Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


 Part 18

Passengers waiting in the neighboring gate areas craned their necks to see
who was debarking from the big red private jet. They had been watching two
men, one with a professional video camera and the other testing a portable
boom microphone. The vast majority of the rubber-neckers were disappointed
when a line of handsome young men filed out the exit door following a fat
man driving a scooter. If one or more were celebrities, they weren't
recognized until a teenage girl squealed.

"That's Dooby and Cory," she announced with a distinctive New York area
accent, elbowing her friend or sister. "Come on, let's get their autographs
and maybe they'll even talk to us!" The girls abandoned the adults with
them and plowed their way forward. Dooby and Cory stopped and grinned
waiting for their first fans. It was hard for the boys to tell how old the
girls were, both were almost the same height, perfect for Dooby, but a head
taller than Cory. Neither girl minded the difference when they finally got
a total view of the guy's bodies. Both were wearing shorts that were far
shorter than any other boys their age wore, and they were also tighter,
just tight enough that they displayed prominent packages, leaving little to
the girl's imaginations.

After the guys waved and turned to leave them, one said, "Don't you just
wish that boys' baggy shorts would go away forever? They always like
looking at our boobs, but they hide their things from us. It's just not

"As in really," the other agreed. "When we get back to school," she made a
face, "we'll just have to talk more with our hands like this." One hand
turned into a grasping claw that stopped just short of her friend's
crotch. "OOPS!" she giggled, "Now, if you were that little dream boat
Jeremy at school, I'd know if his thing was as big as Cory's obviously is
just by looking."

"I just wonder if all the little guys are well hung like Cory? Maybe God
compensated them that way. I know; we'll just have to do some 'hands on'
research starting as soon as we get home."

"Why wait, no one knows us in Orlando, as soon as we get to the hotel,
we'll visit the pool. There have got to be some hunks there and under water
will be so much easier. We'll just teach a few of the guys there that
hiding from us just doesn't work." The girls didn't notice Ryan and Tom
standing near them talking to the cameraman, or dream that they heard every
word, plus the sensitive microphone picked up their conversation, parts of
which could be used in the future as voiceovers on the adult cable show.


The gang stood on the terrace looking out over Disney World. Everyone was
excited - even Auggie! He had used his influence to secure three adjoining
suites on the top floor of the Contemporary Hotel in the heart of the
twenty-six thousand acre resort and amusement complex. "Here yo go, boys,"
he handed out annual passes with VIP status. "Ya'll jus' go to the first
winda ya'll see on the way in one park an' they'll give us the real deal so
as we kin git in anythin' in any ole park up to the front o' the line if
there is one," he explained, as anxious to begin the four day adventure as
everyone else.

Ryan, Scott and Artie each with small video cameras cornered Dooby and
Cory. The camera and sound guys similarly armed joined them. Scott
explained that they would trail the two but would not bother them in any
way so that the boys could or would forget that their every move and word
was being recorded. Ryan was planning several whole segments that would be
the boys narrating home movies of all their experiences while on vacation.

"Too bad you didn't get those two girls' names and where they were
staying," Scott repeated yet again. "You need to hook up with some girls
while you're here to keep you straight."

Cory frowned, "Well we didn't, so stop moaning about it. If we need to pick
up a couple, we'll try the pool tonight. There must be a few staying here."

Dooby grinned down on his lover, "If we visit the pool, we'll wear
Speedo's, meaning you will too, right?"

"Alright already," Cory gave in finally, "I'll wear one, but don't start
making faces when I'm surrounded by pussy and you aren't." He snapped his
fingers as he moved out of Dooby's reach, already giggling, "I know, I'll
slip the ugliest one a hundred so she'll appear to like you, on camera

Dooby pounced. Cory stumbled against Artie and Dooby carried both to the
floor. Stevie and Logan jumped on those three, quickly followed by James
and his brother little Zeek after some hesitation. Rebel numbers
overwhelmed the Yankee boys until Auggie drove at the struggling pile at
full speed, "Ya'll best heist your pretty butts up to them big feet before
yo' git hurt, an' I'll jus' be doin' the hurtin'" he warned stopping just
short of running over Dooby's exposed belly where Zeek and Stevie held him
while Cory tickled him into submission.

After order was restored, Trasker sidled up to his uncle after a whispered
conversation with Stevie and Logan. "Hey Unc, you got any walkin' around
money? In all the hubbub of leavin' this morning I forgot my billfold."
Auggie rolled his eyes in disbelief, but dug into his pocket to pull out a
fat roll of bills held together with a thick elastic band.

Logan distracted Auggie, "Shit Auggie, an' all this time we thought you
were hard." Auggie grinned pridefully, about to thank the boy for noticing
his more frequent spontaneous erections when Trasker snatched the wad from
his hand and danced away.

"Now we don't have to worry about you pigging out when we're on rides,"
Stevie announced with a giggle.

"DAMNATION!" Auggie roared, "My own kin too! Yo' better spend that real
slow Trasker boy, 'cause that there be the last o' my money yo' ever gonna
see as soon as I change my will!" Everyone laughed at Auggie's
consternation but could tell he wasn't really mad and that he even took
pride in the fact that Trasker and his boys cared about keeping him on his

Dooby pushed Cory in front of him heading for the hall door, "Fuck
unpacking, let's go!" He stopped at the door, "What time do we have to be
back for dinner?"

"Be back here at six," Ryan answered, "we have reservations at Emeril's at
eight o'clock so you'll have an hour and a half to spend at the pool to
find some girls and when you do, invite them to dinner with us!" he had to
increase the volume of his voice while he ran with his camera to catch up
to Dooby and Cory's retreating backs and avoid being run over by Auggie,
speeding up his scooter to accompany them. When he looked back all the
others were right on his heels.

Finally inside the Disney World Park, Dooby and Cory made a beeline for the
first souvenir shop they saw. Both wore their Ray Ban sunglasses because
they were endorsing the company and while they had the best in eye
protection, everyone was sweltering in the midsummer Florida heat, so they
bought caps for everyone. Dooby chose a Pluto, with floppy ears, Cory
picked out Donald Duck with a prominent plastic duckbill and huge eyes
while they allowed the others to make their own choices as long as they
exited the shop wearing a character hat. That is everyone but Auggie, Dooby
placed a Goofy cap on his head.

"Thanks boys," Auggie said after wiping his face again with a hotel towel
only to have beads of sweat reappear instantly. It was obvious that he was
suffering from the heat and sun. He confirmed it, "Sorry boys, I can't take
this much longer. I believe I'll heist on back an' watch the video later."
He looked hopeful before turning his scooter, "We comin' back at night to
see the fireworks though ain't we? Maybe I kin pack my fat ass on a few
rides if yo' stay on the look out fo' 'em?"

"I'm wid yo' boss," Zeek announced, "I ain't takin' this heat too well
neither." He turned back briefly, "See if'n' they got any roller coasters,
I wants to ride one o' dem bad boys tonight," he told James and his
namesake little Zeek.

The gang watched the unlikely couple as they hurried away with Zeek
trotting to keep up with the mobile fat man until Zeek finally hollered at
Auggie to slow down. Trasker smiled, "They snatched each other's cherries
when they were younger than us and have been lovers ever since. Ole Zeek
has so much money he could a retired anytime after Unc made it big, but
you'd have to shoot him to get him away from Unc and then Unc to keep him
from killin' you." he giggled, "An' now that Unc can get it up again, they
picked up right where they let off."

