Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze



Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated. I'm kind of
new at writing. Jamie Haze :

Doug glanced over at his potential new friend, he was pleased that
they were the same height, and Marc's hand casually wandering over his ass,
but surprised that he was such a fucking motor mouth and shocked that Marc
was in fact a whore hound, exactly as Paul described him. The second Marc
paused for breath Doug jumped in with a question of his own, "Say Marc, we
don't know each other at all except that I guess we're both the same age,
gay and you love photography and I might get to like it, but do you ever
shut up?"
Marc pulled away from Doug and looked him in the eye. Color rose to
his cheeks, before he looked down at the ground. He answered with zero
bravado. "I guess I might be trying too hard, huh? I'm sorry, I'm just
nervous, and a little excited too. First, it was a total shock to walk in
and see you standing there, all naked and beautiful, and just the fact that
you're here means you're gay. I was acting like a blushing bride and groom
all rolled into one body because Paul's the only guy I've ever done
anything with, and we're just so used to each other. Can we just start
"Boy, can we. You know you don't have the market cornered on
nervous or excited either for that matter." Doug did some blushing of his
own. "Until about quarter after twelve today, you could say I was a
blushing bride, Paul snatched that cherry really fast, and I've never ah
been on top of anyone, except my own mouth, and I don't think that counts."
Marc raised an eyebrow, "Your mouth?"
"Yea, well I guess it doesn't matter if you know. I showed Paul
already. I discovered awhile back that I can get three or four inches in
my mouth, and now the only time I jerk off is a dire emergency."
Marc giggled. "No way! You can? Really? Fuck me, I've got to see
that as soon as we get down to the bunk house. Goddamn it, I never even
thought about trying anything like that." Marc giggled harder. "Of course
with Paul around all the time to get off with, there hasn't been much
reason to try, let alone just plain jerk off." They started walking toward
the house again, but Marc kept his hands to himself.
Doug reached to Marc's hand and returned it his butt with a shy
grin. "I told you, you talked too much, I wasn't complaining about
anything else." They continued to the front door with Marc feeling Doug's
muscular little ass and both of them bumping hips. Marc pushed the door
open and ushered Doug inside. Marc pointed across the huge main living
area. "That wing is our parent's territory. Our wing is over this way,
close to the kitchen. This area here was supposed to be the family room,
but it's where Paul and I flop." They entered a hall off the family room.
"This was a guest room, and bath, but now its my darkroom. This room here
is my room." Marc walked through it into a huge bathroom, then opened a
door on the opposite wall. "And this is Paul's room, but its really our
room. It just kind of started out as his."
"If you don't mind my asking how did you two get, well, started, ah,
sleeping together?"
Marc giggled. "Well, Paul claims I raped him, but I was just eleven
I guess and he was fourteen. I always loved to watch him when he thought
he was alone. Shit, I loved to watch him anytime. You can see our shower
is double size, and there's two sinks. This wing was built for us.
Neither of us was modest obviously, and we almost never closed our doors
into our bathroom, but then suddenly, after I went to bed, Paul started
closing his. I couldn't figure out what he could possibly be doing that I
couldn't know about or see. We were always springing boners and even
comparing them. I always tried to get him to touch mine but he wouldn't,
and he never let me touch his, unless we were wrestling. Then of course,
to win I'd grab him and squeeze. I could feel him getting hard, I won by
default, because he'd give up. Finally the wrestling stopped too, and
except for an occasional quick honk in the shower, when I was finished and
already starting to run so he couldn't pound me, the cock feeling stopped
altogether. That's when he started with the closed door. Each time he
closed it, like just about every night, I'd get out of bed and check to see
if he latched it.
"If it was latched I was fucked because I couldn't sneak it open
without him hearing the click. The law of averages says that he had to
fuck up one night sooner or later, so I just kept trying. One night, I
after I shut off my light, I saw that there was a dim light shinning from
our bathroom. It was his night light shining through a crack in the door.
