Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


 Part 17

"There's been a change in plans," Tom announced as he walked into the
kitchen, returning home from the office. Cory and Christian were working
on dinner and Dooby was helping them by sitting on his usual stool and
watching them while munching on his share of the snack tray.

Dooby scowled, "You better not be talking about the trip," he warned,
"we're leaving Saturday no matter what. We all busted our asses to get
ahead and at least two of us are going if we have to fly by ourselves,"
he declared with a glance at Cory. Cory nodded his agreement.

Tom grinned, "How'd you guess? We're all flying. Auggie called to ask
how many of us were coming and when I told him eight of us plus the new
sound and cameraman, and we were using our Tahoe and borrowing Charlie's
truck, he said to send the guys ahead of time in the equipment truck and
he'd send up his plane for us. So the truck leaves tomorrow and we just
need to get our pretty little asses to the airport at eight o'clock
Saturday morning so we'll be at Auggie's before noon."

"YAHOO!" Dooby declared while he jumped off his stool and grabbed Cory
in a bear hug to dance him around the kitchen with the smaller boy's
feet flying. Cory surrounded Dooby's neck with his arms to pull his body
up until their lips were even. The kiss turned passionate and Dooby
stopped his whirling. Cory opened his legs and Dooby's cock lengthened
and lifted until it snuggled up against Cory's fat nut sack so when he
closed his legs, Dooby's cock began to intermittently peek out at Tom
and Christian like a coco clock with a unique head. This all happened in
less than a minute.

Tom looked at Christian, "When's dinner?" he asked unbuttoning his

Christian's cock rose to horizontal, "In about an hour. We should hurry
to get showered."

"We already did just before Christian got home. Why don't you take
turns on us? That would be faster," Dooby suggested already duck-walking
with Cory still suspended from his neck, out to the pool deck and air
mattress. Tom left a trail of clothing behind he and Christian. Dooby lay
Cory down and flopped beside him. Both boys spread their legs and grinned
up at Tom and Christian.

"Any preference?" Tom asked.

Dooby shrugged, "Yeah, both of you of course. We don't care who's
first, just don't plan to eat us afterward, we like to taste you two

"Okay," Christian agreed, "but we want to practice that neat move you
two do with each other, you know suck your cum while we're still pumping
our own into you."

"Cool," Cory giggled and opened his arms in invitation, "get down here
you big hot stud and let the lessons begin."

Christian stepped up on the mattress, stood at attention between Cory's
feet and allowed his body to fall forward. Cory screamed but didn't try
to escape the big athletic body because they'd done it before. Christian
stopped the near collision by taking his body weight on his arms with his
hands just above Cory's shoulders so his cock wobbled at just above
Cory's crotch. Christian waited in perfect prone position while Cory
quickly lifted his legs and guided him down and in.

Gradually, as the foursome got familiar with each other's bodies and
cocks, they ignored foreplay including finger fucking, or tonguing.
Muscle control obviated the former, and Dooby summed up the unanimous
opinion for the latter best, "Why bother eating an empty pussy?" As far
as foreplay was concerned, just looking at the young prime male bodies
displayed around them who were always willing to serve as tops or
bottoms, kept everyone at the pinnacle of readiness.

"When I'm on the bottom," Cory explained while looking up at
Christian, "I use my eyes to look at everything close up and hands to
feel of course, to bring my cock along with my lover but without touching
it. Like I love to watch your muscles move under your smooth tan skin and
feel them working together, to drive your beautiful cock in and out of me
and I love the feel of your cock in me." Cory's hands moved everywhere
over Christian's slightly straining body while his eyes alternated
between looking up into Christian's and down along his body to where his
cock pistoned his own small willing body.

The air mattress jiggled irregularly because of the two couples' close
proximity and contributed wobbles to the thrusting. Dooby was busy
explaining the same technique to Tommy and the two voices joined in a
litany of lovemaking. Dooby watched Tom's eyes roll as his body
stiffened, "Curl up under me quick!" Dooby ordered his older cousin
through clenched teeth.

Tom scrambled to obey the command that only youth or an athlete with long
muscles in a lithe body could. Christian followed quickly with fewer
contortions because of Cory's length. Dooby managed to get the first
spurt out, which landed on Tom's lips since Dooby held his cock up
aiming that way as Tom moved. Christian actually sucked on his little
lover five seconds before he was rewarded with Cory's bountiful juices.
Deprived of ultimate thrusts at the end, Tom and Christian used pairs of
hip bones as handles to keep themselves buried.

Switching partners after a short breathing spell, round two, with
Christian mounted on Dooby and Tom on Cory, came off as successfully. The
session naturally took longer but was equally rewarding in the end. Dooby
and Cory walked strangely as they moved toward the door to dinner.

Dooby answered Tom's question, "We figured if you can think muscles to
relax enough, than you can learn to close them up after getting fucked.
We want to save your loads for dessert."

Christian asked Tom rhetorically as they followed the two sweet younger
asses, "Why is it that we always end up taking lessons from them?"

Tom shrugged and laughed, "Are you complaining? Let's try that together
again after dinner while we watch our teachers have dessert." Christian
agreed enthusiastically.

