.

Dooby's attention returned to his plate. "I told him you guys know, now
he's afraid to face you. I just didn't want any secrets."

"Is that all?" Jennifer sounded amazed, "The big beautiful jerk. I didn't
get a look at them last night, but he must have awful small ba..." she
started to say balls, then thought better of the idea, "cajones."

"JENNIFER!" Her father and mother exclaimed together.

Dooby giggled, "Yeah Jennifer, such language. Someone should wash your
mouth out with soap. Christian's are fine thank you, this all just takes
some getting used to, and that's all."

Jennifer waited until their parents' attention returned to their
dinners. Dooby watched her. He knew she had to have the last word. She
rubbed the side of her nose with her middle finger at him while keeping an
eye on their father. Dooby returned the salute with crossed eyes and his
tongue out. John DuBois raised his eyes as Jennifer's hand went to her
lap. "Dooby! Goddamnit! You're the one getting a wash job if I catch you
giving your little sister the finger again. Let's drop this subject and

Dooby sputtered, "But Dad," he stopped short of accusing Jennifer of giving
him the finger regularly. It was something of a sibling conspiracy, both
enjoyed the contest of wits, but Jennifer was winning more and more

Thursday morning at breakfast, Dooby looked like he'd had a bad night. He
decided Jennifer took pity on him since she ate quietly, so he remained
silent as well. After she finished she opened a book and appeared to be
reading. She usually disappeared to her bedroom to primp until she had to
run to catch her bus. When they heard the distinctive whine of Christian's
Honda downshifting on the drive, Dooby stood up, stretched and yawned
loudly before he bent at the waist to pick up his book bag. He didn't see
his sister stand and walk slowly around the table. If she ran he would have
noticed where she was heading and he would have caught her. He didn't
realize her plan until the kitchen door slammed loudly and she was running
for the driver's side of the little car.

By the time Dooby got outside, Jennifer had Christian engaged in a one
sided conversation and was using her fist with the index finger knuckle
extended slightly to drive home her points on his shoulder, "So you're gay
(thunk) and Dooby's gay (thunk). I know it (thunk) and Mom and Daddy know
it (thunk). If they didn't like you they wouldn't have dragged me to some
old movie which no one liked, on a school night yet (double thunk) just so
you two idiots could be alone (thunk)." She suddenly stuck her head through
the car window and looked into Christian's lap. He gave her plenty of room
since he was leaning away from her little fist and only succeeded in giving
her a larger target to punch.

She saw Dooby coming, "Now you just listen to me Mr. Christian Dunn, if you
don't come inside and have dinner with us tonight, just dinner, you can
leave after if you don't have the balls to stay, then you're really going
to get it the next time I catch you, you big dummy." Dooby was almost close
enough to grab her, so she raised her aim and administered another thunk to
Christian's temple. Dooby caught her arm before she could give him a final
shot. He held her easily by her elbows. "Will you?" She asked hopefully.

Christian rubbed his shoulder then the side of the head. He grinned and
nodded, "I will if you'll stop beating me up. Last night was kind of dumb I
guess. It's just,"

Jennifer interrupted, "I think we know and I promise, but you'll be sitting
next to me, so watch your step, and don't you dare to feel me up while
Daddy's around," she warned with a giggle, "or you'll really get it." She
struggled in Dooby's grip, "Let me go jerk, I'll be late." When Dooby
relaxed his grip her fist found his crotch before she stepped forward
quickly and kissed Christian's cheek.

Dooby bent double holding himself, "What was that for?" He asked through
clenched teeth.

Jennifer ran for the house, "Just an advance payment, you'll give me a
reason I'm sure when Daddy's around to protect you."

Tom lay behind Cory they remained connected after a frantic first
round. Tom was idly petting Cory while his head was propped on his fist so
he could see where his other hand traveled. One or the other of them would
move suddenly; Cory back on Tom, or Tom would pull him back and thrust a
couple of times. They were teasing each other prior to the relatively
peaceful and longer second and final time before it was Cory's turn and
after had to dress and leave. The phone chimed. Cory hit the speakerphone
button violently.

"Dooby," Tom whined in frustration.

"Hi, how'd you know Uncle Tommy? Is Cory there, I bet he is. Sorry I didn't
call last night. Hi Cory! I was too depressed last night. I was back to my
own mouth and my imagination. Guess who's here? Did I interrupt anything?
Who's on top? What are you guys doing anyway? Maybe we could have phone sex
together. Not tonight though, Christian wouldn't even undress, the
duffus. The best I could do was getting his zipper down, not even his shirt
off, but it's a start. Next time the pants come off. It's not my fault his
cock kept getting pinched in the zipper. He's blaming me for biting him."

There was a thunk then a brief unintelligible conversation before they
heard Dooby begging for mercy between giggles. "Shut up twerp before I snap
this carrot in two," they heard Christian warn. "Hi Tommy. Sorry about
this, I didn't know he was calling until his mouth starting running. He's
quiet right now because I have him on his back, sort of, he's kind of
levitating off the bed each time I lift his cock and balls. Strange how
cooperative he can be at times like this. If you want him punished, say the

Tom and Cory giggled, Tom answered; "No, not now, we'll gang up on him this
weekend. That is we will if you're both coming over. You are aren't you?"
he sounded hopeful. Cory felt Tom's cock thicken and lengthen while he
started slow steady movements.

"Yeah, I'd like to if you're sure I won't be in the way, you know, you guys
have a head start on me and I'm not too experienced, you know, just with
dildo here kind of and I haven't met Cory, but if the rumors I keep hearing
are true, I'd sure like to," Christian hesitated, "and you too Tommy
really, you know."

"Hello Christian. This is Cory. I'm looking forward to meeting you at last
this weekend too. Tell me something; is it true you can walk on water? Tom
thinks you can."

"I didn't say that!" Tom protested with a laugh. "I just said I thought you
were a nice guy."

Cory giggled, "Yeah, so nice, Tommy's using me to have phone sex with you
right now. Wow this is a trip. Say, is Dooby still conscious? I need to
talk to him."

Christian released Dooby and turned the phone so they could both hear and
talk. "Okay, I let him go. He's got his ear pasted to mine." He paused to
slap Dooby's hand. "Stop that!" He ordered Dooby, then spoke to the phone,
"He was jerking off. I warned him about that while I'm sitting here. I'll
take care of his problem after we hang up, maybe."

"Man what a fucking bossy grump. Hi Cory!" Dooby giggled, "Aside from Uncle
Tommy, what's up?"

"I need your help this weekend. I need to tell my mom about me and I was
wondering if you'd be there when I tell her so she connects me to you, not

"Sure, I'd be happy to. You want me to tickle your tonsils in front of

"No, no kissing, just maybe holding hands."

"Shit, sure, except I was thinking of using my cock to do the tickling, not
tongue. Then you wouldn't have to say a word. Ouch! Goddamnit Christian lay
off! Your love honks hurt."

Christian giggled, "That wasn't a love honk smart ass, that was a double
twist. Chill with the jokes, this is serious. I need to tell my parents
sometime too. I just don't know how. I was thinking about waiting until I'm
eighteen in case they kick me out. That's the problem; I don't know how
they'd react. They aren't conservative but they aren't liberal
either. Their attitude is like live and let live, but I'm not sure that
would extend to their only son announcing he was gay."

"If they kick you out, you could always move in here with me." Dooby
volunteered hopefully.

"Thanks Dooby, but if I did, you'd be dead in a week."

"Hey I'm not that bad. I'm just a little hyper sometimes, but I could try
to calm down. I would try," Dooby amended with a bit of little boy hurt in
his voice.

Christian chuckled softly. "I didn't mean change your personality fool. I
like you the way you are Lord help us all. I meant if I lived here I'd
probably fuck you to death in a week, that's all."

"Oh!" Dooby started to giggle, "Would you do all this fucking buck naked? I
mean really take your clothes off? You better, because I've already got
serious zipper burn on my lips from tonight." Dooby switched his attention
back to Cory. "Sure Cory, I'll play it however you want me to with your
mom. I just hope I can run faster than she can if she takes exception to
your choice of boyfriends. Do you have any guns in your house? I can't out
run bullets, just old Lacrosse players."

"You want to try a triple twist?" Christian warned.

"Ouch! That really smarts when I have a hardon."

"I can't recall seeing you without a hardon." Tom interjected.

Dooby got indignant, "Well of course not when I'm naked around one of you
guys, or around one of you who is too chicken to take his clothes off, or
just when I'm by myself. The rest of the time if I'm naked around other
guys I keep my cool mostly, or dress in a hurry."

"Hey, look at the time; I've got to go. Okay, I'll see you tomorrow
afternoon after practice." Christian started giggling. "Shall I bring
Dooby? It's an awful long trip."

Cory laughed, "Yeah, just gag him."

"Good idea, then I won't have to listen to his screams as I drag him behind
my car." After they laughed and listened to Dooby's protests, Christian
whispered, "Bye Tommy," as if the other two guys weren't there.

"Tomorrow," Tom answered softly with difficulty as the speed of his thrusts
in Cory increased drastically.

There was a long minute of silence while Dooby said goodbye to Christian,
then; "He's gone. Hello? Are you guys still there?"

"Yes." Cory mumbled.

"Hey you guys are really doing it aren't you? I wish I were there to help
out. What were you two doing earlier?"

"I had to write a term paper." Cory drew out each word slowly.

"Term paper? You wrote a whole term paper in one night? What's your GPA?
Can I borrow it? OOPS! Dad's calling me to come down and have some ice
cream before Christian leaves," Dooby chuckled. "I'll bet he was waiting
for Christian to bail, probably blocking the door. Mom and Dad are really
trying to make him feel comfortable being around, even Jennifer. She just
about gave big bad Christian a concussion this morning to get him to stay
for dinner tonight. Hello? Are you guys still there? Damn, you know fucking
while I'm talking to you is really rude, but I can take a hint. Practice is
usually short on Fridays so we'll be there maybe around six. Bye, hope
everything comes out all right."

Tom and Cory listened to the dial tone, then the recorded operator told
them repeatedly that if they'd like to make a call, please hang up and try
again. Tom nearly destroyed the phone with the side of his fist to shut her
up after he was completely spent and almost breathing normally. He eased
out of Cory slowly and rolled to his back, pulling and moving Cory's slight
body with his until Cory was grinning down on him.

"Wow! That was the best fuck Christian never had, I'm glad it was me. If
you get it on with him tomorrow night like that you'll have a love slave
for life."

Tom kissed Cory tenderly as he lifted his legs. Cory went to his knees
while Tom directed his heavy tool. Cory sank slowly. Tom moaned, "I'm sorry
about fantasizing about him. I don't want a love slave I want him to be as
versatile as you lover boy. Do you mind if I make believe you're him right

"Nope. I was dreaming that you were Dooby before and you still are."

Tom giggled, "Well alrighty then, as Dooby would say; what are you waiting
for, I won't break."

Tom and Cory were peering into the newly concreted pool when they heard a
car horn start blaring from somewhere out on the public road. It continued
on the driveway and echoed hollowly from the empty third bay of the garage
by the time they got there. Christian was busy shouting at Dooby about all
the crumbs he managed to drop all over the passenger side of his car. Dooby
ignored him and ran to Tom holding a plastic box. He handed over the
container with a bow and too much giggling, "Here Uncle Tommy Mom sent you
some brownies."

Tom accepted the box with one hand and grabbed Dooby's throat with the
other. "Which you ate asshole, which would explain the crumbs." He lifted
his eyes to Christian standing behind Dooby with his hands on his hips. Tom
forgot about Dooby. Christian was wearing the same brief pale gray running
shorts he'd worn the previous Sunday. This time, at Dooby's quiet
insistence in the locker room when they were dressing after practice,
without a jock. Tom glanced down at Dooby. He was wearing his old almost
see through red shorts, which bulged slightly due to a half grown
erection. Neither wore a shirt, although Christian had one tossed
carelessly over one shoulder. Dooby wiggled free of Tom's grasp and ran at
Cory, he jumped at the last second, literally into the smaller boys'
arms. Cory caught him with difficulty but held him helplessly while Dooby
licked his face until he found his laughing mouth.

