Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


Chapter 49

The entire mob including bodyguards stood in the opulent second floor
dormitory lobby after having their thumbprints logged into the system and
the heavy oak door closed behind them with an audible snick from the
electric lock. Any second floor door could be opened using the latch
handle from the inside unless sensors and cameras indicated that there
was someone outside, friend or stranger, then the door had to be released
after identifying the visitor either from the control room or by one of
the residents using a button by the door after checking a monitor mounted
on the wall over the release button. The small elevator for Charlie's
exclusive use worked the same except only his print would open the door
on either floor and the car stayed on the floor he last entered or

There were a total of twelve suites available on the second floor and
only ten on the first due to the size of the lobby. On the second floor
there were six on each side of the smaller lobby, but only eleven, five
on one side and six on the other would be occupied leaving one available
as a guest suite to begin the school year. The California mob occupied
one wing while the New Jersey gang took the other. David and Noah claimed
room three as theirs and assigned rooms on either side of them to their
charges. Doug and Buck got room one, Marc and Peter, room two, Evan and
Billy, room four and Tommy and Spencer got room five, while Hans and
Herman claimed the room next to the lobby, room six. In the other wing,
Vincent assigned Jeff and Eric room ten in the middle with Toby and Terry
and Diego and Charlie to rooms nine and eleven respectively and then
insulated the four boys by giving Patrick room eight and took room twelve
for himself, leaving room seven closest to the lobby vacant.

There was considerable debate among the boys about their beds, two single
or one queen size, which was a waste of time when a show of hands showed
the unanimous choice was queen size since no one was willing to pretend
being straight when locked behind their second floor secure doors and
pushing two smaller beds together or sleeping together in one single bed
while fun, wasn't conducive to sleeping well. They decided that visiting
friends would just have to adjust to the fact that they were visiting gay
friends and if any couldn't handle it, they would be shown to the door
to become un-friends. Doug, as the swim team star was popular and had
cultivated many friendships particularly if he used them in his fantasies
before Buck, while Buck considered everyone who kissed his ass as guys
who recognized his name and whom he'd nod to in the halls, classrooms
and campus, but basically he remained aloof. All of the others including
Eric and Jeff were new starting that semester, so they had no friends
outside the second floor of Lasker Hall as yet.

Spencer, Jeff, Noah and Eric, with the enthusiastic agreement from the
administration were registered for every course so that they could attend
any they chose to if attending was in the best interest of any in the
combined gang that they were guarding. Everyone assumed that the word
would soon spread that they were in fact bodyguards working for someone
in that particular classroom and that or those individuals would soon
become known to the rest of the students since ear buds were not
commonplace within the student body. To the casual observer, David,
Vincent, Hans, Herman and Patrick always wearing jackets and ties, would
appear to be instructors wandering the grounds between classes. All in
all everyone soon welcomed the new faces and appreciated their presence
since every student was the scion of wealth and position, the men offered
an additional sense of security in addition to the fences, gates and
uniformed guards that the school provided.

On move in day Patrick was everywhere in and out of rooms in both wings
and quickly reestablished his position of authority as house parent on
the second floor. He was particularly interested in seeing to it that
everyone was unpacked properly with all clothing stored, hung in the
commodious closets or placed in drawers. The beds needed to be made up
properly and towels available on racks in the bathrooms.

When he got to Buck and Doug's room, they were busy hanging signed and
expensively framed prints by Leroy Neiman, all involving athletic figures
pursuing their sport. They had yet to open the first of a half dozen
heavy bags containing their clothing.

Buck bulked when Patrick scolded them, "We should just hire a maid to do
all this little shit," he complained, "I've never made a bed in my
life, not even last year when I boarded here." He grinned at Doug, "I
just sort of threw the sheets out, although I did figure out where the
pillow cases went."

Doug agreed, "Me either, my mother and our housekeeper wouldn't let me.
I tried to make it one morning and they just laughed and tore it apart
again and did it their way, although admittedly that way was the way I
liked it best."

"Ach, an' just where would ye be findin' such a woman willin' to
ignore all the swingin' dicks surroundin' her? She'd need to be deaf,
dumb and blind to take such a position," Patrick scoffed. "While ye be
lookin' just get to be puttin' your clothes away NOW or I be kickin'
ass an' takin' names," he warned and left them to harass someone else.

Buck went to sit in front of his computer, "He didn't say no, he said
to look," he giggled while Doug leaned on his shoulder. He went to
Monster to place a help wanted add.

`Management: Gay athletic couple for hands on day-to-day fast paced
management of twelve rooms in a dormitory setting at an exclusive boys
preparatory school. Generous salary, comprehensive benefits and luxury
quarters provided, international travel with all expenses paid, optional.
For immediate expense free interview from anywhere, e-mail us with a
recent photo and resume[s] at^Å'

Doug began giggling, "Goddamn Buck that sounds good enough for us to
apply if one of us knew how to make a bed. It certainly should draw some
kind of response. Shit, if I was out of work, gay, and saw that ad, I'd
believe I'd go find some good looking young stud to be my partner just
so I could apply!"

"My thought exactly. Who cares, maybe that will happen." Buck agreed,
"One thing though, they'll have to be tested and retested later to be
sure they're clean before anyone messes with them. Remember dad warned
us about Eric and Trevor and warned them too. I think they'll understand
if we make the penalty clear in the beginning." While Buck talked, he
entered his credit card number to pay for the ad.

Doug was always amazed to see Buck demonstrate his photographic memory
whenever he needed a number, no matter how long. He shook his head and
looked around at the luggage and unmade bed, "Meanwhile you start
putting clothes away and I'll tackle the bed since I AM more experienced
in that department, then I'll help you finish just to keep Patrick off
our asses."

"Yeah, I guess we better," Buck sighed, but once they started, the job
was completed relatively quickly and when Patrick returned to check their
progress or lack of, he was pleasantly surprised to find them once again
hanging the last of the prints.

"I'll be damned boys, that I will! I'm most proud of ye both. It seems
ye both might a been doin' some growin' up over the summer past an'
that be a good thing indeed." While Patrick praised them Buck's Outlook
Express account chimed three times. He scowled at the offending machine,
"What be that thing's problem?" he wondered.

"I e-mailed the whole swim team to let them know that I'm here and our
room number and asked where they are this year. I also invited them to go
home with us to our pool and get in some practice before tryouts tomorrow
after classes." Doug said quickly. It wasn't quite a fib as he meant to
do just that, and would as soon as Patrick left them. "Dad's going to
be coaching varsity and Eric and Trevor are taking over diving so we're
going to chopper back and forth but the JV squads will practice here so
we'll have enough room in the chopper."

"Does Bucky know your plans then?"

