Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


Part 13

The party was over and the guests were gone after everyone pitched in to
help clean up. Dooby loaded the demo tape for the proposed new show on one
of Auggie's cable channels since he and Cory hadn't seen it. He grabbed
Cory after he delivered two long neck beers and pulled him down on one end
of the sofa. He used a fat pillow against the sofa arm as a back rest and
Cory wedged his compact body between the back of the sofa and Dooby's side
then rested his head on Dooby's chest. Tom and Christian jammed themselves
into the limited space remaining on the other end of the sofa with their
feet on the coffee table. Cory's monster tool was squeezed between Dooby's
side and his own legs; he freed it unconsciously and draped it over his
lover's leg. Dooby started the tape with the remote and then watched the
first five minutes before his eyes got heavy and he nodded off to
sleep. Cory lasted a few minutes longer. Dooby's reduced heart rate worked
like a ticking clock placed near a puppy. Their fresh brews went flat

Tommy and Christian watched the boys drift off. Cory's free hand felt for
and found Dooby's flaccid cock and held it loosely, both sighed and sank
deeper into their dreams. "Tired babies," Tom whispered, "but I don't blame
them, I am too. Do you think everything went all right?"

"Yeah great," Christian yawned, "If anyone went hungry or didn't get enough
to drink it was their fault. Do you want to watch this again? In a minute
I'll be in never-never land with them."

"I'm with you, let's let it play and them sleep right where they are."
Tommy stood and pulled Christian to his feet. Dooby moaned and smiled
slightly, his arms surrounded Cory to hug him in tighter. They also watched
him fill Cory's limp hand with a full blown erection. Cory's grew
sympathetically until it lay along the top of Dooby's thigh. "Are those two
beautiful or what? You know I'm never really upset when they decide to join
us, I love watching them, they're so absolutely uninhibited and they spread
it around. I missed out on a lot by not just coming out back when I
knew. All those swim teams and all the guys at meets who would just give me
a smile, a raised eyebrow or a wink. I knew what they were suggesting and I
wanted to so badly I hurt, but I'd just turn my usual beet red and run in
the opposite direction." He nodded down at the excited sleeping couple,
"Those two will never run away from a hit. Their answer will be a definite
yes or no with no middle ground. In my case hiding it was pointless anyway
my mother knew all along and my father probably would have adjusted."

Christian waited for Tommy to get in bed first. He leaned down and kissed
him languorously before he sat down then lie on his side looking out the
windows waiting momentarily while Tom gathered his body into his chest
protectively then before sleep, locked his hands together. Both knew they
were tired and wouldn't make love until morning. They were just past the
stage of absolutely having to have sex each time either looked at a
bed. Both knew they would enjoy it more when they were rested and ready and
both fell into sleep content to be held and to hold. Each night when they
were alone, satiated and finally asleep they eventually adjusted their
positions so they woke up facing each other touching foreheads and
breathing each other's air.

Neither heard Dooby or Cory enter the room or their brief whispered
conversation as they paused in the night light dimness to look down on the
sleeping couple with their heads touching. "Man just look at them, they
look so vulnerable and innocent," Dooby told Cory, "and they both still
have hard bodies even sound asleep. You know with all this TV bullshit we
maybe need to find time to workout every day. Christian drew us older with
buffed bodies but they're not gonna happen if we don't do anything but
stand in front of a camera and bullshit about food and then of course eat
the fucking food."

Cory nudged Dooby onto their side of the bed, "Let's worry about that
tomorrow, right now we need sleep."

Dooby was still mumbling in Cory's ear about Lane and Jennifer leaving
their bed in such horrible condition, and his sister remaking it without
changing the sheets when he fell asleep the second time. Dooby woke first
before dawn. He'd been dreaming that he and Cory were both fat like
Auggie. His hand went to his belly to make sure it was a dream. He ignored
his erection and Cory's when he reached to wake him. "Come on, we need to
do some laps," he whispered with a sense of urgency. Cory started to
grumble. "And be quiet. If we wake the guys they'll throw us out again."

When Tom opened his eyes a few minutes later the first thing he saw was the
pool lights and two figures swimming, actually racing. He woke Christian
with a kiss. "Look, the kids are at it already. Come on sleepy head let's
join them now and we can make out later."

Christian opened one eye to focus on the clock, "Shit Tommy it's only
four-thirty. What are they doing up at this hour and in the pool already? I
didn't hear an explosion and that's what it takes to move them normally
unless they want to play." Tom pulled on his arm. "Okay, okay I'm awake. I
wonder why they aren't in here as usual bothering us."

"Because they promised they wouldn't, remember they promised to give us a
little privacy and wait to be invited," Tom chuckled, "Of course I didn't
really believe they'd actually do it."

"Why not, you threatened to evict them back to Charlie's. They like living
there but Laura cramps their style a little. If you want to let's invite
them after we swim, it has been a whole week."

The first Dooby and Cory realized that they were no longer alone was when
two sprinting swimmers zoomed past them.


