Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


Chapter 30

Doug ghosted the twenty-foot catamaran the last two hundred feet to the
Dagger Cay beach by himself. He was late, they were all late for dinner but
they would have been later if he tied up to the Sea Song to go aboard,
bathe and dress, only to turn around and return to the boat deck for the
short trip in to the island with the others. He convinced Will that it
would be quicker if he sailed the cat in by himself while the others
stopped at Sea Song to shower and dress. They would bring him clothing and
he could take a bath and dress on the island.

He'd already raised one dagger board and raised the second one slowly as he
got closer to the beach. The rudders kicked themselves into the up position
as the twin bows touched the coral sand. Both the main and jib sheets,
lines that controlled the sails, ran through cam cleats. He released them
so both sails luffed after he grounded. He sighed with pleasure. He'd
enjoyed the perfect day after the fucking shark attack if it was an
attack. He wondered if they weren't just being inquisitive. He shrugged
mentally, "I guess we'll never know," he thought as he crawled forward to
sit on the forward strut with his feet in the water, waiting for Will, Joe
and the others to arrive and carry his sorry ass to the house.

He hated the thought of being an invalid, but there was little he could do
about it while his feet healed. If the doctors hadn't used staples in the
soles of his feet, he knew he'd be walking already, or trying to, and most
likely just prolong the healing process.

"Hey! Hi! That was a neat piece of sailing, getting to the beach. I
couldn't have done better myself. My name's Dieter Taylor." Dieter offered
Doug his hand.

"Hi, I'm Doug, Doug Henderson. Where'd you come from? Do you live here?"

"Yeah, in one of the cottages. I kind of take care of the place when the
Master isn't around, which is most of the time. This is the first time he's
brought guests with him so the staff, including yours truly is running a
little on the nervous side. I hope everything's going okay inside," he
tapped the little radio in his shirt pocket. "So far so good," he
chuckled. "Silence is a very good thing when he's in residence."

Doug studied Dieter while he sat down on the strut on the other side of the
mast. He twisted his body and released the main halyard from its cleat to
lower the big sail slowly until the boom touched the aft strut. Then he
repeated the process to lower the jib.

Dieter was five-ten like Doug. His body was lightly muscled like David's,
but tighter, with better definition, that is, from what Doug could see of
it in the spaces created in his shirtfront as he moved. He was wearing a
flowered Hawaiian shirt with only one button holding it closed. Dieter had
intense green eyes with brown speckles scattered around the pupil and long
eyelashes. His hair was a strange light brown, and while cut short, it was
very curly. His complexion was a unique light coffee that almost matched
his hair. Doug decided that Dieter was as exotic as his surroundings.

Doug realized Dieter was probably wondering why he was sitting there by
himself buck naked but wasn't about to ask since he was an employee of
Anton's. "Some guys and I went outside sailing today on this, and kind of
forgot the time so we're late for dinner. I can't walk yet, so to save
time, I sailed in alone, and hopefully they'll remember to bring my
wheelchair AND me some shit to wear. I guess I can get cleaned up in my
parent's room."

Dieter nodded and giggled. "I know, we were watching you off and on all
afternoon." He saw Doug's shocked red face. "Hey, just from a distance, and
you aren't late, time doesn't mean much out here in the islands."

"What, I mean where were you hiding, in the mangroves? Why?" Doug remained
flustered, but he was also getting mad. He frowned like Bucky and Buck.

"Hey no, nothing like that. Mr. Falconburg owns a satellite system." Dieter
pointed up to the sky. "There's one of them positioned over this region and
I use it all the time. I'm Dagger Cays official security force of one
that's all. If you want to do anything in private, you better have a roof
over your head. There are only two screens set up here. One's in my cottage
and the other is in the house. Plus I'm sure the boss has one on the Sea
Song, but I've never been on board." Dieter neglected to mention the
infrared feature, which could peer through buildings if they were cooler
than a human body, or the actual degree of magnification possible.

"Shit, he's worse than Bucky Trenton. Have you met him yet? His son and I
are best buddies." Doug saw one of Dieter's eyebrows shoot up while he
grinned. He blushed again. "Shit, okay, better than best since you snooped
us this afternoon, you already know that."

Dieter patted Doug's knee and nodded. "Yup, you guys were hot." Doug
watched Dieter's hand move up his thigh before he removed it. "It's too bad
I was so busy and committed." He allowed Doug to finish the thought. "Say
we're pretty much the same size. If you want, you can come to my cottage
and clean up. You can borrow a shirt and shorts. Dinner is on the terrace
by the pool so it's informal.