"Yup, he suggested it. After we get back here the chopper will go into
the city to get him." Buck explained, before he looked worried, "I just
hope I make varsity diving."

"You will, no sweat, Evan too," Doug assured him as they both
gravitated toward the computer. "I told you that you already get higher
marks than the best on the team because you've had Eric and Trevor while
the rest of the guys had a history teacher coaching them last year, so
its no contest." He grinned, "However with Eric and Trevor coaching
them from now on you're going to have to work your ass off to stay on

As soon as Patrick left them Buck slipped into the chair in front of the
computer. The first two e-mail responses were more wishful thinking than
serious. One was from an older single guy who clearly wanted the lifetime
opportunity to get in a dorm packed with young male bodies and was
willing to comply with any request from any resident. The second was from
a couple. Their picture showed only their heads, one guy appeared to be
very sick while his partner wore dangling earrings, a wig and too much
makeup that was poorly applied. Buck immediately sent polite negative
replies to both before deleting their e-mails.

The third one however was fascinating. Buck and Doug read the lengthy
e-mail that served as a resume before opening the attached picture file.

"Dear Sirs:

My name is Chad Smith and my partner's name is Richard Billings (Rick).
We are both nineteen, live together and both work at Burger King only
because we both like to eat and we couldn't find better jobs after we
graduated from high school in the spring.

I look through Monster everyday, not that I ever expected to find a job
in management that I was qualified for, but it's nice to dream. I just
found your ad and I guess I read between the lines if you know what I
mean. I think the guys you are looking for need to be gay because some or
all of the guys that live in the dorm are gay too or you wouldn't be
advertising for a gay couple, so I guess we qualify there. As for being
athletic, Rick always played football and baseball, he was good at both,
but not good enough to land a scholarship anywhere, which he needed to
get in any college since I never saw him open a book. His parents are
rich by my standards, and his parents could afford to pay his way but his
grades weren't good enough to get accepted academically anywhere either.
As for me, I'm pretty good at playing sports but just pickup games
because I wasn't in any school long enough to join a real team. I lived
in foster homes from when I was about 10 until I was 17 when I got put in
a group home where I went to the same high school as Rick for my whole
senior year. That was where we hooked up. I got all A's and B's but
more B's so no scholarship for me either. Anyway we are a gay couple and
we agreed that we would never go with another guy because we satisfy each
other for one thing, the other is that it's too damn (sorry about that)
dangerous if you know what I mean. We both like living too much.

If as I think, you are really looking for someone to work like at
housekeeping then I'm the one experienced there. The group home where I
lived for a year was run just like a military boot camp. There were 12
guys that lived there and the whole place sparkled for daily morning
inspection. Rick, being from a rich family was a slob until we moved in
together and he's still a slob if I let him be one, but I've been
pounding my clean rules into his head and he's getting better. I figure
that if you hired us and he was being paid to clean, that would be
incentive enough to stay away from the fast food industry. I think I
qualify best to start out here but Rick would get good at it too if I
watch him and show him how it should be done properly. Also I'm sure
someone will be watching both of us so we'll both be doing the job you

About international travel, well I've never been outside Texas, but Rick
has a passport and I imagine I could get one because I've never been
outside the law either. This means that I'm as honest as the day is long
if you want to know. I've never owned a thing worth stealing myself and
I don't covet another's valuables enough to steal them either. I don't
own this computer; it's Rick's. He brought it with him when he moved
out of his home.

Rick doesn't know I'm sending this or our pictures. We took them when
we were fooling around one night with Rick's digital camera. Please
don't ever let him know about the pictures if we meet face to face
sometime, he'd be as red faced as I am right now just thinking about
sending them, but I figure nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Thank you for reading this instead of a resume that you asked for.

Very truly yours,

Chad Smith

P.S. I'm the blond guy and if we look stupid, we had a few beers, but
PLEASE don't hold that against us, we don't do it very often. (Just
being honest.)"

There was a Houston address and a phone number below the postscript.

"Wow!" Doug enthused, "Open the attachment, we need to see what these
guys look like."

Buck clicked on the paper clip and impatiently obliterated the caution so
the file would open. "Yeah wow, these guys would do in my opinion." The
first picture was of two guys, both naked and both clearly shit faced.
Chad, the blond was about five-ten and had a nice firm easy on the eyes
body, while his partner Rick was taller by three inches, he had bright
red hair and a body with the clear definition of a young well-developed
athlete who worked at his sport regularly. Two other pictures, perhaps
taken after another beer or two showed them to be equally well hung, at
about six inches when erect. "I'll print these so we can show the guys
when we tell them what we're going to do."

Doug flipped a credit card on the desk, "Here get them tickets and make
them first class for as soon as possible. I'll call them as soon as you
book the flight." Buck handed Doug his card back causing Doug to
sputter, "Goddamnit Buck you don't have to pay for everything."

Buck giggled, "You can pay for these two and I'll catch the next two if
there are others, but I don't need your plastic, I've already seen
it," he tapped his head meaningfully.

Doug grinned, "Oh. Fuck face," he mumbled.

"Cum breath," Buck retorted with a giggle while he found a travel
website and his fingers began to fly over the keyboard. "Shit!" he
announced, "Everything's booked until mid-day tomorrow. I was kind of
thinking about tonight," disappointment leaked into his voice. "I know,
we'll send the Challenger if it's here, if not we can send a Lear or
Citation for them. Call now, maybe Chad's still in front of his box
since this just came in a few minutes ago. If he is find out if they can
come up tonight, in fact there's no reason we can't fly down there and
bring them back. We'll just have to take Dave and Noah along. Hans,
Herman, Vincent and Spencer will be here."

"What about the other guys?"

"How nervous would you be climbing on a plane to find a dozen guys on
the interview committee?" Buck asked.

"Right, forget I mentioned it." Doug agreed while he keyed Chad's
number. It rang once and was picked up.

"Hi, my name is Doug Henderson. I'd like to speak to Chad Smith about
the Monster ad he answered."

"Holy shit! Already? This is Chad and I guess you're really serious

"Yup we sure are, that is my partner Buck Trenton and I are. We placed
the ad. We were wondering if you and Rick are free tonight to come up
here, see our layout and meet the other guys in our group."

"Rick's working, but he could get sick real sudden. I'm off today and
tomorrow. Sure we could visit. How do we get to wherever you are? I'm
sorry we're kind of stretched as far as money for transportation is

"No problem, we'll come down and pick you up at Houston International
if you tell me how fast you can get to the private plane terminal
allowing us three hours to get there. We were impressed with your e-mail
and your total honesty." Doug added

"Three hours?" Chad was stunned, "That mean you got you your own
plane, a jet airplane just to come and collect us?"

"Yup, that's how we do things here in New Jersey by the way, that's
where we live and go to school."

