Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


 Chapter 16

Doug remained silent until Paul stopped his truck in
front of the big house at Somerset Farm. "You know
something," he asked, "I'm going to enjoy today. Its
so peaceful up here on top this hill. I think I'll
just concentrate on what I'm doing and try to forget
last night for awhile. By the way, thanks for a great
weekend," he added, "I feel like, well better, that I
never have to sneak around just to be myself." He
jumped out and closed the door, careful not to slam
it. "See you at noon for lunch?" He rolled his eyes.
"Shit, I didn't think about lunch this morning. Have
you got an extra sandwich I can borrow?"

"I guess I can spare one," Paul grinned. "Are you
going to work out in the pool here at lunchtime? What
are you going to do about your timing? Won't the pool
length screw you up just like the lake?"

Doug shook his head and looked sad for a moment before
he grinned. "Nope, not anymore. I'm done with
competitive swimming. I'll still swim, but from now
on, it'll be for fun. I'll just race the clock, like
how many laps I can do in a certain amount of time.
This fall, I'll guess I'll join the swim team," he
hesitated, "that is if they have swimming at the
regional high school. Do they I wonder?"

Paul looked surprised, "What about Oaks? I thought you
guys were going to room together?"

Doug laughed sadly. "Yeah we were, but now there's the
little problem of tuition. Bucky told me this morning
that I was a part of his family, but I don't think I'm
a big enough part, that he'd cough up the twenty
grand, and I don't even know what boarding costs on
top of that. I told Buck last night to find a fourth
roommate, or he and Marc could room together, but he
probably wasn't listening. Regional will be fine, and
assuming they have a swim team, maybe I can get a
scholarship for college. If I swim for them, I still
like beating the shit out of everyone, that will never

Paul watched Doug give him a negligent wave before he
disappeared around the side of the house. He almost
ran off the driveway trying to unclip his phone from
the waistband of his cut off shorts. I finally stopped
the truck in the middle of the drive to dial. "Marc?
Let me talk to Buck.. I know he has a phone, but I
don't have his number.. Cut the shit Marc, this is

Paul ended Marc's playfulness with his tone and
explained his conversation with Doug. Buck stopped
dead in his tracks in the middle of the hall in the
upper reaches of his father's office building. They
were heading to George's office to see what additional
information he'd been able to find about Peter
Anderson, boy cop.

"Shit!" Buck exploded. "He did say something like
that, but I thought he knew that nothing about school
had changed. I'll tell Dad and we'll talk to him
tonight. He's really fucked up. Yeah, we need to find
him a regulation pool and fast. I didn't think about
that. He's a great coach and he's taught me a lot
already. I sure don't want him to stop teaching me his
tricks, and paddling around in the lake won't cut it.
Okay, call me after lunch. Bye." Buck disconnected
after reciting his number, Doug's, his father's and
anyone else he could think of whom Paul might ever
need to call.

Half an hour later little Buck and his apparent rag
tag entourage left George's office with a manila
envelope containing everything he could discover about
Peter Anderson on very short notice. Including an
enlargement of his picture taken for his student
identification card and several candid shots taken
with a telephoto lens. Buck and Marc grinned at each
other because the candid photos were of Peter running
in Central Park at ten o'clock in the morning on July
the Fourth. He was dressed in short, light shorts, a
tank top and wore little running shoes. Peter was a
member of his high schools' cross-country team. They
thought that perhaps he ran daily to keep in shape
and if they were very lucky they could catch up with
him somewhere along his route in the park, which
George also helpfully supplied.

"How'd you know George would be in his office so
early?" Morgan asked as their elevator car plunged
toward the parking garage.

"Because my Dad kind of thinks that his executives
should be in by the same time he is. Even earlier is
safer. George always beats Dad because the guys report
to him." Buck looked up at Will and Joe with a grin.
"Don't you?" He asked.

"Well sort of," Joe studied the ceiling, "mostly," he

Will punched Joe in the arm, "Yes, that's what we're
supposed to do. We call. George doesn't always answer
it but someone does."

Buck nodded. "This security shit got started back when
someone in Italy I think, kidnapped J. Paul Getty's
grandson. Dad may have been born when it happened, but
the bad guys cut off one of the kid's ears and sent it
with the ransom note. Gramps got concerned that the
same thing could happen to anyone with a few bucks in
the bank, so Dad and now me grew up being surrounded
by bodyguards."

