Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


 Chapter 26

Anton resumed watching the boys' antics in their
bathroom but he concentrated on Evan instead of Buck.
Evan was a survivor. Anton was a survivor; he'd
survived the War, just barely. After the War, Europe
became a land of opportunity for an enterprising
teenager. One unprotected carton of American Camel
cigarettes, sold by the pack allowed him to purchase
more cartons in the black market. Cartons became
cases, then a truckload. He added other luxury items
to his inventory and truckloads became ship's cargoes.
The sale of cargoes allowed for the purchase of ships
and apparent legitimacy. There was money to be made
everywhere if one was enterprising. Anton was
enterprising, shrewd, and as ruthless as he needed to
be to succeed. The Nazi's were good teachers.

He watched helplessly from hiding while they murdered
his family, his mother, his father and his sister. One
smiling SS Lieutenant, one bullet in the head of each
while his squad looked on in boredom, just because
they were Jews, and not even very good Jews. For
thirteen-year-old Anton, his fear and terror became
hatred. That night, Anton carved a permanent smile in
the Lieutenant's neck while he slept in his parent's
bed. Anton's home became the Lieutenant's funeral

The Nazi's always portrayed all Jews as being short,
with dark hair, eyes and complexion. This worked to
Anton's advantage since he was tall for his age,
blond, and looked at the world with intense blue eyes.
He was more Aryan in appearance than the majority of
the Nazis. He moved among them freely, frequently
wearing one of their uniforms. His proficiency with
his knife grew with his reputation in the underground.

Anton liked numbers and math, and he counted his
officer kills. He was disappointed when on VE Day; his
tally was only twenty-three. He never counted common
soldiers those kills served only to bring him to
orgasm. Anton's knife was his surrogate penis, his use
of it served him as a fuck and enemy blood was their
contribution to his orgasm. Cum on the body became his

Early on, like the boy Evan, Anton knew to the penny
what his available resources were. Of course he would
never display his wealth like Evan did that evening.
Anton was never so trusting. He was a loner, with
subordinates and business friends, but no close

Laughter and splashes interrupted his maundering. The
mega-yacht's baths were large, but still not designed
for so many. Perhaps just two lovers. Evan played,
fought, wrestled and giggled with the others, but
through it all, Evan the opportunist, took a thorough
if somewhat chaotic bath.

Patrick attended Evan as he did Doug, except Doug was
gently placed on the bed to be dried with a bath sheet
with his hugely bandaged feet hung over the foot. Evan
stood in the middle of the floor to be dried and
equally pampered. Cleaned and nearly dry, Evan's
shaggy hair was sun white gold. His tiny patch of
pubic hair was almost invisible against his snowy
white skin always covered by shorts. Patrick
disappeared to his baggage and returned with barber

Evan balked. "No fucking way." He backed away from
the chair Patrick turned from the desk for him to sit

"Yes way!" Buck argued. He shook his own darker blond
head violently and his hair fell in place mostly.
Patrick shaped it with a fast comb. "We let him trim
ours. See? He does just as good as my stylist," he
grinned at Doug. "Doug's too, although you can't tell
when his is combed and when it isn't."

"I can't help the curls," Doug retorted defensively.
He held himself up with his elbows. "If you think
about it, my mop is convenient. He grinned at Evan,
"PUPPY! SIT!" He shouted then giggled when Evan gave
him the finger before he sat down on the chair and
Patrick draped a towel over his bare shoulders.

"No worries lad, I trimmed the Master's all the while
he was ill until the day o' his passin'."

Evan giggled, "What'd he die of, blood loss when you
cut off his ear?"

Patrick grinned, "Ye know laddie, such sarcasm and
laughin' at me humble skills don't mix well with me
scissors. OOPS!" Patrick jumped back suddenly, studied
Evan, and then shrugged. "That wee mistake `ill grow
back in time."

Evan hunched his shoulders. "Okay, I get the message."

When Patrick finished, Buck took Evan's hand and towed
him to the bathroom. They studied themselves in the
mirror. "Wow! That does look pretty good." Evan
admired his haircut.

Buck rested his arm over Evan's shoulders. "You know
you do clean up well like Marc said. Something else
too, we do look alike kind of." Buck giggled and
pushed Evan back into the bedroom. "Hey guys, I can't
wait until Dad sees us together. He'll just shit
bricks if he really was playing around on Mom thirteen
or so years ago."

Evan frowned. "Well I can fucking wait and I have, I
mean had a father. Yours is liable to throw my ass
overboard. What's he gonna do when he just sees me?"

