Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


 Chapter 32

The Sea Song REALLY awakened at eight o'clock the next morning to the sound
of gunfire. Most of the guys were in the dinning room devouring
breakfast. Evan was with Anton in his bedroom listening to Meesha and
Gregor read e-mails and Anton while he translated between bites of food and
sips of coffee. Meesha was the first to react, by jumping from the bed and
running to a fifteenth century armoire. He yanked the door open and
collected three machine pistols and a bandoleer of extra clips. He tossed
one to Gregor and handed one to Anton.

"Hey where's mine?" Evan asked Anton's back as he limped through the
doorway heading for the computer console. Gregor and Meesha had already
disappeared out the private entrance, on their way to the bridge.

"You must learn to use first. You shoot friends otherwise. You stay with me
be safe for now." Anton looked back to see that he was talking to
himself. Evan had already followed the Russians.

Will, Joe, David and Noah sat together at the end of the table. They
surveyed the room, counting heads, accounting for all their charges
mentally. Noah was too new; he went to the port side windows. The firing
was repeated, the sound came from above them. Noah saw what looked like a
football floating fifty yards out. A line of explosive splashes tracked it,
just before it jumped out of the water a few feet and landed twenty feet
further out again with a plop, resembling nothing but a bit of floating
colorful trash.

Noah grinned and pointed, "Someone just whacked a football I think. Target
practice maybe?" He asked the others.

"Oh no, anyone seen Marc?" David asked the room.

When everyone started laughing, David, Joe and Will looked at each
other. "MARC!" They said in unison and ran for the stairs to the bridge

Buck grinned, "That fucker, that's why he came around this morning
collecting footballs. Borrow them shit, he was planning to blow them
away. Come on Douggie, we've got to see this."

Earlier in the morning a few minutes past two, Marc was on his way from
Buck and Doug's suite returning to the main deck, to find someone with more
space in their bed than the one he just left. He detoured through the
dinning salon to get a Coke, then went up to the bridge to look around
while it was quiet. He found the Dobermans. They had the secret weapons
locker open and were methodically working their way through the rack,
disassembling each one, cleaning the parts, lubricating, then reassembling
and reloading the assorted weapons.

As one of the rare guests to ever visit Sea Song, they treated Marc almost
as differentially as Anton. When Marc showed an interest in the weapons,
the Doberman's first love, after each other, they began explaining in great
detail how each functioned and its effective use. The problem of language
was mitigated somewhat by pantomime. Marc was most fascinated with the two
automatic rifles after he realized that the red tipped ammo was explosive
and probably used against the armada of sharks the morning he, Buck and
Dylan left for New York.

One of the Dobermans put a rifle to Marc's shoulder and showed him how to
wrap the sling around his arm to steady the weapon and greatly improve
accuracy in using the telescopic sight. "Holy shit guys, in the movies, all
soldiers ever use these for is carrying them around. I wish it were
daytime. I wouldn't mind squeezing off a few of these rounds just to see
what happens when they hit something. We're all going to get some target
practice when we get home, but I bet Bucky doesn't have any ammo like this
stuff and they sure aren't letting me near another hand grenade." The
Dobermans nodded agreeably to everything he said.

After Marc regretfully returned the rifle, he watched them load it, replace
it in the rack and close the paneled doors then make sure the spring loaded
latch was flush with the adjacent molding so the weapons cache became
invisible. The Dobermans wished him a good evening and briefly admired his
splendid little bubble butt as he walked down the companionway to the aft

Joe, Will and David met Gregor and Meesha on the sun deck. Evan joined them
armed with one of the deadly little weapons in each hand. When Evan arrived
on the bridge he found the locker open, so he helped himself even though
Anton told him not to. He'd seen good guys in movies several times, firing
accurately in opposite directions simultaneously. He was sure he could do
as well by pointing both at one target, and what skill he lacked in
marksmanship would be made up with quantity, since everyone knew a machine
gun could be fired constantly for ten minutes or more before reloading.

Everyone looked around, but there was nothing or no one to be seen. Guests
from the dinning room, unarmed, and half the crew including the Dobermans,
all armed, came boiling up the stairs to join them. The elevator door
opened and Anton, with Buck pushing Doug in his wheelchair appeared.

Marc was up in the crow's nest. He'd just changed ammo clips and was busy
attempting to balance a bed pillowcase full of Don Schula footballs and
extract his next victim with one hand while he held the loaded rifle in the
other. The footballs won. The pillowcase toppled under the railing and
balls rained on the fly bridge before they began bouncing on and around the
mob on the sun deck.

"SHIT!" Marc shouted while he watched the balls erratic bounces. He waved
to everyone. "HI! Would one of you with a good arm mind throwing one of
those out that way?" He pointed generally toward the pinchers' walls of

Anton first looked up. His lips were moving but he remained silent. He
wasn't sure if he should be mad or laugh at Marc's harmless but potentially
dangerous prank. He was unused to dealing with teenagers not in his
employ. The Dobermans watched him closely and very nervously. They realized
where the handsome young guest got the weapon and how he learned to use
it. They were astonished by Marc's apparent natural proficiency after they
witnessed the death of the football from their cabin window.