"Well if you're serious we can be at the airport at seven our time.
How's that?"

"That's great, thanks. We'll find you since we know what you look
like. We'll see you then plus or minus a few minutes okay?"


Buck and Doug, always impatient to start a new adventure plus an
unanticipated tailwind landed them in Houston at six-fifteen local time,
or forty-five minutes before they were to meet Chad and Rick. General
aviation lounges were never crowded generally; small groups arrived or
departed in small planes promptly. Few people waited long. Doug bought
them all drinks and found a sailing magazine to read and he a Buck
settled into chairs to wait and watch traffic arrive and depart. David
and Noah wandered in a circuit with their eyes on all the doors. The
doors from the parking lot whooshed open at six forty-five.

Chad ran straight to the windows to look out at the assembled aircraft.
Rick was a minute behind Chad, "Goddamn son, ya'll could `a waited
`til I parked the car," he berated Chad with a laugh and a slap on the
back. Both ignored Buck and Doug sitting behind them.

"I know, but I want this gig so bad, I'm plumb tired of smellin' them
greasy fuckin' burgers, you know our whole place smells like `em from
off our clothes an' we still smell like `em after we shower." He
pointed to the Challenger parked off to the side, "Would you just look
at that big bitch over yonder. I wonder if that's them?" He answered
his own question, "Naw, that's too big, some big corporation owns that,
but man is that a sweet fuckin' machine or what." He read the name,
"Trenton, that name rings a bell though. I heard it said or read it
somewhere recent I guess."

"You a dreamer son, that's one thing I love about you, always dreamin'
about your future," Rick said while squeezing the back of Chad's neck

"Wrong, I'm thinkin' about OUR future and if we land this job you just
plan on forgettin' all your slobby ways or you'll end wearin' bruises
for as long as it takes me to break you." Chad warned.

Rick got serious, "You goin' to tell them about beatin' up your last
foster daddy?"

"Yup, I sure am, that somebitch started hittin' on me for no reason
except he was drunk outta his gourd an' thought he could. He just
didn't know how fed up I was with gettin' pounded on all the time an'
how every time I got better at defendin' myself. With him I saw red an'
decided I'd win or die tryin'."

Rick nodded and giggled, "Well old son, ya'll convinced me the first
time we tousled at school, but I still ain't too sorry I made that crack
about you wearin' old clothes since that's the way we met. I had to say
somethin' so as we could meet an' that just popped out."

Chad grinned, "I thought you were pretty hot too even for a dumb jock. I
had you hurtin' in so many places ya'll didn't even know I was
gropin' you while I told you I was checkin' for broken bones."

Rick giggled and let out a protracted, "Shhiiittt! You think so huh?
Ya'll sure took your sweet time feelin my boner!"

"Isn't that what I just said? Lucky for me THAT wasn't broken." Chad
laughed and bent almost double. That was when his eyes met Buck's
laughing blue marbles.

Buck offered his hand, "Hi there partner! I'm Buck Trenton and this is
Doug Henderson. You guys are early, but we were earlier. We're sorry for
eavesdropping, but we just about got the whole interview out of the

The four shook hands. Chad looked mortified, "The whole conversation?"

"Yup," Doug answered with a giggle, "the whole conversation."

David and Noah converged on the foursome. Doug introduced them and added,
"These are two of our bodyguards, but they're also good friends when
they aren't staring daggers at any strangers who get too close to us.
They already ran your names through wherever and they now know more about
you than you probably remember, and if you're interested, you came up
squeaky clean or we'd still be sitting on the plane and they would have
met you to apologize for wasting your time."


When the seatbelt lights blinked off the Challenger's steward appeared
to take drink orders. The position had been held by a pretty young woman
but when Bucky realized that the boys always had to be careful about what
they said and where their hands roamed, he promoted her to a better job
in the office and hired a young man to take her place.

Buck and Doug asked for beers and encouraged Chad and Rick to get the
same if they wanted them, but the two weren't paying attention. Their
heads remained swiveling on stretched necks to look around the big jets'
interior. Buck grinned, "They'll have beers too," he told Burt, the
new attendant. "Come on guys we'll give you a tour so you don't
unscrew your heads accidentally."

Chad and Rick blushed, David reassured them, "Don't be embarrassed, we
all did the same thing the first time we climbed on this flying palace,
you'll get used to it and the way these guys live eventually. It takes
awhile, but they don't mind."

When they returned to their seats four beers waited on a table with a
tray of snacks. When Burt brought them a second round he asked how
everyone like their steaks done, Chad blinked his surprise, "Steaks? You
mean like we're havin' supper while we're flyin' along? I'm sorry
but I never been on no kind of airplane before."

"Yup supper," Doug agreed, "we waited for you guys, because we get all
fucked up when we change time zones."

Chad leaned back and wiped his brow, "Man that's a relief."

"What, are you really hungry too?" Buck asked.

"Nope, I mean yes to hungry, but I'm plumb relieved that you guys let
out a cuss word now and again. I was thinkin' as how you heard us
swearin' up a storm back there and it would count against us."

"Fuck no!" Doug and Buck answered in two-part harmony. Everyone laughed
and with the second beer everyone relaxed to begin the process of making

Both Chad and Rick had to be pushed into their chairs at the dinning
table that was used more frequently for in flight conferences when Bucky
used the plane. Because of his family background, Rick appreciated the
table settings; bone china, sterling flatware and special crystal
stemware that was weighted so the glasses were less likely to tip over in
the event of turbulence. Chad appreciated the shrimp cocktail, the tossed
salad, the size of his rare steak and giant baked potato. He was content
to eat while Rick did his talking but he was paying attention to what was
said and his chewing stopped completely when Buck offered them thirty
thousand dollars a year each, with living quarters, every imaginable
benefit and assured them that they would have no outside expenses
whatever, including clothing. All in return for doing simple housekeeping
as well as eternal silence about anything they saw or heard inside the
extended family.

Doug tapped Chad's hand to break him free of his trance. He pointed at
Noah and David, "Do you agree about that last bit? It's very important.
We value and reward loyalty, but just one whisper outside and these guys
will kind of make you disappear. Is that clear?"

Chad hurried to chew and swallow, "Yes Sir, that is sure enough clear
and we agree absolutely don't we Ricky?" he asked with a raised

Rick agreed repeatedly and joined in a round of handshakes around the
table. David glanced at Noah who nodded. "We can offer some part-time
work if you're interested. Anytime you guys are out on the campus or
anywhere else whether these guys or any of the others are around or not,
if you keep your eyes open and listen to conversations we'd appreciate
it. We'll teach you how to handle yourselves, you know, hand to hand and
small arms. You'll double as two more of the gang's bodyguards. You
both look like you could be still in school so you're perfect for the
job. We'll pay you the same as these guys are for making beds."