Auggie handed Ryan a set of car keys and pointed to a Town Car, "That there
is my rental. This here scooter comes apart and stows in the trunk. I can
walk if I'm holdin' on to somethin' enough to get into the car, but I ain't
fit to drive tonight unless you got a death wish. Them boys put on a good
party an' a better spread o' food an' booze. They're nice people an' it'll
be good to work with 'em." He eyed Ryan after they got in the car heading
back to the airport hotel, "So, you make a date with any of 'em?"

"No Sir, I didn't try and none of them tried. We should get business out of
the way first, then maybe we can get to be friends and then we'll see what

Auggie nodded, "You ever run into such a group o' fine lookin' studs that
was couples mostly an' all fuck around with each other? Me I never dreamed
that such was even possible without there bein' fits o' jealousy out o' the
swishy ones, but there ain't none swishy as I could see."

Ryan shook his head, "Nope, I was amazed, they're unique and actually
something I wouldn't mind being a part of if they invite me."

"You got a friend out to L.A. to bring to the party? 'Pears like you might
need one, them boys are all couples."

"Yeah, but I don't, I have friends but no one I'd be interested in pairing
up with for any length of time." Ryan hesitated in thought, "You know Sir,"

Auggie interrupted, "You call me Sir one more time an' I'll be slappin, yo'
up the side o' yer head."

Ryan grinned and nodded, "As I was saying Auggie, any way we do this show
the whole bunch of them are likely to be outted, anyone who gets on camera,
I wonder if they're prepared for that?"

"We?" Auggie asked with a grin, "I like that son, taken' ownership BEFORE
settin' foot in the office. As to them boys, well we'll get that settled
tomorrow mornin'. Dooby and Cory no question unless we hire in some pretty
little girlfriends on occasion to keep the bible thumpers off balance but
we'll need to tread careful with the others all together because of the age
differences. This show is goin' to take some clever editin' to bring off,
but that's why you up and got yourself hired."

Ryan accompanied Auggie up to his room carrying the leftover cake and
watched the fat man fumble with the key card while he cursed the lock, the
key and the additional security both afforded guests. When the lock finally
clicked; he opened the door by lurching his scooter forward so the door
banged on the inside wall, bounced and nearly slammed into the cake and
Ryan as it slammed closed again. The scooter slowed and stopped halfway
across the room. "Fuck a duck! Now don't that beat all, ten feet away from
gettin' charged up an' outta juice?"

"Can I help?" Ryan asked.

Auggie started laughing, "Yeah son you can if you can push us over to that
table. The cord will reach the outlet an' I can sit in that nice sturdy
wooden chair." Ryan carefully placed the cake on the table then got behind
the scooter. His first attempt at pushing failed, "You'll need to put some
muscle into it I guess, it pushes easier when I ain't in it. Maybe I should
lose ten pounds."

"TEN POUNDS!" Ryan exclaimed with a giggle. He braced his feet and used his
shoulder on Auggie's back. The wheels turned slowly but they moved and
Auggie inched closer to the table, chair and waiting cake while both men

"Close enough," Auggie declared. He moved ponderously from the scooter to
the chair then showed Ryan where the charger cord was stored in the back of
the machine. Ryan flopped in the second chair and stretched out his long
legs, grinning and mopping his forehead dramatically. "You got you a set of
balls on you son, I'll say that for you." He watched the young man's eyes
flick to the prominent bulge in his shorts aided by the tight speed suit he
still wore under them. "Them too, but I meant nerve. You don't really know
me and you're already jokin' about me bein' overweight. I got me a pretty
fair sized organization an' ain't no one else ever dared. They ain't got
the balls even when I give 'em an openin' like I just gave you." He paused
to call room service to order a pitcher of milk and place settings. "Now
like I was sayin', if they don't have the nerve to joke with me, then they
also probably ain't tellin' me what their true thoughts are concernin' the
business." He grinned, "Believe it or not, I have been known to make a
mistake an' just one could cost millions which could have been turned to
profit by just not actin' on a harebrained idea of mine."

Ryan nodded cautiously, "You mean you want to know what I really think?"

"Yup, you got it. Scream and holler in direct proportion to the cost of the
project. I need input, pros and cons, I want argumentation if it matters
an' some jokes an' laughin' are good for the soul too."

They were interrupted when room service delivered Auggie's milk. Ryan
served them slicing a sliver for himself, but placing it in front of Auggie
with a grin, "Did you ever hear the story about the boy who cried wolf?"

Auggie's frown turned into a grin, "Sure everyone has, why?"

Ryan pulled the platter with the balance of the cake out of Auggie's reach,
"Well don't let there be a next time you claim your scooter runs out of
juice then sit there with the brake on while I bust my ass pushing yours
because sometime that battery will run low and I'm just going to keep on
walking with all the cake." Ryan burst into laughter at seeing Auggie's
expression of guilt at being caught mixed with longing for the huge piece
of cake. He traded portions.

Auggie giggled, "Caught me huh? That was just a quick test. If you said
somethin' stupid like, 'Auggie you ain't fat.' You would've failed and
joined the rest of the ass kissers." He stopped talking and started eating.

Ryan turned serious, "While we're establishing ground rules; you're gay and
I'm gay, so what are you expecting me to ah, do there?"

