Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


 Chapter 14

The Wilcott field house was a beehive of activity by
six o'clock in the morning. The boys had been there
since five-thirty. The only grumbles Paul got when he
woke the others at five were from Marc. He complained
in a sleepy voice, snuggled against Dylan with his
head on Dylan's chest that his cock was broken, his
nuts were drained and shriveled to the size of raisins
and that he'd just completed an uninterrupted eight
hour workout with Dylan as a slave driving coach.

Dylan just grinned at Paul, looking relaxed and
satisfied. "I told him it had been a long time," he
explained, "and at first he just never stopped. Then
when he was wearing down, I was just getting into it.
Watch this," Dylan reached down, found Marc's cock and
draped it gently over his thigh, then just drummed on
it lightly with his finger tips.

Even Marc giggled as they watched it swell and
lengthen. "Well all righty then, once more if you want
to. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it," he
said as he started to separate Dylan's legs with a

"I always want to, but I thought you wanted to be my
official photographer?" Dylan asked.

"Oh yeah! I forgot." Marc pushed himself to his knees,
then stood up on the bed and pulled Dylan up by one
arm. "Come on, let's get a quick shower, we can fuck
later. Right now I need to get you all nice and movie
star bright and pretty." He stopped half way to the
bathroom and squinted at Dylan eyes.

"What?" Dylan asked.

Marc reached up and tugged at one of Dylan's
eyelashes. "Ouch! What the fuck are you doing? Let

Marc giggled. "Just making sure they were real,
they're so long."

"Fuck you too!" Dylan laughed.

"Anytime, just say the word. You don't always have to
be on the bottom you know, I like it too."

When they were in the shower, Marc looked at the
showerhead and screamed, "BUCKMINSTER! Get in here!"

Everyone came running. "What's wrong?" Buck asked
looking puzzled. He and Doug were dripping, they were
both rock hard and Doug was red faced and frowning at
being interrupted in mid-fuck. Paul and Morgan also
sported matching erections.

"What kind of a dump are you running here?" Marc
demanded with a mostly straight face. "There's no
hose! How can we get really clean without a hose?"

Buck managed to look insulted. "Jesus H. Christ! When
have I had time? Say, where'd you get yours anyway?"

"Home Depot." Marc answered, then looked at Dylan, "I
guess we'll just have to rough it here, then shower
for real again when we get back home." He smiled
studying the four hard bodies, cocks and frowning
faces staring back at he and Dylan. "Oh well," his
smile turned lecherous, "say since you're all here,
why not stay and rough it with us?"

Dylan pushed Marc aside. "I was thinking the same
thing, and since I'm new to the group." he didn't
bother to finish his sentence with words. He pulled
Buck and Doug under the spray with him and knelt in
front of Doug, then looked back and up at Buck,
wiggling his butt. "Well?" He asked and took Doug's
cock in his mouth until he was kissing red pubic hair.

"Oh wow!" Buck mumbled walking on his knees and
guiding himself. He looked up at Doug who was smiling
back at him already pumping himself frantically,
trying to match the speed of Dylan's bobbing head.
"I don't believe this is happening. Fantasies do come
true." He managed just before he leaned forward, then
wrapped his arms around Dylan's body, and rested the
side of his head between Dylan's shoulder blades to
begin some serious pumping of his own.

Paul remained standing and started making out with
Doug and humping his side, while Morgan sat down at
Dylan's side and used his eyes and both hands to
explore his union with Buck and jerk him off. Marc,
not to be left out, knelt behind Buck, entered him,
then just allowed Buck to do most of the work while he
enjoyed the unique position of watching everyone else.

Doug came first because he was almost there with Buck
in their shower, when Marc started hollering his head
off. His body was still shivering when Paul pushed him
aside to replace him in Dylan's mouth. Dylan tensed as
he was about to gobble Paul, and Morgan butted him
upright with his head long enough to get his mouth on
him while he came. Paul pulled Dylan forward while
Morgan was still sucking, and twisted his neck
painfully because he refused to let go and waste a
single drop of movie star cum.

Just after Dylan got Paul in his mouth Buck reared up,
grabbed Dylan's hips, and drove his cock home as far
as he could get it. Dylan winced and grunted in
surprise accidentally baring his teeth. Paul howled
and was about to push Dylan away when he felt Dylan
recover and open his mouth wider, cover his teeth
again with his lips, and resume sucking.

