Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


 Chapter 55

I'm sorry for the lengthy delay in getting this posted. It was finished
months ago, but then this machine acted up (the screen kept going blank). I
called Gateway to request the 'in home service' I paid for and was told
that it was no longer available since they had closed all their stores,
this was spoken in several barely discernible accented voices, the 'help
desk'. I was forced to ship my tower for 'in home service' to Dallas, TX at
my expense. During the fix (including a 'mother board), the experts managed
to erase everything, of course including all my files. The tower was
returned promptly and when it was hooked up, the problem remained; a black

After more time on the phone I finally got a very kind lady who spoke
American unaccented English. WOW! She sent me a new monitor of the same
make and model and I returned the dud. Unfortunately, the new screen did
the same thing; that is, nothing, it too remained black.

Frustrated and enraged I again went to the phone and finally much to my
surprise, another American lady advised me that a local repairman would be
in touch to replace the second screen. He arrived 'in home' wonder of
wonders and the different newer monitor he brought worked perfectly. I then
found out that I was looking at a brand new virgin machine. There were no
files and my e-mail address lists of hundreds and hundreds of you guys and
others were also history.

All of the above is actually my fault for not keeping my back up on CD
current. Anyway, if you old timers read this posting and want back on the
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consider this my first shot. If you buy a machine from Gateway, prepare to
be dropping the soap while the warranty guys stand behind you.


Chapter 55

By Jamie Haze

John and JC stood on the main deck of Sea Song at the stern, looking down on
the open door of the boat deck. The two new bodyguards, Rob and Tyler earned
their bones that night by doing as Hans and Herman instructed. All four shorts
clad men were spattered with blood as they created teasers with two bodies and
chum with the rest. The last dramatic scene the boys watched was when the good
doctor was strung up by giant hooks in his armpits and pushed off the stern
while Herman sat in the fighting chair, holding a heavy pole waiting for the
first strike. The boys returned to their stateroom before the lower half of the
doctor disappeared with the lunge of a monster shark silhouetted in the
floodlights. Gregor and Meesha stayed on the fly bridge until the executions
were completed. Strangely, both the boys and the two young Russians wore rock
hard erections, which demanded attention. Gregor took the time to call down to
the bridge to relinquish control of the huge yacht before he turned to find
that Meesha was already on his back in the middle of the big padded storage box
and panting his excitement at being thoroughly and roughly fucked by his lover
just like he was while they watched Anton execute a spy months earlier.

John, no longer and never again John Boy, made it to the bed before JC,
stretched out and promptly shot a load of semen up to his neck and down to the
source without touching himself. JC knelt between John's spread legs and just
as promptly collected as much of John's cum as he could with a hand and
transferred it to his pulsing cock and balls and then bent over to retrieve the
rest with his tongue.

"Fuck me silly," John demanded, "I need you in me all night," he added and
reached down to be the guide.

JC sank without hesitation, and then without waiting for John to adjust to the
intrusion, began thrusting as if it was his last, or his first time in his
younger lover's pussy. "I must apologize for this," JC mumbled in John's ear,
"it cannot be helped but you will sleep in me when we finally sleep." John
nodded in total subservience, instantly bucking up to meet JC's thrusts.

There was a brief knock on the door, before it opened and Gregor, with Meesha
in tow entered without being invited. They joined JC and John on the bed and
then joined each other, only that time Meesha was superior. The four fucked,
not made love to each other randomly until daylight without apology. Their
frantic joinings were imperative after knowing of and imagining or watching the
eight executions.


Medi and Sean were just leaving Homo Hall with school uniformed Sam and Jack
following closely, as JC, John, Hans, Herman, Rob and Tyler were about to
enter. "Hey chaps!" Medi called on the way at a run. "We put Pablo and Paulo in
your apartment. They are very cute. We will see you tonight before the rest of
the gang see them and the war starts over seconds," Medi added cryptically
before the four, two students and the two young Japanese bodyguards and
brothers rushed away to their class.

JC held his breath as John thumbed their door open. He wasn't anxious to meet
the two brothers that their father had dedicated to his service. He assumed
them to be louts although highly trained and efficient in their father's
special craft. Both he and John were stunned when they reached the living area
as two boys jumped to their feet and stood together at attention; both were
quivering with a case of nerves.

John was first to giggle his amazement, "Another set of twins!" he announced
needlessly. John rushed forward to shake hands with the two nervous boys. Both
looked at him in astonishment.

"You are Juan Carlos?" one asked hesitantly in surprise.

"Nope," John giggled at the twins' assumption and tossed a thumb over his
shoulder, "he is, but I'm his lover," he admitted frankly, "so we need to get
along, right? I'm John."

Pablo and Paulo sank to their knees as JC approached them. One grabbed at JC's
outstretched hand and rather than shaking it as JC intended, the twin kissed it
before handing it off to his brother for equal homage. JC pulled his hand back
with a grin and lifted the second twin by the armpits, already liking the two
just by their appearance. "If you ever kneel before me again, I will send you
packing. Here, I am JC, not Juan Carlos, so labeled by my good American

The first twin got to his feet and shook the proffered hand. "We are most
sorry, ah, JC, we had no intention of giving offence." He looked at his
brother, who nodded enthusiastically.

"None taken," JC agreed with a warm smile of welcome. The two were tall just at
six feet and willowy at sixteen just like JC, but both moved with incredible
grace. Their handshakes were firm as they each made eye contact with JC, just
as they had been with John.

The twins had raven dark hair and startling blue eyes, making them look nothing
like Latin's. When asked, Pablo or Paulo explained, "Our mother was American
and blond, we got her eyes and something of her command of the language while
she lived, but our father refuses to learn and speaks only Spanish."

JC got serious after greetings were out of the way. "We are just back from a
mission that perhaps will be our life's work. We exterminated some filth that
used young boys in bondage as sex slaves. John will find other such groups and
we will dispatch them as well." Rob and Tyler nodded their agreement and began
to relax their vigilance but were still ready to draw on the twins if need be,
their dedication by then, unquestioned. Both were willing to die for their gay
and very young employers. JC continued, "We are a gay couple and they,"
pointing to Rob and Tyler, "are of like persuasion. If this bothers you, please
return to your father with our thanks."

The twins looked at each other and grinned, one answered for them both, "We
have been alone all our lives and after a certain point, we joined and became
one, over and over again." Both pairs of extraordinary big blue eyes twinkled,
"if you understand what we mean," their spokesman laughed and then continued,
"We cannot go back before serving you to gain honor. If you are injured in the
slightest way, even at sports, our father promised to disown us, he meant it
and that is our commitment."

