Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


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Subject: SOMERSET FARM Chapter 52


Chapter 52


Jamie Haze

It was morning; Buck woke up first to find that Doug hadn't moved while
they slept spooned together facing the twins and JC, Doug was still
embedded in Buck and once again hard while he hugged Buck tightly with
both arms. Buck began moving against Doug to wake him and get him to
share in the work matching thrusts without being aware that Doug was on
the verge of falling out of bed because the twins and JC had formed a
messy triangle to sleep together for the first time just like the twins
always slept except for the addition of JC's cock and mouth so they took
up most of the bed space. Frustrated in his failure to shake Doug from
his near comatose state, Buck used both arms and legs for one mighty push
to bury Doug's cock to the maximum. That usually worked. Doug dreamed
that he was falling until his back hit the floor still holding Buck so
his lover landed on top of him with a grunt of surprise.

"OUF!" Buck managed as he succeeded beyond his imagining. "Man talk
about tickling someone's tonsils, that was different."

"What the fuck?" Doug opened his eyes to see JC and the twins staring
down on them over the edge of the bed, giggling. When Buck recovered from
his surprise and once again began moving on Doug while giving the
threesome on the bed both fingers. Doug moaned, "Cool it Buck, I have to
take a leak so bad, and your weight isn't helping."

Buck stood up slowly until he was free of Doug and then pulled him to his
feet, "I have to piss too." He frowned at the three on the bed, "We
will never sleep with you three again, I mean really sleep, you guys take
up too much room." He shouted over his shoulder while following Doug to
the bathroom. "We may as well shower too since we're up," he said to

"It wasn't us, it was JC!" the twins chimed together.

"Excuse me?" JC protested with a laugh, "It was you two who invited me
to share your dreams, I had no idea that you accomplished this sharing,
ah, orally," he blushed, "but I must say the new experience was most
enjoyable. Your rancho and winery are quite beautiful, I understand how
you must miss being there."

The twins grabbed one of JC's hands and went telepathic, "We didn't
think about sharing working both ways, but we'll never tell anyone where
your father's stash is, or that you've got a dozen homes spread over
three countries."

JC blinked and smiled, "I am pleased that you know and if ever my
enemies are successful in their efforts to eliminate me, please accept
what you find there as yours," he thought with a tear in his eye.

Toby pulled his hand away, "Eliminating you is NOT going to happen!" he
declared aloud. "Hey Buck, Doug! JC needs some help!" he called to the
sound of the running shower.

"We told you we'd help you JC and we will," Doug smirked twenty
minutes later, "but that was just a few hours ago, and there hasn't
been a lot of time if you think about it."

"One guy we need with us right now is Evan," Buck mused, "I wonder
where he and Billy are?" The question was answered from outside by deep
air horn blasts from Sea Song as the yacht entered the lagoon. The Sea
Song was returning from a short cruise with twenty cadet seamen on board.
"I'll bet he's waiting on the dock, and I'll bet no one but Marc
climbed the pinchers to take pictures," he giggled. "If he's even out
of bed yet himself, that orgy we missed must have been wild, but ours was
even better."

When the three `brain brothers' went to shower, Doug picked up the
phone and punched zero to see what would happen and was pleasantly
surprised when a deep male voice answered instantly as if he'd been
waiting for the call, "Masta? Yo' ready fo' brefas?"

"Is this Ace?"

"Yeah Sa, yo' head boy."

"Yes Ace, we'd like some breakfast. Say Ace, could you send someone to
find a little guy named Evan."

"Yo' mean DA LITTLE MASTA?" Ace asked with awe in his voice. "Dare
ain' but two white boys we watch out fo', an' he de udder one."

"Okay great, ask him to join us for breakfast, we're up in..."

"Da Royal Suite," Ace finished Doug's sentence, "An' da Little Masta
on da dock.

Evan and Billy arrived in the suite frowning at the two young blacks
escorting them. "What are you doing Doug, forming your own goon squad? I
think these two and two others were ready to carry us up here if we
resisted your invitation and they wouldn't even tell us where you were.
We were just waiting to see Gregor and Meesha."

"Sorry about that, we need to talk about a project without the rest of
the gang getting in on it unless we need them right now. If one of us
went to find you we'd be having breakfast for twenty." Doug explained.

Evan was instantly interested, "A project?" He whistled after Buck and
Doug explained while JC hung his head in great embarrassment for causing
so much trouble. "Normally, I'd say we should take this to Bucky, but
if we did, he'd do it but he'd cut us out of the loop big time, like
locking us up with fifty guards until it was a done deal."

Buck agreed with a nod, "So that eliminates Will and Joe and all our
guards from helping too until we trick them into it at the last minute."
He glanced at Doug, "We hadn't considered that last night.

"If your father would do this for me, why is it you do not wish to
involve him? Wouldn't that be most," JC struggled for the right word,
"expedient?" he asked innocently.

Buck grinned as he answered JC's question with more questions, "Didn't
you enjoy running your father's business, the danger, the excitement?
Wasn't it a rush to beat your competition? Didn't you enjoy being
successful against those old guys and you were what, only fourteen when
you started?" JC grinned and nodded.

Doug flopped down on the sofa by JC, "After only a few days you already
have a pretty good idea about us. Of course Buck's dad expects Buck to
succeed him in the family business and Buck wants to just like me and my
father, and his dad is Evan's legal guardian but he cuts Evan so much
slack, that Evan's actually running his grandfather's business so we
won't have a problem with Dieter, Billie or Hans and Herman. The problem
is, Bucky doesn't want any of us hurt but he also knows it's impossible
for Buck or Evan to gain vital experience in certain areas without taking
a few risks so when he finds out we've done something after the fact, he
just frowns a bit and then smiles with pride. There's just no substitute
for on the job training. As for me, I've almost been killed twice just
because I'm their friend and I want you to know that I get a hardon the
second I get a bad guy in my sights." His eyes drew JC's down to his
cock to watch it creep up his gut until it covered his navel, "Just
thinking about it works too," he added with a grin.

Buck giggled, "Whacking bad guys is Doug's excuse number one thousand
and nine for getting hard, which would make just his thinking about it,
one thousand and ten." Doug was content to shoot Buck a casual bird and
laugh with the others.

