Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


 Part 21

The gang was at breakfast in the kitchen at almost seven in the morning
when they heard a boat horn and then an amplified voice, "AHOY CORAL PLACE!

Dooby dropped his fork and began to stand up, "That's Eric, kind of early,
but close enough."

"HALT!" Mattie barked. "Yo' ain't done yet! Set right there 'til that
plate's clean."

Dooby sat back down, "Yes Ma'am."

Mattie scanned the plates, "Yo' Little Zeek, yo done had seconds an' yo'
ain't gitten' no mo' so stop lookin', yo' go on out dare an' hep 'em."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Under the railing!" Carter called after Little Zeek.

"Them railin's is a pain in the ass. It looks like maybe the men put 'em in
to hold on to or just keep from goin' ass over teakettle into the
drink. Jim-Bob, maybe ask the dock guy to take 'em out would yo'?"

Little Zeek escorted the three divers into the kitchen. They looked around
briefly before two grinned at Jim-Bob and he laughed at them before he
jumped up and went to shake their hands, "The boys never said what dive
shop they made rich! Shit, if I'd known it was yours I would have warned
them off!"

When Eric first saw Jim-Bob and Jim-Bob recognized Eric both blushed and
looked away. Carter watched the brief interchange and wondered. Eric
recovered first and forced a giggle, "Damn man, we aren't rich. Once we
heard you got hired as a County Mounty we put all our cash into weapons for
home defense! You protecting us is like locking the fox in the friggin' hen
house! How you doin' Chief? And what are you doing here? You can't have
made enough from shaking down tourists up here on Marathon to buy this big
place." It soon became clear that the four young men had gone through high
school together. Jim-Bob laughed and introduced Auggie as the new owner and
explained his friendship with the former owners as he edged toward Carter.

Carter watched the four classmates with pangs of jealousy, simply because
they'd known Jim-Bob, who was nicknamed Chief because of his Seminole
Indian heritage, and each other and been friends for so many wonderful
teenage years while he'd suffered through school with no friends and had
been a favorite target of all the high school bullies. He was shaken out of
his reverie when Jim-Bob placed a hand on his bare shoulder. "And this is
my partner Carter Willingham. Carter meet some old buddies of mine, Eric
Lund is Viking, Pete Vandyke, also known as Spider because when he was
growing up his arms looked to be as long as his legs, and Bobby Roberts
better known as Fish because he used to spend most of his free time on, in
or under water somewhere."

Carter stood up to shake hands. Fish looked at Spider and then they both
looked at Jim-Bob and Carter. Spider beat Fish out in laughing at Jim-Bob,
"Well it's about damned time, but did you have to turn out being a cradle
robber? He sure is a cute little thing though so we don't blame you, he is
kind of irresistible."

Jim-Bob quickly put his arm around Carter to grab his opposite bicep to
keep him from taking a swing at Spider. "Actually Carter turned
twenty-seven last month."

"An' he's my top attorney at law, right down here in Marathon. He's so
important to me 'an mine that him an' Jim-Bob lives permanent out to the
guesthouse," Auggie joined Jim-Bob in calming Carter down.

All three divers looked impressed. Eric apologized for his friends and
offered their dive shop legal business to Carter to make amends. Carter
grinned and nodded, "I know I look young, don't worry about the
mistake. Are you guys incorporated?" he asked with his eyes twinkling. Eric
nodded. "Okay, since you and Jim-Bob are buddies I'll give you an eighty
percent discount on our normal corporate retainer assuming you aren't
publicly traded." Spider and Fish shrugged their ignorance while Eric shook
his head definitively. Carter grinned, "Who can scribble out a check for
five thousand dollars? Oh, just make it out to Wilson and Willingham." He
giggled with Jim-Bob as they saw shock set in on the three partners'
faces. "Just kidding you guys. Sure I'll handle you, if you need me, just
call. I'll give you my card as soon as you catch me wearing something with
a pocket," he added after slapping his bare thighs.

"Speakin' o' our dress code here abouts, yo' three ain't it." Auggie

Jim-Bob laughed, "That's right, Dooby's rule is bare ass or be a hundred
years old unless you own the place."

Spider and Fish grinned and dropped their shorts first; Eric matched them a
moment later, blushing again while Mattie pointed them to three chairs
where plates were piled with scrambled eggs, sausage and grits. None of the
three wasted time in sitting down, both to eat a huge breakfast since they
left Key West too early and to escape Mattie's intense scrutiny of their
bodies generally and their privates particularly.

The boys burst into the kitchen as a group with everyone attempting to get
through the doorway first or just not be last. "We're all done unloading
your boat," Dooby announced absently while looking back to see which of
them lost the challenge race.

"Who lost this un?" Auggie asked with a laugh.

Cory held James' hands waved as they butted their way through the
others. "We tied as usual. Of course they held and pushed us back also as
usual." James answered grinning at a smiling Cory.

