Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


 Chapter 23

Don Thomas had been up for hours watching the clock
hands move ever so slowly toward six o'clock in the
morning. He'd read and re-read all the legal documents
that seemed to appear with lightening speed from
unknown attorneys who'd managed somehow to obtain
decisions and final decrees from the presiding judge
handling his custody battle with Kevin Fair, the
father of his twin grandsons. Prior to a phone
conversation with Bucky Trenton, the judge's calendar
was packed for at least eight months. Bucky promised
to see what he could do to hasten the proceedings.
Suddenly the case was concluded. He'd won everything
he wanted; sole custody, the only thing. The twins
were to receive full restitution, everything material
that their father possessed was theirs with the
exception of clothing and any tools he might require
to ply his former trade, plumbing. Don Thomas smiled
to himself. "Before too long Kevin Fair, you won't be
needing clothes or tools after I see you one last
time," he thought gleefully. "Retribution Day is
certainly appropriate." Don Thomas marveled at how
long Bucky Trenton's arms were and how many he seemed
to have.

The previous evening, the twins declared the next day,
Thursday, to be Retribution Day. Don Thomas agreed in
an effort to get them to go to bed. It was to be like
Christmas Day and would be celebrated as a major
holiday by he and his grandsons, henceforth.

It was time to wake them. He strode down the hall of
the three-bedroom suite one of Bucky Trenton's minions
guided them to after meeting them at the airport. It
was a permanent suite Bucky leased to use when he
visited Los Angeles. Don Thomas still gawked at the
valuable art that lined the hallway and rooms. There
were no prints, or even signed prints, only originals
hung on the walls of an apartment the owner rarely

Don Thomas opened the door to the bedroom the twins
shared. He was careful to be very quiet. He didn't
want to wake them just yet. He wanted to watch them
while they slept for a minute to savor his victory and
theirs. He knew how he'd find them; he'd seem them
before. They always slept together, and always
touching in a mad tangle of arms and legs. They never
slept covered; one of them might suffocate. They also
always slept in the nude. For as long as he could
recall even at age five or six. They might dutifully
obey their mother and wear pajamas to bed, but by
morning the garments were always discarded, so their
mother gave up.

As infants they sucked their thumbs. Not their own,
but each others and as they matured, they graduated at
some point in time, from digits to appendages. At
first their mother, Don Thomas' beloved daughter
Teresa was shocked while their father laughed and
deemed the habit as a stage they would outgrow. He was
wrong. The digits and appendages grew with the rest of
their bodies and more frequently than not, their
matching penis' were equally hard in the morning like
other males of the species. The advent of puberty
brought them the startling reward of mutual
simultaneous orgasm, but Don Thomas didn't wish to
dwell on that possibility.

Because he thought of Toby and Terry as functioning
together via telepathy as one biological organism in
two otherwise independent bodies, Don Thomas was
therefore more than a little surprised to see them in
the half-light of dawn that morning. He found one
being the others superior. They were already awake and
one was enthusiastically fucking the other using the
classic missionary position. He could never tell them
apart even if they were dressed differently, unless
and until one of them touched him. Touching him was a
ritual each time they saw him usually in the form of a
kiss on his cheek. Their mother could link with their
minds. Don Thomas required touching. Their father was
a blank wall and never tried to tell them apart or
call them by name. To Kevin Fair, his sons were 'You',
collectively or individually. Don Thomas quickly
pulled the door closed leaving just enough space for
his eye.

His view of them was from the side with them being
dully backlighted by the brightening dawn from large
east facing windows. He wasn't shocked by their new
blatant homosexual activity he expected it. For them
it was the culmination of a natural progression. As he
watched they experienced their orgasms. The one on top
went rigid bracing himself above his brother on his
toes and locked arms. The bottom brother locked his
ankles around his lover-brother's waist so he
maintained the closest possible contact as he was
dragged up and backward until his hardness actually
pointed down toward his head. Several large white
drops appeared grouped closely at the base of his
neck. The top brother lowered himself to his elbows
and erased the globs with his tongue.

As Don Thomas watched, his grandsons smiled at each
other, kissed, pulled back and smiled again as if
something had been discussed and decided. They looked
together at the almost closed door and giggled. "You
can come in Gramps," they said together without moving
except that they relaxed. The bottom twin unlocked his
ankles and kept his knees bent so his feet were flat
on the bed. His legs remained spread and his crotch
bore the brunt of his brother's weight.

