Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


 Chapter 43

"PLEASE?" Tommy mouthed clearly to his fathers. He was asking their
permission to accompany Billy and Evan on a trip to Ithaca, New York. The
trip was a spur of the moment idea. Harm was going to move into the pool
residence building after the swim meet and expressed his concern over how
much he could bring with him on the small executive jet that would deliver
him back to the Trenton estate. Billy volunteered to drive him. It was a
needless trip, but it would be an adventure and a change of pace. When Evan
found out, he announced his attention to accompany them so Harm could
introduce him to his rabbi.

Evan tipped the scales, "After we get back, we'll all go down to the island
for a nice long vacation before school starts." Billie and Dieter were
homesick and Billie was trying to build them a home, a mansion by
telephone. "Then you guys can just stay there for a while, get your house
finished and Tommy can visit you every weekend. We'll plan on a giant house
warming party at Christmas. We'll invite everyone and fill every room on
the island and Sea Song with guests. That will be fun."

Gregor and Meesha perked up, "We go now Master?" Gregor asked, "Bring Sea
Song stateside and run fucking fast to island? We go make him ship shape
for Master!" Meesha nodded enthusiastically.

Evan agreed, "If you guys want to go now Dieter and Billie may as well go
with you. We'll see you in Ft. Lauderdale in three days, how's that?"

Evan and his entourage were lounging around a small sitting room in Trenton
Hall. The first meeting wasn't planned; it just happened and then continued
informally about every other day. There were no secrets within the inner
circle. Bucky told Evan from the beginning that after spending two years
living on the streets, he thought Evan was mature enough to manage his own
life since the far flung Falconburg empire's many independent companies
were guided by capable, efficient managers. All he asked was that Evan keep
him advised of his plans and of course try to minimize adverse
surprises. Evan promised.

Tommy punched Dieter in the shoulder to get his attention, "SO CAN I GO?"

Billie and Dieter had their heads together making plans. Dieter looked up
in surprise, "What? Oh, of course you can, weren't you listening?"

Tommy rolled his eyes, "PARENTS!" He laughed and hugged them both to thank

Rod and Jon sighed together; neither was overjoyed at the prospect of Evan
going on a motor trip anywhere, but they were his bodyguards, his
employees, not his parents. The trip was unplanned so there was no real
danger. Billy's Hummer was finished, armored and armed. The boys all
enjoyed their firearms practice and were deemed proficient and the only
thing they were ordered to do in the event of an aggressive emergency was
to stay safely locked in their vehicle anyway. Two, Evan and Doug rose
among the others to be experts with their weapons of choice. Doug's was a
Beretta semiautomatic, while Evan's was one of the small automatic machine
pistols first and any other automatic firearm second.

Doug sought out David at odd times as soon as they got home. They went to
the woods and used trees as targets until a firing range could be
constructed. Then using man shaped paper targets stapled to wood frames
they practiced in earnest. David demonstrated his skill by shooting smiley
faces into his targets while Doug worked on getting his shots into the
bull's eyes, head and heart. One day suddenly David's targets developed
eyebrows, ears and expressions when Doug began adding bullet holes to
David's pictures. When Evan was with them he worked on obliterating all the
black bull's eye from his target in the fewest possible shots. One
afternoon after swim practice Evan shifted his aim slightly and in two
bursts of three, neatly toppled the two by four upright supporting Doug's
current masterpiece as he was completing a second eyebrow. They agreed that
Doug's last shot would represent a mole on the face squarely between the

Jon spoke up for the first time, "We'll take two vehicles, one will lead
the other will follow. Two more lads should do it for us what? Oh, this
chap Harmon, we should really get him to the range this afternoon, let him
bang away for an hour, just in case. Then take him round to the beast and
show him how to access the arms cache. Better safe than sorry," he added
with a shrug.

"Did you get a chance to check him out?" Dieter asked protectively,
ignoring Evan's slight frown.

Rod nodded, "Most certainly; a nice chap. He comes from a solid middle
class merchant family, smart; he doubtless could have gotten an academic
scholarship if he wasn't such a speedy fish. He plans to major in history;
one younger brother and a surprise baby sister. No close friends, boy or
girl on the home front, now of course as of this weekend," he didn't need
to say the obvious and continued, "all this courtesy of our very capable
team member, Billie."

Billie acknowledged Rod's praise with a blush and a nod before he returned
it, "Just so everyone knows, the sum of thirty million in cash, American,
now reposes in our Cayman bank thanks to our British connection, Sir Rodney
and Jonathon. They approached the three targets wondering if anyone would
be interested in acquiring dear Anton's black book, the keys to his
empire. Everyone assumes there is one because the organization is world
wide and so interconnecting, complicated as it were. The Master's young
heir would have to have the information in some hard form to continue
business as usual. We installed a computer, alleged to be the hub, the
nerve center in a secret dungeon room in one of the Master's castles. The
thirty million was paid for the entry code."

Evan interrupted with a giggle, "We gave it to Hans and Herman. They know
its junk but the bad guys don't. Billie loaded the machine with a program
that spits random meaningless code forever when it's accessed. Of course
the three bad guys don't trust each other so they each used the code
independently and they're downloading the shit as fast as possible before I
change the code."

"So?" Billy asked with a confused look, "Exactly how does it hurt them?"

"First they have to crack the code, that's keeping them busy," Billie
answered, "It's a screen keeping half the programmers and encryption chaps
in Europe gainfully employed. I attached a worm that is just as busy
copying everything in their three networks and everything from every other
machine theirs has ever contacted, but only the first layer, we can send
the worm on later. Right now we have such a wealth of information to
catalog, once we understand what they really own and how they're set ups
operate we can begin to reek havoc in their organizations. Believe me;
we've enough on our plate for the present."

Evan, Billy and Tommy found Harm and Doug in the pool alone. The
contestants and their coaches were all gone and the estate had been
carefully swept for lingering spectators using snoopy's powers. Harm and
Doug were racing informally using Doug's unique dolphin stroke. Doug
touched then glided back to pace Harm and offer him more instruction. The
air conditioning was off and the roof was open to the mid-afternoon

"HEY GUYS!" Evan shouted so his voice echoed, "Don't you guys ever give up?
Face facts, you're both champions, you split all your finals and your relay
team was a no brainer. Come on let's go out to the range and squeeze off a

"A few what?" Harm asked.

Doug vaulted out of the water, "He means shooting, we have a range and like
to practice. It's a good way to relax and kind of vent your frustrations by
tearing up some targets. Come on Harm its fun." He offered Harm his hand
and arm.

When Harm stood at Doug's side grinning his thanks for the catapult
service, Tommy touched Doug to get his attention, mouthed something, and
then ticked off the tight ridges of muscle stacked neatly from Harm's solar
plexus down his very concave gut. When he got to the heavy hanging cock he
tweaked it. "Ouch, damn Tommy lay off," Harm complained and grabbed the
smaller boy with a giggle before he could duck away, "What did the twerp
say before I make mincemeat of him?"

Doug laughed, "He was just wondering where your stomach is, there doesn't
seem to be much room in there. The tweak was to remind you that you still
owe him one and he always collects his debts."

"Shit," Harm administered a half-hearted head noogie before he pulled Tommy
in to his side, "I told you last night and the night before, I'm too big or
you're too small, either way I'd kill you so forget it. You are the
rammiest little fucker, and I thought I was chronically horny." He lowered
his voice, "I've got to say though that I love to see you on top of me, if
I got that much exercise I'd be dead the next day."

Evan giggled, "If you think about it you did and you held your own the next
day and this morning." He looked around, "Hey where's Buck, I thought he'd
be in here enjoying the peace and quiet?"