Bingo! Man I tiptoed in there and pulled the door open just a wee little
bit further, just enough so I could see his bed. There was big brother
Paul laying there on his bed, ram rod straight, playing with his cock. Not
playing so much as beating the shit out of it. I thought what he was doing
was painful, until I saw his face. He looked like he took the trophy for
best score in his age group at a meet. Man I stood right there watching
him and beating my meat too. It felt all right, you know, kinda good, but
nothing real special, and as I watched he arched his ass off the bed until
he was standing on his heels and neck muscles, and white shit started
spurting out of his cock, like bam, bam, bam. Then it slowed down until it
stopped and he collapsed back onto the bed, with this white stuff spattered
from his chest right down to his cock. When he calmed down a little he
reached over and grabbed one tissue and tried to wipe the mess up. He got
most of it, then tossed the soggy tissue at his waste basket by his desk.
He's so bad at basketball, he couldn't hit the side of the barn from ten
feet, so his missed and that cum soaked thing hit the carpet three feet
short. I waited until I knew he was asleep, about three minutes flat. I
could tell by his breathing he was out of it. I wanted to find out what
the white stuff was like. I knew about cum of course, you know how little
kids are, they act like they know everything, but they don't see it until
they start pumping it, or see someone else's. I crawled in there and
snatched that slimy tissue, then ran back to my bedroom with it. Guess
what? Fucking dope that I am, on the way back into the bathroom, I noticed
that his fucking bedroom door into the hall was wide open, and probably
always was, every fucking night. You know the saying about the shortest
distance? Well, Paul always walked into his room through my room and the
bathroom, and I never used his door from the hall either."
"Back in my bedroom, I opened my hand and it was sticky from his
gunk. The tissue absorbed it all but it was saturated with it. There
wasn't anything to look at except wet, so I sniffed it. You know, I never
smelled anything like it in my life, it was great I stuffed that little
tissue up my nose until it started to fall apart, I couldn't get enough of
Paul's special secret private smell and I got such a boner on me that it
actually hurt. I started pounding it like Paul did and I had my very first
orgasm. It was a blank of course, but my mind and my whole body didn't
care. I fell off the fucking bed from that first jolt." Marc giggled.
Doug was sitting on the edge of their, Paul and Marc's, bed. Marc's eye
fell to the growing cock between Doug's legs. He continued with his story,
but moved to sit by Doug. His own cock seemed to like recounting the story
too. As for Doug, he was careful to continue making eye contact with Marc,
but his brain was straining his eye's peripheral vision abilities to the
max. He was sorely tempted to try some Braille on Doug's growing hardon,
but he wanted to hear the rest of the story first, then he was sure nature
would take it's course, and something definitely would happen on the
king-size waterbed they were sitting on.
"I just sat on the floor and looked at that soggy wad of tissue, and
my nine year old brain reasoned that if my first cum shot, blank or not,
felt that choice just from sniffing Paul's cum, I wondered if I'd live
through the result of drinking some. There was only one way to find out,
and I popped that nasty old wad of tissue in my mouth like it was a fucking
marshmallow. I chewed that puppy and my spit glands started working
overtime. My mouth would fill and I'd swallow, over and over again.
Overtime I swallowed I jerked myself harder. Shit, I felt like I was
yanking my ass off the floor with every up beat. Then it happened again.
Bang, orgasm number two while I suddenly realized that I'd actually eaten
something that my big beautiful brother's body made inside itself.
Goddamn, it was lucky for me I stayed on the carpet, and there was no where
else to fall." Marc stopped and looked into Doug's eyes, then asked, "Does
this gross you out? I'm sorry if it does, but you did ask, and I swear
it's true."
"No, it doesn't really. I've been eating my own cum for years, and
someone else's, Paul's, today, and I loved it, it does taste great, and I'm
not sure it isn't habit forming, because I sure feel like I'm ready for
more." To prove how excited he was, Doug leaned back on the bed, and held
himself up with his elbows. Then he stretched out his long muscled legs.
His fully hard cock held itself above his gut, at a thirty degree angle.
Marc leaned back as well, so they could both stare openly at each
other's rods. Doug, though leaner, was longer by an inch. Marc rolled so
he was laying with half his weight on Doug. "What if I postpone the rest
of the story until I take a sample of your cum to compare it with Paul's?
Kind of like a taste test, I'd like that."
