Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


 Chapter 19

Dooby, Cory, Stevie and Logan were naked, sweating and smudged with
dirt. They were going to take a swim to cool off after a hard morning
working together to clear the last of the overgrown brush from the
waterside of Harold and George's historic home. They looked back at the
house with pleasure. The east-facing windows glittered in the summer
sun. The glass always sparkled, the windows were cleaned weekly but no one
had seen them from the water for many years because the whole house was
inundated with tropical vines to give the impression of poverty, neglect
and certainly privacy. Formerly from inside, the view from the many windows
was of tangled trunks, green leaves and glimpses of color from flowers that
covered the Herculean vines.

Dooby turned, about to step on the dock, when he shaded his eyes with a
hand. He started running, leaving the others behind, "THROW HIM BACK
MOTHERFUCKERS!" he screamed.

Christian held up a large fish he'd just caught that was still thrashing
helplessly, while Tommy took a picture. Both stood in the shade of the
roofed end of the tee dock where the former owners fished daily. Dooby
tackled Christian. His momentum carried them both off the dock through the
area without railings where the old men fished while seated.

Christian surfaced, "Just what was that all about?" he asked Dooby
calmly. Christian, was used to Dooby's hyperactivity and eccentricities.

"You can catch them, they expect to get caught occasionally, that's part of
the game, but then you have to throw them back." Dooby explained

"What?" Christian asked for clarification after they climbed back to the

Dooby struck a pose like a condescending parent explaining something to a
teenager, "Harold and George fished out here everyday and they always
caught fish because they always threw them back. They were actually feeding
the same fish because they're pets, or were, I guess they're ours
now. Here, I'll show you." Dooby gave Christian a push and jumped with
him. "Look under the dock," he instructed when they surfaced again, he
pulled on Christian's arm and then pointed. Several dozen fish, several
species and in assorted sizes were busy resuming their stationary positions
around the barnacle covered pilings after being disturbed by human bodies a
second time and promptly scattered again when Cory, with the others knifed
the water in between Dooby and Christian, only to return just as promptly
to stare at the five boys balefully.

"Why didn't you just tell us?" Christian asked after they returned to the
dock again. Tom greeted them with laughter and took several
pictures. Christian snatched his camera and gave him a push, "Look under
the dock!" he called with a giggle as Tommy hit the water.

This was the second day after they returned to Coral Place and everyone's
dour mood had lightened considerably as the old estate was being
transformed into the beautiful property it once was. As soon as they got
settled in their Key West suite two hours after Auggie read the contents of
the envelope Dooby gave him from Harold and George, Auggie turned into a
tyrant, snapping orders at anyone while he kept the hotel phone at one ear
and his cell phone against his other using a list of names and phone
numbers that George provided for Auggie's convenience. "I ain't askin' fer
no estimate an' you don't need to see the job first. Yo' already got it an'
I payin' cash on the barrelhead! Yo' jus' be ready to roll at seven
tomorrow mornin' wi' everythin' yo' got an' we get along!" he snapped at a
landscape contractor and hung up on the man after he agreed. "That the last
thing," he sighed, "an' everythin's ready, an' I need me a drink." Trasker
didn't even frown as Zeek and Logan vied with each other to serve Auggie
their drink first so he ended up with two and neither contained water
except from melting ice cubes.

When everyone had a drink, Dooby held his beer aloft, "To Harold and
George!" he toasted with red eyes and a sniff. "But I still don't
understand why..."

Auggie cut him off, "I done tol' yo' ten times Dooby boy, they was wantin'
to go out whilst they had them some dignity." He tried to explain, "Yo,
wouldn't be wantin' to wear no diaper an' have someone wipin' yer ass, or
bein' fed no baby food wi' a plastic spoon, so as yo' could shit more, all
happenin' an' yo' got yer brain workin' fine but not talkin' to yer arms
an' legs. I ain't thought `bout it befo', but I goin' jus' like `em!" He
smiled at Zeek across the room when he nodded slightly while the boys all
frowned and Trasker was on the verge of tears. "We jus' ain't plannin' to
go fer another hunert years or so yet, so drink up Trasker boy an' fix us


Zeek parked the bus beyond the gates so he wouldn't block the drive for the
small convoy that preceded them across the causeway. The first vehicle was
a Monroe County Sheriff's Deputy. Deputy Jim-Bob Goodfellow was a Keys
native who had befriended George and Harold a year earlier after he was
assigned a frantic call from Coral Place to remove some trespassers. He
found that two teenage couples docked their ski boat and were trying to
gain entry into what the teens thought was an old abandoned house for
purposes other than water skiing. After Jim-Bob chased the kids with a
warning, he became George and Harold's hero and their unofficial protector
by checking on them a few times each week during his shift, lunchtime was
his standing invitation. Harold fell in love with the young man's steel
gray eyes that were so like George's while George was enamored with
Jim-Bob's lithe physique that was displayed through the Deputy's tailored
uniform, a body that duplicated Harold's when he was twenty-four.