Christian realized he was staring at Tom, at his body. He shook himself and
opened the cars' hatch. "Sorry, this is the first time I've seen you
standing up."

Tom looked down at himself in surprise, "Huh?" He asked, he knew he wasn't
hard, yet, just aware and stirring.

"Oh, no, not that, I mean the last time, the only time, you were sitting in
the Vet. This is the first time, on your feet, like standing." Christian
turned red faced and looked down into his car. He pulled out two school gym
bags and stuffed them in Dooby's face as Cory staggered by carrying him
toward the kitchen door in the back of the garage. "Here asshole make
yourself useful." He and Cory eyed each other with grins, "Hi."

"Hi! It's hard to believe you actually let IT get into your car and eat
food. Nice wheels," he pulled his head back to get his ear away from
Dooby's boring tongue. He giggled, "Hey it's red just like the Vet and
Tahoe." He winked at Tom while Christen lifted out two shopping bags. "It
sure looks like it belongs here."

Tom nodded and winked back before he bent to look in the open passenger
side. "Man, Dooby you are a slob. Look at this mess." He smiled to
himself. He actually only saw a few crumbs on the floor mat. The rest of
the interior was pristine, showroom new. He was pleased that Christian was
a neatnik.

Dooby looked at two shopping bags still in the car and sniffed the air
hungrily, "Cory and I will carry those too if you want, no problem."

"Yeah right, over your dead body. You're like a fucking vacuum cleaner when
it comes to food. Just get out of my sight before your blood starts flowing
all over Tom's clean garage floor."

Tom agreed, "Yeah from a dismembered body and guess what gets cut off
first? How'd you miss all these?" He asked rhetorically since the kitchen
door closed on the younger boys' laughter. He grinned at Christian as he
rolled a Shop Vac from under a workbench. He wanted Christian to himself
for a few minutes before they rejoined the boys in the house and the
probable Dooby inspired weekend long bedlam. Christian flipped the vacuum
switch while Tom held the hose, then both bent at the waist and leaned into
the car simultaneously. Their bare shoulders touched first, then upper
arms. They bumped hips once and immediately side stepped closer to each
other so their thighs rubbed together.

Neither looked at the other. Both were instantly hard. Tom's cock pointed
up to tent his shorts, while Christian's grew pointing down before it
lifted so his was fully exposed as it escaped his shorts. Both got even
more industrious. Christian clicked the seat back, and then lay down on his
side across it. He took the hose from Tom's disinterested hands and
stretched it and his body over the console to vacuum the drivers' side
mat. At that moment he wanted nothing more than to display himself to
Tom. He placed an elbow on the console and lifted his hip. He worked the
vacuum head into the carpet harder, needlessly when he felt Tom accept his
offer by gently pulling his shorts down his legs after redirecting his cock
with two delicate fingers to keep it from getting caught in the waistband.

Tom pressed Christian's hip until he turned so the small of his back
pressed into the console and his shoulders rested on the driver's bucket
seat. Tom spread his long legs, stepped between them then knelt and again
leaned into the car. His mouth replaced his fingers and his hands were free
to roam Christian's contorted chest and abdomen and each defined stressed
muscle. Christian's scream was obliterated by the forgotten droning vacuum
when only two minutes later his body bowed up further when every muscle
strained to push his violently spurting cock into Tom's throat. Tom helped
himself by cupping Christian's taught ass cheeks and lifting with his lips
buried in soft brown public fur.

Tom reached out blindly and shut off the vacuum without lifting his
head. When he did, he caught Christian's cock before it slapped his
belly. He met Christian's eyes wearing a sheepish expression, "Sorry about
that. I've wanted to do that for a week. Last night when Dooby was talking
about getting zipper burn I was jealous, I wanted to be there and I took it
out on Cory." He grinned, "Man did you ever get fucked in abstention. Lucky
for me Cory always begs for more. You probably think I'm a nut case whore."

Christian sat up suddenly pushing Tom back to sit on his heels. "Stand up,"
he ordered, "and I'll show you what a whore I am." After Tom obeyed, he
stripped Tom's shorts off his legs while he continued to sit in the
car. His cock, briefly half soft in post climax relief once again rose when
he first caressed Tom's, then gobbled him in hungrily. He immediately
attempted to snuggle his lips in Tom's pubes until his gag reflex rebelled.

Tom looked down in response to the sickening sound. "Man do that slowly,
relax your throat muscles consciously at first, then it becomes automatic
after awhile," he advised running his fingers through the soft curls that
covered Christian's head, carefully though to resist pulling him in close
without regard to the teenager's comfort and pleasure. He continued to
watch as Christian worked to obey. He saw the young man's cock rise to
nearly parallel the tightly rippled concave gut and hide the narrow dark
line of hair that rose only to a squashed navel. He carefully combed the
dangling curls from Christian's forehead so he could see the slightly
knitted brow and incredibly tight neat eyebrows that were so permanently
arched, they were almost geometrical. Each swept up for two-thirds their
length, pointed, then descended sharply toward the outside corner of each
eye. Tom knew Christian's eyes were closed because his impossibly long
curling lashes were messed together perfectly, sealing huge round
apparently innocent doe-like light brown intelligent eyes. As Tom watched
the small aquiline nose began to touch his mound of tightly trimmed curls,
and then suddenly he felt the nose press his body as the boy-man achieved
his goal of swallowing his cock completely.

Tom suddenly wondered what the child might look like if only they could
conceive one. Without question it would be a male and possess all of the
best attributes of each parent and certainly combine their intelligence and
personalities. The thought of which would father and who mother the perfect
human male specimen they would create was as erotic as it was perverse and
caused him to shoot into Christian's mouth without warning so forcefully
the ecstasy was debilitating and he reached out to the little red car's
roof to keep from collapsing. Christian's reaction time, measured
thousandths of a second moved his head back so Tom felt the tip of his
tongue welcoming each mighty spurt to his mouth.

Suddenly Christian moaned, dropped Tom from his mouth and fell forward to
his knees, wrapping Tom's waist with his arms. His hard little ass clenched
once and he was suddenly ejaculating frantically on one of Tom's legs just
above the knee. Tom felt the warm cum running down, slowed as the ropy
strands caught in the hairs of his leg. When Christian was fully spent he
bent to lap the runs before they reached the concrete floor.

Tom knelt and gathered Christian in his arms in a bone-crushing
embrace. They kissed deeply, then sat back on their heels and stared at
each other wearing grins while their hands explored each other. Tom sighed,
"That was absolutely the best ever, thanks."

"You probably tell all your guys that, but it was really the best for me. I
can't believe you got me off the second time without even touching me. I
felt your eyes on me, looking down on me, and that was all it took. I've
really got to work on my staying power." Christian looked at the door. "I
was wondering Tommy, could you and I kind of be together tonight? You know,
like alone, just the two of us? I want to get it on with Cory, he's really
hot, but I just don't feel like a circus, not tonight at first, Could we?"

Tom nodded, "I was going to ask you the same thing. No problem, Cory has
plans for Dooby. Speaking of which the monster is loose in my house
unsupervised, we're liable to have to shop for more groceries before we eat
dinner. We better get in there, it's way too quiet."

"If you're into junk food, we brought along enough to last the weekend. My
mom shopped, there's cheese and crackers and lots of chopped
veggies. Dooby's mom baked," Christian leaned into the hatch and brought
out another shopping bag. "The brownies Dooby polished off on the way here
were just sacrificed to keep him out of the mother lode." He offered the
sack to Tom. "Betty said to give you these personally and preferably when
Dooby wasn't around," he giggled. "Oh, she also said to tell you she wants
her Tupperware back."

Tom laughed and nodded, "All mothers are the same aren't they? Did you have
any problems with your parents getting away for the weekend?"

"Nope. Actually they were kind of delighted. They like the idea of me
finally making friends with some guys, close enough to be invited to stay
over with. I've always been careful about getting too close to anyone at
school because, well I didn't want anyone to get the idea I was coming on
to them. I always feel like I've got queer tattooed on my forehead. I know
what I look like and I can't do anything about it, but I never liked
comments like, 'too pretty to be a guy' or 'pretty boy'. You've probably
heard the same thing. That's why I'm into sports. I want to show them this
pretty boy is better at any than they are. It tends to shut their mouths."

They walked in to find the kitchen and great room abandoned and quiet. Once
Christian opened up his soul to Tom he couldn't stop talking. Tom remained
quiet because he didn't want him to stop. "My father is an attorney and
specializes in corporate law, actually he's only got one client, a mega
corporation and he wants, check that, expects me to go to law school then
join him, you know Dunn and Dunn, but he's talked about shit that he helps
the company officers pull off like end runs on the stockholders with their
accountants all the time and that brand of law is slimy. Actually what I
really want to do is go to art school then go into commercial art to
support myself while I do stuff I want and maybe sell and build my name as
an artist."

Tom did a double take at that casual admission, while Christian started
laughing. "I guess you could call me a closet artist too." He shrugged,
"Just what I need, another fucking closet. Dooby doesn't even know about
that. Of course we haven't spent a whole lot of time talking yet," he added
with a giggle.

Tom took Christian's hand, "Come on into the den, if you're an artist I'd
like your opinion on something." He guided Christian past the desk and dark
computer to a professional size drafting table and snapped on the overhead
light. He opened a drawer and pulled out a tabloid size
newspaper-advertising insert from a large successful regional grocery store
chain. "What do you think of this?" He asked and watched Christian's face
to gauge his initial reaction.

Christian glanced at the ad and maintained a poker face. "Did you do this?"
He asked hesitantly.

'No, well yes, just the printing. We have a contract with the ad agency,
but I don't have anything to say about content."

"Oh," Christian sighed in relief, "well in that case, I think it sucks. The
artwork sucks, the layout sucks and the copy sucks."

Tom giggled and patted Christian on his bare back easing him on to the
stool in front of the desk. "Be totally truthful now, don't hold back. Tell
me what you really think." He got serious then. "I couldn't agree with you
more, but I don't have anything to say about it. Do you think you could
come up with anything better?"

Christian grinned and nodded enthusiastically, "You bet your sweet tight
beautiful ass I could!" He boldly put a hand on Tom's back and let slide
down to pat one muscular globe.

"Now that's a bet I won't mind losing, but first you've got to win. Prove
it." Tom got out a pad of blue lined graph paper then a carrousel of
colored pens and last he rummaged in his briefcase. He handed Christian two
pieces of legal size paper. One was the front and back of an ad, the second
was the center spread, both were four color. "This was just e-mailed
in. It's the ad that will go in two weeks, it'll get printed next
week. Here knock yourself out. Can I watch?"

"Sure." Christian mumbled, already engrossed in studying the new
advertisement. He looked up with one question; "Since no one's ever going
to see this, can I do whatever I want?"

"Yup, make believe that you own this ad agency or better yet you're just
starting out and you have a chance to get this contract if what you do is
better than this shit." Tom watched for five minutes and grinned when he
realized that Christian was not just an accomplished artist but also a
creative one at that when a totally new and modern logo began to take form
in the banner area of the front page. He went to get a stool from the
kitchen counter so he could watch the creative process in comfort.

On the way across the great room, Tom heard the deep gargling laughter that
identified Cory and protests among giggles in tenor that was Dooby. They
were in the master bedroom. He detoured to see what they were doing. He
couldn't quite believe the sight they presented when he got to the
door. Dooby was on his back in the shower area, dutifully holding his legs
up, way back to his head and spread and Cory was sitting comfortably like
an Indian, carefully shaving Dooby's crotch. Dooby saw Tom watching them.