Evan started laughing; everyone else joined him. Anton's eyes dropped to
him, his expression turned ghastly, "EVAN!" He roared, "Place guns on deck
instantly! Take fingers off triggers NOW!"

The Dobermans swung their weapons down from Marc to Evan. They waited. The
language barrier added to their confusion. They were horrified by the new
young grandson's fall from their master's favor so suddenly and unaware of
the reason. It was enough that they saw fear in their Master's eyes, the
source was a threat. They counted heads in their peripheral vision. There
were so many witnesses and there could be no witnesses, they watched their
master for a sign. Evan reacted as if Anton had slapped him, and obeyed the
harsh command. He stepped back away from the weapons. Everyone else moved
with him until the weapons lay on the teak deck in splendid isolation, the
center of everyone's attention in a twenty-foot circle.

Anton's mind switched to German when one of his bodyguards moved to tighten
his grip. "Lower those weapons NOW you fools, you idiots! You would dare to
threaten MY GRANDSON? If you allow him to come to harm by so much as a
scratch, ever, I will carve you into such tiny pieces; the sharks will
become dizzy from attempting to dine on you! Decide now, for the future,
which of you is to be first."

Joe and the crewmen who understood German paled. The Dobermans lowered
their weapons, bent and placed them carefully on the deck. Then both
stepped toward Anton with their heads bowed; both were ready to be first.

Anton kept his voice harsh, "Now, pick up your weapons and those my
grandson FOUND in the wheel house. I want you to take him over to that
rail, carry him roughly by his arms with air under his feet. I want you to
scare the shit out of him. Then I want you to put him down, pat his tiny
little butt as friends might, then begin to instruct him in the use of
small arms, both semiautomatic and automatic weapons. I want him to
practice until he is proficient in obliterating these fucking American
footballs," he kicked one of the balls and nearly toppled over. Buck
steadied him. He saw the beginnings of smiles as those who understood him
began to relax. "No one will betray my charade just yet. Fear is excellent
punishment. First I would like to know how HE," he pointed to the top of
the mast at Marc, "found that weapon."

One of the Dobermans explained that it was their entire fault and that they
even instructed the boy in its proper use. Anton nodded and looked up at
the mast. Marc was properly paralyzed from watching the drama unfold below
him. "YOU! Be here before me in thirty seconds, you will share grandson's
fate," he roared and shook his fist.

Marc was a blur of tanned arms, legs and bubble butt in descending the mast
ladders after he took the time to clear the live round from the chamber and
sling the rifle across his bare back. He half fell down the stairs from the
fly bridge level. He drew himself up three feet from Anton at rigid
attention sweating freely in the cool morning breeze. "You! Where did you
find that weapon and who instructed you in use? I will have their nuts

The emphasis Anton placed on the too, did nothing to reassure Marc. He
tried to will his balls inside his body while he thought quickly. "Well
Sir, I couldn't sleep and I was wandering around. There was no one on the
bridge so I was checking out the electronics. I, I kind of noticed some
dust, so I started cleaning."

Joe turned away from the confrontation. His shoulders shook from
laughing. "DUST?" Anton asked incredulously then covered his mouth to keep
from joining Joe and the others standing out of Marc's view.

Marc flinched, "Yeah well, there wasn't much, but some. When I got to the
back wall, there was a lot on the chair molding, so I guess I was pressing
pretty hard. Part of it just kind of sunk in the wall and the door above it
just popped open and there were all these guns and ammo. I like guns so I
just had to try out this one. Ah, no one instructed me, I guess I'm a just
natural," he saw Doug laughing openly at him, "like Doug swims, you know?"
He finished lamely, but hopeful.

"This is story you wish to be sticking on? You protect no one from my
anger?" Anton held out his hands for Marc to give him the rifle. The slide
was locked back the chamber was empty. "Where is live round?"

"Yes Sir, that's my story, and no Sir, no one showed me anything. Here's
the ammo."

Marc opened his sweaty fist. Anton took the round gingerly and held it by
the brass casing under Marc's nose. "It is good that you secure weapon
before descending, but very bad that you hold this in hand. One bumping on
railing, of tip, and pouf," Anton threw his arms out, "away goes boy's
hand. You understand, yes?"

Marc's eyes crossed when Anton returned the ammunition to in front of his
face. "No Sir, I didn't know it was that sensitive."

"It is bad not to know, so you must join grandson." Anton switched to
German. "Okay, take this one first, handle him more roughly, make him face
away so he doesn't see the laughter, then my disobedient grandson. He
insists he found the weapons while dusting the wheelhouse, you were not
mentioned, so he is protecting you. Very admirable to protect strangers I
think you will agree, so treat him well, of course after you scare the shit
from him as well."

The Dobermans grabbed Marc from behind and straight -armed him over their
heads. He was so surprised by the sudden move he held his rigid posture so
he looked like a human sacrifice carried to be pitched over the side. At
the rail, they made him brace with his hands on the rail, leaning
forward. They kicked his legs apart as far as he could spread them.

