Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


Chapter 47

Jeff and Eric were about to take seats at the first table with vacant
chairs until beefy hands found the back of their necks to steer them to a
table where the twins sat with Diego and Charlie. After they were seated,
Vincent held Jeff in place with both hands on his shoulders, "This is
the five hundred dollar man I told you about," he announced to his
charges proudly.

Jeff's sunglow deepened to scarlet, "VINCENT," he whined and squirmed
trying to break Vincent's hold, "I told you not to tell anyone, didn't
I? This morning was a fluke, a special circumstance, I got carried
away." He looked to Eric for support. A simple nod would have been
helpful to mute the cheering and bragging between tables, as Jeff
discovered that he was an instant member of the Del la Varga team
whatever that meant although he took some pride in the `Superman'
accolade he was accorded.

Eric leaned into Charlie, his seatmate, "Actually it was six hundred, my
man Jeffery put some back after he got done, well, you know. He's an
animal with his tongue," he giggled as Jeff gave him a quick totally
embarrassed finger. "Where I come from that finger has meaning. Okay,
after lunch. I wonder what we're having anyway, I'm starved." His eyes
widened when a waiter offered him an oversized printed menu.

"Why couldn't you be a shy retiring introvert?" Jeff groused at Eric
with a shy smile.

The twins and Diego nodded together once, "Let us pray," Diego intoned
with an impious smirk. The boys quickly clasped hands around the table.
Only Jeff and Eric bowed their heads and closed their eyes, the rest of
their teammates studied them eagerly to gauge their reactions, if any; to
the combined mental feeler they sent.

Jeff then Eric lifted their heads and their eyes opened wide in amazement
simultaneously, "HOLY FUCK!" they said together while they tried to
control their bobbing napkin covered erections.

"AFTER LUNCH!" was the unified laughing response.

Vincent found a chair next to Patrick, "Just look at them Paddy, we
can't get better security than to have two guards in bed with `em every

Patrick frowned at Eric, "That lad's not but twelve if he's a day.
How's he come to be a guard? Though `tis a sure thing he's accepted as
one o' the mob."

"He looks a tall skinny twelve but he's really eighteen and even if he
let his pubes grow he'd only look the little boss' age if he was naked.
Wearin' clothes he'll still look to be twelve. Now all I got to do is
pound some skills in `em before school starts. Nether ain't got enough
beef on `em to carry many weapons without lookin' lumpy so I'm gonna
fix up a pair of book bags with small twenty-two caliber stuff, I figure
to use hollow point ammo to make up for punch. Then I got Noah who's
gonna teach `em some killer moves, you know, the kind that puts the bad
guy down with one swipe but no blood or anything so if it was a mistake
the boys could always say the dude fell or passed out." Patrick blanched
and studied his menu. "Say Patrick, where you been hidin'? The boss'
kind of look at you as a combo father and grandfather. They actually like
it when you order them around and you ain't been doin' that much.
They're gonna get wild if you don't put your foot down some."

Patrick's answer was interrupted by a cross table conversation about
passports between Evan, Billie and Will. They laughed when Evan threw a
roll at Billie and he returned it more successfully and Bucky shouted an
order to end the food fight before it got properly started. Vincent put
his hand up near Patrick's head suddenly, unconsciously demonstrating
his reflexes and then placed a roll on Patrick's plate. Patrick grinned
behind his hand without looking for the source of the unasked for bread,
"The scamps, I be seein' what you mean," he stood up, "if you'll be
excusin' me a moment."

Vincent watched Patrick lean down between the twins to hold a whispered
conversation. He left the Del la Varga brothers and Charlie frowning
silently while Jeff and Eric sputtered their innocence audibly. All
watched Patrick hold a second conversation with Bucky, who laughed,
looked in their direction and agreed to have the whole group join him at
his table for dinner that evening.

Patrick explained before Vincent could ask, "Tonight an' until further
notice the lads will be wearin' jackets an' neckties to table, Bucky's
table. We'll see how they like standin' out in a sea o' skin for a day
or two."

Vincent laughed and slapped Patrick on the back hard enough to jiggle the
table, "Good man Paddy! Hey did you specify pants and shirts? If you
didn't you won't see `em."

"Nope, I thought to allow the lot some right to protest me decree."

Vincent hoisted a bushy eyebrow at the eight handsome heads as they
leaned into the center of the table to plan exactly that. "I'll just
add pants and shirts to my two. I want to see how they look as proper
preppies anyway. Now you just tell me where you been keepin' yourself."

"I been lookin' at papers an' computer screens until I be bleary eyed
an' makin' decisions that I ought not be makin'. I've no head fer the
job an' Pepe out at the Rancho does so I been encouragin' him to take
charge more an' more." Patrick's tale of woe and overwork continued
through lunch until the boys melted away to the beach and the catamarans
and Vincent was sorry he asked.

Doug and Josh were in their element when sailing lessons were about to
begin spontaneously. Doug was going to take out one of the new cats to
begin teaching the basics to three representatives from the school; Kyle,
Mark and the newest cottage commander, little Charlie when he saw the
twins carry Charlie Garcia wearing flippers, and swim goggles from his
cart to the water's edge and then join him in swimming or attempting to,
using Doug's dolphin stroke or kick. Doug recalled his promise, "I'll
be right back guys, come on Tommy we need to see if we can get a dolphin
instructor in the lagoon to teach Charlie how to swim the way they do.
Maybe if we try all together, we can call them and explain the problem
with pictures. They waded out to where the twins, Diego, Charlie and
their attentive guards, Jeff and Eric were congregated in waist deep

Charlie smiled with relief when Doug joined them, "Thanks Doug, these
assholes mean well but they can't teach me what they don't know how to
do themselves, but at least the saltwater buoyancy sure feels good."

Doug explained what he wanted them to do. They formed a rough circle
including Charlie and joined hands. "Now just think of a dolphin
teaching a baby to swim and substitute Charlie in the picture." He
looked at Charlie and hedged, "I don't know if they'll understand, but
the pod must be close by and maybe they'll get curious enough to come
in. Is everyone ready?"

Thirty seconds later everyone in the circle received an answer; pictures
of a human, a Swimmer in distress with other Swimmers watching helplessly
because they didn't know how to swim properly by dolphin standards. The
image fuzzed to be replaced with another of the entire pod changing
course, and racing at speed for the pinchers and the lagoon. All eyes
went to the opening in the coral bluff. Jeff and Eric's eyes were wide
with amazement.

