Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze



An hour later, the boys returned. Not quite out of gas, just out
of energy, they were starving. Paul started to pull on his shorts, but
Buck stopped him. "Wait, don't dress yet, let's see how far we can get if
we stay naked. Just carry your stuff, and follow me to the dinning room."
Buck said while he looked around the beach. "Sonofabitch, Dad must have
taken my new bathing suit with him," he grinned at Doug, waiting for an
argument. Doug shrugged.

"Gee, thanks Douggie. Wearing it and knowing that you wore it first kind
of gives me a hardon."

Marc giggled. "Let us know when you aren't hard so we can see the
difference," he joked. "You also made the mistake of returning my shirt,
which I'll just hold on to, so it seems like you go naked whether you want
to or not, mother fucker. And don't forget to get some of your own stuff
if you're coming back to our place, or you can stay home and pound your own
pud tonight."

Even Buck was laughing as he pulled open a French door and stepped
back bowing deeply, "Welcome to Trenton Hall! You are now entering the
grand drawing room!" He said pompously with his voice as deep as he could
hold it. His guests bowed back as they walked in then started bumping into
each other while they looked everywhere but where they were going.

"Holy shit!" Marc managed.

"Fuck me!" Was Doug's contribution to the conversation.

"Do the back boards drop down out of the ceiling?" Paul asked as
Buck rubbed against his thigh like a cat wanting attention.

Bucky entered the room through a pair of open double doors. He
started laughing with Buck. "Is this ostentatious enough for you?" He

"Yeah, this is a neat room," Marc nodded and raised his camera, "I
better get some pictures of it for `Better Homes'." His camera started to
shake from laughing so he lowered it. "Did you by any chance see today's
paper Bucky?"

"No, why?" Bucky asked innocently, even though Marc was almost in
tears from laughing.

"Honest John's Used Furniture is having a store wide clearance
sale. You might want to get down there, unless you already shot your whole
wad on the house."

The room was huge, easily basketball court size, but it was totally
empty. Wires hung from the walls and ceiling where light fixtures
belonged, but the paneled ceiling glistened whitely and the parquet floor
glittered with a waxy finish.

Bucky nodded, grinned and looked up at Paul, "Did anyone ever tell
you your bother is a wise ass?"

"What can I say," Paul shrugged, "except oil up the meat grinder?"

"Yeah do it Dad. I told them Mom was in Europe, buying stuff."
Buck looked at his father and frowned, "Hey, you're dressed. How come?"

Bucky laughed, "I forgot about the servants. Poor Jenny was in the
dinning room setting the table when we walked in, and she just about had a
heart attack."

Buck looked puzzled. "I wonder why, she's been screwing some of
the guys every night since she's been with us." He shrugged, and watched
the boys hurriedly pull on their clothes. "Come on up to my apartment guys,
while I find some shorts," he started walking across the empty
room. "That's furnished anyway."

"Hey wait a minute. How do you know who she screws?" Bucky
asked. "Don't start spreading rumors like that," he warned.

"It isn't a rumor. Her bedroom on the third floor was right over
mine in the old house, and that old barn wasn't exactly sound proof
remember." Buck grinned at his father and continued, "Everyone in that
whole house knew when you and Mom went at it," he giggled when his father
colored. "I sure hope I'm as horny all the time like you when I get old."

"Old!" Bucky exploded, "Why you little pip squeak, I think I'll
just change my will for that crack."

Buck giggled at his father's threat. "Go ahead and do just that,
remember Gramps left me more than he left you, and Granny told me she's
leaving all of hers to me, plus I'll be getting all of Mom's trusts. I
guess I can manage." Buck got serious suddenly, "Hey Dad, is it all right
if I tell the guys who you're working on now? Since we're friends now, we
wouldn't want to hurt their parents if the stock took a tumble
unexpectedly." They all were standing in the entrance hall at the foot of
wide curving staircase, which didn't seem to have any visible means of
support as it spiraled up to the second floor balcony.

Bucky shrugged. "Nope, that's a good idea. Since it looks like
you guys are going to be friends, maybe your parents will come over for
dinner sometime, so we can be friends too. I wouldn't ever want to hurt
friends financially before I meet them. I'll also let you or them know
about anything they might want to buy too." Bucky opened a door hidden in
the wall paneling while he looked suddenly ill at ease.

