Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


Part 20

Zeek was gone to the airport to drop the off Yankees and Carter was busy
with Auggie, Jim-Bob and Ryan going over yet more paperwork. James and his
brother, Little Zeek were out on the dock feeding the fish, while Dooby,
Cory, Stevie and Logan were in the garage looking over the collection of
classic cars. After they removed the cover from the biggest lump out there,
they discovered an ancient Rolls Royce, and not just a sedan, but a

"Are you guys allowed to drive any of these?" Dooby asked.

"Yes sir. Auggie told us that these are our wheels in Florida - at least
until we bring the Vets down for the winter." Stevie answered as he sat
behind the wheel.

"Can you take us shopping in Key West?"

"Sure that will be something to do for a few hours. I'll go see if Auggie
needs anything and ask if we can go," Logan grinned as he backed away, "I
meant ask him if we can take you two kids."

"Fuck you, Logan!" Dooby screamed and chased him into the house.

Auggie shrugged in response, obviously preoccupied with Carter, Jim-Bob and
Ryan, but he stopped them at the door, "Hold on there boys, my treat," he
slapped his empty pocket. "TRASKER BOY! Where in Sam Hill are you?" Trasker
appeared from the terrace holding an open book. He was covered with oil and
slick with running sweat. Auggie beamed at him, "Trasker boy! You readin' a
book without bein' beat over the head first!" He reaffirmed his earlier
opinion, "Yes sir, yo' sure fell a fir piece from the Bligh family
tree. Proud o' yo' son, I purely am!" Trasker blushed. "Say Trasker boy,
Logan an' Stevie are fixin' to take Dooby and Cory to town to look
around. Why don't yo' go with 'em an' treat 'em on me? Whilst yo' there
look aroun' fo' toys an' such yo' boys like."

"What kind of toys, Unc?"

Auggie thought for a moment, "Well yo' liked playin wi' them fast water
beetles at the rented house, get some o' them, an' then yo' goin' divin'
yo' need equipment I expect. Then mayhap them TV box game set ups fo'
nights an' rainy days?" He paused and found his billfold, "Here yo' need
mo' than yo' stole from me, here's plastic. That there's yours, keep it an'
don't worry about goin' over no limit. Yo' Trasker boy are now in charge o'
recreation an' the sky's the limit. Now get out o' here son, an' let me
earn us some money."

Trasker blinked rapidly while he ran to the bedroom used as the communal
closet to find a pair of shorts, flip-flops and a shirt. His Uncle Auggie
called him 'son' twice in less than a minute. He loved his natural father
and missed him very much, but his father's highest aspiration in life was
about the same as Argyle and Thirsty's, making good safe moonshine and
protecting the still's current location from Auggie and the State Alcohol,
Tobacco, and Firearms officers. His father all but ignored him except to
protect him as a boy from partners and neighbors, Argyle and Thirsty until
he became fast enough and smart enough to avoid their playful advances on
his own.

Trasker took a quick shower and dressed before going to the garage. There,
he found Dooby and Cory arguing over who called shotgun first, while Stevie
and Logan were pushing each other at the open driver's side door. They all
looked at him when he began laughing at them and realized that he was
dressed and they weren't, "I reckon I get to drive on the way down and you
guys can fight it out over who drives back." There was an instant, mad
scramble to get into the house first.

Trasker quickly realized that he made a serious mistake in volunteering to
drive the big car when the two couples returned carrying their clothes and
piled into the relatively spacious rear seating area so they could play
'Lord of the Manor'. The old limo wasn't air-conditioned so all the windows
were down and all four heads had disappeared from his or anyone's view by
the time he turned on to Route 1. Heads didn't reappear until they'd almost
reached the outskirts of Key West. He complained, "I believe I got me a set
of blue balls, boys. I couldn't see ya'll but I heard some serious groans
an' slurpin'."

Little Logan had ended up sitting between Stevie and Dooby. They looked at
each other over his head, "No problem, we've got an emergency service
technician right here," Stevie advised with a giggle. Where upon the two
manhandled and stuffed a laughing and screaming Logan over the partition
into the front seat. The three boys remaining in the back could have been
decapitated if somebody manually cranked up the glass partition as they all
poked their heads through and watched Logan slither to Trasker as he
unsnapped and unzipped his fly.

