Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


Part 12

"We thought we could fly in here make the presentation, get a commitment
and be on a flight back to L.A. this morning, so we didn't pack much." Ryan
explained to the boys when they returned to the pool deck after raiding
Tom's drawer full of Speedo racing suits. He looked down his body, "Thanks
for the suit; I'll replace it as soon as I get a chance."

"It's too bad we have to even wear them but you know, with the old folks
around and all." Dooby swung his arm out to encompass everyone, "If we ever
get out to California we'll have to go to that nude beach you mentioned. It
would be so cool to surf naked."

"Shit Doob' we'll have to learn how first," Cory reminded him. "Maybe some
weekend we can go to the beach and learn the basics so we don't look like
total assholes when we get to Florida on vacation."

Ryan giggled, "I hate to burst your bubble but you won't see many nude
surfers in California, not for long anyway. The water's too cold. Think
wetsuits. I keep my tan by going up to the roof of my apartment building,
to a sundeck."

Auggie's eyes rolled over the three while they stood near him taking pulls
from their beers before they got in the pool. They settled on Ryan, his new
employee. He was pleased to see that a toned and darkly tanned body was
hidden under the newly purchased casual clothes. He made a decision, he
would make Ryan an offer, he laughed inwardly thinking of the Godfather
movie, that the young man couldn't possibly refuse, but business first, the
offer would wait until they got back to Georgia, "What number?" he asked

Dooby and Cory looked blank, but Ryan laughed and glanced at Charlie,
"That's another thing, the hotshots thought we could steal the show, you
know, an infomercial produced by a regional grocery chain," he told them
the maximum number, the upper limit they were allowed to offer. "As soon as
we got here and found out you were here personally and we were in for a
bidding war, I knew it was all over." He had to raise his voice as Dooby
and Cory's laughter increased.

"Shit, Cory and I are starting our new contract negotiations there. Do your
bosses think everyone's an idiot but them?"

Charlie clutched his chest and rolled his eyes overly dramatically, "Better
to die now while I still have a few dollars in the bank." He gulped his
drink. "I think I need another. Come on Auggie let's move into some decent
shade AND closer to the bar. I'll introduce you around."

Tom walked into the house carrying an empty salt shaker. He froze inside
the great room door. His mother was equally motionless, holding her big pan
of baked beans. She was standing in front of the four grouped
paintings. Tom looked around quickly, there was no one else inside at the
moment. He sighed, took a deep breath and walked up behind her. "Hi Mom,
welcome home, pretty good aren't they, he even makes me look good."

Bernice tipped her head to the side to accept Tom's kiss on her cheek
automatically. "They are beautiful," she agreed. She nodded at one, "I
recognize Dooby of course, and ah, so lifelike," her head tipped down to
Cory directly below her nephew, "is that the little boy who's always in the
road on his bike?" She didn't wait for an answer before shifting her gaze
to Christian, "Oh my, it's a good thing he wasn't around before I met your
father. Who is HE?"

"Christian Dunn, he's the artist, that's a self-portrait he did for me
under protest. That one's my favorite," Tom said quietly, almost
reverently. He took an audible breath, "Mom," he started to blurt out the
truth too loudly.

His mother cut him off, "I know dear, I knew first. Your father never
believed it. Not you. I had hoped that when you took up a relationship with
that girl," Bernice brushed the carpet with her foot, "Right about here, so
many summer evening trysts right here. It's a wonder that you two didn't
wear out the grass." She smiled with a little hope, "Are you one of those
who can DO both?"

"DO?" Tom squeaked.

"Yes DO. You don't need to looked so surprised darling, I read and I'm
somewhat familiar with modern slang terms like mess around, DO, things like
that. Now back to my original question, do you still mess around with
girls, or is this young man your one and only?" Tom lifted his hand and
spread his fingers so his mother could see the gold band. "Oh my, I've been
away too long I missed the ceremony," she looked hurt, "But of course I
wasn't invited was I."

"We didn't have anything like that Mom; we just kind of put them on each,"

Tom was interrupted when Christian stuck his head in the door looking for
him in the kitchen, "What's the hold up with the salt Tommy?" A movement
when Tom and his mother turned together caught his eye, "Oh, I, that is, I
didn't know," he began to back away.

"Come in young man," Bernice invited. "Here Tommy do something with these
beans please. Be careful, they're hot and this time, remember I want both
my pan and the potholders back." She stayed where she was and offered her
hand and a smile to Christian across the room. It was like a magnet. He
blinked and looked down to find his hand shaking hers. He met her eyes
briefly before he began to study the floor between them. "I was just
admiring your work," she told him with a smile, "you have incredible
talent. Perhaps you could do a sketch of Tommy sometime for me or better
yet one of you two together," she frowned slightly, "but perhaps ah,
clothed?" she looked hopeful.

"Ah, sure Mrs. Patterson, right away, and thanks." Christian smiled,
relieved that he was going to be allowed to live, and there wasn't going to
be a screaming match or a scene.

"Call me Bernie, or when you feel comfortable and we become friends, Mom
would be nice too."

Tom looked helpless holding his mother's pan; he pushed at one of the flat
cardboard boxes leaning against the wall below the paintings with his bare
foot. "Here Mom, one of these is for you. I made prints, Christian signed
them and I had them framed, all four of them." He rocked his head back and
giggled, "God these things stink. I'll put them on the buffet outside so
they don't stink up our whole house. Come on Mom, meet Christian's parents,
and Aunt Betty and Uncle John are here too. You already know Laura Connor I
think, sort of, she's Cory's mother. She and Charlie Spelling are engaged
to be married and Charlie's adopting Cory. And did you hear that Charlie
made me President and CEO of Spelling's? And Christian and I are partners
in an advertising agency. We need to decide who to promote to general
manager at the plant and do it so there aren't any hard feelings. Maybe we
should just restructure somehow and put in profit sharing so the old timers
end up making as much as George, he's only been with us three years but
he's been running things when I'm not there. What do you think Mom?" Tom
was running on adrenalin, words were pouring out of his mouth. They had
just reached the terrace when the front door bells chimed.

Christian discovered that he was clutching the empty salt shaker, "I'll get
it since we still need the salt." He grinned, winked at Tom and ran across
the house to pull open the door wearing a huge smile. He took a step back
and his smile disappeared when he was confronted with a couple, the man
looked murderous and he also filled the doorway. The woman, who held the
man's arm, was diminutive in comparison, yet she seemed to be holding the
giant in place.

Christian saw the man's hands take on the shape of fists. "Are you the
one?" the man asked and tried to take a step forward while his eyes bored
into Christian's tiny bathing suit.

The small woman yanked the giant back; she smiled tiredly, "We're the
Martinelli's, Robert's parents, Mary and Angelo. We're sorry we're late, my
husband took some wrong turns somehow and we were on the Interstate on our
way to Pennsylvania before I noticed." Mrs. Martinelli looked up at her
husband with a withering frown of disgust.

Christian looked blank for a second, then "Oh yeah! Rob's parents, come on
in, we're glad you could come on such short notice. I'm Christian Dunn," he
hastened to add and wondered what would have happen if Kevin opened the
door, "this way, everyone's out by the pool. You aren't late really. The
boys are just finishing up the last segment of the show.

