Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 



Part 40

The new `barn' under construction at the edge of the big field was
beginning to look much like an upscale version of the pool cabana at
Charlie's High View Farm estate. The steel columns that supported the
expansive porch-like front roof had been encased in concrete that was made
to look like shaped cut stone, complete with matching finials. Then Dooby's
design replaced the cabana's French doors with doors that were both higher
(all giraffe height) and wider (maybe wide enough for elephants) and while
they looked just like the cabana's doors, these were equipped with sensors
on both sides so they would open on demand if an animal approached either
going in or out.

Dooby also planned plenty of windows that could be opened or closed with
the touch of a few buttons or automatically if other sensors detected
inclement weather; heat, cold, rain or shine, as well as all the big
skylights he included to brighten the interior and improve ventilation. The
rest of the solid walls were also sheathed in steel then plastered so they
looked like the cabana walls. The roofing only appeared to be ageless slate
just as the house, the cabana and all the other older estate buildings, but
even Dooby realized the cost of slate was prohibitive so he found a modern
substitute that was both lighter and advertised as just as durable while
these shingles looked just like the real thing.

Inside, the interior looked more like an animal hotel than a plain old
barn. There was an extensive open area for communal loafing and behind that
space were the individual box stalls that each animal could consider as
their own private space. It was no accident that each stall was far larger
than it needed to be, so animals could sleep together if they wished. Or,
perhaps, there was space enough for two mothers and their offspring in each

Dooby knew his limitations, so his designs were limited to sketches because
he never considered costs. These were first reviewed by Cory since Dooby
thought that his partner was using their money to pay for the barn, the
rest of his Christmas gift. Neither boy knew that Charlie planned to
reimburse the boys as soon as the elegant barn was completed. Mark as the
animal's vet, had input at this point. Then the boys took Dooby's sketches
to Charlie for his approval since he in fact owned the property, although
he had nothing to say except to smile and nod. Finally, the designs were
sent off to the architect and engineers for the conversion of Dooby's
designs into working drawings so everything could be incorporated in the
barn that wasn't really a barn.

Dooby thought no one noticed that he'd included much more space than was
needed by six large animals. He'd already begun his campaign to acquire
more animals and he was pleased to see that when he'd suggested elephants,
Cory shrugged, he didn't say no.

Mark even sort of bolstered Dooby's plans by saying that as more and more
circuses were going out of business, or just giving up their animal acts,
there might be elephants that needed to be rescued. After all, what does
one do with an out of work elephant?

Dooby was quick to add, "And elephants have such beautiful, intelligent
eyes and have you ever noticed their curling eyelashes?" at dinner that

All during construction, Charlie's cellphone rang out its donkey ring
frequently, to announce Dooby was calling, mostly to keep Charlie informed,
but the calls Charlie and Laura liked best were invitations to come out to
visit for the weekend.

Charlie and Laura received such an invitation for two weeks before they
were scheduled to fly down to Marathon and Coral Place for spring break.
The boys also invited Dooby's parents, John and Betty the same weekend.
Cory and Dooby only said that they had some important plans to discuss with
the `rents' but wouldn't even hint what those plans were. They wanted to
discuss the need for tutors and a an executive size jet in person.

When Jennifer found out they were to spend the weekend at High View Farm,
she immediately called Cory, not her brother Dooby, to remind Cory that she
and Lane, her boyfriend, needed the same rooms they had when the young
couple last visited. Those two bedrooms were connected by a shared
bathroom, a true `Jack and Jill' suite, which Jennifer's father didn't know

Poor deluded John still occasionally congratulated Lane on the restraint he
showed that first weekend spent at High View Farm, in not trying to sneak
into Jennifer's bedroom in the dark of night. John even admitted that if
their places were reversed, as a horny 16-year-old boy, he would certainly
have tried. Lane just gulped and offered a sickly grin.

Both Lane and Jennifer were pleased that John had mellowed out concerning
the young couples' relationship that included as much sex as they could
manage. All they had to do was do it behind closed and locked doors and if
there was no door, do it out of sight. John actually adopted the attitude;
`if you can't beat them, ignore them'.

Over time, Cory had come to enjoy his role as Dooby's `social secretary',
so the two boys always knew what the other's plans were, although sometimes
only a day in advance. Still Cory was able to keep conflicts out of their
schedules just by keeping Dooby on track daily.


One evening, Cory called Dooby's attention to one of Dooby's personal
emails. The email recalled the morning Dooby chose the sender to grocery
shop for the cooking show. Dooby scratched his head before he said, "Yeah,
that's from Lee, short for Connelly. He's like us, he didn't want to be
nicknamed Connie. I remember he was looking for his Mr. Right at the time.
I gave him my email address. What's Lee have to say?"

Lee's email said he took Dooby's advice and kept looking among guys his own
age and finally found him in his math class. They started off by studying
together in either guy's house after school when the rents were at work.
Push came to shove one afternoon in front of Lee's burning living room
fireplace that caused the young boys to get over-heated so they undressed
to push and shove some more while trying to stay cool. Lee was just writing
to say thank you and keep Dooby up to date on his love life since Dooby was
the only other gay guy that Lee had ever talked to and he just had to tell
someone the good news.

"That's sweet. Think we should invite the new couple over to spend the
weekend? Lee could watch us produce a show. Then the rest of the weekend
they could push and shove each other all they want," Dooby suggested.

"Yup, but maybe just send him your phone number? We don't know if the kid's
parents monitor his emails," Cory countered. He giggled with a thought
before he jabbed Dooby, "Especially since you've been carrying your own
phone recently during construction, and even answering it most of the
time." That comment was guaranteed to cause a wrestling match on the floor
that quickly involved the dogs, before the four of them struggled into the
bedroom and the bed.

Dooby remembered to send Lee his phone number during the Judge Judy show
recording, very early in the morning. Five minutes later Dooby's phone
rang. Dooby managed to answer it before it woke Cory since he had been
attuned to answering Dooby's phone just as promptly as he always answered

Dooby issued the invite and Lee accepted without hesitation and of course
included his new very good friend, obviously without consulting said friend
first. The only wrinkle was that Lee's friend, Rod, had a hockey game
Saturday afternoon at a nearby commercial rink. Dooby instantly agreed that
watching a hockey match would be fun and he imagined that he and Cory would
be done recording the next cooking show by noon. Lee whooped for joy when
Dooby invited Lee and Rod to watch the show's production and then eat what
the guys cooked for lunch just before they all scooted off to the match.

Lee giggled when Dooby observed that the name, `Rod' was very sexy. Lee
answered that Rod's body sort of matched his name and that Rod was slightly
taller than him since he had a growth spurt and Lee didn't except for his
feet, so he still had dreamed of catching up. Lee also said that his mother
knew he was gay as soon as Lee figured out why he liked looking at boys and
imagining unnamed things two guys could do with each other.

Conversely, Rod's parents thought of their son as a very manly jock and
never considered that Rod might have a preference other than girls. Rod's
parents had even begun pleading with him to always wear a condom when
having sex, more to prevent the girl(s) from having babies than preventing
STDs. Rod planned to wear a condom only if his first Mr. Right wasn't a
virgin, just like he was so far although he had plenty of female admirers
in his school class who looked at him as if they might be prepared to drop
their drawers in a quiet moment.

Rod, on the other hand, was always first in the showers at the end of gym
class and hockey practice and the last to leave the steamy rooms. Rod first
saw Lee in their math class and they caught each other staring, making
brief eye contact, sharing grins and Rod being caught not paying attention
to the teacher.

Then Rod saw Lee again in the same over-crowded PE class. Lee found it hard
to believe that he was careless and was caught staring at the hockey stud
in math class and he already knew they were in the same gym class as well
as Rod's habit of being first into the shower room to get one of the
showers in the furthest corner; the ideal place for watching the rest of
the class.

Lee was ready when the coach blew the final whistle that sent the mob to
the locker room and showers. He already had his tee shirt off and his shoes
untied by the time the throng pushed each other through the door into the
lockers. He was naked and followed Rod closely and would have crashed into
Rod if the taller boy had stopped suddenly on his way to a corner shower.

The over-crowded gym classes required that the guys had to share
showerheads but not before the room was crowded. "Mind if we share?" Lee
asked Rod boldly.

Rod grinned again, nodded and moved over all of an inch, so Lee at least
would have to bump hips so he could get wet. Getting wet was mandatory and
the coach occasionally checked. This was because there were always the
extremely shy and others who feared getting a boner and be accused of being
queer, true or not, it was the label that the whole school would know about
into and through high school. The coach was trying to get everyone used to
being nude around other guys; it was the manly thing to do. The coach also
wanted the shy but obviously athletically talented, to come out for team

Lee did more than bump Rod's hip, he turned to face Rod. Then used his body
to threaten to touch or force Rod back further if he didn't want to play.
Lee soaped his body and he `accidentally' brushed his hand against the
taller boy's front that allowed the errant hand to drop down to the cock
that suddenly wasn't dangling. With that, Lee backed off; he knew then that
Rod wanted to play.

"We should study after school together," Rod croaked.

Lee played hard to get, "Why, we're both always on the honor roll, and the
only class we have together is math, that's the easiest class."

Rod thought fast, "So, if we study math together we'll be sure to stay at
the top of the class," Rod couldn't help a giggle, "That really sounds lame
to us, but it's a good reason to satisfy our parents."

The boys began discussing the merits of each other's homes while they
actually washed. The discussion was interrupted by the need to dry off and
get dressed before the next bell rang. They found the locker room empty
because the bell was about to ring, so Rod carried his clothing to Lee's

Lee announced that his was a single parent home and his mother was a
surgical nurse so she generally either worked very long hours on surgery
days, or she was off. But, Lee informed, his mother knew he liked guys, and
he thought she would be happy that he finally found a friend and even if
she was home, their bedrooms were inviolate so if they stayed in his
bedroom and bathroom, there would be no untimely interruptions.

Rod said his mom didn't work and was usually at home, but he had a workout
room in the basement that also doubled as his study room where his mother
never intruded after the first time she did. His poor mom discovered that
her son preferred to work out in the nude, although the door was closed, it
wasn't locked so she at least had something to scold him for; not locking
the door when he was in the room.

Lee wondered if Dooby would remember him when he sent the email or even if
he did, he might not answer. Therefore, he was surprised when Dooby not
just answered, he and Rod were invited to have a weekend long sleepover and
Dooby even sent his phone number for a quicker answer.

Both Lee and Rod (secretly) followed Dooby and Cory's adventures in shows
that had nothing to do with cooking and better yet, Dooby and Cory were
most often surrounded by other apparently well-hung hunks that were assumed
to be gay as well. At least if the viewer was gay and equipped with
superior gaydar, such as Lee's.

Rod and Lee were surprised when a Lincoln Navigator truck that had been
stretched into a limo, parked in front of Lee's house to collect them after
school, Friday afternoon. When the back door opened the two boys were
doubly surprised when a pair of big, beautiful Labrador Retrievers jumped
out and raced toward them. Then the dogs split up at the last minute, both
jumped and the one that hit Lee took him down to his back to smother his
face with kisses.

The dog that jumped at Rod got caught in his arms where it wiggled around
until it too could get at his face. "Damn it! I said sic those two guys,
NOT kiss them to death!" Dooby screamed.

"How come you guys are dressed in uniforms?" Lee asked.

"Because we came here directly from school. We were talking and not
changing to work clothes, so we'll do that now," Cory answered as he and
Dooby began to strip until both were naked before they began to pull on
their coveralls and rubber boots.

Rod chanced to see that the driver was watching them in the rearview mirror
and he no doubt had seen their new older friends in the buff. He whispered
the information to Cory.

"Oh shit, sorry Deacon, in all the hubbub, we forgot to introduce you,"
Cory said and made introductions. Then he followed that with, "Deacon
drives us around now, but as soon as we get our driver's licenses, he'll
become our executive assistant. Then he'll be riding back here and we'll do
the driving."

"Like hell I will," Deacon countered, "I'm way too young to die. I might
follow you from a half mile back, so I can call a tow truck and ambulance
when needed." That got Dooby, Cory and Deacon laughing, although the
ongoing joke was beginning to wear out.

Of course, Rod and Lee wanted to know what work the two partners were doing
that actually required real workman's clothes. Dooby proudly explained that
they were building a new barn to house some new pets he got for Christmas.
Then the younger boys remembered they'd heard about some wild African
animals at the Spelling estate and asked if they were allowed to see them.

Cory assured them that see them, they would, as soon as they got to the
construction site where the animals would be clustered and waiting for the
trek to the house to have their supper before they all went to their
temporary heated home for the night. But Cory would not tell them what kind
of animals. He just said `wait and see'.

