Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


 Chapter 18

Doug and Buck sprawled comfortably in chairs in front
of Bucky's desk. Bucky unrolled a finely scaled plan,
for such a large building. Doug recognized the title
block upside down, as his fathers'. "He said he
couldn't sleep so he threw this together for me to
look at. He said to make notes, changes we want, and
get it back to him as soon as possible. He'll put his
whole office on it until the working drawings are
finished, then if we like those, construction can
start the next day." Bucky turned the plan around so
the boys could see it right side up. "He sent these
with his check for the school."

"Holy shit, that's really detailed." Buck studied the
plan. "I need to get that software."

"That's a really expensive program." Doug advised
without thinking of whom he was talking to. Father and
son giggled with each other.

The top sheet showed elevations, the sides of the
building. Doug flipped it to the left to study the
floor plan, the second sheet. He looked up at Buck,
who stood up, looking over his shoulder, "Damn, he
even remembered the skating rink. That was the last
thing you mentioned before the shit hit the fan. Do
you really want a rink?"

Buck shook his head, "Not unless they figured out how
to make warm ice. I just thought maybe you liked to
skate, we can cross that out I guess."

Bucky offered Doug a pen. "Here, you do the honors."
Doug made a neat `X' in the middle of the skating
rink. Bucky sighed, "That little `X' just saved us a
couple of million I imagine." He laughed and looked at
his son, "I'm glad you aren't like your mother, she'd
let them finish it, then think about how cold the ice
was and," Bucky made a slashing motion across his
neck. "Do you really want this basketball court?" They
agreed that they didn't. As far as Doug was concerned
the season conflicted with the swimming season, and
Buck couldn't remember ever owning a basketball,
getting a basket, or even hitting the backboard very
often in physical education.

"Anything else?" Bucky asked.

Doug looked up a Buck speculatively. "What?" Buck
asked, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Doug grinned, "Well I was just thinking. We all know
you'll do all right swimming competitively in the
preppy circuit, but college is a whole other ball game
when you go up against all the team scholarship guys."

"So? I can still try." Buck looked pained. "We'll
still be on the same team, if we need to build them a
new wing on the library or a pool, I WILL be on the
squad," he promised.

Bucky frowned at Doug, wondering out loud why he would
suddenly bring up the subject of height relative to
success in swimming competitively. Doug shook his head
vehemently, "That's not where I was going. I was just
thinking about you diving. Have you ever thought about
diving? You could hold your own there. Size doesn't
matter that much. We could," Doug hesitated, startled
by realizing that he just said we, as if he was a part
of the Trenton family, "well, we could add boards and
platforms to one end of the pool and you could get
into diving." His voice trailed off when he saw Bucky
sit up and lean forward over the plan and frown at him
again. "It was just a thought," he added lamely.
Bucky's frowns were disconcerting.

"Yeah! I could, couldn't I!" Buck leaned down and
hugged Doug's neck. "I have a whole year to practice

"A year?" Doug blinked, "What happens in a year?"

"DAH! The Olympics! Fool! Remember? I could make the
Olympic diving team, then we could room together there
too!" Buck giggled, "We'd even let the old guy down
the lake join us now and then, the three of us, you,
Paul and I. We'll haul home so much gold together
George will have to send extra guards."

Bucky clapped his hands, leaned back and laughed with
his son at Doug's befuddled look. "Doug that idea is
brilliant. But instead of adding diving boards to the
pool we'll add a separate diving tank. Then you both
can practice together, but not get into each other's
way," he looked at the ceiling in mock consternation,
"There goes our savings from the rink," he laughed.

Doug protested that he knew very little about diving,
and when he mentioned it, hadn't thought about
coaching. Bucky waved his concerns away saying that
he'd look around and find one, a good one somewhere.
He picked up the pen and added a messy square at one
end of the pool and scrawled, `DIVING POOL' on the
side of the plan, then a bold arrow into the pool

When they were finished marking up the plan, Doug sat
back. "If Dad," he hesitated, realizing he'd used the
familiar word when he swore he wouldn't. "If Dad had
working drawings finished now, you'd still need to get
permits from the County wouldn't you?" He looked at
Bucky for an answer.

Bucky shrugged and grinned, "Details, minor details.
If they were finished, you'd be hearing equipment
working out there now."

Doug giggled as he and Buck walked the hall to Buck's
apartment. "Details, minor details. I believe I've
heard someone else say that." He hugged Buck closer
and didn't resist Buck's little hand as it slipped
into his unzipped fly."

"I think it's our family motto," Buck agreed with a
laugh, then lost interest in the subject as he worked
Doug's stiffening cock through the opening. "Wow, it
looks like our cock is all ready for bed."

Doug looked down at himself, and slipped his open hand
inside the back of Buck's shorts until he palmed the
tight little crack he found there. "Is our ass ready

"I'm not sure about our ass, but our pussy will be as
soon as we get it out of the shower."

