Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


 Chapter 29

NOTE: I goofed. Chapter 28 isn't complete for some reason, so I've added
the missing part here. There was also a boatload of edits and changes that
that didn't make it. Sorry about that, you'll have to use your imaginations
a bit more. Jamie

Chapter 28 (conclusion)

Gregor and Meesha relaxed slightly and risked grinning nods. "One thing
more," Anton added. "You need NOT relay my actual health status to my
grandson." He looked at Evan, grinned and encapsulated a translation.

Evan jumped from his chair and planted a wet kiss on Anton's
cheek. "Grandfather! I'm really going back to school? Far out!" He giggled
then sobered, "But not while you ain't, aren't feeling well. I'll go after
you're better." Anton explained tiredly that he would buy a home near the
school and Sea Song would be docked at Port Everglades so she could be
visited on weekends and holidays all winter.

After another ten minutes of excited questions and chatter from Evan, Anton
dismissed them and attempted to rise from his chair to walk them to the
door. Meesha noted his struggle and assumed his new position without
hesitation or being threatened. Anton leaned on him heavily with an arm
over his bare shoulders. He enjoyed the warmth and smoothness under his
fingers. Meesha's pretty face was scored with concern. He snapped at
Gregor, including Evan in his scowl, "Can't you see the Master is tired?
Find your own way out. I'll see him safely to his bed. >From now on expect
me whenever I'm not needed here. Good night." He turned Anton toward the
bedroom door.

Gregor looked down at Evan and grinned. "I think the Master has created a
monster." When Evan looked at him blankly he rolled his eyes in frustration
and added, "Damn, we must begin our language lessons in earnest tomorrow

Anton chuckled at the one sided exchange and translated without looking
back, then agreed with Gregor, "Perhaps I should have done this sooner. Oh,
so you know, we will run to the island at speed beginning at dawn. The
bridge will require your services to take us through the reef and into the

"Yes, Master." Gregor got bold suddenly. "Sleep well Master, and thank you
again." That was the first time he'd dared to speak to Anton without first
being asked a question.

Anton sat heavily on a plastic shower chair after Meesha removed his
robe. He was about to bid Meesha goodnight when the shower started and hot
water cascaded down his back. "Is the temperature correct Master?" Meesha

Anton turned to see Meesha splendidly naked, industriously soaping a
sponge, preparing to wash him. He was pleasantly surprised; he hadn't
planned on Meesha helping him bathe, but looked forward to the
attention. Their eyes met briefly. Meesha smiled and looked away. Anton's
eyes dropped. He also hadn't planned on seeing the boy's body so close, or
his stiffening cock and potentially delectable pussy, as Gregor always
referred to his lover's tight hard little ass, at eye level and only inches
from his eyes. "Yes perfect. Tell me Meesha exactly what is strawberries
and Russian cream? Is it good tasting?" He was less fatigued suddenly.

Meesha blushed, "I am uncertain Master, but Gregor thinks so, as does Evan,
your grandson. I can only attest to the excellence of strawberry and
American cream, but I don't know if there's a difference." He hesitated,
then added, "I happen to know there is a very fresh supply of the Russian
recipe available close at hand if you wish a sample."

The Sea Song idled dead in the water on a flat calm sea at dawn. Buck
pushed Doug across the sun deck to the waiting helicopter wearing the
infamous Trenton frown, a shirt and shorts. Dylan and Marc joined
them. Dylan carried Marc's heavy camera bag, while Marc circled him already
snapping pictures of their departure. They were to fly to Nassau, there to
board a Trenton jet for the trip to New York. They were to be gone two
days. Buck knew they had to go back to continue work on Dylan's new film,
but chose to ignore the interruption, hoping vainly that Dylan would
forget, but Dylan the professional actor, didn't. Since the trip was
unscheduled they would go unaccompanied to New York City where both Trenton
and Brockway bodyguards would surround them for the duration of their stay.

Buck looked around. There was no one to see them off but two crewmen
crouched by the chopper's skids ready to release the remaining tie downs at
the last second before lift off. He locked the wheelchair's brakes then
jumped into Doug's lap and wiggled himself against Doug's cock until it
appeared after pushing its way past the top of his tiny speed suit. They
kissed while he stroked 'their' cock lovingly. He looked down in mock
disgust, then into Doug's eyes; he saw desire as always. "Damn, I thought I
had you drained out, you're just too chronically horny. Maybe I should stay
and nurse you some more. Will you miss me?"

Doug shook his head emphatically, "Most definitely not. The twins
volunteered to nurse me all I want. Then there's Evan, Patrick of course,
Paul, Morgan and Peter." He grabbed his head in both hands. "God, I forgot
Gregor, I think I promised to nurse him, then there's Meesha, I'm planning
to make him into a top with lot's of practice. Nope, I won't miss you if I
can stay busy." He saw Buck working himself into some crocodile tears while
he tried not to grin. He pried Buck's hand loose. "Fool, of course I'll
miss you, I love you remember?" He frowned, "But you don't love me, just my
body. You're leaving defenseless me here to be raped and abused by all
these beautiful guys."

