Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


Chapter 72

Jaeden Patel was an expat Indian businessman living quietly, safe and he
thought secure in the wilds of South Africa, not too far from the busy port
city of Durban on the Indian Ocean. He prospered for years by buying or
stealing things and then selling, occasionally even to the former owner,
always for a profit. Over the years he had always been supremely
successful, however recently he'd experienced tragedy and financial

Most recently, he suffered the loss of his two sons who were in training
aboard his huge modern floating fish processing plant. The two boys were
slain by a band of local Somalin pirates who objected to his fleet of
trawlers who were innocently fishing in unprotected Somalin waters. While
he mourned his sons, Jaeden was devastated by the loss of his entire
fishing fleet and most importantly, the loss of the fleets' processed

Then, almost concurrently Jaeden lost a $20 million dollar ransom for the
return of a supertanker, the huge cargo of oil that was being transferred
to the first two of his much smaller tankers, those ships themselves and a
special ship that just looked like a tanker. There was also the loss of
several key personnel, but those scum could be replaced.

Of less importance was the potential profit from a high end cruise ship
that some upstart Arab pirate sailed into the anchorage where the
supertanker was being drained. Jaeden wondered if the arrival of the cruise
ship had anything to do with the loss of the supertanker's cargo and his
three ships. Was the cruise ship really a Trojan horse? No matter, it was
time to recover. The seas were covered with shipping owned by others just
waiting to be taken, but the fishing fleet required replacement using hard
earned cash.

Unfortunately, a fishing fleet purchase required a large amount of
cash. While Jaeden had a storeroom full of gold and bags of uncut blood
diamonds, these assets were not cash so he would have to dip into his many
long dormant bank accounts to acquire the fleet quickly because these
vessels would be dry docked so they could be modified to properly defend
themselves from the damned inhuman native fishermen who objected to the
loss of what they considered to be their fish!

Jaeden lived like a Maharaja of old India, but he did it on the cheap. His
mansion resembled an Indian palace, complete with exterior walls covered
with traditional carvings of ancient deities and further peopled with
couples, both male and female performing every conceivable sexual act with
a few improbable positions for only the most adventurist. But all wasn't as
it seemed.

Jaeden's palace was built of modern concrete, steel studs, Styrofoam, wire
lath and sprayed on poly plaster. The figures that were added later were
made of fiberglass then sprayed the same color as the walls. The home was
a movie set that could be removed with a touch of a match. There wouldn't
be much to clean up after the very hot fire consumed the flammables in
minutes and melted the metal.

Jaeden's key servants such as guards, cooks and maintenance people were
paid but there were usually about 10 other servants; boys from age 10 to 14
of many nationalities who were unpaid. These servants were purchased
chattel that were warehoused on the property until they could be sold at
auction soon after the first pubic hair was noted.

The primary source of young nubile boys was from Catholic dominated
countries with church run orphanages. There were still many priests who
enjoyed young boys who were considered `unadoptable' for a number of
reasons; too old, too many, too violent, unwilling to perform or too
beautiful to let go until they were replaced with even more beautiful and
perhaps even more willing. Tastes don't change in the entrenched pedophile
priesthood; just the degree of secrecy despite the ongoing scandals.

Finn, a 14 year old was one of the latter. He was a foundling of about age
three when he was placed in an orphanage in Ireland. He had no memory of
how he came to be there, he just was. Early on, he became an opportunist
and enterprising enough to realize that a boy who was taken into a priest's
bed, at first as a living heating pad, not only had a warm, clean and
comfortable bed, he also got better food, clothing, a few toys and a
priest's protection.

All those benefits for allowing an old man to stroke his naked body and
cuddle him at first; soon stroking by hand was replaced with tongue baths,
of particular interest was his peter, between his legs and his bum. That
old tongue felt quite nice, so let the games continue.

Alas, when Finn was eight years old, the games ended abruptly when the old
priest passed on. Finn thought he was to be returned to the dormitory and
faced the loss of his wardrobe, his toys and excellent food.