Rob and Kevin were standing at the back of the small audience watching
Dooby and Cory. Rob looked to the side and turned gray. The Martinelli's,
father and son stared at each other. Rob moved to stand in front of Kevin
to block his father's view. Christian caught his father's eye and motioned
toward the newly arrived couple. Quinn touched John DuBois' arm to get his
attention. John looked back and smiled brightly, "Sonofabitch," he
whispered, "that's Angelo Martinelli, he's the best stone mason I ever
saw. He does all of my stone work." The surprise was mutual and Angelo
Martinelli managed a smile when he and John shook hands.

John introduced Quinn and the three moved to the bar table after Rob's
mother seemed to release her husband into John and Quinn's custody with an
admonition, "Now you just behave yourself and don't you even think a
threatening look at the handsome young man Robby's hiding behind his back
OR ELSE. I'm going to say hello to our son and meet his friend at last."

John held in his giggle until their backs were turned, "Relax Angelo, shit
happens, it can't be stopped. Take me for instance, he pointed at Dooby,
"That's my youngest son, and the little guy next to him is his life
partner, his significant other. See the rings on their fingers? Don't
wince, I know they're too young, but try and tell them that. They've got
their futures all planned through college anyway, Harvard yet. Dooby's
going to study architecture and when he graduates he's joining me in the
business and we're going to build what he designs. Cory, that's his buddy,
got him motivated and that little shit is probably going to end up running
his new father's business which would be Spelling's Supermarkets. Not too
shabby if I say so myself; so as of this minute both of them have the world
by the tail."

"Yeah I guess," Angelo admitted grudgingly, "If they stay together."

"Yeah if, that's a chance we all take. Now just look at the kid with the
camera, the bigger one, the blond, just look at what he's wearing as a
bathing suit, that thing screams queer and he just announced that he is
too. Would you believe he's my first born?"

Angelo recoiled at the sight of Artie wearing a day-glow pink thong, "I
don't believe I'd like the feel of that strap running up the crack of my
ass." He looked at his wife, their son and his son's friend talking and
smiling together. Rob was still screening Kevin with his body so Kevin was
talking over Rob's shoulder. "My kid and his buddy aren't dressed much
better; they all may as well go naked."

Quinn laughed, "If we weren't here they would be." He pointed at Christian,
"He's mine, you already met him. His partner Tom, the guy he's standing by
owns this house and your boy and his friend both work for them part-time."

"I did hear something about that," Angelo said grudgingly with a look at
his wife who was just then pushing her giant son Rob to the side so she
could see more of Kevin, "an advertising agency, right? What's Rob doin'
with them anyway, he's goin' to be an accountant," he announced with
pride. "He better not be starrin' in queer movies or nothin' like that."

Charlie overheard the comment. He introduced himself and then introduced
Auggie to the men. They all sat down around the table where Auggie was
parked conveniently close to the bar. Charlie told Angelo and Auggie how
the company got started by a brash phone call from Tom, their hastily
arranged golf outing and how the idea of an infomercial came about. He cast
a baleful stare at Quinn, "Christian tells me you pack a sod cutter and
sand mover clubs in your bag too." He started laughing with Quinn. "That
boy is so good he could make a nice living playing a few rounds every
weekend and them he beats the shit out of want to come back for more. The
thing is he's so helpful, my games' actually improving so the lessons are
worth every penny. We should play a round someday soon with them two
boys. Tom thinks my old law firm is nothing more than a bunch of old
fogies, too complacent with our business. He might be right, them and me
grew up together, I mean our businesses. He thinks maybe you might consider
takin' us on, maybe doin' some stuff for us on the side and see how it
goes. I got Justa Pizza to do something with too and I don't want to saddle
Tom with that on top of groceries."

"What about Justa Pizza?" Auggie asked, surprised, "You got that too? I
knew it was privately held or I'd have it in my portfolio." He snapped his
fingers after Charlie nodded and shrugged. "Man now there's one we can hype
on my show; you already got them national. I can just picture them boys
after a Lacrosse game, the whole rowdy team in there fillin' up. I often
get a couple to bring home after work. Of course they ain't exactly on my
diet, but that don't stop me from enjoyin' 'em." He saw that the men were
trying hard not to laugh, "Go ahead," he laughed, "I am. I should 'a said
pizza ain't on my doctor's diet, they definitely are on mine. I got me the
damn gout in my thirties. I walked with a cane and did like I was told diet
wise, didn't make no difference except I graduated to a wheel chair. I said
fuck all diets, a mans' got to have one or two pleasures outta life so I
eat what I like and enjoy a drink or three, an' my aches and pains stay the
same any which way."

The conversation was interrupted when Charlie and John both put a hand up
behind their heads. They looked up at the sky to see if it was raining or a
bird nailed them before they twisted in their chairs to look back and
receive steams of water in their faces from Dooby and Cory's water
cannons. Charlie laughed, "John I think the boys want to play. Are you up
to teaching them some respect for their elders?"

John didn't answer. He stood up already unbuttoning his shirt and threw it
aside on the run, chasing Dooby to and into the pool. Cory backed up a few
steps, waiting for Charlie to calmly remove his shirt and shorts, fold both
neatly over his chair back and then suddenly lunge at Cory, catching him in
a hug and running with him to fall into the pool.

John stood up cursing, "Shit, shit, shit!" He grabbed the front of his
bathing suit and looked down just below the surface at his hand.

Dooby surfaced just out of reach and started laughing at his father's
facial expression; "Dad?" he wondered in a soft voice, "Is that a hard on
you're holding? Wow, want me to get Mom or is she the problem? Did she cut
you off or what's the story?"

John turned scarlet and answered through clenched teeth, "No you little
asshole," he reached into his pocket and brought out his cell
phone. Charlie and Cory joined Dooby in laughing. John grinned and tossed
the useless phone to the deck before he leaped off the bottom and fell
forward reaching for his hysterical son. He caught Dooby by an ankle, stood
up and reeled him in hand over hand. Dooby fought by kicking with his free
leg and kept his head above water by wind milling his arms away from his
father into deeper water. John finally got his fingers hooked in the waist
of Dooby's bathing suit to finish pulling him in so he could fall on him
and duck him. With both legs free and both arms Dooby wriggled his agile
body and swam away like a snake sheds its skin, leaving his father holding
a stretchy newly vacated Speedo bathing suit.

"Did you get all that?" Ryan asked Artie. When Artie nodded, holding his
camera on his father's look of amazement while he studied the suit, Ryan
ordered, "Swing over slowly to Dooby. He's going for that ladder. Don't
zoom in on him just follow him. We can use the distance shot of his whole
body." Scott walked by them quickly with his Steadicam running. He waited
for Dooby to climb to the deck keeping the lens high. Dooby grinned at the
camera and ran for the master bedroom door. Scott swooped in behind him and
gave chase straight through the room and into Tom's closet.

Dooby grinned at Scott while he pulled on another suit selected from Tom's
supply. "You can't use any of this can you?"