Buck led the boys into the elevator and Bucky closed the door.
Doug frowned at Buck. "What was with your father all of a sudden? He
looked weird."

Buck punched a button and the car shot up to the second floor, the
door unlocked and opened slightly before he answered. "I told you he
doesn't have any friends except me. I think he really would like a couple
of guys his own age to hang out with, that's all. He needs someone who
won't kiss his ass all the time, and he's kind of hoping that your fathers
will like him as a person I guess, just because we all get along so well
together. Come on, this way."

Buck started down the wide empty hall. Marc goosed him and giggled
as Buck took a giant leap forward. "And what makes you think we like you?
We were just being nice to you until we got all our stuff back you little
clepto," Marc finished by looking up the hall before he whispered loudly,
"that, and of course you give good head."

"Gee thanks." Buck giggled and opened a door at the end of the
hall, after he keyed a series of numbers in the door's combination
lock. "This is my territory. No one gets in here unless I let them." He
explained before they could ask about the lock. "Between the maid and my
mother always walking in on me at our old house, I could have taken the
fucking door off."

The boys followed Buck into what looked like a large tastefully
furnished living room or family room in anyone's home. Built in book cases
lined one wall, the shelves were three-quarters full of books. The sofa
and chairs were low slung, with overstuffed cushions and fat pillows for
arms and backrests. The room looked lived in, but not by a
fourteen-year-old boy, it could easily be the den or study of any one of
their fathers.

Buck hurried across the room to an open door. "Make yourselves at
home, look around if you want." He pointed down a short hall. "There's a
little kitchen down there and a couple of bedrooms. This is my bedroom.
I'll be right with you," he said as he disappeared.

Paul and Marc went to see if there was anything to snack on in the
kitchen. Doug followed Buck, or started to. He stopped in the doorway to
Buck's bedroom and stared. The opposite mirrored wall was curved sharply
to form half an oval. Three steps that led to a raised area jutted into
the room to complete the oval. "Fuck me again." Doug mumbled and whistled
his surprise.

Buck reappeared from a doorway near the end of the platformed area
with a giggle. He saw Doug's expression and adjusted the lighting to a
brighter level in the darkened room, particularly the raised area. "Do you
like it? I designed it myself. It still needs to be christened, whenever
you have time to do the job."

Doug wandered forward and climbed the steps to gawk at Buck's bed.
It was a replica of a Norse Viking ship about eighteen feet long. Both the
sharply pointed bow and stern were raised four of five feet over the bed in
the deck area with fierce carved dragonheads protecting the boat fore and
aft. As Doug looked closer he saw that the wooden hull was dented and
scared in places and the bow sprit dragonhead was missing an ear and part
of its lower jaw. Doug looked at Buck, then back down at the dragon ship
bed. "This thing is real isn't it?"

Buck joined Doug and nodded while he pulled on a pair of shorts.
"Of course it is. Mom found it somewhere and bought it because it's a one
of a kind piece of junk thing. After she got it she didn't know what to do
with it. I asked if I could make it into a bed, and viola," he patted the
rail affectionately. "Pretty neat, huh?"

"Yeah, it is," Doug agreed. He looked at Buck with a leer, then
the mirrored wall, "and you say it still needs to be christened?"

Buck nodded, "But only with you, I don't want to make it into a
circus, not at first. I've dreamed about it." Buck looked hopeful, "How
about next weekend?"

Doug nodded and was about to suggest far sooner, like there and
then, but he was interrupted by the arrival of Paul and Marc and the spell
was broken. Buck explained that the little replica ship was discovered in
a coastal cave in Denmark that had been sealed for centuries by a
rockslide. The mouth of the cave was discovered when a road was being
blasted into the mountains bordering a fjord. Historians believed that the
boat was built to serve as a funeral pyre for some Viking king or nobleman
but the landslide put it out of reach and it was forgotten. Buck giggled
when he told his friends that it should have gone into a museum but its
discovery was just at the end of World War II. During that chaotic period,
it somehow found its way to America and into a collection of Viking
artifacts and relics owned by a reclusive millionaire. It stayed there out
of sight until the collector died and his collections were liquidated at
auction. He said his mother bought it for no better reason than pride of
ownership, since it was the only one of its kind known to exist.