Doug looked back at the Sea Song. The helicopter had returned and was once
again secured to its pad. The launch, ski boat and the other watercraft
were still tied up and there was no sign of anyone about to come ashore. "I
can't walk yet." Doug said, his way of agreeing without appearing too
eager. His growing cock betrayed him.

"No, but I was told you can certainly swim. I'm sorry I was at the power
plant earlier, perhaps I could have helped. Walking is no problem, I can."
Dieter picked Doug up easily with one arm under his knees and the other
around his back. His eyes were locked on Doug's cock. "Wow, you're still
hot. I know you're a bottom and all, too bad, my houseboy will flip out
when he sees you. He's another leftover from when this place was a resort,
except he's a native, but light skinned too. I found him in Nassau working
his swishy tail off as a waiter. Since I'm black, the original owners sent
me to find some hot bodies to keep our guests warm but only if they asked,
of course.

Doug interrupted, "You aren't black really are you?"

"Yup, I sure am, maybe only a sixteenth or so, from my father. He's an
American. He was in the Air Force stationed in Germany. He met my mom and
they got married. After he got discharged, he got a job working for a
defense contractor doing the same shit he was doing, only for five times
the money, so they stayed. Their little boy Dieter got himself a degree in
hotel and restaurant management. This was my first job out of college just
as a manager trainee, but the place went bankrupt before we even got
started. The rest of the staff took off when they discovered that it wasn't
going to be a resort anymore and the checks stopped. I stayed just to get a
look at the dude who was going to make this into his home. Mr. Falconburg
hired me to run the joint for him. He likes the idea of me being an
American and a German, since he can't speak English for shit." Dieter
pushed open an unlatched gate in a wall surrounding one of the more distant
inland cottages. "Here we are, home sweet home. Billie!" he shouted, then
grinned at Doug, "That would be spelled with an 'ie', not a 'y', because
Billie wants to be a girl someday when he can afford the operations."

"Ouch." Doug shivered.

"Yeah, that's my opinion too. Billie, where you hidin' girl? Get your sweet
tail out here; we've got company!"

"Dieter you darling man, there's no need to shout, what will the neighbors
think? I heard you the first time. I was just tidying up your skanky
office. Company, with no warning? Who could it be?" Billie appeared wearing
a starched white extra large dress shirt. Only the last button from the
front tails was buttoned, and the sleeves were neatly rolled to his elbows
exposing a half-pound of silver bracelets on each thin arm. Doug imagined
that there was a matching chain somewhere in the equally heavy collection
Billie wore around his neck. The weight of four-inch silver hoops drooped
from his earlobes that peeked from a red scarf tied tightly around his
head. The hoops dragged on his delicate shoulders. His eyes were light
brown, large and surrounded by a month's supply of heavy makeup. He leaned
against the doorway to the house posing seductively.

"Oh no," Dieter sighed. "You've been watching us long enough to put on all
that shit. If I dipped you in prune juice and shipped your skinny ass to
Africa you'd fit right in with the rest of the Ubangies. Doug this is
Billie, who happens to be beautiful when she isn't wearing all that fucking
junk and makeup." Dieter pushed by Billie with his back to him. Billie
looked like he'd been slapped and was on the verge of tears then grinned

"Hi." Doug said weakly and waved, embarrassed for them both.

Dieter lowered Doug carefully to the foot of the bed, then went to find
something for Doug to sit on in the shower. Billie followed them into the
bedroom and watched Dieter ignore him when he left the room. "Too much?"
Billie asked Doug's opinion pitifully.

"Yes, sorry but I think Dieter's right, way too much. I'm here to get a
shower and borrow some clothes."

Billie smiled as he eyed Doug's body. "Maybe you're right. You're certainly
beautiful dressed the way you are. You were one of the guys on the cat this
afternoon. I liked the sun blocks you used especially the really tall
one. Too bad I'm a one man at a time girl." His smile broadened, "I'll be
back," he waved and disappeared around the door jam.

Dieter placed Doug under the shower sitting on a small glass topped
aluminum table he found on the terrace. He stripped and joined Doug, but
allowed Doug to wash himself. "I was on my way to the house for dinner too
when I saw you, so I don't really need a shower, but I thought there's
nothing wrong with a little show and tell." He thrust his hips at Doug, but
stayed out of reach.

Doug grinned, "You must keep Billie satisfied. He likes looking but said he
was a one-man girl. I guess you would be the man."

Dieter nodded, "Yup I love her but she can be an annoying little prick. If
she was included in the dinner invitation, that's about how she'd dress."