Charlie twisted his body to sit in the shallows, he looked scared, "Are
they all coming in here to help? They'll finish what you guys started,"
he moaned.

"That's the whole idea," Doug reminded him with a giggle.

"I meant drown my ass." Charlie pointed, "Holy shit LOOK, here they
come!" He looked vacant for a few seconds, "There's one with a scar on
her head, her baby was killed and she's gonna help me, the rest want to
play with the other Swimmers for a while."

There was a unified, "HUH?" from the boys surrounding Charlie.

"I think." Charlie qualified his impression of aid and motherly love.

The entire pod was racing each other and the finish line seemed to be the
stern of the Sea Song because they slowed and circled there, lifting
their heads from the water to chatter, possibly laughing at the slow
pokes. The whole school of boys moved toward the water. Doug stopped them
before they got further than knee deep, "Hold it a second, they want to
be friends but they're a little shy. You guys let them pick you, don't
you chase one of them. They may give you rides, but when they want you to
let loose, you damn well better let go. If anyone hurts one of them I'll
know who you are in a flash and you won't see the sunset on this island
I promise you," he warned.

One of the new boys laughed, "You mean you'd throw us off this rock for
messin' with one of them big smelly fish?" Doug didn't have time to
search faces for the questioner because he was hidden by three boys with
flailing arms.

Kyle, Mark and Charlie stood over the boy as he lay on the sand holding
his bleeding nose. Little Charlie rubbed his knuckles, "He didn't say
anything about you leavin' here asshole, he meant you won't see sunset
ever again. Too bad you can't go in the water bleedin' like that, you
better just lay there and get some sun, you look kinda pale." The boy
agreed with a silent nod. Backed up by Kyle and Mark, Cottage Commander
Charlie raised his changing voice, "Has everyone got that?"

The boys lined up in chest deep water waiting, hoping to be chosen by a
dolphin as the intelligent mammals glided by eyeing them, perhaps
attempting to contact each telepathically. Gradually, eighteen adult
dolphin chose one or two excited boys and the shallows near the forgotten
catamarans became a watery playground. Hesitant touches and nudges gave
way to hugs and playful gooses and some of the bolder mammals presented
their new human friends their dorsal fins for rides.

Rocket and Comet and the other two males greeted Doug, Tommy and the gang
they were familiar with by goosing them, and then playfully herded them
into deeper water until the boys began swimming with them. The dolphin
glided over or under their bodies to briefly maximize sensual contact so
clearer picture messages were exchanged but all the images of intimate
contact took place in moonlight meaning that nothing was going to happen
during the day. The boys nodded that they understood while Doug motioned
Harm, Spencer and the others out to meet their finny friends

Diego, Jeff and Eric stayed near Charlie while he attempted to imitate a
dolphin swimming with his stiff knees still bent as if he was sitting in
a chair so his flippered feet were all but useless. His struggles ended
when he suddenly rose out of the water to find himself lying on a
dolphin's back with its dorsal fin knifing his crotch. He instinctively
wrapped his arms around the sleek body and looked down to see a healed
diagonal scar above one intelligent eye. "Wow! Hi, I'm Charlie. Are you
going to teach me to swim? Can I call you Momma, will that work?" he
asked excitedly. Images flashed between them. Charlie giggled with
crossed eyes while newly named Momma chattered and bobbed her head. "I
think she's telling me that one of the four out there with the guys is
her grown up son." He looked sad suddenly, "I'm sorry about that." He
explained, "Her baby, I guess about four feet long got caught in some
old fishing net and drowned."

Momma sank and took Charlie with her until he released his grip and
bobbed to the surface while she circled him slowly before nudging Diego.
Diego touched Momma's head hesitantly. She paused and rolled slightly to
look at him. He nodded and began explaining what happened to Charlie's
legs conversationally.

Jeff stood up and walked to Charlie in chest deep water, "I'm going to
straighten out your legs if it won't hurt you." He whispered, "She
pictured you with straight legs like us. I think that's what she was
asking Diego to do."

Charlie laughed, "Yeah it was, Doctor Diego knows more about my case
than I do." He called to his friend, "Cool it Dago, she's probably not
interested in looking at my x-rays. Come on Momma, what do you want me to
do next?"

A hundred yards further out in the lagoon, Rocket eyed Harm and Spence
after Doug, Buck and Tommy pictured them as lovers with their Golden
cocks at full mast. Rocket sank and then Harm yelped in embarrassed
surprise before Spencer began giggling, "He's feeling me up with his
nose," he explained needlessly and to no one since they all ducked under
to watch.

Rocket surfaced with a leap, dove shallowly, glided among the boys' legs
and then stood on his tail flukes to chatter excitedly at his three
companions while the image of a pair of whales entered everyone's mind.
"WHALE COCKS!" Doug screamed and laughed before Comet ducked him by
swimming over his head to get to the brothers to see for himself. Comet
surfaced whistling his agreement with a rapidly nodding head. Doug
surfaced spitting water, "Congratulations guys, you two are the first to
be named something other than Swimmer! Maybe they'll give you real rides
like they do us. Float with your legs spread." The brothers looked at
each other, hesitating. "If they give you a ride they'll also get you
off before they bring you back," Doug promised, "and it will be an
experience that you won't ever forget." He winked at Tommy, "It's
wasteful but worth it."

Tommy tapped Doug so he would look at his answer, "Not all waste," he
swallowed dramatically and pointed to Comet's sleek fast moving form
under water. "They watch us suck and swallow so okay for them. Tonight I
will try him." Tommy licked his lips in anticipation.

Doug reached out to slide his hand down Tommy's body. He grinned, "And
I think I'll try you right now little bro." He took a deep breath and
disappeared holding Tommy's body with both hands and treading water so
the smaller boy's head remained above water.