"Hey Uncle Tommy! Look what Cory's doing! I wasn't going to let him near me
with a razor at first, but then he made me fuck him and eat him after."

"MADE YOU?" Tom was incredulous.

Both boys giggled at that. Dooby corrected himself, "Well after I cleaned
him up he kind of wagged that bald little pussy at me I just had to, you
know, as in couldn't resist. That was pretty cool, but I still wasn't going
to let him until he made me just by telling me he wasn't going to fuck me,
or even suck me all weekend can you believe that? What a bitch! I think I'm
pussy whipped. Check him out, is he doing a good job?"

Tom squatted and looked over Cory's shoulder. "Yup," he approved, "he
shaved me again last night. He's an expert."

Cory giggled evilly, "The fun part is testing it out after I finish. When
should I start dinner? I mean how much time do I have?"

Dooby had a question of his own; "Hey where's Christian? Did you fuck him
to death already? The last time we peeked in the garage it looked to us
that you were getting ready to pop him in his car. I know, you did and now
he's out there cleaning the seat. Is that what he's doing?"

Tom ignored the snide laughter from both boys. "Did you know he was an

"Nope except that he's taking art in school, but lot's of jocks do that. He
must be an artist because he isn't dumb so there's no other reason. It's an
easy course to pass, kind of as close as a high school can get to basket
weaving or surfing in college. The other easy dummy course is home
economics." The beginning of Dooby's giggle was choked off by his scream.

Cory was holding his balls out of the way and suddenly used them to lift
him off the tile. "You might be interested in knowing that Home Ec. is my
favorite course, because I like to cook, not because I'm a dumb jock," he
said slowly and softly with another evil pixy grin.

Tom rocked with laughter, "OOPS! That's our Dooby, open mouth change
feet. Don't cut them both off Cory," he paused then shrugged dramatically,
"unless you want to. Give us an hour or so I want to see what Christian can
do on a real ad." He left them with Dooby apologizing profusely with a
sickly giggle as Cory wielded the razor over the DuBois family jewels.

Tom quietly placed the stool near Christian's, but never got around to
sitting on it after he glanced at the ad developing under Christian's
hand. He rested his chin on the talented teen's shoulder, "Oh wow!" He
breathed softly into Christian's ear. The front page was all but finished
and the back page was well under way.

Christian turned his head so their eyes met. He smiled hopefully, "Wow
good, or wow shitty?"

"Are you fucking kidding? Wow very good."

Christian started breathing again and explained what he was doing. He
tapped the new logo with a pencil. "Spelling's Family Supermarket is
archaic, they've got name recognition, I mean everyone sees the name and
they think food, so I changed it to Spelling's, the word is enough." He
swept his hand over the items on sale and pictured below the banner. "I
read this ad. All this is on sale in here somewhere believe it or not, so I
created a T-bone steak dinner, garden salad, the steak with mushroom caps,
baked potato, asparagus and French bread shown as garlic toast. There's a
good red wine, I like this Merlot, then for dessert; strawberry shortcake."
Tom nodded laughing silently so his chin vibrated on Christian's
shoulder. "Then there's all this tie in shit, salad dressings, butter, sour
cream for the spud, Hollandaise on the asparagus, short cake and whipping
cream. I'm fuzzy on picturing some of the packaging so I bluffed it enough
to give you the idea of what I'd do."

Christian pictured a complete dinner expertly prepared, the food looked
good enough to eat. Tom noted that he carried the type style, a flowing
script made of connected printed letters from the Spelling's logo into the
ad copy. They discussed technical points like how steam would reproduce on
newsprint and color reproduction. Tom was elated. "How long would it take
you to finish this the way you're doing it?"

"A couple of hours I guess. I watched a special on cable once about how a
bunch of artists paint these entire sofa paintings you see advertised
occasionally that they sell in motels on weekends. In fifteen minutes or
less," he snapped his fingers, "they can turn out a four by six
painting. You know art by the square foot? Quality aside, it occurred to me
that a good commercial artist ought to be as fast as he is good, so I've
been practicing." Christian giggled.

Tom slapped him on the back and went to his desk. "It just so happens that
Charlie Spelling lives about five miles from here. He and my dad were
golfing buddies. I know I've got his number in the office, but maybe he's
listed." He squinted at the phone directory, then looked up and frowned
before he flipped a wall switch by the door and blinds covering a large
skylight opened.

"Sonofabitch!" Christian giggled, "And all this time I've been working in
the dark until YOU need to see a phone number. Man, talk about sweat

Tom shrugged and laughed, "So sue me I had a lot of shit like this built in
and I kind of forget. Hey he is listed, but first we need to talk
turkey. How would you like a job? Weekends, and you could work at home
until school closes, then full time all summer? I'll pay you twenty bucks
an hour starting an hour ago, and if Charlie Spelling likes what you've
done, we'll really talk." He talked while he dialed. Christian just watched
with his mouth hanging open.

Less than five minutes later Tom replaced the receiver with his mouth
hanging open. He also looked like he was about to be sick. "What'd he do,
laugh?" Christian asked quietly. Then, "Oh well, you tried, I wouldn't even
have the balls to do that."

Tom shook his head, "Are you into golf?"

"Yeah a little, I play with my father when he needs a fourth."

"Good you and I are playing tomorrow. Tee time is
seven-thirty. Mr. Spelling is bumping two of his regulars for us. You heard
the pitch I made to him. He told me that he and the agency are working
month to month, the contract's expired and he's giving them a chance to
improve their shit or else. They had the account for years. Do you realize
what I've done? If he doesn't like your stuff and the agency finds out I
did an end run on them, and they would eventually, I'll lose all their

Christian spun his seat back to the work. "Shit Tommy, I told you I was
just having fun, doing my thing. You shouldn't have called him, when he
finds out I'm a high school kid it'll all be over. Maybe I should just
finish this and you take it to show him."

Tom encircled Christian's body from behind with his arms hugging him hard
and laughing, "On the other hand, if he likes your stuff, and he should,
it's a hundred percent improvement over what he's getting now, then we're
off and running and you'll be the only high school senior that I ever heard
of making a hundred grand a year part-time."

"I heard that." Dooby said from the door, looking over Cory's head,
standing in front of him. Cory tried to get away by spinning to the side,
bent over, trying to cover his manhood with his hands and forearms. "Oh no
you don't you little rascal you, this is show and tell time. Look at this
Christian, I told you how well hung he is. Seeing is believing."

Christian's already large eyes grew wider before he frowned. "Let him go
asshole before you swallow teeth," he shook a fist at Dooby. "He's not a
freak, just fucking lucky, and you're lucky he likes you enough to put up
with your shit."

Tom added a warning of his own, "Yeah teeth and the rest of your peach
fuzz. We'll hold you down while Cory shaves you baby bald including your
legs and under your arms." He grinned at Christian, "Let me know how he
explains it to the rest of the team will you? That should be interesting."

Dooby threw his arms in the air releasing his hold on Cory. "Man Uncle
Tommy, you really know how to hurt a guy don't you?"

Cory once freed walked up to the drafting table to see what Christian was
doing. He grinned and put an arm over Christian's shoulders. "Thanks for
that, but I really don't need protection. If I really minded when he goofs
on me he'd be rolling on the floor in extreme pain by now. Hey Dooby, look
at this. Christian really is an artist. Would you sketch Dooby for me? I'd
really like that, I'd offer to pay you but we heard what Tommy was saying
when we walked in and I don't think I can afford you."

Christian giggled and leaned in to Cory, "Confidentially, I'm not real
optimistic about earning that much anytime soon, but it's nice to think
about. I do freebies for friends anytime. Sure I'll sketch Dooby for you,"
he snapped his fingers, "in fact I already have, Tom too." He grinned at
Tom's surprised expression. "Where's my gym bag? There's a tube in there."

Dooby leaned on Christian's other shoulder, "Man that steak looks good
enough to eat. We put your bag in your room, um, Tom's room. Mine is in our
room, Cory's and mine, the guestroom. We were talking. What about us
pairing off for the night, you two and us two? Cory and I want to work on
making love instead of just fucking, you know quiet and peaceful. We could
all get together tomorrow morning."

Tom looked at Christian hopefully. Christian blushed and nodded. "Sure
Dooby, but tomorrow morning is out. We're playing golf with the guy that
owns this supermarket chain. We're going to show him Christian's ad and
maybe get the contract for all his advertising. Then Christian starts
making money."

Dooby gave Tom a sorrowful glance; "I was going to ask you about working
for you this summer, but I guess I'm too late."

Tom hugged him and winked at Christian, "That's a coincidence, I was going
to ask you and Cory both if you wanted to work this summer. Cory would be a
big help in the office on the computer and you could hustle paper around
and maybe learn how to run a press," Tom saw Dooby frown, "and I forgot
about the forklift." Dooby's eyes lit up at the mention of driving
something with wheels. "You could also maybe mow the lawn." Dooby again
frowned, Tom grinned, "You haven't really looked at my mower have you? You
should, it's a commercial machine, it's fast, it will turn on a dime and
really fun to use, but if you don't want to I'll do the mowing after
dinner. Mowing would have been a good way to work on your all over tan
too. Oh, I'm going to put in an electric gate so no one can get in without
us knowing and we can go naked anywhere on the property inside the tree

Christian picked up a pencil, "Hey guys, could you go chill somewhere else?
I've got to get this finished."

Dooby agreed, "Yeah, let's chill in the kitchen! I know I'll help with
dinner!" He wrapped on arm around Cory, "Come on Sprout." He guided Cory to
the doorway.

Cory rolled his eyes, "I thought that was supposed to be a pet name, kind
of like between us?"

"It is, just the four of us." Tom and Christian heard Dooby answer from the
great room.

Then Cory, "One of these days I'm really going to hurt you."

Christian started using the pencil, "This is going to be a long summer. Do
you really think this will work? I mean I don't want to lose you any

"Yup I really do. This is beautiful. Another thing, if this agency loses
Spelling, then I lose them, and Spelling's printing anyway, so it's worth
the risk." Tom started massaging Christian's shoulders.

"This layout?"

"Yeah, that too. I can't wait until school closes and you move in. Will
your parents have a problem with you living here?" Tom's hands turned

"They shouldn't, I've got a summer job. My father will think that's cool,
you know the kid is resourceful, takes the initiative, is already money
hungry, shit like that." Christian started stretching his neck and turning
his head in response to Tom's insistent fingers. "Man you best get away
from me, or Mr. Spelling is going to discover that he has Tom Patterson's
cock on sale in the center spread instead of sausage to go with frozen
waffles and pancakes."

Tom backed away with a snicker, "Was that a hint? You want me to leave you
alone right?" He started to sit on the extra stool to watch, but heard a
small engine start. He froze for a moment then shrugged, "That sound is
Dooby checking out the mower." He started moving toward the door and said
over his shoulder, "Which is in front of your car, meaning he can't get the
mower out until your car is out of the way."

Christian stopped him, "He can move it. You let him drive your Vet so he
can drive mine I guess," he looked out the window, and then added, "as long
as we don't see him heading for the road. He's a flake but a nice one and
smart enough to know I really would kill him if he went asshole with my

Dooby driving the big mower came into view outside. He guided the machine
straight to the window at speed, then started making fast circles, laughing
his naked ass off. Tom frantically cranked the window open then made
violent slashing motions across his neck. Dooby looked puzzled and shut the
engine down. "What's wrong, you said I should mow. This is the neatest
fucking machine."

"Look what you're doing! You're digging a fucking hole in my new sod, mow
but don't play." Tom grinned suddenly and calmed down when Dooby looked
contrite, "Also, you're in front of the house, there's no gate yet."