"Maybe, I stayed above your waist except when I was following you. This is
reality television remember, and late night cable so the rules are

Everyone on the deck watched the bedroom door, waiting for Dooby. A few
minutes later, Scott back peddled through the great room door with Dooby
following him, talking to the camera, "So anyway, that takes care of a tour
of my Uncle Tommy's house; pretty tough bachelor pad isn't it. Remember if
you want a print signed and numbered by the artist, give us a call. Plastic
works!" He looked toward the grill. Tom and Christian were busy tending
burgers and hotdogs. They looked up to see Dooby grinning at them, "Now
would be a good time to meet Tom and Christian," he said to the camera
smoothly. He finished introducing them by punching Christian in the
shoulder, "And remember Christian's the artist so he'll be doing the
signing. If you want his self-portrait, Tommy's or Cory's, same price, if
you want a set of all four I guess you can get a ten percent discount." He
left them with their mouths hanging open and waded into the group of family
and friends, introducing everyone, in complete control of the following

When he got to the Martinelli's, Angelo was being held in place by his wife
Mary and actually managing a few grudging monosyllables to their son Rob
while Kevin hovered nearby. Dooby arranged them in a family portrait as if
they were speechless automatons and maneuvered Kevin so he stood by Angelo
as if by accident, as if Kevin was just walking by them and Dooby included
him because of his relationship with Rob as college students, roommates and
good friends.

Dooby courteously sat down between Auggie and Charlie so he wouldn't be
looking down on Auggie and Auggie wouldn't be looking up at him. After a
few words of introduction, Auggie looked up at Scott, "Okay, enough for
now. Shut them things off. Charlie tells me you can show us the next show
later after you add some stuff. Why don't you get to addin' and then see if
you can wade through all this other tape and put together about fifty to
fifty-five minutes just rough it out, nothin' fancy. There's probably most
of a show right here. If it looks as good as I think I'll want you to
direct the series." Scott was speechless and paralyzed. "Well git if you
want the job, time's wastin'."

Artie followed Scott to his van and helped strip him of the Steadicam
paraphernalia and then case both cameras. Scott's hand shook. Artie slapped
him on the back, "You can relax now you got a job as director, I'll bet
there's some big bucks attached there. Congratulations."

Scott looked up at Artie bashfully, "Thanks but that's not why I'm nervous
all of a sudden." Artie looked a question but remained silent. "I, I'm
nervous about inviting you over to my new office and studio."

Artie grinned in delight and bumped his hip against Scott's, "I was nervous
that you weren't going to ask and if you didn't then I was just planning to
follow you anyway. You're way too hot to let you get away from me."

"You think I'm hot? I think you're gorgeous hot." Scott blushed and looked
away, "I, I hope you got some really good shots in your can, because half
of mine is of you. I'm not what you'd call real experienced, just high
school stuff mostly, what do you like to do, that is if you don't mind my

It was Artie's turn to look away and add a deep blush, "I guess just about
anything covers that. I'm not good at come-ons and mostly just go to the
beach wearing this and guys come on to me, but then I'm too fucking scared
to do anything, you know with a total stranger. To be totally truthful,
there's just one guy, my next door neighbor. He's a real swishy type and
strictly on the bottom," he shrugged, his blush deepened, "so I guess you
know the rest of the story. But I'm game to try anything, with you that
is," he added quickly.

Dooby the matchmaker peeked out a front window, sighed and pulled open the
front door, "Are you guys back already?" he called to them sarcastically
and didn't wait for an answer. "Goddamn, if I was one of you two we'd
already be fucking into next week. Get a move on guys; you don't want to
piss Auggie off the first day do you?"

"Fuck you little brother!" Artie gave him the finger defensively, "We were
just talking."

Dooby rolled his eyes, "I can see that. You just better go find a private
place to finish your conversation before I go get Mom to come out here to
look at you all grown up." He giggled and pointed, "Both of you! Man, talk
about horny. Hey do you want me to drive you?" he asked eagerly. That
question got him a four fingered response and two eager embarrassed grins
but at least they hurried getting into the van before anyone else saw their
painfully contorted erections barely concealed in skimpy nylon and Lycra.

Artie halted their dash at the top of the stairs, he whistled his
appreciation of Scott's loft, "Wow, this would make a fantastic pad, I
wouldn't mind living here."

"Yeah, that's what I thought too. Oh man, are we in luck, I forgot about
them; Tom's crew is gone for the day. They're nearly finished with the
kitchen set so I guess he gave them the afternoon and night off. The
kitchen matches Tom's exactly and everything works. I had them put a shower
in a bathroom and I'm going to move in. I'm going to live here." Scott
announced proudly.

"Too bad you haven't moved in yet," Artie looked disappointed, "no bed," he
added to explain.

Scott nudged Artie forward hesitantly, "Wrong, come on, behind the set, I
had them sheetrock the wall so it's a finished partition." The big open
space behind the kitchen was furnished as a huge ultra modern one room
apartment. Scott ignored the leather sofa and matching chairs that faced an
entertainment center commanded by a giant screen TV and chromed steel
restaurant racks stacked with electronic components. He crossed the space
to gently kick a mattress positioned on the floor beneath one of the tall
windows. The mattress moved a foot. "Air mattress, one of those queen size
jobs that inflate in a minute, you know, as seen on TV!" he announced
proudly before he looked down at the video cassettes he held in his sweated
hand. "Should we edit first or after?" he turned shy again when his
erection betrayed his preference.

Artie answered in part by pushing his thong down his legs and leaving it
where it lay on the floor, "My vote is before AND after."

Artie stood up and spread his legs slightly, "My God," Scott whispered,
"Except for being filled out more because you're older, you look exactly
like your brother, ah, same size and everything."

Scott stared and hesitantly began pushing at his suit. Artie stopped him by
rushing forward, "Let me." He went to his knees. After Scott's constraining
little suit was gone his six inch cock bobbed up to a forty-five degree
angle and quivered there. "Oh wow," Artie whispered, "how many times I've
dreamed of you, I knew you were out there somewhere." He gobbled Scot in
his mouth.

Scott tapped Artie's shoulder, "Ah, do tops give head? Shouldn't I be doing
you? I want to," he moaned, talking became difficult. His fingers
disappeared in Artie's blond hair, not for control, just to feel its silky

Artie stood up on his knees; one hand went to the small of Scott's back,
the other chopped at the back of his knees gently. Scott wilted to the bed
and Artie's mouth followed him down. He took his mouth away, "How?
Together, is that how you want it?" He refilled his mouth.

"Yes, together, not on our sides, you on top. Like control me, master me,
damn it, fuck me in the mouth!" Scott blurted out at last. "I don't believe
I said that," he whispered.