Doug and Buck were temporarily exhausted and sleeping.
The lights on the boat bed were still on, and the
plasma screen pictured them spooned together, with
Doug's arms wrapped tightly around Buck. The phone
buzzed. They both reached for it at the same time,
dislodging Doug from Buck.

Buck moaned when he felt Doug's limpness slide away.
"This better be fucking important, or I'll roll
someone's head in the morning," he mumbled. "Hello?
Yes, okay. Thanks I guess." He dropped the phone on
their pillow.

"What?" Doug asked, sitting up and hugging his knees.

"That was security. We're being invaded. Four jet skis
just hit our beach and five naked guys are sneaking up
to the house to our back door." Buck yawned then
grinned, his eyes snapped open fully. He grabbed the
phone again. "You still there? Good," he giggled.
"Let's make this a drill. Light us up! Give `em
everything, just don't shoot them. I don't imagine
Will and Joe are back yet? Great wake them up, wake
everyone up. Of course my father too." At that moment
a klaxon horn started to blare and light poured in the
room from the open windows. Doug and Buck scampered to
the nearest window and started laughing at the
surprised figures below them, fifty feet from the
house, impaled by harsh mercury vapor light.


Morgan flopped on the sofa in Buck's apartment, still
laughing at Marc, Paul, Peter and Dylan. "I fucking
told you what was going to happen." He was looking at
Marc. Marc's expression was pouty and only slightly
apologetic. He winced when his brother smacked him on
the back of the head for the fifth time. "I told you
those cameras all are switched to infrared at night.
The guy on the monitors can take a nap and the motion
sensor alarm would wake him up if the audio didn't."
Morgan added.

Marc stepped out of Paul's reach and grinned. "Well it
was worth a try, but those goons didn't have to throw
us down face first into the bushes and dirt to cuff
us," he brushed at muddy spots on his chest, then
picked individual leaves and dead grass clippings from
his pubes then rubbed his wrists.

Will put his arm around Marc's shoulders. "If we were
alone down there, I would have cavity searched you to
take your mind off the dirt you were getting all over
your pretty hide."

A smile split Marc's face. "Really?" He looked up at
Will hopefully, "Well all righty then, how about now?"
His hand dropped to Will's cock. He patted it
affectionately and watched it grow, and grow.

Joe shook his head and grinned. "Now you are truly
playing with fire," he warned. Everyone's eyes were
fixed on Will's cock. First it lengthened to eleven
inches then it slowly rose and thickened until it
bobbed at just under perpendicular to his body. "OOPS!
Too late, just never say I didn't warn you."

"Is it all right if I try it? I mean you guys are
married and all, and you're always on top." Marc
looked hopefully at Joe, asking permission to use his
lovers cock.

Joe grinned, "Not always, just most of the time, but
before you do anything, you best take a long shower
and get yourself really clean."

Peter sat down heavily in a chair by himself and
groaned. "Hey come on guys, I'm doing the best I can.
Remember I'm new at this," he tore his eyes away from
Will and settled them on Buck and Doug. "I kind of
need to work my way up the size ladder, and I was
thinking of getting to know my new roommates better
tonight. That's why I suggested we come over here
tonight." Will walked slowly toward him, proceeded by
his monster, which swung from side to side ponderously
as if it was looking for trouble.

Peter turned pale. His eyes crossed when Will stopped
in front of him and patted him on the top of the head.
"Don't worry Pete, you won't get this until you ask
for it," Will tossed his thumb in Marc's general
direction. "He's been asking for it," he looked back
at Marc, "and if he doesn't get his ass in the shower
pretty quickly he's going to be constipated for a

Marc took off running down the hall to the bedroom
that he used the previous evening. He giggled
excitedly, "Wait! Don't do anything," he called over
his shoulder, "I'll be back!" he promised after
switching to a good imitation of Arnold's accent.

Peter paled visibly. Will knelt down in front of him
quickly and rubbed Peter's shoulder. "Excuse that, he
wasn't thinking. He won't be. We scared the shit out
of him this afternoon. I doubt if you'll ever see him
again, so forget him." To take Peter's mind off
Walter, Will nodded to Doug and Buck and grinned. "You
might want to catch a quick shower yourself before you
get to know your two eight inch roommates any better,
both of them look kind of habit forming to me."

Peter smiled and looked down at himself. Buck and Doug
grinned at him before they each took one of his arms,
pulled him to his feet and led him to Buck's bedroom.
Peter froze just inside the door after Buck closed it.
Doug was watching Peter's face and giggled.

"Holy shit!" Peter mumbled. "Your house is bigger than
some mid-town hotels, you fly around in a big chopper
like it was just a car and now your bed is a goddamn

Doug laughed and got Peter moving toward the bathroom.
"Yup, all this shit blew my mind too at first, but
you'll get used to it I guess, I did." Doug threw his
arm over Peter's shoulders. "Before I met Buck here, I
always thought my family lived well, you know, nice
house, country day school, the Oaks Academy, but we're
just paupers compared to the way he lives."