Buck was still pumping cum when Marc put his arms
around him and dragged him backward by walking on his
knees out of the shower and Morgan's way. Morgan
replaced Buck before Dylan's sphincter had time to
close, while Marc bent Buck forward and got himself
off outside the shower. Both enjoyed watching from a

Everyone was finished in five minutes and took turns
drying each other after each took a turn at inspecting
the red tooth marks at the root of Paul's cock. Dylan
couldn't stop smiling as he apologized repeatedly for
his lapse and pointed to the size of Buck's half
wilted cock and the unexpected forcefulness of its
owner as the reason.

"Hey, don't blame me or mine," Buck giggled, pleased
with the praise of his endowment. "If I recall, you
started it by raping me."

Dylan bent over laughing. "Is that what he meant last
night when he said you raped him?" He asked Paul.

"Yup, that's about it. Only when I raped him it was
pitch black in the middle of the night and he sat on
me. I thought it was Marc or Doug until he started
with that gravelly giggle of his."

As soon as Morgan parked the Trenton limo in front of
the field house, Marc went to collect his cameras and
sufficient film to last an amateur a year. When he
finally reappeared, Paul, Doug and Buck were warming
up by doing stretching exercises. Morgan and Dylan
were halfheartedly taking turns trying out some of the
equipment after Dylan attempted to figure how it was
supposed to be used, before Morgan showed him so he
wouldn't hurt himself.

They all stopped what they were doing and gawked at
Marc, then started pointing at him and laughing their
asses off. He stood before them looking like the
original Japanese tourist. He had three cameras
hanging around his neck and another, mounted on a
tripod balanced over one shoulder. His other hand was
occupied with trying to keep the shoulder strap of a
small steamer trunk size equipment bag up where it
belonged on his other shoulder. His shorts also
disappeared while he was gone.

Paul, Doug and Buck were wearing jocks. Buck's was
dark green. Morgan and Dylan stayed naked after they
all dropped their shorts in the locker room. Morgan
was darkly tanned upward from three inches above his
navel and two inches above his knees to his feet. The
skin in between was a definite pink from the sun he
got the previous afternoon.

Dylan sported only vague narrow lines up from the
crack of his ass and around his hips, that is, where
his hips would be if he had any. He explained that he
wore a thong mostly when he was home and outside near
the pool. The reason was that he could never be sure
that some ambitious photographer wouldn't risk scaling
the cliff overlooking Malibou Beach, where he built
his sprawling ultra modern bachelor pad. Or one of
them climb the eight foot wall on the road front side
of the property, or just rent a helicopter and descend
on him. He told the boys that all of the above had
occurred when he was known to be home and the
frequency of the method was dependent on the degree of
difficulty. The cliff offered the most protection, the
sky the least. The wall was an in between thing only
because a guard service patrolled the road.

Dylan was five-seven, but always appeared to be taller
in his movies. His body was neither that of an athlete
specializing in some sport or that of a skinny wimp.
He stayed fit through aerobics and adjusted his body's
appearance to suit the part he was to play in his next
picture using diet; eating properly, over eating or
adhering to a strict diet, and exercising or not.

After Marc arrived, they quickly adjusted to having a
camera pointed at them when they weren't looking at
him. Dylan told Marc that none of the photos he was
taking of him or them were of any value, except
personally or to a tabloid, but if he was really
interested in selling his stuff as legitimate by a
professional photographer, then everyone would have to
at least wear shorts. Marc nodded, turned into a
drill sergeant and ordered them to march back into the
locker room to find shorts of his or Paul's that would
mostly fit before they resumed their workouts. (To
Marc, tight was synonymous with fit.)

John Wilcott walked in carrying a cup of coffee after
knocking repeatedly, until Marc shouted at him to come
in. He found Dylan and Morgan sitting like Indians on
the edge of the big mat watching Paul perfect his
tumbling routine, while Buck and Doug were circulating
through the exercise apparatus. Marc was the only one
naked. He lay on his belly on the floor on the far
side of the mat, opposite Dylan and Morgan with one of
his cameras aimed at Dylan.

"Hi Mr. Wilcott." Doug and Buck said in unison, then

"Good morning, and please call me John. I knocked
because I didn't want to ah," he reddened, "interrupt
anything, but I see I needn't have worried. Everyone's
even wearing shorts, except him," John said pointing
his chin in Marc's direction.

