Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


Part 9

Kevin caught up with Tom and Christian in the garden shop, "Hey guys,
Dooby's got so much shit picked out already we'll never get it home in the
Tahoe. If one of you drives me back to our place, I'll get my pickup, and
Rob and I can haul it. Remember its Sunday, they don't deliver," he
reminded Tom.

Tom and Christian both looked at the flat cart of annual flowers they'd
picked out already. Tom nodded and handed his keys to Kevin, "Okay, thanks,
can you two go? Why is it that everything has to get so complicated so
quickly?" He grumbled, "Between tools, lumber and flowers, do you mind
making two trips?"

They actually had to make three trips because the plants they bought
weren't compatible with Dooby's lumber or the boxes the machines were
packed in. While he did his share of unloading and carrying, Dooby always
managed to be in the basement to direct the others in the placement of
everything, so, he explained patiently as if he was working with
kindergarteners, nothing needed to be handled twice. When they finished
they all looked around the basement. Tom had been frowning at his cousin
for five minutes each time Dooby looked at him. "SO, what's wrong, did I
spend too much money? We can return some stuff if you want to know, but I
want to thank you Uncle Tommy for shutting that wise ass salesman's mouth
by letting me get everything on my list."

Tom grinned, "Yeah, that did feel good didn't it. We aren't returning a
thing, not after we lugged it down here. I was staring at you because you
continually amaze me. You're the most organized kid, almost unbelievable."
Kevin and Rob agreed with nods and smiles. Dooby had them lean plywood and
pegboard against a wall and against the better wood he'd use to build the
summer kitchen. Other lumber was carefully stacked on the floor on two by
fours so it wouldn't warp, hardware and supplies all went into one corner
and the boxes containing the wood working machines were placed around the
room where they eventually would be positioned permanently.

Dooby giggled, "If you think I'm organized, you should work with Dad. The
rule is; first in last out. I'll need the machines to build the shop first,
so that lumber will get used up, then I'll build the counter," he shrugged
and added, "simple." His stomach growled, "OOPS! If we don't eat lunch
pretty quick it's going to be dinner time. I suggest we head on down to
Spelling's. We can get some big hoagies and buy a rib roast for dinner. We
need to practice cook one so we know what we're doing next week."

The Spelling's store manager accompanied them through the store. Tom pushed
one buggy and Dooby another. Cory started shopping and was keeping items
separate, food and supplies they'd need for the week went in Tom's and food
items for the show went into Dooby's until the manager told them that they
wouldn't be allowed to pay for anything, "The big man's orders," he
shrugged. "Everything goes on one checkout tape and the manager on duty
signs it," he quoted Charlie.

The manager of the meat department explained what to look for in the
selection of a quality roast. Dooby and Cory paid rapt attention, while the
others watched. "You know we should start this segment out just like
this. This is informational," Tom told Christian.

"Yeah, and they'd be wearing their team Spelling jerseys," Christian
agreed. "What about expanding that concept? Like the butcher's white coat,
Team Spelling."

"How about everyone in the whole store or the whole company, do you think
Charlie would go for that?" Kevin asked. "We're all on the same team; it
would be a neat tie in. In fact it would be neat to start every segment in
a store with the guys shopping for stuff that they'll use in the segment,
even if it's only a minute long."

Tom nodded, "Good idea, you can ask him when you resign to come to work for
us. We need idea people. Remember how Charlie jumped on your idea of
substituting any brand for a sale item if you sell out to avoid
rainchecks?" While Kevin was thinking the offer over Rob was grinning down
on him and nodding. Tom turned to him, "We could also use someone to keep
our books. There's the ad agency and now suddenly were developing an office
and retail complex. We'll get you a computer and you pick out whatever
accounting software you want to do the job. You can work at home and in the
office when you have the time." Tom raised his eyebrow at Christian to ask
him what he thought of the spontaneous idea.

Christian nodded emphatically in the affirmative before he started
laughing, "You know we're a unique company, we're a whole week old and
already the largest part-time ad agency in the state!"

The flower planting was finished rapidly after the five of them ganged up
on Dooby and wrestled control of the garden hose away from him when they
found they we're spending more time watching him trying to sneak up behind
one of them to administer an impromptu douche without regard to the hose
pressure. Dooby collared Cory to help or show him how to prepare the roast
for the oven and Tom found them pouring over a cookbook of his they got
from the den.

"Hey guys," Tom eyed the roast sitting in a pan on the counter. "Did we
need one that big? Although it sure looks good even before it gets cooked."

Dooby was making notes on a pad, "Yeah it's huge, but consider that when
you order it in a restaurant, Mom never cooks it, I never get enough, and I
could always go for seconds. Tonight there's seconds for everyone and if
we're lucky we'll have leftovers for sandwiches." He looked at the pad,
"We're having a salad and a rebaked potato to go with it. How's that sound?
Oh, and garlic bread, French bread from the bakery. There's other shit on
sale too but it doesn't go with the meat. Do you think you can get the Team
Spelling jerseys by Tuesday afternoon so we can start taping the brownie
show as soon as we get here? We want to work all night if necessary to get
enough tape to edit it down."

Tom nodded, "Sounds good. I'm glad to see that you're taking this job
seriously; our asses are on the line with this infomercial thing. I should
be able to get the shirts Monday especially if I wave a big contract at
them, but you can only tape during the day for now, because of the lighting
here in the kitchen and coming through the windows. This isn't a studio
remember. About working at night," he blushed, "Christian and I were
wondering if you two would mind boarding at Charlie's for the week."

Cory giggled, "Are you asking or telling? You guys want to be alone for a
while, huh?"

"Yeah we do. It's okay with your mom and Charlie."

"Does that mean we'll be staying with them at our house?" Cory couldn't
stop giggling.

"Not exactly, with them, but at Charlie's, he and your mom are going to
play house for a while there, and if your mom doesn't like it there, I
guess they'll move to your house. From what Charlie said on the phone this
morning, they haven't set a date yet, but they're going to."

Dooby slammed Cory on the back, and then hugged him, "Hey congratulations
man! You're going to be a two parent son again!"

Cory beamed his pleasure at the news, "Wow that is great! I need to call
them." He slapped his bare thigh where his cell phone would normally be in
his pocket, before he reached for the kitchen phone.

"Wait up, there's something else; Charlie's wondering if you'd be
interested in a name change with your mom. He'd like to adopt you if you
agree. He asked me to run the idea by you. If you want to keep your own
name that's cool I guess, he understands. It's a big step."