"Oh hey guys I forgot," Dooby and Cory turned, "we need to pack our
Lacrosse stuff. Auggie has two guys that can play and three including
Ryan who are learning, and of course Auggie created a field out of his
lawn." Tom told them.

"Cool. I wonder how Auggie got interested in the game?" Dooby asked,
and then bemoaned the failure of their planned summer Lacrosse league due
to geographical problems with too few players.

Tom grinned, "Auggie warned me about that. They always play naked except
for helmets." His grin turned to a giggle, "He also told me that
there's a house rule, but it's not mandatory for us."

"Naked?" three voices joined to ask excitedly. Tom nodded, "I told him
that modesty was not one of our strong points."


Eight young men; Tom and Christian, Dooby and Cory with Scott and
Dooby's older brother Artie along with Kevin and towering Rob, milled
around the general aviation waiting lounge at seven-forty-five. Tom drove
the Tahoe and Kevin and Rob followed in their pickup truck with all their
luggage. They had no trouble identifying Auggie's jet as it taxied
toward them because the bright red 727 had Bligh Communications painted
on its side in white script.

By the time the front hatch was opened and the steps driven up so they
were allowed out to the airside to board, Dooby had run on foot halfway
to Atlanta. Ryan and four other young guys waited at the bottom of the
steps to greet them. All thirteen were nervous as they milled around to
introduce themselves to each other. The eight more so than the five
because Ryan, Trasker, Stevie, Logan and James had watched the video
several times during the two weeks since producer/director Dooby
persuaded the others to participate in its production.

"What the Sam Hill is taken' so long?" Auggie roared out from the
hatch, "Ain't you Yankees learned how to climb stairs yet?"

Dooby was the first to prove Auggie wrong followed by the rest in no
particular order although they formed a temporary logjam while waiting
for Auggie to slowly make his way back to his seat after Dooby nearly
knocked the fat man down by jumping into his arms just like he was fond
of doing with the others in their group. Somehow Dooby managed to get in
front of Auggie and chattered while he ran back and forth between the
lounge area and Auggie.

"Holy shit Auggie, you sure do travel first class. I was expecting to
see some little plane that would seat eight but not all the luggage. Man,
just wait until you see your portrait. Christian shaved a hundred years
off your age," Dooby giggled at seeing Auggie's grin. He continued,
keeping out of Auggie's reach, "not to mention like five hundred pounds
off your weight."

Auggie sat down heavily, laughing by then, "Logan boy!" he shouted,
"ya'll go fetch me my walkin' stick, the big heavy one with the knob
on it. I'm fixin' to beat some polite manners into one little Yankee
boy soon 's we get airborne `n he can't get away from old `n fat me!
How yo' doin' Dooby boy, `n yo' too Cory boy? How you ever keep up
with Dooby is beyond me."

Cory cranked Auggie's arm and giggled, "It sleeps eventually."

"Yeah, after he nearly fucks me to death!" Dooby quipped and thrust his
hips several times in Auggie's direction. Auggie eyed the bulge in
Dooby's shorts and then moved to the much larger one in Cory's.

"I wouldn't a believed that was possible until we watched them tapes
yo' sent Dooby boy, thankee kindly by the way, it took a full week o'
watchin' before the boys and I got to the end."

Tom sat down next to Auggie after shaking his hand. They both watched
Dooby dance away pulling Cory along by his arm. Dooby picked a seat, sat
down and pulled Cory down to sit on his lap and have some giggles trying
to get the seat belt snapped around them both. Stevie sat down next to
them and Logan jumped into his lap.

Tom shook his head, "Sorry about the wise ass cracks Auggie, that
happens when he considers someone a good friend. Next time we'll
tranquilize him and pack his ass in a big dog crate."

Auggie waved the apology away, "Don't matter, I like it in fact. My own
five here pick on my sorry ass more an' more too. I ain't got a whole
lot o' will power when it comes to food so the mob's heppin' me out by
watchin' me like hawks an' me givin' `em direct orders to the
contrary don't do a bit o' good."

"I can see you've lost some weight though so it's working."

Auggie looked pleased, "Yo' can? I know twenty or so pounds ain't much
but I can get around better an' I'm feelin' better too."


Cory and Logan sat on their partner's laps so they faced each other.
Their knees touched but neither moved. "We're the same size," Cory
observed shyly looking at Logan after the four re-introduced themselves.

Logan looked surprised, "We're just about the same height," he
corrected with a giggle, "but most definitely NOT the same size." He
reached and hand down under his butt and Stevie blushed, "On the other
hand Stevie and Dooby are exactly the same size everywhere including

Stevie forcefully removed Logan's hand, "Would you quit already?" he
begged. He explained, "Logan and I have known each other all our blamed
lives and back when we were fourteen or so I put the move on him in our
pool, this asshole ran and wouldn't even look at me for the past three
years. A few weeks ago, he finally got around to coming out to me and now
he's trying to make up for all that lost time." He grinned and allowed
Logan's hand to remain the second time.