JC nodded, "Welcome, twice over, we, err, I didn't know that you were twins",
he said as he led them back down the hall. "This will be you're room," he
pushed open a door. "The next room is occupied by a young man named Ben Hughes
whose lover is the football coach, um, I should say American football", he
added with a wider grin, "here football is called soccer," he concluded. "You
will quickly find out that all the young men above stairs are also gay but we
all respect each other as far as sex is concerned, so don't be afraid to say no
at any time. With your looks, you will be hit upon often."

The twin wearing a red shirt grinned. "If they do, it will be a first, other
than my horny brother who hits on me constantly."

"And you have never refused me," the blue shirt giggled, tackled his brother to
the bed and then set about trying to depanse him while tickling his sides.

JC, John and the new guards looked at each other and promptly stripped to skin.
With John in the lead, he and JC dove on the struggling brothers. "We forgot to
mention that clothing is not allowed in this building," JC explained after the
brothers went limp in difference to his hands on their bodies for the first
time. "Lay still and we will correct the matter," he sort of ordered.

The twins lay quietly as they were quickly divested of their clothing while
their eyes roamed four bodies, particularly four growing cocks which they
quickly matched with a pair of six inch cut beauties of their own. "Are we
allowed to hit on others?" one asked hesitantly while staring at John. His
brother had his eyes on JC.

JC and John nodded; JC leaned down over the twin that chose him. "That kind of
look is considered a hit and I accept," he whispered just before he took his
shocked twin in his mouth. The room went silent but was briefly in motion. Rob
and Tyler fell into the sixty-nine position on their sides and the four boys
emulated them. While Rob and Tyler stayed together, all four boys bonded
together by switching partners and swallowing. After an hour when the six were
satisfied and had begun talking, the lobby door crashed open.

Medi shouted, "We call seconds!" Both he and Sean were already stripping off
their school uniforms as they ran down the long hall to the lounge, passing the
open bedroom door without looking in the room.

"Too late!" JC shouted after them and giggled at their expressions when they
appeared at the door naked and with their young boy erections bobbing. "If they
agree, Pablo and Paulo can enjoy you later, just now we need to get them
registered if they are to start classes with us tomorrow."

"You two are too young," a twin said with a frown. The other nodded his
agreement as everyone began to dress.

"Not for what they do," JC advised with a grin. "Everyone in this building has
ah, succumbed to their unique charms, too young or not. You will yield sooner
or later, as they will hound you until you do." JC advised and then watched his
twin bodyguards reappraise the two grinning, hopeful nodding boys.

"Tonight then, we live just across the lobby. Just knock or better yet I'll
have your thumb prints added to the lock." Medi waved and took off with his
small entourage in tow across the lobby.

Both twins looked shocked, one asked while looking at JC, "How many people can
open your door besides you, John and your security?"

"Everyone who lives in the building." JC answered with an indifferent Latin

"We must correct that at once. Everyone is a walking key and anyone intent on
doing you harm has only to catch one and use his thumb to gain entry, whether
still attached or not."

JC looked at his thumbs as John looked at his. "They're right JC," John agreed.
"Let's go upstairs now and change things while we're all together." JC nodded
his agreement after he thought of some dead friend from the second floor, or
Medi, with a missing thumb, all just to open a door.

The other twin asked a question, "Do we have a secure room, a bolt hole?"

John answered, "In our room, it's kind of a vault, but it's safe if we can get
in there in an emergency. There are weapons, food and water if we need them."
He added with a grin; "And there is another exit to use in surprising the bad
guys after us."

"Excellent," the twins chimed together, becoming all business.

"Do you have an armory where we might store some supplies?" one asked as they
all returned to the lounge and a huge pile of luggage belonging to the twins,
including a large trunk. One opened the hard sided trunk and stepped back.
There were weapons of every description stored there plus boxes whose contents
were not readily discernable, along with bricks of American currency and bricks
of C-4 plastic explosive.

Tyler whistled his appreciation. "Holy shit, how'd you get all this through
Customs?" he asked as he eyed what had to be a self-contained, shoulder-fired
rocket launcher (a 'LAW').

"We landed first in Miami, where our father always landed when he had work in
this country. This was stored there. We then chartered a plane to here so that
we could avoid a search. Our father has supplies such as this in most countries
he might have been called on to visit by your father." He looked at JC as he
explained the munitions.

"What are your specialties?" Rob asked. He thought that he and Tyler were good
at what they did or would do if called upon.

"Death," the twins answered together matching JC's earlier Latin shrug. One
added, "The protection of Juan Carlos is our mandate at present, if we should
fail, we are dead to our father and after he finds us, we will be dead in fact,
there can be no excuses, failure is not an option."

"Good Lord!" Rob muttered.

"No, not Him, just our instructions from our father." One twin answered calmly.

"Come, let us go upstairs." JC said as he led the way down the hall to the
lobby. He went first to Hans and Herman's room.

The door was open. The men were unpacking. JC introduced Paulo and Pablo as
their newest addition to the guard staff and then told the men of the twin's
objection to everyone in the building having access to the other secure areas
within the building. Hans looked down at his thumb and then at the twins.
"Welcome good young men." He grinned "Yah, you are right, monitors or not, here
all thumbs are keys. Come to control room, we fix and add you two to JC's

Herman began to giggle and said something to Hans in German. The twins froze
and one answered in the same language that they did not wish to upset anyone
and that they had no wish to discomfit little Medi when he discovered that the
only doors he could open were those to his own apartment.

Hans and Herman's jaws dropped before they grinned at the twin newcomers. "Very
good," Hans complimented them. "What other languages do you speak?"

The second twin answered in Hebrew, "Spanish of course, Hebrew, German, French,
Italian, Dutch, Russian fairly well and we were learning some Slavic dialects
when we were sent here to protect JC. You must understand that before our
father retired to Spain, we had little else to do except study."

Entering the control room, Herman busied himself adjusting the access lists
before adding Paulo and Pablo to the list for JC. Just then their attention was
diverted to a screen showing Medi, Sean, Jack and his brother Sam at the front
door into the second floor. Medi applied his thumb and nothing happened, the
door failed to open. After a second try using his other thumb, he motioned Sean
forward and still nothing happened.

"May I help you?" the duty controller asked on cue from Hans.

Medi looked up at the camera and nodded. "Yes please, we would like to get in."

"Whom would you like to see?" Medi was asked.

"Tommy and Spencer." Medi and Sean had plans with Sam and Jack's agreement, to
breed Spencer with the Japanese brothers for the first time. They knew Tommy
would agree and Spencer didn't have a choice, he was so pussy whipped, Tommy
would push him at first and once he got going he couldn't be stopped with
younger boys and Tommy loved to watch his big super hung lover's body in

"I'm sorry, they are both in classes. Have a nice day."

Medi slowly worked his way through the second floor residents with growing
frustration and when he finally got to Hans and Herman, the heavy door clicked.
They were met in the lobby by a laughing group of boys, even Pablo and Paulo
grinned behind their hands, still unsure of whom they could safely laugh at.

