Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


 Part 6

When Christian and Dooby in Christian's Civic, stopped in front of the Dunn
home Dooby whistled appreciatively, "Holy shit, what a remodel job." He was
admiring a large turn of the twentieth century Victorian with its wrap
around porches and all the outside gingerbread intact, but with all the
windows replaced with tall stylish vertical wooden casements. Dooby guessed
at the brand, Anderson, and when Christian shrugged his ignorance, Dooby
jumped from the car and ran up on to the porch to check for the brand
etched in the corner of one of the windows to see if he was right.

"What are you doing Dooby, casing the joint?" Someone asked as the window
opened causing Dooby to pull his head back.

"Hi Mr. Dunn!" Dooby laughed, "I've never been to your house before and I
was just checking out the brand of windows. I was right they are
Anderson's. They sure make this old house look tuff. Sorry, my dad's a
builder and it rubs off." He moved to the front door to study the intricate
pattern in the leaded beveled glass window, then the matching stained glass
side and fan light panes. "Really beautiful," he approved when he shook
hands with Quinn Dunn, Christian's father.

Quinn laughed, "I'm sure glad you approve. It's about time you came around,
the only time we see you is at a Lacrosse match. Since you and Christian
are close buddies now he's been spending too much time at your house eating
everything in sight. It's our turn to feed you, come home with him tomorrow
night, plan on dinner, and then you can study here for a change. Are you
guys ready for Tuesday? Did you have a good weekend?"

Christian joined them as Tom and Cory arrived to park behind the
Civic. Christian laughed, "I guess we will be, Dooby's taking the food cure
for his concussion." He offered his first paycheck to his father, "I had a
fantastic weekend Dad! I even managed to get a part-time job doing real
commercial art work." Tom and Cory climbed the stairs to the porch giggling
at Christian and Dooby, both doing little dances to burn accrued
energy. "Dad, meet my boss, Dooby's cousin, Tom Patterson and this is Tom's
neighbor Cory Conner. Guys, this is my father Quinn." Christian snatched
his check back so it wouldn't get wrinkled, then resumed his dance with
Dooby while everyone shook hands.

Quinn's small frown gave way to a smile as Tom explained and assured him
that it wasn't a joke. He held out his hand to Christian. Christian looked
dumb, "The ad? Where's the circular? DUH, show your dad the ad."

Dooby pulled up Christian's shirt and the ad started to drop, he caught it
and handed it to Tom with a giggle, "The big shot business man hasn't had
time to buy a briefcase yet, but this works," he patted Christian's six
pack before he pulled the tank top back in place." Come on let's get the
stuff unloaded and set up," he tugged Christian's arm and pushed Cory ahead
of him.

Christian resisted long enough to again offer the check to his father,
"Here dad hold on to this I was going to deposit it on the way home, but I
wanted you to see it first. Just wait until you see my new company
computer, and the monitor will absolutely blow you away."

The boys raced to the Tahoe and began unloading boxes to the
driveway. Quinn and Tom drifted closer to watch while Tom talked
continuously. Judy Dunn, Christian's mother appeared. Quinn introduced her
to Tom and he started explaining everything all over again, pleased to have
the opportunity to reinforce what he hoped was a convincing sales
pitch. Quinn offered his wife the check, she did a double take at the
amount and then both parents studied the advertisement in detail. As Tom
wound down, Quinn admired the design and artwork out loud. Judy agreed and
happily began making a mental grocery-shopping list for the next week,
absolutely delighted at having advance notice about the upcoming sales at

The boys decided that it would be easier to take all the hardware out of
their packing boxes before they carried them inside. Christian led the way
to his bedroom carrying the computer tower, Cory carried the flat scanner
and Dooby followed with a fax machine. Quinn began looking into the open
front door after five minutes, wondering what was taking the boys so
long. When they returned they unpacked the plasma screen. The Dunn's and
Tom followed Dooby and Christian to the second floor and Christian's

Cory got busy integrating Christian's existing hardware with the new
system, he frowned at the plasma screen and pointed at the already packed
small computer desk, "There's no room for that monster. The desk is too
small already."

Quinn and Dooby knocked heads when they both bent over to study the back of
the big screen sitting in the middle of the floor. Both apologized, then
grinned and looked at the wall behind the desk together. The wall was
covered with sketches and paintings small and large. All were of sports
scenes, athletes in action in a variety of sports, or individuals,
swimmers, gymnasts and wrestlers. Dooby recognized many of those from
school, as well as guys from their Lacrosse team and the soccer, football
and baseball teams including the new star pitcher and the team catcher he
and Christian met in the locker room showers. The individuals were
generally shown with a locker room background and were limited to upper
body poses, without shirts. Dooby had already discovered that three were of
him when they first walked in the room and Christian finally had to pull
him away from the wall in general and his own portraits in particular so
they could go fetch the plasma screen. Tom scanned the wealth of handsome
faces and unclothed bodies and decided that Christian's choice of subjects
might be a way of exposing his orientation to his parents since there were
no females on the wall, either jockettes or merely decorative.

Christian had earlier pointed to one sketch of Dooby with a blushing
grin. Christian had drawn him standing by his locker. Dooby in the detailed
drawing had just finished a match. His jersey was off and his shorts were
pushed down dangerously low. He still wore his headgear, but the chinstrap
was unsnapped, and the helmet was pushed back and cocked to one side
exposing sweat dampened locks of blond hair matted on his forehead. There
was a smudge of dirt on one cheek that ran as a muddy streak from his still
sweating face and others on his arms, legs and shorts. The face was
grinning a tired but satisfied lopsided grin; typical Dooby after a match
whether they won or not.

Dooby had frowned at his likeness after studying it, "The face is me I
guess although you made me look kind of simple." He ignored Cory's giggling
opinion except for a pointed middle finger before he continued his
critique; "But the body is wrong," he sighed, "I wish I had those fucking
muscles and a tight gut like yours. Man I wish."

Christian nodded, "I think you will next year. That's what you'll look like
in about a year or so." He cast a furtive look at the open bedroom door to
be sure his parents weren't about to walk in, then removed the two push
pins holding the drawing on the wall positioned low to the side of the
monitor, at eye level if he was sitting down in front of the screen so he
could see it with a glance to the side. He turned it over on the desk. The
obverse side was exactly the same drawing with the exception of the soiled
team shorts; those and the figure's jock were gone. Dooby stared at himself
magnificently naked just twelve months into the future if Christian wasn't
playing at wishful thinking.

"GODDAMN! Am I going to be a hunk next year, or what's the story? Just
looking at that body kind of gives me a hardon." Dooby looked down at
himself, then the picture, at Christian's body and grinned, "Like I need
another excuse."

Christian replaced the picture, "Yeah well come on pretty boy before they
come up here looking for us."