Cory didn't hesitate, "My only problem will be remembering to call him Dad
instead of Gramps. Cory Spelling," he tested the sound of the name. "I like
that. I wonder if mom would let me change my first name while we're doing
this." He put the phone back, "Would you take us over there? This is too
important for a phone call."

"Sure, let's get dressed." Tom agreed.

"Come on Dooby." Cory started across the great room.

Dooby stayed leaning on the counter, "You go by yourself. This is a family
thing for you."

Cory turned and frowned, "Yeah it is dope, your part of our family. You're
kind of their son-in-law if I'm their son." He grinned, "You know this
coming week, just us alone together like Tom and Christian; it could be
kind of like a honeymoon for all of us. That sounds kind of hokey I guess,
but we talked about it. Maybe we should get like gold rings or something?"
He looked at Tom, "Are you guys getting rings?"

Tom smiled, "We hadn't talked about it but it's a great idea. Don't mention
it to Christian though; I think I'll surprise him."

Cory suddenly disappeared under Dooby when Dooby tackled him, "WOW! We're
going to be partners!" He exclaimed before he stopped Cory's giggles with a
deep throat kiss. Cory wrapped Dooby with his arms and responded by
spreading his legs in invitation, oblivious to where they were or that they
were being watched.

Tom rolled his eyes, "Damn two buck rabbits," he muttered wearing a grin
and gave Dooby a gentle push on the side of his thigh with his bare foot to
throw him off balance when Dooby went up on his knees preparing to
mount. "Give me a break guys. Now is not the time and the middle of the
living room is not the place. You need to do something with that roast, get
dressed, and then we're making a quick trip to Charlie's. You can mess
around after we get back all you want providing you don't fuck up
dinner. No one even cares if you eat." When he was ignored he pushed harder
until Dooby rolled to his back with a sorrowful moan.

"Damn Uncle Tommy, what a fucking grouch. Weren't you ever young and
horny?" Dooby asked with a grin. He got to his feet and pulled Cory
up. Both were fully erect. Dooby ignored his and grabbed Cory solicitously
with both hands. "Come on partner let's go get dressed. I'll just carry
this and steer so you don't topple forward and break it or bump into
anything." Cory giggled and leaned his weight on Dooby willing to be led
from the room. After they got out of sight, Tom heard Dooby ask, "Hey,
what's all this clear sticky stuff you're leaking?" Then Dooby called,
"We'll be with you in FIVE MINUTES Uncle Tommy! Sprout has a problem but
I'm on it, I mean I will be!" The bedroom door slammed on their laughter.

Tom was about to call Charlie to give him fair warning that they were going
to have visitors when the phone rang. It was Charlie, "Tom, good, I was
hoping you'd answer the phone," he began without even a simple greeting. "I
have an emergency, something private and personal and I need your help."

"Sure Charlie, any time and anything, name it, what's wrong?" The smile
left Tom's face.

"Well, right now we're sitting by the pool, or I am. Laura's in the pool,
she can swim like a fish, like you boys I guess. The problem is I can't. It
didn't matter before, but now it does. We've been talking about
honeymooning in the Mediterranean and the whole area is rumored to be
covered with water."

Tom began to smile, "I've heard that, lots of little islands, crystal clear
warm water, totally private little places where a couple could spend a day
or a week without even wearing bathing suits. Too bad you can't swim,
watching your new wife from shore won't be much fun for you."

"Don't rub it in. That's my emergency; I need you to teach me how to
swim. I don't want anyone else around to laugh though, I just want to learn
how to fuckin' swim. Will you teach me?" Charlie sounded desperate.

"Sure, at least I'll try. When and where? We can't use your pool, how about
over here? The guys will be leaving tonight, so we've got tomorrow and
Tuesday morning before they're back for the summer. Oh, I forgot I was just
about to call you. Cory very much likes the idea of having someone around
to call Dad. I was just about to bring him over so he can tell you himself,
if that's all right."

Charlie almost broke Tom's eardrum, "ALL RIGHT? That's fantastic,
absolutely fantastic! You mean adopted right? I can adopt him? Oops, hold
on Laura wants to know why I'm hollering."

Tom listened to a brief muffled laughing conversation. When Charlie came
back on the line, Tom added one detail; "One thing though Charlie so you
and Laura aren't surprised when we get there, this is a two boy package
deal. You're getting a son and a son-in-law, which would be Dooby."

"Son-in-law?" Charlie sounded puzzled but not upset, "I don't pretend to
understand the life style, but if they want to play house for as long as it
lasts, Dooby's welcome to join the family. About swimming," he lowered his
voice, "how about tomorrow morning at your place, say at seven o'clock?"
Then before Tom agreed he asked, "Do you think this will take long? I've
got an important nine o'clock, I'm buying out a little fifteen store chain
and we're down to the nitty gritty on details like price." He giggled
suddenly, "You know I'll just cancel anyway. I'll leave them a message
saying I have a more important meet." He laughed hard, "We'll be able to
hear their sphincters grinding under water when they get that message. They
might even drop the price a few bucks. Okay, that's settled. We'll see you
soon so we better go and get some clothes on, BYE!"

Tom heard some laughter coming from the pool when he was in the bedroom
getting dressed. He started laughing too when he looked out the window. Rob
and Kevin were lying on the double wide float in the middle of the pool and
Christian was in the process of joining them without capsizing the
inflatable. Rob was spooned against Kevin and held him in position with his
arms. From the way Kevin held one leg up, his facial expression and his
erection it was obvious that they were attempting something new. Christian
walked them to the shallow end and used their joined bodies to pull himself
aboard so he ended up lying on his side with his long legs dangling in the
water beyond their heads and his mouth exactly where he wanted to be. Kevin
claimed Christian's cock for his mouth after he watched his disappear in

"And I just called the kids rabbits," Tom told them from the edge of the
pool while he held himself through his shorts. If I wasn't taking them to
Charlie's, I believe I could find some space right there behind you Rob."

Rob giggled without missing an erratic stoke; "You're the boss, boss,
welcome aboard anytime," he invited. The waves that emanated from the raft
grew in size slowly with the excited mariner's movements while Tom watched.

"Hey, why didn't you think of trying that?" Cory scolded Dooby when they
joined Tom.