"It's all your fault," Billie said from the bathroom doorway. "You have me
locked up out here in the boondocks, how's a girl supposed to know? Is this
better?" He asked and posed again for them. He was naked, with no makeup or
jewelry and his raven wavy hair was styled so it just covered his ears.

Doug stared. "Holy shit! Wow it sure is. You are beautiful, just like
Dieter said you were." His eyes dropped, "But you sure are a long, Long,
LONG way from being a little prick. You should get that registered as a
deadly weapon."

Dieter giggled, "Now that's my girl Billie," he said proudly. "Would you
believe any guy eighteen years old and hung like a horse could possibly be
a virgin? STILL?"

"DIETER! You're such a cruel man!" Billie looked down at himself. "This is
just a big annoyance," he turned and cocked his hip. "This is where the
action is for now." He wiggled his little bubble butt at Doug.

"Maybe. But I go for both sides of the picture. Exactly how big is that
when it gets hard?" Doug asked while he stripped the latex booties off his
feet, then the light bandages.

Billie's attention went to Doug's feet when he saw the stapled wounds. He
knelt in front of him with a towel and dried them carefully. Doug explained
that he ran through a pile of broken beer bottles covered by weeds. "We
don't have any bandages like these, but Dieter has some white socks that he
hasn't worn, and those ghastly winter slippers lined with sheep skin, you
can HAVE those."

"Moccasins," Dieter supplied helpfully, "and I don't hear you complaining
about them when your feet are cold."

Billie shrugged, "Whatever, Douggie can wear them." He frowned at
Dieter. "Well? If you can stop staring at his body long enough, carry him
into the bedroom you big horny oaf. Then dry him off, but just the parts
Douggie can't reach easily. I'll get the socks and slippers."

"Yes dear," Dieter mocked.

Doug spent most of the time it took to dress him giggling at the constant
by-play between Dieter and Billie. They acted like a couple that had been
married for years. Doug rested his feet on the floor for the first time
after Billie slipped Dieter's moccasins on them. "Hey I finally look
normal." He winced, "No weight yet, but normal just sitting down, that's a
start. Thanks guys." He and Dieter were dressed similarly; in shorts and
flowered shirts. Billie remained comfortably naked. Doug grinned at them
both, then looked at Billie and frowned. "Well? It will be a shame to cover
that, but you better get dressed, the guys in our mob like to eat," he
grinned, "real food too." If we don't get moving, Anton will be out of

An insistent pinging sound started from somewhere in the house. Billie took
off running. "It's probably nothing. Bring Doug," he called back.

Dieter picked up Doug, "That's the alarm. The computer thinks we have an
intruder out on the water somewhere."

When they got to Dieter's office, they saw Billie sitting in front of a
console staring out a monster plasma screen. The view was aerial. Billie
was using a joystick to increase magnification and concentrate on an area
of empty ocean. "Fuck me. It sees something but I sure don't." Billie

"Try infrared it could be a whale." Dieter lowered Doug to a stool behind
Billie so he could watch over his shoulder.

The screen blackened, then a sickening green glow resolved into a sausage
shape. "What the fuck is that?" Dieter wondered.

"The scale reads a hundred and ten feet long. It's ten miles from the wall
traveling about eight knots in our direction." Billie announced. Doug
stared at the back of Billie's head, surprised by his seriousness. "I
think it's a fucking submarine. She's definitely submerged and running
deep, maybe three hundred feet, in cold water. The heat is on inside it,
plus there are three warm bodies. The engines are off, so there's no real
heat bloom. It's moving, so they must be using batteries. That's the only
reason old snoopy picked it up. If it was closer to the surface where the
water is warmer it could have gotten through if the temperature differences
were closer together. I'd say snoopy's in for a bit of fine tuning."

"Where's there any wall, except for the pinchers?" Doug asked.

"It's under water where the reef ends suddenly. It's a real wall; a twelve
hundred-foot drop off. Do you dive?" Billie asked. Doug shook his
head. "Well I'll teach you while you're here. The reefs are quite

Dieter reached for the phone. "Shit. I'll page him." Dieter kept his hand
on the phone. When it rang he answered in German. "Sir, there's a submarine
heading in our direction. Currently ten miles from the wall and closing at
eight knots." Billie and Doug watched Dieter smile then laugh after he
replaced the receiver.

"Well, what's so funny, is the thing expected?" Billie asked.

Dieter nodded, "Yup. The master is so excited he even giggled. It seems
that someone; somewhere now builds private submarines, and guess who bought
one? Come on Doug let's get over to the house." He bent to pick Doug up.