"What about room service?" Dooby asked, "If one of you isn't watching him."

"Zeek's one of us," Stevie assured him with a laugh. "He'll toss the phones
out the window if he has to while Auggie fires him a hundred times before
we get back."

Ryan returned to business, "You guys need to remember to take those shades
off a lot during the day so we get some good shots of your eyes," he
cautioned Dooby and Cory.

Cory hoisted an eyebrow, "You said you wouldn't bother us the whole time so
don't start in on us before we even get on the first ride."

Dooby agreed with a frown after removing his sunglasses so they could see
it, "Yeah, once more and we'll lose you somewhere and you can stick your
cameras in your own faces or up your asses." He glanced at his older
brother meaningfully because Artie had developed a fascination with both
Cory and James, the best hung in the group, "Or stick them all up my big
brother's ass since there's all the room in the world there now."

"Come on guys, we're wasting time," Cory said as he pulled Dooby away from
Artie's face to avoid a sibling argument. "Where do we go first?" he asked,
producing a map from his back pocket.


Dooby and Cory walked along the pool deck looking around. The other guys
were eager to join them until a quiet word from Auggie stopped them in
their tracks while Auggie pointed them to the door with instructions. They
were to find two girls near their age if possible or any age if there was
no alternative and then do whatever straight boys did with straight girls
including invite them to dinner that evening so they could be in the show
with the boys acting all lovey-dovey toward them for the camera.

Both boys wore their Speedo's and their Pluto and Donald Duck caps but Cory
also wore a towel while Dooby didn't even carry a towel and had his suit
pushed down in front as low as he dared. Dobby saw the two girls
first. They were in the shallow end laughing with two guys who appeared to
be about their age. The foursome remained neck deep and seemed to be
playing a game that involved their hands. He couldn't see the girl's hands,
only distorted shadows deeper than the boy's which he could clearly see
groping two pair of boobs. The boy's red faces and nervous glances down
indicated that the girls were winning the game hands down.

Dooby pulled Cory's towel away with one hand while he pointed with the
other, "Look, small world isn't it?"

Cory's blush receded along with his concern about ostentatious display,
"Yup, too bad about those two guys, they'll have to beat off tonight while
we get some girl head. I just hope they're as good as Jennifer," Cory
whispered, grinned and gave Dooby a hearty shove after snatching Pluto off
his head by an ear.

Dooby turned his fall into a shallow dive and swam under water to assess
the rules of the hand game. He surfaced closer to the girls wearing his
patented grin,

"DOOBY!" the girl's exclaimed together.

"Hi there! Small, small world isn't it? Why can't I get that song out of my
head?" he wondered out loud before resuming his opening move on the girls,
"Good thing too. We forgot to ask you where you were staying so we could
call you about having dinner with us tonight. We're going to Emeril's," he
made a face to display his regret, "we have to work a little," he
brightened suddenly after a make believe brain storm, "I know, so you don't
get bored, would you mind being in the show with us?" he looked so hopeful
as the other half of the 'us' appeared when Cory surfaced at his
shoulder. The girls accepted his offer together without consultation or
even looking at each other. Cory's eyes widened, amazed that Dooby had
gotten them dates in little more time than he took to remove his cap, and
take a deep breath before he followed his lover into the pool.

The forgotten frustrated boys backed away but were awed by Dooby's smooth
line although both frowned, "What's he got that we haven't got?" one

Cory waded closer, "His own TV show," he whispered with a giggle.

One boy looked depressed, "Oh, that Dooby. My little sister hauls ass out
of bed every Thursday to watch that show," he spit out, along with a mouth
full of water. "Come on Billy, we'll have to look around. Shit! Man we were
so close too," he moaned. The boys moved to the wall continuing to watch
Dooby and Cory replace them in the girl-initiated hand game. They frowned,
impatiently waiting for their erections to subside so that they could begin
another hunt.

As soon as Cory was out of hearing range, the boy his friend identified as
Billy glanced down into the water and whispered, "You know I'm so hot to
trot right now that you're starting to look good."

His buddy reddened and looked around quickly, "We could get each other
off. There are towels on the lounge chair right behind us ten feet away. If
we're quick no one will notice." Billy nodded once. Both boys turned to
face the wall and vaulted out of the water together and were both almost in
the hotel before Cory noticed the sudden motion from the corner of his eye
while he backed out of reach after a good solid grope from his girl, or the
girl that chose him.

Dooby grabbed his girl's hand, "Oh no you don't new girlfriend, I don't
know about Cory," he fibbed, "but if you touch me like that much longer, I
won't be able to get out of this pool until dark since we can't solve the
problem here."

"That goes for me too," Cory agreed as he swam away to the deep end where
he could easily avoid being groped.

Scott remained inside the adjacent poolside lounge and stood on a chair to
capture Cory and Dooby's assorted expressions and moaned about the lack of
sound, while Artie came close to toppling over the terrace railing as he
trained his zoom telescopic lens almost straight down to catch the
underwater hand actions while he harried their sound man to get the
dish-like directional microphone assembled and in operation.

"You know," Dooby said as he held both hands of 'his' girl, "we don't even
know your names and you should know that we aren't easy lays unless we're
in a locked bedroom."

The girls' names were Sharon and Susan Smith, sisters, and only a year
apart, or fourteen and fifteen respectively with Dooby's girl Sharon, the
oldest. She agreed with Dooby after a brief struggle to free her hands,
"Okay, we're sorry, we didn't know that boys are quite so excitable. How
about if you guys come to our room after dinner? Our parents have the
next-door room and Daddy would kill you both if he caught you in there
unless we were all fully dressed, but we'll just be as quiet as little
mice, won't we darling Dooby? There's one thing though about tonight, we
can't go all the way, ah, you know, that is we both want to be virgins
until we marry." When she saw Dooby look more exasperated than
disappointed, and she didn't want him to think of her or Susan, who was
listening, as cock teases, she rushed on, "But that doesn't mean we won't
do everything to make you feel good before you have to leave." Susan agreed
with rapid nods as she motioned Cory to the shallows where they stood.

"I understand, Baby," Dooby assured her while he saw a young couple sharing
a lounge and making out with each other as if nobody else at the pool could
see them or they simply didn't care if anyone watched. Dooby nodded in
their direction, "Do you have a towel I can wrap around me like him? Then
maybe we could just make out for a while right here. You know kind of get
to know each other better before tonight."

The sisters climbed from the pool and rushed to their lounges to get towels
for the boys to cover their excitement. Susan circled Cory's waist with a
towel so that he, like Dooby, was somewhat more hidden. The boys stretched
out with the girls to emulate the loving couple already deeply involved
while Scott and Auggie were ecstatic with what they saw through their
viewfinders and Artie with the terms of endearment heard between sloppy
kisses via the ultra sensitive directional microphone.

The two couples were interrupted when Cory's Donald Duck hat began to play
a classical piece of music he chose to be his cell phone ringer. "Goddamn
Cory, only you would think of bringing your phone along on top of your
head, up under your hat." Cory ignored the jibe as he tightly clutched the
towel around his waist but held it away from his sucked in gut to further
blur his erection's outline as he ran to answer the phone. Dooby
commiserated with Sharon, "He not only carries it around all the time, he
keeps it turned on and he also always answers it." He giggled, "On the
brighter side, with me being around him all the time, I never have to carry
mine." Cory returned looking glum. "Well?" Dobby asked in concert with his
rumbling stomach.