The sound of Dooby's waist snap was loud in the silence as he kicked off
his thongs. Tom blocked him with his body and held Dooby's shorts in
place. "Oh no you don't, we can try that when we get back if you
want. Right now you two just march into the kitchen and get that fucking
roast in the oven or we won't eat until midnight. Besides you just got done
doing whatever you did that took fifteen minutes just to pull on your

Dooby looked indignant while Cory attempted to look angelic. "For your
information Uncle Tommy, all we did was take a shower to get some of that
suntan oil off before we dressed." Dooby claimed with a straight face.

"Yeah," Cory joined Dooby in their defense, "then klutzy here dropped the
soap and couldn't find it for the first five minutes. When he did find it
finally he gave it to me and I dropped it." Dooby nodded his agreement
before they both burst out laughing and hugged each other while Tom herded
them to the door absently as all three of them kept turning back to the
pool, the float and the three occupants.

"It's our turn when we get back!" Dooby called from the doorway over Tom's
shoulder before he turned his attention to Cory, "Man you would have to go
and get yourself adopted at a time like this, just when someone thinks up a
new place to fuck and suck." He got Cory in a playful head lock, "You know
the penalty for that don't you? No, of course you don't, I just thought of
it. Here's your penalty; you have to fuck me as many times as I want in
whatever position I want and wherever I want to do it, so there." He
stretched his neck for a last look at the pool, "And I warn you we might
get wet."

Tom rolled his eyes, "Man Dooby you should be a judge, that's some
sentence, you'll kill your new partner the first night."

Dooby did a classic double take and giggled pointing to Cory's crotch,
"Uncle Tommy, I mean really, to quote my little sister, have you really
looked at Sprout's balls, I mean really looked? They're the size of
oranges; my man is a walking cum factory. I've tried everything and he just
comes back for more."

Cory blushed, "Damn Dooby you're embarrassing me, I can't help how I'm
hung, blame my father if you want, over sized and over sexed are both his

Dooby turned serious suddenly, "Hey you know speaking of your real official
dad, doesn't he have to agree to you being adopted? I mean if he says no,
what happens then?"

Cory shrugged, "He probably will say no, until Gramps pays him off. Mom
doesn't know I know that she gives him money all the time. Until she told
us he was gay, I couldn't figure out why. Then I got to thinking that maybe
she was paying him to stay away from me, like being gay was catching
instead of maybe hereditary."

"So now that she knows that you've already caught it or inherited it and
you can't catch it twice, it doesn't matter does it? He could start seeing
you couldn't he?" Dooby asked.

Cory frowned, "I guess he could, but he won't and now I don't really want
to see him anymore either." His eyes glistened and he turned away, "Don't
you understand that the motherfucker sold me to support his queer life
style? He parties all night, and sleeps all day, Mom didn't say, but
probably with a new guy or guys because of his dick all the time. He could
have refused the money and insisted on his visitation rights, he could have
gotten a job and worked for a living like every other divorced father, but
the fucker sold me just like I was this fucking roast." He slammed the oven
door closed, the interior light went off and the roast disappeared in
darkness, "There I am, filed and forgotten until payday."

Dooby wrapped Cory in his arms and whispered in his hair, "Okay, well then
we'll just try to forget the motherfucker exists. If he comes around after
Gramps pays him off, I think Gramps can be one mean motherfucker himself if
he's crossed. Let him handle it if it happens." He reached to the oven and
turned on the light manually. He giggled, "There you are back again, you
big bad beautiful roast you. Come on lets go. Someone's going to have to
turn this down in twenty minutes," he frowned at the pool just in time to
see the over loaded raft capsize. "OOPS! I hope they were finished."

Dooby kept his arm over Cory's shoulders while they jointly issued
instructions on tending the roast to the guys in the pool. In the garage,
Dooby steered Cory to the Vet's passenger door and looked at Tom hopefully,
"If we take this, maybe we can practice on Gramps' driveway. I'm tired of
parking lots, its time for some serious hill climbing. Okay?"

Tom rolled his eyes in mock horror before he nodded, "At least I haven't
eaten yet. One of you can drive up and the other down." He looked up, "Lord
help me," he begged the ceiling.

"Home sweet home," Dooby sang and blew the horn as he stopped the Vet
opposite the imposing front entrance of Charlie's home, "I could get used
to living here in a heart beat!"

Tom thumped his chest after Cory abandoned his lap to run at the open front
door, "I'll be happy just to get mine going again."

Dooby giggled while he watched Cory throw himself at his mother and hug her
tightly before he gave Charlie equal time. Charlie held his arms out
hesitantly until Cory greeted him, "HI DAD!" Charlie's arms locked around
his future son. "Boy that sounds good! Congratulations, when are we getting
married?" Before anyone answered him he cocked his head to look at his
mother. She was wearing a large tee shirt. A very brief bikini underneath
it was clearly visible. "Wow Mom, look at you, nice body for an old
girl. Hey that shirt looks familiar, I've got one just like it, or had one
just like it. Where'd you get that sexy bikini you're hiding? Where are we
going on our honeymoon?"

Charlie eyed his wife to be and nodded, "Your mother does have excellent
taste in clothing but she's way too modest. As for getting married, soon,
your mom is picking a date, and as far as the honeymoon, she and I are
going to check out some islands in the Mediterranean, while you my son will
stay home and work, you just started a new job remember, and you don't have
any vacation time, yet." He began to reminisce about when he was their age,
having to walk the traditional two miles to school in all kinds of weather
and then rushing to his first part-time job as a grocery stock clerk while
they walked inside.

Laura put her arm over Charlie's shoulders and he surrounded her
waist. Dooby moved to Cory's side and imitated them unconsciously with his
arm over Cory's shoulders. Both laughed silently and rolled their eyes
listening to the classic litany of hardships until they stood in the two
story entry hall at the foot of the wide staircase to the second floor. Tom
followed the two couples silently wearing a constant grin on his face.

Dooby pointed up, "Is our bedroom upstairs?" He asked with a giggle, "I
think we should check out the accommodations before we agree to get
ourselves adopted don't you Sprout?"

Charlie laughed and started Laura up the stairs, "That's right; I forgot
this was a package deal, I'm getting two sons."

"Nope," Dooby corrected, "one son and one son-in-law. I've got two parents
already; you guys are going to be the auxiliaries, kind of like Uncle Tommy
when we're staying at his house."