Buck pushed them apart in the shower, got between
them, then put his arms around their backs. "Hey guys,
you know living like this isn't all that easy. I don't
remember the last time I sat down at dinner alone with
just my parents, and there's always someone watching
me to keep me safe. Before I started at Oaks, I had
tutors. My playmates arrived in limos by fucking
appointment only. Has either of you ever tried to make
a friend of a kid between the hours of two and four on
a Saturday afternoon? I have. Believe me it's
impossible, especially when it's clear he was forced
into meeting me by his parents. They hate me to start
with, they're afraid of me, or they're ass kissers, or
any combination you want to pick." Buck looked up at
Doug and giggled. "You ass hole, you were probably the
only guy in the whole fucking school who didn't know
my name." Buck swung his attention to Peter, "And you,
you new ass hole, I picked you, or we did, so I know
you aren't an ass kisser."

Peter shook his head and grinned while he palmed
Buck's ass, "So give me a break already, there hasn't
been time. I hope to get around to that tonight." He
eyed the hose Doug held. "If you don't mind seconds or
thirds, or whatever, Marc showed me how that works
already," he turned scarlet, "and if you don't, I sort
of like the feeling of carrying some of them around
inside me and you two can join them."

Doug dropped the hose and pulled Peter's lips to his.
Buck intervened using his head until his lips joined
theirs. He leaned back so he could see them and
giggled. "We need to work on three way kissing, but in
the meanwhile, so much for foreplay." He pushed both
guys from the shower and tossed them towels. "Now I
think its only fair that Douggie and I contribute to
your collection before we show you what great ass
kissers we really are."

There was a light tap on the bathroom door. Dylan,
Paul and Morgan stood in the doorway grinning at them.
"Do you guys want some company?" Dylan asked, "We want
to see if your bed will sleep six."

Doug giggled, "Say what? Sleep? No way, Buck and I had
a snooze before you crashed the place, now we were
just planning to party with some in depth ass kissing
lessons for our roomie Pete here. Marc of course is
otherwise occupied, but we have it on the highest
authority that he left us a little present," he patted
Peter's ass affectionately, "in here somewhere."

Dylan turned around, bent over slightly and wiggled
his butt seductively, before he looked at them up side
down under his arm. "Well I'm packing some Pete, come
to think of it, lots of Pete. I'll share him with you
if you promise to replace everything, before, or
after, or both if you want, there's always plenty of
room for new depositors."


Doug and Paul were busy pawing through a twenty-quart
cooler containing their lunch. Earlier when Buck was
on the phone relaying breakfast orders for everyone to
the Trenton cook, Paul quietly told Buck that Doug
needed a lunch, but doubted that he'd ask for one.
Buck grinned and ordered a lunch for four. The result
was a cooler full of food, soft drinks and a jug of
iced tea. The surface of the pool was still in the
process of settling itself into glassy smoothness from
their very quick noon time swim. Quick for Doug
because Buck was picking him up after work and they
were going to the Oaks Academy for a long late
afternoon practice for the first time.

Water still ran from their hair and drops sparkled on
their respective freckled and tanned hides. They were
laughing together while they discussed the merits of
eating the roast beef versus ham sandwiches first and
Marc's apparent good condition after his first
encounter with Will's monster. Neither heard the gate
lock click or see it open.

"Top o' the mornin' to ye Douglas me lad!" Patrick
shouted, intending to frighten and surprise Doug. He
succeeded. Both boys jumped to their feet. Paul
assumed a crouched defensive stance while Doug
recognized the Irish lilt.

Doug burst into a fit of laughing at Paul's reaction
and Patrick's response of backing through the gate and
pulling it closed behind him. "And the rest o' the day
to you Sir Patrick! Where are you going? Come on back
in here and meet my friend and our fellow employee
too, I guess."

Patrick pushed the gate open and peeked around it
playfully. "Are ye sure I'm not intrudin?" He asked
while his eyes traveled quickly up and down Paul's
body. Then stayed fixed on it while he walked toward
Doug with his hand extended and managed to crack his
shins on the corner of a lounge. He reverted to Gaelic
to curse the offending furniture then attempted to
kick it in retaliation. He missed badly, was thrown
off balance and was about to topple backward into the
pool until Paul's lightening reaction time saved him.
He ended up laying in Paul's arms squinting up into
Paul's smile.

Paul lifted him back onto his feet. "Are you okay?" He

"Okay? Okay is it? Aye, that I am. I'm feelin' so
okay, I was wonderin' if ye'd be prepared to catch me
again so as I might continue where my wanderin' hand
left off when ye set me on me feet so quickly!" He
giggled and looked at Doug with one bushy eyebrow
fully arched. "Didn't I tell you to take your time and
pick wisely?" He paused to look at Paul again, "Glory
be, an' what a rare fine stallion ye picked! Is this
then your Mr. Right, Douglas?"