Auggie swallowed quickly, "Damn son, one of them blunt types, so I'll be
blunt right back. Nothin' serious an' nothin' you don't want to do. Maybe
you weren't listenin' when I told the boys, but I do like lookin' at fine
well set up young bodies like yours when we're alone like now," The cake
was forgotten, he looked pitifully hopeful, "an', well my mouth ain't broke
yet if you was of a mind to let me on occasion, but that's about all an'
like I said, all purely voluntary."

Auggie's eyes widened in pleased surprise when Ryan nodded with a smile and
stood up to strip, "I guess I can live with those terms," he flushed with
color when he grew feeling Auggie's eyes boring in on his cock. "I think
you just fucked up Auggie, you should have talked salary before
benefits. Do you mind if I use my imagination?"

Auggie motioned him closer, "Nope, I can afford you, an' I'm the one
gettin' the benefits. Tell me who." He grabbed at Ryan's taught cheeks with
surprisingly strong fingers without waiting for an answer. He held his head
motionless while he worked Ryan's hips until the younger man realized that
he was expected to do the work.

Ryan watched his cock disappear into Auggie's mouth until the fat man's
nose bumped his body. He pulled back until Auggie quickly used his hands to
stop his complete withdrawal. He closed his eyes and allowed his
imagination roam, he sighed, there was too much choice at the pool party,
and "Tonight you're Dooby, first a quickie in his mouth and then a nice
slow fuck in that tight little ass." Auggie made Ryan do the work but he
continued to control his speed and depth of thrust with his pudgy hands on
Ryan's hips the first time. The second without a pause was slower. Auggie
added tightness by applying pressure using his lip covered teeth.

Ryan's second shot was debilitating. He forced his rubbery legs to get him
to the sofa where he collapsed. "Can I bunk here tonight?" he asked when he
felt sleep overtaking him.

Auggie had resumed eating his cake. He swallowed, "Yeah but not there, this
here is a two bedroom suite, yours is over there. You sleep on that sofa
you'll be all stove up come mornin'. Go to bed son." Ryan yawned and
groaned. He stood finally and pulled on his shorts. Auggie looked and
sounded disappointed, "I ain't goin' to bother you." That came out

Ryan grinned, "My room's down on the fourth floor. I'm just going down to
get my stuff."

"Oh yeah," Auggie gave him a radiant pleased smile, "okay then. Here's that
fuckin' key thing so as y'all kin get back in. Oh, you gonna eat your
cake?" Ryan looked up to see Auggie already inching the plate closer, he
laughed and shook his head.

Auggie had gone into his room by the time Ryan returned with his suit bag
and carry on. The door was closed. Ryan found his bed and was asleep two
minutes after his head touched the pillow. He woke up suddenly from being
prodded. Auggie was standing over him poking him with a heavy cane. He
blinked to clear his vision. Auggie was dressed, dressed in a tailored suit
and a Windsor knotted tie. "Shit, am I late?" he asked frowning at the
clock that he remembered to set before he got in bed.

"Hell no son, the coffees' here, thought you might want a cup as a waker
upper. It takes me three times longer than most to get cleaned up and dress
come mornin' but sometimes I get lucky, this mornin' was one of those. I
wouldn't a come in but you didn't close your door so you was fair game to
get disturbed. Come on outta there." Auggie watched Ryan toss aside the
pillow he was hugging and stand up sporting a magnificent morning
erection. "Damn son as soon as we get home we got to find you a boy to hug
in bed to take care of that mornin' woody you're sportin'. He giggled, "O'
course if that pillow was a boy I expect he'd wake up with broke bones."

Ryan stretched, looked down at himself and laughed, "Nothing a good leak
won't take care of," he answered over his shoulder, already running toward
the bathroom. He found Auggie waiting for him sitting at the table again
with his attention fixed on a platter that held six humongous
muffins. There was also a pot of coffee and pitchers of milk and orange

Auggie's eyes roamed Ryan's body. He frowned, "Damn sit down son I don't
need you distractin' me from these here muffins."

Ryan poured for them, "I thought this was a breakfast meeting."

"It is, but that ain't 'til seven, it ain't but a quarter to six. Them boys
put on a goodly spread yesterday for lunch an' supper, but there ain't no
guarantees on breakfast at Charlie's office so I thought to stoke up just
in case." Auggie offered the muffins to Ryan.

"No thanks, I'll take my chances," Ryan frowned watching Auggie settle the
platter on top of his plate. "Are you really going to eat them all?" When
Auggie nodded happily with his mouth full he got angry, "Are you trying to
kill yourself? I thought yesterday was an act but I guess I was wrong. This
is my first day working for you and I know I've got a lot to learn about
the industry, but Christ Auggie I want you as my teacher. I don't want you
dropping dead on me all of a sudden, what would I do then?"

Auggie rested his knife and fork on his plate. His face was unreadable,
"The first thing you should do is make some phone calls, keep callin' until
you find a company with one of them roll back tow trucks. I think I'd like
to be covered up with a tarp for my last ride if they got one o' course,"
he smiled at his little joke.

