Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze




Marc and Doug got to the bunkhouse ten minutes after Paul and Buck.
Paul was sitting up with his legs stretched out, and Buck was lying on the
sofa with his head on Paul's thigh. Paul was watching the news on TV, or
trying to. Buck was watching Paul, and attempting to cop a feel whenever he
thought Paul was engrossed enough in the TV. Marc handed his brother the
eight by tens then stood behind the sofa with Doug looking over his
shoulders so they could all look at them together. The first picture was
of Doug in the bedroom stretching. Marc pronounced it as being only of
fair quality, but not good enough to be enlarged for Doug's wall. Buck
snatched it and admired it.
"Wow!" Buck exclaimed in his adult gravelly voice. The camera
caught Doug in profile; his head was turned to face down below the lens
with his eyes half closed and the beginnings of a yawn forming on his
mouth. His reasonably thick cock extended out from his body it's normal
four inches when flaccid and drooped just below horizontal. Anyone looking
at the picture that'd never seen the real deal would think him fully hard
and sadly under equipped for it to be attached to an otherwise splendid
young swimmer's physique.
"Can I have this one, if it's no good to you?" Buck asked Marc.
"I'll frame it for my bedroom," he added happily.
Doug laughed. "Yeah right, get serious. If your father ever saw
that, he'd probably send a goon squad out to get me."
"No, he wouldn't, he wouldn't be laughing either after I told him
that this is how you look BEFORE you get hard, and that you and I finally
got together and it feels as good as it looks." Buck explained matter of
factly, then added. "By the way, the big guys in business suits always
hanging around the house are body guards, not goons."
Doug and Paul were laughing, but Doug wasn't. "Well thank you very
much for sharing that with us. You crazy little bastard, you're going to
get me killed."
Buck shrugged and giggled. "I think every father would kind of like
to know how well hung whoever porks their daughter the first time.
Wouldn't it be the same for a gay son? Don't worry I won't detail the
actual porking, just that it happened, I liked it and we're going to room
together at school this fall, with Marc, so he needs to use his juice to
get us one of those big rooms by September."
Doug was justifiably speechless, almost. "Are, are you laying
there telling me that your dad knows about you, and you, you already told
him about ME?" He squeaked nervously. "You didn't even know about me until
tonight. Fucking sonofabitch! Here I fall for the best looking little
stud in the whole school, and he turns out to be a fucking fruit cake,
crazy ass basket case!" Doug moaned as he walked toward a king size
mattress, which was placed in the corner of the big room so that it was
near open French doors. The fieldstone wall containing the raised hearth
fireplace was the perpendicular wall. This was officially Doug's wall
according to Marc. The mattress was made up as a bed with black sheets and
pillows. Marc already pointed it out to Doug earlier as their summertime
bed in the bunkhouse. Doug threw himself down on his stomach and covered
his head with a pillow to shut out the continued gales of laughter coming
from his new friends.
Marc was industriously working while he laughed, lighting fifty
assorted size candles positioned along the sitting wall created by
extending the hearth out in both directions at the foot of the wall. When
he got to the candles near the makeshift bed he just walked across it and
stepped over Doug, after pausing long enough to thump Doug's cute little
bubble butt with his bare foot. Of course he couldn't resist a few
conciliatory words while he worked. "Hey Douggie, I just thought of
something. If Buck's dad, Big Buck, kills you for molesting his little
boy, which, I just happen to have photographic proof of. I'll just bet you
he'd hire my dad to defend him since we're neighbors now. Dad would make a
fortune and Big Buck would get off because Dad would pack the jury with
bible thumpers who hate you queers. Of course you'd still be dead. Boy,
what a waste of cock."
Doug responded with another moan and a, "Fuck you too Marc,"
although both were very muffled when he pulled the pillow down tighter
around his head.
Buck still grinned as he left Paul and the evidence Marc mentioned,
and started to crawl toward Doug on the bed. "Hold it little guy," Doug
said and pushed Buck out flat on the carpet with his foot. "I just
noticed. You're wearing a fire engine red jock. I have one just like it.
Where'd you get yours?" He wondered with a grin.
