Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 


  Date: Wed, 10 May 2017 12:13:18 +0000
Subject: Dooby rhymes with Scooby Part 39

DOOBY rhymes with Scooby
Part 39
Jamie Haze

The first thing the twins, Kevin and Kyle, discovered about running a
charter fishing business was that they could accept cash money or credit
cards but no checks -- ever, in payment for services rendered. That meant
that they needed a real bank account to clear credit card payments with the
swipe of a card into a thingy attached to a cellphone.

Ms. May Ellen, the boy's current banker also asked then insisted that she
was no longer willing to hold their cash savings, which would grow by leaps
and bounds when money started to roll in from their charter business, plus
there would be expenses to pay by check. Not only was there a risk of the
marina store being robbed, there was the danger to employees being injured
or worse during a robbery all because of too much cash on hand; mostly
belonging to the twins.

The twins trusted banks about as much as they trusted foster parents; that
would be, not at all. They liked to look into the steel cash box Ms. May
Ellen provided to store their money in as they made a deposit and then look
over her shoulder as she added that amount to the column of figures and
running total she kept in a notebook with their names on the cover, so they
knew to the dollar how much they had.

But since they knew they had to accept credit cards, they would give in and
open a bank account. Then they advised Ms. May Ellen happily that as soon
as they could get to the bank after a credit card charge cleared, they
would withdraw that amount and bring it to her to put in their cashbox that
was hidden in the back of a little used freezer in the marina storeroom.

When Ms. May Ellen heard that plan, she marched the two boys to the
storeroom, retrieved the box and made each of them count the contents while
she watched to be sure every dollar was accounted for twice as listed in
their note book. When that was completed, she presented the icy cold steel
box and its key and the notebook before she shooed them out of the store
after declaring once again no uncertain terms that she was out of the
banking business.

The twins kept looking all around the marina on the way to Double Trouble,
their flats fishing boat, where Jeff their new onboard chef and first mate
was waiting for them for the short over-water-trip from the marina to Coral
Place. While the boys looked for possible thieves everywhere, they also
kept handing the cash box back and forth between them. Neither wanted to
carry the box. Then when they saw Jeff watching them they both smiled
without saying a word. The obvious solution they concluded; was to have
Jeff carry the icy cold box.

Since the twins now held the lofty positions of Fishin' Boy's Co-Captains,
they decided to up their mode of dress to board shorts from much loved
ratty cutoffs. Jeff loved the change in dress because as they walked toward
him, he could clearly see their flopping dicks as they walked and most of
their stunning upper bodies right down to where their skimpy patches of
pubes began.

As far as the twins were concerned they were delighted with Jeff as their
choice of Fishin' Boy's chef. His body nearly matched theirs and one they
hoped to emulate by the time they were 21. Jeff was always ready to play
with the twins and any of the other guys the first night at Coral Place.
That is if anyone could pry him away from one or the other tireless twin.
Another benefit the twins discovered the first night was that Jeff could
come repeatedly with only a deep breath between early bouts and only
slightly longer at the end of the night noted when the twins fell asleep.
When they woke the next morning, each was wrapped by one of his arms while
he watched them while they were sleeping with their heads on his chest and
they had no idea how that arrangement came to be, but they thoroughly
enjoyed the feeling of security he imparted.

"Here Jeffery our man, this box is now your responsibility until we find a
good bank," Kyle said as he put his hands on Jeff's belly to warm them
up. That was intended as a joke but it wasn't funny since his hands already
were freezing, so when Jeff jumped backward in surprise, he nearly fell
overboard -- with the cash box.

"For such a Brainiac, you are sometimes one dumb son-of-a-bitch," Kevin
accused his twin.

Kyle responded by throwing his blue cap down on the deck; a precursor to a
brotherly wrestling match-fist fight. Kyle was so incensed, he didn't care
when two of the dogs instantly turned the almost new hat into woven plastic

They still wore red and blue hats so everyone could tell them apart. They
only wore their official Captain's caps when they were aboard Fishin'
Boy. Of course, the other exception was on the dock when they posed for
photos along with fishermen and their catches. They looked forward to lots
of those for Ms. May Ellen to post on the marina website and especially on
the bulletin board just outside the marina store.

Jeff asserted himself for the first time by putting the box on a seat,
grabbing each by an arm and separated them before a fist could be thrown.
"What the hell is going on you two, fighting over a damn bank?" Jeff
demanded with a shake of both twins.

"We weren't fighting about any old bank," Kevin answered sullenly, "The
dummy put his cold hands on you, an' y'all almost fell overboard with our
cash box."

"How much money is in there," Jeff wondered.

Kevin looked at Kyle the brain for that answer. He was grinning and no
longer struggling. The fight appeared to have ended as quickly as it
started. "There's $10,138 dollars, cash money in there and why ain't you
holdin' it like we asked?" Kyle answered with a grin that said he knew that
Jeff's hands were busy holding he and Kevin up after he nearly toppled off
the boat.

Jeff laughed, dropped his holds and rolled his eyes. He pointed at Kevin,
"You cast off after I get the engine running." He moved his finger to Kyle,
"And you collect every scrap of your hat up before the dogs swallow any and
it makes them sick.

"If you need a bank, why didn't you just ask your Uncle Auggie?" He didn't
wait for an answer. "Now let's go home."

Double Trouble had just cleared the marina breakwater when the twins
removed their board shorts, folded them and put them in the dry storage
box. Then since Jeff was occupied with the wheel in his hands, they deftly
unsnapped and pulled apart the Velcro fly so Jeff's suit fell to his feet.
He nodded his thanks for the service as his suit joined the twins'. There
would be no need to wear clothing until they returned to Trasker's Marina
long before daylight the next morning unless it was too cool until sunup
and then previously, the twins just cuddled under a beach towel. From then
on, they expected to cuddle up to Jeff's sides and use him as a human
heating blanket.

Jeff and the twins enjoyed saying `home' when referring to Coral Place.
Jeff's home life wasn't anywhere as hard as the twins had endured but a
rented room after he came out to his parents when he turned 18 was a long
way from what anyone would consider a home. Jeff's parents did still pay
for his culinary school education but that was all.

Coral Place for the new threesome was like living in a paradise. There was
always lots of laughter and sex and jokes and sex, as well as unlimited
food and more sex. There was Auggie always hollering and demanding that
someone bring him his cane. Then there was Zeek and Auggie, always betting
for or against one or more of the boys, with the loser most often happily
paying off the debt to the boy(s) involved as if they wanted or needed more
since Auggie paid salaries and bought them anything they even hinted
at. Coral Place was such as happy place to call `home'.

Astute Auggie was first to see the twins, Jeff and the dogs entering and
quickly noticed that Kyle's hat was missing and that Jeff was carrying a
cash box. The boys didn't know that May Ellen had already called Auggie to
appraise him that she thankfully no was longer the twin's banker as there
was too much money involved that she didn't want to be responsible for.

"What'cha got in that there box Jeff boy?"

Instead of answering, Jeff handed the cash box to Kyle and while he stepped
back, he pushed Kyle and Kevin closer to Auggie. Instead of answering, Kyle
slapped his forehead "Shit," he said while he ran back out the window wall
toward the dock.

"I believe we got us a runaway on our hands, an' here sets the whole mob o'
brothers drinkin' an' feedin' their faces while brother Kyle escapes into
the world." Auggie loved ridicule as much as sarcasm.

"The dummy up an' forgot your share of today's charter; it's in his shorts'
pocket. He ain't runnin' away anywhere, not before dinner." Kevin corrected
Auggie's assumption. He'd barely finished when the whole great room broke
up in laughter, and switched to cheers when Kyle returned carrying a roll
of bills secured by an elastic band which he proudly presented to Auggie.

Auggie carefully counted every bill while the twins, bursting with pride,
looked on. He handed the money off to Ryan after he finished and confirmed
the amount was the same as what Kyle had already stated. No one knew that
Auggie planned to box up and wrap all his share of the enterprise and
present the box packed with cash to the twins next Christmas.

"We were some lucky today Uncle Auggie; we got us a charter who is staying
over at the Club an' he paid us in cash money. That's the lucky part. We
knew not to take checks, but we didn't know that in order to take credit
cards, we'd need to open a bank account. Then just a bit ago Ms. May Ellen
went out of the bankin' business just like that," Kyle snapped his
fingers. "That there box holds our life savins' an' we need to put it
someplace safe other than Coral Place," he said the last timidly.

"Why not here?" Auggie demand with a frown.

"Because we was robbed of Trasker's cash money an' your Picasso pitcher,"
Kyle responded as he stepped further away from Auggie, hopefully out of
cane range. Both knew their Uncle Auggie was still sensitive about the
robbery and all the other boys tiptoed around the subject.

Instead of anger as everyone expected, Auggie chuckled. "Y'all said `we',
so yo' finally think yourselves as a part o' this here extended family,
although Carter boy has his flock of legal beavers workin' to make that all
true like, an' not just my dream of adoptin' you two rascals."

Auggie was overwhelmed by the twins' reaction to the news that he was
trying to adopt them, and he was overwhelmed physically when Kevin and Kyle
pounced on his unsuspecting body as he sat in his lounge chair. The force
of their bodies on his made the chair recline fully without the use of the
remote button and Auggie ended up holding a twin in each arm while nearly
flat on his back.

Trasker saw a possible advantage to Auggie being immobilized. "While you
have Uncle Auggie pinned down somewhat, see if he's ticklish," he

The twin's original intention was to cuddle with their potential new father
to show him they loved him, but since they never had any father figure
before, potential or otherwise they didn't know how so, tickling would have
to serve as the next best thing.

"I got a grand that says he is," Zeek offered a wager to the boys. Of
course, the boys, while being young and inexperienced, they weren't fools,
so Zeek found no takers. If Zeek was betting in the affirmative, and him
being Auggie's lifetime lover; he would certainly would know.

Everyone knew as the twin's fingers bored into Auggie's sides. That was the
first time, ever, that Auggie wished the nubile boys were wearing clothes;
so, he had something to grab to fling them off his body. That was one
problem; the next was he was laughing from the tickling, from the twin's
giggles and from watching the rest of the boys laughing, giggling and some
rolling around on the floor, which caused the dogs to join the fun.

It was fun until Auggie found it difficult to breathe because he was
laughing so hard. It was then he went to the last resort. He managed to
snake a hand around each hip far enough to take a cock in each hand and
pull in opposite directions. Each twin rolled over a chair arm, and with
their superb sense of balance; they ended up on their feet, just not close
enough for Auggie to grab them a second time.

Auggie found himself in a quandary after he got rid of the boy's busy
fingers. His lounge chair no longer worked either manually or using the
remote that he found still on his side table. He was like a whale on a
beach or a turtle on his back, totally helpless. This started some giggles
hidden by hands at first, until Trasker couldn't contain his laughter
anymore. That got everyone else going a second time including the four dogs
who enjoyed trying to tongue any boy's open mouth made susceptible when
they laughed, making them careless.

One good thing resulted after the melee, Auggie called each of the twins by
name while looking at them without the advantage of looking at their red
and blue hats. The hats they had been wearing were lost to the dogs as soon
as they pounced on Auggie. Auggie could suddenly tell them apart!

The reason he called them was for them to help him get out of the broken
chair. Auggie's exact request was; "Since you boys busted my fuckin' chair,
if yo' hep get me upright, you won't have to pay the cost of a new one."

That threat got the twins to turn serious enough to organize a rescue. They
split the group up so half were pushing on the chair back to lift the whole
thing upright; the rest were pulling on Auggie's arms to separate him from
the chair as soon as his feet touched the floor. Of course, Auggie wasn't
helping in his rescue at all. Nothing could be done without renewed
laughter, grunts, groans and complaints about the loss of one's right or
left nut all while Auggie alternately threatened, demanded someone bring
his cane so he could beat the tar out of everyone and lastly cajoled,
because it was time for dinner.

When the job was done and Auggie was once again on his feet, he reached
back to between the seat cushion and chair arm to retrieve his cane. He
grinned at all the boys and said; "Thankee boys that there was fun!" With
that said, Auggie collared Kevin with his free arm on his way to the dining
room and gave him a shoulder hug. Then when he saw Kyle watching, he and
Kevin, some equal time was in order, so he handed off his cane to Logan and
brought Kyle in under his other arm.

At dinner Kyle asked Trasker if he was upset that they were going to be
adopted and he wasn't or hadn't been so far. Trasker shrugged and explained
that Auggie had a passel of closer relatives while he was only a great
nephew but he was the only one of them ever to be living with his uncle and
benefiting from the relationship more than somewhat ever since. Trasker
managed to ignore around the table comments such as `school jet', `Redlands
Plantation -- North' and `Trasker's Marina' that intruded into his answer
to the twins.

After that conversation, Auggie got back to the original topic; the twins
cash box that Jeff was still holding on his lap, now that it had
warmed. Auggie exploded when he found out that the box contained over
$10,000 in cash and was the twin's life savings. Ms. May Ellen told him the
box contained the twin's savings but not how much.