"We were wondering if we could kind of sign up or however we're going
to work it while you're here to get together with you guys kind of like

"Sure," Cory agreed, "but aren't you afraid I might hurt you even
though I've always been careful?"

Logan giggled and stretched to look over the seat backs, "Oh James?" he
sang. When James stood by them Dobby and Cory ogled his shorts. "This is
James and we've all been practicing. You won't hurt me," he assured

James laughed and clutched his cock through his shorts, "Have they ever,
call me in hog heaven. If I'm not fucking then someone is practicing
deep throating, it's hard for me to get out of bed for any reason." He
frowned slightly and became serious, "One thing though, I'm part Negro.
Does that matter?"

Dooby and Cory looked at each other with the same thought. Both pointed,
Dooby answered with a laugh, "It's all right there!"

"That's what Stevie said too!" Logan laughed with the others.

was a ragged chorus of cheers. He looked up at James, "So much for that
excuse," he said happily.

Cory helped Logan serve drinks and snacks after takeoff when Logan
announced his title as being the step n' fetch it boy with a laugh. He
did a double take when he got around to Trasker sitting by Ryan, "Hey
you look like Auggie, at least you do the way Christian painted him

"Maybe that's because I'm his great nephew," Trasker responded
without looking up. His eyes remained fixed on Cory's shorts.

Auggie complained loudly when Logan served him a plate of carrot and
celery sticks and low calorie ranch dressing dip, "This here diet shit
is plumb killin' me, in particular this dip even smells like it should
be paint. We got any salt?" he asked hopefully.

"Yup," Logan answered with a grin, "but you aren't getting any."

Auggie looked mournfully at Tom, "See what I mean?" he asked, "That
there little rich boy can't even be bribed."

After they landed in Atlanta, everyone rushed to the planes' tail to
watch Auggie descend. Trasker warned them all to stand aside, so of
course only Dooby waited with a foot on the ramp. Auggie chased him
straight to the waiting bus. Dooby screamed his laughter and jumped up
into the bus through the elevator door. Zeek became Uncle Zeek when
someone heard James greet his uncle fondly as everyone but Dooby helped
transfer luggage from the planes' cargo hold to the storage bays under
the bus.

When the others boarded, they found Dooby sitting on the sofa and
munching on a giant pecan shortbread cookie with the open tin on his lap.
By the time Auggie joined them everyone was eating one and the empty tin
was sitting on the table where Auggie parked his scooter. There wasn't
room for everyone to sit in the front so those without seats gravitated
past the galley and bathroom to the bedroom to sit on its queen-size bed.

"Don't none of yo' drop nary a crumb from them cookies," Zeek warned,
"it be a crime to see no fat man crawlin' `round tonguin' the

When the laughter died down Auggie scowled and mumbled morosely, "Yo'
fired Zeek soon as you drive us home that is." Zeek nodded and laughed.

All of the guests were awed by Auggie's home viewed from the outside and
speechless after Ryan and Trasker led them to the second floor and into
what had been the boom-boom room. By then the double bed in the middle of
the room had been replaced with a king-size on which four boys, Ryan,
Trasker, Stevie and Logan learned to sleep comfortably along with James
sometime during each night if he felt like leaving Auggie's or could'
between Auggie and his uncle Zeek requiring his attention.

When Auggie drove into the room on his scooter, all thirteen guys were
milling around and talking quietly while Steve worked the remote
displaying the video systems' potential, "Is there a store around
here?" Dooby wondered, "We could get air mattresses like we use at home
on the pool deck, then we could all bunk in here together." He snapped
his fingers and grinned, "AND take them with us and use them when we get
to Florida!" His suggestion was muffled as he pulled off his shirt as an
unsubtle hint that everyone should get naked. He grinned at the other's
bashfulness and eagerness after his shorts hit the floor.

"I'll just send someone to good ol' Wal-Mart," Auggie volunteered,
delighted that everyone would be sleeping in one room so Stevie as
`button pushin' geek' wouldn't be challenged by tracking the boys in
the guest rooms. At that moment his eyes tried looking at the eight new
bodies at the same time.

Dooby rubbed his newly bared gut after dropping his shorts and checking
his watch, "Do you Rebels eat lunch?" he asked grinning at Auggie and
then had another question, "I don't imagine a place this big and
comfortable has a ce-ment pond" imitating the Beverly Hills Hillbillies,
"or what we call a swimming pool?"

"Yup, smart ass, to both. The pool is out back and lunch is waitin' on
ya there." Auggie nodded to Trasker and Ryan "Show `em the way boys."
He stopped Stevie and Logan, "You boys scamper down after lunch an'
pick up some of them mattresses like the one they used in that there
video." He instructed.

Zeek found Auggie parked in the shade near the pool. He pulled up a chair
to get comfortable and then stroked the long bulge along one thigh of his
trousers, "Lordy, lordy Boss, de cum about to start flowin' by de
gallon, I swear!"

"Yup." Auggie answered with his eyes roaming everywhere.