Doug laughed, "He's with his dad, trying to convince him that we need to
buy the school. We started out remolding one big room, then another and now
we need even more room. Buck doesn't think that idea will fly, but Bucky
will probably agree to restoring the whole building to shut Buck up."

"Is the school for sale?" Evan asked eagerly, "I'll buy it. I didn't know
anyone could buy a school."

Doug shrugged, "It is a private school and a few of the alumni are the only
stockholders and of course trustees. Bucky already owns a big block, so I
guess if the price is right they'd sell."

"I'll get Dieter on that, owning the school while we're going there would
be cool. Are you sure you don't want to go with us?" Evan asked Doug.

"I'd love to, but if I went Buck would come along, then everyone else would
want to get in on the act. We'd end up with a fucking convoy of guards and
limos, plus I've got miles of tape to look at with Dad." Doug giggled,
"He's got a new motto; know thy competition." He intoned in his deepest
voice and swept his hand up to one of the cameras.

"That's cool, but as soon as we get back we're all going down to the island
for a long vacation before school starts. You'll come with us won't you?"
Evan suddenly remembered that he still had an envelope from his grandfather
with Doug's name on it. He'd planned to give it to Doug earlier, but they
never seemed to be alone together.

"Are you kidding? Sure," Doug looked down at his body and giggled, "in fact
I'm already packed and dressed to leave right now. I'll just have to
convince my coach that I need a break."

"No problem," Evan shrugged, "all parents are invited too. They have to
come so they can meet my mother. Maybe your mom, Elise and Becky can
convince her to move up here or at least come up for lots of shopping
vacations. There's no point in having money if you never spend any."

Harm listened silently. He started to pull on his shorts, until he saw Doug
toss his over his shoulder. Doug shook his head, "We can stay naked, the
trail to the range doesn't go near the house plus you need to get rid of
that silly little tan line." He had a sudden thought, "Hey when we get to
the island, Rocket can teach you how to swim like they do a lot faster than
I can." Doug motioned Harm to the driver's side of his Hummer. "You drive,
the trail is rough, so you can put him through his paces." Both boys
appreciated the mitigating soft warmth of the lambskin seat covers on their
bare butts. Harm continued to think it amusing that all the guys referred
to their prized possessions; boats, planes and cars as males rather than
the traditional feminine gender.

Harm started the engine and watched Evan disappear down the drive to the
gate into the estate. "Evan owns an island too?" Then without waiting for
Doug to answer said simply, "I'll see you when you get back."

"Back, what back, you're coming with us aren't you?" Harm shook his
head. "Why not, we'll have a blast? What's so important that you can't go?"

Harm shrugged and started to follow Evan, "I wasn't invited."

Doug looked surprised, "Yeah you were, automatically from the night before
last. Wherever we go, we all go, all means you too. You're part of the

"He invited you," Harm insisted, "I'm too new and compared to you, I'm just
a poor Jew boy from New York State, I could never fit in with you guys." He
saw Doug grinning, "I meant keep up with you guys, I guess I fit in okay. I
was worried about that you know."

"What are you some kind of snob?" Doug pulled himself up using the
windshield frame and started shouting for Evan to stop his truck. "Blow the
fucking horn," he ordered with a frown, "we'll get this shit settled now."

Harm sighed, and then almost jumped out of the truck with Doug when a
penetrating air horn sounded with sufficient decibels to get everyone's
attention on the entire estate."

Doug recovered first with a red faced giggle, "Fucking Buck, every time I
park this thing for the night he adds shit to it, or I mean the mechanics
do it. I wonder when that horn was installed." He asked himself. Harm
stopped behind Evan's Hummer. Evan, Billy and Tommy looked back laughing.

"WHAT?" Evan screamed in the silence.

"Would you please extend a personal invitation to our new resident Jew boy?
He doesn't think he's invited to Dagger Cay."

Evan laughed, "Which word didn't you understand, all or everyone?" He asked

Doug sat back down, "See, I told you."

"Yeah but Evan, I can't afford to keep up with you guys." Harm persisted.

"What can't you afford, you were invited here as a guest, no one charges
guests anything. Now that you're a friend do you think you should start
paying your way when you get invited somewhere? Give me a fucking break, no
one pays friends or charges friends, but if it will make you feel any
better, you can buy lunch tomorrow, I guess that would be okay. BUT after
that if you reach for your billfold when I'm around I'll have Rod and Jon
break one of your flippers. You need to learn to go with the flow, enjoy
yourself and not worry about keeping up," Evan giggled suddenly, "except
maybe with Douggie."

"Fuck you too Evan!" Doug shouted and laughed, "I let him win when he won;
at least that's what I keep telling myself." Harm laughed with everyone.

"Now let's get to the range, the guys are waiting for us." Evan looked at
Doug, "Where'd you get that fucking horn? I have got to get me one of
those!" He giggled and popped the clutch without waiting for an answer.

The boys turned serious when they reached the firing range. David, Noah,
Jon and Rod were there already. The Suburban's rear hatch was open and a
pair of metal suit cases waited on a folding table well behind the firing
line, a crude plywood counter. David grinned and shook his head when he saw
how Doug and Harm were dressed, "Ah, maybe shorts on you two pretty boys
would be less distracting, plus Doug, you need to get into some holster
work and if you like the little one at the small of your back, then you
need a waist band to clip it to.

Harm went bug eyed when he saw the contents of the two cases. One held a
collection of semi-automatic handguns nestled in egg crate foam while the
other, which the other boys gravitated to, was racked to hold four of the
small machine pistols that fascinated Evan. Doug nudged Harm toward the
handgun case. "Evan watches too much TV, if push comes to shove with bad
guys coming at you there's no time to find your weapon, put in a clip and
arm it although they're fun to play with." He offered Harm one of the
smallish twenty-five caliber Beretta's he preferred after removing the clip
and opening the slide to make sure the chamber was clear. "You can pack one
of these babies, remember the bad guys are after you, not your bodyguards
and no matter how close they are there are still times when you'll be
alone." He clipped a small holster to his waistband, turned toward the
targets and drew, instantly crouching and aiming using both hands, one to
support his weapon hand. "Like that," he grinned, "surprise the rich kid is
shooting, scratch one bad guy."

"I heard about you getting kidnapped by mistake."

"Yeah that was kind of hairy. They'd get me again even if I was armed,
because I just climbed out of the pool and went to take a leak of course
bare ass."

"Wrong," David interjected, "you will never go into a restroom again until
I check it out first if I'm around." He looked embarrassed and
apologetic. He explained to Harm, "They got him on my watch; I'll never
live that down. I still have nightmares about that."

"Forget it David. That's hindsight. We all saw that asshole walk in, you
were new and I wasn't used to being around Buck or having bodyguards. I
thought it was all bullshit, like ostentatious display. We were both new
back then, now we aren't." Doug chambered a round and returned his weapon
to its holster.

The boys lined up with their weapons ready and waited for the word to
begin. Doug stood by Harm with his in its holster. Harm looked around,
"Shouldn't we be wearing ear protection?"

David nodded, "We do mostly, but today we aren't because you need to get
used to the sound of a sudden shot and react to it." He turned with his
back to the target area and began to walk away.

Evan giggled, "DUH, yeah Harm; like you tell a bad guy not to shoot at you
until you get your earmuffs on and BANG you're dead!"

David frowned, "And you, you little asshole if you chop another post down
today you get to replace it. You just be sure to tell Harm about the first
time you ever fired a squirt gun on the Sea Song, if I recall correctly you
were scared shitless." He grinned at Evan's red face and silence and
pointed to a small stack of new two by fours and a posthole digger, "We're
ready for you from now on." Suddenly without warning he drew his weapon and
fired in the air, "BAD GUYS!"