There was a `Chinese fire drill' just inside the new gates after Deacon
pushed a button to open them and waved at the uniform in the new guardhouse
just outside the gates. Deacon put the truck in park then jumped out to run
around the front and climb into back, to take the seat Cory just vacated to
run around the back of the truck to take over the driver's seat.

When Dooby saw the new guys looked perplexed, he explained that they always
drove on the property. He drove from the house to the gate that morning, so
it was Cory's turn in the afternoon.

"What the hell do you guys do with the seat belts?" Deacon interrupted to
scream at Cory. Deacon was making a show of looking frantic.

"Fuck you Deacon," Cory shouted back. "You know I'm a good driver, that is,
if no more trees jump out in front of me," he added for Lee and Rod's
benefit to add a fear factor to the short ride to the new barn. That
comment got the new boys looking at the trees that were growing across the
river that the driveway hugged. There were no trees on the opposite side;
just 200 acres of open field where scattered deer grazed or lounged.

"Was that fuck you an offer?" Deacon asked Cory with a lecherous raised

Cory looked up in the rearview mirror, "It has been a while since you and
Mark visited. Let's plan on it some night during the week," he suggested.

By then Lee and Rod's eyes widened and their mouths dropped open in total
surprise. Rod turned to Deacon, "Are you gay?" he asked cautiously because
Deacon was bigger, older and looked to be in super shape, plus if he took
offense, there was nowhere to escape.

"Yup," Deacon was quick to say, "Want to make something of it?" he said
with a frown that changed into a smile. "You guys would have to be gay too,
if you're hanging out with these two horn dogs for a whole weekend." Fist
bumps and mutual grins with each other were confirmation enough without the
need to say anything more. Lee and Rod were very pleased that apparently,
they could be themselves this whole weekend and being surrounded by other
gays was the first step.

Lee and Rod forgot about being gay when they neared the new barn that
looked nothing like a barn at all. The boys were staring at a pair of long
necks and the giraffe heads that just happened to be looking out at the
approaching truck, from just inside one of Dooby's French doors.

"Isn't that cute,' Dooby cooed, "the gang is already checking out their new
home. The rest must be inside checking the facilities," he surmised.

"Like hell," Cory countered, "they're in there looking for food and when
they don't find any, they'll come running to this truck."

"Do we have anything to feed them?" Dooby wondered.

"Nope," Deacon said promptly, he explained, "Mark said if you feed them
from this truck too often, they'll come running whenever they see it. He
said they'll associate it with food and we don't want them chasing after
this truck when we're leaving the property. They aren't hungry; they eat
all day, but they like treats anytime over their regular food."

The barn was nearly finished to the point there weren't any more dangerous
places or mud. Nor was there a corral like the temporary barn. The whole
front had been paved in a giant fan shape, with large perforated concrete
blocks that had turf plugs planted in the spaces so constant animal foot
traffic wouldn't wear out the existing turf. The whole idea was freedom for
the animals to come and go as they pleased.

Cory proudly parked near the construction trailer and of course the dogs
ran to greet their much bigger pet friends inside the orange painted line
while casting nervous glances at Dooby. When he didn't scold them for
crossing the line, they began inspecting what had been forbidden area to
them with their noses.

"Come on guys, meet the four-legged part of the family," Dooby enthused, as
he made it a point to hug each of the four smaller animals around their
necks, but was limited to hugging the giraffe's front legs while they bent
down to listen to his constant stream of human chatter.

The barn just needed a final county inspection before the electricity could
be turned on so the building was legal to occupy. There were already trucks
loaded with hay to fill the loft and another to fill the bulk feed bins.
The water could also be turned on to keep the automatic watering stations
full of fresh clean water. Plus of course, the HVAC system could be
activated to heat the whole building at this time of the year, while
working with the automatic vents, open during the day and mostly closed at

No one knew yet what the animals would do in warmer weather, if they would
stay out in the field with the full-time resident deer, or seek the
security of their barn. They also didn't know if the animals would use
their individual stalls or if they would just snuggle down in the wood
shavings that served as bedding in the communal loafing area just outside
their private stalls.

Mark ordered all animal bedding to be wood shavings from the very
beginning. He said the animals would not eat the shavings unless there was
a sudden famine, but they would eat any other bedding such as hay or straw
and if they did, they risked health problems from eating bedding that had
been contaminated with their waste. It seemed that some wild animals could
not be `house broken'.

Dooby saw movement as soon as he stepped into the loafing room. There, off
to the side were five deer. He recognized four as Rudy's wives but the
fifth was a mystery until he got closer. It was Rudy and he had lost his
antlers, he was molting! Dooby knelt down to begin talking to Rudy while
the buck seemed to look embarrassed by his sudden lack of horns.

With Rudy's head down, Dooby could clearly see the velvet covered
replacement buds already growing out. When Dooby gave them tentative
scratches, Rudy stepped forward further into his hands. Dooby called Cory
and the boys in to help him make Rudy feel extra good with more hands to
scratch his new antlers and by then, the rest of his sleek body.

"I bet this year Rudy is going from four points to an eight-point rack,"
Dooby guessed.

"Have you really looked at him lately?" Cory asked with a giggle, "He's all
grown up, he's just as big as his cousins running the rest of our herd. I'm
betting he's going to finish out at 10 points or more and if all he eats
has anything to do with antlers, he may end up being the state champion!"

With Dooby, Cory and Rod petting and scratching Rudy, Lee moved to the four
doe slowly. He let them sniff his hands before one moved under his hands to
get some attention for herself. Once one got scratched, the other three
moved in for Lee to give them equal attention.

"Well I think it takes more than points on a rack to be a champion," Lee
opined, "I think he also needs a huge harem to go with the points on his

Cory laughed and pointed outside to the rest of what they considered to be
`the High View Farm' herd. "Those 50 deer are what hang around here
year-round. There's another 200 or so that are just visiting until spring.
We think our buck go out wife shopping at night among the strangers and the
outside buck shop our herd so there ends up being a mix of genes and less

"Yeah, that makes sense," Lee agreed.

"Hey, where did Dooby go?" Rod noticed that Dooby had disappeared somewhere
in the building.

"Dooby really designed this whole complex and then professionals made
working drawings, but then Old Doob took over being the general contractor
so this building and all these pets are really his. He's somewhere checking
on something to make sure it's done. The smaller wing on that side is for
the handlers to live in full-time if they want, or just use when they're on
duty. Our resident Vet also has a small office and laboratory in there.
He's Deacon's very good friend so you'll meet him soon." Cory explained.
"Then the matching wing on the other side is for the ostriches and emu to
live. Right now, they live in pens in the temporary barn full-time until
they hopefully get their freedom after they're moved over here. Their pens
are heated sand we're hoping where they'll lay eggs and the sand will
incubate them like the sun would in Africa or Australia. Those critters are
not like chickens or ducks or most other birds that sit on their eggs."

"CORYEEE!" Dooby sang, "Come on, its feeding time and the troops are
getting antsy!"

Deacon had the boy's ATVs delivered from the house, ready for the evening
hill climb. He was sitting in his with Mark, his partner and the resident
Vet that Cory mentioned. When Dooby and Cory asked Lee and Rod if they
wanted to drive, those two boys looked like they had cum in their pants.
Dooby and Cory even sat in the back seats so Laurie and Chuckie could ride
up front with the newbies in `their' personal seats when riding in the ATVs
if no other human was present.

"Where to?" the drivers wanted to know.

The guys just pointed up to the looming mansion on the top of the steep
hill. Then they cautioned slow speed, so the pregnant pets didn't have to
run the keep up. By the time they were all ready to go, Rudy and his wives
had caught up to assume their usual leadership of the convoy that climbed
straight up the hill.

By then, neither driver cared about speed, both had their attention fixed
on the house or mansion that loomed larger and larger as they climbed the
hill. Both had seen the large homes that perched on hills around the local
countryside where they lived but neither ever expected to get inside one,
not to mention spend the weekend in what had to be the king of area
mansions where Lee's friends, Cory and Dooby lived.

"Isn't your mom and dad home?" Lee had the nerve to ask while everyone
carried bags of feed to the troughs or buckets. Both boys were shocked to
discover that the guys lived there alone in the whole huge house except for
Deacon and Mark, who lived in a separate apartment by themselves. Cory
happily explained that his father, Charlie Spelling, and his mother had
moved to an apartment in the City after his father finally retired from the
grocery store business in January. Dooby's parents and sister lived about
20 miles away. No one visited unless they called first or were invited by
the guys.

After every bit of feed and all the fruit and vegetables were handed out,
the deer herd and Dooby's pets slowly ambled back down the hill while
Deacon and Mark left to shower and change for dinner. Cory gave the two
weekend guests a choice of showering and getting ready for dinner or
swimming first before showering.

The boys opted to swim first. They assumed there was an indoor pool
somewhere on the elegant property. But first it was time for the younger
lads to experience a bit of culture shock that began inside the French
doors. The boys had no choice but to go with the guys since they had their
arms over their shoulders companionably but also to keep them moving
forward, across the great room, (the drawing room or `furniture store')
into the hall. Up the stairs and into the guys' suite of rooms, not just a
bedroom like the rest of the world.

They allowed their bodies to be stripped and then watched as Dooby and Cory
shed their clothes as well after they took the time to take off the dogs'
harness. Then it was show time briefly when the two couples checked each
other out while the dogs nearly went berserk with their desire to go
swimming again. Once in the afternoon with Deacon during playtime and now
with Dooby and Cory and two new friends.

"Okay, lead the way critters," Dooby directed the dogs.

The dogs took off running, racing each other because humans were way too
slow. By time the boys got to the sunroom, the dogs had the French doors
open and were waiting impatiently to give the humans a second chance in the
race. This time they ignored their blue soccer ball. They were engaged in a
race to the pool.

As soon as Cory stepped on the first step down to the garden, the dogs
raced away straight down the walkway and by the time the shivering boys got
to the top of the marble steps down to the pool level the dogs were
swimming circles at the closest end and looking very pleased that they won
another race.

The dogs were disappointed that the boys didn't just jump into the pool
with them until they realized that someone had to get out the balls to play
with, so they paddled to the closest ladder and joined the humans inside
the cabana. The younger boys were impressed with the bedroom as they
imagined the possibilities of sleeping there. Then they became erotically
impressed when Cory showed them into the bathroom shower and waved the hose
with the dildo on the end.

Then Dooby and Cory offered the boys the exclusive use of the cabana for
the weekend, OR they were free and cordially invited to have a pajama (read
fingers quotes) with them in the house. OR, there was a third choice; they
could use the same type of dildo in their bathroom and then sleep in a
guestroom by themselves.

Lee and Rod looked at each other and each nodded toward Dooby and Cory
before Lee announced, "We'd like to have a pajama party with you guys as
long as you understand that we didn't bring our pajamas."

"That's fine," Dooby quipped, "because we don't even own any! Now we best
get out of here before Cory's vicious attack dogs lick us to death!"

While the dogs could run the boys to death on land, the boys had the
advantage in the water. The four boys took turns on land throwing tennis
balls while the other three played at being retrievers with the dogs. To
even the playing field, the boys in the water only used a doggie paddle
just like the dogs and even if they could paddle faster than the two dogs,
the boys most often allowed the dogs to retrieve the balls first.

The fun ended when both dogs climbed from the pool and ambled to the
bubbling spa to step, not jump, down to the bench seat, then look at the
boys to see what was taking them so long. It was time for some serious
cuddles and doggie-human making out with just everyone's heads above the
hot roiling bubbles.

The dogs, being creatures of habit, expected that they would all go into
the cabana. The boys would shower and dry off before joining them in front
of the fireplace. The dogs would take well deserved naps and the boys would
join them on the floor among the pillows and do whatever they usually did
in bed before they too, napped from exhaustion.

This time, all the boys did was put the crate of tennis balls away, Cory
asked if anyone was ready to eat some snacks before dinner. The dogs
recognized the key words; `eat' and `snack' and by the time Dooby turned
off the fireplace, Chuckie and Laurie had the doors open and were racing
back up to the house.

While he boys went upstairs to put on sweat pants and tee shirts, the dogs
went directly to the kitchen to check their bowls before backtracking into
the great room to lay on the sofa in front of the fish tank where the boys
would sit to drink their drinks and share a platter of snacks with them.

Deacon and Mark arrived as the boys walked to the room carrying bottles of
beer and the all-important tray of snacks. Once again, the boys used the
back stairs into the kitchen to save time and steps, very necessary when
food was involved.