Paul answered, "We're just very good friends, and I'm
just a gymnast. I'm Paul, Paul Wilcott and I work here
on the farm this summer," he offered his hand, "and
you must be Patrick. Doug's told me about you, it's a
pleasure to meet you Sir."

Patrick shook Paul's hand then was reluctant to let go
so Paul guided him to the table where they had the
sandwiches stacked. Doug pulled out a chair and Paul
pushed Patrick backward into it before he rescued his
hand. Doug laughed his pleasure at seeing his mentor
unexpectedly. "So why are you back so soon? Did you
notice the neat pattern I cut in the lawn yesterday?
Does everything look okay? Here, have something to
eat, we have plenty," he pushed some food toward
Patrick, then filled a cup with tea.

"Slow down lad, your questions are makin' me head ache
again to be sure. It's a tale of woe I have to tell,
though in truth, I'm sharin' the blame with the
foockin' airoplane. I got to the airport in good time,
only to discover that me flight was delayed an hour.
Since jest gettin' on one of those munsters takes me
some deal o' courage, off I went to stock up since I
had the time to think about it. One drink led to
several, an' when the hour was past, I was somewhat
off the ground wi' out the benefit o' wings. I got to
the gate only to find that there was to be yet another
hour o' waitin'. I decided the Almighty was tryin' to
tell me that I shouldn't go, so I didn't. I just went
back into the city, found me a room in a grand hotel
an' there I mostly stayed." Patrick winked at Doug.
"As luck would have it, the same bellhop kept
deliverin' me supplies like ice and full bottles, an'
after his third trip an' generous tip, he agreed that
it would be wise to spend his free time between shifts
with me the weekend long." Patrick sighed deeply, "All
in all, it was a glorious weekend if ye get my

Doug nodded and giggled. "So you just canceled your
trip and came home early. Bummer, but at least you had
a great weekend, so did I, mostly." Doug frowned and
explained that he told his parents and managed to get
kicked out of his house, before he brightened and told
Patrick about Paul, Marc the other guys, then blushed
when he mentioned that he was staying with Buck and
his family."

"So this lad Buck is your Mr. Right then?" Patrick
prodded gently while he ate. "Glory be, I leave you
with no friends to speak of, and return a few days
later, an' you be fairly well surrounded with them."
He punched Doug in the shoulder and looked at Paul.
"Tell me Douglas, satisfy an old man's curiosity, do
the rest look like this rare fine stallion? An' what
of your boyfriend? Surely he must be one o' the gods
come to earth for sport."

Doug blushed beet red. "I guess the guys are all good
looking. You must have seen Dylan in one of his movies
even if you don't go to see them in theaters. He's
made so many they're on television all the time. As
for the others, well you can judge for yourself. Buck
and some of the others will be on the chopper when it
comes to pick up Paul and I this afternoon after
work." He looked worried suddenly, "It's all right if
it lands on the side lawn isn't it? It's big but it
doesn't seem to leave dents in the lawn at Paul's."

Patrick dropped his sandwich, and nearly choked trying
to swallow what he was chewing on. "Dylan, Dylan
Brockway? The Irish lad, the movie star, that Dylan?"
Doug nodded. "When ye say chopper I assume ye be
referrin' to one of them helicopter things an' one is
comin' here to get you?" Patrick's amazement was

Doug and Paul nodded and laughed at Patrick's
reaction. "Yup," they said together, then laughed

"I'll be out there to be sure, but why are you flyin'
anywhere, why not drive? This Buck lives too far away

"No, but I have to practice and I can't use my pool at
home, so we're going to the school we go to and swim
there, after we drop Paul off at his house so he can
get his practice in too." Doug grinned and raised an
eyebrow, "Want to come along with us, if you aren't
busy? We can drop you off here on the way back," he
nodded encouragingly, so Patrick would agree. "You can
even help, you can start us and run the timer. We
won't be fooling around though, like we do here, the
Olympics are less than a year away and I really need
to bust some ass if I'm going to make the team. And
I've decided that I am going to make the team," he
said each word distinctly, "to show my father that
being queer doesn't matter."

"The Olympics? You're off to the Olympics?" Patrick
asked, wide eyed with amazement.

"I most certainly am, Paul is too. We aren't planning
to come out to the world or anything, but we aren't
hiding in the fucking closet either."

Paul nodded his agreement. "We know there'll be rumors
about us. We just thought we'd kind of grin and shrug,
you know, kind of, don't ask, don't tell."

Patrick frowned and looked at Doug first then swung
his eyes to Paul. "If ye plan to go, then why are ye
wastin' time workin' here, either of you? Tell me
that," he demanded with a tone of voice that verged on

"I made a commitment to work here and I'm sticking
with it." Doug answered. Then added, "Plus before I
met Paul it was all a distant dream I don't think I
was as serious about it. Now after I've seen him
busting his ass to keep up, before and after work,
he's got me pumped up," Doug giggled suddenly, "in
more than one way." He added and leaned to the side
and patted his ass so Patrick had no doubts about the
other pumping.