"He'll be cool, you'll see." Buck assured him.

"Yeah? Exactly how many other street kids have you
dragged home, or in my case invited on a fucking
cruise on one of the biggest yachts in the world yet,
without asking him first?" Evan was justifiably

Doug looked up from watching Patrick unwrap his feet
in preparation for applying new bandages for the first
time since he left the hospital. "Well he didn't
exactly drag me, but after we made it together for the
first time, Buck, the little asshole, called his
father right away and told him about me. That was not
exactly what you call confidence inspiring, especially
when Bucky, his dad, invited little old me to lunch so
he could meet me the next day. I thought I was dead
meat AND the main course." He giggled with Buck.
"Actually, he welcomed me to the family, that was

Everyone gathered around Doug's feet when Patrick
peeled away the inner pads covering the wounds. Evan
looked horrified. "Holy shit! I'm really sorry I
called you a crip, crip," he giggled. "What the fuck

They took turns telling him the story of Doug's
kidnapping and skipped the deaths at the end. Evan saw
the obvious gap and asked what happened to the
kidnappers. "I can read you know and I read the news
papers. They might be a day old but I get to them.
There was nothing about any rich kid up north gettin'

"They're dead." David answered simply. "Buck's dad is
kind of influential and it was hushed up. It never
really happened."

"Yeah but what happened to the bodies? How'd they

Buck remained silent while David, Doug and Patrick
told the first part of the story. He touched Evan's
arm. "I shot one. It was an accident, he didn't even
have a gun, but I shot him, so we're both killers. One
of them shot his own sister, then he was going to
shoot Doug in the head before he killed himself. He
was using Doug as a shield and pushed Doug's head over
with the barrel of the gun. He exposed his own head.
David got him. David's really our bodyguard. Will and
Joe too, or they were; now they run one of Dad's
companies that takes care of all security for us. Our
driver today was a guard. There are probably others
all around us we don't see."

"But what the fuck happened to the bodies?"

"Leave it alone Evan." Doug warned. "Bucky is
influential sure, but he's also powerful enough to
make shit happen with no questions asked. We haven't
asked, so don't you. You are totally safe around us,
so let's change the subject." He half smiled at
Patrick. "Can we leave off the padding at night from
now on?" He flexed his feet experimentally, "They
really don't hurt much now and we'll be careful in
bed." He looked at Buck and grinned, "Won't we?"

Buck giggled, "So far, so good. We're lucky there's
nothing wrong with your knees and I never have
straddled your feet to get at you." He snapped his
fingers. "We were having so much fun in that little
bath tub I forgot to see if that hand held shower head
unscrews. I'll be back, don't do anything in that bed
without me."

"Hey what about me? Do I really have to sleep on the
floor?" Doug laughed and nodded playfully. "Shit,"
Evan moaned, "I'll never earn that Ben Franklin. I'd
be careful too and I'm not into feet."

Doug relented. "Okay, it's a king-size bed, I guess
there's room for four of us." He grinned at David with
his eyebrow raised so there was no question who the
fourth was.

David turned a beautiful red while he looked for his
clothes. "I can't Doug, what about my girl friend?
I'll never be able to look her in the eye again.
She'll know I've been screwing around. That first time
was a lapse of good judgment."

Patrick sided with David, "Aye David, you best go find
your bed down below. I'll just be slidin' in here." He
had Doug roll around so he could pull the comforter
off the bed and fold it nervously.

Doug giggled, "Oh no you don't Patrick me lad. You
heard Anton." He cleared his throat and attempted to
imitate Anton's unique accent, "If you don't like
accommodations, TOUGH! Off you go across the hall. Don
Thomas is a neat guy. You've got to see what he's
offering. It doesn't make any difference who pays you,
we'll still all be together for the whole school year,
and who knows what we'll be doing summers and

"You're right o' course lad, I guess I should."
Patrick found his shorts and pulled them up, I'll be
goin'," he brightened noticeably. "But first I best
check to see if the twins be needin' to be tucked in,
then I can report to Himself that they're safe an'
sound. Good night then lads, I'll see you on the

Evan watched Patrick leave from the middle of the
turned down bed, sitting like a little Indian with his
legs crossed. He started to rub Doug's thighs
casually. "Do you guys all go to the same school?"

"Yup, we're all going to room together. And David and
another guy, a new guy," he grinned at David, "a gay
guy will be guarding us. We'll have a blast."

"Holy shit! When do you ever find time to study?" Evan
asked while he watched Doug's cock grow up to cover
his belly button, then lift itself clear of his

Doug shrugged, "We haven't worked out those little
details yet. We'll manage."