Buck watched from nearby and spun to face Toby. Terry's head had
disappeared. Toby pointed straight down, "Terry says he's ready when
you are if you don't mind going a little deeper." Buck sank with a

Harm and Spencer barely had time to stretch out on their faces before
Rocket and Comet zoomed in under them from behind. Two hard dorsal fins
slammed into the brothers' crotches. The boy's struggled briefly to
hook their heels under the dolphin's pectorals as Doug described the
position earlier just in case. They were being forced through the warm
clear water at amazing speed from the start. Spencer quickly caught up to
Harm in leaning and twisting his body and using his hands to steer or at
least suggesting a direction since the dolphin were in complete control
and had well developed senses of humor and competition. The dolphin
weren't above bumping each other or using the brothers to push at each
other when they raced and once after diving to the bottom plowing furrows
in the soft coral dust mucky sand using the brothers' heads as the
plows. The dolphin also knew when the brothers were on the verge of
exploding; they planed over the surface at maximum speed so their big
cocks were buffeted both by water resistance and by friction between
sensitized nerves and cool smooth dolphin skin.

Rocket and Comet shook free of the brothers to allow them time for the
usual post climax deep breathing exercises. The boys found themselves
treading water out near the pinchers. The dolphin stayed in close body
contact with them by gilding around them and crossing their bodies so
they rubbed together. Both brothers received identical boy-dolphin mating
suggestion images at the same time reinforced by hard bills snuggled
firmly in their cracks and then powerful jaws opened very slightly to
spread their muscled cheeks. Two shining gray heads surfaced to wait for
an answer that wasn't long in coming with nods and nervous giggles. The
images became instructional when Rocket overpowered Comet's picture of
small Tommy clasping the smaller dolphin with both arms and locked ankles
to replace it with Doug's body. The boys floated on their backs a moment
before they were pushed down and covered.

Doug witnessed the union by shading his eyes with his hands. He saw four
heads during the brief unique conference and then from the distance the
dolphin seemed to grow human tanned legs and arms separated by dorsal
fins. "Sonofabitch," he pointed, "they're getting it on together
already!" Tommy laughed silently and nudged Doug to say something. Doug
nodded and agreed, "Goddamn right Tommy, tonight the Golden bros go to
the back of the line."

Diego shouted to get their attention. Momma had Charlie in chest deep
water paralleling to beach. Charlie was trying to swim using his arms to
keep his head above water and ignoring his useless legs. Mamma seemed to
know when he inhaled and then she ducked him by crossing over his body to
stop and push down on his little bubble butt until both disappeared. She
held him down with her body using subtle fin movements until he struggled
with the imperative to breathe. They watched him arch his body
frantically, unconsciously using his hips to move his legs and the fins
on his feet to forcefully squirt forward to slip from under her body and
kick for the surface. Momma allowed her patient another breath before she
repeated her movement. The three brothers and their guards, Jeff and Eric
stayed close enough so they could watch the underwater phenomena, just
not close enough for Charlie to grab a leg to pull his body up using one
of theirs. Momma was merciless but each time she took Charlie under he
seemed to escape faster as his hip movements gained force.

The swimming lesson ended suddenly when Momma charged the beach. She
swung to the side when half her body thickness was exposed and raced
along the shallows churning sand. She turned again and actually beached
her entire body length, the distance required to gobble up three twelve
inch fish that she forced on to the shore in their haste to escape
becoming her dinner. The guys were about to help her back into the water
after congratulating her on her fishing skills, but she was just as
skilled at the flopping contortions necessary to return to her
environment without assistance.

Mamma and the boys were fifty yards from where they abandoned Charlie.
"Man that was neat!" Charlie called to them from fifty feet out.
Everyone turned in time to see his flippers slap the surface when he
dove. They watched his shape glide along for ten feet with his arms at
his sides, propelled by leg power before his body arched and he kicked to
regain the surface. Diego was the first to visualize Charlie's body
after a few weeks of exercise, "Man is he going to have washboard abs or
what's the story? He'll be a killer in bed, but what a way to go!"


Everyone in the group was back aboard Sea Song and on the open stern door
waiting for the dolphin that had left them at dinner time to go out to
the reef to feed themselves. Charlie and Diego lay quietly on towels
which Diego spread for them at the corner of the swim platform where they
could watch the action around them in the boat deck red night lights and
in the water if the boy-dolphin couples stayed close by. They were just
entering foreplay prior to making love to each other. Since Charlie
couldn't hope to move his legs well enough to lock them around a dolphin
body, Diego planned on satisfying Charlie first. Over time they'd
adopted a simple give and give system. That night Charlie lay on his side
and used his mouth on Diego, and then Diego pushed his lover to his back,
straddled him and impaled himself.

A scared head appeared beside them chattering and directing images at
Charlie and allowing Diego to `overhear'. Charlie turned red while
Diego began giggling softly so as not to draw attention to themselves.
"Goddamn Dago she wants some nookie and I'm supposed to give it to her,
and if you don't stop laughing I'm gonna bust you in the mouth, Del la
Varga brother or not," Charlie warned with a fist under Diego's nose,
"Since Jeff isn't here to protect your pretty ass. Hey where is the six
hundred dollar man and his tight ass partner anyway?"

Diego ignored the threat and Charlie's question, "Don't try to change
the subject. She just wants payback. You can move your hips a little now
and you couldn't this morning. That should be worth a couple of pokes.
Here let me help you into the water." Diego rolled his flabbergasted
lover once. Charlie landed with a soft splash muted by the other dolphin
splashes and excited chattering.

"You rotten motherfucker," Charlie surfaced sputtering while trying
hard not to laugh. He held on to the edge of the platform and Diego
leaned down and kissed him. He developed a strange quizzical expression,
"She's using her nose on me, wow, that's different." Both boys
laughed. Charlie released his grip to be gently pushed away from the
yacht with a determined hard nose in his gut before Momma presented her
dorsal fin to him for a ride to wherever she was taking him. "Later
Dago!" he called from the darkness.


"If he's so good at digging holes why isn't he the one doing the
digging?" Eric grumped to Jeff after Vincent drove by Grape's bombed
out home for the seventh time on his way around the block going for lap
eight and complaining each time he passed the empty lot.

"I heard that," Vincent growled in the boys' ear buds, "shut up and
dig. Remember kid a quarter of what you find is yours."