Ryan remained unsmiling, "Make jokes Auggie, but I'm serious. I like
you. Working for you is going to be fun and exciting and I don't want to go
to your funeral anytime soon." He looked away and shook his head in disgust
when Auggie resumed eating. "I'll go shower and dress," he said in a low

When Ryan returned to the living room twenty minutes later he saw Auggie
sitting in his scooter with his back to the room looking out the
window. The second thing made him smile; four muffins remained on the
platter. "No one's ever said that to me before," Auggie admitted without
turning around.

"What, that you eat too much?"

"Nope, them three simple words, 'I like you.' Maybe I will cut down a mite,
not all at once though, I'll have to taper off slow like." Auggie reversed
suddenly and drove at the door, "If you're ready let's go close this deal
and start makin' some money."


Tom met Auggie and Ryan in the lobby to escort them up to Charlie's office
since it was so early. He led them into the adjoining conference room that
also served as a dinning room. The room was empty but the table was set for
breakfast. "Where's Charlie and them two boys," Auggie wondered, "and my
buddy your partner Christian for that matter?"

Tom tipped his head at a door, "Charlie and Cory are getting breakfast and
Dooby's helping by agitating them unless they threw him out a window by now
and Christian's at our ad agency office across town. He's busy getting a
couple of weeks ahead on our ad program so we can take a vacation."

Auggie started rolling toward the kitchen door before Tom got done
explaining. The door swung into the kitchen when he rammed it, "We can
visit in there while they're cookin' then. Hey, good mornin' Charlie! Hey
lads!" He inhaled deeply, "Biscuits and gravy, wow, how'd you know that's
one of my favorites for breakfast?" He stopped laughing when he saw that
Charlie, Cory and Dooby had their heads together over the stove and had
been talking seriously when it took them a second to smile and welcome
him. "Is something wrong? If I'm intrudin' I'll just back outta here."

Charlie rushed to stop the big man, "You ain't, just roll up to the table
and I'll pour you coffee. I'm adopting Cory or trying to. His father called
yesterday and left a message saying he wouldn't agree at least not for the
amount I offered him. That's what we were talkin' about. I'll just up the

"He'll never take a lump sum Dad. If he did he knows he'd piss it all away
in a week and there wouldn't be any more. Mom's been paying his sorry ass
too long; you'll have to give him like a pension or something." Cory

Charlie nodded, "Your mother agrees. I thought I could just get him out of
our lives, yours more than ours, your mother and I."

"I take it that there ain't no love lost between you and your real poppa?"
Auggie asked Cory.

Cory looked at the floor, "No Sir, I'm his meal ticket. My mother's been
supporting him since they divorced and now the sonofabitch claims he loves
me too much to ever let me be adopted, plus he knows who Mom's marrying so
the cost of living just went out of sight especially since it will stop
when I'm eighteen."

"Don't never think that son," Auggie warned. "He'll go for a lifetime
contract. I would, wouldn't you?"

Cory went back to stirring the neglected pot of gravy, "Yes damn it I guess
I would," he mumbled. "I'm sorry Dad. I'll just keep his name officially
from now on and fuck him; don't pay him anything and stop Mom from paying
him too."

Auggie surprised everyone by revealing his intuition, "Well you could try
that, but again if I was him, I'd up and stir the pot. I'd sue for
continued alimony since your mom's been payin' already regular, there's
precedent and for visitation rights. I'd fuck up your lives until I got
what I wanted."

Cory shuddered visibly, "Shit, I didn't think about that, he's already got
visitation rights. He's never used them but I think I'm supposed to spend
every other weekend with him and a month every summer."

Dooby wrapped an arm around Cory's shoulders, "I have a solution for
us. We'll give him a lifetime contract and then just bump the motherfucker
off." He snapped his fingers, "End of contract."

The kitchen fell silent. All eyes went to Dooby and Cory. It became obvious
that Dooby only verbalized a solution that was in the back of the others
minds. Ryan saw Auggie smile slightly before he covered his mouth with his
hand. Charlie put an end to the extreme suggestion. He was shocked, "DOOBY,
damn it, I know you mean well, but believe it or not I really can afford to
pay whatever he wants and I will as long as he gets out of our lives. In
fact I'll make him move to California and if he ever comes back or even
tries to contact Cory or his mother the deal is off."

Auggie agreed with a joke, "Yeah Dooby boy, if you ever kilt a dude you'd
get caught first thing. They'd toss your tight little ass in the slammer
with the big boys an' by the time you got out you'd be sportin' a train
tunnel." He sniffed the air and added quickly, "I got me two more things to
say; don't you dare burn that gravy and the biscuits are done. Why don't we
just eat and talk right here? This is nice an' cozy and it smells right. I
just love kitchens."

Dooby sat by Auggie, he whispered, "I would do it you know, for Cory I'd do

"I knew that son, right off, but it ain't goin' to be necessary now and in
the future never say such in a room full of people, friends, lovers,
relatives or strangers like me and Ryan. Now what if somethin' bad did
happen to the dude? I wasn't kiddin' about the train tunnel." He changed
the subject, "Tommy said you boys are goin' on vacation soon, where to?"