Laura and Charlie turned together to look at Cory and Dooby. Both were
struck by how much they looked like a couple; how comfortable they appeared
to be walking along touching each other, looking around together,
interested in the same things. One would point at something and the other
would nod wordlessly in agreement with the unspoken comment. Charlie pushed
open double doors opposite the head of the stairs. "I think you two might
be comfortable in here. This is the master bedroom, a suite really, lots of
room. I had it remodeled after my wife passed, but there were still too
many ghosts, too many memories, so I moved." He hugged Laura tighter, "I
guess we like the rooms we have now after they get them spruced up a bit
while we're away," he looked at Laura and cringed mockingly.

Laura laughed and patted Charlie's shoulder, "You did them beautifully for
a man," she looked around the suite's sitting room, "but they're just like
this, all dark wood and leather and very comfortable for a man, or men."
She looked at her son and Dooby standing by the big leaded casement windows
checking the spectacular view since the mansion was built on the top of one
of the highest hills in the county. "Cory's bedroom and his study room are
similar to this. You'll be happy living here won't you darling?"

"Oh yeah, this is just like home only bigger." Cory bubbled his enthusiasm,
"You like it Dooby?"

Dooby scowled before he grinned, "I guess so but where did you hide the bed
Gramps? Rich people do sleep in beds don't they, and this is a bedroom
isn't it?"

Cory elbowed Dooby, "Man you got a one track mind. This is a suite," he
looked questioningly at another pair of doors, "Through there I'll bet,
come on let's look before you start complaining."

"You're the one with the one track mind; beds are for sleeping too you
know." Dooby protested feebly.

"I'll just remind you of that the next time we're in one." Cory whispered
too loudly while he opened the door.

Dooby pushed the door closed on his giggling response. Tom scooted to the
door and opened it again, "Oh no you don't, remember the roast in the
oven," he reminded them. Then, "I knew it," he said and stepped back so
Laura and Charlie could see into the bedroom. Dooby and Cory sat up in the
middle of the massive four poster bed quickly and began bouncing their
butts innocently.

"Just testing Uncle Tommy, geese what a grouch," Dooby declared with a red
face before he pushed Cory off, then followed him into the dressing room
and the bathroom beyond that so that their laughter echoed back.

Tom blushed and shrugged, "Rabbits, a pair of rabbits. I hope this place is
sound proof."

Charlie laughed, "It doesn't matter, we're at the end of the hall and no
servants live here. We won't hear them ah, sleeping and they won't hear us
ah, sleeping either."

Charlie winced when Laura elbowed him in the ribs, "Speaking of rabbits
darling, I think all men are if they're properly motivated. In your case,
the sight of a bed is all it takes, but that's just one of the reasons I
love you."

Dooby and Cory found everyone sitting on the sofa when they returned from
their tour. Charlie pointed to opposite chairs. The boys settled into one
after they discovered that either was wide enough. "Okay, now I've been
thinking about our cooking show. We don't have a problem all summer with
you two living here or at Tom's, but how are you going to manage one a week
after school starts in the fall?"

Dooby shrugged, "Just bust ass every weekend I guess."

Tom agreed and added, "We'll go into the school year with at least four
weeks of shows finished and hopefully maintain that cushion. I don't know
how else to do it."

"I didn't either until recently. Dooby lives what, twenty-five miles away
and you two attend different high schools. School five days a week, Dooby
traveling back and forth and then everyone as you say, busting ass all
weekend. That would be like working seven days a week and that would get
old fast. I suggest that you both attend the same school close by you could
live here or board at the school, although I only mention boarding in
passing. That would put a kink in your lifestyle. Living here would be
ideal, there's no need for pretense or secrets."

"You mean a private school?" Cory asked, "There's only one close by and the
dudes that go there all think that their," Cory grinned at Dooby, "crap
doesn't stink, it's so exclusive." He looked at his mother and Tom, "You've
seen them around town," he put his head back and crossed his eyes so he
looked down his nose at them. "The Blair Academy assholes can kiss my ass,
and we'd never be accepted anyway."

Dooby nodded, "If you don't like them, they can kiss mine too."

Charlie laughed and opened a folder he'd been carrying since the boys
arrived. He offered them a thick booklet. Tom grinned when he saw the
cover, "Hey I printed that, those cost about ten dollars each after they
got done with all the changes they wanted, but it turned out well if I do
say so myself. Check it out guys, they offer every sport including Lacrosse
and even hockey. They've even got their own ice rink on campus."

"Hockey, man I wouldn't mind trying out for that. I wonder if Christian can
skate. I'll bet he can, we'll have to ask. Hey, what about Christian, if we
go here, he has to transfer too."

Charlie shrugged, "Going there with you would eliminate a lot of travel
time for him, plus he could help out by driving you two birds back and
forth," he reasoned.

The boys skipped the academics section in the front of the book and read
each page where individual sports were listed with team pictures and the
trophies acquired the previous school year. They carefully scrutinized each
photo of individual athletes, and looked at each other with approving
smiles frequently before Cory turned the page. Tom recognized the looks,
"Hey that is not a catalog of preppy studs guys," he groused at them
although he spent some extra time in his office double checking the galley
proofs himself, particularly the swim team but he was not about to tell
them that. Cory blushed and Dooby's grin widened in response to his

Cory found the listing of school clubs and scanned it quickly, "They've got
a computer club and a chess club, and hey look at this they've even got an
investment club. I'd like to join those,"

Dooby made a face, "How can you be a jock and a nerd at the same time?"

"Don't give me that, you are too, you look like a jock but you're really
kind of nerdy, meaning you hide the fact that you get good grades and go
out of your way to look like a stupid jock. I look like a nerd and I guess
I am, but if I was taller I'd be a top jock too. It is possible to mix the
two you know." Dooby immediately got Cory in a head lock and was about to
pull him to the floor so they had room to wrestle.

Charlie was on his feet in a flash and instantly separated them by pulling
on their opposite ears, "You two will settle down until we finish this
discussion, is that clear?" He asked in a quiet voice, giving Dooby's an
extra twist until he let Cory's neck go free.

Dooby rubbed his ear, "Damn Gramps, I thought we were done. We'd both go to
Blair if we could get in but we can't. Those dudes in that book all look
like they're old money and if we had any, which we don't, it would be new
money, so you'll have to think up something else."

Charlie resumed his seat and got a hug from Laura, "You handled that just
like an experienced father my dear," she congratulated him.