Logan held up Trasker's throbbing leaking erection and without looking up,
cautioned, "Now remember, both hands on the wheel at all times and watch
where you're, I mean we're, going." He lowered his mouth. Trasker drove
with white knuckles and at the last, punctuated his pent up ejaculations
with frightening bursts of speed that no one knew the ancient car was
capable of.

"Thanks Logan," Trasker sighed, "that was a first for me."

"Me too, but next time maybe we should do it on the Interstate." Everyone
noted that there was no question of 'if' there was going to be a next time,
just where. "You nearly drowned me," Logan added, licking his lips clean.

Dooby assumed the roll of tour guide since the trip was his idea. He had
Trasker park the car in Old Town and they walked. They were all in uniform,
flip-flops, shorts, shirts tucked into the back of their waistbands,
monogrammed 'Dooby' show baseball caps including their first names stitched
in an arch in back and sunglasses. Because of their light eyes, Dooby and
Stevie wore their caps properly to further reduce glare while the others
went for fashion, meaning backward so their names were like badges above
their foreheads. After Dooby saw a third gay couple walking along holding
hands, he took Cory's, intertwining their fingers to announce that they
were off the market. Stevie and Logan quickly followed their example.

Trasker suddenly felt like the fifth wheel and wished that Ryan were
there. It would be exciting to hold his hand to declare his love in public
for the first time. "Hey, here yo' go again. What about me? Some of these
guys are lookin' at me like I'm gonna be their supper," he complained as he
followed the two couples.

Neither Stevie nor Dooby looked back, they just reached back with their
fingers spread. Trasker hurried to join them and they shopped the store
windows five abreast. "What are we shopping for Dooby?" Stevie asked. "This
trip was your idea."

Dooby grinned and turned the group toward a shop that sold beachwear. "This
is the one, I knew there had to be one. Auggie said we had to cover up so
we will. Those speed suits start cutting me in half as soon as I put one on
and there has to be something else more comfortable." No one suggested the
obvious solution was for Dooby to wear a larger size. He pointed to the
window and glanced down to see Cory's reaction to his idea. The window
display consisted of a half dozen sleek or well-defined male torsos each
wearing a different style of absolute minimal bathing suit.

Cory giggled, "Yeah man, I'm with you, let's go!"

They had to break handholds to get into the shop. The clerk had his back
to them, "Hi, just look around and holler if you need help." The young man
was obviously bored and that was a standard greeting each time the bells on
the door jingled.

"What should we holler?" Dooby asked. The clerk turned, his mouth dropped
open and his eyes bulged. "Hey dude, you better put your hands over your
eyeballs before you loose them."

The clerk came to his senses, "Oh, I mean I'm sorry for staring, but you
have to understand that while we actually sell a lot of suits, we rarely
sell them to guys who would actually look stunning in them. You guys on the
other hand are straight out of Abercrombie and Fitch."

Dooby cut off further praise, "Thanks dude, but we'd have trouble endorsing
underwear because we don't wear it." He hooked his thumbs in the front of
his shorts and pushed them down to expose his red-gold mound of trimmed
pubic hair to prove his point and then left them there. He continued while
the clerk stared. "We're looking for something comfortable and just legal,"
he explained, looked around and pointed, "like maybe that."

"Oh yes, our exclusive Tarzan line." The clerk scooted to the table with a
mannequin torso dressed in a loincloth that looked like leather. "These are
actually made of the finest grade chamois leather." He snickered, "Of
course ours are a bit briefer than those worn in the movies and we exposed
more hip area too. They didn't sell very well though because everyone
thinks leather is heavy, you can't get them wet, and then there's the cost
of dry cleaning. But the whole point of chamois is that you can get it wet
- even salt water, as long as you rinse it thoroughly in fresh
afterward. And they should even be stored damp."

The boys surrounded the table. The little suit's waistband was made of
finely braided rawhide that was tied on one side of the hip. Cory pulled on
the mannequin's bow and the suit dropped. "That's convenient," he observed
dryly. Everyone laughed. The clerk blushed briefly and then laughed as

"Can we try them on?" Dooby asked, already collecting several boxes marked
small and medium.