There were two factors that increased the degree of difficulty in finding
the spot where Grape buried something behind his house; the house was
blown away and someone had already cleaned up the resulting mess. Not
even the slab remained. All that was there was a giant front end loader
tractor parked on the remaining concrete driveway, so Eric had to use his
imagination, guessing where the bedroom window he watched from was just
twenty-four hours earlier. "Keep your pants on Boss," Eric giggled with
Jeff at the innuendo when they heard Vincent sputter wordlessly. "We got
three out and one more to go. Next time, stop up close to the tractor and
pop the back of the truck open for us." Eric looked at Jeff shyly,
"What do we do with our share?" he asked.

Jeff pulled the last duffle bag from the sand, "Our share? You mean your
share. Good question though. What are you going to do with maybe four
million bucks?"

"I had it right, it's ours. We're partners aren't we? I mean I hope,
that is I thought, after this morning, well you weren't just another
trick. I was making love to you and it sure seemed like you were loving
me right back, not just fucking a hustler." Eric paused when he saw Jeff
freeze in place as he stated his occupation.

Jeff dropped the two bags he carried and pulled Eric into his arms,
"Stop saying that word. I never thought you were one and I can't think
that you ever were. The first time I saw you looking in the truck window
with those big innocent brown eyes and wearing that cute little hopeful
pixy smile I knew you were the one guy I've been looking for since
forever. If you were straight I'd have put the make on you and I don't
even know how to do that," he interjected, "until I got you into a bed
so I could show you how much I loved you already. I'm nuts huh? Sorry, I
can't help it, just put it down to my puritan upbringing. I love you
fool, I've loved you my whole life and it's a miracle that I found
you." He gulped air, "There, I said it. You can laugh now but making
love with you this morning was just my way of showing you how much I
loved you, that is, love you," he corrected quickly.

Eric pulled Jeff's head down to his. They kissed each other as if it was
the first either experienced and just in case it was also to be their
last. Hands dropped to grope each other's erections trapped inside the
tight skin hugging black Spandex suits Vincent insisted they wear. The
sound of the truck engine interrupted them, "So I ask again, what are WE
going to do with OUR share PARTNER?" Eric emphasized the important words
by squeezing and bending Jeff's cock painfully through the stretchy

"Will you two love birds get a move on?" Vincent hissed through the
boys' ear pieces. "And next time you wear bugs and I'm around, shut
off the mics before you get mushy," he added with a chuckle.


The runway and taxiway lights blinked off as the big plane rolled to a
stop in front of a hanger built large enough to accommodate its length
and wingspan easily in the middle of ten such large clear span
structures. Curiously, except for brief flashes of lights from attendant
ground vehicles that swarmed the jet the entire area remained in
darkness. Buck and Doug began questioning Evan about his ability to pay
the electric bill. The passengers stood at the foot of the rolling stairs
looking lost until a pair of Black Hawk helicopters approached from
across the runway. One stopped to hover motionless five hundred feet over
them while the other landed close enough for them all to feel the violent
downdraft until its power was reduced to idle and the rotors turned more
slowly. Someone jumped from the helicopter and ran toward them.

Evan frowned at first, then giggled his recognition, "Hans, you've got
hair!" He had time to exclaim before Hans picked him up and hugged him
fiercely with one arm while his other collared Billy. Both Hans and
Herman loved Billy because he willingly helped Meesha as Anton's body
servant during the time they spent at Trenton Hall and he always seemed
to be around, silent and efficient when the old Master needed help of any

"Master, most welcome home with friends!" Hans returned Evan the new
Master, no longer the young Master, to the tarmac and shook everyone's
hand until he got to Harm and Spencer. He recognized them as friends with
equally hearty handshakes after Dieter introduced them in German. Hans
switched languages, "Would you continue to interpret? I'm afraid our
English is still too shitty to be understood. Since we're back we've
been taking the easy road and haven't been around too many Americans or
Brits enough to practice."

"Sure, the first thing we need to know is why the lights are off and
where the hell are we?" Dieter asked and repeated himself in English for
the guys.

"We are about one hundred eighty air miles from Castle Falconburg I
think, is that right, almost three hundred kilometers?" Hans asked
scratching his head. "Anyway, this is an old East German airbase the
Master purchased from the unified government. Now it is the Falconburg
air hub in Europe, our main operations headquarters and the base for the
snoopy system. Yesterday we discovered we were compromised with video
cameras equipped with transmitters, just pictures, no sound." He reached
in his jacket pocket and showed everyone a Coke can while Dieter
translated. Evan's eyebrows knitted while he weighed the can and
squinted at the pop top end that was covered with electrical tape. "The
lens is wide angle but isn't equipped for night vision, just ambient
light. This one was found on the dashboard of the mobile stairs," he
pointed, "those mobile stairs. It is still functioning until we can
locate the ultimate receiver. Whoever is interested would have been able
to identify each landing or departing aircraft that carried passengers
and of course know the schedule."

"Plural, you said cameras?" Evan asked.

"Yes Master, six so far. All are strategically placed and still
functioning, just not very well in the dark and nothing very exciting
will happen in daylight either until we've put them out of business."

"Very clever," Jonathon observed, "certainly there are empty and
forgotten food and drink containers all over the place considering the
amount of labor wandering about."

"Just so," Rodney agreed, "and since Jonathon and I are here we'd be
delighted to interview the rascals responsible as soon as you catch the
nosey buggers."

Hans nodded, "Meanwhile let's get you safe at home."

Everyone ran to the idling helicopter. The interior was fitted out for
troop transport, a squad, there were Spartan seats for eleven and with
Hans aboard they numbered fourteen. Tommy, Evan and Buck didn't mind
using any lap closest to a window until they relocated when the view
improved on the opposite side of the aircraft. No one thought about
making out or bothered attempting to talk after the first shouts when it
became obvious that the Black Hawk was designed to transport personnel
from point `A' to `B' with a modicum of safety and fairly rapidly but
offered passengers very little in the way of comfort including
soundproofing. Tommy was first to see a bright blue glow on the right and

He elbowed Harmon, his temporary lap seat and with their excitement the
word spread that they were about to pass something unusual two thousand
feet below them on the sporadically lighted ground. The glow grew and
took on definition; it was a fanciful medieval story book castle and the
right side windows became prime seats. They didn't pass the Disneyesque
structure; they circled it once in a spiral as they descended rapidly
until suddenly the watch towers and massive round conical slate roof of
the keep were above the chopper and their view was of windows,
battlements and solid walls of stone. The second chopper settled in
beside their craft impossibly close so it appeared that the flashing
rotors overlapped and were somehow synchronized; they laughed in the
silence after the engines died, they estimated that there was all of five
feet between blade tips.