"Thank you darling, I'll learn as we go I guess. Now back to Blair. Those
dudes as you call them are not from old money despite appearances. They're
all dressed alike in blazers and school ties but you can't tell who paid
for the clothes. That school has been accepting students whose father's are
still actively earning their wealth because recent generations of old
families have pissed their fortunes away." Charlie grinned, "I think they
call it living in genteel poverty. The old money more often than not is
only there because of quiet scholarships."

"How do you know all this Charlie?" Tom wanted to know.

"Remember Carl the investment banker? He's both an alumnus and a trustee
and I happen to know that he supports the scholarship fund there heavily,
just so the grandsons of old friends can list Blair on their college
applications. He hit me up for a contribution during our game. In fact he
gave me the idea of sending you two dudes there, I made a contribution
large enough to make even old Carl blink, so filling out the entrance
applications is just a formality." He gave them all a satisfied grin, "And
you won't be going on any scholarship so you can hold your heads as high as
the rest of the new money attending, BUT, don't you dare to breathe a word
about this to anyone unless you don't mind walking around with one ear," he
warned them with a shaking index finger.

Dooby reached for his cell phone and speed dialed, "Hi it's me. Tell me you
turned the roast down like you were supposed to." He grinned with Cory
after he nodded. "Hold on a sec. Hey if you two don't have plans for
dinner, how about coming over to eat with us?" He asked Charlie and
Laura. He giggled when they hesitated, "Come on, you paid for the food, so
you may as well help eat some of it." After they agreed, Dooby warned
whoever he was talking to that they were having company and everyone needed
to be dressed. He giggled and rolled his eyes, "My in laws that's who, DUH,
Charlie and Laura, you know, like Cory's parents?" He dropped his phone in
his pocket, "In this extended family, if you snooze you lose. Rob didn't
know we were getting adopted," he explained to Cory.

"Did you get around to hiring him?" Charlie asked Tom. "I thought you might
which was the reason I didn't last night."

Dooby and Cory burst out laughing, Tom looked uncomfortable when he
answered, "Yeah I did, and I hired Kevin too. He suggested putting Team
Spelling jerseys and shirts on your whole company and we're going to start
every segment with a shopping trip, very brief, to a store. Is that all

Charlie frowned in thought, "Good idea about the shirts, do it. As for
Kevin, I'll be sorry to lose him. He would have been a full manager in a
year, then move up to corporate in another year or so, but I imagine he'll
do just as well with you. Fair warning though, don't try and steal any of
my older people, without asking first anyway," he met Tom's eyes with a
strange look, "that would be like stealing from yourself," he added
cryptically with a wink.

Laura joined them after changing clothes and Tom didn't get around to
asking what Charlie meant by the comment when Cory started teasing his
mother. "Damn Mom, no wonder you took so long, you didn't have to take the
time for a full overhaul, makeup even," he grinned and studied his mother's
chest, "and in all that time, you still forgot to put on a bra."

Laura swung at him and missed, "You are an infuriating little brat
sometimes." She eyed his shorts and grinned, "I'll start wearing a bra when
you start wearing underwear, those old shorts are way too tight, they leave
nothing to the imagination, so there." She grinned when Cory looked down,
"Of course to anyone who didn't know you, you look like someone who just
stole a pepperoni and was trying to hide it."

Dooby fell to his knees laughing and pointing, "You forgot the oranges!" He
gasped when he could.

Cory gave Dooby the finger and grinned, "At least it doesn't look like I've
been in some industrial accident, how does it feel to be so under hung or
did you just have an operation to begin the big switch?" He got in the
Vet's driver's seat and closed the door on Dooby's advance to make the
fight physical.

Charlie stepped in and got his hand on the back of Dooby's neck. He
squeezed until Dooby winced, then steered him toward the Navigator, "You
will ride with us son-in-law so we can get to know you better."

"Ah Gramps," Dooby complained, "We were just ragging each other, you know,
having some fun."

Charlie guided him to the back door, "You can have fun with yourself in
this big back seat," he laughed and slammed the door on Dooby's protests
and explanations.

Everyone left Tom at the same time after a leisurely dinner and a
protracted leave taking between him and Christian and Cory and Dooby behind
closed doors. Cory went with his mother and new father to
Charlie's. Christian and Dooby headed to their homes with the Blair Academy
admissions booklet. They planned to do a team sell on both sets of parents
starting with the Dunn's and didn't anticipate any real objections since
Charlie was planning to pay the tuition for them all. Kevin and Rob drove
off to celebrate their job changes. Charlie released Kevin from giving two
weeks' notice and Rob planned to give Bally's just one week. Kevin was
going to meet Tom at noon for lunch, and then they were going to start
equipping the office.

Tom had planned to wait until after the sale closed, until Charlie gave him
the key ring and explained the mysteries of real estate closings. The deal
was between them, there was no outside lender. A title search was done when
Charlie bought the property and there were no liens or judgments since,
which eliminated the need for a title search or even title insurance so the
transfer of ownership could be accomplished anytime with a few
signatures. Charlie suggested the next day, a Monday after swimming
lessons, but Tom wanted Christian to be present to watch since he couldn't
sign yet, to reinsure his belief that he was going to be a full partner on
his eighteenth birthday. Tom fixed himself a nightcap, turned off all the
lights in the house and around the pool and then turned on all the jets in
the spa. He sank to his neck and reviewed the events of the day and planned
a schedule for the next.

Tom greeted Charlie at the door with a steaming cup of coffee. The smell of
cooked bacon was pervasive. He'd already finished doing his morning laps in
the pool and waited to pull on an old tank suit until he heard Charlie's
truck on the driveway. Charlie looked around the house, everything was neat
and tidy. It did not look like a home where six young guys just spent the

"Damn son, when did you get up this morning?" Charlie asked as he sat down
at the breakfast table set for two.

"Late today, not until four, when I wake up, I get up because I can never
get back to sleep. My mind turns on and I start thinking about things I
need to do. I usually make coffee and work for awhile, get my laps in now
that the pools' finished, have breakfast and get to the office by
seven. This morning the house needed some attention and there was a lot of
laundry, sheets and towels." Tom sighed, "This morning it was house work."

Charlie eyed his breakfast, "Won't I get cramps if I eat all this before
going in the pool?"

Tom shrugged, "I'm not sure that's not an old wives tale, I've never heard
of it actually happening because of food. We'll be in the shallow end so if
you get a cramp, just stand up."