Marc sat up and grinned at his father. "Come on Dad,
give us a break. We aren't sex fiends. Who could think
about sex before breakfast?" He asked innocently, then
changed the subject so the others could stop giggling
behind their hands. "Hey guess what? I'm going
professional. I'm now the famous Dylan Brockway's
personal photographer. He says I can sell a photo
layout of him just working out for maybe a hundred
grand, or maybe more!" He frowned at Dylan, "That is I
could if he would get off his ass and make like he was
working out!" He screamed so it echoed around the
cavernous room.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Dylan answered Marc's hint and
laughed. "I'll get going after Paul finishes this. You
know no one can really appreciate how beautiful these
moves are or how much strength this shit takes from
watching it on television. Paul just makes it look so
damn easy. He's awesome."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Marc countered, unimpressed; "I've
watched him doing this simple shit for years. If you
want to see a real show come around just before a meet
when he gets serious, THEN he's awesome. Meanwhile,
you're sitting there with your thumb up your ass
costing me serious money. Now get off your ass and
start doing something!" He shouted.

John walked over to tower above Marc as Paul started a
complicated diagonal concluding run that ended with a
split so he was facing them. Marc managed three frames
as he landed. "Excellent!" John congratulated Paul,
then looked down at Marc. "Those might be a fantastic
series, and since he's actually wearing shorts for a
change, you might be able to sell those to a magazine

Dylan joined them and heard John's comment. "Hey yeah,
it would be really good PR too, if he's going to all
the national and international meets this winter, then
the Olympic tryouts in the spring. Advance publicity
can't hurt him."

Marc scoffed. "No one would buy just pictures, not a
national magazine, there'd have to be an article to go
with them."

"I'd like to try writing that if you want." Dylan
enthusiastically volunteered. I like to write. I've
written a screen play," he frowned, "of course it will
never get made, but writing is something I can do,
like a hobby, wherever I am. Could I try?" He asked
hopefully, looking up at John from where he sat on the
mat a few feet from Marc.

Marc's camera fired a dozen times before Dylan looked
at Marc, nodding, willing Marc to give him permission.
"Holy shit!" Marc exclaimed with a giggle. "Anyone of
those, wow fantastic! No wonder you're a star, I can't
take a bad shot of you. Sure, you can write something
if you can figure out what to write about him besides
his name and the few big meets he's gone to and won."

Paul had stretched out where he landed; lying on his
side with his head propped up with an arm. He was
soaked with sweat. "Yeah," he giggled tiredly,
"there's two or three sentences out of the way."

Dylan shook his head and smiled. "I need some angles,
being unknown is one of them, and that also makes you
a dark horse in the race. That's another." He snapped
his fingers, "I can use your name, you know like the
son of John Wilcott, that's another angle."

"Yeah right," Marc giggled, "poor little rich boy with
his own private field house struggles in the face of
adversity to gain national recognition in the field of
men's gymnastics, blah, blah, blah." Marc started
laughing. "You may as well also mention that he's too
fucking big while you're at it."

"Too big?" Dylan asked.

Paul explained his height, weight, to strength ratio
problem, and compared himself to women gymnasts, "Have
you ever seen a cow on a balance beam?" Then answered
his question, "They're all tiny, they have to be. It's
the same with men. I tower over everyone else."

"So there's the real angle. Your size makes you a long
shot." Dylan frowned. "Damn I wish I had my lap top. I
could start right now."

"I have one." Buck offered as he and Doug joined the
group sitting around John on the mat. "It's for
school, but I don't use it much."

Paul giggled, "You mean you don't need it much since
you have one in your head."

Buck turned scarlet. "Big mouth. I told you that was a

"No, you told Doug, not me." Paul corrected. "Little
Buckminster here has a photographic memory," he
explained to the others since they were looking

Buck pointed both middle fingers at Paul. "Blabber

John looked at each of the boys surrounding him and
shook his head in amazement. "It's hard to believe how
much potential and talent each of you possesses.
You'll all go far as individuals after your schooling
and if you manage to stay friends, as a team I think
you'd be unstoppable at any venture." He looked at his
watch. "Whose turn is it to cook today? Bucky is
coming over for breakfast, then we're flying out to
the Hampton's, stay over night, and we'll be back
tomorrow morning," he looked at his sons, "with your
mother. We're invited to a barbecue tomorrow, but I
guess you know about that."

