Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


Chapter 7

Doug was not to be out done by Marc when it came to yawning and stretching.
He even went as far as half-standing, high enough so his erection peeked
over his empty plate on the table. He crossed his eyes again. "Oh wow,
after that great meal, I think I stood up too fast. I'm not tired really,
just a bit dizzy. I think I need to lie down for awhile until I'm feeling
better. Is there per chance a young Doctor Wilcott in the house? I feel
the need for some serious first aid, like taking body fluid samples, and
then my prostate is feeling kind of blah and needs massaging." He looked
hopefully at the brothers Wilcott.

Marc jumped up and pulled Doug into his arms. "Let me help you sir, I'm a
specialist in these matters." He said while he started to carry Doug

"Hold it." Paul said. "No playing Doctor until everything is cleaned up.
You know the rule; I cook you clean. Besides its too early to hit the bed.
We'll be all fucked up and out before dark. Why don't we get out a canoe
and show Doug around the lake for an hour or so?" Both younger boys
frowned at him, but Paul knew how to convince his brother. "You can bring
your cameras." He saw Marc look interested. "You're always bitching that
you can't paddle and take pictures. I'll take the stern paddle and you two
can switch in front, so one of you will always be ready. You might catch a
big bass jumping, or the Mallards might be on the water with their new
brood," he cajoled.

Marc dropped Doug like a hot potato. "Hey yeah, let's do that! Some deer
might be down for a drink too, or an eagle could nail a fish." He looked at
Doug hopefully. "We do have all night to fuck around."

Doug maintained his frown, but he shrugged. "Okay, if you want to. Can you
lend me the right film, and some of that fast stuff too, for later, if
you're sure you can develop them." Arguments were pointless. He was out

Paul giggled. "Didn't he show you his darkroom? He's got as much
electronic stuff in there as commercial one-hour film labs do. After Dad
built the field house, this little ass hole laid a guilt trip on him about
who his favorite son was, until Dad wrote him a fucking blank check to shut
his mouth. That was a mistake that won't soon be repeated. Dad didn't
know that anyone with the money could buy the same machines, until his
check cleared the bank."

Marc nearly fell over laughing. "You should have seen him! He got all red
in the face, and his lips kept moving but nothing came out. The big time
courtroom lawyer was speechless for the first time in his life! I wanted
to take his picture, but I didn't dare to. I didn't want to press my
luck." He and Marc cleared the table, rinsed the dishes and loaded the
dishwasher. Doug wondered what the brothers would do to him, when they
discovered that he couldn't cook. Not even an egg, when it was his turn in
the kitchen. "Oh well," he thought, "I know I can out run them."

While the boys straightened the kitchen, Paul went to the side of the
building where a pair of canoes lay upside down. He flipped one, then
hoisted it over his head and carried it easily to the water's edge. He
launched it and was waiting for them at the steps, sitting comfortably on
the stern seat when they appeared.

Doug was carrying his camera, but when he looked at the boat and then at
Marc, he put it on a table. "I think I'll leave mine behind. I'm not sure
I'm taking very good pictures on land yet. I wouldn't be fast enough to
see a good potential picture, frame it and snap it in a boat. I'm happy in
the bow, you can just be ready all the time."

Marc thanked him and ran back into the bunkhouse, waving off Paul, who
hollered at him to hurry the fuck up. He returned with a different camera.
This one had a telephoto lens mounted on it that was so long, it came
equipped with a rifle stock attached, so the camera and lens could be used
without a tripod. The stock even had a pair of handgrips like a submachine
gun, with a trigger in front of the rear grip. Doug admired the set up.
Marc raised the camera to his shoulder and pointed at them. "Bang! You
two mother fuckers are dead meat." He carefully climbed into the canoe and
made himself comfortable on the waist seat. Doug pushed off. Marc
immediately started hunting for subjects, or targets to photograph. "I can
bring in a tweedy bird from two hundred yards with this, and fill the
frame. It's also handy to use as a scope," he said, as he panned along the

He rested the camera on his knees and looked back at his brother in the
stern. "Before you start anything, this outfit cost dear old Dad a bundle,
and it doesn't take kindly to getting wet, so no splashing please. Okay?"

Paul managed to look disappointed while he grinned. "Getting you wet was
the farthest thing from my mind, but okay, no splashing. Why don't we go
up to the new house and see how they're coming with it? We haven't checked
it out lately."

"There's another house on your lake? We aren't very well dressed to go
visiting anyone." Doug reminded the brothers.