The door rolled back. A pair a Lincoln limousines were
parked in front of the garage lobby. Joe opened the
rear door of one and Dylan climbed in with a wave.
Will raced Buck for the rear door of the second car.

Buck won. "Old and slow, too bad." He giggled when he
returned the finger Will gave him.

"Where to Boss?" Will asked after they all got in the

Buck pulled Peter's candid photos from the envelope to
study them with Morgan and Marc looking over each
shoulder. "Well he dresses like a real runner, high
cut shorts, one of those little muscle shirts and
really good shoes, so I guess we need to find a
sporting goods store. These baggy shorts won't cut it.
Let's try Abercrombie and Fitch."

They changed into their running garb in the car while
Will started cruising slowly through Central Park.
"His address is in the low west seventies, maybe we
can catch him crossing Central Park West." Buck

After an hour of driving, they gave up, totally
frustrated. "Well, scratch one roommate." Marc grinned
at Buck, "There are a few guys that are going to say,
`I told you so,' when we get home, but I'm not waiting
that long. Can we cut across the park and go down
Fifth Avenue now? I want to get my underwater outfit
before dear old Dad has second thoughts, and cancels
this card."

Buck nodded to Will then giggled, "Or reports it
stolen, that's what he should do. Okay, it was worth a
try." Morgan gave Buck a quick elbow in the ribs after
they turned on to Fifth Avenue. "Ouch, mother fucker!
What was that for?"

Morgan grinned and pointed. "There he is! He must have
crossed the park and is running around it."

Will pulled over to the Central Park curbside. "I
can't leave the car here and go with you, and you
can't go alone," he told Buck wearing a determined
expression as the three guys climbed out of the car.

Buck rolled his eyes in frustration, then leaned in
the car a grabbed his phone. "Morgan and Marc will be
with me, plus I'll call you now, then leave the line
open so you can hear what's going on. How's that? You
just follow us slowly. We need to be kind of honest
with him. A limo following us while we run might be a
little unusual, but it must happen now and then in
this city."

Will wasn't entirely pleased with Buck's suggestion
but Buck slammed the car door and horns started
honking as traffic stacked up in the curb lane behind
him. He lowered his window and gave everyone a one
finger salute in typical limo driver fashion when he
started crawling forward to keep a position
immediately behind the three new runner additions on
the Fifth Avenue sidewalk.

The three boys ran side by side keeping Peter insight
a hundred yards in front of them. "Maybe we should
stay back here for awhile until we start to sweat a
little," Buck suggested. Gradually, during the weekend
he assumed the roll of leadership in the group because
he was a natural leader. The others ignored his age
and diminutive size, and joked about his extraordinary
wealth. They liked him as a person and respected his
awesome intelligence. His frequent suggestions mostly
made sense, so they listened to him. He eyed Marc
running at his side and grinned.

Marc noticed, "What?" He asked.

"You look like a runner for some reason. You have a
really good form."

"Are you trying to start a fight? I'm just doing what
feels comfortable, and I'm already sweating from
lugging this fucking camera. This guy better be worth
the effort, or you're dead meat when we get home. If
you want to get sarcastic, pick on Morgan for a
change." Marc frowned down on Buck. "Frankly, this
running shit is getting old real fast. How about me
getting back in the car where it's cool and I can get
some shots of you two ass holes trampling old ladies
from the window."

"Actually, I was paying you a compliment." Buck eyed
their quarry nearing the intersection by the zoo. "The
light is changing, we can catch up to him. You get
ahead of us, then bump into him or something and start
talking to him about running," Buck had a sudden brain
storm. "I know, photography! Ask him if you can shoot
him while he's running! That might work. You're the
runner in the group, and we're just friends keeping
you company."

Marc liked the idea of using his camera and nodded.
Buck patted Marc's ass affectionately then gave him a
shove. Marc increased his pace and dodged pedestrians.
Peter trotted in place at the rear of about twenty
people waiting to cross the street and when Marc
stopped beside him and smiled, Peter nodded and smiled
back making eye contact briefly, before they dropped
slowly down Marc's body. Marc did a quick open
appraisal of his own, and liked what he saw.

"Maybe we should test him." Buck looked up at Morgan.
"Let's be a gay couple and see how he reacts." Morgan
nodded and grinned.

They increased their pace and stopped just behind Marc
and Peter. Marc looked back, "You two are real slow
pokes today." He laughed and shook his head.