"I was going to wake you, but I saw you already were.
I apologize for watching, but what you just finished
was quite beautiful. I found I couldn't close the
door." Don Thomas explained while he approached the
bed. He had his hands in the pockets of his light silk
robe. His hands became fists with his wrists bent
outward to hide his growing erection as he stood
beside the bed looking down on his beautiful

The one on the bottom stopped stroking his brother's
back and reached out his hand. Don Thomas was shocked
at his reaction. He wondered if the twins were
emitting phonemes or prodding him with their joined
minds. He took the offered hand. It belonged to Toby.

"If you relaxed and let yourself go, we could talk
like we did with Mom, almost." The twins told him
together, but neither spoke. The message arrived as a

Don Thomas suddenly felt his penis being pleasantly
pressed against his abdomen by Terry's weight. That
feeling merged with one of it being inside Toby's
body. The twins' declining erections grew
sympathetically with his until he felt a delicious
tightness. Terry began to move slowly in his brother.
Don Thomas thrust himself, remembering how long it had
been since he last made love with his wife. "I'm three
times your age," he argued weakly and thrust again,
"and your grandfather." He added before he opened his
eyes to see his robe open and feel it slither from his

"See? It's working, better than anyone else, join us,
we'll take you with us." Toby pulled Don Thomas down
on to the bed by his hand. He lay beside them and
pressed himself against them. One arm went under
Toby's shoulders, the other caressed Terry's moving
back. When they kissed each other deeply, his tongue
and lips were there. He felt an exciting fullness in
his bowels as Terry moved in Toby faster. His mind
swirled with feelings of exquisite pleasure and love.
He was Toby, Terry and himself, and they were he.

He lost consciousness or hyperventilated when they
exploded together, and surfaced with open eyes to find
him self on his back mediating a mental squabble
between his lover grandsons concerning which of them
should be first to clean him while each begged
permission to take him in his mouth. Pain and shooting
stars from knocked heads ended the argument and Don
Thomas' sanity returned. He pushed them away from his
cock gently, then noticed that Terry, in his haste had
ignored the cum on his brother's chest and stomach.
>From somewhere a thought or memory entered his mind
about `no waste'. Without thinking, Don Thomas pulled
rank on Terry and pushed Toby on his back again to
comply with the admonition, rule or law among the
group and do the honors himself. Terry happily
accepted the alternate prize; his grandfather's cock.

"Group? What group?" Don Thomas asked aloud, before he
realized the obvious answer. "ALL of them? But that
can't be, you and they, you're all athletes, macho
jocks. I never dreamed," Don Thomas was dazed by the
thought that all of his young weekend guests were gay.
The twins grinned and nodded. "Even Will and Joe? Not
them certainly, I perceive them to be potential
killers if anyone threatened young Buck or anyone else
they were charged with protecting."

Toby answered aloud, Terry nodded. "Yup, them too, but
they're a couple. Buck and Doug are in love, and we
think that Paul and Morgan are too. And Patrick, we
pick on him kind of. He was like you at first and said
no, flat out, so we seduced him. Now he goes with the
flow. He's funny. He's strict though he calls us young
gentlemen and makes us mind, except in bed, then we're
the boss, but still let him think he is. Peter has the
hots for Dylan Kelly. You've heard of him? He couldn't
come out with us because he's just starting a movie in
New York City. And oh, hey, did we tell you that we're
going to be in the movie too? Just as walk ons,
whatever that is, but we're being paid and we get free
lunches too."

While his brother did the talking, Terry piled pillows
at the head of the bed to lean against, then pulled
Toby back to rest comfortably on his chest. Terry
surrounded Toby with his arms and idly played with his
brother's cock with one hand, while the other roamed
his body. Don Thomas regained his discarded robe and
sat on the end of the bed watching them and listening
to all the things, small things they told him via
Toby's mouth. The two reminded Don Thomas of two young
monkeys in a troop. Everything they did with or to
each other seemed right and natural, accepted,
expected and welcomed.

Don Thomas suggested that they should shower and dress
while he ordered them breakfast then shower and dress
him self. The twins came alive. They walked on their
knees to him, wrestled him and tickled him until they
got his robe off again. Then they surrounded him with
their arms while he called room service before guiding
him into their bathroom. In the shower, they insisted
on washing him and paid particular attention to his
genitals, trying to get him to respond. When he felt
himself starting he pushed them away and began washing
them. They responded to his hands instantly and pushed
themselves at his hands. Until he felt the tickle of
their minds in his and saw their grins. He quickly
backed away and handed over the bar of soap and wash

Their predictable response was, "Awe Gramps, you're no
fun, you know us too well. If you were Patrick, we'd
have you in a heart beat."