"Will you get a fucking move on Buck?" Marc complained, "You two just spent
the night saying goodbye in every position known to man or boy, plus one or
two you invented and I need to try on you."

"Okay, you fucking grump I'm coming. You need to chill out you know? You
really aren't a very nice person early in the morning. Maybe take some
attitude adjustment pills or something." Buck countered. He pecked Doug on
the nose a final time. "Bye, I do so love you but I gotta go. Call me and
turn your fucking phone on please, carry it, then answer it when it rings."
He ran for the chopper. "I get shotgun!" He shouted when he saw Marc buckle
the seat belt in the coveted seat.

"Too late shrimp," Marc grinned. "Possession is, as they say. You two big
shot movie stars sit in the back with the rest of the shit."

Dylan climbed over a small cooler sealed with clear packing tape that sat
on the floor between the back seats. The top was addressed in flowing
calligraphy to someone in Germany. He banged Marc's bag on top of it after
he sat down.

Chapter 29

The Captain himself came out to the sun deck to find Gregor. He wasn't
difficult to find. He was lying on his belly on a deck mat. Meesha crowded
him on one side and Evan; the Young Master was on the other and Joe was
pasted to his side. Only their bare legs, butts and most of their backs
were exposed. Their heads and shoulders were covered with a bed sheet. Joe
was helping the others with their first language lesson. They had the two
laptop computers, with newly loaded French/English software open and
running under the sheet so they could see the screens and enjoy the
sun. Anton suggested that Meesha join Gregor in learning English. Meesha
was still shocked when he joined the others. "He didn't order me, he merely
suggested that it would be a good time to learn with you."

Gregor nodded, "Well perhaps since we've proven our loyalty, he trusts us
somewhat. If he doesn't want you to hear an English conversation he'll just
dismiss you from the room."

"Yes, I thought that too, but I am now to answer his phone and the first
conversation was in Russian with someone. He was angered by what was said
and began issuing orders to correct the problem. He enjoys using American
phrases like 'terminate with extreme prejudice', the first time he said
that I attempted to leave the bed," he blushed, "ER, the room, and he held
me down with a shrug. After he disconnected, he told me that if I departed
his presence each time he received a business call, I'd be away from him
more than with him, so I was to ignore those conversations."

Gregor grinned and lowered his voice, even though Joe could hear everything
easily. "And just what were you doing in his bed?"

As Meesha's color deepened, he grinned, "I shouldn't tell you, but I must
since you'll be involved. It seems he's developed a fondness for
strawberries and cream. After, I found myself being cuddled from behind,
like you do, and I couldn't move without waking him, so I slept
there. Actually, I slept very well all night, unlike with you who keep
poking me, sick headache or not."

"And just how am I to be involved?"

"The Master again only suggested, not ordered, suggested that this evening
it would be amusing to bypass the video system thereby making the cream
very fresh." Meesha giggled at Gregor's expression.

Joe laughed. Evan administered an elbow to Gregor's ribs. "Hey, no
fair. What are you two talking about?" He turned to Joe, "What the fuck are
they saying?"

"They were using a dialect I'm not familiar with," Joe hedged quickly,
still laughing.

"Fuck you too Joe. You understood every word." Evan pouted then
frowned. "If you don't tell me I'll have you thrown," he was going to say
overboard, but switched at the last second, "into the pool."

Joe laughed harder, "Not if I throw you in first!" He jumped up grabbing
Evan around his waist, carried him to the pool and tossed him to Doug,
before he jumped at them himself.

"Excuse me Sir," the Captain interrupted them. When Gregor didn't respond,
he asked, "Gregor?" Tapping Gregor's foot gently to get his attention.

It dawned on Gregor that it was the Captain. He stood up quickly at
attention with his hard six pack sucked in to his backbone. "Sir, yes Sir?"

"I'm sorry to disturb you, but we are ready to turn into the channel for
the pass through the reef. The Master would like you at the helm all the
way into the lagoon, and frankly, so would I. I'm used to driving a super
tanker into ports with huge harbors, not this magnificent toy threading a
needle into tiny hole in a wash basin."

Gregor blinked, the Captain was treating him as an equal and openly
admitting he lacked the confidence to take Sea Song into the Dagger Cay
lagoon. "Yes Sir, right away Sir." He waited for the Captain to precede
him, but he just placed his hand on Gregor's back and nudged him forward,
then walked at his side into the lounge. They stopped at the stairs to the
fly bridge.

"Call down when you take control. I've put a man in the crows nest for you
and another in the bow, anything else?"

Gregor looked back to see Meesha watching them or him with longing. They
shared the same intense love of the sea and the Sea Song. "Could the boy
Meesha gain some experience by watching at first, then the wheel after
we're through the reef? I've had him in the bow before, he knows the course
through the pinchers."

The Captain nodded and handed Gregor a head set. "As you wish. Someone must
know how this is done after you leave us in the fall. The junior offices
are a rather nervous lot with the Master looking over their shoulders, but
completely capable at all other times. When you get your papers and take
command here, I might take them with me if you don't mind. You'll require
juniors with more balls if you can find them." He shrugged and headed for
the central companionway.