Morgan leaned his arm on Buck's shoulder and looked
offended. "We are not, you know when we run with you,
we like to stay behind you so we can watch your little
bubble butt bubbling." He and Buck both giggled at
Marc's surprised look, before it registered what they
were doing. A smile appeared on Peter's lips as he
glanced back at the two additional runners.

Marc raised an eyebrow. "You didn't have to invite me
to run with you just for that, it looks even better in
air conditioning"

A lady standing near them heard their comments and
turned her head to look at them. She turned back to
her friend. "What a pity," she said with a shake of
her head, "four more handsome studs off the market."

The light changed and the crowd that built up behind
them swirled around them to cross the street so they
were left alone. Marc grinned at Peter. "Sorry about
that we're dressed the same and she thought."

"That's all right," Peter interrupted with a soft
voice. "One of the benefits of living in the city is
that no one knows anyone else and we can all be
ourselves and no one cares. Do you guys run here
often? I try to get in a few miles everyday, but I
don't remember seeing any of you before," he
hesitated, as if he was deciding what to add. He
blushed and smiled, "And I would have remembered," he
said and dropped his eyes.

"Us too, and thanks." Buck said with a leer. "Actually
we live in the country. We came in today so dildo here
could buy a camera. Then we decided it would be fun to
do some running here for a change, so we bought some
gear and changed in the car," he tossed his thumb
toward the street where Will was again blocking the
curb lane. He sniffed his armpits, then Morgan's. "Now
we need to shower before lunch, but first I could use
something cold to drink. How about you?" Before Peter
could answer, Buck offered him his hand, "By the way
I'm Buck Trenton, this is Morgan and the cute bubble
butt is Marc."

After everyone shook Peter's hand, he nodded and
smiled, "Yeah sure, a gallon of ice water would be
great. There's a hot dog cart around the corner on
Central South most days if that's not out of the way
for you. I'm heading home on the Westside."

Buck started laughing, "That's even better, my parents
have an apartment there, between Avenue of the
Americas and Seventh, that's where we were heading.
I'll give you all the ice water you want."

Peter slapped his butt. "It would be cheaper too, I
forgot I don't have any money with me."

Marc studied Peter's tight shorts. "Shit I could have
told you that, there's no room in those shorts for
anything but muscle. Say, can I take some shots of you
running? Motion shots, you'll look great." Marc didn't
wait for permission. He ducked into the car and stood
up stuffing an extra roll of film in his waistband
then running faster to get ahead of them at the same
time. The light changed to red again and he dodged
traffic to and from the park to cross the street. From
there until they got to the front of the building
where the Trenton's maintained an apartment, he
allowed Peter to sprint toward him. Then he stopped
him and ran another fifty yards and motioned them to
run again.

"How long do we keep doing this?" Peter asked. They
were all sweating heavily.

"We walk the rest of the way. We'll all give him the
finger on three." Buck answered. "One, two, three!"
Even Will raised his arm and finger from the car
window, and blew the horn.

Marc was frowning at them when they walked up to him.
"What's wrong, why'd you quit so soon?"

"Because Pecker Head it's hot, we're dragging ass,
plus we've arrived." Buck pointed to a wide twelve-
story apartment building across the street from where
they stood on the park side of Central Park South. He
unclipped his phone from his waistband. "We're here.
I'll get the doorman to open the garage door for you,
and we'll wait for you in the lobby. Oh, will you
bring up our stuff please? We need to shower and
change. Thanks Will."

Peter looked confused. "You live there?" He asked as
they scooted across the street.

Buck shook his head, "Not really. My father uses it
for meetings occasionally and a few business guys stay
here when they're in town. Oh, and my mother might
stay over night if she's doing some heavy shopping,
but that's about it." He grinned, "Of course today,
it's handy to get a cold drink."

"I imagine it would be." Peter shrugged and let his
eyes travel the building faces. They were all
residential buildings. He couldn't imagine having a
Central Park South address because it was some of the
most desirable real estate in the whole city

The doorman opened the door from the inside and
welcomed young Mister Trenton to his home. Buck was
surprised that the man even remembered him. "Could you
let the car into the garage, and I need to borrow a
door key please. We've been running and this stop was
unplanned. Do you know if we have anything up there to
drink or eat?"

"Why of course Sir. Housekeeping always keeps you
fully stocked." The man managed to look slightly
insulted at the question. He recovered quickly after
Will appeared and Buck found his shorts. He turned his
back to the others and separated two, one hundred-
dollar bills from his money. Buck shook the doorman's
hand before he followed everyone into the elevator.