Charlie was satisfied, "That's good because I'm hungry. I get up early too
and I like to work when it's quiet. Now that my lovely Laura is with me
I've been going down to the library so I won't disturb her," he grinned,
"until I can't stand thinking about her up there in bed by herself, then I
disturb her and she's always willing, no headaches so far. She makes me
feel like a new man, fantastic! What a way to start the day!"

"Does she know you're here learning to swim?" Tom asked with a chuckle.

"Nope, not swim, I told her I was meeting with you early for breakfast; she
didn't ask why so I didn't have to fib. I want to surprise her by just
jumping in that damn pool and swimming." He offered Tom a laughing leer,
"For which I hope to be rewarded appropriately for all the hard work."

When Charlie pulled off his shirt, Tom was surprised to see that Charlie
had the physique of a man of forty not someone into his seventies. "Wow
Charlie, do you work out? Super body and I'm not just saying that to stroke

"Thanks Tommy, what you see is the result of using what must be about
seventy-five thousand dollars worth of equipment in my gym. That's another
thing I always make time for in the morning come hell or high water. When I
was a kid, there were a lot of magazine ads selling barbells. There was
always a cartoon of some muscle bound asshole kicking sand in a
ninety-eight pound weakling's face. I was that weakling, or thought I
was. Fourteen-ninety-five plus postage and satisfaction guaranteed. That
was a lot of money in those days, but I was so sensitive about my height, I
sent for a set. It took me two hours to lug those hundred pounds of cast
iron home from the post office. I set up in our barn and I read the workout
program until I knew it by heart. Then every morning before school I
followed it. I was already used to lugging heavy boxes of canned goods
after school so I got me a double workout without realizing it. I didn't
get taller and I never got muscle bound, just leaner and harder and more
confident that I could handle myself. I never walked away from a fight, but
I never started none either and them that thought they could pick on me got
more than they bargained for. If nothing else I got respect after a few
scraps I couldn't avoid." Charlie looked Tom up and down and stopped at his
Speedo, "Do you think I'd look okay in one of them little suits? I know
them European dudes wear them at the beach," he laughed and quoted; "'when
in Rome' as they say." Then laughed, "Dude, the boys have me talking like
they do."

"Just wait until they live with you for a week. Come on, I've got lots of
these, you can try one on." In the walk in closet, Tom pulled open a drawer
revealing a kaleidoscope of color. "Here pick out one you like and try it
on. Charlie grabbed at random. Tom walked back into the bedroom so Charlie
could change in privacy, but Charlie followed him and changed suits
standing by the bed. After a couple of tries at pulling the little suit up
to his normal waist line, he gave up to look at himself in the bathroom
mirrors across the room.

"Damn, not too bad for an old geezer. What do you think Tommy? Remember no
one's going to know me where we're going."

Tom looked at the mirrors and whistled his appreciation, "You look great
Charlie, and even better once that sunburn changes to tan." Tom was
referring to red belts around Charlie's waist and thighs, the obvious
result of skinny dipping with Laura over the weekend. "Does that hurt? You
need to be really careful of burning your, ah, you know what, it could
spoil your love life for a few days."

Charlie giggled, "Nope, not much, it's just red and my butt is warm. My
Laura kept getting out of the pool to slather suntan oil on me everywhere."
His face turned as red as his sunburn, "In all my life I never before got
so bold as to actually do it out in the open in broad daylight! That alone
is almost reason to never learn to swim. Did you ever," he started to ask
the obvious then thought better of it, "never mind answering that, I
imagine you have."

Tom laughed and nodded, "Yeah, and that's just another reason for you to
learn to swim. It's fun to do it in the pool too, preferably without
drowning. Do you have a spa?" He asked suddenly.

Charlie grinned when he realized what Tom was implying, a possible
additional therapeutic use, "Nope, I don't know why not but that's
correctable. I'll get us a portable while I get someone to get one dug in
the ground." He looked down, "Can I wear this today?"

"Sure, you can keep it."

"Thanks Tommy, I'll replace it. Come on, times' wasting." Charlie ran ahead
and jumped into the pool without regard to the depth. He chose the shortest
route and sank in six feet of water. Tom dove and nudged him a few feet
until he could stand. He coughed and sputtered, "Thanks again Tommy, I
guess that was the first lesson; look before you leap."

Tom laughed, "You get points for being fearless anyway, at least until you

Charlie knuckled the water from his eyes, "You know a secret, why I think I
never learned? I hate getting water in my eyes. I can't put drops in my own
eyes and it takes three people to hold me down just to get through an eye
exam, once I see them coming with that eye dropper. I know it's irrational,
but that's the way it is."

Tom giggled, "Shit Charlie that's easy." He vaulted out of the water and
ran to the collection of water toys piled on the deck. He picked two pairs
of goggles from the pile, and then dove in again to surface near
Charlie. "Here, I wear them all the time doing laps and always when I
raced. Everyone does because there are always too many chemicals in the
water. I'm blond but my hair still bleaches out lighter."

Charlie put on the goggles and laughed, "Will mine bleach out from white to
blond, do you think?" He sank below the surface and looked around. "Holy
shit, there goes that excuse! Okay, enough fooling around, teach me."

Three hours later, without intermissions, Tom had Charlie doing a modified
doggie paddle, almost a breast stroke. He touched the side of the pool and
imitated Tom's easy vault out. He grinned down on Tom, "Okay, now for the
acid test, you be ready to fish me out in case I get confused about which
way is up." He ran to the diving board, got a running start and jumped
hugging his knees. Tom watched him sink without struggling, and suddenly
unfold his body and stroke for the surface. Then he swam toward Tom without
being aware that Tom was walking backward until his back touched the
shallow end wall. Charlie stood up puffing and giggling his pleasure. "Man
what a trip as Dooby says; what a trip!" He looked at his watch, "We better
call it a day, we really do need to meet these guys; I don't want to piss
them off, just worry them some. I brought clothes to change here if that's
all right."

"Sure, I thought you would, you can use my bathroom to get showered."

"There's two heads in there, come on, we can dress and get to our meeting."
Charlie climbed the ladder and offered Tom his hand.

Tom frowned, "OUR meeting? You want me to go with you to this acquisition

"It's pretty simple really. Do you read the Wall Street Journal?"

"Nope, I guess maybe I should now that big things seem to be happening to
me so fast thanks to you, why?"