Buck looked like the Pied Piper as he led his taller friends down the main
staircase to the entry hall, the dinning room and their long overdue lunch.

Buck again pompously bowed them into what he called the state
dinning room. The room was at least furnished, sort of. The table and
twelve matching chairs placed at one end of the room were obviously
valuable period pieces, but the set was way too small be in such a large
room. Bucky lounged comfortably in a side chair sipping a longneck beer
from the bottle. He was chatting amiably with another of the young
bodyguards who sat opposite him eating a long over filled hoagie. Bucky
waved them to the table at first, but changed his mind and pointed to a
long plastic topped folding table where platters of every imaginable hoagie
fixing awaited them, along with a large basket of eighteen-inch rolls.

The boys detoured to the food as a group with almost military
precision. "Hey there," Bucky said, "I was beginning to think you got lost
somewhere, I know I still do, upstairs where we actually live that is.
These rooms down here are mostly for show, or will be if my wife Becky ever
gets the joint furnished to her satisfaction."

Paul finished building his sandwich first, because he was the first
one to find the bread knife hiding under the rolls. He carried his hoagie
carefully on a twelve-inch dinner plate with a finger on top so it wouldn't
tip over. He took a chair next to the young bodyguard as Bucky introduced

"Guys, this is Morgan Brockway. Morgan just graduated from the
Oaks, and he's helping us out this summer."

Buck interrupted his father with a giggle and looked up at Doug.
"You must know him Doug, everyone called him Morgan `The Brain' Brockway,
he was the smartest guy in the upper level, a polar bear in the hockey rink
and the Captain of the Crew team."

"Yeah, I've seen you around. Hi." Doug looked puzzled, "You're a
goon, err, I mean bodyguard here?"

Morgan rested the remaining half of his sandwich on his plate,
swallowed, then laughed. "Not really. I mostly get to watch the security
monitors and open the gates for visitors, even if they call me names and
shoot birds at me."

Paul reddened then grinned. Bucky explained that Morgan's father
and he were business associates and that when he found out that Morgan was
the class Valedictorian and planned to major in pre-law in the fall, he
decided to hire him to work part-time. Then when he graduated from law
school Buck hoped Morgan would join his company's legal department as a
young attorney already intimately familiar with him and his business.

Paul asked what school Morgan chose. When Morgan named the
University, he smiled. "It's a small world. I'm starting there in the
fall too, and also majoring in pre-law."

"No shit? Really? Hey, maybe we could room together."

"Yeah, that would be cool, rooming with someone I know. It's too
bad you aren't into gymnastics, or me into sculling or hockey, but at least
we're both jocks." Paul answered aloud, while his eyes were busy assessing
the body partially concealed by Morgan's tank top and shorts. He already
knew he was attracted to his handsome smiling face and laid back
personality which was unaffected by Bucky's presence. He was also wondering
if he could ever share a room with any other guy without being sexually
attracted to them, since he was so accustomed to having great, very
satisfying sex, first with his brother, then suddenly with both Doug and
little Buck in the same day. "I'm really not sure about law yet, but since
my father's in the business, I thought it was a good major to start with."

Morgan nodded making easy eye contact with Paul, then looked down
at the phallic form of his half-eaten hoagie. "Law and sports generally,
are a start, but if we think about it I'm sure we can find other areas of
common interest."

Buck joined the conversation by sitting next to his father. "Paul
and Marc's father is none other than the famous John Wilcott." He was
planning to say something jokingly about million dollar retainers, but was
stopped when he saw Morgan slouch in his chair and stretch his legs out
under the table wearing a strange, almost embarrassed expression as he
stared at the rounded uneaten end of his sandwich roll. Then when he
looked at Paul a second later, he saw Paul's eyes quickly sweep the length
of Morgan's body that he could easily get his eyes on without actually
bending over to look under the table. Buck however was not a part of the
by play or subtle courtship that he imagined was occurring between the two
older guys. So he quickly reached for his napkin, still folded neatly on
the side of his place mat with a complete place setting of silverware
arranged neatly on top. He pulled the napkin off the table to put it on
his lap and allowed the silver to clatter to the uncarpeted floor.