Innocent Eric wiped his mouth, "What'd you guys lose? You sure don't seem
too unhappy about it."

Cory shrugged, "We always take care of our partners and then one, maybe two
others before we finally fall asleep, but all these horny fuckers think we
should make it with everyone every single night no matter how tired we get
or what we have to do the next day. They don't even care about what we
might want to do, like us getting to be on the bottom for a change," he
groused while James nodded his agreement although he remained smiling,
apparently not overly upset with the challenge they faced at bedtime.

Eric realized that he never should have asked and again turned red while
Spider and Fish laughed. "Cry babies," Dooby accused. "Okay since you feel
so neglected we'll make sandwiches tonight and you guys are the meat. How's
that?" Eric had just taken a last mouthful of milk when it dawned on him
exactly what constituted a sandwich with the two super hung teens as the
'meat'. Since James and Cory were closest they were sprayed with the most
milk as Eric thought he was about to choke to death. That feeling was
quickly replaced by the feeling of being beaten to death as everyone within
reach pounded his back.


"We brought along three dozen wetsuits and as many skins in different sizes
because we never discussed sizes yesterday," Eric explained first before
his students began accepting pieces of scuba paraphernalia from Fish and
Spider in an assembly line from neatly stacked or piled equipment. "So you
guys need to find a size that fits."

"Hold it," Spook intoned from behind a big professional video camera
mounted on his shoulder. "You guys need suits on first."

"Right," Auggie agreed, "No fuzzes, I done forgot that. All o' you back to
the house an' when yo' got 'em on come out as a group so's Spook kin get
yo' jus' walkin' out startin' yo' lessons. An' yo' Dooby an' Cory, yo' tell
us what's happenin' along the way."

"Can we wear the cut down ones?"

"Yup, we kin try 'em but bring yo' spares 'long too. An' remember don't
dare do no bendin' over with yo' backs to Spook. If in yo' balls show yo'
changin' there an' then." Auggie warned.

As the boys, including Ryan since he also wanted to learn walked passed
Johnny and Spook, Dooby paused, "Come on guys you too, time to let us see
you as Tarzan, Spooky." Johnny hesitated before giving up and putting his
equipment aside, while Spook flat out refused, claiming that he was always
behind the camera and he was comfortable wearing his baggy board shorts.

"Why is Spook so bashful about showing off his merchandise?" Dooby asked
Johnny while they donned their chamois loincloths. "You guys are a couple
aren't you, so what's his problem?"

"How'd you know we're a couple?" Johnny asked quickly while his body
reddened from his hairline down.

Cory giggled with everyone, "DUH! You sleep in the same guestroom with the
door locked and there's just a queen-size bed. Do you expect us to believe
you take turns sleeping on the floor?"

"Oh, well you see Riley has a problem." Johnny began.

Dooby interrupted him, guessing, "You mean he's under hung right? We've
never joked anyone about size, you know that, your boss Scott is the
smallest among us and no one's ever mentioned it. It's really how you use
it that counts anyway," he grinned. "I happen to know from my brother that
when Scott gets going on him he has to fight to get him to stop so they can
get a couple of hours sleep. Scott doesn't do that with any of us because
there's always someone else around waiting."

"Under hung is not his problem," Johnny grinned and pointed to a pillar
candle sitting on a night table. "When he's hard, he looks almost like

Everyone looked. "Eight inches is bigger than I am!" Dooby was impressed,
"That's how big my big brother is and how big I'm planning to be if I got
the same gene."

"No, well yes, eight inches, yes that too, but I meant diameter, although
his head is even bigger."

"THREE INCHES IN DIAMETER!" exclaimed everyone, almost as a chorus.

Dooby was the first to return to business, "Grab his Tarzan suit," he
ordered Johnny, "if we have to, we'll hold him down to get him changed." He
started out the bedroom door.

"No!" Ryan shouted at his back. "The rule is no one has to do anything they
don't want to, and Spook already told you, no!"

"We aren't going to rape him, just depants him," Dooby reasoned.

"Come on guys," Johnny begged, "you can't even do that without him finding
out that I told you and I promised him I would never betray him. He'd break
up with me and I think I love him. I've spent hours literally and
figuratively busting my ass until I could take him. Before I came along he
was straight, but the minute a girl groped him the first time, they'd
always take off running." He half grinned at the snickers that resulted
from his joke, but anxiety showed in his eyes.

Dooby reluctantly agreed that depantsing was out. They were halfway to the
dock and slowed down so Johnny could run ahead to get his sound equipment
running. Dooby smiled, "We can't depants him because of ratting out Johnny
but we might be able to make him lose those board shorts if we point out to
Auggie that Spook boy has continually violated the house rule about being
naked. Can any of you think of a reason Auggie would accept from him for
keeping his shorts on?"