Artie walked on his knees to get in position above Scott's head. He leaned
forward with his weight on his hands. Scott reached to touch his cock for
the first time. He didn't know what to do first. He wanted to study the
perfect seven inches with its proportionally larger head. He wanted to feel
and weigh Artie's nut sack that depended inches from his eyes. He noted a
small patch of stubble Artie missed when he shaved them and wondered when
he shaved, probably that morning. He blinked when he saw a drop of precum
form and reached out with his tongue to capture it, at the same time trying
to smile when he realized he was still wearing his glasses, the reason he
could see small details so clearly. Artie felt Scott's tongue, assumed it
was a signal and lowered his body. Scott's mouth filled, then his
throat. Everything went out of focus until Artie withdrew. Scott stopped
him with his lips. He just refocused on Artie's nut sack again before Artie
thrust down again until the balls rested briefly on his nose and his
lenses. Then he felt Artie working his cock expertly, exquisitely. He gave
up trying to watch, closed his eyes and began using his hands to control
the beautiful cock, Artie's cock, fucking his mouth.

Scott exploded into Artie's mouth too quickly and with no warning, even to
himself. No apology was possible or practical just then when he felt Artie
grow still bigger in his mouth, stretching his throat muscles
further. Artie continued to hold him in his mouth, but stopped stroking
him, bobbing his head. He was concentrating, trying vainly not to come just
yet, he wanted to fuck the oh so willing eager mouth forever. He started to
clench his teeth together forgetting there was an appendage in the
way. Scott bucked and shivered closing his mouth at the feel of Artie's
bite. That was when Artie lost it; he opened his mouth wide to scream his
pleasure and buried himself in Scott's throat.

Everyone who was wearing one looked at their watch when Scott and Artie
reappeared suddenly from inside the house. "Right on time," Auggie mumbled
to Charlie with a grin.

"Huh?" Charlie questioned. "I was thinking they're an hour late."

Auggie slapped Charlie on the back and giggled, "You would, you ain't
queer. They up and used that hour, well, ya'll can use your
imagination. That's why I sent 'em off when I did else it would be dark
before they got back here with them tapes. Come on let's us find a
television. Auggie drove his scooter at the tardy couple piling plates at
the buffet. He blocked their progress, "You boys missed lunch, ya'll can
eat later after you start the show tape." He eyed their plates and judged
Artie's to be the fullest, "I'll just take that off your hands there son, I
ain't tasted better beans since my mamma passed. Just set it in my basket."
When Artie did as he was told, Auggie frowned up at him, "A fork an' a
napkin might come in handy please. I'm fat but I ain't no pig." After Artie
added a fork and napkin to the wire basket mounted on the scooter's handle
bars, Auggie sent him off to the Lacrosse field to call the boys from the
game in progress and herded Scott into the great room. "Come on in," he
bellowed over his shoulder, "it's SHOW TIME!"

The show was in progress by the time the eight boys playing Lacrosse
reached the pool deck and shed their protective equipment and shoes to take
a swim the length of the pool and then each receive a towel from Christian
before they could get inside the house. By then parents already occupied
all the chairs and the sofa so they congregated on the carpet, sitting or
laying on the towels. Dooby and Cory managed to fit themselves on one towel
directly in front of the big coffee table. They lay on their sides with
their heads propped up on their hands. Dooby was behind Cory and there was
very little discernable space between them maintained only because Cory
moved forward each time he felt Dooby wiggle just enough so his body
touched Cory's. They whispered comments back and forth that appeared to be
concerning the show.

Dooby moved so his bathing suit covered cock touched Cory's bathing suit
protected ass, "Man it's been a long day."

"Yeah, and stop that." Cory moved away.

Dooby moved again to complain, "But I'm hot from looking at too much skin."
Dooby casually rested his free hand on Cory's hip.

Cory moved forward an inch and just as casually picked up Dooby's limp hand
and dropped it on Dooby's own thigh, "I know and please don't do that

A few minutes elapsed, Dooby moved and whispered, "Okay I won't, but you
should know I think Lane is hot to trot with us."

Cory looked back at Dooby, "He is? What about Jennifer?" he adjusted his
body again.

Dooby stayed put but leaned forward so his mouth was an inch from Cory's
ear, "She'd watch us of course while you drilled her. She wants your jamoke
really bad." Dooby's snaked his tongue out to drill Cory's ear, then wasn't
fast enough and got a bump on the back of his head from hitting the edge of
the table when Cory pushed him away.

Cory giggled nervously, timed to some joke Dooby told him on the
television. "Are you sure? I wouldn't mind. If you can do it I can but I
don't want to come across as an asshole if you're wrong."

Their conversation was interrupted when both looked at the TV. The camera
was trained on the wall oven. Neither of them was in the shot until Dooby
appeared from the right wearing oven mittens. Dooby on the screen carefully
scanned the room before he opened the oven, pulled out the rack holding the
roast and quickly hacked a small wedge from the defenseless and undefended
roast. He then used the special meat testing fork to get the chunk to his
mouth after looking at the meat, not the digital readout myopically. He
shook his head, returned the rack to the oven and closed the door, before
quickly disappearing from the camera's view. Cory joined the room in

Dooby was not as amused. He sat up and scanned the room. Scott and his
brother were standing together so their shoulders touched, they were in the
kitchen eating and watching the others while they watched the show to gauge
their reactions to the hasty editing job. "Scott, you sonofabitch, you left
that damn camera on!"

Scott giggled, "Yup, I wanted one shot of you testing the meat with the
fork you're supposed to be hyping."

Dooby grinned, "Oh, well that's all right then, you got it. That fork isn't
as sharp as it looks, very safe for eating." He lay back down giggling with

"I sure did, three more times, watch." The time between tests shrank to
nothing until the last when Dooby on the screen fanned his mouth, chewed,
swallowed and nodded in satisfaction. He returned the roast to the oven
before he called Cory and the others back to the kitchen to resume taping
the show. Laughter in the room intensified when Dooby, acting like the
ultimate innocent removed the roast from the oven a final time. Scott
swooped in for close ups of surprised faces that quickly turned accusatory
with finger pointing and laughter before Cory shouted cut. The screen
blinked and Dooby removed another roast, the second one unmolested, and the
scene concluded as if nothing untoward occurred earlier.

The rotisserie scene started normally. Dooby saw Cory's body tense as he
looked at the difference in heights. He leaned back into Dooby seeking
comfort and reassurance. Dooby pulled him in tighter with a flat hand on
his chest and whispered, "Remember tall hog." His lips moved closer, "I
love you just the way you are."

Cory looked back and was surprised to see Dooby's facial expression. Dooby
wasn't joking, Cory saw total unabashed adoration. "I love you too," he
answered, and then moved his hips imperceptibly, snuggling his butt even
further into Dooby's loins. They both realized what was happening at the
same time and pushed away from each other simultaneously.

Their attention went back to the screen after Dooby called for a cut,
because Scott followed them as they pulled off their Spelling jerseys and
executed a synchronized dive. Scott faded the dive into them once again
standing behind the grill shirtless with their shoulders and chests
glistening and glittering from the combination of tanning oil and droplets
of water to finish the very brief outdoor segment and close the show.