Cory took a pull from his bottle and fed each dog a snack before he excused
himself to begin dinner. "Don't you have a cook?" Lee blurted out. He
expected to see servants bustling about with a cook in the kitchen.

"Sure, and she cooks dinner for us most nights that we just warm up or take
out of the warming oven, but Cory likes to cook on weekends. Mostly on
Friday nights we practice cook what we have to cook on the show tomorrow
morning," Dooby answered. That brought up a question for Cory, "Hey Cory,
what are we having tonight and what are we cooking tomorrow?"

"Since we have guests tonight, I thought we would grill rib eyes tonight
and for the show tomorrow chicken is the big meat item, a truck load sale.
We don't need to practice chicken, even you can cook that," Cory was
baiting Dooby. He kept saying that he couldn't cook, but over time, he
learned and by then, he really could if he had a few simple directions for
new dishes.

Dooby didn't take the bait but he did get a gleam in his eyes. Cory knew
just what Dooby planned when he took Lee and Rod outside with him to start
the charcoal grill without being asked. He was planning to scare the shit
out of the new guys by duplicating Rodger, the `Fire Starter's' technique
of using a whole half-gallon of charcoal lighter fluid, and then lighting
it up with the new guys standing way too close.

Naturally, dinner prep was paused while everyone including the dogs, went
outside to watch from a safe distance. Even the dogs sat watching while
leaning on Deacon's legs. Dooby did everything right until it was time to
light the fire. Rodger always ducked down below the lip of the grill but
Dooby just stood there and came very close to burning his eyebrows and
lashes off. The scene was made funnier because Lee and Rod were the ones
who ducked down to avoid the initial blast of heat and flame.

Meanwhile, Cory, Deacon and Mark were all but rolling around on the terrace
from laughing so hard. The dogs loved the brief show and encouraged Dooby
to do it again by grabbing his sweat pant legs and pulling. Dooby later
insisted that he wouldn't have fallen if he could see anything but stars
which made him dizzy.

"You mean dizzy-err, you dip stick!" Cory corrected.

The new guys expected to taste lighter fluid flavored steaks when dinner
was served, but they were pleasantly surprised. Dooby produced perfect
medium-rare steaks, while Cory was the perfect chef in making two
vegetables, a salad and baked potatoes that were all but hidden under
butter, sour cream, real chopped cooked bacon and chives. Ice cream was the
perfect dessert. This was a young men's dinner that only they could enjoy
every night, while to older men, such dinners were the recipe for heart

Everyone pitched in willingly to clear the table, put dishes in the
dishwasher and clean the kitchen; the only way to stay on the cook's good
side. Dooby was first to start a fake yawning contest while they cleaned
up. Although it was unnecessary since everyone was super horny, it was
still fun to do. Lee was accorded the win in this contest as his yawn came
out like a girl screaming for help or a peacock's cry.

While Lee hoped he wouldn't scream like a girl later in bed with Rod for
the first time, there was no one to stop him from acting like a girl when
Rod entered his virgin ass. Lee was sure that he'd found his Mr. Right,
just as Dooby forecast. Rod on the other hand, had plans of his own.

Rod planned to be the girl after first seeing Lee's erection, then found it
was much more than a mouthful, although it was fun trying over and over
again. Dooby and Cory agreed with Rod when they first saw the two younger
guys in the shower. Lee definitely was a `grower', a younger Cory, while
taller Rod was more a `shower', he was still not behind the proverbial
`door' when cocks were handed out.

The use of the spurting dildo was the scariest part of the pajama party as
far the younger boys were concerned. That is until Cory and Dooby very
casually talked them through a demonstration on each other. Then Cory
stated that douching wasn't even necessary if all the partners wanted to do
was make out and trade head jobs on any given occasion or in Rod and Lee's
case, they suddenly had the opportunity.

However, that whole weekend was a golden opportunity that was not to be
missed and apparently, each occasion was to be accompanied by a live porn
show by their older more experienced friends; Dooby and Cory, interspersed
with new exciting fun things to do such as driving ATVs, interacting with
wild animals or getting a chance to watch Dooby and Cory while they made a
TV show.

After Dooby and Cory finished their dildo demo, Lee and Rod began to push
and shove each other to be first to get douched. Rod won since he was
bigger and stronger than Lee. Meanwhile, Cory and Dooby abandoned them so
they could be alone in the shower. The dogs were delighted to have their
company in the spa with just occasional glances to the shower and grins
when both lads got over-filled and had to run to the toilet closet.

By the time the boys were finished in the shower, both were so ready they
could barely walk. Cory directed a calming period by having the boys help
he and Dooby dry the pups. Dry them or sleep in a wet bed with the smell of
damp dog all night. Cory even got out his hair dryer so there was one to
use on each dog. The dogs certainly didn't object to the simultaneous
pampering. They even had fun trying to grab the hands that held combs and
brushes and then direct the hands to areas of their bodies that felt best
to be brushed or combed.

By the time the boys were ready to seek the king-size bed, all four had
calmed down to normal limp dicks. The boys didn't need lessons in making
out but they enjoyed watching Dooby and Cory make it with each other as if
they weren't there. This was another first-time experience that didn't
compare with watching porn on the internet. Paid actors were boring, just
going through the motions and unsmiling. Dooby and Cory giggled between
kisses as they tried to tickle each other or invite one of the dogs to
sneak in a kiss on their partner's mouth.

The boys were surprised when Dooby left the bed briefly to roll a big
screen TV up to the side of the bed and turn on the DVD player. That's when
the boy's attention switched to the action on the screen. There were five
guys on the same bed. Two of them were twins who appeared to be around
their age, along with a slightly older super hung teen and two guys who
could have been in their early 20s. Best of all, all were definitely having
fun as the show progressed, as they switched partners.

The boys didn't realize that Dooby and Cory had paused their activities and
were watching them. They also didn't realize that they had begun emulating
the guys on the screen. While the twins were succeeding in getting the
heavy hung dude to mount one of them, Rod had placed his body on his back
with his legs spread and had pulled Lee on top and was guiding Lee's cock
until he sank and began thrusting just like Kyle had done to the older
teen, Brenden, on the screen. The younger boy's attention suddenly switched
to each other after first contact and full penetration. At first, they
didn't even notice that Cory had mounted Dooby and was plugging away like
only long time lovers could with Dooby using his heels to control some of
the action for some reason.

Cory and Dooby got the boy's full attention when the bed jiggled violently
as Cory got his knees under his body and pulled Dooby up suddenly until he
was able to take some of Dooby's spurting cock into his mouth to swallow
every drop.

"I'm ready if you want to try that too," Rod said to Lee.

Lee may not have been an athlete but he was fast and strong enough to get
up on his knees while pulling Rod up his thighs far enough to gobble in Rod
almost in time to collect every drop. Those he missed, he was able to lick

Laurie and Chuck got tired of the bed moving sporadically as the night wore
on, and Lee and Rod had usurped their sleeping place and pillows so they
moved out to the lounge in front of the toasty warm fireplace on the furry
rug, among the pillows. That place was almost like sleeping in the cabana
where the floor never jiggled.


Ollie Olsen's 120-foot ocean going yacht, facetiously named `Uncle' after
Ollie's late unlamented uncle, was to the gang from Coral Place, the
ultimate in floating luxury. The Uncle's crew consisted of a new captain, a
first mate/engineer and two sailors plus a chef and a steward.

The original captain had to be replaced because he proved to be a homophobe
just after Ollie announced at the first crew meeting that he and partner
Johnathon were gay and in that regard all crew members were free to pursue
their own lifestyles and except in port, they were free to wear or not wear
clothing, just like the owners. That was fantastic news for the crew.

The Uncle's previous owners were like all other millionaires and
billionaires who owned yachts. The yachts must always be ready to go
without any advance notice. This iron rule, even if the owners visited once
a year or never, so the Uncle's crew were connected to their home and place
of employment wherever they went away from the yacht and they happily
consumed all the provisions the chef had to keep on hand, ready for instant

The Uncle's crew were necessarily close from the beginning and luckily,
except for the former captain, became a family where there were husbands
and husbands but no kids. The lowly crew members shared a cabin, as with
the chef and steward. However, the captain and first mate had separate
cabins although the first mate felt free to accept invitations from the
rest of the crew which left the old captain to play with himself or
whatever religious zealots did, if anything, to get their rocks off. The
rest of the crew thought there was always the possibility of involuntary
nocturnal emissions.

Whatever, the old captain could not really object to casual on board nudity
that was part of the yachting fraternity especially in liberal Monaco and
the French Rivera. There was always lots of skin to be seen on and around
all the boats docked or moored in the crowded Monaco harbor.

It was no accident that Ollie and Johnathon chose a young, gay captain to
run the Uncle's affairs and the crew was happy that the new guy and the
first mate soon became good enough friends to also share a cabin together
before they departed Ollie's Island for Coral Place.

"So where is everyone?" Ollie asked as soon as everyone left at Coral Place
was on board Uncle. "Johnathon and I thought we'd have a party just like
old times at Coral Place. Did you kick them out or kill them with your cane
just like you threatened?" he joked.

"Nope, nether," Auggie said sadly, "Trasker's off to be a college boy up
home in Georgia, an' o' course Ryan boy went with him. He can run the
business from Athens as well as here. Then James an' Little Zeek boys
wanted to go to that fancified room an' board high school that Dooby and
Cory boys attend up in New Jersey, so that's where them two are. So now
Zeek an' me are just stuck with these yahoos until next year when like it
or not, they off to college too." He looked at Keith and Brenden, "Now I up
an' made the mistake of makin' these two managers over to the marina so
they ain't home durin' the day, unless like now I force `em into a
holiday," he concluded.

Auggie glared at Steve and Logan before they could again protest that they
were needed at home (Coral Place) to take care of Auggie so they weren't
going to college. The fight had been going on since Auggie first announced
his plans for his `button pushin' geek' (Stevie) and his `step an' fetch it
boy' (Logan).

"Forget college for now," Stevie cut in, "We miss those guys too, but I
have an idea. Why don't we go visit them? We could make our first stop in
Athens and you could even go with Ryan into the office to scare the shit
out of the newest crop of ass kissers. Then after we annoyed them enough,
we could fly up to New Jersey. We could even bunk in with Cory and Dooby
since they're rattling around in that big house all by themselves. Plus, we
can see Dooby's new animals that I'm tired of just hearing about."

"But what did you do with the twins and how about the dogs?" Ollie
insisted. He and Johnathon had been busy building Ollie's Island and had
been neglecting their friends so they needed updates on everyone's status.

"Them rascally twins up an' took over Fishin' Boy, bold as brass, an' they
runnin' a charter fishin' business with it,"

Auggie announced proudly although his words implied otherwise. He added to
his lament, "An' then them twins up an' stole our dogs to boot. Our dogs is
part of their crew like it or not."

Auggie changed tact's as he sort of agreed with Stevie's idea without
saying so, "Now this here's what y'all do; Stevie boy, yo' call up the
plane to Key Largo an' give `em our plan, Athens first then on up to New
Jersey second. Tell `em to plan a week or two to be away." He turned to
Logan, "Now you in charge o' provisions for the plane ride since Little
Zeek ain't here to do that chore for us."

Logan nodded eagerly since he and Stevie never had much to do except be
decorative, but he had a question for Ollie, "Do you have a small boat I
can use to get to Key Largo?"

"Better yet," Ollie sang while looking at Auggie to see his reaction,
"we've got a helicopter!"

"The hell you say? I ain't ridin' in one o' them things until they grow
wings!" Auggie declared. "Most especially with you drivin' Ollie boy!"

"Relax Auggie, I can't fly it yet, I'm just learning, but we have an
experienced pilot, so no worries for you Logan," Ollie assured with a
giggle. He sighed pitifully for Auggie's benefit and a wink at Logan. "It's
too bad I don't have my license, I could have shown you the barrel rolls
and loop-de-loops I've been working on! And they still insist my chopper
can't do those tricks. I'll show them!"

Auggie gulped his drink. "I feel a mite seasick," he lamented while holding
out his empty glass to Logan for a refill.

Auggie felt a great deal better after Ollie told him they would all be
taking Uncle over to Key Largo. He didn't want to build Uncle things like a
sewerage disposal system or have large fuel tanks on the island so they
bought a Key Largo marina where Uncle would be docked most of the time. The
marina was Ollie's `mainland' base where the chopper could land and they
had cars and trucks available as well as a small warehouse to store
supplies and accept deliveries for the island.

Three hours later, they were in the air, flying to Athens, Georgia. Once
they reached altitude, Auggie thought about calling Trasker to tell him to
have the bus delivered to the airplane garage in time for them to drive it
out to Redlands -- North.