Doug started to squirm the moment John mentioned
cooking. Marc looked at him and grinned. "I'm hungry
too and it's Doug's turn."

Buck whispered, "You better just tell them the truth."

Doug looked up and shrugged, "There's one little
problem I forgot to mention about me cooking. I

"Can't?" John asked.

"Nope, nothing unless you like Pop Tarts and water
boiled in a microwave."

"What?" Doug asked, not believing his ears. "Nothing?
That's all?"

Doug looked at Paul for support. "You've met my
mother. Do you think she'd ever let me cook anything?"

Paul started shaking his head and laughing as he
rolled around the mat. "Truth to tell, nope," he said
to the others. "Doug's mom is real nice and
everything, but she's a real clean freak," he burst
into laughter again. "Shit you should see him just
trying to walk into the house wearing shoes." Paul
pulled one of his bare feet up to his eyes, crossed
them and studied his toes.

After the general laughter died and Doug folded his
middle fingers back after shooting Paul a double bird,
Dylan came to Doug's rescue. "Shit, I can cook if
you'll help. I've been living on my own since I was
fourteen, unofficially of course. My parents; my
mother mostly was a classic stage mom, always pushing
and controlling me. I guess I was the principal
breadwinner of our little family since I was two or
three. I got tired, so I moved out. When they tried to
stop me I threatened to stop working, that scared them
because they were spending my money as fast as I made
it, but I didn't know it." He shivered and studied the
mat. "I found a real neat condo close to where they
lived in MY fucking big house, but when I tried to buy
it, I discovered I was nearly broke. They pissed
everything away. I actually had to take them to court
and divorce them. Can you believe that? A kid
divorcing his parents."

"I remember reading about the case." John said
quietly. "You won."

Dylan nodded. "Yeah, but it wasn't easy. I sat down
with my agent, my accountant and my attorney and we
made up a financial management plan including the few
assets I had left and anticipated income from pictures
that I was contracted for, for the next two years. The
judge was impressed. I mostly invested in real estate,
but I also got into selling myself, you know all the
shit that teeny boppers buy if it's got their favorite
hunk's autograph and picture on it, meaning me, I
manufacture and market it, or my company does. You
wouldn't believe the junk these little girls buy. The
circulation of my fan magazine is up to three million
now." He paused to look at Marc and grin, "That's why
I told you, you could get a hundred grand for a nice
layout of me. I guess you can consider it already sold
since I'm the publisher." He laughed suddenly, "I
think I talk too much around you guys. I've never told
that to anyone before. Anyway, come on Doug let's go
see what we can do in the kitchen."

After Dylan and Doug left them, John looked at Paul,
"There goes a nineteen year old who's going on forty.
I like him and I'm glad to see that you and Marc pick
your friends wisely."

Marc frowned. "Yeah, well you know the sonofabitch got
out of here before I got one damn picture of him
working out."

"I wouldn't worry about it. He's welcome to stay here
as long as he wants to and he can call this home
whenever he's on the East Coast." John slapped Marc on
the back affectionately. "Why don't you go develop
that roll that has Paul doing that split on it? Then
dig out a half dozen others, maybe including that nude
of him on the rings from the back. You may not like it
but Paul's fans will. Dylan's right, if we can market
him before he gets to a big meet, the judges will have
to give him better scores than they would a total

Two hours later a mini-convoy of two limousines parked
at the Henderson's. Six boys jumped out of the first
from both rear doors. John Wilcott and Bucky Trenton
stepped out of the second after Joe their driver
opened the door for them. The men were laughing and
talking together like old friends. The boys tossed
their shorts back in the car then waited impatiently
for the men to catch up. When Joe joined Willie in
leaning against the first car, both young men appeared
to be relaxed, but their eyes slowly traveled back and
forth around the entire open area and Doug noticed
they paid particular attention to the doors and
windows on that side of the house.

"Would you guys like to look around inside?" Doug
asked after Buck and the other guys raced each other
to the pool so they could take a swim before practice

"They most certainly would not." Bucky answered for
them. "I know you guys are doing what you're supposed
to do, but no one is aware that we were coming here.
We didn't even know it until half an hour ago. Relax
for awhile. Come on with us and watch Buck and Doug
practice, take your shirts off and get some sun, but
before you do, lose those heavy weapons that are
sticking out under your shirts."