"Hand to hand?" Chad grinned, "I think I'm already pretty good," he
challenged. It was obvious that the alcohol was kicking in. Everyone
chuckled but Rick and Chad.

Noah leaned toward Rick, "Can I use you to show Chad something? I
promise I won't hurt you." Rick nodded slightly. Noah patted his back,
"Good boy," Noah smiled. Rick's eyes closed and he began to lean
forward until Noah pushed him back so he slouched in his chair while his
head lolled on relaxed sleeping neck muscles. He smiled at Chad's
shocked stare, "As soon as you learn how to do that, then we'll
consider you to be pretty good."

"What, what'd you do to him?"

"Don't worry he's just sleeping," Doug advised Chad, "The prick's
done that to all of us at one time or another when he thinks we get out
of hand. The trick is to be very fast when you see him coming. You better
wake him up Noah, we'll be landing soon."

Noah tapped the sleeping boy on his shoulder, "Wake up Rick, we're
almost home."

Rick shook the cobwebs from his head, "What did you do to me? I fell
asleep for some reason."

"That's what he damn all did to you! He put your ass to sleep just by
patting your back! Man that was awesome! If I work out with you will you
teach me how to do that?"

"Yes eventually, but you've got a lot to learn before you get that
far." Noah agreed with the caution.


Rick and Chad remained goggle eyed even after the heavy door closed and
locked behind them all. Noah and David said good night after they were
assured that Doug and Buck weren't planning to go out again. Chad and
Rick watched them enter the same room. "Are they just roommates?" Chad
asked cautiously.

Buck answered with a shrug, "I guess so pretty much except when they get
horny if they don't feel like messing around with one of us. For the
record everyone on this floor is gay. Some of us like Doug and I are
couples but loving each other doesn't have anything to do with good sex
with another guy or guys if we feel like it, or they do."

They met Spencer coming out of the lounge. He carried sleeping Tommy in
his arms. "He wanted to stay up to watch the movie with us. I guess he
got through the first ten minutes, before never-never land." Spencer
couldn't see Tommy lift one eyelid cautiously to look at Doug and smile.
Doug covered his mouth to hide his grin as Tommy snuggled closer to his

Buck introduced Chad and Rick. Spencer nodded and smiled in lieu of
shaking hands. Both new boys barely responded because both pairs of eyes
were fixed on Spence's manhood. Spence noticed and didn't comment with
the exception of lengthening while staring at Buck and Doug communicating
that they should get stripped.

Buck winked, and detoured them back to the door next to the lounge,
"This is our room. All the rooms are alike; yours will be the first one
on the other side of the lobby," he explained as he and Doug dropped
their shorts and pulled their shirts off. It was Doug's turn to collect
their clothes and drop them in the laundry. Chad and Rick forgot Spencer
in favor of gawking at their employers. "We're all nudists as you're
beginning to see. You guys can do as you please."

"When in Rome partner," Chad grinned at Rick while pulling off his
shirt and attempting to pry off the first boot at the same time. He fell
hard to the side with his arms tangled in his shirt.

Rick sat on the bed to take off his boots while laughing at Chad, "He's
such a clumsy ass hole, just one more reason I just love him so."

"Fuck you too," Chad mumbled with a grin as he stayed on the carpet to
take off his boots.

When they finally stood together in front of Doug and Buck they emulated
them by putting their arms around each other to show solidarity. Doug and
Buck nodded and smiled without comment except to invite them into the
lounge to meet the rest of the gang. Everyone was there, all waiting for
Buck and Doug to return so they could meet the new guys. Buck and Doug
told everyone of their plan so they already knew what Chad and Rick would
be doing and it didn't need to be explained in their presence. They
would have been welcomed more enthusiastically but by then everyone was
intent on christening Doug's ultra spongy carpet, and no one was
watching the movie. Peter and Marc were mounted on the twins while they
all held their hands stacked together. Jeff humped Diego while they both
watched Charlie lying on his side behind Eric to receive a physical
therapy session since Big Momma was fifteen hundred miles away and Eric
as a dedicated bottom when Jeff allowed him to be, promised Charlie and
Momma that the sessions would continue. Evan and Billy were in a world of
their own making out with each other with their usual extreme intensity
in preparation of Billy mounting his smaller younger lover.

Doug and Buck shrugged their apology; "I guess you can meet them just as
easily tomorrow morning when they aren't quite as distracted." Buck
suggested as he and Doug grew before Chad and Rick's eyes while the two
newcomers were way beyond just becoming erect. "Do you guys want to head
off to bed now?"

Chad and Rick looked at each other briefly, Chad answered for them,
"Just now I don't believe we could get that far, could we just camp out
here, we promise not to touch anyone, just lookin' is all we need."

Doug laughed, "Sure stay here if you want, or if you want to be more
comfortable, our room is right next door and we only ever use half the
bed even to sleep. I guarantee your view will be about the same once we
get there except of course not as many."

The new boys looked at each other again and Rick nodded, "If you're
sure we wouldn't be puttin' you out none, thank you kindly."

After the comforter was removed to expose a light blanket and the top
sheet Chad took one look and shook his head, "Who in tarnation made this
bed?" he wondered in a mumble, by then intent only in lying down on his
back to receive his lover without losing his load. Buck on the other hand
had no trouble joining Chad, because he was laughing so hard at Doug's
sour expression, that he fell to the bed on his back.

Doug loomed over him on his knees, "I'm going to fuck you three times
without stopping for laughing at my bed making so you have to walk like
you just fell off a barrel all day tomorrow," Doug declared with an evil

Buck lifted his legs with a giggle, "Be sure to wake me up in time for
the third shot," he quipped. Just then the corner of the fitted sheet at
Buck's shoulder sprang free and the elastic bunched it at his head and
arm. That got them both laughing. Chad and Rick joined them when their
corner let go as well.

"I guess I rest my case, but then again its job security," Chad grunted
out under Rick's passionate onslaught as both watched Doug's big cock
disappear and he began his own assault without pausing to check on
Buck's comfort. They became less concerned when they saw Buck
immediately hook his heels under Doug's hard little ass cheeks to
encourage him to move faster and deeper.

Doug was just finishing his second round when Tommy walked in without
knocking. He staggered with his eyes half closed to the foot of the bed
and crawled up to lay down between the two couples, "Hi there Tommy!"
Doug welcomed him affectionately, "You're just in time, Buck's been a
bad boy and he needs to be fucked a couple more times, want to help me
out here?"

Tommy came wide awake, to nod his excitement while Buck started screaming
and laughing about Doug having to bring in the gang's A-team to complete
his sentence. Tommy giggled silently and began to wiggle his way under
Doug's body to replace him on Buck.