"We have to get upstairs, we have a pre-production meeting."

Dooby blinked, "Oh, I guess we better attend that." He looked at the
sisters, "You heard, we have to go." He sighed pitifully, "I'm sorry, we
don't get a whole lot of free time. We'll collect you around
seven-thirty. Hey, will your parents be okay with us taking you out to
dinner tonight?"

Sharon giggled, "They will be by the time you get to our door but be
prepared to meet them," she warned their backs and towel-wrapped asses.

"What the fuck is a pre-production meeting?" Dooby asked in the elevator.

Cory giggled, "Longnecks and trays of fancy hotel snacks. You didn't want
to invite them up for cocktails did you, I had to think of something."

Dooby grinned, "Good thinking. Now we'll have time to get off before we
have to get dressed." He tugged at Cory's towel. Cory held on tightly,
"Come on, man," he begged, "I get really turned on when I see you wearing
that sexy little suit."

"You can just wait until we get behind a locked door," Cory insisted as the
elevator door opened on their floor. He threw his towel in Dooby's face and
ran screaming his laughter with Dooby on his heels. The first door was
locked. He ran on to try the second to discover it was locked too. Dooby
tackled Cory and had begun the indelicate job of depansing him when Tom
opened the door and dragged Dooby in by his arm while Cory, with his little
butt exposed, crawled in.

Tom shook Dooby, "You horny shit, one of these days you're going to get
caught. You've got to keep it behind closed doors," he looked down,
"especially when you parade around half naked with a hard on."

"I'm sorry, Uncle Tommy, but that's not my fault. You're a dirty old man;
you were probably looking over the railing at us. That girl is a pretty
good kisser and I was kind of teaching her how to be a better feeler-upper
and believe me when I say she's also a fast learner."

Cory stepped between the cousins, "Its my fault Tommy, out in the hall, I
started it," he grinned at Dooby, "but I have more self control than he
has." Cory tried to hide behind Tommy, but wasn't fast enough.

"You boys cut that out before I have ta come over there my own self!"
Auggie ordered, "Git over here to the TV an' just watch an' listen to your
horny selves in action. This here's stuff from Artie's but its got sound,
Scott ain't come back yet."

"Where's Artie," Dooby asked, not seeing him in the room.

"Still out on the porch collectin' what them girls does an' has to say
about you two studs."

Artie rushed in lifting the tape cassette from his camera. His expression
was mixed, half angry and halfway smiling. "What's with you big brother?"

"Just wait until you see and hear this." Artie warned while he ejected the
tape they were watching to replace it with the new one he'd just recorded.

The sisters were sitting on the foot of a lounge chair with their heads
together. The lens couldn't see their faces but their voices were
reasonably clear, clear enough to be understood. "Are you really going to
let Dooby screw you?"

"After a polite struggle, how else is he going to get me pregnant?"

"But what if he doesn't, I mean get you pregnant, and what will Mom and Dad
have to say?"

"If he doesn't I'll just seduce Bradley, he's tall and blond so when Dooby
sees the baby he'll think it's his. Mom will adjust to the news first when
she finds out who the father is and how much money the baby can make
us. She'll convince Dad to start the lawsuit."

"Well if you are, than so am I, and with a cock that big there's no way he
can miss, but if he does, then I'll get cute little Jeremy to fuck me for
as long as it takes until I am."

"Don't be crude."

"Me crude? You're a mercenary bitch, I never would have thought this up
until you just told me but I'm glad you did. Cory's dad owns Spelling's,
the whole chain! Can you imagine how much money he has? I'll tell you a
secret; I think he loves me already! I'll just bet he marries me instead of
paying us off. I can't wait until we are married and he fucks me as much as
I want since I already have him wrapped around my little finger."

"Come on let's go get ready."

"Okay. Tell me you DID bring along your vibrator didn't you?" There were
joint giggles before Susan added, "Good, then you can give me the first
treatment since I mentioned it first. Too bad it isn't longer like Cory's
cock, but maybe they make them longer, we'll have to check."

The room fell silent temporarily before there were whispers and then
increasing mumbles. Finally, everyone started talking at the same time,
offering suggestions. "We just won't fuck them!" Dooby shouted, "We never
planned to anyway," he added in the sudden relative silence. He grinned,
"We'll just get a couple of head jobs, that's all. The other two guys they
mentioned can take the heat for knocking them up since the dumb bitches
never heard of DNA testing."

Cory grinned, "Yeah, I bet those two guys will get lucky as soon as those
bitches get home just to make sure, I mean even if we did fuck them, which
we aren't. Those guys will be in hog heaven until the home test turns red
or blue, whatever, and then the fun will begin. It will even be good
publicity for us, won't it? I mean the tabloids will make us into straight
heroes overnight."

Auggie nodded, "Yeah, but yo a pair o' under age teenage all American boys,
an' ever one is goin' to believe yo' up an fucked 'em whether the kids is
yours or not. That would tarnish your images more in somewhat, not to
mention they gonna charge yo raped 'em when the story falls apart."

"We can just show their parents the tape after I enhance the sound," the
new sound technician suggested out of the blue. It was the first time that
anyone heard him speak up.

Auggie shook his head vehemently, "Nope don't enhance nothin' that be
tamperin', let the law do that if its needed doin'. Nope. First print up a
couple a contracts for the boys to get signed by the parents. We'll pay 'em
say five grand each to be on the show tonight AND releases all other
recorded appearances for our use." Auggie turned to the soundman, "Yo' good
with that there radar sound dish boy, what's your name any how?"

"Ah, it's Johnnie, Sir." The young man blushed from the praise and being
singled out because of his impulsive suggestion.

"What's them girl's room number? What floor they on?"

"Rooms two-twelve and two-fourteen," Dooby answered.

"Yeah we meet the 'rents in room two-twelve so that would be theirs." Cory

"Good, they on the second floor. Johnnie Be Good, yo' heist down opposite
them bitch's room outside an' see if yo' can get a good angle on 'em. When
yo' in there," Auggie looked at Dooby and Cory, "Yo' claim to be too hot or
cold, or yo' like to listen to the bugs or smell the flowers. Whatever, yo'
open a winder full way open so Johnnie Be Good here can record a roach
takin' a shit." Auggie looked Johnnie up and down with an arched eyebrow,
"Yo' a good lookin' boy Johnnie Be Good, an' well set up too from the looks
o things. Yo' gay?"

"Ah no Sir, at least I didn't think so until I saw some things that make it
seem kind of natural and right somehow." Johnnie mumbled wearing a red face
while he studied the floor at his feet after a quick glance at Dooby and
Cory, totally shocked by his admission.

Auggie sent him on his way before waving Trasker to his side, "Yo' remember
to reward loyalty as quick as yo' fire an asshole. Peel a grand off my roll
yo' stole an' see he gets it private like." Auggie looked hopeful, "Or I
will if in yo' give my roll back."

"No way, Unc!" Trasker backed out of reach with a laugh, "Just look at you,
you're loosen' weight so fast, in a couple o' months we'll have to tie you
down in a wind storm so you don't blow away." He went to the bar and poured
his uncle a generous bourbon and branch.

