Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


 Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 17:03:43 EDT
Subject: Somerset Farm - Chapter 3


"This weekend?" Doug said with a giant grin. "I was just going to
come up here a do laps and catch some rays. BUT, it suddenly occurs to me
that my parents are leaving tonight to spend the weekend at the beach
house. What are you doing? You could come over, and well," Doug blushed
at what he was thinking, but charged ahead anyway, "well you could spend
the whole weekend if you want, or as much time as you have." His voice
trailed off when Paul started to shake his head, no. "You're busy the whole
time?" He asked lamely, actually kind of pitifully, he was sure he'd done
something irrevocably wrong.
Paul giggled seeing Doug's little boy hurt expression. "No, jerk
I'm not busy I asked because I wondered if you wanted to come over to our
house. My parents are already gone. We've got a farm, just a small one,
and a big pond that's real private. We wouldn't have to wear clothes all
weekend, and we can fuck around like this wherever and whenever either of
us feels like it. There's no one there but my little brother and..."
"Your little brother!?" Doug interrupted, "Then how do we fuck
around?" He asked, totally frustrated.
"Let me finish. I was about to say, my little brother likes to fuck
around more than I do. He's a fucking sex fiend. He got me started doing
this shit a couple of years ago, now I can hardly satisfy him. When it
comes to cock, beating him off with a stick doesn't even work. He was the
only guy I ever dreamed of doing anything with, until this morning, when I
saw," Paul hesitated, "well, when I saw you and then your shorts." He
leaned down and kissed Doug again with renewed passion. Doug felt Paul's
cock stiffen and better yet, lengthen while it was still buried within him.
Paul was still standing on his knees on the terrace, leaning forward, with
his hard gut pressing Doug's cock. That noble instrument loved slipping
and sliding with the help of their combined sweat and all the suntan oil
they'd smooshed on each other.
Doug attempted to push himself closer to Paul but he couldn't move
enough for it to matter, until Paul rocked him back further on his
shoulders and went up into a prone push up position, so only his cock
connected him with Doug. Doug looked down between them. His cock looked
lost, wondering where the mouth was. It was so close, but to take it in
his mouth he would have to be folded still further back, which would put
his ass at a poor angle for Paul to continue fucking it, so he reached down
and started to jerk himself off.
Paul noticed Doug's arm moving and looked down. He quickly leaned
to one side and took his entire upper body weight on one arm locked
straight at the elbow, all without missing a stroke noticeably. With one
arm free, he reached down and batted Doug's hand away from his own cock.
Doug looked up surprised. Paul kissed him again then talking into Doug's
mouth, said, "You never need to worry about getting yourself off again if
I'm around. I'll take care of it as soon as I..." Paul let out a gurgling
scream in mid sentence, then used every muscle in his magnificent body to
ram himself into Doug's so recently virgin ass. Doug felt Paul's cock
contract which meant that he was coming, and tried to clench the muscles in
his ass to milk him further.
Paul was collapsed on Doug, and was struggling to regain his breath,
when he felt Doug do something to his cock, without touching him. He
pulled his head up from where it was buried in the corner of Doug's neck
and shoulder and grinned in surprise. "I felt that, can you do that
again?" Doug grinned and scrunched up his face while he tried. "Ya man,
that's neat, you'll have to remember that for next time."
Doug's eyes flew open. "Next time? Like again now?"
Paul giggled. "Hell no, I'm a gymnast not Superman." He backed
away slowly until he was free, then sat on his heels as Doug allowed his
legs to fall back to the terrace. He looked at his young friend's cock,
which was bobbing impatiently, looking for attention, and leaned down to
give it what it wanted. "I'm getting so I love this cock with all that
nice soft red hair around it." Paul said, just before he lowered his lips
and Doug's purple-red head disappeared, then immediately reappeared with
Paul spitting. "Goddamn, we forgot about the fucking sun tan oil. You've
got it all over your cock now. Fuck but that stuff tastes nasty."
"I can wash off, if you still want to do it, if not, it doesn't
matter." Doug looked and sounded disappointed.
"Okay, go wash." Paul sniffed the air and reddened, "I guess I
could stand some cleaning up too," he added.
Doug stood up, and without thinking about it, took Paul's hand.
"Come on, there's a shower on the wall behind the old marble broad." They
walked hand in hand twenty feet before Doug realized he was holding Paul's
hand. He started to let go, but Paul held on tighter.
"No, it's all right, I really like holding hands, but there's
something even nicer." Paul let go of Doug's hand and put his arm over
Doug shoulders and pulled him in tighter. Doug, being shorter put his arm
on Paul's back and ran his hand over the warm slippery tanned skin. He
reveled in the feel of Paul's muscles moving as they walked, and the
bumping and touching of their hips and thighs.