"Don't worry, it's not finished. They've been working on the bitch for two
years. Wait until you see it. It's not right on the lake because that
narrows back into a stream a little bit further along, but they do have
access if they want. We don't mind."

They paddled slowly toward the lake's headwaters, around a jagged shoulder
of limestone that protruded into the lake, and once clear of it, they could
see the new house. There had been some selective clearing done between the
mansion and the lake so they had a really good view of the whole side.
Conversely, the view of the lake from the windows was greatly improved as
well. The first thing they noticed was a bright yellow kayak pulled up on
a new sand beach. As they got closer details of the architecture became
clearer. It was a modernized or stylized Georgian. It was easily as
large, or larger than Mrs. Gibbs' home.

Doug scanned the house with his camera. "Goddamn, this place makes ours
look like a fucking shack. These people must be really loaded. OOPS, a
kid just ran out of one of the French doors, and he's heading toward the
beach. I think he's naked. Nope, check that, he's wearing a little bikini.
Good looking little fucker. Nice body."

As the figure got closer they all could see him waving and smiling, and
motioning them into the beach. The boy was blond, deeply tanned, with a
nice body and was as Marc said, very good looking. Doug blinked as the boy
waved and shouted, "Hi neighbors!"

Doug suddenly realized that the kid was the same one that was always
staring at him in the dinning hall at lunch. Doug blushed when he recalled
that the kid had caught him staring just as often. The reason Doug eyed
the kid so frequently was that he wasn't just handsome, Doug thought he was
beautiful. He frequently pictured the kid's face, and imagined a matching
beautiful body when he sucked himself off. He saw surprise register on the
boy's finely chiseled features when he saw Doug with the Wilcotts sitting
in the bow comfortably as naked as the brothers always were whenever he
used his kayak to sneak down the lake to spy on them.

The kid blushed furiously before he grinned and allowed his recognition to
show. When Doug climbed out of the boat, they both reached for the same
place on the rail at the same time, to drag the bow higher on the beach.
Neither boy moved his hand to break contact with the other, and they
brushed their legs together as they lifted and heaved on the bow. When
they stood up together Doug looked down on the boy and smiled. "Hi." Doug
said foolishly, he thought.

`Hi yourself. You're Doug, Doug Henderson."

"Yeah, I know, I've seen you around at school. Sorry, but I don't know
your name."

"Its Bucky Trenton." They shook hands. Bucky's handshake was firm. His
eyes were locked with Doug's, because if they weren't, Bucky knew they
would fall to Doug's cock, and if that happened he knew with absolute
certainty that he'd get hard.

Doug nodded and remained silent. He'd already taken the opportunity to
scope out Bucky's equipment as they approached the beach. The tiny bikini
barely contained Bucky's sizable cock and substantial matching balls. His
eyes left Doug's when he turned to welcome the Wilcott brothers and
introduce himself.

Doug looked Bucky over at close range while he was occupied with looking at
Marc's camera. He was slight, small boned, and his hands and feet were in
scale with the rest of his body, unlike Doug's big feet and long fingered
hands which promised additional growth. Doug looked at his body with an
athlete's eye, and concluded that Bucky probably was just about done
growing except for adding some bulk to his youthful frame, and that he
wouldn't grow much taller than his present five feet two inches. Aside
from his angelic, little boy face and body, and of course his oversized
reproductive equipment, his most striking feature were his eyes. They were
huge, very green, intense and captivating. "Big things in small packages."
Doug thought, just before it occurred to him that his own package was
hanging out for the world to see. He hadn't noticed Bucky staring openly
at his body like he was Paul and Marc, or even glancing down once since
he'd been standing on the beach with the brothers.

Bucky had just finished dinner with his father, and was moping around
looking very bored, while he waited for it to get dark enough to launch his
kayak for another nocturnal visit to the Wilcott's, when he saw the canoe
on the lake getting closer. He recognized the brothers immediately. Shit
it was their lake, but the third body in the canoe was a mystery, until
they were close to shore and drifting as they looked at the new house. His
first thought was to stay inside and just watch them, but then he
remembered what his father often told him about taking risks and facing
challenges, about grabbing them by the balls and conquering them, before
they got to his. Bucky took a deep breath, and started running toward the
lake. He had to meet Doug, to talk to him; even it was only a brief,
hello. He knew if he didn't expose himself, there was no chance of him
ever getting Doug, his idol into his bed or anywhere else, to make mad,
passionate love with him for the first time in his life.

Big beautiful Paul greeted Bucky with a warm smile and friendly handshake.
"Hi Buck! It's good to meet you. It's good the see that your house is
finished and you've moved in." Bucky realized that Paul admired his youth
and body and the not so youthful package contained in the brief bathing
suit, but he wasn't attracted to Bucky, and was already thinking of him as
the new neighbor kid with the big dick, nothing more.