Buck stood up and posed. "I found it abandoned in a locker in the
field house. I wore a navy blue one to work out, then after Paul and I
showered, which by the way I liked very much. I thought I should wear this
one because it goes better with my blond hair. Why?" He asked, the picture
of innocence, marred by a grin.
"I believe both of them are mine, and the locker in question was
not abandoned."
"You can have them back as soon as I get them washed. They don't
fit me very well. You must order them special with an extra small cup."
Buck grabbed his prominent bulge through the elastic material. I'd sure
hate to go through life with such a beautiful body and small cock." Buck
started running and giggling before he finished talking. He stopped when he
stood behind Paul and the sofa.
Marc laughed but didn't chase him. "You sure have a big wise ass
mouth for such a shrimp." He looked down to see Doug's shoulders shaking,
because he was laughing so hard. "Look at poor Douggie. He's bawling like
a baby. He's scared, because your father is going to kill him as soon as he
sees that set of prints." Doug put his lighter down, then sat on Doug's
ass and started to tickle him. Doug pushed the pillow away and started
Buck couldn't resist joining in Doug's tickle torture. He ran over
and lay across Doug's back to hold him down. Suddenly, Marc grabbed him
and Doug joined Marc in holding the smaller boy down on his back and
tickling him until he screamed for mercy. Then just as suddenly, the
tickling stopped. Marc left him with Doug and finished lighting the
candles hurriedly while he watched them out of the corner of his eye.
Doug sat up and smiled down at Buck as he slowly hooked his fingers
under the jock's bright red waistband and pulled it down Buck's legs then
tossed it to the floor. He lay down again with half his weight on Buck's
chest then kissed him slowly and deeply while their arms circled each
other. Doug pulled away and whispered into Buck's open mouth, "If I'm
going to get killed, I may as well enjoy you until it happens."
Buck reached up with his tongue to lick the tip of Doug's nose
before he answered in a tiny voice meant only for Doug to hear. "Did you
mean it when you said you fell for me?" Doug smiled and nodded
imperceptibly. "Oh wow!" Buck managed before he was cut off by Doug's
lips, his open mouth and questing tongue. He locked his arms around Doug
as tightly as he could then rolled him until Doug was on his back and he
was snuggled comfortably and completely atop the taller boy. He even
spread his legs to match Doug's. Their matching erections lay alongside
each other pressed into Doug's almost rippled, youthful gut.
They continued to make out with each other while their hands
traveled each other's body. They ignored the near continuous soft shutter
clicking and film advance whirring of Doug's camera as he photographed
them. Then quickly forgot he was even near them. Doug lifted Buck with his
hands between them; just enough until he felt Buck's cock slip over his
balls and drop between his legs. When he allowed Buck to settle back on
his body, Buck's cock pushed blindly into his crotch.
Buck lifted his head and smiled into Doug's eyes. "Oh no you
don't," he whispered, "not until I get my fill of you." He wiggled his
body while he pulled himself backward using his toes digging into the
mattress. He gloried in the feel of Doug's cock as he dragged his chest
over it, until he lay completely between Doug's legs except for his
shoulders and head. He lowered his head and pressed Doug with his nose,
then nuzzled and sniffed for Doug's scent all but masked by the harsher
odors of sex. It was there, clean and fresh, indicative of a young vibrant
male athlete whose sweat flushed pollutants away, out of his organs, blood,
bone and muscles. He licked the pulsing shaft and it lifted itself to be
licked more. Doug moaned. Buck looked up to see Doug's eyes squeezed
closed in a head that thrashed from side to side while his lips formed a
grimace. He realized that Doug was unused to having another body touch
his, or a hand, or a mouth, that wasn't his own. Doug was fighting
desperately not to come, a fight he was losing quickly. Buck opened his
mouth wide and held Doug's cock up until his lips held it firmly. Then he
lowered his head as he relaxed his throat muscles until his lips kissed a
soft nest of reddish blond pubic hair which was just beginning to curl as
it grew long enough, but would always remain soft to kiss or touch. Buck
had no time to move his head to demonstrate his expertise through
self-practice. Doug's pelvis curled itself toward Doug's head and his legs
came up bent at the knees so he stood on his feet and shoulders. Buck
could have weighed a ton and his body would have been dragged along as
effortlessly. Buck held on and rode his lover's contortions like a leech
while he got what he wanted with his mouth.