The second car in the line was a classic Jaguar XKE V-12 convertible in
mint condition according to Logan and Stevie, each having been born and
raised in an environment where such cars were just collectables and would
know such things. A junior partner of George's imminently successful law
firm, headquartered in New York City, drove the Jag. The firm, Wilson and
Associates, had only one branch office, and that was located on Marathon
Key. There was no office per se; there was just one young man, Carter
Willingham, with a Master's in Business and a law degree, both from
Harvard, George's alma mater. Carter was twenty-six and looked to be nearly
twelve. While he appeared too young to be in high school, his intellect was
awesome and to George and Harold, his overall appearance was that of an

At first, the elderly men encountered one problem; Carter declined to
accept the position. He wanted it desperately, working directly with
George, being promoted from law clerk, bypassing associate, straight to a
junior partnership was unheard of in the firm, however his looks, shyness
and legal-oriented intelligence made him a loner among the envious office
mob in addition to the big city and relocating from New York to Marathon
would isolate him even more completely. Wily Harold thought he might have a
solution and George agreed that it was worth a try.

And so Carter was invited to spend the day after his interview at Coral
Place before he returned to New York and his new position as an associate,
his consolation prize. He accepted the invitation instantly because he
would get more time talking to George. Very few junior partners and no
associates had ever talked to George on the phone and none had ever met
him. George's secretary kept him fully appraised long-distance and it was a
notable day when one received an e-mail or a hand written fax containing
suggestions to best pursue some litigation or complements on a job well
done. The men also invited Jim-Bob Goodfellow, `their' Deputy Sheriff, a
pleasant but dour young man, who loved to fish but never told fish stories
involving others and who rarely smiled. The men both thought they knew the
reason for Jim-Bob's carefully hidden depression. While ancient by anyone's
standards, their gaydar still functioned perfectly.

Carter arrived first, driving the classic Jag the men loaned him so he
could explore the Keys from the big empty house they owned and where he was
staying. Five bays of the six bays in the open fronted garage were still
occupied with similar classics but covered with custom covers, and further
hidden by junk and bundles of newspaper hoarded for that purpose. The men
were already fishing and instructed Carter to meet them on the dock using
the gate intercom. Both watched for him to appear from the leafy tunnel
that was the path from the house and dismayed to see him wearing long
trousers and a long-sleeved dress shirt buttoned to his delicate looking
pre-teenage neck.

"Oh dear," Harold mumbled, "the boy is not a clothes horse on his off days;
we'll have to get him out of those somehow before Jim-Bob arrives. I wasn't
thinking about him coming down here for the interview from a New York

"He can borrow something of yours as soon as I get him wet," George had
time to whisper with a grin before both men were shaking Carter's hand in

George served Carter an iced tea and handed him a fishing pole just before
he stumbled. Carter was actually laughing when he surfaced. "This water
feels great!" he called and then dove to the bottom to resurface clutching
the iced tea glass.

Carter laughingly shrugged off George's repeated apologies as he was
escorted back to the house to change into something dry and more suitable
for the warm sunny Florida day. George rummaged through drawers while he
watched Carter undress and towel off in a mirror, "The boy's not bashful
anyway," George thought, "he has a nice tight boy's body and is well enough
hung for a little guy." He handed Carter a pair of Harold's shorts, which
he could already see were going to be too large. He dug into another
drawer, "Here, you best wear a pair of Harold's briefs under those. These
are new and rather stretchy. I don't know why he even ordered them except
he probably admired the catalog model." His eyes widened as Carter pulled
up the silk bikini briefs and adjusted himself comfortably.

Carter hesitated while holding the shorts, "There's no one around," he said
while looking down, "so if you don't mind, I'll just wear these and then I
won't have to spend the day holding the shorts up and I can get some sun so
I have a little tan to remember this trip," he giggled mischievously, "AND
impress everyone in the office gym."

"Splendid idea!" George beamed and prayed that Carter wouldn't bother to
look at himself too closely in the mirror. The briefs were rather sheer to
the extent that his package, though covered was boldly outlined.

"I'm sorry about your job offer, but this area is just too quiet and I
already spend too much time talking to myself in a city with eight million
people in it." Carter explained on the walk back out to the dock. "I hope
my decision won't jeopardize my career with the firm."

"Never," George assured, "I invited you down here because of your
extraordinary potential and I fully understand how you'd be lonely here, we
are rather isolated. You just spend a year as an associate and I'll bump
you up to junior. I promise that for being honest with me. I certainly
don't want to lose you to..."

The conversation was interrupted by the sound of an idling boat
engine. George looked up and grinned, "Oh! There's Jim-Bob! I didn't know
he had a boat, but then of course he would, everyone who lives here
does. Say Carter, would you mind running to catch his lines? It might be
sundown by the time I got there."

Carter giggled at the joke as he ran but stopped to suck in his nonexistent
gut when he got a closer look at Jim-Bob. The Deputy was wearing cut off
jeans that sagged low exposing a deeply cut six-pack that he was sure would
be shaded by those pectorals that didn't quit if the sun was directly over
Jim-Bob's head.