Dooby approached Stevie in the pool, "Hey Stevie you asked about being
first on our dance card, do you two want to dance? We peeked and
discovered these box stalls are really rooms, so if you pick one we'll
be right behind you." All four boys vaulted from the pool. Stevie walked
beside Dooby while Logan and Cory followed closely, even bumping hips

"So Logan, what do you like to do, you know like in bed?" Cory asked
thrilled with the opportunity of being with another guy his own size, at
least in stature, plus Logan, even when flaccid appeared like he would be
as big as Dooby.

Logan stuttered in answering the question, " Well, I, I kind of like to
do everything so far. I know I'd like to try you in me especially with
Stevie watching if that's alright, and after, after if you don't mind
Stevie loves eating pussy especially if it's someone else's cum in

Cory grinned, "I think that could be arranged." He lowered his voice
although Stevie and Dooby were having a similar conversation three feet
away and wouldn't take offence; "You know it sure going to be nice to
look you in the eye even horizontal."

"This will have to be a quickie unfortunately. We need to make a
Wal-Mart run to buy those air mattresses," Stevie announced before they
went into his old room.

Dooby looked back at the others to see if potential lover groups were
forming but no one except them seemed prepared to leave the pool to
actually start something. "Why don't we go and get the mattresses first
and use them out here during daylight? That will get the old guys
going!" he giggled.

The foursome did an about face to find their clothes again and race to
the garages. Steve was planning to drive the limo until Dooby and Cory
looked wistfully at a pair of gleaming red Corvettes, gifts from Auggie
to his nephew Trasker and Stevie. After Dooby and Cory explained that
they had been practicing driving Tom's, Stevie and Logan grinned and got
in the passenger seats.

"This plantation is huge. There are miles of roads and three ways out so
knock yourselves out guys." Dooby took the wheel of Stevie's and Cory
drove Trasker's with Logan. They actually got to the store an hour later
and walked in the house in another hour carrying three boxes containing
queen-size air mattresses and a small electric air pump to inflate them.


"Dooby!" Christian called from Auggie's office doors out to the pool

"WHAT?" Dooby shouted back. The four boys were inflating the last air
mattress getting it ready for immediate use as evidenced by four cocks in
varying degrees of hardness.

"I want to give Auggie his portrait but I can't figure out how to open
your damn box!" Christian complained.

"DUH! Do you know what a screwdriver looks like? Find one and unscrew
all the screws on the side that says FRONT!" Dooby mocked. "I wish we
had a `do-not-disturb' sign," he added for the other's benefit. They
laughed nervously, eager to begin.

"Dooby! There forty-eight screws!" Christian shouted.

Dooby grinned at Stevie, "In case you didn't understand that, he wants
me to do the unscrewing for him." He shouted back, "SO GET AN ELECTRIC
normal voice he said, "I give him thirty seconds."

It only took Christian twenty, "DOOBY WILL YOU COME IN AND HELP?"

"Told you. He's a great artist, but when it comes to anything as
mechanical as a screw, he can fuck up a wet dream. Can you give me twenty
minutes?" There was reluctant agreement and Dooby walked away from them
muttering, "Dooby do this, Dooby do that." He was pleased when the
others followed him.

"We had to get away from the gravitational pull of that mattress,"
Logan joked while holding Cory's hand.

Zeek had returned from the garage carrying a portable drill by the time
Dooby and company walked in and by then everyone else was there too.

"Why screws, why not just use hinges?" Christian asked handing Dooby
the drill.

"Because you didn't ask me to build it until Tuesday night remember,
and I didn't have hinges but I did have stainless steel screws left over
from building the kitchen so I used those." The box in question was
four-feet square and eight inches deep built of finished plywood and even
varnished. It rested in the middle of the carpet.

"It's just a throw away shipping crate." Christian erred in saying.

Dooby went ballistic, "Motherfucker! You said CASE not crate!" he
pointed as he knelt, "so I built a CASE! Do you realize how much good
screwing time we wasted building this thing?" Cory agreed with a
frowning nod so there was no mistake in anyone's mind what kind of
screwing Dooby was referring to. "A beautiful work of art like this
demands a case not a crate."

"Thank you Doobs." Christian patted Dooby's back when he knelt to
help. "I guess I did say case and this is beautiful workmanship on such
short notice."

Tom frowned when the lid was finally off, "Where'd you get the egg
crate foam to line the inside?"

Dooby thought for a second, "It was in our closet. The label on the
package said it was for the bed somehow."

"Yeah, it was," Tom shook his head, but said nothing more as he and
Christian lifted the framed painting from its nest and placed it on the
fireplace mantel.

There was a united intake of breath as everyone looked between Auggie and
the younger man smiling back at them from the painting. Auggie sat on his
scooter grinning and nodding his appreciation. Dooby looked at Trasker,
grabbed his arm and pulled him forward to stand on the hearth with his
back to the fireplace. The resemblance was uncanny. He walked back to
where Stevie, Logan and Cory stood and tilted his head outside at the
yet- to-be christened air mattresses. Logan won the undeclared foot race
and was stretched out on `their' mattress two seconds before the others

Dooby flopped backward to the vacant space next to Logan, who bounced up
six inches when the air was displaced. He looked up at Stevie and
grinned, "This is going to be like me fucking myself, far out!" Stevie
stood above him staring down, "That is if my Rebel alter ego will stop
staring so rudely and get down here. I warn you Stevie that Sprout has
been known to get me off with his eyes by looking at me just like you're

Stevie came out of his trance to kneel between Dooby's legs and run his
hands up and down Dooby's fuzz-covered thighs before he lowered his head
with his mouth open just like Cory was doing to Logan. Logan suddenly
slapped the mattress several times while he arched his body so there was
a foot of clear space between his back and the mattress.