Cory was more than willing, "Florida, we're going to surf, go diving and
deep sea fishing and of course go to all the theme parks."

Auggie grinned, "Makes no difference whether you fly or drive. If'n you
don't stop in to see us on your way I'll be most mightily offended. I got
plenty o' room. I up an' bought the plantation where at my family share
cropped since the war. I made it real nice just like it was when it was
first built."

Ryan sat up alertly, "Holy shit, we need to close this deal fast Auggie,
there's a couple of a shows right there." He turned to Tom and Charlie, "Is
there any reason you couldn't take the cooking show on the road? Maybe use
restaurant kitchens and have their chefs as guests, especially if you
switch to national brands, after all meat is meat and vegetables are
vegetables no matter where they're cooked."

"Hey yeah, you know with a little advance planning like pick the
restaurants and the recipes, they could run in that weeks' ad and say the
chef stewed fresh tomatoes or anything else fresh we could always
substitute canned and frozen in the ad if we didn't have the fresh
inventory or if the customer wanted to simplify or speed up preparation,
that stuff could be on sale that week. That would work wouldn't it?" Cory
asked a silent table of smiling faces.

Dooby saw other possibilities, "It sure would, you interview the chef, like
you do with me. Keep him busy while I go check out the dessert trolley,
meaning we'll have to pick places that are famous for desserts of course,"
he tried to look angelic for a couple of seconds before he giggled at the
general laughter.

Auggie laughed the hardest, "Don't tell me no more it will spoil the show!"

Charlie handed Dooby and Cory Team Spelling employee shirts after breakfast
and sent them to the security office to be photographed for badges, "You're
expected," he explained, "and after you get them you can wander around the
whole place. Go anywhere you want, no one will bother you. Talk to the
gang, check out morale, and ask about problems by bullshitting. I want to
know how things are going."

Cory nodded and Dooby giggled, "In other words Gramps, you want us to

"Yup, that was always going to be one of Cory's jobs working here as an
intern, but I can see there won't be enough time in the schedule for him to
really work here. Be back in about an hour I guess, we should be done by
then." Charlie waved them away.

Dooby pulled off the shirt he was wearing exposing his waist line. His
shorts rode so low they appeared to be about to slide down his legs. "For
God's sake Dooby pull up your pants," Charlie frowned, "Have you lost

"I don't think so." He looked at Cory, "Have I?"

Tom interrupted with a sigh, "He hasn't; I think those shorts are
mine. Damn if I don't have to get a lock for my closet. Why don't you ever
wear your own clothes?"

"These are yours? I thought they were Christian's," Dooby explained matter
of factly, "after he got done with me this morning I was still feeling sexy
so I thought I'd spend the whole day in his pants that's all." He grinned,
"You can have them back tonight if you take them off me." Tom rolled his
eyes and blushed. Dooby switched thoughts, "Hey Gramps, is ice cream in
with the frozen food or do you keep it separate?"

It wasn't difficult for Charlie to read Dooby's mind, "Don't you dare go
opening up full cases anywhere in the warehouse. If you feel a snack attack
coming on go to the cafeteria, the food is free and there's always ice
cream. I have a charge back deal with the suppliers, now get out of here so
we can talk business."

The door hadn't quite closed, they heard Dooby, "I didn't think about the
cafeteria, that's a relief, I was wondering where we were going to find

Auggie giggled, "Yonder goes a stomach that takes after mine. There's
nothing like a big dessert with breakfast." He glanced at Ryan and rushed a
reassurance, "Too bad I'm full up just now an' talkin' money if it's ours,
ain't been known to stimulate my appetite." He sighed, "Okay, how much is
this here goin' to cost us?" Auggie winked at Ryan. Ryan looked puzzled
about the plural before Charlie named an opening number that was high but
not ridiculous. Negotiations got underway while they sat comfortably at the
kitchen table.

Dooby looked at his identification badge cross eyed after he clipped it to
his shirt collar, "How come ours are maroon? I haven't seen anyone else
with that color."

The chief of security explained the system. All departments were color
coded. Office people couldn't get in any part of the warehouse and those
who worked in the vast warehouse were limited in where they could go. No
one on the floor could get into the meat packing area and the butchers had
no reason to be in the dry stores areas, but they were authorized executive
badges, by wearing maroon they were free to roam the whole place. He added
that they might not see another the same color all day, there weren't many
issued. Just before they left the office he presented them with hardhats
that already had their first names printed on them and congratulated them
on the great show, telling them with a laugh how even his two teenage
daughters managed to get up early Thursday morning to watch the show just
from seeing them in the advertisements.

A man waited for them sitting in a golf cart just inside the warehouse. He
grinned at them, "Hi boys, remember me?" He took off his hardhat, "Does
this help?" he asked. They saw his I.D. badge was maroon like theirs.

Cory laughed, "Yeah, you were the manager of the second store we visited
with Dad, I mean Charlie. He promoted you."

"Yup he sure did," he waved his arm vaguely; "this is my store now, twenty
acres of merchandise. Hop in I'll give you a cook's tour." The cart was a
two seater. The boys shared the passenger seat, one cheek each. "The name's
Bert," he said shaking their hands, "sorry about sharing we need to get a
VIP cart for visitors I guess."

