Dooby Rhymes with Scooby

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze 



Part 41

The first week after Auggie and his boys left Coral Place in the capable
hands of Jeff and Auggie's soon-to-be sons, twins Kevin and Kyle, life
there quickly got back to normal. Since school was out for the week, the
boys had full day charters every single day. While Jim-Bob and Carter had
returned and resumed fishing, the twins still got their overflow business.
They also began to get their own advanced reservations for weekend days,
and half day charters when school was back in session starting the next

These charters were due to the Trasker's Marina website and the 8X10
pictures posted on the marina bulletin board. The photos all announced the
twin's continued success in catching game fish each and every time they
took charters out fishing on their boat, Fishin' Boy.

Since the boys, including Jeff, Fishin' Boys chef and mate as well as the
twin's unofficial `minder', were usually tired from fishing and it was just
them at Coral Place, they got in the habit of driving the short distance to
the Club to have dinner each evening.

Mattie and Jimmy welcomed the boys and began acting like protective parents
by advising the staff to keep their eyes on the twins whenever and wherever
they were at the Club. Business was booming, with gay strangers everywhere.
They decreed that there would be no repeat of the previous incident where
two guests and a dog were injured because the guests couldn't restrain
themselves when they first saw the twins.

Of course, in order for a guest to see the twins in the morning they had to
be extremely early risers. Jeff, Kevin and Kyle were intent on wolfing
their breakfasts, then rushing off to the marina with full bellies. In the
evening, at dinnertime, a guest was lucky to get a glance at the two young
bodies. The three entered the dining room and sat down to be hidden by the
tablecloth. Once again, they ate in a rush but were careful to use their
best table manners with Mattie looking on. When they were finished they
thanked their hosts and departed for Coral Place.

On the second day, when they docked Double Trouble at Coral Place, they
found a surprise parked near the garages. A stretched Lincoln Navigator had
been delivered when they were out fishing. Since no one was home, the guard
at the gate accepted delivery.

The twins remembered that Auggie, their new dad, said something about
getting one of the limos after he saw one that was a Christmas gift to
Dooby. Jeff hesitated to drive the new truck at first until Kevin opened
the back door to see the interior. The dogs jumped in for their own tour of
inspection. So, since the whole interior would need to be cleaned before
Auggie returned, the three boys and four dogs enjoyed the luxury of riding
in a new limo and the old Rolls limo was given a break.

As soon as Mattie saw the new limo, she asked if the Club could borrow it
the next day when they were out fishing. It seemed that Auggie invited some
very special guests to vacation at the Rainbow Club. It would be used to
drive those guests from the airport to the Club to impress the guests with
a new amenity.

Kevin and Kyle approved the loan before Jeff could. Jeff just kept his
mouth closed when he saw the twins' facial expressions; the scamps were up
to something. That something was resolved when Kevin said, "You can use it
every day if you want, but you might have to clean up the inside first.
There might be some dirt on the carpet, paw prints on the leather seats and
a nose print or two on the windows."

With that said, the twins ran to their usual table with their faces hidden
by the menus, "Good thinking," Jeff whispered when he joined them. The boys
were not looking forward to cleaning Auggie's new truck.


The next afternoon, the new limo drove up near the rolling stairs of a
private jet the same size as Auggie's. Four young men, wearing shorts and
button up shirts with tails untucked, appeared first. The limo driver was
one of the room stewards who didn't realize that the men were armed with
their shirttails hiding their weapons. They carefully looked all around
their surroundings, particularly at the few airport workers who were
wandering or driving around the tarmac.

Satisfied, one nodded toward the open hatch. Soon, two more men appeared.
One, older with gray hair and a fit body, followed a younger man, possibly
in his twenties. They too were wearing shorts but instead of loose shirts,
they both wore pull over shirts that could not conceal a handgun.

The first four guys allowed the two who were older to board the limo first.
Three followed and one sat up front with the driver. There was no way the
driver could be armed because he was only wearing tight board shorts and a
blue kerchief tied around his neck. There was no room to hide a weapon
except the one attached to his body.

The guests didn't know that the driver had spent the morning cleaning the
limo's interior of nose prints from the glass, paw prints on the seats and
vacuuming sandy dirt from the carpets. Still it was something different to
do, plus he was first to meet Mr. Bligh's special guests as well as drive
them anywhere they wished to go on land using the very fine new limo. The
driver did not know that he was also expected to drive the three boys and
four dogs back and forth, from and to the Club from Coral Place, which
would necessitate his cleaning the interior subsequent mornings all over

During the short trip from the airport to the Club, the six talked together
as if they were equals but immediately deferred to the oldest guy if he
entered the conversation. All conversation stopped when four guys who were
only wearing their `uniform' blue kerchiefs rushed from the front doors
followed by an older man and a pregnant light skinned black woman.

The woman, Mattie and her husband Jimmy, were their hosts marked by the
fact that they were the only ones wearing clothing. There was no need to
register the special guests but they didn't escape Mattie's display of her
corn broom accompanied by her lecture on cleanliness. Introductions were
limited to first names only, before the new guests were shown to their
suites while they all carried drinks served in leaded crystal glassware.

The three suites shared walls but were not adjoining as Tony wanted. No
suites had adjoining interior doors, they were told, because it didn't
matter who came and went from any suite at any time of the day or night.
They quickly saw that all the doors were automatic and silent so there were
never any banging doors that marked visitors to or from any suite.
Additionally, the door could be locked and the blackout shades could be
raised or lowered, all from a convenient bedside remote.

Website advertising aside, Tony and Grant really didn't expect to see a
room steward who was assigned to each suite but the barely of age young man
who was their personal steward and limo driver assured them it was true as
he gave them a tour of the facilities and explained amenities in the
company of two more stewards who were assigned to the other two suites
where Tony's four `gardeners' were to sleep -- eventually some of the nights.

But first, it only took Tony's raised eyebrow as he dropped his shorts for
his five- man entourage to strip off their shorts and shirts as well just
before the tour. Then all six looked embarrassed, not because they were all
naked, but because they all displayed snowy white asses (called cotton
tails) while all the club employees were completely tanned everywhere and
other guests that they saw were tanned to varying degrees depending on the
length of their stay. As Tony looked around, he made a mental note to
change the dress code around his secluded home in California.

The stewards all laughed as they showed the newcomers baskets full of
bottles and tubes of assorted brands of sunscreen. The men were advised
which to use first. Especially always on their cocks. Then they were
frankly told to be very sure to wash off that sunscreen before any
`hanky-panky' as the stuff tasted terrible!

After the laughter and the tour ended, Tony said he and Grant would see
them at dinner. Until that time, they were on their own. Tony and Grant
decided to sunscreen each other as recommended and then stretch out on
lounge chairs on the beach. They'd barely stepped foot on the beach when
beach boys spread towels on the lounge chairs they chose and two more
served them drinks. The same drinks they ordered when they first arrived,
or they were told, they were free to order any other drinks they desired,
of course accompanied by an assortment of snacks that were almost too
pretty to eat. That was when they were joined by the four former gardeners.
With everyone served and lounging, they took an interest in the volley ball
game already in progress.

The teams were mainly blue kerchiefs with a sprinkling of guests. While the
guests played on, the kerchiefs kept changing when their official duties
required them to be elsewhere, even to serve fresh drinks to the audience.
Then Billy and Toby, the two newest gardeners to `make their bones', asked
if they could play. Soon, Tony, Grant, Warren and Zach joined the teams. It
was fun, with no one knowing anyone else's identity, to be called an
asshole for missing an easy ball.

No one around them realized that five of the six guys in the party held
their breaths the first time Tony, the worst player, was labeled an
asshole. The five were very sure that no one still living had called Tony
that name or anything else even slightly derogatory since he was a kid, and
just maybe, not even then.

Tony reacted by falling to his knees while laughing before he ran to the
sideline to take a drink that someone had freshened up without his notice.
When he returned to the game, he promised the name caller a spiked ball in
his face. The man retorted that if Tony succeeded he would buy Tony dinner
that evening. That sent Tony to laughing again since everyone knew that
there was no charge for dinner as this resort was all inclusive, so he
accused the guy of being the ultimate cheapskate.

The guy, Rodger, asked if Tony had been to a restaurant in Key West, called
the Dead Lobster. If not, that was the prize, dinner that evening, winner
take all and loser picks up the tab. Although there was a bet on the game,
it didn't get any more serious, it still remained lots of fun with loads of
smack talk across the net.

It didn't take long for everyone to see that Tony couldn't spike a ball if
his life, or the game, depended on it. Tony's team lost badly. Both teams
adjourned to the pool with fresh drinks to wash off the sand under the
shower, then jump in the cool freshwater pool. On the way, Tony counted
heads then whispered instructions to Zach. Zach wandered off to talk to
Jimmy who nodded and made a phone call. With dinner reservations and
transportation arrangements complete, Zach returned to the pool party.

When Zach returned, he was running and laughing while he looked over his
shoulder at Mattie, broom in hand, in hot pursuit. It was obvious that he
walked into the lounge still covered in sand, which Mattie was having none
of. He stopped under the shower to wash most of the sand off, while Mattie
watched closely. While Zach forgot about the rule of no tracking sand
inside, at least he remembered the rule about not using the pool to wash
the sand off. Mattie nodded her approval of his wash job before he merely
nodded to Tony then he dove into the pool after Mattie gave his butt a
token swat for good measure.

Then Tony announced that dinner for both teams was on him that evening.
Cars would be ready to leave at 6:00, with dinner reservations scheduled at
7:00 at the Dead Lobster in Key West. Of course, Tony's announcement
started a friendly word joust with everyone involved offering to pay in
some way, which Tony gracefully declined.

When Grant refused another drink, he looked at Tony with a raised eyebrow
and a clearly fake yawn before he suggested an afternoon nap. Everyone
thought that was an excellent idea. Grant and Tony had spent their first
night in Tony's bed together alone, Tony explained that they could also
have fun with any one, two or all four of his new executives, Grant's
choice. Tony said it was amusing to just watch another couple and be
watched or, if he desired, they could participate in any way they pleased.
That first afternoon was to be a trial run with Warren and Zach.

While Grant's limited previous experience was as a top, both his older
neighbor and Tony were dedicated bottoms and Grant wanted to venture into
that new horizon. During that afternoon `nap', Grant's wish was fulfilled
by both younger studs while Tony watched from every angle.

Tony normally took a little blue pill before bed, but he wasn't expecting
to have an afternoon session and hadn't taken his pill in advance. That
afternoon, he got so excited, he didn't need any medication when he called
`thirds' after Zach and Warren finished with Grant. Grant eagerly waved
Tony down and in. Tony soon exploded just like he was a teenager once again
with the thought that he was using two loads of young cum as lubricant.

Dinner that evening was a raucous affair over several tables it took to
seat everyone that soon involved most of the restaurant patrons. Jimmy
thoughtfully provided drivers so the men could drink if they wished and not
worry about getting back to the Club. Of course, the drivers were invited
to eat as well but they limited their drinking to orders of Auggie's
Oysters. Then since all the drivers were former Dead Lobster employees,
they knew most of the servers, so the servers joined the general banter as
well, as if they were having a reunion.

Tony had heard some guys order the Captain Bligh Bloody Mary and then
everyone ordered Auggie's Oysters and he wondered. He asked the server if
the names had anything to do with August Bligh. The server laughed when he
said Auggie Bligh and his nephew, Trasker were regulars. The oyster dish
was named after Auggie and the bloody Mary was named after Trasker.

He went on to tell Tony and the table how none of Auggie's young assistants
had much use for clothing unless out in public. Some of the boys stranded
Trasker, stark naked on the fly bridge when he was docking their boat in
front of the restaurant, since he couldn't leave the wheel, of course in
front of two rooms full of customers.

On further questioning the men found there was a second floor that was a
cocktail lounge called the `Oar House'. He said if you say it quickly, it
sounds like `whore house', which it wasn't really, but just kind of a meat
market that gays might visit if they wanted to hook up with like-minded
guys. He added with a suggestive raised eyebrow, that lots of restaurant
workers liked to hang out there after work if anyone was interested.

It was quickly decided that the Oar House would be ideal to have an
after-dinner drink. Two of the couples seemed to be interested in their
servers while others looked like they might be shopping the room.

That first day at the Rainbow Club was the start of a wonderful vacation
for Tony. He even decided that he and Grant would return whether they ever
met Auggie Bligh or not.


Auggie and Zeek and the boys were also having the time of their lives in
New Jersey staying at High View Farm with Cory and Dooby. All the Rebels
particularly enjoyed animal feeding time. Auggie and Zeek sort of adopted
the two camels, Mildred and Elise, while Steve and Logan had a love affair
with Kim and Khloe, the zebras.

Brenden and Keith made friends with the four doe who even allowed the boys
to pet them, while Ryan adopted Rudy who was happy to stand in front of
Ryan for an hour as Ryan scratched all over his rapidly growing, velvet
covered antlers. Of course, some of the animals' affection may have been
due to the piles of fruit and vegetables they could see on nearby tables.

While Dooby and Cory loved all the animals, they most favored Emily and
Olivia, the giraffes and it seemed the long-necked critters reciprocated
that affection. The boys got into the habit of hiding at least an apple in
one of their pockets and then claiming they had run out of snacks and
pretending to walk away. They always got stopped by a big head and lips
pulling them back for a detailed search until the snack was found.