Dooby and Quinn nodded at the same time, "We can mount it on the
wall. There's a bracket here already attached. That's one of the good
things about these screens. All we need are four big ass screws and wall
anchors. Have you got anything like that, and some tools?"

Cory tossed Dooby a plastic package of mounting hardware he carried along
with the hardware manuals. "Come on Dooby, I've got a wood shop in the
basement. You help me collect what we need while you guys strip the wall
and the desk too. I've got a library table down there that I refinished,
but then didn't have any use for because it's too big, but it would be
perfect as a desk." Quinn looked at his son, "That is if you want it, it's
yours." He sighed in resignation, "I guess your talent as an artist and
this job means that you won't be joining me in the firm doesn't it."

Christian nodded, "Sorry about that Dad, but I wouldn't ever really enjoy
the law like you do." He grinned at his mother, "But you know Dad, if you
still want a partner, you and Mom could get together and make one. I like
the idea of having a baby brother."

Judy Dunn laughed, "Oh you do, do you? Sorry to disappoint you AND your
father, but one son, you, is all there's going to be at this stage in our
lives. We're looking forward to having grandchildren though, three or four
at least, so you're the one who should get busy, after college of course."
She laughed and carefully removed one of the sketches from the wall with
heart stopping slowness, and carried it to a bookcase without turning it

Christian tried to ignore the nervous looks Cory and Dooby exchanged, "Say
Mom do you have anything cold to drink?" He asked quickly, before she could
take down another sketch. "Maybe you could get those while Dad and Dooby
collect the tools they need?"

Dooby took Quinn's arm and turned him to the door, "You've got a wood shop?
Man that's cool. Lets go get the tools while the guys strip that wall." He
repeated needlessly.

By the time Quinn and Dooby returned with the few tools required to mount
the screen, Cory and Christian had all the art work off the wall, safely
tucked away in an artist's portfolio and stuffed in the clothes
closet. Dooby took over the task of attaching the bracket to the wall from
Quinn just by looking and acting proficient. After the plasma screen was
fitted to the bracket, everyone went to the basement to lug the library
table up to the second floor. That task required two trips, one for the
heavy base and one for the heavier twelve-foot long, two-inch thick oak
top. Each piece had to go up and out of the basement through the outside
entrance, around the big house, then in the front door and up to the second
floor. The boys and Quinn were sweating when they settled the top on the
base unit, the boys had their shirts off and enjoyed the second round of
Cokes Christian's mother brought up and were content to watch Cory attach
the wires and cables.

"Can you stay for supper?" Judy asked, "We'll just have a cookout." She
looked at Dooby sitting on Christian's bed, "Can I call your parents and
invite them too? If they aren't busy of course."

Dooby shrugged, "Sure they can come over, it would be cool if you guys
became friends." He grinned at Quinn, "You and my dad will get along, just
show him your shop. Woodworking is your hobby and he's a cabinetmaker."

Quinn made a face, "I thought you said he was a builder, I'm not sure I
want a real carpenter, a cabinetmaker yet, looking at anything I made."

"He is a builder now, but he was a cabinetmaker like my grandfather
first. There's nothing wrong with the rocking chair you're working on
now. If you have any questions just ask him, he's a great teacher, we build
stuff together all winter. Our house is never going to be finished. This
winter we're going to add bookcases and paneling to his den." Dooby
hesitated, "But we're still going shopping at Benson's aren't we?" He asked
while rubbing the side of his head.

Christian giggled, "We sure are, and I have to deposit my paycheck before
my boss notices he made a mistake. After we get back here maybe we could
pass the ball around a little on the lawn."

Everyone held their breath when Cory announced he was finished wiring the
new computer fifteen minutes later after making a dozen trips back and
forth from under the table to connect the screen and the surround speakers
to the tower. The big screen flashed to life displaying the Windows desktop
screen as soon as he turned it on. Tom had all the latest editions of the
usual software preloaded, so he had only the special graphics design
programs to load. Dooby complained that it might take too long and the
sporting goods store would be closed by the time Cory finished and
Christian learned how to use it. Tom agreed when Dooby went hyperactive and
decided to help while listening to Judy's end of the phone conversation,
inviting his parents to an impromptu cookout.

"Would you ask her if she baked? She probably did," he giggled, "she always
tries to do it when I'm not home for some reason." Judy handed the phone to
Dooby. He rolled his eyes and nodded repeatedly, "Yes MOTHER, I brought all
your Tupperware back, but you should know that your nephew doesn't think
you baked nearly enough. He claims he barely got a taste of either the
cookies or the brownies. The glutton, he's also wondering if you ran out of
nuts and chocolate, the Tollhouse cookies weren't up to your usual high
standards." Tom stood up and started across the room with his hand out to
snatch the phone. Dooby saw him coming, "Okay Mom, see you soon! Bye! I
gotta go!" He said quickly and disconnected before Tom reached him.

Tom laughed and shrugged, "I'll explain when she gets here and you won't
see a cookie or a brownie all week"

"Next weekend, you've got to bring that portfolio along so we can see the
backs of the rest of those pictures." Cory told Christian with a giggle on
the way to Benson's. "With your talent, it's like taking a camera into the
locker room. Speaking of cameras, I'm glad your dad bought that story about
video conferencing when he asked about the camera mounted on the
tripod. You'll notice that the cable is long enough to reach your bed."

Christian nodded, "I already noticed, but I won't be using it, it's too

"It won't be in my room," Dooby volunteered enthusiastically before he
looked depressed. "The problem with my computer is the little monitor, and
that's too far from the bed."

Tom looked at Dooby in the rear view mirror, "You'll only have to suffer
with what you've got for two more weeks until school closes. I was
thinking, I forgot that you're a good carpenter. I'll make a deal with
you. There's a few things I'd like to get done like putting in a summer
kitchen outside on the terrace. If you were to do that for me I'd think
about offering you a bonus of say a plasma screen of your own when the
job's done."

Dooby looked astounded, "Really? You've got a deal, but I don't have any
tools or machines. Dad would actually kill me if I borrowed any of his."

Tom shrugged, "If you think you can do the job, I'll buy whatever you need,
plus I've got a big empty basement for you to set up as a shop."

"I wouldn't want to do it half ass, Dad would also kill me big time if I
did a shitty job. The woodwork would have to be solid wood and marine
plywood and the counter tops maybe granite or something that could stand
the weather." Tom could see Dooby drawing the plans in his head as he

"Well next weekend maybe you can draw up a simple plan to see how it would
look, then we'll make a run on good old Home Depot to start collecting the
tools so you can get started as soon as you move in. Also, if the weather
holds there just might be water in the pool by then."