Dooby looked at the trees near the road quickly. He shrugged, "Good
point. I think I'll just go mow the Lacrosse field in the back. You should
know Uncle Tommy that Cory isn't a very nice guy in the kitchen. He
actually kicked my ass out; he said something about me being a klutz!
Imagine that." Dooby started the engine and took off at maximum speed
around the side of the house with a mad laugh.

Christian was just finishing the double page when Cory called them to come
for dinner. Tom was surprised that Cory had taken the trouble to set the
table in the great rooms' dinning area, and more surprised to see how he
did it. The table was rectangular and sat six people comfortably, one at
each end, and two on each side. There were two place mats on each side, and
none on the ends. He pointed Tom and Christian to the side where a bottle
of wine waited to be opened, then went out on the terrace to wave down
Dooby who was happily sitting the big mower leaning forward wearing a grin
as if he was driving a tank, was in the middle of a fierce battle and the
defenseless blades of grass were the enemy. Cory picked his way over and
around construction debris along the side of the pool and had to climb a
mound of dirt yet to be graded around the deep end then both jump up and
down as well as wave frantically before Dooby surfaced from his aggressive
trance and saw him. Dooby started to wave and when he took one hand from
the control stick on that side the machine made a quick double circle
before he regained control.

Tom nudged Christian while they stood at the windows overlooking the pool
and meadow beyond. "Look at that little man. From this distance you can't
really tell how tall he is. He's got such a perfectly developed body
already he could be in his twenties, just a three-quarter-scale miniature."
They laughed when they saw Dooby start to wave and the fast moving machine
skewed around. "Dooby's got a big surprise coming tonight."

"I'll say that's a little scary."

Tom giggled, "Yeah it is at first, but that's not what I mean. One on one
Cory is turning into the ultimate lover, he's careful with that and he'll
do anything to please."

"Damn, now you've got me worried. I'm the rookie in the group. Dooby and I
never got around to making love although I loved what little we did, it was
just raw sex."

Dooby broke his pattern and zoomed toward the garage end of the house. Cory
saw him and started running back himself so he was waiting when Dooby
attempted to walk in the kitchen from the garage. "Stop right there!" Cory
pushed Dooby back, "You just march your dusty ass around the house to the
bedroom door then walk straight into the bathroom without touching anything
and take a shower." He ordered imperiously. "Tommy and I cleaned this joint
and you aren't messing it up!"

"Check that," Tom called, "there's a shower here on the terrace." He
pointed through the window. We'll get you a towel and soap." He and
Christian went to their bedroom holding hands. "You know I can't seem to
stop touching you, ever since the garage, its like I don't want to lose

Christian looked around the big bedroom and whistled, "You haven't heard me
complaining have you? I like you touching me. Just a fingertip is like
foreplay somehow." He saw the little enema bottles lined up beside bars of
soap when Tom opened the cabinet under the sink. "Dooby showed me how those
work but I'd like you to show me again. I also noticed you guys have and
trim your bush, that's really sexy too."

Dooby interrupted the building heat between them by thumping on the window
then making faces and complaining about being late for dinner. Tom opened
the outside door enough to hand over a towel and bar of soap. Then pulled
it closed and locked it on Dooby's suggestion that they have a quickie so
he could watch from outside while he showered. Christian opened his bag and
took out a cardboard tube. He unrolled and smoothed the contents on the bed
then separated the four sheets of heavy art paper. Tom watched with his
cheek on Christian's shoulder.

Tom's eyes bugged out when he turned them over. Christian laughed
nervously. "I told Dooby that after I met you guys on the road last week I
went home and jerked off four times. I did after I finished each one of
these. I kind of get inspired sometimes. These are kind of a housewarming
gift for you, and for having me over this weekend. Do you like them? Are
they okay? I mean if they aren't I can do them over. I had to bluff your
body because I didn't see you standing up."

"Like them? Are you serious? You got old Dooby perfectly. And me? Wow, very
complimentary, I wish I looked this good. Come on, let's show the guys."
Tom started to pick up the pictures, and then backed away. "You better
carry them I might smudge them."

They found Dooby sitting at the table eyeing the salad bowl hungrily. Cory
had already warned him about starting to eat before they all sat down
together. His hair was still more wet than dry and there were still a few
drops of water on his shoulders. Cory was out on the terrace putting their
steaks on the grill. Tom took the pictures reverently and lined them up on
the end of the table. Dooby stretched his neck for a second then butted
between them for a closer look. "Jesus H. Christ, are we hunks or what? Can
I have these? Can you paint Sprout? What about a self-portrait? Can you
paint yourself? How'd you get Uncle Tommy's body down so well, even his
cock is accurate? How come you've been keeping this art shit a secret?"

"Damn Dooby, stop to breathe once in a while," Christian punched Dooby's
shoulder and giggled, "and thanks, I'm glad you like them."

Cory pushed his way under Dooby's arm, "Holy shit! Can't I have these?"

Tom covered his face with his hands and laughed, "Oh no Christian, whatever
Dooby's got is catching, what's the disease, motormouthitis?"

Cory cracked up and goosed Dooby hard. "Sorry," he giggled, "it must be
from something I ate, unfortunately its habit forming, so it might get
worse." Dooby promptly got him in a headlock and pulled him down toward the
source of the ailment.

All four paintings were portraits, two were head and bare shoulders, and
two were full body nudes. Christian pictured Tom leaning his butt on the
driver's side door of his Vet with his expensive sunglasses dangling around
his neck from their lanyard, and Dooby holding a slightly bent Lacrosse
stick on his shoulder with both hands wearing gauntlets. The close up
portraits were blowups that included Tom's shades and Dooby's gloved hands
and a portion of the stick. The four paintings were actually two sets.

"Have you got a big copy machine Uncle Tommy? Maybe you could make us
copies," Dooby asked.

"Yeah I do, but I won't just copy these, I'll make prints. I can get this
paper, and then Christian can sign them. After, I'll get each pair framed

Christian looked shocked, "Frame them? Where would you hang them? Someone
might see them even in your bedroom."

Tom looked around, and pointed to a large abstract that hung on a wall by
itself, "Right there, that thing doesn't do much for me except take up
space. All four of them when you get Cory and your own done and I'll buy
those from you, because I want the originals." He eyed the wall, "They'll
look fantastic there as a group." All three boys looked at Tom, they
thought he was joking. Then when they realized he was serious they decided
he was nuts.

Cleaning up after dinner was perfunctory accompanied by exaggerated yawns
and stretches. Dooby watched Cory start the dishwasher then his arm
surrounded the smaller boy and when they turned to say good night to Tom
and Christian, they discovered they were alone. Cory used the brute
strength in his arms to climb Dooby's body, and then locked his forearms
behind Dooby's neck when their lips met. Dooby wrapped him in a bear hug
while Cory tightened the muscles in his thighs and closed his dangling legs
to trap and hold Dooby's erection between them. Cory's ponderous cock rose
to rub the side of Dooby's and was content to bang the inside of Dooby's
thighs as he staggered to their bedroom.

Tom guided Christian to what he already thought of as their bedroom. They
were halfway to the bed before Christian resisted and turned them to the
shower area with a whisper, "Shaved and cleaned remember Coach? Just
remember it's tryout night, and I really want to make the team."

Tom had to shut off the lights to get Christian away from the mirror after
they finished grooming each other, but when he turned back Christian was
gone, already stretching out on the bed. His lithe almost adult body even
more beautiful and desirable in the flickering light from the fireplace
after Tom clicked the remote on the bedside table.

The first part of the night was like watching and participating in a
surrealistic stop-action film for Christian. Each time he blinked seconds
or minutes escaped his memory and the scene changed. First Tom was standing
by the bed, smiling down on him, and then he felt Tom's weight on his body,
every wonderful ounce. Tom spread his legs to match his and turned his feet
to the side and pulled his elbows in so his arms were crushed between them
as Christian pulled him in closer. When Christian threw his arms out to the
side he blinked as Tom's fingers meshed with his.

Tom broke their kiss in that position and buried his face in Christian's
neck and shoulder. At first he breathed in the cinnamon that was Christian
mixed with the citrus aroma of his, their shampoo. Then suddenly he found
himself whispering in Christian's ear. He listened to his own words, amazed
that he was actually verbalizing his thoughts. "I wish I could sink into
your body so we could become one body, one mind. I haven't stopped thinking
about you since I first saw you. Now that you're here, I can't stop looking
at you and it's almost impossible to stop touching you when I'm near you. I
love you Christian. I love you." The Tom that listened moaned at the
admission, admitting that it was true. He lifted his head and opened his
eyes to look into Christian's.

In answer, huge innocent wondrous doe eyes stared into Tom's
soul. Christian almost broke his arms when he tried to wrap his arms around
Tom's body because their fingers were intertwined into two double fists, a
hold neither wanted to relinquish yet had to. Christian spread his legs
even wider until Tom's dropped between them.

They both felt a sense of need, of unbearable urgency to consummate their
relationship. Tom attempted to roll with Christian, but Christian wouldn't
budge. "Later, after. Now, you, like this. Mount me, use me, come so deep
in me it sticks forever." He panted his entreaties, his orders as he lifted
his legs and Tom and then slipped both his hands between their bodies to
separate their touching cocks and push Tom's into his crotch. One hand
guided while the other cupped immaculate balls.

Tom forgot about the niceties of lovemaking, the ingrained concern for his
partners' desires or comfort. He became a lesser animal, a rutting
stallion, bull or buck. His single goal became instinctive procreation,
offspring; perpetuate the species, impregnate his willing, eager yet
equally powerful filly, heifer or doe before he/she passed from the brief
period of heat, or worse, he suddenly woke up and realized he was immersed
in an impossible dream again with Cory as the willing recipient of his seed
and Christian was nowhere to be seen.

Tom opened his eyes to be sure, battering Cory like he was, wasn't
fair. Christian smiled back at him with his full lips pursed and used his
heels on Tom's back and ass like spurs to demand yet more effort and deeper
penetration. Sweat ran from both of them, Tom's hid his tears when the
droplets merged, but none escaped Christian's tongue. Time slowed then
stopped when Tom exploded. Both screamed in wonder, pleasure and delight
before Tom's need for reciprocation became overwhelming.

The mating of two stallions wasn't complete until both gave and both
received and both knew it. They rolled together without conscious
thought. Genders changed in the blink of four tightly closed eyes. Hands
guided and legs moved. Christian sank and sank; he'd never been so hard,
never so close to the brink without wasting himself on his belly and
chest. There was one thrust, soul shattering and mind-boggling. His slick
body shivered and rippled, then the mating of stallions was complete.

Dooby and Cory watched from the bedroom doorway, at first sneaky until it
didn't matter to Christian or Tom. Dooby stood behind Cory with his chin on
the lower shoulder. His hands roamed his little lover freely but always
returned to Cory's magnificent erection. The younger boys' passions grew
with Tom and Christian's. Cory put his hands on the door jam and bent over
pressing Dooby. The invitation was clear. Cory's hipbones became convenient
handles. Dooby came when the screaming from the bed started. He watched the
brief gymnastics performance with interest and attempted to improvise by
pulling away, then stepping around Cory to replace him.

Cory whispered frantically, "No, not here! Let's get back to bed." Dooby
nodded and took Cory's hand, but Cory was frozen in place. "One problem, I
don't think I can make it without losing it."

Dooby nodded again and picked Cory up in his arms, then staggered back to
their room with his hundred pound love child. "Don't you dare lose it, it
won't do you any good. It's your turn and no excuses if it takes all
night." Cory stopped his giggles with a kiss.

Tom and Christian lay together on their sides facing each other. Their
heads rested on the same pillow with their noses nearly touching so they
breathed each other's air. Their legs were tangled together. It was near
dawn when the bed jiggled, first on Tom's side then behind Christian. Both
smiled in the light from the fireplace without opening their eyes.