"Thank you Sir." Gregor saluted then shouted, "Seaman Urikovich! To the fly
bridge please."

Gregor could have whispered the order with his back turned and Meesha would
have heard it. He skidded to a halt in front of Gregor instantly and
saluted him smartly. "Sir! Yes Sir!" He snapped with a huge delighted grin.

Gregor grinned, then hissed, "Thank the Captain quickly."

The Captain waved without looking back and disappeared. They found the
wheel and controls uncovered and ready. Gregor put on the head set, then
looked up to the lookout who was watching them, waiting for Gregor to take
the wheel. Gregor pulled Meesha in close so they shared the space behind
the wheel. He activated the screens in the console then held his hands in
the air over the wheel. He spoke into the mic, "Bridge, fly bridge has the
con. Autopilot off, NOW!" His hands fell to the wheel, he grinned at
Meesha. "Now to business. Don't depend on these screens or the lookouts to
get through. Use your eyes, the watercolor is all-important the darkest
blue is best, ideal. He pointed to a lighter blue. That is passable, but
avoid it if given a choice. Use the screens, the lookout at the masthead
and the one in the bow to confirm what your eyes and senses tell you."
Gregor spoke to the bridge, "Beginning course through the reef NOW." He
spun the wheel sharply. The Sea Song answered by heeling and
turning. Gregor reduced speed, then increased it again when the stiff
breeze started pushing them from the starboard side.

Meesha reached to the side thruster controls and looked at Gregor in
question. "Would these help?"

Gregor grinned and nodded. "Excellent. Do it." The water on the port bow
boiled. A shadow crossed the controls. Gregor and Meesha glanced back at
the same time. Doug sat on Paul's shoulders and Evan rode Joe's. Both of
them watched every movement intently. Gregor laughed up at them a
second. "Welcome to MY bridge gentlemen! Controlling this big beautiful boy
always gives me a hardon!" He twisted his hips slightly to prove his
point. "I could do this all day, I love him so!"

After Joe translated Evan asked, "Ships are always girls aren't they?" He
was looking at Doug for an answer.

Gregor laughed, "Not this one Young Master. Look to the masthead. You're
family pennant, your crest; the Master's flag is a dagger. Look down on the
bow it has the same broad bladed shape. The dagger is the Master's
cock. This ship is a cock and I'm about to fuck this pussy reef with him."
Gregor gritted his teeth, "Just about now!"

Everyone on the yacht looked down on waves crashing on the barely submerged
reef and the hull at the same time. There was no dark blue water to be seen
on either side unless one leaned out over the rail and looked straight
down. There was no margin for error. The group on the fly bridge heard
cheering. They looked down to the bow to see the entire crew not on duty
laughing, waving back at them or making fucking motions with their hips.

Gregor frowned and acknowledged their praise. He couldn't remember any of
the crew ever doing that before. He shrugged, took Meesha's hands and
placed them on the wheel. He grinned at Meesha's surprised look. "You
Meesha will now fuck the pinchers. The channel is wide and clear. Pay
attention and you'll do fine." He advised the bridge, "Seaman Urikovich has
the helm, NOW!" He removed the headset and fitted it to Meesha's ears
before he moved to the side.

Meesha giggled with excitement, accepting the challenge without
argument. "For the record, my dear Gregor, this channel is tighter than
Evan's ass, but I'll manage this too."

Evan roared with laughter after Joe translated. "I'm really going to take
that as a compliment I guess. What I want to know is what pinchers? I don't
see nothing, anything, but a wall of rock dead ahead. If you put one
scratch on this big bad boy, plan on jumping before I get my hands on you,"
he warned playfully.

After Joe converted that between bursts of laughter, Gregor reached out and
pulled Evan over to his shoulders before he answered. "Ah, the Young Master
threatens you Meesha, beware your jewels. You can't see the pinchers yet
because they appear to be closed from this angle, but actually they don't
match up. They're much like teeth with an overbite. As we approach,
hopefully our very capable helmsman will jog to the starboard, then again
back hard to port and into the opening that was blasted out of the island's
coral that once formed the inner reef at some point, eons ago when the
water was deeper. That's what I'd do, but of course I'm not driving."

Meesha took the instructions disguised as a joke and a history lesson with
a nod that he understood. He completed the required jog to starboard and
the bow pointed to one pincher. Gregor pointed to the left or port and they
could finally see the narrow opening guarded by vertical twenty-foot walls
of long dead coral. Meesha reversed the port jet and increased thrust. The
bow swung to point at the opening. "YAHOO! I am now going to fuck the
pinchers with our illustrious Master's cock in abstentia!" He cried and put
the throttles down so the big yacht wouldn't be pushed from the side into
the coral by unknown currents. At least that was what he told Gregor with a
grin. Sea Song almost jumped into the lagoon at twenty knots. He spun the
wheel hard to the right and the bow swung to point at a huge orange
buoy. "Bridge! We are approaching our mooring. Bow deck crew prepare to tie
up." He barked with authority.