"A sub? No shit?" Doug stopped laughing when he noticed Billie remained
seated and staring at the screen. "Come on Billie, get dressed, we'll wait
for you."

"I wasn't invited. I'll just watch from here." Billie answered without
looking up.

"You were so invited, I invited you in the bedroom, just before the alarm
went off." Billie shook his head without moving. Doug frowned, "Believe it
or not, I have the juice to invite you so move it before I have a couple of
bodyguards in here and haul your pretty ass over there."

Billie grinned up at Doug, "Really? Which ones? Are they macho brutes like
Dieter? I'll wait for them in the bedroom."

"Two of them were on the cat with me this afternoon, and then there's
David, but he stayed behind to chat with the twins' grandfather about their
security at school this fall."

Billie bolted from his chair, "Enough already, stop with the twins. I want
to meet twins. They must be simply divine if they're with you." He ran into
the bedroom and dressed with lightening speed.

Dieter placed Doug in the passenger seat of a small gas powered utility
golf truck. Billie got behind the wheel until Dieter pushed him into the
center so they were squeezed together and Dieter drove.

Doug noticed that Billie once again dropped his queenly persona, as he did
when operating the spy satellite. He was dressed like he and Dieter, except
his shorts were tighter, and while he still looked like a beautiful young
woman, the prominence of his clearly outlined manhood lying along his left
leg, halfway to his knee left no question about his gender. "Your British
accent is real isn't it? How come you can turn off the drag queen bit
whenever you want to?"

Billie giggled. "I like camp. When I get outrageous Dieter gets pissed off
and is rough trade when he's angry with me." He pecked Dieter on his cheek,
"Aren't you darling?"

Dieter winced, "If you do that in front of Mr. Falconburg, I'll show you
rough when we get home, then you can actually sleep with snoopy. Be cool
okay, please?"

"Of course, I really do know how to act in mixed company. My father is a
cabinet minister here. Which means that he earns the most graft and gets
the biggest payoffs like all the top politicians in government. I guess
that would make me a rather upper crust citizen. The last he knew of my
whereabouts, I was working as a waiter at the casino. He's rather unhappy
about my choice of lifestyle, as if I had a choice. Dieter came along and
here I am. I was to be a waiter here, but unlike the others he collected, I
wasn't going to be available to guests. I am not a hustler, earlier
appearances aside. I was always going to have prior commitments, if anyone

They parked the mini-truck behind a line of golf carts at the front
door. "These are for guests to use anytime you want to explore." Dieter

They met Evan, Gregor and Meesha coming out. Evan giggled when he eyed
Dieter and Billie. "There you are. We were wondering where you got to. It
figures, you lock up all the best local trade before I even get to shore."

Doug introduced everyone. Dieter, Gregor and Meesha quickly discovered they
all spoke French, so that became their language. Doug laughed, "Shit I
could have died from hunger waiting for you ass holes. What took you so
long?" He saw that Evan was wearing all new clothes, he grinned. "Where'd
you get the new threads?"

Evan did a quick spin, "Cool huh? The chopper brought them
back. Grandfather ordered them. I was trying stuff on, that's why we didn't
get in right away. How'd you know they were new?"

Doug started laughing harder as Dieter settled him in his wheelchair. "DAH!
Because you forgot to take off the tags and stickers."

Evan frowned and tried to see his back. Meesha and Gregor started laughing,
and said something to Dieter. Evan's eyebrows knitted, "Joke? I got that
word. What'd you big fuckers do?"

Dieter laughed and translated. "They said Doug spoiled the joke. After you
dressed they and the others kept patting you on the back telling you how
good you looked. They were adding to the collection each time on the back
of your shirt and seat of your shorts."

Evan frowned at Gregor before he grinned and backed up to Doug so he could
remove them. "I'll get you for this somehow. Hurry up Doug. Grandfather
bought a submarine and we were on our way out to it so the big Russian ass
hole can pilot it in. Want to come with us?"

"Nope I'm starving to death and I probably couldn't get in the sub at sea
anyway, but I want a ride tomorrow first thing okay?" Doug asked as he
removed the last of the stickers, then carefully reapplied a long clear
one, imprinted with 'SMALL' in black letters on the vertical seam of Evan's
shorts. "There," he patted Evan's crack affectionately.

"Thanks Doug." Evan looked hopefully at Dieter; "You want to come along
since you can speak damn French."

"Sure, I've got to see this thing. We can take the Bertram fisherman; it
needs some exercise in case anyone wants to go out trolling for the big
ones while they're here. It's the wrong time of the year for bill fish
though, you'll have to come back in December or January." Dieter looked at
Billie. "You go with Doug so you can meet Mr. Falconburg finally. I'm not
sure he even knows you're still here and please behave."