Don Thomas shook his dripping head and laughed. "What
happened was a lapse of good judgment on my part and
won't be repeated. You're my grandsons for God's

They stood in front of him proudly at attention, with
their guts sucked in and their hips thrust out. Their
matching erections quivered. "We'll let you go for now
Gramps, because today is Retribution Day and breakfast
is on it's way, but you have to sleep sometime. We'll
draw straws to see who's first, and we'll get you.
Poor Patrick says we're habit forming. We're the
Dynamic Duo and there's no escape." One of them

The hotel Concierge was waiting for them when the
elevator doors rolled open on the lobby. He guided
them to the first of two limousines parked at the
front entrance. The doorman already had the rear door
open and bowed them inside the big car. Don Thomas was
dressed neatly in western riding garb to show his
disdain for his ex-son-in-law that never was. He
wanted to appear as if he'd just taken a moment from
his busy day at the ranch to watch as the
exterminators removed three noxious vermin from the
twins new ultra modern multimillion dollar home in the
City of Angels. He carried nothing. The two attorneys
who waited for them in the car had all the legal
documents with them that might be required. Don Thomas
felt that just confronting the scumbag with a copy of
his valid marriage certificate would be sufficient to
make him and the women run, although probably in
different directions after sly Thelma and her harridan
mother discovered that there was a first and current
Mrs. Kevin Fair.

Toby and Terry were jubilant. They so hated their
stepmother that they went to the trouble of getting
her a gift and a greeting card. The gift cost Don
Thomas one hundred dollars, the amount that a dowdy
and not quite clean saleswoman insisted on as the cost
of `losing' her Wal-Mart royal blue bib complete with
a name badge which the boys altered to read `Thelma'.
Customer Service provided an employment application

The twins found a gift box at the winery embossed with
the Nieman-Marcus logo. They carefully folded the
soiled blue bib so the name badge was prominent when
the tissue inside the box was parted. The tissue was
the first page of the Employment Opportunities section
of the Los Angeles Times. They had the box
professionally gift wrapped in the hotel gift shop.
The greeting card they chose was one offering their

The entrance gates leading to the Fair estate stood
open. That was a cardinal sin in the canyons above
Malibou. The landscape along the drive was turning
brown for want of irrigation. Wind blown debris had
collected in protected places for want of a
maintenance service. The multi-story contemporary
house that was mostly glass looked shabby and
neglected. The Rolls Royce parked under the portico
needed washing badly. The first limo parked behind the
Rolls. Four rough looking men dressed in expensive
dark business suits debarked from the rear doors of
the second limo before it stopped rolling. Three
formed a shield facing the entry doors to the house
while the fourth opened the rear door of the first car
and nodded his permission for Don Thomas, the twins
and the attorneys to step out. A County Deputy
Sheriff's cruiser had joined the parade at some point
and the Deputy joined the small group.

One of the lawyers offered papers to the officer. He
skimmed them quickly and nodded. He grinned at the
twins. "You're Tobias and Terrence Fair?"

"Yes Sir." Came the joint response.

The Deputy looked at Don Thomas. "And you're Thomas
Del La Varga, grandfather and legal guardian?" He
didn't wait for an answer. "I have an order to remove
trespassers from your property. Okay, let's get it
done. I'll arrest them if they don't leave promptly
and you'll press charges right?" He asked while they
walked together to the front door.

"Trespassers?" One of the twins asked. "I thought we
were going to evict them," he shrugged, "but we guess
it doesn't matter what you call it as long as they

"Evictions take forever in California," the Deputy
explained and patted his handcuffs. "Trespassing
though is a chargeable offense."

One of the suits pressed the doorbell. Everyone looked
into the three-story atrium, the foyer, while they
waited for someone to answer the door. Dying tropical
plants planted in beds there were bolstered by a broad
assortment of gaudy silk flowers of unidentifiable
species and impossible colors; some even bore labels
and price tags. The twins opened their mouths and
pointed their index fingers at their tonsils making
violent puking sounds. "Thelma," they said together
then laughed with Don Thomas and the Deputy. The twin
carrying their gift for her patted it affectionately.

Thelma appeared at the second level balcony. Her
bleached hair was done up in huge curlers and she was
cinching the belt of her silk robe. She looked down on
the group of men watching her and screeched. The twins
laughed and waved from behind one of the mean looking
suits. Don Thomas grinned when she ran from their
view, only to reappear pushing her husband Kevin Fair
in front of her. The twins' father was wearing boxer
shorts and looked sleepy, until he saw who waited
outside his door. His eyes widened in surprise and

"DADDY!" The twins screamed together, louder than
Thelma's screeching demands that her husband do
something to protect her and clear the intruders from
their property.