Evan lifted Doug to stand vertical and stroked him
slowly. "I always liked school, I kind of miss it. I
go to the library and kind of study things I like on
sunny days."

Doug giggled, "Why sunny?"

"Oh, a few clouds don't matter, but if its really
cloudy and raining there's no point, they throw street
people out, because everyone goes there or a mall to
get out of the weather. I hide my pack mostly, but
them others, some aren't too bright if they aren't
complete wacko's, and they try to bring all their
shit, their stuff in with them. Garbage bags, old
suitcases and cardboard boxes, shit like that. Lots of
them never wash and they try to set up camp like and
read magazines, really just look at the pictures. Some
of the library people and the security people, you can
see they feel sorry for them, but who wants to sit in
a chair after someone like that's been sitting there
all nasty and shitty? You can't really blame them."

"Being homeless doesn't sound like much fun. It's
dangerous too isn't it?" David sat on the side of the
bed frowning. He forgot he was going to dress and
leave the suite.

Evan nodded. "It can be. A pimp's been after me for
six months. He wants to add me to his stable." Evan
laughed. "That's why I hang close to the beach. You
can always see him coming in that niggerized Caddy he
drives and he won't chase me in the sand. He doesn't
want to get dirty, and he isn't fast enough anyway."
Evan shuddered, "If he ever catches me he'll get me
hooked on something, then it's all over. Young girls
and guys don't last long working for him."

David swung his feet up on the bed and leaned against
the headboard. He messed up Evan's new hairdo. "When
we get back, you and I will take a ride together. You
just point this dude out to me. I promise he won't
bother you or anyone else again after he gets out of
the hospital, if he needs one."

Evan leaned back against David's chest and made
himself comfortable. He started stroking David's upper
legs. "Would you really whack him for me? It wouldn't
do much good though." Evan sighed in resignation.
"Someone else would take over his operation in a day
or two. Nothing would change except the face, but
thanks, it's not worth you getting arrested for."

David rubbed Evan's skinny chest. "I think it is.
We'll still take the ride."


Anton smiled, approving of David's determination. His
eyes kept moving between two scenes on the split
screen. He also watched Buck, wondering why the boy
would unscrew the tub's sprayhead from its hose. He
grinned after he watched Buck use the hose, then
scamper to the toilet and smile in satisfaction.

Evan turned his head and began to nuzzle one of
David's nipples, while one of his hands kneaded the
other. He slowly twisted his body and legs. He bent
one leg at the knee and started rubbing it over
David's cock. David pulled Evan in tight and rubbed
his back. Doug grinned and rolled to the edge of the
bed. He reached out to a small rectangle of buttons on
the wall behind the night table. Some were lighted
with green, some red. He pushed the first red, and the
ceiling track lights winked out. He looked closer to
see that they were all labeled. He shut all the lights
off, then pressed one marked, `Night'. Soft light
glowed from tiny lights around the room near the

Buck stopped in the doorway and looked at the bed.
Doug grinned at him and nodded toward the busy Evan
and the mostly helpless David. He patted the space he
made at his side. Buck scooted to the bed with his
erection swinging and bobbing wildly.

Anton expected to see the raw passions of teenage
males released, but he watched lovers familiar with
each other's body, their preferences, their desires to
please and titillate. Buckminster the younger was
subservient while Douglas was dominant but attentive.
Both were mildly distracted by the other couple they
shared their bed with.

Evan appeared to be dominant, but he actually played
the roll of seducer at first while he worked to
overcome David's long suppressed inclinations. Then he
assumed the roll of instructor and happily used Doug
and Buck as living breathing teaching aids with
frequent whispers of, "Look," and, "See?"

Gradually, David's protests, "But you're just a little
kid," and as his resolve weakened, "You haven't even
reached puberty yet," was followed by a moan of defeat
as Evan pushed, pulled, kneed and squirmed his way
under David's lightly muscled athletic body.

David was breathless when Evan lifted his own legs and
complied with his final hurriedly whispered
instructions, "Lift up, I'll guide it." David felt
Evan's small slippery hand and wondered how it got
slippery. He didn't see Evan drop the tube of KY to
the carpet. He was about to ask when Evan used both
hands on his ass to pull him down and in. Evan sucked
in a lung full of air, "Oh yeah! Now you just move
like Doug is."

David giggled in Evan's ear after a quick glance at
Buck and Doug. "I think I know what to do from here
on," he mumbled and stifled Evan's answering laugh
with his lips.