Trasker shook his head, "Nope, even me, the day after Ryan and I got
together we were standin' right out in front of the house watchin' Stevie
pry Logan out of the car," Logan giggled and got in a quick punch in
Trasker's shoulder before he could get away. "Unc heard us laughin and had
us shuck out of our shorts jig time. We just did as we were told and from
then on like as not someone has to remind us to put some clothes on before
we go to town."

Auggie, Jim-Bob, Carter, Spook and Johnny had moved out to the roofed tee
section of the dock so the boys could walk up to the three dive instructors
(who by then were again wearing their shorts), and the new Scuba equipment
spread along the dock. Spook and Johnny waved and the boys started to walk
forward with Dooby and Cory leading the way and talking with everyone about
learning to dive and then later going out to a reef and catching a big
lobster dinner.

The divers had been warned to forget the camera and not try to speak
perfect English so for the first minute after Cory introduced them and
plugged their store, they did exactly the opposite by talking to and
looking at the camera instead of the boys and very nervously at that. When
Dooby saw that taping wasn't going well he decided to draw the camera's
attention away from the group until the three divers calmed down. He walked
toward the camera. He tossed his thumb over his shoulder, "These dudes
behind me are all buddies of ours. They've been with us for this fantastic
vacation the whole time, but this is the first time we've been able to get
them on camera and right now they're kind of camera shy. We're all dressed
the same because we're having a contest. Cory got the idea after we found
these Tarzan suits at a shop in Key West." He waved absently down his body
and struck a pose, "Pretty cool, aren't they?" After a pause, he continued,
"The contest is, who do you think would be the best Tarzan? You have to
pick from one of us." He saw Auggie lean forward in his chair and lift an
eyebrow but ignored him.

Dooby noticed Jim-Bob and Carter watching him from behind Spook and
Johnny. Both were wearing their loincloths in the event that Dooby and/or
Cory got too close to them so they wouldn't spoil a shot by being naked on
camera. Dooby grinned evilly at them, "Focus on what the guys are doing
behind me, I'll be right back," he told Spook and quickly walked past the
camera to grab Carter and Jim-Bobs' hands and yank them forcefully forward
back to where he had been standing. "Personally, I'm voting for these two
guys as a tie." He held them in place until they gave up trying to get
away. "This is Jim-Bob Longfellow. Jim-Bob is one of two top fishing guides
in the Florida Keys," he giggled at Jim-Bob's murderous expression; "the
other one is his father. He's taking us fishing on this big bitchin' sport
fisherman you can see docked behind us in a day or two, but that's going to
be another show." He smoothly turned to Carter by placing a hand on his
shoulder, "And this is Carter Willingham, don't let his looks fool you,
Carter is our attorney and heads up Wilson and Willingham, one of the top
law firms in the Country based in New York City."

Dooby saw from the corner of his eye that all activity stopped behind
him. The divers and the guys were watching him. He arched an eyebrow at the
camera, "I just found three more contestants." He turned back to see Cory
laughing, "Hey Cory, can you find three suits for our dive instructors? We
might as well get them in on this too."

Cory ran to the small pile of spare suits, grabbed three and handed them
out to dumfounded Eric, Spider and Fish. The three took the suits and then
looked around helplessly, asking without asking where they were supposed to
change. "OOPS!" Cory rumbled, "Make a wall guys," he ordered and pushed and
shoved the gang into a shoulder-to-shoulder line facing the camera. When
the divers stayed frozen in place he pushed them behind the 'wall' and
ordered them to change.

Cory waved at Dooby, and he called each guy forward, introduced them and
lined them up with Carter and Jim-Bob. Eric, Spider and Fish were last and
he invited them forward together and gave their shop, Diving Down Under a
good two-minute plug that he ended with, ". for the ultimate diving
experience in the Florida Keys visit these guys in Key West at Diving Down
Under." Cory stood off to the side with Dooby while Spook zoomed in and out
and panned back and forth along the line frantically. "You know we should
have prizes," Cory suggested. Dooby breathed easier when Cory's fertile
mind adopted the spontaneous project. "I know, we'll have a drawing for
everyone who votes." Cory was improvising, "The winner will get a two week
vacation for two as the only guests with the Tarzan that you voted for, the
contest winner and maybe some of the other guys too, at this executive
retreat which happens to be a private island, all expenses paid, plus
transportation, of course, compliments of Bligh Communications."

Dooby nodded happily, adding, "We'll also fly you up to spend a few days at
Disney World and Universal Studios if you want to go, and Eric, Spider and
Fish here will take you diving and Jim-Bob will take you out fishing! The
winner will have a blast!"

"Yup," Cory agreed, "but you can't win unless you vote and you can vote as
many times as you want." Thinking on his feet, he pointed down while
holding his hands at chest level so his tight youthful gut inadvertently
would become 'wallpaper'. "You can vote by contacting this website on the
bottom of the screen, or calling this toll free number, or even write us
via snail mail at this address. Don't worry about writing these down now,
we'll put them back up on your screen at the end of the show."