Once Dooby hid an apple under his hat. It was pretty obvious the lump on
his head wasn't natural. Emily snatched the hat away and Olivia grabbed the
apple before it could fall to the terrace pavers. From then on, as soon as
Dooby and Cory were close enough, the giraffes snatched their hats off,
then held them aloft while the boys made futile jumps to reclaim their head
gear. The ransom was always something to eat.

Since Auggie was there, he was invited to stay through the weekend when all
the family came to visit. There were plenty of bedrooms, George the caterer
was there and the cleaning service sent in maids daily. Auggie accepted,
then made several phone calls back to Florida.

The first call was to Jim-Bob to arrange with him or someone to take over
Kevin and Kyle's charters for that weekend. Next, he called Jeff, the
twins' minder, to say the plane would be at Marathon airport to pick up
him, the twins and of course the dogs, for a flight to New Jersey. Last, he
called the twins directly to insist they take a weekend vacation with him
up in New Jersey. Auggie tried to use a fatherly tone of voice that was not
subject to arguing, nor did he give them time to think up reasons why they
couldn't or shouldn't go.

The only real argument the twins had was that they didn't have any winter
clothes. "Well, y'all just get online an' order some up to be delivered by
over-night express. Jeff boy, y'all get outfitted too, includin' sports
jackets for dinner at a restaurant I'm fixin' to buy fo' you two scamps.
This here business is likely to be more profitable than all o' what yo' got
goin' now, all combined."

That last bit of news ended any further protests from Kevin and Kyle. All
they could picture was free food for life and profit from what others paid
to eat at their very own Dead Lobster restaurant! They could easily imagine
that it wouldn't take them long to be as rich as their new daddy!

Soon after Auggie's phone call, Jeff saw the twins sifting through boys
clothing on J.C. Penny's website. When Jeff told them rich boys like them
didn't wear those clothes, they were actually relieved to hand over the
responsibility for winter clothes to him. While Jeff didn't consider
himself a `clothes horse', he always dressed as close to current fashion as
he could afford that did not announce to one and all that he was gay. So,
for the twins and himself he strived for the traditional `preppy look'.

Naturally, when the new clothing began to arrive a day later, the three
boys had fun holding fashion shows, which gradually turned into strip shows
before they were wearing what they all wore to bed; nothing at all. While
they enjoyed being in bed alone at first, they soon missed `playing' with
their `brothers', with their daddy and uncle watching them from the big bed
just above them. So, as Friday approached they looked forward to being
reunited with the rest of the Coral Place family.

The threesome boarded the big jet wearing board shorts without shirts. Each
carried two pieces of luggage. Jeff had flown on a big commercial jet
before, although in the cheap seats in the back of the plane and expected
more of the same with the exception that they would be the only passengers
so they could sit in the first-class section.

The twins however had flown on Trasker's jet and fully expected equal or
greater luxury on Auggie's big plane. They just didn't tell Jeff. The twins
allowed Jeff to board first and as soon as they boarded and the hatch was
secured, they dropped their bags to the dog's joy and their shorts soon
followed while Jeff was still standing like a statue, staring at a
magnificently furnished flying living room. There were even table lamps and
art work on the interior bulkheads.

They took Jeff's bags and then relieved him of his shorts as if he was
driving Double Trouble. Then they took his hands, led him to a lounge
chair, forced him to sit and then climbed on to his lap. Suddenly chef
Flynn appeared out of nowhere to take their drink orders. It didn't even
seem odd that he was dressed exactly like they were. While they were still
laughing, Brenden and Keith walked in from a hallway that led to the back
of the plane.

Auggie sent them so the boys wouldn't feel lonely on the big plane all by
themselves. As soon as the plane reached altitude, Flynn served snacks and
drinks followed by sandwiches made to order. The food saved the boy's
luggage from the dogs until it could be stored out of reach.

When the food was gone the dogs began sniffing the new territory. That's
when Brenden remembered that he had gifts for the dogs, sent by their
thoughtful Uncle Dooby. With a hockey puck in each mouth, the dogs
stretched out on their bellies to chew the rest of the way to New Jersey.

The gang on the plane was having so much fun talking and eating, all
thoughts of joining the `mile high' club were forgotten until they were
almost ready to land. Then there was panic as they all ran for their
clothing. When Kevin and Kyle were dressed for the first time in their new
winter finery, they looked like they just stepped from the catalog pages of
L.L. Bean or Abercrombie & Fitch, which is where Jeff bought those clothes.

Just to be more confounding, the twins were dressed exactly alike,
something that they'd never done before, given their former circumstances.
Also, neither was wearing a red or blue hat. They wanted to see if their
new dad could tell them apart.

The dogs were also given new pink and blue harnesses to replace the soiled
and worn everyday harnesses they had been wearing. Just before they exited
the plane, Kevin asked the dogs, "Y'all want us to carry those puck things
until we get to where we're goin' to?"

Apparently, the dogs did. Two dropped their pucks in front of Kevin while
the other two carefully placed theirs in Kyle's hands. Then all four dogs
watched closely as the twins fitted them in the back pockets of their tight
new jeans.

While the boys appreciated that they had and were wearing new jeans, they
did not appreciate how the cloth cramped and chaffed their privates. Jeff
had no pity. "I told you to wear underwear to hold your junk in place and
protect your dicks from chafing but oh, no, not you. If you were wearing
underwear, you would look like this." Jeff opened his jacket so the twins
could see the definite bulge. When they looked at each other, there was
nothing to see, they looked as if they had been emasculated or worse, they
could be mistaken for girls.

Jeff knew what the twins were thinking. He added, "Y'all are sure pretty
enough with those new stylish haircuts and big eyes with those long
eyelashes." Haircuts was another battle the twins lost to Jeff but after
the deed was done they had to admit privately, that were definitely a pair
of handsome dudes.

That was enough for the boys to frantically root through their bags to find
the underwear Jeff bought them and they refused to wear. Then they
discovered they had to take off their new hiking boots so they could take
off their pants. No one outside the plane knew the reason for the delay in
deplaning or the constant laughter coming from the open hatch.

A few minutes later, two very handsome twin boys emerged first. The only
thing anyone noticed that was out of order, was both had one boot laced up
and tied properly while the other was half laced but not tied. Everyone
watching, if they noticed, ascribed this to a new trend in teenage attire.

The dogs paused on their race to inside Dooby's limo to take leaks. Then
again to greet Deacon who was standing by the open back door. After the
first sniff, the four took him down to thoroughly sniff out his entire
body. He smelled just like them or perhaps he was a kennelmate they somehow
had forgotten.

The dogs inspected every inch of the interior on the short ride to the
place they would stay for the weekend. There was dog scent everywhere and
it was confusing their noses.

The mystery was solved as soon as Deacon parked the truck at the front door
of a huge old house or maybe a hotel. The three new arrivals had seen
Dooby's African animals down in the field from the driveway, but Deacon
wouldn't stop so they could try to get closer. Deacon told them they would
see them up close and personal in a few hours at feeding time.

Thoughts of exotic animals left their heads when a large number of people
appeared from the front door with Auggie in the lead. He gave each twin a
bear hug that had their feet dangling and called each of them by name
without the usual red and blue caps as identifiers.

There was no question that the dogs recognized each other. There was
instant jumping at each other, growling, play nipping and six slashing
tails for the humans to avoid. Then with Chuckie and Laurie in the lead,
they all took off running toward the side of the house.

Deacon shrugged and unzipped his coat before he began to follow them. "I
guess we're having an early swim today. Does anyone want to help?"

When Kevin and Kyle heard the word, `swim' they joined Deacon. They were
concerned about the dogs mindlessly jumping in freezing water and wanted to
head them off. Of course, Jeff followed the twins, which got the rest of
the boys moving in the same direction. That would be everyone but Lane.

John DuBois, Dooby and his sister, Jennifer's father, watched Jennifer and
her boyfriend Lane closely. Earlier, he somehow got ahold of Jennifer's
baggage by mistake so he carried it into the same room she used the last
time they visited.

The rooms on the back side of the house were a bit smaller than those on
the front that had such great views. Then John checked out Jennifer's
bathroom. He immediately noted a door on the opposite wall. When he opened
that door, all he could do was shake his head and smile. *"Why those little
shits,"* he thought, *"Here I was congratulating Lane for not trying to
sneak into Jennifer's room. He didn't need to because he probably spent the
night there by walking through their bathroom. No wonder she was so pleased
that Cory gave the two rabbits the same rooms they had before. This was a
conspiracy all along with Dooby helping them fuck instead of supposedly
watching to see that they didn't get the chance."*

At that moment, Lane was looking down on Jennifer with a hopeful little boy
expression that John realized was Lane, silently asking his make believe
`wife' if he could go swimming with the rest of the guys. Jennifer couldn't
go along because she knew the guys would be skinny dipping although her
father imagined that she wanted to go because all the guys would be naked
just like they were during the Orsini photo shoot down in the Keys if they
weren't on camera.

Jennifer finally gave Lane his freedom with a nod and a frown that was
really a caution telling him to behave himself or there would be
repercussions. Lane didn't see the warning because he was already in
motion, running to catch up to the gang of boys.

The twins were relieved to see the big outdoor pool was heated to the
degree that steam was rising from the surface and all six dogs were already
paddling in circles while keeping their eyes on Deacon as he disappeared
inside the cabana with the rest of the guys. Inside, everyone was
stripping, playing grab ass, and pushing each other as they attempted to
take off their pants while standing up.

After Deacon got down to bare skin, he got out a box of tennis balls and
headed outside. Instead of throwing any balls in the pool for the happy
dogs, he first called them all out of the water. He actually wanted Chuckie
and Laurie to show their guests how to get out of the pool by using the
extension ladders that had been placed in each corner since the old pool
was 12 feet deep everywhere; there was no shallow end or submerged steps.

Here the Rebel dogs showed their skills at ladder climbing. They learned by
climbing nearly vertical ladders on a boat so these were no challenge at
all. Also, once out of the water, the dogs had great fun jumping in again.
This time while barking at Deacon to begin throwing the damn balls for them
to retrieve.

While Kevin and Kyle with Lane were the last to enter the cabana, they were
the first to strip and exit with Dooby and Cory, the three guests were
first to dive into the pool with Dooby. Cory was about to dive as his phone
began to sing, so of course he paused to answer the call after looking to
see what Dooby was doing, ensuring he wasn't listening in to Cory's end of
the conversation, natural snoop that Dooby was.

Meanwhile no one noticed that Cory had retraced his steps back into the
cabana, dressed and took off running back to the house unnoticed by anyone,
especially Dooby. Dooby was busy explaining the `retrieve game' rules.
Basically, only doggie paddling after balls and allowing the dogs to win
most of the time. He whispered that last behind his hand so the dogs
wouldn't hear because they continued to bark at Deacon about throwing balls
and not just threaten to.

No one noticed or cared that Lane had attached himself to the twins as well
as Brenden, Jeff and Keith in the pool because he was enamored with their
bodies. He could easily imagine himself in bed with them all at once. Also,
he saw Jennifer's interest in the twins by her deep breath intake, as soon
as they jumped from the limo. Lane realized her interest could be that she
and the twins were around the same age. She ignored the fact that they were
probably gay. She was something of an expert at seducing gay boys the first
time. Although that joining, while not impossible in the huge old house,
would be extremely difficult with so many adult eyes on them all the time.

By the time the pool ball game started, Cory was running outside the front
of the house so he wouldn't be seen running for the garages by the adults
who were partying in the great room. So far, no one noticed that Mark,
Deacon's partner and the resident Vet was also missing.

Cory drove his ATV at full speed down the driveway not straight down the
hill over the lawn. Once again so he wouldn't be seen by anyone in the
house. He met up with Mark at the back of the barn. Mark was talking on his
phone and shaking his head in frustration.

When Dooby first started talking about getting elephants, Cory had Mark
begin calling all his fellow big animal Vets to see if any knew of a circus
or attraction that had elephants for sale or just available for adoption.
Mark found one of the last `tent' circuses based in North Carolina was
going out of business and had planned on donating their two female Asian
elephants to some kind of rest home for elephants that was really a
research facility that used elephants as test subjects instead of small

When Mark told Cory what these elephant's probable future was, Cory offered
the failed circus $5000 for the pair and of course pay all the shipping
fees from their current location to High View Farm in New Jersey. To
sweeten the deal, Cory also offered jobs to the elephant's handlers as
well, with no traveling involved so no one would be unemployed.

The elephants were expected that day but there was a problem. The truck
driver was completely lost on a back-country county road and Mark was
attempting to talk the driver over the area's network of roads that he
wasn't really familiar with, having arrived from Washington State recently

Cory immediately called Deacon who had just spent two years delivering
construction materials all over the county.

After a half hour of almost constant swimming, the dogs gave up the game by
just climbing out of the pool. Chuckie and Laurie led their guests to the
spa pool where Deacon joined them. He was freezing from standing at the
edge of the pool throwing balls but not getting into the warm pool with the
other guys or the dogs. After all, he considered himself an employee and he
was working, not entertaining Cory and Dooby's guests, that was their job.