They were awakened just before seven the next morning
by a vibration and then a distant humming. Doug found
himself being used as a pillow by Buck as usual, on
one side with his head on Doug's belly, and Evan on
the other snuggled comfortably on his side in the
crook of Doug's arm with his very blond head on Doug's
chest. The earlier reluctant David was spooned against
Evan's back.

Buck, Evan and David looked to Doug since he possessed
the most maritime experience, for an explanation. Doug
shrugged, "If I was running this tub, I'd probably
start the engines about now so I could take in the
land lines." He was forced to explain further when he
received blank looks. "DAH, like water, shore power
and telephone? If we're leaving at eight."

"Oh, is that all." Buck reached to pull the sheet over
his head so he could nurse Doug's cock in privacy for
a few minutes, all that generally was required the
first thing in the morning to get him off. Evan had
the same thought and joined him. They bumped heads.
"Goddamn Evan, don't you ever get tired? You just did
him. It's my turn. Go chew on David." He giggled with
Evan. They pushed each other's foreheads and pulled
Doug's cock like it was inanimate.

"I just did, well an hour or so ago, Doug was hours
ago. I just taught David how to sixty-nine. You really
slept through all his old lame ass arguments? Boy
you're getting old too." Evan answered from under the

David lay on his side with his head propped on his
hand. Red glowed through his tanned face. "Jesus H.
Christ, Evan, why don't you go find the PA system and
let everyone one know everything?" He grumbled, but
grinned at Doug.

There was a quick rap on the door. It opened and Bucky
walked in smiling. David joined the younger boys under
the sheet, but not before Bucky saw him. "David! Good
morning, I wondered where you'd end up sleeping. This
is great, now the boys won't feel inhibited around
you. They can be themselves."

David sat up and let the sheet fall, thankful that it
still covered his fast deflating hardon. He nodded to
his employer and remained speechless except to mumble,
"Inhibited? When was that?" In bug eyed disbelief.

"Good morning Bucky." Doug said cheerily while he held
the sheet up to his chest. He started to wiggle and
giggle when Buck began tickling him. He let the sheet
go to grab Buck's hand. It slipped and the top of
Evan's head appeared.

Bucky frowned. "Buck?"

"Yes Sir?"

"You can stop whatever you're doing and surface."
Bucky's frown deepened. "Did you bleach your hair?"

There was an overlong pause. "No Sir." Buck got
defensive. "How come you walked in on us? You never
did that before."

"You usually lock the door if, ah, you're busy in the
morning. It wasn't locked and I thought you guys were
already up."

"Nope, no one but Doug is up and I was trying to do
something about that now." Buck tried to answer
without laughing but failed.

Doug punched the lumpy sheet with both fists. "Very
fucking funny," Doug grumped as he turned as red as
David. His blind punches were answered with two
distinctive ouches. One was deep, gravelly and
sincere, the second was higher in pitch and
accompanied by a giggle.

Bucky stepped forward, grabbed the sheet and snapped
it back. He blinked in surprise. Evan was already in
motion, crawling up Doug's body seeking protection and
pulling a pillow over to cover himself.

Doug surrounded Evan with his arm. "Ah, Bucky, this is
Evan. He kind of looks like your asshole son doesn't

Bucky eyes crinkled at the corners, his frown
disappeared and he burst out laughing. "Oh no! There
can't be two of them. I have trouble keeping track of
the first one."

Buck sat up and laughed with his father. He looked at
Evan. "See? I told you he wouldn't be mad that we
invited you to go on this cruise with us."

"WE?" David and Doug said together incredulously.

"Yes, WE! At least you never said no. No one did, even
Joe and Will. They thought it was a great idea."

"What did we think was a great idea?" Will asked from
the doorway. He was frowning and grinning. He winked
at Evan. "We met Evan last night after dinner. He's a
little down on his luck right now, so we invited him
to go along with us on this trip. After, we, that is
Joe and I thought we could maybe help him out, kind of
get him back on his feet." David pointed at his chest.
"Oh, David was in on this too."

Bucky nodded, "Well okay then. Welcome aboard Evan,
the more the merrier." He reached out to shake Evan's
hand while the rest of the guys and their parents
filed in the room. There was a mad scramble for the
sheet by the four on the bed. Bucky looked around to
see that all his guests seemed to be present. "Hey
everyone, while you're all in here, the young man with
the towhead is a new friend of our boys', his name is
Evan. Evan, this is Martha and Bill Henderson, Doug's
parents. This is John and Elise Wilcott. Their sons
are Paul and Marc. This gentleman is Don Thomas, the
twins' grandfather." He hugged Becky to his side. "And
this is my wife Becky. Of course we lay claim to the
smart ass hiding beside you."