Doug had a question. "Say Paul, your little brother, how old is he
Paul grinned, "He just turned fifteen. How old are you?"
"Sixteen in a couple of months. What if he doesn't like me?" Doug
wanted to know.
Paul giggled as Doug turned on the single valve and got under the
spray. He took the bar of soap from Doug and began scrubbing the big young
cock. "I wouldn't worry about that. First, he's going to love this,
literally and figuratively, then he'll get to like the rest of you, just
like me."
"I sure hope so, if he doesn't, it's going to be an awful long
weekend, I'm brand new at this and I need the experience." The freckles on
Doug's face disappeared when he turned beet red.
"New? No fucking way. I saw you lick a big gob of cum off your lips
and swallow it. It was six months after Marc and I started this before I'd
even smell of his cum, not to mention my own. Then one night he talked me
into giving him a head job, after I'd been stroking him for a few minutes,
and the little fucker shot his load in my mouth without any warning. I
swallowed some before I knew it, and the little prick just laughed his ass
off at me. Then when I thought about it, there wasn't much taste, and
eating him sure gave me a raging hardon. From then on, I nailed him just
before I fucked him. Marc claims that jit is full of hormones and enzymes
and helps build muscle tissue." Paul followed Doug's eyes down his own
body, then met Doug's eyes. "I guess it hasn't done me any harm anyway."
They switched places under the shower, Doug took charge of the soap,
and started washing Paul from the neck down. Again when he got to Paul's
cock he hesitated. "Don't stop, just make believe it's yours." Paul
"It's just that I've never touched another guy before really. You
see, I eat cum all the time, sometimes two or three times a day, but so
far, only my own."
"Damn, what do you do, catch it in a cup?" Paul asked.
"No, not exactly," Doug turned beet red again. "What I do is just
what you did to me. I sort of suck myself off. I have ever since I
started coming. Before that it was just kind of fun shooting blanks."
"Really? I have got to see this. Will you do it for me? Not all
the way, your cum is mine from now on. Just show me."
"I feel kind of funny showing you. You'll think I'm really queer."
Paul burst into laughter, as Doug realized what he said. "No, what I meant
was, a nut case, you know perverted, not just a regular gay, which I guess
I am, but weird, you know."
Paul followed Doug back to the lounge. Both of them sported a full
blown hard on which could only be erased by pumping cum. Doug assumed his
regular fuck himself in the mouth position halfway down the lounge, then
flipped his legs back over his head as usual, and when his cock settled
down, he gobbled himself in his mouth, and started pulling his hips down
and releasing them. He lay with the back of his head on the lounge. His
head remained stationary, and the rest of his body did the work of moving
his cock in and out of his mouth. He very quickly got into what he was
doing and at that point he could have been the half time show at a football
game for all he cared.
"Okay, stop, I get the idea. Stop damn it." Paul lifted Doug's
legs, so his cock separated from his mouth. "Roll off there a second, you
can fuck my mouth. I want your load." Paul didn't give Doug a choice. He
just pushed Doug out of the way, and quickly replaced him. Doug stood by
him looking mystified. "Just kneel above my shoulders and lean forward.
Remember, you don't have to do a fucking thing that you don't feel
comfortable doing. It's cool if you don't want to take me in your mouth,
but I would kinda like a hand job at least. I've got to get off again, or
I'll explode."
Doug knelt as instructed, then leaned down over Paul's muscular
adult body. He felt Paul grab his cock and put it in his mouth. He wasn't
sure what was expected then, he was balanced on his knees and his elbows
keeping his weight off Paul. He didn't notice any strain, because his
total attention was fixed on the six inch cock that was pulsing on Paul's
darkly tanned smooth abdomen. The beautiful cock was inches from his mouth
and could be in his mouth if he lifted it up.
Paul lay quietly under him, waiting for his young student to do
something, anything, but Doug remained motionless. Finally, Paul took one
ass cheek in each hand and pulled Doug's cock into his mouth until his lips
were kissing soft pubic hair, then he moved his hands to Doug's pronounced
hip bones and pushed him up. He repeated the movement three times, before
Doug understood what he was supposed to be doing with his cock in Paul's
mouth, and started thrusting on his own. Suddenly, in ecstasy from the
sensations generated from the feel of actually fucking a guy in the mouth,
Paul's cock looked incredibly delicious. Doug lowered his mouth and lapped
up the pool of precum which ran down Paul's cock head and dropped to his
sun warmed skin. His tongue followed the trail back to it's source, then
served as a ramp to slide his mouth over the red/purple head at first, then
on down the shaft. Doug was surprised to discover that Paul shaved his
balls and the base of his shaft. Of course loose hairs or even those
attached were never a problem when Doug sucked himself, he couldn't get his
cock in his mouth far enough for them to matter. With Paul's cock in his
mouth however, it would have mattered a great deal if he had to stop in mid
bob to eject an errant hair from his tongue, or between his teeth. He
enjoyed the feel of Paul's cock head in the back of his throat after he
conquered a brief bout with his gag reflex. Doug worked his head faster in
proportion to the speed of his limber body as his own cock punished Paul's
face and mouth more and more quickly. He always thought of fucking as
reflexive, like breathing, after he got started on his own mouth, so it was
that his hard cock controlled his body, leaving his head and mouth free to
totally enjoy Paul's cock. Doug's first, but by no means last.