"Hey! The bus is already there in the hanger, just waitin' for you,"
Trasker said in a rush, "We've been expectin' y'all since we got up here,
what the hell took you so long? Ryan's been going in to the office since we
got here, and I'm just going into my next class. The door's open, just make
yourselves at home. See y'all late this afternoon. Bye."

Auggie frowned at his black cellphone screen as if it was the problem that
Trasker hung up on him without him getting to say much more than, `Hey,
we're on our way to see y'all, an' we need the bus.'

Auggie already knew that Ryan had been making his presence felt in Bligh
Media's executive offices because Ryan had adopted Auggie's longtime
secretary as his own while knowing full well that she'd continue to report
office happenings to Auggie while working long distance for him ever since
Auggie made him president of the company and they ended up living at Coral

Ryan played a new kind of `executive bowling'. Auggie used to chase down
junior executives with his scooter that stupidly stood in front of the ramp
from his jet to curry the boss's favor that marked them for eventual
dismissal. Ryan on the other hand, sat in his office with the door standing
open. It was a trap; the ass kissers couldn't resist. Ryan gave each one an
impossible task that was way above their pay grade to accomplish, something
like reorganize the whole department they worked for including firing and
replacing the vice president in charge if necessary. The few who said they
couldn't do it were fast tracked for promotions, but those who said the
task was easy, found themselves outside the front doors looking in.

That morning the woman Auggie called `his secretary' and Ryan titled,
`Executive Assistant' complete with another pay raise stuck her head in
Ryan's door. She said the very big boss, the fat man, was on his way to New
Jersey and was stopping in Athens for a visit and implying there might be a
visit to the office as well. She added that she would see that any ramps in
the offices were in good working order.

Ryan countered that she hadn't seen Auggie in a very long time and he
guessed that Auggie would cuss out the ramps for being something for him to
trip over or step around. He even went so far as to bet the women $5.00
that Auggie would be walking, not riding his scooter.

Ryan waited until noon when Tasker would be at lunch to call him. He was
concerned about Auggie discovering that they had two house guests; cousins
Thurston (Thirsty) and Argyle arrived soon after Trasker and Ryan moved in.
The men only wanted a place to rest their heads that was closer to their
current work in Kentucky, Tennessee and neighboring states where bourbon
distilleries were likely to be found.

Ryan and Trasker installed the cousins in a guest suite close to the pool.
The men soon found the pool (ce-ment pond) indoors yet, and its large
welcoming bar, they took the room over as their own to use to pursue their
research in finding the region's best sipping whiskies. And let us not
forget monitor the quality of their successful and profitable multi-purpose
super cleaner. This liquid was formulated specifically for bars and
lounges, that was so environmentally safe, it could be consumed by man!

The cousins also came to enjoy seeing Trasker and Ryan as well as Carson
and his giant friend Andy Candy who also lived in the house when in Athens
in and around the pool of course in the buff.

Andy's father had come to accept his son's orientation in an effort to
welcome him into the Justa Pizza family business but Andy, as General
Manager of the David Resort Hotel in Daytona Beach, was having too much fun
and success in building up that business. However, the Candy's welcomed the
gay couple as if Andy had never left although he returned with a very nice
`spouse'. Fortunately, the couple appeared to be completely straight
although they were heard to frankly admit they were gay to old friends
without repercussions, so it seemed being gay no longer mattered to the
current generation in a region strong on redneck ultra conservative bible

The cousins had been in the pool room sampling the latest batch of brands
when they heard the distinctive sound of a bus and the whoosh of the air
brakes when it stopped in front of the house. By the time they got to the
great room, their cousin Auggie was wandering around the room with Zeek,
Logan was in the kitchen searching for where the boys kept their booze so
he could make Auggie and Zeek their first drinks that day in
Redlands-North. Chef Flynn had his head alternately in the open doors of
the freezer and refrigerator searching for something to fix for dinner.
While Stevie, Ollie, Brenden, Keith and Johnathon were just finishing
unloading luggage from the bus. It was clear from the amount of luggage
that the men and boys were over-prepared for cold weather.

Logan saw the cousins first and asked them where the liquor was. Before
they could answer, Auggie said in surprise, "What in tarnation are y'all
doin' in this here house? I hope yo' ain't buildin' no still on this here
property," he warned with a chilling tone of voice.

Of course, the cousins pleaded their innocence while waving their drinks in
the air to entice everyone into the pool room, the one place they knew
where there was all kinds of booze, particularly well-aged bourbons from
several small distilleries that could be bought if the price was right.

The men even got the boys, who normally just drank beer, involved in the
tastings since they could sit down not fall and they weren't going anywhere
the rest of the day. First though, the boys had to take a dip in the pool
which required that they strip off their clothes. Nude boys at Coral Place
were a distraction the cousins enjoyed and the views never affected their
taste buds.

The men explained that the five small distilleries being reviewed were not
worth buying individually because no one business had enough of the
12-year-old and older bourbon to sell. But, all together as one single
brand name, there was plenty of inventory both to sell immediately and
market in succeeding years as younger larger batches matured to be 12, 15,
or 20 years old. That is IF they all tasted close enough to be marketed as
the same brand and that was the reason for the day's test.

While the value of a distillery somewhat depended on the production of a
quality product, it was the real value of the inventory on hand that
actually determined final buy out price. So, the smallest they were judging
was likely to cost Auggie in the neighborhood of $125 million, with all
five totaling over $750 million! No small investment to start with, but the
retail value was easily estimated to be around $1.25 billion just for the
current year, if it was marketed both nationally and internationally as the
cousins planned, and not just regionally as was more commonly done at
present for 20-year-old bourbon.

Of course, that gross profit did not include younger batches like 15, 12,
10 or 7-year-old bourbons yet to be bottled, so first year profits promised
to be humongous for anyone like Auggie who had the capital to buy the five
distilleries and merge them into one brand.

In late afternoon, by the time Trasker returned home and Ryan's helicopter
landed, all their guests were completely buzzed. While Stevie and Logan
were the worst off, young Brenden wasn't far behind them and Keith was just
in the mood to laugh at the three younger boy's antics. The three
`youngsters' even decided they liked the taste of bourbon better than beer
as they drank the last over-generous sample down as if it was indeed beer.
That's about when Argyle piously informed the boys that they really were
supposed to spit after tasting, not swallow.

"Too late now," Stevie said for all three, with a lopsided grin as he held
his empty glass out to be filled so he could take another `taste'.

Ryan and Trasker walked in the pool room together already dressed to swim
and spent five minutes hugging Auggie and Zeek, but most of the hugging was
by three young amorous drunks; Brenden, Stevie and Logan who left off
making out with each other to grope Trasker and Ryan, with hugging just a

"Hey you scallywags, leave off molestin' my favorite nephew an' his
pardner," Auggie ordered. He was slurring his words, indicating that he
hadn't been spitting out good well aged bourbon either. He grinned when he
saw Trasker and Ryan whisper and grin at each other just before they split
up. Ryan grabbed Stevie and Trasker latched on to Logan. Then both ran to
the edge of the pool and jumped out as far as they could. Not to be left
out, Brenden charged after his mates, only to stumble on nothing and
unceremoniously belly flop into the pool with his big dick stabbing the
water first.

When Logan and Stevie surfaced, both were laughing and when they tried to
vault from the side off the pool, they found they couldn't quite manage it,
so they had to be content to help each other climb the pool steps.
Undaunted by everyone's laughter, they staggered to the bar to get two more
samples, but the cousins of all people, said they had enough and guided
them back to the lounges they originally occupied where they drifted off to
never, never land until dinner time.

Brenden didn't have to try to get out of the pool by himself. Keith jumped
in to carry his wayward partner in his arms. To walk to another lounge, lay
down first and then arrange Brenden's inert body on top as if he was a
blanket. Everyone still awake had a good laugh as Keith's blanket began to
suckle him on Brenden's long road to sobriety.

Auggie looked at his watch before he looked at Flynn to ask, "What's for
supper tonight, Flynn boy?" Flynn was still nursing his first sample so
Auggie knew at least they would eat something that was prepared by the
soberest individual in the group.

"I thought we'd go with pure American fare tonight. How about Auggie
burgers and fries? Everything's ready when y'all say the words," Flynn
replied. The he held up his nearly empty glass, "I vote for this
20-year-old stuff; it goes down really smooth," he added.

"Flynn boy, yo' is way behind in samples, but y'all can catch up to us
right after supper," Auggie promised. "Right now, the words is LET'S EAT!"
He intoned loudly.

After Flynn stood up, Thirsty thrust a second drink in his hand with the
advisory that it too was the 20-year-old stuff he liked but it was made by
a different distillery. Thirsty declared that Flynn boy was officially on
the 20-year-old judging committee since he alone didn't swill down his
drinks as if they were all water like the rest of the judges were prone to
do including him, Zeek, cousin Auggie and cousin Argyle.

Auggie brought Trasker and Ryan up to speed on the cousins plan to buy out
five distilleries. The cousins then suggested that they combine all their
production under one label that would be marketed nationally since they had
the high-end inventory, which no other single competitor could match until
their high-end brand market share was well established.

"Sounds good Unc," Trasker said, "but why are you tellin' us about all

Auggie just about went spastic when he heard Trasker ask. "Cause we all
agreed that this here booze business was a family business, an' you and
Ryan boy is family so yo' own a share already! Is college makin' y'all soft
in the head?" He demanded to know.

Trasker looked contrite as he apologized, "Sorry Unc, I guess the last six
months I've been preoccupied with startin' off in college an' all. I wasn't
payin' proper attention when you were taking about this project. Buyin' out
five distilleries all at once sounds kind of costly." Trasker was really
asking how costly without asking directly.

Auggie grinned and took another swallow before he answered, "In the range
of 750 to 850, it all depends on the increased value of production up until
the point of sale."

"And the return on our investment?"

"Upwards of $1.25 billion but that's only for the high-end stuff we been
swillin' today. There will be a whole lot more from regular sales of the
less costive stuff but we won't be sellin' anything younger than
seven-year-old stuff unlike the competition who roll out barrels that are
almost four but imply in advertisin' that their stuff is seven an' even
chargin' for seven," Auggie concluded.

"Okay, I'm in," Trasker announced. He looked over at his partner Ryan, "Are
you in Ryan?"

"Yup, but spending money always makes me hungry. Let's go see if Chef Flynn
is ready for us yet."


After considerable cajoling, arm twisting and arguing the next morning at
breakfast, Auggie agreed to fly in to the Bligh offices with Ryan in the
helicopter. Of course, Zeek was enthusiastic about the first-time
experience and even wanted to sit up front with the pilot so Auggie, Ryan
and Keith sat in the second row of seats. Logan, Stevie and Brenden were
still under the weather and were content to sit in the third row of seats
and return to sleep. Ryan introduced Auggie and Zeek to the pilot then
reminded him not to mention who was flying with him over the radio so
Auggie would be a total surprise to everyone in the executive offices.

Zeek was having so much fun, the first thing he did after putting on his
headset, was to slide open the window and stick his head out into the
downdraft. Auggie refused Ryan's offer to wear a headset at first until he
saw Zeek risking his head and he began shouting at Zeek but Zeek couldn't
hear him. Then he couldn't get his headset with its microphone on fast
enough. When he hollered again, Zeek briefly thought the Lord was speaking
to him directly and he even looked up until he realized that only Auggie
fired him regularly so it must be Auggie telling him that if he didn't get
his head in, the airplane propellers would chop it off and what was left
was fired.

Ryan couldn't remember seeing Auggie in a business suit and tie since he
wore one the day after Auggie hired him. Back then, they were going to a
meeting with Charlie Spelling, and of course then Auggie used his scooter
exclusively since he couldn't walk more than a few steps because of his
excessive weight.

That morning however, both Auggie and Zeek were dressed in well-tailored
suits and Auggie was walking with the use of his gold knobbed cane
occasionally. He'd lost so much weight, Ryan thought he looked just like a
Chairman-of-Board of a major corporation should look. He even paid Auggie a
compliment, "You know Auggie, you clean up real nice for an old fart."

Auggie looked Ryan up and down slowly. "I might say the same to you too if
you was wearin' a suit as if you was a real CEO of my company instead of
the mail room delivery boy or step an' fetch it office boy."

On the rare occasions, Ryan visited the office previously from the
perpetual summer of south Florida, he always looked like he just came from
the beach or off a fishing boat, but now that day, in such cold weather, he
chose to wear jeans, a pullover shirt, cowboy boots and a short puffy coat
as if he might be at a ski resort.

Ryan giggled at Auggie's retort. He added, "Why thank you very much kind
sir. I'm glad you approve of my wardrobe since I bought everything using my
expense account which is another way of saying you paid for them."