"Damn! What is this a circus? Are we sinking and the
dinning room and the lounges are all flooded or what?"
Doug asked from under the sheet.

Martha Henderson screeched and beat a hasty retreat,
pushing Bill in front of her. "Yes, breakfast is a
good idea. We'll see you in the dinning room."

Elise Wilcott elbowed her grinning husband. "Come on
you." Marc was snapping pictures of the foursome, all
he could see were glaring eyes and uncombed hair above
the sheet. She reached up and caught Marc's ear. She
twisted it and lifted. "You don't have any corners on
the smart asses, we've got two of our own. We're
leaving you to your privacy aren't WE Marc?"

"Damn Mom, you just spoiled a great shot. Ouch! Come
on Mom cut it out." Marc went up on his toes as his
mother turned him toward the door.

The uniform of the day for the guys sleeping on the
lower deck was Speedo tank suits. Buck admired Marc's
body as his mother turned him. "Hey, where'd you get
that little suit? It's too small for you so it isn't
Doug's. I have one those colors."

Marc winced in pain and giggled at the same time. "You
mean you HAD one these colors. I shopped your wardrobe
the last time I was over. What goes around, comes
around, as they say," he sang.

Patrick pushed his way through the exodus. "The doctor
is here Bucky." Doug disappeared at the mention of

Bucky was frowning at Peter as he left the room. Peter
noticed and hurried his pace. He didn't know what he
did wrong, but no one liked being on the receiving end
of Bucky's frown. "Oh great, come in Doctor. Your
patient is under that sheet somewhere. Come on guys,
the women are gone. The reason I came in is that I
hope I have a nice surprise for you Doug. The Doctor
is going to waterproof your feet so you can swim at

Doug dropped his share of the sheet and squirmed his
way to the foot of the bed so his feet hung over. When
Bucky introduced him to the Doctor, he was ready to
kiss the man on the lips; he was so delighted with the
thought of getting into the water again.

David got off the bed and froze where he stood looking
down at a foot long, thick knurdle of KY jelly that
shot from the open tube Evan dropped from the bed.

Evan rolled to his belly and peeked over the side of
the bed. "OOPS! I was wondering where that disappeared
to. Well it's your turn to buy more." David reached
for Evan's neck, but he wasn't fast enough. Even ran
to the bathroom and returned with a damp face cloth.

David ignored him and started to pull on his shorts.
Doug stopped him and pointed to his unopened bag.
"Grab a suit David, I've got lots of them."

Evan giggled after he watched David pull the little
suit up his legs and attempt to adjust his equipment
so he didn't show. "Give up Dave. There's no way
anyone can hide anything in one of those." He laughed
harder, "You look goofy with those tan lines from
wearing an old man's bathing suit all the time."

Buck hit Evan in the face with one of his suits. "You
will too little brother, when you get yours on. You
both tan easy so those lines will be gone by sundown,"
he promised. He patted his little ass, "Besides, no
one will be wearing anything after breakfast, up on
the sun deck."

Evan looked at Buck strangely, then at Bucky to gauge
his reaction to Buck calling him `little brother'.
Bucky winked at him but looked distracted. He excused
himself after the doctor removed the light bandages
Patrick applied to previous evening. Evan shrugged
mentally; "It will be fun to make believe I am Buck's
little brother for as long as this trip lasts." He
thought happily while he pulled up the borrowed
swimsuit. His expression changed when he looked down
at himself.

"I think I'll just skip breakfast. I'm not letting
your moms see me wearing this little thing, no way."

Evan thought Buck would attempt to persuade him, but
Buck just shrugged. "Whatever, there'll be some
leftovers then, that's all. You eat too much anyway."
Buck adjusted his cock so it curled down over his
balls. He did a set of jumping jacks then checked his
bulge again. He grinned at Doug, then Evan, Doug
nodded his approval and giggled before the Doctor
opened a box he brought with him.

The Doctor held up a pair of boots, made of latex like
gloves, but heavier, thicker. He gently stretched them
over Doug's feet. The tops reached halfway up each
calf. Doug was about to ask what was to keep water
from leaking in around the tops, although they were
stretched reasonably tight, when the doctor produced a
common caulking gun. He rolled the top lip of each
boot down three inches, then squeezed a double bead of
the gun's contents around each calf. He explained that
the material was light clear grease. Then he rolled
the boots back up over the grease and added a wide
elasticized band with a Velcro closure around the top
of each boot to spread the grease and seal the boot.