From Jim-Bob's view, he was glad he was wearing sunglasses to hide the fact
that his eyes were popping out of his head. He guessed that the beautiful
blond boy was a great grand nephew and imagined how stunning and desirable
he'd be as a teenager when he reached puberty. He looked away, trying to
suppress his evil thoughts like he'd always been able to do in the past,
but this time something was different, he couldn't look away and he really
didn't want to. He remembered to shift to neutral after the bow bumper
banged a concrete piling with too much force. He was impressed with the
golden boy for cleating the bowline under the railing instead of over the
top like most non-boaters would have done.

Carter was at a disadvantage during introductions because he wasn't wearing
sunglasses and Jim-Bob was. He could feel Jim-Bob's eyes boring into his
body and doing the boring from higher altitude since the top of his head
was even with the top of Jim-Bob's shoulder. Jim-Bob removed his glasses to
get an uncolored view of Carter. Carter looked up, "Holy shit, you know you
have beautiful eyes?" he blurted what he intended to be a thought, "Oh
shit, I'm hot, I need a swim." With that he turned and dropped into the
water by the ladder.

"You, you're a lawyer?" Carter heard Jim-Bob ask in surprise when his head
broke water.

Carter looked up to see Jim-Bob standing slightly bent and looking down on
him, "YES, and I'm twenty-six not twelve." Carter started shouting but
ended with a squeak at `twelve', because he had an almost clear view up the
legs of Jim-Bob's cutoff's, one leg in particular held his attention as
Jim-Bob's little head squinted down on him as well. He started climbing the
ladder without being aware of it, he just wanted a closer view until
Jim-Bob blushed and pointed.

Carter looked down and was horrified. Dry, almost sheer silk hid his
endowments reasonably well, but wet, the material was all but transparent
and very clinging. He started to blush as well, thought it over and began
laughing as he pointed up at Jim-Bob's peeking peter. The two old men
watched the byplay with excited interest and at that point George started
pushing Harold's chair down the long dock.

"We're off to fix lunch," Harold called back to the boys. "Make yourselves
at home, there are towels and a big blanket if you want to get some sun and
there are soft drinks and tea in the cooler!" he shouted with a giggle
while looking back around George. To him he said in a lower voice, "Screw
lunch for a while, lets watch them from the bushes, this will be better
than your damned soap operas."

"Yes, and as we hoped, Carter may just have a change of heart about turning
down the job. It certainly appears to be love at first sight, or at least
physical attraction."

Jim-Bob looked down the dock to ensure that they were alone after he pulled
Carter the rest of the way up the ladder. "Want to get some morning sun?"
He looked back a final time after spreading out the blanket and then pushed
off his tattered shorts with a shy smile while daring Carter to join him
with his eyes. "It looks like you're one of those blonds that tan easily."
He encouraged as he stretched out on his belly without taking his eyes off
Carter, who stood looking around uncertainly, "Come on Carter, this place
is as private as you can get and you are in the Keys where you'll see more
full tans than anywhere else." He didn't bother mentioning that he thought
that their aged hosts were hiding just inside the leafy tunnel because he
didn't care; his introduction to the stunning boy-man was worth the
show. "If there is a show," he thought and then turned the thought into a
prayer, "Please God, let us get together."

The men never hid the fact that they were obviously gay and had enjoyed
each other most of their lives, and enjoyed his body vicariously through
his uniform or directly when he came to fish wearing those wonderful old
shorts, and while he had spent the last twelve of his twenty-four years
denying the same orientation he wasn't about to pass up the twenty-six year
old golden opportunity that stood before him.

Carter nodded, "I guess, since you are," he shrugged nervously and pushed
the silk briefs down his legs and moved to lay on his gut at Jim-Bob's side
as quickly as he could when he felt Jim-Bob's eyes stroking his cock to a
perfect boy-size erection that was in scale with his body.

They lay quietly for all of thirty seconds with their heads resting on
their arms, staring into each other's eyes when Jim-Bob continued his
courting ritual by looking back at the small twin snowy globes that formed
Carter's ass, "I better get some sun block on you back there or you'll have
to stand up all the way back to New York. I've got some on the boat." He
pushed himself to his feet and stood for a long moment looking down on
Carter. Carter followed his movements and locked on to a magnificent dream,
eight inches of tanned manhood, "Sorry about this. It happened when I saw
yours. I, I think I'm a bit over-sexed."

Carter nodded, "Me too," he answered aloud weakly and swallowed a gob of
saliva that he wished was something else. He went to his elbows to watch
Jim-Bob vault the railing, land on his feet in his boat and then bend
almost double over a nylon bag without bending his knees. It seemed that
Jim-Bob had nowhere that wasn't tanned, even between his columnar
legs. Cater began humping the blanket involuntarily. He stopped when
Jim-Bob caught him while holding up a plastic bottle like a trophy. Time
stopped and suddenly Jim-Bob knelt at his side with his knees pressed
against Carter's side and hip. He felt a running coolness on his ass and
then strong fingers spreading the oil as he spread his legs cooperatively
without conscious thought. Jim-Bob used the side of his hand to spread
Carter's cheeks while he whispered an excuse, "I used too much, but I'm
after it." His fingertips traveled into Carter's crotch and found his

Carter rolled to his side to expose himself. He patted the blanket, "Lay
down here," he ordered Jim-Bob breathlessly. "You can kill me after I
finish, but I've dreamed of doing this with a body like yours forever."