Auggie checked the color before he sniffed and took a sip. A pleased grin
covered his face. "Yo' back in my will son, yo' stay there fo' one o' these
a day."

"No deal, Unc, like Dooby says, I ain't that easy, but you can have one a
day from now on IF we don't catch you with your jaws movin' between meals."


Meeting the girl's parents went smoothly and the contracts were signed
eagerly after a brief glance at the two checks. Greed won them over. Taping
the show or shows went smoothly even with two production crews crowding
each other. Emeril's crew taped for his show with Dooby and Cory as his
guests and Scott taped his version with Emeril as Dooby and Cory's guest on
their show. Cory watched closely and questioned Chef Emeril about 'at home'
preparation techniques actually hyping the Chef's latest cookbook while
Susan looked on quietly, towering over Cory's shoulder. Dooby watched them
as he shared a finished entrée with Sharon by feeding her bites using the
same fork.

Sharon used her free hands to stimulate unsuspecting Dooby for the main
event that would take place in room two-fourteen. She massaged his back
through his oversized Spelling jersey and then took advantage of its
looseness to move her hands under it. Then, she discovered the baggie
shorts he wore for the show had definite advantages as she pulled out the
loose waist and sank her hand over his bare taught butt cheeks. She
attempted to explore his crack with her fingers. Dooby waited until she had
four fingers involved before he clenched his youthful muscles trapping them
there briefly as a warning combined with the slight frown he offered her
while he continued to chew his food placidly savoring every bite.

The trip back to Disney World and the Contemporary Hotel from Emeril's at
Universal was quiet. Dooby and Cory held hands with the girls while they
sat on the sofa opposite Auggie. Auggie was talking quietly to Tom and Ryan
while the rest of the gang occupied the bedroom. Only Zeek could be heard
from anywhere as he complained again about having to drive the bus half the
night to get to Orlando only to get lost in the city looking for Disney
World. He finally swallowed his pride and asked directions. He was
infuriated to discover that the Disney complex was more than twenty-five
miles west of the city proper even though he conveniently forgot that Ryan
attempted to give him detailed, printed directions.

"Then, I has to get up early in de mornin, an' I hardly slept a wink, to
heist to de airport to collect ya'll. Guess what, yo' late 'cause I early
dats what. The cops dey won't let me park an' make me do twenty-five laps
aroun' dat drive jus' waitin' on yo' big ass."

"This morning it was only twelve laps!" Stevie shouted.

"Can anyone stop him from bitching?" Sharon whined petulantly.

Auggie heard her complaint, "Look'ee here little missy, this here bus is my
ride an' Zeek done been drivin' me since I could afford a car. I like to
hear him complainin' especial' this time o' night cause it means his black
ass is awake an' lookin' where we goin' most o' the time when he ain't
starin' daggers at me like just now in that big mirror he got hung
overhead." He swung on Zeek watching him in the mirror, "Come to think on
it, I done tol' yo' to get rid of that blamed thing, now why yo' don't

"I listen lots an' I use this to see yo' need anythin', that was
befo'. Now, I use it to see that yo' fat ass ain't outta your chair
rummagin' in the icebox or through de cupboards lookin' fo' food! An' I
keepin' it right where it be, so there." Zeek pounded the steering wheel
for emphasis until he had to swerve suddenly to keep from running over a
Honda Civic.

Auggie laughed, "I be restin' my case!" he sang.

Meanwhile, Johnnie had found a climbable pine tree that was part of a
group, a hundred feet from the target window so there was little chance of
discovery while he sat on his perch slightly higher than the window so he
could aim his mike down into the room and hopefully see some of the
bed. Then, He decided to hedge his 'undetectable' assumption with a
lightening trip to a Bass World sporting goods store. He returned with a
complete set of summer weight camouflage gear and tubes of dark face
paint. He waited half an hour before the lights went on. A short time later
Dooby opened the blinds and window, before pulling off his shirt.

"Man it's hot and stuffy in here," he took a deep breath, "You know you can
smell orange blossoms if you try, I love this Florida air." Sharon wrapped
her arms around his waist from behind. She'd already removed her blouse and
wasn't wearing a bra so her boobs pressed his back. She went for his waist
button and zipper. His shorts gathered around his ankles and she already
knew that he wasn't wearing underwear. He turned around intending to kiss
her but she held him away so she could gaze at his whole, hard body and
especially his throbbing cock.

"You're completely tanned, wow that's so sexy." Dooby looked to the side to
see how Cory was doing. He almost laughed out loud when he saw that poor
Cory on the bed had almost disappeared under Susan's aggressive body as she
wiggled and squirmed. His smile lessoned when he noted that Susan had
removed her panties, already had Cory's cock between her legs and was dry
humping him. Dooby hoped his partner was able to maintain his resolve
through this test of willpower.

Suddenly Cory turned wrestler, he would not be pinned, and used the simple
expedient of rolling the unsuspecting Susan to her back and pulling away
from her crotch while he kissed her passionately. "You said you wanted to
stay a virgin until you got married and I almost ruined that for you." He
panted, "If you can't help me get off some other way I'll have to leave
because you're too tempting," he whispered almost inaudibly and began to
leave the bed.

"No wait," Susan begged, "I got carried away, stay and just let me get a
good, big drink." She opened her mouth and struggled to lift her head far
enough to take him in her mouth. Her intent was to get Cory overheated
again and assumed that when that happened he'd pull out and go for her
pussy since she was powerless to stop him and all guys loved pussy if it
was willing.

Dooby watched Cory straddle his girl, and lean forward to grant her
wish. He nudged Sharon, "Do you want to try some too?" he asked in a
hopeful little boy lost voice. "I, I've never done that before. I, I'm not
very experienced even though I try to act that way," he admitted, working
toward his Academy Award nomination for voice recordings and double
talk. Sharon pulled him to the bed. She joined her sister on her back and
Dooby emulated Cory by filling her mouth.

With the girls immobilized, silent and enjoying their first face fuck, Cory
looked over at Dooby, "Nice weather we're having so far."

"Yeah, although the forecast for tomorrow is for late afternoon showers,"
Dooby answered conversationally. Neither boy missed a stroke and both were
careful about thrusting too deep so the girls wouldn't gag or choke.

Poor Cory maintained his distance by staying on his hands and knees
allowing Susan to swallow as much of him as she wanted by lifting her
head. "That doesn't mean anything, I think they throw that in the forecast
everyday down here so the weatherman is right either way, you know, a
chance of. There's probably a shower somewhere in Florida everyday."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Are we going to Epcot or Animal Kingdom
tomorrow?" Dooby asked. He could see Susan's eyes widen and slide toward
him and imagined that Sharon was looking at Cory in the same way. He was
right, neither girl imagined that sex for boys was so casual that they
could hold such an inane conversation while getting head jobs.

"Let's gang up on the other guys and vote to do both, Epcot in the morning
and Animal Kingdom in the afternoon," Cory suggested. He had to struggle to
keep his voice level because he was getting too close. He could see that
Dooby's eyes had closed to thin slits so Cory knew that he was close too.

"Good idea, then if it does rain we can always go back to the Animal
Kingdom the next morning. Hey, I wonder where the girls are?" Dooby looked
down and grinned at Sharon, "Oh, there's Sharon!" he said and filled her

"And Susan!" Cory almost moaned as he froze in place.