Buck was willing to suborn his own urgent needs and wait patiently
while Doug rested, and was surprised when Doug grabbed him by his armpits
and pulled him roughly back up his body, lifting his legs simultaneously,
so Buck couldn't pin them down as he had earlier. "Happy now?" Doug asked
and grinned while he reached down, found Buck's cock, and snuggled it in
where he wanted it seconds, minutes, or hours ago. Buck grunted in
surprise when Doug used his nuts as a handle to continue him moving forward
and in and scrambled his little body to obey Doug's tactile command.
Buck suddenly found himself where he'd always dreamed of someday
being, from the first time he saw Doug walk in the dinning hall. His hips
remembered to begin moving by them selves. He bent and kissed Doug, said,
"Thank you," aloud, kissed Doug again, then happily kept repeating himself,
until at the depth of a plunge, he froze there. His expression was one of
wonder, amazement and awe. His body convulsed and he felt his body
surrendering every drop of his being deep into Doug's tightness and
warmth. He thought.
Doug had other plans for his studly young lover, and none included
rest. When Buck stretched and relaxed some of his weight on Doug's body,
and his head went to Doug's shoulder for a little post coitus break; Doug
started moving his hips under Buck. When he couldn't move enough to get
Buck's attention, he locked his heels in under Buck's hard little ass
cheeks and began levering himself up and down. He could feel that Buck was
still harder than wilted, so he planned a second round. Buck noticed
finally and raised himself on his elbows to grin as he looked down at Doug
"That's right lover boy, I think there's more in there somewhere.
That one was way too fast."

Buck giggled and thrust down to meet Doug tentatively,
experimentally, playfully, and surprised himself with renewed hardness.
Buck always planned and was content, even eager to have Doug as the man in
their relationship and fuck balance although he agreed when Doug suggested
it earlier. His thrusts become longer and deeper but were slower and more
peaceful, and he thought far more enjoyable than his virgin effort. His
reverie was interrupted by some nearby soft giggles and whispers. He
looked to the side at the source.
He was surprised to see Paul, similarly mounted on Marc. Both
grinned back at him. The two couples were close enough to touch. Paul's
long easy thrusts matched his. "I think it's alive." Marc quipped with a
louder giggle.
"Who?" Paul asked, "Our new little monster neighbor?" He wasn't
expecting an answer, and continued as he watched two pairs of inexperienced
eyes flick down over his body. "You can look all you want," he told them,
"we are. You two were great. Looking is exciting. Check this out, then
you try it," he instructed, as he lifted his body clear of Marc's, going
into a rigid prone position over Marc, then started doing push ups so his
glistening shaft was clearly visible as it slid up and down in Marc, the
only place they touched.
Buck straightened his body and lifted himself, then looked down
Doug's body, or started to, until his head bumped Doug's as Doug had the
same idea of watching Buck's cock.
"Ouch Buck, be careful." Doug jokingly complained. "You're such an
animal, I'll be sore for a week. I don't need to nurse a concussion too."
Buck giggled. "Hey, I'm the one doing the stroking here, but
thanks for the compliment." He moved his head to one side so they could
watch Buck's cock working without risking further injury.
Doug started looking back and forth between the two busy shafts
comparing them. Then he impulsively reached over between Paul and Marc,
and wrapped his long fingers around Paul so he fucked Doug's hand as well
as Marc's ass.
"Oh wow! Holy shit!" Paul breathed, that feels so great." He
leaned down and kissed Marc deeply, then raised his head up and strained
his neck back until he stared at the ceiling and his loins crushed Doug's
hand and arm trapping him. His magnificent gymnast's body shuddered
violently and individual muscles developed ticks, like a stallion
dislodging flies. That lasted only seconds until his thick arms gave out
and he collapsed all his weight on his brother.
Air rushed from Marc's lungs with a whoosh, like he'd just been
sucker punched. He didn't know which hurt more, his chest, or his cock and
balls being crushed by Doug's forearm trapped between them exactly at the
base of his cock where they met, and hopefully still met. He pushed weakly
at Paul's inert shoulders. "Get off me, you big fucking lummox. I think
I'm dying, I know I'm hurting." He complained mightily which kind of
negated his claim of injuries.