Only the twins, Jeff and Lane joined Deacon and the dogs in the bubbling
spa because Dooby as host suggested that everyone shower, dress and head
back up to the house for snacks and liquid refreshment before everything
was gone. The twins and Jeff were not about to leave their dogs, and Lane
still wanted to get closer to the very desirable twins and well-hung

"Relax guys," Deacon told them, "we will never run out of snacks or
anything you want to drink," he assured the guys in the spa as he began
making out with any dog that wanted attention. Spa time for the two Yankee
dogs was always a time for cuddle, hugs and kisses so the four Rebel dogs
played follow the leader.

Then Dooby came out of the cabana with Deacon's phone. Cory wanted to talk
to Deacon, not Dooby. All Dooby found out was that Cory was on a secret
mission. Naturally Dooby tried to paste his ear to Deacon's and his phone
so he could find out what the secret mission was. That's when Deacon moved
to kneel in the center of the spa pool and with Dooby dressed, he couldn't

Dooby was frustrated further when Deacon whispered to other guys. They
nodded and everyone, including to dogs got out of the spa to head into the
cabana. "You told them what the mission is," Dooby accused Deacon, "why
won't you tell me?" Dooby began to pout.

"I did not tell them what the mission was, I just asked if they wanted to
go along on a secret mission. Exactly what part of `secret mission' did you
not understand?" Deacon countered with a snicker. Dooby thought Deacon was
enjoying his frustration way too much.

"Can I go too?" Dooby was not above begging. Especially if there was a
secret that he was excluded from knowing, ignoring the fact that he was
incapable of keeping a secret to himself for any length of time.

"No, you can't and don't bother working up some tears. Just be patient and
you'll find out along with everyone else. Now, take your guests up to YOUR
house and entertain them as a host should." That seemed to be Deacon's last
word on the subject as Dooby stomped away.

Dooby took the job of hosting seriously. While he kept an eye on all the
great room's entrances that Cory could possibly use to join the party, his
naturally gregarious personality took over. He became the `life' of the
party. Suddenly he was relieved somewhat when Steve and Rodger arrived,
both accompanied by their family's Christmas presents; two more half grown
Lab pups who had been the kennelmates of the dogs already playing in the

That's when the great big great room got too small until the doggie meet
and greet was out of their systems. This allowed Dooby to take a break and
look down at the field to check his exotic pets and the deer herd. His
attention was immediately drawn to a semi-truck that had been parked near
the new barn.

The trailer had an open side door in the middle with a very wide ramp that
extended down to the ground. Dooby held his breath as his smile grew. Then
when he saw an elephant raise its trunk to sniff the air before descending
the ramp, he threw an arm into the air, jumped as high as he could and
shouted a resounding, "YES! ELEPHANTS!"

Dooby was already running when he returned to the floor. He ran across the
hall into the dining room, the butler's pantry, the kitchen and into the
garages. He didn't see everyone rush to the French doors first, for a look
before they began to run in any direction where transportation might be to
take them down to the field to see the newest critters to join the High
View Farm zoo.

By the time Dooby arrived, the first of two elephants and its handler was
back on solid ground. The handler was standing close to the big head and
idly hugging the elephant's trunk while the trunk was hugging the handler
back and playfully, nearly lifting him off the ground.

Dooby seemed to be frozen in his ATV's seat while he listened to the
shouted invective coming from the trailer that was accompanied by what he
thought were sounds of pain from the unseen elephant. With a bit more
hesitation, the second elephant and its handler appeared on the ramp. This
handler though, held a prod; a heavy wooden pole that had a nasty metal
blunted point and what looked like half a fishing hook on one end.

The handler was using the prod around the elephant's mouth area and
alternately poking the tree trunk leg, Dooby thought unnecessarily while
the elephant was carefully walking down the ramp, exactly what the handler

After the second elephant joined the first, it was told to stop and stay
before the handler, with his prod resting on his shoulder began to walk
toward Dooby, who was still sitting on his ATV. Dooby came alive by
accelerating to very nearly run the man over. He jumped from the seat, ran
at the man and snatched the prod from his hands, then threw it back toward
the elephants. "Here, do something with that thing! I never want to see it
again!" he shouted.

It was then that Dooby saw that he nearly hit Cory with the flying prod as
Cory ran toward him to either stop the pending fight or to join Dooby in
beating on the surprised man. Meanwhile, the first handler whispered
something to both animals that put them in motion.

The abused elephant picked up the hated prod with its prehensile `nose',
then used both its head and trunk to fling it toward the nearby river,
before lumbering at full speed to catch up to its friend. It seemed both
were intent on joining the fight against the second handler. Both elephants
trumpeted the news that they were on the way as if Dooby couldn't feel
their thumping feet through his, or hear the dull thumps as they got closer.

With freedom to act as they pleased, the elephants aligned their big bodies
with Dooby and Cory's to slowly but steadily drive the second handler back
up the ramp and into the trailer. "In case you haven't guessed..." Cory began.

"You are fired!" Cory and Dooby shouted together. Then Cory imperiously
ordered the truck driver to retract the heavy ramp and close the trailer
door, and get his solitary passenger off the property as soon as possible.

By then, the entire party, including all eight dogs had arrived at the
barn. Dooby and Cory became aware of their presence when they heard the
cheering and barking begin. Like the other exotics, the elephants were
wearing new colorful, heavy winter coats that had been designed by Dooby
for all his exotic pets. These two coats had been ordered by Cory to be
shipped to the circus. He was pleased to see they fit.

The lone handler caught up about then. Once again, he whispered to his
charges and screaming, laughing Dooby and Cory's bodies were surrounded by
elephant trunk under their arms and lifted bodily into the air before both
great beasts bowed to the audience, which returned the boys to the ground
once again.

While Cory and Dooby were free once again, the elephants kept them close by
using their trunks to grab an arm, a neck, a whole body, or their favorite,
between a boy's legs so they looked like they owned the world's biggest
dicks. Cory was first to notice that the handler was walking between his
two charges and occasionally either touching or whispering to one or both
elephants together.

"Hi, I'm Cory, and this is my partner Dooby," he introduced, "Are you
telling them what to do?"

"Nope, the name's Benji or Ben, by the way. I just make suggestions off
stage. These girls are as playful as your dogs or us humans if they're
allowed to be the rest of the time. Right now, Thelma," he tossed a thumb
at the elephant currently molesting Dooby," He paused while Thelma raised
her trunk and gave a half trumpet to acknowledge her name, "and Louise," he
touched her ear and she sounded off with the other half of the trumpet,
"are really just getting your scent so they can sniff you out if you aren't
around where they can see you. These girls are just as good as bloodhounds.
Say, would you have any hay around? We ran out during the trip. My ladies
are hungry."

Dooby was prompt to answer, "We have something better than hay. Our other
animals love alfalfa better than hay, so that's what we feed them. Come on
girlfriend," he invited Thelma and included Louise with a wave, "around
this building is your new home and where you'll always have all the food
you want," he promised.

"Speaking of the dogs," Cory said. He called Laurie and Chuckie by name, so
they left the huge tag team doggie wrestling match to come bounding over.
Benji was surprised that the dogs were not intimidated by the elephant's
size or their inquisitive trunks. While the dogs couldn't sniff asses, the
new girls had no trouble sniffing out the dogs before they were judged to
be friendly except for the annoying habit of running under their bodies and
between their mighty legs. And that was before the other six ventured
closer since Chuckie and Laurie decided the huge animals were friends.
Plus, it was fun to run close to those humongous `paws' without getting
stepped on.

As the mob rounded the corner of the barn, Cory shouted through cupped
hands, "Come here and meet some new friends and just maybe get some snacks!"

As soon as Cory said that last magic word, six heads lifted and began to
amble from the field to the barn. Cory and Mark had prepared for the
largest of land mammals in advance. While there was all the typical fruits
and vegetables the animals loved most, he added squash including some small
pumpkins to the treat selection and others imported at that time of the
year, all kinds of melons.

When Thelma and Louise first saw the treats, they began to hustle Dooby and
Cory forward until Benji reminded them that they had to behave like ladies.
Then they slowed but pushed the boys in the direction of the largest treats
that perhaps weren't even edible, since, Benji informed, the circus never
provided because of the cost. The elephants weren't familiar with alfalfa
either for the same reason.

When Cory and Dooby each presented their chosen girl with their first ever
watermelon, they had no idea how a very big elephant with a relatively
small mouth could eat anything that size. The boys and the dogs found out
when they were nearly hit by full size watermelon dropped from a height.
The big animals just picked up the broken pieces and ate those until there
was nothing left.

When the other six exotics arrived, they hesitated at seeing the huge
beasts initially. Instead they went to the humans they recognized as
friends or perhaps the softest touches. Thelma and Louise recognized apples
and carrots and immediately moved to get their share from the humans
feeding the giraffes. Emily and Olivia had never seen an elephant before
but after a few non-aggressive sniffs, it seemed everyone accepted everyone
else as friends.

When the supply of apples and vegetables was exhausted, Thelma and Louise
led the animal mob back to the melons and squashes. That's when they proved
their friendship. The smaller animals liked the odors, but they had no way
of getting at the `meat'. Each was just too big to bite into. Thelma took a
watermelon from Dooby, dropped it so it broke open and then to be sure the
pieces were small enough, she very gently stepped on it, then backed away.

That one melon didn't last long before the smaller animals were looking to
the elephants for more of the same. When the supply of watermelons
disappeared, the boys began handing out the smaller melons and squashes.
Anytime something was too big to bite open, Thelma or Louise were there
with a delicate stomp, all while feeding themselves. The eight exotics were
sharing their goodies!

The elephant's last unexpected treat was the alfalfa that the boys always
called hay, since it came in compressed bales. They didn't know there was a
difference, not even when they began paying the feed bills. The giraffes
always ate their `hay' from an elevated manger, while the camels and zebra
ate theirs from ground mangers where the hay was contained by bars that
they could get the heads through easily.

This was done because all animals tend to be messy and wasteful eaters and
of course they crap and piss when they feel the need. The mangers conserve
food and prevent the animals from craping on the food, which they knew
enough to never eat.

The elephants however couldn't easily eat from the mangers, and Mark
assumed the big animals would correct the problem by tearing the mangers
apart, so he had a large bin built with two narrow openings, much like
stalls. Thelma and Louise could walk into the stalls to eat their fill, but
then had to back out, not walk over the hay. After the big girls each
demolished 10 bales of hay, Benji deemed them full for the moment.

That's when Dooby noticed that both elephants had a heavy chain padlocked
around their hind feet. Dooby's frown deepened as Benji explained that the
chains were attached to long steel stakes that screwed into the ground at
night. He said the circus claimed the chains were for safety sake but Dooby
assumed they were used so the big animals couldn't escape to taste freedom.

Fortunately, Benji had the master key. It seemed Thelma and Louise
understood that they were being discussed, particularly their tie down
chains and they didn't want to be restrained so early in the day, so they
turned skittish and backed away from Benji and his jingling keyring. That
is, until Benji had another of his whispered conversations with them.

Then they seemed to relax and turned around so the chains could be removed
forever. They took the time to check each other's hind legs to be sure the
chains on the ground were really the one's they'd worn since they were
separated from their mothers.

Satisfied that they were really free, they picked up their chains, crossed
the driveway behind the barn, and walked down to the river's edge, then
tossed the chains into the river. But Thelma wasn't done. She walked up
along the river another 50 feet before she found the hated prod she'd
thrown away earlier. Then it too splashed into the river before both
happily took a big drink of water just before they ran back to Dooby, Cory
and Benji to see their new sleeping accommodations for the first time.

First, they had fun playing with the electric doors until Benji scolded
them and invited them into one of the large box stalls by demonstrating how
thick the wood shavings bedding was by falling backward. Dooby told them
that there was room in either stall for them to sleep together or they
could each claim a stall. Both headed into the stall where they saw Benji
fall into the shavings. He greeted them by throwing hands full of shavings
at them as well as Dooby and Cory.

Of course, that started a fight until all eight dogs joined in by seeming
to be daring Thelma and Louise to try and stomp one of them to see which
species was faster. Benji quickly offered the boys rides as a diversion to
end the danger, not to mention that the three boys were losing the shavings
fight. Six hands versus two elephant trunks with the advantage of height
was no match at all.

"Will you ladies give Cory," Benji pointed, "and Dooby," he pointed to
Dooby, "rides?" He asked Thelma and Louise. "Before you answer," he added
playfully, "just remember they buy your food."

Both trumpeted their willingness then actually trotted back out to the
terrace and went down on their knees for easier boarding. Benji gave each
guy a leg up to sit about where their necks would be if they had them,
right on the edge of their overcoats. As each guy climbed on, the elephant
stood up again playfully, without giving them time to adjust their seats,
get comfortable or gain confidence in riding such noble steeds for the
first time.

Dooby told Benji to follow along driving his ATV in case there was a
misunderstanding. Mark joined Benji waving his medical bag and laughing at
the guys. He reminded them that he was the resident `doctor' and he would
tend their `owies' if one should happen to fall off. He managed to ignore
the fingers he received in return for his reassurances.

"Do you girls want to go for a walk," Dooby asked the other six pets.
Apparently, they understood, because they began to follow Dooby and his
constant stream of chatter. He began telling his ride, Thelma, that when it
was warmer, they could have water fights in the river as the little parade
of animals walked up the driveway.

"Where are we going?" Cory asked Dooby.

"I thought we'd go up to the gatehouse so all the girls can meet the
guards. Then walk some of the fence line so everyone knows how far they can
range safely. Hey Cory, I just thought of something."