"Cut it right there, Spook boy!" Auggie sang and laughed, "That there was
some brilliant boys. Yo' both kin walk an' chew gum all together! We'll
shit can the instruction on tape. You three just get 'em taught without
worryin' about no camera, then we'll pick it back up again off the dock in
the water an later on yo' boat an' out to a reef. Tomorrow mayhap take 'em
out catchin' lobster. Right now let's take a break. Someone o' yo' go see
what Mattie got fo' us to eat an' drink," he shouted, which caused a
stampede. Except for Jim-Bob, Carter, Spider, Eric and Fish. They started
walking slowly toward Dooby and Cory with their hands up and out.

Dooby saw them coming, it appeared that they were about to hold an
impromptu contest of their own, which could strangle the new show's young
stars first. "Uh - come on, Cory maybe we should go for a quick swim to

Auggie warned them off before Dooby and Cory dove, "Hold on there boys,
don't be sore at Dooby boy or Cory boy neither, I swear you guys couldn't
afford that kind 'o national publicity no how. I'd be mighty surprised if
yo' didn't see a rise in business as soon as this segment airs for the
first time in October. Word 'ill spread afta the first week this runs an'
we'll keep the contest alive an' well," he thought for a second, "runnin'
'til Christmas before we have us a drawin'."

"We need to tape the Christmas segment over the Thanksgiving holiday," Ryan
added and grinned at Dooby and Cory, "so that's when we'll have to have the
drawing. You guys may as well plan on coming down a week early so we have
enough time because you'll also be doing your Christmas cooking show down
here with Mattie. I talked with Tom last night and he okayed it, of course
we didn't know about the contest then."

"What about school?" Dooby asked cautiously and held his breath praying
that he'd heard correctly.

"Charlie had that all worked out in advance. As long as the school knows
ahead of time, you'll be excused whenever we need you, you'll get your
assignments and then all you guys have to do is make damn sure you get them
done," he warned. "Down here won't be a problem since the guys have tutors,
you can study with them." Ryan explained and then had to fight Cory and
Dooby off as they jumped him and smothered him with thank you kisses.

"I'm going to get my underwater rig ready. If I'm not back before the
instruction starts can someone start taping it causally? We might be able
to get a few minutes of good candid stuff." Spook asked Auggie in a
whisper. He didn't want the camera shy divers to know they were being

"Sure, I'll jus' do it my own self. Give it here. I ain't run one this
fancified but I got me more miles o' regular film under my big belt than
yo' do Spook boy. Say boy, yo' know how to dive?"

"No Sir," Spook shrugged, "This will come under the heading of on the job
training." He began to walk away from Auggie.

"Oh no it won't neither, yo' just haul ass back out here with yo' water
outfit in time to learn what it's all about wi' the other boys," Auggie
admonished. "Oh, an' come wearin' yo' Tarzan suit so as yo' look part o'
the group since yo' likely to be in the show." Auggie's determined facial
expression left no room for Spook to argue. Cory, Dooby and Johnny touched
eyes and turned away from Spook so he wouldn't see their grins.

Spook's shoulders slumped in defeat, "Yes Sir," he agreed fatalistically.

"I'll go with you to help," Johnny volunteered as he ran to catch up to

It was plain to see as Spook and Johnny left the dock they were talking to
each other in an animated fashion. The boys took that opportunity to
explain the reason for Spook's chronic shyness. Everyone who heard stared
after him with wide eyes and mouths hanging open. "Yo' clue in the other
boys?" Auggie asked after a minute.

Cory nodded, "Johnny told us when we went to put on suits."

"Good, so now ever one knows. Jus' act natural an' no comments to hurt his
feelin's, we don't want to have him boltin' away on us."

When Spook and Johnny returned, Spook carried his new underwater camera
with its bulky housing in front of his hurriedly modified Tarzan suit. The
lesson had just started and everyone was quietly attentive because as soon
as this dry land session was finished, they would don Scuba gear for the
first time and get into and under the water. Johnny spread a towel on the
dock for them to sit on with the others. The other boys either ignored them
or smiled and nodded in a brief welcome back.

"I told you so asshole," Johnny whispered. Spook nodded, relaxed and began
to pay attention to what was being said.

Spook was about six feet tall, lean and at twenty-three both physically fit
and flexible enough to end up sitting Indian fashion. Dooby glanced at him
when everyone laughed at a story Eric told them. His eyes widened. He
nudged Cory. Spook had leaned back slightly, holding his body up by leaning
on his braced arms, unknowingly exposing his leather-covered cock to view
in profile. He looked very much like he had four inches of the blunt end of
a baseball bat protruding from his body. Cory grinned and nodded his

Spook's moment of truth arrived when it was time for everyone to try on
wetsuits and 'skins', a one-piece very light weight wet suit worn mostly in
shallow warm water or in deeper water if the dive was very brief. The boys
discovered during the lesson that protection was necessary even in shallow,
warm tropical waters because while the water temperature might be
eight-five or ninety that was still cooler than ninety-eight point six and
there was a very real danger of hypothermia that increased with the length
of time spent below.