"OOPS! Sorry, I guess I'm a klutz today," he said as he bent under
the table quickly to retrieve the scattered silver and while he was under
there, check out the contents of the two pairs of shorts sitting opposite
him. Paul's were too baggy, he couldn't see anything and his feet were
tucked back under his chair. Morgan though had his legs stretched out
almost across the table, and his muscular ass was within a squeak of
slipping off the edge of his chair. In the process of getting more
comfortable or hiding the lower half of his body by sliding in his chair,
the material in the crotch of his shorts didn't slide so the front was
pulled tight from his low slung waist to his thighs, and across his flat
abdomen. Buck almost giggled out loud when his eyes locked on the hard
cock and severely restricted balls

clearly outlined in Morgan's shorts. He remembered to collect the silver
before he regained his seat, and immediately stuffed his hoagie in his
mouth to hide his grin and stifle his giggle.

Doug sat beside Buck, and watched him carry out his little drama.
He carefully chewed slowly to hide his grin. He swallowed and smiled
openly watching Buck trying to wrap his lips around the entire girth of his
hoagie. He nudged Buck with his elbow and whispered, "What was that all
about? Are you practicing to give an elephant a head job, or what?"

Buck choked and giggled simultaneously. Doug started thumping him
on the back. Bucky's hand joined Doug's in pounding his son's back until
Buck was finally able to swallow. "Enough already!" Buck shouted.
"Something just went down the wrong pipe, that's all. Damn, I think I'd
rather choke than be beaten to death by my own father and best friend."
Buck almost said lover in place of friend but caught himself in time.

When everyone's attention returned to food, Buck nudged Doug's thigh with
his knee. Doug looked over at him with a raised eyebrow. Buck nodded his
head slightly toward Paul and Morgan, who by then were talking quietly
between themselves while they ate. As the younger boys watched, Morgan
squeezed Paul's shoulder to emphasize some point he was explaining about
rowing, and after the point was completed, Morgan's hand remained, until
Paul looked down at the strong long fingers, then up into the eyes of their
owner. Both pairs of eyes glittered as their heads nodded.

When everyone was just about finished eating Buck looked at his father.
"Say Dad did you get cans of gas for the boats?"

"Nope. There wasn't really time. We had to make two trips back and forth
from the boat dealer with the two trailers. You've got so much of your own
money, you'll have to get some cans I guess, or swim back and forth."

"Okay, no problem." Buck dug into one the pockets in his shorts and pulled
out a fat roll of bills held together with an elastic band. He looked
across the table at Paul. "Would you lend Morgan your truck? He can go
into town and get like eight gas cans, get them filled, drop four off here
and then meet us at your place with the other four." He paused to look at
Morgan. "Then if you aren't doing anything the rest of the afternoon you
could hang out with us."

Paul and Morgan both thought about leaning across the table and kissing
Buck on the lips for making such a thoughtful suggestion, but only Paul was
tempted to actually do it. "That's a super idea Buck, good thinking." Paul
glanced at Morgan. "The keys are in it. Our driveway is the next one
closer to town."

Morgan nodded and stood up as Buck slipped the elastic band off his
bankroll and peeled off two one hundred-dollar bills. "Holy shit Buck!"
Doug laughed, "And all this time at lunch I thought you had a serious
hardon, and it was only money." Doug realized what he said in front of
Morgan too late. Morgan blinked and looked at each of them.

Marc started laughing. "I don't know about any of you, but just looking at
that wad gives me a boner that won't quit. Where'd you get all that Buck?"

"My grandmother sends me cash for every holiday and tells me to have fun,
so that's what I call it, my Have Fun Money. Don't you get presents like
this for the Fourth of July?" Buck grinned when he saw Marc frown. "No,
how about Martin Luther King's Birthday? You know I didn't even know about
that holiday until these little gifts started coming in mid January." Buck
looked around to see that everyone was finished. "If we're done let's rock
and roll."