Billie rolled his eyes, "Oh goody. I hope he likes surprises."

Everyone was grouped around the big screen watching it while Anton played
with the joystick. The screen remained blank. "Electronic toys quit without
notice," he said in frustration. "I will call Sea Song for expert repair."

Doug looked back at Billie and grinned. "I don't think its busted Anton,
you have to do something with the infrared."

Anton looked at him in surprise. "You know this thing's workings Douglas?"

"No, but I was with Dieter earlier, this is Billie, he does."

Anton grinned, "AH! Friend of Dieter. You can show perhaps, yes?" He moved
aside and waved at the keyboard.

Billie moved forward reluctantly frowning at Doug's satisfied grin. "I'll
try Sir. It's still submerged." He switched to infrared and the submarine
suddenly glowed, its three occupants more intensely. Then the sub began to
fade until the sailors appeared to be sitting in space. "I believe they
just surfaced. Shall I attempt an overlay? The sensors need a bit of
tickling. If they were submerged shallow, snoopy would treat the occupants
as Dolphin and ignore the sub entirely."

Anton's eyebrows were at full arch as he watched Billie's hands, and the
results on the screen. Will had already moved up behind Billie and watched
as intensely. Anton nodded, "Please to show, yes."

The top one third of the sub appeared lapped by waves and leaving a
wake. The engines and the sailors glowed green. Billie pulled back the
view, then moved it forward in the sub's direction of movement until he
found the sixty-five foot sport fisherman just leaving the outer reef
behind. They all watched four figures on the fly bridge grouped around the

A large figure traded places with a small one behind the wheel. The boat's
speed increased markedly. "OOPS! Evan has the con." Doug giggled.

"I believe they are now at thirty-five knots, cruising speed for the
Bertram." Billie said. He brought up a drop down screen with flashing
numbers, then moved the view to empty ocean and increased
magnification. "They should meet about here," he said and stepped back to
bump into Will, grinning down on him.

"A nerd? An elite? That was well done. I'm Will," he offered his hand.

"What is elite nerd? Nerd is derogatory yes?" Anton asked.

Will laughed, "It used to be, Big Nerd was my nickname in high school,
although mostly behind my back since I would happily beat the shit out of
anyone who called me that to my face. Now we have status. An elite nerd can
make things happen on a computer. They're the guys that crack codes, break
down firewalls and send out viruses they create, or they can, most don't
fortunately. They're natural born programmers."

Anton eyed Billie. "You can do these things?"

Billie nodded "If I try I can. I use your sky eyes to travel around the
world. I enjoy sightseeing."

Anton shook his head. "This should not be possible from here. Show please."

Billie hesitated, "You won't get mad?"

"Get mad only if you don't show."

Billie talked while his fingers got very busy. "I only used the birds that
weren't in use, and if someone accessed the one I was using, I faded fast
so they wouldn't catch me."

A world globe appeared surrounded by dots. Most were green and steady; a
few were red and blinking. Anton was shocked. He was looking at an overview
of his satellite system that he thought only he could access. The earth
grew and started to spin slowly. A pointer appeared and settled on a red
dot. This is the one closest to us. Its mostly available for our use,
although we've been bumped a few times while someone else used it. Okay,
where would you like to go?"

Bucky whistled in appreciation "Damn Anton, I should have invested more in
this system. I didn't understand that it was going to be this
comprehensive, but doesn't the U.S. Government give you any grief?"

Anton roared with laughter and nodded when he could. "Oh yes, at first, now
best customer." He sobered and eyed Billie again. "You see other things of
interest where you found this?"

"Yes Sir, but very likely nothing you'd enjoying seeing on this screen just
now with others about." Billie answered in a whisper.

Anton leaned into Billie's ear. "You show tonight on Sea Song, bring also
Dieter please."

Billie looked scared suddenly. He'd been showing off his skills and he
shouldn't have. "I just looked, I didn't do anything, honestly."

Anton saw the fear in his eyes and patted him on the back. "Not to worry
like that. Just thinking if you can enter, perhaps you can build better
door. Not to worry please, we talk later yes? Go now, Douglas introduces
you to new friends perhaps yes?"

"I sure will, but we'll have to find the food to find them. Come on, I'll
race you to the terrace."

Anton and Bucky stayed behind to watch the screen. The sub and sport
fisherman met and passed each other. The boat turned and came alongside,
and then three left the boat and entered the sub. The big Bertram fell
away, increased speed, and headed for the reef, leaving the sub behind.