Dooby recovered first and pulled away, out of Sharon's mouth, "You know
drinking stuff like that so fast if you aren't used to it could make you
sick," he warned.

Cory got to his feet and began to dress, "Yeah Susan," he agreed, "We
wouldn't dream of drinking that, you know its really habit forming but
better than drugs, I guess."

Dooby buttoned his shorts; both boys tossed their shirts over their
shoulders, thanked the girls for a wonderful evening and left the
room. Sharon looked at her sister, "What just happened?"

"I think we rushed them, we didn't get them hot enough," Susan ventured.

Sharon shrugged, "Well, I guess we move on to plan 'B' with Bradley and
Jeremy, only with them we'll take so much time with them their brains will
be boiling the first time. After that, they'll fuck us until we both get

After the boys left the room, Johnny was still up in the tree. He allowed
the mike to hang by its tether while he remained suspended from his harness
twenty-five feet up, so that he had both hands free. He worked his hard
cock free of the climbing harness straps around his legs that were digging
into it and quickly shot his wad six feet out while bemoaning a forgotten
camera since he could see the bed and the two couples clearly and the boys'
bodies in action were both spectacular to behold.

Dooby and Cory laughed their way up to the top floor and all the way into
the main suite, and then everyone waited impatiently for Johnnie to
arrive. He arrived relatively quickly. "How'd you get up here so fast
without anyone seeing you?" Dooby asked.

Johnnie grinned, "Lots of people saw me and even complimented my appearance
when I told them that I was on my way to a costume party up here."

After they listened to the recording and congratulated Johnnie on the
quality, Cory nudged Johnnie, "How was your view into the room?"

Johnnie laughed, "It was great. I could see the bed and you guys just

Cory grinned, "That's what we thought," he pointed, "You know you forgot to
zip up when you finished."

"Yeah, what a waste and don't let it happen again," Dooby warned Johnnie
with a knowing giggle and a sudden theatrical protracted yawn while Johnnie
hurried to correct his giveaway admission of guilt. "We're getting ready
for bed now. Join us after lights out if you want too," he started
laughing. "Man, I can't wait to see the guys' expressions when they wake up
to find a newbie in bed with us, that is until they recognize you. Come on,
we'll go grab a shower before they do. Say Johnnie Be Good, do you have any
more of that paint you used on your face?"

"Sure why? Do you want your face done? Its not easy to get off," Johnnie

Dooby looked depressed for about three seconds before he brightened and
looked around at the others, "In that case, we'll wait until they're all


In the morning Tom found a note on the coffee table from Dooby after a
laughing search.




P.S. Johnnie made us do it."

Not even Auggie escaped, he was one of the raccoons. Of course, they had
left Johnnie behind too. He wore an animal face with his cock for a
nose. Auggie eyed him with a half smile trying valiantly not to laugh with
the others, "Johnnie Be Good, yo' got yo' a minute to find yo' the stuff as
takes this stuff off, or yo' goin' with us today dressed as is, if yo' get
my meanin an' it ain't gonna BE GOOD!"


Auggie rented a handicapped friendly secluded waterfront house on the
Atlantic side in the Florida Keys where the boys could really kick back and
enjoy themselves. They still taped Dooby and Cory but it was all less
structured because those two boys wouldn't sit still long enough, there was
too much to do on, in and under the water and all of them went naked
whenever they could. A twenty-one foot open sport fisherman came with the
house and Auggie rented four Jet-Skis for their use as long as they were
there. He also chartered a Fifty-foot fishing boat for the duration,
complete with a captain and mate that was docked at a nearby marina, only
because the water at their dock was too shallow. They had to buy water skis
and light fishing tackle because those items, advertised as included with
the house had seen better days.

Auggie had hoped that the fishing boat would be big enough for him to board
so he could go out fishing with Tom, and it was, but the problem of how to
get him from the dock to the boats' deck was insurmountable since he
refused the only alternative; to be rigged with ropes and harness so he
could be lowered using the big fish boom the marina had that was normally
used to haul trophy-size fish from returning boats.

"Too bad Boss, I loves to fish, but maybe we go fishin' off de dock over to
de house?" Zeek offered in consolation as they watched the big fisherman
get ready to depart the dock with Tom, Christian, Trasker and Ryan on board
for a full day of trolling the Gulf Stream.

Auggie watched the mate close and lock the double transom doors in the
boats' stern with interest. This feature was used to boat fish that were
too heavy to manhandle onto the deck from over the rail. "If I had me a
ramp like the plane, I could drive on an' off," he mused out loud. He made
a decision, "Come on Zeek, we goin' shoppin'. We'll just fish from the damn
dock when we gets back. It too hot now anyways."

"What's we shoppin' fo' Boss?" automatically falling into a trot beside
Auggie as he drove to the bus.

Auggie giggled, "We find us a nice big house first, smack dab on some deep
water, an' then we find us a nice big fishin' boat with doors just like
them in the ass o' that there boat."

The mission to find a house was short lived because most of the roads on
any of the Keys close to the water were too narrow to be navigated by the
big bus so they drove to Key West to rent a Lincoln Town Car. Auggie drove,
over Zeek's strident protests. Zeek's reason became clear as Auggie made
the car burn rubber as they left the rental agency and again each time they
had to stop at a traffic light as they drove north again.

Auggie stood on the brakes for the last time stopping six-inches from a
closed wrought iron gate on the Atlantic side of Marathon Key. The gates
prevented them from driving along a three hundred yard, long narrow
causeway that led to a mangrove-shrouded islet. A weathered, hand painted
four by eight plywood sign propped up by one gatepost proclaimed: 'FOR
SALE: 10+ acre island. House on deepwater. By Appointment ONLY!' Auggie
dialed the number.

"WHAT?" a gruff voice answered.

"This here is Auggie Bligh callin' to make me an A-pointment to see your
'for sale' house."

"Fine, be at the gate next Tuesday at noon."

"I at the gate now and be gone by next Tuesday," Auggie countered.

"Can't now, the fish are biting and you talk like a tourist. This is my
home, not an attraction."

Auggie noted the importance of fishing the gruff but cultured voice
assigned to his priority list, "I wouldn't mind dippin' a line with ya to
be sure there was fish, cause if 'n there wasn't I wouldn't be interested
no how."

The gates began to open. "If you fish, I'd enjoy the company even though
you probably can't afford my property, so come on in." The man seemed to be
enthusiastic about fishing, but resigned to disappointment in finding a
buyer for his house.

Auggie sent coral gravel flying behind the car as he shot forward through
the gates. Once on the island proper the driveway narrowed to little more
than a trail as long neglected overgrown luxuriant tropical plantings
crowded the car on both sides. The single story house appeared suddenly as
a long low bump covered by Bougainvillea gone rampant. He looked around
briefly while he stopped beside an old Buick parked in front of a five car
open garage that was packed with junk, "This is home away from home Zeek,"
Auggie muttered. "Fetch me my ride please," he asked.

"Are you still there?" the owner asked through Auggie's phone.

"Yup. Where you at?"

"On the dock. Just follow the path away from the house, you'll find me."

Auggie and Zeek traveled single file through a tunnel created by vines and
burst into the open at the water's edge where the dock began. Auggie sped
up, racing to the roofed over end of the two hundred foot long dock, which
seemed to be in very good repair considering its obvious age.