Dooby nodded absently at that news, lost in thought. He surfaced when Tom
parked in front of Benson's; the summer kitchen was filed in favor of
getting inside the unique sporting goods store. Forty-five minutes later
they loaded their purchases in the back of the truck. Tom bought six sets
of head gear instead of four and two more sticks when Dooby pointed out
that maybe they could get Kevin and his friend interested in playing when
they were invited to the house for a pool party. Tom also bought a dozen
pairs of the shorts he liked since the other guys seemed to like them as

Christian drove at Tom's insistence when they left Benson's since Christian
wanted to deposit his first paycheck and would use the bank's drive through
ATM machine. Tom wanted Christian to have the thrill and pleasure of
actually completing the transaction himself. Christian's hand shook when he
endorsed the check and filled out the deposit slip and placed both in an
envelope. He face was one large smile; the others cheered and pounded his
back as the machine ingested the transaction then spit out a receipt and
returned his card.

Bill and Betty DuBois had arrived while the boys were away
shopping. Christian led the way around the house to the old carriage
house. Part of the building where carriages were originally stored had been
converted to garages and the stable area in the back became a pool cabana,
really a large room for parties. The pool was small and elegant and the
terrace was over-size, capable of holding a crowd. Quinn explained that
they entertained his client's executives frequently on summer weekends.

Dooby immediately pried a shoe off and tested the water temperature with
his toes. He shivered, collected his discarded shoe and backed away from
the edge quickly when he saw Cory sneaking up on him from the corner of his
eye. "No way," he grinned, "its not heated."

Jennifer popped out from behind her mother and joined the boys clustered
around Dooby while he put his shoe back on. "Dooby you are such a pussy!"
She declared by way of greeting her brother.

"JENNIFER!" Her father roared, interrupting his conversation with
Quinn. "Where do you get such language?"

Dooby's grin of satisfaction disappeared when Jennifer pointed to
him. "ME?" Dooby exclaimed helplessly.

"Dooby I've told you about watching your language around your sister and I
don't want to tell you again unless you'd like to be grounded for a couple
of weeks AFTER school closes."

Dooby sighed, "Man Jennifer, couldn't you just say hello for a change, or
better yet keep your big mouth closed?" He asked in a low frustrated voice.

Jennifer sat down by her brother and patted his back, "I'm sorry. It's just
that it's so frustrating to be stuck at home all weekend by myself while
you're off having fun at Uncle Tommy's. Then this weekend Daddy decided to
work on YOUR private apartment. He brought in a crew of guys, trying to get
it done before you got back home as a surprise. He even made me help;
Jennifer do this, Jennifer do that, all weekend. If I never see another
Shop Vac I'll be one happy camper."

Tom giggled, "Where did I hear that same complaint?" He asked Dooby

"He did? Did you get done? I mean my room, is it finished?"

Jennifer frowned, "Of course not dope, but almost," she ticked off a list
of remaining things to do on her fingers in the order they needed to be
done and concluded; "After its painted, the carpet gets installed then the
baseboards and the rest of the moldings." She studied her nails critically;
"Daddy had me staining all the molding when Mrs. Dunn called. He even told
me I could stay home and finish up if I wanted to. He's just lucky I knew
he was kidding around. I mean really!" She grinned suddenly, "You just be
advised that the day you leave for college, your apartment becomes mine."

Dooby grinned and nodded, "Yup that's a deal, in fact you can use it all
summer if you want to, because I'll be staying at Uncle Tommy's." He lifted
his eyes when he heard his father laugh at something Quinn said. They were
standing in front a gas grill built into a counter. He stood up suddenly,
"Hey Uncle Tommy, the Dunn's have what I think you want me to build, come
on, let's scope it out."

Tom followed Dooby across the terrace, then stood back looking at the
counter unit from a distance. Dooby excused himself to Quinn so he would
step back wearing a puzzled look. Dooby began opening the base cabinet
doors to look inside. "What in the world is so interesting under there?"
Quinn asked. When Dooby explained with his head still in a cabinet under
the grill, John grinned and bent down to look at the way the counter was
constructed as well.

When father and son stood up again after conferencing for a minute with
their heads in a cabinet, Dooby looked satisfied, "I can do this no problem
Uncle Tommy. I'll draw up a plan this week and we can talk it over next

John nodded and winked at Tom after Dooby returned to where Cory, Christian
and Jennifer were sitting, talking and laughing together like old
friends. Christian was explaining to Jennifer how Cory beaned her brother
with a Lacrosse ball. Dooby nodded and giggled, snapped his head to the
side from the force of an imaginary ball and promptly collapsed to the
flagstones in front of them and appeared to be unconscious until Jennifer
started to tickle him without regard to where her hands were poking. He
pushed her away good-naturedly then pulled up a footstool and sat down to
grin and nod while Christian finished the story.

"I'll be damned," John said in wonder. "I think Dooby's growing up all of a
sudden. Last week he would have started wrestling with her or started a
fight which Jennifer was trying to get him to do." He smiled at Tom, "Don't
worry about him building something like this for you. I'll help with the
plans and he'll put it together like a pro."

"It was a spur of the moment thought. He was feeling a little left
out. Cory is really good on the computer and was going to work for me in
the office, but now he's going to work for Charlie Spelling and Christian
will be busy with the ad campaign. Dooby was just going to mow the lawn and
take care of the pool," Tom grinned, "and of course work on his tan. Now he
feels useful and challenged. When he gets this project finished I'll give
him another. New houses never seem to be finished."

John laughed, "I noticed, just look at ours, at least now the second floor
will be finished and Dooby will have his own space."

Quinn asked what John meant by that comment. John explained simply that
Dooby was sharing a room with his older brother but had claimed the
unfinished second floor a year ago as his bedroom, and John had just spent
a long weekend actually finishing it so each of their children now had
their own room, although Dooby's was huge by comparison. Quinn looked up at
the carriage house loft windows, deep in thought. "You know now that
Christian is going to do what he wants to do, be an artist, and I'm proud
to say very successfully, maybe giving him a studio to do his thing
somewhere other than his bedroom would be a good thing. His bedroom is
starting to look really crowded. Now that he's got some good friends maybe
he'd feel free to invite them home if he had more space and privacy," he
grinned, "and so would we." He looked at John hopefully, "Would you mind
going up there after supper and give me some of your ideas? I'd enjoy
taking that on as a project and if I got it started now, I might have it
done by fall."

When Tom started making noises about going home, Christian suggested that
they all go up to his bedroom to take a last look at the computer. Jennifer
started to go with them, but frowned and quickly kissed a surprised Cory
and smiling Tom on their cheeks. She whispered to Tom, "I know I'm not
wanted up there, I love you all most of the time, but right now I hate you,
even Dooby. I'm jealous if you want to know the truth. Bye Uncle Tommy."
She walked away to sit with the adults then very carefully looked away from
the boy's backs as they disappeared into the house.