"Okay, cut the shit. Where do we start?" Evan became all business.

Without answering, Buck picked up the nearest phone, "David? Hi. About
that heart attack, can that be scheduled to happen tomorrow night? Okay,
great. We may need you later for more stuff. JC is putting his business
up for sale and this is the start of what might be some rough
negotiations. Okay, thanks." Instead of replacing the handset, he handed
it off to JC. "Here you go man, call a survivor and tell him the dude in
question will be out of the picture tomorrow night in his townhouse,
assuming he sleeps there, in New York City. That should get their
attention, and then you can suggest a buy out."

JC took the phone hesitantly, "Is this telephone secure?"

Evan laughed, "My grandfather had this phone system so scrambled,
Billie, my computer geek is amazed it even works."

JC smiled and dialed a lengthy international number; "Perhaps I should
hire one of these geek people to manage my affairs?" he mumbled,
thinking out loud. "We all maintain a secure number for times such as
this. Mine is now my cell phone," he explained. "I will force them to
speak English so you understand what I tell them," he whispered.
Everyone watched as JC's face changed. He became his father's equally
arrogant ruthless heir. "This is Juan-Carlos Escobar I wish to speak to
Jorge." He went into a rage, "THE ONE WHO PIMPS FOR HIS MOTHER, THAT
do you think the whole world has this number!"? The boys listening held
their hands over their mouths to mitigate their laughter. Doug and Buck
collapsed together on the carpet.

"Man, we'll call you when we need to insult someone!" Doug managed to

"Jorge? I speak only English because I will not defile our native tongue
by listening to words from your cesspit mouth. In retribution for the
most recent amateurish attempt on my life, your American swine partner's
life is forfeit tomorrow night since he arranged it. And for earlier
attempts while my father lived, you violated the family law so guard
yours well because I will show no mercy to them when I come to take your
life next." He paused listening. "Not to blame? Fool, the vermin were
captured alive. You too would talk most loudly if your head were about to
depart your body in slices from helicopter blades!" JC's voice
softened, "There is only one way to save yourself and the remaining
three reptiles. I personally tire of this continued killing, therefore I
would entertain a total buy out, manufacturing, existing inventory and
highly efficient distribution, all for the paltry sum of five billion,

None of the boys listening was laughing by then. They all had their
mouths hanging open. JC winked and continued his sales pitch. "THAT SUM
IS REASONABLE! It represents only one year's gross. It is pitiful that
you four together do not equal that total combined, but that is not my
problem...Yes by all means meet." JC laughed. "Yes, if your American has
time to attend and can arrive very promptly, he can die there as easily.
You will find that I have very long arms. That swine dies wherever he may
be! I offer only a brief truce while I await your answer. Perhaps you
could meet together in your oh so secret bunker under your home?" He
keyed the disconnect after laughing manically.

"I suppose there is a bunker?" Toby asked.

"Oh yes, I pay my informants more than they pay theirs and then pay
theirs a bonus to betray them as well." JC looked smug, "Unfortunately,
one can never trust turncoats and none have lived long enough to spend
their new found wealth."

"Holy fucking wow, JC," Evan was clearly impressed. "There's one
problem though, when Bucky finds out that you sold your business, he's
still going to be an unhappy camper that it still exists. He has no use
for drugs anymore than my grandfather did."

JC grinned, "After the sale is complete and the payment is safe, I can
call a number that will set off explosions to destroy both the
manufacturing plant and the adjacent warehouse," he snapped his fingers,
"just like that. I always planned to do that after those fuckers of
goats took over my operation without cost." He went on to explain; "My
father, though ignorant was far from stupid, he thought ahead. He
originally had small inefficient laboratories spread around the
countryside exactly like his competition. One day he chanced on a brand
new and ultra efficient chemical plant intended to manufacture
pesticides. He bought the facility. Pesticides remain the principal
obvious products while he added an additional processing line. That line
is so efficient; it only runs at minimum thirty percent of capacity and
production still exceeds demand, so there are many tons of material
stored there all of which is highly volatile and explosive. Since there
was always the possibility of a hostile take over, my father mined the
property personally." He offered his classic Latin shrug, "Accidents
happen and the facility is insured."

"What about someone dialing a wrong number?" Doug asked.

"The number is the one advertised, but it is the six digit extension
number that is the trigger."

"Neat!" the twins agreed together.

"Thank you my brothers of the brain, I remain impressed too. Of course
there would be the problem of their small labs and my distribution chains
but I know the location of most of their labs and all could be snuffed
out with a simple E-mail to your Federal Drug Enforcement Agency."

"You know you'll be in even bigger danger afterward with these guys
still alive. They'd know it was you," Buck reminded JC.

JC shrugged again, "They represent the last part of the problem. They
would have to disappear after they see their empire in ashes, even if one
or more are captured."

"Are there any adult sons?" Buck asked, "You don't want to start a

"No, they stupidly are always the first to go attempting to prove
themselves in their father's eyes." JC studied the carpet briefly, "If
my father had not passed, I would most likely have joined their sons when
I was old enough."

Buck punched JC's shoulder, "Not fucking likely buddy, you rock in your

Doug's stomach growled. He'd seen Ace lead five waiters carrying loaded
trays into the suite a few minutes earlier and was about to go and see
about the delay when Ace appeared in the doorway to signal him with a
bow. "Come on guys, let's eat!" he called as he climbed a sofa in his

The once bare dining room table had been transformed with elegant place
settings; fine china, cut crystal, sterling cutlery and fresh flowers.
Ace and the five waiters stood off to one side, each wearing a fresh
wreath of flowers in their hair and a snowy linen tea towel folded neatly
over one forearm. None of them looked any worse for having spent the
night having multiple orgasms.

After the boys' initial feeding frenzy subsided Toby asked, "So when do
we go for JC's stash?"

"And how do we go about getting it?" Terry added his question

"It shouldn't take longer than a week to complete the sale. I will not
negotiate the price and when the American dies their sphincters will
clench in fear." JC giggled, "Especially if he has the good fortune to
do so in the bunker. After that, their families will be sent to safe
houses in other countries and the guards will be tripled at least. And
then each of the four will visit their gardens or wherever to begin
digging up their shares. They all know of the pesticide plant and its
capabilities and covet it as theirs, which is why it has remained
inviolate and why my father planned his ultimate surprise with no thought
of ever selling and then destroying it." He glanced up at the waiters,
"After what we talked about earlier comes to pass, it would be safe to
go anytime."

