Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze



Chapter 42

"So, can you?" Evan asked Harm with a grin when he saw Harm's face redden,
the result of being caught studying the younger boy's cock.

"Can I what? You talk in riddles." Harm stepped away from Evan and backed
into Doug and Buck sharing the adjacent shower head. They very helpfully
and unnecessarily laid their hands on him to keep him from falling.

Evan sighed, "Old guys," he mumbled. "What Doug asked you; can you come and
practice with us here? Buck and I are learning to dive, but Doug needs some
fast practice," he giggled and stepped behind Harm for protection before he
continued; "like you just gave him."

"FUCK YOU EVAN!" Doug made a playful grab at him.

"Okay, but not here." Evan shot back maintaining a safe distance.

Harm grinned at Evan's humor and ignored the agreement to have sex, "Oh,
that, I thought you were joking. I go to Cornell; it's too far away, too
far to drive back and forth." He looked around the shower room wistfully,
"Otherwise, man, I sure would." He reclaimed half the space under his
shower when Evan moved slightly to give him room. "I don't have a coach
though, not a personal coach, just our team coach, but he's good or I
wouldn't be going there."

Doug looked at Buck, Buck nodded, and "You could just fly, no problem."

Harm laughed and shrugged, "I could except my damn plane is always in the
shop. You know how that is; SAFETY FIRST!" He intoned in deep baritone so
it echoed. Some of the other competitors in the room smiled and nodded
knowingly, assuming that the guys were discussing sex. Their eyes flicked
quickly around to see how others reacted.

"NOT IN THE SHOWERS!" Someone in the locker room shouted in response.

Harm blushed furiously, and shouted again, "AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE, NOT SEX!"

"OH," was the disappointed answer that came back to them. The flickering
interested eyes on them looked disappointed before they turned back to
their showers.

Evan giggled, "Yeah I'm finding that out, the fuel bills are killers too. I
don't even want to look at those, but Bucky, that would be Buck's father
says I have to just at first to understand how much shit costs and where
the money goes. Buck meant that we'd fly you. How'd you get here for the

Harm looked down at Buck ignoring Evan's complaint as more bullshit,
"Someone from your father's office called and said to be at the airport at
five in the afternoon, off to the side where private planes fuel up. A
little private jet was there waiting. Man that's the only way to travel;
the take off and landing took longer than the flight. We landed close by
here and a damn big limo dropped us at the door. I'm spoiled already and my
coach still hasn't been able to close his mouth." He laughed, "By the way
thank your father for inviting me and for the delivery service when you see

Buck nodded, "You're welcome. Thank you for coming even if you did beat
Douggie. Dad's around, you can thank him yourself. What we'll do is just
have a plane waiting every Friday or the chopper if it's available, but Dad
gets pissed if he has to wait for his ride home from the office."

Evan got effusive, "I'm getting a chopper too," he frowned at the floor,
"that is if they ever deliver the fucking thing. You know I can understand
waiting for something big like the 747, Grandfather said there was a lot of
custom work, but a little thing like a chopper, shit you'd think they'd
have a dealership like cars; you pick out a model and then a color and take
off." He snapped wet fingers unsuccessfully, "Just like that." He
continued, "Anyway, they put a rush on it and it'll be here in a few weeks
and in a few months, Billy can fly you as soon as he gets his pilot's
license if we're here in the country, but we should be as long as school is
in session." He looked back beyond Buck and Doug, "Hey where is he? Billy,
damn he's shy. I don't remember that he was like that before. BILLY!" He
shouted at the top of his lungs.

Billy peeked around the entrance to the shower room, "I'm here, stop
hollering, what?"

Evan put his hands on his waist, frowned and tapped his foot as if he was
annoyed. He could see Billy's shoulder and the shirt he was still
wearing. "Come on in here and get a shower with us."

Billy shook his head, "I don't need a shower. I'll wait for you here."

"I don't either, but showers are like golf courses, good places to talk
business. Come in and meet Harmon, you'll be flying him back and forth on
weekends from Cornell, wherever that is."

"Ithaca, New York. I live close by there too." Harmon supplied helpfully,
he smiled and saluted, privately appreciating what little he could see of
Billy but he still thought Evan was some kind of weird little bullshitter,
although a good looking and obviously a gay bullshitter as well, but since
Buck and Doug who appeared to be a couple, were his friends and didn't call
him on his casual boasts he thought he would just go with the flow for the

Billy smiled back and waved, "Okay just a second."

Evan giggled, "He waits for me to make friends with someone, but it still
takes a while for him to actually talk to anyone."

Doug agreed, "You got that right, this morning when we were waking up he
gave me the big good morning for a change before I gave him one; that was
different." Doug suddenly realized that a stranger was listening and that
being gay, probably gay, he corrected himself, Harm would understand or
imagine instantly what 'the big good morning' entailed. He saw Harm turn
away to begin soaping himself for the third time as if he hadn't heard or
didn't understand. Buck administered a hard elbow to the ribs and tipped
his head to the rooms' entrance wearing a huge grin. Evan was laughing
behind his hand. Doug rinsed off quickly, "Well I'm out of here. Come on
Buck, we better call ahead to be sure there are enough snacks to go

Buck was pleased that Doug finally felt at home at Trenton Hall; he started
calling it home gradually and by then was no longer reticent about picking
up the phone to order something like snacks or give the kitchen breakfast
orders for whoever was in their apartment on any given morning. The boys
also settled into a routine when it came to morning sex. Head jobs after a
frenzied night were avoided until during or after showers. Everyone was
just too funky and the big boat bed was even worse; it was a disaster area
of odors and damp spots and abandoned after big hard good mornings were
taken care of by choosing a partner, generally whoever was closest, and
going for the gold, as Doug and Buck referred to simple fucking for
relief. The initial top then obligingly became the bottom for his morning
partner or if there was a crowd the situations, positions and the length of
time required could easily get complicated and lengthy, but as hosts, Doug
and Buck were always careful to see that everyone was satisfied.

Doug and Buck separated to allow Billy room to get through the exiting
crowd. He thanked them with a nod and a smile. Doug frowned and turned back
to Harm, "Hey you never answered us, we will pick up if you want to
practice here. Ithaca's not that far away and my dad will coach you if
you're here, he can't help giving advice to anyone in the pool."

Evan elbowed Harm, "Say yes Goddamnit, you can always quit if it doesn't
work out, no strings attached, honest."

Harm shrugged, "Yeah, I'd love to if you're sure about traveling, thanks."
He agreed, still unsure that he wasn't the butt of an elaborate joke, but
the private pool complex, the executive jet and the limo were certainly
real, plus he'd just been invited into the home of the meets' organizer,
Buckminster Trenton, by his son. The pool was a part of the vast estate and
the house was rumored to be fabulous, located somewhere beyond another pair
of guarded gates that that were inside the property yet! None of that was a
joke, at least so far, he thought.

"Harm, Harmon Golden, this is my best buddy Billy Ortonville," Evan
introduced them. He added the 'ville' part flawlessly. Billy winked,
pleased that Evan remembered. When Harry Smith found Billy he was a runaway
and after he and Evan were reunited Billy insisted that he had no family to
return to, but did admit that his last name was Orton, and that he was
originally from Ohio. Evan remembered his birth date. Billy needed to be
legalized and wanted no contact with his family. He was eighteen, so that
was his right. Evan asked Billie, his 'geek' what could be done to give
Billy a legal identification, a new identity. Billie went to Will with the
problem. Eighteen year old birth records were accessed and searched. A week
later, Billy was presented with a true copy of his birth certificate,
slightly altered. William Orton became William Ortonville, a young man with
no living relatives, a whopping bank account curtsey of Evan and a new
Social Security number. Billy got a driver's license, he was enrolled in a
flight school, both of which, he wanted desperately, a passport and a dozen
credit cards bearing his new name. William Ortonville was born. It was only
then that Evan instructed Rod and John to arrange for William Orton Senior
to have an accident or sudden illness, either as long as the outcome was
fatal, "Scratch one drunken abusive father," Evan thought happily.