Dooby wrapped his arm around Cory's shoulders to keep from falling out,
"That's all right, we'll manage. This place is really twenty acres?"

"It sure is. Remember our stores are our customers and they buy by the
trailer load and now with nearly three hundred customers stuff is really
flying out of here." Bert picked up a portable phone and keyed the
MORNING, DOOBY AND CORY ARE HERE FOR A TOUR!" Bert's amplified voice boomed
and echoed through the cavernous building from a hundred speakers. He was
answered immediately with shouts and cheers from unseen voices. Bert
BREAKTIME." He paused for additional cheers then finished with one word;

"ASSES AND ELBOWS!" came back to them as a ragged chorus with more laughter
and cheering.

Dooby and Cory were impressed, "Holy shit, now that's team spirit. Does
Dad, I mean Charlie know about this?"

Bert grinned down on Cory, "Your father knows everything that goes on in
this building somehow. He has sources I don't know about and now he has two
new ones I do, right?"

Dooby giggled when Cory looked guilty, "Yup, he said to snoop but he didn't
say to only report shit, I imagine he'll like good stuff a lot better."

Bert drove them down a main aisle that crossed the building and constantly
yielded the right of way to forklifts with pallets of freight moving toward
them. They arrived at a dock where semi trailers were being unloaded. The
forklifts swarmed the trailers like ants with a purpose. The warehouse was
being restocked just like a store. This was the primary daytime activity
although loading trailers on the other side of the building never really
stopped. Bert explained that at the shift change, the crews began pulling
orders, assembling pallets to fill store orders and loading trailers at the
docks on the other side of the building. They saw individuals wearing
inline skates, conventional roller skates, two wheeled scooters and even
bicycles. Everyone had a task, a duty to perform in expediting the smooth
movement of inventory. Bert showed them how the incredibly complicated
conveyor system operated, how cartons were labeled with barcodes, scanners
read the labels and then sent the merchandise along the appropriate belt to
be consolidated on pallets, shrink wrapped and again labeled with a store
number and an accurate inventory for each finished pallet.

Bert looked at his watch, "OOPS, break time in three minutes we better get
to the cafeteria." He sped down a side aisle.

"Do you really get free food, I mean like ice cream and stuff?" Dooby

"Yup, the reason for doing that is that it reduces the number of cases that
break open accidentally on purpose."

Dooby looked disgusted, "Now what asshole would ever do that just to get a

Cory elbowed Dooby hard and giggled, "If the shoe fits asshole!"

Dooby laughed, "The damn ice cream was safe, it would have taken us an hour
to just to find that freezer on foot and another one to find the ice

"Yeah, and by the time you located the flavor you wanted we would have been
popsicles ourselves." Cory added.

The cafeteria filled to capacity soon after they got there and they were
surprised to find that the eatery was as organized for efficiency as the
warehouse. Everyone was delighted to see them but the first order of
business was to get drinks and snacks. Dooby and Cory got in line like
everyone but they didn't have to order. Bert laughed with them when they
were handed plastic plates piled with brownies, bowls of vanilla ice cream
and big Styrofoam cups of milk. They were ushered to a central table and
while they attempted to eat, they were inundated with fans and well wishers
half of which asked for autographs. Two big televisions mounted on opposite
walls clicked on with their first show playing. The program went to fast
forward; it stopped just before Dooby dropped the egg and reverted to
normal play. Everyone got quiet, the volume increased, Dooby grinned
foolishly and began to slide off his chair under the table. Cory pulled him
back and held him in place and noticed that some of the workers were
silently mouthing Dooby's words. When Dooby on screen said spit, everyone
in the room shouted SHIT as loud as they could. The sequence played through
the point where he leaned into the camera to say that he hoped paper towels
were on sale. The tape was stopped, reversed, and the scene was repeated
three times.

"WHO THE HELL IS DOING THAT?" Dooby shouted and looked for the VCR.

"I am, you goin' to do somethin' about it little man?" a mountainous woman
said from behind the long serving counter. She grinned at Dooby and waved
the remote above her head. "I just love that part," she added with a

Dooby hunched his shoulders and looked suitably cowed, "No ma'am I was just
wondering, that's all," he said in a tiny voice that squeaked. He grinned
at her mischievously.

The woman came out from behind the counter and wove her way nimbly through
the tables. She was carrying a store poster advertising the show and one of
the huge magic markers used in the warehouse. She offered her hand, "I'm
Gwen and you're in MY cafeteria." Cory managed to stand to shake her hand,
she held Dooby in his chair with a beefy hand on his shoulder after she
handed over the poster and marker.