Marc however, shook Bucky's hand and instantly pictured him naked with a
hard on. He very much liked the image, and wished he had a more
conventional lens with him. He hoped one or two of the dozen pictures he'd
snapped of Bucky as he ran toward them from the house, would portray the
little stud's natural beauty and extraordinary sexuality, which Bucky
exuded like sweat. Marc thought of the possibilities of having Bucky
living so closely and if nothing else, being so incredibly photogenic
during the hours when Paul was working. Marc was holding his camera with
his right hand and tried shaking Bucky's hand with his left. That felt
clumsy, so he thumped him on the shoulder, then let his hand slide down the
small arm, while his expression turned speculative. "Hey Buck!" Was all he
said verbally, but it was enough.

Bucky grinned up at the taller boy, and returned his look before his eyes
dropped to Marc's exciting body and cock. Bucky reveled in being called
Buck twice in sixty seconds. He was trying to get his parents in the habit
of dropping the `y', from his nickname. "Bucky is a kid name, and I'm damn
close to being a man," he thought.

He recognized that Paul thought of him as a nice little kid with a big
dick, maybe a little brother, and it was going to take some work to get
Paul into bed with him and do something other than sleep. Bucky put Paul
down on his mental list of future conquests in the number three spot. Marc
was number two. He would be easy.

He realized that number one on the list had barely spoken to him. Buck
backed away from Marc, straight into Doug'' front. He felt Doug'' eternal
semi-erection, touch his leg, as Doug caught his arms and held him briefly
to steady him. Doug remained tongue-tied. He felt stupid, he knew he
certainly looked stupid. The kayak caught his eye.

"Neat boat Buck. They look like fun. I have a catamaran at the beach
house. I'd like to try this sometime."

Buck pounced, "How about now? They are fun, and this holds two." He
didn't give Doug a chance to decline. He quickly pushed the boat into the
water, motioned for Doug to hold it, and scooted to the edge of the beach
to grab the second double-ended paddle and run back. He patted the stern
position in the tiny cockpit. Doug eased into the ass shaped depression in
the fiberglass while Buck held the boat steady. Marc put his camera down
on a chunk of board and started to launch the canoe, until Paul stopped him
by shaking his head and nodding in Doug's direction. Marc followed his
brother's gaze and saw Doug turn scarlet when Buck rested his little ass on
the side of the tipsy craft, then carefully lever his body up and into the
forward place by using his arms to swing his legs over the side. Doug
realized too late that Buck would sit between his spread legs so his calves
touched Buck's thighs. There wasn't room to move them out of contact.

For Doug, so new to sex, sex with another body, the constant body contact
meant instant hardon time. He was thankful that Buck was sitting in front
of him facing forward back paddling quickly, at least so far, but he could
turn at any second and see his cock standing tall with squinty staring at
him. He heard laughter from the shore. He looked up to see Paul doubled
over, while Marc had his fucking camera up in position and was watching
him, or them, if not taking pictures as fast as the film advance could
work. He risked losing his paddle by freeing one hand to shoot them both a
bird, just as Buck turned the boat and headed back down the lake around the
rock headland and out of sight.

Doug paddled furiously, sometimes, rarely; squinty could be lulled with
exercise. Buck stopped paddling and rested his paddle on the boat.
Without turning he asked, "Why didn't you ever talk to me in school? Not
even a fucking hello?"

"Why didn't you?" Doug threw the question back, "You were always looking at
me in the dinning hall, and I think I've seen you at every swim meet just
watching me, not anyone else."

"Me? You're older, a class ahead of me, and already the swim team star.
You're a big jock, and I'm a little nerd." Buck retorted, still looking
forward. His voice was frustrated gravel.

Doug stopped paddling. They stopped moving. His overwhelming desire forced
honesty. He took a deep breath. "I, I, wanted to, I really did. I was
tempted, but I was scared. Scared plain and simple." His shoulders
slumped. His eyes fell to his lap, to the uncontrollable source of all his
problems. "I was scared because I wasn't sure, I read you right, you could
have laughed in my face and I've never done anything, you know, with
anyone, you know. Oh fuck, that was lame. Now you're sure I'm a real
douche bag idiot."

The little boat was surrounded by water and silence, Buck whispered, "You
read me correctly. Are you scared now?"