Everyone peered down to the bow and the sudden flurry of activity. The buoy
disappeared from view. Meesha watched until a sailor waved, then he
reversed both jets. When Sea Song stopped her or his forward motion Meesha
flipped switches to stop the turbines. Sea Song swung peacefully on the
mooring, bow into the tropical breeze.

"Holy shit Meesha! You accomplished that as if you'd done it a thousand
times. My congratulations, that was perfect, although a bit fast through
the pinchers." Gregor slapped him on the back.

Evan thumped him on the top of the head. "That was fucking beautiful. Let's
go back out and come in again, but go faster next time." Meesha looked at
Evan like he was insane after he heard the suggestion in Russian. Then
giggled and nodded when he understood that Evan was making a joke.

Meesha stopped laughing suddenly and snapped to attention. He covered the
earpieces he still wore with his hands. "Sir! Yes Sir," he said softly,
turning pale and heading for the stairs to the bridge after handing the
head set to Gregor.

"Perhaps the Captain was not as impressed as we were." Joe suggested.

"I will argue on behalf of his superlative seamanship, let's go." Gregor
started trotting with Evan bouncing along on his shoulders.

When they arrived on the bridge, Meesha stood at attention near the
starboard deck door. The helmsman was collapsed in his chair with his eyes
closed. The Captain sat in his chair, bug eyed and looking around the
helmsman at the occupied owner's chair. Anton held his head with both
hands, his face was hidden but he appeared to be crying his body wracked
with sobs.

"Sir! Seaman Urikovich reporting as ordered Sir!" Meesha shouted.

Anton's chair moved to face Meesha. The only sound was from the small motor
that swiveled the chair. Anton's face was red and there were tears in his
eyes. "Seaman Urikovich, you had the audacity to ram my beautiful Sea Song
through the pinchers at speed as if it was a penis entering a hesitant
lover?" He asked quietly.

Meesha didn't hesitate, "Yes Master, I felt dangerous currents and thought
it best to get through to calm waters quickly." Gregor nodded his agreement
since it seemed to be a safe white lie. Evan and Doug leaned down to Joe so
they could hear his whispered translation, then they nodded as well.

Anton saw at once he was facing a conspiracy and was delighted. "I
see. Well, in the future Seaman Urikovich, if there is even the remotest
possibility that you should happen to hold a position on any of my ships,
and I am on board, I will beach the Captain of that vessel if he fails to
place you at the helm when entering or departing a port." Anton burst into
laughter. "Particularly if he fails to advise me so I may be on the bridge
to watch such a stunning display of boat handling! I must say I haven't had
so much enjoyment in many years."

Meesha and Gregor were as stunned as the Captain. None could recall ever
seeing or even hearing the master actually laughing out loud. "Thank you
Sir," Meesha stuttered.

Anton held up his headset, looked at Gregor and started laughing again. "As
for you Seaman Vilasic, are you aware these are equipped with a switch for
on AND off?" He looked down toward the bow. "The entire crew very much
appreciated your analogy of my manhood being the dagger and the Sea Song
being an erection of magnificent proportions hence a male in gender after
we turned on the public address system. We are most fortunate that our
guests have no facility for languages and didn't understand a word, only
excited voices and laughter."

Gregor felt his whole body burning and turning red. "I am most sorry Sir, I
forgot in the heat of the moment."

Anton waved him to silence while he struggled to leave his chair. "I am
not, my reputation now precedes me by several hundred feet." Meesha rushed
forward to help. "Thank you Meesha." He put an arm over Meesha's
shoulders. "You quickly become indispensable and habit forming," his glance
made the comment have double meaning. Meesha reddened. "If you are to join
me in welcoming my guests to shore some clothing would be appropriate I
think, though regrettable," he whispered.

Are we staying here long enough to get out the cat?" Doug asked from Paul's
shoulders. He was bent double to keep from bumping his head on the bridge

Anton switched to English. "Ah, Douglas, yes for as long as wished. The cat
will be launched first, in minutes." He turned to the Captain and issued a
spate of orders.

"Great! Come on Evan I'll give you a ride. Let's get to the boat deck. I
think my chair's on the deck by the pool." Gregor put Evan down and
followed Paul with Doug on his shoulders. Doug looked down at the crystal
clear water over thirty feet below, then another twenty or so to the bottom
of the lagoon. "Fuck the chair. Dump me, and I'll meet you at the stern."
Gregor looked at Joe for a translation, but before he got it, Paul grabbed
Doug's ankles and lifted while Doug straightened his legs and pitched his
body out over the side. Evan giggled and scrambled over the rail as
well. Paul and Joe laughed and jumped together and then Gregor was suddenly
alone. He was tempted to join them but hesitated because the fine line
between seaman and Evan's companion and teacher had yet to be defined.

Like all young men and boys, there was no such thing as a leisurely two
hundred-foot swim to the stern. A race began as soon as Paul and Joe
surfaced to see Doug near them, but giving them two middle fingers and
laughing. Evan dug in but was quickly left behind even though he swam
strongly, he was inexperienced.