Jim-Bob obeyed by positioning his body so his mouth was opposite Carter's
boy cock and his comparative monster was within licking distance of
Carter's mouth. "Me too," Jim-Bob mumbled before gobbling Carter in. Both
exploded instantly as they thrust into each other's throats the first time.

"Holy shit!" George chortled, "I think Carter will change his mind now."

"No question about it." Harold agreed. "That was so fast I'd almost bet
that they were both virgins. Let's get out there and tell them lunch is
ready before they dress and maybe they'll stay naked the rest of the day."
By then Jim-Bob and Carter were sitting up with their bodies twisted and
kissing like the first kiss was also their last. They were oblivious to the
rapidly approaching wheelchair.

"Well, well, you two certainly became friends in a hurry." George said and

Harold agreed, "That was marvelous boys, just marvelous!"

Carter looked like he'd been stung and tried to stand up, already looking
for the discarded briefs. Jim-Bob held him in place with an arm over his
shoulders. He grinned and shrugged, "They caught us, we can't put the
toothpaste back in the tube."

Carter thought Jim-Bob was making an analogy and fell back laughing, "I
guess not since we swallowed it and then I was trying for the tube!" he
managed to gasp while Jim-Bob almost rolled off the dock. He frowned
suddenly, "Wait a minute, were you two watching us?"

"Well of course dear boy, your reason for not relocating here was that you
had no friends in New York so we thought of Jim-Bob, the only boy we know
of anywhere near your age around here as a means of encouragement." George
explained, "We certainly never imagined that you'd be quite so um,
compatible shall we say, just like we were when we were even younger than
your tender ages. Now since we know and you two know, there's no further
need for silly pretenses is there?"

George pulled Harold back a step when Jim-Bob stood up and pulled Carter to
his feet and placed his arm back across Carter's shoulders. Harold's eyes
widened, he glanced up and back at George, "This is the only time I can
think of when I'm glad I'm stuck in this chair, the view is quite
extraordinary!" he giggled in delight at being able to gaze his fill at the
two young cocks dangling but still very much elongated, so near his eye
level. "Come along now boys, luncheon will be an impromptu `come as you
are' party. Jim-Bob, you and Carter lead the way."

Jim-Bob gave the men a rare white-toothed smile and a giggle; "Of course
there's no ulterior motives for us going first?"

"Certainly not," Harold quipped, "we were thinking more like posterior."

Carter pulled away from Jim-Bob long enough to grab a towel and returned to
Jim-Bob's side to fit his body under the taller young man's arm. He saw the
two men frowning their question. He blushed and looked up at Jim-Bob,
"Someone got carried away with the tanning oil, I feel kind of squishy and
I need it to sit on."

Jim-Bob helped George get lunch on the table since he'd been there
before. Carter watched his new lover's body while he stood by Harold. The
old man caught his eye and tipped his head toward the great room. Carter
nodded and pushed him from the kitchen. When they were safely out of
hearing, Harold cleared his throat, "I don't wish to be indelicate, but I
thought perhaps I might be able to smooth the way in your developing
relationship with dear Jim-Bob. Ah, do your fantasies ah, have you looking
down at him, or um, up and feeling the weight of his magnificent body?"

Carter turned scarlet, "I was kind of thinking, kind of hoping that he'd
want to be looking down on me forever," he admitted.

Harold grinned and nodded, "Splendid, that was my preference with George
from the very beginning." He began wheeling his chair to the master
bedroom, leaving Carter to follow. Carter grabbed the handles and pushed so
Harold could sit back and point their direction. Carter became nervous when
he found himself in the bathroom. "If you'll just open that cabinet there,
I've a little gift for you."

Carter opened the door and stepped back, "Towels?" he asked quizzically.

"The flat box on the top shelf, I thought I had a new one, they just never
wear out, a good one that is, made of heavy rubber." With that observation
Harold began backing from the room while Carter opened the box and grinned
when he received an understanding smile and the start of a renewed
erection. The box was politely labeled; `HOT WATER BOTTLE' and under that
in fine print; `Multi Purpose'

"Do I, ah, have time before lunch?" Carter asked as he began attaching the

"We're just having make your own submarine sandwiches, you can catch up. If
you look around you'll find lubricant and a selection of razors if you are
so inclined." Harold advised and pulled the door closed.

"Shave? You think I should shave?" Carter asked with a quaking voice
through the door.

Carter couldn't see Harold's shrug but he heard his muffled answer,
"Jim-Bob's initial attraction may have been that you looked like a twelve
year old boy. If I'm wrong you can always allow it to grow in again."