Later, alone in the truck, Cory said sadly, "You know I can't come over
every night any more. Maybe just one or two nights, like this week Tuesday
after the match."

Tom nodded, "Yeah Tuesday. Nope Tuesday won't work, Charlie's going with
us, then after the match we'll all go for pizza or something. We'll really
be late."

"Damn, I didn't think about that. I guess we'll just have to cool it for
the whole week. I really have to hit the books a little or mom will kick my
ass for me since I can't reach it myself, I need to ace my exams to keep my
GPA right up there." Cory leaned over the console between the seats and
stroked Tom's thigh. He grinned, "Of course it's still early tonight." Tom
moved his legs so Cory's hand had free access to the leg hem of his
shorts. "Saying good bye to Christian was as hard on you as it was for me
to leave Dooby." His hand found Tom's re-hardened cock. He giggled, "And it
still is."

Tom frowned; none of the boys had mentioned anything about final exams
before. "When are finals?"

"I have one tomorrow, two Tuesday, two Thursday and one Friday," Cory
answered while employing his other hand to enter Tom's shorts via the

"THIS WEEK? You should have been studying all weekend not fucking around at
the house. I'm taking you home right now, tonight's out too." Tom extracted
one small delicate hand from his shorts. "Damn it! I hesitate to ask, but
when are Christian and Dooby's exams?"

By then Cory was lying on the console on his side. Hand removal became a
game. Tom had to steer with one hand; Cory used both of his so the contest
was uneven. Cory giggled, "Theirs are this week too. Didn't anyone tell
you?" He asked innocently.

"You know fucking well you didn't, and get your hands out of there before I
kill us. Goddamnit, Christians' going to be wasting study time on the ad
and Dooby won't do anything but engineer my summer kitchen. Couldn't you
see the wheels turning in his head? He even got quiet after getting a look
at Dunn's."

Cory sat up again. "Relax Tommy, you're such a mother hen. I already told
Dooby I'd really kick his ass if he didn't study and he promised. You saw
how fast Christian is if he doesn't have us around to distract him. The
software will speed things up after he learns what it will do. None of us
are dummies and we all know we have to keep our grades up."

While Cory talked, he removed his shirt with a giggle. Then in one quick
motion, lifted his butt off the seat and pushed his shorts and jock down
his legs and shoes at the same time. When he sat back again, he quickly
reclined the seat and stretched like a cat getting comfortable. He and Tom
both watched his erection climb his body. "Just what do you think you're
doing?" Tom asked, almost breathless.

"Making sure you don't take me straight home." Cory ran his hands over his
body slowly while he watched Tom's eyes split their time between the road
and his cock. "So are you?" he asked seductively.

Tom sighed and rolled his eyes. "You can be one very big prick
sometimes. You know very well I have a willpower problem. Okay, tonight and
tonight only, now put your shorts back on."

Cory grinned, "I will, at ten-thirty or maybe eleven, after I'm sure you've
gotten enough nooky to hold you for the week." Cory lifted his cock and
waved it by holding it at its base. Tom growled and increased his speed.

Dooby and Christian watched Cory and Tom disappear down the driveway from
Christian's bedroom window. Dooby had an arm around Christian's waist and
used his free hand to massage Christian's standing erection through his
shorts. Christian looked around his room desperately, "Not here, but
somewhere, and fast. Let me give you a quick tour of the house." He pulled
away, grabbed Dooby's hand and towed him into the hall. He opened a narrow
door that concealed a staircase going up, "The third floor is the servant's

Dooby balked, "Servants? You have servants?"

"No, but the guy that built this joint did. There are a couple of little
bedrooms that Mom's fixed up as guestrooms, you know, for like little
cousins to sleep when family comes to visit." Dooby grinned and followed
silently. Christian pushed Dooby into the first door they saw and fell on
top of him on the twin bed in the room. He ground his hips into Dooby and
kissed passionately. He pulled away, "Man fear of being caught makes me hot
as hell."

Dooby giggled, "Welcome to my excuse number nine hundred and twelve. We
need to get off together. Let's sixty-nine like it was our last."

They rolled, adjusted their positions and pulled each other's shorts down
roughly. They both thrust and moved their heads. They came together with
first time force and heard Jennifer calling them from somewhere in the
house, not close, but too close. "DOOBY? CHRISTIAN? Daddy sent me, it's
time to go home!"

Both boys were still leaking when they stood and pulled up their
shorts. Both were grinning and both muttered "Shit," repeatedly while they
adjusted their cocks so they wouldn't show while they calmed down. Dooby
snapped his elastic waistband on his painfully; "We're coming!" he called
in a falsetto voice with a giggle. "Man, are we ever!" he mumbled.

Four big feet wearing gym shoes clomped down the narrow staircase. Jennifer
leaned against the second floor hall banister smiling at them. Her eyes
dropped to sweep over their bodies and frowned at the boys' oversize tee
shirts hiding their shorts. When she looked up again, she saw that
Christian's thoroughly flushed face glistened wetly around his lips. "We
better say good bye here," she suggested and stepped forward to wrap her
arms around his neck and pull his head down.

Dooby was shocked to see her kiss Christian on the lips, then, before she
released her hold licked the concentrated wetness at the corner of his
mouth. Christian freed himself by bending double and almost falling
backward when he felt her small hand clutch his half hard cock through his
shorts under his shirt. "Goddamn Jennifer, that was nasty. You don't know
what you're," Dooby hesitated, he almost said, licking, then, "doing."

"I most certainly did know what that was," she smiled sweetly and ran for
the stairs. "Bye Christian. Come on you silly dufus they're waiting for us
out front."

Christian remained astounded, but he was grinning, "Damn Dooby, oversexed
must run in your family big time. I think I'm in trouble. We'll have to be
careful never to be alone with her."

"DUH, easy for you to say. How do I manage that? It was my knurdle of cum
she licked, her own brother for Christ's sake! You don't know her, she
invented sneaky." They heard a horn honk, "OOPS, I gotta go." Dooby kissed
Christian quickly and dragged his tongue over Christian's lips, "There, she
missed some." He giggled and ran, "BYE! See you tomorrow!"

The DuBois family immediately went upstairs with Dooby, eager to see his
reaction to the build out job in progress. Dooby found that there was a
hallway on one side of the stairwell. One third of the space had been
partitioned off and everything that Dooby ignored as attic junk previously
had been moved into that space, it was all stacked neatly in the middle of
the room and temporarily covered with heavy plastic. Dooby's new bedroom
looked huge and empty with the miscellaneous clutter gone. His bed, the old
trunk he used as a night table, the chest of drawers, the desk, computer
and all of his clothing on hangers that once hung on a pipe suspended from
rafters were concentrated in one corner. The clothes were piled on the
floor and wrapped in plastic waiting for the walk in closet to be finished
adjacent to the enlarged bathroom.