After JC explained about too many thumbs as keys, Medi frowned like a
thundercloud. "Well just fuck a duck," he moaned and looked at Sean, "I think
this ends our nocturnal cock hunts." He looked at the door balefully.

"Fuck a duck? Where'd you hear that?" Sean asked and almost fell over laughing,
everyone else laughed at the frustrated little Crown Prince who was unused to
being thwarted by anyone, not his father or, with his father's permission,
Bucky Trenton.

"Marc, I think," Medi mumbled.

Sean punched Medi in the shoulder. "Medi old bud, we'll just advertise.
Everyone knows how hot we are, so they'll call us!"

"Advertise?" Medi was clearly shocked at the thought, "As on television? We
could pay for the ads but I doubt anyone would accept them."

Sean laughed, "No, fool we have a meeting tonight, a video conference with the
guys at Trenton Hall. We all want to know what went down at the church school;
the morning news was full of the incident. There were twenty guys all naked,
wandering around outside with a big fucking house, what was left of it anyway,
burning behind them. Most were still wearing some sort of restraints, which
made capturing them easier. And then the cops found a pile of boy lover DVD's,
tapes, photos and records that were deemed suspicious and under investigation.
Man, like a whore house with boys for rent wasn't obvious, but there were no
boys, just a few pictures without heads, so we need to find out what happened."

Medi figured out what Sean was telling him without telling him, "Oh, we just
announce that we are available?"

"Exactly." Sean confirmed.


Patrick sat between the twins on a sofa facing the big screen TV while the boys
at Trenton Hall looked back at them. Everyone who lived in the dorm was there,
even Ben and the coach. It had been decided that secrets were unwise and
involvement was the best means of protection and silence.

David, Noah and Vincent took the floor, with Hans and Herman looming behind
them, to give their report, with all the boys listening intently. When Noah
reached the point where the fat man was intent on beating the boy who had puked
on him and John drew and shot him in the shoulder, everyone looked around for
John but couldn't seem to find him since he ducked behind JC and the twins. JC
giggled and stepped away. Hans and Herman were on him in a flash and simply
carried him with his feet dangling, to the forefront of the gang and held him

Vincent took over from there. "Then this little fucker walked over to the fat
fuck and broke his eardrum with a single kick. It was beautiful. I told John to
lay off the fat fuck's head because we needed that for while. I told him to
kick the fucker in the balls because he wouldn't be needing them any longer. He
said something like he was surprised and the next thing I knew the fat fuck was
missing half his dick. John just popped him, it was so beautiful. John has a
standing invitation to join the California team anytime!" he concluded with a
back pat that almost sent John into the television.

Everyone congratulated John after Vincent hurriedly picked him up off the
spongy floor and dusted him off with an apology. John grinned with a red face
and pushed Vincent away amid cheers for a job well done. The story continued
until the end with Hans summing up the fate of the eight. "These never harm
boys again." He didn't need to expound further on the subject.

"Where's Evan?" Buck asked after looking around the room.

Billy giggled, "He's in our room busy bankrupting all the creeps we found
records on and also the so called mother church. By the time the cops get
around to checking these dude's financials there won't be much left and the
boys involved will be very wealthy when there're eighteen. By the way guys,
I've got enough time in that I can take passengers, so whenever I'm around,
feel free to ask." Everyone's mouth dropped open. Billy's speech was the
longest and loudest anyone had ever heard from him at one time. His self-esteem
was rising rapidly.

"The reason I was asking about Evan," Buck continued, "is that Somerset Farm is
finished and we need to give you guys a house warming, and I was thinking about
this coming weekend, starting on Friday night, after classes and practice of
course," he added quickly so as to delay the fun until after they were done
swimming and diving.

"What exactly is a house warming?" Medi asked timidly. When it was explained,
he brightened considerably. "We give him gifts? Splendid! What sort of gifts?"
Medi's mind reverted to home, "Does he have a Rolls, perhaps a Bentley?" he
asked himself out loud. He looked at Sean desperately. "If we had more time we
could have it stretched and armored properly."

Sean giggled, "It's only Monday night, we'll find something on the net and have
it flown in!" Jack and Sam trailed them as they left the room; their
expressions remained inscrutable although they were excited about seeing the
heavy hung American boys all together for the first time and equally excited by
the group of boys on the screen who would be joining them at the party.

"Wait a minute!" Doug shouted, "Maybe get him a serious gift if you want to but
definitely get him a gag gift," he ordered. Everyone laughed.


"You likey sucky or fucky?" Sam asked Evan playfully, although the strong
British accent remained. He explained, "We would like to give you our bodies as
our gift to you." Evan looked at his lover, Billy with a raised eyebrow and a
slight grin. Billy nodded and the foursome retreated from the party for a short
time without being noticed.

Evan's remodel job to Somerset Farm's mansion included a giant solarium, added
to one end of the house. The solarium was actually a greenhouse originally
built in the nineteen twenties on some large estate when such were almost
obligatory. All the framing was cast iron and instead of normal glass or
plastic, it was roofed in real glass, although modern tempered glass. The glass
room was sixty feet wide and one hundred feet long. The peaked roof soared
sixty feet above the tropically landscaped floor. Evan referred to it as the
'play room' and that was how it was designed.

There was a large oblong pool in the center, at least it looked like a pool,
but was in fact a spa pool. A ledge of carefully molded seats and lounges wide
enough for two ran the perimeter, each with its own set of buttons controlling
a myriad of heated air and water jets at each individual rest station. The
water was maintained at a perfect one hundred-four degrees.

Doug stripped and was the first to dip a toe. He had no liking of cold water.
He grinned hugely at Evan. Fortunately; he didn't do his usual 'Dougie dive'
before Evan could warn him. Instead he dropped in feet first and was surprised
to land on a seat barely thigh deep.

Evan ran over, knelt and grinned as he pushed a button. "Sit down, asshole," he
instructed as water began to boil around Doug. Doug sat and lounged back,
enjoying the jets as they pummeled his back. Evan pushed another button without
warning. "This baby has enough water and air jets to blow your skinny ass right
out of the water. Hold on!" he advised as he hit a third button and Doug was
ejected from his seat into the pool.

"Holy shit!" Doug laughed when he surfaced after a lap underwater. "This has
got to be the biggest spa in the world! This thing is big enough to fit

Evan nodded, "That was the intension. Remember, I am a Falconburg," he added as
he ran along the edge pushing buttons until the whole pool boiled. "Now," he
continued and pointed, "Over there is the passion pit. I liked the lounge
floors but that's even deeper and it will also hold all of us with maybe a
little crowding, but I think of that as a good thing."