Billy and Harms' eyes touched before they dropped simultaneously while they
shook hands. Both liked what they saw. Evan nudged Billy under Harm's
shower as he stepped back. "Hi," Billy managed in a voice just above a

"Hi yourself, are you in the meet? You look like you're fast, maybe we'll
be in a race tomorrow." Harm was complimenting Billy on his six foot height
and long muscles, plus he was completely tanned like Doug, Buck and Evan
indicating they spent a lot of pool time together.

"Nope, I just hang out with the guys wherever they are and that's mostly
around the pool. I swim with Doug occasionally but he always leaves me
behind before the first turn. I mostly just like to take naps in the sun
until they start fucking with me." He frowned at Evan, "One of them fucks
with me," he amended.

Evan burst into laughter, "I can't help it. You can sleep anywhere and so
fast. One minute you're vertical and awake, I take one dive and when I want
to ask you how I did, you're horizontal and snoring." He looked at Harm and
grinned, "That's just during the day though, at night he gets horizontal
but I have to hit him in the head to knock him out." He waited for Billy to
defend himself.

Billy blushed furiously at the implications of Evan's explanation but he
surprised Evan with his retort, "That's not true, I don't snore. I'm a
night person that's all."

Harm laughed, "I'm kind of hyper myself so I don't sleep much, like
tonight, living here so close to the pool, I'll be sneaking down to swim
most of the night."

The thinly veiled invitation didn't escape either Billy or Evan's
notice. "This isn't a school or a prison, you don't have to sneak anywhere,
but if you don't sleep much, it seems like a waste of a perfectly good
room." Evan countered. He preferred a nice bed if one was available, in
preference to making it on hard tile or a locker room bench.

It was Harm's turn to look embarrassed, "Yeah but I'm rooming with my coach
and believe me he snores so there's no point in even trying to sleep in
that room." He said to explain why they couldn't use his room in the

Evan ended the quandary, "Well in that case, since you'll be competing
tomorrow and you need your rest, you can just move in with us in Buck and
Doug's apartment, there's plenty of room."

"Apartment," Harm showed his surprise, "don't they live in the house,
Trenton Hall?"

Evan looked frustrated, as if he was talking to a four year old, "DUH! Of
course they live in the house; they have a three bedroom apartment IN the

"Well duh yourself wise ass. How was I supposed to know that, by osmosis,
I'm new here remember?"

Evan grinned evilly, "Would that word osmosis mean anything like
injection?" His eyes dropped to Harm's injector, but when Harm turned away
without further comment he changed the subject "Hey asshole," Evan giggled,
"I think we're going to be friends since we're calling each other names
already. Come on let's get dressed and find the other assholes." He scooted
ahead, "I call driver!" He shouted back at them, "And the long way," he
added for Billy's benefit.

"Oh no, not before dinner!" Billy laughed and shivered mockingly before he
looked at Harm, "We have a four by four, and the long way means a mile or
so out of our way, probably over to the neighbors and then another mile
back. He's a really good driver, but he doesn't always stay on the trail."
He laughed, "Contrary to popular belief it is possible to stick a Hummer."

"HUMMER," Harm exclaimed, "you guys actually have a Hummer, no way!"

Billy cracked up, "Yes way, two of them. Evans' is a ragtop and isn't
registered so he can't drive it off the property without getting caught. He
promised he wouldn't but they watch him anyway somehow, if no one's with
him. Mine is just a regular one, but it's registered so we can, of course
someone always goes with us then, but I think they still watch us. Come on,
we better move or we'll be left behind."

"Wait, tell me first is this kid Evan for real?" Harm asked.

"Why," Billy asked, instantly on the defensive, "is there a problem?"

"Well no, not really, and it's none of my business, but I thought he was
talking trash about gas bills for jets and buying a helicopter, now I'm not
so sure."

Billy was relieved, "Oh, yeah, he's for real. His grandfather died a few
weeks ago and left him a lot. Evan's just getting used to being on his own
and sort of catching up to the Trenton's in the toy department, but he's
way ahead of them in some ways. Bucky's helicopter is bigger and he has
more jets, but he doesn't have a 747 that looks like a regular house
inside, you know like fly somewhere sitting in your living room, stuff like

When they got into the locker room, Jonathon and Rodney were just leaving
after Evan told them what his plans were and asked them if they could just
watch him on snoopy and not tag along during the short trip to the
Wilcott's and back. David and Noah leaned against lockers watching the
room's occupants dress, only partially professionally, mostly just enjoying
the scenery. Doug, wearing shorts knelt in front of Tommy, they were
talking together quietly, rather, Doug talked and Tommy moved his
lips. Doug and Tommy became instant friends and treated each other like
brothers. Doug discovered he had an affinity for lip reading plus they
shared the common bond of communicating with the dolphins telepathically
and no small amounts of their conversations were partially empathic without
their realizing it. It was a good relationship for both, Doug always wanted
a little brother and Tommy needed someone slightly older to confide in, to
really talk to without resorting to the use of his pad and pen or repeating
himself constantly if someone he was talking to was trying to read his

Billy explained in whispers before Harm could ask, "Tommy's voice box was
damaged in an accident and can't be fixed. It could be replaced with one of
those electronic gizmos but then he'd sound like a computer and have a hole
in his throat or something, so he said no. All of us are learning to read
his lips. Oh, just so you know, Tommy was adopted by two guys, two gay
guys, if it matters. Both of them work for Evan." He took a deep breath,
"And so you know the rest of the story, we're all gay. I imagine Evan was
coming on to you in the shower room, but if you don't want to play, just
say no and all the heat will stop. There are rules; no one ever has to do
anything he doesn't want to, is one of them. It's a good rule don't you
think?" He paused for breath and looked puzzled, "You know I haven't even
talked to Evan this much, of course with him around to talk at all you have
to be really fast."

Billy picked up his shorts and shirt from a bench and followed Harm to his
locker. His eyes raced up and down Harm's back. Harm opened his locker
without turning around. When he did it was a quarter turn toward Billy. He
looked down at his cock and smiled. Billy's eyes widened. Harm was growing
while he watched; his smile broadened, his eyes met Billy's, "I call him
Harmful, but he hasn't been in nineteen years. I don't really know enough
about anything to say no to." He held up his hand and closed his fingers on
thin air to form a fist, "This has been my sex life until now. Tonight
should be interesting." He giggled nervously and pulled up his shorts, then
had difficulty convincing Harmful that it should stay pointed down his pant
leg. He groaned, "Change the subject please. Tell me who those two heavy
looking types are who were talking with Evan?"

"That was Jon and Rod; they're our bodyguards, two of them, the main
ones. Evan's mostly, but mine too. I told Evan that I don't need guarding,
but he told me that someone snatched Doug by mistake; the bad guys thought
he was Buck, so maybe I do." Billy smiled while he looked at Evan, "He told
me he'd pay any ransom to get me back if I got snatched, but he'd rather
not have to, in other words like it or lump it."

"Wow, someone snatched Doug, when was this?" Harm sighed with relief,
"Thanks it's working," he whispered.

"I see that, too bad, old Harmful looks like he could be." Billy giggled,
before he continued, "Earlier this summer. It was hushed up because Bucky
is a kind of a powerful dude. See those guys watching Buck and Doug? They
shadow them everywhere and they take no shit from Buck at all. That's
because he's used to having guards around and he's so smart he's scary,
which means he's also sneaky." Harm looked past David and Noah, looking for
someone who looked like bodyguards until Noah winked and waved
casually. "That's Noah; he sure looks like a wimpy kid doesn't he? He looks
like he's Evan's age but he's not, not either. He's very into martial arts
he can put you to sleep just by patting you on the back of the neck
somewhere. No one else can find that damn spot, we've tried. The tall guy
David is a crack shot. He's our firearms instructor. I've seen him empty a
clip into a bull's eye faster than anyone can blink almost, only he calls
the bull's eye a good head shot."