"Uh, yes of course. These are also on sale. They're fifty percent off."

Trasker eyed the original one hundred-fifty dollar price tag; "Man, that's
some savings right there!" he said sarcastically and then pictured his
lover wearing one of the suits. "Hey! I have got to get Ryan into one of
these, too!"

"Yeah, and James and Little Zeek and Carter will be so cute. Did you guys
see that movie 'Jungle to Jungle'? Carter's that kid except with more
muscle, and Jim-Bob will look so fantastic, he or Christian could be the
next Tarzan!" Logan laughed.

"Let's get enough for the whole gang, even the rest of the Yankee boys for
when they come back down."

By then the five were in the changing room that was actually a
bathroom. The clerk watched them strip from the open door after he mumbled
something about shoplifting and prayed fervently that the door wouldn't
jingle signaling another customer while once again his mouth dropped open
and his eyes bulged gazing at the five fully tanned young prime meat studs
although he only got a fleeting glimpse of Cory's endowments. He managed to
squeak out the health law where bathing suits should be tried on over
underwear and received considerable laughter for his effort.

Cory tied Dooby's waist string in a neat bow and then pulled it to watch
the suit drop to the floor so Dooby was once again naked in a split second,
"I'm sold," he announced.

After they 'tested' each other's suits for dropping speed, they ran back
into the store to look at themselves in a big floor length mirror. Dooby
raised his front flap and adjusted his cock with a frown before he grinned,
"I'll take two I think. This leather liner thing doesn't stretch so I'll
cut it out of one suit. No one will know from a distance and maybe the
camera won't notice either."

Cory moaned, "Mine's tighter than yours for obvious reasons only I can't
cut mine out for the same reason."

"Try on a medium, maybe the flap is longer, we can always trim up the sides
to show the same amount of hip," Dooby suggested.

Cory went to the display, found a medium and returned to the mirror. Dooby
pulled his bow loose and Cory broke a record slipping his leg into one side
while Dooby remained on his knees to tie the waist. Everyone stared at the
mirror and grinned because the front was longer and Cory was satisfied.

"Holy shit!" the clerk whistled as he stared at Cory, "We should all be so

Stevie nudged the clerk, "Yes, but the next best alternative for us is
getting him to put it where it feels best and what comes out of those
oranges isn't OJ."

When they left the shop they ended up taking the entire Tarzan display with
them after counting heads, including the Yankees as well as Johnnie-Be-Good
and Spook. Since Spook's name came up at breakfast, they were determined to
get him out of his nondescript baggy clothes at least, match him up with
Johnny-Be-Good if they weren't already a couple and include them in the
group as a couple.

Since Stevie had the most 'street smarts', he adroitly handled all come-ons
and blunt offers as they strolled along hand in hand. Whoever ended up on
either end carried their sacks of purchases. They had lunch at a beachside
hotel restaurant that was almost at the tip of the island. After they
finished, Trasker announced that it was time to shop for toys so they
headed back to the car. Trasker still had the keys so he unlocked the
doors, tossed the keys to Stevie and climbed into the back while laughing
his ass off at Stevie and Logan who began a fight about which of them
WASN'T going to drive. Logan capitulated after Dooby helped Stevie push the
smaller boy into the driver's seat and slammed the door.

Poor Logan quickly discovered that the seat adjusted back and forth but not
up and down. He could reach the pedals, just by sitting forward, but had to
look under the top of the steering wheel to see and at that, still not very
well. He managed to drive them to a big dive shop. After parking, Stevie
was almost unanimously elected to be their driver for the rest of the
day. His was the only dissenting vote, but he accepted his loss with a
laugh because it would be a thrill to drive the almost priceless classic
car and he could always catch up to what the others did in the back seat
after they returned home to Coral Place.

The clerk in the dive shop was a diver first and steered them to what he
considered to be the best and safest equipment after pointing out that
tanks, regulators and personal floatation devices, Scuba equipment, were
all together like parachutes. He allowed a moment for that to sink in
before Trasker nodded, "I think we want a dozen complete outfits, whatever
you think best and dependable. We want a compressor too, to refill the
tanks, an' anything else to go with it so we don't have to be runnin' back
an' forth." He ticked off the order on his fingers just like his uncle,
"Then, we need it all delivered up to our house on Marathon early tomorrow
mornin', along with an instructor who can plan to spend the day or until we
all know how to handle ourselves. Is that all okay?" he asked as he slid
Auggie's American Express Titanium Card across the counter.