"One is for you, for all your help today. We'll leave
in the car so I won't see you later. The other is for
whoever has to clean up after us. We need to shower,
and the bathrooms may be a little swampy." Buck
giggled. "Do you think we could get a reservation for
lunch at the Tavern on the Green? We won't be very
well dressed, somewhere in a corner will be fine."

The man nodded, "I'm sure they can find a table for
you and your friends. How many, and for what time?"

"Five, and say around one, or one-thirty? And thanks
again." Buck stepped into the elevator and Marc shoved
him back out, then tried to close the doors. Buck
giggled and waved a key at him. "Ass hole, you aren't
going anywhere without this." He pushed Marc back from
the control panel. There were no buttons, just
keyholes. Buck inserted the key in the top hole and
turned it. The doors closed and the elevator started.

Before the doors closed completely, Peter heard the
doorman make the requested reservation. He looked
shocked. "You're Him? You can't be, you aren't old

Everyone laughed. Marc slapped Peter on the back and
explained, "You've got this little prick confused with
his father." Marc slipped his hand lower along Peter's
back and caressed one muscular butt cheek before he
let his hand fall. Before contact was broken, Peter
leaned back to welcome the touch.

Buck rolled his eyes. "For the tenth fucking time I am
not the little prick in this mob. With Wee Willie
being here, I'm not the biggest, but you should think
about changing your name to Little Prick."

"Fuck you!" Marc retorted.

The doors rolled back. "OOPS, there isn't time. The
elevator saved you from another sore ass." Buck
giggled, but when he looked back at them to see why
the others weren't laughing, he saw that they were all
staring at the two-story window across the living room
and the view of Central Park's treetops beyond it.
"DUH! Close your mouths and come out of there now."
Buck instructed sarcastically. "What a bunch of
fucking hayseeds. Those are trees just like home."
He shook his head in disgust.

Morgan sighed and grinned at Buck. "Come on Buck, give
us a break already, we live pretty comfortably, but
compared to this, your new house and the fucking
helicopter, we're dirt poor. You said something about
an apartment, but nothing about it being a damned
duplex penthouse."

Buck frowned, "I did so, or I thought I did. Oh, I
told Doug." He looked at his watch, "I need to call
him, excuse me, make your selves at home. Check the
kitchen and get us drinks," he said over his shoulder
while he took the stairs to the upper level two at a

Doug's phone started playing a tune while he was doing
his laps. Paul was sitting on the edge of the pool
with his feet in the water watching Doug and eating
his lunch, both their phones were within reach,
covered with a shirt. Paul answered, "Hello?" He
grinned as he watched Doug slow his stroke to look at
him. "Guess who? He wants to talk to you." Paul
offered to toss the phone to Doug.

"I don't want to stop now. Tell him I'm fine, I
vacuumed the pool this morning and now I'm into mowing
the lawn. I'll call him right after lunch." Doug
slipped under the water to end further pleas from Buck
to stop and chat, but he kept an eye on Paul, so he
knew when he ended the call.

Paul watched while he chewed for another ten minutes
then glanced at his watch. "Hey, it's twelve-fifty,
and there's not much left. If you want any, you better
get over here and eat," he called even though he'd
saved two sandwiches and an apple. Doug ducked under
and glided silently to where Paul was sitting.

Buck looked over the balcony into the living room,
before went back downstairs. Peter was alone, sitting
on the corner of a leather ottoman, staring out the
window. Marc appeared from the kitchen under the
staircase carrying a pitcher of ice water and glasses.
Morgan followed him with a clutch of Coke cans, and
Will brought up the rear with a stack of towels. All
three of them were naked. Buck went back into the
bedroom and stripped.

"Here's your water."

"Or you can have a Coke."

"And a towel."

Peter reacted like the footstool was electrified, by
jumping up and backing away from them closer to the
window. "Relax Pete, it's just skin. We're going to
shower and change before lunch remember? No one's
going to jump your bones unless you want to be
jumped." Marc leered and offered him a filled glass.
"But I'd like to volunteer for the job, if you're
interested," he added.

Peter accepted his drink after he pulled the towel
Will threw at him, off his head. He smiled a very
nervous smile and looked around the big room as Buck
bounded down the stairs to join them. "You probably
know I want to, but I've had some trouble with a cop,
and I don't want any more problems." He took a deep
breath. "Fuck it. He can't see me here." He decided,
and after draining half the glass of water, he
stripped off his damp running outfit while the guys
found seats and watched him. He posed self-consciously
with his back to the window, then covered his seat
with the towel and sat down again.