"Um, well now things have changed, I'm not scared, but I am nervous, and I
kind of want to now more than ever, if ah, you do." Do you?" Doug squeaked

Buck didn't answer immediately; he just leaned back slowly and snuggled the
top of his head against Doug's leaking rod, pushing it against his tightly
rippled gut. He looked upside down, up into Doug's eyes and smiled,
pointing vaguely down his body. "What do you think?"

Doug followed Buck's finger to see his cock fully hard. Two thirds of it
exposed above the waist of the restraining suit. He smiled into Buck's
eyes. "Would that be a yes?" Then asked, "Doesn't that hurt?"

Buck giggled. "Not yet, you haven't done anything. Is it supposed to

Doug threw his head back and laughed. That relaxed him, he felt his
tension disappear. "A wise ass comedian with a big boner, just what I
need." He shook his head in mock disgust. "What I meant was, doesn't your
suit hurt your cock, cutting into it like that, or is it always dark

"Oh! Yeah, now that you mention it." Buck raised his head to look down at
himself. "Shit!" He exploded with laughter, "No wonder I wasn't hard."

"WHAT? There's more?" Doug giggled as Buck lifted his ass and pushed his
bathing suit down, then raised his legs up and back toward Doug's head
working it down his legs until he was free of it. He held it in his hand
and looked at it, then tossed it over the side.

"When in Rome, as they say. I feel better already." Buck sighed, and
continued to grind his head into Doug's cock. "Does it look better now?"
He asked.

Doug looked down at himself first, then at Buck, and was surprised to see
that Buck wasn't entirely joking. He did manage to grow another inch after
the blood started to flow properly. "I've got two things to say, no, make
it three: The first is your hair is getting really yucky from mashing my
cock with your head. The second is, if you don't stop that NOW, it's going
to get a whole lot yuckier very quickly. The last thing is that I can't
move in this fucking little boat, and I'm tired of just sitting here
looking at your monster cock."

Buck sat up quickly, pulled his feet up to his ass and pivoted until he
faced Doug; grinned and stretched out again so his nose was an inch from
Doug's overexcited cock. "Wow! Can I put my mouth on it, and maybe get
you off that way?" He asked, then waited.

Doug started to laugh, but didn't, when he realized Buck was seriously
asking him for permission. Doug's head lolled back. "You not only can,
but if you don't hurry, you won't need to," he mumbled with effort.

"Okay, but tell me if I bite you. I'm good at doing this to myself but..."
further discussion was stopped by Doug's hands grabbing two hands full of
hair and pulling Buck's head down.

Once started, he continued on his own until he had Doug's cock lodged in
his throat. Doug felt Buck's throat muscles constrict, then a vacuum as
Buck slowly lifted his head. Doug moaned and his hands went to knead
Buck's smooth sun warmed back. He leaned forward as far as he could and
cupped both little ass cheeks. His thumbs found the short narrow crack and
parted them. There was no time to explore further. "Oh wow! Bucky,
you're soooo good," he whispered hoarsely. Then; "Bingo Buck, get off
there nowww..."

Buck pulled back, but now away. His lip-covered teeth clamped on Doug's
cock head and his cheeks collapsed from sucking. Doug felt Buck's tongue
busy diverting the spurts around his mouth, and watched Buck swallow. He
kept on sucking long after Doug was finished. Doug finally found his arm
pits and pulled him off and up his body until Buck rested on his chest. He
refilled Buck's mouth with his tongue. Buck balked at first, then his arms
snaked under Doug and hugged him while his own tongue went into action.
The little boat rocked dangerously as the boys tried to get into each
other's body through their mouths, while Doug tried to switch positions
without relinquishing Buck's lips.

He finally gave up and pulled his mouth away far enough to grin at Buck.
"This kayak doesn't cut it as a love nest." He looked around suddenly when
he remembered dropping his paddle over the side to get it out of their way.
He saw it floating ten feet away. One end of Buck's paddle was floating
too, but the other was just barely caught by the curved blade on the side
of the boat. He cautiously stretched his leg and nudged it to within reach
using his toes, without letting Buck up to help. Then, still leaning back,
with Buck laying on top of him he slowly paddled toward a small grassy spot
on shore near the rock outcropping.

Doug could feel Buck's virgin cock sliding wetly up and down his belly.
"You can hump my cock all you want, but don't you dare come. I have a nice
warm and cozy place for you to put it as soon as we get to fucking shore,
and I can get my legs out of your way."

Buck blushed scarlet. "No way Doug. I want you to fuck me first. You're
already hard again, I can feel you. Please?" He begged.