Doug was delighted with the result. The Doctor left
him the box containing several more of the pair of the
special booties and cautioned him about trying to walk
yet, getting near coral and removing them when he was
done swimming for the day so his wounds could get air.

Buck handed Doug a speed suit and held his chair
steady while he slipped into the seat, then had to run
to catch up as he wheeled himself a break neck speed
to the dinning room and breakfast. Patrick, wearing an
old pair of shorts, pushed Evan out of the room in
front of him to the dinning room. The sight of the
breakfast buffet cured the last of Evan's modesty.

Bucky appeared with Anton at his side. He invited
Anton to have breakfast with them and loudly insisted
that he take all his meals with them for the rest of
the trip. Anton allowed himself to be persuaded. Bucky
filled a plate then took a chair beside Peter. Peter
cringed inwardly at Bucky's smile and was about to
apologize for whatever he'd done to irk Bucky but he
didn't get the chance.

"Peter I'm embarrassed. I need to apologize to you. In
all the excitement I completely forgot about your
parents, to invite them on this trip I mean."

Peter was so relieved he blurted, "Is that why you
were frowning at me earlier?" He giggled. "I thought I
screwed up somehow, and I was dead meat as Doug says.
No one likes getting you pissed off at them."

"Yes, well I frown for other reasons too. Anyway, I
just got off the phone. They'll be joining us in
Nassau. The chopper is waiting for them at the office,
and a plane is ready at the airport. They'll be there
before we will. They'll wait for us at a hotel on
Paradise Island. I'm sorry about that, it won't happen
again. In the future, they'll be included in all our
family adventures." Bucky lowered his voice. "There's
one thing though, about Doug's kidnapping."

Peter interrupted, "Excuse me, what kidnapping?"

Bucky squeezed Peter's arm. "Exactly, some things are
strictly inner family business. Thanks, I'm pleased
you understand."

Anton found a place across the table from Evan so he
could watch and study him, to get to know him better.
Evan looked diminutive sitting in the high backed,
elaborately carved baroque armchair, one of twenty
that surrounded the table. Only nine were antiques,
along with the table. The rest were exact recreations
and replaced whenever one of Anton's agents, who
scoured the world for desirable antique treasures,
found additional chairs, which matched the set. The
boy managed to make himself appear smaller by piling a
dinner plate with so much food in the event that
second helpings weren't allowed.

Marc looked down on Evan, then at Anton. "Say Anton,
do you having any phone books handy?"

Anton shrugged. "What country do you wish? Give me
name and address, computer will give number," he
answered and began to eat from his own well-piled

Marc winked and giggled. "The super shrimp here is
going to get hurt if anything falls off his plate and
he's buried in hot eggs and sausage. I was thinking of
like the Manhattan directory, you know the real book,
or maybe a kiddy booster seat."

Evan frowned when he realized he was the super shrimp
being discussed. He delicately took a bite of sausage,
then in one smooth motion detoured his fork under the
table. Marc jumped and grimaced in pain, then jumped
again when hot coffee from his cup sloshed to his
chest and belly. A real steward came to Marc's rescue
with a towel. "Wise ass," Evan whispered. "Why don't I
just go tell your mom I'm a poor little defenseless
street kid and you've been picking on me? If she
doesn't kick your ass, I will tonight when you're
asleep." Evan smiled angelically up at Marc's red
face. Inwardly, Evan was delighted to be picked on
since none of the guys had any mercy for any of their
peers. Marc rubbed his thigh where there where four
distinct red marks from being jabbed by Evan's fork.

Anton laughed at the brief exchange and continued to
eat hurriedly. Evan watched him. "Say Anton, you ever
been hungry when you was young?" Evan asked quietly,
leaning forward. Anton realized the question was asked
seriously and confidentially.

Anton nodded and swallowed. "Yes little Evan, during
war, very hungry. Potatoes, cabbages, dry bread. Steal
food. When I find food I eat fast," he motioned with
his fork to his and Evan's plates. "Old bad habit eat
much and fast when available. Understand?" Evan nodded
and grinned when they both made a conscious effort to
slow down the movement of their forks from their
plates to their mouths.

The yacht's horns blasted the hubbub of the dinning
room to silence. "We cast off now, get underway."
Anton announced. "You come to bridge to watch close?"
He asked Doug, and included Evan with a smile. When
all the guys started to stand, abandoning their
breakfasts, he stopped them. "Later please, in ocean
everyone is welcome. Just now boat lovers only

Evan touched Anton's arm before he started to push
Doug's chair. "Don't you have to stay around to help
clean up?"