Cory held his breath he couldn't guess what was in Dooby's fertile mind.

"Why don't these girls have tusks? Did someone cut them off?"

"No dufus, these are Asian elephants, they don't grow tusks although I
think they have little ones in their mouths. You're thinking of African
elephants. Africans are also lots bigger too, although either one of these
girls are big enough to walk through our fence if they wanted to. They're
big enough aren't they?"

To answer, Dooby leaned down over Thelma's head to rub her face and scratch
her ears. "You're so beautiful Thelma," he whispered.

By the time the main party of animals reached the gate house, the eight
dogs and two guards were already outside but inside the closed gates to
greet them. Now the guards knew what was inside the truck they'd admitted
earlier. The guards were also happy to retreat back inside their little
house and find paper towels to wipe away the elephant snot from their faces
and uniforms.

Dooby laughed when he saw the guard's attempts to clean up. "You know, I
just thought of another good reason to shower; elephant snot!" He stopped
laughing suddenly when Thelma agreed with a surprise trumpet, possibly a
laugh, and he nearly fell off his perch.

The last area visited was the pole barn across the bridge where most of the
guest deer hung out and ate regular hay on demand. Dooby told the new girls
that they could come over anytime and eat all they wanted, as if they
understood what he was saying. All they really did was sample a bite, then
have some fun rolling one of the big round bales around between them that
mere humans had to use a tractor to move.

Once back at the new barn, the patient beasts sank to their knees so their
`meal tickets' could dismount then they looked around at the crowd as if to
say, "Who' next?"

Not so brave Stevie pushed the twins forward as `volunteers'. Thelma
looked at Louise and she looked back then both not only studied the twins,
they pulled the boys closer and really checked them out with their trunks.
"I don't think they've ever seen twins before," Benji guessed. "They may
have smelled like their dogs, but now they smell just like elephants!" He
giggled as the twins tried to wipe snot off their faces.

The twins wanted to ride together with Jeff for security, so Benji gave
them each a leg up. Of course, they were barely seated before Thelma stood
up to shake them up further. Apparently, a half bugle was their way of
laughing. Then Dooby and Cory strong armed not so brave Stevie and Logan to
within range of Louise's trunk. They were inspected just like the twins,
all while Stevie protested that the two of them would be too much weight
for poor Louise to carry.

"Just climb up there you two chicken shits," Auggie encouraged, "or be
shamed by your younger brothers." That was enough for Stevie and Logan to
mount with `expert' riders Dooby's and Cory's help.

By then out in the field, Thelma had broken into an elephant gallop to
begin chasing deer. None of the deer ran away, but they did step out of the
way with looks of disgust as the charging monster lumbered past. All while
the twins were laughing and shouting out their joy at riding an elephant.
They were so comfortable they were even attempting to unseat each other
until Jeff demanded they stop although they didn't.

That would be until big daddy Auggie cupped his hands and screamed, "Y'all
cut that shit out, goddamnit!"

It wasn't long before Thelma brought the boys back. Then everyone realized
that whoever the rider was, had no control over the massive animals.
However, that didn't stop any of the boys or Jennifer from begging rides
since no one had been injured or killed so far.

After the gang of young people got rides, the elephants themselves called a
halt just by going inside the barn to get big drinks and then going to
their personal mangers to eat more of the delicious hay substitute.

It was the twins who announced it was long past the time for lunch when
their stomachs began rumbling and they looked to Dooby for a ride up to the
house. Dooby only nodded before there was a mad scramble as everyone sought
to find a ride or risk running on foot up the steep hill with the eight

There was a problem there. When the dogs heard the word, lunch, they were
first to jump in Dooby's truck with Deacon. Eventually, everyone found a
place to sit more or less comfortably for the short ride up the hill to the

When Dooby saw Benji watching the exodus, he pulled his ATV over in front
of him, asked Rodger if he would mind sitting on EZ's lap (he didn't) and
invited Benji to join them for lunch since it appeared that the elephants
were content with their new home. Benji looked inside to see Thelma and
Louise were waving their trunks at him possibly by way of dismissal.

Charlie and Laura took Auggie's arms as they headed for Spelling's new
limo. A raised eyebrow from either man warned any others away from their
ride. Charlie knew that Dooby always confided in Auggie almost daily and he
wanted to know more about how the boys were really doing with their joint
venture projects in Daytona Beach, in the event they needed a quiet bailout.

Auggie began laughing as soon as Charlie asked. He told Charlie that he
wished he'd been asked to participate in either or both ventures. The David
hotel renovations were nearly complete. Every room had been modernized
following along the lines of the Rainbow Clubs model, except of course for
the automatic room doors. The bar and dance club now looked like a step
into `tomorrow land' and the remodeled restaurant now served both
continental and Chinese dishes while angling for a four-star rating.

Outside on the beach, there was a flock of new, what Auggie called `water
beetle' boats and catamarans, surfboards, all kinds of water toys, as well
as ATVs and golf carts for rent to anyone, with deep discounts for the
David's guests and of course lounge chairs and beach umbrellas for guests
only. All were managed by a squad of very attractive young men who wore
tank suits, weather permitting.

Then someone devised a kind of wet bar on wheels to position daily as close
to the beach as they could get it without being troubled by the law. That
bar served complementary drinks to guests who wore special wristbands and
forcash to others who were old enough.

Auggie began to chuckle again. "Then to make sure ever'one could tell who
was who, all the servers, inside an' outside an' beach boys have washable
tattoos across their backs that says `The DAVID', an' in front, over their
left tit, another that says their names. Mattie an' Jimmy at our club, are
lookin' into that there idea. O' course, all the staff is invited to use
the rooftop pool when they is off duty," he concluded with a wink at
Charlie while politely ignoring Laura's red face.

While all the cars and trucks had to use the driveway to get back to the
house, Dooby and the other ATVs drove straight up the hill, so by the time
the adults arrived, there was not a teenager or young adult to be seen. It
appeared that elephant snot was to be a blessing and a really good excuse
to take showers at mid-day. Rather, only the two showers were in use in
their bathroom.

There was only one newbie in the group of guys. Benji got stopped in the
great room just like the others who visited High View Farm the first time.
He stared at the fish, the size of the blazing fireplace and wondered why
anyone would need so much furniture in a room. Rodger and EZ came to his
rescue by taking his arms and ushering him through the house, up the stairs
and into Cory and Dooby's bedroom lounge where he froze again when he saw
that everyone was either naked or in the process of stripping.

"Hold up guys," Benji said, "I can imagine what's about to happen and I
appreciate the invite to be included, but I've got a boyfriend back home in
North Carolina."

"That's okay," Cory told him, "you can just watch and if you feel the need,
you can get yourself off while we watch you. Is your friend still in

"Oh, hell no. He's a year older than me. He's the only mechanic the circus
has left. He won't even have that job as soon the rest of the rolling stock
is sold." Benji responded absently as he stared at Cory's body,
particularly his dick. He blinked when his eyes switched to James.

While Benji stared, he didn't seem to realize that EZ and Rodger were
helping him out of his clothes. He also didn't see or hear Cory, Dooby and
Deacon whispering together. One of Deacon's duties was taking care of all
the cars, trucks and ATV's that included fueling, checking fluid levels,
servicing and cleaning or taking something to the dealer for scheduled

After the guys agreed to something with nods, Dooby rifled through Benji's
pants pockets to find his phone. He handed the phone to its owner and said,
"Call the dude so we can offer him a job as a mechanic, working for us.
Deacon, that's Deacon," he pointed, "and his partner Mark," he pointed
again, "have extra bedrooms where you two can stay and of course you can
always eat with us, or if you want to, you can find a place of your own
after you get your feet on the ground," he concluded by dusting his hands
together. Problem solved.

"Really?" It was clear that Benji was amazed by the generous offer.

"REALLY! NOW DIAL THAT FUCKING PHONE!" Dooby shouted in Benji's ear.

That jolted Benji out of his trance. He speed dialed, then turned on the
speaker, which turned out to be an embarrassing mistake, "Hey sweet cheeks!
How they hangin'? I sure miss them and the rest of you too," the voice said.

"Bobba, before y'all say anything else, I've got you on the speaker and I'm
surrounded by a bunch of guys..."

Poor Benji was drowned out by laughter, wolf whistles and "Hey Bobba! You
sure sound as cute as Benji!", Steve the bi-boy, heavy-weight wrestler
said. While a few weeks earlier he wouldn't have dreamed saying that to
another guy much less experimenting with Cory and Dooby in their bed.

"Y'all better start explainin' boy," Bobba warned, "because if you were
within reach right now, you know you'd be so dead. Now, what's happenin'
wherever y'all are? You're wastin' my minutes."

Benji tried to explain but everything came out as stutters, so Dooby took
the phone to introduce himself and his partner, Cory, as the guys that
Benji was delivering Thelma and Louise to in New Jersey. Then to confuse
Bobba further, he introduced all the other guys as couples. He also
mentioned in passing that the whole mob was naked, including Benji. They
were about to take a shower to wash all the elephant snot off before they
could have lunch. Hopefully, while there was still something to eat.

"Mr. Dooby, y'all sound like you're about to hang up without tellin' why
you called me," Bobba cut Dooby off.

"Oh yeah, I guess we did call you. How soon can you get up here to start
your new job as our mechanic?"

That's when Cory grabbed the phone from Dobby to scoot to the other side of
the facing desks so he couldn't get it back easily. He shut off the speaker
and once again apologized loudly for not giving Dooby his morning meds
before he got down to business.

"Fuck you too Cory! I was just being friendly." Dooby protested with a
giggle, before he added, "Come on guys let's hit the showers. I really am
hungry enough to eat somebody." Bobba couldn't see the number of hands that
went up instantly but he could clearly hear the guys arguing about which of
them was going to be first to have Dooby service them as they ran into the
bedroom to be first in the showers.

Whatever they planned was spoiled when all eight dogs galloped into the
room. Of course, when they heard the sound of the showers, they kept on
going to be first into the spa pool. Luckily, by force of habit, Dooby had
already turned on the taps to fill the pool on the way to the showers. By
the time the last dog splashed in, all of them still wearing their
harnesses, the water had already turned a dark shade of brown.

Then washing and drying eight dogs became the group priority. When Cory
arrived and saw the pool, he drained it to the dog's dismay as they were
left sitting on the bench seats and standing on the bottom and dripping if
they had been swimming. One by one, they were led to the showers soaped and
rinsed off including their harnesses before they were allowed back into the
refilled pool for only a very short respite. Then it was time to start the
drying process which the dogs loved almost as much as swimming.

Cory asked Benji over the sound of hair driers, "How'd Bobba get that name?
I asked him but he wouldn't tell me."

"Did he take the job you offered?" Benji countered. His priorities were
different from all the rich guys that surrounded him.

"Yup, he sure did. He said he'd tell them he was quitting as he drove his
camper through the gates. He also told me to tell you not to call him
because he was almost out of minutes. Now tell us how Bobba got his name."

Benji was so happy, he forgot where he was, that he was stark naked around
other great looking naked gay guys. He hugged Cory as if he was hugging
Bobba. Of course, Cory took advantage and hugged him back as if he was

"Hey you, new Rebel guy," Dooby called out, "You best quit making out with
my boyfriend before I talk Thelma into giving you-all a smack down," he
warned through his giggles.

Benji was red faced when he backed away from Cory, while Cory just laughed
at the mutual results of their hug. Cory kept on drying the dog they'd been
working on but Benji attempted to hide by covering his tent pole with a
towel tent until he calmed down.

Dooby kept trying to imitate all their southern friends by saying, `y'all'
the way they did, but it always came out, you-all. "Now, you-all answer the

"Oh yeah, Bobba. Bobba's name is really Robert or when he was just learnin'
to talk, everyone called him Bobby. The only problem was little Bobby
couldn't pronounce Bobby; it always came out Bobba. Naturally, his parents
thought that was the cutest thing they ever heard, so they started callin'
their little bundle of joy, Bobba, so the name stuck. End of story."

The dogs callously abandoned the boys after they were dried enough and were
redressed in their damp harnesses. But who could blame them when they could
smell people food downstairs. Claws clacking on wooden floors between
carpets announced their arrival. Fortunately, Labs were generally a silent
breed, not barky or yappy like some smaller breeds. Lunch was buffet style,
served from a long table in the dining room, so guests could either sit at
the dining room table or wherever they wished.

Those older and or wiser or who owned one or more of the dogs sat at the
table for safety sake. Not their personal safety but for the food on their
plates. Only Jennifer and Lane chose to sit on the sofa in the great room
watching the fish and enjoying the privacy as they ate. Their tranquility
and privacy ended when the pack of black and yellow Labs inundated the
young couple.

"Hey," Lane yelped, "that critter just stole my second hotdog! And that one
snatched the one I was eating! DOOBY goddamnit call off your dogs!" He
screamed out for help. It was natural to blame Dooby although only two of
the dogs belonged to Cory. None, technically, were Dooby's. The rest
belonged to guests.

While Jennifer was laughing at her boyfriend she should have been defending
her sub sandwich and large helping of potato salad. When she looked away
from Lane's struggles, the plate resting on her lap had been cleaned off
and both humans received thank you kisses that included the taste of
mustard or mayonnaise from those dogs who shared their lunches.