"So yo' need a real bank to store your money an' so y'all can transact
credit card business an' pay bills on my boat?" Since the twin's mouths
were always full at any meal both nodded and looked hopeful while they
continued to chew.

"Maybe we should open a branch bank right down here," Trasker suggested.

"We already got one," Auggie said, "though ours is just for family
use. Ryan boy is the local manager an' his big bad electric `puter machine
is the bank."

Both boys hastened to swallow so they could ask the same question. Kevin
won the race, "But what do we do with our cash money?" He asked with a
mixture of frustration and desperation.

"Why that there's the easy part, y'all just put it in the safe with mine."

The twins were happy with that solution. They ate a little faster because
Ryan said the boys could make their first `deposit' right after dinner.

While the twins enjoyed being super popular in the unusual bedroom, they
were still growing boys and with the addition of Jeff, in addition to his
regular duties including allowing the twins the use of his body, he quickly
saw his boys weren't getting enough sleep. Jeff added the duty of being the
twins `social secretary'. He was in the great room talking to his former
fellow server, Keith and his relatively new lover, Brenden.

The twins wanted some `alone' time with super hung, young Brenden, a
long-time very desirable friend, that very evening. Of course, alone
included Keith and Jeff, while alone also meant the uncontested use of the
air mattress closest to Auggie's side of the regular bed so he had an
uninterrupted view of the boys' activities.

A happy agreement was being sealed with fist bumps when the twins arrived
to reclaim their cash box from Jeff and follow Ryan to and into forbidden
territory; the study or Ryan's office from which he managed Auggie's far
flung multi-billion-dollar business empire.

The twins were bug-eyed as they watched Ryan push in the buttons; the
combination to open the safe. When the door clicked, Ryan turned to Kyle,
"Got the combination?" he asked with a grin. "If you thought I'm going to
stop what I'm doing just to open this up every time you want to make a
deposit or withdrawal, you are very wrong. From now on just come in and do
your banking business whenever you want."

Ryan pulled open the door so the twins could see what Bligh secrets it held
and were disappointed. The safe was more like a nearly full, elegant file
cabinet. The safe was filled with files, all except at the top. There were
four equal size doors up there with small keys in every lock. After Ryan
opened all four little doors, the boys could see that three were full of
cash money, that had mostly been banded together in five and ten thousand
dollar bundles. The last compartment however was empty. Ryan told the boys
that compartment was theirs alone before he left them alone to make their
first deposit.

Meanwhile, Ryan was fiddling with something at his desk until he heard the
safe door close and lock as the steel bars extended into the surrounding
frame. Then he showed the boys what he'd been playing with. It was one of
those card scanner things that was attached to Ryan's cellphone, as well as
actually opening a joint checking account for them.

He actually demonstrated how the reader was used by using the phone's
keypad to show a $100 charge. Then he swiped a card and used a to crudely
sign his name when the phone asked. After a seconds' delay, the phone
flashed `Accepted'. "Your Uncle Auggie or your new dad, just paid you $100
bucks for nothing," he said with a giggle that was made even more humorous
by seeing the twin's horrified expressions.

The twins had no interest in stealing from anyone especially their Uncle
Auggie. Ryan hastened to explain that new depositors got a bonus just for
opening an account. Kyle was content with that explanation but Kevin
wasn't. He insisted that his brother open the safe so he could get $100 to
return to Auggie. Kyle refused, "You saw the combination just like me; open
it yourself."

When Ryan saw another fight developing between the brothers, he called them
over to look at his laptop monitor while he explained that new depositors
actually got a $1000 deposit. By the time the boys got behind his desk,
Ryan had time to add another $900 to their new account, so two transactions
appeared on the screen totaling $1000. He told Kyle to enter a user name
and password. With that completed, the screen showed that the user had a
$1000 balance in their account.

The twins were all smiles when they returned to the great room and the
friends they would enjoy as soon as they got ready for bed that
evening. Ready meant getting clean and showering. Since none of the other
guys wanted to miss the `show' including Auggie and Zeek, everyone went to
shower after a few fake yawns. It was way too early to sleep and no one
planned to anyway.

On the way to the bathroom the five boys used most frequently, Kevin heard
the master bathroom shower start running so they all diverted to join
Auggie and Zeek as a thank you surprise. The big shower had a shower head
and wand on each opposing wall and one of the wands had been converted for
use as an enema, or all the boys preferred to call an enema, a douche. Just
like Cory and Dooby's shower, including the spurting, narrow-gauge dildo on
the business end.

Since Jeff was the newest to the group of boys, he hadn't had time to be
cleaned by the two men so he was appointed by the other four boys to be
first. It had become Auggie's habit to sit on the built-in tile bench that
ran along the back wall. That way he was less likely to fall and sitting
put him at eye and if he got lucky -- mouth level of any boy cocks entering
the shower.

Auggie's first duty was to be very sure a boy was sufficiently hard so
Zeek, the man in charge of washing, could get everything meticulously clean
everywhere. Zeek first washed the subject hair. Then he didn't rinse so the
boy had to keep his eyes closed, he began applying shower gel from the
shoulders and arms down, and rubbing the smooth unblemished skin until the
boy began to purr when he reached cock and ass level. By the time the legs
and feet were done the boy generally was ready to explode without being
touched further.

That was when Zeek switched places so the boy could rinse himself and also
break the spell as well as prevent premature ejaculation and untimely
loss. Zeek then pushed the boy toward Auggie who sat ready and waiting with
the spurting dildo. Auggie watched for the first signs of distress before
the dildo was removed and he was sent running to the toilet. He returned to
be rinsed wearing a satisfied smile.

There was a big difference that evening; there was five boys not just the
normal one or two. Since all the boys were pranksters and practical
jokesters, finished boys all wanted to help Auggie `finish' the rest,
whether by inserting the dildo and six inches of hose or by turning the
dildo's pressure up or both!

Auggie finally sent the finished boys running with threats of future
beatings. Then they were to dry each other and dry and comb their hair. The
last instruction was to line up facing the shower, stand at attention
including their cocks and wait until all showers were completed.

Auggie chanced to look at the boys standing at attention with their cocks
pulsing demanding relief. He nudged Zeek to look at the beautiful examples
of boy flesh that never looked like that before because they were always in
motion. When Kyle, the last to be completed returned from the toilet after
his final rinse, Auggie urged him to look at his brother and the other
older guys as well.

"Wow Uncle Auggie we're all good lookin' dudes!" Kyle mumbled in agreement
without false modesty. When he looked up at Auggie and Zeek's stares, he
realized that they might be remembering what their bodies looked like when
they were around the same age.

Zeek was tall and thin, closely resembling Jeff's body and theirs
hopefully, as they continued to grow and mature. That would be without the
horse cocks that he and his nephew, James sported. Kyle imagined that
Auggie on the other hand, had a body of a football player and would again
if he lost more weight.

The spell was broken when brother Kevin reminded the men and Kyle that they
were all missing a lot of bed time by just standing around staring at each
other, no matter how pretty they were. Additionally, Kevin ventured, they
would certainly shrivel into prunes and in Kyle's case his cock needed
every fraction of an inch, if he was ever to grow to be the same size as
his bigger brother.

That unbrotherly jab caused a rapid retreat from the bathroom with still
soaking wet Kyle in hot pursuit while screaming for someone to bring him
Uncle Auggie's cane so he could lamb baste his dumb brother for making
cracks about his very prodigious manhood.

Kyle chased his bed buddies straight to what was generally called the `show
bed'; the air mattress that was positioned right below Auggie's side of the
king size bed. This night the show was kind of special. Kevin and Kyle had
long sought to have a relationship with their teen idol, Brenden. The only
younger guy they knew who always wore a little tank suit to clean boat
bottoms and was friendly enough to invite the lowly foster twins aboard his
houseboat and serve them Cokes and something to eat.

The twins ate and drank but they didn't get what they really wanted that
was barely hidden by nearly see-through Lycra cloth material, but was very
clearly outlined by the same material. Brenden really wanted to pull off
his suit and then help the twins out of their cutoff jeans but he too was
inexperienced and afraid that he was wrong when he saw where the twins
continually had their eyes fixed while in the privacy of his houseboat.

No one of the five guys were afraid of any of the others by then. Keith and
Jeff were off to the side of the mattress making out with each other for
the first time, although they worked together at the Rainbow Club, they
never got `together'. Brenden was already stretched out on his back with
his magnificent cock pointing at his chin. He also already had one arm
around Kevin and was waving Kyle in to be wrapped up with the other. Their
imagined threesome was about to become reality.

Just above the five, Zeek had claimed Auggie's side of the bed because he
was faster and more mobile; he was tired of having to look over Auggie's
bulk so he could look down to watch the action going on, on the closest air
mattress, the show bed. The fight between the two men the other boys in the
room expected never happened. Auggie grumbled but he seemed happy to
snuggle up to Zeek's back and run his hand over his lover's body for a
change of pace.

Kevin, Kyle and Brenden discovered that three way kissing wasn't all that
hot, or comfortable so Kyle slid down Brendon's body far enough so he could
take possession of his nipples by alternately sucking and nipping one and
then the other. While the twins had experimented with each other's nipples
they never got the expected response, but Brenden was a different story.

Brenden began arching his body up to meet Kyle's lips while he got Kevin in
a choke hold to pull his head down and try to swallow Kevin's tongue
without biting it off. Brenden was so busy he didn't feel or see Kevin
reach to the side of the mattress to bring out a bottle of plain mineral

The twins preferred this oil because it wasn't as slippery (some friction
was a good thing) as others they'd tried. It was cheap, tasteless and
edible, what more could anyone ask for, they asked their fellow horn dogs
who lived at Coral Place after they explained their reasoning in the matter
of lubricants.

Brenden wasn't given a choice as Kevin opened the bottle and poured the oil
over Brendon's cock and balls and then with a dripping hand, he forced
Branden's legs apart and then rammed one, two, then three fingers in his
idol's, very tight hole. Then with the excess oil still running hither and
yon, Kevin quickly straddled Brandon while standing on his knees, lined
Brenden up with one hand and sank until he was completely impaled; he could
go no further.

That move certainly got Brendon's undivided attention as he abandoned
Kyle's mouth on his and began to use his hands-on Kevin's hips to direct
his speed, depth and angle of thrust to connect with his internal `sweet'
spot over and over.

"That there was well done," Auggie congratulated. "This here show should `a
been filmed," he added and scowled around the room at the rest of the
audience until he saw Trasker wave to get his attention.

Trasker gave his uncle a thumb up and pointed up at three different places
where minicameras had been installed so they would watch from different
angles. Auggie looked up to see one camera was almost directly over the
boys. Zeek saw something else. He whispered his concern to Auggie.

Never bashful Auggie gave instructions, "Kyle boy yo' best get your mouth
down to your brother cause he about to lose his load."

Kyle was moving even before he looked to see if the problem was real or
imagined. The twins knew they were inexperienced and had very little
staying power with anyone but each other, which unfortunately led to
premature ejaculation. Kyle was just in time. He swallowed greedily, all
except the last two spurts, those he kissed into his brother's mouth.

"That there is brotherly love," Zeek commented.

Kyle heard that. He said, "That there other brother is goin' to be dead if
he doesn't get off that there big dick right quick," he threatened,
referring to Brendon's renowned super-size cock, the base of which appeared
and disappeared as Kevin bounced on it.

The end of the first session ended after Brenden insisted that every twin
in the room line up to fuck him the old fashion way; in the classic
missionary position. Of all the twins in the room Kyle beat the rest to be
first in line by kneeling between Brenden's legs and leaning forward until
he loomed over Brenden's body.

It should be remembered that that the twins stopped being virgins soon
after they became aware of what they could do with their erections other
than admire the ones attached to themselves and the possibilities if they
inserted them in their twins' openings. The result was, by the time they
reached age 12 or 13, neither had to look or feel around for the tightest
opening of all; their brother's ass.

It was almost as if the head of Kyle's cock was equipped with ass homing
radar as his cock slipped into Brenden as if it was the garage where he
always parked. "That was fantastic!" Auggie exclaimed.

"No, it's not," Jeff corrected, "that's how either of them mount up all the
time and I'm in the position to know," he said as Keith mounted him by
using a hand and looking where he was aiming. He looked in Jeff's eyes to
see that his laughter had been the cause of his body to jiggle which of
course made entry more difficult. Their first-time passion was unexpected
but appreciated by the audience until Jeff flipped Keith to his back and
covered his body with his own.

"I'll fix you," Jeff whispered to Keith, "the twins say they know I can do
it just like them, that I just lack confidence -- oh and practice." With
that said, he lifted his hips slightly and shifted to the right
imperceptibly before he plunged forward and into Keith without looking or
any warning.