"Don't you mean saf-ER?" Doug asked. "Moving that volume will never
be safe."

"Yes Doug, I apologize, safer or somewhat less dangerous."

"I think our next move should be to get Billie in on this. We'll put
the snoopy down there to work and print out some maps so we know the lay
of the land." Evan suggested.

JC's glance at the waiters reminded Doug of something he'd planned to
do this trip and ever since he'd become Dagger Key's master. He excused
himself when the others were just about finished with their breakfasts
and left the suite running down the wide spiraling staircase to the
second floor. He found his bag in Anton's former suite lined up with the
others and then fished out a somewhat bulky manila envelope and took the
time to scrawl Ace's name on the outside before collecting all the bags;
his, Buck's, both the twins and the largest and heaviest in the entire
group that had to be JC's, before returning to the fourth floor. He
again used the stairs for the exercise.

Doug had a brief conversation with Bucky about tipping household staff
after he saw Bucky handing out envelopes in Trenton Hall. Doug had no
idea how many employees he had so he decided to tip every man, woman and
child living on Black's Key to be sure that no one was forgotten. Since
big families would benefit more from the largess, he hoped he wouldn't
be starting a breeding binge on Black's Key, he grinned to himself and
pictured exactly that happening.

Doug glowered at JC when he returned to the Royal Suite puffing slightly
but enjoying the feel of his leg muscles. "Here guys, I brought up
everyone's bag, even yours JC. I never thought about how heavy money
could be until I lugged it up here. You know there's a vault if you want
to leave some here for emergencies. We'll give you the combination so
you can get in there anytime." He laughed when he saw Evan go pale.
"It's cool Evan, Billie got Hans and Herman to show him how it was
wired so it won't go up with any of yours, if, well, you know, in an
emergency somewhere else."

Evan sighed, "I had the Sea Song cut out of the loop too, but I forgot
about yours. Sorry about that." He turned to the twins and JC and
explained the links between his grandfather's vaults and then added,
"I've already moved around all the cash and negotiable stuff, so I can
shut down the rest of the links too. In fact, I better get to that pretty
quick, there's no point in losing snoopy and the castles for nothing."

Doug caught Ace's eye and tipped his head at the sitting room. "Here
Ace," he offered the envelope, "you are no longer the head-boy around
here," he began, realized his mistake and rushed on quickly when he saw
Ace's eyes begin to tear up. "You aren't fired, I'm promoting you to
the Headman, effective immediately. Here, these are all hundreds. You
take ten for yourself, give each of the guys in the show last night and
all the department heads, like Wally on the dock and Bertie in the
kitchen, the power plant guy and any others I don't know about, five
each and then everyone else on Black's, two each including kids and

Ace took the envelope, peeked inside and sank to his knees. Doug gathered
that Ace was thanking him profusely but he only understood about one word
in ten as the big teenager babbled and blubbered on. He did understand
one thing, which with this bounty in addition to what Ace had saved, he
would be able to buy a boat.

Doug hadn't thought about his Headman not having his own boat, or that
he'd been hitching rides with older more affluent workers or taking the
regular little ferryboat. Also it was unlikely that Ace could yet buy a
really good but affordable used boat commensurate with his new status.
"Boat? You don't need to buy one, you get one with the job. Come on
let's go down to the dock to see what's available." He pulled Ace to
his feet and then pushed him toward the doors. "I'll catch up to you
guys later," he called over his shoulder, "Ace and I have some business
to take care of."

"After we get done with Billie and snoopy, want to do some shooting?"
Buck shouted.

"Yeah, this morning, then I'll get us some lunch packed and we can take
a couple of cats outside do some sailing and then maybe visit that little
cove again to ah, get some sun."

Everyone except JC laughed as they instantly agreed to Doug's proposal.
Buck explained to JC, "Doug loves catamaran sailboats and he wants to go
outside the pinchers to do some sailing where there's more wind and then
we'll raft up in a little protected cove, eat lunch and fuck our brains
out for the rest of the afternoon. How's that sound?"

JC's smile lit up the room, "That sounds most agreeable. You know
speaking of that, the number five in bed last night was most unworkable,
but six would be perfect." The twins began grinning together as they
picked out JC's thoughts on the subject.

"Go ahead, it's your idea," Toby prodded.

"If we were three couples and ah, each couple fucked" JC winced, "as
you and Doug did last night before we all fell asleep, we could form a
triangle like my brain brothers and I did to actually sleep and at the
end there would be no waste because everyone's cock would be occupied."
By then JC was beet red from being mentally pushed by the twins into
being so frank and verbalizing the `f' word. While he was a ruthless at
conducting business after he had no choice, he had still lived his life
until then in a very sheltered environment and wasn't used to cursing
aloud and only thought and dreamed words like fuck and suck, and boy
pussy was a new concept entirely.

"Who doesn't have a partner?" Buck mused. He snapped his fingers and
grabbed at the nearest phone, "Hi Josh! Hey, we're spending the weekend
at Dagger and we need you over here." Buck didn't need to identify
himself, his unique gravelly voice did that. He looked heavenward, "No
nothing about fucking boats, but a lot about just plain good fucking and
sucking. Did you get a chance to experience the twins? No? Well then you,
my friend, are in for a rare treat. Just the twins, a new guy from
school, Doug and I. That's why we need you, there's only five of us and
we need six... the new guy?" Buck grinned at JC, "He's South American,
he's as tall as Doug, and really hot looking, just a little
inexperienced but we're teaching him. That's the problem, we need you
for him to suck on while our cocks heal up, we can't seem to break him
from chewing and we thought of you because you don't have a partner so
it wouldn't matter to you how long it takes to heal since you aren't
using yours for anything, anyway except for taking leaks."

JC wrenched the phone from Buck's hand, "This is Juan-Carlos Escobar
and I am the one being discussed, my former new friend lies, I am
inexperienced BUT I DO NOT BITE!" He hesitated and giggled, "Mostly."
He saw Buck from the corner of his eye about to try snatching the phone
back and ran to the bedroom to slam and lock the door. JC discovered that
he very much liked the sound of Josh's voice and rich laughter and
wished to continue the conversation.