Bucky looked up at Anton. "If you don't hire that boy I will. He's a
treasure, I'll bet you a hundred that Will's chatting him up right now."

Anton looked over Bucky's head out to the terrace. "No bet, you only bet on
sure things. I learn lesson. You think I am made of American dollars? I
will save my money to pay him first year's salary but is worth more than
one hundred thousand. Perhaps you would allow your Will to train him in
obtaining sneaky secrets though, yes? I would like to leave grandson a
competent team of contemporaries, as you are slowly doing for son, time is
big enemy for me."

Bucky squeezed Anton's arm and nodded. "Of course. A good beginning might
be letting him see the resolution of Evan's problem with his
stepfather. We've located the facility by the way. It is in fact a
legitimate home for abandoned and abused children. That is if you drive
through the front gate. There's another gate though, into a separate
compound. We're prepared to move whenever you want."

Anton nodded. "Excellent my friend. I think after this holiday I will make
arrangements to visit, I will be having a party on Sea Song of grand
scale. I will require many boys, so many that the man will accompany them
to protect investment and insure success. What of other members?"

"There are under twenty who joined in your category. A few are known
figures most are not. All will find themselves in financial difficulties in
time and we'll share the benefits of their misfortunes."

"You are as efficient as always Buckminster. You are not upset that I
choose young Evan over your son?"

Bucky shook his head vehemently, "Not at all. Our combined interests would
be too much for any individual. There would be no time for anything else,
and the monster would collapse on itself in time."

"Thank you my friend. I am most sorry to burden you with everything, even a
few years until Evan becomes adult. Come we must join guests."

When Dieter returned, Billie ran to him. After a whispered conversation, he
turned a sickly gray. Anton limped to them wearing a grin. "You are a very
bad manager to allow Billie here to work for me without compensation. In
the future if you discover someone with skills that might be useful to me,
you will hire them instantly. Is this very clear to you?" When Dieter
nodded and mumbled an apology, Anton slapped him on the back. "You will
accompany Billie to my quarters after dinner. Now you should eat and meet
the other boys."

The submarine occupied the end of the tee dock. Evan was the first one to
appear when the hatch in the squat conning tower opened. He jumped to the
dock and ran to Anton, sitting behind the wheel of a golf cart, with Bucky
at his side and the smiling Doberman's in the back seat. Since Anton
adopted Evan, so did they.

"Grandfather! This thing is fantastic! They even let me steer for a little
while, but they wouldn't let me dive until I learn how. Driving it is like
piloting a spaceship." He turned and pointed to a young man, the last to
emerge from the hatch. "That's Curt, he's the boatyard's skipper. One of
the other guys is an engineer and the third one is the guy who designed
it. Curt's supposed to stick around for a while and train people to sail
her. He did all the sea trials so he knows all about it, and he's a
licensed captain and all. I was thinking, that if you can afford it, you
should just hire him, then he wouldn't have to train a Captain.

"We." Anton corrected.


"If we can afford. You and me, Falconburg family together, WE can afford
him. You go and negotiate while he is excited. Offer double current wages
to start, cottage here and other things of value." Anton looked at Bucky in

"Benefits," he supplied the word Anton was looking for.

"Yes, thank you, benefits."

"Me really?"

"Yes really, hiring is good practice for future and he respect you as boss
not little boy with wet ears."

Bucky giggled, "Wet behind the ears."

Anton laughed, "Yes, there too. Go now do it, then bring to me to

On board Sea Song, later that evening, Anton pushed Billie into his chair
in front of his console, then held his shoulders to keep him there until he
stopped trying to stand up. Dieter watched nervously from a distance, until
Evan grabbed his hand and pulled him closer. Anton took Evan's chair, then
pointed to the keyboard. "I give you password and you turn on and show me
things you look at."

Billie smiled, "I'm afraid I already know your password." He typed,
'dagger' and all the screens came to life. "Sorry Sir, that one is really
too easy, but easily fixed later." He rolled his eyes, aware that Bucky was
standing behind his chair looking over his shoulder.

Anton smiled, "Buckminster Trenton is A-okay for knowing access, change now
please then proceed."

The password drop down box flashed. Billie entered 'ddaggger' and clicked
O.K. "There. Same word, different spelling, is that one all right?" Anton
nodded then waved impatiently at the keyboard. Billie gulped, then brought
up Anton's fleet screen. He clicked on one and Sea Song's status box
appeared. Then he zeroed in using the satellite in the infrared mode, and
slowly scanned each deck by adjusting the sensitivity until everyone in the
room looked from the big screen to the ceiling. Billie grinned at Evan,
"Wave at snoopy."