"Goddamn boys," Auggie rumbled while he used his napkin to wipe tears from
his cheeks, "that there was priceless." He was parked behind the sofa and
looked at the top of the coffee table. Dooby's head appeared slowly, then
Cory's. "That whole bit couldn't be scripted to work in a million years."
Charlie and Laura were sitting on the sofa. Auggie thumped Charlie's
shoulder, "Ya'll need to build you a mess of stores in every state so we
can put that show on my cookin' channel. I'd shit can one of them limp
wristed asshole chefs in a second to make a spot. Don't any of 'em hardly
speaks the king's English anyways so they're understandable. I'll bet you
sell a million o' them forks in your limited market and more' an some to
teeny bopper girls after watchin' ole Doob' lickin' that fork, plus both of
'em looked to be butt nekked behind that grill, I'm smellin' a huge fan
club here somewhere."

Jennifer protested Auggie's comment unseen, "Well I certainly wouldn't buy
one of those forks just because HE licked it," she stated archly before she
peeked around the arm of a chair grinning at Cory, "On the other hand I
would take a hard look at it if Cory licked one."

"Hey what about me?" Lane asked petulantly stretching to look over the
chair arm to frown at Cory. His frown turned red before he could disappear
again when Dooby winked at him suggestively. The young couple was seated
halfway behind a chair so they were out of John DuBois' line of sight but
could still see the TV if they kissed with their eyes open.

"She's already has your tongue duffus," Dooby answered for his sister. He
winked, nodded and looked down on Cory's blushing but smiling countenance
as a signal to her that all systems were go for a get together. "Follow my
lead," he whispered to Cory. All they needed to conclude the brother sister
conspiracy was a place. He sat up and pulled Cory up to look at their
parents hopefully. "Hey while you guys look at this other tape, can Cory
and I take Jennifer and Lane to show them the house? We kind of promised
them this morning." Both boys looked at Charlie for permission. He and
Laura nodded agreeably.

Betty smiled her approval while John hesitated before agreeing. He couldn't
imagine Jennifer and Lane getting together with Dooby and Cory along to
watch them and Dooby would act protectively of his sister's tarnished
virtues, plus someone else older had to drive them. Dooby looked
pathetically hopeful at Christian since he was the youngest of the old
timers and he was also on Jennifer's target list and Lane seemed overly
interested in Christian's body the whole day as well after Dooby's offer
that morning.

"Okay, I'll take you I guess," Christian agreed apparently reluctantly, but
he'd been watching the looks and winks and blushes and he knew Dooby. Dooby
had plans and those probably involved Lane if Dooby could separate Lane
from Jennifer long enough. The tour of Charlie's home should prove

"The keys are in ours, take it, we have your truck blocked," Charlie told
Christian and then watched the young man's chest swell with pride at the
recognition that he and Tom were a couple and everything each owned was
community property; their truck, Vet, Honda and home.

They stood up to leave, John stopped them all, "Hold it, if you're going
out in public, at least put on tee shirts by God. What if you had an
accident? The cops would think it was because you were having an orgy or

Dooby turned wise ass, "You mean like always wear clean underwear and socks
with no holes in them, just in case. If we wear shirts, they'll just have
to take them off to see where the blood's coming from."

John hoisted one eyebrow, "You know there's no law that says you have to
live here this summer, OR go to that fancy private school in the
fall. Maybe you should just stay here and spend the time getting packed."

"Hold up guys, we really need to put on tee shirts before we go out in
public," Dooby capitulated smoothly. He eyed his sister and Lane carefully
standing behind her before he ran behind Cory to find shirts.

Jennifer pushed Lane into the back seat of Charlie's truck. Dooby started
to join Cory in the front but changed his mind and got in the back with the
passionate young couple who were already making out before Christian could
start the engine so Lane found himself sitting in the middle between
brother and sister. Jennifer and Lane decided that wearing tee shirts was
an excellent idea since the shirts concealed freely wandering hands and at
least one erection between them. Lane felt Jennifer's hand considerately
delve into the front of his suit and gently straighten him so his cock was
held upright against his taught belly by the stretchy suit. She continued
to stroke him after he was freed while she twisted her little body and
hugged him tight, grinding her small breasts into his chest. They were
halfway to their destination when it occurred to Lane that Jennifer somehow
had grown an additional hand. Two alternated between his back and his neck,
the third expertly stroked his cock. Too expertly, he freed one of his
hands tangled in Jennifer's shirt, rather from Dooby's shirt that Jennifer
borrowed. He moved to push the third hand away before he suffered an
untimely explosion. He opened his eyes and looked down when his fingers
locked on Dooby's wrist.

Dooby was very close to lowering his head the additional inches needed to
prevent a sticky accident in Charlie's truck. He looked up at Lane wearing
his most charming and innocent made for television smile, "Hi there! I was
just helping my little sister out, kind of giving her a hand."

Jennifer broke her lip lock and looked down, "Dooby! You are such a lecher!
I mean really! You could have asked me first, he IS my boyfriend after
all." She pulled Lane's shirt up on his chest so she could see
clearly. "Damn he's too far along to even move," she scolded. "Well okay,
since you started it you may as well finish him, but I'm going to watch and
you can't stop me."

"Don't I get a say in this?" Lane squeaked out breathlessly. Jennifer was
right he couldn't move and Dooby was licking his lips in anticipation. Cory
was leaning halfway through the front seats watching, while Christian was
looking in the rearview mirror after he'd tilted it down.

Dooby frowned at Lane while he thought quickly, "Absolutely not, you caused
this problem. I'm gay, Cory's gay and Christian's gay, you knew that before
you got in this truck and you promptly got a hard on anyway. You are way
too oversexed that's your problem," Dooby grinned, "AND that's exactly what
our problem is too."

Cory and Christian were laughing nervously while Christian was having
difficulty in watching the road evident by his erratic steering when the
truck tires kept finding the center line reflector bumps and his sporadic
acceleration. Jennifer was smiling encouragement occasionally while making
goo-goo eyes with Cory directly and Christian in the rearview mirror. A
hint of a grin crossed Lane's lips; he looked down on Jennifer hopefully,
"Maybe you could do me?"

Jennifer turned haughty, "I WILL NOT, not in front of THEM, not unless
they're doing something too. No free shows!" she declared. She saw her
brother's shirt moving and his hands seemed to be missing. "Dooby, you stop
that this instant! You just use your hands to take off that shirt. Lane
will feel more comfortable if he sees that you're as excited as he is," she
ordered imperiously.

Dooby was naked in less than three seconds. He leaned back in the seat and
stretched, arching his body, "Scratch excuse number one." He grinned at
Jennifer, "You didn't think I'd do it did you?" The conspiracy continued,
"You've seen me naked lots of times, just not with a hard on, now you know
the rest of the story."

Lane's eyes were like marbles, glassed and fixed on Dooby's cock when Dooby
resumed his seat. He rubbed a sweaty hand on his thigh. Jennifer rolled
hers, "Well get it over with, touch him if you want to."

Lane hesitated, Dooby didn't. He took Lane's hand and moved it
accordingly. When he felt Lane close his fingers he moved his to Lane's
bathing suit that was already pushed down in the front. "Lift your butt a
sec.; you may as well be comfortable too." Lane mustered just enough power
in his legs. Dooby dragged Lane's suit to his ankles, and then had him lean
forward and lift his arms to remove his tee shirt. After he was as naked as
Dooby, Lane's hand found its own way back to Dooby's straining cock.