Kevin pushed her away roughly and ran down the curving
staircase. By the time he unlocked the door and pulled
it open, Don Thomas was gratified to see real fear in
his ex-son-in-law's green eyes. He was pleased the
twins' eyes were brown and large like their mother's.
They also carried the trait for raven hair, part of
the Del La Varga heritage, and while their father was
a strawberry blond that transcended to his body in
almost pelt form, the twins would have almost no body
hair as they matured into handsome, even beautiful
young men. Don Thomas wondered if the twins might
consider changing their names to Del La Varga. He made
a mental note to ask them.

The Deputy squeezed between two of the suits, as a
lawyer handed Don Thomas a paper. Don Thomas offered
the copy of his original marriage certificate before
the officer could advise Kevin that he was
trespassing. "I believe this is yours," he said
quietly. Kevin turned gray under his golden tan when
he recognized the document. "There's a problem though
with the divorce decree, we can't seem to find it
anywhere. Your wife Susan says the reason is that
there isn't one. You and she are separated informally,
but still very much legally married."

Thelma shut her mouth long enough to read over Kevin's
shoulder then she started again while swinging her
fists into his body. The Deputy stepped in and stopped
her abuse by holding her arms while he advised them
both of the trespassing complaint. He strongly
suggested that they vacate immediately or be arrested.
One of the lawyers handed Kevin a thick sheaf of other
legal documents, all his copies.

Don Thomas grinned when he saw movement on the second
level as Thelma's mother peeked around the hall
corner, saw him grinning back at her and disappeared.

Thelma's mouth got cranked up again since she couldn't
THAT BITCH TERESA." She got no further in her tirade.
Two fourteen-year-old fists plowed into her gut with
all the power the two boys could muster. The sound of
air rushing from her lungs was gratifying to everyone.
The Deputy holding Thelma didn't even try to hide his

"You tripped me!" A twin accused the other. "Sorry
Thelma old girl. Did that hurt? We hope so."

"I did NOT trip you! We both tripped over the same big
chunk of dirt on this nasty floor." They took the time
to giggle together while their grandfather roared his
laughter. Toby continued when he could. He offered her
the package. "We got this for you and you better take
it since you definitely aren't qualified to clean
houses. The Deputy let go of Thelma's arms. She took
the gift and first held it to her ear, then shook it.

"Don't you trust us?" Terry asked sweetly. "It's not a
bomb, not with us standing here."

"Nope we won't send that until Christmas, that is if
you leave a forwarding address." Toby added.

"Perhaps you should pack a few things before your taxi
arrives?" Don Thomas suggested. "I'd say you have
about ten minutes, no more certainly. You'll be
allowed to take personal things and what clothing you
can carry." He shooed them toward the stairs with his
hands like a parent might chase a child. Two suits
started to accompany them up the stairs, but Don
Thomas stopped them silently with a shake of his head.
"Nine minutes!" He called after them, then added, "Oh,
don't forget your mother, Thelma, she'll be leaving
with you!"

"Gramps!" Terry exclaimed, "They'll just take all the
small valuable stuff like Mother's jewelry."

Don Thomas grinned and nodded. "I'm counting on that.
I'll bet each of you one dollar that all three of them
have a private stash hidden somewhere that the other
two don't know about. They are so utterly corrupt that
they're willing to live like pigs in preference to any
one of them admitting to the other two that they've
been stealing from each other." Don Thomas grinned at
the four burly suits. "When all three of them return
here I would appreciate it if you would inspect their
combined luggage thoroughly, as well as their persons,
right down to the skin."

The chief suit giggled and reached into a pocket.
"Actually we was plannin' to check `em out whether you
asked or not. The boss said they was gold diggers and
not to trust `em."

The twins' dark eyes grew while they watched the man
carefully put on a pair of rubber gloves. "Are you
really going to use those gloves?" They asked
together, they were that excited by the thought of
seeing Thelma get her most private parts inspected.

"Yes siree bob," the chief looked at the deputy, "that
is I am if the law don't mind."

The officer shrugged and grinned. "If I wasn't on
duty, I'd help. I think I'll just look around outside
until you guys escort them out to the taxi." He looked
at the suits generally, "It would be easier if there
wasn't any blood or obvious bruising afterward. Have

The twins watched him leave and return to his car.
"He's nice. If we ever need bodyguards like Will or
Joe, we should hire him." Toby said while Terry

Don Thomas called a halt to Kevin and Thelma's efforts
to add to the massive pile of luggage, plastic tote
boxes, cardboard cartons and even three wooden boxes
from the winery after twenty minutes. Thelma's mother
managed only one large suitcase on wheels that was so
heavy she banged it down the staircase one step at a
time, then stood near it frowning at her daughter and
Kevin if they got too close.