Charlie laughed, "I thought you might not, or if you did, you didn't think
you were qualified for the position, so you didn't apply. Last weekend I
started advertising for my replacement as CEO and President. I used a blind
box, really just an e-mail address but anyone who knows me and my company
could figure out who was advertising. I've worked hard all my life to build
a fairly large, successful and very profitable company. The day I first met
Cory, I wished he was my son, then the minute I met his mother I realized
how to make my wish come true and enjoy some of the fruits of all the work
with her." He sighed, "I was planning to retire, my wife, my helpmate got
sick. I promised her, we were going to travel, see the world, do stuff we
always dreamed of, talked about. Then she, well, after there was no reason
to retire I mean, until my darling Laura appeared. Six feet under and
pushing up daisies is not my idea of fun by the way. I'll stay on as
Chairman of the Board and I'll be around a lot at first until you get
comfortable with the position, but then you'll be pretty much on your own
except for major policy decisions."

Tom's mouth moved but only noises came out until he swallowed. By then they
were outside and Charlie was pulling a hanging suit bag from the back of
his truck. "What are you saying Charlie? Are you offering ME the job?" He
laughed nervously, "ME? I'm just a printer."

Charlie slapped Tom's bare back and pushed him back inside the house. "Yes
you are," he chortled, "and young, dynamic and a very organized one at
that." He looked around the great room, "Just look at this place, last
night it was a wreck. Now it's so neat and tidy, a stranger would never
guess that six young men, two of them hellions just spent the weekend
here. What time did you really get up this morning?" He didn't wait for Tom
to answer, "You cleaned your house, did the laundry, swam laps AND I'll bet
you did a day's work before you got breakfast ready for me at seven
o'clock. I call that organized and that's what management is all about,
make decisions and then act on them."

Tom turned on both showers and got under one. He used the bar of soap
absently. Charlie watched him silently with a smile fixed on his face. He
took a deep breath, "Thanks Charlie, but I just don't think I can do the
job. I've got too much on my plate already between the plant, the agency
and suddenly developing real estate, plus I don't know shit about

"Fuck groceries I've got a building full of grocers, and a pool of
experienced store managers chomping at the bit to move up. I'm more than
certain that there's someone at your printing plant who could run that for
you. Kevin's only got another year of college. He could manage the agency
for five years until Christian comes on line and by then, well you'd have
some sort of reorganization figured out among you." He stared at the
ceiling a moment, "Maybe create a parent like a management company, put
Kevin in there and let Christian run with the agency if he wants to. You'll
figure it out. You've got Rob to handle your books from the get go and
everyone will grow as the organization grows. Just hire someone to develop
the property; you'd have to do that anyway." He snapped his fingers, "If I
was doing it, I'd make that a separate arm, do your own building and
involve Dooby in that gradually just like Cory will be involved in growing
Spelling's as a public company. You know Dooby has a serious side to him
that he hides well. On the ride over here last night we actually talked,
well he talked; he dropped his act. He wants to be an architect and build
what he designs. I thought too that his thing with Cory was mostly sex but
it isn't, there's love there too. They really consider themselves to be
partners. He even had the balls to ask me for an advance so he could buy
rings. When I agreed he asked me if I'd take him shopping Tuesday afternoon
as soon as he and Christian get here, a secret mission."

"I wonder why he didn't ask me or Christian."

Charlie frowned, "Oops! He didn't because he's buying four rings, four
matching rings, two of them were supposed to be a surprise for you two, so
act surprised." Charlie laughed, "Last night on the way home, my son, boy I
just love those two words, my son asked me the same thing, including the
advance. Anyway, at least Christian will be surprised. Are you guys going
to have some kind of ceremony?"

Tom shrugged, "Not that I know about but maybe that's going to be part of
the surprise too." He watched Charlie open his garment bag and remove a
suit, starched shirt and tie and then underwear, a pair of socks and dress
shoes from the bottom.

Charlie started to dress and watched Tom disappear into his closet. When he
returned he was also wearing a suit and tightening a tie. Charlie rushed
him, shook his hand and when that didn't seem to be adequate, he hugged Tom
hard. "We didn't ever get around to discussing compensation!" Charlie

When Dooby and Christian arrived at the DuBois home and rushed into the
kitchen, the first person Dooby saw was his brother Arthur sitting at the
kitchen table with their parents. The second thing was a huge and
vulnerable Black Forest cake sitting in the middle of the table. Dooby
realized suddenly that he'd missed his older brother, and hadn't seen him
since he came home from the University of Miami for the holiday break at
Christmas. "Artie! Hey, welcome home man!" Dooby batted Artie's proffered
hand aside and hugged him impulsively when he stood up to greet his younger
brother, temporarily abandoning his half eaten slice of cake.

Artie and Dooby looked much alike and except for the obvious age
difference, Artie's more mature body, two inch height difference and his
wire rimmed glasses, they could be mistaken for twins. Artie blushed in
response to Dooby's bear hug and limited his greeting to a pat on the back
and a simple, "Hi, yourself," before he manually opened Dooby's arms and
resumed his seat to continue eating his cake, his personal favorite treat,
baked by their mother in honor of Artie's return for the summer.