Paul blushed and nodded. "I kind of think that we draw
on each other. I got this job because I thought I
could keep up, but now I'm not so sure since Doug has
gotten so hard ass about practice over night because
of his father, plus Buck and his father aren't
planning to let him slide."

Patrick grinned at them both. "If it's more time ye
need, then that's easily fixed. I hereby am givin' ye
both the boot in Herself's name. Ye be fired, and off
the clock as of noon today."

Both guys blinked in shock at Patrick, Doug argued for
them both. "You can't fire us, but thank you for

Patrick leaned back in his chair and laughed. "Ah, but
I can. I've worked here long enough to have the
Madam's ear and full confidence in her absence. I can
do as I please as best serves her interests. If you
doubt what I say, we'll call her in Scotland. After I
tell her that like as not either of you'd miss out on
the Olympics because of workin' here," he grinned
maliciously, "can you doubt the outcome of this
pissin' contest?"

Doug grinned, "No I guess not, but I don't like the
idea of getting the boot as you call it."

"So I'll accept your resignations. Now, as to helpin'
ye reach your goals, I'm your man there. I'd be
honored if ye'd let me help ye anyway I can all summer
as I am officially on holiday like the rest of the
household. Now I'll just be off to the greenhouses and
kick some serious ass as you kids call bustin' heads."
Patrick stood up and headed for the gate. "What time
can we expect your helicopter?" He asked over his
shoulder, suddenly very business like.

Doug and Paul both pawed the small pile of their
combined meager collection of clothing looking for
their phones. Doug won and voice dialed Buck, while
Paul gave him a giggling finger. "Hi.Surprise, it's
me. Guess what. I just got fired, Paul too." He
quickly explained, then said, "Anyway, we can start
practice early, as soon as you can get here, then to
the pool. Okay, half an hour, we'll be ready." Doug
blushed suddenly, turned away and answered, "Me too.

Doug turned back to Paul and Patrick to find them
grinning at him. "Did he tell you he loved you, or
give you a big smooch?" Paul asked knowingly.

"Actually both, you nosy cock sucker." Doug giggled.
"Boy that's kind of embarrassing if it shows. With
Buck though, I guess I better get used to it."

"In a wee five minutes I'll have the useless pricks in
the greenhouse stirrin' their stumps or when next ye
see them, they'll be bruised and bloodied and or
unemployed like you two lads. God there's nothin'
finer than a good fist fight, and the odds are only
four to one!" They heard Patrick's laughter through
the wall, while he walked to the house.

Forty-five minutes later, the chopper touched down.
They had to climb over a pile of scuba equipment and
two heavy nylon cases containing Marc's new camera
equipment to get to their seats. Doug sat down next to
Buck and Buck immediately claimed his lap, pulled his
head down and gave him a kiss which turned passionate
after Buck used his tongue to pry Doug's lips apart. A
busy hand between them reached into the waistband of
his old running shorts to straighten his cock. Patrick
sat across the isle from them and watched in
fascination as Doug returned the kiss with one hand
behind Buck's head, while he attempted to dislodge
Buck's hand with his other one.

Patrick's seatmate tapped him on the arm. "Excuse me,
we haven't met." Patrick pulled his eyes away to
introduce himself and ended up speechless when he
found himself staring into a pair of startling blue
eyes surrounded by obscenely long lashes and highly
arched eyebrows. One of the brows lifted further when
he grinned. "I'm Dylan Brockway, you must be friends
with Doug and Paul."

Doug heard Dylan introduce himself and pulled away
from Buck. "Hey everyone, I forgot my manners. This is
Patrick Fitzmorris. I worked for him at Somerset Farm.
He's the guy that just fired Paul and me so we could
work out more," he giggled. "He's really cool, and
he's going to help out around the pool for the rest of
the summer." Doug stood up after dumping Buck back
into his seat. The two old guys up front are Will and
Joe, they're our goon squad." For which they
acknowledged the introduction with four fingers over
their seat backs. "The two dick heads across from them
are Peter and Marc. They're our other two roommates
this fall. The goofy looking one, Marc is Paul's
brother and owns all this shit in the isle." Doug
lowered his voice, "And this is Buck. You can probably
tell, he's Mr. Right, and he's going to be Mr. Dead if
he doesn't get his hand out of my shorts." Doug sat
back down holding Buck's wrist with one hand and
tickling Buck with the other. "Oh, and I guess you've
already met Dylan."

"It's a pleasure to meet ye all." Patrick waved
absently while his attention remained on Dylan. He
started cranking Dylan's arm, "Most especially you
young Sir."

Buck looked around Doug. "Hi Pat! You have a strange
accent, are you Jewish, or Scottish?"