"Now we got the dress code outten the way, have you heard from those two
private detectives we sent out to California?" Auggie was being cryptic
because everyone in the chopper wearing headphones could hear whatever
anyone else said including the pilot. Auggie was really asking Ryan how
close the former FBI agents were to getting his Picasso `pitcher' back to
Coral Place.

"I heard yesterday that they'll bring your merchandise back right after the
online auction concludes on Friday and the successful bidder is announced.
If that info remains confidential, apparently, they have a way of
discovering the name anyway, so any time after Friday the shit should hit
the fan. I'm pretty sure we'll hear about that from public sources."

"That be good news," Auggie said before he looked at the three sleepers in
the third row of seats and told Ryan the next time he came to visit, he'd
bring the kids and their dogs along so they could all have the fun of
flying in the whirly bird and visiting the office for the first time. He
imagined such a visit would give the office gossips something to talk about
far into the next century. Even the pilot laughed at that and he didn't
know about the twins or the four dogs.

Auggie continued with a chuckle, "I expect them boys will be up in the
office all of a half hour before they have me talked outten my stock so
they could change things around so as to make them more profit to put in
their personal bank," he surmised.

The elevator door barely opened when a tiny white-haired lady ran at
Auggie. She announced his presence with the voice of a Drill Sargent, "I do
declare! It's the boss man himself! Mista August Bligh comes to see us at
least once every 10 years!"

Ms. Maddie Prentiss had been Auggie's private secretary ever since he could
afford office help. Before Ryan's arrival, she was to number two power in
the company. Now with Ryan, she was happy to be the number three power.
Ryan interacted with Auggie daily so Maddie didn't have to bother him with
incessant phone calls. Now with Ryan actually in the office regularly to
make important decisions, Maddie became the young CEO's enforcer, but of
course she still kept Auggie informed with Ryan's permission, so he didn't
have to report his activities to Auggie personally.

As Ryan's enforcer, Maddie saw to it that lessor beings in the company
carried out new policies or changes in policies in a timely manner, office
rule infractions or especially anyone who had anything disparaging to say
out loud about gays. First time offenders got a verbal warning while the
second time found the individual transferred to some distant branch office
into a position they were totally unsuited for. Traditionally, working at
the home office or `headquarters' in Atlanta was everyone's goal, being
transferred from home office to the hinterlands was a hint to update the
resume and begin looking for another position.

Maddie was like a very little spider sitting in the middle of the corporate
web who just happened to be the deadliest if someone got her attention in a
negative way. On the other hand, if someone were to be a creative
self-starter who was always upbeat, somehow the little spider knew. Those
individuals found themselves with unexpected merit salary increases and/or
promotions with even larger paychecks. Those were the people that were
spotted near the top of every division to become the little spider's babies
who reported back directly, good or bad, to her, without troubling the
division head.

"Let go of me woman," Auggie said with a laugh, "here I was supposed to be
incognito an' y'all ruined that one step off the elevator! Come on into my
office we'll have `coffee' an' talk." Auggie took another step before he
stopped to look around. "Say, where is my office these days Maddie girl?
Y'all move offices like other people move furniture!"

Maddie gave Auggie a serious knuckle poke in the side, "For that unkind
comment, the broom closet next to Ryan's corner office is all yours. Did
y'all want coffee in your sugar as usual?" Maddie shot back.

Auggie was surprised to see there was a broom closet next to Ryan's office
as promised. Auggie didn't have an office anymore, Ryan took it over when
he became CEO and visited headquarters the first time.

Auggie was willing to play the game with Maddie, "Does the Chairman o' this
here company board need an a-ppointment to see the company CEO?" He asked,
as he walked into his old office or Ryan's new one and sat down in front of
the desk while directing Ryan to sit behind the desk.

Zeek and Keith had taken on the job of herding Stevie, Logan and Brenden
along with the group and pushed them on to a sofa where they were content
to sit leaning against each other with their eyes closed. They were
enjoying what could be called a working one day vacation.

Maddie glared at Auggie when Ryan explained the boys got carried away at a
bourbon tasting they had the previous afternoon and evening. Maddie was
upset that she hadn't been invited when she found out that the `tasting'
included a number of 20-year-old bourbon brands that she didn't know

While Ryan talked, Auggie popped open his briefcase and offered Maddie two
of the bottles under discussion. One was for her to take home and the other
was to be retained in the `office supplies', that would be, if any was left
after his visit. "That there was a hint Maddie girl," Auggie concluded
while looking hopeful.

Maddie looked at her watch and shrugged before she approached a wall and
pushed in on a certain spot. Ryan was surprised that there was a full,
well-stocked wet bar concealed behind the wall. "I should have known," Ryan
mumbled, as he got up to help Maddie serve their guests the first drinks
that morning.

The party intensified when Stevie and Logan finally surfaced and joined the
land of the living. Zeek immediately poured them doubles while Stevie and
Logan requested beer, which Maddie had secreted somewhere in the building.
Since the boys didn't even want to smell their drinks, Zeek gave one to
Auggie and kept the other to drink himself. It seemed Maddie was always
prepared for any eventuality. In this case Ryan told Maddie what beer the
boys normally drank at home at Coral Place since he had a little advance
notice that Auggie was on his way.

After lunch, Auggie let Maddie and Ryan give him a tour of the departments
in the building until they got to the studios and video production
departments that Auggie was actually interested in. Then he got stuck and
even wanted to meet and greet the Vice-Presidents in charge of the

The second day, the visiting group went to Redlands Plantation for the
first time since they departed for Florida. Auggie really enjoyed a tour of
the whole farm to see for himself all the changes Trasker, his
great-nephew, had implemented right under his nose without his knowledge or
any input.

He loved seeing the very profitable lumber mill and how the operation had
grown to the point that they no longer sold timber, they sold lumber sliced
from logs from the farm and surrounding timber farms. That was what Trasker
had envisioned and was implementing at Redlands-North. There was also the
many thousands of acres Trasker bought and added to the farm crop
production, as well as additional timber holdings.

Auggie was blown away by the size of Trasker's cattle feed lot. In addition
to their own beef cattle, other farmers and speculators were paying to have
beef cattle grown to marketable size in Redlands' expanding feed lot. It
was hard to appreciate what 20,000 head of cattle looked like when
concentrated in one place. Auggie didn't even know that a pelletizing mill
had been built to reduce hay to pellets as feed on demand for the
voracious, rapidly growing cattle.

Of course, Redlands couldn't hope to grow enough hay and grain for the
cattle, so Trasker had contracts with regional farmers as well as obtaining
the right of first refusal to buy any farm that decided to go out of
business. Much of the grain was devoted to feed one million chickens that
were housed in barns of 10,000. These were grown under contract with the
many national packers concentrated in Georgia and were to be considered as
already sold to be immediately replaced with chicks to continue the
production cycle.

Auggie was only disappointed to discover that all the very capable managers
of the many specialized farm divisions were blacks whose families had lived
on Redlands for generations. He was proud of these people but disappointed
that none were white; meaning that none were Bligh relatives. He decided
that Trasker was right, the bulk of his relatives had to go away somehow.
He grinned when he wondered how much trouble he could get into if he had
them all spayed and neutered, then the problem would be solved in as little
as one generation.

Nope, Auggie was unwilling to go to prison while his relatives would
continue to mooch off Trasker. He decided that he would buy or build a
small chicken packing plant and then buy or build an apartment building
nearby so the whole `kit and caboodle' (all Bligh relatives) could be
shipped off to live and work as they pleased or go out and find other
paying jobs or just go on welfare. However, they would receive no further
help from Auggie or Trasker and they wouldn't be allowed to return to
Redlands except to visit. He would have to run his new plan by Trasker to
see what he thought or perhaps he had another solution short of using any
of them as running clay birds; for target practice, a plan that Trasker had
already laughingly proposed several times in the past.

After spending two more days in the office, Auggie thought he had worn out
his welcome there. No one would object if he didn't visit for another 10
years. So, it was time to head on up to New Jersey to visit all the Yankee
boys as well as Charlie, Laura and Marjory.

Dooby's cellphone buzzed Saturday morning, right in the middle of their
chicken cooking show. The cameras were paused while Dooby answered the call
since the caller was Auggie. Scott and Cory rolled their eyes. Dooby had
his phone with him for a change and didn't know enough to turn it off
during production. Of course, the fact that it rang on a Saturday, everyone
assumed the call must be important or an emergency. Dooby didn't have
anything to say except `Hey,' and then say that they were in the studio and
he would send the truck.

After the call ended Dooby just stared at his phone for several moments
before he told Cory, "We have a few more guests arriving in half an hour."
Cory had gotten in the habit of giving Dooby the `look' whenever Dooby
turned cryptic just like he was at that moment. Dooby shook himself, "Oh,
that was Auggie, they're a half hour out." He looked at Deacon, "Would you
run over to the airport to collect them please? There's only Auggie, Zeek,
Stevie and Logan, Brendon and Keith, oh and Chef Flynn," he amended so
Deacon would know there was plenty of room in the truck.

"Does this mean we have to end our weekend early?" Lee asked sorrowfully.

Dooby giggled at that question, "Nope, it just means that our pajama party
got bigger." He asked Scott, "Can we break here while the deep fryer does
its thing, I need to call James and EZ." He grinned at Rod and Lee, "That's
four more guys for our party," he announced. Once again, cryptically.

"We'll explain later," Cory assured the new guys, "Meanwhile I'll make up
another batch of breadcrumbs while you start washing and drying off more
chicken pieces," he said to Dooby.

"You got it boss," Dooby responded. "Do you guys want to help?" he asked
Lee and Rod in his happy, enthusiastic Huckleberry Flynn voice. Both guys
were wearing their new Spelling's Team jerseys, that had become a tradition
for guests. They saw Dooby make a swirling motion to Scott, but the boys
didn't know that it was a signal to start the cameras. They realized they
might be in the show when Dooby introduced them to the cameras by name as
expert teen chefs in preparing southern style fried chicken.

Then they forgot about the cameras as they began to protest about them
being chefs or ever making fried chicken from any region including New
Jersey, where they were standing. That's when they fell into Dooby's,
`Huckleberry Finn' trap as he stopped what he was doing and began
supervising the two newbies in washing and drying chicken pieces before
moving them over to dipping the chicken into buttermilk and Cory's special
seasoned breadcrumb mixture.

That's what they were doing when Auggie, Zeek, Stevie and Logan arrived
announced by Laurie and Chuckie who were in a rush to see if the boys
dropped any edible food while they were away. Dooby and Cory began looking
at the elevator as they expected it to begin moving to deliver Auggie and
his scooter to the second floor. They were pleased and surprised when they
saw Auggie slowly climbing the stairs with Zeek at his side and Logan,
Stevie and Flynn following closely, ready to catch Auggie if he fell

Meanwhile, since the dogs didn't find any food on the floor or in their
bowls, they decided to show the new humans how stair climbing was done by
racing up and down the staircase as fast as they could go. They only paused
so the two younger new guys who resembled Dooby and Cory who also vaguely
smelled like the dog's kennel mates, to congratulate them for their stair
climbing skills.

When the group finally reached the second-floor studio, Dooby rushed Auggie
and company to give each one a shoulder hug before introducing everyone to
everyone else. Then Cory watched Dooby expertly maneuver Logan and Steve to
behind the counter and get them into the chicken frying assembly line while
Dooby stood back with his hands on his hips and a smirk on his face with
two more guys to supervise.

When the breaded chicken pieces began to pile up, Cory announced a bottle
neck. They only had a small double basket deep fryer that might be found in
a home kitchen and of course cooking chicken could not be rushed. If they
deep-fried all the chicken the boys had ready, they wouldn't get to eat
lunch until midnight.

Inventive Dooby suggested that they use sheet pans and the ovens. That way
lunch would be ready in about an hour plus they planned to cook some of the
chicken in the oven anyway since many home cooks didn't have deep fryers.

They just got the sheet pans in the oven when James and Steve and EZ
(Little Zeek) and Rodger arrived, which made more introductions necessary.
As the number of hot teen studs in the studio grew, so did Lee and Rod's
looks of amazement. They had trouble believing that all the guys were gay
and would eagerly join them in the planned pajama party that night.

Scott did pause the cameras at that point so the guys could talk together
and with Auggie and Zeek, who didn't want to be photographed. Since Auggie
was the ultimate big boss as the owner of the production company and the
national cable channels where the shows appeared, he got whatever he wanted.