Then it was Jeff's turn to giggle at seeing Keith's eyes widen and grunt
before he used his hands to pull Jeff in all the way. After the cheering
and applause died, the room got unusually quiet. When Jeff thought to look
around, he saw that everyone was engaged either emulating his feat or they
had their mouths full or overfull.

The twins looked up to the bed to see why there were no comments coming
from Zeek or Auggie only to find that Zeek's back was turned and his feet
were on the pillows instead of his head. Auggie had risen to one elbow so
he leaned over Zeek and both men were bobbing their heads against their
partners' crotches.

The twins hadn't seen the men having sex with each other before but they
were glad that the old guys still could. They promised themselves they that
would find a quiet time to show their uncle and their daddy-to-be a few of
their tricks too, to show their appreciation for giving them a truly loving
home that was already full of `brothers' to play with including the
beautiful Branden.


The twins first ever charter was with a guy staying at the club, named Ben
Crossley, the same guy that tried to buy Coral Place, lock, mobile stock
(cars) and artwork. Ben brought his partner, and one friend along and they
each brought one of the guys along who worked at the Club normally.

It soon became obvious that the Club rule; `Look but don't touch.' didn't
apply to guests or for that matter, employees, when off the premises. There
were two guests the crew of three could see sitting in chairs on the deck
with two of the Club workers standing by, waiting for orders.

With just a few words from Ben, the workers dropped their shorts and then
assisted their `clients' out of theirs. With four guys naked, Ben, the
client called up to the fly bridge to ask if nudity was permitted. Kevin
promptly replied that it was if the crew members could also get
`comfortable'. Ben nodded in the affirmative because he didn't know the
quality of the crew until he saw the three from the dock and wondered how
he might get the beautiful crew out of their shorts, Jeffery, in
particular, early in the fishing expedition to improve the view of the fly
bridge, a place where guests were forbidden to go when the boat was

With that being said, Kyle, Kevin and Jeff thankfully dropped their board
shorts as well. That's when the four dogs roused themselves in an attempt
to capture their young masters' discarded clothing. The dogs didn't love
the twin's hats or clothing as potential trophies; they loved the boy's
scent, and treated anything owned by the twins like cats treated catnip!

This time Kyle saw them coming and whisked their shorts away just in time
to put them out of dog reach, on top of the control console. Then when Jeff
saw that the three `companions' serving drinks to their paying guests, he
quickly slid down the ladder and went into the salon to the galley to get
out canapés that would to accompany the drinks.

Jeff was so fast, Ben didn't see him come down the ladder until he was
offering a silver tray covered with the finger foods. Then Jeff also dodged
Ben's hand when he was about to be groped and Ben found out the look but
don't touch rule still applied to Fishin' Boy's crew. Jeff also whispered
that the twins were `jail bait'; underage and should never be touched, even
`accidentally'. Ben nodded that he understood and quietly relayed the
information to his friends.

When Kevin guided Fishin Boy to the Gulfstream, he turned the wheel over to
his Brainiac brother Kyle, to take them the area of the first super-secret
coordinates, once the sole domain of another charter boat fisherman. While
Kyle was busy at the wheel, Kevin joined Jeff on the deck to ready the
outriggers and the heavy poles so baits could be put out as soon as Kyle

Ben, a sport fishing boat owner himself, watched Kevin with a critical eye
and was surprised when he saw the young teen do everything exactly
right. Pretty Jeff was less sure of what he was doing but he watched, then
duplicated whatever Kevin did.

Suddenly, Kevin looked out at the clear blueish Gulf water, took off his
sunglasses then further shaded his eyes with his hand before he
pointed. "There's a fuckin' big bull dolphin! I think he's just close
enough that we can get him if we hurry. He saw one guy sitting in the
fighting chair sipping from a double old fashion glass. "You," he snapped
with disgust, "lose that drink if you want to fish or get out of that
fuckin' chair."

Kevin didn't know who Ben was or that he was paying the substantial bill
until he pulled the drunk from the chair and promptly replaced him. Kevin
ran into the salon to the overhead rack that held the boat's arsenal of
fishing poles. He reached down a heavy-duty open faced spinning rod that
was already rigged for such emergencies.

Back on deck, he searched out a baggie that contained cut bait. He baited
the hook, then cast out to where a silver shadow lurked that no one could
see but him. Satisfied with his first cast, he snapped the bail closed and
handed off the pole to Ben with a smile. "Be ready Sir, that fuckin' fish
won't resist all that nice smelly blood."

"Now I see him! He's coming just like you said!" The heavy pole bent
suddenly and Ben set the hook after it ran 50 feet. Then he closed drag
slightly until he felt the fish pulling that still allowed the big fish to
run but he had to work for every yard of line while Kyle helped by backing
the boat.

Kevin was impressed with a guy who knew how to fish before he came aboard
and didn't say anything. Just 15 minutes later, the fish was done. Kevin
gaffed it and then handed the gaff off to Jeff while he opened the stern
door so Jeff could boat 70 pounds of beautiful fish.

"Are you goin' to eat him tonight for supper or have him mounted?" Kevin
asked Ben. The drunk didn't know that to mount a fish, the taxidermist
needed the whole fish intact.

"Let's do both," the drunk suggested. Kevin rolled his eyes and was about
to answer by saying what he thought of drunks paying good money to drink on
a charter boat and get too drunk to fish.

Ben stopped him by answering first. "Why don't you stagger your ass into
the salon and have another drink? Oh, and if you hurl inside on the carpet
or outside on this deck, I promise you will clean it up or risk swimming
back to the dock."

Since the boat was stopped, the dogs knew they could safely climb down the
ladder. Apparently, they wanted to sniff out the fish. Ben started laughing
as soon as he watched the first dog's torturous decent with his day-glow
life preserver and his or her very precise steps.

Then as each dog reached the deck safely, they smelled up the fish then ran
to the twins to be congratulated before moving on to a bucket that was
filled with water and ice cubes. While the dogs took a lap of water, they
were more interested in eating ice cubes. Each took one cube at a time,
then lay down on the deck and crunched them into chips before they
swallowed and went to the bucket to get another one until all were

With the need for water satisfied, each dog took turns squatting or lifting
a hind leg to take leaks right at the stern doors where one of the boys,
the twins or Jeff, stood ready with the wash down hose.

While what was to become a ritual of taking care of the dog's needs, Jeff
noticed that the second guest, the one that wasn't drunk, had traded in his
cellphone camera for a professional looking Nikon and was more interested
in photographing him and the twins rather than the dogs.

Jeff moved to the man and said in a voice just above the gurgling exhaust,
"I don't mind if you take pictures of me, but those two boys are really
under age so you need to stop taking theirs and I will watch you delete
every single one before you get off this boat. Am I clear on this?"

Apparently, Jeff was louder than he thought because, Kyle heard him clearly
and he was the more mercenary of the twins. "Kev and me already talked this
over and here's what we decided; we'll allow y'all to take all the snaps of
us as you want but for a price. That would be for us and for Jeff too, up
above the charter but if even one goes public, our Daddy will have you
charged with possessin' kiddy porn and we'll see to it that your name and
pitcher goes up on half the billboards clear across these United States."

The man's partner, Ben, was nodding and laughing for some reason. He
thought he knew who the `daddy' was. The man was far from being
intimidated; he grinned and shrugged. "Okay what's your price?"

"About $1000 EACH should cover it," Kyle said and held his breath, both for
the amount of money he was charging on the spur of the moment, plus he
prayed that his brother wouldn't blab something stupid like saying that
they never had such a discussion.

"Okay," the man agreed, "now who's your daddy?"

"Auggie Bligh!" the twins shouted proudly in unison. They were pleased to
see a hint of fear cross the man's face. He'd heard of Auggie Bligh.

"Okay, I promise that any pics I take today will be for private use only."
With the terms agreed to, the man fished his billfold out of his camera bag
and handed over $2000 to Kyle and another $1000 to stunned Jeffery.

One of the dogs woofed to indicate that they wanted to get into the salon
so they could take a nap in the comfort of air-conditioning as well a
softer carpet before lunch was served.

When Jeff realized what time it was, he went in with the dogs but he went
to the galley to start lunch. He also wanted to lure the photographer and
his camera away from the twins. To do that, he stood at the sliding door
and stared at the twins' bodies while he thought about what had occurred
from the time he first climbed into the SUV to sit between the matching
rascals. That was all it took for him to grow an erection. He looked down
at the result of his thoughts and disappeared inside with the photographer
in hot pursuit.

The twins, being new to `tweenhood', also saw Jeff grow for no reason that
they could see and they grew up in sympathy too. The difference between the
twins and Jeff was they were out on deck and had nowhere to hide and if
they did their erections would not go down unless and until they got each
other off; what they called, `taking care of business'.

Unfortunately, the twins were always nearly paralyzed when they got
hard. They offered the only other man on deck, Ben, sickly grins and
blushes as they innocently suggested that the man turn away or be

Ben thought quickly and offered the red-faced twins each another $1000
`tip' if he could watch the unique event. Kyle was quick to snatch the
money away and hide it where he could easily reach; the on-deck freezer.

In under two minutes, the event was over, with two thick white slime
puddles on the wet deck. As Ben stared at the distinctive puddles, he
wondered what they would have tasted like. Then to add insult to injury, he
discovered that he was still holding his cellphone and was so mesmerized,
he hadn't taken a picture or a video clip!

With the pressure off, the red-faced twins became all business. Kyle
resumed his post at the fly bridge controls while Kevin baited and got the
lines out so they could begin trolling for any other `big ones' in the

An hour later when Jeff served his first ever lunch, Jeff was complimented
by Ben's aggressive attempt to hire him as his personal chef. It didn't
matter that Ben was the only one on board who recognized steak tartar,
while the rest thought they were eating a poorly cooked burger without a

Whatever one's culinary sophistication, Fishin' Boys' first charter was a
raging success with all five men who fished, boating at least one fish. Ben
decided that the first bull dolphin would become dinner that evening and
decreed that everything else caught should be photographed then released
unharmed if at all possible.

On the way in to the dock, Ben asked if he and the twins could be
photographed with his dolphin. The boys thought that was a splendid idea
and eagerly cooperated in posing with and without the fish. When Ben
invited the boys to enjoy a dolphin dinner that evening, they
declined. While they told Ben, they were tired from a case of nerves, they
actually wanted to deposit their share of the profits from their first ever
charter with Ms. May Ellen.


The new barn being built on the edge of the field was proceeding with speed
with Dooby's eye for perfection. Originally Charlie planned to drive out
from the city each day to supervise construction himself but Dooby took
over the job even before a backhoe started to dig the buildings' footers.

None of the construction supervisors or workers knew when Dooby left the
big mansion on the hill to arrive at the site, but he and his two
assistants, the dogs, were always there when the first guys arrived at
daylight. The lights in the doublewide construction trailer were on and
Dooby was seen through the windows sitting on a stool in front of the big
drafting table pouring over the building plans. That is until the dogs
heard the first car arrive.

Then Dooby opened the door so the dogs could get out to greet their new
friends with Dooby following. By the end of the first week Dooby greeted
all the men by name as they entered the trailer for coffee and
pastries. Dooby made the coffee but he'd arranged for someone from the
closest Spelling's store to deliver the pastries. The men agreed that
they'd never worked on such a friendly construction project before, but
when it was light enough, the workers finished their coffee and went to
work without being told.

On the first day, Dooby tried wearing normal at home clothes to work and he
got muddy and dirty although he tried to be careful. Then one of the guys
suggested that he get a pair of coveralls and knee high rubber boots to
wear along with his custom painted `Christian Dunn' hardhat of course.

Dooby asked Mom Laura if she could find him coveralls while he was at
school. Laura found several pairs of coveralls, and as a joke took them to
the embroidery shop that supplied all the custom clothes for Spelling's
stores and Charlie's restaurants. She had "DuBois & Son Construction Co"
boldly stitched across the back in contrasting colors and over the left
breast pocket, she added `Dooby DuBois'. Under his name, she added `BIG

Laura presented Dooby her handiwork just before dinner that night. She
expected laughter; instead Dooby loved them and even ran upstairs to try
one on. He was still wearing it when they sat down to dinner. Cory's
reaction to Dooby's to new clothes was also a surprise.

Cory looked at Dooby enviously, "I suppose you had to order my smaller
size," he grumbled. Then he turned his head so Dooby couldn't see him
wink. He was giving his mom an out and time to order his coverall.

"I'm sorry dear, yours will take a couple of days longer, they don't stock
your size." Laura was praying that the manufacturer made coveralls in kid's
sizes. If they didn't, she would have them custom tailored.

The next morning, Cory turned over just in time to see Dooby don his new
outfit. He was naked until he pulled his coverall up his legs, stuck his
arms in the sleeves and shrugged the back over his shoulders and began
snapping the snaps up the front.

"Nothing underneath?" Cory mumbled.