"Man that was fast," Dooby ventured with a strained giggle. He was very
much enjoying Stevie's slow ministration on his cock.

Logan smiled sheepishly, "Sorry, I'm new," he apologized to Dooby and
Cory. He looked up at Cory sitting on his heels, "And you're too good
at giving head."

"Yeah he is. He forces me into practice sessions all the time." Dooby

Cory laughed, "Yeah, right mister deep throat!"

"Can I help it if my throat shrinks when not in use, I have to keep it
stretched don't I?"

Cory went prone over Logan and lowered his body until his weight mashed
their cocks together and their eyes met even with each other's. Both
giggled, "This is so cool." Cory giggled and kissed Logan, feeling for
his tonsils.

"Yeah it is," Logan agreed panting after the three-minute kiss, "but
it would be even cooler if you buried your great big cock in me."

It quickly became a game between the couples to follow each other. When
Cory relocated his cock Stevie got his into Dooby's crotch. Both bottom
boys raised their legs together and Stevie beat Cory in penetrating fully
only because he had a far shorter path to follow. The slight sound of an
electric motor was a distraction; until they looked up to see Auggie
parked beside them with James, fully erect standing on the cart between
Auggie's legs facing the fat man.

"This here's the odd man out, I purely got to find him a mate to hep me
an' Zeek here out some for he up an' kills us both, but in the meantime
he's hankerin' to get fucked by the biggest cock in the lot, an, I'm a
lookin' for him. Ya'll seen him?" Auggie joked as Cory began his first
trial thrust into Logan.

Dooby reached over and began tickling Cory in his side, his most
sensitive spot. Cory began giggling and trying to avoid his lover's
efforts by bucking and wiggling violently, exactly the movement Logan was
hoping for. "James!" Cory screamed, "Jump in between us to keep Dooby
away and you're next!"

"Hey!" Stevie complained, "That's not fair, I'm next! I can't help
it if Dooby tickles you." James jumped off the scooter and stepped over
Stevie and Dooby to flop between the two couples trapping Dooby's arm in
the process.

Ryan and Trasker paired up with Tom and Christian, who left Scott and
Artie with Rob and Kevin, so all three mattresses were occupied, but they
weren't close together. Auggie announced that problem petulantly by
almost running over Trasker and Christian to get their attention. No one
on that mattress was yet too involved, just about to be. "Trasker boy,
befo' that there Christian boy plugs yo', move that there bed so's
yo' over by Dooby's gang," he looked at the others, " yo' guys too,
move! Yo' think all I got to do is drive aroun' killin' my battery?
An' Zeek here about got his ol' legs worn down to stumps tryin' to
keep up!" he complained. The eight guys, all wearing erections moved
with a lot of laughing grumbles so the three airbeds touched.

After Cory worked his way through Logan, James and Stevie, and Dooby got
the three after Cory, two hours had elapsed. Cory was on the verge of
taking a nap, but Dooby wasn't, "Hey, let's take a break and go pass
the ball around for awhile," he suggested, already pulling Cory to his

Cory groaned, "Damn it Dooby, I just fucked four guys including you,
I'm tired."

Dooby looked down at Logan and Stevie, grinned and stooped quickly to
push the back of Stevie's head, Stevie choked and Logan grunted but he
got their attention, "You've been eating me out of Logan's pussy for
half an hour Stevie and I know I didn't put that much in there. Cool it
so we can get our stuff."

Stevie giggled as he stood and pulled his petite lover to his feet,
"I'm done now, I was done collecting your load long ago, but I was
having trouble collecting all of Cory's because I don't believe my
tongue's long enough. Thanks for the last minute help there, Dooby."

"No problem that's what friends are for." Dooby looked at the
adjoining beds, the `old' guys were talking among themselves, "Fuck
break is over old timers come on, we're going to teach these Rebs how to
play Lacrosse."

"Who died and left you in charge?" Tom asked as he and the others got
to their feet to follow.

Dooby looked down his nose at his cousin who had just celebrated his
twenty-fourth birthday; "I'm officially the activities director,
self-appointed of course, so there." He turned his attention to their
host, "Let's roll Auggie, if you want to watch." He counted heads,
"Shit, there's thirteen of us, if we had one more guy, we could have
seven man teams, that would be super."

"I know someone who would love to play, or learn to that is," very
quiet James volunteered out of the blue.

"Who?" Trasker asked. Then before James could answer, "Why didn't
ya'll mention him before since there's been only five of us all
along?" he wondered.

James blushed, "He's my step-brother little Zeek you know him, he's
been watching us from hiding in the bushes on the other side of the
field. He asked me about the game one night when I went visiting my

"Well why in Sam Hill didn't the boy just step out an' ask while you
was playin'" Auggie demanded. "He'd a been welcome."