The boys stood up as a group and thanked Bucky for his hospitality. Buck
reminded him that from then on they would be in and out of the house and to
tell the boys not to shoot anyone. In the entry hall just before Morgan
left through the front door Buck stopped him.

Buck unbuttoned his shorts and dropped them. "Here Morgan, you may as well
take our clothes so they won't get wet." He tossed them to Morgan, then
waited while the others stripped. Paul's face turned red, and he turned
into fumble thumbs while Morgan waited and watched with an armload of
clothes and Marc's camera slung over his shoulder. Buck tapped his foot
and grinned. "What's wrong Paul? You're acting like a blushing bride all
of a sudden," he taunted his big friend, so Paul had no choice. When he
handed his things to Morgan, he held everything in front of him. His eyes
roamed the tanned and toned bodies of the four boys, starting and ending
with Paul.

Buck was not quite finished playing cupid. "As you can see Morgan, no one
likes wearing anything if we don't have to, but I guess you already know
that from watching the monitors." Morgan nodded and finally found the front
door latch. Buck burst out laughing after the heavy door thunked behind
him. Doug joined him in laughing and casually draped his arm over Buck's
shoulders without thinking about it. Buck moved against Doug's side so
their bodies touched as they walked under the staircase to doors cut into
the bottom of the three story arched window that looked out on the lake at
the back of the entry hall.

Bucky stopped them, grinning, but looking puzzled. "Wait a minute son,
just what was that all about? You were acting weird all through lunch."

"Nothing much. Paul and Morgan have the hots for each other, and I was
just helping them out. You may as well scratch Morgan from your schedule
until after the holiday because he's going to be busy at Wilcott's." Buck
didn't know how Paul would react to his announcement and he was ready to
run, but Paul just blushed, grinned and winked at him before he opened the
door and started running across the lawn to the beach.

"I'll be damned," Bucky said. "How'd you know?"

Buck shrugged. "It takes one to know one, as they say." He looked up at
Doug hopefully. "Doug and I might be back to spend the night here. Will
we?" He asked in a tiny voice. Doug nodded, blushed and developed a sudden
interest in watching Paul push his violent purple Jet Ski off the beach.
Buck nodded happily. "We definitely will be back tonight, but we'll use my
entrance, so we won't bother anyone. Bye, see you tomorrow," he waved to
his father, then raced Doug and Marc to the boats. Only a few bubbles
remained from Paul's wake.

When Doug and Buck first heard the rumble of the diesel engine, Morgan was
crossing the stone bridge below the dam, and they couldn't care less.
After they beached their boats, Doug suggested to Buck that a long in depth
shower would feel good just then, and Buck agreed. The shower in the
bunkhouse was equipped with the same innocent looking hose and nozzle as
the showers in the locker room and the brother's bathroom.

They locked lips with each other before they got under the spray. Buck
reached for Doug's erection and pushed it down so it would slide between
his legs, then arranged his own so it was pressed against Doug's lower
abdomen. When they thought about the waiting shower, they crab walked
sideways through the open glass door. Buck reached for the pump bottle of
oil without looking and pulled his lips and upper body away from Doug just
long enough to work the pump repeatedly so it squirted on Doug's chest and
ran down to the V shape their lower bodies formed. Buck moved against Doug
to spread the oil until both cocks and even their thighs were slick and
slipped easily wherever they touched.

Buck wrapped his arms around Doug's back still holding the bottle by its
neck with one hand and filled the cupped palm of the other. Doug waited to
feel Buck's oily hand and fingers pry his crack apart to begin probing his
ass. Instead, Buck moved his hand to his own ass and started fingering

"Hey," Doug protested quietly, "what about me? You're messing around in my
territory back there. Yours is back over here." Doug lowered his hands on
Buck's back and cupped Buck's little hard buns, then gently spread them,
after batting Buck's hand out of the way. After his hands were coated, he
slipped two fingers into Buck and pulled him tighter.

Buck moaned and looked up to meet Doug's eyes and gentle smile. "Douggie,
do you mind if I call you Douggie? Just when we're alone, just between
us. You can call me Bucky, like lover's names. They sound a little hoaky,
but not as bad as calling each other honey, or darling, or dear. They'd
sound stupid just between our selves."