"Hey no fair Anton," Doug protested laughing, "I can't poke him standing
up. When it's my turn, can they just stretch him out on the deck?" He
asked, unwittingly contributing to the fun since he couldn't understand the
German side of the conversation. The Dobermans took the time the caress
Marc's sweated little butt before they left him to collect Evan.

Evan's eyes were like saucers. The Dobermans each took a wrist and lifted
him until he dangled between them. "Return his weapons and have him empty
both simultaneously over the water," Anton called. "Just be sure to hold
the muzzles down and him upright while he fires," he added.

Evan's slight body jumped like it was receiving rapid jolts of electricity
the few seconds required for the machine pistols to fall silent and
empty. He turned to look back at Anton and grin as his fear receded, "Holy
shit Grandfather!"

Anton laughed, "Now you understand why I say don't touch? Hans and Herman
will now instruct you in proper use, as well as the one beside you who
causes this disturbance on Sea Song. You Marc may now stand up like
man. Learn with Evan." He looked around to see other envious American
faces. "Any who wish to may be joining classes, but once starting, you will
remain until proficient, understood, yes?" The Dobermans stared at their
Master in shock. He not only knew their names; he knew which was which,
because he pointed at them.

Buck started wheeling Doug to the rail. Anton stopped them. "Not you
Douglas while sitting only. You learn perhaps bad habits. You return to Sea
Song when once again walking, then you learn." He saw Doug's disappointment
and Buck's backward glance as he turned Doug away from their
friends. Doug's chair stopped when it bumped David's shin.

Buck suddenly was shaded as Will and Joe stepped up behind him. Will put a
hand on his shoulder. "You stay. You'll get your lessons today."

Buck shrugged, "I'll fly back with Doug." Will and Joe lifted him with
hands under his elbows, Noah took his ankles. He laughed, "Then again,
maybe I won't. I guess I'll see you later," he called to Doug as they
carried him to the group by the rail surrounding the Dobermans.

"Wise decision. We just knew you'd see this our way." Noah laughed.

"Come Douglas with Gregor and Meesha. We will have first ride in
submarine. We will have much fun." Anton rolled his eyes. Meesha and Gregor
held back their laughs. Anton scratched his nose vigorously with his middle
finger in their direction.

Both started laughing openly. "Yes Master we will. Perhaps Dieter and
Billie could join us? Dieter speaks German and French." Gregor reminded
Anton to lesson the burden of translating.

"True, good thinking. Ask among the crew for volunteers. We should have
someone from engineering certainly and perhaps one or two others interested
in learning the thing's operation for the future."

Meesha took Anton's elbow, guiding him to the elevator; Gregor replaced
Buck in wheeling Doug. "They would be additional eyes to watch for leaks as
well, Master."

Anton laughed, "Meesha makes a good joke at my expense so he has just
volunteered to be first to test the airlocks after we submerge, please
knock loudly if there are leaks. I trust you are skilled at holding your
breath for long periods under extreme pressure?"

"Yes Master, thank you for the honor," Meesha winced. Doug laughed with
them after Anton translated.

Meesha helped Anton into his suite after he told Gregor then Doug that they
would meet at the stern in one hour. Gregor raised his eyebrow in question,
as if asking, where to? Doug shrugged and pointed to his and Buck's suite,
then made the motions of putting on some clothes. Inside Gregor pointed to
the bathroom, and left Doug pawing through a drawer of communal bathing
suits. He and Buck had given up on trying to keep clothing separate. He
picked out a suit for himself, then another he thought Gregor would look
really good wearing. He rolled himself to the bed then transferred so he
could lay on his back to pull the suit up his legs. He saw movement in the
bathroom. Gregor neglected to close the door or chose not to. Doug watched
Gregor in the mirrored wall. He was using the bath hose on himself. He
disappeared from Doug's view when he went to the toilet. Doug forgot about
his bathing suit.

When Gregor finally stood in the doorway, he looked like a frightened
blushing bride. He studied his toes after ignoring his intervening
erection, pulsing with excitement. "I have been thinking of this since you
all came on board. Before, I always considered it to be demeaning. I am a
stud, or a stallion as the Master refers to me, yet I watched your
magnificent gymnast Paul and your bodyguard Will humble themselves under
younger guys like you and apparently enjoy it greatly." He looked up at
Doug, who by then was lying completely on the bed on his side with his head
propped on his hand, gently stroking himself.

"I haven't the first fucking clue what you just said, but I understood Paul
and Will." Doug lifted his cock and his eyebrows in question, "Is this what
you want? You want to try out the bottom? I'm sure willing, and we've got
an hour all by ourselves." He smiled and patted the bed in
invitation. "Come on over here, if I misunderstood, the most that can
happen is that I get fucked, but it will be nice to be alone for a
change. In fact tonight Buck and I are going to lock the door and maybe
even get some sleep in between."