James hesitated looking nervous, "He's fourteen and a good athlete but
he's a bit darker than I am and he knows his place, you know, like you
guys are white and live in the big house and all."

"What the hell does being darker skinned have to do with playing
Lacrosse with white guys?" Dooby asked wearing a confused look.

Auggie didn't answer immediately, instead he sent James to find the boy
in Trasker's Vet after donning shorts. After James ran, Auggie
explained, "Yankees think that after the war that all the darkies left
these here big farms as free men, an' lot's did. Some didn't an' a
lot more just up and came back when they couldn't find work. Owners in
them days took `em back an' worked `em just like before. Nothin'
changed, but them black families had a roof an' found. My family came in
here an' share cropped later, no better off then they were much. Now I
built houses an' gave jobs of some sort but the rule's the same, they
know not to mix with no white folk most especially who lives in this here
house." He drove at the sliding door as usual, daring it not to be open
by the time he got to it.


"What's this field used for normally?" Cory asked Trasker when they
stood on the large flat area of turf, while Auggie and Zeek sat on a
terrace outside the solarium tacked on the end of the house. The terrace
edge served as a sideline at midfield.

"When Uncle Auggie throws parties like the company Christmas party there
are big tents out here."

"Ouch," Dooby exclaimed, "I wouldn't want to get that bill!"

James arrived from the front of the house towing his reluctant brother,
little Zeek, by the hand. He was anything but little, and at fourteen, he
was already six feet tall, had wide shoulders, almost no hips and
muscular thighs bulging his tee shirt and jeans. While this Zeek was a
light chocolate brown, he lacked other Negroid features except for close
cropped kinky hair. The gang gathered around Auggie to be introduced.
Apparently James warned his brother about stripping his clothes off as
soon as they arrived on the terrace and left a neatly folded pile on a
chair joined by James' shorts. Little Zeek nodded at his uncle but
hesitated to shake Auggie's out stretched hand while he stood staring at
his feet.

"Don't be embarrassed no how Little Zeek boy." Auggie took the boy's
limp hand and shook it. "Shit boy yo' already big enough to play in the
NFL, an' when yo' done growin' yo' goin to be scarin' that there
other team."

James grinned and looked around at the others proudly after his brother
responded with a shy smile and tentative eye contact, "Thank you Sir. I
play Pop Warner now and hope to get on the school team in the fall and
get a scholarship to play with the Bulldogs before I get drafted."

"I've been making Zeek talk properly so if he makes it he'll make more
in endorsements than he will from football," James added as he handed
his younger brother a stick and helmet proudly.

The boys and young men took a break after the game, that wasn't really a
game, raged for an hour. Soft drinks and ice water appeared in quantity
and just as quickly disappeared. Auggie watched James force a cut crystal
glass into his little brother's hand but didn't hear his hissed
instructions, "You drink from that glass, motherfucker, or else."

Little Zeek grinned down on his older brother, "Or else what?" he asked
after draining the glass, "Now they're goin' the chuck this pretty
glass in the trash, yours too when you ain't lookin yo' uppity

James grinned, "Not likely, when you get a chance, look up
`Waterford', on the net, and if you think a hundred dollars is a lot
for a glass, imagine what those pitchers are worth," he tilted his head
at the table where the refreshments waited. He continued, "Auggie said
this afternoon that we needed to find me a partner. Are you interested in
the job?"

Zeek looked shocked, "I been yo' partner ever since we could get
hardons, but that ain't goin' to happen `round all these here white
boys, no way. Yo' kin pass but I sure can't."

A hand sliding down his back interrupted little Zeek, "Cory and I call
dibs on the new guy!" Dooby announced to the others as he looked down at
Zeek's exposed package meaningfully. He giggled, "You aren't as big as
James but then I've already got one of those." He ignored Cory's
shove, "It will be nice not to end up with a collapsed lung
occasionally!" Cory tackled him to the lawn where they wrestled until
Cory sat on his chest.

"Hey that's not fair," Logan complained still trying to catch up to
his partner Stevie by generally initiating sessions, "Zeek's one of

Dooby shrugged wearing a grin after nipping Cory's cock head so Cory
capitulated their impromptu wrestling bout, "Tough Reb, where we come
from, you snooze you lose, but you and Stevie are welcome to join us!"
He casually hefted Zeek's nut sack, "It feels like there's enough in
here to go around!" Dooby giggled and danced away and then back to just
out of truly shocked Zeek's reach.

"Don't be polite! Get him for that Zeek!" Cory ordered with a laugh at
his partner's certain expense.

Dooby took off running across the field at almost full speed, handicapped
by his screaming laughter. Zeek was yards behind him when Dooby crashed
through the overgrown shrubbery where Zeek once watched his brother and
the white boys learning and then practicing the strange game. Zeek
tackled Dooby out of sight of the others and crawled up the unresisting
lean hard body until they looked each other in the eyes. They both felt
their growing erections.