Doug shook his head. "I would in a minute, but you're too small, I'd kill
you." The boat stopped with a jerk as it grounded itself. Doug allowed
Buck to move so he could get on shore. Doug grinned. "Your cock just beat
you by eight inches," he joked.

Buck frowned. "I know you're trying to change the subject, forget it. I
decided that you were going to be the first with me last year, I'm not sure
why. But after the first swim meet I went to, and saw you, your cock I
mean, your size, I figured we were about equal, so I went to New York and
bought a dildo." Buck reddened slightly. "I've been practicing with it
ever since." Buck put his hands on his nonexistent hips and stamped his
bare foot. "So mister, you will get your ass out of that boat and get over
here and fuck me this instant! Do you hear? Move!" Buck did a perfect
imitation of his mother, but of course it was wasted on Doug because he had
met her. However the command was a standard from his mother as well.

Doug watched Buck throw himself on his back in the grass and spread his
legs while he climbed from the boat. Doug knelt between the nervous legs
and sat back on his heels admiring Buck's small eager body. He had one
last argument. "You control a dildo, you can just stop if it hurts. You
don't control this." He pointed down at squinty. "Shit man, I can't even
control him once he starts. Are you sure? I know I won't be able to stop
unless you kill me." Buck nodded and lifted his legs just like the guys on
the bottom in porn films did.

Doug shook his head. "Not so fast. There's one other little point I
forgot to mention. "I've never done this before, there hasn't been time.
Tonight, Marc and I, well never mind about that. We'll take it slow and
easy okay? First I think we need some more slickum. You can supply that."
Doug raised Buck's cock, then folded his body down until his chest touched
his knees. He eagerly gobbled Buck into his mouth and tried valiantly to
get him all the way into his throat, but couldn't. That was going to take
time and practice. He quickly started bobbing his head. He knew when Buck
was coming, both from his rigidly arched body and from Buck politely
rapping him lightly on the head, but otherwise not grabbing his head as
he'd done to Buck.

Doug was careful not to swallow, after the first time, that one was
irresistible, he collected the rest in his mouth, and then he sat up and
spit it into his hand and immediately covered his cock and even his balls
as he tried to catch all the runs. Then with his wet slippery middle
finger, he felt along Buck's crotch, until he felt small bumps. Buck
raised his legs again. Doug thanked him with a glassy eyed smile. Doug
was just about ready to explode from just thinking about covering his cock
with Buck's cum, and using it as lubrication.

Doug pressed his finger gently and felt the resistance give way to
acceptance as Buck relaxed. He worked the one finger a few times then
added two others. He hoped that what he was doing was enough, when
combined with what was on his cock plus all the precum squinty was pumping.
It was already too late to stop.

Doug removed his fingers, sat back on his heels briefly then lifted Buck's
little ass until he could see the glistening pucker easily. He leaned his
body down and forward until he shadowed the body under him. Buck reached
down instinctively and guided him, so he had only to lower himself with his
knees acting as hinges. He felt the powerful sphincter lock around his
head. He looked down at Buck, who grinned and nodded with no obvious sign
of pain before he allowed himself to sink as far as his length would allow.
He stopped again, and again Buck nodded, and to be sure that Doug was going
to stay put, he wrapped his legs around Doug's body and locked his ankles.

Doug began thrusting slowly without thinking about it. Buck used his legs
to meet Doug's longer and faster thrusts and withdrawals. Doug bent his
body and buried his tongue in Buck's mouth without missing a beat. Both
boys moaned as they lurched off into their own mental ways of ecstasy.
Doug felt the gathering, and suddenly straight-armed his fists into the
grass on each side of Buck's head, as his pelvis buried his cock to its
ultimate depth. His torso was bent backward and his head even further.
His whole being convulsed with his vibrating body.

Buck's hands went to Doug's ass to pull him in even further. He marveled
at the feel of Doug's cock as it injected part of Doug into his body where
no one could ever take it away from him. He even wished at that moment
that he were a female. If he was, he knew conception would have occurred,
and he regretted that he could never present Doug with the product of their
first union.

Doug's muscles turned to jelly and he collapsed on Buck, all but hiding him
from the rest of the world. Both boys were panting. Buck into Doug's ear
and Doug into Buck's hair. They felt slippery and sticky where they
touched, and as they slowly separated with considerable groaning and
self-congratulatory giggles, they realized together that Buck had come
again sometime during their love making.

They helped each other into the lake to wash. Suddenly there was loud
cheering coming from the rock shoulder. It was Paul and Marc in the canoe
paddling toward them. They looked at each other and shrugged, both were
inwardly pleased that their first effort was witnessed, and knowing Marc
even briefly, unquestionably documented.




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