The young handsome blond clerk, wearing cargo shorts and tank top smiled
and offered Trasker his hand, "The name's Eric, I'll deliver the stuff and
I'll do the instructing too." He had a thought, "Say is your house on the

"Yup, surrounded by the stuff. It's an island, a little key I guess you'd
call it. We can learn off the dock, there's about fifteen feet of water at
low tide."

"Great, how about if I use a dive boat for the delivery, we can get the
basics out of the way off the dock and then go out to some shallow reefs
and look around for a while." Eric suggested.

"Are you gay?" Dooby asked out of nowhere.

Eric reddened and frowned, "Not everyone who lives in Key West is gay. I'm
not but my two partners are and they're also a couple, does it matter?"

Dooby grinned, "Hell yes it matters! You look good enough to eat, but now
you won't be a distraction and we can just keep our mind on diving, that's
all. Say, is there anything special we need for catching lobster?"

Eric shrugged, "A stick, a measuring gauge, gloves and a bag, but lobster
season doesn't start until next month."

"Can we just catch them and then let them go?" Dooby persisted.

"I guess so, but why bother?"

"We need some tape for a TV show." Dooby looked into puzzled faces and went
into his ever-patient father act, "Well, we need some underwater
stuff. What are we going to do, just look at the fish? That will get old
like in thirty seconds, but catching lobster or trying to might be good for
some laughs."

"Hey yeah," Cory agreed. He turned to Eric, "Would you be willing to be our
safety and diving consultant for a couple of days? We'll pay you, of
course, give your shop some healthy plugs and you'll get your name in the

Eric didn't ask any questions or hesitate before he accepted the unusual
offer, "You've got a deal." After completing the credit card transaction,
he got out a lower Keys nautical chart that included Marathon so Trasker
could point out Coral Place. Everyone shook hands with Eric and started out
the door. He stopped them with a question, "Say guys, my partners would die
to be in on this, is it okay if I bring them along?"

Dooby answered while Cory nodded, "Sure, more safety is better. None of us
wants to breathe any water."


By the time they got back to Coral Place or home as they already thought of
it, the bus had returned meaning that the boys' high school tutors,
originally just Stevie's, were also there. Stevie and Logan's frowns were
erased when two very large middle-aged men pounced on Trasker from behind
the kitchen door. They held him off the floor and bussed his cheeks with
two intentional slobbery kisses before they put him down. Curiously, they
didn't grope him and they could have.

"Trasker boy!" Thirsty shouted with a laugh before he got serious, "Just so
yo' know boy, we on our good behavior from now on. Unc warned us off ya
'cause yo' got yo' a boyfriend now. An' that Ryan boy, he done said some
serious shit about killin' our asses if we touch yo' wrong, an' he weren't
smilin' no how when he said it."

Trasker laughed, "He means it too! What are you two doin' down here? Did
Unc find your still?"

Both men looked morose. Argyle answered, "Sort of, we dug us a bunker. We
was sure we had it made an' then dumb ass here got the fire too hot an'
sparks set a fire goin' an burned a hunert acres o' prime timber befo' it
got put out. Unc done grounded us here, he up an' said 'fo' the duration',
whatever the hell that means."

Just then a tall robust black lady walked in the kitchen from the dining
room with her arms around James and Little Zeek. She took one look at
Thirsty and Argyle, let go of her sons and grabbed a corn broom from the
corner to begin flailing the two men. "Yo' Argyle an' Thirsty yo' stay
outten MY kitchen 'ceptin' to eat an yo' keep yo' hands off ALL my boys,
white one's too, or I be servin' yo', yo' own Rocky Mountain oysters deep
fired! NOW GIT!"

The men withstood Mattie long enough to hold a whispered conversation with
Trasker. He nodded, grinned and found Auggie's cash in his shorts pocket
before they fled her broom and tirade while protesting that they lived in
the house and how were they supposed to come and go. She shouted to their
backs that they better use another door if they wanted to live. After she
calmed down she began introducing herself by hugging the air out of each of
them equally including Trasker while James and Little Zeek grinned.