Doug backed away and then grabbed Tommy's ankles to position him. After
Tommy was underway Doug spread his little cheeks, "Did you have to rape
Spence again tonight?"

Tommy nodded without missing a stroke. Buck, nearly as good at lip
reading as Doug, relayed Tommy's additional comments, "Yup the first
time, but the second time I got him on top of me. I brought you his loads
to eat if you want them, since he fell asleep."

"Great thanks," Doug answered matter-of-factly and spread Tommy's
cheeks further before lowering his mouth to begin making slurping noises.

Chad by then was on top and was further stimulated by watching the sudden
threesome in action, Tommy the sleeping little boy was obviously a
teenager, and not so little where it counted. He moaned out his second
load loudly so the others could count his spurts into Rick.

"All right Chad!" Buck congratulated him while Tommy continued to pound
him, "By the way this is Tommy. He's Spencer's roomy, but he gets
around every night so no one feels ignored." He looked back up at Tommy,
"What? Oh, sure you can eat me after you suck me if you don't fall
asleep first, Douggie's nearly dead, just don't let him go to sleep
before he makes a pillow. You know how sneaky he is." Chad and Rick
heard only Buck's giggles, but they saw Tommy's whole body shaking with

Tommy came in Buck suddenly indicated by Doug pulling his mouth away from
Tommy, "Damn it Tommy you almost cut off my tongue AGAIN! We need to
work out a warning system," he yawned, "for next time," he added
before slithering into the vacant spot between the two couples to end up
on his back. He ran his hand lightly down Chad's back and sleek flank
and then dropped it to Rick to appraise his chest and rippled gut, "Is
touching okay with you guys because it's okay with us, any of us."

"Sure," Rick answered when Chad began to purr as well as re-harden,

"So do you want the job?"

"You didn't offered it to us yet." Rick answered with a quivering

"Yeah we did, we made you an offer, but you didn't say yes."

"Well then YES! Ooohhh!" Chad gasped out before collapsing on Rick.

"Good, see you in the morning." Doug stretched and closed his eyes and
his gut collapsed almost to his backbone, "The pillow's made guys," he
mumbled and drifted off to sleep.

"What pillow?" Rick whispered, looking at Buck.

Tommy rolled off Buck onto Doug without waking him, then slipped down
until his head was level with Doug's half hard sleeping cock. He
collected Doug's leg between both of his and snuggled his head into his
relaxed belly just above the prominent hipbone. Buck followed Tommy,
spooned tightly against the slightly smaller boy and put his head down
just in back of Tommy's. "This is our pillow. Try it if you want
there's room on your side, and crowding is nice."

Chad and Rick barely heard the word `nice' as Buck drifted off. Chad
and Rick shrugged at each other and nodded. Chad emulated Tommy including
capturing Doug's other leg when he lowered his head after a moment of
studying Doug's cock. He pushed until he felt Doug's cock on the top of
his head get stopped when it met Tommy's and his hand joined one of
Tommy's to hold Doug's cock. Rick joined him to make their spoon
complete and then both listened to Doug's body functioning in the deep
sleep mode for a few moments longer before they joined the others.


The four boys using Doug as a pillow woke up when Doug stirred, stretched
and let out a one-minute yawn. Everyone woke in the same positions they
were in when they closed their eyes. He focused on Chad and Rick with a
grin, "Hi guys, did you sleep well? Man I sure did," he looked down on
Buck and Tommy, "Hey babes you better wake the puppy up if he still
wants to run with us this morning."

Buck began tickling Tommy without answering. Tommy came alive with silent
giggles, fought free of Buck's embrace and ran into the bathroom. Chad
and Rick sat up and rubbed their faces, "Good morning, damn what time is
it, its not even daylight yet," Chad mumbled after looking out the

"Its early. We're going for a run, only about five miles. You can come
along or go back to sleep if you want to." Doug offered cheerily.

"Shit, I'll just bet you're one of those morning people." Rick
guessed sourly.

"Bingo," Buck moaned and struggled to his feet after giving Doug a
perfunctory kiss to stumble his way to the bathroom, as oblivious to his
morning erection as everyone else except Chad and Rick at first until the
demands of their bodies moved them and modesty was forgotten.

"We're awake. We'll go if we can borrow shorts." Rick called to Doug
already in the bathroom. Chad groaned and fell back on the bed
subconsciously searching for Doug's body with his hand. "No you don't.
You're running too, we're both getting flabby," he declared and pulled
Chad to his feet.

After dressing in shorts they met the rest of the floor's residents in
the lobby except for Vincent and Patrick who were working on breakfast
for everyone in the California kitchen.

Buck and Doug paced Spencer to begin the run. "Tommy said he had to rape
you again last night." Buck opened the agitation.

"Yeah, tell me about it. Not really though, I just wanted to keep being
sure that he really wants me you know? I'm still amazed that he can take
me all and enjoy it, the adorable little shit. After the first time last
night he got off the bed and stood looking down at me with his hands on
his hips with one little hip cocked at me and tapping his foot. He
started talking and believe it or not I understood most of what he was
saying. In effect he told me he was tired of my shit and in the future if
he wanted me to fuck him then that's what I would do and if I wanted him
all I had to do was let him know. Then he pushed me off the bed and lay
on his back in my warm spot. That kid is a born cock magnet. Anyway, I
give up, I guess if I hurt him he wouldn't keep coming back for more
would he?"

"Nope I doubt it," Buck puffed, "come to think about it, I've had to
rape a guy or two myself, you big guys somehow think that height and age
matter, they don't, not when the desire and mutual attraction is

"Why don't you two spend the night with us tonight?" Doug invited
before he increased his pace without waiting for an answer. In truth, if
Spencer declined all Doug had to do was invite Tommy and he'd drag
Spencer along and Spencer was powerless to resist.

Chad and Rick stayed in the back of the pack and found themselves running
with Jeff and Eric, both less than enthusiastic runners but orders from
Vincent were orders. Since the night the whole California mob met on
Dagger Cay to welcome Vincent into the fold he mellowed out a good deal,
but was still capable of waking up between them after fucking them in
turn and ordering them to the pistol range for more practice. The
intensive sessions paid dividends in the form of both being able to kill
far more targets than those paper evildoers who escaped. Martial arts
however, with Noah as their instructor still was not going well. Noah
would stand in front of either wearing a blindfold with his hands behind
his back to invite them to hit him or just throw him to the sand and
every time they tried Noah just wasn't there and they found themselves
in the sand face first instead. Noah kept harping on concentration and
feeling and anticipation but they always ended where they began, in the

"You the new guys Chad and Rick?" Jeff wheezed.

"Yeah I guess they told everyone that we're the new housekeepers in
advance, that was nice." Chad acknowledged.