A hard knuckle bored into Tom's back. "Are you awake Uncle Tommy?" Dooby
whispered needlessly in Tom's ear then blew before he used his tongue. Tom
rolled to his back and Dooby straddled his chest.

Christian watched and waited without moving, wearing a smile. His patience
was rewarded with a kiss on his cheek and finger tips on his shoulder
before they moved to massage his chest. He turned his head to look back and
up. "Good morning Sprout and what a sprout. Wow! I've been looking forward
to that." He rolled to his back and pulled Cory down on his chest. They

Cory lifted his head and grinned, "You guys just fell asleep didn't you?"

Christian shrugged and nodded, "How'd you know that?"

"Your mouth, you taste like Tommy." Cory kissed Christian again, probing
with his tongue.

Dooby kissed Tom then sat up and frowned, "Hey you taste like Christian."
His tone turned to scolding. "Now that's not fair, sixty-nining when we
weren't watching. I know, you guys have to fuck us as a penalty."

"Wrong!" Tom laughed, "We're going to fuck you for seeing whatever you did
see. What did you see anyway?"

Dooby looked angelic, "Just the first round. Man you two were animals. You
looked like you were trying to kill each other. Didn't you hear Sprout? He
was making so much nose."

"ME? Fuck you Dooby." Cory grinned, "Say, that's a good idea, tonight
you're on the bottom all night." He turned to Christian and whispered; "You
two were hot. Do you think you can do that again now?"

"Yeah, almost but let's go slow and work into it, there's no hurry."
Christian answered in Cory's ear.

"If you insist," Dooby looked contrite, before he leered, "Night starts at
noon, P.M. remember? I'm going to turn those softballs into peanuts." While
Dooby talked he wiggled back on Tom until he ground his tight little hole
on Tom's erection. He grinned down at Tom, then stood on his knees briefly,
reached and settled back down comfortably. He looked over at Christian and
Cory; they were playing touchy-feely and kissing each other
lightly. "Aren't you guys ever going to get it on with each other?" He
asked, and started moving on Tom.

"Dooby?" Tom mumbled, "Please shut up and let them be. Hold my head up and
I'll see if I can turn your peanuts into peas."

"Yes Sir!" Dooby lost interest in Cory and Christian suddenly. He moved his
cousin's head in rhythm with his body without regard to possible spinal
cord damage or a simple broken neck.

Cory won the brief contest for position eventually and Christian was just
sinking into him as Tom and Dooby finished, allowing Dooby to switch his
attention back to Cory and Christian. He pulled off Tom and started to roll
to the newly joined couple, until Tom caught his ear with two fingers. "Oh
no you don't. We'll just take a fast quiet shower before we start
breakfast." Dooby winced and followed Tom to the shower.

Both of them watched while they washed each other and Dooby made no further
attempts to disturb them, although Tom had to push him from the room. Dooby
settled himself on a stool at the counter near a bowl of fruit after he got
out milk and orange juice. "Can you guys drop us off at Cory's on your way
to the club?"

"Sure, but isn't it kind of early? Will Cory's mom be up already?" Tom

Dooby giggled, "Not likely, her boy friend is staying over for the first
time. We're just going to mess around in Cory's room until we smell
breakfast, then we're going to appear suddenly looking like a couple. We'll
play it by ear from there. Cory says she's sharp and she'll catch on. I'm
wearing my old red shorts and Cory's wearing the pair you gave him. It
should be pretty obvious that something's happened between us." Dooby
hesitated and colored slightly, "And Uncle Tommy? Something has
happened. We really like each other, we even talked all night," he
giggled. "Well, in between, you know."

"That's great Dooby, I'm glad for you. You two clicked and Christian and I
clicked. We're going to have a fantastic summer."

Tom told Dooby about his idea of taking a vacation, and while Dooby started
packing in his mind, he remained seated and actually talked like a maturing
teenager while Tom tended a frying pan full of sausage and flipped
pancakes. Breakfast was almost ready when Cory and Christian appeared a
half-hour later freshly showered and looking immensely pleased with each
other. Cory started the eggs, Tom leaned on the counter sipping coffee,
Christian set the table and Dooby carefully joined a second apple core to
the two banana skins and three peach pit fresh fruit sculpture he was
building on the counter. They were all establishing their positions in the
unique household for the future without realizing it.

Dooby poured juice, milk and coffee after the others sat down. "You know
guys, I'm not real good in the kitchen." After a chorus of, we noticed, he
continued with a giggle, "Or inside the house much, so I was thinking that
my job will be to take care of the outside, like the lawn and the pool." He
looked out the window, "Never tell my dad this or you're dead, but I like
to take care of the pool. That big mother out there will take half a day
just to vacuum."

Tommy laughed, "It will the way you do it. Why not try using the pole,
that's what it's for?"

Dooby shook his head vehemently, "Wrong! I need the exercise." It appeared
to Tom that the sugar from the fruit was kicking in Dooby's
metabolism. Dooby looked at the wall clock then outside again, "Do I have
time to finish mowing before we leave. There's plenty of light now." He
asked between hurried bites.

Christian cocked an eyebrow at Dooby, "How do you vacuum a pool without
using a pole?"

Tommy laughed and ticked the necessary off on his fingers, "Hose, vacuum
head, mask, snorkel and fins. Did I miss anything?"

Dooby shook his head while he chewed and swallowed. "I know, in the
mornings early like this, I'll start on the pool while you guys get
breakfast, then we can eat on the terrace, then I'll finish after." He
surveyed the table and frowned, "Don't tell mom, but I'll even clean up the
dishes after. Is that okay?"

Tom shook his head, "Nope, no one likes to clean up the kitchen, so we'll
all do it and on days when you vacuum, you'll be excused. Is that okay with
everyone?" The vote was unanimous.

Tom and Christian left Cory and Dooby at the Connor driveway. The younger
boys waved absently then started talking and laughing while they
walked. Cory was nervous and Dooby tried to distract him. The one talking
always looked at the other. Dooby leaned forward with his head bent and
turned, he was the ultimate fan of eye contact. They alternately held
hands, patted each other, administered friendly punches and Dooby was fond
of circling Cory's neck with his arm and pulling him close so Cory had to
put his arm around Dooby's waist.

Christian giggled softly as they drove away, "If Cory's mom happens to look
out the window when they're close enough to the house, she'll know they're
lovers. They make a cool couple."

"Yeah, opposites attract or it looks that way, but they aren't really that
far apart. Dooby's room is messy except for his desk and computer. Did you
notice how he keeps everything organized, neat and tidy there?"

Christian nodded, "He likes to play the roll of a dumb jock so he'll be
accepted by the truly dumb."

Tom looked around in a panic, "Hey, tell me you didn't forget your ad."

Christian patted his chest, "Nope, it's right here safe and sound."

"You folded it and stuffed it inside your shirt?" Tom was briefly
horrified, before he laughed, "Oh wow, I was thinking it was camera ready
because it looks ready. Just never fold the finished product please."

"I taped the sides together, then folded it like it would be as an
insert. I also got inspired this morning and added another half sheet. I
divided one side into three columns. The first is a list of all the sale
items by isle, the middle one is just lines titled Spellings shopping list
and the third is blocked for coupons, I was thinking that with coupons
spread around like they always are the whole ad has to be chopped up to use
them. This way they're all together, everything's together on one sheet,"

Tom interrupted with a giggling nod, "Which the shopper brings to the
store; check list of sale items, a shopping list, and the coupons! Man
that's ingenious! What's on the back?"

"Recipes and cooking tips, shit like that. It's all just crude, in pencil,
enough to give the dude the idea."

Tom parked near the cart barn to unload their clubs. Christian was going to
use Tom's father's, even a new pair of shoes Tom bought as a Christmas
gift. When Tom identified himself, the attendant nodded and told them that
Mr. Spelling would meet them at the practice range, then without being
asked, climbed in the Tahoe and drove off. Christian raised an eyebrow.

"I'm a member. Dad and Mr. Spelling are charter members. If we played
regularly, we'd just go to the locker room; change and we'd find our clubs
on a cart waiting outside. The locker room is wild, kind of like a health
club with really good equipment, a bar and a couple of poker tables for
nickel and dime players, and a separate room for high rollers. Believe me
we do not want to get in the game in that room."

Both of them started stretching their necks when they got to the driving
range. Tom drove slowly along the line of golfers. "What's this guy look
like?" Christian asked.

Tom shrugged, "I don't know, I never met him." He stopped the cart behind a
man more flamboyantly dressed than anyone else, "But if I was a betting
man, I'd put my money on him. Only a self-made type of guy would dare to
wear that get up." Just then the man in question used his driver to slice
his practice ball into the protective netting on the left side of the
range. The man's 'get up' as Tom called it was white knickers, a flowered
Hawaiian shirt and a red tam-o-shanter with a huge pompom attached.

Christian giggled, "Hey he's got a boomerang driver. My father's got one of
those too. We're lucky the net stopped it since we aren't wearing hard
hats." He stopped laughing and turned when someone tapped him on the

A grinning face with intense blue eyes was inches away from
Christian's. "I'm told I have exceptional hearing as well as a wicked
slice, smart ass." The man offered his hand and laughed. "Charlie
Spelling. You win Thomas Patterson; you look a lot like your father. I miss
him even if he did beat the shit out of me and cost me a fortune every time
we played."

Christian shook hands, "I'm sorry Sir, That just slipped out." He glanced
down while Tom shook hands with Charlie Spelling across his body as they
sat in the golf cart. The man was only an inch taller than Cory.

Charlie laughed, "Shit, don't be sorry, that was funny. And call me
Charlie, not sir. Not too many guys kid me like that anymore, they don't
have the balls." He leered at Christian, "It also means you think you can
do better. You willing to put money where your mouth is, say fifty bucks a
hole?" Before Christian could answer he added; "Of course I know you don't
have that much on you, but I'm sure Tom will back you. It will give me a
chance to get some of my money back."

"Sure, I'll back him." Tom laughed.

"Okay!" Charlie slapped Christian on the back. "Let's get organized. I
assume you're the hotshot who thinks he can produce a better ad for me than
one of the best agencies in the state, so you ride with me. Tom you'll take
Ben, the fourth player. Ben's my man in charge of public relations and
advertising. He's waiting on my cart." He tossed a thumb in the general
direction of a row of carts as he pulled Christian to his feet. "Come on
son, see if you can figure out which one is mine."

Christian started laughing, "I already know, it sticks out. The one that
looks vaguely like a miniature classic Rolls."

Charlie giggled, "That's her. It was a Christmas gift from my employees."
He clucked his tongue, "Ostentatious bitch ain't it?" He whispered
conspiratorially, "Don't tell anyone I picked it out myself. Say, you wanna
drive a few ball to loosen up?"

"Thanks." Christian shrugged, "but it wouldn't help my game."

Charlie frowned at that, "If you're really bad son we don't have to play
for money. Shit, maybe just a dollar a hole?" He looked hopeful.

Christian giggled, and thunked Charlie lightly on the shoulder, "Shit
Charlie, I didn't say I was bad at this game, I can hold my own, but
driving balls doesn't help it."

Charlie rubbed his shoulder dramatically; "You drive the cart, while my
shoulder heals."

"Damn Charlie, I'm sorry." Christian explained how he met Tom through his
cousin Dooby, and about Cory, Tom's neighbor, "Cory's not as tall as you
and I guess we all get carried away pounding on each other. It's something
we do, of course Cory can hold his own, and he wrestles ninety-eight

"Don't let it worry you son. I was just planning on using this here bruise
as an excuse if you happen to win a hole. I'd like to meet this Cory
sometime. In high school I always used my fists if someone thought they
could pick on me because of my size. I didn't always win, but the bastards
knew they'd been in a fight." Christian parked behind another cart at the
first tee. "Shit, them two old timers in front of us are so slow, I can't
figure out why they wait 'til Saturday to play, they got all week since
they're retired." He shrugged, "Okay, we got a few minutes, show me your

Christian leaned back in his seat. He quickly unbuttoned his shorts and
lowered his fly, then lifted his shirt to pull out the ad. Charlie's eyes
bulged. "Not them goods!" He said quickly before he saw the ad lying
against Christian's chest. He giggled with relief. "Shit boy you scared
me. Some ad men will do anything to get a big account, but none ever
offered their body on a golf course, or anywhere else as I can recall for
that matter. They just ain't THAT dedicated."