Any question in Doug's mind was answered after Gregor stretched out beside
him. Gregor easily rolled him on top after spreading his legs and without
preamble raised them and Doug to shift his cock so it was poking the bed,
and resisted with a smile, "Not so fast big guy. If this is going to be
your first time, it should be kind of special, so you remember it. You ever
hear of foreplay?" He lowered his head and kissed Gregor.

Gregor responded by wrapping his arms around Doug and crushing him in a
bear hung. Doug fought until Gregor loosened his grip on his back. He
giggled and pecked Gregor on the nose, "Now I know where that bit about
Russian bears came from."

Gregor grinned, he understood that, "Yes, bear. Fuck bear now, yes?" He let
Doug go so he could move.

Doug slipped down on Gregor's body and nursed a nipple to hardness while he
rubbed and pinched the other erect. Gregor just rubbed his back. Doug
wiggled further down; dragging his tongue until it met the tip of Gregor's
cock. He looked up to see Gregor watching him. "Yes, but first I'm going to
suck the bear's cock."

"Yes, good, suck bear cock."

Doug giggled. "Somehow I don't think Evan was exactly the right choice of
English teacher for you, but at least we're communicating. I'm going to
suck you off, suck you until you come, understand?"

"Yes, me, I, Gregor come big time."

"Definitely the wrong choice," was all Doug could say before Gregor's hands
went to his head and pulled it down.

Luckily, Doug and Buck enjoyed practicing swallowing each other and had
mastered the art, because Gregor was used to having Meesha swallow
him. Gregor relaxed his hold when Doug's lips crushed his pubes then
allowed Doug the freedom to do as he pleased. At the moment of truth, when
his cum began spurting, he even resisted the temptation to grab Doug's head
again and hold it tightly against his body, though the instinctive breeding
imperative; get the sperm as close as possible to the egg, was nearly
overwhelming as usual. He was content to crush the comforter under him and
watch Doug eagerly nurse only the head of his big cock, when he was
finished, his hands went to Doug's arm pits and Doug felt himself pulled
back up Gregor's body. Gregor locked his lips on Doug's and tried to suck
his cum back into his mouth.

Gregor was only disappointed in passing to find that Doug had already
swallowed everything so there was nothing left but a vague taste. He and
Meesha were used to sharing each other more or less equally. "Damn the
language barrier," he thought. "Good Doog, good. Fuck now, yes?" He smiled
up at Doug and looked hopeful. Doog seemed to be as close as he could get
to pronouncing, Doug.

"Oh yes, now Doug fuck Gregor good." Doug moaned, went up on his knees and
guided himself. He was pleased to see and feel that Gregor figured out for
himself what the contents of the pump bottle were sitting ready on the
bathroom counter as he buried himself without much resistance.

"Oho Doog, good, good!" Gregor rewrapped Doug's upper body in his arms,
careful not to impede the pelvic area.

Meesha settled Anton on the side of the bed, then crawled across it
collecting breakfast dishes, and scattered e-mails and special news
dispatches. When it was cleared he lay down on his back behind Anton,
within easy reach. "Master? Since we have most of an hour, will you rest
awhile?" He asked softly.

Anton twisted his body to look at Meesha. "Are you attempting to seduce me
in broad daylight young Russian devil?" His hand stroked Meesha's thigh,
then moved to weigh his balls and lift his cock and admire it. "I must say
you offer persuasive weapons," his hand dropped, Meesha spread his legs for
easy access, "but we managed twice in the night. Would you hasten my

Meesha giggled and tightened his grip on two of Anton's fingers with his
sphincter. "Wouldn't frequent exercise prolong your time? If you mounted me
in this position it would certainly strengthen your legs, good physical

Anton opened his robe with his free hand and looked down at himself. "Part
of me is certainly convinced."

Meesha reached, opening the robe further. "Master! Look what exercise has
done for your manhood already. You are easily as large as Gregor and
Doug. This is the first time I've seen you erect. You should discard your
robe; there is no reason for such modesty. You must have had many lovers
when you were my age. I for one would have been first in line."

Anton chuckled, slipped off his robe and turned to lie beside Meesha on his
side. "You are very fortunate that you weren't in the line of my
lovers. I'm afraid I was rather hard on them, none ever returned for a
repeat engagement. We were always what you could say were strangers passing
in the night." He rubbed his cock on Meesha's. "Age and infirmity have
mellowed this dagger considerably."

Meesha pulled Anton's head down and kissed him boldly for the first time
while his arms and hands coaxed Anton's body into moving between his
legs. Anton became the aggressor and managed without removing his tongue
from Meesha's mouth until he held himself over Meesha balanced on his
elbows and knees. Meesha lifted his legs and served as guide, then lifted
his head to look down between their bodies. "I like this position best
Master. Look down, watching is part of the fun."