"Oh good, you're awake," Dooby said as he rushed the bed to kiss Cory good
morning. "Nope, I've got it all worked out." He scooted into their closet
and came out carrying all his school clothes on a hanger. "Instead of
coming back up here to change into school stuff; you and Deacon bring this
with you. You come down to the barn and pick me up, and I'll change in the
back of the truck on the way to school. Then on the way home I'll change
again before we get to the barn. I figure I'll save at least an hour each
day to spend at the barn."

"Okay, I'll see you later," Cory mumbled, already more than half asleep.

"Don't forget, or I'll have to hurt you," Dooby warned.

Cory grinned, "That hasn't happened yet. Now good night -- again," he said
as he rolled over away from the light.

As soon as the men started to arrive, they noticed Dooby's new suit of
clothes. None of them knew there was a DuBois and Son Construction
Company. Then when he turned around they hid their smiles when they read
`BIG BOSS'. From that moment on, Dooby became `Boss' or sometimes, `Big
Boss', and from that moment Dooby actually became the Boss.

Dooby was everywhere. He never criticized, he just asked questions: Was
that footer trench three feet deep? They were supposed to be. Weren't there
supposed to be two rebar's in the footer form? There was only one in that
section. Does that trash add strength to the footer? The trash would result
in a weak spot.

The men found it was a challenge to get Dooby to stop asking those
embarrassing questions as the building began to rise out of the ground and
take on the shape of a barn-like structure. There were finally far fewer
questions and Dooby became the undisputed overall `Big Boss' man.

The first-time Charlie arrived from the city for a tour of the
construction, he was riding in his new monster limo that was just like the
one the boys always rode in. They were all surprised when none other than
Charlie Spelling appeared from the back door and he was already wearing
rubber boots.

"Come along for a look see as long as you put on those boots I bought you,"
Charlie invited his driver, "We can wash them off before we leave since we
wouldn't want to get our new ride all muddy."

The Spelling's driver was as new as the limo. Charlie didn't even ask
Deacon to work for him instead of the boys. Deacon was Mark, the
Veterinarian's, new partner and they weren't about to be separated. So, the
problem remained; that of finding a driver.


Charlie, Laura and Margery were having lunch the previous day. No one
recognized them as the restaurant owner or Margery, the woman who owned the
whole building. They always requested Barry's station because he also
strived to be the best server and he often anticipated their needs.

When Charlie saw Barry coming with their drinks before they were ordered,
the light dawned in his head. He'd seen the love or desire sparks fly
between Barry and Johnnie, the Charlie's new general manager, the day the
two boys first met. He assumed that by then Barry had moved in with Johnnie
in the million-dollar apartment right upstairs on the sixth floor. No other
arrangement could be better.

"Pull up a chair and set a spell Barry," Charlie invited, "I believe I have
a business proposition for you."

Barry thought Charlie was joking and backed away shaking he head and
laughing. That ended suddenly when Charlie's voice changed into a whip
crack as he insisted that Barry join them. Barry sat down on the edge of
the chair nervously and wait for their ultimate employer to make some sort
of business offer to a lowly gay server boy. Charlie started by saying he
needed a guy, preferably young, who could walk and chew gum at the same

"In addition to being gay?" Barry thought the conversation would end if he
cut to the chase. He couldn't imagine that Charlie would want a gay boy

Charlie laughed at that. "I sure didn't imagine that you were sleeping with
Johnnie just to screw him into giving you a raise. You already met my son
Cory and Dooby, his life partner and you recognized them as gays. They sure
recognized you and Johnnie. I don't yet know how you boys do that but I
know you can. I believe it's called something like `gaydar'." Barry
couldn't help relaxing and laughing at Charlie's last comment

When Johnnie saw Barry sitting with such very important customers, he
rushed over to see how sick Barry was. By the time he arrived, Barry
certainly looked like he was dying while Charlie, his wife and
Mrs. Thurston were laughing, while they callously waited for Barry to draw
his last breath.

Charlie quickly explained that he wanted Barry to drive for he and
Laura. He would be salaried and receive full company benefits. Barry would
work regular, mostly daytime hours and if they went out to eat dinner
somewhere else in the evening, he would go along and have dinner with them
as well as be paid overtime. He also mentioned that Barry might have to
work weekends when they went to the boys' house in New Jersey. He even
sweetened the deal further by inviting Johnnie to go along any or every
weekend if he was free. He finished by asking if Barry had a passport for
when they traveled out of country.

Barry was convinced; he would take the job driving Mr. and
Mrs. Daisy. After the laughter died, Charlie recalled that he forgot what
must be the most important thing to the young man, but hesitated to ask. He
borrowed Barry's pen as he was about to go put in the lunch orders. He
wrote a number on a paper napkin, then wrote, `Your Salary' under the
number. He handed the napkin to Barry as Johnnie looked over his shoulder.

Then both boys suddenly looked like they really were dying. Barry even
found himself protesting the amount. Charlie winked at Margery before he
countered, "That's not too much. I believe Margery and I sitting at this
table, each earn that much while we sit here having lunch -- that is, if we
ever get lunch. That was a hint to get your young ass in gear."


The first-time Charlie came to visit the construction site, Dooby ran to
greet him and Barry. Of course, the dogs followed to greet Charlie as
well. Fortunately, Charlie wasn't wearing a suit. The dogs were jubilant to
see Charlie, their favorite `pillow' and nearly knocked him into a ditch
when they jumped on him before Dooby could scold them for crossing a
spray-painted bright orange line around the building area.

Dooby was teaching Chuckie and Laurie to stay on the grassy side of the
line and not trespass into the muddy area plus no one wanted to risk them
getting hurt because they were natural snoops, way worse than Dooby. Dooby
scolded the pups and they backed off from Charlie and went to greet Barry,
the very nice human they remembered, who fed them in Charlie's.

Barry was a city boy who considered the country, a visit to Central
Park. When the dogs pounced on Barry he was staring at some deer not more
than 100 feet away that were staring back, he thought hungrily. Barry
didn't see the dogs coming nor did he see the new ditch with six inches of
water in the bottom that he was standing way too near.

Barry's scream was louder by far than the splash he made by landing in the
bottom of the ditch. When he collected his wits, and stood up dripping mud
and water, he was greeted by the dogs wagging their asses off and everyone
else's laughter.

Barry didn't seem to be upset but he had an evil glint in his eyes. "Come
to poppa," he said to the dogs while he patted his chest that was about
even with the dog's heads. The wagging increased if that was possible
before both jumped to Barry, and both landed at Barry's feet in the bottom
of the ditch, soaking wet and covered in mud that the water hadn't washed
off. The dogs were still wagging and jumping up on Barry while he laughed
at their joy.

Then a look of horror crossed Barry's face. "How am I ever going to get
home without getting my new ride all muddy?"

"Strange," Charlie agreed, "I was wondering that very same thing."

"No worries," Dooby said to Barry, "I have to get ready for school, so you
can shower with me." He looked down at the dogs, "And you two can take a
bath." Barry handed the dogs, one at a time up to Dooby so he ended up
being nearly as muddy and wet as they were.

After Barry was pulled from the ditch, Barry looked all around, "Where are
we going to shower?" he asked Dooby.

"At the house."

"Where's the house?" Barry asked after he looked all around the area again.

"Right up there," Dooby pointed.

"Holy shit, I thought that was a hotel or an office building."

"Nope, that's home," Dooby assured.

"Do we have to climb up there?"

"Nope, we and the critters will ride up in that," Dooby pointed at a not so
little four passenger off road, 4 X 4 (ATV) that was parked just outside
the orange line. Dooby didn't know what to buy his alternate family for
Christmas so he bought each member one (including Deacon and Mark) of the
speedy little vehicles and was pleased and surprised when everyone
abandoned their other gifts and went for an extended ride all around the

Dooby stopped the dog's race to the cart at the orange line. He shook his
finger at the critters and reminded them which side was theirs and which
the workers took for their domain. The dogs sat and wagged while they
tipped their heads as if they might be listening to Dooby's lecture. They
actually were waiting for Dooby's command to board the ride so they could
enjoy both the open-air ride and the promised bath after they got to the

Dooby parked in the garage after driving up to the house a back way so that
Mom Laura wouldn't see them. "Shit," he said in a normal tone of voice,
"here we are sneaking around to avoid Mom Laura when I just remembered she
and Charlie finally moved into the city. Laura has a very big problem with
dirt in the house but she isn't here to see us. Come on, let's strip here
and then run through the kitchen and up the back stairs.

Dooby got no complaints from Barry because he was interested in seeing what
Dooby was hiding under his clothes, just as Dooby was interested in seeing
Johnnie's new partner in the buff too. The two boys piled their muddy
clothes together then paused to study each other's body openly.

Dooby was pleased to see that Barry was close to his height and only
perhaps 10 pounds heavier, so Barry could wear Dooby's clothes and not look
like either a `rag bag' or so tight he would look like he was wearing a
full body condom. Both guys were pleased to see that their dangling cocks
were almost identical as well. Barry wondered if he would get to see Dooby
all grown up.

Barry followed as Dooby led the way into the kitchen and up the back stairs
but Dooby stopped when he saw that the dogs had stopped to eat their
breakfast. He giggled and told Barry that the critters were creatures of
habit and the primary one was never to walk by a food bowl.

Dooby's big mouth once again got him in trouble by calling Cecilia, the
cook's attention to him standing stark naked on the stairs and also the
dogs and their coatings of mud. Barry was surprised that she didn't scold
Dooby for his or his friend's lack of clothes; rather she hollered at him
because he allowed two filthy dogs into her clean kitchen. As his defense,
Dooby pointed out that the dogs had their own door into the kitchen and no
one was fast enough to lock the dog door before the dogs got to, and
through it.

Barry noticed that all the while Dooby and the cook were talking, Dooby
kind of kept moving his hips so his junk jiggled. He wondered why until he
noticed the cook wasn't looking at Dooby's eyes; they were fixed on his
ever-swinging dick. When the dogs finished their breakfast, the
conversation ended. The dogs raced ahead while Dooby followed them first
and Barry followed Dooby's sweet ass. When Barry looked back, he saw the
cook smiling while she watched his and Dooby's asses, he assumed until they
were out of sight.

Once the boys entered the second-floor hall Barry slowed to a walk while he
looked at how the `other half' lived in their country homes. He'd been in
Charlie and Laura's penthouse apartment and imagined the many millions that
place cost but he just couldn't wrap his head around the probable value of
this old 50-room mansion that was surrounded by 1000 acres of land. Barry
was so absorbed by his surroundings that he failed to see Dooby turn right
through open double doors; he just kept on walking down the hall.

"Yo, earth to Barry!" Dooby called with a giggle. When Barry caught up, red
faced, Dooby said, "You know you look just like I think I did when I first
got a look inside this big old barn. Now it's just home."

"Is this your bedroom?" Barry squeaked.

"Nope this is just our lounge. The bedroom is through here." Dooby urged
Barry to follow by waving his arm.

"Hurry the fuck up," Cory called out from the dressing room. "Remember
Deacon keeps threatening to leave your silly ass home and one of these days
he'll do it," He once again scolded the chronic slowpoke who had a teen
phobia about going to school, but never about being driven home.

"Stop cursing, you dirty mouth; I have a guest to shower with this morning
since you can't wait to shower with your favorite partner."

When Cory saw Barry, he shook his hand and congratulated him on his shift
in job titles. He said it that way he said because whether or not driving
for his mother and Charlie, was a promotion or not.

Barry followed the sound of water running to find Dooby and the
bathroom. Then when he first saw the bathroom, he stopped suddenly only to
have naked Cory crash into his back. Barry thought quickly and while
apologizing, he turned to make sure Cory was alright by running his hands
straight down Cory's body to and down the length of his cock that dangled
half the distance to his knees.

"Sorry about that, I just couldn't help it," Barry said while he reviewed
the result of his handiwork. The result was, Cory's cock grew and began to

Dooby had rinsed the dogs off in the shower before he motioned them into
the spa pool waiting for the water to rise above where they were sitting,
so they could begin swimming. "Yeah right, that's what all the guys say
after they feel Cory up the first time," Dooby howled at his cleverness. He
added, "And don't forget to feel up his balls too; they really aren't

Cory batted Barry's hand away from continuing his tour and gave Dooby the
finger before he began laughing and pointing at Dooby who was already
stroking his full erection. Barry took one look and ran to join Dooby. And
since hardons were apparently permitted in this particular bathroom, his
was at full mast by the time he reached the shower.

Then as soon as Barry got into the shower he was distracted by an
assortment of bottles and tubes lined up on the shelf in the back of the
shower. Barry had seen the same selection for sale at Macy's. He even
bought a bottle of shower gel because he needed gel and because of the
picture on the bottle. In fact, he would have bought a larger selection but
all Orsini products were too expensive for a server.

"Do you recognize anyone?" Dooby asked as he boldly began washing Barry's
back using the same gel while he was preoccupied. When Barry shrugged,
Doody held the bottle up to Barry's eyes. "That's me you asshole, and
that's Cory, there's Christian," Dooby kept pointing, "You met all these
guys, when we came in to Charlie's for that big dinner party," he reminded.