Patrick blinked, recoiled like he'd been slapped and
started to stand up. "WHAT?" He shouted, trying to
hide his laughter and a wink at Doug.

Dylan pulled Patrick back down into his seat. "Excuse
the little twerp for now, I'll help you kill him after
we land."

Patrick grinned, "Aye, that's prudent I'm thinkin'
since I'm told he owns this aircraft. By then we might
forgive him his woeful ignorance of Ireland and the
origin of me very slight accent." He offered Buck his
hand, "But makin' jokes like that could result in most
severe brusin' to his wee beautiful body not to
mention a crimp on his love life, if it continues."

Buck shook Patrick's hand. "You're cool, just like
Doug said. Welcome to the club."

"How come you were late?" Doug asked, after they
dropped Paul and Morgan off in front of the field
house, and they were airborne again.

Buck cupped his hands around his mouth to direct his
voice forward to Marc. "We were late because the dildo
photographer forgot about diving gear so he could
operate his new underwater cameras, UNDER WATER!" His
gravelly adult voice boomed around the cabin.

Marc raised his hands over his head and extended both
middle fingers. "So sue me. I thought I had all day,"
he answered without looking back.

Patrick looked at Buck strangely. "Ye know Master
Buck, if you was to be talkin' to me on the phone and
I couldn't see ye, if ye spoke in a threatenin' tone,
I'd like as not shit me breeches."

Buck giggled, "I'm a professional actor now, I think I
can do that." Buck took a deep breath and closed his
eyes, ignoring Dylan's giggle. They watched his face
change somehow, his lips tightened and pulled down at
the corners. When he opened his eyes again they were
slitted and hard. He put his hand to the side of his
face holding an imaginary telephone. When he spoke his
voice was cold and casual, deep and rocks instead of
gravel, he shrugged, "Make him an offer he can't
refuse." He placed the receiver in Doug's lap and
grinned, then suddenly dropped his Godfather persona.
"How was that?" He asked happily.

Doug smiled and shook his head. "That was a piss poor

"That was his line sure, but that was Dad kind of. It
was just the way I'd say it if some piss ant annoyed
me and we couldn't reason together." Buck saw Dylan
and Patrick frowning at him. He giggled again. "You
don't think all the ethnic types you read about all
the time in the newspapers really run things do you?
Those guys are front men, throwaways. Organized Crime,
with a capital `O' and `C' is a WASP Corporation with
a capital `C', closed end. There are only a few
stockholders, and they're all untouchable. Think about
it. If a Mafia dude gets caught doing something
illegal he goes to jail, but if a Stockholder, that
would be with a capital `S', gets caught, say stealing
a billion dollars, what happens? He gets investigated
and investigated. He gets subpoenaed and he
testifies," Buck snapped his fingers. "If he doesn't
take the Fifth, he just doesn't remember anything
about the billion dollars, and it can't be found by
all the accountants in the world.

Buck bounced around in his seat, laughing as he built
his scenario. "The other Stockholders are pissed off
because one of them was stupid, so this dude gets
fired from his CEO job, but the golden parachute in
his contract kicks in and he gets another twenty
million from the company he just stole the billion
from. But the twenty is really to buy his shares back.
He exposed himself, so he's out of the Corporation
with a capital `C'." Buck snapped his fingers, "Just
like that." He frowned, "Actually if the guy was any
kind of threat to me and I was a Stockholder, I think
I'd wait until the heat died, then arrange for the him
to have an accident or heart attack, anything as
untraceable as the billion dollars. Of course I know
where the money is, since I'm a Stockholder with a
capital `S', so I spread it around within the
Corporation, and everyone's happy."

"Buck, you are the weirdest little fucker I've ever
met," Marc commented from his seat. "You better stick
to acting." He sat up suddenly, looked back at Dylan
and started to giggle, "Hey Dylan, does Buck have a
love scene in your movie? I want to be there for that.
I love good comedies."

Buck frowned at him. "I could kiss a girl if I had to.
If Dylan can do it, I can too. Dylan goes on dates all
the time don't you?"

"Yeah, it's good publicity. I've banged a couple of
them," he blushed with the admission. "Some of them
sort of expect it. I use my imagination," he grinned,
"and everything comes out all right in the end." The
general laughter rocked the cabin as the chopper
settled on the Oaks Academy heli-pad near the sports

Joe and Will sat together quietly, slightly shocked,
but relieved that the conversation turned to sex. Joe
shrugged, "Bucky did say he was too smart for his own
good. Maybe that was all just a lucky guess."

"Maybe, but he outlined an organization we think we
work for. Maybe Bucky is grooming him and has told him
some shit."

Joe smiled and shook his head. "No way. If there is a
corporation and Bucky was a stockholder or the
Chairman like we think; if he told Buck anything, that
kid would never say what he just said, even joking

Will nodded, "Should we call Bucky?"