Gregor's head snapped up when he saw a splash from the edge of his vision,
out near the cut, the opening between the pinchers. A large fish
broached. He saw the vertical dorsal fin first then the huge gray brown
shadow it was attached to. The first through the pinchers was joined by
others following, until there was at least a dozen of various sizes all
swimming toward the Sea Song slowly for sharks but still faster than a
human. Doug was by far the fastest swimmer and had nearly reached the
stern. He would reach the platform in seconds and beat the sharks, but Joe
and Paul were too far behind, and little Evan had no chance at all. His
fear was replaced with action, watching wouldn't help. He wondered suddenly
if the stern had even been opened as yet.

He raced into the bridge. The Captain was still sitting in his
chair. Gregor passed him shouting, "MAN OVERBOARD! MAN OVERBOARD!" He
switched back and forth between Russian and French, and activated the
emergency klaxon, then ran to the blank paneled aft wall and pressed a bit
of molding before he explained. "A school of sharks have entered the lagoon
and the Americans are swimming to the stern! Is the stern door down?" He
knew the answer to his question when the Captain turned pale before
flipping switches to lower it and issuing orders over the public address

A hidden door sprang open to reveal a weapons locker. Gregor chose an
automatic rifle fitted with a telescopic sight and a sling. He chambered a
round then grabbed as many additional clips as he could carry with one hand
and no pockets since he was naked. He started running down the central
companionway toward the sun deck. "Grab the other rifle like this, they're
loaded with explosive rounds! I'll be on the chopper pad!" He called back
to the Captain.

By the time he reached the aft end of the pad, Gregor could hear Doug
shouting frantically, "Will someone hurry up and lower the fucking stern
door? PLEASE! There's sharks!" He pointed to a single large fin moving
slowly toward the side of the ship between Evan and Joe and Paul who by
then saw the fin and were swimming back to Evan.

Gregor dropped the extra ammunition and wound his forearm though the sling
as he raised the rifle's scope to his eye. His first shot was too fast, he
missed. Water mushroomed five feet beyond the closest shark shape, but the
explosion changed its course from Joe, Paul and Evan. It increased speed
and headed straight at Doug.

Doug heard the rifle's report and saw the gout of water. He looked up and
waved. He was already very close to the side of the yacht. It would be
instinctive to place his back against the side in a futile attempt to reach
safety twenty feet up the vertical or protect him somehow, but if he did,
and the shark followed they both would disappear from Gregor's view. The
helicopter pad didn't extend out far enough to allow Gregor to fire
straight down. At first Doug did the instinctive. He sprinted for the
ship's stern, Gregor imagined that the stern was opening, but the
hydraulics were ponderously slow. The door wasn't designed to be opened
rapidly in emergencies.

Doug could see a frantic sailor waving at him from the slowly widening 'V',
but he was also almost at the point where he couldn't see Gregor, and if he
got closer Gregor couldn't see him or fire at the shark, assuming it was in
fact planning on attacking. He pictured the shoreline, the beach and a long
low tee dock that extended out from it. Boats large and small lined the
shank of the tee. He turned suddenly, stretched out, and dug in heading for
the dock, three hundred yards to safety. The shark altered course and
followed slowly.

Gregor filled his lungs, aimed and fired a burst of three, then another and
another. The muzzle jumped up with each three rounds, and he adjusted each
time by aiming lower, behind the monster fish. The ninth round found its
mark. Blood mixed with the white spray. The shark's nose turned into its
body and it started to thrash on the surface, but at least it stopped
swimming. Doug continued his balls out life or death race for the dock
without looking back. Gregor emptied the clip, ejected it, reloaded and
resumed firing at the growing area of white and red water, as other sharks
in the pack attacked their leader. The Captain joined him at some point and
he started firing into the maelstrom of sharks in a feeding frenzy, pieces
of shark bodies, and those stunned by the repeated concussions from the
exploding rounds. Gregor and the Captain ran out of ammunition and targets
simultaneously. They watched only two smaller dark fast moving shapes
detach themselves from the melee and disappear in the direction of the

Gregor laughed and thumped his Captain on the back impulsively, "Great
shooting Captain." He realized his mistake and braced. "I am most sorry

"I am not." Gregor blinked when he was embraced and kissed on both
cheeks. "It was you who saved the day. I shudder to think of what the
master," he stopped and looked back to see Anton leaning on Meesha boiling
out from the lounge. Anton's cane was replaced with an automatic
weapon. Meesha carried another in his free hand and had a bandoleer of full
clips slung on his shoulder. "You understand," he whispered. Gregor
nodded. He understood far better than the Captain, of what Anton was
capable of if his new grandson was injured. The shit would roll down from
the bridge and there would be few survivors among the officers or crew.

Everyone was on the boat deck when the launch returned Doug to the Sea
Song. He was sitting on the engine housing surrounded by the other guys,
talking; waving and grinning from ear to ear. After he was lifted from the
boat to his wheelchair, he was surrounded once again by his parents and the
other adults. Anton, with Bucky gradually herded the adults onto the
launch. It was decided that the Sea Song was to become the sole territory
of the boys, and the adults would stay on shore at night.