Lane just gave up the struggle with a laugh as he put his plate down on the
carpet to watch his serving of baked beans disappear. "Did someone scream
my name just like a girl being raped, Lane, my favorite brother-in-law?"
Dooby accused sarcastically.

Without waiting for an answer, he suggested that the dogs visit the kitchen
to check out their bowls. Apparently, Laurie and Chuckie understood Dooby
because they led the way in a race through the dining room, to the kitchen.
The butler's pantry swinging doors flapped wildly until all the dogs were
through. The gang of boys with Lane and Jennifer were filling their plates
a minute later when they noticed that the dogs had returned, licking their
chops or rubbing their faces on their owner's pant legs or on the carpet.

Cory looked down, "You guys must be getting old," he observed, "It took you
almost a minute to polish off the lunch you were supposed to have. Now why
don't you be good? Stop begging and go dig out your chew toys and work on
them for a while."

Dooby tried a different tact when the dogs didn't stop looking hopeful,
"Yeah, you know your parents were all highbrow champions. They would never,
ever demean themselves by begging." The dog's response to Dooby was to wag
faster and look even more hopeful.

While Benji was still suffering from the culture shock from suddenly being
in such a huge mansion and having lunch with the owners, who were also
building a private zoo that wasn't a zoo, he wasn't too amazed to fill his
plate. He started by making a jawbreaker sub sandwich at that end of the
table then he noticed that some of the guys walked by with empty plates.

Further down, he saw the reason; there was a covered hot tray piled with
baby back, bar-b-cue ribs with three sauce choices, a burger station
grilled to order after a delay and a broad assortment of toppings. Next,
fired chicken occupied another hot tray. They were also serving hotdogs,
big ones, that he was told were kosher, whatever that meant. Fortunately,
he had also been told he could go back for seconds as many times as he

Benji was a farm boy from the North Carolina mountains who had applied for
a job with a small traveling circus just because he needed a job even
though he had no relevant skills. Since he had worked with farm animals, he
found out he was qualified to be an elephant handler of all things, and
there was a vacancy. Benji took an instant dislike to the older handler
because he was vicious and treated Thelma like a dumb animal when their
real mental status was the other way around. Fortunately, the man was not
Benji's superior so they got along by just not talking to each other.

When Benji was first handed his prod, he handed it back. He asked where
Louise was supposed to be and what she was supposed to do during shows.
Then with a look up and a nod, he walked away and Louise followed by
keeping her trunk on his shoulder and occasionally mussing his hair after
stealing his cap to hold it just out of Benji's reach.

Benji met Bobba the first day when he was walking around the circus
compound with Louise. Bobba was having trouble fitting a floor jack under a
small pickup truck that had a flat tire on unpaved ground. The two young
gays looked at each other and the sparks flew. After first names were
exchanged, Benji asked if maybe Louise could help.

When Benji realized that he hadn't introduced her to Bobba. Louise
responded by snatching Bobba's cap, then tossing it to Benji. When Bobba
reached for it, Benji tossed it back to Louise, who caught it and sort of
placed it back on Bobba's head, a dose of elephant snot included, no extra

With the fun over temporarily, Benji asked Louise if there was a way she
could lift the truck, just enough to get the jack in place. She eyed the
job for a few moments before she moved to the front bumper to use her trunk
to lift that front quarter a couple of inches, then hold it until Bobba
gave the okay when the jack was in place.

Bobba thanked Louise for her help and gently patted her trunk. She thanked
him for his kind treatment by sniffing him out carefully then picking him
up bodily and tossing him into Benji's arms. That move was accompanied by a
half trumpet, the sound the boys came to recognize as elephant laughter.

Both boys were more than pleased when they hit the ground with Benji flat
on his back and Bobba looking down from on top of him. Bobba whispered that
if Benji needed a place to stay, he was welcome to share his truck camper.
Initially, Benji was disappointed to find only single bunk beds inside the
small camper.

That is, he was until Bobba reached under the bottom bunk to pull out a
section that made the bunk into a three-quarter double bed that also
eliminated most of the room to walk. Benji realized the possibilities at
once and stated his opinion wearing a shy but hopeful smile.

He thought that in order to be comfortable on that bed together one might
spoon the other. OR, they might vary positions by facing each other, of
course in each other's arms. OR as a last resort they might stack up just
like Louise did to them earlier.

Thinking of Louise, the boys were reminded she was outside waiting for them
when she shook the shit out of the camper accompanied by one of her
elephant laughs. As soon as the boys piled out of the camper and they were
close enough, she gathered them together, facing each other and held them
that way until they blushed when they felt each other respond through their

The one thing Benji hated about the elephant's treatment was chaining their
hind legs at night. However, it was an iron clad safety policy so he had
to, or find another job.

He was devastated when news of the circus' closing with everything,
including the animals sold off piecemeal. Then there was the problem of he
and Bobba being separated by the need to find work. Neither guy could
imagine an employer who was looking for a farm boy/elephant handler and a
mechanic as a gay couple.

That is, until that day after Louise and Thelma were sold to some rich guy
in New Jersey to add to his private zoo and the sale included handlers to
take care of them. Then the rich `guy' turned out to be a gay teenage
couple who just happened to enjoy having other young gay couples working
for them and could easily afford the expense.

Benji was jolted out of his recent memories by Dooby's elbow and his
laughter. "Would you care for an Auggie burger to sit on top of all those
rib bones?" Dooby asked, with all the guests sitting at the table laughing
as well.

Benji blinked as a server whisked away his plate piled with pork rib bones
but not one tiny scrap of meat. "Ah, no thank you kindly Dooby, I believe
I'm full up for the present. Y'all sure put on a good spread. I should go
see what the girls are up to."

"You don't have to go down the hill to do that, just look out those
windows," Dooby pointed.

While Benji did feel a `mite' stuffed, he went to the windows. Laurie
thought he wanted to go outside so she opened the door for him. All the
animals, including `his' elephants were out in the big field and just
ambling around. It appeared that Thelma was playing a game of trying to
sneak up behind groups of deer without them knowing, only to have the group
move slightly out of harm's way until she passed them.

"I hope they don't get bored, if they do, they might get destructive. They
seemed to enjoy performing in the circus, it was something to do. Then I
bought Louise one of those big exercise balls to play with. It was too big
for her to pick up but she could bat the hell out of it with her trunk,
then expect me and Bobba to toss it back. Or we would play soccer with her.
I think she always aimed at our heads.

"Poor Thelma wasn't allowed to play with us, but she sure watched. Remember
when they were rolling that round hay bale around? I think if they were
wild, they'd spend a lot of time walking and eatin', like up rootin' trees
and maybe tramplin' bushes for the young ones to eat, stuff like that."

Cory and Dooby had the same thought. They took Benji back inside and down
the stairs into the gym. There were four of the big balls Benji described.
They each took a ball and ran back to the terrace.

"You first," Cory told Beni. The ball picked up speed with nothing to stop
it as it rolled and bounced down the steep hill over the lawn and driveway.
Thelma and Louise were either watching the boys or they were attracted by
the bright orange color, but they broke into a trot to intercept it as it
approached the relatively flat field.

Louise, as the more experienced ball player, slammed the ball back up the
hill with her trunk only to have it roll back toward them. This time, she
allowed Thelma to have a turn. With that, a new elephant game was invented.

Cory and Dooby added to the fun when they tossed their balls at the same
time. The big playful girls allowed one ball to pass them, while Thelma was
ready and waiting when `her' ball approached the field. This time she tried
kicking it but it turned foul by going into some pine trees.

"Utoh, that's the area where Rudy hangs out," Dooby announced, "I wonder
what he'll do, if anything."

What Rudy did was come charging out from under the pine branches with his
head down, using it and his rapidly growing set of antlers to expel the
invading ball until it began to roll down hill on its own. He gave the
elephants a stare before retreating back into the trees.

"What are we having for dinner tonight?" Rodger asked out of the blue. EZ,
his partner looked to be just as interested in the answer.

"Damn," Cory grumbled playfully, "if there was a team eating competition,
we would bet on you guys. Right now, we're going to play soccer with the
new girls. Come on guys let's get to the ATVs."

When the dogs first saw the giant balls the guys were carrying, of course
they followed. All eight took off down the hill as soon as Benji tossed the
first one but since they couldn't grab such big balls, they had fun trying.
Then when the guys arrived, the game changed into sort of a soccer game,
free for all on more level ground that they could participate in.

Over time, the guys got so used to having Scot and his production crew
around, sticking lenses in their faces that they were mostly ignored.
Inside they were more like talking, moving furniture. Outside, they were
usually so spread out they were forgotten.

That day, the new guy, Benji, was not used to seeing a camera or cameras
pointed in his direction and always tried to duck behind someone if he
thought he was in the video. "Look new guy, get used to being immortalized
on video. You're going to be in our late-night show but you're already on
the production payroll, in addition to being paid as a handler." Dooby, as
usual, explained cryptically, "Now call the girls over so you can explain
the rules to everyone at the same time."

"HUH?" Benji asked. Then yelled "DUCK," as one of the balls flew just over
their heads. Benji laughed and shook his fist at Louise, "You missed!" he
called to her for which he received an elephant laugh as another ball hit
Dooby in his back, compliments of Thelma.

"Listen up guys! Here's the rules, basically, there ain't any. There's no
teams, no goals and no out of bounds. Humans can use their hands and feet
and the animals, I guess including the dogs, can use whatever. Oh, all
three balls are always in play. This is dodgeball, soccer and football all
rolled into one game. AND," he added with a laugh, "if a human player, can
tackle Thelma or Louise, they are game winners for life!" The last comment
drew laughs from everyone including the elephants.

The game, if it could be called that, raged anywhere across the field for
two hours before the dogs got pooped out and quit by lying down near the
ATVs so hopefully they could get rides back up the hill. They were not in
the condition or mood to run up the hill.

Jennifer was next to collapse on one of the ATV seats. Then the twins got
silly and attempted to bring down Louise by tackling each of her front
legs. She remained mindful of their clinging presence but continued to walk
around and use only her trunk to bat a ball that came her way, while Thelma
kept glancing at her friend and the little human leeches and snorting what
she thought.

Only Cory had the presence of mind to look at his watch. It was feeding
time up at the house. That announcement ended the game. The elephants
looked perplexed until Benji whistled to get their attention, then made
hand to mouth eating motions. When they began moving in his direction, he
pointed to the big house on the top of the hill, the direction the other
exotics and the deer were already beginning to move, so they fell in line
with the giraffes to make the walk while they kept Benji in sight.

As usual, Rudy and his wives emerged to lead the short migration. Efficient
Cory had arranged for elephant `snacks' to be available on the terrace as
well as the more usual treats for the other animals. Although due to more
of the deer who had become friendlier with humans, the number of apple
boxes had to be increased.

Charlie laughed as he and Laura began handing out apples to the deer after
he viewed the amount of produce on the terrace. "You know Cory, with you
buying so much produce from the warehouse every day, your gonna make us

The twins, Kevin and Kyle had been feeding Thelma and Louise cantaloupes, a
melon the elephants could hold and for them, were bite-size. The boys
joined the laughter. Kevin said to Cory, "That's what our Dad says about us
goin' partners with him in our fishin' business! We're gonna be rich too!"

The twins didn't quite understand why what Kevin said was so funny to
everyone on the terrace but they laughed along with the rest and Auggie the
hardest. Then when Kyle saw Rudy sniffing the pile of cantaloupes, he
placed one on the terrace close to Thelma. He stomped his foot on the
pavers while Thelma watched. Kyle didn't see Benji nod. Thelma nodded back
before she very gently squashed the melon, then picked up a broken piece
and offered it to Rudy.

Rudy sniffed briefly before he began nibbling on the sweet orange flesh and
when Thelma stepped back after eating the hard, rough melon rind, Rudy and
his wives began eating the squashed melon from the terrace. With the deer
busy, the big girls moved on to the watermelons and they extended the
sharing by stomping one of the giant melons just for the deer.

It didn't take long for all the fresh treats to disappear; the feed troughs
and buckets were licked clean and as usual, there was not one scrap of
editable food to be found on the terrace. That's when Thelma and Louise
walked toward Benji to begin touching him with their trunks.

"Nope," Benji said, "there's no water up here. You'll have to go down to
the river or into the barn to drink, but don't you dare squirt each other
and get your overcoats all wet and don't squirt any of your new friends
either. It's too cold right now, but it will warm up soon, then you can
play in the river all you want. I'll be down in a little while to take your
coats off, in the meantime, stay out of trouble."

Everyone on the terrace was shocked when both girls raised their trunks
while facing Benji in a kind of salute before they ambled back down the
hill. "Did they understand what you said?" Dooby asked.

Benji shrugged, "Just key words probably. Louise, more than Thelma. I've
been working with Louise the longest but Thelma wasn't allowed any freedom
to play with us. I know if I was an elephant, I'd have stomped the other
handler into a red spot of mush long ago somewhere, but then I would have
been put down as a rogue mankiller."

EZ and Rodger had a happier thought in mind. Rodger asked the whole crowd
this time, "Does anyone know what we're having for dinner? EZ and I want to
know so we know how many snacks we should eat."

"That's a good question," the twins agreed in unison.

"Yonder stands my eatin' machines," Auggie declared, pointing out the twins
and EZ, "When Little Zeek, I mean, EZ, came to school up here I expected my
grocery bills to go down somewhat but them two matchin' scamps not only
picked up the slack, but my damn bills went up!"