"I guess Bucky, if that's what you want, just between us, I don't mind.
We'll know what we mean." Doug bent his head to kiss Buck again, but Buck
turned his head.

"There's something else, more important. It's what I really, really like
in bed."

"Okay, what's that?"

"I, well I want to be on the bottom all the time, or at least ninety-eight
percent of the time with you. Can we do that? Will you? Is that okay?"

Doug nodded cautiously. "I guess so, but why? I like getting fucked as
much as I do being the top gun, especially with you."

"It's just my fantasy, it's what I've dreamed of. You know you're the man
of the house, the man in our relationship and I'm your willing pussy. I
know that sounds kind of gross, thinking of my ass as a pussy, but I do.
And ever since the first time by the lake, and even when Paul or Marc
fucked me I pictured you and when they come in me, I made believe it was
yours." Buck blushed scarlet and dropped his eyes. "I liked it last night
in the dark, when they took turns eating me, but when you did it I really
lost it. If you remember, when I couldn't stand it anymore, I pulled you
on top of me so you could put it all back, then as soon as you did, you
bent me double and snatched it all back again." Buck giggled, "Of course
you didn't get it all, but it sure wasn't from trying."

It was Doug's turn to blush. "Sorry, I guess I sort of got carried away.
It was so dark, and we were both so hot, I just let myself go. Maybe it's
just the nasty animal in me."

Buck pulled away from Doug to pick up the hose. He placed it in Doug's
hand, then turned and bent over. "Don't be sorry," he said between his
legs, "I'm looking forward to tonight in my bed with the lights on low so
we can both see everything we do or you do to me, so I think we should
start getting me ready. Here it is two o'clock in the afternoon on the
second day of being together and you haven't fucked me once yet. I know,
let's finish up here and go out in the sun on the terrace. If we're making
it when Morgan shows up finally we'll see how he reacts."

After the boys beached their boats and got tired of ribbing Paul about
seducing Morgan in front of Bucky, he used the bunkhouse phone to open the
gates then went up to the front of the house to wait for Morgan. He was
amazed that he and Morgan were mutually attracted to each other from the
moment their eyes met the first time. They knew before they'd eaten half
their hoagies that they would get together to consummate their budding
relationship somehow and that it would happen that same day. He wondered
what they would do first, then how they would finish, but those were
imponderables, wait and see things. He was concerned about how Morgan
would react when he discovered that Marc, Doug and the unquenchable little
Buck would join them eventually and expect to experience the new guy in the
club, just as they'd all shared themselves without reservation. Even Doug
and Buck who thought they were pretty close to being in love weren't
jealous of each other when it came to sex. Somehow they thought of sex as
something to be enjoyed with any partner they liked and were attracted to,
and kept it separate from the love part of their relationship. His
thoughts were interrupted when he heard Morgan downshift to climb the hill
to the house.

Paul put on a smile he hoped would conceal his concerns, as Morgan parked
the truck and killed the engine. Then he managed to trip on nothing as he
walked to the driver's side of his truck revealing his nervousness. He
forgot he was naked until he saw Morgan studying his body in general and
his half hard cock in particular from the truck's open window.

"Hi," Paul said with a wave, "that didn't take long."

Morgan climbed out of the truck. He'd already taken off his shirt, and
after he pushed the truck's door closed, he pushed his shorts down until
they dropped freely to pile themselves around his ankles without bothering
to open the fly. He kicked free of them then stood with his legs spread,
still wearing his gym shoes and a healthy very hard six inch erection.

Morgan looked down at himself, then up at Paul. He smiled halfheartedly.
He was as nervous as Paul was. "As you can see, I was in kind of a hurry
to get here." His smile left his handsome face when his nerve disappeared.
"Now that I'm here I'm ready to run. I'm not sure what happened between us
at lunch, but I don't want it to end before anything happens. Is there
somewhere we can go? What should we do? I'm sorry this isn't going the
way I thought it would. I just wanted to get this first time out of the
way, but I guess I don't have the balls I thought I had."