The time for further discussion and negotiations ended, Dooby twisted in
his seat and leaned down. Lane's cock disappeared. The only sound in the
truck was Lane's giant intake of air. Cory discovered a new benefit in
being small and agile. He stripped in a heart beat. Jennifer saw a flash of
his giant erection before he stretched out jammed between the front seats
to claim Dooby's cock for his mouth while Lane continued to hold it.

Christian turned into the Spelling driveway, stopped just inside the open
gates and quickly stripped himself while his eyes were glued to the three
contorted bodies. Jennifer stood up and leaned forward to run her hands
over his face, chest and down as far as she could reach, which wasn't far
enough until she allowed her body to fall on top of Cory and slither
forward. "JENNIFER!" he expressed his shock when she began licking her way
down his belly. He started to push her away until her mouth found him. Then
he just held up his bent arms like a plucked water bird drying its
wings. She took her mouth away and cocked her head to look up at him with
one eye, "Drive," she ordered, "No more until we can get out of this damned
truck," she grinned, "and then you are going to be my first gay boy." She
snaked a hand under Cory, "Oh my, and here's my second. Until then, I think
I better leave you alone," she added primly and sat back down to bend down
almost double to watch Lane's cock slipping in and out of her brother's
mouth as he bobbed his head.

Lane let out a strangled scream and grabbed Dooby's head, holding it tight
against his body. Dooby struggled to pull back until it didn't matter when
Lane began doing rapid deep breathing exercises. Dooby shrugged mentally,
swallowing was not an option for Lane's first time. Lane released his head
in time for Dooby to curl his body around Cory's. He groaned in exquisite

Cory and Dooby both sat up in time to point excitedly, "Turn into this
little gravel path," Cory directed. "It goes all the way back down to the
tennis courts." He grinned, "We better start, I mean continue this tour in
the pool cabana."

Dooby agreed with a snicker, "Yeah, there's a big bed in the side room for
some reason." He pulled Lane from the truck by the hand before Christian
had time to stop completely, "Come on bi-boy show me what you got."

Lane pulled back, "I'm not,"

"Okay you aren't," Dooby agreed grabbing Lane's hand again, "but I didn't
notice you fighting me off just now, so I'll give you another chance. Now
just come on in here and show me why Jennifer has the chronic hots for
you." He pulled Lane's hand more insistently toward the cabana's rear door.

Cory claimed Lane's other hand. He tossed a thumb back to the
truck. Jennifer's tee shirt was gone and she was backed against
Christian. She ordered him to untie the string that held her top in place
while she wiggled her butt against his erection. Christian moved his hands
woodenly until the top was gone and she took his hands to surround her
small body and caress her breasts. His hands turned sensual, "I guess just
once won't hurt," he admitted, picking her up suddenly to follow the three
boys into the cabana.

Dooby looked at Cory, "So, start the tour, it is your house."

Cory looked around, "Oh yeah, right," he continued helping Dooby hustle
Lane along. "This is the pool cabana, its more like a little house; kitchen
area with a big gas grill, bar, lounge, and in here are the dressing rooms,
there's towels, some old toys and even older bathing suits, you know for
guests that didn't bring their own and this is the bedroom, actually more
like a passion pit although we haven't had time to use it yet."

They stopped at the wide doorway, Lane and Jennifer's eyes widened. The
room was decorated like a set used to film a harem scene. The ceiling and
three walls were hidden by hangings of sheer pastel cloth. The room was
lighted by closely spaced floor to ceiling French doors that looked out to
the pool on the fourth wall. The low king size bed was all but hidden by
pillows with a hundred more pillows scattered and stacked everywhere. Cory
opened all the French doors while Dooby got behind Lane and pushed him to
the bed. One final push caused Lane to fall forward. Dooby followed, and
began pushing pillows aside to create enough space for him to lie down
in. Lane watched from his knees. "So much for the cabana tour, now on to
try out the passion pit part." He spread his legs and motioned Lane
forward, "Well, you've toured the sister enough, now for the brother, then
you can compare us. Too bad Jennifer, but I'm sure he'll say he's sorry you
lose like a gentleman."

He received a pillow in the face when Jennifer did some quick housekeeping
on the other side of the bed as Christian lowered her as if she was made of
china. "We'll just see about that won't we? I have plans to straighten out
your two friends like you wouldn't believe."

Dooby giggled, "It looks to me like mission accomplished." He pointed to
Christian's erection and then Cory's as he methodically walked on his knees
up the bed between brother and sister clearing the space by tossing pillows
in both directions. Lane sat on his knees looking appropriately befuddled
while he stared between Dooby's body and Jennifer's until hers disappeared
when she used Christian's cock to pull him down on top of her. Dooby rolled
his eyes, "Come on Lane, this is a race and they're already ahead of us."
Adding the spirit of competition served to get Lane moving, at least as far
as to kneel between Dooby's legs.

Cory helped by pushing on Lane's back until Lane leaned forward, braced
himself over Dooby, stretched out finally and looked down at his bobbing
dribbling cock. "Do we need lube or something?" Lane mumbled between short
nervous, excited breaths.

"Duh, what do you think precum's for? That is as soon as Sprout spreads it
around for us a little." Dooby watched Cory and Lane's body braced over
him. "You know you've got a fantastic body. It looks just like someone
else's I love to look at too."

Cory giggled, Lane had to ask, "Oh yeah, who?"

"Mine!" Dooby tried to look modest.

Lane accepted the compliment, "Really? Hey, thanks." He looked over at
Christian in time to watch him enter Jennifer, "I'm hoping to work out
enough so mine looks like his. He is so buffed."

Dooby glanced to the side, "He's also ahead of you." Cory pushed on Lane's
butt until he sagged. Dooby lifted his legs quickly and Cory steered and
pushed. Lane collapsed. Dooby grunted in surprise and locked Lane in place
using his legs. "Now you can just close your eyes and make believe I'm
Jennifer." Dooby whispered.

Lane began thrusting and leaned in close to Dooby's ear. "Not when I'm
fucking you." He lifted his upper body and smiled down before he dropped
his lips to Dooby's and his tongue sought Dooby's tonsils. He made love to
Dooby with all the passion he showed Jennifer and added surprised delight
to his repertoire by pausing occasionally to lift his body enough so they
could both look down between their bodies to look at the base of his shaft
over Dooby's excited erection and tightened nut sack and then up to touch
Dooby's eyes and smile his pleasure. Lane looked sorrowful after he

Dooby pulled Lane's head down to kiss his delight, "That was fantastic; I
wouldn't have lasted any longer."

Lane arched his body to pull out and at the same time wrap Dooby in his
arms to pull him along while he rolled until Dooby grinned down on
him. "Are you sure? I mean I want to and all but,"

Lane struggled to spread his legs, "I'm sure. I've gone this far." The bed
moved suddenly, Lane and Dooby looked at Jennifer and Christian in time to
see Christian get bucked up off Jennifer and off the bed. "OOPS!" he
laughed, "Remember Jennifer, poor Christian doesn't know our system," he
scolded. Dooby looked puzzled, Lane explained in a whisper, "She likes to
get eaten as soon as I finish. She likes that as much as getting it."