Meesha looked back into the boat deck after he helped Anton board. Gregor,
Evan and the Americans were assisting crewmen move the catamaran to the
platform. Joe stayed behind to continue as the interpreter. Of course Will
stayed as well. Anton tapped his shoulder. "You are taking your new
position too seriously I think. You should stay on board and work hard on
your English with the Americans the rest of this day and all other days we
are here. I won't need you until evening. Struggle to speak English. Be
prepared for their laughter at your pronunciation, they have impossible
words, but they will help you. It will become a game for them. You and
Gregor in turn will help Evan by making him speak French. You will all join
us for dinner this evening, then I will return with you and sleep on
board. Go now, we are ready to cast off."

Meesha jumped to the platform wearing a huge grin. "Thank you Master. I
have spoken to Gregor about dessert after you return, we will be ready." He
turned and ran to Gregor to avoid seeing Anton's embarrassment resulting
from his last comment. He thought the master's unlimited use of his body
was a very small price to pay for the opportunity of returning to school,
getting his papers, then serving under Gregor's captaincy on the Sea Song
before he got a command of his own when he was old enough. He ignored the
fact that Anton was terminally ill. A great deal could happen in the next
two years.

The launch skirted the edge of the recent carnage. The water was nearly
clear. They looked down to see flashes of silver and many colors as lagoon
residents by the thousands feasted on shark flesh. The torn and crushed
partially digested torso of a man was indistinguishable from pieces of
shark. Anton glanced at his bodyguards with a raised eyebrow in
question. They returned his look by shrugging helplessly. It was possible
but highly improbable that this was the same hunting pack, and they somehow
managed to follow the Sea Song waiting for another handout.

Anton called his personal bodyguards his Dobermans and they accepted the
name with pride. Either of them would attack anyone who so much as frowned
at their master in their presence. They would kill an enemy of the master's
if he gestured to them with as little as a slight frown of
displeasure. They lifted Anton bodily from the launch to the dock with
benign smiles. They ignored the looks they received from his guests. They
remained in uniform even though the dress code had been relaxed, and both
were heavily armed with holstered machine pistols under their arms and side
arms slung from their hips. Somehow they made the weapons appear to be
parts of their bodies.

A tall young smiling black man with light skin loped from the shore to
greet them. He was wearing old shorts, and an older torn shirt. Anton
accepted his deep bow of welcome and explained him after he joined the
Dobermans to the side of the group. They could hear him speaking fluent

"This island was built to be vacation resort. Builders were under financed
and very much over spenders. They came to me for additional funds; they
were very foolish businessmen. I lent money at very high rate of interest
and bought other loans. When this resort finished they import European
staff. Dieter is one such who remained after owners go, how do you say,
belly up? He is son of American serviceman and German mother. Dieter now
has charge of whole island and leads black servants who once lived on this
island but were moved to another, under one hundred population I think now
all work here and live there. I discover Sea Song fit in lagoon, so I make
this my retreat from water on this side of world. Nice yes?"

"It sure is." Bucky agreed walking very close to Anton ready to help him if
needed during the walk to the main building surrounded by cottages. "This
place is beautiful Anton, how come it failed?"

Anton giggled. "Fools spent everything on facilities and expensive European
staff, have nothing left for operating or most important of all,
advertisement of waiting luxury." His eyes twinkled at Bucky. "They come
back to me for additional funds to correct errors. I declined and sent out
words in financial circles to decline also. Too bad, resort now mine. I
watch construction from satellite and plan changes. Make central building
my home, but always much too big before. Now," he waved at everyone
listening, "not so big. Welcome please to Dagger Cay."

Two black men identically dressed in shorts, sandals and flowered Hawaiian
shirts held open the double doors to what was once the hotel
lobby. "Foolish builders ignore eager labor pool close at hand. I do not
ignore. I build new safe homes on their island, pay them good wages, in
return they are most happy to serve me."

Bill Henderson looked around at the Moorish architecture, the huge pool and
gushing fountains. "My God Anton, where do you get all the water and

"Convert sea water with own power plant on distant end of island. I show
you. You like electronics? Come." Anton headed for a blank screen mounted
on a wall. They were intercepted by a parade of gayly dressed black
children; each carefully carrying a small sliver tray with a single
sweating cut crystal goblet brimming with a colorful drink. They spread out
around the room and stopped in front of a guest to offer the drink. A tiny
girl of seven or eight chose Anton and scooted ahead of her friends to
serve him the drink she carried. "Ah, thank you little one." He sipped the
drink appreciatively. "This is very good and very cold. You have done very
well." Anton smiled at his guests as he activated the screen. "One each
child for serving drinks and small foods. Ask only and they will bring

The screen brightened to show a map of the island. "This is toy for adults
to use anytime. It will be of good use to be sure children come to no
mischief." He slowly increased magnification.

The building complex grew, and a vague outline in the lagoon became the Sea
Song. Bill Henderson blinked and looked more closely at the detail. "Hey
that's not a map. It's a picture!"