Meesha opened the hatch to the boat deck. Anton stepped through, then
waited for Meesha to close it. They walked together to the stern platform
where Gregor and Doug waited for them. Meesha walked with his hands behind
his back. Anton walked with his cane, but used it only to tap their
matching pace on the deck. That pace, while slow was still far more rapid
then anyone watching him had seen in a year. Anton was dressed in Bermuda
shorts, sandals and one of Dagger Cay's brightly flowered shirts. He also
wore sunglasses like the rest of them along with a battered hat made of
coarsely woven palm leaves. Meesha wore a brief black bikini made of heavy

Doug slouched in his chair, with his long legs stretched out crossed at the
ankles. Small white socks covered his feet with no bandages
underneath. Gregor stood at his side with a familiar hand on his bare
shoulder. They both wore brief thin brightly patterned Lycra tank
suits. Doug's was one of Buck's, two sizes smaller than the one Gregor
sported, which was Doug's, his normal size, so their two packages were
clearly outlined from twenty feet away.

Meesha looked at Gregor's limited wardrobe enviously, until Doug waved one
of the light suits at him, "Here Meesha, chuck that Eastern European
chastity belt, go American. Let it all hung out, not just bulge."

Meesha thanked Doug and changed quickly, then posed for them. Gregor nodded
appreciatively. "Fuck good Doog, yes?"

Anton blinked in surprise at hearing the English words. Doug rolled his
eyes, laughed and shook his head, "No Gregor, FUCKING GOOD, fuckING, not
fuck." He laughed with Anton. "Evan's influence, but it's a start."

Anton turned his back on Gregor and Doug, and said something to
Meesha. Meesha beamed. "Fuck you Gregor!" He shouted clearly in English,
with only a trace of Anton's vague continent wide accent accompanied by two
middle fingers. Another barrage of small arms fire commenced from above
them. Everyone on the boat deck ducked instinctively.

The short trip to the dock was punctuated with loud laughing, fuck yous and
an occasional cryptic, "Doog fuck good!" from Gregor. When Meesha asked him
in Russian, what he meant, and why he constantly wore a shit eating
expression, Gregor grinned, "You'll find out tonight my fellow young bear."

Dieter and Billie waited for them on the dock. Dieter had been working over
time further equipping and stocking the sub. He'd drawn on the island's
ample inventories of diving equipment and underwater toys when he
discovered that a bulbous acrylic hatch, aft of the conning tower led into
a large airlock, so divers could enter and exit the sub while submerged. He
and Billie bowed Anton onto the boarding ramp. Anton grinned and pushed
Meesha ahead of him, then balanced himself with a hand on his
shoulder. They both peered into the open conning tower hatch dubiously.

"Look Master, there is a spiral staircase, no steep ladder as I thought."
Meesha grinned.

Anton looked at him with a frown. "I knew of the stairs Meesha, it is their
ultimate destination that concerns me."

Curt, the new submarine's Captain gave them a tour of the pilot's station,
which comprised the forward part of the conning tower. Then he guided them
below. The second deck housed sleeping quarters, the galley and further
aft, diving equipment storage and the air lock. The outer airlock hatch
opened to the deck above. The main deck was the considerable area forward
and the lowest point of the compact little ship. Claustrophobia was
mitigated throughout, by bulbous windows everywhere, which at the dock,
looked out on dock pilings marching to shore and on the other side, clear
sun dappled water that turned hazy blue-white in the distance. There was
marine life to be seen everywhere. There was an additional control station
in the bow, two steps lower than the rest of the deck, so watchers in the
salon had an unimpeded view of where they were going, through the largest
of the acrylic windows.

Anton settled in one of two lounge chairs that flanked the operator's chair
and directed Gregor to seat Doug in the other. Anton looked back to see the
three seamen volunteers standing nervously by the foot of the staircase. He
shocked them by introducing them to Curt by name, first and last, and
described their duties on Sea Song, then pointed to vacant lounge chairs
and told them to sit down and enjoy the trip for the present. Gregor went
with Curt back up to the conning tower. The engineer and navel architect
acted as seaman and stood by on the outside deck to cast off after Curt
started the diesel engines that would see them through the pinchers and the
passage through the outer reef. Billie and Meesha sat together on the
forward end of a built in oval sofa in the middle of the salon, or
observation deck.

Doug tried to look everywhere at once as they got under way. "Have you
thought of a name for him yet Anton?" He asked with his eyes twinkling. He
was waiting to see if Anton would accept the change in gender.

Anton looked around, then forward. He translated, then grinned looking at
Doug and the bulge in his tiny bathing suit. "This is definitely male, like
you. I think in your honor I will call him."

"The Douglas? That sounds like I'm dead, kind of a memorial, like they name
navy ships," Doug made a face to say he didn't care for the honor.

Anton laughed and shook his head. "No Douglas, I agree. Gregor gives me
idea in pronouncement of name. I am thinking to call him Doog. Is
appropriate yes? A play on words."

Meesha agreed with a laugh, "Perfect Master, even I can pronounce it
correctly. The submarine yacht Doog. Will you need me Master? I would like
to visit the control station." Anton waved him away.