"Now that you got me what are you going to do with me?" Dooby asked

"I thought maybe just to take a taste for now if you don't mind." Zeek
answered, still amazed by his acceptance into the group especially the
sex that Dooby initiated.

Dooby nodded, "Okay, but it would be quicker if we sixty-nine so we
aren't late for dinner."

They appeared in the midst of the group fifteen minutes later at the
pool, wearing satisfied expressions. Dooby shoved Little Zeek in and then
followed him. Zeek surfaced sputtering, "You didn't even ask me if I
could swim."

Dooby hunched his shoulders and giggled, "OOPS, just consider that a
test." He looked at his watch, "Hey Auggie, do you guys eat more than
one meal a day by any chance?"

"Yup, smart ass we sure do but right now the bar's open." Dooby and
the Yankee group vaulted out of the water to pull chairs close to a table
of assorted snacks when they saw Logan and Stevie carrying the trays.

"We're going out tonight," Ryan, as the `Cookin' With Dooby'
shows' producer, explained. "There's a four-star restaurant fairly
close by that wants to host a segment, so we'll have dinner there
tonight and tape the show tomorrow morning."

Dooby frowned, "From my experience with those places you order something
that you can't pronounce and when they serve it on a huge plate you
still can't recognize what it is hiding under some colorful sauce and
surrounded by a total of five half cooked string beans. But it always
looks nice and tastes okay, you just have to hit a fast food place on the
way home to fill you up."

Logan and Stevie agreed with a laugh, "Yup been there, done that."


Three days after Auggie returned from the north with Ryan in tow, he
received a plain manila envelope in his mail. He went ballistic and
punished his phone until someone finally answered with a happy, "Hey!"

"That you Argyle?" Auggie growled.

"Yep, that yo' Uncle Auggie? Yo' git them papers we sent? That little
dude was up an' was listed in the book jus' like yo' said he might. We
got them papers from that there lawyer guy an' went to call straight
away an' all it took was t' jus' show him our toad stickers an' eye
up his dick befo' he ready to sign. We sure did good, didn't we Uncle

"Yup yo' sure `nough did. I'm jus' settin' here wondern' why yo'
boys still up there?" Auggie's voice was calm. He listened to a muffled
conversation while he was sure Argyle and Thirsty thought up a good

Thirsty took the phone, "Uncle Auggie we can't get no airplane rides
back `til Sunday an' that there's fact," he and Argyle had every body
part crossed that could be crossed, in the hope that their uncle would
believe them.

"That be a okay boy I sure do know how that is, that be why I got my own
airplane. It be too late today, but tomorrow yo' jus' be at general
aviation at eight in the mornin'. I be sendin' Trasker boy up to git
ya'll." Auggie used Trasker as bait to lure them to the airport since
they were according to Trasker, always trying to seduce him, and in an
airplane, there was no place for Trasker to run.

"Trasker? Really?" Thirsty couldn't keep his excitement from his
voice, "We be there Uncle Auggie, we surely will."

Auggie then called in Trasker and Ryan, "Trasker boy take this envelope
an' address it to Mister Spelling in yo' handwritin' an leave off a
return. You two fly up to New York City tomorrow early an' mail it.
Argyle an' Thirsty will be comin' back with yo'."

Trasker made a face, "Ah Unc, them two been after me since before I grew
hair on my legs," he protested.

Auggie held his hand up to cut Trasker off, "Yo' tol' me, that's why
Ryan is goin' with yo', I'm jus' usin' you as bait. The minute yo'
get back here I'm fixin' to chew me some dumb as rock asses." Auggie
explained to Ryan and Trasker that they crossed out Charlie's address on
the stamped envelope so the papers would have a New York postmark and
addressed it to `Uncle Auggie Bligh', Redland Plantation and included
the correct zip code. "I'm wonderin' how they knew the damn zip, but
that's the onliest reason it God ever got here. Plus if they wanted to
take a week's vacation they should a waited `til the end o' the week
to do the mailin'!"


"Guess what," Cory asked Auggie, wearing a grin that wouldn't quit
during dinner.

"I'll bite since I ain't gettin' much more to eat," Auggie scowled
at his boys individually.

"Dad, I mean Charlie got my real Dad to sign off on being adopted
somehow. The papers came at the end of the same week you were up to

Auggie thumped Cory on the back and shook his hand in congratulations,
"Well don't that beat all! I wonder how he managed that? It sure must a
cost Charlie a bundle, but I guess yo' worth it, an' worth it to get
shut o' yo ol' man."

"That's the strange part Auggie, Dad, Charlie, was planning to send him
a lifetime deal but he didn't get the chance. The papers just arrived in
the mail before the new offer went out."

"Hm," Auggie pondered, "That be strange, but don't go lookin' no
gift horse in the mouth, just accept the change o' heart and get the
papers filed in court pronto so as yo real Dad can't change his mind no

"That's already done," Dooby butted in the conversation, "and Gramps
was so happy he's following through with his last offer even though he
doesn't have to." Dooby hugged Cory's shoulders, "But Sprout here is
worth more than a million in cash, and five grand a month for life to me
any day. To me he's priceless."