"Come on Daddy, we ain't, aren't, that bad," Kyle argued. Both boys were
struggling to improve their language skills.

Kevin agreed with a point in their favor, "Yeah Daddy, since we been
around, y'all ain't been troubled by the icebox bein' clogged with
leftovers." He saw Auggie coming at him and intentionally slowed his run
away. Auggie got him in a headlock, then got the same hold on Kyle when he
playfully came to help his brother.

Auggie asked that both doors be opened wide as he guided his new sons into
the great room to toss them on a sofa near the fireplace, as far away from
the snack trays placed near the fish tank as they could get. Of course,
with their speed combined with Auggie's slow walk, they were already seated
on the carpet wolfing snacks by the time Auggie arrived to flop on the sofa
with a grin at his new sons.

"To answer your question, you eatin' machine's, we're goin' to have supper
at Charlie's, where y'all can order off the menu whatever you want," Auggie
declared, then he added. "I'm sure glad we is Dooby an' Cory boy's guests
an' they have to pick up the tab." He giggled as the eating machines


The boys had reserved the upstairs banquet room for the party. Naturally,
Dooby took charge of the restored antique freight elevator's controls.
Everyone was more than happy after the whole party had been safely
delivered to the second-floor banquet room. Dooby stopped shouting "Going
Up!", "Going Down!", over and over.

Charlie issued the most telling cease and desist order. "Either stop that
racket or we'll get Dr. Mark to make you into a eunuch!" That silenced both
the elevator's clanging gates and the operator's big mouth.

"Did you just say something to me Gramps?" Dooby, the picture of innocence
asked as he found a seat at a table well away from the adult's.

Charlie looked in Mark's direction, "If you don't have a scalpel with you,
you can have my butter knife because I don't care for any bread." Then
Charlie looked at Dooby and grinned while Dooby sank in his chair until his
head was barely showing while he clutched his at-risk balls protectively.

Twins Kevin and Kyle, knew that Charlie's was the franchise that Auggie
planned to buy for them and they had only that one dinner to find out
everything they could about the business. Then next day was Sunday and they
were all flying home to Florida Monday morning.

They ate their dinners in a new record time and were finished before some
in the party had time to take their first bites. Dooby saw them stand up,
forks in hand to begin touring tables to cage taste bites from the other
guys who had ordered something different. The twins were interested in
tasting the whole menu or as many different entrées as they could.

Kevin and Kyle had barely worn out their welcome from guys who wanted to
eat their food themselves when Dooby took them back downstairs, quietly
this time, to the open kitchen. Here Dooby began introducing them around to
the chef and all the kitchen workers and the servers as they came and went,
always in a hurry, yet without appearing to rush. They watched the
organized chaos as orders appeared on the monitors and through the process
of cooking and assembling the food somewhat artfully on a plate until a
server took it to a hungry diner.

Then Dooby took them into the aging room where whole cuts of meat was left
until it was tender, into the walk-in cooler, and freezer and finally into
the dry stores area before he took them outside to see where the mesquite
wood was kept under lock and key, so none of the unique wood would find its
way into other wood burning grills.

Last, the twins were most interested in seeing the cash register doing its
thing as diners paid their bills. Dooby giggled as he watched two sets of
eyes turn into dollar signs. As a special treat, Dooby whispered to the
cashier to bring up the running total for their dinner party. Even Dooby
was surprised by the size of the bill he and Cory would receive shortly
that didn't include more drinks and certainly some desserts, he and the
twins included.

There was no question, the twins were convinced; owning their first
restaurant, the first of a nationwide chain was the way to go. They took
the stairs back up two at a time, to thank their Daddy while they
immediately asked him about a general location, a building site, a
contractor and wondered how long construction would take so they could open
in the shortest possible time.

Auggie kept rolling his eyes between Kevin and Kyle, while Charlie laughed
so hard, Laura poked him to remind him to act like a mature man not one of
the boys. Even the eight dogs sensed the twin's enthusiasm for some reason
and began happily jumping around and wrestling with each other between the

None of the boys remembered to put leashes on their dogs as they left the
banquet room. Naturally they bounded down the stairs not waiting for Dooby
to repeat his earlier performance. Dooby was disappointed when everyone
chose to use the stairs by whispered agreement until he heard screaming
laughter from down in the restaurant.

Finally, back on the first floor again, Dooby immediately joined his
friends in chasing eight dogs. At that moment, the dogs were splitting
their time between begging from laughing patrons and running away from the
boys while there was food on anyone's plate.

Charlie took Auggie's arm, whistled to get Cory, Dooby and Barry, his
driver's attention and left the rest of the party and the dogs behind as
they headed for home. At the last minute, Johnnie, Barry's partner came
running to sit up front with Barry.

This weekend Johnnie had off from his job as the general manager of
Charlie's -- New York. He was enjoying himself and his partner Barry, every
time the couple found a private place. Johnnie was pleased that Cory and
Dooby had forced the issue by ordering him to accompany his partner Barry,
who was also Charlie and Laura's driver.


Once in the back of the truck, Auggie asked the boys to bring Charlie up to
date on their Daytona Beach, condo development plans. He said he started to
but didn't get much beyond relating how the David Hotel was progressing.

Dooby and Cory began to bounce in their seats as they described larger
living spaces with more bedrooms and baths. Even some as duplexes up on the
most expensive floors. When the apartments were finished, Tony Orsini
planned a huge house warming party for his newly remodeled home, River
Watch, to which all the Orsini's very, very rich friends from all over the
world, would be invited to said party and stay in the elegantly finished
condos while they were in Daytona Beach. Of course, all the apartments the
guests were staying in just happened to be for sale.

That's when Dooby happened to bounce his little ass off the seat onto the
floor as he joyfully told Charlie how much they planned to sell even the
cheapest apartment for, on the lowest floor, with only a view of the road.
By the time they finished, they had reached the house and had to wait for
Dooby's parents, John and Martha, as a well as Laura since what the boys
were proposing were to be family decisions.

Dooby and Cory were so nervous, they forgot themselves and held hands as
they ushered their family into the library and closed the door before any
dogs could get in. They made drinks for those who wanted them and beer for
John and themselves.

After everyone was served and looking at the boys expectantly, Cory took a
deep breath then slowly and methodically rationalized the need for their
own personal jet. He didn't see his father, Charlie, perk up at the first
mention of a jet. By the time he finished, without mentioning the size of
the plane they really wanted, Charlie was smiling and nodding.

"If you were thinking of getting one as big as Trasker's, I believe your
mother and I would be willing to split the purchase price and all the
subsequent costs. We've been planning to take trips for a month at a time,
but once we arrived, the plane could come back here to be available to you
until it was time to come back to pick us up," Charlie said, as Dooby began
doing his seated Dooby dance on the sofa, while Cory got up to kiss his
mother and his father on their cheeks by way of agreement.

"Is that all you wanted to talk about?" Auggie questioned while waving his
empty glass in the air at Zeek.

Dooby stopped wearing out the sofa. It was his turn to take a deep breath.
"Not quite," he said. "We were kind of thinking that we should take school
with us when we travel. Excluding weekends, holidays and scheduled school
vacations of course. Cory is too smart now and since I rely on him we both
deserve the regular times off just like if we were still in school." He
ended with a grin and waited for a reaction from his obtuse statement. That
wasn't long in coming.

Charlie and John, who knew Dooby best, were first to burst into laughter.
They were quickly followed by `mom' Laura and Dooby's mother, Betty, who
put pillows on their faces as their whole bodies shook. Auggie just shook
his head, clearly amazed at Dooby's audacity. If Auggie was correct, Dooby
was suggesting a tutor or tutors to travel with them wherever they went,
but who were only allowed to teach five days a week, when school was in
session at home.

"And just where you gonna find a tutor to do the teachin' when they're

Dooby relaxed after the initial disclosure. "Oh, that part's easy. We
advertised for a gay couple who just happen to be certified teachers. We
found two couples so far. Two guys can't seem to find teaching jobs
teaching at the same school because they're out. Maybe schools don't want a
scandal or there's too many bible thumpers on the boards. The other couple
is holding out to be full-time private tutors but as a team, exactly what
we were looking for. But, they're having trouble convincing parents that
their kid is not at risk of being `converted', Dooby used finger quotes.
"Everybody knows a straight kid can't be converted, only molested. If that
happened the dude would be off for a trip to the slammer. Of course, a gay
kid doesn't need to be converted because he was born that way, so all he
needs is some special sex education..."

"Damn Dooby, quit while you're ahead," Cory interrupted. "Dad, we thought
you and Gramps Carl could use your juice to get our teachers hired at the
school as adjunct instructors, so they would continue to teach us what the
guys are learning in regular school classes. Our exams would be the same
too and our grades would go into our regular school records. Of course,
we'd pay their salaries so the school wouldn't be out of pocket," Cory

"Adjunct, where'd you get that word?" Dooby asked Cory.

"At school," Cory answered with a straight face, "You must have been
sleeping in that class too." That assumption was guaranteed to start a
wrestling match despite the importance of the meeting.

Dooby was saved from crying `uncle' more than three times to relieve the
pain in his arm and shoulder, when the library door opened silently. It
seemed that the boys forgot, if Laurie and Chuckie could open an outside
door, they could open any that was equipped with a latch, not a knob.

While the dogs saved Dooby from further pain and the humiliation of being
beaten up again by a little guy, the boys also received generous helpings
of dog spit on their faces and some in laughing mouths. They finally
escaped to stand on the sofa.

"What are you doing standing on that sofa?" Laura, the original mistress of
the house demanded.

"Protecting ourselves from YOUR dogs," Dooby quipped. He was reminding
Laura and Charlie that the dogs were actually Christmas gifts to them

Laura looked at the dogs as she patted the cushion in invitation, "Well in
that case, what are you two doing on the floor? Get up there and attack!"

Dooby and Cory jumped over the back of the sofa and hid there waiting for
the dogs to follow. However, they didn't follow; they jumped down and ran
around the end of the sofa to renew the attack. The boys climbed back over
the sofa back, then sat there innocently, as if they hadn't moved. Then
when they patted the cushions, the dogs joined them, using their laps as
pillows and dropped off to sleep. Play time was over.

"Well, can we do it?" Dooby wanted to know.

"Do what?" Charlie asked just to be contrary.

"Hire the couple we want."

"What if they molest you guys at 30,000 feet?"

"Deacon, Mark and the dogs will always be wherever we are. Case closed,"
Dooby thought.

Then Cory had to elaborate on their plans. Deacon was going to be their
business manager and minder, just like Tony had Joe. Mark was going to hire
an associate Vet to run the clinic in Mark's absence, so Mark could travel
with them and his partner Deacon. Of course, Mark had to travel with them
in the event that one of the dogs required medical attention at 30,000 feet
or anywhere else. The last reason was lame but it sounded good when the
boys were planning their justification.

The adults looked at each other before they shrugged their shoulders, and
called for another round of drinks. Zeek hurriedly made those so the tired
dogs didn't have to be disturbed. Then Auggie asked John to tell them how
he made out being the general contractor from New Jersey, in building
Ollie's island paradise in Florida, in a record short time considering all
the construction materials had to be delivered by barge.

John grinned and held his wife's hand while he considered where to start.
"The reason I didn't object to these boys getting their own plane was Betty
and I kind of got spoiled when Ollie leased a Lear Jet for my exclusive use
to fly back and forth." He winked at Dooby. "Now I'm kind of hoping that
they'll invite us along on some of their trips occasionally."

Dooby nodded while Cory said, "Of course, anytime you can get away." As a
jab at Dooby, he added, "As long as you don't interrupt Dooby's schooling."
To which Dooby raised his middle finger aimed at Cory, despite his parent's

"Stop it," John ordered his son, "or sit on your hands!" Dooby compromised
by folding his arms across his chest as his lower lip stuck out in a pout.
As usual, that ended within a minute.

"As I was saying, I not only got a jet to use, there was also a leased
four-bedroom home, right on the water, with a distant view of Ollie's
Island. After two weekends of being alone, I talked Betty into coming with
me from then on."

Dooby couldn't resist, "What did you do with Jennifer, lock her in a safe
or maybe bolt her into a chastity belt?"

"No smart ass. We kind of gave up the loosing fight to keep her and Lane
separated. I kind of hired Lane to babysit her and we didn't ask who slept

Betty added, "Every time we got home, the whole house was immaculate and
the laundry was done. They really enjoyed playing house and wanted it to
continue. We heard the argument, `If he can, so can I.' (Jennifer was
referring to Dooby and his love life.) so many times, Jennifer just wore us
down. We even invited them to come along a couple of times. We made them
sleep in separate bedrooms officially, but we didn't say anything when only
one bed was slept in." Betty ignored Dooby's mouth hanging open in

John didn't, he looked directly at Dooby, "Tell me you didn't know, the
rabbits are sleeping in a Jack and Jill suite right upstairs," he

"Really?" Dooby turned his look of amazement to Cory, "You didn't tell me
about that."

"Bull shit Dooby," Cory shot back.

John continued by saying Ollie and Jonathon gave him some advance sketches
of how they wanted their house to look so he was able to get most of the
engineering done and rush order the custom storm-resistant widows and
roll-down shutters, which is most of the outside walls. Where the walls
were solid, poured concrete was used, then those were sheathed in native
lime rock. The roof is made of steel panels except for one area where they
wanted a rooftop terrace. Of course, the roof is all guttered, with the
runoff directed to the open cistern that also serves as the swimming pool
as well as to supply irrigation water.