He was surprised and pleased to be taken under the `wing' of no less than
the Monsignor, the orphanage administrator himself. Finn didn't have to be
told twice to move all his things to the Monsignor's palatial apartment, to
a small bedroom where he would never sleep. By then Finn realized that the
price he paid for very special treatment was what could legally be
described as sexual abuse according to what he read on his very own
Christmas gift laptop, but he didn't care; let the games continue.

Finn's new protector was young, barely 30 and a rising star in the church
hierarchy, who quickly changed the game the first night. The Monsignor
("Call me Rob when we are alone.") and Finn showered together. That had
never happened before. Rob began washing Finn's back, particularly the
crack of his ass and even managed to insert a finger beyond the virgin
rosebud. Rob was surprised that Finn just sucked in a lung full of air but
didn't otherwise protest the insertion.

Finn studied Rob's five inch erection. His first chance to study an adult
in the flesh, he was relieved because the boys shown in photos online were
all much bigger and Finn just knew he was about to be fucked for the first
time, so small size mattered. He looked forward to the new experience. He
certainly hoped that Rob's cock would feel better than the candles he'd
experimented with.

Rob was shocked when he bade Finn to turn around so he could wash the front
of the young boy. While Finn was still short and slender compared to other
eight year olds, Finn's hard cock had out grown his body. Finn and Rob were
the same size! Although to be sure, Finn's cock was thinner, still Rob
looked forward to having Finn fuck him. While Rob enjoyed playing the
bottom role as well as top, it was next to impossible to find someone who
was `safe', and suddenly he had a virgin to bed and is bedded by in return
on demand.

That first night was wondrous for Finn. First Rob sucked him and sucked him
until Finn thought he was about to pee in Rob's mouth a sure ticket to
outside the orphanage gates. Rob ignored his pleas and worked harder until
Finn no longer cared as his ass rose off the bed in an effort to ram his
young cock down Rob's throat. His breathing failed, his ass clenched over
and over and he became certain that he was reacting exactly as Rob wanted
him to. After his breathing resumed, he was already looking forward to the
next time.

Finn began to look forward to sucking Rob as soon as possible. He'd studied
pictures and watched movies in which the boy sucked produced a quantity of
thick white cream. While the movies always showed the cream, none swallowed
but in Finn's readings the character always swallowed and enjoyed the taste
of the cream.

Finn didn't wait to be asked or more likely told to take Rob's cock in his
mouth to try to duplicate the experience. As soon as he moved his head in
range of Rob's pulsing cock that was standing above his gut, Rob gently
used his hands to guide the virgin mouth. Rob was already
over-ready. Within two minutes Rob was thrusting up off the bed to pump his
cum into Finn's sucking mouth. Rob was once again surprised to see Finn
swallow, not to haul his tight little ass off to the bathroom to spit.

Finn knew what was coming next after Rob calmed down, but he was wrong. Rob
decided that the best way to teach the boy was to have him on top the first
time. Rob did the honors with the lubricant much to Finn's surprise when
his cock was the one lubricated, then pulled to between Rob's raised,
spread legs only to have his cock inserted before Rob pulled him down and
in using both hands on his ass.

Finn knew from video clips, that he was supposed to move his hips so his
peter moved inside the guy on the bottom. Much to Finn's further surprise;
he found such movement was instinctual when his body took over without
constant thought. As luck would have it, his juvenile peter immediately
found Rob's `sweet spot' also called a prostate, and kept hitting it until
Rob once again spewed cream up as far as his chest since there was no mouth
to catch it.

Finn worried that he did something wrong once again until Rob pulled his
head down and kissed him deeply with his adult tongue thrusting down his
throat. Then Rob did a curious thing; he apologized to Finn for what he was
about to do. That being said, Finn found his body moved so he was lying on
his back watching Rob kneeling over him, lubricate his own peter in
preparation for it entering Finn for the first time.

Finn silently thanked God for allowing him the use of His beeswax candles,
some of which were burning in the sacristy at that very moment despite the
slight odor of shit. Rob first used his fingers to stretch Finn's muscles
and was very surprised when Finn aped him by pulling him down and into his
little body until the man rested on the boy's body. This was because Finn
never thought of using his fingers in his own body; he just forced the butt
end of the candle in with no prior preparation or lubricant.