Harm ducked his head and flinched, and flinched again when Doug began
firing rapidly. By the time Harm squeezed off his first shot, Doug was
replacing a clip, ignoring the barrage of reports from the automatic
weapons. When David called a cease fire after Harm expended his first clip,
he looked around sheepishly in the sudden silence, "Goddamn, I see what you

The boys trooped downstairs together on their way to the dinning room and
dinner. Harm kept lagging behind looking at various pieces of
furniture. Evan rolled his eyes in mock disgust, "I keep telling you to
look for little portable stuff. It would take four of us to move that
chest. Look IN the drawers not at them," he quipped.

Harm pulled a drawer open tentatively looked inside, then at one corner
blinked and closed it quickly. "Oh," he blushed, "I didn't know for
sure. It looks real though."

Buck cocked an eyebrow, "What's in there?"

"Nothing, I was looking at the joinery."

"What's wrong with it, whatever you said?" Becky Trenton asked standing
behind Harm.

Harm's face darkened, "Oh hi Mrs. Trenton. It's pretty clever the way you
mixed reproductions with a few good pieces."

"REPRODUCTIONS," Becky screeched, "I hope you're joking!"

Harm was shocked to see that Becky thought her home was furnished with
apparent museum quality antiques, "I'm sorry. I've kind of been looking and
most are reproductions, very good ones though," he rushed the added

Buck covered his mouth with his hand and turned away. His whole body shook
with silent laughter. Becky turned purple, "Buckminster if you're laughing
consider yourself grounded until you've grown another foot!"

The insult combined with the threat took the levity out of the discovery
that his mother had been duped by European antique dealers. "Mom I couldn't
help it. I know you've got a good eye for this old junk, I just thought it
was funny that you of all people got scammed." He looked at Harm hopefully,
"Show us how you know that chest is new junk."

Harm hesitantly opened the drawer again, then removed it and held it up,
"This joinery is machine made, it's too perfect," he explained.

"Maybe the drawer was damaged and improperly restored?" Becky asked with a
sinking feeling reflected in her face. "How can you tell from just looking
at the outside? This piece for instance."

Harm knelt and ran a fingertip over some appliqué; Becky joined him on
her knees. He took her hand and retraced his route, "Feel the occasional
depressions? This stuff was nailed on; the idiots were in a hurry I
guess. Even if it was restored it would have been glued and clamped, never
nailed. There weren't any finishing nails in the fourteenth century. If you
put your eye down on the face and look across it you can see a few that
weren't filled just right."

"Sonofabitch," Becky declared and stood up. "Tell me Harmon, how did you
become such an expert in antiques?"

Harm shrugged, "My family's owned a jewelry shop for a hundred years. I
guess my grandfather added some really good period pieces to sell and turn
an extra buck; meanwhile they're used for displays. Now we sell almost as
much in antiques as we do in jewelry, it rubs off, so I know. Cleaning up
pieces that just came in got me interested in history, just imagine who
owned the original of this."

Becky took Harm's arm and pushed her way through the listening, watching
boys, "You mean who STILL owns the original of this," she corrected. She
took the time to take a round house swing at her son's head with an open
hand as she passed him but just missed when Buck leaned away. Harm looked
helpless by the time they reached the dinning room where Bucky, Will and
Joe waited for them before they sat down. "Darling, I want a plane ready to
go tomorrow morning at eight o'clock sharp! The big one so I can take a few
pieces of furniture with me," she ordered without preamble. She turned to
Will and Joe, "I'll want to take four, no, make that six of your biggest
nastiest bone crushers, no, head crushers to go along with me," she told
them before she explained that she'd been scammed by a dealer/broker in
Paris. She pushed Harm into a chair on her right at her end of the table,
patted his hand affectionately and thanked him. When she looked up suddenly
she saw her husband covering his mouth to hide his grin. "And as for you
Buckminster, our son seems to be too old to discipline any longer, BUT you
my dear husband are not, if you know what I mean, so you best wipe that
smirk from your face this instant!"

"Yes dear," Bucky answered contritely.

Buck nudged Doug and whispered, "Man talk about pussy whipped." His
gravelly voice carried easily

Becky didn't look up from her appetizer, "You would be too if you liked
girls," she shot back at him. Doug nearly drowned on a sip of water before
Buck almost broke his back from pounding on it with his fist to make him
stop laughing.

Evan snapped his fingers, "You can take mine Becky, and it's always ready
to go with a half hour's notice. That was Grandfather's order and I never
changed it. You can take an army with you in that and all the furniture you
want. If you really want to scare the shit, I mean crap out of the junk
dealer, just call him after you land and order him to come aboard. After
he's inside, close the hatch and take off before you tell him you want a
refund or its sky diving lessons from thirty-five thousand feet for him."
He giggled at the thought, "Of course you can't open a hatch at that
altitude, more than once, but the dude won't be thinking too clearly about

"Why thank you Evan darling but I think several large men sitting in his
salon on the genuine furniture I thought I was buying will be enough when
the first chair breaks from rocking back on the rear legs," Becky answered
with an evil smile. "Especially when I present the despicable man with
letters that I intend to send to every decorator's journal I can think of
exposing him if I don't receive a full refund for everything, including

Buck thought it prudent to change the subject after his mother declined the
use of Evan's 747. "Hey guess what, the twins are coming! They called when
dad and I were talking. They bought a Challenger or a one third interest in

Bucky got effusive suddenly, "And they're loading it with cases of their
best years to stock my cellar. Since Don Thomas didn't have time to help
me, they offered their vintner's expertise." He sipped from his wine glass
appreciatively and sighed with pleasure.

"Is Diego coming with them and Charlie, did they talk him into coming too?"
Doug asked. "I hope so; I'll bet Rocket will be able to teach him to swim
in no time when we get him to Dagger Cay, especially in the nice warm

"Yup, Charlie's coming. He wasn't at first until they threatened to tie him
to his chair and load him up with the wine. Toby said they think he's a
little bit scared of finding out once and for all if he'll ever walk
again. Right now he's operating on guts and hope. Anyway, Diego convinced
him just by saying he'd stay there on the ranch with him if he didn't agree
to come along. Charlie didn't want Diego to miss out on living the good
life with his half brothers even if they did move into the hacienda."

"Wow that's great, just in time to come with us to Dagger as soon as we get
back from New York. I thought we all need a last vacation before school
starts." Evan looked disappointed, "Everyone's invited of course, but now
that you're going to Europe you won't be able to come with us," he said to
Becky. "I really wanted you to meet my mother. I was hoping you and Doug's
mom and Elise Wilcott would be getting to be friends with her and maybe go
shopping and stuff, maybe another time."

Becky smiled, "Nonsense, there's no time like the present. After dinner
I'll call Martha and Elise and you call your mother, tell her to meet us at
the Nassau airport tomorrow morning. We four can go shopping in Europe."
She ignored Bucky's nearly stifled moan, "When we're done we'll join you on
the island. Thank you Evan what a delightful idea." She looked up the
length of the table, "You men will have a busman's holiday until we get
back and you'll have to start wearing clothes to dinner again."

Harm ate quietly while the others talked; he looked more and more
confused. When Becky asked him what was wrong in a whisper, he answered
truthfully, "I guess you could call it culture shock Mrs. Trenton. I never
dreamed I'd be included in your extended family. I don't know anyone not
really and I'm sure not used to being served dinner by a butler wearing a
white tie monkey suit. I guess I'm not too used to having friends."