Bucky giggled and nodded, "That's right, Anton's toys as he calls them
extend out into space. That's a satellite image in real time. Let's see
what the boys are up to."

Anton grinned down at Bucky. "That perhaps is poor choice of words. Are you
sure?" He asked softly as he continued to increase magnification.

Bucky looked around at the others. "Hey everyone, will any of you be too
shocked if we catch some of our boys doing what we know they do every
chance they get?"

The women blushed without answering; the fathers grinned and nodded. Don
Thomas looked at Patrick with a raised eyebrow. They had been almost
inseparable since the first night on the Sea Song. Patrick blushed and
shrugged. "Perhaps we be lucky to be havin' this toy an' not the lads."

Anton focused down to the stern platform. The catamaran was dropping
back. They could see several bodies on board her, but couldn't identify
them. It turned suddenly and increased speed perpendicular to the Sea
Song. Several of the other watercraft had been launched and were tethered
like a string of beads out behind the yacht.

Doug groaned, "Fuck this little lagoon, we need a tow through the pinchers
so we have more sea room and wind." He looked at his fellow sailors. "Plus
we're too heavy." He had Evan, Joe, Will, Gregor and Meesha with him. The
cat wouldn't even begin to heel in the protected waters of the
lagoon. Except for Evan, they were stretched out on the broad expanse of
the trampoline enjoying the peaceful ride and the sun. Evan sat near Doug
at the tiller. He was managing the jib, the headsail, while Doug controlled
the tiller and mainsail.

Gregor sat up and pointed. "If you wish, we could use the ski boat to tow
you. Two of us could stay aboard that and perhaps switch later outside. I
agree six is too many for real speed," he grinned. "Okay?" He asked in
English. "Meesha and I will take you in tow."

Will started shaking his head before Joe finished translating. "Nope, Joe
and I will drive the ski boat. I enjoy the sound of an engine. These things
are too much work." He grinned at Doug, "And knowing the yahoo doing the
driving, probably very wet."

Joe agreed, but for different reasons. "Yeah, and so is translating. If I'm
gone, you guys will have to start trading words. It's the fastest way to
learn. Can you get us alongside Doug? I'm not up to swimming anymore today,
plus Gregor knows the water outside."

"Can do. Ready about." The four lay where they were unmoving. Doug sighed,
"Never mind, just lay there. When we're going balls out and I say that,
you'll understand. He grinned down on Evan. "We're going to turn
around. There's two ways to do it. This is called a JIBE!" he
shouted. "It's the quickest, and it wakes people up." He pulled the tiller
in to his belly and held it until the wind was behind them and the sails
flapped for a second or two. He motioned Evan to follow him to the other
pontoon, then showed him how to adjust the sails for the reciprocal course
back to Sea Song. Four sunbathers sat up suddenly when the boom banged and
the mainsail refilled with a snap.

Meesha giggled. "Jibe!"

Gregor laughed "Yes, jibe."

Will frowned at Doug. "Don't do that again while I'm on board," he warned

"It's the fastest way to learn." Doug quoted Joe in singsong. "Now that
you're awake, get ready to jump when I come alongside."

Joe cast off the line to the Sea Song while Will sat behind the wheel and
cranked the engine. They drifted. Gregor shouted a comment and he and
Meesha giggled together. Will frowned. "What'd he say?"

Joe grinned, "Just something about not casting off before you have the
engine running. In the future of course."

"HA! HA! You Russian fuckers!" Will hollered when the engine coughed to
life a hundred feet behind the Sea Song.

"That they are and they've got a pair of hot bodies to do it with too." Joe
agreed while he got ready to throw a towline to the cat.

The outer reef protected a small archipelago, a chain of small
islands. Dagger Cay was the largest. A half mile away, next in the chain,
was Black Cay, Anton named it. The black natives who lived there couldn't
care less what their wealthy white patron called it. They called it
home. The rest of the islands in the chain varied in size from being
covered with water at high tide to several acres, but too small to inhabit.

Outside the pinchers, they sailed for two hours. They sailed close hulled
into the wind and tacked repeatedly. Then Doug ran with the wind wing on
wing, and was delighted to find a whisker pole clipped to one hull. He
taught Evan how to sail and together they traded words with Gregor and
Meesha while they learned the fine art of sailing a cat as well. Doug
occasionally turned into Captain Bligh and after they set the whisker pole
for a run, he would fall off into a broad reach, then a close reach, so one
hull would leave the water and they had to scramble to reset the jib and
store the whisker pole. It was then that they all hiked out with their
bodies rigid and backs over the water to keep from capsizing. Doug eyed the
trapeze harnesses longingly but since he couldn't stand, and couldn't
really explain their use without demonstrating he ignored them. He and Evan
both enjoy the view of the two Russian hard bodies braced in front of
them. He gave everyone a turn at the tiller and each reproduced the various

Joe and Will paced them at first then explored the edge of the outer reef
before they moved in to look at the smaller islands. They saw how much fun
Evan and Doug were having with Meesha and Gregor and declined to switch
places when Gregor waved them in after an hour. Both young men were having
fun themselves just learning how to handle the eighteen-foot ski boat in
preparation for skippering their own newly purchased high performance

Doug's stomach growled. Evan heard the noise. "Boy I am too, too bad we
didn't think about food or something to drink at least." He circled his gut
with his palm so the Russian's would understand, then said "Hungry."