He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "Want to see the grotto?" he asked as
Buck dove cleanly near Doug. Doug and Buck flipped and followed Evan down. They
entered a short, lighted underwater tunnel that took them into a smaller pool
where they surfaced just in time to see Billy, Sam and Jack enter through a
door in the back of the small room that surrounded the grotto pool. Meanwhile
heads began popping up, everyone followed until the small area was crowded in
the soft deeply cushioned area around the pool.

Evan and Billy led the mob out the door into something like a Roman or Greek
locker room. The room was sumptuous! Benches that were deeply padded, cushioned
with pillows and wide enough to be single beds, lined up in succession down the
room. There were individual open alcoves for clothing storage opposite the head
of each bench. At the end of the room, there was a life size statute of a
standing naked youth carved from marble. Obviously it was not a reproduction.
The youth's face and perfect body was reproduced in mosaic tiles in the floor,
up the walls and on the intricately arched and domed ceilings.

"Where the fuck did you find that?" Spencer asked since the statute closely
resembled his own body with a fully jutting erection. The only difference being
that Spencer was circumcised as a Jew and the youth was not although the
youth's foreskin was retracted to below his marble crown forever.

Harmon surged forward for a better look. Evan shrugged, "He was in one of the
castles. Someone stole him from some place in Italy just after World War II.
You know Grandfather's tastes, he," caressing the cock, "was in grandfather's

"He's in perfect condition," Harm pronounced after running his hands over the
cool marble to feel for flaws or repairs. Meanwhile, little Tommy began
stroking Spencer's flaccid cock until he was fully erect and then pushed him
forward to stand by the beautiful antiquity to compare bodies and nine-inch
erections. Spencer was a match although he blushed until the room filled with
erections to match his own.

Pablo and Paulo looked at each other, at helpless Spencer and settled on the
twins, Toby and Terry. Spencer could be sampled anytime. All four boys were
already communicating telepathically without realizing it. There was no need
for a test. Toby and Terry grinned. All four grew erections and split up to
claim and occupy two of the wide bench/beds. The two pairs went into sixty-nine
positions on their sides. The other guys quickly followed until Evan and Billy
were left standing near the beautiful statute by themselves.

"Let's go to the sun room," Billy suggested.

Evan nodded and grabbed Billy's hand. "Sun room?" Doug asked while he was just
about to enter Buck's always-willing boy pussy.

"Follow us." Evan said and took Billy's arm. "We need to maintain our tans all
winter so we created this room." Evan opened a door and snapped on the lights.
The room was circular and except for the floor, which was cushioned and covered
with pillows, the rest of the room was mirrored, walls and ceiling interspersed
with sun lamps. "The lights are on a timer so we won't fry if we fall asleep
after." He looked up at Doug hopefully while Billy claimed Buck. "You know we
haven't been together in a long time."

"Want to tan your buns or mine? Doug asked.

"Both," Evan answered sinking to the cushioned flooring and pillows, "but yours

Evan's staff was also unique. The new wing on the opposite side of the house
from the solarium consisted of small apartments that were occupied by carefully
screened men, all gay, who had domestic experience and as opposed to the gang's
nudity, they all wore clothing and ignored the boys except for looking. All
were highly paid and were free to make friends among themselves in or outside
the sprawling estate, if properly screened.

At first, Evan's neighbors complained about the eight-foot wall that was built
around his property, all four hundred and twenty acres until they realized that
the wall increased their security as well where their properties abutted. Hans
and Herman ruled so far as Evan's security was concerned and nothing, not so
much as a squirrel could penetrate the barrier without someone knowing. Snoopy
was supreme wherever Evan was in residence.

Evan's unique locker room left everyone speechless and hornier. Extreme horns
were everywhere, on benches in the locker room, in the grotto or in and around
the boiling pool. Cum flowed and none of them cared where, everyone was as
happy to give as they were to receive. The weekend party was a blast.

There was one interruption. An alarm went off throughout the mansion at noon on
Saturday. Hans grinned at Medi and ran from the playroom with Herman on his
heels, while all the other guards found their weapons and their charges and
went into defensive positions without knowing whom or what they were defending
against. All anyone knew was that there was a security breach. Then they all
heard the wop, wop of a helicopter. Those in the playroom looked up in time to
see a chopper, a very big one pass overhead with something large suspended
beneath it.

"Right on time," Sean said to Medi with a grin, although both were annoyed that
Pablo and Paulo had left them in favor of a pair of automatic weapons that they
aimed through the glass at the giant chopper as it settled lower over the
estate's nearby landing pad. Then everyone in the playroom saw Hans and Herman
waving the chopper and its cargo down until the cargo touched the pad. The men
released the cables and waved the big thundering bird off. It promptly rose a
few hundred feet, turned and disappeared into the distance.

Evan and all the others not already in the playroom burst onto the scene with
their respective guards and all were armed, fully prepared to do battle with
the intruders. Buck was the first to see a stretched Rolls parked next to
Billy's sleek craft. He nudged Evan and pointed.

Evan's eyes went wide. "Happy house warming!" Medi and Sean chimed together
delighted that they were able to surprise Evan.

"We went on the Net," Sean explained to Evan as the whole gang circled and
climbed through the huge car. "And we found a company advertising this bad boy.
They specialize in armoring vehicles so we called them. It seems that a certain
dictator ordered it but was car bombed before he could take delivery, so we got
it for a very good price."

"Yes," Medi agreed, "I even ordered one as a Christmas present for my father."

Doug raised an eyebrow, "Aren't you a Muslim?" he asked.

Medi shrugged, "To be sure, but you must understand that we are a destination
resort and are quite fully booked over that holiday so we celebrate as much or
more than you chaps. We have decorations everywhere so our Christian guests
feel quite at home and are willing to part with their money in Bachal."

"You are a fucking mercenary," Buck accused with a giggle.

"Absolutely," Medi agreed. His eyes widened with a thought, "I say, while we're
all here together, you are all invited to Bachal for the Christmas holiday, my
father would love to meet you all. I've told him so much about you."

Buck saw Doug's grin of instant acceptance as well as the others. His face
turned into an instant thundercloud, which he tried to hide and he began
negations, "You and everyone else are already invited to Dagger Key for
Christmas, so how about if we go the day after, would that work?" he asked
hopefully. He was not about to allow all his scheming with Josh over Doug's
Christmas present, the luxurious ninety-foot catamaran, go to waste because of
Medi's generous offer.

Medi agreed with a nod and then suggested, "Why don't we all get our
assignments a few days early and leave for Dagger earlier? I shall just tell
the Headmaster that my father the Emir and Head of State requested our early
departure. My father has invited you," he assured them. "Just not when", he
added with a giggle.

Spencer looked at his brother Harmon and then at Medi and asked, "Are you sure
Harm and I won't be locked up if we come along or maybe just refused at the
customs gate?"