Finally wearing shorts that hid a quiescent Harmful, Harm invited four
other guys to go with them to watch the day's competition on video. He was
beginning to suffer information overload. Everyone knew the Trenton name,
always associated with immense wealth, but it was impossible to imagine how
they actually lived. Toys were jets, helicopters, Hummer trucks and he
couldn't imagine what else. Their backyard pool was a half mile from the
house and could host the Olympic swimming and diving venues the same
weekend if the building was larger to accommodate the crowds of spectators.

Ten uniformed security officers surrounded them in the lobby along with a
number of casually dressed hard eyed men who looked everywhere but at the
group they were guarding. Outside, they formed a flying wedge to cross the
parking lot where Bucky decreed the Hummers were to be parked out of the
way, but reasonably close to the gates into the estate proper. The wedge
was blunted by a mob of screaming girls most interested in Doug and getting
his autograph. Some, a few of the girls, perhaps smarter than their sisters
were interested in offering themselves to Buck Trenton and his enormous
bank account, one even managed to squeeze through the moving barricade only
to faint suddenly just before her hand touched Buck's back. Harm saw
diminutive innocent appearing Noah sweep her into his arms and hand her off
to a uniform. Harm grinned and Noah smiled and shrugged back.

The wedge stopped when Doug stopped to sign his name several times, he wore
his famous lopsided grin and occasionally crossed his eyes, bent almost
double and blushed through his freckles when an aggressive girlish hand
found his crotch. The press and the paparazzi were just as aggressive, but
where a girl's hand might be pushed aside however ungently, anyone wearing
the required press identification might find themselves staring at a
sprained wrist and/or a broken camera that dropped due to a neatly sliced
strap because they should know better. Harm and Billy even signed their
names on Doug's picture several times while they waited in the throng, the
fans didn't care.

The human cordon around the waiting trucks was carefully orchestrated and
rehearsed, the guards became more serious. No one got through the line
except the boys and they had to squeeze through a narrow opening. Evan got
behind the wheel of one; Buck drove the other. Doug found himself in the
passenger seat with little Tommy between them. Billy tugged Harm toward
Evan's and the rest of the boys split up randomly. Powerful diesels started
together with both drivers grinning, laughing and giving the other the
finger. Doug pushed Tommy to his feet. He held on to the windshield frame
with one hand and raised his other arm while looking at Evan and laughing.

Evan nodded that he was ready and gunned his engine. Billy started laughing
and fastened his seat belt. "It's a race to the gate guys! Buckle up and
hold on!" There was a scramble to match buckles amid tickling, elbows and
playful buckles in crotches. The line of guards split and pushed the crowd
before them to both sides of the powerful trucks. When the way was clear,
Tommy slashed his arm down and forward pointing at the distant but visible
gates, and the race was on with both accelerators pressed to the floor and
clutches popped. Harm discovered that heavily knobbed off road tires don't
screech and peel rubber, they start turning and dug in. Billy pointed to a
black button on the dashboard. "You're the guest, you get to open the
gate," he told Harm, "but not until Evan tells you, then be ready to keep
pushing it if you see it start to close again before we get to it."

"Close," Harm laughed, "how can it close if it's just opening?"

"Just do it!" Evan ordered, then "Explain Billy, but do it fast."

"The first to push the button opens the gate, push it again or if they push
theirs it reverses even if it's not all the way open. It's a half ass
security feature; if someone's following you, you can slam the gates in
their faces. If you see it hesitate, hit it again. We need to get it open
far enough for us to get through but not them."

"WHAT, we'll fucking crash or they will!" Harm was horrified at the thought
of killing them if he wasn't fast enough. "Is this a game?"

"Fuckin' right," Evan answered, "this is called gate chicken. Don't worry
we'll win because I talked Jon and Rod out of coming with us, but David and
Noah are there in the back seat with Buck, they'll make him blink at the
last minute, they always do. Watch Tommy's head, he's their button man. He
looks at it when he pushes it. NOW!" Evan hissed from the side of his
mouth. The two trucks remained abreast as they raced for the closed
gate. The heavy steel halves started to open, then stopped and began to
close. Harm watched Tommy as instructed and worked the button with all the
intensity he invested in a race in any pool. He began to anticipate Tommy,
faked one push and Tommy responded by opening the gates further. When he
realized what happened Harm was ready for the reverse and they continued to
open. Suddenly the Trenton Hummer almost stood on its massive front bumper
guards when Buck slammed on his breaks and Evan squeaked through an opening
that had just barely grown enough for them to fit.

They started hearing Buck screaming over his shoulder, "You two assholes
are fucking fired! You're both fucking pussies!" There was more but the
guys in the winning truck couldn't hear them, they were too far ahead plus
they were laughing too hard, partially from coming down off their adrenalin
rushes after having Evan risk their lives and his to win a game.

Evan stopped after a hundred yards. He stretched out, leaning back. Billy
grinned and nudged Harm silently, nodding at Evan's lap. Harm giggled and
looked away after seeing Evan's erection clearly outlined through the
material of his shorts standing up proudly on his belly. "Me too," Billy
whispered. Harm just nodded and leaned forward far enough for him to rest
his elbows on his knees. Billy giggled and slapped him on the back. No
further explanation was necessary. "Man, you're our button man forever,
that fake out was beautiful! Buck's still hollering."

"Is he really going to fire them?" Harm asked innocently.

"Nope, he can't they don't work for him, Bucky will probably give them
bonuses, but he wouldn't anyway, he just hates to lose," Evan grinned,
"like me."

Billy looked back, "OOPS here come the campus cops, it's your turn in the
barrel." Everyone turned to see a big Suburban racing toward them.

Jon was hanging out of the open window shaking his fist, but also grinning,
pleased that the Falconburg gate chicken racing team won. "Good show
Master! Good show. Now where are WE off to?" He asked after Rod nosed the
Suburban diagonally across the front of Evan's Hummer so Evan couldn't move
forward. Buck pulled up alongside to congratulate them with middle fingers
first then verbally, but very reluctantly.

"Wilcott's, Paul and Marc bugged out with Dylan and Peter after Doug's race
before the goofy teeny boppers realized they were gone. We need to bring
them back for dinner," Evan explained.

Doug joined the conversation at the mention of Dylan's name, "Yeah, I'd
like to chain Dylan outside the front gate to sign autographs AND get HIS
dick honked so many times it hurts. I'd do it too except that mob would
tear him to pieces for souvenirs," he complained.

"Dylan, you mean Dylan Kelly?" Someone in the back seat asked.

Evan nodded and giggled. He reached down under his seat and passed a copy
of Dylan's teen magazine around. Doug accepted the resulting cat calls good
naturedly. When the magazine got to Harmon, he thumbed the pages quickly,
frowned and held it open. "Is this guy Marc? He was in the locker room this
morning with a press pass and a camera." The others in the back seat
agreed, they saw him too." Harm frowned, "He took a bunch of pictures and
got me to sign a release and even gave me a dollar. I thought it was a
joke." There were nods of agreement after a couple of, 'me too's.'

Doug and Buck started laughing together, "That's Marc. Were any of you
naked?" Buck asked, already knowing the answers he'd get.

Doug hugged himself, "Congratulations guys. Be sure to buy a copy of that
magazine next month along with a Sharpie pen and a cast iron jock! Welcome
to the club. Come on I'm getting hungry." He grinned at Evan, "Want to

Evan's eyes shifted to the Suburban. He nodded imperceptibly and gunned the
engine. Jon laughed, "Race away gentlemen as long as you stay behind us."
Rod pulled in front of Evan, then forward at a snails pace. Evan followed
and Buck fell in behind him.