"You whisper like a foghorn big mouth," Jennifer retorted with a giggle as
she reached for Cory to replace Christian. Cory yelped and scampered into
position on his knees when Jennifer grabbed him and pulled. "It just so
happens that I'm saving everything for you after Cory finishes, so you just
better be finished over there. OH!" she said in total surprise at seeing
Dooby raise his body and use one hand to milk his cock for lubricant and
then to probe between Lanes's spread legs.

Christian's head appeared above their bodies, he'd crawled around the
bed. "Your sister is rough," he grinned, "when she says get off, she means
get off now!" He saw that Dooby was having difficulty. His hand replaced
Dooby's, a steering committee of one, "Relax Lane, you're as tensed up as a
pipe cutter down there. It's too bad we didn't take the time to get ready,
but who knew you wanted to."

"Ready?" Lane wondered. Dooby explained douching in Lane's ear, keeping his
voice low so Jennifer couldn't overhear. Lane's eyes expanded to
saucers. He was careful to really whisper, "When I come over for Lacrosse
practice you'll have to show me."

Jennifer installed Cory's cock like a chef stuffing a cream puff, but her
eyes stayed on Lane and Dooby, "What are you two whispering about?" she
asked suspiciously.

"Guy talk, sports, Lacrosse practice. Actually none of your business you
little busybody'" Dooby retorted. He finally penetrated the tense virgin
sphincter with Christian's assistance, got busy and ignored his sister's
disbelieving frown with additional whispering in Lane's ear. "If you were
clean I'd eat you after. We like to do that too, but not today, none of
us. We did it early this morning, but it's too late now." His breathing
increased with his thrusts. Lane turned into a willing animal in rut. His
hands went everywhere from holding Dooby's head, to massaging his back, to
squeezing Dooby's hard ass cheeks to pull him in further. Christian knelt
between Dooby's legs ready to replace him but after getting hit in the head
twice by Lane's flailing feet, he opted to back away out of range.

Jennifer was disappointed that Cory couldn't fit himself all the way into
her body. She looked down. Cory held his body above hers balanced on his
knees and elbows uncomfortably and allowed his cock to sink halfway and no
further after the first probe resulted in pain on Jennifer's face. "Can
Dooby, I mean do you get in all the way with him? And the others can they
do it too?" she whispered her wonder, because when it came to a rare
supercock girls were definitely at a disadvantage.

Cory nodded, "Yeah, everyone, all of them, but I'm still always
careful. Dooby gets all pissed off at me for going so slow, but I never
want to hurt him or anyone. Being a little bigger has its drawbacks."

"A little bigger?" Jennifer giggled at Cory's understatement.

Cory grinned and shrugged, "You know what I mean; maybe that's why I was
born gay. I don't have to be this careful with them, except at first of
course," he added quickly as his pace increased. Jennifer hugged him close
and kissed him deeply at the last moment when she felt him fight the
natural impulse to plunge in all the way. He won by straight arming the
bed, and pulling away from her embrace. Jennifer moaned when he began
filling her with a long day's accumulation of his seed, and Cory's oranges
were very seedy.

Jennifer heard her brother moan and saw his facial expression. Lane reacted
as if he'd been electrocuted, but his heaving chest indicated he was still
alive. She allowed Cory a minute to rest before she pushed him away gently
so he was able to get his feet under him before he hit the floor. "Okay
sweetie, get over here. Dooby you just get off him this second. Don't even
think about taking a nap. Lane has work to do."

Dooby groaned as he withdrew. He ended kneeling near Christian at the foot
of the bed staring at the vacant side where Lane lay a second
earlier. "Pussy whipped." Dooby declared watching Lane stretch out on his
belly between Jennifer's spread legs.

"Hey, what am I, furniture?" Christian asked and looked down at his
erection sorrowfully.

Dooby elbowed him and nodded toward Lane's butt. "Your room moved, get in
there and furnish it where it is, at least you'll get him all nice and
slippery," he grinned, "thank you very much DOOBY!" He sniffed and wrinkled
his nose, "I'm going to take a shower. Come on Sprout, wash my back."

The five of them ran through the house naked forty-five minutes later. They
dressed near the truck after swimming the length of the pool first hoping
the residual moisture would explain their extended absence. Only Lane and
Jennifer appeared on the terrace holding hands. Tom was waiting for them in
the kitchen and dragooned the guys to help him get dinner.

John DuBois, feeling happy from an afternoon of beer and friendship, nudged
Angelo and nodded toward Jennifer. "Here comes my normal daughter and her
boyfriend. I wonder if Dooby was watching them?" he mused. He grinned,
"Let's find out. Lane's a good kid basically, but he's kind of innocent
still, but Jennifer will get him straightened out. Hey boy!" he called out
wearing a serious face. Lane and Jennifer just tossed their tee shirts and
were about to jump in the pool. Both turned at the summons.

"Yes Sir?" Lane asked walking slowly to the table where all the men were

John frowned at Lane's bathing suit, "Explain how that happened," he
pointed at the suit.

Lane looked down. Jennifer looked down. Both looked guilty before they
looked mystified and questioning, "What Sir?" Lane backed up one step, just
to be safely out of immediate reach.

"I believe you have your bathing suit on backwards. How'd that happen?"

Lane frantically delved into the suit feeling for the string tie. He went
from blushing to pale when he couldn't find it immediately. Jennifer
realized that her father was joking and that their guilt was showing
clearly from the question. "DADDY!"

Her father cut her protest off with a giggle, "Gotcha! You're both lucky
I'm in such a good mood. Just run along and play, but stay where I can see
you. Where's your brother, he's the one I really want to talk to. DOOBY!"
he roared.

"WHAT?" Dooby shouted back before he appeared in the doorway carrying a
platter piled with T-bone steaks. He saw his father wagging his finger at
him. He sighed, "What did I do now?"

"You were supposed to watch them, watch your sister and you didn't." John
made it a statement.

"I did so watch them," a smile began to form, Dooby squelched it. It was
not an occasion to be flippant. He still couldn't quite believe the
enthusiasm Lane demonstrated when he ate Jennifer out; he was like an
Orrick vacuum cleaner as advertised on TV. Not one of Christian or Cory's
sperm escaped those powerful young lips and lungs. Lane perfected a unique
method of birth control, but he couldn't say that, instead he was truthful,
"I watched them the whole time except for a few minutes when Cory and
Christian ganged up on me in the pool. I got busy defending myself and when
we called a truce, I looked up and there they were coming out of the cabana
looking kind of satisfied, but I really was with them the whole rest of the
time honestly."

John nodded. He was satisfied that Dooby did his best, "That's okay son, I
know how fast they can be. One slip up today, the whole day isn't bad."

Dooby noted the tone of camaraderie and commiseration in his father's voice
and decided to capitalize on it, "You'll be off guard duty next weekend
Dad; Lane's coming over here for our first team practice." He giggled, "All
you have to do is let the air out of Jennifer's bicycle tires."