One of four stewards grinned at the question. Anton
noticed, so did Evan. Anton frowned at the brief grin,
"I help only if all others fall overboard during
cruise," he answered loudly enough to be heard by
everyone in the dinning room. "I am big boss of
stewards." He added before they left the room.

While they waited for the elevator Evan looked around
them to be certain they were alone. "That one guy
understands English, Anton. You said no one did."

"Yes, he fibs when hired or is learning since perhaps.
Unimportant for now." Anton offered Evan a European
shrug of unconcern, but he was very concerned. The
steward had been on board for two years. Crewmen were
hired only if they spoke no English, since Bucky spoke
nothing else; it was their common language when they
met. They could and always did speak freely onboard
and the questionable steward served them as frequently
as any of the others. It would be necessary to ask
questions very early some morning while they were at
sea after his guests departed. Anton sighed; any
answers the crewman gave would be ancillary to his
original dishonesty unless it was discovered that the
man was studying English on his own and had gained
some proficiency. If he had, having one other aboard
with English might prove beneficial if he could be
taught not to react to guest conversations.

The boat deck was ideal for interrogations. If
necessary, there was the chain hoist, the deck could
be cleaned with a high-pressure hose and the stern
could be opened if the yacht's speed was reduced to
just above steerage. Steerage was the ideal speed for
trolling large live baits, which leaked small amounts
of blood from the twin hook wounds in the armpits. He
thought of little Evan's stepfather and smiled

The elevator opened on yet another lounge, which, like
the main deck lounge faced aft to the empty sun deck
spa pool and the four passenger Bell Jet Ranger lashed
securely to its pad. Forward were the officers
quarters, the communications center, the yacht's
control room or actual nerve center and the bridge.
Anton wheeled Doug along the open dockside railing and
stopped him just short of the open door to the bridge.
The captain stood there wearing earphones with a
microphone attached. He spoke into the mic, then
looked forward and aft. Doug leaned through rails and
looked where the captain looked.

Dock workers cast off the bow and stern lines and a
space between the Sea Song and the dock widened
quickly as deck crew pulled in the lines. Water boiled
at the bow and stern. "These are what is called side
thrusters. Move boat out from dock to leave, or in for
tying up on side without forward motion.
Understanding?" Anton explained.

When they were far enough away from the dock to see
the waterside of the cruise ship docked in front of
them, the tide took hold and the Sea Song started
drifting backward in the channel. The Captain nodded,
smiled in satisfaction and spoke again. Someone
engaged the engines and the yacht started moving

Anton congratulated the Captain for a perfect
departure in Italian then introduced him to Doug and
Evan. Anton translated for them as the captain
welcomed them to the Sea Song and invited them into
the bridge. Doug made a face to show his frustration
as soon as he was wheeled inside. Anton looked where
Doug looked and understood why. The views port and
starboard (left and right) and forward were panoramic
if one was standing, but Doug's view was limited to
the desk height console, the ships' controls, and
built in monitor screens above, but below the chest
height windows.

There were five high back leather armchairs mounted on
pedestals equally spaced along the console, none was
occupied. A crewman stood at the wheel in front of the
center chair, two officers flanked him. All three
alternately watched the closest screens and the
channel in front of them.

Evan nudged Doug and giggled. "Look at the dude doing
the steering. Man, if I was him I'd be sweating my ass
off and my balls would be eyeing my tonsils with two
bosses lookin' over my shoulders."

Anton laughed and translated. Everyone laughed. The
crewman at the wheel ballooned his cheeks and smiled,
but his attention remained on what he was doing.
"Gregor is most excellent helmsman for moving Sea Song
from or into port. Is teaching young officers right
way to steer in heavy traffic and close quarters."
Anton spoke to the two rookie offices and they left
their posts to lift Doug from his wheelchair and
gently settle him in the fixed chair to the
helmsman's' left, the owner's chair but the young
guests didn't know that. Anton showed Doug the chair's
controls. They were much like a car seat control
panel; there was even a lumbar support adjustment. One
swiveled the chair, but the best for Doug was the
button that lifted it so that he could see out the
windows. He giggled when his head reached that of the

Gregor turned the wheel and the Sea Song turned to
enter the inlet channel. Smaller craft, including one
sailboat under sail prudently yielded the right-of-way
without contest. The Sea Song knifed through the
incoming waves and confused currents in the restricted
confines of the inlet. Gregor relaxed visibly as they
reached the first outer marker. He asked Anton a
question and winked at Doug.