Paul realized that he was taking to a virgin and attempted to calm Morgan
by joking with him. He cocked his head sideways and studied the area
between Morgan's legs. He grinned at him. "Wow they sure look big enough
to me, they're bigger than mine, and our cocks are just about evenly
matched. Your whole body is beautiful. I guess you can tell I'm into
guys, jocks whose bodies are developed for maximum performance in their
best sports." Paul shrugged, "You know that just dawned on me standing here
admiring you. Now all you have to decide is how you want to use your body
the first time so it will be an experience to remember. I'm open to any
suggestions, but you don't have to do a damn thing until you're ready and
want to. There's no hurry. Want to look around for a while?" Morgan

Both prime cocks wilted to near normal as they walked together to the field
house, after that, Paul guided him through the house in the front door and
out through the family room doors to stand there and look down at the lake
and the bunkhouse.

Morgan pointed to the distant raft. "Someone's out there getting some sun,
your brother maybe? He sure has a great body too, like yours, but lighter.
What's his best sport?"

Paul laughed and slapped Morgan on the back, then left his hand on his
shoulder. Morgan seemed to enjoy the unexpected contact, so Paul risked
moving his hand to Morgan's other shoulder before he answered the innocent
question. "Yup that's his favorite sunning spot. Believe it or not his
two best sports are photography and sex, and not always in that order. As
soon as he sees you naked, it'll be decision time for him; whether to try
and make you before or after he burns a dozen rolls of film on you, but
eventually he'll do both if you let him."

"Seriously? You aren't joking?" Morgan asked as he put his arm around
Paul's lower back and started walking him down the slope to the bunkhouse.

Paul laughed again. "Yup, seriously, and no, I'm not joking." He glanced
down quickly when he noted Morgan's interest in Marc. He was pleased to
see that Morgan's cock had begun to grow. Then he wondered what Doug and
Buck were doing, and decided to warn Morgan. "I guess you understand that
the four of us all get along really well in bed or wherever or whenever we
get the urge. Don't be too shocked if we find Doug and Buck in action down
here. This is what we call the bunkhouse. It's where we sleep and mess
around mostly."

Morgan's hand began to wander Paul's back as they walked, but froze on
Paul's butt as they came around the corner of the building and looked on
the terrace for the first time. As Paul prophesied, Doug and Buck were in
action on a lounge near the sitting wall. Buck was completely hidden
except for his spread legs bent at the knees and his arms and hands as they
moved over Doug's moving back and thrusting ass. Morgan's arm forced Paul
closer to the heaving pair until they stood beside the lounge looking down
on them.

"Will they mind if we watch?" Morgan whispered.

Paul laughed. "The only thing these two horny studs would mind is if you
tried to separate them." Paul looked around. "Let's pull this lounge over
and get comfortable." Morgan didn't hear Paul's suggestion or even notice
when Paul pulled him down to sit beside him on the side of the lounge.
Morgan's erection was complete and then some, standing tall between his
closed legs.

Paul watched Morgan watch Doug with growing excitement. "Want to help
them?" He asked, and not expecting an answer he stood up and moved to the
foot of the other lounge. He grabbed Doug by the ankles, and spread his
legs. Morgan looked to see what Paul was doing. "Come here Morgan kneel
between Doug's legs. Morgan obeyed like a robot. He sat on his heels and
leaned down until his eyes were inches away from Doug's tightly bunched
balls and he could see as much as six inches of cock being alternately
thrust into, then withdrawn from Buck's stretched sphincter.

"Use your hands if you want, anywhere, Doug is beyond caring. Grab his
balls and just hold them until he thrusts in and stops, then give them a
good squeeze." Paul encouraged Morgan between giggles. "Now Morgan, you've
still got a free hand, and they both look like they took a bath in oil,
explore a little in Doug's tight little crack until you find his sweet
spot, then just finger fuck him until he comes. Just be careful he doesn't
cut your finger off when he clenches." He warned.

All the while Paul was issuing instructions and advise his own hands were
busy on and in Morgan's body, but like Doug, he was way beyond caring. He
was so excited he was breathless. Suddenly, when Doug paused so just his
cock head remained in Buck, then thrust down with his hips and reared his
upper body up with his arms, Morgan jammed two fingers into Doug as far as
he could get them and started to close his fist on Doug's balls.