"That's better isn't it?" Marc asked.

Peter smiled and nodded, "Yeah, it's something I could
get used to, but with two sisters and parents," he

"What problem, with what cop?" Buck asked as he moved
from a chair to the sofa where Morgan and Will sat
together to get closer to the others. There was plenty
of room on one end, so he wedged himself between them
wiggling his hips until they moved enough to give him
just enough space to fit between them.

Peter watched their antics and laughed with them
before he answered. "A few months ago we were having a
lot of break ins in our building so the residents got
together and started patrolling the floors and service
areas, kind of a neighborhood watch thing, but just in
our building. I volunteered because it was something
to do to get out of the apartment at night for a
while. The cops got involved and gave us a couple of
radios so we could call the beat cops if we saw
anything. I was partnered with a guy who was twenty.
He was hot," he shook his head, "he still is hot, and
he thought I was too. He rooms with three other guys
in our building; all of them except Tommy are
straight. They all go the Fordham, college guys."

"Anyway one night, just about at the end of our shift,
about eleven o'clock, he and I went outside in the
back of the building where they park the trash
dumpsters. We thought we were alone, so we were just
kind of making out, and wondering where we could go so
we could really get together," Peter blushed, "I'd
never done much before that, but I planned to be a
quick learner."

"Out of nowhere this plain clothes cop put a gun in
our faces and busted us. He braced us against a wall,
and searched Tommy first, then cuffed him. Then he
searched me. He paid extra attention to my half-hard
cock and ass. The fucker was so hot him self, he was
panting. We both started pleading with him to let us
go. The cop asked me if my parents knew I was queer.
When I said yes, that they were cool with it he looked

"Tommy started telling the ass hole that he'd get
thrown out of school and never get in Seminary if he
got arrested. Tommy's really religious; he goes to
mass every damn morning. Walter, he's the cop, looked
at me, then told Tommy that he'd be charged with child
molesting since I'm under age. Tommy actually started
to cry. I kind of asked if there was anything I could
do to keep Tommy out of jail and Walter grinned."

"Anyway, he made me join the police cadets, which is a
bunch of kids who want to be cops. Of course old slime
ball Walter always picks me up for meetings and brings
me home after. Only we don't always get to the
meetings, and I do whatever he wants. Walter is a vice
cop, if you can believe that."

"This weekend he said he was taking me to a stake out,
a department store men's room to catch some queers. He
told me that all I had to do was stand in front of a
urinal with my dick out, and when a guy came in to
take a leak, I just had to show him the goods." Peter
was so engrossed in telling his story, he didn't
notice the looks the guys exchanged, or see that they
all leaned forward, listening intently.

"After like the third or forth guy, this really hot
young guy walked in and actually had to take a piss.
We smiled at each other and I let him see my cock. I
actually started to get a hard on. That was a
surprise. This guy reached out and touched me and
Walter and his band of fellow perverts busted the poor

Peter grinned suddenly for the first time. "The shit
hit the fan seriously when they discovered the guy was
Dylan Brockway, you know the movie star dude?"

"Yeah we know who he is." Buck nodded cautiously.

"If he'd been a poor fag like me. He would have gone
to jail quietly, caught with his hand full of juvenile
cock. Now the fuckers are sweating their balls off.
The whole squad knows that they're in deep shit, and
they blame Walter for getting me involved. Dylan
Brockway even hired John Wilcott, so you just know
he'll get off."

`How come you know of John Wilcott?" Mark asked
wearing a grin.

Peter shrugged "I think everyone does, but I really
like the law, and being a trial attorney would be
fantastic. I follow all his cases. I keep my grades up
and I'm hoping to get an academic scholarship." Peter
giggled for the first time. "I run because it will
look good on my transcript, not because I like it
particularly. I'm just lucky I'm reasonably fast, but
running sucks if you want to know the truth. If I were
you guys today, my ass would be plopped in the back of
that limo enjoying the air conditioning." He refilled
his glass while the guys laughed.

Buck struggled to stand up, but Will and Morgan held
him down. "You wanted to sit between us, so stay put,
so I can keep track of your little ass." Will giggled
when Buck gave up.

Marc looked at Buck with a raised eyebrow. Buck
nodded. "You've been honest with us, so now it's our
turn. My last name is Wilcott, guess who my daddy is.
We can go over to his office after lunch if you want
to meet him."