Anton nodded and the two officers shifted Doug to the
vacant chair behind the wheel. Gregor pushed a button
on that chair's armrest, and it moved forward until
Doug could reach the wheel comfortably. "Can I?" Doug
asked Anton before he would touch the wheel although
he flexed his fingers excitedly.

Anton nodded with a grin, hoping that Doug wouldn't
know that as owner, he superseded the captain's
authority when he was on the bridge. Gregor should
have asked the Captain if Doug could take the helm for
the sake of appearances. Doug didn't appear to notice
the apparent error in protocol, but Evan did.

Evan climbed into the owner's chair and made himself
comfortable when Anton patted the seat after Doug was
shifted. He played with the chair controls, watched
Doug actually steering the big yacht and used his
peripheral vision to watch the Captain and lessor
officers ready to kiss Anton's ass if he asked one of

Anton looked hopefully at the Captain and smiled. "In
the future, perhaps we can all continue with the
polite fiction that I am the chief steward?" He
glanced at Gregor, that message was for him. "Now if
we are clear of traffic, set a course for Nassau and
go up to cruising speed. The boy is having great fun
at this speed, let us see how he likes forty knots.
Let him have the wheel for an hour, then if I'm not
present, make motions to the little one to see if he
would like a turn. I'll leave you now, please call if
there are language difficulties or other problems."

Evan saw Gregor stiffen his back at the rebuke before
he recovered and grinned at the Captain. He apologized
to Anton for his lapse and prepared to boost power
when the captain asked. Anton stepped back out of the
chain of command and watched Doug's delight as the
ship increased speed dramatically.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" Doug roared and giggled. "How
fast will this bitch go Anton?" Doug looked down at
himself then grinned at Evan before Gregor pointed to
a central screen and thumped it rapidly. He spoke
faster without looking up.

Anton laughed. "Gregor wishes the helmsman to please
pay attention to screen. Bow of little boat shown
there must always point to arrow. Too much left, we
visit Europe, too much right, West Coast of Africa. Is
this understood?"

Doug looked at Gregor sheepishly, "Oh yeah, sorry
about that. Driving something this big kind of gives
me a hardon."

Evan giggled. "Like you need excuses." He leaned
forward, watching Doug and Gregor intently, then
jumped down from the chair to stand close to Doug so
he could get a better view of the screens and the
control console.

Doug saw Evan's eyes filled with awe and desire. "Hey
Anton, could Evan take over for awhile? He loves these
big stinkpots, but I love that big cat down on the
boat deck. Could I take that out when we stop
somewhere, now that I can get my feet wet?"

Anton spoke rapidly to the Captain. Gregor held the
course while Doug was returned to his wheelchair and
Evan replaced him in the big chair at the helm. He
leaned forward bent almost double to hold the wheel.
His feet dangled above the footrest.

"Fuck this chair." Evan mumbled. He moved it back
slightly then hopped down to stand on the footrest and
lean his little butt back against the front of the
seat cushion. His movements jiggled the wheel slightly
and the Sea Song responded with a double lurch. "OOPS!
Sorry, just getting comfortable. I think I just
discovered Sea Song has power steering!"

Anton laughed with Doug. "Am hoping guests not
drinking coffee or big mess for old Anton and all
angry at boat driver. I fail to mention most sensitive
steering. Sea Song has jet drive propulsion, like
water beetle boat toys. Big turbines suck water in
then squirt water out. No rudders. Steering changes
direction of squirt very quick like bunny.

Evan nodded without looking back. "Yes, thanks, I
understand I think. I have another question Anton.
Don't get mad or nothin', but are you really just a
steward? These guys are ready to kiss your ass, and I
don't know what you told them, but you've been giving
the orders here since we walked in. If you can boss
the captain around, wouldn't that make you like the
owner or something?"

Anton rolled his eyes. His locked with Doug's since he
couldn't see Evan's. He shrugged, "I am caught, not
good at acting, also not good at having guests.
Buckminster, business associate for many years, his
father very close friend. Sea Song is built for fun
and young people. Original intent was to have lots
like you and your friends; just I did not know any to
invite. Sea Song is my home." Anton hesitated, then
limped to Evan's side. "Perhaps young Evan would
consider Sea Song his home also, henceforth? No more
hiding on dock and looking. I am old loner and you are
young loner perhaps together we be not so lonely."
Evan started to answer without lifting his eyes. Anton
stopped him. "Think over for now. Not answer. Talk
later and I will answer all questions before decision
is made."

"I should be the one answering questions Anton. I've
done some bad stuff, really bad. You'll take back your
offer after I tell you. Could I just steer Sea Song
awhile longer before we talk?"




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