"I was thinking of comparing you two brothers myself." Doug
countered, and acted by swiveling on his butt quickly so his head was near
Marc's hard cock, and his was Marc's by merely leaning to the side. Both
boys reached out simultaneously and held each other up. Marc, being more
experienced, decided the position by grabbing Doug's hips and pulling his
loins most importantly, and the rest of Doug's body necessarily, on top of
his. Marc's mouth was open and ready by the time Doug got his balance on
the warm, watery, moving mattress on his slightly bent knees and his
forearms. Doug moaned softly when he felt his cock slide easily into
Marc's eager mouth. Doug lowered his head with his mouth open and allowed
Marc to thrust his hips upward to bury his new friend's cock in his throat,
until Doug's lips kissed the soft brown fur surrounding it's base, and his
nose inhaled Marc's near man scent. Neither boy was content to allow the
other all the head bobbing or hip thrusting, both used their total body's
power to help each other enhance their two pleasures together.
Marc tensed and exploded first Doug rushed to bury himself in Marc's
throat seconds later. Neither boy warned the other, because neither
planned to pull away. The whole purpose of the mutual sucking, thrusting
and blowing was to obtain the most thick white goodness from the other, as
it was the other's goal to give it. Marc lifted Doug using his hands and
arms, so that his mouth contained only Doug's engorged pink/purple head and
held him steady while Doug frantically pumped cum and attempted to rebury
himself. Doug pulled back until his lips also held only the minimum
necessary so none of the white gold was lost due to lack of space in his
mouth to taste thoroughly before swallowing. Both fought the natural
mindless breeding imperative which requires the male animal to plant his
seed as close to the egg as possible by burying his cock to it's roots to
assure fertilization and insure propagation of the species, fucking the
other guy's mouth, not withstanding.
When Doug calmed down enough to move his body He politely shifted
his weight to the side and of course took his shrinking cock with him,
leaving Marc to nurse air through his open mouth much like a fish out of
water. Both boys sat up from where they lay and congratulated each other
on the excellence of their first time performances by hugging chests
together and one deep soul searching kiss where tongues fought for
dominance and the well known taste of their own cum lingered wherever a
tongue explored. They were interrupted by Paul leaning against the bedroom
door jam, clapping and cheering for the successful conclusion of the first
act of what he hoped would be a long running play, as in September, he
would be off to a University located in another state and he wouldn't be
seeing his brother lover except on holiday vacations and the several
gymnastics meets which were always family affairs, with the boys father as
Paul's loudest most enthusiastic supporter and fan always close by to cheer
him on, distance to a meet was irrelevant.
Paul start giggling as he studied the younger boy's surprised and
pleased grins. "Why is it that I'm not surprised that I found you in the
first available bed? I'm sure glad I peeked in here when I did, two
minutes later and I would have missed the whole show." Both younger boys
spied Paul's hardon wagging at them.
"Come on and join us brother mine. We want to see how long it takes
you to come with the two of us working you over." Marc invited. Doug
nodded enthusiastically.
Paul backed into the hall grinning. "No way am I getting near you
two horny young studs, not until after dinner is out of the way. If I did,
we'd never eat the steaks I came in to get to grill. Man or boy can't live
on love and cum alone, we just think we can. Say Marc, while you're up
here, why don't you take Douggie into the shower and show him some things
while I see about dinner. Speaking of which what do you want to go with
the steaks? I was thinking about a big antipasto salad and baked potato."
Both of the Wicott brothers could cook and did it well, because they
enjoyed eating well even more.
The boys looked at each other and shrugged. "You decide, you're the
cook, tomorrow when it's my turn I'll do the deciding." Marc said, then
looked at Doug with an inspiration. "Since there's three of us this
weekend, Doug can take a turn Sunday night."
"Sure, I'll take a turn. Sunday night is fine, you probably won't
start feeling sick until Tuesday, and I'll be gone." Doug said and giggled,
getting up from the bed, he stretched languorously on his toes with his
hands over his head.
"Holy shit!" Marc exclaimed looking around the room frantically,
"Where's my camera? Ah, fuck it. Doug, does yours have film in it?"
Without waiting for an answer, Marc opened Doug's case and pulled out a
beautiful Nikon SLR. "Yea, it does." He looked up at Doug. "No! Don't
move! Do that again, stretch up as far as you can, grab a wrist and stay
that way." Doug grinned when he realized he was about to have his picture
taken. Marc lowered the camera. "Don't look at me asshole, and lose that
shit eating grin. Okay, that's great. Hold it just like that." Marc
started shooting as fast as the auto winder could go, until it quit
suddenly and started rewinding the whole roll. "Fuck me. Who buys
twenty-four exposure rolls anyway." He said to himself.