"We can't wear our Tarzan suits inside these full body condoms, no way,"
Dooby bitched after he went to the trouble of slowly working the legs of
his 'skin' up his legs and then got his arms into tight sleeves and the
suit zipped up to his neck. He appreciated the fact that his cock was
boldly outlined, pasted up his gut, but not the uncomfortable ridge of
bunched up leather front and back. Spook was experiencing the same problem
except he was aghast at looking down to see that even his monster cock head
was clearly outlined. "Help me pull this motherfucker off Spook, then I'll
help you."

Dooby sank to his knees in front of Spook as he worked the tight suit down
his body. Spook closed his eyes and cringed when he felt sunlight on his
cock while Dooby industriously worked the suit off his legs. Suddenly Dooby
froze and then gasped, "DUDE! Why in the world have you been hiding this
from us? Were you afraid we'd wear your tired old ass out every night?"

"Actually," Spook mumbled, "I was afraid of maybe hurting yours big time."

Dooby laughed ignoring Spook's fear, "Hey guys, look what we've got to work
on tonight! And I call firsties!" He lowered his voice, "You'll let us
won't you? This might take awhile though so maybe not everyone tonight, but
you will, won't you?"

Spook felt the sun's warmth fade and disappear, he opened his eyes to see
everyone, even Auggie staring at him wearing grins and nodding in eager
anticipation and agreement with Dooby. Johnny draped an arm over Spook's
shoulders, "Again, I say, I told you so, asshole."


Auggie wanted even more skin shots of Dooby, Cory and his boys, and none of
them were particularly interested in wearing the 'skins' or 'full body
condoms' as Dooby dubbed them, in fact everyone was hoping that they could
dive wearing nothing but equipment, but Auggie just pointed to their loin
cloths. Because Spook wanted to take advantage of the brightest sun for
lighting, Fish, Donder II's captain took them to a very shallow reef that
they used for snorkeling tours.

When Auggie questioned Eric about their dive boat, appropriately named a
play on their business name, Diving Down Under, abbreviated to 'Donder II'
he happily discovered the Donder's transom also opened like Fishin' Boys',
so he decided to accompany them. Jim-Bob moved Fishin' Boy still further
away from the ramp and Auggie boarded Donder with equal ease. Once aboard
he discovered a long, low walled rectangular well located forward of the
engines and under the roofed over area that provided shade on the spacious
deck. He looked down to see several of Dooby's pets swim by seeking the
shade the hull provided.

"Hey boys, this here's one o' them glass bottom boats! Don't that beat

"This is our new boat," Eric explained, "we got that installed because
occasionally someone chickens out after we get out to the dive site and
they're content to sit up here and look down on the action. As you can see,
when we're under way, it's useless."

Auggie confided in Eric, "Last night, I tried swimmin' an' now Jim-Bob's
gonna teach me divin' quiet like once I get me a boat like this with them
fold down stair steps so I can haul my sorry ass outten the drink. Where'd
you get this boat?"

Eric blinked, "You don't need to buy a whole boat just for a ladder. Why
not have a swim platform attached to your boat and have them add folding
steps like these?" he pointed to the stern.

"They be in the way o' fishin'," Auggie answered, "I don't want no excuses
why a biggie got away."

"The steps are detachable by just pulling the hinge pins," Eric laughed,
amazed that Auggie was prepared to spend over a million dollars for a few
steps into the water with a boat attached. "When you're trolling you aren't
diving and vise versa. If you want I'll give you the number of the shipyard
we use in Key West. They could probably get Fishin' Boy set up just like
this in a couple of days."

"I surely do want. Thankee kindly Eric boy."


Spook surfaced with his camera after the boys had been under for half an
hour. "They'll be up in five minutes," he told Auggie. "I wanted to catch
them climbing out to get their expressions and initial reactions after
their first open water dive," he blushed and looked down, "and maybe this
wet leather will be interesting too. There's a problem though Auggie. In
the water, leather floats as weightless as anything else. I tried from all
angles but I got way too many cock and ass shots."

Auggie frowned in thought and then brightened suddenly, "You ever see some
movie I'm thinkin' called "Blue Lagoon"?" Spook looked blank and shook his
head. "I got me a copy up home 'cause I kinda liked the teenage boy that
was the lead. He and a girl was stranded on some island as little kids, you
know, formula stuff. But then they got to be teenagers. The girl started
bleedin' and the boy beatin' off ever chance he got," Auggie giggled. "O'
course they figgered out the problem and she had a baby, but meanwhile they
was some cock shots o' the boy swimmin' and divin' with the girl. She had
real long hair an' never did see even her boobs, but there was no way the
boy could hide his package. Maybe we could scout around an' find us some
look-a-like stand-ins."