The wildlife, both flora and fauna, intensified as they neared the
pinchers, then became the beginnings of a fantasy-land as they slowly
approached the reef. This appeared like an unending mini-mountain range
festooned with a rainbow of soft corals and sponges. These complimented by
schools of brightly colored fish practicing constant and very precise
ballet movements perhaps stimulated by the occasional stationary predator,
barracuda, or grouper who considered them beautiful food and served as
their masters of dance.

Once through the reef, it began to fall away as they approached the
wall. Doug and Anton looked at each other, with frowns. Neither had the
slightest interest in watching empty water. Anton began searching for a
means of complaining to the pilot, he knew a portion of his twenty million
dollars must have paid for some sort of intercom system, when it found him.

"May we dive the boat now Sir?" Curt asked from hidden speakers.

"By all means, but not deep please, the reef is most beautiful." He grinned
and switched languages; "Meesha will look most carefully for leaks."

They heard considerable laughter, then Meesha, "Yes Master! I pray there
aren't any because we forgot to bring a bucket for bailing."

The engines stopped and they heard the distant whine of electric
motors. The deck pitched forward so imperceptibly neither Doug or Anton
noticed, except that the reef returned to the windows, so they were
satisfied to have their view restored. They blinked in surprise when Curt,
Gregor, Dieter and Meesha joined them. Curt slipped into the driver's
chair, flipped switches and settled back comfortably with his hands on the
steering yoke."

"You are needing to be here for the diving?" Anton asked.

"Oh no Sir, we are already at twenty feet. I transferred the con here
because I wanted you to see how simplistic the controls really are. This is
a yacht after all, designed to be operated by almost anyone with a minimum
of instruction or even crew," Curt laughed, "the only real requirement is
the purchase price."

Doug hooked his thumb in the waistband of his bathing suit for the tenth
time trying to stretch it to stop it from cutting into his hips. Anton
noticed and grinned, he nodded, "No dress code on Doog, be comfortable
Douglas." Gregor and Meesha looked equally hopeful. Anton nodded, "You two
as well. Neither of you looks normal anymore clothed, especially wearing
those ridiculously small suits.

Anton watched Dieter and Billie swiveling their heads and nodded once again
when they saw him grinning at them. His eyes bulged when Billie sat back
down. Billie's cock drooped dangerously close to the deck from the low sofa
seat. "It would seem the reefs now have competition for my attention." He
mumbled in Russian.

While Doug couldn't understand the words, he understood the look. He
giggled, "That thing is awesome, isn't it?"

"Douglas!" Billie screeched playfully. "You really know how to embarrass a

Anton was about to ask about the comment when a dolphin appeared inches
from his window. They made eye contact. Anton waved and the dolphin seemed
to answer by shaking half its body before it disappeared, rocketing up
toward the surface, it reappeared as quickly with a dozen others including
one obvious new born and two half grown juveniles. The dolphin accompanied
them, pausing outside the big round windows to look in frequently.

The sub moved into a dish shaped plateau. Steep coral bluffs surrounded
three quarters of the perimeter; the remaining area was open to the wall
and the abyss into the depths of the Atlantic for over a thousand feet. The
bottom of the dish, only twenty feet below them appeared to be sandy and
was lightly populated by a few giant sponges.

Billie became animated as an experienced diver. He nudged Dieter. "This is
our favorite diving spot in the whole reef. Would it be possible to go out
and visit the dolphin? We've brought ample equipment aboard for everyone."
He asked Anton hopefully.

"Diving is for the young, go, I will watch from here." Anton tapped Doug's
knee, "The others will keep you from harm, but be cautious of feet," he

Doug giggled, "Yes Mother!"

Anton laughed and gave Doug the finger while Gregor carried him to the
stairs. Doug returned the salute. Anton roared. "Impudent puppy! Beware, I
grow younger by the hour! You too could experience the length of my
dagger!" He called playfully and cryptically because of the three strangers
on board, but after he said it, he realized he was half-serious.

"It's about time! Meesha's been smiling for two days!" Doug shouted from
the stairs. Dieter translated dutifully with only an inkling of what
agreement they just reached. Meesha explained, and gave Doug a high five,
pleased in Anton's growing confidence and vigor.

The small area outside the air lock was racked to hold diving equipment and
made smaller by additional toys. When they saw that the air lock would only
hold two divers, they decided that it would be far easier and less time
consuming to surface and use the Doog's deck as a diving platform. Doug
giggled each time someone said Doog, but it was already established in
everyone's mind, it was the sub's name.

Doug balked when Billie offered to help him pull on a tight 'skin', a
lightweight, one piece wet suit. "No thanks, the dolphin are naked, I swim
naked, except in competition, and I wouldn't wear any of this shit if I
didn't have too." He did put on a pair of diving booties and accept fins
sitting on the deck.

Curt had come up to help since they surfaced. Somewhere during the time he
left Anton to join them, his tee shirt and shorts had disappeared. He
colored slightly when the guys looked him over frankly and grinned. He
shrugged, "When in Rome as they say. Believe it or not, I was uncomfortable
wearing clothes. Anyway Doug, if you don't want to wear a tank, you can use
a hose, actually an umbilical and breathe the boat's air. There are two
jacks inside the air lock. Sit tight, I'll hook them up." He disappeared
back into the sub.