Buck and the twins listened at the door for five minutes. Buck only heard
laughter and giggles from JC's end of the conversation but the twins
heard far more from JC's excited mind since there hadn't been time for
him to learn how to screen his thoughts. Giggling together they motioned
Buck toward the hall door. Buck finally pounded on the door and shouted,
"Tell him to clear a space in the parking lot! Billie's chopper will be
there in an hour! Use a golf cart to catch up to us at Dieter and
Billie's new house!"


Tommy awoke to the eager morning cries of Mutt the Macaw and Jeff the
Toucan as they circled the cottage once before landing on their feeder
for breakfast. The birds had already retired to their roosts by the time
the boys arrived the previous evening. Spencer remained dead to the
world, sleeping on his belly unconsciously holding Tommy down on his back
and close to his side with an arm thrown over his young lover's chest.
Much like Dieter slept with Billie. Tommy was all but invisible to the
birds but he knew they were looking into the bedroom waiting for the
invitation. Tommy waved his free arm and gently patted Spencer's back
just as Billie did to Dieter, who, like Spencer was not a morning person.

Spencer became aware of the birds' presence when they first touched down
on his relaxed butt cheeks and clenched their trimmed talons as both
flapped their wings in a braking effort. Jeff used his banana bill for
balance by banging it into the small of Spencer's back while he folded
his wings. Mutt back peddled with his wings and in three short hops stood
proudly on `his' chosen shoulder blade. Jeff simply walked up the human
back and almost joined Mutt before Spencer rolled as he screamed his
horror at being attacked by something, or someone, probably Tommy's
irate parents who for some reason had changed their minds about welcoming
him into the family.

The birds were used to Dieter's screams and ignored them, but were
surprised by Spencer's violent rolling maneuver, so they hovered until
two prominent pectorals presented themselves as unexpected but suitable
alternate perches. Either bird could out screech any human but together
there was no contest.

Mutt spied Tommy, "TOMMY! SLOW DOWN GODDAMNIT!" Mutt screamed in
welcome and abandoned Spencer with a single flap and hop to Tommy's
chest to begin welcoming the boy with coos and gentle tongue kisses all
over his face as Tommy scratched underneath Mutt's crimson neck

By then Spencer realized he'd been used as a landing pad by Tommy's two
bird buddies whom he'd seen perched on Tommy's shoulders or on a golf
cart. He calmed down slowly and eyed Jeff who remained on his chest
unaware that he was clutching a nipple. The bird cocked his head to eye
Spencer's other nipple, which looked like a fresh berry. Spencer proved
his youthful reaction time by swatting Jeff into the air a millisecond
and a fraction of an inch before Jeff snapped his beak on the unexpected
delectable treat. Spencer's final scream was twenty decibels higher than
Jeff's screeching protest.

"TOMMY! Goddamn, they scared the shit out of me. You could have warned
me. I was dreaming that your dads changed their minds and were in the
process of carving me up as bait." Spencer scolded as he rolled to his
side to trade glares with Mutt while trying to hide his grin when Jeff
decided to stop circling the room to land on his hip and once again tip
his head to look down on the food possibilities presented by Spencer's
plumb-like cock head. "Don't even think about it bird brain," he
warned as he tucked it neatly between his legs out of Jeff's sight.

After Tommy stopped his silent gales of laughter he explained, "Billie
wakes up Dieter like this every morning more or less. Now that they've
moved to the new house we'll have to take the birds over to get them
used to their new feeder. The four of us are invited for lunch." He
glanced at the clock. He waved, pointed at the open French doors and the
birds took to the air. "Come on, we need to take a shower and get
cleaned up by the time Harm and Huss get here for breakfast." He hopped
from the bed, pulling on Spence's arm.

"Huh?" Spencer asked as he got to his feet. "Did we invite them?"

Tommy turned to face Spence walking backward, "Yup, last night at the
end of the party. Huss and I want to watch you two get together."

Spencer turned red, "How do you know we've even made it together? We
are brothers remember." After a knowing grin from Tommy he gave up the
pretense, "Did I invite them? I must have been blasted, I don't

"Nope, I did. You and Harm were kind of busy with Peter and Marc while
Huss and I talked." Tommy saw Spencer frown and answered the unasked
question, "Nope, Huss can't read me yet, but he'll learn pretty fast.
I wrote it down. You guys are brothers-in-law," he giggled, "in fact
we're all brothers- in-law, so we've got to consummate our
relationship." He waved the trickling shower hose after testing the
water temperature, "Enough chatter, turn around and bend over please,"
he asked and turned his head so Spence could no longer see his lips,
which effectively ended the conversation.

Spencer giggled, "Am I pussy whipped or what's the story?" he muttered
as he followed Tommy's directive.

Tommy inserted the nozzle and then knelt in front of Spence, "As long as
the pussy is mostly mine, and your big beautiful cock is mine too,
mostly." If Tommy could speak, his words would have been whispered and
filled with passion but since he couldn't his facial expressions
displayed the emotion. Spence reached out, intending an answering kiss,
but Tommy ducked to crawl forward under Spence's bent torso, sit on his
heels and gobble his big lover's magnificent cock into his mouth while
he massaged the heavy ball sack with one hand and with the other, fucked
Spencer's pussy with the spurting hose. Both were oblivious to the
result of exceeding his capacity since Tommy's two fathers had removed
the plate covering the shower drain as an expedient convenience long ago.


Twenty minutes later JC knocked on the front door of a palatial
contemporary stilt home that was still under construction but mostly
completed. There was a short delay before a boy of about thirteen
answered the door with a big smile and wearing nothing but a gold chain
with a dagger pendant dangling on his developing chest. "Hi JC," the
boy offered his hand, "I'm Cadet John Carter, Communications Specialist
in training," he giggled self depreciatingly, "which means I'm a
wannabe geek and Billie's teaching me how to run snoopy and other good

"How did you know my name?"

John pointed at three camera lenses that were visible if one knew where
to look. "We saw you coming. Come on in. We were waiting for you because
you need to point snoopy at your house."