Spook shrugged in frustration, "Yeah, but the problem is they aren't here

"No they ain't but they would be in the credits, which for this particular
show we scroll up the screen too fast too be readin'."

"Someone's going to notice. There'll be rumors." Spook suggested.

"I surely do hope so, I might just call a tabloid an' put a bug up their
butts. Yo' realize afta this here show airs an' viewers start talkin' we
get ever teeny bopper girl, mos' women as likes lookin' at studs, an ever'
gay guy in this here Country all watchin' in hopes of seein' more?"

Fish suddenly broke water near the stern and spit out his mouthpiece, "Hey
Spook! Get back down here in a hurry, the boys found a clown fish and
they're playing with it."

James popped up by Fish, "They found Nemo!" he shouted, replaced his
regulator and sank again.

"Who in hell's bells is Nemo?" Auggie wondered aloud.

Eric laughed, "That's one movie you didn't see. Nemo is a clown fish." He
went on to explain the feature length digitally produced cartoon while
Spook stepped off the swim platform.

"Hand me Spook's dry land camera an' turn on the mic please, I'll just get
'em comin' up the ladder," Auggie told Eric.

Spook waved the other boys away from Dooby and Cory so he could get
close-ups of the small bright orange and white fish that brazenly swam in
and out of a sea anemone's delicate translucent waving tentacles. The fish
seemed to be daring or inviting the boys to reach in among the apparently
harmless 'feelers' only to get stung for their efforts in catching the
timid little fish. Both boys' eyes were laughing in delight at the fish and
its antics when they looked at the camera. Once when Dooby pointed to it,
the fish actually swam forward and seemed to be sniffing the end of his
finger before it retreated to the safety of its protective living home.

Three minutes later Cory and Dooby surfaced together, tossed their swim
fins and weight belts inboard and followed. They both pulled off their
masks and spit their mouthpieces together and sang, "WE FOUND NEMO!"
together and laughed as they finished stripping their gear while telling
Auggie and the camera about all the wonders they saw. Auggie grinned, Spook
was absolutely right about the wet leather.


Carter sat down by Jim-Bob during the trip home. They were on the
observation deck alone except for Fish at the wheel and partners Eric and
Spider sitting near him while they took brief tugs on longnecks. Jim-Bob
was stretched out with his legs crossed to the point of sliding off the
bench seat enjoying the afternoon but actually staring at Eric through
nearly closed eyes. Eric occasionally looked back at them wearing an
unreadable expression. Everyone had stripped off their loincloths as soon
as Auggie declared them finished taping for the day and Spook held everyone
else's attention down on the main deck.

Carter took Jim-Bob's hand to move it to his own newly rippled gut, "What's
with you and Eric? This morning when he first walked in you both reacted
like you'd seen a ghost, embarrassed and excited at the same time. He's
been glancing at you all day and right now he's looking at us from the
corner of his eye just like you've been doing to him. Did you guys have a
fight about something in high school and never made up after all these
years?" Carter was not quite guessing.

"No, no fight. I did something to him back when we were fourteen that I
regret. We stayed friends because of Spider and Fish, they kind of acted as
buffers between Viking and I and if they weren't around, well, he and I
never hung out together without them after that."

"What did you do that was so bad? Maybe you guys can work it out. After
all, it was more than ten years ago."

"I don't think so now that he knows I'm definitely gay, he probably hates
me and now I really disgust him."

"So tell me what you did, you told me you were a virgin like me last year,
you acted like you were, but if you weren't really, if you lost it with him
it certainly wouldn't have mattered to me then, anymore than it does now,
except for fibbing, maybe to keep from hurting my feelings."

Jim-Bob sighed and squeezed Carter's hand tighter, "I didn't lie to you."
He nodded; he'd made a decision, "Okay. When we were kids Viking and I were
partners night fishing for shark. We made great money at five bucks a
pound. I had an old twenty-three foot wooden inboard cruiser that dad gave
me to get started. We had to fuck with that old engine constantly to keep
it running. We used a fifty hook set line rig. We'd put the line out and
wait a couple of hours and then back the boat up to pull in our catch. One
night we'd just started backing and the fucking engine quit. The rotor
broke in two. We anchored and radioed my dad. He told us he'd come out and
get us in the morning. Whenever any of us were out on the water we always
went bare ass, it was an unwritten rule like Auggie's. The line was too
heavy to pull in and we obviously didn't have a winch so we left it and
went below to sleep. I only had cushions for the V-berth in the bow so we
racked out on that together. I didn't have sheets and it was too hot to
cover up anyway and it never even occurred to us to put on any clothes. By
then it was three o'clock in the morning. Viking was kind of a late bloomer
like you."

Carter elbowed Jim-Bob gently for that observation and frowned, "Fuck you,
at least HE bloomed eventually and he's nearly as hot as you, I think it's
a tie between you two for Tarzan."