Christian blushed, "Sorry about that but I wanted to keep it flat so you
could see the way it would look when a customer opened a newspaper." He
handed the mock up to Charlie and held his breath while he watched the old
man's eyes. The extra shopping list sheet was folded so two inches were
exposed above the front-page logo much like a file tab.

Charlie unfolded the front page fully and stared at the steak dinner. His
expression was unreadable. "Steaks are a good idea," he thought out
loud. Then without lifting his eyes, called to Tom parked behind them,
"Will this steam reproduce this way, and the colors, can you make it look
this way? Just like it was hot off the grill?"

"Yes Sir, we talked about that while Christian was working on it." Tom

"You guys feel like eatin' a steak tonight?" Charlie asked, still without
lifting his eyes. "Bring along your cousin and his friend Cory too if they
ain't busy."

Christian looked back at Tom. He nodded, "None of us are ever too busy to
eat free food. Thanks."

Charlie finally opened the ad then looked up at Christian, "Well?" He asked
with a grin. Christian looked confused. "Get off your ass boy and tee
up. You're first, Tom's second, Ben's third and I'm last. Move boy now
you're holdin' up the works. I need to see what I'm up against."

The first hole was a short par three dogleg to the left. Trees hid the
green on the inside and a giant sand trap waited for the cautious player
straight away. Charlie twisted around to watch Christian pick a club and
snickered when he decided on the seven iron, but remained silent. The ad
rested on his lap. Christian addressed the ball casually and didn't bother
taking a practice swing before he smacked it cleanly to the left. The ball
disappeared over the trees. Charlie's grin disappeared with Christian's
ball. Christian pulled his tee, and then patted the unmarked turf. When he
stepped back to allow Tom to tee off he was wearing the grin.

"Sonofabitch! I hope that one was just lucky." Charlie rumbled and pulled
his driver from his bag. Christian frowned; Charlie had put the ad
somewhere out of sight.

Tom lacked confidence and drove his ball straight down the fairway. It
bounced once then disappeared into the trap. "Shit!"

"Isn't it a little early to be visiting the beach?" Christian heckled.

Ben placed his ball on his tee then took a couple of minutes looking,
swinging and looking again. "Just hit the fuckin' thing." Charlie ordered
with a malicious grin. "In your case it don't matter what you do. You even
take lessons. You did bring nine hundred cash money with you like usual
didn't you?"

Ben's ball bounced forty yards out. Tom trotted out and picked up the turf
Ben dug from the tee and replaced it in the huge divot. Christian laughed
down at Charlie, "My dad's got one of those sod cutter clubs too. The
greens keeper hates dad for some unknown reason."

"You are a mean, nasty and noisy kid." Charlie declared as he teed up. His
ball landed in the woods. "If you say one fuckin' word I'll beat you
bloody." He warned Christian when they climbed into the cart." Christian
attempted to look innocent and offended but broke up laughing. It took Ben
two more strokes before he reached the turn and joined Tom in the trap.

Christian stopped the cart near the woods just short of the turn; he
tiptoed forward until he could see his ball lying twenty feet from the edge
of the green. He motioned for Charlie to join him. Charlie only glanced
before he turned and stomped into the woods to find his ball, "Fuck you
Christian! That's all I've got to say to you, fuck you!"

Christian laughed and followed to help look. "Actually I did it to myself
by landing short, I was kind of hoping to get in, in two, but a par will

Charlie slashed at the bushes planted under the trees. "Yeah, well I'll be
happy with a bogie."

They found Charlie's ball at the same time. When Charlie lined up on the
ball Christian frowned. "Can I make a suggestion? Don't be offended, but if
that were my ball, I'd use a wedge to loft it back to the fairway between
those two trees. You'd pop out just at the bend and you could see the pin
from there. You're going for the pin now, through the woods in a straight
line so you're looking at a triple bogie minimum.

Charlie nodded, "Stay put, I'll get my wedge."

Christian ran to the cart and got the club. Charlie's ball landed one foot
beyond the ruff on the fairway and a clear view of the green and
pin. Charlie was so pleased with the shot he slapped Christian on the back
and giggled, "That advice was worth fifty bucks. What club would you
recommend now?"

"Same, your wedge, but this time keep your head down through the swing. I
think you look up too quickly, at where you'd you like the ball to land."

They both turned when they heard Tom shout, "Five!" He was standing at the
back of the trap looking down. After another gout of sand, but no ball
erupted from the deep pit, "Six!" He sang and laughed.

"Ouch," Charlie laughed, "but at least he's keeping Ben honest." He took
Christian's arm as they walked across the fairway. "I didn't get a chance
to tell you earlier, you should know Ben's not your friend. He has a love
affair with the agency we use now. He defends the shit they're doing for me
too vehemently. I'll decide what to do about him after I see how he reacts
to seeing your work. Tell Tom when you get a chance."

"Seven!" Tom chanted when they joined him looking down at Ben, red faced
and clearly angry.

Charlie looked up at an impatient shout from the tee. "Goddamnit Ben, just
make believe we ain't watchin', pick up the fuckin' thing and throw it as
far as you can, like usual okay?"

Ben nodded and threw his ball toward the green. Tom looked astounded, "THAT
was a drop?"

Charlie nodded, "For Ben it was. Let's get goin' before we get lynched."
Charlie waited until Ben climbed laboriously out of the trap. He grinned
maliciously, "I believe you forgot to rake up." After Ben went back into
the trap, Charlie trotted to Ben's ball lying in the middle of the
fairway. He kicked it hard enough for it to roll into the ruff, then
shouted, "Baseball ain't your game neither I guess!" He giggled and
explained to a surprised Christian and Tom, "I don't like cheaters, I just
never called him on it until now. No mercy the rest of the way, understand?
Playin' with you two sarcastic pricks is goin' to be the longest and maybe
the last game he ever plays."

Cory and Dooby stood in front of the mirror in Cory's bathroom admiring
each others' body and their newly applied hickies, perfect mouth shaped
marks on the side of their bellies, just above their neatly trimmed pubes,
and just above the waist band level of their shorts. "Think they're too
low?" Dooby asked.

"Nope just right. I'm making a statement here and these should do it. I'm
as well hung as my father and Mom always checks me out when she thinks I'm
not looking. Remember he left us and she still loves him even if he is an
asshole. I think she has some fond memories from before fucking money got
in the way." Cory looked up at Dooby, "Want to see my office before we go
downstairs? First promise you won't laugh or at least try."

"Office? What do you need with an office?"

Cory took Dooby's hand. "I don't, I know it's dumb, but I have this dream,
what I want to do after I get out of school with an MBA from Harvard I
hope, but any Ivy League school will do. I want to work my way up in some
big corporation, CEO, Chairman or both."

"Wow Sprout, don't aim high or anything." Dooby giggled.

"I know, but if I don't aim at the bull's eye, I'm sure never going to hit
it." Cory opened a door on the sidewall of his bedroom that Dooby assumed
was a closet. The adjoining room, a former bedroom was transformed into a
very elegant office that any CEO might be comfortable in. "Mom indulged me
for Christmas last year. We found this desk at a big estate sale." Cory
explained while he settled into a high back leather chair behind it. "This
mother is solid cherry so mom did the cabinetry, the bookcases and the
moldings the same, or I mean she had them done."

Dooby looked around with his mouth hanging open. "I'm speechless."

"Yeah right, and I'm Santa Clause." Cory giggled and got out a remote
keyboard and mouse from the center drawer of his desk when he saw Dooby
frowning at the twenty- inch flat screen monitor sitting on the corner of
the desk. "We need to hook up instant messenger this week so we can chat."

"Fuck that, it's easier to use the phone. I can type, but I can talk

Cory agreed with a laugh, "Well what we could do is get cameras and hook up
with those, then we could talk and see each other."

Cory watched Dooby's grin expand as he considered the possibilities. "Yeah!
We could take phone sex to a whole new level! Christian and I on one end
and you and Tom here, man that will be a trip, wow!"

"Sorry to burst your bubble, but Tom and I will never get together on my
fucking desk or even in this house, remember we have to keep him way far
out of it. We were virgins until we met in his guestroom. He knows about
us, but that's all. Mom's going to realize he's gay the first time she sees
him and Christian together, but Christian's eighteen around here."

"Yes dear," Dooby tried to look pussy whipped, then brightened. "I bet Tom
will get a camera if we ask, especially if Christian's on my end." He
checked his watch and took a deep breath. "You know we've been
stalling. We've smelled coffee for fifteen minutes. If we wait any longer,
they'll be done and back up here in your mom's room for a midmorning break,
if you know what I mean," he leered and patted his crotch. Cory nodded.

Cory stopped Dooby at the top of the stairs, "MOM? I'm home, are you guys

They walked into the kitchen a few minutes and some hurried shuffling
later. Cory's mother was nervously tending a frying pan on the stove and
her boyfriend sat leaning forward with his elbows on the table staring at
an empty coffee cup in his hands. Dooby didn't try to hide his grin when
Mrs. Conner turned to face them. She registered surprise at seeing him
standing nearly a head taller than her son. She wore a high neck light robe
that was miss-buttoned from the neck and so hurriedly done half weren't
buttoned. The boyfriend swiveled his butt in the chair. He was wearing a
tee shirt and boxer shorts, white with a large red heart on the front
bisected by a one-button fly.

Dooby realized that they had the old folks at a disadvantage and decided to
capitalize on it. He stepped forward quickly and offered his hand to the
boyfriend, "Hi, you must be Whatshisname, I'm Dooby, Dooby DuBois, Cory's
friend. We're staying over at my cousin's for the weekend."

The boyfriend shook Dooby's hand and scanned the teenage body quickly. "You
aren't dressed very well to go visiting so early in the morning are you?"
He asked when he saw Dooby's cock jiggle and the head push at the thin red

Dooby looked down at himself, then at the man's boxers. He grinned and
shrugged, "I could say the same thing about you," he pointed, and "your
heart seems to be broken, better button up, at least mine is covered."

Dooby lifted his bent arm strangely to shoulder height. Cory stepped to his
side and Dooby lowered his forearm to rest companionably on Cory's
shoulder. Whatshisname swiveled back under the table to hide himself; both
hands went down to match the button to the buttonhole without looking.

"Hi Mom!" Cory said cheerily, "This is the incredible Dooby. Dooby, this is
my mother Lisa."

Lisa Conner found her voice after noting that neither teenager but
especially her son, was wearing anything under his shorts. "Hello Dooby,
sit down both of you." She frowned at Cory. Then smiled at Dooby, "This is
my friend RICHARD."

Dooby pulled a chair close to Cory and frowned at him as well. "You always
call him Whatshisname, asshole," he scolded in a loud whisper so both
adults could hear him. Then, "Hi Richard!" emphasizing the correct name,
his benign smile would have melted butter.

Richard noticed Dooby's hicky before he sat down and attempted to relieve
some of his embarrassment by putting some heat on Dooby. "Man you guys
these days sure get started on sex early. I was sixteen or seventeen before
I got my first hicky, then it was only on my neck. What'd you do have a
really hot date last night?"

Dooby shrugged, "Not exactly."

"Come on, you can tell old Uncle Richard all about it." Richard urged, "Who
was the little woman?"

Silence fell in the kitchen. Cory glared; the word 'little' was never used
to describe another human being in the Conner home. Simple dislike for the
man suddenly degenerated to intense dislike. He gagged at the thought of he
or any friend ever calling the man Uncle Richard.