Evan flapped his arms and giggled when a green image, standing in a group
waved from the screen. "Holy shit grandfather, except for the shitty color,
you don't need video cameras anymore." Evan looked around the room. "Hey,
where'd Meesha disappear to? He was here a couple of minutes ago."

Anton looked away and blushed slightly. "Sent on errand below, will return
soon I think." He frowned at Billie. "Show us please joint ventures, then I
show you something." He looked back at Dieter and switched to German. "You
will study this and other information I'll make available. Dagger Cay will
serve as an interface with Trenton in the future when there are no secrets
between us. One level head and one elite nerd working together will make a
good team."

After Anton and Bucky finished reviewing their joint ventures, Anton
activated a blank screen. He grinned at Billie. "Please to type in own full
name." When Billie finished, Anton keyed, enter. The screen bloomed with
Billie's family tree. His name was at the top. His father and mother's
maiden names were just below his. He looked at Anton in question. "I send
this to you on shore. You review by clicking on name. Try father first."

Billie first read a brief biography. Anton impatiently scrolled down until
Billie was staring at then reading detailed financials; international bank
accounts, investments, sources of income, everything, information that no
one should ever be able to access about an individual.

"I show you this so you don't think you live on island unknown to me."
Anton waved at the screen. "This most private information shows father to
be not best businessman. Secret funds must be hidden better, invested more
wisely. I make advisors available for planning. You take to father and
suggest changes. I think he may forget son is gay, yes?"

Gregor stood in the doorway, as usual watching Meesha in their tiny head
using a strawberry douche. He was excited as always from watching his lover
prepare himself and more excited by the thought of having the master watch
them perform. He was also so nervous he looked down at his always prominent
but very limp cock. "What if I get up there and still nothing happens. I
guess faking an orgasm is possible, but not even getting hard is
unthinkable. The master will laugh me into the lagoon."

Meesha giggled. "You're just having a serious case of stage fright. I doubt
we'll be rushed. We'll make out until you're boiling hot then you'll forget
he's there and everything will come out all right." He laughed at his play
on words. "Just remember after you come you are not to get greedy and
immediately slither down to eat it out again like you usually do. The
master gets the first helping and maybe all helpings. He wasn't bashful
about telling me what he wanted after he got started last night, early in
the morning or just before he sent me off to find you and Evan this
morning. Although we both knew the last time that there wasn't even a trace
of strawberries. He also doesn't get hard, and doesn't like to be looked
at. He caught me once and covered himself with the sheet."

"I just hope Evan remains occupied with Doug and whoever else in their
group joins them. They seem to make sleeping arrangements on the spur of
the moment so one never knows. It would be interesting to attend one of
their orgies. No one seems jealous of anyone else. Buck enjoys watching
Doug fuck as much as he does getting fucked by Doug and Doug enjoys
spreading his legs as much as he does mounting up."

Meesha reached out and caressed Gregor. Gregor responded. "There you horny
old man, you're very much recovered. Would you care to plant some seeds of
confidence while we wait?" The intercom buzzed. Meesha
answered. "Immediately, Master." He shrugged and grinned, "So much for a
dress rehearsal."

Meesha waited for Gregor to find then pull on a pair of shorts made of soft
jersey. He saw Meesha's grin. "I know these don't hide much but I feel more
comfortable wearing something below decks," he said defensively. He eyed
Meesha's body with a leer, "Unlike you, my lovely always willing slut, sick
headaches not withstanding."

They found Anton sitting on the edge of his bed wearing a robe. Meesha
looked offended and had the nerve to cluck his tongue, "Master, you should
have waited, I would have helped," he scolded.

Gregor winced and waited for the figurative Doberman meat clever to fall
just before Anton summoned the Dobermans with the real one, and wondered at
the size of Meesha's balls in rebuking the master for undressing
himself. Anton shrugged and waved Meesha to the bed leaving Gregor to stand
at attention by himself, ten feet away. He felt himself growing harder and
the thin material of his shorts stretched under Anton's gaze.

Anton wagged a finger at him to come closer. Gregor obeyed, but couldn't
feel his legs moving. He was stopped when his thighs bumped Anton's
knees. He remained at rigid attention and was annoyed at the sudden need to
remember to breathe. Anton used a thumb and index finger to very carefully
pinch a bit of waistband then pull out and down without touching skin,
until Gregor's cock sprang up and free. He used both hands to lower
Gregor's shorts until they dropped free to gather themselves around his
ankles. He palmed Gregor's balls with one hand and gently wrapped the
fingers of his other hand around the straining pulsing cock.