"Holy shit," Barry mumbled.

Dooby giggled, "Nope that was my finger," he corrected. "Too bad we have to
get to school, but as compensation, we'll give you a gift box when we go
down to the garage."

Cory had stayed away from the shower so he wouldn't get involved in Barry's
seduction, plus he was already dry and his hardon would wilt by the time he
dressed, which wouldn't happen if he joined Dooby and Barry. Since he also
couldn't watch, he called the dogs out of their bath and began to dry them
off with towels until helpful Laurie ran to grab the hairdryer from the
counter as a reminder of how they really preferred to be dried.

Since Dooby had to hurry, he fitted his front to Barry's back, with his
soapy cock between Barry's legs. Then he reached around Barry's hips so one
hand could stroke him while the other played with his nuts. "Do you think
Johnnie would approve what we're doing?"

"I think so, he thinks you and Cory are hot and he'd like to get in your
pants too. When I tell him, he'll be envious," Barry panted. After that,
both Barry and Dooby stopped talking; they had a more a pleasurable goal.

"You know both you guys can come out here for a day or even all weekend? Or
if that never works out, tell Johnnie to plan his vacation during spring
break when we go to Florida." Cory half shouted over the roar of the hair
dryer. He was working over Laurie who was so happy, she looked like she was
having an orgasm. Cory sent the dogs off to finish drying; he didn't say
where because after being dried, they loved to get up on the bed and dive
under the covers to wrestle each other and finish the job using the boys'

With the hair dryer off, Cory continued, "We'll have to stop for a day in
Daytona Beach to visit our hotel and a condo we have an interest in, then
we'll pick up some of those guys and head on down to Marathon."

That was when Dooby and Barry almost moaned together. With that taken care
of the boys were ready to talk while they actually showered. "Well I don't
know about Johnnie, but I won't be able to go; remember I just started
driving Charlie and your mom," Barry said regretfully.

Barry was surprised when Cory and Dooby laughed. Cory sort of explained;
"Mom and Dad will be coming with us and Dad finally decided to splurge
occasionally, so he's planning on taking his new ride with him wherever he
goes. You know what that means don't you?"

Dooby was blunter, "What the doofus means is we told Charlie that he's got
more money than he can ever spend so he might as well do what he wants no
matter what it costs, so he'll charter a freight carrier. There goes your

Then Cory dealt with Johnnie's probable reasons; "You might not know it but
Dooby and I are major stockholders in the new Justa Pizza public
corporation that includes the Charlie's chain, in fact we're both
vice-presidents, plus we have an `in' with the Charlie's chain
founder. What that means is if we say Johnnie can take a vacation; then
that's what he'll do. Now Dooby, we need to get our asses in gear before
Deacon comes hunting us."

"Did someone mention my name?" Deacon asked while leaning against the door
frame and tapping his watch.

Barry forgot he was naked and still about half hard, "Hey, hi, blind guy!"

The three guys finally got finished dressing while Deacon continued to tap
has watch and Dooby continued to run his mouth so he was dead last out of
the three while if there was only Dooby and Cory having to dress, he would
still be last.

If Barry was worried about an earlier whitetail deer attack, he went
catatonic when he was about to climb out of Dooby's limo; the deer had been
joined by genuine wild African animals. Only these didn't just stare at
him; they ran toward him and even the zebra looked at him hungrily.

Dooby giggled and thrust a plastic Spelling's sack into his hands. "Here,
quick, feed them," Dooby instructed.

"But they're wild animals, they might bite," Barry worried.

"Don't worry, they don't eat meat, even city boys like you, and if one
does, we have a doctor right here on the premises for such emergencies."
Dooby switched topics, "Well Deacon you were in such a hurry; so, hurry up
and drive or you'll make Cory late for school," Dooby was pleased to retort
after he slammed the door on Barry and Deacon gunned the engine to leave
city boy Barry standing on the edge of an open field with a bag full of
carrots and six wild animals bearing down on him.

"I wonder if Barry even knows what a whole raw carrot looks like," Cory
said with a giggle. That question got Dooby and Deacon laughing and
suggesting different ways carrots could be cooked so Barry would recognize
them. They finally concluded that the color, bright orange would be the
ultimate giveaway.

Even the dogs felt the boy's excitement during the ride home after school
and kept rubbing their bodies on the boy's legs to hurry them during the
time while they changed from school clothes to after school clothes. Cory
decided that to be with Dooby during construction, that he would change
clothes in the truck too. Then there was a rush to get outside to where
Dooby's Christmas gifts were lined up and ready to go. Deacon was already
sitting in his waiting for the guys because he didn't have to change,
except trade shoes for rubber boots.

The dogs looked confused when they saw Dooby and Cory each climb into
separate ATVs. The ability for Cory and Dooby to drive something with an
engine was the reason Dooby bought them. Since the passenger seats on each
cart remained vacant, the dogs decided to split up so both could ride up
front for a change.

Dooby and Cory had already envisioned racing each other but were concerned
about Chuckie and Laurie's safety on the slippery plastic seats; so, there
would be no racing unless the dogs weren't aboard either ATV. They couldn't
imagine how that would happen.

The three carts used to driveway going down to the building site but going
back home was different from the first day. Quitting time for the men was
also nearly evening feeding time for the deer and the new animals but none
of them were about to climb the hill up to the house while the humans who
fed them were down in the field.

The deer herd gradually separated with the majority, those that visited for
protection during hunting season, opting to cross the bridge to amble to
the big pole barn to dine on hay. That still left nearly 50 deer who had
become used to eating corn mash and perhaps fruits and vegetables for the
bravest who were willing to accept food from a human's hand. Of course,
eating special snacks included the new animals who had no fear of humans at
all and therefore ate better than most of the more timid visiting deer.

The position of the exotics and the deer herd evolved quickly. The giraffes
naturally became the herd's sentinels and markers. Wherever they stood in
the field was obviously safe for the deer herd and doubly so because the
camels always seemed to flank the giraffes and perhaps acted as guards. The
zebras however were another story.

The zebras were just a bit taller than the deer and seemed to enjoy each
other's companionship with frequent ass sniffing and licks between
species. The zebras were also easy for the herd to keep track of because of
their black and white coloration and because they frequently raised their
horse-like heads with their big ears always moving, listening for trouble
that the giraffes couldn't see.

Cory was first to notice the strange assemblage of mostly deer but
including Dooby's pets in the vanguard. "I think they plan to follow us, so
that means a hill climb, the shortest distance to the food."

"Neat, we haven't tried that yet, so let's go," Dooby agreed after he was
joined by a very proud Chuckie while Laurie opted to ride with Cory.

Just before the strange convoy started across the field, they were joined
by Mark who had the back of his new ride filled with bags of food that was
specially formulated for grazing African animals and also contained
vitamins and minerals needed by the mothers to be and their unborn
babies. Marc explained the food at dinner the previous evening, so everyone
knew to place the special food in the trough the pets knew to be theirs.

"We look like an off-world army attacking the last human citadel on earth
up on the top of a mountain!" Dooby shouted with glee. He leaned forward
and lowered his head as if get out of an imaginary wind from the speed he
was driving as well as avoid being shot by the defenders.

Chuckie looked over at Dooby with an unreadable expression and continued to
sit up proudly as the sole uncontested occupant of the passenger seat. Cory
swerved closer to Dooby's ride. "Don't worry Chuckie, I forgot to make sure
Dooby took his afternoon meds too, so I'll be sure to give him an extra
shot tonight to make up for it," he hollered amid Marc and Deacon's
laughter and Dooby's response; a raised middle finger that included all
three guys, although he was laughing too.

About halfway up the steep hill, Rudy and his harem popped out from under
some pine trees, then led the unique migration forward so no one animal had
to hurry to keep up. While Rudy went to Dooby to be hand fed and have his
head scratched, the four doe followed Mark's cart full of special feed to
what had quickly come to be called the `pet trough'.

Mark thought the doe might be attracted to the odor of something in the
feed; something that their pregnancies would benefit from. The problem was,
their small size precluded them competing with far bigger heads in the pet
trough, so he split a bag into two buckets and carried them over to Dooby
since the four doe weren't shy about being close to him.

The little mothers to be didn't hesitate to dive right in to the two new
buckets with their white tail rumps turned toward Rudy as if to say, `This
food is ours, since you got us into this mess'.

While Rudy ate the feed at first, he soon ambled over to two produce boxes
that had been set off to the side. He nudged the one that contained apples
and ignored the other that was full of mixed fresh vegetables then looked
back at Dooby.

"You're not a deer, you're a pig," Dooby scolded, "no one gets dessert
until everyone finishes dinner." Rudy responded by nudging the apple box
again and `soft touch' Dooby responded by opening the box to allow the
little buck to pick out his own apple, which in turn caused a


Dooby and Cory thought that they would develop a routine in managing the
High View Farm property after Laura and Charlie took up residence in their
New York apartment just after the New Year and after the whole mob returned
from their European adventure but that was not to be.

Of course, the two boys met up with Tony Orsini and Joe at the main Orsini
home in Italy and they brought Tony up to date on their joint projects in
Daytona Beach, including renovations and staffing at the David Hotel. After
Tony congratulated Dooby on his negotiating skills in closing the hotel at
such favorable prices, he asked Dooby how the renovations at his new home,
River Watch, were progressing.

Dooby's face turned red when he had to admit that he hadn't been on the
site personally when he was last in Daytona because there just wasn't
time. He had talked with Bob, the owner of Bob the Builder, the general
contractor regularly and knew only that Tony's new Daytona Beach residence
was ready for him to occupy as soon as he arrived.

As Dooby began to apologize for dropping the ball, Tony and Joe began to
laugh. They knew Dooby was super busy with other projects as well as being
a fulltime high school student. What Dooby didn't know is that Joe had
developed a long-distance relationship with Bob the Builder himself. A
relationship that both planned to turn intimate as soon as Joe returned to
America in January.

Joe and Bob had video conferenced daily with Bob frequently walking through
the old house and Joe's new one, with his tablet to show the boys in Europe
his progress and accept any changes Tony or Joe wanted to make on the
spot. Bob even found an interior decorator to finish the interiors and
furnish both homes.

What Tony really wanted, was to invite Dooby and Cory to his Daytona Beach
home for a massive moving in weekend house party. Tony planned to give a
party exactly like the ones his father and the other very, very rich
Europeans still threw regularly for each other. These parties often were
held at several of the individual's estates and apartments that were all
connected by limos and helicopters back and forth on demand to and from the
party hub.

Wiley Tony said in order to do this they would need to finish and furnish
several of the ocean front condos in the Acropolis condo tower that would
be occupied by invited guests; primarily family and friends from all over
Europe. Cory was the first to grasp Tony's ultimate motive although Dooby
wasn't far behind.

"You mean you would invite your very, very rich friends to stay in our
apartments, all of which are for sale?"

"Exactly," Tony agreed, "any could vacation up to two weeks on our dime and
since most are more liberal than you Americans, they might even partake of
the David hotel amenities. We could even arrange for room service between
the hotel kitchen and the condos. Even if only a few purchases, word would
spread across Europe and more people would come to see what is offered."

"And once again," Dooby interjected, "Actually stay there on our dime! What
a fantastic idea Tony!"

Dooby immediately called Ms. Bess to run the idea by her, while the other
guys were still in the room. They both used speakerphones so the boys could
hear Ms. Bess' opinion and Marsha, Ms. Bess' maid and long-time companion
could also hear what transpired, although it was doubtful she would
remember due to her advancing senility.

Ms. Bess thought the plan was a stroke of genius and laughingly thanked
Tony for being so very, very rich; a description Doody used several times
during the phone conversation. With the return to business, Ms. Bess
wondered where they were going to find a fast yet competent building

Cory replied that there was one of the very best in Daytona Beach who had
just completed renovations to her old home, now Tony's, as well as finished
building her son in law's spec home on the same property. Even better,
Dooby had hired him to complete the renovations he wanted at the David
hotel and was probably still working there.

Dooby suggested that they look over their apartment balcony to see if there
were any trucks there signed as `Bob the Builder'. That was a task that
Marsha could do and would do immediately. The boys in Italy could hear
Marsha confirm Bob the Builder's presence to Ms. Bess just before they
could clearly hear her when she began shouting down to the nearby parking
lot for Mr. Bob to get up to the penthouse in the building next door.

"He look like another purdy white boy Ms. Bess, dat dare hotel is jus'
chock full o' dem," she exclaimed.

"Yes dear, there certainly are a lot of them and the ones we've met so far
are also very intelligent too. Why don't you go down to the lobby, greet
this Bob, and show him up?" Ms. Bess giggled, "And while he's in the
elevator you might be sure that he's clean enough to get into our home,
particularly his trousers."