"Everyone's got to start somewhere, I was a uniformed guard at one of
Bucky's companies, oh Bucky is Buck's dad," he interjected, "and now
I'm a bodyguard and live with the gang and really treated like royalty,
you know we live just like they live. Hey let's slow down." Jeff

Eric piped up, "And I was a hustler in Ft. Lauderdale when they took me
in and they didn't have to. I appreciate the chance to continue living.
Believe me you could do a lot worse."

Chad looked down on Eric in surprise, "Does hustler mean^Å"

"Yup a male prostitute, a whore. I was hooked on drugs and had to work
for a pimp to keep supplied. Eric and Vincent found me or I'd be dead by

"Goddamn, we saw you last night in the lounge, you ain't but what a
skinny twelve years old." Chad was shocked.

Eric and Jeff both laughed as Jeff steered them off the trail. "Actually
I'm eighteen. I'm used to shaving because my tricks liked little boys,
so I keep it that way. I'm supposed to pal around with the younger guys
like the twins and Tommy undercover." He explained proudly. He looked
around, "Hey where we going Jefferson?"

"I checked out the trail in advance and this short cut will cut off two
miles at least." Jeff had them stop at a tree line where they couldn't
be seen, "Now we wait here until they pass us and we rejoin them in the
back right where we were."

"Man I sure wish you told us before. We don't want to get in any
trouble before we even start work," Rick complained while Chad agreed
with his nodding head.

Suddenly hands appeared out of the darkness to find Eric and Jeff's
necks. Both boys froze and winced as Vincent appeared between them
companionably except he increased pressure. "You boys are real noisy you
know that? I checked you out when you checked out this little shortcut.
Tryin' to put stuff over on old Vincent ain't such a good thing now is
it?" He turned them bodily with his hands, "You boys best just run
along now and catch up with your subjects, and when the pack comes out of
those trees over there I better be seein' you runnin' right up beside
them or I'll double your class time with Noah. Now move!" Vincent gave
them a push back the way they came and watched them stumble away before
he turned to Chad and Rick, "Come on boys, you ain't involved in this.
I imagine you ran just to be polite to your new employers. We'll have
breakfast and you can keep Charlie company waitin' on the rest to come

Chad left Rick with Charlie in the lounge where the kitchen was in use.
While Doug downplayed the kitchen areas as little, they were compact but
also a gourmet chef's dream. Charlie told Rick about his accident and
how he injured his spine and since Rick was a stranger he confided in
him, telling Rick all about the tests he'd taken and all the different
specialists he'd seen, and still no one would tell him the results. He
was beginning to think that no one had the balls to simply say, `Sorry
son, you'll never walk again.' not even his partner Diego.

Rick looked around quickly while he blinked away beginning tears, "I'll
just keep my ears open partner, hell, I'll ask, an' if they know
somethin' they ain't tellin' ya'll, I'll just help you back Diego in
a corner `til he fesses up, he made a fist, "it just ain't fair."

Chad ran the length of the hall to Doug and Buck's room and started by
making the bed, fluffing the pillows and replacing the comforter. After
he found the linen closet in the bathroom. Then he went about
straightening up until he got to the computer desk and became engrossed
in looking through a stack of eight by ten photos he found sitting on a
chair. There were pictures of all the guys, always doing something, even
diving with dolphin and firing what looked like small machine guns and
pistols. He stopped when he came to one photo of a strange looking
submarine that was motoring past a huge yacht; big enough to even have a
helicopter sitting on its top deck. All the boys, many more than those
who lived on the second floor were without exception totally naked.

That was when Buck and Doug walked in. Chad jumped up from the chair and
replaced the photos, "I wasn't snoopin' or nothin', they were on the
chair and I was straightenin' up."

"No heat dude," Doug laughed. "We're having those framed to
eventually cover this whole wall with them and others as we do different
shit together. Marc is a camera fanatic, he took them and hundreds more,
but some are too hot to hang in public," he laughed with Buck who went
to a drawer to offer Chad an even bigger stack.

Chad began leafing through the new pile, turned red, started to grow and
stopped to return them to the drawer himself, "I ah, better not look at
them now, ah later, when Ricky's around if that's alright," he said
nervously. He grinned, "But I sure do hope that there drawer's

Doug and Buck grabbed Chad's arms and dragged him along with them into
the shower, while he kept protesting that he'd wait for Rick. "Don't
worry, we aren't going to mess around mornings, there isn't time,"
Buck assured him, "we have to get to the first class on time."

Chad was surprised that they were true to their word, and after finishing
in the bathroom they went into the big closet to dress. Doug pointed to
drawers built in under the hanging clothes, "We're about the same size,
help yourself."

Chad chose a pair of shorts and tee shirt and looked askance at the
over-flowing laundry hamper. Buck saw him frown, "Don't worry about
that. We've got it all arranged; everyday someone will come out from the
house. They bring supplies like food and Cokes and stuff and take all the
laundry and dry cleaning with them and then bring it back the next day so
you don't have to do a thing. We're kind of in the habit of not wearing
stuff twice, there's no need to. It won't come back sorted out by guy,
just the room, so you and Rick will have to separate yours yourself just
like we do, when we do," he explained with a laugh.

It was decided that whoever got to the kitchen first would help serve,
which wasn't difficult since the hot food was already prepared. Assorted
cold cereal boxes were lined up and ready to pour into bowls and fresh
fruit was piled in a tub. Basically the servers had to keep the others
from the kitchen area or risk incurring both Patrick and Vincent's wrath
as they sat on stools sipping coffee and surveying their young charges
and guards, neatly dressed in the school uniform for the first time.
Doug, Buck and Chad were first so they served good naturedly, bustling
around pouring milk, fruit juices and coffee.

Tommy arrived happily towing Spencer by the hand, "I'm pussy whipped,"
Spencer mumbled to Doug while Doug poured him coffee. "He just got me
again in the shower. I think he called it one for the road."

Tommy giggled and nodded before describing to Doug exactly how; "Getting
him hard is never a problem. Then I had to jump to get my arms around his
neck so I could lock my legs around his waist. After that he helped and
we were finished in no time."

"Will you stop already?" Spencer complained, "You don't have to tell
the whole school about our love life," he blushed, grinned, squeezed
Tommy's thigh under the table and whispered so their lips almost
touched, "although I'm looking forward to our next shower," he added.

Everyone heard Evan coming before they saw him, "I don't care if you
are dressed like us, you guys definitely don't look like students and
you can't sit in my classes!" he berated Hans and Herman. When they
appeared in the doorway, everyone including Patrick and Vincent roared
their laughter. Both men were immaculately dressed in tailored maroon
blazers, school ties and severely creased black trousers. Both looked
equally determined as they carried Evan along between them so his feet
dangled. "Put me down you big," Evan paused and thought better than
calling them a name even if he was their master, "guys," he finished
lamely, although they did lower him to the floor and let him go.