Carter returned to the kitchen wearing his towel and a red face. His
movements were nervous and jerky all through lunch as he sat beside Jim-Bob
who kept glancing down and frowning. Finally he asked, "Why the sudden
modesty?" when they were nearly finished eating.

Carter leaned back after filling his lungs with air so he wouldn't have to
breathe again during the unveiling. Jim-Bob tugged on the tented towel
until it parted and sucked in his own lungs full of air. "Damn Carter,
you're so beautiful," he whispered.

Harold coughed, "You two look absolutely exhausted, why don't you go in and
rest while George and I return to our fishing?"

Carter clutched his towel closed and ran from the room leaving Jim-Bob to
follow him with his eyes. Jim-Bob winked at Harold as he stood up exposing
his mighty erection to the old men, "Thanks for your help. I'll just leave
the door unlatched so you can call us if you um, need anything." With that,
Jim-Bob ran to find Carter.

"He shaved just like you did," George smiled at the memory.

"I suggested it. If you recall I had such difficulty with you at first. You
were a brat, such a tall gangly rag doll and so subservient."

"Well damn it I was only fourteen and you were so superior to me with your
townhouse and chauffeured limousines and even a private railcar. I was
completely intimidated."

Harold grinned, "Yes, until I shaved. Suddenly you appeared to be older
than me and you quickly took on the roll of being superior, exactly where I
wanted you to be. I don't remember you allowing me to sleep more than an
hour at a time for simply weeks, and not at all that first night. And now I
think we'll find that Carter is no longer an over educated nerd of
twenty-six, he's back to being a twelve year old prepubescent boy who wants
nothing more than to feel his older lover's cock deep inside him whenever
Jim-Bob wants to put it there." Harold shook himself, "Now just hurry and
clear the table to give them some time. I think we were invited to watch
and we shouldn't miss too much."


Carter wandered from the house, out to the dock holding a sheaf of papers
and looking around, "Have you guys seen Auggie?" he asked looking at the
boys over his granny style reading glasses. He was still having trouble
with staring at their bodies, he couldn't resist, but he noticed quickly
that they all stared at him and Jim-Bob openly.

"Zeek took Jim-Bob and Auggie boat shopping somewhere," Stevie
answered. "Auggie wants to get a big sport-fisherman that he can board
without using a crane." Everyone laughed at they're personal image of
Auggie being loaded on a boat.

Carter remembered hearing something about Auggie wanting a boat; "Jim-Bob's
dad is a guide and knows of a client who wants to move up to something
bigger. Apparently the old boat is a steal if your bank account has enough
zeros in the balance." He explained with a giggle before he continued,
"Jim-Bob is almost as good as his father when it comes to fishing," Carter
announced, proud of his near total husband, "they tried going partners at
first but there wasn't enough coming in, so Jim-Bob got his job as a
Deputy. Now that Harold and George are gone, they surprised us by leaving
enough so it doesn't matter whether we make money or not. I'm going to be
Jim-Bob's mate, or I was."

"Going to be?" Dooby asked with a lecherous grin, "Based on what we saw
last night, you already are."

Dooby alluded to the previous night in the master bedroom where neither
first timers, Carter and Jim-Bob minded being watched and certainly enjoyed
the scenes around them but neither was interested in participating. Both
remained enthralled with each other and had been for almost a year. Carter
turned scarlet, "I meant his mate on the boat. I can rig baits now as well
as he can and I love being out on the water."

Dooby jumped on the change in plans, "So now you aren't going to be
Jim-Bob's mate," he hesitated for effect, "on the boat?"

"I don't know, I just found these in the papers George left, among his work
in progress. He made me a senior partner two weeks ago and not just `A'
senior partner," he emphasized, "but his designated replacement. He even
started the name change to Wilson, Willingham and Associates." Carter
managed to look befuddled, "I may have to move back to New York."

"Why? George ran his operation from here, so why can't you? Auggie told us
that you were actually doing all the work anyway, so just keep on doing
it." Tom clapped Carter on the back. "When I first got my job I thought I
was going to have to sleep in the office, and I wasn't even going to come
down here on this vacation until Charlie, Cory's father, and my boss,
kicked my ass out the door with a laptop tucked under my arm and then to
make matters worse, I thought, he and Cory's mother eloped and won't be
back for another four weeks but I discovered that I can do this just like
Auggie and Ryan do it."

"Yeah but it's different now, George was always looking over my shoulder

"So make believe he still is. I doubt if he ever had much to say about
whatever you did for him did he?"

Carter shook his head, "Nope except making me delete his name and replace
it with mine."

Zeek tooting the bus' air horn interrupted them; everyone grinned at being
able to see the bus parked near the garage through the remaining trees and
newly exposed palms since the landscaper had restored the driveway to its
original width and then had a crew assigned to constantly feed all the
mountains of brush into a monster chipping machine that reduced it all to
piles of mulch. There was even enough room near the garage for now for the
bus to be turned around easily courtesy of Dooby and his gang of willing
workers. Auggie, clearly excited, sped along the wide sidewalk to the dock
without waiting for Zeek.