JC laughed when he saw a giant screen filled with the Columbian
coastline. "No my friends wrong Country, only the manufacturing facility
is there. My enemies live there and I have two beautiful homes there but
we never spent a night in either. Can you move snoopy east one country to
Venezuela?" John slipped into the chair in front of the console and
quickly switched Countries. JC leaned over John to point out the mouth of
a wide estuary. "There, the home we want is on the western side of the
river up on a cliff." John moved snoopy's view and zoomed down to
enlarge the area. JC pointed once again, "There, the red tile roof."
John zoomed down to pinpoint the extensive expanse of red-orange until it
all but filled the screen.

Buck whistled, "Shit, don't let my mother ever see a picture of that
house, she'd put dad in bankruptcy buying it for a vacation getaway. It
looks like it's twice as big as old Trenton Hall."

"It is extensive," JC agreed, "My father bought it from the
government. The original owner had abandoned it many years earlier for
some unexplained reason. The locals thought it to be haunted by their
ancestors whose lives were sacrificed to build it and wouldn't go near
it so it was shabby but not vandalized. The man who built it was rumored
to be a Nazi who managed to escape Europe with unlimited wealth and of
course paid the government at the time very well for sanctuary and
conscripted locals as slave labor. That was a rumor until we moved in and
in the process of some ground floor renovations, workmen discovered a
hidden entrance to an extensive man made system of tunnels and cavernous
rooms with carved swastikas everywhere. Perhaps this Nazi and his two
friends dreamed of creating a Fourth Reich but we will never know since
the story is that they all disappeared the same night in the early

"Three Nazis with unlimited wealth?" Evan whispered.

JC nodded without being aware of the stir he was causing, "Yes, actually
there are two more homes just like this one, except a bit smaller. One is
closer to the coast and the other upriver by a mile and all three are
joined by the tunnel system. My father bought the other two estates of
course and we slept in any of the three at random, a very good security
point except my mother wasn't happy about the need to keep moving
nightly. I was delighted because the main tunnel that connected the three
was equipped with a small electric train and I was the engineer. At age
five I could think of no higher calling than to be an engineer on a
normal size train above ground. In fact all the tunnels and rooms were my
playground." JC laughed suddenly, "I used to play an unfair game with
my governess and tutors. Only a very few trusted men were allowed in the
tunnels, so anytime I was about to be disciplined or didn't wish to
attend to my lessons, I simply disappeared to play the day away. If
you'd like to see the tunnel system it has been all climate controlled
to keep the dampness out. The temperature is always seventy-two degrees,
snoopy might see it in the infrared mode."

John looked up at Billie asking wordlessly for permission to switch modes
after already pulling back so the screen view included all three cliff
side mansions. As soon as Billie nodded, John changed modes and the
screen darkened and then brightened into a sea of sickening green. John
looked up again, "That's all surface stuff so I should go deeper
right?" he asked Billie.

"Right on you darling smart Cadet, but first focus on a much smaller
area like the center house and slowly work your way down. When you have
the tunnel complex clearly there, you have the proper depth and then you
can withdraw until you have the entire thing outlined. We'll want
overview pictures first and then go in closer for a series of detail
shots starting at either end and working to the other." John was the
only one seated and his eye level views anywhere but at the screen was
disconcerting. Billie's monster cock was frightening but alluring while
everyone else's was simply desirable, however there seemed to be an
unwritten rule that prevented cadets from fraternizing with the staff or
any of the `gang' that visited the island regularly.

JC took Toby's hand while Billie instructed John, "Have you met, I mean
seen Josh?" he asked with a thought.

Toby screened, playing with JC who thought his question would initiate a
picture in Toby's mind. "Sure," he grinned, "want a peek at him in

JC frowned and roared a mental answer, "Please, and stop toying with me.
You have been doing this with Terry forever! Please let me see what he
looks like," he begged.

"Sorry dude, that wasn't very nice. Okay look your fill," Toby and
Terry both dropped their screens suddenly. "He's a naval architect, he
designs and builds yachts. He built the one Will and Joe bought, but you
probably haven't met them yet. Right now he's struggling to get a
ninety foot catamaran finished by Christmas for Buck to give Doug as a

JC wasn't listening to Toby's narration because it didn't match the
images he saw. He was watching a kaleidoscope of sexual gymnastics
between several of the gang including the twins. At times Josh was on
top, at others on the bottom. JC fixed on one view as his favorite. Josh
and Doug were in the sixty-nine position on their sides while Buck was
mounted in Doug and Marc was enthusiastically humping Josh.

"EARTH TO JC!" Buck shouted in JC's ear. "Where were you?" He looked
down to see JC's erection. "Oh, thinking about Josh, were you? Don't
worry, he's a great guy and he probably already likes your kooky accent.
He'll be here in under an hour. Now come on, back to business. John
asked you three times about this strange heat bloom that disappears
further down the cliff."

JC looked at the screen and got his bearings after John pointed and after
staring at JC's slightly wilted cock a bit too long. "That? That's the
elevator that runs from the house through the complex and five hundred
feet down the inside of the cliff. The roads in the area are not very
good and most supplies come in by boat or barge; delivering fuel for the
generators." His eyes drifted to John's cock standing proudly five
inches above a wispy blond bush when he leaned in close. The boy's skin
was satiny smooth. His complexion was unblemished and clear with
delightful dimples and naturally rouged high cheekbones that complimented
his emerald eyes. He stood up suddenly when John caught him looking and
rolled his chair closer to the desk. Both boys blushed before returning
their attention to Evan and Buck.

"You mean a pretty big boat can get in there right up to your dock?"

"I imagine so, an Intercoastal freighter delivers supplies every week."
JC answered absently.

Buck turned JC to look out on the lagoon, "As big as that?"

"Where'd she come from?" JC asked in wonder, suddenly suffering from a
sensual overload..

"That is the Sea Song and she is a he around here." Evan intoned. JC
shrugged his ignorance while he thought about buying a yacht of his own
and taking Josh and John out on a first cruise.

"We could tell how deep the water is by using snoopy," John suggested.
"It's a river so the bottom should be cooler than the shallow water. We
can measure the depth no sweat. Snoopy's software isn't set up right
now to do it but I think I could tickle the program," he volunteered
with another wistful glance at JC's cock.