Anton looked up at Gregor like a supplicant to a priest in a pagan ritual
mass. "Is this allowed?" He asked softly. A true question, there was no
authority in his voice even though he was already doing what he asked
permission to do.

Gregor thrust himself forward involuntarily. "Yes, Master."

Anton stroked Gregor once. A huge drop of precum appeared. Anton kissed it
away, then without looking up, asked, "And that, was that permitted?"

"Yes, Master, anything," Gregor managed through clenched teeth. He felt his
posture wilting. Minutes before he was concerned about getting hard and
suddenly he was worried that he'd lose control and shoot himself on his
master's face. His back curved dramatically, he kicked free of the shorts
and spread his legs for balance. His hips thrust further forward; his cock
became the apex of a taught bow.

Anton took him in his mouth just in time to receive Gregor's convulsive
offering in surprising quantity considering how he and the others spent the
afternoon on the catamaran. While he nursed the last drops from Gregor he
felt the bed jiggling rhythmically. He put out a hand blindly to stop
Meesha's busy hand. When he was sure Gregor was finished, he turned to the
boy. "There will be no further self denial between us. I wanted to collect
Russian cream from you last evening but I hesitated foolishly. I learn from
my mistakes." He looked up at Gregor who was still standing with
effort. "Join Meesha before you fall. Rest and watch, perhaps you'll be
recovered enough when I finish him so you can mount him like the stallion
you are."

Evan came bursting into Doug's room without knocking. He grinned from ear
to ear and kept one hand behind his back. Doug and David were mounted on
Toby and Terry. He saw they had their closest hands stacked together
between them. "Goddamn, I'm only a little late and you guys started without
me." He quickly placed something he was hiding on the floor at the foot of
the bed before he shrugged, and climbed on the bed between David's legs
after he forced them apart then ran a hand over David's flanks, then down
between his legs to hold his balls. "I see you're almost done. Just don't
plan on taking a nap after you finish David, or you'll find out what a ball
buster I can be if I want to." He squeezed to emphasize his point.

Doug looked over at him, then at Toby under him. He grinned, "Do you think
it will work?"

"We've never tried, maybe."

"Will what work? Tried what?" Evan asked suspiciously.

Doug frowned at him. "Nothing that's going to hurt you, you little baby,
never mind, just forget the whole thing. Just sit there quietly and harass
Dave until we finish."

Thus insulted and rebuffed, Evan's curiosity grew. "Come on and tell
me. What'd you plan?" He snapped his fingers. "I know Toby and Terry are
going to fuck me at the same time! Is that it? I'll try that."

"Okay, lay off poor David's nuts. Just shut up and get between us on your
back. We'll put our hands together on your chest and you hold them with
both of yours. Close your eyes and see what happens."

"Is that all?"

"Just fucking do it please, we're getting close." Doug groaned.

Evan wiggled his way into position, then surrounded their hands with his
pressed on his chest. He closed his eyes for a second then opened them
again in amazement. He looked from one couple to the other, then lifted his
head to watch his cock grow and lift off his belly. "Oh Doug, son of a
fucking bitch!" He mumbled and let his head fall. "I think I caught up to

Suddenly all five of them were writhing in ecstasy. Muscles tightened in
five young male bodies, ass holes clinched and pelvises bucked up or
down. Tongues stopped dueling and lips parted to suck in lungs full of air
before they changed to broad satisfied smiles.

Evan pushed their hands away, so he could see himself easily. His eyes
grew. He pointed excitedly, "Look at that guys, hurry up. There's never
been that much before! It's even white and real thick." He started twisting
and squirming. "Damn, it's starting to run."

Doug and David twisted their torsos at the same time and bumped heads over
Evan's belly. After they finished cleaning him they each worked on the twin
under them.

Evan crawled on his belly to the foot of the bed to retrieve his
treasure. "Hey Doug, I need your help," he said seriously.

"Sure, what's up?"

Evan waved a jar of grape jelly at Doug. "You know grandfather watches
anyone making out if he wants to. All these rooms are wired; that's how he
gets his jollies. I'd like to give him a live show, like up close and
personal. Just you and I. Do you like grape? I couldn't find any
strawberry, except jam, with all those little seeds. He likes you, would
you help me?"

Doug eyed the jelly jar and grinned, "Yeah, I like grape. It would be a
cool way to say thank you for being so nice to me. A neat gift for a man
who has everything, let's go get you cleaned up. If he doesn't want to
watch that closely, he'll let us know I guess." Doug started to shift
himself from the bed to his wheelchair.

David picked him up, then looked back at the twins. "I like grape, do you
guys like grape?"




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