Suddenly Paul's body convulsed and bowed upward thrusting his cock
into Doug's mouth. His mouth filled with Paul's rich warm thickness. he
played with it using his tongue and coated every taste bud before he
swallowed another man's cum, then swallowed twice more eagerly. The first
drink caused Doug's explosion, and he ground his hips into Paul's face
helplessly, until Paul lifted and held him up to receive Doug'd second
donation in his mouth instead of down his throat where Doug's cock head
buried itself a split second earlier. Doug saw stars and a fireworks
display on the inside of hie eye lids.
The light show was interrupted when he felt Paul tap his thigh
several times, before he was lifted up bodily, and had to scramble to get
his feet under him or hit the pavers on his side. "Sorry about that," Paul
appoligized, "but I thought you went to sleep, and its hard to breath with
your nose buried in a pair of big balls, although they smell great," he
added as he sat up so he was sitting on the side of the lounge, then looked
at his watch. "Holy shit! Its quarter to one already," he said reaching
for his cooler. He patted the space beside him. Doug joined him, boldly
sitting close enough to touch hips.
"I think I'm full from what you pumped into me," Doug said shyly.
"Ya, but its not all that filling. I can always eat after." Paul
said while he opened his cooler. Doug peeked in to see that it was full.
"I fucking forgot my lunch today."
"No problem, help yourself. There's four sandwiches, fruit and
cookies. I can't eat all this in fifteen minutes, help yourself." Paul
offered, then looked around. "Shit, I forgot my jug. I left it on the
"I've got a gallon jug of ice water." Doug volunteered and scooted
to the shady side of the youthful statue. He brought it back to Paul.
"Drink all you want, I get ice from the kitchen every morning. That is if
you don't mind drinking after me, I don't have any cup."
Paul drained half the jug before he answered, "Nope, I don't mind,
if you're poisonous, what a way to go, coming out of your beautiful body."
Doug blushed, "I'm skinny, but I can't seem to bulk up much. I
guess I burn too many caleries."
Paul shook his head, "You're a swimmer, you've got long muscles.
You've got a great body, perfect for swimming." Paul looked down at
himself. "I'm already too tall to be a great gymnast, and I've always
dreamed of going to the olympics." he frowned in thought.
"Too tall? I don't think so, your body is the one I've always
dreamed of having for my first time." Doug argued as he devoured one of
four sandwiches from Paul's lunch.
"The problem is, as I grow taller, I have to keep getting stronger
to heft my weight on the apparatus. There's a break even point somewhere,
I just hope I'm done growing now that I'm nineteen. I'll find out in the
college meets I guess."
"I've been thinking about the olympics too, but's it's a distant
"Really?" Paul laughed, "Wouldn't it be neat if we both made the
team, and we roomed together in the Olympic Village? Wow! We could fuck
up a storm." Paul laughed and nudged Doug with his elbow.
"Ya, it would." Doug had a thought, "Say Paul, how come I've never
seen you around before? I thought I knew every name in this hick town."
"Our farm is ten miles noth of here, outside of Scottsville, that's
probably why. If I'd seen you I would have remembered." Paul freed one
hand from the last sandwich he was devouring and rubbed Doug's back
affectionately to make his meaning clear.
"Does someone drive you back and forth to work?"
"Nope, I have a truck." Paul glanced at his watch again, "Shit,
I've got to get a move on. I'll pick you up here a little after four,
okay?" He asked while he pulled on his shorts.
"Sure. Can we stop at my house on the way? I'll have to tell my
mother where I'll be, and get some stuff."
After Paul finished dressing, Doug walked with him to the tractor.
Paul looked around carefully, before he pulled the younger boy into his
arms and kissed him passionately. When they parted for air, Doug looked up
into Paul's eyes and giggled. "Boy its a good thing that no one's around
to catch us. We probably need to be more careful."
Paul slapped Doug on the back as he laughed. "I don't think that
kiss mattered. Look at youself, you've had a hard on since we left the
Doug was horrorified to realize that he was naked. He'd been so
busy studing Paul's body while he dressed, that he forgot his own shorts.
He ran toward the side of the mansion, but stopped to watch Paul drive down
the drive, and waved when Paul looked back just before he disappeared
around the first curve.


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