Gregor and Meesha nodded and both crawled forward to one of the hulls after
motioning for Evan to point into the wind to stop the boat's forward
movement and splash over the hull. Gregor leaned over the tramp frame and
opened a hatch then held up a sandwich and a frosted Coke can. Meesha
opened a hatch in the other hull and produced an anchor. They drifted while
Meesha stood up, braced his feet apart then waved and shouted until he got
the ski boats' attention.

Doug watched him balance himself. "Wow, just look at that fine body. After
we get back, I'm going to make him into a top."

Evan giggled, "Too late, I took care of that last night several times. He's
really good, he gets so into his work, old Gregor just grabs his ankles and
flips him off to get at me himself. And Gregor's just like you afterward
when it comes to eating ass. You know this trampoline is big enough for all
six of us."

Doug grinned, "You know I was just thinking the same thing, but Will and
Joe might take some convincing, but Marc said if you could get one of them
hard, you've got them both. Will keeps Joe on top mostly because he's so
big, but he's really careful if you want to give him a try. I am."

The ski boat idled alongside. Will's eyes widened when he saw the sandwich
and Coke. "Man what a great idea. I'm so hungry; Evan's leg is looking
awful good. Is there enough for all of us?"

Evan giggled. "Who knows? I don't get to see it very often but it sure
feels like there is, more and more everyday."

"That's not what I meant wise ass, but that's a good idea too, after a
sandwich." Will leered, not surprised to see that Evan and Doug were hard.

Meesha pointed to a cooler sitting behind Will's seat. Joe opened it. It
too was full of food and soft drinks. "I guess there's enough food to go
around too. Let's anchor and raft up somewhere." Doug suggested while his
eyes roamed growing cocks on both boats.

"There's a little tiny cove around that point on Dagger Cay. It's out of
the wind." Joe suggested.

They towed the cat into the cove so there would be no time wasting tacking
into the wind. They anchored in four feet of clear water over a sandy
bottom. Evan took his first bite then frowned and removed the top slice of
bread. "There's nothing on these. I like mayonnaise, and a little salt and
pepper would be good too, but I'm so hungry I'll suffer."

Gregor was already digging in the cats' built in cooler. He offered Evan
jars of mustard and mayonnaise, salt and pepper shakers and a plastic
knife. He spoke directly to Joe.

Joe nodded. "Gregor says the chef doesn't know the crazy American's tastes,
so he packed these so you can fix up your own."

They ate quietly and quickly. Their eyes traveled over everyone else's
body. No one wilted, but no one failed to eat at least two sandwiches.

When Doug finished he stretched and yawned. "When Buck left this morning I
promised him I'd keep so busy I wouldn't miss him. Right now I'm beginning
to miss him. Since I'm the invalid I need some nursing, AND I call bottom
since Bucky organized this little junket for me while my feet
healed. Anyone interested?"

Will grinned, then waved his monster dong at Doug. "I might be, are you
interested or are you scared? All this sun and salt air have got me all
horny." Joe opened his mouth to make a comment. Will looked at him; "Don't
say a word or I'll forget to be careful with you next time." He stuck his
tongue in his cheek so it ballooned out. Then made choking sounds that
sounded vaguely like "Pull it out! Pull it out!"

"You're a fucking dreamer." Joe giggled and translated. The Russians went
berserk laughing and Meesha almost fell overboard when he stood up to clear
his throat after choking on a bite of sandwich. Gregor saved him by
slamming him behind the knees. He fell forward on top of Doug.

"Well all righty then! I've got my first volunteer." Meesha mumbled
something just before he gobbled Doug into his mouth. Doug thought he
understood one word, strawberries. "Strawberries?"

Even giggled and guessed at the translation. "He said it's too bad you
didn't use the strawberry douche this morning." He explained its use and
lifted one cheek to pat it to indicate that he had used it that morning.

Joe looked up from nursing Will. "Close enough."

Talking became difficult for Doug. "Oh wow, now you tell me. I'll have to
call Buck; he'll bring some back. He'll go wild. What am I saying? Me, I'll
go wild." He grabbed Meesha's head suddenly and moaned.

Evan crawled to the cooler and returned with the jar of mayonnaise. Gregor
raised an eyebrow in question before he understood what Evan told him.
"American modification," he pointed to the phrase on the jar's lid and
quoted, "'BRING OUT THE BEST'. I guess we'll find out if it does." Meesha
was busy swallowing the last of Doug while humping the nylon trampoline.
Evan slipped a small hand under him. "Gotcha!" Meesha rolled to his side
quickly. They all watched Evan unscrew the jar's lid, then stick Meesha's
cock in the half-empty jar. "One new flavor treat coming up from Evan
Falconburg's floating test kitchen." He grinned at the others; "I get first
taste too. I thought of it," he added defensively.




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