Paul giggled and rolled to the side away from Buck and Doug so he
could watch them and his brother dramatically check out his recently
offended parts. "You're such a baby, always complaining." He answered,
before he reached to hold Marc's super sensitized cock and cover it with
his mouth, until there was none showing, but kept his eyes on Buck and
Doug's hands joined his heels in pulling Buck into him. Watching
Paul's heroic ejaculation was enough to carry Buck over the brink, and he
quickly matched Paul's contortions, but on a somewhat smaller scale. After
Buck was spent a second time, Marc's moans got their attention and smiles
as he held Paul's head roughly with two fists full of hair, and his body
arched up to meet Paul's helpless head being pulled down. Buck rolled off
Doug after his cock decided enough was enough, and retracted to its normal
flaccid condition and popped out on its own.
Buck rested on his side with his head propped up with his hand. He
casually reached to Doug's very excited hardness and started to jerk him
off. Doug's body went rigid in readiness to explode. He didn't care at
that point where his cum went after it left his body, but someone did.
Marc saw what Buck was doing and Doug's readiness. He dropped his
brother's head like a hot potato and pushed him away, moving quickly to bat
Buck's busy hand away. "Oh no you don't Bucky boy," Doug said replacing
Buck's hand with his own. Then instead of continuing the jerk off, he
yanked hard, pulling Doug's cock toward his legs. Doug yelped and
scrambled to have his body keep up to where Marc wanted his cock. "I want
this big old boy in me." He frowned at his brother. "After all, if you
plan to eat me later, it would be nice if there was a load to eat." His
grin said he was joking about Paul shooting a blank, but not about his
determination to have Doug mount him. He stopped pulling after Doug
settled his butt on his heels between Marc's legs.
Doug looked like he was dazed as he looked down on Marc's waiting
body. Marc rolled his eyes in disgust, pinched his nose and said in a
nasal voice, "Host to Doug, host to Doug," then released his nose,
"Goddamnit wake up Douggie. Do you want a fucking engraved invitation? We
haven't got all night you know. Get with the program." He didn't wait for
Doug to respond. He just grabbed Doug again and pulled him down. Doug
reached out quickly with his arms to keep his body from crashing into
Marc's, and in the process got his body into the proper position so his
cock would slide straight into Marc without being bent in half by Marc's
impatient hand.
Doug got the idea after his cock was fully encased in Doug's tight
muscular butt, and started to punish Marc for all his recent mistreatment
of his most prized possession. Doug's frenzied pounding ended his planned
retribution as he felt his balls gather themselves to bunch up tightly to
the point of their attachment which signaled his eminent explosion. He
grinned when he thought about usually being able to watch his balls from a
cock's head view, when he sucked himself off, but he decided just feeling
them react to the pleasure of actually fucking was infinitely preferable.
He let out a strangled scream as he pumped himself into Marc, then
collapsed on him comfortably, ready to sleep for the night, buried in his
new friend.
Marc thumped Doug's side hard enough for Doug to open his eyes.
"This is nice Doug, but I'm dying of thrust. We need to take a break."
Doug nodded, moaned and rolled slowly to the side, then sat up and
looked around. Paul was walking toward them from the kitchen with his
fingers surrounding four cans of Coke. Each boy took a can gratefully and
drank greedily. Paul rubbed his forehead with the side of his sweated can.
"Goddamnit Marc blow out those fucking candles, and shut off that
fireplace. It's too fucking hot."
Marc frowned. "Yeah, it is hot, but they're really good background,
and you guys really look good sweating."
"You haven't touched your camera in almost an hour." Paul reminded
him with a grin.
Marc giggled and acted huffy, "Well, I have been busy with other
things you know." He looked over at Doug and Buck, who were lying on their
sides, petting each other, whispering and giggling quietly with each other
on the far side of the bed. "Okay, lights out a few minutes, but first
I've got to try out Buck," he snapped his fingers with an inspiration, "and
Doug can take a roll of us in action. How's that?"