The interior was an open plan for the most part, except for bedroom walls
where they wanted roll back panels so four king-size beds appeared to be in
one huge bedroom. Auggie commented that he enjoyed that feature. Then
almost blushed when he realized what he said. He and Zeek were the only
ones in the room, aside from John, who had seen or slept in the finished

While John was directing two general contractors and specialty trades on
weekends, Ollie and Johnathon were off flying around, happily shopping for
fixtures and furnishings. These began to arrive and piled up at Ollie's
marina on Key Largo, until the contractors were ready for them to be

>From the outside, the house looked like a huge contemporary mansion while
the inside was actually quite spartan but with amazing elevated views of
the lagoon, the Atlantic Ocean or flowering trees growing from an elegant
colorful landscape.

The meeting broke up, or was broken up when the door opened again and the
other dogs raced into the room. Apparently one or more of them had learned
how to open doors equipped with latch handles just like Chuckie and Laurie.


Benji waited until after the dinner party to go down to the barn to remove
Thelma and Louise's coats in the event they wanted to explore the outside
after dark for the first time in years and years of captivity. He found the
ladies in the same stall, already down on their knees, facing each other
and trunk wrestling. They had been waiting for him to remove their coats
before they stretched out for sleep.

Removing the new coats was a pleasure as opposed to the old circus provided
cold weather wear. The old ones were far heavier, made from little more
than layers of cotton moving blankets. The boys however ordered the new
brightly colored blankets to be made of modern insulated materials just
like ski apparel was made and humans wore in winter regularly.

The ladies welcomed Benji with snorts and snuffles as well as the usual
hugs with their trunks. Having worn coats regularly, the ladies helped
Benji by rising up so he could pull the straps from under their chests and
bellies. Then as Benji was folding the light weight coats and storing them
out of the way, The Ladies decided to test freedom by getting up and going
out to their mangers for a bedtime snack that amounted to a couple of bales
each of the tasty alfalfa hay, a quick drink of water and a very quick trip
outside to do they're before bed `business'.

Previously, when they were chained, they had to piss and crap where they
stood and then sleep in their own waste. When they returned to the stall it
was clear to Benji that they appreciated this one nicety that freedom
provided more than any others. It also meant to Benji that he wouldn't have
to clean them and their stall up the first thing every morning.

With the ladies lying back down, he gave both some pats and ear scratches
while he considered going back up to the mansion or staying in the barn to
wait for Bobba. Benji knew that Bobba would stop there first because he
knew that Benji would be sleeping in the handler's quarters that were
attached to the barn. It didn't take him long to decide.

But, instead of a bedroom, Benji decided it would be fun to wait for Bobba
while camping out with the ladies since the wood shavings were clean. He
first asked the ladies if they minded if he slept with them and got a
couple of ear flaps and snorts in answer. He assumed that was approval
before he unfolded one of the big blankets half way, then got between the
fold and drifted off to sleep.


Bobba followed the directions one of his new bosses named Cory, gave him
over the phone. Dooby, the other boss, seemed to be a little flakey but in
a nice way if the number of giggles and background laughter were a gauge.

He slowed down dramatically when he thought he was on the right country
road, so he wouldn't miss the gates into the property on his left. He was
shocked to find that the gates he was looking for were closed and surprised
to find two uniformed guards had emerged from the gatehouse to be sure his
name was Bobba before one went to open the gates from inside the gatehouse!
The gates were automatic! Don't that beat all?

Cory told him to stay on the drive until he saw a large building on his
left; that was the animal barn. He was shocked again when his headlights
lit up the side of a barn that looked more like some wealthy guy's home,
there were so many windows, it was definitely not a barn.

Since he was there at 3:00 A.M., he thought if he was very quiet, it would
do no harm to explore. One thing Bobba didn't realize was that Thelma and
Louise knew the sound of his truck. The two boys used it to leave the
circus grounds when they were on the road and they knew the truck also
followed behind their trailer when the circus was traveling between

Bobba was further convinced that this was not a barn because there was not
one single fence. That was until he got to what was the front of the
building to be greeted by Thelma and Louise standing on the terrace with
their trunks raised in salute, but strangely, no trumpets.

"Hey there ladies, it's sure good to see you again and we can all be
together," Bobba greeted. Then he asked, "Do you happen to know where Benji

The elephants allowed a snort as they moved within trunk range. They first
greeted him with hugs, while at the same time turning to push and half lift
him to inside the building through the automatic sliding doors, straight
into the single stall they'd picked as their bedroom.

Bobba appreciated the depth of the wood shavings that would provide an
extra soft bed for the friendly monsters, before he noticed that one of the
new high-tech overcoats hadn't been folded and stored properly. He thought
that was strange, Benji was usually more meticulous. He must be slipping.

When Bobba remained standing and looking around, Thelma gave him a push
toward the blanket while Louise very gently lifted a corner to reveal
Benji's head using his arm as a pillow. Of course, he was sound asleep.

Bobba grinned hugely looking from his lover, up to the ladies standing over
him. "Do you dare me to join him?" He whispered as he began stripping,
starting with his coat and shirt. Then he sat in the shavings to unlace and
take off his boots. When that was done, Louise began to assist him as best
she could.

Louise had seen the boys strip off before, beside a secluded pond where
they took her to swim the previous summer so she knew what they looked like
wearing just real skin. So just after Bobba undid his belt, opened the
waist snap and lowered the zipper, she used her trunk to expertly pull his
pants and underwear down to his ankles all while Thelma watched with

While Bobba was still on his back in the shavings, he began to work his
jeans off his legs, both ladies helped pull them completely off by grasping
a pant leg each and yanking none too gently, so he found his body moved
close to Benji's improvised bed. When Bobba began to slide his underwear
off, two trunks lent assistance. He just couldn't help giggling quietly
when his last bit of clothing became the only clothing casualty when he
heard them tear apart.

Once naked, Thelma picked Bobba up bodily while Louise once again picked up
the blanket so Bobba was rudely dropped on top of Benji. Benji obviously
woke up with a start. His first thought was that one of the ladies rolled
over on him. That is, until he opened his eyes to see a naked Bobba
grinning down on him. The first reunion kiss lasted five minutes before the
boys realized they needed air badly.

Then it sank in Benji's head that Bobba was naked and that the ladies were
not only awake, but were standing close by and looking down on them. Benji
began to strip until Bobba judged that he was taking too long and invited
the ladies to help. If that scene had been filmed, it would have been a
great 30 second TV advertisement for the durability of Wrangler jeans.

The rest of Benji's clothing didn't fare as well as Bobba's. His shirt
ripped before his arms parted from his shoulders and body and of course his
underwear became tatters before they began to be pulled down. Then two
elephant trunks began a tour of inspection over both human bodies. The boys
began to laugh, protest and try to push the inquisitive trunks away from
their privates until they heard a noise or noises.

Bobba turned modest to frantically look around for his scattered clothing
until Benji began to laugh harder as he pointed Bobba's attention to the
wide-open stall door to see six heads of assorted sizes and at differing
heights staring in at them with interest. It was clear to Benji that the
other six barn residents had heard the laughter so early in the morning and
came to see what was happening.

The boys didn't realize that it was the first time the animals, except for
Louise, had seen humans that weren't wearing `blankets', also called
clothes. Benji even stood up to walk toward the other animals and introduce
each by name with some firm pats on each, to Bobba as if the meeting was an
everyday occurrence.

In turn, the animals felt free to sniff out Benji exactly the way they
sniffed each other or any other animal species. Satisfied, they drifted
back to their own stalls to snooze for a few more hours or perhaps have an
early breakfast before a morning nap

The barn temperature was kept at nearly 70 degrees, while comfortable for
the animals, was too cool for the humans so they wasted no time in getting
back in the warmth of an elephant overcoat with only their heads visible to
the ladies as they resumed their make out session. The quickly reached the
point when kissing was not enough.

That's when Bobba left the makeshift bed and ran for his truck camper. When
he returned, he was holding a bottle of lube as he dove back under the
cover to more giggling. Then it got quiet when Bobba got back on top of
Benji with nothing moving but a small area of the coat along with moans and
gasps from either boy.

Thelma looked to Louise as if to ask for an explanation. It was time for
show rather than tell as Louise swiftly pulled the blanket aside to reveal
to Thelma here-to-fore unknown and unknowable human activities; the boys
were breeding. When Bobba finished breeding Benji, they switched positions
and Benji bred Bobba. At that time, neither boy was concerned about room
temperature. The ladies watched the switch and then decided to resume their
sleep by just laying down facing each other, entwining trunks and ignoring
the boys.

Activity in the barn began just before dawn when both the animals and their
handlers woke up. Bobba found his discarded clothes in the stall but Benji
had to scurry into the wing built for the handlers to sleep if they chose
to, if they hadn't been given a cottage on the extensive estate, or
somewhere close by off the property.

Whatever, there was one handler for each of the three species plus two for
the elephants, since Bobba always helped Benji work only with Louise
previously, now with Thelma there wasn't much more additional work. The
first thing Benji and Bobba had to do was renew the hay supply in the
elephant mangers and the elevated giraffe feeding station. They dropped 30
bales down from the loft into all the lower mangers, after carefully
removing the binding twine.

The first thing Thelma and Louise did every morning was to get a good big
drink before they began to demolish some of the new hay supply. Then,
before they went outside they knew to go down to their knees, before
staring at the boys as a hint to get their winter coats on. With the coats
in place, the ladies stood up so they could easily be strapped in place.

This was the elephant's first day of complete freedom. Once again, the
ladies looked at the boys, this time hopefully. "You've had your breakfast
but we haven't had ours yet. Go play for now and we'll be back to join you
for a soccer match," Benji told them.

"Hey I forgot that I brought along Louise's ball. It's in the truck," Bobba
said and was about to run around the building to get it. Benji stopped him
by pointing out to the field. Benji looked amazed to see all three balls
from the house that they'd played with the previous afternoon, had been
rolled together near the base of the steep hill. He knew he and the boys
didn't do that so it must have been the ladies taking care of their new
toys, by placing them together where they could easily start another game.

The elephants watched Benji and Bobba drive away on the borrowed ATV,
straight across the field and up the steep hill. The Ladies looked at each
other and apparently reached an agreement as they passed through the
electric doors to break into a trot to follow the boys.

"Where is breakfast anyway?" Bobba asked Benji. Benji pointed at the
imposing structure they were approaching. "I'm so hungry from drivin'
straight through, one of Louise's hind quarters was lookin' right tasty."
After laughing at his own joke, Bobba turned serious for a moment. "One
thing though, since we're up here now, would y'all mind if I had a name
change too. I'd like to forget Bobba and just be Bob or Bobby when y'all
introduce me around. Can we do that?"

"Right you are Bobby old boy," Benji agreed as he pushed a button on the
dash to see which garage door rolled up where the ATV was parked when not
in use. When Deacon and Mark heard the ATV and the sound of the door, they
hurried downstairs from their apartment to meet Bobba and take both boys
back upstairs to see their new home and pick out one of the two unused
bedrooms as their own.

Naturally, the transplanted Rebels picked the one available bedroom that
looked down the hill to the field as well as the distant view. Deacon was
surprised the boys weren't all that impressed with the view. He forgot that
both of them were born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina and
were used to views from much higher altitudes, not from hilltops the boys
considered to be mere bumps in the terrain.

Before they went downstairs to breakfast, Deacon told them what their
salaries would be to start and explained all the Spelling's company
benefits. While Benji was speechless, Bobby, not so much at first. "How
much is deducted for room and board?" He knew there had to be a `hook'
somewhere. Things that appeared to be too good to be true, usually were
exactly that.

"We don't pay rent and neither will you guys," Deacon stated, "As for food,
Dooby and Cory already said you'd eat with us, so you'll eat whatever Cory
and Dooby eat and do it at the same table.

Suddenly the conversation was interrupted by two full trumpets coming from
the walled parking court that fronted the garages. Benji giggled in
response, "I believe I told y'all the ladies were as good as bloodhounds.
They must've tracked us up here." He motioned them to a window that looked
down on the elephants as they looked up at the window while saluting with
their trunks.

No one realized the unique trumpet sound penetrated the house until the mob
of guests and the owners began to fill the courtyard, rush the ladies and
give them good morning pats as well as leg hugs. Naturally, the ladies
responded with trunk hugs that included the usual elephant snot.

As Benji and the others joined the mob, he guessed since he told the ladies
to have fun and play, they decided to play by tracking the boys, their two
best human friends. Then without asking, the pair got down on their knees
and surveyed the crowd.

"Who didn't get rides yesterday?" Benji shouted. All the adult hands shot
into the air.

Benji knew who Cory and Dooby's parents were from yesterday so he picked
Charlie and Laura Spelling to ride Louise and John and Betty DuBois to ride
Thelma. Once again, the couples were barely seated before the ladies stood
up to shake up the passengers before they took off down the driveway in a
race to nowhere and back through the trees to the terrace that fronted the
house; right where they'd enjoyed their special snacks the prior evening.

When the ladies didn't find anything to eat, they trumpeted their new
location in the hope that someone would bring them some of that very tasty
food. What they got was the whole mob of humans pouring out of the house.
All of them, it seemed, were empty handed. Benji and Bobby were last.