Medi laughed, "No one asks about religions I assure you, not even my father and
I might add that when his sees you two nude in the pool, he may even invite you
to his bed." When Medi saw strange looks, he elaborated. "My father was
promiscuous from about age eleven, we both knew or know our future
responsibilities. He dutifully fathered others and me at an early age just as I
will father my heirs but that doesn't change one's tastes. Remember, he's only
twenty-three and at that advanced age it seems the juices are still flowing and
it doesn't matter which way they flow male or female." When everyone nodded
Medi was ecstatic. "I shall charter a plane," he said happily.

"No need," Evan advised and continued, "Dagger Key's runway will be finished by
then and we can leave from there on mine. We'll be more comfortable."

"That's fast," Doug said as the actual owner of the island and entire

Evan shrugged, "Twenty-four seven, shit happens. I'm tired of landing in
Nassau, I've been pushing and money talks," he concluded. He would never admit
how much his whimsy cost him for a twelve thousand foot runway that was two
hundred feet wide and twelve feet of poured concrete thick, with billions at
his disposal, it just shouldn't matter. Well, it really did matter but Evan
wasn't about to start bitching or everyone would call him a cheapo. He just
couldn't help it though; he'd spent too much time on the streets. He still
always looked at the prices first, even in Mickey D's, even if someone else was
buying, and he always finished first too. If it was food and it was in front of
you, eat it before someone else grabbed it away.


John looked at the computer screen with excitement in his eyes, "Here's a hot
one, they actually advertise young guys and picture some. Companions my ass,
this is a stable." JC looked over his shoulder.

"Pay for the highest rate to join, we must obliterate them," JC instructed

Suddenly, they were on a site that could only be reached by going through
several sites, using lengthy passwords that were emailed separately. The credit
card worked wonders. Pictures of nude young guys appeared, there were more than
fifty. Some wore forced smiles. John was surprised but he clicked on part-time
employment. He gave them his actual name and Evan's Somerset Farm address. He
gave them his actual statistics, his real age, height and weight. His reason
for applying for employment was simple; he loved older cock and wanted to be
one of the sites' 'workers'. Then he included his picture as an attachment,
bare from the waist up. So while it was obvious that he could afford to join
the expensive website, he also wanted the 'benefits' of working for the people
that ran it. After clicking send, he leaned back and JC sank into his naked

An hour later, the computer chimed that there was mail. John opened the
message. It was simple, the sender wanted to see John in person. John agreed to
a meeting the next night in front of the nearest mall movie theater. JC
borrowed a limo from Buck so it was obvious that John was not going into the
business for money, he just loved the thrill of getting more mature cock.

John was fifteen minutes early and his limo stayed parked in a no parking zone
in front of the theater entrance. The driver, JC, kept his eyes roving between
mirrors. No one noticed the Suburban parked in a close by parking space with
Tyler at the wheel and Rob at his side with Paulo and Pablo in the rear seat
nor a second Suburban parked further away, this one packed with boys, all armed
and itching for action.

A nondescript man finally approached John fifteen minutes late. John frowned,
"I was taught to be prompt. In the future, if there is a future, I won't wait."
The man blinked. John headed for the car, the man followed. John opened the
back door and motioned the man in first. The man looked in at the spacious
interior, which was empty, before he climbed in.

"Drive." John ordered before he looked at the man to ask, "Do I need to
audition or something? I just like older guys and I don't want the hassle of
finding them. I thought this would be easier but perhaps I was wrong."

"Oh no, dear boy," the man simpered, "you obviously aren't doing this for the
money and I have clients who would love to meet you. Tell me, you gave me an
address that is a walled estate."

John looked disdainful, "The owner is my lover when he's home, which isn't
often. I need more sex than he's willing or able to supply. Where are we going

"To my home. I think, you might enjoy some of my older ah, employees or they
might enjoy you, one is almost twenty." The man gave JC his address and
directions. The two Suburbans fell back and followed at a distance since they
had the address.

JC pulled up in front of closed gates. The man fingered a key chain and the
gates rolled back to allow entrance. JC parked at the front and was out of his
seat and had the back door open before the man could take his eyes off John.
"Some of my boys are rather reluctant," he began as he unlocked the front door,
"they need to be chemically restrained until I have clients come here, and with
sufficient incentive, they do their thing and return for their reward. As a
volunteer, you don't need to go through all that."

"You mean you keep your help drugged?" John asked cautiously.

"Of course, dear boy, how else would I trust them to return after a service
call? There are almost fifty of them so far. They were all homeless runaways,
now they aren't and they owe me."

After hearing that bit of information, Evan and Buck both pulled out their cell
phones. Evan called to have his plane readied to take off as soon as fifty or
so passengers arrived. Their destination was Dagger Key. Buck called home to
waiting drivers and gave them the address of this suburban New Jersey

Pablo and Paulo carefully checked and rechecked the ignition device that would
cause the gas explosion and fire at the mansion, which would claim the lives of
everyone left behind. One of the twins explained the device to Hans and Herman
earlier. It was mostly plastic with a few micro fine copper wires designed to
simply disappear by burning, except the one triple 'A' battery used for power,
which might easily be from an inexpensive clock. With this device there would
be no evidence that arson and several murders had just taken place, just an
unfortunate accident.

Hans and Herman remained impressed with the twins' cold, calm efficiency and
their more modern detonator that would disappear in the explosion and fire
while the authorities in Illinois had already found bits and pieces of the one
they'd used plus traces of C-4, to bomb the old mansion on the lake, the
religious sect's headquarters. This bombing would appear to be a legitimate

The man led John and JC to an open door and a staircase that went down to the
basement. At the car, John motioned JC to accompany him into the mansion with
the simple explanation that JC needed to gain experience as a bottom while John
watched. The man assumed JC was John's top on demand but didn't question John
and wondered how much profit he could make from the unique relationship when
rented out to clients as a couple.

The two boys quickly found themselves in a lounge with a steel door and a large
window on one wall. The room beyond the window appeared to be a sea of naked
boy flesh of all ages, a few prepubescent. Most were watching television but a
few were having sex with each other and a few were watching them while stroking
themselves or each other. The scene was unreal.

The man picked up a microphone, "Eric, fuck the new kid now!" Turning off the
microphone, he explained to John, "The red head is new and still needs to be
broken in." A taller boy left the large group watching television and looked
around the room. The redhead in question looked up from a game he was playing
with another boy as Eric approached him with a growing erection. The little
redhead looked resigned to his fate, he was just entering puberty and had a
smattering of blond pubes above his cock. Eric, who appeared to be the oldest
in the group stretched out over the redhead in the prone position and whispered
a few words. The tense little boy relaxed and raised his legs.

"How do you feed them all?" John asked as he watched Eric penetrate slowly,
stop, wait a few minutes and then just as carefully begin thrusting.

"Simple," the man answered, "they live well on burgers, hotdogs, chicken and
fries or pizza. They cook for themselves; there's a kitchen in the back," he
concluded. "Which would you like to have top your driver?" he asked
salaciously. He looked at JC like he was a bug.