Dooby was most impressed with the bathroom. His small fiberglass shower
stall had been replaced with a large tiled shower. The tile was waiting for
grout, there were no plumbing fixtures and the glass partition and door
were yet to be installed so he would have to use the shower in Artie's room
temporarily. A corner bathtub had been added and was functional. The new
double sink counter and cabinet unit was also useable, and of course the
new matching toilet was functional.

He eyed an additional fixture adjacent to the toilet with a cocked head,
"Do I need a bidet?" He asked his father with a frown at the traditional
feminine luxury.

"No probably not, unless you eat too much really hot chili sometime. I was
thinking of future resale, not that we're moving, but the whole second
floor could be the master suite if someone else lived here or your mother
and I will move up here whenever you move on AFTER college." John stressed
after, as he uncovered Dooby's desk. "Right now you need to sit your butt
down and get cracking the books. If any of your final grades don't equal or
exceed your midterms' then my son you will be spending your long hot summer
vacation working for me, which means living here not Tommy's. Is that

Dooby sat down quickly and opened his history book. "Damn Dad, Cory
threatened me too. He already promised to kick my ass seriously if I
flubbed any exams because it would upset our plans."

"Plans? What plans?"

"We're going to room together at Harvard." Dooby answered simply after he
turned on his computer. "I want to major in architecture and just minor in
business. I was thinking it would be neat to build what I design."

"HARVARD?" John asked in amazement and sudden pride. "Design AND build?

"Yeah, that is if we can afford it. Can we? If we can't maybe I can get a
student loan or a part-time job or something, but that's where I'm going so
I don't need to be threatened."

John mussed Dooby's hair and giggled, "If you can get in, we can afford
it. I'll even make a deal with you. If you get and keep your grades up high
enough to be accepted, including your junior year SATs, we'll give you a
Corvette on your seventeenth birthday." John glanced at his wife seeking
her approval for the impromptu offer. She nodded with a smile.

Betty hugged her son's neck, "When you two get there, I'll send you a big
box of brownies every single week so you won't have to raid the college

Dooby made some theatrical choking sounds, "Damn Mom ease up," he laughed,
"I have to be alive to study." When he was free he turned impish, "Did you
have time to do any baking this weekend? Energy food right now would go
down pretty good." He had a sudden thought, "Hey Mom, would you teach me
how to make your brownies?" Then before anyone could ask, he explained that
he and Cory were going to do a series of infomercials for Charlie Spelling
and they were planning to start with brownies. Cory was actually to do the
cooking and he was supposed to ask leading questions and hype items in that
week's newspaper ad. He asked because he didn't want to look totally

Jennifer fell back on the plastic covered bed laughing. Dooby frowned at
her when he realized he left her an opening. She delivered it when she
calmed down enough, "We may be able to send you to Harvard, but no one has
enough money to spend on that much plastic surgery to make you look
intelligent!" Dooby thought about scratching his nose with his middle
finger, but reconsidered with both parents looking on. He didn't want to
spoil the moment.

Dooby studied until eleven-thirty, then confident that he was ready for his
history exam, went down for his bedtime snack, brownies, ice cream and a
glass of milk. He fell asleep thinking of the day he would drive his own
car, a Corvette, to Tommy's and planned the most challenging route that
required the maximum number of shifts and wondered how many miles he could
travel without touching the brake.

He half woke when Cory's insistent hand traveled in slow circles down his
body from his chest to his erection then explored it with a delicate
touch. He moved his free leg to allow access to his balls. Cory accepted
the offer; his hand cupped them then inspected each in turn by squeezing
lightly. Then Cory started stroking his cock, that felt great but Cory
would never just jerk him off to wake him; that would be wasteful, unless
he was being introduced to some new trick he learned from Tommy. Dooby was
lying on his back with his arms flung wide, his usual position when he
first fell on his bed if he was alone. Cory was snuggled against his side
with his head on Dooby's shoulder. Dooby decided he must have really been
tired because he fell asleep before they made love together, which
explained why he wasn't spooned tight against Cory's back with his arms
encircling his smaller lover protectively enjoying the feel of Cory's hard
body where they touched and the combined heat each radiated. Cory moved his
head closer to Dooby's. Hair covered his face. He inhaled the aroma of some
kind of flowers. Cory must have changed shampoo brands and he hadn't
noticed when he shampooed Cory's hair in the shower, except he didn't
remember showering with Cory since he didn't bother to shower because he
didn't feel like going back downstairs to use Artie's shower. He was home
and Cory wasn't there. Cory's hair couldn't cover his face it wasn't long
enough. His eyes snapped open, his breathing changed, his body
tensed. "Jennifer!" He thought while mouthing his sister's name.

"Already?" Jennifer asked in an amazed whisper and stopped moving her hand
but tightened her grip, ready for her brother to bolt from the bed. She sat
up quickly, pulled her knees up under her little butt and bent down over
him, "Sorry if I bite the first time, but a girl has to learn sometime,"
she whispered before Dooby felt the warmth of her mouth accompanied by the
scrape of teeth before she opened her mouth wider.

"Jennifer! No! Please don't," Dooby's body arched up from shoulders to
heels, "dooo," a drawn out do, was as far as he got in his plea, this, to
end his sentence was forgotten as his body responded to her inexpert
ministrations. His hands moved involuntarily to the back of her head. She
sucked him voraciously like a vacuum cleaner. His hands remained on the
back of her head long after his body relaxed to sink back to the bed, only
he found himself combing her long white gold hair with his fingers admiring
its softness. He felt her tongue exploring his slit looking for more. He
pulled her head away and felt his softening abandoned cock slap his belly
with a wet coolness as her salvia began to evaporate. "I'm dead Jennifer,
Dad's going to kill ME because of what YOU just did!" Dooby moaned in a
loud desperate whisper.

Jennifer giggled and climbed his body until she looked down on him, pinned
under her. She reached down to lift his dying cock to between her legs
while she administered an aggressive kiss with her tongue boring into his
surprised mouth. "How was that?" She asked in a lowered voice only after
she felt him respond by pushing her tongue back into her mouth by using

"It was okay, but please shut up, they'll hear you," Dooby begged.

"No they won't." Jennifer declared in a normal voice. "You weren't here,
the hall wall is double insulated the same way Daddy builds bathroom walls,
and the door is solid, which you would have noticed if you bothered to
close it, which you didn't, but I did, so we're safe as long as you don't
start screaming your head off you beautiful cry baby." She bounced her body
on him and giggled again, "And you can just stop that moaning, I mean
really. Do you know how annoying that sound is? I know how much you liked
what I did, so you may as well admit it and get used to it because I'm not
finished with you yet. Now just where do you hide that big old candle?"