"I got me a boat that I kin git on at last!" Auggie announced. "Or I will
after the dock guys followin' git done with my ramp." He shielded his eyes
and looked out over the water. He pointed suddenly, "Thar she blows!" he
shouted as a beautiful white sport fisherman sixty-five feet or better
turned into their narrow channel and crept toward them slowly. "That
Jim-Bob boy is sure somethin' else. He's a runnin' that big bitch all by
his lonesome. He's goin' to come in close so's two o' yo' boys can jump on
to throw dock lines back to you other guys. An' yo' do as Carter boy tells
ya in tyin' up."

Docking took only one maneuver before `Fishin' Boy', nudged the pilings on
the shank of the tee with its stern facing the roofed-over end. Auggie
explained about the name quickly; there was a sign painter at the marina
already on the docks and the name was plastic cut from a sheet of
color. The boys already on the dock swarmed the yacht before Jim-Bob could
cut the engines while everyone else hurried from wherever they were

Dooby immediately threw himself into the single fighting chair and
proceeded to reel in an imaginary trophy fish with an invisible
pole. Stevie occupied the chair behind the wheel on the fly bridge as soon
as Jim-Bob stood up. Logan raced Cory to the control station at the top of
the tuna tower. All the boys watched Jim-Bob jump to the dock, drop his
shorts and pull Carter into his arms to kiss him passionately as if he'd
been at sea for months instead of just away for a few hours.

Carter pulled away at last, "Hey Auggie, I just discovered that George
officially retired two weeks ago and appointed me as his successor. I
didn't know anything about this. He also appointed Jim-Bob and I to
permanent positions on the new foundation's board. I set up the foundation
and I didn't know anything about that either except they wanted you as the
first chairman along with Tom and Ryan as trustees with four year

Auggie beamed at Carter and Jim-Bob, "Congratulations boys, welcome
aboard. George said he was fixin' to do that in my letter, but when yo'
didn't say nothin' I thought he might a changed his mind. I'm right pleased
to see he didn't. Jim-Bob's a Keys native, part Seminole Indian and one of
them environmentalists so he belongs, an' yo' the best legal beaver around
these parts an' you'll take Harold and George's last wishes to heart so
ya'll belong too. We got us some lawsuits comin' down on us as soon as
Harold's relatives find out he passed, so yo' be busy with them fo' years
most like. Yo' best be plannin' on stayin' down here so yo' where the
action is in the Florida courts. If I was ya'll I'd appoint me one o'
another o' them ol' geezers as is George's partners to run things up

Carter's gloom lifted noticeably, "I could make one of them a managing
partner, couldn't I?"

"Yup, an' whilst we talkin' on it, yo' got any ideas on more board
members?" Auggie asked innocently. He already knew that Carter had
suggested to George the Governor, the State Senator from Monroe County, the
current State Attorney General and any other official elected or appointed
who were concerned about the unique Florida Keys environment if only
politically as no one in office would risk losing a multibillion dollar
foundation that was dedicated to spending many millions annually in and for
the Keys to a bunch of grasping heirs. When George voiced his concern about
the board being overrun with politicians, Carter countered by suggesting
the appointment of one or more members for life who with the Chairperson
would have veto powers. When the two men approved the plan whole-heartedly,
Carter added it to the Foundation's by-laws.

Carter stopped his lengthy monolog when he saw that Auggie was grinning at
him, "But you already knew all this didn't you? Did the men ever tell you
about us?" he asked, looking up at Jim-Bob.

"Yup, but not too much ceptin yo' boys gave them some hours of, how'd they
describe it?" he asked while looking skyward. "Oh, hours of viewing
pleasure over time, was what they said." Auggie put `viewing pleasure' in
finger quotes for emphasis.

Carter and Jim-Bob were saved further embarrassment with the arrival of a
small dock construction barge and except for nudity, the boys all went on
instant best behavior while that crew went to work, first installing
Auggie's light weight aluminum ramp that was raised and lowered using a
small winch, and then additional pilings so Fishin' Boy could be safely
docked stern to and under the ramp without the need of bumpers.

Auggie moved from his scooter to the fighting chair and motioned Jim-Bob
and Carter to join him. "I'd be obliged if you two would move outta that
ol' servant's house since my boys is gonna have tutors an they'll be
needin' a place to live when we're down here." Auggie saw the two trade
looks of regret before they nodded their agreement. "Yup, ya'll have a
choice over here, ya'll could pick out a guestroom or just plan on takin'
over the whole guesthouse. I'd also like yo' to use this here boat fo' yo'
charter business as long as ya'll take me an' the boys out fishin' ah time
or two when we're here."

"You mean it?" Carter asked before Jim-Bob.

"Yo' think I talk fo' my health?" Auggie seemed enraged before he smiled,
"Yo' also need to be gettin' with my inhouse legal beavers an' that bunch
o' sharks I use from 'lanta, none o' them boys don't know their ass from a
hole in the ground, as Ryan boy keeps pointin' out, so yo' got our account
as of now."