"No way, we'd be attaching too much significance to
it. Let's just wait until we see him face to face and
then just mention it casually, you know, like laugh
about it." Joe got up and opened the hatch. He jumped
to the ground and looked around before he unfolded the

A small group of students collected to look at the
chopper from the edge of the pad. Helicopters landing
at the school were not unusual, that's why the pad was
built, but the size of the Trenton aircraft was. The
guys formed a chain to hand all of Marc's equipment
out and pile it neatly near the steps, then, with a
lot of snickers, they walked away from him and the

He looked at their retreating backs, then at his
stuff. "Hey, you mother fuckers, aren't you guys going
to give me a hand?" He asked almost pitifully.

"Nope. Not after you called us a name. Carry it
yourself." Doug called without looking back so Marc
wouldn't see him laughing.

Marc looked at Joe, Will and Patrick hopefully. They
were standing near him grinning. Will shrugged, "Don't
look at us we're just the goon squad, not porters, and
Patrick is a guest."

Patrick frowned and went into action. "Hold it! Get
back here the lot o' you. We're wastin' time. Anyone
who can't carry a bit o' this junk today won't be
comin' to watch practice again. This is serious
business." He looked at Doug standing behind Buck.
"You there, Douglas, take these two cases so you be
balanced. These will serve as a proper warm up for

Doug balked when he hefted the two cases. "Ah come on
Patrick, the pool is on the other side of the campus.
My arms will fall off."

Patrick grinned, turned Doug and patted his butt.
"Doubtful lad, but they might stretch a bit and
perhaps get stronger. Lead the way, off ye go and no
more complainin' or you'll be doin' laps in your

"Yes Sir." Doug surrendered and started to walk away

Patrick frowned at Doug's back. "Are ye goin' to a
funeral then? I had in mind a fast jog for you to
build up them skinny legs as well. Now move!" he

Buck giggled at the exchange and started running to
catch up. Patrick blocked him with his body and handed
him an air tank. "There you go lad, just wrap your
arms about that like it was Douglas the fair himself.
Then you be off the catch him, and run to stay with
him." Buck looked like he was about to argue. Patrick
stopped him. "I brook no smart mouths, run or sit in
your fine aircraft until we're done wi' practice."

"Yes Sir." Buck mumbled and took off to catch up with

"And when I be gettin' there," Patrick shouted, "I'll
be expectin' to see asses and splashes!" He turned to
Peter, Dylan and Marc. "Well? Surely you three brawny
lads can manage the rest o' this?" The three of them
rushed to obey, except they were walking. "Runnin'
won't hurt you three either." He nodded happily when
they picked up they're pace, then started racing each
other. Patrick clapped his hands and grinned at Will
and Joe.

"I'll be goddamned." Will said, amazed that Patrick
was able to obtain discipline in the group so

Patrick shrugged, "'Tis my experience that the
children o' wealth are spoilt beyond reason and
they'll tromp you or each other with their jokin' an'
foolishness. They be kids in need o' a heavy hand when
needful. Even a swift kick in the arse don't hurt more
`an their pride and then it's temporary. Come on lads
young Douglas is goin' to the Olympics else ye can
call me English." He hockered loudly.

They had no trouble finding the building that housed
the pool because of the echoing curses that poured
from the open double doors. "Shit, now what?" Will
asked the sky before he and Joe started running.
Patrick shrugged his ignorance and continued walking.

The summer school students, about a dozen were arguing
that they didn't have to leave the pool until four
o'clock, so they weren't leaving, period. Buck, Marc,
Peter and Dylan insisted that the pool was leased for
the summer, also period. A passing instructor, with
Joe and Will, and a fast phone call to the
Headmaster's office, gradually cleared and quieted the

All the lane markers except two had been pulled to the
side so a major area was available for open swimming
and two of the three diving boards could be used.
Patrick leaned against a wall and just watched the
negotiations and quick settlement. He saw Doug sitting
on a starting block watching two swimmers doing laps
in the two remaining lanes. Both wore caps and goggles
and were more intent on swimming than arguing. They
gradually increased their speed as their fellow
recreational swimmers left the building until they
were alone in the water. They touched the wall under
Doug together, then vaulted up and out. Both wore
matching speed suits. Their height, weight, coloration
and physical development were identical.

They removed their goggles and caps simultaneously
with the swipe of one hand, then frowned at Doug
before they started walking slowly away. Patrick
grinned when he heard Doug giggle. "Identical twins!
Hey, hi. Are you guys new? You must be. Are you going
out for the swim team in the fall? You must be. I'm
Doug Henderson, hi," he offered them his hand as he
walked with them to the doors.

Both twins continued to frown at Doug. They very
reluctantly shook his hand, as if meeting him was
distasteful since he was a part of the group causing
them to be evicted from the pool. "Toby Fair," the
first mumbled.

"Terry Fair," the second said.