"What candle? I don't have any candles." Dooby lied lamely, trying and
failing to sound innocent.

"Oh yes you do, a big red one. You always burn it when you play with
yourself so you can see what you're doing. I've watched you." Jennifer
declared knowingly.

"Huh? You watched? Jennifer that's low, that's disgusting. Christians'
right you are over sexed."

"I know, isn't it wonderful, just like you. Can all boys suck themselves?
Can Christian?" Jennifer didn't allow Dooby time to answer, "Certainly Cory
can, but I bet you never let him, I know I never will." Dooby started to
moan again; "The problem will be how to get him to stay over night here,
unless Uncle Tommy invites me to stay a few days at his house this
summer. I watched you; suck yourself I mean after all the lights were out,
before that wall and door, I could just look up the stairwell. If I saw
flickers on the rafters I knew I was in time. I would just sneak up the
steps until my eyes were at floor level and there you were. Are you double
jointed? I couldn't see very well from the stairs. Now just where is that
candle?" She reached back and tweaked the head of her brother's cock
standing tall again between her legs before she snuggled it tighter into
her crotch. Her hand came away wet and sticky. Dooby's moans had changed
while she questioned him, from despair to the beginning of passion, "Damn
it Dooby, you didn't come again did you?"

"The candle is in the trunk." Dooby admitted.

"Did you?" An answer to that question became important to his little

"Nope, that's what we call precum, it's lubricant. You know natural

Jennifer smiled in the darkness, "Oh! That's great." Dooby wondered what
she thought was so great about precum, but didn't get the chance to ask
because she kissed him again until he responded with his tongue and his
arms, hesitantly at first, then quickly determined around her small
body. Jennifer's was much the same size as Cory's, only hers was softer,
but not much softer. "Can I trust you to stay put while I light the
candle?" She asked after five minutes of intensive making out.

Dooby didn't answer; he just let his arms fall and relaxed his
body. Jennifer got off him and opened the trunk lid before he could warn
her about the junk on the top. He heard the tiny squeak one hinge made, but
nothing falling before he remembered that there was nothing on the trunk
since it had been moved with the bed. He wondered absently where it all
went and who moved it.

Jennifer provided the answer, "I mean really Dooby, how can you keep your
work space so neat and tidy and then keep all this trash?"

He giggled softly, "I figured no one would open that if they had to move
all that shit first. I was hiding my skin mags in there. I didn't know
those old clothes weren't old, just seasonal. Mom found them, but left them
when she switched seasons and I never noticed."

"Got it. Now where are the matches?" Jennifer asked on the edge of

Dooby got of the bed to help her look. He no longer thought of running or
kicking her out. He had nowhere to hide and they certainly couldn't
argue. He didn't want to think about what their parents would do if they
found out. They touched bodies when he bent over to feel around inside the
trunk. "There's a shoebox in here somewhere, it was on top." He stood up
with the trophy, "Here it is." Jennifer closed the lid and put the candle
on top, Dooby lit it. They stood looking at each other as the flame
flickered and grew slowly before it settled down to one candlepower in
intensity. The meager light was enough.

Dooby stared at Jennifer's rosebud breasts. His fingers caressed them; they
were soft except for the nipples. Her eyes dropped immediately. She used
both hands to explore his rigid manhood. He looked down at her, but there
was nothing to see; no cock or even a pubic mound yet, just shadow. He
grinned at her foolishly.

Jennifer smiled back, "I know, there's not much of anything anywhere, but
there will be in a year or so. You big brother are so beautiful and big and
hard, and the more I stroke you the more you get so nice and
slippery. You're smaller than my candle, but that's good, I was worried
about that."


"Of course a candle silly. Where in the world would I get a dildo? I had to
practice with something."

Dooby blushed when he realized the implications. He frowned while he
followed his cock back to the bed as Jennifer tugged at him. "Jennifer, I'm
not doing that with you. Just forget it. You're really grossing me out
here; it's incest with my little sister yet. Nope, nada, not ever."

Jennifer pushed him down on the bed. She smiled when she didn't have much
difficulty. She ignored his stare at her crotch at first then enjoyed being
studied, he was as interested in the opposite sex organ as she was. He was
intrigued with the idea but needed some convincing. "For a stud, you
certainly are innocent. There are countries where girls are married at my
age, I admit that maybe they don't have a choice, and to really old guys,
not young old like Uncle Tommy, but old like Daddy. You don't think those
old lechers marry for companionship do you? Get real for God's sake. You
don't have to do anything this first time but just lay there, then you can
just think of it as my raping you." She quickly straddled him and settled
squarely on his cock and moved so they could both see the head peeking out
from the shadows of her legs. Dooby watched precum ooze as she milked him
with her crotch.

"But I might hurt you Jennifer. You get real for God's sake." Dooby threw
her words back at her.

"You silly, if my candle didn't hurt me, you certainly won't. Doesn't this
feel so delicious?" She looked down on him and smiled, she saw his face
change. He started to moan again, but the sound was different. She wasn't
sure he believed what she told him, but he seemed to be beyond the point of
further argument. She stood on her knees, lifted his cock and smooshed
around all the precum she wiped from his belly, and then milked him once to
get more to add to his cock head. She watched Dooby's eyes watch his cock
disappear as she slowly lowered herself. She smiled in pleasure when her
weight pressed him once more. "Oh Dooby, I just knew we could do this." She
leaned down and covered his mouth. He kissed her then with such passion,
she was surprised by his total surrender.

Dooby discovered his cock was squeezed beyond belief. Jennifer was like a
giant all encompassing fist that alternately sucked and blew and milked as
she rode him more and more violently. He pulled her closer and held her
down while his body bucked and bucked and his cum flowed and spurted. Their
tongues fought for dominance, his won that duel as well. Shivers racked
Jennifer's small body when she felt his repeated contractions.

After a few minutes of deep breathing, light pleased congratulatory kisses
and freely traveling hands, Jennifer leaned into her brother's chest and
slowly straightened her legs until they were stretched out outside his
while he remained deeply inside her. She tugged at one arm, "Come on lover
boy roll with me so you're on top. We just have to try this missionary
position one time before I have to get back downstairs, you have an exam
tomorrow and I need my beauty sleep."

Dooby didn't argue. His cock re-grew as they rolled together until she
lifted her legs and his body fit comfortably between them. He held his
upper body above hers by his elbows and began thrusting while he grinned
down on her. He moved in her like he did in Cory, or Tommy or Christian and
they in him. Jennifer clutched his back and pulled him deeper by his small
ass cheeks. They made love, brother and sister. They shivered together when
Dooby finished. He grinned at her when he pulled out quickly with a soft
pop. She frowned wondering what the urgency was.