Billie's eyes widened. He grinned at Cadet Carter and pulled up a chair.
"Get out of here all of you, this darling geek has some code to write
and he needs to concentrate."


Doug and Ace saw Wally the dock master standing on the dock staring at
Sea Song as a tender approached the open stern. Ace scooted forward after
reaching in the envelope and counting out five one hundred dollar bills,
which he slipped into Doug's swinging hand, "Here Masta yo' give him
his bonus since yo' here. If he accepts Ace as Headman den ever one else
do too, den I counts out money fo' him to give all his boys, an' he be
de man to see on de dock."

Doug grinned and thought, "Goddamn, Headman for ten minutes and already
a master politician." Aloud he agreed. After Wally thanked him profusely
and Doug introduced Ace in his new position, Wally almost cried wondering
if Dieter was fired for some reason, and after Doug understood what Wally
was asking he laughed, "Fired? Oh no, he's just too busy working for
Evan to do a proper job, that's all." Actually Doug didn't realize
that Dieter was the Headman. All he knew was that it seemed that there
should be someone designated. "Oh well," Doug thought, "I don't think
Dieter will be too upset." He watched Ace from the corner of his eye as
he scanned the slips where an assortment of smaller craft were docked.
Ace seemed to favor one over all the others, at least with his eyes,
while he stood pointing at a small nineteen-foot open fisherman.

"Dis one okay Masta? It mighty fine."

"Yeah that is nice, but how about this one? It's bigger, there's a
small cabin, it's a hard top," Doug jumped aboard and looked closer,
"and it's even got a head."

Ace came closer, "It mighty fine too, but it a gas guzzler wid dem twin

Doug pointed to the fuel dock, "That's my worry. I think I can afford

"Yo' mean it Masta?" Doug nodded, "Wow Masta now I kin take Momma
shoppin to Nassau!"

"You could I guess, but why not just hitch a ride on the freight

"Never did `cause no one said." Ace shrugged.

Doug frowned, "You mean you guys on Black's don't use the chopper? Did
anyone ever ask?"

Another shrug, more uncomfortable, "Don' know, not my place." Ace

Doug rolled his eyes, "Well from now on, anyone who wants a ride on the
chopper can just show up and go." He snapped his fingers, "In fact,
from now on, Saturday is shopping day for Black's. I'll have it land
over there at say eight o'clock in the morning, and it will leave Nassau
at four o'clock in the afternoon. Will that be enough time so no one has
to rush?"

Ace looked dubious, "Yo' really do dis Masta?"

Doug looked at his watch, "Its eight-thirty now, its Saturday and the
chopper will be at Black's at nine-thirty as soon as I find the pilot.
Is that enough time to spread the word here and over there AND give
everyone their bonus money for shopping?" He grinned, "Oh, you can be
the hero. You just tell everyone that you had the balls to ask."

"YAS SIR! I get on it right now Masta! Okay fo' me to get goin'?" Ace
asked over his shoulder, already running back to the house.


Doug and Josh found the others already banging away at targets along with
all their guards as soon as it became known that the boys were up and
moving around. Doug was about to take a cart to the range after having
arranged for the shopping trips with the pilots, but when he heard
Billie's chopper in the distance, he drove to the landing pad. He was
pleased to see that the landing pad had been enlarged to the extent that
it nearly qualified as a heliport. He eyed the freight chopper being
readied for takeoff and wondered if it was going to be big enough and
then dredged up a picture of a really big chopper that had twin rotors
fore and aft. He made a mental note to ask Evan about finding one,
perhaps from government surplus.

"That's him next to Buck, isn't it?" Josh asked Doug with excitement
in his voice. "No one before him has ever turned me on over the damn

"Yup that's JC, Juan-Carlos Escobar, a very cool dude I might add."

JC saw Doug and Josh together in a golf cart coming toward the range.
He'd just used one clip to neatly clean out the `ten' of his targets'
heart and was in the process of creating a third eye in the middle of the
targets' forehead. He didn't want Josh talking to anyone else so he
went into a rapid-fire mode until the slide locked open signaling that
his weapon was empty. He carefully placed his piece chamber side up and
backed away from the firing line before he ran to where Doug parked the

"Good Morning," JC squeaked and looked skyward to damn his voice and
shyness due to a lifetime of near isolation.

"Holy shit JC, did you see what you just did?" Doug asked giggling
while JC looked back at his target. He looked confused. Doug raised his
voice, "You ruined that target for anyone but Jefferson and Eric to use
since they both try avoiding the ten!"

"Fuck you too Doug!" Jeff answered with a laugh while aiming.

"Yeah Doug," Vincent agreed, "they're gettin' better, after the
first clip Eric wounded his guy in the arm, and the six hundred dollar
man here just shot off his target's balls, although it may have been
because he sneezed."

Evan signaled Buck while Vincent's attention was diverted and each sent
a three shot burst into the unfortunate young guard's targets. "I saw
that," Vincent shouted at the two giggling boys, "After we get done
here, I'm just goin' to take you two on together hand-to-hand; you
won't be laughing then."

"JC, this is Josh Edwards. Josh this is Juan-Carlos Escobar. You two may
remember talking on the phone earlier," Doug joked. Suddenly JC yawned
uncontrollably, Doug looked around him to see that the twins had also
grown exceedingly tired with matching yawns of their own although they
couldn't hide their grins. It was obvious that the twins instigated
JC's. Doug's try was totally bogus but was loud and long enough to get
Buck's attention. "I think we all need a quick nap before we go
sailing," he called to Buck.

Buck nodded, emptied his weapon in one long burst, cleared it and
abandoned it after asking David if he'd allow a half dozen Cadets who
were avidly watching them to take turns on the firing line since he saw
that they were already carrying their safety gear in the hope of joining
with the `God Father's' boys.

The twins and Buck jammed themselves in the back seat of Doug's cart
leaving JC to stand at Josh's side looking lost. "I guess you'll have
to sit on my lap," Josh offered shyly although his erection betrayed his

"Straddle one leg, and hurry up!" the twins shouted into JC's mind.

JC stood on the cart with his back to Josh, fully aware of where his ass
was in relationship to Josh's eyes when Doug floored the accelerator. JC
fell backward into Josh who caught the younger boy and surrounded him
with his arms, so JC leaned against Josh's chest. "Relax man, I'm just
as nervous as you," Josh whispered, his voice drowned out by laughter
from the other four occupants of the cart.