"You can have our business too if you want us; Spelling's and Justa Pizza,"
Tom piped up with an arm over Dooby's and Cory's shoulders, on their way to
fish. "So I guess you've just acquired three new major clients to take to
the other senior partners. We might ease the blow to their pride over not
getting George's top spot in the firm."

"There's one condition though," Dooby warned with a laugh and waving a
plastic bag of bloody cut bait, "you have to promise to feed the fish!"

Everyone laughed. Auggie waved the gang aboard, down his ramp, or off the
dock, "Come on guys, we're goin' fishin'! Dooby boy ya'll jus' toss that
bait an' give your fish a day off to let their gums heal up some."


Once Fishin' Boy was underway Carter leaned close to Auggie's ear so their
brief conversation couldn't be overheard, "When are you going to tell them

Auggie turned, "I figger tomorrow mornin' when we all at breakfast. My boys
is stayin' here for a while yet an' the Yankee boys is flyin' direct home
on my plane outta Key West right after. Then it's landin' on the way back
to bring some house help and the boy's tutors down here."


Jim-Bob turned the Fishin' Boy stern to the sun just as it peeked over the
limitless horizon. They were twenty miles out well into the Gulf
Stream. The sea was a series of gentle swells. The only sound came from the
idling engines with an occasional gurgle and spit when the stern dipped and
the exhaust ports went under. Naked boys and young men opened the stern
doors as widely as they would go and then moved back to form a corridor for
Dooby and Cory to pick up the small casket that had rested on the arms of
the fighting chair, a place of honor, for the trip out. The boys carried
the finely finished box to the stern. Both looked away as they opened the
lid together, neither wanted to see what was left of the two extraordinary
old gentlemen, Harold and George.

The boys closed their eyes and tipped the casket until it was empty and
then bent together to flood the weighted open box so it too sank
quickly. "Shouldn't we say something?" Dooby asked with a sniffle, as
consoling arms and pats on his back instantly surrounded his body.

"They didn't much think that no amount of prayin' was gonna change things
either way if in they did somethin' wrong or right, but we can all do
somethin' silent like if you want." The boys stayed silent all the way back
to the dock, each with their own thoughts, but rumbling stomachs in the
kitchen and the free-for-all Dooby started by volunteering to cook
breakfast officially ended the period of mourning for Harold and George.

"DOOBY BOY!" Auggie roared, "You stop here an' now spatterin' everyone with
that there pancake batter! Git the shit on the griddle an' I better be
seein' pancakes in ten minutes or I'll just be findin' my cane an' wail the
livin' shit out o' yo'!"

Dooby pulled his tongue in, in the middle of cleaning Stevie's chest and
nipples. Stevie was the current victim and Auggie noticed a line of younger
boys forming. Dooby giggled at Auggie as he deftly poured six perfect
circles. "Sorry Auggie you can't do that because there isn't any."

"Ain't any what?"

"Shit. You know we always take care of that first thing every morning."
When Dooby saw that his retort caused Auggie to blush slightly he went on
the offensive, "While we're on the subject Auggie, can Cory and I stay down
here for a few extra days? We can get reused to flying commercial," he
tried to pout, paused and looked like he had a sudden revelation, "or Cory
and I can chip in together and pay you for a trip in yours, of course then
you'd have to let us stay a whole week." Cory nodded excitedly.

Auggie chuckled, "Shit Dooby boy, yo' know how much it cost fo' that gas
hog to take off an' land five minutes later at the same fuckin' airport?"

Tom intervened, "Besides Doob, you guys have two days of testing for

Dooby's face turned into a thundercloud. He handed the spatula to Cory,
"What kind of testing?" he asked suspiciously.

Christian giggled, "Intelligence, that kind of thing, but in your case, you
could probably just mail in your score!" He held up his hand forming a
perfect zero with his thumb and index finger.

Dooby pounced after dipping his hand in the batter bowl. Christian was
defenseless from laughing. Everyone except Ryan, Tom, Carter and Jim-Bob,
even usually reticent James and generally nervous Little Zeek buried Dooby
and Christian attempting to lick their fair share of pancake batter from
Christian's body until he just stopped fighting and enjoyed his tongue

Auggie looked at Tom over the struggling screaming mass of naked boy flesh
and mouthed the words; "Okay if they stay?"

Tom shrugged and nodded, "Like Christian said," he shouted, "Dooby can mail
his in I guess!"

Carter, holding a sheaf of blue bound legal documents became fascinated
with the few over-large erections he saw forming and absentmindedly stepped
forward to get a closer look at James' in broad daylight before the mass
once again engulfed him or it. He got too close. Hands reached out and
grabbed him behind the knees, his papers flew up and scattered as he fell
on to and quickly became a part of the pig pile. "JIM-BOB! HELP!" he cried
while giggling at the tickling welcome he was receiving.

"Nope, serves you right you nosy little legal beaver you!" Jim-Bob answered
while bending over with laughter of his own.

Dooby slithered halfway out of the pile and picked up one of Carter's
fallen documents, "Hey Cory stop messing with Jim-Bob's boyfriend before he
busts you in two!" he called. "Get over here and look at this, it has your
name on it."