Becky patted his hand, "Well you start by calling everyone by their first
names. I know exactly how you feel; Bucky and I aren't either, used to
having friends I mean, good friends, who aren't just ass kissers, if you'll
pardon the expression. Don't worry dear you'll adjust, our son and his
relatively new friends seem to be excellent judges of character. Now you
just tell me all about your family's shop. You say you sell jewelry and
fine antiques? What an intriguing combination, after we get back from our
vacation, the girls and I will have to visit. No woman ever has enough
jewelry and there's always a bare wall in need of a table or chair." Bucky
moaned again, Becky continued without looking up, "Or uncomfortable sofas
for their penny pinching husbands to sleep on." She giggled to negate the
threat, "Really, he's not all that tight fisted and now that he plans to
build an entirely new university right here on the property, there's very
little he can say about my spending habits."

The balance of that evening after dinner was spent discussing Trenton
University. The boys all contributed suggestions eagerly. Buck got a lap
top and began taking notes. No idea was too far out or too expensive not to
consider. They studied the preliminary site plan avidly and Doug began
penciling in additions including another lake carefully from a dam on the
river that fed Wilcott's lake at a precise grade line then following the
line on the topography around a long valley formed by low hills that would
be the water's edge. He added bridges to connect his father's roads that he
drowned in the design process and even sketched in an elevation of what he
thought would look like tough or cool bridge designs in the margin.

Doug looked up at Evan suddenly, "Will we be in Ft. Lauderdale long enough
to see Josh? Maybe we can invite him to the island, plus I want to see how
far he's gotten with that big mother catamaran he's working on. In his last
e-mail he said he built a small scale mockup of my mooring design. Maybe we
can take it with us and try it out in the lagoon with the cat from Sea

Evan shrugged, "I guess we can if you want to, or just chopper over later
when you're done."

"If you want, Joe and I will wait for you then we can buzz over in HIM!,"
Will suggested and winked at Doug. "If we left a day later we'd probably
still get to the island before Sea Song, he's so slow." Doug and Buck
grinned. Will was baiting Evan.

Evan snapped up the hook, line and sinker with a delighted grin and instant
retort, "SLOW! Sea Song cruises at forty knots that's pretty good for a
boat his size, plus he can go anywhere in the world, you can't get your
little tub further than the next gas station. If you want to save gas I'll
get davits installed and take HIM! along as an extra life boat. You can
even sleep aboard your little boat and maybe make believe. We better do
that, and then you won't get lost getting to the island since I don't think
you can find your way between two channel markers on the Intercoastal yet
can you?"

"Ouch!" Doug giggled, "Score, Evan one, goon squad nothing!"

Evan saw them coming out of their chairs and had time to hug his knees in a
fetal position. "You started it!" He squealed with laughter before Will and
Joe pounced to start tickling him so he laughed even harder.

Doug grabbed the plan and abandoned the sofa pulling Harm with him out of
the combatant's way. "How big is their boat, like an open fishing boat?"
Harm asked.

"Not hardly; HIM!, that would be with all capitals with an exclamation
point, is eighty feet or so. Evan jabbed the guys good because it's their
first boat and maybe scares them a little. Its maybe ten knots faster than
Sea Song but it isn't an expedition yacht; combine a big power plant with
luxury and the trade off is tankage, fuel capacity. Of course the guys
getting lost on the Intercoastal is bullshit, they have GPS, plus you can
mostly see between Intercoastal markers."

"We heard that," Joe laughed, "don't YOU start," he warned Doug.

"If their yacht is eighty feet how big is Evan's?" Harm asked. He was
getting frustrated asking what he thought were dumb questions.

"He was joking about the davits, Sea Songs' not that big, but he's one of
the biggest yachts in the world, I guess about three hundred and sixty
feet, give or take a few." Doug shrugged his ignorance. "Come on you're on
our side," he pushed Harm suddenly and tripped him so he fell into the
growing melee before he launched his body at Will's back when Will started
wrestling with Buck and Tommy. Billy was trying to free Evan from under
Joe. Will collapsed on the small boys and Doug's momentum tipped the sofa
over backward.

Becky grinned and picked up the cardboard tube used to keep the plan safe
and started clubbing everyone within range without effect, "I've told you
about rough housing inside haven't I?" She asked before Bucky tackled her,
wrested her sorry weapon away and got on top of her.

Bucky kissed his wife, and smiled down on her flexing his body against hers
suggestively, "Since you'll be leaving early in the morning, we should be
getting to bed shouldn't we?"

Evan sat in the back seat with Harm to begin the trip to Ithaca. Tommy sat
up tall and proud in the front passenger seat. "What did your parents have
to say when you told them you were moving to Trenton Hall and going to
college on the web?" Evan asked.

Harm rolled his eyes, "Let's just say it's a very good thing I did it on
the phone. You know, the usual; giving up my scholarship, maybe the deal's
a scam, I'm a dumb kid, I'm disowned, stuff like that. I figure though if I
show up riding in this tank surrounded by your bodyguards, plus Buck gave
me a contract this morning before we left. My dad will study it looking for
the loop holes I didn't see and of course he won't find any. They'll come
around eventually."

"Did Bucky give you a check for tuition? That would make them into

Harm shook his head, "Yeah it would have, but he said he'd send it
directly. My coach was so upset after I told him; he stopped talking to me
until he left to fly back. I am kind of leaving a hole in his team."

"Bucky should have given you cash," Evan squirmed around in his seat to
lean over the seat back to rummage in their luggage. When he sat back down
he held a metal case on his knees. The case was one of two he brought with
him from the Sea Song's master suite safe. He cracked it open just far
enough to remove a manila envelope and snapped it closed before he handed
the envelope to Harm, "No problem, I know Bucky made a speech about
spending money, but if you have to get a part time job, that will cut into
your practice time." He grinned, "So what Bucky doesn't know about he won't
worry about. You now officially work for me and that's your pay in advance
for a year. Your only job will be to make the Olympic team with Doug and in
the meantime beat the shit out of everyone else in all the upcoming meets."

Harm looked at his pay for a second before he handed the envelope back,
"Thanks Evan, I can't take this, there's thousands of dollars in there," he
paraphrased a comment Evan made earlier, "you don't need to pay me to be
your friend, no one pays friends or charges friends, isn't that what you

Evan looked surprised; a hint of a frown crossed his brow before he grinned
and returned the envelope to his case, closed it again and tossed it over
the seat back, "Fuck me if I didn't," he giggled, "or even if I did,
anytime." He offered Harm his hand, "You're right, I guess I was trying to
buy you, I'm sorry, that was kind of insulting I guess, maybe it's because
I've been poor, beyond poor and I don't like thinking about guys I really
like being in the same shape."

"Poor," Harm blinked, "I guess my family's poor compared to you guys, but
we aren't down and out." He laughed, "My father's what you might call tight
fisted, one of his favorite questions when my brother or I hits on him for
money is; Am I made of money? That's just before he hands it over, he never
says no, just complains a lot."

Evan started laughing until he was rolling in his seat, "Your dad and my
grandfather would have gotten along."

Harm nodded, "Actually Dad could do a lot better if he'd move the shop to a
new mall somewhere, but nope, Golden Jeweler's has been in the same spot
forever in the heart of the business district downtown. We own the
building. It doesn't matter that two thirds of the stores are closed,
either out of business or if they were smart, took the plunge and moved
where the customers are. Dad designs and makes beautiful stuff that would
sell in a heart beat in New York City. But nope, the heart beats in
downtown Ithaca. The problem is that it's so easy to tie up every penny in
gemstones. He'll hardly look at anything second rate so his wholesalers
don't bother. Dad's attitude is like if Harry Winston wouldn't buy it, Ben
Golden won't either."