"Don't you have help?" John asked.

"No need with my system. There's a double door, the one called can open the
inner door, once inside and the inner door closes, it locks and the outer door
can be opened, simple," he stated proudly.

"Where did you find them all?" John asked, trying to hold his temper back. He
knew that if a slug was found in the creep's body, that all their preparations
were for naught but was relieved that this seemed to be a one-man operation and
the man would not escape.

"I just go out walking in the city. When I see a likely subject, I ask if
they'd like to have sex with me. Money is no object, at least the promise of
money, if they come home with me, they're mine." The man concluded happily.

Outside, the gate had been opened electronically by a laptop that broadcast
four digit codes almost; it seemed, faster than the speed of sound. The two
Suburbans had pulled in and disgorged their passengers. Words of caution from
the guards were unheard, the boys piled out with guns drawn and ready. They ran
into the house as quickly and quietly as possible. They arrived at the basement
steps in time to hear a single shot. John had put the man out of his misery and
the captive boys were free.

When the twins arrived they frowned at John. One drew a slim knife with a
six-inch blade; he knelt to begin probing the chest entry wound for the slug.
Without luck, he finally made a long incision under the man's ribcage and
simply reached in up to his elbow. There were noises from the big window, John
looked back to see that all the boys had their faces pasted to it. They wore a
complete range of expressions ranging from revulsion to utter joy. John
unlocked both doors.

The boys gushed out of their prison but got no further than the foot of the
stairs, blocked by a wall of muscle, Hans and Herman. "Clothings?" Hans asked

Eric, the oldest answered, "There's a bedroom upstairs that's kind of our
communal clothes closet. That's where we were going, to dress and get the fuck
out of here," he looked back as the twin exploring the corpse, raised his hand
with a small caliber bullet between his thumb and fore finger. He giggled, "Ah,
I see the surgery was a success. Now what are you going to do with it?"

JC turned to Eric. His answer was chilling, "This creature will be placed close
to where the explosion will start. He will be all but incinerated," he smiled
at John, forgiving him, "but there will be no bullet to say he met with foul
play before the gas leak blows the house from this property."

Vincent came clompping down the stairs wearing a big smile. "I found the place!
The fireplaces are all gas and have remote electronic ignition things".

"Excellent!" Paulo grinned, ignoring his blood covered hand and arm. "I suggest
the main living area. We will close the doors to other rooms and then." He
commiserated with his brother before looking at his watch, "In about three
hours, we will have sufficient volume for a proper bang."

"What about us? Are you going to blow us away too?" Eric asked while the
youngest boys clustered around him looking fearful and not trying to hide it.
The little red head had his arm around Eric's waist and his fingers were
swirling the older boy's pubes, it was obvious he had not been raped on demand.

John smiled. "Nope, we'll take you all to a safe place. You can stay there as
long as you want or pick a place and you'll be delivered wherever you want. You
each have to decide on your own. But first go get dressed and collect all your

Evan piped up with a giggle, "And anything valuable and portable that takes
your fancy because it won't be missed!"

John looked at the very disappointed gang, "I'm sorry guys, I just had to do
what I did." The gang nodded grudgingly and holstered their weapons.

The once captive boys spread out in the main lounge of Evan's plane. Most
still had their mouths hanging open staring at the opulence of their
surroundings, not only was it a Bowing 747 but it was owned by a kid close to
their ages and the kid stood before them. "I'm sorry guys, but we can't go with
you, we have school. You're going to a private island and there you can decide
what you want to do with your lives. If you decide to stay, then I guess we'll
see you over the holidays, otherwise, good luck." Evan vaulted down the mobile
stairway as it backed away from the huge plane as the plane began moving

"That felt good," John commented, "now I need to clean out his accounts and
liquidate all his assets before they put out the fire." He looked up at JC,
adoring his lover's vaguely Latin face while shaking a heavy briefcase full of
the dead man's important documents.

When Bucky finally was given a full report on the incident, it was already a
done deal three days old. He was glad that the boys were or appeared to be
building their own organizations independent of Buck and Doug. Buck and Doug on
the other hand were outraged that they had not been included in the mission.
Since they hadn't been involved and were improving in both swimming and diving
they were given permission to go on an extended cruise aboard the Sea Song over
the Thanksgiving break at school. There would be a week of peace with all the
boys gone under the supervision of their bodyguards and the parents planned to
capitalize on the mutual vacations. They would all have dinner together and a
great extended week at Trenton Hall. Bucky and Becky invited all the parents
and all accepted, including the Goldman's with their daughter Monica.

Becky Trenton was delighted that the Goldman's were attending. She, Elise
Wilcott and Martha Henderson had visited Goldman's Jeweler's based on Harman's
recommendation and Becky was glad that she did. All of the museum quality
pieces in the store had been researched by Harm and when she read the first
pedigree pertaining to a twelve-foot tall by sixteen-foot wide glass fronted
breakfront and she found out that the complete seventeenth century service for
thirty-six had been commissioned by a Duke, she said simply, "I'll take that,"
without inquiring about the price.

Ben nodded, blinked and sighed, wondering what other pieces he had in stock
which he could redisplay the priceless china. "It will take some time to pack
away the china before the piece can be shipped," he said with a resigned

Becky looked at him strangely before she decided that he'd misunderstood. She
giggled like her son Buck. "Why of course it will. I wouldn't want anything
broken in transit. I think I'll just move the one I have now in the dining room
out to the foyer and replace it with this one and if you'd be so kind as to
photograph the display, it's perfect as is, I'll just put it back on the
shelves just as you have it," she announced and watched Ben's eyes bug briefly
before he looked a little sick.

Ben walked to the side of the huge piece. "There is one modification that is
modern," he countered, "my son, Harmon the sneak, took it upon himself to very
carefully light all the shelves." He added hastily, "but the system can be
removed without damage to the piece." He flipped a switch and suddenly the
china glowed from every cabinet door.

Becky and her friends sucked in their breaths while Ben turned down the lights
to just about candlelight and the fine china still glowed. "Leave that just as
it is," Becky declared, and then giggled again. "How long have you had this on
display?" she asked.

Ben shrugged, "I guess about two years."

"And in all that time you never turned on the lights?" The question was more of
an accusation. She continued before Ben could answer. "I'm so happy you didn't,
or MY new breakfront would have been sold long ago. Harm is a genus!"

Ben had to agree as he began to follow Becky through the showroom hanging
'sold' tags on anything that took her eye, and when she finished, Ben realized
that he was left with very little to use for displaying his custom-made
jewelry. He looked around and sighed. "I guess I'll be needing to bring some
new pieces from the warehouse," he mumbled.