As Scott listened to the weekend and beyond plans, he determined that his
cameras would be up and running for some of the events. Auggie wanted to
have supper at all three of Charlie's, Charlie's restaurants because he was
interested in buying at least three of the franchises. He planned to give
Trasker one to be built in Athens, one would go to Stevie and Logan, to be
built wherever they wanted it located and the third would be for the twins
as their first dry land profit center.

Auggie was hoping the twins would give up their charter business by hiring
a captain and mate to run that operation, just like they did with their
bait catching and boat bottom cleaning businesses. He already knew from
Charlie exactly how profitable each of Charlie's restaurants were since
they opened.

While the twin's charter fishing business was safer than fishing for bait,
there was still some risk out on the water daily when they weren't in
school. On the other hand, a restaurant was on dry land that would be run
by others, as well as be infinitely more profitable than all their other
water based businesses combined. Auggie was also thinking selfishly; he
wanted to spend more time with Kevin and Kyle, his adopted sons and, yes,
including with the four fun loving dogs.


With lunch and the cooking show episode concluded, or `in the can', the
growing mob went off to watch Rod play his hockey game. The local boy's
league played home matches at a public rink where every minute of ice time
was carefully scheduled to maximize `ice time' rental, literally 24 hours a
day. When they arrived, the rink was still open for public skating so
Auggie bought everyone, including the two dogs, tickets to skate but no one
wanted to skate; they just wanted to see how the pups reacted to walking on
slick ice for the first time -- or trying to. This after Auggie looked
around. He was looking for a sign that said: NO PETS ON THE ICE. There was
no such sign -- yet, but he was sure there would be soon after the gang left.

Since Scott had very little time to set up his cameras and equip the boys
with remote microphones, and most telling, none of his crew could skate, he
sent his crew to the other side of the rink. Scott also didn't want to risk
damaging any of his equipment or his partner Artie by trying to walk on
ice. Between skaters beginning to stop and visit with the dogs and then
realize that they were being filmed and some recognized Dooby and Cory,
which caused more skaters to crowd around, the dogs became delirious with
joy. When that happened, they continued to stand and fall in their efforts
to lick kid's faces.

Then a family of four with two little kids dressed in all-encompassing
well-padded snow suits and strap on skates, managed to get close enough to
pet and hug the dogs. This was the first-time Laurie and Chuckie had seen
humans who were almost the same size they were and they were delirious with
joy at having so much attention.

Cory dropped Laurie's leash but Dooby tried holding on to Chuckie's. While
Dooby was shaking a woman's hand, Chuckie fell again and pulled Dooby
slightly off balance. Dooby fell against Cory as his butt connected with
the ice and the rest of the boys went down like dominos. That was when the
PA system announced that the ice needed to be cleared so it could be
groomed for the hockey match.

Between laughing, blaming Dooby for causing everyone to fall and the need
to get off the ice, they all followed Dooby in crawling on their hands and
knees to the closest door in the wall. With two extra feet and the
knowledge of how to use them, the dogs did best at exiting the ice, and as
an added bonus, all the boys were chasing them by making believe they were
dogs too!

Before the match, the dogs were occupied with eating chunks of hotdogs, a
few French fries and slurping Slurpee's from soft serve ice cream cups.
That was until someone blew a whistle and their attention switched back to
the ice between the whistle and the small crowd of spectators cheering.

While hockey sticks would have made respectable chew toys; the single small
round black thing all the boys with sticks were chasing, looked ideal as a
chew toy or as something nearly ideal to be chased. The dogs grew frantic
to get to the fast-moving black thing but there was no way they could get
through or even see over the damned wall unless they continued to sit on
the benches with or on their humans. Dooby identified the problem and
handed Chuckie off to Stevie's lap before he disappeared toward the
concession area.

Low and behold, when he returned, he was carrying one of the little black
things in each hand. Then the dogs lost all interest in the black thing
they couldn't get at in favor of the ones they held in their mouths. Both
were suddenly content to chew on their new toys, which were the perfect
size and shape to be held between their paws and begin chewing while laying
at their human's feet for the rest of the match except for breaks when
there was more edible food.

With the hockey game concluded and Rod's team facing a check mark in their
loss column, the whole gang, in several vehicles, headed for High View
Farm. There, it was a no brainer that the first stop was at the new `barn'
that was more like a million-dollar home for a few exotic animals with the
animals finally in residence permanently. That would be all except the
ostriches and emus.

Mark couldn't guess what the birds would do if they were moved to their new
home and allowed the freedom of the field. It was too cold to risk them
being outside during the length of time it would take to catch and pen them
in the event they didn't know enough to seek shelter in their new enlarged
pens. The birds would have to wait until spring when the weather was warmer.

With all the new humans around, the animals naturally thought that they
would be treated early, without the need, or in addition to climbing the
hill to get their daily snack ration. When fresh fruit and vegetables
didn't appear as expected the exotics formed up for the walk up the hill
and then stared at Dooby and Cory to lead the parade as usual.

Since the ATVs were parked in the garage, up at the house, that meant the
boys would hike with the animals, including the permanent High View Farm
herd of deer. Although hunting season had ended, the visiting herds from
other properties remained since the winter hay was still plentiful, there
was no need to eat tree bark or some human's landscape to survive until
spring when their natural food sources began growing again.

While the brief discussion of who would walk and who would drive up to the
house, Auggie was slowly making his way to the driver's door of Dooby's
Christmas present. It was already too late for Zeek to argue about who was
driving when the gang heard the big engine start. While Zeek started
running, he was too late. Auggie even left him behind.

Auggie lowered the window to shout, "SUCKERS!" as he pulled away from the
barn heading up to the big house on the hill.

Initially, the dogs thought that Deacon left them behind until he called
them to his side and told them they had to walk. It was then that the dogs
displayed the measure of trust they had in Deacon. Both dropped their
hockey pucks at his feet while looking up at him with hopeful expressions.
"Okay, I'll give them back as soon as we get home," he told the pups as he
picked up the pucks and put them in his coat pockets after his saw that for
all the chewing they did that afternoon, there were only a few scratches
from young sharp dog teeth. He decided that hockey pucks were the perfect
chew toy.

Both dogs woofed their thanks before they raced off to lead the entire pack
up the hill. Rudy and his wives joined the mob from their usual spot; from
under some low hanging white pines, where they could see the field but not
be seen.

There was no shortage of help to carry the feed sacks from the garden shed
to the buckets and the feed troughs. Since all the boys had performed the
task before, getting messy wasn't a problem as they looked forward to
showering together to renew `acquaintances' and make new ones if Lee and
Rod wanted to play.

Cory stopped breaking a sack open when George the caterer popped out of a
French door to let them know he was there and had things under control.
Cory looked at Dooby in surprise, Dooby had thought ahead on his own.
Apparently, Dooby had called George to arrange for him to bring in his
staff to work for as long as they had guests. Most importantly, Dooby told
George to pick up cases of beer and bottles of the best bourbon the liquor
store had on hand with a special request to order a case of Old
Pappy-20-year-old bourbon to have on hand for when future bourbon drinkers
were guests, such as Charlie, the following weekend.

The fact that the guests had to excuse themselves to the bigger animals who
were using their heads and legs to encourage them to hurry filling the
troughs and buckets with their evening dinner. While Auggie wasn't
carrying any feed sacks, he was right there and was someone who got pushed
out of the way.

"Those camels must not know how rich you are, Auggie," Stevie quipped. He
was referring to how amazed the twins were that their father-to-be was so
rich he bought whatever he wanted, regardless of price and they frequently
told him so.

Auggie grinned at Stevie evilly, "If y'all keep up pickin' on me, I'm rich
enough to buy you an' Logan boy one way bus tickets to `lanta," he warned

"Me?" Logan protested, "What did I do? Stevie has the big mouth. If you
want to send him back to Atlanta, you could save money if we packed his ass
in a dog crate and stored him in the planes' cargo hold," he countered,
"Then when we fly over his dear old granny's house we could just drop him

"Just for that, no nookie for you tonight, Logan boy," Stevie warned with a

"Say Dooby boy, what yo' plan on doin' with all these babies," Auggie
wanted to know.

"Well, I was kind of hoping to find them all some good homes just like
this." Dooby said and held his breath. Either huge Redlands farm would be
ideal. As an eternal optimist, he'd even offered any babies to Trasker back
before he got the mothers as Christmas presents and if he remembered
correctly, Trasker laughed but didn't say no. Dooby had also dreamed of
getting pairs of animals; a male and a female and then let nature take its
course. Instead, he was gifted with two pregnant females of each species,
which actually doubled the problem of finding homes for the offspring.

Another problem Dooby faced was that these animals were strictly
decorative; they were uniquely beautiful but unlike cattle, pigs, sheep,
chickens, or other `farm' animals, they had no commercial value in America.
They were just beautiful, exotic eating machines that prospective future
owners would have to pay for to support forever. It was then that Dooby
decided that the first crop of babies would also be the last on High View

Then Dooby suddenly had a revelation. He might convince Auggie and Trasker,
the real Bligh family farmer, to take in the big animal babies if he
included giving away all the ostridge and emu babies as well, since the big
birds already enjoyed some commercial success as eggs and even meat. While
Dooby didn't even want to think about eating their meat, serious egg
production had definite possibilities already and sales could be improved
with proper promotion.

"Come on Auggie, I've got to show you some other animals that Trasker could
make a buck from if he'll give these big beautiful babies a lifetime home,"
he added, "And you can even drive my ATV unless you want to drink your

"What we're gonna do is I'll drive your ATV whilst you, Dooby boy, will
hold my drink without spillin' nary a drop," Auggie stated with a laugh as
he led the way into and through the house to get to the garage where the
ATVs were parked.

With the feeding nearly complete and the dogs content to eat their carrots
before they went inside to eat whatever people food snacks that could be
begged, they had no interest in going for a ride with Dooby. Zeek was
already complaining to Dooby that driving was his job unless Dooby had a
death wish as he Stevie and Logan tagged along more to be nosey than to
drive. Lee and Rod also tagged along to see more of the estate and if they
got lucky; the chance to drive an ATV again.

Dooby gave Auggie the choice of using the driveway or going overland, down
the steep hill. The result of that offer was that Zeek had the remember to
breathe while Dooby laughed his ass off when Auggie only eased his foot off
the accelerator when he had to turn onto the bridge. Either turn, of go
flying them all into the river. The next time Auggie slowed was when the
pole barn with over 200 deer clustered around eating hay came into view.

Dooby explained that Charlie never allowed hunting on his property and
always fed the deer in the winter so they wouldn't eat the garden or the
landscape plantings. He said the herd up at the house were year-round
residents, while these were just visiting for protection and the free food
all winter.

When Auggie skidded to a stop in front of the old barn that had been made
into his Christmas gifts' temporary quarters, Dooby was surprised to see
that so much had already been done to convert the barn into Mark's large
animal veterinary clinic. Since Charlie had his store crew build the new
barn and it was finished, he just had them move to build out the clinic.
Dooby let Mark take over the supervision of his new office so he was
getting everything exactly the way he wanted it. Charlie, Cory and Dooby
had also advised Mark several times that he had no real budgetary
restrictions so he should build something that was equal or better than
current university facilities. It was clear to Dooby that Mark had accepted
the challenge.

The only section of the old barn that hadn't been torn up was the big bird
pens with their heated sand floors. All of the birds were hunkered down in
the sand, enjoying the radiant heat when they heard Dooby's chatter and
recognized him as a potential food source. Even though there was feed in
their troughs and hay in the mangers, it seemed both species enjoyed being
hand fed more than food on demand because they all came running to the
fences when they heard the plastic buckets clanking and Dooby's mouth
running on full as usual.

Dooby led Auggie and Zeek over to the fences, then gave them the food
buckets. Zeek got to feed the ostriches, while Auggie got the emus. "Mine's
bigger," Zeek commented with a giggle.

"No argument there," Auggie agreed. The boys except Lee and Rod laughed
with the men. The younger boys hadn't seen Zeek's `black snake' and didn't
know that no one there were talking about the size of the birds.

"Just look at their eyes and eyelashes Auggie," Dooby enthused as a lead in
to discuss the birds' potential for profit. He really got Auggie's
attention when he said that just one ostrich or emu egg sold for eating,
costs upwards of $50.00, EACH, he emphasized, depending on the season. He
also mentioned that meat from the birds was also expensive but he
personally couldn't imagine anyone eating one of `his' birds. He went on to
talk about the sale of chicks, young birds and even adults, although Cory
refused to tell him what any of the individual animals cost and so far,
he'd been too polite to snoop prices on the internet. Cory gave Dooby an
elbow as a reminder that he was standing right there while he was discussed.