Doug let out a strangled scream and Buck moaned in counter point as his
cock started spewing on its own. The first and largest thick white knurdle
landed on the side of his mouth, and his tongue barely out raced Doug's
sucking lips for the prize. Buck and Doug grinned at each other before
Doug ducked his head to quickly collect a trail of lesser drops that
marched evenly down Buck's chest to end abruptly as a dribble from Buck's
cock head which was in the process of making itself comfortable just below
his ribcage.

"Is he done?" Marc asked generally as he quickly dripped his way from the
lake to the side of the occupied lounge. When no one answered him, he got
more specific, "Doug are you done? If you are, get off him, I'm next."

"Hold it little brother, we have company, and he's next, if he wants to be,
and Buck says okay. After Morgan, I'm next. You go to the end of the line
and wait or marry your fist." Paul's tone of voice didn't seem to leave
room for negotiation, so Marc stomped into the bunkhouse and returned with
a camera.

Doug came to life, slowly disengaged from Buck and lifted himself so Buck
could rest his legs on the lounge. When he attempted to get off Buck and
the lounge, he found that Morgan hadn't moved from his kneeling position
between his and Buck's legs. He seemed to be in a trance.

"You can get out of there now Morgan, we're finished, the show is over. Oh,
and thanks for the extra help, that was really neat," Doug said tiredly.
When Morgan still didn't move, he lifted himself carefully and swung a leg
over Morgan's head being careful not to actually give him a concussion when
he hit him in the temple with the heel of his foot.

The knock on the head caused Morgan to come out of his trance. He sat back
on his heels again and looked down at himself first, then at Buck who was
still lying on his back comfortably and grinning back at him. "Sorry, I
don't think I can move, not very far, without losing it."

Buck giggled. "Do you think you could lean forward and kind of stretch
out? Maybe you could lose it where it belongs." He sat up and took
Morgan's hands, then lay back down again, pulling Morgan with him as he
lifted his legs again.

Morgan poked around blindly for a moment until Paul came to his rescue with
one hand, and pushed gently on Morgan's ass so he would lower himself into
Buck. Buck welcomed him by wrapping his arms around his back and pulling
him closer. Then he attached his lips to Morgan's and forced his tongue
into his mouth. Morgan returned the kiss and relaxed, but still hadn't
moved his hips.

Morgan buried his head by Buck's ear and whispered desperately, "If I move,
I'm finished."

Buck answered with another whisper, "That's okay, then you just start over
and no one will know but us." Buck arched his body up lifting Morgan's.

Morgan thrust back, moaned and started shooting while his eyes rolled up
in his head until Buck saw only white between Morgan's slitted lids. Buck
wrapped his legs around Morgan's waist and locked his ankles then started
lifting himself up to Morgan until Morgan started moving on his own. Both
boys enjoyed the result ten minutes later when Morgan came the second time
just as forcefully as the first.

Morgan's body decided it needed a rest and he promptly fell asleep with his
face buried in the cushion and Buck's blonde hair.

Buck giggled his amazement. "Boy am I getting good at this or what? Old
Morgan's taking a nap!"

"Not for long." Paul said with a grin and reached between Morgan's legs.
Morgan screamed suddenly and scrambled to lift his body to follow wherever
Paul was pulling his balls. When Paul had him standing up he let go. Doug
put an arm around his shoulders guiding him to the opening in the sitting
wall, then jumped, taking Morgan with him. Buck jumped up and followed
them, tucking into a cannon ball at the last moment, attempting to land on
them. They surfaced with their heads together and laughed maniacally
before they started an impromptu race to the float.

"Seems like we just got fucked out of our turns," Marc said to his brother
while they watched the race.

"We've still got each other, and I'm still next." Paul answered with a grin
pointing to the suddenly vacant lounge. "I guess you understand where that
leaves you little brother." Marc grinned and put his camera down on a

I'm sorry this chapter has taken so long. This story started out to be
short and it's growing into a monster. If you notice problems with
continuity, please excuse them and use your imagination. As always,
constructive criticism is appreciated. Happy New Year's to all!...Jamie




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