Doug stretched out to enjoy the sun and watched Billie and Dieter outfit
Gregor and Meesha, then they helped Dieter and Billie. "Hey you know this
thing needs to be christened," he leered.

"DOOG!" Gregor corrected Doug after Dieter translated.

Doug shrugged, "Okay, DOOG!" he imitated Gregor. "I wasn't thinking about
breaking a bottle of wine either."

Billie giggled, nodded and looked at Dieter. "The reason this area is our
favorite is that we've made it down there on the bottom. It wasn't easy the
first time, my darling Dieter tends to fuck each time as if it was to be
his last, but it was sufficiently fun that we've been working on it every
time we dive."

Dieter grinned and shrugged, "You just never know, so I'm enthusiastic, so
sue me."

Curt opened the airlock hatch and climbed out pulling two full-face masks
with regulators built in and hoses already attached with him. He handed one
to Doug then looked hopeful. "Can I go down with you?" He asked, waving the
second mask.

"Sure, but aren't we going to drift?"

"Nope. I put her in a stationary mode."

"Him." Billie corrected Curt. "If the Sea Song is a him, the Doog is
definitely a him too," he pointed to Doug's cock for comparative
purposes. "That's little Doog," he stomped his bare foot, "and were
standing on big Doog."

"Yeah, well I turned HIM into the current. The props and thrusters will
keep us on station unless a gale blows up, but if one did we wouldn't be up

Doug tried on the mask and held up an earpiece that dangled from one
side. "What's this for, music?"

Curt grinned, "Put it on and see." He slipped on his mask. "Can you hear

"Hey yeah!" Doug laughed "That's fucking tough. We can talk."

"I can both hear you and see you also when Curt is looking on you." Anton's
voice interjected. Anton laughed, "You are right. This is most tough. I buy
video system without knowledge. Now I dive with you."

Doug touched the top of his mask and felt the camera's lens between the two
high intensity lights. He waved at Curt. "I find I have big screen like on
Sea Song, this folds down from ceiling. Controls are most simple."

They all slipped into the water, put on their fins, then spent a few
minutes adding or removing weights from their belts until they achieved
neutral buoyancy. The dolphin stayed around the sub while they got ready
to dive, and as soon as they got in the water, came in closer and closer as
if they were welcoming the humans to their watery realm.

'We each have a hundred feet of hose, so that's two hundred feet around the
sub, and if we want to go further away, I can move the boat by remote
control." Curt waved one wrist in front of Doug's mask and giggled, "Did
you know you also paid for that option too, Mr. Falconburg?"

Anton rumbled in German, then laughed. "Ah Douglas we have yet one more
jokester at my poor expense. I am thinking so far, getting money's
worth. You are liking too?"

A big dolphin swam up behind Doug and brushed his side, then twisted his
body presenting his dorsal fin to Doug's hand. "Am I ever! Anton! Look at
this big guy. I think he wants to play." He put his hand on the leading
edge of the fin, and the dolphin took off towing him to the limit of the
hose, then turned in the opposite direction. It glided to the surface and
paused, seemingly waiting for Doug to fill his lungs as well, before it
dove again. "He knows I need air too. Man I wish I had a snorkel, I'd like
to see where he'd take me without the hose, and just goggles instead of the

"Come back to side of boat." Anton instructed after a minute's pause. "What
you want will wait on you. I too would enjoy seeing what he will do if you
are free. But do not allow endangering. Curt, please tell the others to

"Okay, great!" Doug released the fin on the surface at the limit of his
tether and started swimming strongly for the Doog's side. The dolphin
caught up with a flip of it's tail and again offered it's dorsal to Doug's
hand, then towed him the remaining distance placidly.

Anton was on the deck waiting for Doug. He traded the mask for a snorkel
and goggles. Doug's companion watched the switch by tail walking
backward. It chattered and squeaked apparent approval in dolphinese. "These
are borrowed from an unattended bag of equipment, I think of Billie's. The
engineer will pilot boat to follow. I will tell Curt to get hand hold."
Anton told Doug, obviously enjoying himself.

Doug pointed to the mask and laughed. "I think you just did." Impulsively,
he released his weight belt to toss it to the deck. "I won't need this
either." The dolphin nudged Doug again. "All right already! Don't be so
impatient." He stroked the slippery head, then put the snorkel's mouthpiece
in his mouth and sank. The dolphin disappeared with him. Thirty seconds
later they reappeared by rocketing out of the water until Doug's flippers
cleared the surface. Doug let go at the height of the jump, arched his body
backward and reentered cleanly while the dolphin flopped with a huge
splash. "I can do that better than you at least," he thought happily and
again got his handhold.