"We don't go in, we search all students and professor first Master,"
Hans insisted looking down on Evan. Herman nodded his agreement

"Eric will be in all his classes," Vincent advised them with a chuckle,
"he'll be safe and you two can wait just outside the door."

Herman stretched his neck until he spied Eric and marched over to him as
well as he could on the spongy carpet. He peered down on Eric, "You are
armed, yes?" he demanded.

Eric gulped, nodded and very slowly reached into his book bag. He brought
out his twenty-two-caliber weapon, popped the clip and ejected the round
from the chamber before he offered it to the big man. Herman took the
weapon in two fingers and held it up for Hans to see. Both men began
laughing together. "This is toy," Herman declared and dropped it in his
jacket pocket before pulling the biggest semiautomatic anyone had ever
seen before from his shoulder holster. "This you will carry, and in
future do not unload weapon and never give to anyone while still alive,"
he warned.

Eric took the proffered cannon, careful to avoid the trigger area and his
arm dropped from the weight, "Damn, this thing weighs five pounds, I
can't carry this."

"You carry," Herman insisted, refusing the weapon when Eric offered it
back. "Is custom made. Fifty caliber with armor piercing ammo, very good
piece," he assured Eric proudly.

Eric looked at Vincent helplessly. Vincent stepped over to heft the
weapon after Herman nodded his permission. "Sweet," he announced.
"Where can I get one of these?" he asked before he shook himself and
began mediating. "Look, the kid's always wired so you'll be able to
hear everything that goes on in their classroom. If there's a problem,
all you have to do is open the door and take care of it. He can't fire
this anyway until he tries it on the range and the recoil will still
knock him back on his skinny ass ten feet anyway so he'd be out of the
game with the first shot. Let him keep the piece he's familiar with and
he'll do fine."

Herman looked at Hans who nodded his agreement with Vincent. With that
Herman agreed and grinned at Vincent, "You keep that one, we have

After that squabble was settled, Evan joined Buck, Doug, Chad and Rick
for breakfast. Rick showered with Charlie and Diego. Evan heard part of
their conversation about getting Chad and Rick's personal stuff from
Houston and volunteered his help, "If you don't have room to get it all
up here in one of their little planes," he grinned always enjoying the
`mine's bigger' game, "mine's just sitting there."

"Fuck you too Evan," Buck smiled, "we aren't buying a 747 as long as
you have one," he retorted to the one-upsmanship jab. "We'd much
rather let you pay those bills."

"We were just talkin'" Chad cut in after whispering with Rick, not
sure that they weren't joking about Evan owning such a huge aircraft,
"Rick got him a new Jeep for graduation and we'd want that up here, and
the only other stuff we want is clothes an' some personal stuff that
will all fit in the Jeep nicely. Why don't he just go down and drive
that back an' I'll stay here to start in doin' my thing?"

Doug grinned, shrugged, and reached for his billfold, "That will work I
guess." He pulled out a number of bills and handed them to Rick, "Is
that enough for your travel expenses?" he asked and put two fingers back
in his billfold ready to produce more.

Rick counted the money while Chad looked around his arm. They both
arrived at the same number, "Goddamn Doug, with a thousand bucks I could
plumb drive to Europe. Yeah this is plenty, I'll bring you the change
and all the receipts," he promised.

Doug frowned, "Don't you dare, if we didn't trust you two you
wouldn't be here, and all I do with receipts is throw them away

Buck was miffed because Doug out fumbled him and slipped Rick a credit
card, "Here, you better take this too. Douggie should know better, you
can't even get rooms at a good hotel for a grand," he whispered while
Doug's back was turned. Rick and Chad walked away toward their room
suitably speechless until the door closed.

"Man did we step in a bucket of shit, or what's the story!" Rick
hugged Chad and danced him around the room while they kissed.

"Yeah we did and now we need to work at keepin' them in there, meanin'
that we need to be the best fuckin' housekeepers in the world." Chad
enthused, anxious to begin work.

"One thing though," Rick got serious. "What are you plannin' to do
about sex while I'm gone for three days?"

"Sleep in this here room with the door locked and marry my fist
thinkin' of you doin' the same, or maybe you could call me an' we
could get off together over the phone." Chad suggested.

"Yeah, we could, but if one of `em invites you, I won't hold it
again' you if you go for it, because in truth I would if I was the one
stayin'. When we made that pact together we were thinkin' about all the
sorry dudes we knew. We sure weren't thinkin' about guys like these
bein' so good lookin' an' hot to trot an' all. Last night when Doug
started strokin' our bodies you could tell he was interested an' the
way you hardened up again told me you were just as interested. Maybe we
should start thinkin' like they do, good sex is just that an' has
nothin' whatever to do with what we feel for each other or them for each
other either." Chad opened his mouth to say something. Rick hurried on,
"One thing though, if one does invite you, then the door is open to the
rest. If that happens, would you be sure to spend some time, as much as
he wants, with Charlie?"

Rick went on to tell Chad of Charlie's worry and how the act of fucking
was physical therapy that happened to be working since he couldn't move
his hips at all a month ago. He also explained that Charlie believed that
his prognosis was negative and he wanted to prove all the doctors wrong.
Chad nodded as someone knocked on the door.

"The car's ready to go to the airport, and I've got a plane waiting!"
Buck shouted, "We've all got to get to classes, so we'll see you when
you get back! Have a safe flight and a good trip back!" he added before
running for the door to catch up to the rest.


After dinner that evening Noah took Chad, Jeff and Eric to a sand covered
volleyball court near the athletic complex. Noah began the lesson with
Chad by challenging the boy just like he'd been doing with Jeff and
Eric. Unlike them, Chad held an undefined anger in him from his years of
neglect and some abuse in foster homes and schools. He was determined
that no one was ever going to beat him again or die trying to defend
himself. He closed his eyes as Noah was blindfolded and held a picture of
Noah's position. He faked a move to take Noah down and when Noah reacted
by swiping the boy's legs with one of his own, Chad jumped up and back
so Noah fell off balance to one knee. When Chad opened his eyes he saw
Noah with the cloth lifted above his eyes to stare at him with a small

"You and I will have private lessons during the day in one of the
lounges starting tomorrow." Noah told him and added, "The rest of this
lesson I want you to sit quietly and watch. Decide what you would have
done differently to keep from kissing sand if you were Jeff or Eric.
Don't comment, just watch."