Don Thomas nodded to the suits. "It would seem these
trespassers travel with some extremely heavy clothing.
Gentlemen, if you please." He pointed to a pair of
magnesium cases that Kevin brought down first, then
attempted to hide by stacking other boxes around them.
"Those look interesting." He grinned at Kevin when two
suits grabbed his arms. "Why Kevin I believe you've
gained weight in the last twenty minutes."

When it was all over, Kevin, Thelma and her mother
each carried one of the wooden wine cases. Each
contained a haphazard collection of clothing and
toiletries, one of the suits collected from the
bedrooms. Everything else remained in the foyer.

Toby picked up one of the bundles of currency that
filled the two metal cases. "Boy, Daddy sure was into
Ben Franklin." Then looked at his grandfather

Don Thomas nodded and smiled. "By all means, tip these
men generously, and don't forget the kind Deputy. Give
him my card and ask him to call anytime he wishes to
retire from the County. I think we should begin
thinking of some sort of protection for you boys."

Terry bent down to peer at the contents of a slimy
baggy. "Thelma sure walks better now that she doesn't
have to lug these around in her thing. Do you think
she took them out before Daddy made love to her? Hey!
Could we get a few of these set to make like earrings
for all the guys? That would be neat. Can we get our
ears pierced? Does it hurt I wonder?"

The chief suit laughed and fingered his ear stud.
"I'll bet it don't hurt as much as luggin' a quarter
pound of diamonds around stuffed up your pussy, that
is if you had one." The twins looked at their
grandfather and winked at him together.

"Look! There's her car and a van parked behind it.
What do we do now?" Buck asked. He was leaning halfway
out the rear window. Paul held his legs so he wouldn't
fall out on the road in front of the house Jenny
rented so her brothers had a place to live and where
they would hold Buck until the ransom was paid.

"Now we wait for reinforcements. We need to hide this
bus somewhere, it sticks out like a sort thumb here in
the country." David drove off the road fifty yards
from the house. He intended to get the car into a
clump of trees, but the rear wheels sank in the bottom
of drainage ditch that paralleled the road. "SHIT!"

Marc giggled nervously. "Man Bucky will kick your ass
big time if you scratch up his car."

"I'd rather get kicked than killed, and that's what he
told me he's going to do if any of you get hurt. Man,
am I in trouble. I never should have listened to you

Buck dismissed David's fears. "Don't worry so much.
Let's look around. Let me go Paul, you big lummox."

"I hope you land on your head you shrimp." Paul opened
his arms. Buck's feet disappeared into the darkness at
the side of the car.

"No! Buck! You get your ass back in this car now!"
David ordered in a hoarse whisper, which grew louder
and changed to pleading when Buck didn't answer him.

"Don't worry so much he's got a machine gun, he'll be
all right." Marc giggled nervously.

David thought he was going to faint. "A machine gun? A
real one?"

"Yeah, a little one, an Uzi I think, but he didn't
take any extra ammo with him. Here," Marc scooted
forward and offered two full clips to David over the
back of the front seat. "better take him these."

David moaned. "Where the fuck did he get THAT weapon?"

"There's a drawer under the back seat. You want one?
There's one more, and some hand guns."

"NO!" David got out of the car and closed the door
carefully. He leaned back inside. "You guys stay here
and keep quiet and leave those fucking weapons alone!
I'll get Buck back here."

The guys watched his shadow merge with the trees
closer to the house. Marc and Peter handed out the
weapons. Marc gave Dylan two hand grenades. "Here, you
know about these things.

"I do? Since when?" Dylan asked as he hefted one in
each hand.

"Since you were in that flick. Remember when you were
a kid in the underground? World War Two? DAH! Earth to
Dylan. You pull the pin by biting on the ring with
your teeth, you watch it for a minute, then throw it
before it goes off. You wiped out half a Panzer
Division. Remember? I don't remember the movie's name
but it was pretty good."

Dylan stared at Marc like he was a nut case. "DAH
yourself. You ever hear of make believe, as in acting?
That's what I do."

"Whatever." Marc said as he figured out how to chamber
a round in the second machine pistol while he followed
Paul and Morgan out of the car.

David came up behind Buck as he jumped up and down
under a kitchen window and managed to get a hand over
his mouth. "Shhhhh.It's me, come on back to the car,"
he whispered desperately.

"No! You can hear voices, Doug's in there I can hear
him! Boost me up so I can see in." Buck answered in
his loud gravelly whisper.