The conversation ended with the arrival of a glass fronted cart where
whole uncut slabs of carefully aged beefsteaks waited, tenderloin, rib,
t-bone, New York strip, and Porter House. Diners were asked which they
preferred and how thick they wanted their selection cut. "Now this is my
idea of gourmet!" Dooby boomed with a grin at Cory.

Ryan with Scott carefully steered Dooby and Cory to the two chairs on
Auggie's right. Ryan and Trasker sat across the long table from them
looking very smug, which meant that dinner was being taped and everything
they said, unless whispered, was being recorded. It took Cory two minutes
to spy the remote microphone hidden in the low fresh flower arrangement
conveniently placed almost in front of them. Both boys knew that they
were there to promote the restaurant and that was what they were going to
do. They both ordered the house steak seasonings and everyone decided to
try the tossed salad with the restaurant's special Caesar dressing since
bottles of either were for sale in the lobby.

A well-starched salad chef arrived followed by a busboy bearing a huge
wooden bowl with tripod legs. A second busboy pushed a trolley with
ingredients and refrigerated serving plates. Dooby paled, made a face and
stuck out his tongue when he saw the eggs cracked open and poured in raw.
Cory leaned in close and shielded his whispers from the microphone;
"Think of the white as precum and the yolk as cum."

Dooby brightened and whispered back: "Is egg white slippery? That's
something we haven't tried."

Cory shrugged is ignorance and whispered the question to Logan, who
whispered to Stevie. The question was slowly transmitted around the table
until Ryan asked Auggie.

Auggie's eyes bugged out in surprise. He looked at Dooby, "How you
plannin' to come in the salad in the middle of this here dinnin'
room?" he asked too loudly.

Dooby giggled, leaned forward so he could see down the length of the
table, "You guys are something else, real perverts. All I asked was if
egg white was as slippery as precum because that's what it looks like. I
would never suggest that Sprout come in the salad, because I usually have
to remind him about that or he forgets!" Dooby didn't have to pinch
himself to keep from laughing at the expressions on the others' faces
since Cory bruised three of his ribs with his elbow. In the end everyone
laughed at the joke but Dooby, he was content to rub his ribs.

Cory stuck his nose in the flower arrangement, "Plan on editing that out
please," he asked before waving at the camera lens peering at them from
between two large bushy plants near the kitchen door.

"I told you candid wouldn't work," Scott told Ryan with a laugh. He
grinned across the table, "We need you to hype the salad dressing and
the steak seasoning okay?" he asked Dooby and Cory as he reached under
the table to produce a bottle and shaker jar.

Dooby looked offended, "We were going to, but we have to take a taste
first don't we? We know what to do."

After the salad and massively cut steaks were consumed, Dooby discovered
and `rescued' the temporarily abandoned dessert trolley and even served
all of his tablemates before their waiter appeared to provide that
service, he had disappeared a second time. He returned carrying bottles
of assorted salad dressing and three jars of the restaurant's steak
seasoning to place them neatly on the table, labels facing the camera,
and endorsed them simply by telling Cory that he got them at that time
because he didn't want to forget them.

Cory nodded definitively, "Good thing that people who don't live near a
Spelling's market can get them shipped by ordering direct."

"CUT!" Dooby bellowed, and then added the clincher in his normal
giggling voice, "No bullshit guys, this stuff is really good!" and
changed the topic of conversation, although still food oriented, "We're
coming back here tomorrow morning for Sunday brunch, and I'm starting
with their pastries."

Scott nodded and turned in his seat to make a slashing movement across
his neck so the camera was truly stopped. He thumped Ryan on his back,
"These guys are getting good!" he laughed as Ryan and Auggie agreed.

The Sunday brunch segment consisted of Cory interviewing the chef while
they worked their way along the buffet table stopping at stations where
hot foods, both breakfast and luncheon were prepared to order. Dooby
remained quiet although almost always on camera since he appointed
himself the taste tester, because his mouth was constantly full. As soon
as an entrée was plated, Dooby began eating it while they moved to the
next station on the long table.

Dooby flopped in a chair after the segment was completed, "I hate to say
this, maybe I'm getting old," he frowned at Ryan and Tom, "I'm

"No wonder, you just ate five meals." Tom laughed.

"Yea, it was great. I don't even want to look at food until dinner
tonight." He sat up and looked at the others, "Hey let's get home and
have a real challenge match, us far superior Yankees against you pitiful
down and out Rebels! We're leaving for Florida tomorrow and we might not
have another chance. Want to?" he asked eagerly.

"What kind of prize do we get after we beat your sorry asses?" Stevie

Dooby thought for a moment before he turned lecher, "The winners, that
would be us, get to be your bosses from the end of the match until we
have to dress tomorrow."

After everyone agreed and the group began to wade through the growing
after church crowd waiting for tables, Dooby turned back into the dinning
room. He got on the bus last carrying an aluminum `to go' pan topped
with a foil swan. "What's in there?" Cory asked.

Dooby winked and whispered, "Energy food. Did you like those mini cream
puffs they fill with real whipped cream, not that fake shit?" After Cory
nodded, Dooby led him to the bedroom and opened the foil covering. The
pan was filled with the little pastries.


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