"Shit," Evan complained and found his cell phone. He voice dialed Buck
wearing an evil grin, "We'll get them at the mud hole, Rod hates getting
his truck dirty." The three truck convoy turned off the drive on a newly
cleared narrow dirt track through woodland. There was no room to pass until
the way opened at an overgrown field. Rod, turned the Suburban to the left
at a deeply rutted swampy area, he accelerated to skirt the swamp as Evan
predicted to maintain his leadership position by getting around the mud
hole first since he knew the boys would drive through. The race was really
two Hummers against one Suburban.

Buck pulled up even with Evan. Neither truck stopped, both accelerated
evenly and charged into the mud. Evan screamed a warning for both trucks,
"Duck down guys here comes the wet part!" Mud and water flew up, out and
back, but there wasn't enough water to get really dirty. The Hummers
climbed the bank on the other side of the swamp while Rod still had a
hundred feet to go before he could reenter the main trail. Evan allowed
Buck to take the lead since he lost the gate race while Rod and Jon had no
choice except to follow.

Harm and the other swimmers stared at the interior of the Wilcott
fieldhouse with open mouths. Their stares at the four occupants were more
circumspect. Peter was running on a treadmill, Paul was practicing vaults
and Marc held a video camera taping Paul while Dylan leaned on Marc's
shoulder to share the camera's view. All four boys were comfortably naked.

Doug sidled to Dylan while the guys introduced themselves. Dylan's smile
suddenly turned into extreme pain. "There mother fucker," Doug grinned
happily. "That was from one of your little pussy fans. She asked me to pass
it on when I saw you." He squeezed Dylan harder.

Dylan worked frantically to pry Doug's fingers open but was unsuccessful
until Doug let go. Marc was too busy laughing at Dylan and didn't see
Doug's hand move toward him before Doug got a death grip on his cock and
balls. He squeezed Dylan, but he lifted Marc until he was dancing balanced
on his tiptoes. "And that's for you Mr. Photographer, because of you two I
can't show my face outside the fucking gates without being mobbed and

When Doug released Marc he limped, backing away dramatically a safe
distance before he started laughing, "You got it wrong Doug, buddy, you can
show your face all you want, it's the rest of you that you need to hide
especially," he got no further and stopped laughing when he felt his
brother's powerful gymnasts' hands surround his neck and actually lift him
from the floor.

"I didn't get a chance to thank you either little brother for all the
attention I'm getting just like Doug." Paul saw Dylan begin to back
away. He turned his head, "Don't you dare move another step movie star, if
I have to chase you I'll mess you up so badly the only role you could play
is the Hunch Back of Notre Dame, or maybe Elephant Man and that's after the
plastic surgeon gets done with you. You both made a fucking fortune from
the pictures of Doug and I and we want a cut to make this aggravation
worthwhile or no more fucking pictures, if we have to hire Dad to sue your
pretty asses off we will." When Paul saw Marc turn a very nice red-purple
he dropped him.

"Yeah we will," Doug agreed. He and Paul didn't have a chance to talk over
their harassment problem but what Paul said seemed fair. He knew Marc
received one hundred thousand dollars for the photos and could only guess
at what Dylan made from the August issue. He winked at Paul then frowned at
the newly molested photographer and magazine publisher. "We think we should
get a half million each," he stated flatly. Dylan immediately clutched his
chest as if he was suffering a heart attack although his brief smile
betrayed him. "If we get paid you can use us in your teen pussy rag mag
through December, after that we'll renegotiate a new deal," he said and
looked at Paul for his agreement. Paul nodded emphatically.

"And if I don't pay you?" Dylan asked hesitantly, he seemed already
resigned to paying.

Doug grinned, "If you don't, then you can tear up the September issue and
from then on if we see even one shot where either of us is recognizable, we

Paul hugged Marc to his side by surrounding his neck with his arm, "And if
either of us sees you carrying a camera near us, your love life will have
come to an end until they saw you out of your full body cast," he warned.

Dylan sighed pitifully, on the verge of tears, "Okay, but there goes my
profits, I'll never be able to retire," he moaned.

Doug offered Dylan his hand, "Cut the shit, although that was good, worth
an Academy nomination anyway, too bad your photographer friend was busy
trying to stay alive."

"Gee thanks," Dylan stopped acting and grinned. "Actually, we're rushing a
forth printing of this issue, that's never happened before." He stroked
Doug's arm from his shoulder down and then batted his eyes at Paul, "It's
because of all this lovely skin. Can I do a couple of posters? I mean like
with you naked, but from the side so nothing shows," he said quickly when
Doug frowned and shook his head. When Doug shrugged at the thought of
limited nudity, Dylan showed them his highly photogenic smile.

Buck pushed between them to face Dylan with a Trenton frown, "Not so fast,
I'm in the September issue and I want my cut too," he glanced at Marc then
his eyes swept the knot of swimmers, "AND Marc was in the locker room this
morning taking shots of these guys. He got them to sign releases for a
dollar each. If you use any of those you pay them a grand each, check that
a grand for each shot any of them are in, OR," He didn't need to finish his
sentence, before Dylan agreed.

Harm and the others looked flabbergasted at the thought of the windfall so
easily negotiated. He thanked Buck, and then looked hopefully at Doug, "You
two should start an agency, you guys can sure manage me anytime." There was
a chorus of 'me too's' from the other swimmers.

Evan herded the group of their guests into Buck and Doug's apartment by
pushing them, and "You guys can case the joint later, in fact Billy and I
will give you a tour, we'll point out all the small valuable stuff, but
remember to bring pack packs to carry it all," he giggled at their protests
of innocence.

Bucky and Bill, Doug's father and coach were already in the room. Bucky was
fiddling with the keyboard and mouse, attempting to make the video come up
on the screen. Buck slapped his father's hand away and sat down between
them. "Come on Dad, lay off, you'll get it so screwed up I'll have to
reprogram it."

Bill laughed, "I told you you'd get caught." Bucky looked contrite, grinned
and shot a quick bird at his friend before he aimed it at his son.

Bill told Buck to start at the first heat after everyone introduced
themselves then got up to stand close to the screen ready to comment on
each race. Doug took his father's seat after he pressed Paul, Marc, Dylan,
Evan, Tommy and Peter into serving the swimmers drinks and trays and
platters of snacks while they made themselves comfortable in chairs, the
sofa or on the carpet. Harm squeezed his narrow butt in beside Doug. Tommy
sat on the carpet in front of Harm forcing him to spread his legs when he
leaned back on the front of the sofa. Harm's bare leg touched Doug's.
Neither made an effort to break the contact.

Tommy looked back and up to Doug, he mouthed some words quickly, "He's
cherry, wants you to be first. I like him too. Can I watch then we play
after?" Tommy spoke in complete sentences but Doug read the meat of the
comment and question. He smiled and nodded imperceptibly. Tommy smiled, and
then to apparently make himself more comfortable, grabbed both of Harm's
ankles and pulled his legs out straight. Harm smiled when Tommy then used
his knees as arm rests and began running his hands over his calves.

"Just make yourself at home there sport." Harm told Tommy with a nervous
laugh. Tommy nodded without looking back and snuggled his head into Harm's
crotch. He smiled to himself when he felt the desired result from the
movement of his head. Doug grinned when he realized that Tommy was doing
some advanced softening of Harm's resistance to his tender age and surmised

Buck and Doug lost the will to resist Tommy the first night he arrived with
Evan and his two fathers. They had gone to bed early and alone. It seemed
that everyone appreciated a night off occasionally. They were making out
waiting for the passion to build. Buck was temporarily on top although
positions had yet to be decided. The mattress jiggled and gentle hands
started moving over Buck's smooth back. Tommy was sitting on his heels
beside them smiling his cherubic smile. He waved with a flat hand and
mouthed the word, "Hi!"

Doug looked past him toward the door after noting Tommy's youthful erection
standing up between his closed legs. "Do your dads know you're in here?" He
asked suspiciously, he imagined that even gay fathers could be protective
of their son's virtues even though or because their son was also gay and
there hadn't been time to establish ground rules concerning Tommy.