"Okay, but shut up for Christ's sake. Then we go back
to the car." David holstered his weapon, bent down and
wrapped his arms around Buck's upper legs and lifted

"Closer!" Buck ordered hoarsely.

David's foot came down on a discarded bottle that
pitched him forward suddenly one step. The Uzi thunked
the side of the house before David regained his

Jenny froze at the sound with a piece of half eaten
pizza on it's way to her mouth. "What was that?" She
asked nervously.

"Just that fuckin' coon again, gettin' in the garbage.
He makes a fuckin' mess every night." The older
brother explained. He picked up a revolver from the
table and started to stand up. "I'll just fix his
furry ass once and for all."

"No shooting now. I'll just chase him. He won't be
back tonight." Buddy said quickly and headed for the
back door. Doug's heart skipped a beat when he heard
the bumping sound. It could have been a raccoon but if
it was, then the terrain outside the house was
different than most houses. They could be in a bi-
level and the kitchen could be half under ground
because it came from up high on the wall across from
where he sat at the table. Doug preferred to think the
sound was someone climbing up to rescue him somehow.
He continued to eat the cold pizza, but his muscles
tensed and he was ready to move quickly somewhere. The
first thing he planned to do was strip the tape from
his eyes. He'd been working on the corners of the tape
whenever he knew he was alone. He was sure he could
pinch enough tape to pull it free quickly.

They left him alone after he made a video tape for
them asking his father to please get the money
somehow, perhaps borrow it from Bucky. His ad-lib plea
was very genuine because he really believed they would
kill him if the ransom wasn't paid promptly.

Buddy stepped out on the back porch and peered into
the early morning darkness. He saw at once that the
trashcan under the high kitchen sink window was
already tipped over and the raccoon was gone. The coon
got what he was after and departed leaving some
additional mess around the can. He stepped off the
porch and bent to right the can and replace the lid.

When the gun bumped the side of the house, David
carried Buck a few steps before he lowered him to the
ground and they could run another twenty-five feet to
some overgrown bushes. They knelt together watching
Buddy when Buck's cellphone rang. He remembered to set
it to vibrate in the car, but he reacted exactly like
his father always did, he jumped. He was nervous and
untrained in the use of the deadly little automatic
weapon. One mistake was that he kept his index finger
on the trigger, the second was in thinking that he
could fire it like a handgun, with one hand. He'd seen
them used in movies. When he reacted to the phone's
vibrations, he clutched the handgrip tighter. The
muzzle was pointed in Buddy's general direction when
it started to fire. The weapon jumped higher with each
recoil. Buddy took three rounds in his body before he
fell. Small bullet holes, almost equally spaced,
climbed the side of the house until the last round
arched over the roof and the weapon was empty.

Doug threw himself to the side off his chair. He hit
the floor hard because his hands were busy pulling at
the tape covering his eyes. He let out a strangled
scream in pain when some of his eyebrows and lashes
were pulled out but he was free of the tape. He
blinked rapidly to clear the tears away and adjust to
the sudden brightness from the ceiling light.

A cabinet door under the counter near the sink flew
open magically. There was the sound of breaking glass.
A beer bottle exploded on the table above Doug's head
and he was showered with the contents and glass.
Another cabinet door opened above the counter and
broken dish shards rained down on the room. The damage
was methodical as the bullets from Buck's uncontrolled
weapon pierced the wood frame wall in ascending order.

Jenny screamed and joined Doug on the floor on the
opposite side of the table. "BRUCE! DO SOMETHING!" Her
arms muffled her frantic plea or order. Doug saw her
from watery eyes. He also saw the open back door,
leading to darkness and freedom. He got his feet under
him and crouched down ready to standup and run, until
an arm wrapped itself around his neck and he was
lifted to a standing position, pulled backward against
the older brother's body.

"Bruce?" Doug thought and choked when the grip around
his neck tightened. He was forced to walk to the door,
then outside into the darkness. He felt cold steel
pressed hard against his temple.

Bruce cocked the revolver he held at Doug's head. "GET
shouted. Doug felt Bruce's warm breath on his
shoulder. He was sweating and panting, breathing
through his mouth and nose. Doug smelled Bruce's sweat
and felt his fear when the revolver shook

Doug thought, expected to see flashing blue lights,
red lights and blinding white light of powerful beams
trained on them and the house. He thought he should
hear police and emergency radios and amplified orders
to throw the weapon down, let the kid go, put your
hands over your head and you won't be hurt, those
orders. But there was only darkness and silence.

Jenny joined them. She got behind her brother and
snarled. "Do something you dumb bastard," she ordered.