Becky heard his comment. "You have a warehouse?" she asked but didn't wait for
an answer. She hooked her arm under his and with a giggle of delight said.
"Show me and bring along those sold tags!"


Preparations for the special Thanksgiving cruise began soon after the decision
to go was made at the first breakfast meeting on Dagger Key back in September
when Buck and Doug were present. Hans and Herman were given charge of planning
and logistics but they lacked experience in fighting ships, if there was a
fight. They approached Curt to ask if and/or how the Doog might be used in the
event of an aggressive emergency against the Sea Song, whether in deep or
shallow water.

Curt stood on the dock staring into space for five minutes before he answered
with questions. "Is there a specific destination, perhaps in shallow water
where Sea Song would have limited maneuverability hence vulnerability from a
bad guy without those disadvantages?"

Hans looked at Herman and actually blushed because Curt stated the mission in a
nutshell. Herman nodded, "Yah, exactly."

"I believe I would give the Doog some teeth. I'd arm Doog with limpet mines,
the kind with both magnets and suction cups, two trained divers and a pair of
really fast underwater propulsion units as quiet as possible. The scooters
could be secured on deck in brackets. I assume this would be a shallow water
operation and the bad guys would be intent on catching Sea Song not sinking
him. If they even had sonar, which I doubt, they wouldn't be listening anyway.
If as you say, Sea Song were in a confined space, at first there would be a
blockade and some negotiations before any shooting began. They certainly
wouldn't expect much of a defense until they encountered his Gatling guns.
Anytime the bad guy is moving slowly or dead in the water to off load
aggressors they would be ours. I would have to be on station in advance of
course. There is one problem; Doog doesn't have much of a range. I'll need to
refuel at sea."

Herman shrugged and called JC and by the time he disconnected, he wore a huge
grin. "JC owns a fleet of trawlers for fishing only, not for transporting other
things. He says fish and shellfish are very profitable. Any number could be at
our disposal to transport fuel. One could even take the same course and Doog
would be invisible from air during the day hiding under it since those waters
are very clear. He also said that you could be beamed down their radar and have
access to Snoopy as well."

Hans beamed, another problem solved. "We know of divers with experience." He
attempted to look angelic. "Ships of enemies sink all the time in port or at
sea because the fools do not maintain vessels properly." He frowned in thought
before grinning. He explained, "These divers have no English, only Hebrew but
one or both of JC's new guards speak it, so language is no problem on Doog."

Curt looked up at the two men and grinned, "So, shouldn't we get started?"


Evan was staring at the schematics, drawings of the largest black powder navel
cannon the company he'd bought them from manufactured. Dieter and Billie looked
over his shoulder. "Do we make cannon?" he asked.

Dieter, by then had a complete working knowledge of the Falconburg Empire's
resources. He assured Evan that they did although more modern, functional and
very deadly.

"Excellent, fax these off to them. Tell them I want the finished product to
look like this, brass plating and all. The phony carriage and wheels will
contain the electronics to control it and Snoopy will control it just like the
new Gatling gun software. Oh, and the cannon will have to be recoilless.
There's no way we can really attach the thing to Sea Songs' deck without dry
docking him and we haven't got the time." Evan stared off into space. "I just
wish we could lay hands on a couple of those new mini guns, but the only
manufacturer is also the inventor." He said very wistfully.

Dieter grinned, then giggled. "WHAT?" Evan asked.

"We have I think a dozen in stock, that's all. You forget we are a major arms
supplier in Europe and we have a reputation for picking our customers
carefully. Nothing we sell ends up in the wrong hands, so we can buy from the
man himself for resale. How many will we need?" Dieter concluded with a

Evan shrugged, "That depends on how many good firing points we can find up
high." He unrolled a set of Sea Song's plans and found his favorite views,
profile and plan. He pointed aft to the chopper pad, "Two, one on each corner
would support the Gatlings if they tried to flank us or if we need to run, and
ideally at least one in the crow's nest. Up there though the problem would be
space for the three thousand round ammo can and then re-supplying the gun.
Those full canisters have got to be heavy and under fire it would be impossible
without exposing crewmen."

"Could the cans be looped together in advance," Doug asked a surprised group.
Evan turned to see Doug and Buck with Billy, standing behind them. The group
had heard Billy's chopper touch down a bit earlier but assumed he'd be alone.

Buck explained, "Speaking of loops, we feel way left out so we decided to come
over for an update and when we called Billy to get a ride, he was almost here.
What's for supper?" he asked.

Evan didn't answer. Instead he swiveled his head to look at Billie with a
raised eyebrow. "And just how did these two scum bags get in here without
Snoopy even chirping a warning?" he asked, but already thought he knew the

"Because I got tired of Snoopy's alarms jangling, so I tickled the program so
he now recognizes friends." Billie answered and ducked behind his open laptop.

"How'd you manage that?"

"I took Snoopy to school, your school and taught him to recognize individuals
as friends, so he now multitasks. The biggest part of his responsibility is
still security within his viewing sphere, but now he keeps track of all of us
as individuals. He watched Billy fly into his sphere on a course for home and
then suddenly change course heading for Trenton Hall. Doug and Buck boarded and
then the chopper came directly here." Billie shrugged, "Now there's no need for
an alarm if visitors are friends, simple. Here, see for yourselves." Billie
turned his laptop after quickly running his fingers over the keys. He grinned
up at Buck and Doug. "This might be a good place to start."

The group watched spellbound as two figures on a bed came to life in infrared.
They were clearly on the bed and in the classic sixty-nine position with Doug
on top and feverishly drilling Buck's mouth for new tonsils, while Buck
practiced deep throating.

Buck's frown was withering, "MOTHER FUCKER!"

Billie went feminine as a defense, no one would hit a pretty girl he hoped,
"Relax dear boy, Snoopy watches all of us as individuals twenty-four-seven,
everything is time stamped and stored in the event of need. I assure you
watching anyone making it in infrared is very boring." He grinned when Buck
seemed mollified. "However, if you were to take the show out to the lawn." he
didn't need to finish the suggestion before Buck and Doug tackled him off his
chair amid suitable girlish screams.

"Let's get back on the subject guys," Dieter commanded. "Looping might work,
I'll check. Just remember that whatever happens if there's a problem, it will
happen fast. If and when we open fire we'll also start moving out and if I know
our Russian Captains, we'll be at maximum speed in seconds." He grinned with a
thought, "We might sink their asses with the rooster tails if they get too

"What about an attack from the landside?" Doug asked, everyone frowned, no one
had considered that possibility.