Tommy rolled his eyes in mock disgust and picked up his note pad and pen,
"OF COURSE," he wrote, "I'M ON A DATE WITH YOU." He held the pad close and
mouthed what he'd written.

"A date," Buck looked quizzical, "that's what Evan called his tricks at
first. That's what we were to him, dates or tricks. We aren't customers
Tommy; those days are gone for you. You guys are guests, there's no payment
required either way, and sex is just for fun." He reached out and patted
Tommy's knee. Tommy took his hand and moved it to his erection.

He released the willing hand when he felt it beginning to explore and took
KNOW WHAT DATE MEANS." Tommy wrote while he spread his legs to give Buck's
hand freer access.

Buck was convinced but Doug was still frowning, "Come on Buck, we aren't
cradle robbers, he could be our little brother." Tommy snaked a hand
between them. Buck yelped and rolled off Doug away from Tommy. Tommy
grinned an apology at Buck, his smile broadened when Doug's cock lifted
from his belly in invitation; it was convinced even if its owner
wasn't. Tommy leaned forward without using his hands. Doug's cock
disappeared into Tommy's mouth completely, quickly, without the slightest
hesitation, "Oh wow!" Doug moaned automatically arching his body, "OHOOO!"
When Doug was completely spent, Tommy sat up and fastidiously licked his
smiling lips. "Little brother," he panted with a satisfied grin, "what are
you doing the rest of the night?"

>From that moment Doug and Buck became Tommy's willing slaves but all he
wanted was to serve and satisfy them. The pad and pen were lost in the bed
clothes and both started to learn to read Tommy's lips. If he got tired of
repeating himself, he pushed one of their bodies around into the next
superior position or they questioned him so he could answer with a nod or
frowning shake of his head, but his lips always moved explaining what he
wanted one of them to do. At some point it became time to
reciprocate. There was a quick wink and nod between Buck and Doug. Doug
held Tommy down on his back and Buck asked the ultimate in insulting
questions to any blossoming teen, boy or girl, when Tommy started to
struggle to free himself; "Are you old enough to come?"

Tommy went limp in Doug's hands; he frowned his answer first, and then
grinned daring Buck to find out. Tommy's cock rose to meet Buck's mouth and
when he came, he exploded with surprising quantity.

Doug was there to bump Buck's forehead to get his attention, "Share," he
demanded. Buck shook his head once and obviously swallowed when his throat
moved several times.

Buck sat up giggling, "That was a dumb question wasn't it?" He looked at
Doug's disappointment, "Cry baby, there's more, get your own," he lifted
Tommy's still hard cock and stoked it once, "see?" He asked as a generous
glistening knurdle of come appeared. After Doug finished, Tommy remained
hard so Buck straddled him and Doug provided the guiding hand. Tommy
demonstrated his eagerness and surprising strength by almost bucking Buck
off several times until he resorted to holding Buck's hips and controlling
him with his hands and arms. The third time in quick succession took
longer, but Buck felt the results flooding him.

By then Doug was impatiently hard and shoved Buck off before he stretched
out and pulled Tommy on top. Tommy grinned tiredly at first, but was
willing to try. He lifted his hips and waited for Buck's help, then began
humping Doug with long easy slow strokes. When he finished twenty minutes
later, he pecked Doug's lips a final time, mouthed a satisfied; "Thank
you," and snuggled his head down into Doug's neck and shoulder. They woke
up in the predawn in the same position with Buck pasted to their sides and
using Doug's out stretched arm as a pillow. Evan and Billy woke them and
they had to skip breakfast to arrive at the pool on time to begin
practice. They walked in five abreast arm in arm in arm. Bill gave them
extra laps for being thirty seconds late.

The swimmers quickly lost their awe of the opulence that surrounded them
and of Bucky their host who was perhaps the wealthiest individual in the
country after Bill Gates. Bucky always laughed and shrugged off any
comparison by commenting that Mr. Gates had all his eggs produced by one
chicken, in one basket, Microsoft, while he had his scattered around
including substantial interests in the public utilities sector. He'd pause
for effect, before explaining that without vital electricity, computers and
operating systems weren't worth much, therefore he personally thought it
best to potentially control the Bill Gates' basket as well as own lots of

Bill started commenting on each race and individual performance, careful
not to criticize any individual present and listening or not. Buck helped
by switching views from the various cameras. If one of the contestants was
present, he had to ask for criticism and Bill couched that by saying only
the boy could have done better if. The boys all appreciated the gentleness
of his technique and the accuracy of his comments. By the time they watched
the final race, a race between Harm and Doug, they were in a dead heat just
over a meter away from finishing. Everyone was paying rapt attention. Bill
had Buck freeze one frame just before Harm touched and won. He looked at
Doug, "You lost it right there. You know it don't you?" Doug nodded and
hung his head without answering. Bill turned to the others, "Doug looked
over at Harmon, at his hand, he broke his concentration," and back to his
son, "that look cost you the one hundredth's difference," he said
softly. "I guess we won't do that again will we?"

"No Sir," Doug mumbled.

Harmon lightened Doug's pensive mood by giggling and slapping him on the
back, after gently pushing Tommy's head forward away from his hard cock for
the fifth time, thankful for baggy shorts and over sized tank top, "Don't
listen to the coach Rocket, if I'm racing you, by all means look all you

Doug grinned, "Thanks a heap asshole, look out tomorrow, I plan to listen
and you won't even be close enough to see anyway, you'll be swallowing my

Bucky surveyed Harm and the other contestants and spoke up for the first
time, "All of you are top performers and our pool could use lots more
swimmers and their coaches if you have them personally. Would any of you be
interested in moving into the residence and call our pool home fulltime?"
He raised his hand to stop any answers before he finished. "You could
transfer to a nearby college or university and commute, or perhaps stay
enrolled where you are and use the web," then he added cryptically, "for
the time being." He could see that all five of them were interested and
waited for the questions and what ifs, he was prepared to answer them all.

"I'd lose my scholarship and I can't afford to," came first. Harm and
another boy agreed.

Bucky shrugged, "I'd be prepared to underwrite all your expenses including
educations and even including graduate schools and I'd put that in a
contract, but in return I'd expect you to really crack the books and take
full advantage of the opportunity. I won't pay anyone an allowance, no
spending money but I have a fair size organization employing a range of
disciplines, you could work part-time in your major if you need spending
money and you'd certainly have your foot in the door for full-time
positions after you graduate .There would be no fudging grades because
you're a jock. If one of you fell below a minimum you would be kicked out
on your ass without apology. I have no patience for stupidity, however I
understand that not everyone is a rocket scientist so I imagine we could
find tutors, check that, we would find tutors if you let Bill or your coach
know well in advance; asking for help the day before an exam won't cut it."

"Would we be a team? We wouldn't be able to stay on a school team, that
wouldn't work. We'd need to be a recognized club to compete in the big AAU
meets. NCAAU would be out, so we'd need more low level competition for
experience, maybe we could hold these invitationals or just hold
unsanctioned open meets."

Bucky flashed the boy a radiant smile because in thinking out loud he
established himself as a problem solver and had already joined the Trenton
team. "Okay, the Henderson Swimming and Diving Club is born."

"Henderson, not Trenton?" Doug looked at his father.

Bill grinned, "Bucky and I talked it over when I told him I was retiring
from active participation in the business. I'm having too much fun coaching

Doug grinned, "You mean torturing us all with extra laps," he accused, but
his chest swelled prideful of his father's commitment.

His father shrugged and laughed, "So get to the pool on time, and by that I
mean running, not riding in that damn truck." Doug looked surprised. "Do
you think I can't hear that monster coming? In the future I don't care if
you get there twenty minutes early, if you ride, you swim extras." Bill's
attention shifted. "I don't think we can hold too many open meets,
transportation would break Bucky's bank plus we'd get doggie paddlers, more
of them than legitimate talent."