They dove together directly to a giant sponge near the center of the
basin. The dolphin eyed the sponge, then Doug, then back to the
sponge. Doug saw pairs of antennae festooned the unique stationary animal
from holes all around its body. He looked closer to see that each set of
antennae belonged to a lobster. He ran short of air and kicked for the
surface. He very nearly experienced heart failure when his finny pal
obligingly rammed its nose between his legs until he sat on its head with
his balls spread by the hard nose to speed him to the surface. Doug was
ready for the leap and dove forward. The dolphin followed him and reentered
as cleanly. It again returned him to the sponge and waited.

Doug shrugged mentally. He worked to calm his heartbeat so he could stay
under longer. He reached out with both hands, grabbed one antenna in each
hand and tugged, the lobster retreated and the fragile antennae broke. He
dropped those and tried again. This time faster and harder. The lobster was
pulled free of the sponge cavern before the antennae broke off. The lobster
was free, and no longer protected. It had the brief time it took to rise
three feet and back two away from Doug before it was crushed between
powerful dolphin jaws. Others in the pod rushed to watch and wait. The
Doog approached close enough for Curt to swim slowly around the melee of
young men and dolphin carefully keeping his mini video camera mounted on
his mask trained on the unique interaction.

Dieter, Billie, Meesha and Gregor swam close. Dieter shared his air with
Doug, but Doug's dolphin had a sense of elapsed time, and Doug suddenly
found himself riding its nose to the surface anyway. After that
demonstration of how to quickly propel his benefactor to the surface, then
tow him back down to the sponge, the others took turns with Doug, or
randomly spirited one of the other guys surrounding the sponge to the
surface. Then waited on their return, for the human to reward him or her
for the service in the form of a fresh lobster dinner. They ran out of
lobster antennae before they did lobsters living in the sponge. The
antennae were brittle and the lobsters were both strong and fast.

Billie left them long enough to swim to the Doog. He returned with a
three-foot long clear Lucite rod that had a crook on one end and a handle
on the other. As a native of the Bahamas and experienced at harvesting
lobster, he showed them how to prod the wily crustaceans from their hiding
places, broken antennae or not. He also brought Doug's face mask since the
Doog was easily close enough for the hose to reach.

The water in area around the sponge became clouded from all their activity
because what looked like white sand was actually micro fine particles of
coral that would be blowing dust on dry land or sticky white muck if it
rained. Billie quickly became a hero to the dolphin and received several
rides for his successful efforts with the prod. One of the dolphin managed
to get its nose between his legs from the front and when it started to lift
him to the surface, Billy found himself lying over its back. He slipped off
and the big aquatic mammal tried again, nuzzling his crotch
playfully. Billy responded to the innocent touching by becoming
magnificently erect. He attempted to hide his thirteen-inch behemoth by
turning away until Dieter touched it and began to stroke it. Billy froze in
place. The prod, the lobsters, the dolphin family and the watching divers
were forgotten.

Dieter settled them standing on the bottom. He reached around Billie and
released his tank harness. The tank drifted, and Dieter pulled Billie back
tight against his chest. His own erection slipped between Billie's
legs. Billie guided Dieter eagerly. Dieter's hands dropped to Billie's cock
and balls. He began to move Billie by stroking him, pulling him away, then
back. Billie lifted his spread legs so Dieter controlled his body

Meesha released his own tank harness and welcomed Gregor so they quickly
emulated the joined couple. Doug looked to Curt. Curt drifted eight or ten
feet higher than the couples, but twenty feet closer to the sub in clear
water. Doug saw that Curt wasn't excited by the scene he was watching since
he wasn't hard. He couldn't see his facial expression because of distance
and his mask; Curt could have been horrified and appalled by the display,
but if so his revulsion didn't stop him from watching.

Doug was not about to remain the odd man with nothing to do but watch. Both
Meesha and Billie were helpless, held by their respective lovers mounted
behind them. He'd already enjoyed Meesha, and he remained fascinated with
Billie's physical beauty and the virginity of his huge cock, length, and
not diameter fortunately. Doug glided to them smiling and nodding. Billie
shook his head while Dieter nodded enthusiastically banging his chin on
Billie's shoulder, and motioning to Doug with one hand.

Doug executed a neat half somersault that ended with his back to Billie. He
kicked backward. Dieter caught his hips with both hands. Doug reached back
as Dieter pulled on his hips slowly. Billie stopped all his feeble protests
suddenly. His hands covered Dieter's on Doug's hips until he realized that
Dieter could control them both. He moved one hand to Doug's chest and the
other went to his cock. Doug slowed Billie's stroke then leaned back to
enjoy the ride. The dolphin pod circled the divers turned lovers and
frequently nudged someone with their noses or caressed them with the length
of their silky hard bodies.

"Curt! What do you do? The camera is shaking." Anton voice penetrated
Doug's brain.

Doug looked back and up to see Curt had gotten much closer and was watching
him or the three of them as he jerked himself violently. Doug waved him
closer, "I'd be happy to do that for you if you want."

Curt glided on to Doug's legs. "Sorry, its just I never, well, ever,"

Doug interrupted. "No problem, I was a late bloomer too." He laughed when
he saw Curt's eyes widen.

"Huh?" Curt asked incredulously, as Doug's hand surrounded his cock.





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