JC twisted his neck to look up at Josh, "Thank you Josh. I try to be
cool but my inexperience always shows painfully when new adventures are
suggested." He giggled, "Come to think of it, what we are about to do
was my suggestion. I just assumed that the sixth would be from one among
us whom I have yet to visit with in a bedroom, but I must say now that I
am glad it is you."

The six ran into the house and directly into the elevator since the doors
were open. Once Josh and JC made body contact on the golf cart, neither
was willing to break skin touching skin somewhere. Josh took a deep
breath to build up his nerve and turned JC to kiss him for the first time
while the high-speed car rocketed to the fourth floor. In the few seconds
before the doors opened, Josh and JC were attempting to graft their
bodies together wherever they touched. They were the same height and JC
only lacked fifteen pounds on his developing youthful frame for their
bodies to be identical except for eye, hair color, depth of tans and
JC's narrow loincloth of white skin from wearing a brief bathing suit
and that would disappear by the end of the weekend.

While they were gone the suite had been restored to its pristine state.
Doug grumbled about over-kill as he helped Buck strip the bed again to
the bottom sheet and then they almost killed each other from a
head-to-head mid-air collision as they dove on from opposite sides. Doug
sat up with a shake of his head while rubbing the point of contact. "Can
we do this as three couples or do you two birds have to go with one of
us?" he asked the twins. He never even thought of separating Josh and

The twins shrugged after conferencing two seconds. "It shouldn't matter
now that there's three of us," Toby answered and pulled his brother
down to spoon as Terry dutifully raised his leg to receive Toby. JC beat
Josh onto the bed and slithered into position with his cock convenient to
Terry's mouth. He lifted his leg suggestively while Buck pushed
befuddled Josh into position behind JC and presented his cock to JC's
mouth while he fell forward to claim Terry's and the inner triangle was
complete. The six boys joining together clicked on in their minds when
Doug slipped into Buck with practiced ease. To prove that the six way
joining was working all six yelped when JC's teeth accidentally scraped
the side of Buck's cock.

JC pulled away briefly, "I felt like I just bit myself," he said in

"S'okay, I thought your pussy had teeth," Josh consoled with effort,
which elicited giggles from Doug and Toby since they could and vibrations
that served as laughter from the boys with filled mouths.

Extraordinary passions and lusts overtook their minds as individual
feelings of exquisite pleasure joined with the other five to hurtle
around and around the triangle. Toby automatically took control of the
others since whichever brother was mounted initiated the bottom
brother's explosion as well as anyone else they touched at the same
time. While he attempted to slow the pace, the freely emanating feelings
never dissipated to be replaced by others; they just continued to build
like a house of cards.

Three minutes later, when Toby froze, the other's followed a millisecond
later when the fragile house collapsed. Asses clenched and relaxed to
clench again repeatedly. Three pairs of arms held their three lovers in
bone crushing embraces and three mouths and throats worked frantically.
It took several minutes before anyone thought of moving or separating and
then it was with moans of regret followed by smiles and nods and quiet
congratulations directed at JC for suggesting six way sex, which was more
like making love to one's self and five other guys simultaneously.


Medi and Sean pushed the reluctant Chad and Rick into the waiting tender
for the short ride to Sea Song. Medi and Sean were impressed with the
yacht's size and probable interior grandeur while Chad and Rick were awe
struck and concerned about visiting without an invitation. Over the short
time they'd been a loving foursome, the Texans quickly discovered that
Medi was the Crown Prince of a small but immensely rich Arab Emirate,
while little Sean O'Brian was the heir to his family's international
pharmaceutical empire. Both boys were in the habit of doing what they
pleased when it pleased them to do it and scoping out Sea Song was the
boys' immediate interest.

The four encountered Meesha and Gregor on the boat deck just after they
boarded. Both co-captains and owners were struggling to help the crew
unfold the reluctant catamaran so it could be launched. Like the crew,
both were naked and running with sweat. When Sean saw Medi, Chad and
Ricks' eyes roving over the stunning collection of naked crewmen
including but not limited to Gregor and Meesha and only Gregor and Meesha
paused in their work to study the visitors, he walked closer.

"Hi, I'm Sean. Do you guys speak English? We're looking for the

"Yes! Speaking good English! Fucking yes!" Gregor boomed. "You are new
cadets! You want ride on Sea Song? You are very young to be rent boys,"
Sean looked like he'd been slapped in the face by Gregor's observation
that he and Medi were hustlers. "Good you are safe now as cadet." He
blundered on oblivious to his unintentional insult while Chad and Rick
giggled behind their hands, "You see Commander Kurt, he gives all
permissions who want to learn seamanship with hands on."

While Gregor held forth in his typical gregarious fashion Meesha studied
the four boys. He agreed with Gregor the first two appeared to be too
young, too well fed and sported `in' haircuts that were too expensive
for hustlers while the two elder, appeared to be young adults, too old to
require rescuing or to attend the academy. There was also one other
obvious fact, which he hastened to point out starting with a hearty punch
on Gregor's shoulder to get his attention. "Ignorant dolt, these four
are not cadets. None wears the pendant, and all cadets wear them with
much pride. I conclude they are guests or newly invited into the group."
He turned to the four, "Which please?"

"We're part of the group," Medi said quickly.

"We are not -- yet. We're guests here right now," Chad countered with
a frown at Medi, who frowned right back for blowing their cover. "Well,
we ain't gettin' our asses fired because of you two little horn
toads." He offered his hand, "I'm Chad and this is my partner Rick, we
work for the group as live-in housekeepers at their boardin' school,"
he explained with pride in his voice.

"Oh damn man, ya'll could've said Environmental Engineers." Rick
chastised Chad.

"That's a janitor any way you spell it and we're a long way above that
title." Chad shot back.

Meesha giggled as he shook Chad and Rick's hands, "You are stewards? I
was a steward here on Sea Song for the Old Master personally and Gregor
was the Chief Helmsman."

"American stewards?" Gregor grinned, "You are wanting fucking good
jobs on Sea Song? You help us learning of fucking English, yes? We are
paying fucking very big money to trusted American stewards!"