"Anyway, he was six inches behind me in height, no growth spurt yet, and
only had the first golden sparkles for pubic hair. To tell the truth, I
guess I had a very serious crush on him, secretly of course, although
Spider and Fish were already messing around and out already, but only to
us, no one else. Viking and I fell asleep. Something wiggled the boat;
actually it was a growing catch since we couldn't pull our line in. I woke
up, realized they were the cause of the boat moving and was about to turn
over when I looked at Eric sleeping on his back, I could just see him. He
was so beautiful, I just had to reach over and touch his cock, just for a
few seconds. He was hard as nails and I discovered that we were the same
size cock-wise. I couldn't let go. I started stroking him very lightly and
five minutes later he came with a bang. I felt him thrusting into my hand
but couldn't see his shots until the downside when it was just running down
my fingers. I let his cock lay on his belly and almost wiped my hand on a
towel, thought better of that and just licked it clean. I went back for
more by running my hand up his belly and chest until I felt a wet, cool,
slippery spot, and I'd lick that off my hand too, dirt, fish guts and
all. When I was ready to explode myself I was reaching down to my cock when
I saw his head move and I thought I saw him blinking, he was looking at
me. His arm moved just before I rolled to face away from him to play at
sleeping although I imagined he could hear me breathing like a racehorse
after I came without touching myself. I was hooked on his cum so I caught
most of mine in my palm and lapped that up too. Ever since then, until I
met you, every time I jerked off, I swallowed it, and imagined it was his."

"Wow, that's quite a story. I'm sorry I thought you fibbed to me, but I'm
glad I was the first, or I mean us together but even if he was I wouldn't
have cared if I'd thought about it. Actually, I just assumed you were
experienced, everyone else was or is, look at these kids, fifteen year olds
openly discussing making sandwiches with three guys! By the way, don't plan
on sleeping tonight, watching them should be pretty hot."

"Thanks for the warning, I'll be ready if you kill me. There's a little
more. Dad arrived at daylight and I was still zonked out until he tooted. I
snapped awake and sat up ready to face Eric and what I did to him, but he
was already up. When I got on deck he was pulling in dad's line and he was
wearing clothes, just shorts and a tee shirt, but that was a first unless
it was really cold on the water, I don't know if he owns a coat, that boy
has Norwegian ice water in his veins, and it wasn't because of dad because
he's as bad about wearing clothes as we all were." Jim-Bob sighed and
sneaked a peek in Eric's direction by turning his head. He and Carter both
watched Eric's head snap around to face forward. "See? After Dad helped us
haul our humongous catch into his boat, Eric wouldn't talk to me all the
way in. Shit, he wouldn't even look at me. After we sold our catch we split
over four thousand dollars. We were both saving up to buy boats. Eric
talked to me then long enough to tell me he was planning to be too busy in
the future to fish with me. That was it. We were never alone together from
then on until we graduated, and all because I was a horny baby queer and
kind of raped him."

"Do you still love him?" Carter asked, holding his breath.

"Yes and no. Not after I met you, but now that I see his face and body
again I guess yes, I still do, but it doesn't matter, it's pretty obvious
that he still doesn't want to be friends even after all this time and now I
have you."

"I love you and don't ever want to lose you, but since you still love him
too I, I guess I'd be willing to share you."

Jim-Bob scoffed, "Yeah right. Weren't you listening? He watched me eating
his cum. I said it doesn't matter, after tomorrow he'll be gone back to Key
West and we probably will never see each other again even living a few
miles away. We managed to do that since graduation and today was a fluke."

"As Johnny told Spook, you're an asshole. I saw the looks you've been
trading all day so I talked with Fish and Spider. Do you know that your
Viking jumped at the opportunity to come up here on the outside chance that
he'd see you and he invited them along for moral support? Those two gay
boys still don't know what happened between you because Eric won't tell
them, but he still thinks about you because they told me that out of the
blue, he'll stop and wonder out loud what you're doing, or how you're
doing, or ask if either of them have ever run into you, all ever since high
school. Fish and Spider think that you were the one that turned Viking down
that night when you last went fishing together. They know now that you're
gay and they always suspected anyway and their very well honed Key West
gaydar tells them that Eric is too. They even told me that he's never ever
been out on a date with anyone and they've thrown a dozen different guys at
him trying to match him up with someone. But the problem for Eric is that
none them are you. I guess you're both assholes."

"I'm sorry Carter, as smart as you are, you're dead wrong about this."

Carter grinned and waved to Spider. Spider nudged Fish who left the wheel
untended. They braced Eric by hauling him to his feet with their hands on
his upper arms and marched him aft to where Jim-Bob sat, alone by then as
he saw Carter running down the steps to the main deck.

"We've had it with you two motherfuckers," Spider warned, "either kiss and
make up enough at least so you can be friends again or your next steps will
be on air as we throw you two assholes overboard."