Noah realized then that Jeff and Eric didn't have that rare spark in
them necessary to rise above mediocre, so he altered his lesson plan to
simple self-defense tactics and moves. First he started with fists. He
kept his hands open and flat. Whenever one attacked him he caressed some
part of their body and then explained what would have happened if he'd
used force in his blow; a broken arm, crushed nuts, nose ripped off to
bleed to death, ruptured kidney or broken neck. Then he showed them how
to block. As the lesson progressed the crowd of student spectators grew
until the small group was surrounded by half the student body of all
ages, watching quietly and intently. Some paired off and attempted to
emulate Noah's instruction on their own. There were gasps when Noah
produced a knife from his gym bag. The knife was real; it was razor sharp
on one edge and had saw-like serrations on the other. He offered the
weapon to Jeff.

Jeff accepted it hesitantly and asked, "Aren't you worried that we
might have an accident? I might cut you."

Noah shrugged and paid his first compliment, "You guys are doing so
well, that you'll have me worried in about ten more lessons." Both boys
looked around proudly until Noah continued, "A weapon changes the rules.
Your attacker wants to kill you, so you first disarm him and then use his
weapon to kill him. Never be nice and try to incapacitate him, you
aren't surgeons. Alive and injured even mortally wounded, your attacker
becomes more desperate and very dangerous. If you were foolish enough to
search the dude, you might discover he had another knife when it was in
your gut."

At the end of the lesson, Noah, Jeff and Eric were sweating and the two
students were covered with sand sticking to their bodies, but both were
pleased with their growing skills and confidence. The Director of Sports
and Physical Education appeared from the crowd of boys and was about to
tap Noah on his shoulder to get his attention, then thought better of his
action since the apparent fourteen year old boy clearly wasn't and was
just as clearly a master of the skills he taught. He invited Noah to give
all the students lessons in self-defense during scheduled physical
education classes. His rational was that learning the basic self-defense
skills, might be more valuable to any one student in the future than
learning how to play individual leisure sports such as tennis, handball
or golf not to mention a boost to self-confidence. Noah looked at all the
serious hopeful faces surrounding them and agreed to become an

Chad followed Noah and the two youthful bodyguards quietly until they got
to the doors of Lasker Hall, "Hold it right there you two guys," he
ordered Jeff and Eric, "you ain't sheddin' sand all over my clean
floors. Wash off out here first or sleep out here." He fell into a
slight crouch and closed his eyes ready to enforce his edict if

Noah giggled, "You better listen to the man gentlemen," he warned,
"after all he did take me down on his first try while you two^Å" It was
unnecessary for Noah to finish his sentence before the boys jogged off
around the building looking for a garden hose. Noah bowed to Chad,
"You're the first one I've found who has what I have and what my
instructor has. Come on, we'll take a shower and then if you want to
I'll teach you some moves you can surprise Rick with when he gets back.
I guarantee neither of you will be sorry you learned."

It was clear to Chad that what Noah was suggesting involved sex somehow,
"I want to but we ain't supposed to mess with you guys although Rick
said it was okay with him if I did while he was gone. Are you sure you
won't get in trouble?"

"You two were virgins before you got together weren't you?" Noah

"Yup, a whole fuckin' cherry tree," Chad admitted with a red face.

"Well then since it's impossible to catch much from a toilet seat, we
won't worry about it. Here," Noah pointed to the print scanner, you try
it to make sure it works." Chad looked ecstatic when the door clicked.
"Welcome to the family!" he laughed, opened the door and bowed Chad
through it.

Both were surprised to find Buck and Doug in the lobby. Buck was wearing
shorts while Doug's Speedo accentuated rather than hid. They were
chatting with a dark boy of ten or eleven. Although the boy was dressed
simply in shorts, tee shirt and leather sandals, the two monstrous men
flanking him were dressed in traditional Arab robes and another handsome
exotic kid of about fifteen and dressed like the younger boy hovered
nervously in the background. David, wearing shorts and a fresh long
sleeved unbuttoned shirt leaned nonchalantly against a wall behind Doug
and Buck.

Buck introduced the two new arrivals, "and this is Medi, really a
nickname, short for Mohamed. Medi's taking one whole wing downstairs,"
he explained to Noah and Chad."

Medi shook their proffered hands enthusiastically, "This is my first
year here. I'm attempting to go about incognito, but it is most
difficult with these two always hovering about," he told them all with a
giggle in perfect, but stilted English. "My father insisted or else, and
I so wanted to attend school in America, so here we are." He snapped his
fingers once and the older boy handed Medi a folded checkbook. "These
two have no English," he tossed his thumb, "but Hussein does so if you
need to communicate with any others in my entourage and I am not present
please do so through him. I should like to pay now and move in as soon as
the work is completed. I assume workmen will now proceed twenty-four
hours a day until my rooms are ready." That came out as a statement, not
a question.

"WRONG!" Doug spoke up, "We're living up here, we'll let them work
sixteen hours, or a double shift, but that's it. We all need our beauty
sleep," he joked.

Medi looked around with a raised eyebrow before his eyes settled on
Doug's little suit and the substantial elongated protrusion, "Surely
you jest," he said after a pregnant moment choosing to miss the joke
while telling them that he appreciated what he saw.

Chad laughed forgetting that he was new to the group and a housekeeper,
"You're just a kid, what in hell's bells would you do with one of

Medi grinned and motioned Hussein forward to lean against his side while
stroking his arm, "You have your toys," he swept his other arm around
the room, "and I have mine."

Doug and Buck danced each other around the room after Medi left them.
"We did it!" Buck shouted, "We sold the whole first floor the first
day of school! Dad's going to freak out when he finds out."

David frowned, "Who else did you sell rooms to? We'll need to check
them out."

Doug answered evasively, "Just to some South American dude, Juan-Carlos
Mendez, he took the other wing."

"Oh no, not the son of a man by the same name who just happens the head
the biggest drug cartel in the world, the man that half the countries in
the world just happen to be looking for?" David's voice squeaked with
incredulity, "Tell me it isn't so."

"Could be," Buck hedged, "but the key word you missed here is alleged.
You can't blame Juan-Carlos for anything his father MAY have done can
you? Besides, JC is a really nice guy, you'll like him as soon as you
meet him."

"How many heavy types is he moving in to protect him?" Noah asked.

"No one, he's here all alone. He bought the whole wing just to insulate
himself from all the rumors about his father. He told us he hasn't been
sleeping too well lately."

"Oh no," David moaned, "Of course you mean the rumors that his father
is dead and this kid is the heir apparent, so the other cartels want him
out of the way so they can take over. Are those the rumors you're
referring to?"

Doug shrugged, "Could be, but a deal's a deal." He and Buck were not
about to tell anyone that JC paid them in cash for the rooms and included
twelve months of maintenance fees, or that the money currently resided in
their closet in a lumpy very heavy laundry bag.

David sighed, "All I can say is that this is going to be a very
interesting school year."




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