Harm spoke up for the first time, "Are you kidding Coach? When I got that
phone call inviting me I was ready to pay my own way or hitch hike if I had
to once I heard who else was coming."

The third boy agreed, "Yeah man, me too and I go to Texas A&M."

Buck interrupted with a laugh, "Texas A&M, what states' that in?"

"Why the great state o' Texas fool!" he laughed, "I'll just bet you thought
I didn't know the answer didn't cha'?" He turned serious and looked down,
"I got me a personal coach though, he's an assistant but he's right good
and we're friends. I doubt me he could afford to quit to up and move here."

"Is he with you?" Bill was excited, he was going to need help if the squad
was to grow and prosper by winning. The boy nodded. "We'll find him at
dinner, talk things over and maybe convince him to move on up here, I need
an assistant."

The boy was ecstatic, "You mean it Coach, really, oh wow, thank you kindly
Sir!" He giggled then looked at Bill hopefully, "There's another thing
Mr. Trenton here said we can work for him part-time. I'm majorin' in Civil
Engineerin', would your business be Henderson Constructors?"

Bill and Doug grinned together, Bill nodded, "Yup sure is," he snapped his
fingers as if he had a sudden thought, "Say, would you consider maybe
working for me?" He looked equally hopeful, "I could use a good man like
you, A&M has turned out some good engineers over time."

"Yes Sir, they sure enough have and I'm plannin' to be one of the best." He
looked at his watch, "I believe I could start right after dinner," he
giggled when his stomach growled audibly.

The fourth boy, the youngest, looked agonized, "I'd love to swim here, but
I've got another year of high school. My parents wouldn't let me quit, I
wouldn't quit, but maybe after I graduate next spring?"

Bucky smiled at him and looked at his son, "There's no need to quit school,
and if you did I wouldn't let you come here anyway, dropouts are
quitters. You could move here and go to school with these guys, unless you
want to stay and graduate with your class at home."

The boy sat on the floor hugging his knees, "Yeah I could stay and graduate
I guess, but after I'd still have to leave my coach and I don't know if I
could do that, not ever."

Bucky and Bill shared looks of frustration, neither could understand the
boy's dilemma. Buck grinned, "Damn man, is your gaydar busted? Bring your
coach with you and move here now, my dad and the Coach can find him
something to do. Is he a teacher? If he is he can teach at our school."

The boy looked as if he'd been slapped at the mention of gaydar, or one of
the root words, gay. Bill and Bucky were just puzzled by the word's exact
meaning, except they understood that Buck thought the boy was gay and
couldn't understand why he didn't recognize that they were too. Bucky
asked, "Is that your problem, you and your coach are gay and um, well,
etcetera, etcetera, you have a relationship going?"

The boy nodded, Bill laughed, "Well I'll be goddamned Bucky, we seem to be
out numbered."

Bucky slapped Bill on the back, "Shit, we always were. Is your friend, I
mean coach here with you? I don't remember seeing anyone on the deck when
you were racing."

The boy didn't answer at first, he was surprised that he wasn't ridiculed
and asked to leave the room because he announced that he was gay. "You mean
it doesn't matter, me being the way I am?"

Bill shrugged patiently, "Nope, you placed right behind Doug and Harmon."
He looked at the ceiling recalling the boy's stats, "All State as a
sophomore, in the butterfly yet, your best stroke." The boy uncoiled
himself to stand up and smile for the first time. Bill looked up, "You're
what, six feet-five already and you probably aren't done growing and your
shoulders, damn, your body is designed for the butterfly. Ability and
potential in the pool out weigh anything else, except maybe being wanted
for murder somewhere and even if you were we'd probably hide you from the
cops. Why didn't your coach come with you?"

"Oh he's here, but this is my first really big competition and well, we
were practicing big time. He was up in the balcony."

Bill saw the boy look embarrassed for some reason, "Why, I don't

"For the Olympics, he wouldn't be the Olympic coach, so he wouldn't be down
on the deck."

Doug understood the implications and joked, "Oh no, throw him out, I don't
need anymore competition for a spot on that team. Maybe if you faked being
sick during trials you could stay," he ventured hopefully with a giggle.

The boy looked down on Doug sitting on the sofa by Buck. Buck had his hand
on the top of Doug's thigh and rubbed it matter-of-factly. Buck smiled up
at him, leaned into Doug and moved his hand obviously under the hem of
Doug's shorts. The intimacy escaped Doug, except to absently move his leg
to afford Buck better access before he realized and casually removed Buck's
hand. The boy giggled and blurted, "Oh I get it, gaydar!"

"DUHHH!" Doug and Buck sang in unison. They were joined by the other gays
in the room until the group sounded like a male chorus practicing scales,
and stuck on one note.

Dinner was served in a large white tent pitched on a newly cleared, leveled
and sodded lawn adjacent to the pool complex. Becky and Martha engaged the
caterer and planned the menus for the weekend. All the meals were to be
buffet style to be certain the athlete guests could eat their fill of the
major food groups according to their individual training diets. No one went
hungry. Bill and Bucky circulated through the tent targeting, soliciting
specific swimmers and coaches with invitations to join the new club or use
the facility independent of the club if the athlete had a personal
coach. While Bill pointed at the state-of-art facility and the obvious
advantage of concentrating talent, Bucky waved financial inducements. Where
Anton devoted his windfall fortune appropriated from the European banking
cartel to endow the marine academy, Bucky utilized a tiny portion of his
share or as much as needed for the benefit of the pool facility and the
club and puzzled over what to do with the rest.

By the end of the first evening dinner, the club had grown to fifteen
unattached committed members, plus three swimmers and their coaches agreed
to relocate. Word spread rapidly and the men found themselves inundated
with hopefuls. Bill told Bucky that would happen, but Bucky was
doubtful. They did agree that they needed a way to allow everyone the
opportunity to apply and there wasn't time to sit down and write an
application, so the hopefuls that actually approached them were told to
write an essay, not a paper listing reasons why they wanted to join, an
unlimited open ended scholarship was reason enough. They simply asked the
swimmers to write an autobiography and then most importantly, detail their
plans for their futures after their swimming careers ended.

Harmon sat next to Doug and Buck at dinner and by dessert was as nervous as
the proverbial cat in a room full of rocking chairs. "Relax Harm," Doug
whispered, "if you changed your mind, that's cool, no pressure. Free choice
includes saying no remember."

"It's not that Doug," Harm looked across the table at Evan who was busy
talking quietly and very seriously to one of Tommy's fathers, the
effeminate one, Billie, if Harm remembered correctly. His head was swimming
with names and faces that he'd been introduced to, and his gaydar was
working perfectly. He couldn't believe the concentration of handsome faces
and beautiful athletic bodies that comprised the membership of the other
informal club he was being asked to join. "Will Evan be annoyed if I go
with you guys first? I mean he came on to me first and all in the shower,
but my imagination always was with someone who's a swimmer like me, someone
exactly like you. Wow, I don't believe I said that, I actually
propositioned you."

Buck nudged Doug and stood up suddenly, "I'm going to go talk to Brian and
his coach. Man just look at that stud, if he was my coach you couldn't pry
us apart with a crowbar. You guys take the truck and don't wait up for me."
He surveyed the tent quickly; David and Noah were sitting with Will and
Joe, their backs were turned. Buck scooted through the caterer's entrance
while they weren't looking. Will winked at Doug, touched David's hand and
said something. David placed his napkin on the table, got up and followed.

"Buck got caught," Harm observed with a laugh, "but that was nice. He
didn't have to leave; I didn't mean to chase him out of your bed."