Big bird dessert was apples that had been quartered, which all the birds
competed for as Dooby pointed out it was easy to see who got an apple
section as it made a bulge in their long necks as they slid down their
throats. While the birds were digesting their dinners, Auggie suggested
that they all head off to a Charlie's restaurant to have their own dinner.

That was when Cory realized that he'd `dropped the ball' this time by
failing to call and make reservations in advance the minute he knew that
Auggie and company were arriving. That would be if reservations for such a
large party could even be made on Saturday at noon, for that very evening
at well-established restaurant, even after the name was changed to

Cory got creative. He called and asked to speak to the relatively new
headwaiter, Scot, to see what he could do. Since Scot and the brand-new
management team would do anything for Cory and Dooby. Scot had his lunch
servers and runners rearranging tables and adding a new big round one in
the middle of the dining room since what had come to be referred to as the
`owner's' table was way too small and couldn't be expanded enough to seat
such a large party.

To be sure the large party and the two dogs would be accepted by the
Saturday night patrons, Scot made sure that everyone arriving knew that
Dooby and Cory, cable TV personalities, would be dining there that evening
along with the Charlie's restaurant mascots, Chuckie and Laurie, two
lovable Labrador pups.

As soon as EZ found out that they were having dinner at a Spelling owned
restaurant, he began telling Cory and Dooby about the wondrous new Dead
Lobster appetizer; Auggie's Oysters, that everyone would want to order.
Cory and Dooby agreed but looked at each other with expressions that
bordered on panic. While Charlie's had oysters on the menu, the boys
doubted the restaurant would have enough to serve everyone what is
essentially a bloody Mary served in a bowl that also included a dozen raw

Dooby snapped his fingers and ran off to call Tommy. He first invited Tommy
and Christian to dinner at Charlie's Number 2 that very evening, because
Auggie Bligh came up to visit unannounced, that very morning and expressed
an interest in buying not one, but three Charlie's restaurant franchises!
This was very good news to Tommy because the Charlie's concept was so new
they'd just ironed out the last few kinks and were beginning to think about
offering franchises for sale nationally.

Dooby had one request for Tommy before he disconnected the call; "Would you
stop at the warehouse, pick up four bushels of oysters and bring them with
you? Little Zeek, EZ, now that he's at school with us at Blair, wants to
serve everyone in the restaurant an oyster appetizer that requires a dozen
in each serving." Tommy agreed of course. It wasn't until he hung up his
phone that he wondered if Dooby just scammed him somehow.

Head waiter Scot realized he'd over-sold Dooby and Cory's visit because
diners who had eaten early and were finished were still seated, waiting to
see the boys in person, while the 7:00 reservations began to pile up in the
lounge and outside. Scot whispered the problem to Dooby and Cory as soon as
they arrived with their growing party. The boys, with Chuckie and Laurie in
tow, first visited tables that had been cleared. This time the boys were
ready without false modesty, with a stack of publicity photos, which they
autographed. Then they pointed to Scott, who waited just outside the door
with model releases they had to sign if they didn't mind the possibility
that they'd be in a future TV show. This quickly cleared the tables and
allowed a quicker reset for the later reservations.

Laurie and Chuckie also found fame and fortune in the form of food tidbits,
but no bread, everyone was quickly advised. The dogs' fame came from them
being named Charlie's official mascots. No one complained about having
giant paws on their laps so the dogs could bestow kisses on patron's faces
more easily. No one realized that the dogs wanted to get high enough so
they could look at the food on the table. While they would eat anything,
even tossed salad, they preferred meat of any kind, so someone eating a
steak or prime rib received extra special attention.


As soon as the former FBI Special Agents, Chuck and Gene, arrived in Los
Angles, California, they made a beeline for the Beverly Hills fine art
boutique who offered more period furniture than fine art they noticed in
passing. They weren't there to look at old furniture, nor did they expect
to see Auggie's Picasso, they were there to check out the stores' security
system and were pleasantly surprised. Since the store mostly specialized in
antique furnishings, no thief in his right mind would steal anything that
weighed hundreds of pounds that was only worth a few thousand dollars, so
the security system was elemental.

Chuck and Gene's next stop was to the store owner's home. They knew the
Picasso would have to be either in the store or in their home. Once again,
the home security system barely qualified to hold the name. It wasn't even
connected by telephone to a central alarm monitoring service. They boldly
rang the doorbell to see if anyone was home, before they picked the lock
and quickly temporarily disabled the alarm. The home was decorated with
items from the store but there was no Picasso.

So, it was back to the store late Thursday night long after the store was
closed, with the newly forged Picasso under Gene's arm. Days passed quietly
because they waited until the last minute (the auction closed the next
morning) so there was less chance of discovering the forgery by close
scrutiny of the back of the canvass where the forger arrogantly signed his
name in very tiny letters! This was the easy giveaway after money and the
canvass changed hands.

The Agents found the unframed original Picasso, also known as `Auggie's
Picasso pitcher' between themselves, on an easel in an elegantly decorated,
carefully lighted, locked room. The men assumed the simple display was so
potential buyers and their art experts could study at both sides and all
the edges most easily. It was hard to believe that the forger was as good
as he was when the men held both canvasses up together.

With the switch complete, the Agents rushed back to their hotel suite to
monitor the bidding during the last few hours of the auction. It was
quickly noted that the auction was down to three active bidders from a high
of 23. It was assumed that most of the dropouts had been looking to make a
`steal' so the canvas could then be resold for perhaps somewhere closer to
its actual value. Of the three remaining bidders, one was a Russian
oligarch, one showed a Dubai email address and the last and most
interesting was a senior partner at a prestigious Los Angeles law firm.

Further digging into the law firm's files revealed that the attorney in
question, represented only one client since around 1960. The bidder was
only represented by the initials, `AB'. Further study revealed AB was
actually Anthony Bladelli, a man the general public assumed was dead. This
occurred as `Mafia' became a dirty word and `Organized Crime' became
popular and accepted. Back in his day, Anthony was also known by his
friends and the press as Tony the Blade, because it was rumored that he
preferred pointed weapons with extra finely sharpened edges.

Tony the Blade's popularity slowly diminished in the press as he became
less active as the `Don of Dons'. Then it was rumored that he was killed
somehow, somewhere, either that, or he simply retired, something that
rarely, if ever occurs in Tony the Blade's business. With Tony dead or out
of sight, other `Dons' took his place as the ultimate organized crime
leader but all of them managed to die in that office or simply disappear
whenever they began to think of themselves as the actual leader, or the
boss of bosses.

One of the first things Anthony Bladelli did when he took up residence at a
10 acre cliffside estate in Orange County, California, was to Americanize
his name to Anthony Blade a name he used to buy his new home. The name fit
him because he was born and raised close to the Italian border with
Switzerland and had bright blue eyes, and sandy colored hair so he could
never be mistaken as a Sicilian or from southern Italy.

In addition to video cameras that were mounted everywhere, Tony had every
square inch of his property landscaped and intensely maintained by a
surprising number of young sharp eyed gardeners who all carried a canvas
shoulder bag that contained the `tools of their trade' in addition to
pruning shears and gardening paraphernalia. Aside from a wrought iron fence
on three sides of the property, the cliff on the forth and the gates, there
was no further effort to keep intruders out. This was intentional. The few
who ventured over the fence over the years were caught and intensely
interrogated before they disappeared forever. Anthony took great pride in
handling interrogations himself with his trusty sharp pointed instruments.

Curiously, there always seemed to be one of these gardeners, sometimes two
working just outside the gates. There to intercept unexpected visitors and
do whatever the gate cameras and intercom could not do in the event of
need. Anthony had been successful in running his business over the years
because he didn't trust telephones, the US Postal Service or computers. He
relied almost exclusively on using his team of gardeners as messengers to
carry verbal messages; rarely was anything committed to writing.

Suddenly, there was an exception. Anthony wanted the Picasso for his
collection very badly and to bid quickly he had to use both his phone and
the computer and ultimately just his computer. That was how Chuck and Gene
found out that AB was in fact Anthony Blade, aka, Anthony Bladelli in far
earlier years. The Agents watched as the bids crept up from $50 million in
one to five million increments placed by the three about five minutes apart
until the bidding reached $65 million and slowed dramatically with Tony the
current high bidder.

Tony was ecstatic when he thought he'd won, then the Arab raised the bid to
$66 million, which really pissed him off. So much so, he slapped his cane
on the wooden computer desk that sounded much like a gun shot. This caused
his computer geek to duck under the desk. It was obvious the man knew
exactly who he worked for and a gunshot could happen at any time. Tony was
about to order the geek to jump the bid by $10 million all at once.

Tony was surprised when the geek boldly made a suggestion, "Excuse me Sir,
but instead of jumping the bid by 10 now why not let the other two guys
fight it out between them until like 30 seconds before bidding closes and
then sneak in with just enough to win, or go big to put them in shock so
they might hesitate to counter before the clock runs out. Sorry Sir, it was
just a suggestion," the man added meekly when he saw Tony's expression
change to unreadable.

It was the geek's turn to be surprised when Tony bent to give him a
shoulder hug. "Good plan," Tony announced with a laugh, "Let's take a
break, have some dinner and see where these assholes are. Meanwhile they'll
think we dropped out and hopefully, they'll forget us." The geek wondered
about his boss' sudden use of `we' but he very much enjoyed the hug and the
older man's smile.

With Tony apparently out of the picture, the bids shrank to only $100,000
increments, so seconds, 10 not 30 before closing, as the geek suggested,
the bid was only up to $72.4 million. "Okay! Now! Bump it up $10 million!"
Tony ordered the geek.

"We did it!" The geek sang out in triumph and used the imperial `we' as if
the $82.4 million was partially his.

"Yes, we did," Tony agreed, "Now you grab your laptop to wire the funds and
I'll just grab my hat. We're off to pick up my Picasso and pay off those
thieving bastards."

"Do you think the seller stole it?" The geek asked as he attempted to sit
up front with the driver while Tony just pointed to the seat in the back of
the limo alongside him.

"I'm sure they stole it from someone. What I can't figure out is why the
cops weren't called and there's been no national publicity. If this
painting was auctioned off to the international public it would have sold
for $120 million minimum and perhaps up to $150 or more." Tony suddenly
looked at the geek with a quizzical expression. "Say how old are you and
how long have you worked for me?"

"Well I'm 29 and I've worked as your regular geek for almost five years."

"I'm kind of embarrassed to ask the next question but here goes; What's
your name?"

"My name's Grant," he said as he realized that Mr. Blade never called him
anything and rarely said `please' or `thank you', but then he was just the
well-paid employee of a very powerful man.

When the limo pulled up in front of the fine art gallery, Grant realized
the they had been preceded and were followed by SUVs that each held four of
Mr. Blade's `gardeners', only instead of wearing shorts and occasionally
shirts around the grounds, the men were all dressed in well-cut business
suits, a rarity in sunny southern California. Even he and Mr. Blade were
dressed in their usual shorts and pull-overs.

The gallery owners, a pair of ass kissers, met them just inside the front
door with the offer of refreshments before they got down to business. The
problem the ass kissers faced was they didn't know who `AB' was. It was a
tossup between Tony and Grant. The men in suits were obviously bodyguards.

Tony quickly ended the dilemma by growling, "Cut the bullshit, we just want
to see the canvas. Then we'll transfer the funds to any account you want."

The two men fell over themselves to get the Picasso from the locked room
and carry it back downstairs together, then present the modern masterpiece
to Tony. Tony took the painting and looked at it closely, front and back
before he handed it off to Grant with a wink the ass kissers couldn't see.
"You're the expert, do you think this is worth 87 very, very large?"

Grant took the hint combined with the knowledge from Tony that the work was
most likely stolen. He held the canvas up and then made a show of it being
almost too hot to hold by switching hands. The implication was clear. "I
think we should know the source, so he's never invited to parties at the
house," he suggested.

Tony nodded and turned to the men who were beginning a nervous dance. "You
heard the man. Who'd you steal it from?" He asked as the gardeners drew
closer and suddenly looked menacing.

The hapless men talked over each other as they sought to tell Tony and
Grant that they found the painting in the home of some hayseed type who was
living in the Florida Keys. They began to ramble until they ran out of air
in fear for their lives so one barely mumbled the name; August Bligh.

Tony exploded, "AUGUST BLIGH of Bligh Media! No wonder the theft wasn't
reported. He's probably already got men out here sniffing around looking
for you two assholes. Do you realize that man could buy and sell me 10
times over? We should take you out right now and present your bodies along
with this canvas and hope he's not too pissed off at us for taking you out
before he got to you! That brings the price way down. We'll pay you $10
million right now if you act fast." Tony waited two seconds, "Not fast
enough, now the number is down to $5 million. One more step and you get
nothing but your bodies transported to the Keys for free!"