"Now my darling little sister, I'm going to show you something your candle
can't do." Dooby pushed her back when she tried to sit up while he
crab-walked backward down her body. He lifted and spread her legs wider
then lowered his mouth to her and began using his tongue more and more
seriously each time he paused to look down on what he was working on.

Jennifer's hands went down to his head and held him there. "Oh Dooby! I've
read about this but I never thought about doing it, I mean actually having
it done. Oh! Don't stop! Don't ever stop. Tomorrow night we'll try this

Charlie insisted on driving Tom and Cory to the Lacrosse match and was
waiting for Tom when he pulled in his driveway after work. Tom was resigned
to riding in the Marquise classic and didn't bother to tell Cory who was
driving when they talked on the phone after Cory got home from school. Tom
burst out laughing when he saw Charlie dwarfed by the hood of a shiny red
Lincoln Navigator SUV truck.

"These SUV's are IN, and mine had to be bigger than yours, so," he waved
his hand and giggled.

Tom steeled his nerve to meet Lisa Conner for the first time if she was
home. Cory ran from the front door before Charlie stopped his new
truck. His mother followed him wearing a delighted smile because Cory had
never been happier since he met Tom and Dooby. "GRAMPS! You got new wheels!
Man what a bus! I asked my mom to go with us is that all right?" Lisa put
her arm around her son's shoulders to calm his exuberance. Cory danced in
place, "Mom this is Tom our neighbor and this is Gramps, the famous Charlie
Spelling, my new boss for the whole summer. Gramps, I mean Charlie and
Tommy, meet my mother Lisa.

Lisa shook Charlie's hand first. She applied firm pressure and met his eyes
with hers. Charlie was gratified that she did not bend over or slouch down
condescendingly from her five foot seven inch height like many people did
or even manage to get so close to him that he had to tip his head back to
look up or she to bend hers to look down on him. She told him how happy she
was to meet him and thanked him for giving Cory a summer job before she
turned her attention to Tom.

She used both hands to shake his and put him at ease with the sincerity of
her smile and her genuine pleasure in meeting him. She winked, "Thank you
too for helping Cory over the rough spot in his life so easily and I guess
for introducing him to Dooby." She giggled then, "Dooby! He certainly makes
his presence known, he's so effervescent and openly affectionate with

"Damn Mom you don't have to beat around the bushes," Cory declared. "Gramps
knows we're gay and he doesn't seem to care. Dooby is my lover, I mean we
love each other and he, we, feel comfortable enough around you guys to let
it show. We're even going to room together in college so we don't have that
pressure to worry about, but we'll always be careful in public, because
it's a personal thing and no one's business unless they become friends. We
talked it over." He looked at Charlie, "The rough spot Mom alluded to was
telling her I was gay," he explained simply.

"College?" Tom asked, surprised, "I thought you planned on Harvard?"

Cory rolled his eyes, "Of course Harvard, I just talked Dooby into coming
along with me. He's going to major in architecture. He's smart; I'm just
making him study harder now so he can get into the top ten percent at
least." He burst out laughing, "Did you talk to him last night Tommy?"

Tom shook his head, "Nope I guess he was busy studying, rather I hope he
was studying."

"Well when he laid the news on his dad, he was so happy, he promised to
give old Dooby a Corvette for his seventeenth birthday!" Cory looked at his
mother hopefully, "That was a hint Mom, in case you weren't listening, car
and seventeenth birthday are the key words, it wouldn't have to be a Vet."
He carefully did not look at Charlie, "As long as it isn't a Mercury
Marquise I'll be a happy camper."

"Why you little imp!" Charlie laughed, "That crack is going to cost you
another million in my golden parachute, so there."

Lisa giggled, Charlie thought quite delightfully. "Well I guess maybe you
should keep up with your boyfriend then. You'll be the only two Vet couple
on the Harvard campus."

When they finally got around to getting in the truck, Charlie did some
quick reorganizing. He whispered to Tom and nudged him to the driver's
door. Then when Cory started to climb into the back seat with his mother,
Charlie pushed him toward the open front passenger door and he took the
vacant space beside Lisa Conner.

Cory fastened his seat belt blindly while he focused on his mother and
Charlie between the backs of the front seats. He finally giggled and winked
at his mother, "There is no Whatshisname in this truck Mom." Lisa blushed
and didn't explain.

"I'm not sure what that means Squirt, but if you don't turn around there
and mind your business expect to get a clout on the side of your head you
little wise ass. You're getting as bad as Dooby."

Lisa flinched each time Charlie called Cory a name referring to his
stature, when she asked, Cory explained before Charlie; "We're both about
the same height so its okay, but we stick together against the rest of the
world. Right Gramps?"

"Right son," Charlie agreed.

Two conversations developed during the trip, one between Charlie and Lisa
and the other in the front. Both included frequent laughter. Cory was more
animated than usual, he turned in his seat to look at Tom and laugh and
sneak a peek at his mother and Charlie from the corner of his eye at the
same time as often as he could.

The girls Lacrosse team had just finished their match when they settled in
the small bleachers bordering the football practice field. Tom introduced
Lisa and Charlie to his aunt and uncle and Jennifer, and to Christian's
parents. The boys' team was already on the sidelines milling around,
impatient for the girls to leave the field so they could begin their warm
up on half the field while the opposing team used the other half. They
found tall Christian stoically leaning on his stick talking with the coach
and a few teammates. His maroon jersey like the rest of the team was
emblazoned with his last name across his shoulders. Cory shouted to him and
waved, Christian saluted them all and smiled.

Dooby was easier to see, he seemed to be talking to the whole team
simultaneously, was everywhere and jumped frequently as he circulated among
his teammates so his white gold hair was like a beacon announcing his
whereabouts. He disappeared briefly just before the coach whistled the team
to the field to begin their warm up. When the coach put the whistle to his
mouth Dooby broke from the pack wearing his protective helmet and gauntlets
and ran out on the field waving his shining titanium stick and screaming at
the top of his lungs, while the rest of the team scurried around to find
and don their equipment.

Jennifer attached herself to Cory as soon as they climbed to their
seats. Tom sat with them. He and Cory both laughed and pointed when they
saw Dooby's back. The name on his jersey was simply DOOBY. "How'd he manage
that?" Tom asked the group.

Jennifer giggled and shrugged, "The same way the silly dufus always gets
his way, he begged, he pleaded and probably managed a few phony tears as a
last resort if he had to, but he's getting too old for that crap." Tom
noticed a hint of pride in her voice.

There were two Marauder team boosters selling tee shirts from cardboard
boxes at the most distant end of the bleachers. Charlie excused himself
from Lisa and went to buy them shirts. He immediately changed his shirt,
and when he returned, the boys followed him with the boxes. Charlie
methodically worked his way through the small crowd of spectators and
stopped in front of anyone not wearing one of the shirts. After a few words
he looked at the boosters and pointed before he moved on while the father,
mother or friend began digging for money. They paid for their shirts then
put them on. The predominant colors in the crowd quickly turned to maroon
and white, the school colors.