The second Black Hawk bristled with weaponry. There were two short heavy
wings that held air to air missiles suspended beneath them and then a
pair of boxy rocket launchers mounted lower down on the fuselage, each
loaded with a full compliment of the deadly projectiles as well as twin
barrels of machine guns protruding from a turret under the craft. The
boys waved to the pilot, appreciating his skill in dropping the chopper
precisely on the white `X' painted on the courtyard cobblestones.

Dieter inadvertently stole Hans' thunder by announcing, "This is Castle
Falconburg! DUH, I never connected the name before; it's in all the
guide books. I've been here a couple of times, of course not inside,"
he hastened to add. "Only as close as any tourist can get; the public
lookout on a ridge across a ravine on land or looking up from a barge
tour on the Rhine, sonofabitch, small world," Dieter concluded with a
giggle. Hans was content to laugh and nod.

Herman jumped from the second helicopter and ran at Evan and Billy. His
arms embraced both boys; he picked them up and danced them around as he
welcomed them in German before switching to halting English. "Welcome
home Master and friend Billy and all other friends! Come, come inside we
have refreshments, everything ready."

Evan rifled his fingers through Herman's blond hair and giggled, "Damn
Herman you've grown hair too! You and Hans look like hot studs now, you
know less scary and sexier." Both men turned scarlet at the praise.

Later, when they were to be shown their rooms, Hans grinned at Evan
before looking at Dieter, "The Master kept five suites here for
safety," he began enumerating them and pointing at the great hall's
walls and rafters to indicate their general location. He stomped his foot
on the stone floor when he got to the fifth suite of rooms.

Evan ticked them off on his fingers and pointed down after Dieter
finished, "That's the one we want, the safest. Grandfather wouldn't
risk keeping much of value in the other safes. In fact the others are
empty, except for the big surprise the guy that tried to crack one would
get." Hans and Herman looked around nervously. "Relax guys we're all
friends." His eyes twinkled as they traveled over the group to see one
empty chair between Doug and Spencer's. They were sitting around one end
of a massive refectory table positioned on a low dais at the head of the
great hall. "HARMON," Evan shouted. Doug and Spencer both pointed down
and giggled. They heard a dull thunk when Harm bumped his head on the
underside of the table. Harm reappeared slowly as if he was growing from
the seat of his chair while he sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.
"Haven't I told you to just check out the small portable stuff? It
would take twenty men to budge this table and then you couldn't sell it
for firewood." Evan scolded. He didn't give Harm a chance to apologize,
"Come on, if you're so interested in history, I'll show you history
AND enough portable stuff to blow your mind." He winked at Spencer,
"You too Spence, your father and uncle sure were blown away. How do we
get there?" he asked the Dobermans.

Evan didn't have to invite anyone a second time. The fifth master suite
was three floors below the great hall and although windowless it was
sumptuous. The sitting room was totally contemporary and had a lived in
look. Hans volunteered that nothing had been changed or even moved except
for Anton's wardrobe. Billie and Dieter split from the group in the
sitting room without the need to ask. They went directly to the dark
computer. Billie activated the networked unit and then snoopy after
entering Anton's revised password. The others left him and Dieter there
to methodically sift through the Falconburg Empire of companies, ventures
and projects in the form of e-mails that were already prioritized by
importance and urgency, with extreme danger alerts if any, heading the

Dieter surprised himself with his business acumen and was quickly able to
grasp the hundreds of strands that radiated out from the center of the
corporate spider web. Anton spun the web and held the strands easily
while he lived and now Dieter held them with increasing confidence in
Evan, the adopted grandson's name. Billie's fingers flew over the
keyboard easily keeping up with Dieter's dictated response's to the
surprising volume of messages that arrived during the relatively short
time they traveled from the big jet and its computers to the castle and
paused for a light supper.

Evan looked back at them working together as a team so very efficiently.
They were so engrossed they didn't see him grin and throw them a jaunty
salute. The bedroom was medievally Spartan and the few furnishings were
pronounced authentic by Harmon after a cursory inspection. He looked
relieved after finding modern bedding hidden under a pile of animal skin
robes which all but covered the low carved bed frame and even were used
as throw rugs surrounding the bed. Harm blushed to think about the reason
for his interest in the bed. He still considered him and his brother to
be newcomers so they were unlikely to be invited to join Evan under those
covers but still the possibility was an exciting thought.

Evan frowned at the fireplace, "Shit, I forgot about the fire. We need
to light the fire; it won't open unless the mechanism is hot."

"So we'll light it up, has anyone got a match?" Buck said and began
feeling over Doug's body paying particular attention to his crotch. Doug
giggled at being tickled and promptly wrestled Buck to the furs on the

Doug bounced on Buck's chest while he unzipped his fly, "You were
looking for a match right? You found it," he straightened his erection
so it banged his small lover's chin, "wherever you want it is a match,
or," he wriggled backward until he felt his crotch mashing Buck's
erection. This way is a match too."

Buck snuggled down, enjoying the feel of fir and Doug, "We call dibs on
this spot tonight," he announced.

Evan's attention was diverted from his mission when sleeping
arrangements were mentioned. "Hey yeah we can all sleep in here tonight
there's plenty of these furry rugs and it's already too hot in here for
covers." He smacked his forehead, "AFTER we get the fucking vault open.
Has anyone got a real match?" Hans looked away from Doug and Buck
eagerly stripping each other, found his Zippo and lit the dry kindling
under the logs that were already in place.

The bedroom was already unusually warm when they walked in and the
roaring blaze quickly raised the temperature further. The guys took their
lead from Buck and Doug, who by then were happily nude and equally
unhappy about carefully not touching each other while they waited to
discover the reason for the lightening trip from Dagger Cay to Germany.
Evan's reason was hidden in the safe.

Hans and Herman slowly backed away from the group of handsome very male
and always horny young people as they shed each other's clothing. Both
men enjoyed watching the boys, and enjoyed sharing a willing young
crewman on Sea Song or a guard occasionally, but this was the first time
that they'd been invited to participate in what they correctly assumed
would be an orgy of wreathing, panting excited boy flesh soon after the
vault was opened. There was no doubt that Evan included them because he
looked at them and winked while he invited everyone to stay. The men,
both in their thirties blinked nervously when they saw the Golden
brothers, naked, sporting startling erections and then of course there
was Billie's magnificent cock which adopted son Tommy was working to
expose ignoring his parents' giggling half-hearted protests. The
brothers settled on the edge of the bed facing the fire with bodies
glistening wetly while their eyes remained fixed on each other first
before they bulged at seeing sleek Billie's nakedness.