Two men waited to greet them. One sat in a wheelchair while the second
tottered at the other's side protectively. Auggie introduced himself and
Zeek as his best friend not as a longtime employee, while the man in the
wheel chair cautiously introduced the standing man first as his only
friend, George Wilson and himself as Harold Hollingsworth and in the same
sentence asked; "Are you a real estate developer, Mr. Bligh?"

Auggie shook his head emphatically, "No siree Bobby, I ain't no way. I got
them boys poundin' on my door like clockwork up to home in Georgia. I got
me a farm there of about eighteen thousand acres includin' timber, give or
take, an' them boys is wantin' to buy me out real bad. A pain in my fat ass
is what they is. By the by, call me Auggie" he joked, "so's I remember my

Harold breathed a sigh of relief and smiled for the first time, "Then am I
to assume you are not considering the development of our property?"

"Nope, I want it to live in, least ways in winter. We rentin' a place up
away north o' here right now an' I just found out that I can't go deep sea
fishin no how without gettin' on a boat by way o' a fuckin' crane. I'm
needin' a ramp just like I use to get on my plane, plus I got a passel o'
teenage boys as likes to go bare ass as oftn' as not so's they need privacy
for that an' a island is just about ideal for both," he added with a wink
when he saw both ancient men perk up at the mention of naked boys.

Harold nodded after a glance at his friend George, "In that case Auggie,
incidentally we are Harold and George henceforth. We would entertain a
serious offer with just two small strings attached. The first is that you
or your heirs continue to maintain this property as a private residence for
as long as either of us lives, and the second is that we have life rights
to live here until we pass no matter how infirm either of us becomes."
Auggie opened his mouth to answer but Harold stopped him with a
wave. "Before you make an offer, if you do, I should tell you that we've
turned down an offer of sixty from a developer." Zeek gulped audibly which
brought grins to both withered faces. "But we would ask considerably less
from an individual desiring to restore the grounds and actually live here,
even seasonally as you just mentioned."

Auggie remained silent for a minute even though he pointed to a forgotten
fishing pole that had suddenly begun to bend violently. After the fish was
landed and released, Auggie stated his offer, "How about forty cash money
an' I agree to them terms."

Harold and George's smiles were radiant, "Would you care to see the inside
of YOUR home now Auggie?" Harold asked with his hand outstretched while
Zeek had to reach out and grab Auggie's chair back to keep from toppling
backward into the water.

Auggie paced Harold's chair impatiently as George pushed him along the wide
dock and wondered how many construction dumpsters it would take to empty
the accumulated trash from inside the house after deciding that three would
probably empty the garage but he was pleasantly surprised when he rolled
into the dim interior because the living area was immaculate. It was also
strangely contemporary or uniquely ultramodern and looked comfortable as if
the furnishings were designed for the house. "I'll pay extry for the
contents," Auggie volunteered.

Harold and George both laughed, "Oh no, that won't be necessary. Everything
you see, all the major pieces were designed for the house by the architect
to finish the house, to make it our home." Harold explained. "Everything
including the house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. This home is truly
unique because before you, no one but the two of us knew that. You see
somehow it was never listed as being one of Mr. Wright's projects." Harold
smirked his pleasure while George chuckled. Auggie grinned while poor Zeek
looked blank. "Would you care for a drink to seal the deal Auggie?" Harold
looked at George who waited for the drink requests.

"Bourbon an' branch if yo' got it," Auggie answered and volunteered a
frowning Zeek to help George. "The next time yo' lay out forty million cash
money yo' see if 'n yo' don't need a drink or three!" he called to Zeek's

"Perhaps I should start at the beginning." Harold began after accepting his
drink. "I was the youngest and actually the last of the robber barons. I
was twenty-two in nineteen twenty-nine when the market crashed. Granted, I
was born with the proverbial silver spoon in my mouth and had already
graduated from Harvard by that time. I had my family trusts to invest all
through school because my father considered wealth as play money." He
frowned at the remembrance, "You see Auggie, I was an enigma in those days,
a Wall Street phenomena; I could do no wrong. I foresaw the crash, but no
one would listen. I sold while everyone around me laughed and bought at
extraordinarily inflated prices. After the crash, I began using my gold and
bought for pennies on the dollar, always very quietly until my name was

"George was a newsie, he sold newspapers," Harold explained to Zeek. "He
was fourteen and an orphan. Frankly, it was mutual love at first sight."

George interrupted to speak for the first time; "Actually, from my point of
view I loved the silver dollar Harold gave me each day for his
paper. Particularly, when he told me to keep the change since I rarely
could make change for that enormous sum." He chuckled and patted Harold's

"Will you quit saying that? You always say that." Harold grumped, "These
boys will think you were a gold digger," his face softened, "but I guess if
our positions were reversed, I KNOW that I would have been, a gold digger
that is." Harold cleared his throat, "To make a long story short, I
convinced George to move in with me. We became lovers although all the
outward proprieties were observed in the city; we needed our own little bit
of heaven where we could be ourselves. I already owned this island and
engaged Mr. Wright to design us a love nest and Coral Place," he swept his
hand around the room, "is the result. We spent our winters here. We
relocated bag and baggage using my railcar."

"The baggage were my tutors," George interjected with a face at Harold, "HE
decided unilaterally that I should have an education."

"Yes, and it did you no harm. Oh, Auggie you also purchased a large home on
Marathon where our servants and HIS tutors lived very comfortably I might
add, so as to not cramp our lifestyle here at Coral Place. Coral Place is,
or was the last of our visible assets." Harold continued with a satisfied
grin. "You see it seems that I have relatives, very distant to be sure,
although I'm just as sure provable, who take exception to us squandering
the last of THEIR wealth by maintaining this property as it should be. I am
just as certain that they have a developer ready to pay them for this
property. None are aware that our assets reside in offshore trusts and that
those will be consolidated when we pass on into a foundation intended to
further the cause of the Florida Keys preservation, including flora and
fauna, both land and marine."

"You mean you ain't broke an' you plan to fuck your relatives," Auggie
summed up the story succinctly.

"Nope and yup," Harold giggled attempting Auggie's word usage.

"Well, all's I can say is great!" Auggie laughed. "Say, yo' reckon it
wouldn't put yo' out none if 'n I brought the boys by to see their new
winter home?" While he asked he produced a folded checkbook and began to
write. He handed Harold the check, "Here's one down an' I'll transfer the
other thirty-nine to any account yo' say."

Harold handed the check over to George, "I have a live-in attorney. Isn't
that convenient? You see there was method to my early madness all along
concerning his education. And yes to your question, anytime! We'd very much
enjoy meeting some young people for a change."

"Will a quit claim deed suffice?" George asked after collecting some papers
from another room. "We'll warrant that there are no encumbrances of any

"Yup, just make it out to Bligh Communications." Auggie's eyes glittered
with good humor. He searched out his phone, "Y'all jus' tell me what bank
an' the account number. I'll jus' use this place as what they call one o'
them executive retreats for tax purposes, since I keep my young CEO close
by twenty-four seven."