Doug giggled, "He wasn't really trying to get away. There are too many
strangers around it's just another game we play. Those two goof balls sat
down with their backs to us on purpose. Noah has eyes in the back of his
head; he's kind of attuned to us somehow. Oh, you didn't chase Buck
anywhere. He said 'don't wait up', not that he wouldn't be back
tonight. He's just giving us an hour or two head start. Don't be surprised
to see Tommy by morning either," he laughed. Then, "If you're done, let's
roll. I'll be sneaky, watch Noah; you'll see what I mean."

Doug got to his feet and ambled casually away toward the main
entrance. Harm saw Noah stiffen his body and cock his head without looking
for Doug. He stood up, smiled at Harm and motioned for Harm to join
him. Doug waited for them outside. Doug drove the mud covered Hummer in the
garage and parked it in the middle of the main aisle.

Harm's mouth hung open while he looked around the interior, "Fuck me, I
thought this was the helicopter hanger, I saw the pad on the other end of
the building."

"It is the hanger is walled off. This is the garage side obviously, and
these are Bucky's Vet and Harley collections." Doug nodded toward a group
of men who were working on a Hummer. The doors and seats had been removed
and they were fitting a new windshield. Harm looked suitably confused, the
Hummer looked like it was showroom new. "That's Billy's, the guys are
putting in bullet proof glass and shit," he swung his arm to a row of
limo's and Suburban's. "Everything that we ride in off the property gets
armored." He patted the side of his truck, "Someone will wash this tonight,
come on, let's head for the house,"

"Are you in for the night Doug; and I mean honestly? Don't screw around
with people on the place." Noah asked and warned.

"Yup we are. I'll call if things change. Buck will be home later I think."
Doug added, "If you want, take this after the boys wash it, then you can
leave it out front." He rolled his eyes, "Becky can sure be a bitch about
parking dirty machines near her front door, Hummers included since Bucky
nearly tore the roof off." He took Harm to the side of the garage building
to show him the Mean Green Grading Machine and explained Bucky's new hobby
as they strolled to the house through the gardens.

The apartment was silent; Doug opened the bedroom door and turned on the
lights to full bright so Harm could see the unique room and its
one-of-a-kind bed. Harm stood on the dais facing the mirrors while Doug
showed him the beds' features by raising the plasma screen and activating
the camera. He stretched out on his belly to zoom in on the bed then
reduced the lighting until the room was dark and the bed was bathed in the
equivalent of soft candlelight. He turned to ask if Harm wanted to watch on
the screen or if he even wanted light. Harm stood over him with his shorts
boldly tented out and his hand in midair about to caress his butt. Harm
dropped his hand reining in the impulse. Doug reached up and closed his
hand on Harm's staining erection pushing at the taught fabric, "Touching is
a good thing," Doug told him. His eyes widened, "Holy shit, I could see
you're potential in the shower when Evan was hassling you, but such
potential! You're packing a fucking cannon, I can barely close my
fingers. I can feel that I have my work cut out for me, but such work,

Harm reached out again tentatively until Doug nodded encouragement. He
first patted then cupped and kneaded the two tiny muscular globes ending
each time with his fingertips tracing the middle seam of Doug's shorts that
disappeared into his crotch. Doug purred and popped the waistband button
and lowered Harm's fly with one hand. His shorts dropped. Doug's eyes
bugged out. "Getting me stripped about now would be a good thing," he
suggested breaking Harm's trance, his fascination with his cloth covered
ass, "but this is your night, your rules."

Harm pulled off his shirt and tossed it, then sat on the boat bed's wooden
side rail. He raised Doug's hips with both hands. Doug opened his own waist
snap and Harm tugged the bothersome shorts down and off. Doug spread his
legs and Harm's hands grew in boldness. He finally spread the small
crack. He looked up to see Doug watching him over his shoulder, "Did you
ever, I mean do you ever let Buck, I mean," he stammered unable to complete
his question.

Doug smiled, "Sure I like getting it as much as I do being on top." He
rolled out of Harm's grasp, "Come on we need to hit the showers."

"But, but we just showered before dinner." Harm sputtered as Doug towed him
by his hand.

"Yeah but that was just to clean the outside. If this grosses you out,
sorry, but we're used to doing it, we all do it because we like to switch
around. If you're going to be a top man only, you best learn to sleep on
your back with your legs closed after lights out so we know, or maybe just
sleep on the floor." Doug giggled to lighten Harm's mood and relax him.

"I, I've thought about that, I haven't done anything, so I don't know
whether I like it or not, but I know I don't like being a virgin." Harm
whispered the last word distastefully. With the water running over them
Doug pulled Harm close so their cocks were mashed together against their
bellies. Harm was six-two Doug looked up at his innocent wondering
expression, "Do you guys ever kiss each other?" Doug pulled Harm's head
down and sent his tongue into Harm's surprised mouth in answer. It took
Harm a hundredth of a second to respond by lifting Doug off the floor and
capturing Doug's tongue by sucking it into his mouth further before he sent
his questing for Doug's tonsils. When their lips parted for air, he grinned
down at Doug, "I guess you do huh?"

Doug nodded, grinned and raised an eye brow as he looked down between their
bodies, "We use our mouths for other good things too. I have got to try
that jawbreaker out." He sank to his knees to study Harm's behemoth with
his eyes an inch away from the dribbling head. He looked up at Harm with
his sky blue eyes crossed, "Nine inches is not a record, that's between
Billie and Will, you haven't met him yet, but you will."

Harm interrupted with real surprise in his voice, "You mean Billy gets
bigger than me?"

"Not that Billy, the other Billie spelled with an 'ie', Tommy's father, but
more of a mother. Wait until you see him in drag, he's so beautiful he kind
of makes you want to switch to girls, until his panties come off, then you
just want to get the hell out of Dodge," Doug giggled, paused to collect a
falling drop of precum before he continued, "Now where was I, oh, nope you
haven't got the championship for length, but you damn sure have it in
caliber, that's what I mean by jawbreaker. If I bite you consider it an
accident okay?"

"If you bite me, you'll be a dead accident," Harm warned playfully. He got
serious, "Are you going to go all the way, I mean do you want me to tell
you when?" Doug already had his mouth open fully and shrugged his
shoulders. He just managed to close his lips over the turgid head when Harm
started pounding him on the back and moaning, "When, when! OOOH!" His hands
instinctively went to Doug's head; he pulled while Doug defensively pushed
with both hands on Harm's hip bones to keep Harm from choking him to death
while keeping his teeth out of the way. When it became clear that he was
losing the contest and was unable to swallow or breathe, he closed his
mouth just a millimeter and Harm jumped back.

"Damn Harm," Doug managed after he swallowed and sucked in air, "Evan and
Tommy would call you rough trade, not to mention the fastest gun in the
west," he panted from his hands and knees. Harm looked horrified until Doug
rushed to assure him with a leering smile that he was good and that they
both just needed experience in learning to give and take the monster
Harmful. When Doug saw that Harmful remained hard and pulsing, he crawled
forward, "Now let's just try that again."

Harm backed away further; "Nope, not now, now it's my turn. I'm so sorry
Doug. I got carried away, I mean I've used a stud like you in my
imagination, your mouth, but I can't kill my fist." He charged Doug while
he talked, wrestled him flat and turned him over to his back. He blushed,
"I, I've kind of practiced this, I bought a rubber cock, but it doesn't
come. Is it all right to touch you?" He asked hopefully with wide innocent
eyes while he stroked Doug slowly. His hand and eyes were way ahead of his
mind asking the question. Doug lay quietly without answering. Harm took a
deep breath and bent over kneeling at Doug's side.

Doug watched his cock slowly and steadily disappear into Harm's mouth and
throat until Harm's lips kissed his patch of golden pubes. "My God Harm, a
deep throat from the start." Harm didn't bob his head; he lifted and
lowered it slowly, all the way each time. Doug announced he was ready when
he started to thrust by arching his body, but he was careful to keep his
hands away from Harm's head although the need to get his seed to the
imaginary egg was always almost overwhelming.