"Could we bring them and just cover them up?" Joe

"Yeah, I guess, as long as they're out of sight." John

Doug walked with the men since he felt like he was
their host, and when they came out of the garden, he
took them to a door to the family room. He reached up
and found the key, not very well hidden, over the door
jam. Joe and Willie looked at each other and shook
their heads. Doug laughed at what they obviously
thought of as an extreme breech of security as he
ushered them inside.

"This room belongs to my father and I," he explained.
"Mom lets us kick back in here. There's a refrigerator
behind the bar loaded with beer and soda. There's an
ice maker under the bar, and most kinds of booze if
you want a drink, help yourselves." Doug went back to
the open door and shouted, "Hey guys! If you want
anything cold to drink, it's in here!" He was able to
step back in time to avoid being stomped.

Paul walked with Doug to the pool holding a Coke.
"Your mom is going to kick your ass for letting us in

"It's okay in that room. How do you think I get to and
from the pool? Do you want to start us again? The gun
and stop watch are in that dock box."

The men took chairs on the side of the pool and Joe
and Will stood behind them, a step away from where
their shirts lay covering their guns. All four were
sweating in the July sun. There was no shade close by.

"Want to swim before we start?" Buck asked. "Doug gets
nasty like Paul if someone interrupts practice after
we start."

Will and Joe looked at Bucky hopefully until he nodded
and stood up to pull his shirt off and drop his
shorts. John watched him for a second then shrugged
and stripped while Will and Joe dove in together. Doug
watched the two men jump in before he stepped to the
edge. Marc touched Dylan's arm and whispered, "Watch
Doug," and quickly raised his camera.

Once again, Doug leaned forward and allowed his body
to fall. His body folded severely until his hands
touched the water, then straightened again before his
feet disappeared. There was almost no splash. The
simple dive seemed to be done in slow motion. Marc's
high-speed advance managed five frames.

Dylan watched Doug's body shape moving quickly and
effortlessly to the end of the pool under the starting
platforms. Then he exited as smoothly to stand and
watch the others horsing around, before they climbed
out and practice could begin.

"How did he do that?" Dylan asked.

Marc shrugged. "He says the water likes him. Buck told
me he's already tops in the state. He's only fifteen
and five-ten. He'll be awesome when he finishes
growing if he can already beat the shit out of older
guys who are six-four."

"Holy shit. I guess I better get my ass in gear and
make reservations in Sidney next summer." Dylan looked
at Marc shyly, "Want to come along?"

Marc giggled, "Dad already leased a big house there
for the whole fucking summer, but I guess now we need
to get tickets for the swim venue too. You can stay
with us, and bunk in with me. That is if you want to."

Dylan blinked. "Want to?" he asked as he looked
around. "I want to do some serious bunking with you
right now. How about we go check out the garden? That
big thick hedge is really neat. We should see what's
on the other side."

"Yeah we should, we've got an hour or two." Marc

No one but Joe and Will noticed them stroll away
casually, or see them hold hands just before they
reached the corner of the house and start to run
toward the hedge in question. Joe looked at Will, and
winked before his eyes dropped to Will's monster cock.
Will smiled slightly then moved in his chair so his
legs opened and his cock dropped between them, before
he crossed them quickly and blushed. Joe mouthed a one
word silent question, "Later?" Will nodded before they
both resumed their visual search the surrounding area.

Joe's cell phone buzzed an hour later. He listened to
the caller for a minute, then leaned forward to talk
to Bucky and John. "The press have arrived. They're at
both gates because they aren't sure which one is
Wilcott's. They also aren't sure Dylan is staying out
here yet, but they can't find him in the city. What do
you want to do?"

John frowned then shrugged. "Shit, I'm afraid I'm out
of my element." He looked at Bucky; "I'm open to

Bucky stared into space for thirty seconds before he
grinned. "Is there somewhere here where the chopper
can land? I assume it's ready to go."

"Yes Sir. There's plenty of room on the lawn in front
of the house. The bird is on the pad waiting for you."