"WE ACCEPT!" The two men shouted together.

Tony nodded to Grant, who opened his laptop and began typing. There was no
need for Tony to give Grant the bank name, account number, or password.
Over the five years Grant worked for Tony, such a degree of trust had built
up there was very little of Tony's business interests that Grant didn't
know about. The exceptions were messages Tony whispered to one of the
gardeners that Grant didn't want to know about.

Grant's fingers paused above the keyboard as he looked at the two men,
"Well, if you want your money, it would be nice if you gave us your bank
routing and account number for the transfer. I'm waiting," he said to their

Tony added, "While you're in there, we'd like some kind of box or packing
case for our new Picasso."

If Tony was surprised by the custom built waterproof, fiberglass carrying
case he was handed, he didn't let on. With the Picasso safely in its case
and it in the back of the limo, on the way home, Tony said, "Would you
please see if you can find a way to contact August Bligh. We need to return
this as soon as possible. I don't know the man but I don't think we should
piss him off any more than he is and I'm almost sure he'll be happy to
reimburse us the $10 million we laid out to buy this from those assholes."

That got a giggle out of Grant. "Yup, and a five million profit isn't a bad
morning's work either."

Tony and Grant had just arrived back `home' or Tony's estate, when the
rarely used house phone began ringing. They looked at each other in
surprise because Tony always assumed that hardwire phones were tapped and
he wouldn't touch one. Grant put the call on the speaker phone. Gene was
calling the recent successful high bidder for an item, who had in fact
purchased a very good forgery that had been signed on the back, lower left
corner if there was any doubt. He went on to say that the original had been
recovered and would soon be in the legal owner's possession once again.

Grant was about to disconnect when Tony spoke up. "Excuse me, we know who
the real owner is and he obviously knows me so I was wondering if we could
meet and talk directly?" There was a long pause and a muffled conversation
through the open phone line.

Gene returned to the conversation with a suggestion, "While I can't speak
for my employer and he can't be reached at this time, it would be his
choice to meet you if you happened to be in closer proximity. If you agree,
I will make arrangements for you to visit the Rainbow Club Resort on
Marathon Key, as his guest. Strictly at your convenience of course," Gene
added and waited for an answer.

The Agents had done their homework, knew who the three final bidders were
and had hurried encapsulated biographies for each bidder. In Mr. Blade's
case, they knew of the name change. They also knew he had been suspected of
being the Don of Dons when he dropped out of sight and as far as they could
tell, he was still the ultimate Don or currently, the masterful head of
organized crime in America. They also gleaned one last tidbit; Mr. Blade
was gay, which was the reason there were so many young handsome `gardeners'
constantly wondering around his beautiful grounds.

Tony hurriedly motioned for Grant to open his laptop, then whispered about
finding out if he could find anything about the Rainbow Club Resort;
perhaps a website. Grant's eyeballs nearly dropped out when he opened the
club's website. "Holy shit!" he breathed, "Those guys are really hot!" He
said involuntarily. He was fully erect before the video `tour' of the Club
and its members started.

Tony didn't seem to be far behind Gene, "Man you got that right."

Grant was also gay but had a long term casual relationship with a neighbor
so he was mostly content. He also suspected that Mr. Blade was gay, but he
was also content with his platoon of young gardeners by day and perhaps
something more at night although he couldn't help being attracted to his
employer. Grant enjoyed being with older men such as his neighbor. Of
course, Grant also always enjoyed the views of the grounds through just
about any window, particularly the shirtless gardeners and their short
shorts but he was smart enough to understand that the gardeners were
another of Mr. Blade's `collections'. He waited Mr. Blade's decision who by
then absently had his chin resting on Grant's shoulder to better see the
video clip Grant was playing on the laptop.

"We'll be there tomorrow afternoon eastern time," Tony stated to the phone
and continued, "Tell your employer that we'll clean up all this mess on
this end."

"Oh, before there are any tragic accidents, my employer would appreciate
the names of any accomplices, because two small pieces of luggage also
disappeared with the item and he would like to recover the contents."

"Rest assured, we will bring that information with us. Thank you for
calling before we could contact your employer about returning the item, we
appreciate your efficiency."

After the call ended, Chuck wondered why Gene mentioned the cash that went
missing. Auggie didn't care about the money, he just wanted his `pitcher'
back. Gene thought that if they were able to recover some of the money and
the culprit or culprits, there was a chance they might get a bonus for
their voluntary efforts on Auggie's behalf.

Meanwhile, back out west, Tony dispatched four gardeners to collect the two
art dealers before the men could take flight to somewhere else with Mr.
Blade's five million dollars. "I guess now you know I'm gay," Grant began

Tony interrupted, "Of course, I knew all along, if you weren't gay, you
would never have been hired. Just look around outside. Those guys are not
the stereotypical fairies who faint at the first sight of blood. They're
young men who appreciate the chance I give them to prove themselves. After
they leave here they'll be given responsible positions of trust in one of
my legitimate businesses. But I'll always feel free to call on any one of
them if I need some special help because of the mutual trust we enjoy.
Until recently, I guess I've ignored you. Maybe because I'm surrounded by
too many choices.

Grant couldn't help smirking, "Man, you got that right," he threw back the
comment Tony made just minutes ago. "So, what happens with us now?"

"Well, why don't we just take it slow? We'll start by taking a nice
vacation in the Florida Keys and see what happens."

"Okay Boss. Are the guys going to bring those cretins back here?"

"First, call me Tony from now on, second, those assholes will go to a
building in the city I own. I only use it on rare occasions just like this.
Officially it's where the data storage business is, but the basement is
where I hold in depth conversations with assholes just like these two.
Right now, why don't you go home and pack for south Florida. I'll pick you
up there, we'll conclude our business and then if you want to, we'll leave
for the Keys from here early tomorrow morning. But, only if you want to."

It was crystal clear to Grant that he was being invited to spend the night
with Tony for the very first time. And Tony was giving him an out, if Grant
didn't want a relationship with Tony. Grant's face broke into a big smile.
"Packing won't take long since clothing is optional for guests at the club
we're going to. If you don't mind, I may even bare my bod tonight to get
used to the new environment in the Keys." Tony's smile of approval and
anticipation was even broader than Grant's.

Grant was not surprised to see that Tony was riding in the back of an SUV,
not his limo. Limos in the part of the city they were going would be
noticed and remembered. The data storage business was housed in a turn of
the last century three story building whose windows had been bricked up so
there was nothing to see but four blank walls, a twin bay loading dock, a
main entrance and a rear staircase that led down to a basement entrance.
The climate controlled basement was crammed with orderly electronic softly
humming black boxes each with some twinkling blue lights. Just inside the
basement was a steel fire door with more steps that led down to a

The hallway in this basement was lined with more steel doors that appeared
to Grant like they could be holding rooms or detention cells. The hallway
ended abruptly in a glaring white tiled room. The walls, ceiling and floor
were all surfaced in highly glazed tile. Curiously, the floor was
noticeably pitched toward the center where there was a large circular
stainless steel grate.

The two so called fine art dealers sat in arm chairs facing each other and
the floor grate. There was an art easel on a third side of the gate where
the forgery reposed in all its splendor so the men knew exactly why they
were there. The men had been stripped down to their undies in the very
chilly room, and had been restrained by plastic ties around their arms and
the chair arms by two of Tony's gardeners who were in line for promotion
within Tony's legitimate business empire. To graduate, the two young men
would `earn their bones' that day. Tony explained the term `earn their
bones' was a throwback to the time of the mafia, when it meant `offing' or
killing someone to prove loyalty and bind the individual to the
organization forever.

With a nod from Tony, one gardener removed the grate while the second
rolled a small wheeled cart to the fourth side of the ominous hole where
the grate had been only moments ago. Tony flipped a wall switch near the
door that caused the hole in the floor to roar to life. He shut the machine
down before he began his questions with a statement of fact.

"I'm sorry I warned you too late about Mr. Bligh, the man you foolishly
stole this painting from; a man I believe you called a hayseed. Well the
hayseed had already recovered his property and substituted this excellent
forgery, that is so good, the artist even signed his name. Mr. Bligh's
representative called me not less than an hour ago, before I had the
opportunity to call and advise him that I bought his property and wanted to
return it as soon as possible. I was told to keep this excellent
reproduction as a memento.

"At first I was going to shred this work of art and then spoon feed you
every tiny little piece. Of course, you realize that some pigments are
highly poisonous if ingested but I was so angry I prepared myself to listen
to your screams of agony. But then I reconsidered. I decided to keep this
as a reminder that I allowed greed to get the better of me and I very
foolishly spent a great deal of money for something that is almost
worthless. Fortunately, I was able to recover you two assholes before you
decamped with my money," Tony paused and waited. He was hoping that one of
the idiots would volunteer a total refund but garnered only tears, head
shakes and feeble protests of innocence and something else; their boxer
shorts began to leak, drip down and run into the silent hole in the floor.

Tony nodded to his gardeners, a sign that they should take over. They began
by introducing themselves; they were Zach and Warren. Then Warren said they
worked as gardeners for Mr. Blade and the tools of their craft were
displayed on the rolling table. The few tools on the table were pruning
tools arranged by size from small hand shears up to a battery powered
chainsaw. Zach explained that while they were proficient in pruning
anything from small branches up to cutting down trees, the tools also could
be used to remove fingers, cocks, hands, arms and/or legs, or even the
ultimate, heads, if necessary.

That got the culprit's attention. They competed with each other to
voluntarily return every dime of Mr. Blade's money right then and there.
Once again, Grant was ready with his laptop. He quickly referenced the
earlier bank name and routing and account number then asked for the
all-important pin number, which opened the account to anyone's scrutiny.

Grant not only found Tony's five million buck deposit, but an additional
two million and change. Without asking for permission, he transferred
everything out to effectively close the account. The art dealers breathed a
sigh of relief when Grant closed his laptop and nodded to Tony to indicate
that the transfer was done.

That seemed to be a cue for Zach and Warren as they picked up pair of hand
shears and told the men to pick which pinkie finger they wanted removed as
a penalty for messing with the wrong art collector. Neither man wanted to
lose any digits and even went so far as to rudely make fists with their
hands. Zach and Warren worked together to open the first left hand and with
a quick snip and lots of screaming, the deed was done with the little
finger tossed into a gaping hole in the floor. Zack then reached to the
lower shelf a lit up a small propane torch the cauterize the stump and stop
the bleeding.

Warren and Zach proved to be fast learners in that the pinkie removal and
cauterization of the second man went faster and much smoother. Then Tony
asked the crying men who their accomplices were and their current
addresses. One man gave the information through clenched teeth but the
other man said the address was incorrect. With new found wealth the two
accomplices moved to nicer quarters and gave an alternate address.

Tony gave the information to a gardener at the door and turned to see
Warren holding his bloody shears and looking at Tony in question. Tony
nodded again. Warren cautioned the men about the need for nothing but the
truth and complete accuracy. Then both he and Zach removed yet another
finger from each man as an object lesson. This time, wound cauterization
took longer because they only had one torch but they were both careful to
apologize for the shortage.

It took over an hour for the two accomplices to be brought down stairs into
the room. They came more or less placidly until they saw the condition of
the art dealers and all the accompanying blood. They attempted to reverse
course but ran into their captors who just happened to want to earn their
bones too, that very day. Those two gardeners made several trips back and
forth down the stairs with not only the two missing laptop cases but also
shopping bags of loose bundles of cash as well as a quantity of very nice
jewelry and some high-end watches.

"We'll take all this with us tomorrow," Tony decreed. Then he instructed
all four gardeners cryptically; "Always remember to strip them first. Last
time, cloth jammed the machine."

With that the original two gardeners, Warren and Zach, removed the art
dealers' boxer shorts, while the new guys used knives to cut the clothing
off the two thieves. None of the four struggled very much because they
didn't know what the gaping hole in the floor was even though the art
dealers heard the industrial disposal running.

"You'll earn your bones today too, if you flip that switch," Tony
challenged Grant.

Grant accepted the challenge and in under five minutes the laboring machine
sound changed back to a loud purr. Grant was speechless but at the same
time incredibly excited after watching the gruesome scene of four men as
they disappeared into the floor, but Tony appeared to be unbothered as he
said to the former gardeners, "After you four clean up here, go pack and
report back to the house tonight. You'll accompany us on vacation in the
Florida Keys.

After the very happy four left Tony and Grant, Tony hugged Grant with
passion for the first time and was gratified to find that Grant was
obviously as horny as he was and always was after an execution.


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skills (damn all punctuation marks).

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