"And Dylan Brockway is our friend." Buck grinned.

Peter suddenly looked scared. He glanced at his wet
clothes, then the closed elevator doors, which also
served as the doorway to the Trenton penthouse. Morgan
rushed to reassure him, "Stay cool, we're your friends
too. We came into the city today just to meet you. We
have a copy of the arrest report. It lists you as
being the victim, and that didn't jive with the story
Dylan told us, so we wanted to find out the truth from
your side of the urinal partition."

"And Dylan isn't mad at you." Buck continued, "Far
from it. He's interested in continuing where you guys
left off the other night, just without the cops. He's
with us too. He's collecting his shit from the hotel
and he's staying with the Wilcott's. If you want to we
can catch up with him later."

"Yeah so he can kill me personally. What about the
charges? They didn't just go away."

"My father is working on those. He thinks the
prosecutor's office will drop those like a hot potato,
then start investigating that precinct's vice squad.
Your buddy Walter might just end up in jail himself."

Will spoke up for the first time, "Or Joe and I could
find him and reason with him, Joe is very good at
negotiating with people like him."

Everyone except Peter stared at Will. Peter didn't
know what he was talking about. "You mean like, what
do they call it, `with extreme prejudice'? There
really is a meat grinder?" Marc asked in disbelief.

Will shook his head unsmiling, "Nothing extreme, but
if he got out of this somehow, he could blame Peter
and come after him. Then he would be a threat to you
all. Bucky wouldn't like that and neither would we. We
wouldn't even have to get permission. The negotiations
would be preemptive."

"WHAT?" Peter croaked, "Why would Walter be a threat
to you guys if he cut my balls off? I know I'm in deep
shit, but you guys aren't. He doesn't even know you

Will looked over the top of Buck's head at Morgan and
nodded. They took Buck by his arms and catapulted him
upright in front of them, so he and Peter were the
only ones standing. "It's time to explain your plan I
think." Will said.

Buck put on his best salesmen's smile, "It's simple
really, Marc and me, and another guy, Doug, want you
to transfer to our school and room with us." He spent
a few minutes explaining everything. While he talked,
Peter resumed his uncomfortable perch on the corner of
the leather footstool, until Marc grabbed his arms,
and moved him to the matching designer chair, then
pushed him backward into it.

Marc grinned and whispered in Peter's ear, "Ass in
chair, feet on stool." He took Peter's ankles and
snuggled his heels into the stool, then moved one hand
suggestively up Peter's leg and plinked his cock with
his thumb and index finger.

Peter mouthed the word `ouch' and smiled, without
taking his eyes off Buck while Buck wandered around
the room. That is until the backs of his fingers
brushed Marc's thigh. Then his eyes flickered back and
forth between a darkly tanned and elongating cock
eighteen inches away and Buck. The cock won.

Will moved quickly and silently. He grabbed Marc from
behind by the elbows, lifted him off the floor and
carried him to the sofa. He tossed Marc into Morgan,
who sat him where Buck was sitting and held him there
until Will resumed his seat, locking Marc in place.

"Why me? This Oaks Academy sounds expensive. You could
find a million guys who would jump at a chance like

Marc nodded seriously, "That's the problem, there
probably are, but how do we find them? Advertise
somewhere? We know you, sort of. We got your picture,
just a fax, pretty shitty, but we thought you looked
hot. Dylan said you were, and that he thought you were
gay, a young, queer cop at first. Then we discovered
you were sixteen so you weren't a cop. This morning we
got a look at your transcripts, a three point nine-
seven is pretty heavy. The shrimp is an even four
point zero. Doug is a brain, and I could be up there
too if I opened a book occasionally. We also got some
good pictures of you running in the park." Marc
grinned and struggled to get away from Will and
Morgan. "You have great legs, and I for one am happy
to see that the package in your shorts is not a pair
of dry socks."

Peter looked dazed, "Huh? Pictures of me? My

Buck giggled. "Hey look, we've been honest with you.
You know exactly who we are. Don't you think we can
find out anything about anyone if we wanted to know?"
Buck didn't wait for Peter to answer. "So will you
transfer? Don't worry about expensive, you'll get a
scholarship, only that will be our little secret. A
lot of guys at school are pretty impressed with
themselves because their daddies can afford to send
them there and we don't want any of them looking down
their fucking noses at one of us. Will you?" Buck
begged on his knees, leaning on Peter's legs. "You're
right Marc, no socks in this package."