"This is our mother Matilda, but you can call her Mattie." James supplied
needlessly but with pride while Little Zeek nodded.

Dooby sidled to the brothers, "You guys know you're naked in front of your
mother?" he whispered too loudly.

Mattie grinned, "We get that outten the way jus' now. I knows the score as
yo' boys say. I seen my sons James an' Zeek an' they bed buddies from the
git go, 'cause I wash the sheets." She ignored her sons' efforts to hide
under the table. "Now yo' my 'dopted white sons an' I still gonna be
washin' the sheets. Understan'?" She didn't give them time to respond
before she ordered, "Now yo' boys jus' shuck outten them shorts right where
yo' stand! In thirty seconds I won't be haven' to look up to recognize yo,
dat's all."

"You better do as Momma says unless you want her to strip you," James
suggested with his eyes just above the tabletop. "She takes no prisoners,"
he added.

The five intimidated boys dropped their shorts and unconsciously lined up
for Mattie's inspection. Her eyes immediately went to Cory, "Lord have
mercy! Yo' are a bigin' jus' like James! I'll sure be rememberin' yo'! Now
scat all o' yo', I got me some more hungry boys an' a fat man to
feed. Supper in an hour."

Dooby handed out the new bathing suits in the great room, "Just wait until
you guys get these on, they'll blow you away," he assured them. "Where can
I find a pair of scissors?" he wondered.

Carter disappeared into the study carrying his gifts. He returned in a
minute grinning and wearing one of his chamois suits. "Wow, this soft
leather sure feels good. Try yours on Jim-Bob," he instructed and watched
his lover figure out which leg to slip in between the rawhide and the brief
leather liner. He handed Dooby the requested scissors and then dropped to
his knees, ready to tie the braided rawhide for Jim-Bob.

Auggie raised an eyebrow when he first saw Carter wearing his new Tarzan
suit. It was obvious Carter had been working out hard with his lover,
Jim-Bob, and was fast becoming his miniature. Carter's muscled body also
tended to make him look older, more like Logan or Cory's age, despite the
fact that he continued to shave for Jim-Bob. As the rest of the boys donned
their suits, Auggie's eyebrow just stayed at full arch. His eyes finally
shifted to Dooby, who was by then sitting on a sofa and slowly, very
carefully cutting away the most vital part of the suit; the liner that
would discreetly contain his package even when he moved about while that
was mostly hidden by the flaps fore and aft that provided the illusion that
the suit was nothing more than two small pieces of leather. Cory, Stevie,
Logan and even Trasker soon crowded around Dooby. Each boy was wearing one
of their new little suits while holding the other and waiting for their
turn with the scissors.

"Dooby boy, what thee Sam Hill are you doin'?" Auggie wondered with a shake
of his exasperated head and a slight grin he tried to hide.

"The problem with leather is that it doesn't stretch like nylon or Lycra so
I'm making room for emergencies," Dooby explained absently while using both
hands on the light scissors to cut the chamois while Cory stretched the
surprisingly tough thin leather.

Auggie sighed, "I ain't even gonna ask."

Dooby answered anyway, "You know, emergencies like when one of the guys
looks at me a certain way and I know he wants to play, or I do the looking
and get a smile back, or I see like Cory going at it with Logan, or."

"I git the pitcher." Auggie cut Dooby off. "But jus' don't be thinkin' yo'
gonna wear that cut down jobber whilst the cameras is runnin, 'cause yo'
ain't. I done tol' yo', no fuzzies."

Dooby rushed to pull the modified suit up his legs after telling the others
to wait before cutting to see how his looked first. He strode and danced
around the room while he bent his body this way and that and finally
vaulted over the sofa onto Cory's back with his legs spread to execute a
near perfect scissor lock with his thighs closed on his partner's
neck. Cory didn't bother to struggle, he just twisted his head around,
opened his mouth, bared his teeth and flipped Dooby's front bit of chamois
up. Dooby fell over backward on to his shoulders behind the sofa in his
haste to get away.