"Okay, good. Have him drop in here. You and Will take
the boys to Wilcott's. Go in low from the back of the
property. After, have him come back into the pad at
tree top level. I'll drive John in one of the cars,"
he grinned at John, "into my place. That should draw
them off your gate. At our gate John, you lower a
window so they see you, just tell them no comment, or
to get fucked for all I care. Then we'll take off for
Long Island after we make sure they see the chopper
leave by flying over them long enough for John to give
them the finger. How's that sound?"

Joe shook his head, "What about you Sir? One of us
should go with you."

"They aren't going to be looking at the driver, just
John in the back. Call George; have him send a dozen
uniforms out to be very obvious about guarding the
gate and inside our fence. That should keep them glued
to us and away from Dylan and the boys." John looked
at Will; "You're the electronics expert, can we rig a
few cameras to watch the road in front of John's?"

"Yes Sir, it isn't that far. I can get a signal back
to our monitors easy, no sweat. But can I make a
suggestion?" John nodded. "The local cops are probably
overwhelmed trying to clear both gates. The road is
real dinky and there are no crossroads between the
highway on one end and a county road on the other.
What if we just set up roadblocks on each end, using
the locals combined with our people. That would give
us a few large private properties as insulation on
both sides. No one out there likes trespassers."

Buck giggled. "Even better. Do that," he agreed, then
got serious. "I think from now on, I'd like it very
much if you two were attached permanently to Bucky.
He's a little wise ass and too smart for his own good,
meaning sneaky. A lot of things have changed this
weekend. He's got friends now and won't be moping
around the house. He's going to be much more visible.
Doug and Paul are probably going to the Olympics next
summer, so they'll be high profile very quickly as
they go to national and international competitions. I
know Buck is planning to attend every one of them
without asking. If I told him no, he'd steal a plane
first then figure out how to fly it in the air. He
likes you guys, and I think he'd listen to you as long
as you don't treat him like a kid."

"Wouldn't we kind of cramp his style, you know, being
around him all the time?" Will asked as he nodded to
Buck sitting by Doug on the pool combing with their
feet in the water. Doug was explaining some point
involving his hands. Buck was leaning into Doug with
his head almost on Doug's shoulder. He watched Doug's
hands and was listening intently, but as they watched,
Buck put a hand on Doug's thigh to caress it absently.
It was a movement that lovers might do naturally to
each other. Their looks, when they made eye contact
with each other shouted confirmation.

Bucky cleared his throat. "Err, yeah, I guess it's
obvious that, that's one of the changes I mentioned.
All six of these kids get along like that, although I
think separate special relationships are forming; Buck
and Doug, Paul and Morgan."

"And Marc and Dylan." Joe finished for Bucky, nodding
to them as they strolled too casually back to the side
of the pool area separated by three feet of space.
Both grinned at nothing and carefully avoided looking
at each other.

"At least anyone who doesn't know them wouldn't know
they were," John inhaled, "queer." He said the word
painfully. "I've known in my heart for a couple of
years, and I still can't believe it. Hell I ignored
it; I kept telling their mother that it was just a
phase. Now suddenly there's four more of them and
every one of them is so damned masculine."

"Actually, there will be eight of us if you still want
to assign Joe and I to Buck. You see Sir, we're gay
too." Bucky and John looked startled. "But we're kind
of a permanent couple, we're monogamous so far."

Bucky recovered from the surprise first and shrugged.
"That would make the task of watching over Buck easier
for all concerned, wouldn't it?" Then he had a
thought; "Does Buck know about you? I mean has he
ever, ah."

Will laughed, "Come on to either of us?"

"Yes. If he did, he didn't mention it." Bucky

"No he hasn't, and if you asked him, if he thought
about it, he'd realize he knew, deep down he knows. He
just has a thing for Doug right now really, so he
isn't looking. I don't think it matters if any of them
know, they'll just learn to ignore us mostly after
they find out we're a couple and they get to know us,
but you realize we are human," Will looked at Joe,
"there could be temptations."

"I think we'll be in for some ribbing about being
married," Joe said and raised his hand to show the
fathers a gold band on his ring finger. Will's ring
matched Joe's.

"I'll be damned," Bucky laughed, "just call me dense I
guess. When George sent you to meet me the first time,
he said you were a couple, and that went right over my
head. I thought he meant a team, like you worked
together, where you worked before you joined me."
Bucky glanced at John and stopped talking.