The next morning Zeek parked the bus on the island end of the causeway at
the limit of the tropical vegetation burgeoning out to block their
way. Then, he held his hand out with a nod of satisfaction at Auggie. "Yo'
win, but I ain't got a thousand to give yo'. See Trasker boy." Auggie
grinned evilly, "Now I bet yo' yo' ain't ever goin' to get outta here. Yo'
can't back this big bitch worth a shit an' never could." He paused to grab
Trasker by the arm as he walked by on the way to exit the bus, "Here money
bags, pay this here man his grand an' yo' jus' tell him not to get over
attached to it 'cause it's comin' back to poppa after we fish this an' his
black ass outten that there drink." He pointed out the window at the clear
water and was about to continue until he was distracted by Dooby
challenging everyone to a race to the house from just in front of the bus,
"Just yo' hold up there, Dooby boy!" He called, "Yo' be scarin' them two
ole boys to death. I'll lead the way an' jus keep them pants on too, 'til I
say otherwise." Dooby appeared not to hear Auggie's warning and took off by
himself while everyone else looked in at Auggie. "Goddamn that boy's just
like a dog, they only hears when ya call 'em to eat."

Dooby ran to the house first and then along the vine covered tunnel to the
dock. When he burst out into the open again, he spied the two old men
fishing together in what looked like their usual places at the end of their
dock. The water looked inviting, so he dropped his shorts, and then mindful
of Auggie's admonition about scaring them, he shouted, "HEY! WE'RE HERE!

Harold and George had time to twist around to watch the young naked
apparition dive from the dock's railing. By the time he reached the swim
ladder to climb up to the men, they were looking down on him. He climbed up
to them, forcing them back by shaking his sopping head. When he realized
that he was getting them wet, he apologized, "OOPS! Sorry about that! Hi,
I'm Dooby DuBois," he offered his hand to Harold first after drying it on
his wet thigh and leaned down close. He looked around quickly to be sure no
one else was listening, "It's really Harold like yours, actually Harold the
Second. Can you believe that any parent would tag a kid with that name? I
mean I guess it was okay, like modern, like every other kid was named
Harold when you and my grandfather were born, but it sure wasn't when I
arrived." He shifted his attention to George with his hand and eyes, "You
must be George." His smile broadened, "Wow! You still look like you must
have been one hot dude when you were my age, I mean after subtracting the
wrinkles and all, no wonder Harold here fell for you. And you've been
partners now for how long? I hope Cory and I will make it that long too. We
think we will even though he gets pissed at me occasionally, but I guess
that happens with all couples," he giggled, "at least it does if I'm one of
the partners."

The two old men had their mouths open, sputtering silently while their eyes
stayed glued to Dooby's lithe body. Their joint reverie was interrupted by
a shout from Auggie as he raced along the dock at full power with the gang
trotting behind him laughing and pointing at Dooby and the ancient
men. Auggie attempted to run over one of Dooby's feet as he braked hard to
avoid joining the fish. Dooby jumped aside to realign his body with Harold
and George. He put his arms over both men's shoulders protectively and
frowned down on Auggie. With Dooby so close, both oldsters took full
advantage of the opportunity to protect him with their arms. George placed
his over Dooby's shoulders while Harold, seated in his wheelchair, could
only reach the boy's waist. Dooby looked to the right and left seemingly to
encourage them or dare them with a grin. Both men allowed their arms to
fall until George massaged Dooby's back while Harold's hand found and
feebly squeezed one of his hard butt cheeks and in moments, George took
possession of the other so their fingers met in his crack.

"Dooby! Goddamnit, I tol' yo' to wait on me..."

Dooby interrupted to turn the tables on Auggie, "But, but Auggie, you said
to wait for you so I didn't scare them, so I let them know we were here
before I swam out to meet them."

"Dooby is quite right Auggie, he announced his presence well in advance and
we were just having a delightful conversation, although somewhat one sided,
while we waited for you to arrive." Harold kept his eyes locked on Dooby's
cock while he defended him despite his sudden blush when Dooby clenched his
cheeks together, squeezing their fingers by way of offering his thanks.

When Harold seemed to lose the thread of conversation, George took
over. "We're all ready for you to move in. You did bring your baggage,
didn't you? My goodness, it certainly will be nice to hear young voices
around this old place if even for a few days."

"We didn't but we could, couldn't we?" Dooby asked while nodding his head
at Auggie, willing him to agree. When Auggie nodded, Dooby turned haughty,
"OKAY then guys, you're all in violation of the first house rule." He
nodded and winked at Cory. Cory blushed and was the first to drop his
shorts. The other guys followed his example while Dooby motioned Cory
forward to be introduced, which started an informal receiving line. When
Auggie introduced Ryan at the end of the line as his CEO, both old men were
sweating freely and very much beyond blushing.

Harold remained speechless with his eyes fixed on Dooby and Cory,
particularly Cory, so George took over by pointing to the shoreline, "We
haven't much for young men to do here, but there is a boat house over there
where we keep our runabout. We haven't used it ourselves in several years,
but we have a mobile yacht service maintain it for us and they run it
monthly so it should start right up and run perfectly even though its quite
ancient by your standards."

"Can we swim there?" Dooby asked while he and Cory balanced each other on
the railing ready to dive in.

"Oh yes, and you can just duck under the door. You'll find buttons for the
hoist and door, all very modern actually." After a rapid series of
splashes, George found himself talking to Auggie and Zeek; the boys were

Tom won the race easily, but not by much as heads bobbed up around his
inside the old boathouse. Everyone stared up at the long sleek narrow
hull. "What the fuck is it?" Christian asked.

"I don't know, but it looks like a torpedo from here."

"Yeah, meaning it should be fast," Dooby agreed.

Stevie and Logan were the first to climb up onto the narrow inside
dock. Logan whistled his appreciation, "Holy shit guys, this thing is a
Chris Craft!" he exclaimed after unlacing and pulling at part of the canvas
cover. The cover was rolled back neatly and put aside after the others
joined them. Then they all stared. "I'd guess it was built in the early
fifties. They sure don't build them like this anymore and if they did not
too many people could afford to buy one."

"This thing is forty feet long and all varnished mahogany even the hull!
WOW!" Dooby the craftsman was thoroughly impressed.

Rob ran a hand over the aft seating compartments' upholstery, "Hey guys
this is leather. We need to get towels to sit on."

Dooby jumped back into the water under the boat, "I'll go get some while
you guys lower it and open the door."

"You're planning to swim to get dry towels?" Tom asked.

"DUH! No you old duffus. We didn't bring towels so we need to borrow
some. I need to ask where they are and swimming back to the dock is
probably easier than picking my way through the fucking brambles."

By the time Dooby returned via a narrow path with an armload of towels the
others were mostly dry and were planning to leave him behind. The big
engines purred and the exhaust gurgled as the beautiful craft rocked in
slight waves. "What took you so long? Were you casing the joint for
valuables?" Tom asked.

Dooby began tossing towels, "No, but I had to look around. It is a real
Frank Lloyd Wright house just like Auggie said. Man he designed the place
to last; even the roof is poured concrete. The walls that are solid are
made up of giant blocks of coral, kind of random size rectangles and
squares, all randomly spaced somehow and then he's got poured concrete all
around them. I wonder how he did that?" the budding architect in Dooby
wondered. "Just imagine that Harold and George knew him and talked to
him. I wish I had a tape recorder so I could interview them. Maybe they'll
tell me all about him tonight?" he mused while he stepped into the aft
compartment and sat on the towel Cory draped over the glove leather seating
for them both.