Auggie and Ryan both looked to Spook, Scott's cameraman for his
opinion. Spook shrugged after lowering a mini-cam from his eye, "We'll
see," he said out loud, his first ever public utterance since he joined the
group with Johnny-Be-Good, the sound tech, weeks earlier. Johnny had
changed into his gift while Spook ignored his. He popped the small cassette
from the camera and inserted it in the special VHS holder while Johnny
turned on the big screen TV and VCR.

Everyone crowded the screen on their hands and knees watching for the
smallest exposure as Dooby began to walk, dance and jump around the room on
the screen. The guys grinned after the two-minute segment turned to
snow. Auggie grabbed the remote, rewound and started forward frame by
frame. When snow appeared again he smiled, "Ain't nothin there but shadow
in profile an' yo' ain't goin' through all them gyrations on the boat so I
reckon we kin try it." He turned to Dooby, who by then was assisting Cory
with his suit, "But, ya'll just bring yo' them spares along in case," he
warned. "Tomorrow we goin' fishin'!" he giggled like the boys in

"OOPS!" Trasker intoned, "Sorry Unc, no can do. We got us a mountain o'
divin stuff comin' tomorrow by boat along with a guy, a dive instructor
who's goin' to give us lessons. Then smart Cory here hired the dude an' his
two partners to stick around to show us how to use the stuff an' keep us
from drownin' our asses."

"Good thinkin'," Auggie congratulated Cory. "I guess we'll fish later. Yo'
get some o' them little water beetle boats?" he asked Trasker.

"Yup, bought 'em but can't do nothin with 'em until we have some way to get
them in an' out of the water though. Maybe that dock guy could rig us up

Auggie looked up at Jim-Bob who was then enjoying Carter's inspection of
his new Tarzan garb - both visually and more exciting, tactilely. "Carter
boy, lay off him fer a minute. Jim-Bob boy would yo' call up that dock guy?
See if'n he got somethin' like a small crane to lift little boats in an'
outta the water, an' if he do, git him back to put one in fer us on the

"You mean like a davit?" Jim-Bob asked while holding Carter's wrists.

Auggie shrugged, "Git us one o' them too if it be needful, along with a
little crane."

Jim-Bob grinned and strode into the study, still holding Carter's
wrists. The gang grinned when they heard Carter and Jim-Bob
giggling. "CARTER BOY!" Auggie shouted, "Don't make me come in there! I
swear them two is plumb worse than all you kids put together."

"They have years of lost time to make up for," Stevie giggled, "Carter told
us they were both virgins until the day they met last winter. Can you
believe that? Almost over the hill before they met."

The study was quiet for a minute. Jim-Bob called out, "Hey Auggie, how many
boats are we talking about?"

Auggie looked to Trasker for the answer, "We got eight, four single an'
four, two passenger," Trasker called back.

Auggie nudged Trasker, "We're them Tarzan suits costive?" he asked.

Trasker hedged, "I got 'em for fifty percent off, but they were still on
the steep side considerin' we could have gone down to Discount Auto an' got
the makin's for a lot less."

"No worry," Auggie shrugged, "at least yo' got 'em down some, an' that's
what counts. Yo' did good Son."

Trasker knelt so he was close to Auggie, "Yo' know Uncle Auggie, yo' been
callin' me son all day. I kinda like the sound o' that."

Auggie's eye softened as they met Trasker's, "Me too Son, I was testin' it
out. I like it mighty fine too 'cause yo' is in my mind, the onliest one I
ever goin' to have."

After all the guys exchanged suits Carter pulled Jim-Bob to the center of
the room to model his. "Gentlemen, I give you our Tarzan!" he announced
while he held Jim-Bob's hand to keep him in place, unaware that the others
were ogling his body as well as Jim-Bob's.

"Looks to me kinda like it be a draw between yo' boy. Yo' body ain't too
shabby yo' own self." Auggie pronounced. He looked at Jim-Bob with a
question, "How come yo' askin' about how many boats, we ain't buyin' eight
little cranes are we?"

"No sir, just one, but they make cradles for Jet Skis with wheels and
handles on them like kids' little red wagons so the boats can be pulled out
of the way and there's two sizes. I told them to bring along four of
each. I hope that was okay."