Will smiled, "It doesn't matter if Mr. Wilcott knows.
Joe and I met in basic training. I'm an electrical
engineer; my specialty is electronic surveillance, so
I packed a gun that I didn't need and worked in an
office. Joe is a linguist; he's fluent in more
languages than I knew existed. He worked in the field
and maybe had more use for his weapon on occasion.
They knew we were gay, but it didn't matter. I guess
talent out weighed the problem for our superiors. In
fact, as a field operative, it was a useful
inclination." Joe blushed and looked away, as Will
continued, "Then when Joe came home on leave one time,
we decided to join up as life partners, or whatever
you want to call it, and the shit hit the proverbial
fan. We became instant security risks and were asked
to resign."

Joe picked up their story. "We applied to all of the
big security companies together, but separately. When
one of us got an interview, we both showed up. We were
up front with everyone we talked to. When we
interviewed with George, he didn't care that we were a
couple, in fact he liked the idea. It turned out that
he retired from the same agency we worked for and
called the current management a bunch of asshole
incompetents and his opinion of the politicians on the
oversight committee was even more ah, colorful.
Anyway, here we are, two queers in love with each
other, not with your sons, but as Will said, being in
close proximity." he shrugged.

John studied the two young men while they talked. When
Joe finished his narrative, he sighed, smiled and
looked at Bucky. "If our sons turn out to be as level
headed and well adjusted as these two guys I'll be a
happy camper, as they say."

"Thanks Mr. Wilcott." Will grinned happily, shaking
hands with John.

"Please call me John."

"Okay John, thanks. What do we do when they're at
school? Going underground like teaching or coaching
won't work because we'd have to take off to go
wherever they, or I mean, Buck went." Will corrected

Bucky shook his head. "No, you were right the first
time. They, Buck, Marc and Doug, and probably the
fourth kid too. I don't think that will be a problem.
There's two kids there now, Arab princes, they both
have bodyguards with them and one even has a personal
servant, so you can be open about why you're there. If
you get bored, think about something like volunteering
as coaches or help out teaching in the computer lab or
language classes. I can smooth the way for you there,
just remember the kids will need their space. Oh, and
if something comes up and you need help, like if they
take off in three or four different directions at the
same time, call George anytime."

"What are you guys doing, holding a union meeting?"
Buck asked. The four men looked up to see he and Doug
standing near them. Buck giggled, "You better fire
these two old goons as bodyguards Dad, if we wanted to
snatch your butt, you'd be history and they'd be
floating in the pool. Doug says we're finished with
practice today, so we're finished."

"Old huh? I'll show you old. Let's take them out."
Will said. He instantly went into a crouched position
as he moved at Buck. He caught Buck around the waist,
and tossed him over his shoulder. In three more steps
he jumped into the pool. Joe followed with Doug a
split second later. The young men released their holds
on the boys as soon as they hit the water. Doug and
Joe surfaced laughing. Buck's head appeared and he
started to sprint for the far end. Will's head broke
the surface sputtering. "He honked me! Where is he?
I'm going to drown him!" He laughed, looking for Buck,
who was already out of the pool, ten feet from the
edge, giggling and ready to run.

The other guys jumped in around Will trying to slow
him down by grabbing his arms and legs and trying to
duck him, although they each got ducked for their
efforts after Joe joined in Will's defense. Everything
stopped when the sound of a helicopter grew louder
until it appeared over trees in front of the house.
Bucky had Will's cell phone to his ear, and was
directing it's landing as he and John walked toward
the front. Will and Joe vaulted out of the water then
pulled the boys out as they swam to the side.

"Play time's over for now guys." Joe told them, then
explained the game plan for getting them back to the
Wilcott estate secretly because of the crowd at each
gate. The boys ran as a group, to catch up to the
fathers and watch the big bird land. Joe and Will
pulled on their shorts and shirts and re-clipped their
weapons holsters to the waistbands in the middle of
their backs.

Will frowned, "I have a feeling that this assignment
is going to be rough," he said very seriously after he
looked to see that they were alone.

"How so? I think it's going to be fun, and I know we
won't be bored like Bucky thinks." Joe grinned.

"I didn't mean that. Little Buck didn't honk me like I
said. He more like stroked me a couple of times as we
went under. That's why I let him go so fast." Will

"If it's any consolation, I enjoyed throwing Doug over
my shoulder, but I realized it was a mistake as soon
as my arm got around his legs. I held him tighter than
I needed to, so his cock was pressed against the side
of my chest, then I just couldn't resist putting my
hand on that tight little ass of his. When we surfaced
the look he gave me told me he wanted to play too."