"It doth?" Cory asked with a strangely muffled voice.

"Ya, it does. Your name is Courtney isn't it?"

"OW!" Carter screamed, "You bit my cock!"

Cory ignored him and with a superhuman feat of strength he fought to his
feet in the middle of the heap to glare at Dooby, "Yes Harold, it is!"

"Ut oh," Tom mumbled to Ryan, "the pact is broken. Come on, we better guard
the stove and finish cooking to keep Dooby's blood out of our breakfast."


"So much fer surprises," Auggie shrugged and eyed the growing stack of
pancakes. "There's one o' them blue wrapped papers fer ever one o' ya' but
some got more cause yo showed more, but then there wasn't time fer ever

The pile on the floor flattened, individuals began to emerge, each looking
for a paper with his name on it. Cory took Dooby down hard to his back by
tripping him. "OW!" Dooby grunted as the back of his head connected with
the quarry tile floor.

Cory snatched the document from Dooby's hands, scanned the first sheet and
sank to sit by stunned Dooby. He lifted the page and read the second. He
looked at Dooby with eyes like saucers, "Mine's five million," he
whispered. "How much did they give you?"

Dooby sat up rubbing the back of his head. "YOU gave me five million
stars. Five million what are you talking about? I'm sorry for saying that."
He apologized, "I read it and it just slipped out. Will you ever forgive

Christian crawled to Dooby wearing an evil grin, "Here Harold, this one's

Dooby started to attack. Cory pulled him back by the arm, "It's all your
fault so get used to it. The more you try to get them back the more you'll
hear it. Read yours, how much did they leave you?"

Dooby read every word with widening eyes. A slip of paper fell from the
back binder. He read that and looked up with tears in his eyes.

"Dearest Dooby," Harold wrote, "You were always the instigator and you do
it so naturally so we gave you something extra for yours and Cory's futures
to keep up the good work. Never change your ways and you'll both go
far. With love, Harold.

Dooby handed the note to Cory, "That's just between us okay?"

Cory read the note and hugged Dooby tightly, still sitting on the floor
while the others gained their feet and the tumult of laughing and then
cheering, hugging and comparing notes began. "How much?" Cory whispered.

Dooby leaned in close, "We're now fifteen-millionaires, but just tell
everyone five like you got."

Cory looked surprised; "You're sharing yours with me?"

It was Dooby's turn to look surprised, "Of course, we're life partners
aren't we? Just like Harold and George, and just like them we'll never have
money to argue about. We'll make it as long as they did too. Harold told me
that they never went to sleep without making love for as long as George was
able to even after he couldn't do anything much." He tickled Cory lightly
and giggled with their foreheads touching. "Of course, that's always been
our policy from the first day."

"Yup, and may it continue for the next hundred years," Cory agreed as he
pulled Dooby to his feet when the smell of cooked sausage became all

"How much did you get Doob?" Christian asked from across the big table, "I
got five," he added.

"Great, they gave me five too." Dooby replied with a clear guilty look on
his face if anyone noticed. No one did, they were all too excited.

Carter's head snapped up. He looked at Dooby strangely, winked and went
back to eating quietly. Dooby spied an un-recovered document in the
corner. He discovered that there were two clipped together. "Hey, here's
Johnny-Be-Good's, and who the hell is Riley Bonner?" he asked the room.

"That's Spook's real name." Scott answered. Everyone called the cameraman
Spook if they called him anything. He always seemed to be around wherever
Dooby and Cory were with Johnnie at his side until both young men became
more like fixtures or furniture. When they were forgotten, they did their
best work.

"Where are they anyway? I just realized I miss the camera in my face." Cory
asked while looking at two empty chairs.

""They left early this morning with the equipment truck." Scott answered.

Auggie looked up suddenly, "Like hell! Yo' jus' call `em and tell `em to
haul their asses back here. If the two brats is stayin' another week, they
got them some work to do burnin' tape, I want both these boys to catch a
big fightin' fish for our show, an some divin' too."

"YOU MEAN IT AUGGIE? WE CAN STAY?" Dooby asked wearing an incredulous
expression and then blurted, "I was just kind of kidding when I asked. I
knew we had to get back, I didn't know about the fucking tests but we're
supposed to have a last fitting at Gramps' tailor for our fucking
UNIFORMS." He rumbled in his deepest voice before he realized what he said
after getting a painful swat on the bump on the back of his head from
Cory. "BUTWECANPUTTHATOFFUNTILNEXTWEEK," he said so quickly it came out as
one word.

"Yup, yo' kin stay but yo' got to work some too like I said."

"Are you kidding, fishing isn't work and diving sure isn't."

"I know them parts ain't but yo got to fish an dive wearin' bathin' suits
or it ain't no good. The lab tried fuzzin' out your dicks but it ended they
had the whole screen fuzzed cause yer both too hyper. Nope, yo' got to wear
somethin', an that's my price o' keepin yo'."

"DEAL!" the partners managed simultaneously.


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determination he invests in cleaning up my work, he is so greatly
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