The two elephant handlers had stopped in the kitchen to beg any kind of
fruit from the chef. All that important servant did was throw open the
refrigerator doors before he ran to the dining room so he could peek
outside at the elephants. Benji grabbed two sweet smelling cantaloupes and
a bunch of carrots. Then he told Bobby to grab the chef as they stepped
outside through the French doors in that room.

When Thelma and Louise saw Benji was holding the treats they came for, they
saluted him with raised trunks. At the moment, they'd gone to their knees
so the riders could more easily climb off with Cory and Dooby's laughing
help, but as soon as they were free, the stood up to rush toward Benji and
the snacks he held.

Meanwhile Benji had stored the bunch of carrots under one arm. Of course,
Chuckie and Laurie recognized carrots as good tasting chew toys, which
surely were intended for them. Chuckie was able to jump just high enough to
nab the drooping green tops. Luckily, there were enough carrots to share
with Laurie and their six doggie friends but at least they had to lay down
to eat so they were out of the way of elephant feet.

Benji handed off the two melons to the chef before he introduced him to the
ladies as the man to see for melons. The chef didn't know that in the
circus show, the ring master always gave a handful of peanuts to someone in
the audience then introduced them to the ladies. That was a signal for them
to `search' the guest before `finding' the peanuts.

Naturally, the ladies went through their routine even though they could see
the melons. The feeling of the business end of an elephant trunk on
someone's face and body was the treat for them, despite feeling wet and
sticky after the fact. The same was true for the chef. He didn't realize he
needed to wash his face and change his coat until after he got back into
the kitchen but he had a lifetime memory to boast about.

After the two melons disappeared, the ladies also cleaned up the carrot
tops discarded by the dogs before they were ready to give more rides to the
rest of the adults. Benji bravely asked Cory if they could have some
breakfast before they helped with boarding riders on the ladies.

Cory took them back into the dining room, seated them at the vacant table
and told the server to give the boys anything they wanted for breakfast.
Before Cory went back outside, Benji said, "I'm sorry if I started a
precedent this morning, I wasn't thinking." Cory looked puzzled so Benji
elaborated, "Well, I shouldn't have fed those melons to the ladies. Now
they might just hightail it up here the first thing every morning to look
for something to eat."

Cory shrugged, "That will be just as much fun for Dooby and I as the
ladies. One thing though, you need to teach them today; the pool is heated
and may look inviting, but it's 12 feet deep everywhere. If they jump in,
they won't be able to get out and we don't know how we could help them out."

First, Cory had to explain where the pool was in relationship to the house.
Then he was reminded that the ladies also had to stay out of his mother's
flower garden that was just outside the sunroom doors. Other than those two
areas, the elephants had the run of the property that had been fenced off
to keep the other animals in and sightseers out.

Since they were alone except for Deacon and Mark, Benji asked if Bobba
could be introduced as Bobby to the rest of the guys. Cory giggled at
hearing that request. He offered his hand, "Hi, you must be Benji's friend,

Benji turned red, "Shit, I'm sorry Cory. I plumb forgot to introduce y'all,
and here you are, the boss."

They were interrupted by screaming laughter that was answered by more
laughter and a steam of curses that was directed at Dooby mostly, as well
as most of the other young guys who could be seen through the doors trying
to get a tall older guy up to sit with Zeek. "That good ole boy doin' the
cussin' sounds like he's from the south," Bobby observed.

"That's Auggie Bligh. The black guy already sitting on Thelma is his
partner, Zeek. They're from Georgia originally but live in the Florida Keys
now mostly. Zeek's laughing so hard it looks like he's about to fall off on
top of Auggie. Some of the younger guys are with Auggie and Zeek and the
rest are friends of ours from school. OOPS, there goes Zeek, just as the
guys boosted Auggie up."

Suddenly, Thelma helped by reaching her trunk back and pulling half the
`helpers' who were more of a hindrance, away from Zeek. Thelma stood up as
soon as Zeek managed to sit behind Auggie so they were out of reach. It
seemed that Thelma was warning the boys to keep away when she turned to
face them and wagged her trunk back and forth before she gave them a half
trumpet laugh and took off running for the trees.

It seemed the playful monsters weren't above causing the human riders to
duck under low hanging branches. Either duck or be dusted off their backs.
Louise was used to have Benji or Bobba, now Bobby riding her. Those boys
were aware of how Louise always tried to dump them. They were either
dumped, jumped off in time, or just flattened their bodies. It was all just
a game; it was fun, something else to do when not being circus performers.

However, the ladies were not aware that Auggie and Zeek or the other adults
were not athletic young studs like the boys, so they got the same ride as
they'd give their boys. When Thelma returned Auggie and Zeek to the
terrace, it looked like the men had tear stained faces to go with the
shouts, cussing and useless pleas the crowd heard coming from the woods
where the ride took place.

"Are you guys alright Daddy?" The twins asked with concern.

"Alright? This here Thelma girl gave us a ride better than all the
rollercoasters in Florida, combined," Auggie said as he collapsed in a
chair next to Charlie. He looked hopefully at Benji, "After Thelma girl
catches her breath, do y'all think we could go for another ride?"

Logan knew the men would want `starter upper' drinks as soon as they
returned and had them ready to serve as soon as they sat down. When Thelma
heard her name, she approached Auggie from behind just like she tried to do
with the deer in the field. She was more successful stalking Auggie. She
returned Auggie's affection by washing his face. That got Auggie spitting
and sputtering and Zeek to laugh, which got his face washed as well.

Benji of course didn't know who Auggie was beyond being a `good ole boy'
from the south, so he felt comfortable joining the men. He explained that
when talking around the ladies, it wasn't what was said that they related
to, it was how it was said; the tone of voice and the facial expression.

As a parting gift or joke, Thelma stuck her `nose' in Auggie's drink. She
inhaled and the glass was empty, including ice cubes, then immediately
exhaled into her mouth. The result was a full trumpet as she tried to get
Zeek's drink as well, but he was too fast. He scooted into the house.

Auggie reacted by hugging Thelma's trunk and laughing at his empty glass.
Then he said something that Benji thought was strange. He asked Charlie
where he was getting his airplane that had a big enough door to drive his
new truck into so he could take it with him when he and Laura traveled.

"Why, you plannin' to kidnap this lady?" Charlie asked with a laugh.

"Nope, but I was thinkin' the next time y'all come down to visit, you could
bring both ladies along on your vacation."

It was Benji's turn to laugh, "If you take these ladies flyin', you might
plan on renting one or two more planes just to haul their hay supply," he
said to add to Auggie's ridiculous plan.

Benji was surprised when Auggie winked at him and shrugged, "That ain't
impossible." Then he looked up at Thelma, "Well if you're all rested up
Thelma girl, an' y'all drank my drink, you ready for another ride?"

Thelma answered with a snort and by taking Auggie's arm to pull him to his
feet. Auggie and Zeek's second ride was a bit anti-climactic since they
knew what to expect, but it was no quieter. When they returned, Dooby asked
who wanted to play ball. That caused a human migration to the ATVs in the
garage. Benji stopped some of the guys.

"Wait up, does anyone want to have a balls-out down-hill race? I think each
lady could hold five guys if y'all hold on the each other." Apparently, the
ladies had been listening, as both dropped to their knees and looked at the
boys. Benji showed the guys a method of boarding the guys hadn't seen

He ran at Louise's side and vaulted up. Then he reached down a hand to grab
Bobby's hand as he ran at Louise. Dooby and Cory were next and somehow Jeff
got the ass end seat. Thelma showed her love for the twins by pointing her
trunk at them. Kevin's leap and scramble got him the first position. Kyle
put too much nervous energy in his run. He succeeding in going over
Thelma's back to land on the hard ground on her other side. That got lots
of laughter from everyone watching as well as Thelma and Louise. Stevie and
Logan were next and big EZ was last. At the last minute, just before Thelma
stood up, Rodger, EZ's partner jumped to land on EZ's back. Then, so he
wouldn't fall off, Rodger locked his arms around EZ's neck.

The race began as soon as the ladies stood up and started running straight
down the steep hill. That's when all the riders realized that the race
couldn't end until the ladies reached the field's level ground where they
could slow down gradually.

The ladies were so into the competition they each managed to trumpet that
came out more as challenges. The boys thought they would stop as soon as
they reached the group of balls. The ladies slowed to a walk but kept on
going to the river. Both needed a good big drink by then.

After the ladies seemed to be satisfied, they looked at each other,
standing about 10 feet apart right at the water's edge. "Don't you do it!"
Benji shouted too late as the elephant trunks dropped into the water one
last time.

"Do what?" Dooby asked as a steam of cold water hit him and the other four
riders. Of course, Louise was shooting back at Thelma's riders too. In the
end, all the guys broke up laughing at each other accompanied by repeated
half trumpets at the success of their joke.

The guys weren't really too wet to play ball. Their jackets were water
repellent and their jeans would soon dry. Once again, the game raged back
and forth across the field until the eating machines stomachs announced
that it was time for lunch.


Sunday night was the first that Benji and Bobby would sleep in their room
in the apartment they were to share with Deacon and Mark. When Benji first
became an elephant handler, he looked for a way he could be sure Louise was
alright through the night.

Bobby suggested he get a thing called a `baby monitor'. His older sister
used one to monitor her youngest from the time they were old enough to
sleep in their own room. A microphone/transmitter was placed near the baby
and the receiver could be placed wherever the parents happened to be,
including at night in their own bedroom.

Benji and Bobby pooled their limited resources to buy a system to try it
out. They figured if it didn't work well enough or had insufficient range,
they would return it for a refund. They placed the microphone in the
elephant enclosure, well out of elephant reach, then walked around the
circus compound with the receiver listening to sounds the ladies made when
they were alone. They found the system worked up to several hundred yards
away if there were few solid obstructions between the two units.

When the boys went to the barn to take off the lady's coats, they found an
extension ladder to place the remote mic high in the rafters over the
lady's stall where not even the giraffes could reach. Then they returned to
their room to listen to the receiver. The system worked! Probably because
there was almost direct line of sight between the two units.

Sunday night was also the night when Deacon and Mark explained what the
hose with the dildo in their shower was for, so that night was like the
start of a second honeymoon for the two country boys from North Carolina.
What modern conveniences will man think of next?

After experimenting every which way in their huge private room on their
full-size double bed (soon to be replaced with king-size, Deacon promised),
the boys were `tuckered out and just dozing off, when both ladies
trumpeted. Plus, they could also hear someone cussing. As they were hurried
pulling on pants, coats and boots, they also heard what sounded like the
other barn residents sounding off. The boys also alerted Deacon and Mark by
shouting that there was a problem in the barn.

Deacon took the time to call Cory and Dooby, which in turn woke Auggie,
Zeek and the other guys sleeping on air mattresses in the room. Soon, other
lights came on including in the garage, as doors rumbled up and engines
were started.

Bobby drove the ATV through the door closest to the elephant stalls. Benji
turned on the lights. By then they could also hear a familiar voice
pleading for his life. But before they could enter the stall they had to
push their way through the six other residents who were clustered at the
open door.

The sight they saw in the stall was both pitiful and laughable. Thelma was
standing over her former handler as he lay on his back with her right foot
held lightly on the man's chest to press him into the wood shavings so he
couldn't move more than his mouth. Thelma was also doing something the man
hated most, normally a sign of affection, she was slathering his face with
elephant snot.

Of course, Louise was right there too and waving something around. At first
glance, it could have been a stick, the Benji realized that she was
brandishing a machete by its handle. "Louise, what are y'all doin'?" Benji
asked in the calmest voice he could manage, "You just hand over that toad
sticker before you cut Thelma or yourself."

Louise snorted her disgust as she gave Benji the blade. Then with her trunk
free, she joined Thelma in applying more snot to the man's face while
threatening him with an additional foot.

By then most of the household had arrived. Mark was first to realize what
the handler planned, "You rotten bastard, you were going to cut off their
trunks!" He accused.

There was a united intake of breath when the gang heard that. Dooby was the
first to react by telling Thelma to remove her foot since the man was still
alive. He grinned as he ran at the man and jumped so he landed both feet on
the man's chest. "See Thelma that's how it's done, but you can't do it.
You'd get in big trouble," he said as he looked up to receive a dose of wet
love across his face.

"Cocksucker, you broke a rib!" the man moaned.

"Only one?" Dooby turned to Cory, "Do you want a try? As a wrestler, you
could probably do better." A gleam appeared in Dooby's eyes. "It's too bad
construction is finished. If we still had a backhoe here, we could dig a
really deep hole somewhere and plant this motherfucker after we finish our
jumping contest."

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed. Charlie dialed 9-1-1 before he called
the gatehouse while Auggie took Dooby aside. "You dunderhead," Auggie
whispered, "Didn't I tell y'all once before about sayin' such things when
there was witnesses about?" he reminded Dooby.

Dooby hung his head, "Yeah, you-all did, but I think we'll just buy a
backhoe to keep it around in case something like this happens again." When
he lifted his head again, the gleam in his eyes had returned. Auggie had to
assume the backhoe would soon be a done deal.


Wow! Emoe outdid himself editing this part! He even did it fast,
considering he had an extended power outage due to the hurricane. Thank you
once again!

Jamie Haze                                                                                                                                                        

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