"Hey! Mother fucker! I'm first! Get your hands off
that!" Marc resumed his struggles to get away from the
older guys.

Buck stood up and offered Peter his hand. "Come on,
let's get showered." He looked down at Peter's
erection. "I'm ready for some early lunch."

Peter eyed Buck's hard on for the first time. His eyes
widened in surprise. "Holy shit! Are you sure you can
walk with that? You look kind of out of balance."

"It is a hardship, but one I've learned to live with."
Buck took Peter's hand. "You can help if you want."

"Do I ever. I'll steer if you tell me where we're
going." Peter giggled as Buck acted like a robot,
turning his body wherever Peter pointed his cock.

Marc's pleading turned to moans. Buck and Peter smiled
when they saw him bobbing his head in Will's lap,
while Morgan slowly stroked him. "Marc? Are you
coming?" Buck asked.

Marc pulled away without looking up. "Hopefully a
couple of times, if Morgan ever gets serious." He
twisted his neck to frown at Morgan's casual hand job.
Before Will took his head in both hands and further
talk or complaints about the service became

"You want serious, you get serious." Morgan grinned
and lowered his head.

Buck pointed to the master bedroom door on the lower
level. Peter helpfully supported Buck's cock guiding
him in that direction. Peter eyed the king-size bed
and grinned a suggestion to Buck. Buck nodded and they
raced each other the last ten feet to the bed. Frantic
making out degenerated into a sixty-nine position with
their asses flat on the bed and their upper bodies
twisted to get at each other, until Buck mumbled,
"Fuck this," and pulled Peter on top of his smaller

Peter held himself rigidly up off Buck until Buck
grabbed two fists full of muscular ass and began
moving him in and out of his mouth. This was sex that
Peter only dreamed of since he reached puberty and
started jerking off. When he felt himself ready to
come, he attempted to pull himself out of Buck's
mouth, while he never even thought about removing his
own mouth from Buck's monster cock when Buck suddenly
arched his pelvis off the bed. Buck held him in an
iron grip, and even pulled him in further. Their
explosions weren't simultaneous, but close enough.

"Wow! Holy shit!" Peter puffed out when Buck let him
go and he rolled off.

"Nope." Buck giggled, "That was cum."

By the time Marc, Morgan and Will appeared wearing
satisfied grins. Buck was pawing through his father's
clothes trying to find a pair of shorts for Peter to
wear. "Success!" Buck announced holding up white
tennis shorts. "They might be a little tight, but on
your body that will be a very good thing."

Marc's phone buzzed while they were having lunch. "Hey
Dylan!" Marc giggled his way through a five-minute
conversation, which included frequent glances at
Peter, so there was no question what they were talking
about. "He's waiting for us in Dad's office. We can
ditch his car at Bucky's building so he and Joe can
ride with us. I still need to get my underwater
outfit, and he needs to stop in at the new film's
production offices." He giggled at Peter's fearful
expression. "Don't worry everything's cool, the charge
has been dropped, and Dad will explain the story
everyone needs to tell when we get there. Dylan's
really looking forward to meeting you, and etcetera,
tonight, especially the etcetera.

Peter looked puzzled, "Tonight?"

"Sure you're coming home with us for the rest of the
week aren't you? You're welcome to stay all summer if
you want to." Marc frowned at Buck.

Buck grinned and shrugged, "So we got busy all of a
sudden and I forgot to ask him." He looked up at
Peter; "You are hereby invited to come home with us
for as long as you want to stay. We can stop by your
place so you can get some stuff, but you won't need
many clothes because we don't wear them much. You'll
probably have to ask, and your parents might want to
meet us. You still haven't met Doug, or Paul, Marc's
older brother or Joe, Will's partner and our other

Peter rolled his eyes, "Wait up a minute. How many of
you are there," he hesitated, "well, like us?

"Just the guys I mentioned." Buck leaned forward and
lowered his voice. "If it bothers you, we all practice
safe sex by being polygamous kind of, so far. We keep
it in the group. We kind of agreed about hooking up
with strangers. We don't or won't." He giggled, "Shit
who needs to? You can get all the action you can
handle just by smiling. If anyone goes outside, we'll
still be friends I guess, but just watching and
pulling your own pud isn't very appealing to me and
none of us likes condoms much." The others nodded
their agreement. The implications of messing around
outside the group were clear to Peter.

"Or the first three-quarters of a blow job, giving or
getting," Marc added from the side of his mouth so no
one at nearby tables could here him.