Lisa Conner spun on her heel and frowned wondering if Richard thought of
all women as little simply because they were female, hence the inferior
gender. She was a tough independent very successful businesswoman who owned
her own real estate brokerage and she was not about to be relegated to the
status of being any man's little woman. "Is that what you called your
ex-wife?" She asked softly, "Is that how you'd introduce me if we were
married, you're LITTLE WOMAN? Would I be a simple possession, chattel, a
house slave, someone to cook and clean for you and bang if you felt like
it? I think not! My son is right! You are an asshole! I think you should
dress and leave OUR house."

Cory collected Richard's unused place setting from the table and carried
them to the sink after they heard him stomp up the staircase, back down
wearing shoes and the front door slammed. Cory settled back in his chair
next to Dooby. "Mom?"

"Yes dear? Shit, these eggs are ruined."

"I never called that jerk an asshole."

Lisa laughed, "Oh yes you did, when you call one of my dates, Whatshisname,
you're telling me you think he's an asshole, and I have to admit you've
been right so far. Would you mind doing breakfast for us sweetie? You're a
better judge of character than I am and a far better cook."

Cory poured a cup of coffee for his mother then guided her to her place at
the table. He stood by Dooby and put an arm over Dooby's shoulders. Dooby
wrapped his arm around Cory's waist and pulled him closer. "Mom? I gave
Dooby that hicky," he looked down at himself and moved Dooby's fingers
covering his, "and he gave me one back. We're gay. Dooby came home with me
to help me tell you." The wall clock ticked louder than Cory's announcement
was voiced.

Lisa leaned back in her chair closed her eyes and sighed. Cory and Dooby
looked at each other, then at her. Both were surprised by her reaction. She
studied them smiling wanly. "I wonder if it's hereditary. Maybe it's
because you're both so over endowed. At least sweetie you're admitting it
now and not hiding it like your father did. Your dad didn't leave us
because of money, I just told you that. He left because he found a friend,
another man." Cory opened his mouth; his mother shushed him with a
wave. "Haven't you ever wondered why he visits you so rarely and never asks
you to stay with him on his weekends? His excuse is always that he's too
busy working overtime or traveling somewhere."

"At first I was humiliated, then insulted. I felt used but not used because
our sex life went to hell. You're father was always too tired," she
grinned, "or HE was the one with the headache. I adjusted by loving you, he
gave me you at least and I still love him for that." Lisa's eyes moved to
Dooby, "Are you two in love?" She frowned, "And what about Tom Patterson?
Does he know?" She answered her own question, "He must. No one could miss
it, just by looking at you together."

Dooby agreed with a nod, "Yeah, he knows, he didn't at first, I mean before
he let Cory stay over last weekend, since you weren't home. We didn't know
about each other at first either. We knew we liked each other and we wanted
to be friends from the start, the minute we met. We discovered we were
compatible, you know, after we went to bed. In the morning we were too
handy with each other and we couldn't stop just looking at each other and
grinning. He was mad at first. He was going to kick Cory's ass out and take
me home to end it, but he knew it wouldn't end. We were first timers last
weekend now we're not. He kind of thought it over and decided that it would
be better to let us get together, stay together then to try and keep us
apart. We're both jocks, and both horny and believe it or not there are
other guys in the locker room. He kind of didn't want us sleeping around,
you know, it's safer." Dooby hoped the fibs he was telling sounded
plausible. Cory kept nodding his head both to agree with the story and
imploring him to continue.

"You'll find out anyway, so you may as well know. Tom admitted that he's
gay too, and he's also got a friend older than us. He's staying with Tom
this weekend too." Dooby shut his mouth. He decided any more embellishment
would only raise more questions resulting in more complicated lies. He
admitted to himself that they were lies not fibs but they were intended to
protect Tom, the patriarch of their unique little family.

"Does your family know Dooby?"

"Yup, for a whole year. My mom found my stash of magazines, skin mags, you
know of guys? They met Sprout last weekend when Tom took me home. They like
him, my little sister loves him, and she thinks he's so dreamy." Dooby sang
the last words and tickled Cory's side with a laugh.

"Sprout?" Lisa asked with a surprised look at her son.

Cory pushed Dooby's hand away and spun out of range with a giggle. "Yeah,
that was supposed to be a kind of a private name, but motor mouth here
can't keep his mouth shut. Next he'll be advertising it in the damn

"Seven!" Tom shouted from the golf cart parked beside Charlie's where he
and Christian sat waiting for Ben to putt out on the eighteenth green.

"Jesus H. Christ, Ben, give it up. That's a gimmie. Seven putts is some
kind of a record even for you. Get over here and pay the kid off, then look
at his work. I need your opinion on this." Charlie dug in his pocket and
brought a roll of bills surrounded by an elastic band.

"Damn Charlie, all this time I thought you were hiding a woody in there."
Christian laughed.

"Shit, I wish. I had a prostate problem just after my wife died ten years
ago. Now I consider myself lucky if I can take a leak in under three
minutes." Charlie counted out eight hundred and fifty dollars and handed it
over to Christian. Then gave fifty to Tom. Christian also handed over a
fifty-dollar bill. "That takes care of our golf business."

They all turned to look at Ben while he fumbled in his pocket for his
money. He paid Christian first, then almost threw a fifty at Tom. Charlie
laughed, "That little fifty hurt the worst didn't it? The boy would've took
a clean sweep if you hadn't gone and manufactured that chicken ass sneeze
as he was puttin' out back on number six. All you accomplished was to give
Tommy the hole." He took the mockup ad from the glove box and handed it to
Ben. "Is this good or what?"

Ben scanned the sheets for thirty seconds then handed it back with a
disdainful laugh. "Forgive me for being blunt, but this is shit. The
artwork is okay, but this logo sucks. It would cost millions to change your
signage. Some at the new stores have only been up a week. He's got shit
pulled from all departments mixed together across every sheet."

"What about the extra sheet?" Charlie asked softly after squeezing
Christian's arm to keep him from defending his ideas. "That's good ain't

Ben shrugged, "Yeah, good and expensive to wind up lining birdcages. The
ads we run now pull great just the way they are. Your net keeps growing
slowly, what more do you want? You're making plenty from the ad campaign
you've been running for years."

Charlie nodded slowly and looked at Christian sadly, "When did you quit OUR
team Ben? Somewhere along the line you stopped saying we and us, now you
talk like an outsider, 'your ad, your profit, your signage'" he quoted. "I
know YOUR ad agency took on three national accounts last year. Maybe they
don't exactly have the time to do much for us anymore, certainly nothing
progressive, innovative or aggressive. Sure, WE'RE making money but OUR
market share is static. WE build a new store and the closest existing
customers go there because it's more convenient. I think you might be wise
to take your vacation and look around for some less demanding position, say
starting this coming Monday."

"Are you firing me after all I've done for you over the years?" Ben turned

"That was then, this is now and I will if you don't resign. I'll put in a
word with YOUR ad agency when I call to cancel, they obviously need some
help of your caliber." Charlie studied the ad while Ben stalked away
without his golf bag. "Well guys, you realize I just put my nuts in a
vice," he turned to Tom, "You'll be starting a whole new division separate
from the printing plant, that's critical. Hire new people that know
advertising and public relations put them in another building. I own a lot
of real estate we'll find a nice place with room to expand. If you need
start up money just ask, I'll set up a revolving account for you to draw on
and I'll pay you say twenty percent more than I was paying the assholes,
but you'll earn every penny. You and I can talk more during the week." He
turned to Christian, "Now about my nuts. You're in high school right?"

"Yes Sir, I'll be a senior next year."

"Can you turn one of these out every week, without fail, no excuses?"

"I think so as long as I have all the information in advance and someone
who works for you to answer quick questions. After I graduate definitely. I
was going to college but now..."

"Hold it, don't you even think about not going or I'll kill this deal right
now. I maybe could've gone, but I didn't, I started working full time, then
I was always going to start going to night school but I didn't. Now it
don't matter," Charlie giggled. "I see you wince every time I mangle the
King's English. There was a time when I spoke like most everyone else, at
first it didn't matter in business. Hotshot guys would look down on me and
think they were dealing with a little punk kid, until the kid proved them
wrong. I just started talkin' like shit to throw them off further. You WILL
continue your education is that clear?"

Charlie used a knuckle to pound his words into Christian's arm. "Yes Sir."

"Good." Charlie looked at his watch. "Poker time. Hey, want to sit in for a
couple of hands?" He asked too eagerly. When Christian and Tom declined,
Charlie looked sorrowful before he giggled and patted his bulging
pocket. "I play poker to finance my golf game. I just leave this cash in my
locker, after I get done on the course; I go win it all back at the poker
table and then some. All of this was someone else's money."

Tom parked in the garage and shut off the engine. He and Christian grinned
at each other when they heard Dooby and Cory shouting and laughing from the
back of the house. "They're still alive and laughing. Let's go see what's

They reached the terrace as Dooby passed the ball to Cory; it came at him
high and slightly behind him so he had to jump, stretch his body as well as
reach back with the stick in a vain attempt to catch it. Their view of his
body was from the side. Christian whistled softly, "That's how I'll paint
him. That move was beautiful, like he was a ballet dancer. He's nude, not
naked. His cock won't show and no one will be able to tell how tall he is."

"Yeah," Tom agreed. "Hey want me to get some paper?"

Christian shook his head after he pulled off his shirt and stepped out of
his shorts, "Nope, I've got that picture right here," he tapped his
head. "Right now we need to get up a game. I missed my run this morning and
playing golf isn't exercise. Come on get naked. It'll be us against them."

Dooby saw them on the terrace getting undressed. He didn't see the line
drive coming at his head or hear Cory's warning shout. The ball hit the
side of his head, above the ear. He dropped to his knees like he'd been
clubbed and sat looking like he was lost with unfocused eyes staring
vacantly at the turf. Cory got to him first and pushed him down on his
back, then knelt holding his head on his knees with tears in his eyes,
apologizing over and over for aiming at his head. He looked down to see
Dooby looking up at him and grinning.

"I think I'm okay. Wow that was some shot." He sat up and was hugging Cory
by the time Christian and Tom reached them.

They knelt by them; Christian massaged Dooby's neck while Tom explored the
knot on his head. "That's it," Tom said after Dooby got to his feet after
shaking them all off him. "No more Lacrosse until we get some safety gear
and a consent form signed by your parents, in fact from all your parents in
case someone needs to visit the emergency room. Come on to the terrace and
stretch out on a lounge for a while and get some sun." He added quickly
when he saw that Dooby was about to balk at being treated like an
invalid. "It's also lunchtime. We can compare notes while we eat.

Tom and Christian went to the kitchen to get out all the fixings for
hoagies while Dooby lay on a lounge and Cory sat at his side. "DOOBY! You
fucking chow hound!" Tom roared from the kitchen a few minutes later. Dooby
and Cory both started laughing, and then Cory pulled Dooby to his feet and
they started running.

Dooby looked back to see Tom burst through the great room door shaking his
fist at them, "Cory! You too? That's how he found them, you showed him! Son
of a bitch! You both ate all my fucking brownies AND all the goddamn
cookies! Fuck both of you, you must be stuffed so you don't need lunch."

"No Uncle Tommy, we didn't just eat them this morning, we got hungry last
night sometime. We were just going to have a few of each and suddenly they
were all gone. It wasn't our fault, it's Mom's, she's way to good at
baking, you have to agree with me there."

"How would I know, you ate them all. I give up, come on and make a
hoagie. Your father warned me."