Buck sat up at the mention of his name. "What? What'd I do now?
I didn't do anything." He protested.
"Me either." Doug said, and put his arm around Buck defensively, so
they touched their sweat shined heads together with the candles flickering
in the background.
Marc reached to the floor next to the edge of the mattress, picked
up his camera and fired three frames before they knew what he was doing.
When they realized he was taking pictures they looked at the camera and
smiled. Marc frowned, then grinned. "Oh wow! One of those has got to be
a winner! Perfect!" he added, then looked at them again through the
camera. "Right behind you," he said cryptically. When he saw them look at
the rock wall, then back at him frowning, he elaborated, "I mean one of
these shots. I'd say four feet wide and three high, hung low, near the
tops of the candles."
They giggled together when they understood Marc planned to
immortalize them together on Doug's wall. Then Doug thought of the
implications. "OOPS. Not. No way. Forget it. The cat would be out of
the bag big time if anyone ever saw one of those." Doug shook his head in
Marc agreed instantly with a shrug, and put the camera back on the
floor. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I see what you're saying, queer
Doug nodded, satisfied, and turned to Buck and kissed him. He
didn't see the tiny smirk that escaped Marc, or the wink he gave his
brother. Paul shook his head and smiled before he changed the
subject. "Hey Buck, before you two get too carried away, or Marc gets
around to molesting you, would you mind calling home to let your parents
know where you are, and when you'll be home?"
"Oh yeah, I guess I better. Where's the phone?" He asked as he
stood up with Doug and looked around.
Paul scanned the room. "Good question. Since the dildo has been
home all day fucking off, it could be anywhere." He looked down at his
brother, so there was no question exactly who the dildo was. Doug ignored
the jibe with a shrug and picked up his camera again. He snapped the three
of them while they started searching the room, starting with under the
cushions of the sofa. When the camera started rewinding, he put it down
and walked to the phone's empty base unit sitting on the bar and pushed a
button. A muffled electronic ringing sounded between the mattress and the
sitting wall. "There it is!" he said brightly. Then giggled while Paul
found it and handed it to Buck, while frowning back at him. Marc burst out
laughing, "I fucking told you, old. The mind is the first thing to go,
after your nuts of course."
Paul started for him and Marc ran out on the terrace. "I think
I'll take a swim to cool off." He shouted back to them, just before they
heard a splash, which temporarily ended the froggy love songs being croaked
in the vicinity of the terrace.
Buck keyed his number while he folded his legs and sank to the bed
to sit like a little Indian. His face broke into a brilliant smile. "Hi
Dad!".... "I'm over at Wilcott's. I met them in front of the house
tonight. They came up to look at it and didn't know we moved in".... "I
went down and introduced myself. They're pretty neat guys, I like them.
They invited me to sleep over. Is that okay?".... Buck looked up at Paul
and Doug, they were grinning and shaking their heads at him. "Great Dad,
thanks." Buck winked at Doug. "And Dad, guess what? Doug is a friend of
theirs and he's here. He's staying over too." Buck giggled at whatever
his father said, then replied, "We already did. It was great!" He listened
again, and giggled harder. "Come on Dad, give me a break. What did you
expect me to call it? So we won't get much sleep.".... "Yup, they are
too." Buck looked up to see Paul and Doug walking toward him wearing
shocked horrified expressions. He stood up quickly and backed toward the
closest door. "I gotta go now Dad, Marc wants me to go swimming with him.
See you in the morning." He said from the terrace as fast as he could
talk, then, "Okay I will. Bye." He tossed the phone to Paul who stopped
his forward movement to catch it, and while giggling again like a banshee,
turned and dove into the dark water. He doggie paddled silently for a
distance, before he called out, "Hey Doug?
"WHAT?" Doug answered. He was standing on the wall trying to
source Buck's voice. He wasn't really mad at Buck after he had a moment to
think of Buck's end of the phone conversation. He was envious of Buck
having such a close open relationship with his father.
"Dad wants to meet you, so you'll have to paddle back with me in
the morning."
"Sure I will," Doug answered, "when pigs fly." Then he dove into
the dark lake and swam toward the gravelly laughter.




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