Evan dialed JC, then clicked on the speakerphone. John answered and appeared on
the video link. He waved and called JC over. JC appeared with a smile. After
the question of a possible overland attack was asked, his smile broadened.
"There wouldn't be time, the roads are all but impassible even in the dry
season unless there was a security leak and even if that happened any bad guys
would have to be on the move now to reach there by Thanksgiving. If some sort
of force were to arrive somehow undetected by Snoopy, they would be greeted by
a force of over two hundred guerrilla-trained Indians armed with AK-47's and
limitless ammunition." JC blushed, "My father created this force for obvious
reasons. He paid them more per month than they could normally earn in two
years. I instructed my manager down there to double their wages. They know that
if anything happens to me the wages stop. The only possibility of a land attack
would be if they came in by boat and climbed the cliff. Imagine the greeting
they would receive as they reached the top."

Evan looked at his watch, "Got time for dinner?" Before JC could nod, Billy was
heading from the room. Billy reveled in his newfound ability to transport
friends in his chopper.

Thirty minutes later, JC, John, Pablo, his twin Paulo, Rob and Tyler burst into
the room giggling while pushing Billy in front of them. Everyone in the room
waited to be told what the newcomers thought was so funny. They all were
comfortably naked but only Billy's whole body was one tall lanky blush. "I
forgot to put on shorts," he admitted.

John brought them up to date between giggles, "We were at the pad waiting for
him. A small crowd gathered when they saw us since they know we generally
travel by air. Billy came in fast and landed a bit hard and then started waving
frantically to get us aboard while barely cutting power enough to stay on the
ground without using controls. The crowd noticed first and pointed. Billy was
having trouble deciding which yoke to hold, his or the chopper's. We put on the
brakes and kind of strolled forward trying to ignore the down draft, just to
keep him on the ground as long as possible."

"So?" Billy countered with a slight grin, "I still always get a hard on when
I'm flying something. I'm still new at it, but I hope it never wears off and in
the future I'll leave pants or shorts on the seat and," he added, "in the
future, you pukes can walk or drive your asses wherever you want to go. No more
Mr. Nice Guy."

Everyone was brought up to speed during dinner and afterwards, they adjourned
to the oval end of the giant spa. Herman looked at Evan quizzically, "Master,
how you learn much about mini-guns, even workings?"

Evan and Billy giggled, Evan shrugged, "We watch the Military Channel late at

Billy reached a long arm back out of splash range to uncover a remote. He
pushed some buttons. First a giant screen appeared out of the tropical
landscape and then a segment on mini-guns began to play. Everyone was
enthralled except Hans and Herman, they were aghast that such a secret weapon,
at least how they were manufactured and how they operated, was portrayed on
national television.


Bucky sat in his study with Joe and Will. Bucky turned down the volume. "Good
job Will."

"Yeah, well I still feel guilty about bugging everything since Evan trusted me
enough to invite me to design his system." Will answered and hung his head.

Bucky chuckled, "Don't be. Who do you think asked me to have it bugged? He
knows I don't like surprises and he thought that if they wanted to do something
that was out of bounds, that I would veto the project through him. He is a
leader after all; even Buck listens to him eventually. They get our support for
this project. They seem to have all bases covered in the event of a problem, so
we'll just provide standby support. Can we lease or borrow a couple of choppers
fully armed and crewed?"

Joe grinned, "Sure, since he knows, borrow Evan's. We could fly them in on
C-130's no problem. But we need a close-in base for them to operate from."

Bucky nodded, "Lease a freighter, maybe a bulk carrier with no cranes or cables
forward of the main superstructure. We'll use that as a pad. We'll stay just
outside Snoopy's range but we'll still be close enough to support the gang if
there's a snag." He began laughing at a sudden thought which he shared after he
calmed down enough. "There is going to be one little war though. It will be on
the Sea Song. As soon as the rest of the group is told of the project, and they
see the mini-guns and find out what they can do, then there will be a war over
who gets to man them."

Will giggled, "I'll put my money on Marc for the crow's nest. If he gets that
position, he'll sleep up there so no one can take over for him if he's not at
his post in an emergency." The other two men nodded their agreement. Joe
pointed out that Marc was the logical choice since he seemed to be a natural
marksman and weapons held his fascination just short of photography.

"Have you given Medi's father a heads up about this, err, project?" Joe asked

Bucky nodded. "Yup early on. I called so I could answer questions. Actually
Medi is my choice for one of the other mini-guns. I guess you heard how he
mopped up Dave's ass out on the range the first time. According to his father,
Medi's been shooting since he was four when the recoil using regular loads
would knock him on his little ass every time he fired his weapon. He'd just
grin, rub his butt, get up and fire again even though he knew what to expect.
Medi knows what the word 'genocide' means if there was a successful takeover.
Royal families over there always need to be ready in the event of an attempted
coup, and Medi's family is definitely ready. I'm told that the whole palace is
riddled with secret compartments filled with small arms just in case, and that
everyone including the women are trained fighters. They even lock down the
whole place and run drills monthly. Medi's dad is delighted he'll get, well
maybe get some actual experience that is outside the palace."

"Oh," Bucky continued, "we're all going to Paul's first meet this weekend if
you want to go along. Also the day after Christmas we're heading out to Bachal
until after the New Year at Medi's invitation. That he forgot to tell his
father first is immaterial. He knows now and he's delighted."

Joe got back to business. "Where can we land the choppers and get them ready to

Bucky giggled, very un-characteristically, "Money talks as Evan keeps saying,
I've been pushing Bill even harder than he has so the runway will be ready a
month before Evan thinks it will. Land there, stage the birds and they can fly
out to the freighter. Poor Evan, he always looks so pained each time he comes
to me for another hundred million draw to pay Bill's contractors. I just shrug
and grin. After the beast is finished officially, I'll give him his money back
from the foundation. Another lesson learned; get a firm estimate in advance."

"Won't someone spill the beans?" Joe asked.

Bucky smiled benignly, "Not if I'm there briefly and I put the fear of God in
them with lot's of frowning and a short speech to everyone at once. I've never
done that before. Remember, I am the Godfather and they at least believe it
although the boys do not really and that's the way I want it. Do you have any
idea of what they might face?" he asked very seriously.

Joe half shrugged, "We know they, that would be the fat man and company, have
spies in JC's camp just like he has them in theirs. We know that the fat man is
paying the Cubans for protection and could just as easily hire a gunboat or
two. He knows his five billion is safe in a bank but he also knows that
somewhere there's a huge fortune, JC's father's stash and any movement by JC
toward South America would be his tip off, especially with JC sitting in Sea
Song heading south, in a yacht capable of loading it all up and heading to our
bankers on Grand Cayman. Be sure to let Hans and Herman know what we're doing
so the birds don't get shot down by friendly fire. Tell them that either of
them can be our contact and can push the panic button if things go sour on Sea
Song and they need us."


Sorry guys, I'm rusty and this isn't very good. I assure you it would have been
far worse if friend Emoe hadn't done his great job of editing as usual. The
next 'Dooby' is almost finished, and depending on Emoe's schedule, could be out
in a week. Again, if you want back on my virgin email list, let me know.




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