Harm stretched out his lanky body as he talked about his family. He glanced
at Evan occasionally, looked out the window or stared into space, and
didn't notice Evan's sudden interest when he mentioned the cost of
inventory or see him glance back where he imagined the titanium case rested
behind the seat. Tommy and Billy had their own conversation going in the
front. Tommy was using a legal pad and wrote in large letters so Billy
could read everything at a glance.

They'd been on the Interstate for a couple of hours and Tommy held his pad
up so Billy could read it. "Damn Tommy," Billy complained with a grin, "if
you wanted to learn to drive you should have let us know. As soon as we get
back I'll teach you. It's really easy," he giggled and looked at Evan in
the rear view mirror, "Evan learned after wiping out half of Becky's

"Fuck you too Billy," Evan giggled, "A few bushes and some flowers, I
offered to replace it all."

Billy saw Evan's expression change. He looked back to see how close the
following Suburban was, then out the front window. They could see the lead
truck several hundred yards in front of them over intervening cars. "Call
the boys and tell them we need to take a leak at the next rest stop. Then
Billy, you and Harm entertain them for a few minutes by the building. Keep
them away from here while I get things set up. This is a long trip, we may
as well all take turns at driving and Tommy's next, then me and Harm can
get us into town since he knows the roads."

Tommy turned his pad sideways; one word filled the page when he held it
up, "YEAH!!!"

Billy grinned, "What if they catch us?"

Evan shrugged, "What can they say?" He imitated Rod, "I say Evan, licensed
drivers only please, or I shall have to take measures." He dropped the
clipped accent. "They might make me ride with them for a while until I
swear I won't do it again. Until the next time," he added with a giggle.

The parking area was crowded. Billy found a single space close to the
sidewalk while the Suburbans weren't as lucky; they were parked close to
the exit road and couldn't see the Hummer except for its roof line. Evan
and Tommy jumped from the Hummer while it was still moving and ran for the
men's room so they were leaving by the time Billy, Harm and the guards were
approaching the entrance. "I told you not to drink that third Coke," Evan
scolded Tommy in their hearing. The men grinned, shook their heads and kept
on moving, thankful for a chance to get some relief themselves.

The boys ran for the Hummer. Tommy sat in the driver's seat and Evan
adjusted the seat all the way forward and up as high as it would move, then
clicked the seat back until that was vertical and pumped up the lumbar
support for good measure. Tommy nodded that he was comfortable, could see
and reach the peddles after he tilted the steering wheel all the way down
so he didn't have to look through the ring. Evan scooted for the passenger
side and gave Tommy a crash course in shifting gears. Tommy nodded that he
understood the theory. The men left Billy and Harm with a wave and walked
toward their trucks. Billy and Tommy exchanged caps and sunglasses and when
the guards were safely out of sight, they exchanged seats. Tommy found
reverse and backed out without stalling, his experience steering Dieter's
small utility truck served him well. They waited until the lead Suburban
started down the exit road before they fell in line in the middle
position. When they passed the second Suburban that was to follow, Billy
hunched down low in his seat while Tommy sat up as straight as possible so
his silhouette appeared to be Billy's height behind the wheel if any of
them could be seen through the darkly tinted glass. Tommy methodically
worked his way through the shift pattern with a minimum of jerking and
entered the Interstate traffic pattern doing sixty and accelerating in
fifth gear.

"We agreed to keep it at between seventy-five and eighty," Billy told Tommy
between giggles when he saw Tommy begin to overtake Rod and Jon with the
speedometer creeping toward ninety. Tommy nodded and frowned while he eased
up his foot pressure on the accelerator very regretfully. Tommy drove until
they reached Scranton and got caught in traffic due to an accident. While
they were stopped briefly, Billy and Tommy exchanged places because there
was a scheduled stop for fuel. Billy thought he broke both knee caps when
he attempted to fit his long legs under the steering wheel. He quickly
adjusted the seat in time to move forward again with the surrounding

The Suburbans pulled up to gas pumps while Billy parked at the diesel
pump. All four boys got out of their truck, Harm filled the tank while the
others watched and congratulated each other on the success of their
ruse. Harm glanced up to see Rod looking at them and frowning, he looked
down again and mumbled, "Rod's looking at us like he knows something's
going on."

Evan rolled his eyes, "Shit, you assholes forgot to change hats and
sunglasses. Just hope he doesn't figure it out before we get going
again. It's my fucking turn to drive. Hurry it up Harm we'll get moving
before they finish. If he comes over here, all you guys look guilty as
hell. You drive and we'll switch on the road and then switch again when we
get close."

"Don't call us assholes," Billy argued, "You didn't think of it either,
besides if we get caught I'll take the heat not you, because they work for
you not me."

Evan looked up at Billy suddenly wearing a strange expression, "Anytime you
get treated any differently than they or anyone treats me you just let me
know. You and I are partners, we're equals and if they forget that I'll
remind them if you don't. We let them boss us around when it comes to
safety and security, but WE are always their employers and don't you forget
that either."

Billy blinked at Evan's intensity, "Damn Evan, you sounded just like your
grandfather, only without the accent," he grinned at his little joke.

Evan smiled, "Yeah, well I guess some things sank in." He heard the pump
click off, "Screw the receipt Harm let's roll. Park off to the side; we'll
wait for them behind this nice tinted glass out of sight and switch when we
get back on the highway."

The Hummer slowed dramatically for thirty seconds, the time it took Harm to
slip his butt across the console into the vacant passenger seat while Evan
slipped between the front seats into the driver's seat from the back and
Billy held the wheel steady by standing bent over and reaching forward from
the back. Harm and Evan traded places again at a stoplight after they left
the Interstate and were approaching Ithaca. Harm drove them to a
residential neighborhood within walking distance of the University, near a
large lake and parked in the driveway of a neat Victorian home that sat on
a low bluff overlooking the lake across the street. He looked back in time
to see the two Suburbans park at the curb. "That was interesting, trying to
give directions by radio to someone somewhere in front of you, especially
if they've already passed the turn," he grinned. "Anyway, we made it. Come
on in and meet my mother. She seemed to be okay with my move on the
phone. Dad will be at the shop until six, that's when the shit will hit the

Sharon Golden, Harm's mother trailed his three year old sister Monica
through the screen door to the wide front porch. Monica tackled Harm's legs
and held on until he picked her up. After introductions were out of the
way, Sharon first eyed the Hummer and then the two Suburbans parked on the
street and the four young men who leaned against one talking quietly while
they watched the group on the porch, the street and the neighbor's
homes. "Bodyguards," she asked in surprise when Evan explained who they
were, "you mean like the Secret Service guards the President?"

"Something like that, my grandfather was a European businessman, wherever
we go, they go, or we don't go. I'm sorry; I'll send three of them and both
trucks on ahead to the hotel if they bother you." As Evan explained, Jon
and one of the new guards split away and walked up the property line to
disappear behind the house. Two minutes later Jon returned, the new man did

"Oh no, let them stay," Sharon grinned, "the neighbors will be talking
about this forever. They can beat some sense into my husband's head when he
gets home. After Harm called, we watched the two hour special yesterday on
national television." She looked up at her son, laughed and messed his
hair, "You look so handsome on television. Anyway, he still thinks
everything we saw and heard about the Trenton pool and Mr. Trenton is some
sort of scam to lure our son away from home. Actually his problem is that
he doesn't like the thought of our first born leaving the nest, although it
would have happened already if Harm picked some other good swimming college
to go to like USC, he had a stack of scholarship offers." She looked at
Evan, "So you're the one who wants to meet my brother."