The men's attention swung back to Evan who was wielding a heavy fire
poker and pushing at a particular stone behind the fire. They rushed to
his sweating side when he beckoned to them. They'd seen the vault in
this room open before, they'd carried cases in and out under Anton's
watchful eye, but neither was ever in the room while it was being opened
or closed. They were fully aware of what would happen if the safe was
opened improperly though because they set the massive charges that would
reduce the beautiful fortress that was their home to piles of rubble at
the foot of the escarpment along the river and they knew of the
transmitter that would send a signal around the world via snoopy that
would end the Falconburg Empire seconds before the snoopy system itself
ceased to exist like hundreds of fireflies equipped to wink at earth one
time only before fragments disappeared in the vacuum of space.

"You guys need to know how to open this fucker since it's yours," Evan
explained. "First you light the fire and then push the one square stone.
See, the rest are rectangular." A section of wall on the left of the
hearth sank in and rolled to the side to reveal the vault door with its
slow blinking red light. Evan winked at Hans conspiratorially and then
said in a low voice, "We need more light in here. Would you please turn
on ALL the lights using the wall switches by the door?"

"Is there certain order?" Hans whispered.

"Nope, just don't miss any."

Hans threw the switches as if he was setting a time fuse. Herman looked
over his shoulder nervously. Restored tapestries around the room glowed
with renewed colors to tell their stories like sunny windows into the
dark past. Electronic ignitions set gas torches blazing in wall sconces
and the bed was brightly lit so Anton could easily read his morning mail
while he enjoyed his breakfast. Everyone was busy looking around the room
except Evan. He sighed in relief when the red light changed to green and
the vault opened. Adult hands squeezed his bare shoulders as Hans and
Herman grinned at each other and nudged him forward, wary of additional
surprises inside the room-sized brightly lighted vault that even
contained a small desk and a comfortable chair along with a row of filing
cabinets on the back wall. Evan's eyes immediately went to the steel
side wall racks, whose shelves were spaced to hold and were nearly filled
with the overnight suitcase sized titanium cases.

Dieter and Billie joined Evan, Hans and Herman while the other guys were
content to merely look in from the bedroom. Dieter opened a file drawer
randomly and laughed, "I'll bet these are full of all the paper work no
one could find."

Billie boldly pulled a case from the racks and opened it on the desk. He
nodded in agreement with Dieter, "And these cases must be full of all
the more recent cash transactions." He hoisted an eyebrow in Evan's
direction, "You know Master, it's bloody embarrassing to have a Chinese
chap call around wanting to take possession of HIS new supertanker and
poor Dieter knows absolutely nothing about it. These are the bearer bonds
the irate gentleman claimed he forked over in advance to dear Anton

Billie's sarcasm was lost on Evan as he squatted to pull out the first
two cases on the floor closest to the door. He ignored the first case
after hefting it to judge its weight. The second case was lighter. He
held it up to his ear and shook it. He grinned, "This is the one I
want." Evan turned his back on his young scolding managers; he glanced
back at Billie and Dieter, "So sue me. I didn't know about all this
other shit. Get it all packed up and loaded on the plane. We can stop at
Grand Cayman and make a deposit and bring all the paper work back to
Dagger. We probably need to build an office building there now somewhere.
Lease some land from Douggie and get it done. Forget the rest of this for
now, come on and take a look at this," he invited.

Evan put the case he was interested in on the bed, and pulled Harm and
Spence close before he unlatched the case full of gems. He eyed their
matching half hard cocks and giggled, "Before I forget, I call bottom
with you two tonight. You can draw straws to see who goes first, but
right now this is the main event." He opened the case after dropping to
his knees so everyone could see the top layer, the largest and/or the
most valuable stones nestled in dark gray foam.

There was one unified intake of breath and then total silence for a
minute before everyone began talking at once, questions mostly. Spencer
boldly picked up the single huge star sapphire and squinted up at it
holding in front of an overhead halogen reading lamp, "This one would be
impossible to appraise accurately, you'd have to put it up for auction,
but I'd put a reserve on it in the millions."

Evan took the stone from Spencer and tossed it up in the air in Harmon's
direction. Harm caught it before it could hit the firs. His knuckles
turned white holding it. Evan giggled at his shocked expression, "That
stone has a history. Your father said that these biggies are probably
even named. It would be interesting to track down the family that owned
it; there might be someone, a relative, who escaped the Holocaust. If you
can find someone we'll give it back," he slowly lifted the tray from
the case, "but there's no hope of finding the families that owned these
unfortunately so your father and I are going into business to make these
into jewelry, sell it and then give that money back to all the Jews and
anyone else who needs a hand in the world by building clinics and schools
and giving out scholarships, shit like that." Evan continued, telling
them everything he knew about his grandfather and how the hoard came to
be in his possession. He concluded that once he had them he didn't know
what to do with them so he stashed them after dividing them among five

The room went silent except for one voice. Jonathon slowly wormed his way
to the side of the bed to stir the bulk hoard with an index finger,
"There are four more cases such as this?"

Hans and Herman stood at the back of the group. They looked at each
other. Jonathon, a man they recruited forgot to use the appellation,
Master, appended to his question.

Evan didn't seem to notice the lapse, "Yup, one was on Sea Song. I left
that one with Mister Golden and after the damn robbery; it's in a safe
deposit box at their bank. Tomorrow we'll go get the other three."

"I'm rather afraid that won't be possible," Rodney announced from the
vault doorway. Everyone turned to the direction of his voice and was
shocked to see him holding a handgun in each hand and both were pointed
nervously at them. David and Noah looked at their discarded clothing
together. Their holsters were empty. The third weapon was tucked in
Rodney's waistband. Hans took a step toward Rodney and was clubbed
viciously from behind with Jonathon's weapon. Jonathon swung a second
time and Herman dropped to the floor to join his partner in
unconsciousness. Jonathon disarmed both men and then searched them for
additional weapons since they were the only others in the room who were
still dressed.