"But aren't there any serious relationships?" Peter's
eyes flicked around the table and settled on Marc.

"Sure, Buck and Doug have the hots for each other,
Will and Joe are married, Morgan here is rooming with
my brother Paul this fall, then there's Dylan and me.
Of course Dylan works for a living and we won't be
seeing him all that much, and we'll be rooming with
each other. None of that has anything thing to do with
great sex. Say, if you have something going on with
someone already, that's cool. He could join us too."

"Nope, there's no one. I've been running scared since
Walter, and he's safe. I don't think he can even get
it up. All he's ever done to me is slobbery head
jobs." Peter looked at Buck and blushed, "I didn't
know there was any other kind until this afternoon."

The check arrived while they were laughing. Marc
snatched it from Buck's hand. "I'll get this. Dad will
never notice." His eyes bugged out when he saw the
total. "Check that, he'll notice." He looked at Buck
hopefully, "Can you just tip the dude? I don't want
him going totally ballistic."

John Wilcott met the guys at his office door. Dylan
was standing behind him grinning. His eyes were locked
on Peter. Peter was so focused on Dylan, he didn't
respond when Marc introduced him to his father. John
cut him out of the group and closed the door on the
rest of them.

"Shit!" Marc complained. "I wanted to be around for
this meeting. Oh well, let's go down the hall to the

"Yeah!" Morgan was enthusiastic about seeing a real
law library.

Marc looked at Morgan in disgust. "You can look at the
books if you want. I was thinking of browsing the
clerks. That's where they hold up doing research for
Dad. Come on, let's see if he's got any new ones."

"Hi." Dylan nodded at Peter.

"Hi yourself. I'm sorry about the other night. I
didn't have a choice."

"Yeah I know, Marc called and told us. That's cool, I
understand." Dylan took Peter's arm and led him to a
sofa. "John's cooked up a great story for the press.
Did you know we've been friends for a year already?"
He giggled at Peter's blank stare.

John continued with his official press release story.
Dylan met Peter the previous fall when he was jogging
in Central Park and got a leg cramp. Peter helped him
get back to his hotel. They became casual friends and
stayed in touch since. They were hanging out together
Sunday evening after sharing a pizza for supper. They
both needed to take a leak, so they went into the
closest department store where the rest rooms would be
clean. They were standing at the urinals together
laughing and talking and maybe fooling around, joking
about their endowments because they thought they were
alone. The vice squad appeared suddenly. Dylan was
charged because he was an adult. Peter got lost in the
confusion when the cops discovered Dylan's identity.
The mistake couldn't be rectified immediately because
of the long holiday weekend. End of story.

"Now I'll just go rescue my law clerks from my son,
and leave you alone to get to know each other a bit
before the press conference." John nodded and smiled
at them before he frowned and disappeared at a fast

"Pretty neat huh?" Dylan asked with a laugh before he
got serious. "Now if you agree to help me get out of
this, all we have to do is let ourselves be seen
together as friends. If the press checks, the pizza
shop owner will say he remembered us, but didn't
recognize me at first, because we ordered a giant
garbage pie with everything on it, including
anchovies, which we both like and not too many people

Peter smiled, "Actually I do like them."

Dylan squeezed Peter's knee and giggled. "John's got
everything covered. There's even a framed autographed
and dated picture of me hanging on the pizza shop
wall. Will you help me out on this?"

"Sure, why not. Actually it'll be fun, but I don't
think I'd be good at acting, so can you do all the
talking, if there is any?" Peter sighed, "Man so much
has happened to me today in such a short time, my head
is spinning."

The press conference was held in front of the building
where the temporary movie production offices were
located. It was a true media event. Dylan gave the
hoards of photographers every opportunity to burn film
and answered every question with apparent honesty.
Peter stayed at Dylan's side and answered questions
directed at him about details of their friendship
quickly, and calmly, maintaining a smile the whole
time. He discovered that he liked acting and surprised
himself as much as the guys were impressed by how
quickly he fabricated answers, which were limited to
what could not be confirmed by anyone but Dylan.

Afterward, when Dylan was taking them to meet the
film's producers and the director. Peter suddenly
looked very worried. "You know Walter is going to
skate out of this and keep coming around."

Will gave Peter a friendly pat on the back. "He might
if he's stupid, but if I was him I'd try really hard
to forget all about you. You're free and clear, but
he's still in deep shit with his bosses."




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