Doug felt the pressure on his temple decrease when
Bruce turned his attention to his sister. "You got us
into this. You're the dumb one, you bitch! I ain't
goin' back to prison again. No way, I ain't," he
sneered. He giggled softly. "You wouldn't last long in
there neither Little Sister, so I'll just save you
from all that shit." The gun left Doug's temple
suddenly and there was an ear splitting report when
Bruce fired hitting his sister in the chest. When he
moved it back to Doug's temple it was warmer more
comfortable. Bruce laughed, "And now it's your turn
queer boy. Your rich daddy is gonna save himself ten
million bucks.

Buck dropped the empty weapon and stared at it in
horror before he raised his eyes to the unmoving body
of the guy he shot. His eyes moved to the dark porch.
He wondered what the fuck Doug was doing dancing with
one of his captors when Bruce pulled Doug out the door
and they were highlighted by light from the kitchen.
He felt stupid after Bruce shouted at them. He
recognized Jenny when she joined them. He couldn't
believe his eyes or ears when he saw the muzzle flash,
hear the shot and saw Jenny step backward with her
arms out before she collapsed.

The gun went back to Doug`s head. The guy holding it
said something to Doug. Doug's head tilted pushed by
the gun. Buck stood up and screamed, "NOOOO!"

David stood up with Buck to block him with his body.
He looked at the porch waiting, expecting the gun to
be pointed at them. He saw that Doug's head was pushed
out of the way. The guy holding the gun exposed his
head. David gripped his weapon, braced it further with
the palm of his other hand and bent his knees
slightly. He aimed and pulled the trigger. The head he
fired at snapped back. The arm around Doug's neck fell
and the body stepped back one step before it fell by

David had no idea if there was anyone else in the
house, but he wasn't taking any further chances with
Doug's life. He charged the porch and tackled Doug.
They landed on top of the dead male kidnapper. Doug
saw him coming and grinned. When David looked at Doug
to see if he was all right, Doug smiled up at him
foolishly and wrapped his arms around him. "Won't your
fianc‚e mind? I sure don't, you have a nice hard body,
but it would be more convenient if you took off your
shorts first."

"What?" David felt Doug under him. He blushed, and
rolled, thankful that there was no one to see him.
"Are you hurt?" He looked Doug over while standing on
his knees. He looked in the kitchen. "We got three, is
there anyone else?" He saw bloody foot prints and
looked at Doug's feet. "Jesus, you're bleeding." He
heard a noise from the yard behind him and looked to
see all of the guys except Buck surrounding the porch.
All of them were armed. "Put those fucking weapons
down!" He ordered. "I need two white shirts fast
Doug's feet are really cut up. Buck? BUCK!" He called.

"I'm here," a small voice answered. Buck knelt by the
guy he shot accidentally. "I think I killed him David.
I didn't mean to. The gun went off, then wouldn't quit
until it ran out of bullets." Buck explained to
himself mostly. He held Buddy's hand.

"Buck goddamn it! Doug's hurt we need an ambulance.
Call your father or Will, anyone. Maybe the chopper?
You guys see if there's a place where it can land." He
looked at Buck again. BUCK! GODDAMN IT! THAT DUDE IS

Buck shook himself like a wet dog, dropped the dead
hand and ran to the porch. He threw himself on Doug
and kissed him, and kissed him. Doug squeezed the air
out of Buck's lungs with a bear hug. Doug let him go
when Buck pulled his lips away. "Your hurt?"

"Just my feet." Doug said. "It's good to see you,
really good." Then he closed his eyes and sighed.

"He's in shock. We need to elevate his feet. Morgan,
you and Paul hold these shirts on the soles of his
feet make a compress and really hold tight. I think he
cut an artery." David ordered and explained why he
thought there so much blood.

Buck looked back to see the guys watching them.
"Didn't you fucking hear David? GO FIND A PLACE FOR
THE CHOPPER TO LAND! NOW!" He barked with his
cellphone in his hand. "DAD! Doug's hurt. He's
bleeding we need the chopper." He listened for a
moment. "Well, give the pilot the address. He can find
it with the GPS, if not I'll light up this fucking
house like a torch." He paused again, then snapped,
"Well of course we got him. The bad guys are dead. I,
I killed one of them Dad," he whispered. "He deserved
it but it was an accident. You'll see when you get
here. Yes Jenny too. I can't talk anymore Dad, PLEASE
hurry the chopper." Buck pushed the disconnect. Then
looked at Doug. "Can I help?" He asked David.

"We need to keep him warm. Maybe there's a blanket
inside." David suggested softly while he rubbed Buck's
back tenderly. Buck looked like he was about to go
into shock as well.