David and Noah were made to pick up the two unconscious men and carry
them to the back of the vault and then lie on their faces while Jonathan
placed Hans and Herman across their bodies to immobilize them. He laughed
while he warned them that if one so much as twitched he would regretfully
cut all four throats. Jonathon sat on the top of the desk while Rodney
remained in the bedroom. The boys were pushed into a rough line to hand
the cases out from the vault to the bedroom. Rodney replaced one handgun
with a knife as the number of cases grew. His success made him talkative.
He grinned at Evan, positioned at the bedroom end of the chain, "You
asked us the first night what our price was. I'm afraid you caught us by
surprise and we rashly agreed to a share of fifty percent of some
amorphous number, perhaps a share of a mere hundred million? Jonathan and
I discussed this at length and we thought perhaps if we bided our time
and we carefully gained your trust, that just such an evening as this
might occur, and here we are. How much do you think our revised price is
Evan, you dear boy, half a billion, a billion in cash, negotiable
securities and of course the gems?" Rodney's jeering laughter bordered
on maniacal. "I must say I very nearly aborted the mission when you
happily announced to one and all that there are three more of these
collections hidden elsewhere, however, a bird in the hand as we
opportunists say."

Evan dropped the last case near Rodney's feet. He continued to study the
carpet subserviently, "If you wanted a billion you should have said so,
I wouldn't have missed it just like I won't miss any of this," he

Rodney laughed again, "Ah, but you will dear Evan you will. You'll miss
this and everything else you possess. We were planning to simply shoot
everyone around you once we achieved the upper hand and our rewards, but
echoing gunshots might raise questions immediately. I then decided to
simply cut your throats but that option is so messy and there would be
the problem of disposing of your wonderful bodies and of course
explaining to the troops above stairs how we came to survive the
slaughter. No my boy, I think the solution to this dilemma is to simply
lock you in the vault. You will all disappear to suffocate or if Jonathon
and I are lucky you may attempt to escape and set off your grandfather's
safeguards in which case you and this beautiful impregnable fortress will
cease to exist. Now off you go, all of you, in you go." He prodded Evan
with the butt of his knife to push the others in the line into the vault
and then stood guard at the door while Jonathan scampered to the light

There was a faint thunk from the door when the bolts surrounding it
slammed into matching ports. Evan sighed and grinned, "Man I thought we
were dead meat there for a minute." He helped pull Hans and Herman from
Noah and David and laughed when he saw that they were regaining
consciousness. The others looked at Evan like he'd gone nuts.

David was the only one to grin, "You're way too happy. Anton left a
bolt hole in here somewhere just in case didn't he?"

Evan broke into a back slapping laugh while he nodded. Hans and Herman
sat up with groans which grew louder when they reached to each other's
head to gauge the damage. "Are you guys alright?" After assurances he
continued, "Remember this was Grandfather's favorite home. Did you
notice how fast the vault could be opened? When he was in the room he
probably kept a fire going all the time." A nod from Hans confirmed
Evan's supposition. "In the event of trouble he could get in here in a
flash and close the door and wall with a push plate behind that rack,
this was his safe room." Everyone looked at the obvious switch which
would normally be concealed behind one of the titanium cases. "We can
open the door with that switch too, except right now we don't know what
those two greedy motherfuckers are up to so we can't get out that way.
BUT there's a back door behind the filing cabinets according to the
notes Grandfather gave me."

David held his palm over the square pressure plate on one side of a low
door sized rectangle whose top sill had been concealed by the four drawer
cabinets in the otherwise seamless steel wall. "Will anything nasty
happen if I open it?"

Evan grinned, "What's the most that could happen. If we blow ourselves
up those two fuckers go with us." He pushed the back of David's hand.
The seal on the secret door popped audibly like a cork leaving a
Champaign bottle. The door swung out and up hydraulically and the
prisoners were greeted with a whoosh of hot damp air.

Hans and Herman broke into a babble of laughing German. Everyone looked
at Dieter impatiently, he just looked surprised, "Baths?"

"BATHS, why you dirty old men, you want to stop and take a bath at a
time like this?" Evan giggled, "Well okay, if that's what it will take
to get you out of those clothes."

"No," Dieter corrected with a giggle, "Herman said that this must open
behind the baths."

"Ya, Roman baths," Herman managed before lapsing into his first
language while he ducked his head to lead the way into the dark tunnel
behind the vault, Anton's escape route.

Dieter's voice began to echo hollowly when he translated. "He said this
site was originally a fortified Roman Villa and while the slaves were
cutting the foundation out of the living rock up higher they hit a hot
spring, so of course the Romans tunneled down and built themselves a
bath. He says the succeeding builders over the centuries kept the baths
intact and everyone used the hot water to heat whatever they built on top
of it. Castle Falconburg is heated the same way. He says he knows where
we are now." Dieter added as the constant whine of a big electric motor
grew louder in the total darkness as they walked down a constant incline.

Hans and Herman stopped suddenly near the motor, no one else stopped.
Harm had worked his way forward by feel and apologies for groping the
other guys to just behind Herman so he could listen to Dieter translating
the history lesson. He crashed into Herman's back, grabbed him and
carried them both to the stone floor. Everyone behind them followed like
dominos. Hans found the light switch they stopped to grope for and
suddenly the laughing tangle of arms, legs and bodies was illuminated by
a line of fluorescent tubes stretching back along the way they came and
forward to out of sight around a bend in the tunnel. The tunnel had been
enlarged where they stood, when they finally stood. They looked over a
railing at the spring and the big electric pump. Hans indicated silence a
little further on before he opened a metal door that led into the actual
original Roman baths. Harm watched the door close to become part of the
intricate mosaic tile patterned wall after Herman walked away to find the
light switch.

The domed ceiling was marred by discrete track lighting. The pool was
oval and large. Doug dipped a toe to test the water, grinned at Harm and
they both slipped in silently to disturb the placid surface with a few
ripples. Buck rolled his eyes and giggled, "Here we are; two greedy
motherfuckers can't decide whether to shoot us or cut our throats, so
they compromise by locking us in an airtight vault to suffocate OR blow
the top off the fucking mountain, we escape, we have no weapons, the bad
guys are just up those stairs over there and you just have to stop to
take a fucking swim."