"Yup good thinkin'. Any time yo' buyin' stuff fo' us, don't do no stintin',
get the best. Speakin' o' that, is Fishin' Boy outfitted to yer liken?"
Auggie wondered.

"Supper's on!" Mattie shouted from the dining room, which caused a stampede
that included Carter, leaving Jim-Bob alone to follow with Auggie.

"Not actually," Jim-Bob resumed the conversation, "that good ole boy that
sold you the boat replaced all his good stuff with old. He didn't cheat
you, everyone does the same," he hastened to add when he saw Auggie
frown. "No one in their right mind would sell their favorite tackle, but we
can make do."

"Make do? Not!" Auggie shook his head vehemently. "Not on my boat. While
the boys is learnin' how to dive, heist on down to a tackle store an' get
us what some ever we needin', the best to do whatever kinda fishin' we're
wantin' with no excuses like sorry we don't have the stuff onboard."

"Okay," Jim-Bob grinned. "But just so you know in advance, I'm like a kid
in a candy store when I get near fishing tackle," he warned.

Auggie grabbed Jim-Bob's hand to hold him back, "There's somethin' else I
been thinkin on. Yo' think I could learn to dive? That be assumin' I kin
still swim an' then git my fat ass outten the drink after, gittin' in ain't
a problem."

Jim-Bob shrugged, "Commercial dive boats sometimes have wide folding steps
that go under water three or four feet so all a diver has to do is stand
up. Dive boats get all kinds of shapes, sizes and ages who want to try it,
see the reefs, just one time in their lives. If you can climb three or four
steps, you could get out no problem. It would be good if you could, diving
is great exercise. I'm not a certified instructor, but I could teach you
assuming we can get you out of the water."

Auggie grinned his thanks while his mind was in full gear, "Off the dock,
we kin lower my ramp plumb into the water. I kin walk that far with the
handrails. Maybe after supper we could go on out there to be seein' if'n I
kin still swim?" he asked looking pathetically hopeful.

"Sure Auggie, anytime you say."

When Auggie rolled to the head of the table he grinned at Mattie sitting
uncomfortably at the other end. They'd had a fight as soon as she arrived
about where she would eat her meals, in the kitchen alone or with
them. Auggie won. He frowned at two empty chairs.

"Where at's them two boxes o' rocks? Ain't like 'em to miss no meals," he
wondered suspiciously.

"Just after the boys got back they ran in and asked to borrow my truck,"
Jim-Bob answered.

Trasker filled his mouth so he couldn't talk, but couldn't hide his grin as
he'd studied his plate. Auggie sighed, "Fess up Son, drop the other damn

Trasker hastened to swallow without choking and began to giggle, "They want
to fix the old citrus grove irrigation system and needed some supplies so I
gave them a few hundred."

"Shit-a-Goddamn, they ain't been here but a few hours. How many is a 'few'?
Auggie shook his head in amazement.

"Fifteen. But," Trasker rushed on, "it will give them something to do."

Auggie thought for a minute, "Yup it will an' it won't hurt none to have
some 'shine around, it goes plumb good with orange juice to cut it. Since
I'm payin' for that there still, I'll just go partners with 'em to keep
them boys on the straight an' narrow."

Trasker burst out laughing, "Man Unc, you paid for all their stills. Up
home they just charged everything to the farm account."

Auggie looked pained, "Yo' mean I been tearin' up my own cash all this

"Yup, don't you ever look at the bills before you pay them?"

"You know I don't. If yo' wasn't off to college I'd give yo' charge o'
payin' all the farm bills, it would teach yo' the cost o' stuff an' give
yo' some good management experience."

Trasker jumped on the opportunity, "I don't start until January because we
applied so late, so I could do it, and by then I'd know what was goin' on
and could most likely keep doin' it if you really want me to."

Auggie frowned at Ryan. The second semester start was a hot button. Ryan
shrugged, "I already told you Auggie, the U of G is full. You could build
them ten buildings and our boy would still start in the second semester."

"I might just build 'em somethin' anyway." Auggie looked up at the ceiling,
"Bligh Hall has one nice ring to it. Maybe somethin' to do with audio an'
video, maybe like a regular studio with soundstages an' recording studios,
call 'em Ryan boy an' see if'n they interested."