Auggie's eyes were fixed on the steaks, "You gonna get them on the grill
anytime soon or we just gonna dig in as is? They're a mite rare for my
taste but I'll manage."

Christian agreed from behind a growing cloud of wood smoke at the grill,
"Yeah Doob' anytime before the mesquite wood burns off."

The married men and Charlie joined their women at other tables for
dinner. Small mountains of red lobster shell mixed with steak bones grew in
the center of each. Mary Martinelli maneuvered their son Rob and Kevin to
sit with them. Angelo remained quiet the whole time, his choice, and he
didn't frown at the young men once per Mary's orders. Angelo was amazed to
hear them talking business at first; how to allocate the new windfall from
Auggie, before they discussed learning to play Lacrosse. Tom wanted them on
the Spelling team because while they were athletes both were rank amateurs
like Tom and Cory. He wanted the team to look good and play well, just not
win the championship in the interest of good public relations. The one
subject they didn't mention was sex. The gay couple looked and talked like
two normal young men. He looked around the terrace and watched the others
in the group, even the youngest, Dooby and Cory; they talked and joked and
laughed just like any group of boys at a poolside party. They all appeared
to be normal maybe because they were normal as he defined the word and
perhaps he should just start thinking of his son and all his friends as an
unfortunate minority. As Rob argued at first before they stopped talking
entirely; they didn't just wake up one morning and decide they were
queers. He cleared his throat and looked at his wife, "Do we have any plans
for dinner next Friday?" When Mary said they didn't, he looked at Rob and
Kevin hopefully, "Maybe if you guys aren't busy, you could come over, we'll
have a real old time Italian feast?" He raised an eyebrow at Kevin and
almost smiled, "Since you'll be around Rob, we may as well turn you into an
Italian by feeding you." Then to Rob, "As for you," Rob wilted visibly,
Angelo grinned, "if you can keep the books for a big company, maybe it's
time you took care of mine, if you have the time of course."

Scott leaned into Artie, "Can you maybe stay over tonight?" he whispered.

Artie grinned, "That was the plan, as long as I'm on the job by seven sharp
tomorrow morning," he nodded at his father, "my boss doesn't kick ass and
take names if we're late, he takes no prisoners." He grinned at Lane, "Does
he Personal Assistant?"

Lane looked up from studying Jennifer's breasts and shrugged, "I don't know
I've never dared to find out."

"If you're staying over, how are we going to get home?" Jennifer asked

"You kids can ride with Mom and Dad."

"You just better stop calling us kids Arthur, or you'll regret it. I'll get
you back somehow. Do you know he makes us sit with our seat belts

"Tisk, tisk, how horrible and you with such short arms too." Even Jennifer
had to laugh at her brother's unsympathetic retort.

"Do you have to work for your father? I mean the tape you shot today was
really good. You saw how much of it I used; you could work for me as my
camera man."

Artie didn't hesitate to offer his hand and giggle, "When do I start boss?
I work for Dad because he can always use an extra pair of hands, but
carpentry's not my field and this summer he has a new personal assistant."
Lane rolled his eyes but wasn't all together displeased with the

"What is your major?"

"PROFESSIONAL GRAVE ROBBERY!" Dooby answered for his brother from his table

Artie laughed while he rubbed his nose with his middle finger in Dooby's
direction. "That's what my infant brother calls archeology."

After Christian finished eating, he disappeared inside to return with a big
sketch pad and a fist full of pencils. He stayed on his feet and walked
around doing quick sketches of everyone. He ignored self-conscious and
embarrassed looks substituting natural expressions he'd seen during the
day. As soon as he finished one he tore the sheet off and handed it to the
subject before he moved on. He spent more time on Jennifer and Lane. He
sketched them with their heads together first except he styled Jennifer's
hair and combed Lane's tangled mop. The second sheet was Jennifer alone at
age of seventeen or eighteen and extraordinarily beautiful. While she
sputtered her thanks, he turned his attention to Lane.

Dooby rested his chin on Christian's shoulder to watch, his smile quickly
matured into laughter, "OOPS! You better leave his bathing suit on for this
one if he's going to take it home," he suggested and continued, "but of
course the one for your rogue's gallery, clothes are illegal. Hey show him
what he'll look like when he's older, like you did for me."

Christian lifted his shoulder suddenly snapping Dooby's jaw closed with a
click of his teeth. He ignored Dooby's ouch, "Get away from me," he mumbled
from his artistic trance. Dooby continued to watch Christian's hand move
from his vantage point but he was careful not to touch. His grin returned
as his eyes traveled back and forth between paper and subject. Christian
scrawled his signature tore the sheet off and handed it over. Lane and
Jennifer stared at a developed body still wearing Dooby's bathing suit
which appeared smaller and rode lower on Lane's hips.

Dooby waited a minute before he made a grumbling sound and frowned at them
both, "Damn you guys are dense, put yours next to Lane's Jennifer," he
instructed. Jennifer and Lane giggled in pleased surprise when they touched
their drawings. "Now hold them up so everyone can see them. DUH, trade or
it doesn't work." After they shuffled the two matured likenesses and held
them up again there was a ripple of ah's and compliments on Christian's
talent. He'd drawn them looking at each other radiating love with their
right and left arms extended, about to hold hands across the two sheets of

When Christian reached the table where Auggie sat looking like a Buddha
wearing a napkin tucked in his shirt collar, Auggie motioned him closer,
"You just be careful what you draw boy." He whispered the warning through
clenched teeth wearing an obvious artificial smile.

Christian nodded, "For the record, I don't do offensive." He held his
pencil above the blank sheet for a full minute studying Auggie. Auggie held
his smile and didn't blink once. His eyes bored into Christian's. The
drawing took longer and Christian paused to frown anyone away if they got
too close.

Auggie's smile turned genuine as he studied the finished work, "Goddamn me
boy, you're good. I vaguely remember lookin' like this though not quite as
pretty, but I really was this skinny back in the olden days as you boys
would say. If'n you slap some oil paint on this whenever you get time I'll
pay you for it. Here Charlie check this out, share cropper turned
businessman, radio to plasma screen."

Charlie took the drawing, studied it and held it up for everyone to see
while Auggie rocked back and laughed his pleasure. Christian put a young
vibrant Auggie in an executive's office wearing a business suit. Auggie in
the sketch that was almost a portrait was standing up leaning an elbow on
the top of an antique floor model radio while he watched a giant plasma
screen sitting in its stand on the top of a modern credenza.

Dooby studied the picture from a distance. He frowned and squinted his eyes
before he took Cory's hand and dragged him closer. "Hey Sprout, look,
Christian put us on the screen! That's our show!"

Auggie took the drawing back and looked closer, "Damn if it ain't you
two. Don't that beat all! Christian my boy, I thank you kindly for this,
I'll send you somethin' nice in return as soon as I get home." He looked at
his watch, "Speakin' of which we best be gettin' on outta here. Come on
Ryan let's say our goodbyes and git. We're meetin' Charlie, Tom and the
boys for a business breakfast tomorrow at seven sharp." He braked in the
great room to eye the leftover cake and look up at Tom like a little boy.

Tom laughed, "You don't even have to ask. Of course you'll need a bedtime


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