Doug looked up at Buck mock innocently, "Well, you certainly didn't
expect me to walk by this pool did you? I, we," he corrected when Harm
surfaced at his side, "just can't resist." He stood up, the water was
waist deep, and "Besides the overpowering temptation we were just
checking the depth to be sure it wasn't too deep for you little guys."

Buck tried to look offended, "That settles it, you're on the bottom
tonight, I'll show you little," Tommy thumped his chest, "for Tommy

"Me too you tall skinny prick," Evan added.

Doug made a face at Evan, "Pussy mouth."

"Cum breath!" Evan retorted.

"Jealous!" Doug shot back.

David understood everyone's euphoria and silliness, he was just as happy
to be alive and free of the vault, "Will you guys shut the fuck up?" he
ended the verbal joust. "And get out of there, this isn't over yet."

Evan shrugged, "Almost, they have to use the chopper we came in on
because the other one is already maxed out with armament. After they take
off we'll blow the fucks out of the sky."

Herman joined the conversation in English, "Not, they will disable. They
are disloyal and steal from Master," he grinned, "not stupid, just,
what is word, ignorant? WE will deal with problem, yes?" He and Hans
nodded together a single time. "Come we make Master and friends safe,
then we capture for long lesson," he grinned and rubbed his hands
together in eager anticipation before offering them to Doug and Harm to
pull them from the pool.

"Ouch," Evan agreed with a grinning nod. He thought of something else,
"Say guys, did you receive three crates from Asia? I'm expecting three
of my Captains to arrive for a meeting kind of like what you plan for Jon
and Rod only quicker."

Hans nodded, "Ya Master, they are below," he held his nose, "very
stinky yes?"

"Sorry about that I was teaching them that they really are big assholes.
Did you find the Commodore?"

"Yes Master he died from a broken neck in a bathtub fall after filling
his lungs with water." Dieter flinched in translating that.

"You drowned him and then broke his neck? Isn't that kind of

"No Master, we call it a very thorough accident."

Evan rethought his plans for the three captains, "You know, by now they
should be pretty scared shitless," he laughed. "I think I'll just let
them go free, I'll beach them, blackball them and pull their pensions.
They'll serve as living lessons to the other captains about what I think
of drag racing my boats.

Hans and Herman both grinned and nodded, "Good plan Master, living
lessons remembered longer than dead." Herman agreed. "Come, no more fun
and talk." The Doberman's led them from the baths by another staircase
up until they were once again within the original castle foundations,
below the keep, into a brightly lit room that was obviously the control
room. Three men sat at built-in desks and watched a dozen monitors each.
None more than glanced up briefly at their unexpected visitors before
their attention returned to their bank of screens.

Dieter translated the brief status report from the man in the middle,
"The materials are being moved from the Master's suite and loaded on
the helicopter as you ordered." This man used snoopy on his largest
screen to track five infrared dots as they moved from the great hall
through a labyrinth of passageways to the courtyard where the choppers
were parked. Three walked single file and carried a warmed case in each
hand while the two following each carried one and walked abreast.

Hans and Herman grinned, "They each have one hand free to draw weapons,
and are untrusting and stay at the rear so we can isolate them easily."
Hans explained happily to everyone before asking if they were provided
with communications. The man sitting at the middle desk nodded wearing a
sickly expression; unsure who would be blamed for this security breach,
but very sure that the unprecedented lapse would not be tolerated. "Key
those to switch to the emergency frequency after they've loaded their
cases and their hands are free." He pointed to the two supervising
figures, Jonathon and Rodney walking behind the three guards they'd
dragooned to help carry the cases. "We want these two stopped in the
long hall leading to the great hall." He looked at another bank of
screens, "Bring up the four cameras in that hall."

The control room supervisor waited until the eight glowing cases jointed
the others already in the helicopter. He keyed his microphone on and off
sporadically before holding it open to warn that whoever was playing with
his mic switch should stop. The boys watched the three guards in the
courtyard casually reach to wherever they kept their radios to change
channels while Jon and Rod laughed at the warning. Someone in any guard
force always played around during their shifts out of boredom, to get
just such a warning response from the control room.

Herman took possession of the desk microphone, "Close up together by the
time you reach the great room. The hallway will be sealed so do not
linger in the doorway and get out of the line of fire. Do not return
fire. Those two are to be taken alive," he barked. Everyone held their
breath while they watched the three guards continue to talk quietly among
themselves as they walked down the hall. As soon as they passed through
the great room doorway they dove together to one side as instructed as a
one ton grilled portcullis dropped in free fall from the arched opening
behind them. Rod and Jonathon reacted instantly by drawing their weapons
and turning back toward the courtyard in time to see the portcullis at
that end of the hall seal off any hope of escape. Everyone in the castle
complex heard the twin crashing thuds and felt the stone vibrate from the
impacts. Congratulations in the control room stopped as soon as they
began when they saw Jon and Rod kneel, facing each other. Rod fumbled in
a pocket for something out of any camera view. They saw Jon nod and shrug
his acceptance of their easy defeat. The two men embraced and kissed
standing on their knees. Each placed a hand at the back of the other's
head as they kissed passionately.

Hans and Herman swore together as they ran out the door followed by the
boys and their guards, David and Noah. Dieter announced the problem,
"Those assholes just took poison, at least that's what they think."

By the time they reached the great room, the three guards were holstering
their weapons as they peered through the portcullis grillwork. Rod and
Jon had toppled to their sides. They still held each other while their
lips barely touched in rictus. The grill was raised. An eyeglass case lay
open near Rod's unused handgun and two of the tiny glass darts were
missing from the case. The vacant depressions in the foam were red, the
fastest acting poison in the deadly little arsenal.

Hans and Herman fell to their knees in front of Evan. Herman offered the
boy Rod's weapon butt first, "We fail you Master. We are ready," he
said as tears formed in his eyes. Hans' head was already bowed; his
broad shoulders shook with total remorse for the unforgivable.

Evan accepted the weapon, removed the clip, emptied the chamber and
tossed it to a guard, one of twenty that appeared from nowhere. Hans and
Herman didn't see his smile, "Would you guys consider coming out of
retirement? I seem to have two vacancies. Right now you need to lead us
back to that great big bath tub," he yawned noisily, "we need to get
cleaned up so we can get to bed."




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