A little later, lying on the bed, Harm remained goggle eyed at the thought
of Doug's use of the hose that dangled innocuously from the shower head. At
first he balked when Doug offered the spouting nozzle, until Doug suggested
that perhaps he used his dildo just occasionally to experiment in ways
other than sucking. Doug took command of the bed when he saw how nervous
Harm was.

"Kneel." Doug ordered pointing the area between his spread legs. Harm
complied but looked befuddled although his cock looked longer and even
fatter if either was possible. "Now just lean forward on your hands,
stretch out like you were about to do some pushups," he chuckled, "because
you are." Harm obediently began a series of pushups holding his body
flat. He avoided touching Doug. "Not yet, I'll tell you when." Doug raised
his legs. He reached down. Harm was too far back, "Creep forward a
little. Okay, gotcha now lower your body, slowly please." Doug's expression
changed to one of drugged euphoria, "Oh yes, down, and down," he used his
hands on Harm's back. When Harm's rigid body touched the backs of his legs
Doug grinned, "Okay, now just relax." Harm collapsed and waited for further
instructions. Doug tapped him politely on the back with one finger, "By
relax I didn't mean fall asleep, I kind of meant relax and do your own
thing, but do it slowly, we've got all night, no more machine gunning," he

Harm lifted his upper body to grin down on Doug, very pleased with himself,
"I did it, you did it, we did it! Read all about it! Jewish boy gets laid
after nineteen years of waiting!" He leaned down and swiped Doug's nose
with his tongue.

Doug giggled, "Jewish boy hasn't done shit yet except get in the race. Now
he needs to move out by resuming his pushups, but remember, do them slowly;
you win this one by taking your time," he warned before Harm covered his
mouth with his and snaked his arms around Doug's body while his hips
started moving of their own accord, all simultaneously and fluidly. The
sensations emanating from his cock got his attention. Playing stopped and
passion overtook his mind. Doug hooked on Harm's ass with his heels for
leverage and held on for the ride of his life, "One of them anyway." he
amended in his mind, one he would never forget. Harm's cock never got the
go slow message. All too soon he reared up his upper body, straight arming
the bed. His head tipped back to an impossible angle. Every muscle in his
neck and every vein stood out in strain. His matchless swimmer's body
demonstrated its suppleness and strength.

Doug felt like someone turned up the stream of water coming from the shower
hose, then shut it off as quickly. Harm returned to his elbows and began
licking his way down Doug's body until he pulled out. He held Doug tightly
and rolled. Suddenly Doug found himself on top and looking down. Harm
spread his legs. Doug giggled again, "Didn't we talk about slowing down
Jewish boy?" He asked trying to frown as a disciplinarian.

Harm attempted to look contrite but his joy overwhelmed him, "I did, well
maybe it was a little fast. You show me Dolphin Boy. I wish I could have
been around to watch your first time. Who was he anyway? I'll call him and

Doug started to tell Harm about Paul and Marc. While he talked, he reached
down to guide his cock. Harm smiled his pleasure at feeling, at being
complete, a whole person for the first time in his life. Doug strained to
go slow but he gradually talked faster. Harm wasn't helpful, he tried
surrounding Doug with his legs and matching him thrust for thrust. When
Doug sucked air and moaned before he got to the point in his story when
Paul fucked him for the second time that wonderful day at Somerset Farm,
Harm giggled, "Gotcha again Dolphin Boy, oops I mean Rocket, you have no
more will power than me. Was I good for you?"

"Man, were you ever!" A gravelly voice answered from the side of the
bed. Harm looked shocked and almost broke his neck twisting it to see Buck,
Tommy and Evan nodding their heads in agreement while the two slightly
older boys rested their arms over Tommy's shoulders. Billie joined them by
fitting his body to Tommy's back then encasing him with his long arms to
explore Tommy's developing body from his chest down.

It was Doug's turn to giggle and shake his head, "How long have you
assholes been standing there?"

Buck pointed to the forgotten plasma screen, "Not long, we were watching
from the other room. Boy you guys are in trouble; you made us mess up the
sofa. Tommy came twice he was so hot, unfortunately the first time was
before he got it in Evan."

"You, you watched us on the big screen?" Harm asked looking back at the
forgotten screen displaying them from the foot of the bed.

Buck giggled and nodded, "It's my toy, someone turned it on so we watched,
I made a tape too, I mean I'm recording it now and right now this will be a
dead spot."

Tommy shrugged and mouthed some words at Doug, he started laughing, and
"Tommy says he's next, they drew straws. He suggests I get off you or I'll
be the meat in a sandwich." He cocked his head in thought, "Hey you know I
don't believe we've tried that yet in bed anyway. Welcome aboard little
brother," he spread his legs in further invitation and looked down on Harm,
the bottom slice of bread to be, "I'm getting hard all over again."

Harm hugged Doug tight, "I noticed, just this time would you mind slowing
down a little? You need to work on your speed." They all laughed together
at Harm becoming the teacher.

At first Bucky happily ran his massive Caterpillar front end loader, dubbed
the 'Mean Green Grading Machine' by the boys, willy-nilly, cutting trails
over his property. Until Bill presented him with a site plan a week before
the meet accurately locating the trails opened to date and he added others
as dotted lines. The system spread over one thousand acres of the
estate. Bill also added rectangles and squares, tiny in scale with the site
plan, but large when measured. Buck raised his eyebrow to ask the obvious

Bill grinned, "It's a master plan for a college campus, just a thought I
had, something you might want to consider doing at some point in the

Bucky's eyes widened he pointed to a group of future structures near the
pool complex, "And these, what are these squares and this bigger oval?"

"The pool is here so I concentrated the other athletic facilities in the
area, it's logical." Bill shrugged, "I was just playing around, call it
wishful thinking, but this would be a beautiful campus."

The Trenton frown descended on Bucky's forehead, "Yeah it would, but not as
a college. What style of architecture were you thinking about?"

"Does that matter if you don't want to do it ever? The pool end had to be
contemporary because of the roof lines but the residential wing is Georgian
because of the house. Now since you wisely fenced it off from the house,
the rest of the buildings could be any style. I was playing with your money
remember so I was thinking it would be neat to hold an international design
competition for individual buildings just to see what the best of the best

Bucky grinned at that answer, "I like that. I want to do it but screw
college, plan it as a university, make these squares and blocks into
individual colleges. Plan a central core to concentrate administration, a
main library, the basic academic buildings and campus housing so our
undergraduates, graduates and faculty are forced to live together as an
intellectual and sports community. I want interaction between everyone; no
specialty is to be isolated." He giggled at his friend's look of amazement;
he continued with a snap of his fingers, "Oh, add a four year prep school
somewhere too. Every kid who comes to school here will be a student jock,
but a student first. Maybe set up an intelligence test, if a kid has it,
we'll force him or her to excel, the dimwits can just go pro or to another

"Bucky, I was thinking of maybe a hundred million give or take. You know
how much you just upped the ante? You're into a billion or more now."

Bucky pulled on Bill's arm so he had to bend down. Bucky looked around
although they were standing in the middle of a field. "Do you know how much
I made off the deal with Anton and he did all the work? I just lent him
Will's head." He whispered the number and Bill flinched. "And it's all
found money!" He shouted, "We can build whatever we want staff it with the
finest minds and still have enough for unlimited scholarships to Trenton
University into infinity, but for now we'll give them scholarships to
anywhere and tutors, whatever it takes to form a club of top
performers. The club will be the Henderson Swimming and Diving Club, that's
for you and Doug. Remind me to name the main building in the College of
Engineering, Henderson Hall." He grabbed Bill's hand and shook it violently
before he ran for the Mean Green Grading Machine, "YAHOO, man I've got to
get back to work! Get someone to stake out the rest of the roads, and
tonight let's sit down and plan what college should go where."

"Jesus H. Christ!" Bill mumbled.

Bucky leaned out of the window after he started his machine, "Since this is
all your idea, you get to be the first Trenton University President!




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