After Marsha left the apartment on her mission, Ms. Bess said to Dooby, "I
do hope this Bob is as handsome as all of you Dooby dear. If he doesn't
pass Marsha's muster, we might be in need of a new contractor."

Ms. Bess couldn't see Dooby cover his head with his arms before he replied;
"Well, he's an old guy, and he blushes a lot, but he's still easy on the
eyes even with a red face, although we haven't seen him naked yet, I'm sure
we'll get around to that if Marsha likes his pants." Dooby couldn't say
anything more since Joe, another `old' guy of 24, tackled him and quickly
had Dooby flat on the floor crying `uncle' between giggles.

Ms. Bess couldn't help laughing when she saw `old' Bob with his bright red
face. The young man was trying to pull the front tails of his shirt-jacket
down perhaps to hide the front of his trousers, she surmised after Marsha's
tour of inspection for dirt. Marsha happily reported that the only dirt she
found on Bob was a bit of sawdust, which she carefully brushed off. That
action easily explained the wonderful blush.

Ms. Bess surprised her joint venture partners who were still on the
phone. She told Bob she wanted a strictly ballpark estimate to finish every
apartment in the building but by doubling the size of each apartment, there
would be half as many to build out that then would be priced three or four
times what an original one would cost. "What do my partners think of my
plan?" Ms. Bess asked the phone.

Bob's perplexed look switched blushing red to gray shock when he heard
Dooby, Cory and Tony greeting him over the phone on Ms. Bess' desk, then
telling the old lady that they approved the plan whole
heartedly. Especially Tony, who said it would be easier to sell what had
been planned as a typical apartment that was twice as large for up to five
times the price of a single unit to the very, very rich clientele who would
be visiting.


The time for Trasker, James and Ezekiel, no longer Little Zeek, to begin
attending their respective schools had arrived. Leave taking between the
three boys and Auggie and Zeek was completed at Coral Place as the men
feared their emotions might boil over if they went with the boys to the
airport to see them off in Trasker's jet.

Even Stevie was teary eyed when he returned from taking three of his
`brothers' to the airport to find the big rambling house so empty. He was
also surprised to find Auggie, Zeek, Ryan, Logan, Brenden and Keith, were
in the process of beginning what might be called an old fashion
wake. Auggie already had a bottle of 20-year-old `Old Pappy' out and open,
with he, Zeek and Ryan sipping from old fashion glasses full of brown
liquid and ice cubes. Fortunately, the boys were just drinking beer since
it was only 9:00 in the morning.

It was party time on the big private jet that was heading to its first stop
in New Jersey. The first order of monkey business being discussed was a new
prep school name for Little Zeek. The boys, including Zeek agreed that his
nickname sounded just like what it was; the name of a black kid who came
from a Georgia plantation and they planned to fix that by the time they
landed in New Jersey.

Zeek's brother James thought they should pick a name like his; Edward,
John, William, George or maybe Walter or Harold. Nope, scratch the last
two. Trasker threw out names like his; something that implied unique old
family like, Grayson, Trenton or Asshole sounded good if one said it fast.

Zeek listened to the guys' suggestions until the steward announced that
breakfast was served. "Breakfast, we just had breakfast," James reminded.

"This is second breakfast," Zeek corrected as he settled in at the table,
ready to eat while frowning at a placemat without a plate. James and
Trasker shrugged and joined him in time to receive a plate full of waffles
and sausage.

James and Trasker continued to suggest nicknames for Zeek until breakfast
was finished while Zeek remained quiet. When knives and forks were rested
on empty plates, Zeek announced his decision. "Thanks for all the
suggestions guys but my new nickname is going to be just two letters,
EZ. Hence forth, I am EZ Redlands of Redlands Plantation, Georgia. I figure
that by the time I join the NFL after a stunning college career no one will
remember my real name; I'll just be EZ to the world."

Dooby and Cory were at the airport to meet two of their Rebel friends. All
the boys carried was a carryon each and suit bags in case of emergencies
such as dinners at fancy restaurants. They would be staying with Cory and
Dooby for a week before classes at Blair Academy resumed only because
neither could wait to get started and they wanted to surprise their new
roommates. Steve Gray was to be James Chambers' and Rodger Mathews was

Dooby and Cory accepted Little Zeek's name change with their
congratulations and that was that. Only initial introductions took place
outside the truck because James and EZ forgot that they were flying into a
northern winter and they were dressed in pullovers and shorts with their
winterwear packed in the luggage that had been shipped to the school in

They were just climbing into Dooby's Christmas gift when Trasker shouted
from inside the hatch that they forgot something. Just before they left for
Marathon airport, Auggie gave each of them well stuffed laptop computer
bags that did not contain computers. Auggie described the contents as
`walkin' around money' or `lunch money'; a little parting gift for
emergencies and insisted they take them.

James, the lightning fast running back was elected to receive the bags from
Trasker and after he returned to the truck he grabbed and held Laurie to
use as a heating pad. Chuckie had claimed the vacant passenger seat until
he looked back to see all the loving Laurie was receiving and when he
joined EZ, the threesome was forced to the floor by Dooby giving EZ a push.

Since EZ was well used to wrestling with dogs, he continued until Deacon
parked the truck in the garage. By then the dogs were using his body as a
pillow and they were fast asleep.

James and EZ didn't see the other two guests until they walked into the old
master suite lounge. Then Steve tackled helpless James to the floor while
light weight Rodger quickly climbed EZ's bigger body and planted a
soul-searching kiss on his lips.

It was then that the two rebels thanked their stars that all they were
wearing was a shirt and shorts and they had help getting those impediments
off. Since the surprise ambush was planned; the two Yankee roommates were
just wearing gym shorts. EZ walked to with bed while holding Rodger against
his body in a death grip until he fell forward on the bed to bury Rodger's
body, all while their lips remained glued together.

While James was heavier and taller than Rodger, Steve had no problem
tossing James over his shoulder and running at the king size bed and the
launching James so he too landed on his back to be covered by Steve's body
while he was still bouncing.

Two hours later, it was agreed by the six naked boys that the four
roommates to be would adjourn to Steve's house until school actually
started since his family had gone skiing after January 1st so they wouldn't
have to put up with the common holiday crowds and Steve was left home alone
to take care of his dog. The boys all had the impression that a beautiful,
loving Labrador Retriever as a Christmas gift, was not as well received as
Steve expected.


Early one morning the Coral Place house phone began ringing at the same
time what sounded like a cruise ship horn began sounding somewhere close,
but out beyond the cove entrance. Then Auggie and Trasker's cellphones
began sounding off as well.

The phone call was from a security boat to advise Auggie that there was a
huge motor yacht holding station just off the cut in deep water and an
elegant ship's tender was in route to the cove. The officer ended the call
by saying that the unexpected visitors were friends but didn't further
identify them.

The cellphone calls were from Ollie and Johnathon to announce their arrival
by water this time, not by air aboard Ollie's little red seaplane. With
breakfast just finished, the remaining boys, Auggie and Zeek, less the
Twins and the dogs, who were out on a charter, arrived on the dock just in
time to secure the tender's lines.

Ollie proudly announced that his yacht had arrived from Monaco and best of
all the new house on Ollie's Island had also just been completed and he and
Johnathon had moved in. They were there to kidnap all the Coral Place
residents to the yacht and whisk them away to Key Largo to be the first
guests at the new house.

A diversion was just what the men and boys of Coral Place needed. Auggie,
Zeek and Ryan were all for the trip, and so were Stevie and Logan. Keith
and Brenden however said they were too busy with the new building and dock
renovations at Trasker's Marina. That excuse lasted as long as it took
Auggie to call Ms. Mae Ellen to give her full charge of the marina for a
few days while he took the `kids' on a short holiday.

Next, Auggie called Jeff out in the middle of the Gulfstream with the
twins, aboard Fishin' Boy, to advise him that for the next couple of days,
he had full charge of Coral Place AND most importantly, the twins, while
the rest of them went up to Ollie's Island for a few days.

Jeff stared at his phone for a moment before he asked the twins; "Do you
guys know anything about Ollie's Island?"

Kevin shrugged, "I know the guys have friends, Ollie and his partner
Johnathon. They have a seaplane they use to scare the shit out of everybody
when they land it in the cove, but they haven't come around since we've
been here. The guys did say those guys were building a house on an island
somewhere in the Keys, maybe that's it. Why, who was that on the phone?"

"That was Auggie. He called to say they were all going to Ollie's Island
for a few days, so we have the whole place to ourselves." Jeff tactfully
did not say that Auggie placed him in charge. He thought the twins were
unusually mature for their age and he hoped that they could all get along
by themselves using mutual agreement and not by his having to impose any
rules of behavior.

Their current charter was two guys who had signed up to fish with Jim-Bob
so they were referrals, which meant that Kyle could take them into
Jim-Bob's private areas to fish for the first time. Most importantly the
two clients were paying to catch fish; not to fuck around or even ogle twin
bodies, although they did notice that the men looked at the boys strangely.

The men wondered how two young kids came to have such a beautiful boat,
complete with a private chef yet, and be capable of being competent Florida
Keys guides. What the boys didn't know was that one of the men was a writer
and the other was a photographer and both worked for a national magazine
that was geared to appeal to salt water fishermen.

The men wanted to review the guy who was reputed to be the best in the
Florida Keys fishing guide business, Jim-Bob, but what they got was a pair
of young teens and a mate and chef who was barely an adult along with four
Labrador Retrievers who wore life vests and knew how to climb up and down a

Kevin and Jeff were ready to set out the four lines when Kyle reduced speed
to steerage. That was also the signal to the dogs that they could come down
the ladder to have some ice cubes, do any needed business and then go into
the salon for their long morning nap since they'd been up since long before

While the writer sat ready in the fighting chair, the photographer began
snapping away to document all the activity around him without getting in
the way. Kyle watched the second guy with the camera from his advantage
from the fly bridge and wondered why he was interested in how the live bait
was so carefully hooked up or how Kevin and Jeff made sure the baits could
swim properly after each was returned to the water before the four lines
were allowed to drop back. Two straight back from the stern and two that
were attached by clips to the outriggers; a wave from either guy on deck
was the signal to Kyle to boost power to trolling speed so the baits would
skip on the water properly.

Kyle was so intent on keeping one eye one the boat's direction and the
other on the four lines to avoid fouling each other, he wasn't aware the
guy with the camera had boldly climbed the ladder and was taking pictures
of him until the guy blocked his view of the lines.

Kyle was about to tell the client to get off the fly bridge when both Jeff
and Kevin shouted' "FISH ON!"

The guy ducked which allowed Kyle to see that there were two fish hooked up
at the same time. Jeff had already handed off one pole to the guy sitting
in the fighting chair and was looking for the second guy to snap the second
pole into the harness that was equipped with a socket to hold the pole's
butt. Meanwhile Kevin was busy cranking in the other two lines to get them
out of the way of the fight.

Kyle saw the problem and addressed it in no uncertain terms; "What the fuck
are you doin' up here on my deck? Not only are you not ready, you ain't
even wearnin' your harness! I'll just take that camera while you get your
ass down below an' start fishin'. This ain't no National Geographic
photographic cruise, you paid to fish now go get to fishin'!" Kyle had to
say the last bit to the top of the guy's head as he just about fell down
the ladder in his haste to obey the Captain's orders.

Kevin was there to strap the second guy into the harness and Jeff was able
to hand off the pole before he had to fight the fish himself to get it out
of the way of the second fight that appeared to be a small billfish, the
perfect size for mounting.

The guy in the harness soon boated a nice but smallish bull dolphin that he
wanted boated without using the gaff and begged Kyle to take his picture
since he had the guy's camera. The crew were all surprised when he wanted
the fish to be released as soon as it was documented. Kyle also made the
guy beg to get his camera back as well as promise never to get in the way
again while onboard Fishin' Boy. The guy promised anything in order to
document the billfish catch while it was still in the water so it too could
be released.

It turned out that the clients were very much into catch and release and
perhaps the fish knew it because they had a very exciting, very productive
day but with no fish; just plenty of photos. Many included the twins and
Jeff and the one guy who much preferred to fish along with any fish that
could be safely boated before it was released.

The clients called a halt at mid-afternoon. They said they'd had enough fun
for one day, they were tired and wanted to get back to Key West. That was
when the twins realized that Stevie and driven down to pick them up and
deliver them to Marathon, so Jeff would have to drive them back since
Stevie had gone with Auggie to wherever.

On the way in Kevin asked Jeff if he'd ever had dinner at the Dead Lobster
in Key West. Jeff grinned and said no, but he'd worked there before he
moved to Marathon to work at the Club. He anticipated the twins, "Why don't
you ride down with me, then we could have dinner there tonight? That way
there's no mess to clean up in the house." He looked at the dogs who not
only were wide awake but had joined the boys on the fly bridge for the
journey home. "What about the dogs?"

Kyle answered that by asking the dogs, "Do you guys want to take a ride and
then have dinner out?" The dogs understood two words in that question;
`ride' and `dinner' and they wanted both by taking Kyle down to the deck
then have a wonderful wrestle to prove it.