"Thanks man, but if we left them boys right now to work for you, they
just might up and skin us alive before we left." Chad joked. His smile
departed when he saw Meesha and Gregor's reaction.

Gregor was first to answer apologetically, "Fucking yes, we would not
place you in fucking danger. It would not be wise to anger the Master, he
is much like his grandfather in temper," he whispered and looked around
to see if anyone might have overheard his employment offer.

"Huh? You ain't serious?" Rick scoffed.

Chad poked him, "Don't go there buddy," he whispered. "Think about
it, Buck, Doug and Evan ain't exactly ordinary students after classes
and most likely the others either if they was sufficiently riled."

"Come, we give tour of beautiful Sea Song," Meesha invited with a smile
to lighten the atmosphere. He looked back at their guests, particularly
Medi and Sean, "In just one or two years," he thought, "these two
cherubs will be perfect for bedding much like Tommy or even the little
Master himself." He sighed, "I wonder how they became so eager,
enthusiastic or even interested in sex so early? When I was their age I
remember I only enjoyed looking at older boys, but had yet to discover


JC, holding Josh's hand tightly, returned to Dieter and Billie's new
house while Doug, Buck and the twins readied the catamarans and the
towboat on the beach. Evan was just leaving as JC and Josh approached the
door. "We're all set on this end," Evan said cryptically, "Dieter
will get the papers ready for signature and you can lay the first keel as
soon as Josh finishes the design. Just remember the three old slipways
you're leasing haven't been used in years because they're too small."
He giggled, "Oh, I just met your new man. Billie agrees that he could
easily do the job and since Douggie's not here, I call firsties with you
two alone with Billy after the honeymoon. If late enrollment is a problem
see Buck, his dad's a Trustee."

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Josh asked JC nervously.

"I am very sure. I have been looking for investments and a shipyard to
build mega-yachts is ideal to start with," JC assured Josh. "Our
company headquarters will be here on Dagger Key, the main computer anyway
and this morning I found the ideal candidate to be our manager. I hope
he's still here and I very much hope that he agrees. He's very hot."

Cadet John Carter was still there, sitting in front of the keyboard and
completely mesmerized by the screen Evan left him staring at. When JC and
Josh walked in unannounced, he blanked the screen without closing the
program but JC recognized it as Evan's favorite, over three hundred
blinking red lights spread unevenly over the seas and oceans of a world
map. He was looking at Evan's fleet of supertankers watched over
constantly by the snoopy system of satellites that blanketed the world.

"I was just looking. I didn't do anything but look, honest. The Master
gave me his password, I didn't hack it, I couldn't because I didn't
know it existed." John began defending himself.

"I know this," JC answered with a grin. "I spoke to Evan about you
earlier because I wanted to hire you to manage my affairs electronically.
Originally I thought you could work from here, but then Evan suggested
that it would be nice and certainly more convenient if you were to join
us at our school where you could perhaps be our group resident geek. I
hope you do not think of the word, geek as derogatory I assure you I
meant it as a compliment. Perhaps computer expert is a better choice?"
he said quickly when he saw John frown and look down at his bare feet.

"Geek? No, geek's okay. Billie says I am and he's an elite geek, he's
one of the very best." John sighed, clearly distracted, "Look could you
guys sit down or something? I just spent the morning trying to work with
guys standing around me. I mean good looking naked guys like you two with
your cocks inches away from my eyeballs. It's kind of disconcerting
since I've only been here a couple of weeks. I know what I am, but I
kind of haven't done anything about it yet because I was looking for
someone special. This morning I thought," he glanced from Josh to JC,
"well never mind, you've already got someone."

JC blushed, "That was my second reason for thinking of you. Josh and I
just met this morning, and while I think we will always be very good
friends as well as business partners, we agreed that we did not feel the
sparks between us necessary to become more than..." He paused to look at
the ceiling. "What is the phrase Doug uses? Oh yes, bed buddies!" He
laughed with Josh when they saw John suddenly brighten. "When is your
watch here over?"

"Watch? I'm not on watch, I'm here to learn all that Billie's willing
to teach me."

"Did someone call?" Billie asked as he slinked around a door jam into
the room almost in his female persona. He looked at John acting aghast,
"What ARE you doing here you darling boy? I thought you were going
sailing with the rest of the gang."

"I was? I mean, I am?" John asked in total surprise before it dawned on
him exactly what Billie said. The `gang' or the `group' and `The
Godfather' were favorite topics of conversation and speculation among
the cadets who by then numbered over one hundred and fifty boys, all
recruited freely from the streets of Ft. Lauderdale. Thus far, none of
the cadets had been invited into the group and no one could think up a
way to be invited. Offering sex unfortunately wasn't even an option
since every guy in the group, all true `hotties', was available to
anyone else within the group at anytime. In fact, the only topic of
conversation at breakfast that morning was the orgy on the terrace by the
big house pool after two of their number risked punishment to crawl from
the beach to some bushes close by to watch in awe at first and then
vicariously participate with each other without thought of the
consequences if anyone investigated the very rhythmic movement of nearby

"I hadn't gotten that far Billie," JC chided. "I am hereby inviting
you to go sailing with us now and when we leave tomorrow afternoon, I
hope you'll go with us. Your work will always be part-time and never
interfere with your class work at our school," JC blushed again, "And I
hope that you will consent to being my roommate. Ah, that is, you don't
have to be, my roommate I mean, but you would still have your job..."

JC got no further as John rushed him sitting in his chair. The force of
John's landing tipped the chair over backward so they landed face to
face and were in no hurry to regain their feet. JC stopped giggling first
and for him, he brazenly pulled John's head down for a first passionate

"You may not want to have anything to do with me after you hear how I
came to be here," John whispered when he could breathe again.

JC looked up at John curiously and grinned, "I must admit the same is
true for me, you may run from me screaming what a monster I am."

"Yeah," John agreed with an impish smile, "so let's not trade stories
until after you make love to me so we never have to wonder about what we


Hey Guys,

Once again I want thank my very fine Editor, `E Moe' for the time and
determination he invests in cleaning up my work, he is so greatly
appreciated and makes for a far superior read, even for me. He actually
makes me wish I were a bit more attentive in English Composition.




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