"Yeah, he's hot, shit they're all hot and I think when
they're alone and naked, they get it on together
whenever the spirit moves them. There's just no way we
can stand around watching."

Joe nodded, "I don't think Buck or John ever thought
we would, but if we do, we'll do it together. At least
there won't be any sneaking around about it."

"This afternoon should be interesting when we're alone
with them."

"Shit, lunch is going to be interesting. I keep
thinking about hot dogs for some reason." Joe held up
his hands and moved them apart, "I'd say about that

"I wonder why? Let's go." Will looked at the empty
chairs Bucky and John vacated. "I wonder if they want
their clothes? I'll bring them along just in case.
Nudity is easy to get used to enjoying."

Marc started laughing and pointing at his father while
he pull up his boxer shorts. They sported a big red
heart on the front. "Were you planning to get lucky
today Dad? You abandoned Mom on Long Island, and
you're wearing those."

John grinned while he covered his underwear with his
shorts. "No wise ass, this was supposed to be a long
quiet weekend with your mother, and she gave me these
for Valentine's Day." He pointed at the sky over
Marc's head. "If you look up there you'll see your new
underwater camera disappearing because of that crack."
He giggled as Marc's laughter degenerated into a pout.

After the men waved the chopper into the air, Bucky
scooted to the rear door of their limo, opened it and
bowed to John. "I've heard that you get a million
bucks for a retainer, but that's chicken feed compared
to what I'm charging you for this trip."

John laughed and settled himself in his seat. "It
might be worth it to be able to say you once worked
for me as my driver. This is getting to be fun. Home
Buckminster, if you please."

The boys and their bodyguards settled into seats as
four couples, until the helicopter lifted off and
started gaining altitude. Then they all attempted to
look out windows on both sides at once. Doug looked
around at the interior. "Wow Buck, this is just like
Marine One."

Buck nodded. "It's the same kind. Dad could have
gotten something smaller, but he was concerned about
hauling business guys. He didn't want to say, `Sorry,
my helicopter's too small.' to anyone. The Trenton
clan thinks big," he giggled as everyone laughed.

The chopper was less than twenty feet above the peak
of the Wilcott field house before it settled into the
open area between it and the house. It lifted off
again as soon as everyone was clear of the big rotor,
but not far enough away from the down draft.

"Fuck me!" Marc screamed into the wind, trying to
protect his camera from the dust.

"Okay, if you really want me to." Dylan answered when
it got quiet enough.

Marc grinned and nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah!" Then
frowned looking at Doug. "But first, what's for lunch?
I'm starved, we're all starved." He watched Doug drop
his shorts and look at Dylan, hoping for another
bailout. "You best think up something fast too, or
I'll do the cooking. We'll have Rocky Mountain
Oysters, yours, and you'll be singing soprano for the
rest of your life and Buck will be on top."

"How about pizza?" Doug asked ignoring the threat to
his balls. "We could order them and have them
delivered." He nodded, willing everyone to agree. He
relaxed when they did, then started arguing about what
toppings each liked as they walked down to the

"What was that about Buck being on top?" Will asked
with a straight face. He walked with Joe at the rear
of the group.

Marc blushed, "OOPS! Would it bother you if I told you
we're all gay?"
"Not if it doesn't bother you if Joe and I are too."
Will grinned seeing Marc's surprise first then his
eyes drop to his limp eight inch fun gun. "We aren't
trying to hook up with you guys, we just thought you
should know because we've been assigned to you from
now on, including school. So you can relax and be
yourselves when we're around, since we'll always be

Buck took Doug's hand and looked up at him. "I told
you so," before he grinned at the young men. "What if
we try to hook up with you?"

Joe answered with a question not a refusal, "We
thought you two were a couple, aren't you?"

"Sure," Buck countered, "but what's that got to do
with sex?" He asked pulling Doug with him to stand in
front of Will.

Paul stopped Buck from reaching out to Will, "Hold it
Buckminster, not here in the middle of the lawn, and
most definitely not before the pizzas are delivered,
which won't happen if Doug doesn't order them."

The delivery boy was mobbed before he could open his
car door forty-five minutes later. Doug explained that
they were all hungry, and by then, they were, but not
necessarily for pizza.




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