"And fuck you too!" They said together in perfect
unison. They turned together and moved faster toward
the door like a two man drill team, but so close
together they touched shoulders.

Doug blinked in surprise. "Hey wait a minute ass
holes, I was going to ask you to stay if you want to
practice with me." Doug looked hopefully at Patrick.
"They can stay can't they?"

The twins froze in mid-step and wheeled to look at
Doug, then Patrick, standing at Doug's side. Patrick
hoisted one eyebrow and cupped his chin like the
decision would decide the fate of the world. "I'm not
certain sure you'd want them around Douglas. Such
coarse language directed at possible new friends in
anger indicates the need o' a most rapid attitude
adjustment at the very least. Then there's the matter
of their stroke. Is the doggie paddle new to
competition this year?" Doug looked quickly at Patrick
and saw the side of his eye crinkle, trying to keep
from laughing at the twins' matching incredulous

"Couldn't they work on that? That's what practice is
for after all." Doug said before he had to turn away,
or burst out laughing. He judged their breaststrokes
to be textbook perfect, and assumed that the other
strokes would be as good.

The twins realigned their bodies, so one was slightly
in from of the other with one shoulder overlapping,
touching his brother behind him at their shoulders.
The one in front became their spokesman. His question
was brief, "HUH?"

Patrick allowed himself to smile. "On t'other hand,
their names, which I assume are Terence and Tobias,
the raven hair, brown eyes and fair complexions to
match the last name `o Fair would indicate a bit of
fine Irish blood in their lineage." The twins nodded
together cautiously. Patrick grinned. "As I thought.
That bein' the case, good heritage outweighs their
other shortcomins', so if ye want them to stay, they

A pair of radiant white tooth smiles greeted Patrick's
decision. They almost ran to Doug and Patrick, still
in formation. "Can we start over?" They asked together
and offered their hands.

The front twin continued with a giggle. "We know
talking together is disconcerting, that's why we do it
all the time. I'm Toby by the way. When one of us
talks we're really talking together. We think alike if
we touch somewhere. If we don't touch we communicate
anyway, and always know what we're doing or saying.
We're sorry about telling you to get fucked by the

Patrick laughed, "Apology accepted. I'm sorry me self
for the crack about doggie paddlin', but ye needed
taken down a peg or three." Patrick clapped his hands
and looked around quickly. "Enough bullshit, it's time
to work. Add one more float line so we have three
lanes." Doug quickly introduced the twins to everyone
before they ran to the other end of the pool to move
the floats.

Doug pushed his shorts down his legs, caught them with
one foot before they got wet from the tiles,
transferred them to one hand then hung them on a hook.
The others got naked as quickly. Patrick watched them
with his eyes bugging out. "Too much eye candy in
here. This is fixin' to be a bitch of an afternoon,"
he mumbled to himself not knowing where to look first.

The twins walked back and looked around nervously,
"You practice bare ass, all of you?" One asked.

Doug nodded and grinned, "Yup, but you don't have to,
I mean it's not a rule or anything, just whatever
floats your boat. Buck, the guy helping Marc figure
out where the scuba shit goes was swimming, but he's
switching to diving as soon as he finds a coach"

"Hey Doug, there is one thing you can teach me right
now. Show me how you can always get into the water
without splashing." Buck asked.

"Okay I'll try, but I'm not sure I can since I don't
know how I do it myself." Doug stepped to the side of
the pool, "First, try going in feet first, that might
be easier."

"Can we do laps while you're doing that?" A twin

"Sure, help yourself." Doug turned back to Buck.
"Watch and think about the water liking you as much as
you like it. You know nothing bad is going to happen
because water is your friend." He stepped off the
edge. By the time his toes touched the surface, his
feet were together pointing down. His body was
straight and his arms were over his body and head. He
sank slowly, or seemed to, although Buck knew it only
took a fraction of a second for him to disappear. The
only sound Buck heard was a soft blop, like a drop of
water joining a larger quantity. Again there was
almost no splash. If the pool weren't still roiled
from being used there would only be small rings of
ripples emanating from where Doug disappeared.

When Doug rejoined Buck on the deck, Buck grinned and
pointed to the lanes the twins were using, then at one
of the starting platforms. Doug saw a small pile of
wet Lycra the same colors as the twins' suits. He
shrugged, "When in Rome, as they say, but don't be
thinking nasty thoughts, not every guy we meet is
gay." Doug's eyebrow shot up, "Come on Buck, I see the
wheels turning. Just leave them alone. This is
practice remember, `Keep your eye on the ball'," he

Buck attempted to look innocent, and failed then gave
up and giggled, "Yeah but Douggie, they're twins, not
just two guys, but two bodies and apparently one mind.
Just think about the possibilities."

Doug gave Buck a push, and when he surfaced, Doug
grinned down on him. "Now Buck, that wasn't awful,
awful good, you might want to try that again." He
laughed and walked away listening to Buck sputter
renewed protests of innocence.




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