Auggie finished eating first since he had far less to eat and knew better
by then to even ask for seconds. He backed away from the table. "Where you
goin' Unc, in such an all fired hurry?" Trasker asked.

"Swimmin', gonna try anyways."

Without exception, everyone cheered, placed their silverware on their
plates and raced from the house after quickly discarding their
loincloths. Zeek followed Auggie to the bedroom. "I know I ain't got a swim
suit. I got any shorts?" Auggie asked.

Zeek reversed course and returned in seconds with the scissors. "Yo' gonna
after I find me a pair o' yo long pants. I be choppin' on a pair o' mine
too. Yo' know boss this be like old times when we was kids down to de ole
millhouse pond." He reminisced with a giggle.

Auggie smiled looking off into space while he climbed off his scooter and
began stripping, "Yeah man, we never could git us away from there without
bumpin' bellies first."

Stevie and Dobby had the same thought. They stopped at the winch to lower
the ramp into the water after Jim-Bob moved Fishin' Boy further away from
the ramp while the others dove in to tread water waiting for Auggie.

"How'd you know he was going to use his ramp?" Jim-Bob asked.

Dooby shrugged, "It's the only way we can see that he could get back out."

Jim-Bob nodded and looked down, "There won't be any wisecracks will there?"
he asked and was pleased to see that everyone looked suddenly offended by
the question.

Trasker answered, "Unc needs all the exercise he can get. In fact, since I
have his credit card, I'm plannin' to fill that there Florida room with
equipment so he can work out too. He's loosin' weight but not fast enough
'cause he ain't burning enough calories. Maybe you could set him up with
some kind of program he can handle?"

"I sure will, but don't buy any equipment, we have a room full over at the
house that Harold and George gave us. Once that stuff is out of there,
Auggie said that's going to be your new classroom so your tutors can keep
their skinny butts out of here." With the mention of school he received a
round of booing accompanied by middle fingers from Stevie, Logan, James and
Little Zeek while Dooby and Cory laughed, splashed them and called them
pansies and pussies for having tutors.

"Did you mail in your test scores yet Doob?" Stevie quipped while making a
zero with his fingers just like Christian did earlier.

That comment evoked another Civil War naval battle with the two Yankees
seriously out numbered. Everyone stopped when Auggie let out what was
perceived to be a classic Rebel yell as he drove his scooter full speed out
on to the dock with Zeek running behind him and laughing his butt off. Zeek
stopped on the dock as soon as he saw that the water was deep enough,
climbed the railing and dove cleanly, surprising everyone watching. He swam
strongly alongside the dock, out around Fishin' Boy and when close enough
to the boys, paused long enough to dive under and honk anyone within
reach. Dooby and James both disappeared, almost together before Zeek
surfaced laughing and swam to the submerged ramp. He met Auggie in time to
greet him cautiously walking down the ramp with both hands holding the pipe

"You better sleep with one eye open tonight, Uncle Zeek!" James shouted and
laughed, "Dooby and I are going to get you for that!" he warned.

The joking stopped as Auggie nervously reached the end of the ramp in four
feet of water. "Here goes boys!" he warned and allowed his gross body to
fall forward to begin a slow awkward breast stroke with his head above
water at first, until he gained confidence in his ability to swim at all
while the boys surrounded him ready to help if necessary. "Goddamn boys I
can do it. Don't that beat all though? Damn this here water feels good!" he
claimed with a delighted giggle after he rolled to his back and floated to
rest, more from nerves than physical strain.

When Auggie relaxed, so did the boys. Trasker started the joking, "Man,
must be a full moon, the tide came in a foot just like that." He attempted
to snap his wet fingers.

Dooby contributed, "Hey Auggie, you best not be floating like that when the
property tax man comes calling."

Auggie laughed, "Sucker that I is, why?"

"Because you'll get billed for having an extra island!"

Auggie giggled at the joke until he got a mouth full of water for his
efforts. He rolled again and started after Dooby and then began treading
water since there was no hope of catching him. "Yo' know how as yo' and
Cory boy always bunk right beside the bed on my side? Yo' ever think what's
goin' to happen to yer skinny Yankee asses when I up an' fall outten the
bed tonight?"


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