Buck stood up pulled off his shirt and dropped his
shorts. "He needs to be decent first. Help me." After
the four of them finished dressing Doug in Buck's
clothes, Buck scooted into the house to look for a
blanket. When he returned with one from the room where
they kept Doug, he was crying openly.

"What's wrong Buck?" David asked softly. "What's in
there to get you so upset?"

"There's broken glass and shit all over the floor in
the kitchen. Those bullets, MY bullets, went straight
through the wall. That's how Douggie cut up his feet.
I could have killed him." Buck snapped his fingers,
"Just like that." He pulled the blanket over his
shoulders then carefully lay down on Doug's inert form
and covered their heads up. David, Paul and Morgan
could see the blanket shaking from Bucks' sobbing his
heart out to his lover about how sorry he was that
he'd caused Doug pain.

Bucky arrived with his wife Becky, Bill and Martha
Henderson, Patrick, Will, Joe and George. The Suburban
followed them with four of the bodyguards dressed in
black and heavily armed. Patrick got to Doug's side
first, because he ran. He gently lifted Buck from
Doug's unconscious body and held him tightly as Buck
poured out the story of the rescue between hiccups. By
the time he was done Patrick was crying with him while
everyone else from the second car was clustered around
the porch and on the verge of tears themselves. Martha
Henderson knelt by her son and alternately stroked his
cheeks and combed his unruly curls with her fingers.

Marc came to report that they found a small meadow a
hundred yards down the road where the chopper could
land. There was only a smallish sapling in the middle
of it, and they would have it out of the way by the
time the helicopter arrived. No one noticed him
collect the two abandoned hand grenades from the
collection of weapons before he ran back the way he

When there were two closely spaced explosions a few
minutes later everyone ducked for cover except David.
He cursed himself for not realizing Marc's solution
for eliminating the small tree he mentioned. The men
in black abandoned Bruce and Jenny's corpuses half way
to the Suburban. They fell prone to crawl away on
their bellies in the general direction of the
concussions with their weapons ready.

David explained the explosions and pointed to the
small arsenal lying in the grass nearby. Bucky was
shocked and astounded. "You mean everyone sits on top
of all that every time they ride in the cars, MY cars?
Who ordered them?" He looked at George for an answer.

"You did Sir. You signed the contract. It said armored
and armed. They're well concealed, they got through

"Maybe, but they didn't get by my son. Get rid of
them." Bucky ordered.

David interrupted, "Excuse me Sir, but wouldn't it be
better if everyone who uses the cars regularly,
learned how to use them?" He looked at George for
support. George, Will and Joe nodded enthusiastically.

"Okay you're right. We'll build a range out in the
woods. Target practice will be fun." Bucky decided.

"Has anyone got a flashlight?" Marc asked. "We think
we hear the chopper. The landing area is ready, we
just need to signal him in."

There's a small atomic bomb in the limo's trunk. Will
that be bright enough?" David asked sarcastically, as
he started walking to Marc with his hands out fully
prepared to strangle him.

"Really? Wouldn't that be a health hazard?" Marc
asked, grinned and started backing away. "Boy you old
guys sure cop an attitude over the smallest things,"
he added over his shoulder as he turned and ran.

David followed. "There are flares in the trunk, we can
use those just before I show you a REAL hazard to YOUR

"What's happening?" Doug asked, regaining
consciousness. "Boy that nap felt good. Hi Mom!
Where'd you come from?" Doug rubbed his eyes and
remembered. "Oh yeah. Can we go home now? It's over."
He tried to sit up.

Buck pushed him back down with a slobbery happy kiss.
"We're going home on the chopper after a stop at
Trenton Memorial Hospital for a zillion stitches in
your feet."

Doug wiggled his toes. He winced, feeling the pain for
the first time. "Ouch! They do smart a little," he
agreed before he remembered something more painful.
"You know what those bastards did? They wrapped my
lower legs with so much tape a horse couldn't move.
Then they stripped it off when they got me here and
pulled out all my leg hairs down there. They were
really thick there too," he added.

Buck giggled, "They'll grow back in no time."

"You know what we should do?" Bucky asked everyone.
"We should all take a little vacation. The Wilcott's
too, even Marc, if he's still alive after David gets
done with him. I have a friend who owns a boat that's
docked in Ft. Lauderdale right now for the summer.
It's the off season and it will be hotter than hell
but we'll be surrounded by water and I think it's air-
conditioned. I'll charter it and we can take a nice
peaceful cruise through the out islands in the Bahamas
while Doug recovers. How's that sound?"

"Yeah! Let's invite the twins and Don Thomas too."
Buck suggested.




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