Lunch quickly became a celebration. Tom got out bath sheets and spread them
on the terrace after, at Dooby's suggestion, but they were all too excited
to do much more than stretch out in the sun briefly. The terrace bubbled
with energy. Tom stood up and headed for the house. "Come on guys, we're
going shopping. We've got a couple of hours before we go to Charlie's for

Dooby jumped to his feet, "Shopping? What for, headgear, are we going back
to Benson's? Damn I'm broke. Say Uncle Tommy, would you consider a salary
advance? Just until payday you understand. Say, when is payday anyway?"

Tom rolled his eyes as Dooby sank to his knees with his hands clasped in
prayer in the bedroom. "Cory and I will follow you guys home tomorrow. Then
we'll go to Benson's, today we're going to an art supply store, then to
Best Buy and last a computer shop to order some hardware." He grinned down
on Dooby, "And no, no salary advances." He backed away from Dooby's hands
and open mouth with a laugh. "Man what a slut! A head job won't help, so
get away from me. Today's shopping spree will be a company bonus. Now go
get dressed or get left behind."

Dooby and Cory were the first to get to the Tahoe and were impatiently
sitting in the back seat by the time Tom and Christian got to the
garage. Christian balked inside the art supply shop when Tom swept his hand
around and said, "Knock yourself out, get anything and everything you think
you might need to do your thing for Charlie and," he lowered his voice,
"for your portrait work in your spare time when you're home at our house."

Christian nodded and whispered, "Our house. I like the sound of that."

"Me too." Tom blushed.

Christian ogled the computer shop's logo, two large toothed gears in silver
being struck by a golden lightening bolt. They all appreciated the
symbolism, the mechanical being blasted apart by the electronic. The shop,
Heavy Metal didn't sell name brand computers, they built custom machines,
whatever the customer wanted. Tom was recognized as a regular customer, and
he wanted a lot.

"You've already got one of these in your den, what are you going to do with
another one?" Cory asked. He sat comfortably at a floor model keyboard
while Dooby leaned on his shoulder. He brought up a list of components, he
and Dooby whistled together then laughed.

"Wow Uncle Tommy, these things even come with legs and feet, if you buy it
you press any key and it'll walk out the door and get in your truck. Of
course it should it costs enough."

Cory agreed, "Yeah, what a choice machine."

The geek clerk shrugged, "That one was our top of the line last month, now
Intel just came out with a new chip, so that one's history."

"This one Cory is going to Christian's house," Tom answered Cory and
giggled at Christian's surprised look. "You have a lot of homework to do
for Dunn and Patterson, Advertising, between now and when school
closes. After that we'll being it home and you can use it there for the
summer. Then in the fall it will go with you when school starts again."

"Dunn and Patterson?" Christian asked weakly.

Tom squeezed his shoulder, then left his hand there. "Yup, without you
there is no new company. I think I'll incorporate us separately. My mother
and I own the print shop jointly, so we'll just keep us independent." Tom
turned his attention back to the clerk, "Can you have it put together and
ready to go by late tomorrow afternoon?"

"Yeah I guess so," the clerk answered absently. He, Cory and Dooby were
almost touching cheeks staring at the display monitor while he demonstrated
the machine's potential.

Tom turned Cory and Dooby loose in Best Buy. They were going to get the
hardware packages for real time video meetings. Tom guided Christian to the
big screen television display. He scanned the line up and stopped in front
of a high definition plasma screen. "I guess forty-two inch is big
enough. I've got some great graphics and design software in the office I'll
give you to load in your new box, then with this size screen you can work
on your ads full scale." He giggled at Christian's dazed look.


"This is one of the last of the great estates in this area. The rest have
been chopped up and developed. Charlie must get an offer a week." Tom
laughed as they drove slowly along the drive. He pointed up to the house
before it disappeared as they started the climb up the steep hill.

Charlie opened the door himself. "Hi kids!" He welcomed them with at look
at his watch, "Right on time. I like promptness." He shook Tom's hand,
squeezed Christian's arm affectionately then offered his hand to Dooby
first. "You're Tom's cousin, there's a close family resemblance and I'll
bet you're good at sports too. What sports?"

"Lacrosse Sir, this year, maybe football too next year if I grow a little
more." Dooby matched the firm handshake. "I'm Dooby. You've sure got a
beautiful home."

"Thank you son, it's way too big for just me, but I've lived here long
enough that I'm comfortable, and used to walking a hundred yards just to
get to breakfast. The walks were good exercise at first, now they're
necessary workouts." Charlie giggled and shifted his attention to
Cory. "Cory!" He laughed and cranked Cory's arm enthusiastically. "What a
pleasure to look another guy in the eye straight forward isn't it?
Christian told me you wrestle. When I was your age, I did too, except my
opponents were sacks and boxes of groceries. Come on in," he invited by
getting between Cory and Dooby and pushing them with his hands in the
middle of their backs. "I give the folks that take care of me weekends off,
it gives me and them a break from all the ass kissin' they're prone to, so
I'm the cook tonight, but don't let it scare you, I like to cook, and I'm
still alive after all this time."

Charlie guided his guests into what in a smaller home might be called a
living room. Charlie's was oversize, to fit the scale of the house. "Hey, a
furniture showroom, there are enough sofas and chairs in here to seat a
hundred people. Is anything on sale?" Dooby quipped.

"Ah, you must be the comedian in the group and honest too. See anything you
like? Got any money? Everything's for sale if the price is right I
guess. You're right though, this room is as intimate as one of my stores. I
actually only hang out in a few; the kitchen, my study and my bedroom." He
led them down a wide hall toward one end of the house. The hall ended in a
large airy sunroom, naturally lighted by French doors that lined three
walls. "I forgot I like this room too. It's a good place to read during the
day and the view ain't bad either." He tossed a thumb at one wall without
stopping. The boys glanced out the windows. There was no close view, only
distant lower hills.

Charlie opened one set of doors centered on the long hall and they found
themselves back outside in a football field size garden. They walked
through the garden to a flight of low marble steps, over twenty feet wide
that led to a lower plateau, equal in size to the garden above it. The
center of this rectangular area was occupied by a swimming pool.

Tom windmilled his arms involuntarily, "Wow Charlie that's the biggest pool
I've ever laid eyes on that isn't open to the public."

Charlie nodded, "I remember now, your father told me you were always a
water rat, and pretty good too as I recollect. Here we are," he announced
stopping at the backside of the pool in front of a many columned building
that faced the side of the pool and the incredible view beyond it. "The
next level down is the tennis courts if you want to play sometime or right
now if you want to. There are rackets and balls in the pavilion," he
pointed to the building then added, "There's bathing suits and towels in
there too if you want to swim." At least ten seconds later, everyone but
Dooby turned at the sound of a splash.

Dooby was the splash. He surfaced in front of his discarded shirt, shorts
and gym shoes, spitting water and giggling, "Hey Uncle Tommy this bitch is
heated! Can you believe that? Know something else? It's about twelve feet
deep all over, there's no shallow end."

Charlie grinned and shrugged at the three remaining boys and amended his
earlier offer, "Or, you can skip the suits and go bare ass."

"Are you sure Charlie? I mean I thought you wanted to talk business." Tom
cocked an eyebrow hopefully.

"After dinner is fine, go ahead enjoy yourselves. I can put the steaks on
whenever you kids are ready. In the meanwhile, I'll just fix me a drink and

"Don't you want to swim too Gramps?" Dooby asked treading water backward so
that he wouldn't be jumped on.

"Gramps?" Tom asked with a warning frown after he saw Charlie's surprised

"Yeah, well calling you Charlie like you said seems to be a little
disrespectful somehow, and I never had a grandfather to call anything." He
looked at Tom to defend himself, "Ours died before I could talk and Gramps
Harold before I was even born."

"Its okay Tommy, I like the sound of that actually since we never had any
kids." Charlie tried the word, "Gramps, yup, that's works." He saw Cory
standing behind an upholstered chair pulling his shirt off slowly. He
smiled, "You too Cory, if you want to."

Cory nodded and grinned, "Okay," he hesitated, "Gramps."

Charlie walked into the poolside pavilion and heard two splashes, then
Dooby, "Goddamnit Cory, get in here and help me before these two old fucks
drown me. Gramps is going to see you eventually." Dooby's plea was cut off
by a scream.

Charlie frowned, wondering if Cory's clothing hid some deformity or
disfigurement. He poured his drink and turned back to the pool at the
moment Cory ran to the edge and dove. He blinked, and then grinned after
the briefest glimpse of Cory's reason for his modesty and hesitation. His
smile broadened when he opened a humidor. The Cuban cigar he lit nearly
matched the size of Cory's manhood.

He carried his drink and cigar to a footstool and kicked it closer to the
pool then sat down to watch the four boys. Tom and Christian started doing
laps together, or the beginning of one lap. When they got close to Dooby
and Cory, the younger boys sank and swam underwater. Both older boys
screamed in two-part harmony before they sank together suddenly. Cory
surfaced near Charlie and rested his elbows on the combing, "Come on in
Gramps, you can be on our side," he invited.

Charlie shook his head, "Sorry son I can't, because I can't swim. I was
packing groceries when I should have been learning how."

"Oh. Bummer."

"Yeah, bummer."

Cory frowned, "If you can't swim, how come you heat this monster."

Charlie blushed. "It's kind of an extravagance." He pointed up to the
house; the second story windows over the sunroom were visible. "That's my
bedroom. I like to see the steam rising at night with the underwater lights
on and early in the morning it's spooky but relaxing."

"I guess it would be. But if you can't use the pool why is it so deep?"

"I didn't build it. Back at the turn of the last century this is the way
they built them." Charlie grinned. "If I was you son, I'd think about
hauling ass. Christian just dove and is heading this way."

Cory had time to look back frantically before he disappeared and Christian
surfaced with a giggle. Cory popped up spitting water. "No fair, I wasn't

"Tough shit Sprout, you guys started it. We weren't bothering you and you
shouldn't have yanked me, not with this fire hose." Cory sank again. "Come
on and help us get Dooby." Christian swam away powerfully.

Cory started to follow. "Cory?" Charlie held up his cigar and studied its
length carefully. "If I was this well hung, I'd never be embarrassed. Shit,
I believe I'd go naked all the time. Understand?"

Cory hunched his shoulders, "I guess I would too if I woke up one morning
and there it was, but I was born with it and I'm just learning that it's
more of an asset than I thought." He giggled then swam to catch up to Tom
and Christian who were trying to corner Dooby at the other end of the
pool. Charlie laughed when the elusive Dooby, pinned in a corner, suddenly
vaulted out of the water and ran along the edge giggling and giving his
opponents the finger. Charlie noticed Dooby's hicky as he got closer, then
how neat and tidy his pubic region seemed to be. He pointed the boy to the
pavilion to get towels and something to drink. The others swam back to
where Charlie still sat. They pulled themselves out one by one. Cory was

Charlie's eyes widened. All four boys were neatly barbered and Cory sported
a hicky that matched Dooby's. Cory blushed when he saw Charlie looking and
after a moment and a grin wrapped his towel around his waist.

Dooby sprawled in a chair comfortably naked while Tom and Christian used
their towels to cover themselves before they sat down. Charlie cleared his
throat to get their attention. "There's something I have to ask, and no way
to do it politely." He looked at Christian and Tom sitting on the side of a
lounge, so close their shoulders touched, "Today on the course, every time
you two were close to each other you were touching each other somewhere,
like you are now. In the pool just now you all went for each other's cocks
to dunk one another. Now, forgive me for looking, but you all seem to have
neatly trimmed pubic areas." He looked slowly between Dooby and Cory, "And
you two have a pair of hickies. I also noticed that you Cory were just
about to sit on Dooby's lap, but you caught yourself in time. Now you're
sitting across from him and staring. Is there something going on I should
maybe know about?"

Tom sighed and reddened, looked at Christian first, the younger boys, then
met Charlie's eyes. "Yeah there is, we should have told you up front. I
guess we're a little transparent." Tom took a deep breath, we're gay, all
of us."

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