When Charlie resumed his seat after handing out tee shirts to Lisa, Tom and
Cory. Everyone who knew who he was was laughing. Charlie shrugged, "I think
I'm a fair retailer, I just pointed out that the kids shouldn't go into
such a long slow summer season with very much inventory and part of their
problem was location, location and location. I embarrassed the first few
fans into buying and the rest saw me coming and had their money ready when
I got to them." He slowly and carefully pulled Lisa's raven hair from
inside her tee shirt after she put it on over her blouse.

Jennifer watched Cory and Tom eagerly as they stood up to change their
shirts. When they sat down again she claimed a hand from each and held them
tightly. Then as the game progressed she alternately moved them back and
forth between the tops of her bare knees to theirs. When they stood up to
cheer she raised their hands together. If they noticed that she turned them
so her hands touched their legs and theirs touched hers, they didn't object
except Cory did some serious blushing at first until she calmed him with
some whispering, "You're my brother's boyfriend, I know that, so we need to
be friends too don't we?"

It quickly became clear that Christian and Dooby were two of the best
players and they worked the ball together like the dynamic duo as Dooby
claimed. The score was tied early in the second half and remained that way
until two minutes before they would begin a sudden death overtime
period. The opposing teams' star player had the ball and was rushing to get
close enough to try a goal. Christian ran to intercept from the middle of
the field while Dooby and a teammate were in hot pursuit. Dooby was closest
and made a leap to the side to bring his stick down on the running ball
carriers'. As he left the ground his teammate suddenly tripped and fell
into Dooby's flying legs. Dooby in turn crashed shoulders with the ball
carrier, which knocked him off balance. The ball popped out of the cross,
bounced once and Dooby scooped it up continuing his sticks' arc as he fell
to pass it to Christian who was already running full speed toward him and
the opposition goal. The line drive Christian sent at the goalie's head
seconds later was unstoppable; he ducked rather than try. The ball bounced
off the goal net to hit him in the back. The visiting team busted ass the
entire two minutes remaining in the match, but were unable to once again
tie the score. The Marauders won, the score was four to three.

Christian and Dooby ran at each other full tilt. Christian got ready by
dropping his stick, pulling off his gauntlets as he ran and opened his arms
before Dooby was close enough. Dooby started his leap at Christian when
they were ten feet apart. He stopped Christian's forward momentum cold when
his flying body hit Christian's chest like a head on collision. Dooby
locked his legs around Christian's waist and his arms around his bigger
friend's neck. There was the briefest heart stopping moment when Tom, Cory
and even Jennifer were certain Dooby was going to plant a deep throat kiss
on Christian's lips. All three let out a sigh of relief when he limited
himself to a bone-crushing hug.

"Damn I wish Dooby wouldn't keep doing that every single match whether they
win or not." John DuBois muttered. "One of them is going to break

"Even if they lose?" Charlie asked.

"Yup, just watch him now when the teams meet in the middle of the field to
congratulate each other for a well fought match. The way Dooby
congratulates them, unless you knew they definitely lost, you'd think that
they were the actual winners. He's magnanimous win or lose." John grinned
with pride.

As predicted, after most of the team stripped off their jerseys, they met
and shook hands with all the players, their recent foes. Dooby acted like a
self appointed ambassador and made certain he cranked everyone's arm with
both hands while he looked them in the eye, even the lowly managers and
either made small talk or discussed tactics and strategies with those he'd
had contact with, both figuratively and literally. Christian and Dooby
trotted to the sidelines where everyone's family and friends waited to
congratulate them on a great match.

"Well what did you think of the match Uncle Tommy?" Dooby asked and danced
around Cory shadow boxing, except actually making light contact. "Hi
Sprout! Long time no see!"

"If you keep pounding on me you won't see me for the month it takes you to
get out of the hospital." Cory warned and went into a wrestling crouch
ready to take him down.

Tom laughed, "Like I said Dooby, its football with clubs. It was a great
match, I'm glad we came and since Charlie bought us all tee shirts we'll be
back to see your final game Friday night. See?" He puffed out his chest to
display the Marauder Lacrosse logo on his chest.

Someone whistled and they started to run off to join their teammates
heading for the locker room. Charlie stopped them, "If you and your friends
aren't too tired, we're all going to Justa' Pizza, my treat!" He looked
around; the small crowd of fans was reduced to mostly families and
girlfriends, "Everyone's invited," he saw the two boys who had been selling
tee shirts walking away carrying their cartons of greatly reduced
inventory, "including you two, my young entrepreneurs. Really, my treat,"
he emphasized.

"GRAMPS!" Dooby shouted, trying to sound indignant, "Are you trying to ruin
my bedtime snack? There won't be room if I eat a couple of pizzas! Man
that's a deal!" He giggled and started running to the locker room leaving
Christian behind, "Christian! Man you old guys, hurry up!" Christian gave
him the finger and the race was on.

Quinn, John and Tom surrounded Charlie; Tom was their spokesman. "Charlie
we'll all chip in with the bill you don't have to do this."

Charlie grinned, "I appreciate the offer gentlemen, but visiting Justa'
Pizza is nothing more than touring my grocery stores." His eyes twinkled,
"You see I'm the majority stockholder of the chain. We only actually own a
dozen in this immediate area, the rest are franchises. We use ours as
testing labs to see what works and what doesn't. I'll just circulate around
this wonderful group of taste testers to see what they think of the pies,
and write the whole thing off as a business expense." He saw Lisa looking
at him from a few feet away, "Now if you'll excuse me, I've been neglecting
Cory's delightful mother." He told them in a low voice and winked at Tom.

The Justa' Pizza weeknight staff was hard pressed to keep up with the
orders but they managed admirably in everyone's opinion. The impromptu
party was breaking up; Charlie and Laura were sitting at a table sipping
the last of their wine after enjoying their pizza. They watched Dooby, Cory
and Christian acting as gracious hosts. They stood near the door thanking
everyone and in turn accepted thanks for a great party. They talked, joked,
laughed, punched, patted and touched each other like any other teenage boys
who were good friends and shared the additional bond of athletics.

Laura touched Charlie's hand and nodded toward the boys, "I've never seen
Cory so happy. Since he met Dooby, and Tom and Christian, then finally told
me he was gay and they were gay, that secret must have been a terrible
burden." Charlie agreed. They were distracted when Dooby said something to
Christian, Christian nodded to Cory and together they picked Dooby up by
his arms and tossed him out the door. They didn't see Quinn standing behind
them about to thank Charlie for the wonderful evening. Quinn walked away
quietly to sit by his wife in the booth they shared with John and Betty
DuBois. He finished his glass of wine in one gulp.


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