"Yeah," Fish agreed, "we should have done this the day after something
happened between you but we didn't know it was going to last forever." Fish
looked up when his shadow moved to where it shouldn't be, "Shit, I forgot
to set the autopilot." Spider ran with him back to the wheel, but remained
facing backward so he could monitor Jim-Bob and Eric's progress wearing a
constant frown with his arms crossed on his chest hoping he looked
intimidating enough.

"I think they mean business," Eric ventured.

"Yeah, everyone does. Look," Jim-Bob pointed with his chin. Carter and the
rest of the gang had their heads stacked in the stairwell just above the
deck watching them and then they both heard Auggie shouting.

"Tell me what's happenin' Goddamn it!"

"This must be a grand conspiracy, everyone against us." Eric looked at
Jim-Bob, "So what's happening with you? How's the Deputy Sheriff business

"It was going fine, you know I didn't just shake down tourists, I sold all
the merchants protection, I ran the only prostitution ring and had a couple
of gambling dens. I tried being a professional hit man but everyone's too
laid back to get that mad at anyone else down here and there was always a
problem advertising." Jim-Bob joked and sighed, "Actually, I worked, I came
home to Carter now for a year, we went fishing for something to eat if we
wanted it, had dinner and went to bed. That was before my two old buddies
passed on. They opted out at a time of their choosing after making their
doctor a rich man for supplying them with a nice painless drug they mixed
in a forty-year-old single malt scotch and two signed, undated death
certificates. They'd done everything in advance and gave Dooby a package
full of instructions he was to give to Auggie AFTER they were on the
plane. Dooby doesn't always listen. He handed the envelope over when they
first got on the bus. Fortunately, Auggie followed the instructions but he
did it in advance, the same day while the men finished their last sleep on
earth. They left me a pile of cash and Carter even more along with George's
high profile law firm. Since then I've resigned from the Department and I
guess you heard I'm going back to chartering and guiding with Carter when
he can get away. I know you guys are doing well, I've driven by your shop
occasionally, shop shit, you've got a mega store with two nice dive boats
docked out back, business is booming and I'm glad for you all."

"Why did you turn away from me that night? I was just reaching for you to
return the favor and suddenly your cock wasn't there. What did I do wrong?
What was wrong with me? I can't figure it out. Was it because I was awake
the whole time?" Eric asked with a trembling voice.

Jim-Bob looked at Eric with wide surprised eyes, "Oh fuck, did I fuck up. I
saw you turn your head and I could make out your open eyes. I knew you
caught me, probably lapping up your cum. My secret was out, I was a queer
and I wanted to be a cocksucker, I mean only with yours. I was totally
embarrassed and scared that you wouldn't want me to do that for you or even
be your friend any longer which is exactly what happened."

"Why you fucking idiot," Eric accused. "I never went to sleep that night
because it was my golden opportunity to get at you without Fish and Spider
around. I knew you were asleep and I was just waiting for you to roll on to
your back or even on your side facing me so I could try giving you my first
head job and hopefully yours too."

"No shit?"

"Unfortunately, no shit."

"You should have screamed your questions at me right then, man I would have
rolled over for you. I never thought about you reaching for me, just about
my exposing myself to you like a love-starved schoolboy."

Eric started laughing and pointing at Jim-Bob, "That's what we fucking
were; two love-starved school boys!" He stopped laughing as suddenly as he
started, "So what happens now that you've found Carter? I really envy you
both and I'm jealous as hell if you really want to know, even after all
this time."

Jim-Bob shrugged enigmatically before he grinned at Carter and motioned him
over to sit by them. "Did you mean it about sharing? We kind of figured out
what went wrong that night, we were both assholes."

"I told you that a few minutes ago," Carter giggled, "and yes, I meant we
could share each other. I haven't ever heard of it being done before
between three guys I mean, but I imagine it has. We could make it work
starting now." Carter stood up suddenly to shift his seat to between
Jim-Bob and Eric. He looked up at Eric after taking his hand, "So Eric,
without being too forward, what do you like to do?"

Eric gulped as he turned scarlet, "I don't know exactly, I, ah, well I've
never done anything ah before I was planning to do some exploring that
night way back when, when Chief and I had our communications failure."

"Okay, let me ask you the question that Harold asked me. Do your fantasies
have you looking down on Jim-Bob or up at him?"

"Ah kind of both, and as of this morning my daydreams included you too, you
know arms and legs everywhere, going in all directions."

Carter joined their hands with his on his gut and rubbed them up and down

Auggie answered unseen, "Right on, Carter boy!" There were brief groans and
grumbles from the others before they switched to cheerful congratulations
as Dooby led them to inundate the new threesome on the deck with far more
arms and legs than Eric ever dreamed about.

"Cory and I call firsties!" Dooby had the foresight to shout as he
disappeared into the wrestling, tickling, giggling pile.


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