"I do?"

"My Uncle Nathan is our Rabbi." Harm told Evan, "He's the devout one in the

"Oh yeah, I do then," Evan nodded enthusiastically. "Do you guys need a new
church here?"

"Church," Sharon's surprise showed clearly on her face, "what kind of a Jew
are you?"

The boys laughed at Evan's cherubic look, "Actually I'm not, I'm adopted,
but Grandfather was. He was in the underground during the war, I mean World
War Two, he was blond and had blue eyes so he looked more Arian than most
of the Nazis." He made a slicing motion across his neck, "Surprise!
Grandfather asked me to build him a SYNAGUOGE," he stressed the word with a
grin at Harm, "but I think a dozen would be better, a few here in the
States and the rest around Europe and of course a big one in Israel. He
told me it probably wouldn't get him into heaven, but that it sure wouldn't
hurt." He glanced at Billy thinking of his grandfather's last request
aboard the Sea Song, his stepfather, the other men and the sharks,
"Actually I guess he's covering all the bases in the religion department."

"Where's Spencer, Mom?" Harm asked with a smile and a look across the
street at an empty dock and then out over the lake.

Sharon frowned, "As if you didn't know, don't bother looking, you won't see
the sail. This one isn't Jewish either, the way your brother's going he'll
be a father before he graduates from high school," she complained
cryptically before she explained. "My youngest son has a stable of girl
friends and he takes them on sailing dates. His boat is small but it has a
cabin. I'm sure he sails them straight to some secluded cove and then
really sails them, if you know what I mean. I can always tell from the way
they hang on him after they dock; such passionate goodbyes right out in
broad daylight, I just know the neighbors watch our dock, the daily show is
better than any soap opera. After the first time the sluts start calling
him, but of course he's never home. I feel like his appointment secretary."
She looked at Harm fondly, "You were never like that when you were in high
school; girl crazy, it's just as well that you were always so shy around
them. Get your education first, and then find a nice girl to settle down
with." She brightened with a sudden thought and looked at Evan hopefully,
"Do you have any nice girls in your family? Maybe you could introduce one
to Harmon."

Evan was hard pressed to keep from laughing and was very careful to avoid
looking at Harm. He shrugged, "Nope not that I know of, Grandfather's whole
family was wiped out, I mean they didn't survive the war, sorry."

"Oh that's okay, Harmon couldn't be that lucky. Frankly I'm so pleased that
he's finally made some friends at last," Sharon looked at Billy and Harm
leaning on the porch railing looking out on the lake while they talked and
laughed together, "Any friends at all are a start for him," she added in a
whisper. She looked at her watch, "Make yourselves comfortable, I've got to
start dinner."

"Oh no Mrs. Golden, I already made reservations at the Hilton where we're
staying. No cooking for you tonight. There's a table for twelve, so the
more the merrier." Evan saw Sharon frown when he mentioned the hotel, "The
Hilton's all right isn't it? I mean if you know of some place better we can
go there."

"The Hilton is wonderful, but it's so expensive."

Little Monica saved Evan from convincing Harm's mother that he could afford
to take them to dinner when she tugged at Sharon's shorts, "Mommy he won't
talk to me. Why won't he talk to me?"

Tommy followed the baby wearing a helpless look. Monica claimed Tommy as
her friend as soon as they were introduced and took him to a collection of
her toys on the other end of the porch. Evan got down on his knees and
pulled Tommy down to his side, "Tommy would talk to you if he could, but
his voice box, where words come from is broken and the doctors can't fix
it. Can you read yet?" He asked knowing the answer.

"No, I like picture books with lots of letters. I'm almost four," she held
up three fingers, "I'll read next year." Monica announced proudly.

Sharon laughed, "No darling you just had your third birthday, you have a
whole year to wait before your next birthday party."

"Can I have a birthday party now? Then I'll be four!" Monica looked hopeful
and reached to touch Tommy's lips, "Does your booboo hurt?" She asked with
concern. Tommy took her small hand and moved it to his throat before he
shook his head and smiled.

Evan looked back at the porch once when Harm walked with them to the Hummer
an hour later. "Is your brother hung like you?" He asked with a
grin. Spencer and his date for the day were back and standing on the porch
saying goodbye until dinner. The girl was holding herself up by hanging on
his bare shoulder and almost grinding her body against his arm and thigh.

Harm's face colored. He nodded and grinned, "Even better I think and I know
he discovered what else it's used for when he was thirteen. That was when
he started spending all his allowance on condoms anyway. The big prick even
offered to share the wealth with me, just to get me started out, if you
know what I mean." He laughed ruefully, "Like pity the older brother."

Ben Golden sat at the dinner table and looked where his wife pointed. He
missed meeting the boys and seeing the two Suburban trucks and the four
bodyguards at the house. Jon and Rod sat at a small table near the kitchen
door so they could see who came and went and just as easily by turning
their heads, the big round table where the party sat. The other two guards
occupied a booth close to the dinning room entrance where their views
included the entrance and the dinner party as well. All four ate big
dinners but all were completely aware of where all the diners' eyes
moved. They looked for unwarranted interest in the big round table. Ben
argued that the young men were just graduate students until Evan grinned
and said quietly, "Wink at us please." Ben's head swiveled between the
booth and table in time to see the four obey the polite order. Evan touched
his shirt collar and grinned, "We're wired when we go out in public like
this." He nodded at Harm, sitting quietly next to his father, "Harm too,"
he added with a grin.

Harm still looked befuddled but obligingly turned over his shirt collar so
his father could see the tiny microphone stuck there. Then he tipped his
head, the receiver looked to Ben like a mini hearing aid plugging his ear.

"Anton Falconburg," Rabbi Nathan Schmitt repeated, "Oh yes I know the
name. I'm a history buff. Your grandfather was highly regarded for his
ruthless efficiency by those in the resistance movement. He was just a boy
by all accounts, when he started, but the reasons are fuzzy. Do you know
why he started out with his dagger?"

Evan looked off into space, "He wasn't home when the Nazis came for his
family, but he got there in time to see them slaughtered for no better
reason than the Lieutenant in charge of the squad liked their house. He
moved in the same day. Grandfather sneaked in that night, found his hunting
knife, it was a bone handled hunting knife not a dagger; anyway, he cut the
officers' throat in his parents' bed. After, he burned the house down. He
told me that, but not much more. I know he often posed as a Nazi officer so
he could get in close and everyone on both sides called him by his code
name, Dagger, and the Germans were scared shitless," he giggled, "I mean he
scared them silly. No one who ever saw him lived to describe him, but in
the morning they sure knew he'd been around because he left a kind of neat
calling card." Nathan's face reddened, "But only on officers," he hastened
to add defensively. "After the war was over, Grandfather told me he built
his business from what he made from selling a stolen carton of cigarettes
by the pack before he got into the black market big time."

Nathan nodded, "Did he ever tell you anything about hunting Nazis?" Evan
shook his head. Nathan elaborated, "There are only verbal accounts, but he
had contacts all over Europe. When he could afford it, he chased many down
wherever they were hiding. Most were found, as you said with his calling
card. He never took credit for those, but the few that knew him in the
resistance just knew it was his work. There were three though, all high
officers who were in charge of all the plunder, the most portable items and
the most valuable; gems pried from their settings. The gold, platinum and
silver were melted down, but the gem stones just piled up in a vault. They
were priceless yet valueless because of the total weight of the treasure,
sale of the stones would make them as worthless as pebbles on a beach, and
there was no one in the world at the time that the Nazis could sell them
to. You've probably heard stories of some loading trucks with gold bullion,
but it was and is still rumored that these three men each filled a suitcase
and decamped for parts unknown a month before the end. One would think that
those stones would start to reappear on the market somewhere, but none ever
have. Doubtless too, the three officers wouldn't be able to resist the
temptation to live in a grand style which they certainly could afford, but
they just disappeared along with the three suitcases. Your grandfather was
already a supremely wealthy man for the time when he started inquiring
about these scum, then he just stopped looking, stopped asking. His
contacts assumed that he found them, but if he did, he didn't recover the
gems because none have ever entered the market."