Gwen appeared to be fat at first glance from a distance but close up and
shaking her hand, Cory saw she was just a huge massively built woman. She
released her hold on Dooby and pulled Cory in to hug him so his face was
mashed against her bosom. "Why you're as cuddly as the big boss just you
ain't quite as fast, but I'll bet you will be next time you see me won't
you?" She released Cory and took the poster and marker from Dooby's hands
and gave them to Cory. Then she got her hands under his arm pits and stood
him up like a rag doll to hug him with equal joy, "You're a mite taller,
but you're just as cute as the dickens too and SO squeezable," The air
rushed from Dooby's lungs when she experimented. She turned, and bent
forward slightly presenting her back to the boys to use to autograph her
poster after glancing at the wall clock. Break time was nearly over. A
buzzer sounded; the room emptied with waves and promises to watch the next

Dooby and Cory started eating frantically. "Relax guys, you're not on the
clock," Bert told them between sips of coffee.

Gwen pulled out a chair and joined them, "Yeah us executives," she tapped
her maroon badge, "gets to work whenever we want as long as we want just so
the job gets done." She giggled, "Me, I got this since I need to go
shoppin' in all the departments. Can you imagine one of the pantywaist
guards keepin' little old me out of meat or frozen just because of a
colored badge?" she wondered rhetorically. "Them fools expect to eat I
gotta get the food."

"We were supposed to be back upstairs in an hour." Cory explained.

"They'll call you if they want you." Bert assured them.

Gwen leaned forward conspiratorially, "Yeah, say who's the blimp ridin'
that poor little scooter I saw in the lobby this mornin' with the new kid
Tommy? Come on now boys you just tell your Auntie Gwen the scoop. I won't
tell a soul, I promise."

Bert cracked up and offered his portable phone, "Right Gwen, you'll just
tell all the souls that come in here, this will save your voice."

Dooby shrugged at the byplay, "It's no secret, the fat guy is Auggie
Bligh. He owns a bunch of radio and television channels, cable
channels. They're talking about producing a new show a reality show with us
in it plus the food show might go national."

Cory giggled, "From now on just change Dooby's name to Martha."

Gwen scoffed, "Shit that kind of thing won't work, you boys need to screw
up more like the egg."

Dooby nodded with his mouth full. Cory punched him in the shoulder, "Don't
worry about that Gwen, if we cut out all old Dooby's screw ups there
wouldn't be a show."

Gwen punched Dooby's other shoulder with a giggle, "What's on this week? No
wait; don't tell me, I want to be surprised." She pulled Dooby upright out
of Cory's lap, "I didn't smack you that hard, sit up there and finish your
snack, a grownin' boy like you," she interjected between changing her mind
again. "I can't wait since I got you here. Tell me what you did this time?"


Charlie and Auggie shook hands over the breakfast dishes. Tom took Ryan to
his office to draft an agreement for their signatures. Both men were
pleased with the deal they struck. Auggie was waiting until they were
alone. He asked casually, "This guy, Cory's real father, where's this guy
live an' what's his name?"

Charlie wondered why Auggie was interested, but he answered, "Brian Conner,
he lives in New York somewhere; I guess wherever the gay population hangs
their hats."

Auggie showed his surprise, "The dude is gay? That wasn't mentioned. Why
that blackmailin' cocksucker 'ill give us a bad name." He recovered, "Too
bad, I hope everthin' works out okay for y'all." He smiled inwardly; a
handsome little guy hung like a horse, an older Cory, would be easy to find
in one of the hot gay clubs eventually, if he wasn't listed in the phone

"Do I need to call and make a reservation to get on your flight to
Atlanta?" Ryan asked already reaching for his phone. He and Auggie were
heading back to their hotel to check out.

"Nope, that's already taken care of." Auggie smiled.

"What time do we leave?" Ryan pressed; he was infamous for almost missing

Auggie shrugged, "Whenever we get there. Hey, it's me." Ryan looked to see
Auggie holding a phone to his ear. In the south Ryan learned, the word
'hey' was used as a greeting. Its meaning was all encompassing on the
telephone; hello, how are you, what are you doing, and good by if used to
end a call. "I'm needin' you two boys to get up to New York City."

Ryan's eyes widened as he listened to Auggie's end of the conversation. He
explained that he wanted a little queer found; Brian Conner, that if he
wasn't listed in the phone book, they were to look around for a Spelling's
Supermarket. There would be posters with a picture of two kids and the guy
they wanted looked just like the one with dark curly hair. He instructed
them to visit every gay club in town, to ask around, and keep at it until
the man was found. Ryan nearly rear ended a truck when Auggie told whoever
he was talking to, what he wanted them to do with the man. He ended the
call, "A pretty boy that ain't but five-three should be easy for you two
rocket scientists. After he signs the agreement you boys mail it. Don't use
them credit cards I got ya; see Mattie for some cash money. I'll be seein'
ya as soon as ya get back. Hey." He snapped the phone closed. "Mattie is my
personal secretary," he told Ryan proudly.

"Auggie, what the fuck are you doing?"

Auggie stuck out his lower lip, a sign of his stubbornness, "I let you in
on that because we shouldn't keep some stuff secret. I liked that Charlie
and them boys an' I just wanted to hep 'em out some, a favor."

"HEP? You mean help?" Ryan ridiculed Auggie's abuse of the language, "What
you're going to do is hep us into fucking prison. What if the guy dies from
the beating and butt fuck you just ordered?"