"Hey Artie, this is Christian Dunn, my buddy," Dooby giggled, "and I guess
you could even say my boss or one of them. Uncle Tommy's my other one."
Dooby took his seat at the table and pulled out the vacant chair at his
side for Christian after Christian and Artie shook hands. "Did Mom or Dad
tell you I'm gay?" He asked without preamble and then thumped Christian's
shoulder, "Check that, we're gay." He ignored Artie's shocked look and
renewed blush and turned to his mother, "Guess what Mom, I cooked dinner
tonight, a whole rib roast; twelve pounds of beautiful rare beef. Of course
Cory helped, more than helped, I get distracted. Prime rib is on sale next
week so we practiced. Charlie and Laura came over, they're engaged and
Gramps is going to adopt Cory so he'll be Cory Spelling." He turned his
head back to Artie, "Uncle Tommy and Christian started an advertising
business and just do work for Gramps to start with. I'm going to be on
television every week cooking something that's on sale. Can you believe
that I can cook? That's pretty far out I know, but I can. This week,
Tuesday, as soon as we get there, we, that would be Cory and I, he's my
partner on the show and real partner for life the rest of the time from now
on by the way; we're baking Mom's brownies and Gramps is selling exactly
the same recipe in all his bakeries starting Thursday." He cocked his head,
grinned and hoisted an eyebrow at his brother. Artie held his fork half way
to his mouth; he looked paralyzed, "Are you waiting for that bite of cake
to get stale? You better eat up man, Mom baked this cake for you, but it's
my second best favorite, so if you snooze you lose around here." He
accepted his generous slice after Betty served Christian, and started
eating hungrily. Between the first and second mouthful he nudged Christian,
"Show them the preppy book. I have more news; Christian, Sprout and I are
transferring to this school in the fall if it's all right with you
guys. Christian's parents said he could. Gramps is paying the tab. He
wouldn't even tell us how much, but you can bet it's a bundle. It's a very
high class school," he giggled, "or it is until we get there. Gramps wants
us to be closer to the action, so we can work on the ads and shows without
running back and forth like idiots trying to meet deadlines and stuff. I'll
be living with Gramps and Laura and of course Sprout in Gramps'
mansion. Man you have got to see that house, there's even a bowling ally in
the basement and you should see his gym, we can work out there whenever we
want. We'll give you a tour Sunday. Christian will be living at Uncle
Tommy's since they're partners too." Dooby looked around the room after
swallowing, "Hey where's Jennifer? I want to hear all about her date with
Lane. Lane's invited to the big cookout we're having next Sunday. Of course
you all are invited too. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TALK TO ME?" He shouted and
without a pause in his lengthy disjointed monolog he looked at his brother
again and grinned, "Man what a beautiful tan you've got already this
year. You must have gotten your nose out of your books long enough to get
to the beach this winter, too bad I'll be going to Harvard with Cory. We'll
have to get really dark this summer to make it last until spring or maybe
get a tanning bed. I'll do that; I'll buy one as a gift for Cory. I can
afford to you know, you wouldn't believe me if I told you how much we're
getting paid to do the show and its not even work, it's fun."

"South Beach," Artie said in a quiet voice.

Dooby and Christian looked at each other in surprise, "HUH?" They said

"You've heard of South Beach, I can tell by your reaction, that's where I
got my tan."

Dooby grinned, "Do you mean what I think you mean? Sonofabitch, all this
time in the same room, DUH, but I was younger then."

"Exactly what is so special about South Beach?" John DuBois broke his
silence since somehow his oldest son shocked his younger one into silence,
"I've never heard of it."

Dooby and Christian both looked at Artie, waiting for him to explain the
facts or just makeup a story. He chose the former and looked his father
straight in the eyes, "Nothing really, its part of Miami Beach. Lots of
people go there, but we gays outnumber straights there that's all."

"JESUS H. CHRIST! Both of you, shit, there goes my chances of seeing
grandchildren from either of you. Jennifer better get busy," he thought
about what he said. He looked up, "Oh God, make believe you didn't hear
that, she already is," he moaned.

"Busy doing what?" Jennifer asked from the doorway, tall lean Lane looked
over her head. Both dripped water from skin mostly, very little from very
brief bathing suits. Lane was still wearing Dooby's, a generous gift from
Jennifer. Lane was busy dobbing at her back with a towel until she walked
to the table leaving him alone.

Dooby and Christian eyed Lane's body. Dooby frowned, "Hey, is that my
Speedo?" Lane looked down and quickly wrapped the towel around his waist
while he looked to Jennifer to give her brother an explanation. Dooby
grinned, "Busy making babies. Artie just announced that he's gay too, so
you're it for making grandchildren for Dad. Are you?"

Jennifer stomped her foot and put her fists on her hips, "We most
definitely are not!" She declared emphatically with a frown at her father,
then a loving glance back at Lane, "We're being so really careful."
Jennifer repeated her argument to her mother the previous evening, "If you
can enjoy sex whenever you want, I can too! It's only fair after all!"

"Fair!" John exploded, "Just because your mother bought that fair crap,
don't try it on me. If I had known what you two were up to yesterday, one
of you would have his leg in a cast." He looked at Lane pointedly, "And I
don't mean the two you use for walking." Lane wilted back into the
shadows. John got to his feet, brought another chair to the table, placed
it near his, then pulled Lane by his arm and pushed him into it. He got a
glass from the cabinet, filled it with milk, handed it to Lane and asked
his wife to cut a piece of cake. "There, eat up, you'll need all your
strength when you start working for me Wednesday won't you my future

"Daddy, you don't need to be so intimidating, I mean really, it wasn't his
fault. Lane couldn't help it, I made him." Jennifer stood at Lane's side,
patted his back and leaned into his shoulder with the side of her hip. Lane
felt his flesh starting to burn wherever she touched him. He looked up at
her adoringly, helplessly.

John studied the looks the young couple exchanged, "Shit, I need a beer or
three. Okay I give up." He offered his hand to Lane and smiled, "Welcome to
the family." Lane shook hands cautiously. "Just don't plan on any extended
trips out of the neighborhood anytime soon," he warned holding his smile,
"and we'll get along."

"Yes Sir," Lane squeaked and picked up his fork.

Dooby burst into giggles, "Glad to see being scared shitless doesn't affect
your appetite." He laughed harder when Lane choked in response.

Christian collected the last crumbs from his plate and sighed, "Say Betty,
could you write up this recipe? It will fit in great with Oktoberfest;
Momma DuBois Black Forest Cake," he intoned. This one will be a boomer in
the bakeries. Maybe you could bake one for the cookout Sunday? Charlie will
love this."

While Christian and Betty talked, Lane looked across the table at Dooby,
"Too?" He asked just above a whisper, "Are you gay too Dooby?"

Dooby shrugged, "Yup I guess you could say that." He leaned his forearm on
Christian's shoulder and started tickling his neck. Christian and the
others were used to Dooby's hassling playfulness. Christian ignored him
except to absently grab Dooby's hand, hold it and continue talking while he
pulled the annoying hand down under the table. Dooby crossed his eyes

Christian glanced at him and grinned, "If you like pain, keep it up and
you'll be the one wearing a cast," he warned playfully, barely pausing his
conversation with Betty.

"You'll meet the rest of the gang Sunday." Dooby promised in an exhale when
Christian released his hold. "Brother-in-law," he tested the words out
loud, "I like the sound of that, BUT," he qualified his statement, "That
better not happen anytime soon or you won't need a cast, you'll need
stitches if you can find it."

"DOOBY!" Jennifer was both outraged at the threat and pleased that her
brother was proving to be so protective.

John thumped Dooby on the back, "Hey son, I liked that."

Lane pointedly looked down and closed his legs, "I didn't," he moaned and
continued to eat while he looked back and forth between Dooby, Christian
and Jennifer sitting at his side.


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