Since they were done fishing the clients had been invited up to the fly
bridge for the ride home and enjoy the cool wind which they didn't get on
the main or fighting deck so they heard the boy's plans.

"Have you guys been to the Dead Lobster? It's a really good seafood house;
we're friends with the owners." The men had heard of it but hadn't been
although they planned to have dinner there before they left Key West. "Well
how about you guys having supper with us tonight, on us, since one of you
turned out to be a good fisherman, and the other learned to keep his ass
out of the way most of the time," Kevin invited with a giggle at the
photographer's contrite apologetic expression.

"Sure, thanks, we'd enjoy your company, but how do you plan to take these
playful critters into a restaurant?"

"We'll show you when we get there just don't forget your sunglasses," Kevin
warned cryptically and refused to explain further. Then he got down on his
knees close to Kyle's head, grabbed his wrists and held them down on the
deck. He told the dogs, "Okay, he's defenseless, show Kyle how much you
love him by giving him lots of kisses."

The more Kyle laughed and screamed at the dogs and his brother, the easier
it was for the dogs to get their tongues into his mouth until he realized
what he was doing wrong and clamped his jaws and eyes closed. When
assaulting Kyle's face proved to be less of a challenge, two dogs magically
snatched the available and reachable red on blue caps off the kid's heads.

"You drop those hats!" Jeff ordered in a stern voice, "You know we have to
order more and those are the last we have on hand," he explained as if the
dogs understood. Whatever, all four slowed their wagging and sat down
looking at Jeff wearing beaten puppy expressions as the caps lay on the
deck with just a few teeth marks to show evidence of wrongdoing.

"Grab your hats guys, before they get over the shock of being hollered at,"
he instructed the twins. Someone whined pitifully and Jeff said, "Okay, all
is forgiven," in a soft kind voice that caused the dogs to race toward him
and lick his legs since he was sitting on a high chair that was fixed to
the deck and they couldn't reach any higher.

Then Jeff suggested that they dock at home since they all had to shower and
change, plus they also needed wheels to drive to Key West. Since Jeff was
unsure of docking yet, he turned the wheel over to Kevin from just before
they entered the cove after waving to the ever-vigilant security boat that
guarded the entrance full-time after the Picasso was stolen.

With Kevin busy at the wheel and Kyle and Jeff getting out dock lines, the
boys didn't see their clients whispering, "Where do these kids live?"

"I don't know, but I wouldn't try to get in by water uninvited."

"Me either but I smell a potential story here so I put a fresh battery and
a new SD card in my camera."

"You better get permission first or you'll liable to be thrown out without
that fucking camera or maybe your life. We don't know who these kids are
but we know their parents can afford to pay for their privacy in the
extreme with floating armed guards."

The men couldn't see the house until Kevin swung Fishin' Boy around so he
could back into its regular slip. The dogs were anxious to get off the boat
and one yipped to remind someone that their life vests needed to be
removed. With the dock lines secured and the dogs on land and gone to check
their bowls, Kyle invited the men into the house to wait.

Meanwhile, the men were rendered speechless just from the sight of the
outside of the huge rambling structure. Inside the great room, while the
men remained speechless as they looked around, the twins realized that they
didn't know how to host anyone. The grinned at each other and
simultaneously called Jeff.

Jeff took the men to the dining room to the long server where he knew
liquor was stored, that was against the wall directly under the infamous
Picasso. He pulled out a bottle of Old Pappy, "I don't know what you drink,
but around here this is the most popular bourbon. There's lots of other
stuff under here too, if you don't like this. There's glassware under here
and I'll just go fill the ice bucket."

Jeff wanted to know if the men recognized the brand. "Holy shit!" They did.

Two minutes later he said, "I need to shower, so look around and make
yourself at home."

"Wait, we were just looking at the painting and if you don't mind my saying
so, this is ugly compared to Picasso's other modern works from this

Jeff giggled at the comment. "Yeah it is. That's a forgery, the original
was stolen a little while ago, but Auggie has two former FBI agents working
on getting it back by stealing it and replacing it with a far better
forgery. Then when it's sold on the black market, the buyer will be told
that he bought a fake and he'll take care of the thieves for us. Pretty
neat plan huh? Later..."

When Jeff and the twins returned wearing shorts and carrying shirts, they
found the photographer with his camera up and clicking away. The twins
flanked Jeff as he walked across the room with his hand out. "If you had
asked, we would have said no pictures, but you didn't, so I'll have to ask
for the card in your camera please."

"But, but..."

Jeff took the camera and was soon scrolling through the memory, and
deleting each of 25 photos, with the twins looking over his arms. "Our dad
says we have a lot of valuable artwork in here that no one knows about and
we want to keep it that way so we don't have to lock up all the windows and
doors every time we step outdoors," Kyle explained with a frown.

"We're sorry, we didn't think about abusing your trust. From now on, no
more pictures and we won't say a word about what we saw in here today, ah,

"Okay then," Jeff said, "let's get the show on the road," he pointed at
Kyle, "You, put ice in the small cooler. Kevin, you get the critters in
their harnesses, while I'll grab some snacks and the booze, oh and car

"All the keys are in the cars," Kyle informed.

"What are we drivin'?" Kevin asked with a mischievous grin.

Jeff giggled, "They said I could drive anything, do you dare me?"


"Road trip kids!" Jeff announced. The dogs raced out the window wall while
the humans used the kitchen screen door.

That was when the men got a first look at millions of dollars in car flesh
parked in the open garage. Kevin shouted, "I call shotgun!" and ran for the
front passenger door after opening the rear door of the gleaming antique
Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, so the dogs could jump in the back with the other
humans. Then at the last minute before the doors closed, Little Auggie
decided to sit up front with Jeff and Kevin.

Kevin screamed when Little Auggie jumped into his lap, as usual, without
regard to where he stepped as he turned around to face forward and push
Kevin over toward Jeff so he could sit on the seat by the open window, "One
of these days mutt, someone is goin' to step on your dick and balls, then
we'll see how you like gettin' stepped on," he said sourly for which he
received an apologetic kiss on his mouth.

With no air conditioning, all the windows were open, even the glass
partition between the driver and passengers, so shouting was necessary
instead of just talking. Kyle did the honors bartending by serving the men
Old Pappy the way Auggie liked his drinks; mostly bourbon and just a splash
of water from a bottle. Then, for snacks, he handed out bags of corn chips,
which of course got the dogs' attention.

The dogs split up to beg from all three humans or just snatch the whole bag
if someone got careless by holding their bag within dog reach.

Then Kyle served his brother his drink; a longneck beer, by placing the
bottle bottom on his shoulder that got him a `fuck you' after he almost
knocked little Auggie off the seat as well as allow the dog to grab the bag
of corn chips.

"Thanks Jeffery," the twins sang together as they saluted their far
thinking friend with their beers.

"Just keep them low, and keep an eye out for the law," Jeff warned, "I
figure one bottle won't hurt you unless we get caught, then I'll hurt you
as soon as I get out of jail," he joked.

"Did you make a reservation?" Kevin shouted into the wind as the big car
barreled south along Route 1.

"Yes, siree Bobby! Yo' is lookin' at Auggie Bligh hisself!" Jeff was trying
to imitate Auggie.

"Who is your dad anyway?" The photographer asked.

In answer, Kyle pointed up at a billboard they were passing, "See the
bottom of the sign? It says `Bligh Communications, Inc.' The Bligh part is
dad and the Inc. part means, `Including us' according to dad," he explained
while bursting with pride.

"August Bligh, I see said the blind man. We wondered how you guys came by
Fishin' Boy."

"Yup, he's on `permeant loan', whatever that means, from dad to us. But
don't worry he's replacin' Fishin' Boy with a bigger one, that just needs
some renovations, before we take delivery." Both boys loved using the
`imperial' we since they found out they were being adopted. It was nice to
have a forever family for the first time in their lives.

The Dead Lobster parking jockeys saw them coming and the fastest of them
waved before he ran to move an orange cone right by the front door; a space
for Jeff to back into. "Shit," Jeff moaned, "I forgot tip money," he told
Kevin in a low voice.

"That's okay Jeffery our man, we didn't; we brought along some special tip
money," Kevin whispered back with a shit eating grin and a raised eyebrow
to say special tip meant money they all got for losing their shorts for
Mr. Crossley.

Jeff watched and saw that someone had clued the twins in about
tipping. Kevin palmed a folded bill and made it a point to shake the
helpful attendant's hand as soon as he climbed from the car while Little
Auggie was pulling strongly on his leash for the door.

Kyle stopped all the dogs with one word, sit. He explained that they were
in public and that they had to act like ladies and gentlemen at all times
until they got back in the car. The men were amazed to see the dogs
continue to sit as leashes were distributed; one dog to one guy who was
wearing sunglasses. The photographer was surprised to find that Mattie was
leading him when she looked up to give him a baleful stare when the three
boys and the other dogs began to leave them behind.

The twins certainly weren't expecting to see Jim-Bob waiting to greet them
just inside the door; he wasn't, he was expecting to see Auggie. Jim-Bob
couldn't quite erase his smile as he led the Bligh party of nine to the big
corner table. When the party of five humans sat down, four empty places
remained. Jeff turned scarlet when he realized his mistake; he'd included
the dogs in the reservation. Kevin went on the offensive before Jim-Bob
could say anything.

"The dogs will have prime rib dinners as usual so we counted them. If you
want, they'll sit on the chairs to eat their dinners. They'll just have to
eat the rolls while we have Auggie's oysters as our appetizers," Kevin

Jim-Bob laughed, "That won't be necessary. In the future just use your own
names; Kevin and Kyle Bligh and you'll get same special treatment just like
the rest of the Bligh family. In fact, since you have the space, Carter,
Eric and I would like to join you and this dinner will be our treat.

The twins were never shy about accepting free food, so when Carter and Eric
arrived and everyone was introduced, dinner became a real party. The twins'
two clients for the day eventually asked Jim-Bob why he didn't take them
fishing as planned.

He answered honestly that he and Carter just got back in town that
afternoon after buying Auggie Bligh a new boat to replace Fishin' Boy. Of
course, the twins wanted to hear all the details, so Jim-Bob said Fishin'
Boy II was 90 feet of fishing elegance that had been finished but never
launched because the buyer could no longer afford it. He also mentioned
that the new yacht even had a circular staircase from the salon up to the
fly bridge. They expected delivery in about two weeks after a few minor
changes were completed.

Jim-Bob could see longing in the twins' eyes so he quashed that idea before
it took root. "Also, Auggie mentioned that you two best not even think
about adding Fishin Boy II to you charter fleet. He said that you already
have two boats and that's enough for now."

"You have another boat?" One of the men asked. It was clear that he was

"Yup, we also have Double Trouble, that's our flats boat. We were plannin'
to offer charters to fish the flats on the Gulf side, because we know the
flats better than blue water, but then after we took Jim-Bob and Carter out
there, Jim-Bob here suggested that since we did so good, that someday we
could afford to get a blue water boat. We suggested to dad that we could go
partners if he let us use Fishin" Boy to start out."

"Blue water is also a heap more profitable," Kyle added to Kevin's

"Would you be free to take us out flats fishing tomorrow? We'd be willing
to pay the same rate for the day," one of the men asked almost too eagerly.

"What's you guys' story?" Kyle finally asked, "One of you does nothing but
fish and the other only takes pictures of everything but never fishes."
Kyle's tone of voice was accusatory.

The men finally confessed who they were and their motives; writing a story
with lots of pictures included, for a national saltwater fishing
publication. They initially wanted to write about Jim-Bob because of his
reputation and they started out just going through the motions, not
expecting to catch any fish with the twins.

What they got was a wonderful day of catching fish, big game fish of many
species aboard Fishin Boy, all due to the twin's knowledge and total
professionalism. So, they wanted to duplicate the experience on the flats
with the Bligh twins as their guides.

"Shit," Jim-Bob exploded quietly, "we up and missed a chance for national
recognition," he said to Carter in disgust. Then he grinned and looked at
the twins. "On the other hand, you two birds are goin' to have to figure
out how you're goin' to go to school while you get swamped with charters
after the magazine comes out."

The imp in Kevin appeared in his face. "That's easy, we'll just refer them
to you guys, since y'all will be lookin' for work."

"You do realize that y'all are lucky we settin' here in public, else Carter
and me would take you down an' tickle you to death for that unkind crack,"
Jim-Bob countered with an evil grin.

Kyle forgot where he was and who was listening when he joined the verbal
joust, "If we weren't in public, we'd let y'all as long as you stripped us
naked first. You realize we been wearin' clothes the whole live long day
an' I'm startin' to chafe my privates."

It was clear that the men, Matt the photographer, and Barney, the writer,
didn't understand what Kyle said, so Jim-Bob explained that all four guides
sitting at the table were nudists. If the twins didn't have them aboard as
clients; they'd be as naked as the day they were born.