Auggie smiled, "Ain't neither likely. Them two boys are no account nephews
o' mine. They is dimwits, I suspect from bein' closer related then they
know unless you believe Immaculate Conception happens regular in one
family. As kids we was packed in one bedroom tighter then sardine fish in a
can. I know 'em, I mean I know what they like, they like pretty boys or
each other an' they'd never beat one so's they was marked or even scratched
'cause they don't like the sight o' blood, an' they is both kinda cursed by
bein' under hung more'n somewhat. The good Lord gave 'em nuts the size o' a
bull's but there weren't no follow through if you know what I mean." Auggie
held up a pinky, "An' that be over generous. But they is both big boys and
nasty lookin'. If I was tied up naked an' one o' them boys stood over me
cleanin' his nails with a great big toad sticker knife an' eyein' my
package to take home as a trophy, I'd be most happy to sign anythin' to
keep it attached wouldn't you?" Ryan nodded reluctantly, Auggie patted his
knee, "Just you relax Ryan boy, them two will get the job done eventual,
an' they'll be talkin' about their trip up to New York City 'til hell
freezes over."

Auggie directed Ryan to American Airlines departures at the airport after
they checked out of the hotel. He used his phone again along the way, "Hey,
we're leavin' for home in about twenty minutes or so. Get ready for me."

"That was cryptic, you didn't even say hey for goodbye." Ryan observed with
a grin.

Auggie chuckled, "That there was another nephew, a younger one. He's my
step an' fetch it airplane flunky. I got family comin' outta my ears. I
gotta support 'em so's I make 'em work some for it." He pointed to a newly
vacated spot along the curb to park the car. "Come on, we're here." He
opened the door and waved a Red Cap over. The porter and Ryan got Auggie's
scooter from the trunk, Ryan assembled it while the Red Cap loaded their
luggage on his cart. Ryan traveled light but Auggie didn't.

Auggie handed the Red Cap a hundred dollar bill after he was seated in his
scooter, the man beamed, "Thank you Sir! I'll just get this all checked in
if you give me your flight and you can go straight up to airside."

Auggie grinned maliciously, "Our plane's out to the end of 'D' an' that's
all carry on, hope you got your runnin' shoes on. Let's go." Auggie charged
the sliding doors daring them to be open far enough by the time he reached
the threshold. The Red Cap and Ryan followed with both sputtering about too
much luggage for carry on.

Ryan looked back at the Lincoln, "Shouldn't I return the car?"

Auggie set a perfectly straight course for the elevator. Adult passengers
scattered but he slowed and avoided children. He giggled, "That's what them
airport tow trucks is for ain't it?" He placed the front wheel of the
scooter against the closed elevator door after a woman pushed the up button
so there was no question about who was going to board the car first.

When Auggie continued to ignore the Red Cap he turned to Ryan who was
beginning to realize that Auggie was playing a joke on him, "Sir there's
some kinda mistake here, there ain't no flights outta the end of the D
wing. Its new and it ain't even open yet."

Ryan laughed in the elevator, "I think there's one and it's not
commercial." He looked at Auggie switching to colloquial, "Yo, been funnin'
me ain't yo; you got your own plane out there."

"Smart ass college boy," Auggie grumped before he grinned again and nodded,
"Too much bullshit with little ol' me tryin' to pack my ass in a first
class seat. I ain't payin' fer two when there ain't but one o' me." Auggie
waited impatiently on the other side of the security check point while the
Red Cap cleared the pile of luggage and reloaded his cart, "Y'all thought
that hunert dolla bill was a gift didn't cha?" he giggled on seeing beads
of sweat on the man's forehead. "There ain't many free rides in this world,
come on, just a couple hunert yards further. He rolled through an opening
in a temporary partition. The end of the wing was nearly complete, there
were no passengers, just workers washing windows and vacuuming carpet.

There was one ramp door propped open guarded by a young man wearing jeans,
a western shirt and boots. He stopped his pacing and smiled nervously when
he saw Auggie rolling toward him like a battleship at flank speed. "Hey
Trasker, how you doin' boy?" Auggie greeted him cordially. He looked back
at Ryan to introduce him to his nephew and didn't bother to hide his grin
at seeing Ryan's face and his stare at Trasker. "Ryan Bronson this here is
Trasker Bligh one o' my nephews, one o' the few I got who can actually walk
AND chew gum on occasion both together, so's I don't mind havin' him
around. Trask, Ryan's goin' to be heppin' me out some in the business an'
he'll be livin' to the house."

Ryan and Trask shook hands briefly before Trask escorted the Red Cap into
the plane leaving his uncle and Ryan behind. Ryan continued to stare down
the ramp corridor, "Wow, too bad he's not gay," he whispered thinking out

Auggie grinned, "If'n you want him to replace the pillow you was squeezin'
on this mornin' he will be come tomorrow mornin'." Auggie giggled, "Come to
think on it nephews is cheaper than my good bed linens so plan on it if
you'd be so kind as to be givin' me another benefit in our contract."

"What's that?" Ryan asked absently.

"I'd take it kindly if I could watch."

"You can watch I guess, but not with him, he's straight."

Auggie started down the ramp, "We'll just see about that come nightfall."


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