Tom engaged the props carefully and idled out of the boathouse before
steering a course to the dock. While Dooby was gone the others made plans
to give Harold and George a ride in their own boat. Tom approached the side
of the dock carefully. Stevie stretched out on the bow and those closest to
the side fended off so the beautiful craft wouldn't touch the dock since
they couldn't find fenders. Rob climbed to the dock, grinning from ear to

He didn't interrupt the conversation Auggie and Zeek were having with
George and Harold about the boats' history, he just relocated it by picking
Harold out of his chair and handing him down to Tom and Christian who
seated him behind the wheel over his laughing protests. George backed away
from Rob shaking his head, but to no avail as he was whisked off his feet
very gently to snuggle against Rob's pelt covered chest.

"This will be the best part of the ride," George whispered to Rob with a
youthful giggle. He stopped suddenly when he saw that Harold was to be
their driver, "Oh no," he moaned, "not him, anyone but him! He's the
absolute worst choice! I'm too young to die," he laughed as Harold
administered an elbow to his ribs when he was seated at Harold's side.

"All ashore who's going ashore!" Harold barked and looked back to be sure
everyone was seated before he pushed the throttles down and the sleek old
boat's props dug into the clear water.


George and Harold had already moved into a guest cottage attached to the
main house by a covered breezeway in preparation for enticing Auggie and
his as yet unseen boys to simply vacate their rented house and move in for
the balance of their vacation. The first evening the men watched the boys
carry in their luggage. Everything went into the master bedroom and when
they didn't return immediately, George wheeled Harold to the doorway. They
were shocked to see that their bed for over sixty years had been moved to
one side and three large air mattresses were inflated and being covered
with sheets.

George timidly asked the obvious question. The boys laughed and
nodded. Auggie waved them into the room to watch the settling in
process. "Yes siree bobby, they all sleep together when they get aroun' to
sleepin'. Tonight is gonna be rough 'cause they none got together to drain
'em down none. Stop by to watch if yo' a mind, they wouldn't notice if the
whole o' Marathon was in here once they get started."


George had just tucked Harold into their bed in the guesthouse and was
about to join him when there was a light knock on the door. Dooby and Cory
looked hopeful while Dooby asked if the men would tell them all about the
house and Frank Lloyd Wright. When Harold agreed, Dooby happily slipped
into the bed beside him without an invitation. Cory motioned George in next
and then Cory joined him.

Dooby erased any reservations the men had, "We like to be touched, that is
if you want to. We never met any gay guys your age and we'd like to know
all about what you do now, so we know what to expect like between us in a
hundred years or so," he joked. Harold chuckled and tickled Dooby's side to
get him giggling and then just let his hand wander until it encountered the
boy's erection. He pulled his hand away, or tried. Dooby replaced it and
squeezed lightly and then he moved it to cup his balls before placing it
back on the hard shaft. He held Harold's hand until its owner was
comfortable with exploring on his own. "Boy, that feels good. Can you
please tell us all about Mr. Wright now?" Dooby purred.

Harold began a monologue while George motioned Cory to sit up more in the
bed and when he half sat with his bare back against the headboard cushioned
by a pillow, he grinned as George did some serious wriggling until he
rested his sheet covered head on Cory's taught gut to begin slowly
swallowing the big cock using surprising strength in his neck muscles that
no one guessed he still possessed. Cory punched Dooby's shoulder to get his
attention and motioned him to sit up as well. Harold smiled by way of
thanks. His voice became muffled when he covered his head and then his
story died when his mouth encountered Dooby's cock.

The boys were awakened by a disembodied whispered conversation. Both were
still half sitting up, but had slumped together so their heads and
shoulders touched while they slept. Both rolled their eyes so they could
see each other, grinned and were careful to feign sleep by breathing

"Let's trade cocks," George whispered with his head still covered.

Harold giggled like a schoolboy in the middle of a naughty prank, "If I
could move that far I wouldn't need a wheelchair and you dear boy would
find yourself being sucked off every night just like I always loved doing
before we went to sleep. Why not ask them to switch?"

"They're sleeping I think, at least Cory is, he's barely breathing."

"DUH! So is Dooby. They have the next hundred years to sleep while we're
afraid to close our eyes. This is our last hurrah, let's just tickle them."
Ninety-seven year old Harold ordered his eighty-nine year old lover George.

The men discovered that their ploy worked almost too well as Harold was
nearly thrown out of bed by Dooby's thrashing and George found himself
pinned under Cory exactly as he regularly did to Dooby whenever Dooby
wanted him to be on top.

Dooby stood on the bed and pulled Cory to his feet. They grinned down on
the surprised oldsters, "Did someone suggest switching around or were we
dreaming?" Dooby asked coyly. He batted his eyes and his erection grew with
Cory's. They both stepped over George and quickly traded warm spots.

"You two boys were awake the whole time? You were faking," George accused
while he snuggled his head on Dooby's belly, "What if we bit you both as a

Dooby really giggled in response to the threat, "In order to bite us, you'd
have to be able to reach your teeth, wouldn't you? Who'd be faking then?"
he asked pointing at twin water filled goblets each containing pairs of
dentures. The laughter of all four shook the bed.

George woke Dooby and Cory at dawn the next morning, "You two studs better
get back before the others awaken and discover what you've been up to." He
whispered so he wouldn't wake Harold.

Dooby hugged George tenderly and answered, "They already know. When we told
them where we were going last night, everyone wanted to come with us. We
didn't want to kill you guys so they're splitting up. I think you can
expect Uncle Tommy and Christian tonight, and then tomorrow night..."
George closed the door on the rest of the schedule and returned to the bed
to snuggle with Harold, his sleeping lover of seventy-five years.

"Did Dooby just say something about the rest of them?" Harold asked through
a yawn.

"Yes, he did indeed. I was planning to suggest that tonight would be a good
time, but now perhaps we should wait until after they leave us." George

"Well of course tonight wouldn't be good. What were you thinking?" Harold
grumped, "We'd only spoil the rest of their vacation," he added. "Now you
just close your eyes with me and we'll dream we enjoyed each other last

Dooby and Cory usurped Stevie and Logan's turn on the night before their
departure. "We're going to give you guys a show tonight," Dooby announced
while Cory stretched out on his back across the foot of Harold and George's
bed. "We're going to make love to each other first and then we'll do
whatever you want us to, or you can do whatever you want to us," he
elaborated while he got between Cory's legs.

In the morning after almost tearful goodbyes between Harold, George, the
boys and Auggie, Dooby handed Auggie a manila envelope as he walked by him
on the bus. "Here Auggie, I almost forgot. George gave me this, this
morning to give to you. He said to tell you to wait until you were on the
plane before opening it."

Auggie tapped the envelope on the palm of his hand while he looked out the
windshield as Zeek backed the bus off the causeway. He tore the end open
and read the handwritten top sheet. He looked over at Ryan, clearly upset,
"Get on the phone, Ryan boy," he instructed softly, "make us reservations
in Key West overnight. We be comin' back here in the mornin' for a few more
days to satisfy them two old boys' last wishes."

NOTE: I'd like to offer friend 'E Moe' a humongous THANK YOU for
undertaking the daunting task of editing this for me, and so quickly too!
Thanks E......Jamie


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