Barney said the twins could have gone naked; it wouldn't have bothered him,
while Matt argued that he would be bothered because of the difficulty of
keeping the camera lens above the waist at all times. "Besides," he
concluded, "I'm gay and you guys would have been a distraction." His look
around the table dared anyone to comment on his orientation.

Matt was surprised when he received only grins in return. "That makes all
of us except you Barney; you're outnumbered," Kevin said.

That got a hearty laugh from Matt and Barney. Matt said in return, "Are you
kidding? Barney and I have been partners for over 20 years and Barney, the
old letch, said he didn't mind because he wanted to see you three,
especially you, Jeff, naked, the whole live long day."

Auggie's Oysters arrived to interrupt the conversation. The twins
appreciated that the Bloody Mary was thicker, which turned it into more of
a sauce but they could still taste the tang of Vodka, illicit since they
were under 21. Of course, they paused eating to break up the warm crusty
rolls to feed the impatient dogs hiding under the table when they weren't
standing up to look out the window.

Chef Jeffery identified the difference, "This tomato juice was made fresh
and then thickened?" He made his assumption a question to Jim-Bob, Carter
and Eric. All three nodded as spoons continued to flash and clank on the

During the seafood feast, the guys saw Kyle pause and look at his brother,
Kevin, strangely. Kevin looked up from his meal and after a minute, he
nodded to Kyle and resumed eating. Kyle then suggested to Barney and Matt
that if they wanted to, they were invited to stay the night at Coral Place
since otherwise they'd have to drive up to Marathon where Double Trouble
was docked at Trasker's Marina before they could go fishing.

Matt accepted the overnight before he pointed out that it would also save
Jeff from having to drive to Key West and back just to pick them up so Kyle
would understand he realized that his ultimate motive was to save Jeff a

"Busted!" Kevin sang out to his brother. Then he added, "We would really
enjoy your company since at least one of you is a good fisherman since
talkin' fishing is nearly as good as fishin'."

Barney and Matt couldn't resist the chance to sleep in a real Frank Lloyd
Wright designed home with the added fillip that the home was owned by
August Bligh, a man, while acknowledged as a billionaire several times
over; he was also something of a recluse, but one who moved around in
public as he pleased, yet remained unrecognized.

The first thing the twins and Jeff did as soon as they got inside the
unlocked and wide open kitchen door, was to shed their clothes. Matt and
Barney looked at each other, admired the three tanned butts, shrugged and
quickly began to carry their clothes as well.

The boys were taking the men to the vacant guest house where they were told
they could either sleep there or pick any other bedroom that they liked
better and the boys would change the bedding to fresh. The men just glanced
into the rooms until they reached the master bedroom and recognized the
probable use of the air mattresses that surrounded the normal king size bed
in the middle of one wall so it had the best view through the unique window
wall and the air mattresses. The twins had mentioned several times that
there were other boys living there as well as the twins and Jeff and none
of the other bedrooms appeared to have been used recently, so...

Barney and Matt pointed into the room together, "You said any bedroom,"
Matt reminded.

It was the twins' turn to shrug, however, Kyle warned, "You know this is
our room and if you sleep in here, you will definitely see things happen
between three randy studs like us, don't you?"

"We're very modest too," Jeff couldn't resist adding. Then he got serious
and warned, "But, we don't know you, so the no touching rule is back in
place. Understood?"

The men nodded and even helped change the sheets on the regular bed and
occupy it without further ado. Then they looked down on the show bed
wondering where the boys had gone, until they heard the shower
running. Admitted letches that they were, they went to peek to see what the
boys were doing since they showered just before dinner.

The men scurried back to the bed when they saw that all three boys were
working on each other to get the inside clean since they'd cleaned the
outside earlier.

"You just might see two randy old studs in action too," Barney warned when
the boys returned. At the time, Matt was nursing him and it wasn't polite
to talk with one's mouth full.

In the morning, the men considered themselves lucky when they'd donned
shorts before they went looking for the boys and a cup of coffee. The three
boys were already sitting at the table and they were talking to a stranger;
a uniformed chef who was busy preparing breakfast. Then Chef Andrew made
huge roast beef sub sandwiches for them to take out on the flats boat since
it didn't have a galley for Jeff to prepare lunch.

Of course, the men were shocked to see that the three boys were naked when
they stood up from the table. They were further shocked to see the twins
prepare breakfast for the dogs. All four dog bowls got a big scoop of
kibble and then at least a half-pound each of the same roast beef the Chef
used to make sandwiches went into the bowls.

The dogs remained sitting, wagging and watching the twins intently as the
beef was mixed in the kibble. Then the boys nodded permission after they
placed the bowls on the floor and the doggie breakfasts disappeared in
under 30 seconds.

Jeff took the wheel for the short trip to the marina, while the twins got
the four dogs strapped into the personal floatation gear. At the marina
dock, Kyle told the dogs that they were taking out Double Trouble that
day. They needed no further instruction; they all disappeared into the
darkness for a few minutes and when they returned, jumped into the flats
boat to sniff the cooler that contained the sandwiches while they waited
for the boys to get the tackle from the marina storeroom.

On the way to the flats, it was agreed that shorts would be worn only as
long as it took to catch and photograph enough fish to fill up the magazine
article. Then the rest of the day would be spent au natural if the men
wished -- they wished. The thought of working, fishing, or a camera without
clothing was both novel and exciting.

On the way to the Gulf side, Barney suggested that the twins might have
forgotten something important. The twins looked all around the open boat
and couldn't note anything missing so they looked questioning at
Barney. "You both walked right past the live bait tank and you didn't get
any," he sort of accused the young co-captains.

Kyle explained as if he was a teacher instructing very young students that
they would catch all the bait they needed after they got out on the shallow
flats. He told them they would have far better luck if they fished with the
same fingerlings and shiners that the gamefish who hung out on the flats
were used to eating regularly. While Kyle talked, Kevin got out a fine mesh
cast net and waved it in Barney's face. "I stand corrected," Barney

That was when Matt got out his camera and waved it in front of Kevin's
face. "You better be wearing shorts before you cast that net or there will
be a big fuzzy spot in the middle of your magazine picture," he warned with
a giggle.

By 10:00 A.M., Barney had caught several big trout, a couple of large
redfish and even a five-foot barracuda, on light tackle, all of which, Matt
photographed before the lucky fish were returned to the water. The men
jointly declared that they were done fishing for work; it was time to start
fishing for fun and they wanted to see just how good the young fishing
guides were. All in all, everyone had a really exciting day and best of
all, the twins were being paid to fish after everyone's shorts found their
way into the dry storage locker.


One afternoon early after construction began, Deacon dropped Dooby and Cory
off at the site, parked the limo and returned driving Charlie's
Navigator. When Dooby saw the big truck coming, he turned all supervision
over to Cory, and ran to join Deacon, then they sped off along the driveway
for the gate.

All Dooby would say to Cory was that he was on a special secret mission
that was to be a surprise for the whole family, meaning that Cory was to be
left behind without further explanation. Cory just rolled his eyes and
nodded, a common response to Dooby's quirky activities by anyone who knew

Dooby had known for some time that he needed glasses but he put it off
because he hated the thought of anyone messing with his eyes generally or
the dread eye drops in particular. He was having trouble seeing the faint
blue lines on the construction plans so the time for action had
arrived. Deacon made the appointment with a local ophthalmologist for that
late afternoon.

By the time they arrived at the doctor's office, Dooby was a nervous
wreck. Fortunately, the doctor was one who didn't overbook appointments
because he wasn't afraid to charge the ones he got, so Dooby didn't have to
wait before being ushered into the examining room. While he expected to see
the doctor, he actually saw a pretty young girl who was the doctor's
assistant who performed all the preliminary tests.

Everything went well with Dooby more at ease, until he saw the assistant
coming toward him with the dread eyedropper. He squenched his eyes closed,
fully intending to keep them that way for the balance of the exam. Now,
Dooby was not the girl's first patient who didn't like eyedrops and she
placed a drop in the corner of each eye while she held a firm hand on his

Then she told him he was done with the drops and he could open his eyes. Of
course, gullible Dooby believed and then he really was done with the drops
with only a slight burning sensation. Ten minutes later, the doctor arrived
to complete the tests and 10 minutes after that Dooby was escorted into the
frame selection area of the waiting room so he could choose the frame or
frames he wanted.

It turned out that Dooby wanted a lot, far more than the office could
provide in one hour. This particular doctor was painfully aware of the
stiff competition he faced from so called discount chain eyeglass stores,
so he set up his own small lab on the premises and offered a one hour turn
around on most prescriptions.

The problem was, Dooby chose five frames and ordered the most up-to-date
lens materials and advanced coatings without regard to cost and all five
couldn't possibly be completed within one hour. A compromise was reached
with Dooby taking one pair with him and the other four to be ready by the
end of the next day.

A much-relieved Dooby regaled Deacon with his horror story all the way
home. He said the bitch assistant tricked him into opening his eyes so he
was probably permanently blinded by the fucking drops. He claimed that he
was strapped into the torture chair and the bitch held his head back in a
vise-like grip so he couldn't move his head. Then after the examination
while he was blind, he was expected to pick out frames by looking at his
face in a mirror while wearing glasses that he couldn't see.

"So, when is the big reveal?" Deacon wanted to know. Dooby was wearing his
old sunglasses while he knew the new glasses were in their case in Dooby's

"Tonight, at dinner I guess. They said the drops should be worn off by
then. It's almost quitting time, so all I have to do is to put off Cory
until then.

"You know that eye doctor looked like he was going to kiss you on the lips
when he saw the total you spent on the credit card receipt."

That comment set Dooby off again, "That's another thing, being blind and
all, I have no idea how much I spent," he complained.

Deacon chuckled, "Let's just say you made his Mercedes payment for him this

Cory knew where Dooby went as soon as he took his sunglasses off in their
bedroom after feeding the animals, "You know you now have owl's eyes?" Cory
giggled. "So, get them out and put them on. I want to see the new Dooby

Dooby grinned and turned away from Cory. When he turned back, he was
wearing his new faux tortoise shell eye glasses and winking, with one
eyebrow at full arch, he hoped seductively. Cory gave him a deep throat
kiss for his efforts and then pulled him from the room before they could
get more serious since they had to make dinner on Cecilia's days off.

Deacon and Mark thought Dooby looked just like a college professor who just
had to look through his glasses at any student to get them into bed. By
then, the dilatating chemical had worn off so Dooby kept interrupting
eating his giant Auggie burger and fries to go and look at his new image in
a mirror.

Dooby grew pensive during dessert and finally said to Cory; "You know, I
never thought I'd say this, but I think it's time that we looked around for
a tutor. For better or worse we're getting so busy with projects that just
can't wait for school vacations and weekends. We'd need one who had all the
credentials to teach high school, so we wouldn't jeopardize Harvard, and he
would have to be liberal enough so he wouldn't be hollering his head off
every time you jumped my bones in class..."

"ME jump you?" Cory screamed in Dooby's ear.

"Maybe advertise through an agency for a young gay couple? I'm sure a few
must exist out there somewhere. The employment agency would do the
screening until they have two or three couples for you to interview." Mark

Cory broadened the scope of the project, "Well, if we get tutors so we can
travel, we should look into buying our own plane. We already talked about
depending on friends like Auggie and Trasker. I don't think they really
mind because flying is a chance to visit, but we don't want you to become a
pain in the ass, DOOBY. Flying from Marathon to Athens by way of New Jersey
to pick you up is not exactly a direct flight.

Dooby nodded instead of arguing. He knew they would need a plane, "Maybe
get a small one like Tony's," he suggested, although he hoped Cory would
suggest something bigger, with more than four passenger seats.

Cory did, "Nope too small. Maybe we should look at something bigger like
Trasker's? Maybe dad would consider going partners with us? He and mom plan
to travel next summer so they'd need something long range and comfortable."

After Dooby agreed with a nod, Cory turned into an executive. "Okay, now
that's been decided, Deacon, you're in charge of finding a gay friendly
employment agency and get them started. Tell them that they can head hunt
guys who are currently teaching, we'll snatch them out of class with a
bonus if we need to.

"Next, Marc, you need to find an assistant for your practice so you have
some free time to travel with us. By us, I'm including Deacon, who should
become our estate manager and driver for now. Then after we turn 17 you'll
become our executive assistant just Like Joe does for Tony and of course,
you'll both always travel with us

"Excuse me Boss," Mark interrupted, "You do understand that I don't even
have my first patient yet," he reminded Cory.

"Oh yes you do," Dooby argued, "You have eight right here on the property.
Six might decide to have their babies while you were away with us. And two
more under this table, who are cleaning our ice cream bowls will be
traveling with us. What if they needed a vet's services at 35,000 feet?"

Dooby went off topic when he thought he had Cory in a spending mood. "You
know something else we need to get?" He quickly answered his own question,
"A pair of elephants!"


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