"What my scholarly brother-in-law means is the big most precious stones,
some even named, were among the diamonds from engagement rings and other
jewelry. Remember there was an elite Jewish society, industrialists,
businessmen, even aristocracy, very wealthy," Ben smiled sadly, "if there
wasn't they'd all still be alive, or their children would."

Evan paled back when Nathan first mentioned the volume of stolen then lost
gemstones. No one noticed the change in his demeanor. He casually rubbed
his neck under his collar then squeezed the match head sized microphone
between his thumb and forefinger and leaned toward Nathan, "I must see you
and Mr. Golden tonight after dinner alone at his store. Grandfather found
them," was all he could safely whisper without Jon and Rod taking note that
his microphone was disabled. The conversation changed to discuss the
Trenton family and Harm's future. Harm squirmed uncomfortable at being
discussed as if he were an item of inventory in the family store.

Harm was just getting into his bed when there was a telltale light double
tap on his bedroom door. He smiled his pleasure at Spencer when he walked
in as usual without waiting for Harm to invite him. Spencer was still
wearing bikini briefs while Harm was naked. Harm was slightly taller and
sported the hard lean body of a swimmer while Spencer had all the same
muscles but they were less pronounced, less well developed. Harm finished
getting in bed, lay on his side and propped his head up with his hand. He
pulled the sheet up just far enough to cover his nakedness. "Hey bro,
what's happening?"

Spencer sat down on the side of the bed; he grinned and shrugged, "Not
much. I just wanted to tell you I'm glad you finally found someone. You had
me worried; beating off all the time isn't all that rewarding. You were
overdue for some action."

Harm tensed; his smile became fixed, "Say what?"

Spencer patted Harm's sheet covered hip, "I realized a couple of years ago,
but yesterday when we watched that special, you got together with that guy
Doug." Harm's smile disappeared and his eyes fixed on his younger brother's
hand still on his hip. Spencer continued, "Don't worry Mom and Dad didn't
notice and they probably won't figure it out for years."

"Ah, notice what?" The warmth of Spencer's hand started to burn through the

Spencer chuckled, "When you pulled him out of the pool after that one race,
at the last second you turned sideways and stuck out your hip, this hip,
and the Doug guy humped you with his package, just once. Right there in
public. The look you guys exchanged, it was like a question and an answer;
want to get it on, and, yup, right after the meet. I can't believe no one
else noticed, or couldn't until I met Billy and Evan this afternoon and
maybe the little kid Tommy too. Probably everyone right there around you
noticed, they just didn't care, are they ALL gay? My God you sure stepped
into a bucket of shit, and Mom thinks I'm oversexed." While he talked he
hooked his pinky on the edge of the sheet and tugged it down until Harm was
fully exposed to his view before he moved his hand back to massage warm
taught skin. Harm started to say something; Spencer cut him off with a
raised hand. "It's really cool you being gay. Mary, my date today is too,
well not completely, she's bi. She has an older girl friend, and like on
the second time I took her sailing she asked me if I was interested in
getting together with both of them at the same time. You know like they'd
put on shows for me, then one of them and I would fuck for the other.

"I only see them one or two times a week now, that's all I can handle,
between them, they wear my sorry ass out. The second time, I was fucking
Mary and Jill got between my legs she started playing with my balls first
then graduated to my ass with her fingers. She used a lube and slipped
first one finger home then another. She was getting me stretched a
little. It felt okay, pretty good in fact. I figured what the hell. Then
she got off the bed after she warned me not to come yet. She was back in a
flash wearing a big dong strapped around her waist. The thing was like a
shield covering her pussy. She stuck it between our faces and Mary started
licking it. I was hot, man was I hot, and I started licking it too. Jill,
the other girl said good; she wanted me to get it as slippery as I could
because she was going to fuck me in the ass with it while I fucked Mary. I
thought that over for a tenth of a second AND got even harder at the
thought." Spencer paused and lowered his voice while his hand dropped to
Harm's growing cock. "I was kind of thinking that since you'll be going
away tomorrow, moving for good except for vacations, well I liked the
plastic one, so how about giving me this? Just once, I just want to try out
a real one just one time, you know like brother to brother." Harm finished
growing in Spencer's hand. "Just once then I'll leave quietly and we won't
ever mention it again. Please?"

Harm flopped to his back and squeezed his brother's hand surrounding his
cock while he allowed himself a tiny shrug, "I guess being oversexed runs
in our family along with big thick cocks. Fair warning though," he said
while Spencer stood up long enough to peel off his underwear, "I'm told I'm
kind of enthusiastic when I get going. I know that I won't be able to
stop. I could hurt you." Spencer grinned and stretched out on top of Harm,
fitting Harm's cock between his legs as he moved. Harm surrounded his
brother with his arms and hugged him tighter. Their faces were a few inches
apart. Harm was entranced and impulsively pulled his brother's head down to
kiss him deeply with his tongue boring for the back of Spencer's throat.

Spencer's open eyes widened, before he responded in kind. When they finally
broke contact, Spencer mumbled, "Holy shit! I didn't even think about
kissing! That was awesome, man so erotic."

"Don't you make out before you go for it?" Harm asked in surprise.

"Oh yeah, but I meant with you, brothers kissing like that. Can we try that
again? Bro it's a good thing you're moving out, this is all unreal. I can't
believe we're actually doing this, but I'm loving every minute of it. If
you didn't move I'd be in here every night."



"Shut up."

"Yes Thir!" Spencer whispered around his tongue as he became the temporary

For Harm, the night with his younger brother was like living a long
harbored erotic dream. He'd often used Spencer's image, his face, his
beautiful body his big Golden cock and his tight ass as his master and his
slave in heated jerk off sessions, and then suddenly he was there. He
decided he'd give Spence what he wanted, but not yet, "Get off me a sec,"
he ordered and pushed.

"Huh, what, why, what'd I do?" Spencer rolled to his side looking confused
and frustrated.

"Nothing yet duffus, if you want to play gay, that's what we'll do." Harm
wiggled his way down the bed. When he was even with Spencer's cock he
grabbed his hips and pulled him back on top. Spencer hung there above his
brother using his arms. "Well? Relaxing now would be a good thing." Harm
advised and opened his mouth waiting.

Spencer looked down between their bodies; surprise was evident in his
voice, "Oh! Man, really? You should know I don't have much control either
once I get going, shit I have to remember to breathe."

Harm didn't answer; he just pulled on Spencer's hips. Spencer's body bowed
down slowly. He watched his cock until Harm snaked his tongue out to catch
a drop of precum and that was all it took. His cock followed Harm's tongue
back into his mouth and then just kept on going. "I can't believe I'm
fucking you in the mouth. I can't believe I'm fucking you in the mouth," he
repeated as he plunged in and out without the slightest regard for where
his cock was going. There didn't seem to be a need for caution or concern
as Harm directed Spencer's depth with his hands. That would be all the way
he realized when Harm's nose began poking his abdomen just above his cock
with every down thrust. The newness, the suddenness, they both felt a
ferocity. Spencer barely stifled a scream when he came halfway down his
brother's throat.