Doug started laughing. "Can I put my arms down now? And to answer
your question, my father, that's who." Doug looked over Marc's shoulder
while he replaced the film, with another that was in Doug's bag. "Want me
to do that again?"
"Nope, they wouldn't be any good. Those weren't really candid, but
there might be one good one. I'll just keep this handy until I catch up
with one of mine. Come on, let's go shower, and I'll show you what Paul
was talking about."
Doug followed Marc into the bathroom and the big double shower,
after Doug turned on both heads, and made sure the water temperature was
right. One of the heads had a hose attached to it where it came from the
tiled wall. It was equipped with it's own valve. Marc opened the valve
until water flowed just above a dribble. Doug blinked when he saw the
water flowing from what looked like a small dildo instead of a normal hand
held shower spray head.
Marc blushed and explained it's puppies haltingly. "This might gross
you out, but we, or I should say I've gotten so I like it, since I'm mostly
on the bottom. I was in here when you guys got here, so I'm already clean,
but I'll do it again to show you." Marc hesitated and looked shyly
hopeful. "You don't have to do this if you don't want to, but it's really
nicer if you do." He reached to a shelf and got a small squeeze bottle,
"This is just mineral and olive oil mixed. We use it a lubricant."
He squirted a puddle into one palm, coated the dildo thing, then
rubbed the remainder into the crack of his ass with the heel of his hand.
Doug's eyes widened, his mouth dropped open and he felt himself getting
hard when he realized what Marc was about to do. Marc bent over slightly
and demonstrated, then removed the thing, dropped it and scooted to the
toilet. A look of relief quickly crossed his face. He flush and returned
to the shower.
"That's about it. You see the young lord of the gymnastics world
loves to give it, but he likes to get it back just as much. To put it
another way, Paul's developed kind of a taste for eating pussy." Marc
patted his ass. "Mine only, so far, be he'll eat yours too if you use this
thing." Marc turned scarlet and studied the floor. "That's something I
obviously haven't done either, but if he likes it, I'll probably love it,
if you let me." He offered the hose to Doug without looking at him.
"Goddamn, I guess I've got a lot to learn. I'll try it, but it
would be sexier for me if you did the honors. You know, kind of like your
lover getting you ready. Look." Doug held his hard cock up. "See what
just watching does?" Doug turned his back to Marc and bent over with his
legs spread wide. He moaned when Marc's hand oiled his crack, and one
finger accidentally slipped past the muscular guard. "This noon, if I was
clean, would Paul have, ah, done that to me too?" Doug asked as he felt the
growing pressure.
Marc giggled. "Just in a fucking heart beat. I believe, and he
half believes me, that cum is really good for a guy to eat. I think it
really helps build muscle, especially an athlete. Look at his body, and
mine's coming along nicely too, at least I like what I see in the mirror.
I don't specialize like you two, but I can handle myself in just about any
sport I try. You prove my theory too. You look like a fucking walking
shark or porpoise." Marc giggled. "At least you do when you don't have a
hose stuck up your ass."
Doug burst into laughter and jetted across the room to the toilet.
He made it just in time, but barely. "You rotten cocksucker! Don't be
making jokes like that. I nearly lost it." Doug shouted from the throne,
laughing to show he wasn't mad. His laughter also served to deflate his
cock, although he was still dribbling precum when he returned to the
shower. Marc saw a drop depend, ready to separate and be wasted. He
caught it absently with a finger and licked it into his mouth. Doug
watched grinning. "Wow, Paul was serious about not wasting any wasn't he?"
Marc nodded, "Waste not, want not," he intoned dramatically, and
handed Doug a bar of soap. "Here wash me, then I'll just give you a final
quick rinse, without any jokes this time, and then I'll wash you, and we're
ready for dinner and I think a pretty wild evening." He giggled. "I just
had an interesting thought. Yet one more reason to eat all the cum you can
get." He waited.
"What's that?" Doug asked right on cue.
"It replaces lost beauty sleep!"
Doug nodded and giggled. "Paul was right on target when he told me
you were a weird fucker." His hand slowed when it got to Marc's crack.
"So now there's two of us. Say, you never finished your rape story."




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