Little brother pulled away and scooted down the bed preparing to cuddle
while he recouped his resources as he would've done with a girlfriend, but
big brother had other ideas. Harm pushed on Spencer's shoulders, "Now would
be a good time to practice licking on the real deal unless you can stand
some pain," he suggested, "Because Harmful is hot to trot."

Spencer grinned, "I'm going to, but because I want to taste you not
because I have to. I used some KY before I came in here. I knew I could
make you because you don't have any more willpower than I do." After the
first tentative lick, Spencer decided that sucking a cock, even his
brother's big fat Golden cock was infinitely easier than eating a cum
filled pussy, and a lot less messy. He'd eaten his own cum lots of times, a
simple feat that always drove the girls getting the treatment wild and
stimulated them to demand yet another fuck so he'd eat them again. He'd
given up on condoms long ago; they were a pain to put on. Even the extra
large ones were a bitch to roll down. Then there was always the drugstore
cashiers' smirk, male or female. Eating pussy after filling it was Spencer
Golden's economy method of birth control, so far, so good. Harm got Spencer
out of his contemplative state when he suddenly grabbed the back of
Spencer's head and held it tightly while his spurting cock filled the
almost virgin mouth. Spencer didn't have to trouble himself with swallowing
much. Later, when he had the time to think about it, he regretted that.

Harm abandoned Spencer and his bed long enough to visit their
bathroom. Both were thankful that their rooms were over the kitchen at the
back of the house far enough from their parents' room that they could even
talk in normal tones without disturbing anyone. Harm returned clutching a
pump bottle of skin softener. Spencer frowned while he watched Harm
liberally coat his cock, "Hey, what are we doing here? You're supposed to
be fucking me."

Harm giggled, "I will don't worry about that, but you first if you're up to
it. Oh, I see you are. Wow, you on top will be like me fucking myself."
Harm stroked the shaft with a slippery hand.

"Ah, I wouldn't do that too much." Spencer cautioned through clenched
teeth. Harm took his hand away as if it was burning. Spencer moved aside to
make room, "Did you do it to that Doug guy, or did he chicken out when he
saw you hard?"

"Chicken out, are you kidding? Doug is so far ahead of me in the experience
department nothing scares him. He told me that I'm the champion caliber
wise, but there are two other guys in the group that are longer," Harm held
up his hands, palms in and spread them with a giggle, "a lot longer. When I
meet up with them, I'm the one who might be running chicken."

"What about Evan, is he in the group? And what about little Tommy, he's too
young to do anything but dream isn't he? How many other guys are in the
group? How'd they all get together? And Billy, he seems to be Evan's very
good friend, yet I caught him eyeing my bathing suit a couple of times and
you two obviously have been together. Doesn't anyone get jealous of their
lovers fucking around behind their backs?"

Harm frowned and arranged his brother between his legs, "Have any of your
girlfriends ever told you, you talk too much?" He lifted his legs and
guided Spencer with both hands.

"OOOH!" Spencer moaned.

Evan and Billy took a taxicab to Golden's an hour after the party broke
up. The front door was unlocked; they walked in and were stopped in a tiny
glass vestibule by a locked inner door. Billy tapped on the thick
glass. The boys discovered they were locked in a bullet proof box when the
outer door lock clicked before the inside door buzzed when Ben Golden
released that lock from somewhere unseen. The boys stood in a room that
time forgot, a grand salon crowded with elegant furniture; empty jewelry
display cases were placed haphazardly on tables and desks, their contents
locked safely away for the night in a walk in vault whose door opened into
the retail area. The lights were low but the entire room could be seen from
the street by police patrol cars.

Ben motioned to them from a darkened doorway. When they were inside he
closed the door and turned on the lights. "You said he found them?" Nathan
asked without preamble, both men were nervous and excited as they eyed the
case Evan placed on a desk.

"Yup, I think so. Grandfather called this his emergency fund, or one of
them. This was in a safe on his yacht. I brought it along because Harm told
me about you being a jeweler. I thought you could like take them on
consignment, make nice stuff out of them, sell it, then we'd split the
profits." He opened the case and first removed the envelope he attempted to
give Harm. Then he pushed five banded ten thousand dollar bundles of
currency aside so the real contents of the case were exposed. He turned the
open case so they could see the glittering gems still nestled undisturbed
in their foam cocoon. Even Billy sucked in his breath at the sight. "Pretty
aren't they?" He asked academically. "When he showed me these I thought
what you see was all there were until I was packing in some cash to bring
along. The bundles wouldn't fit for some reason, they should have squashed
down. I discovered that this is a top tray that just holds the real
biggies." He lifted out the tray. Ben, Nathan and Billy stopped breathing,
three-quarters of the case was filled with loose stones of every color and
size, thousands of them like a box of colored gravel. Evan grinned, "They
kind of explain why this bitchin' case was so heavy to lug around."

Ben reverently picked up a random stone and studied it with his loop before
he placed it on an electronic scale, "Flawless at three point
seven-five-four carats," he pronounced before he returned it to the hoard.

Nathan looked at his brother-in-law in a daze, "What did you expect? They
had the finest jewelers, appraisers, and cutters at their disposal before
they were packed off to the camps. You won't find anything less in
there. The question is what are you going to do with them?" He asked Evan
with a hard eyed frown.

Evan shrugged, "That's the problem, they're covered with blood. What are WE
going to do with them? I'd give them back if I could. Before tonight I
thought you'd just have a lifetime supply of gems to make into stuff and
our little arrangement would be a neat profit center for us both." He
grinned, "Profit center, I got that from Bucky. I like that phrase." His
grin faded, "I don't want to profit from what, six million dead people. I
was thinking maybe we could create a foundation like Grandfather did for
the school and Bucky is doing to build his college. Maybe Mr. Golden, you
could still make them into jewelry, but lots of it, start a factory. I
could get some people together to sell the stuff all over the world. You
should get a cut off the top, and the rest could go into a big fund. Maybe
Rabbi, you could think up lots of ways to spend the money like clinics and
hospitals and libraries and research centers, and scholarships, stuff like
that all over the world too. Could we do that, do ya' think?"

They sat down and talked for an hour and during that time their eyes mostly
stayed on the contents of the open case. Each and every gem contained an
unknowable story and every one of the stories ended the same; in the
owners' horrific death. Evan yawned which set off a chain reaction. "Okay
so that's what we'll do." He closed and latched the case without including
the envelope or the money. Keep this for expenses," he pushed the bundles
toward Ben and handed him the envelope, "I tried to buy Harm with this, you
know make him an employee in name only so he didn't have to get a part-time
job that would cut into his practice time, but he wouldn't take it from
me. Why don't you give it to him, some like every week as spending money?
He'd probably accept it from you," he grinned, "and it would show him you
approve of his big move, it bothers him that you don't and he really
doesn't need distractions." He didn't wait for Ben to argue and started for
the door with Billy. He stopped and turned, "One more thing, from now on
whenever Harm and Doug have a meet somewhere, all you guys should plan on
going, I'll send a plane to get you. Now, when do you want the rest of the

"REST?" Ben and Nathan managed in perfect harmony and total shock.

"Yeah," Evan sighed, "There are four more cases like this. I don't know
what's in them; I haven't looked but probably about the same. Remember
these were emergency stashes. I kind of think that Grandfather didn't know
what to do with them all either so he just hid them. No one crossed him
more than once if you know what I mean, so he never had to use them, but
these rocks are serious blood money and he'd never touch them unless he had
to. Can you guys give us a ride back to the hotel please?"




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