The clandestine relationship prospered until Finn just turned 12 years
old. Rob received a sphincter clenching phone call from someone who was
closer to God in the Vatican. Some young man, once a resident of the Irish
orphanage, made the preposterous claim that he and several other young boys
had been sexually abused by resident priests. Of course the church had no
choice but to investigate the old claim as well as see if the abuse was
continuing currently.

Rob knew of seven other Fathers on staff who had `personal' servants just
like he had Finn to serve him. Regretfully, those eight boys had to go
before the investigators arrived to interview the priestly staff as well as
the orphans presently in their care.

If just one of those boys slipped up with a comment, he would bring down
the house of cards. Rob and the other priests could even face trial in
criminal court and in Rob's case it would end a most lucrative relationship
he enjoyed with an orphanage in South Africa who specialized in placing
older boys, apparently successfully. Older meant not babies just boys of
any age who for one reason or another had been residents for a number of
years who had almost no prospect of ever being adopted by good God fearing
Irish families.

Previously, Rob only sent teenagers and trouble makers of any age. The
`lucky' boys were always told that they had already been adopted into South
African families; sight unseen, good Christians all. Batches of boys were
escorted on the planes until they reached the port city of Durban. From
there, there was a bus trip to the orphanage where the boys would meet
their new families.

The orphanage turned out to be a sprawling fenced in and well-guarded
building and playing fields, from which there was little hope of
escape. The boys were led to a comfortable lounge where they were told to
leave their luggage as well as the clothing they were wearing. There was to
be a complete physical and processing before they could enter their
temporary quarters and settle in.

Rob told Finn that he couldn't halt the adoption process but to make things
easier for Finn; he would alter the records so officially Finn was only 10
years old, not 12. In that regard, Rob suggested that Finn carefully remove
any pubic hair that would soon sprout as he entered puberty to continue the
ruse because his new parents would probably appreciate a younger boy. The
eight boys thought it was strange that none of their priestly friends were
present to see them off, but they were told leave taking was too difficult.

Jaeden was looking for a new personal servant since his current one had
allowed his public region to become covered in stubble. The boy was
actually 14 although he looked 10, the age Jaeden much preferred. He
couldn't believe his eyes as he studied the photos that accompanied the
latest group of boys from one of the Irish orphanages. That priest usually
sent only teenagers before they were old enough to strike out on their own
and lose any recompense for their years of care. Still there was a healthy
international market for those boys too.

Jaeden already made his choice from a photo of Finn, a boy of 10 years,
with milk white skin, and a shock of bright red unruly hair on his head and
intense blue eyes. The fact that Finn also sported a nearly six inch penis
when erect was of no importance; he was interested in a tight 10 year old
boy pussy although Jaeden's wife would be amused to use this boy in shows
that she would have to allow him to watch as well.

Jaeden was in the studio where the boys were photographed for the auction
website. Shots were taken of their heads, front and in profile. Then full
body front and profile again and once again while displaying their
erections. The last series was the full body back, then again with the boy
bent over with his legs spread and finally a close up of the delectable
virgin (presumed but impossible to certify) rose bud.

Finn had no knowledge of what a family consisted of and females of any age
were foreign to him beyond being aware that they were somehow different
physically from boys. So he thought that when Jaeden suddenly appeared from
behind the bright lights, that Jaeden was to be his new father when he
ordered Finn's photos not appear on the website. Finn had already been
spoken for.

When Finn politely asked Jaeden about his clothing and his laptop, he was
allowed to fetch his bag before he followed Jaeden outside and directly to
his monstrosity of a new home. Along the way, Jaeden questioned Finn about
his computer skills. Finn was still protective of Rob so he said only that
he had been the Monsignor's personal aide and had been taught to keep the
orphanage accounts. That all was true but Rob never allowed Finn to work on
his personal accounts for obvious reasons; Finn could never know that some
of the businesses that the orphanage paid for supplies regularly were in
name only and the checks went into Rob's account.

Inside the house, Jaeden himself took Finn to the dormitory where he and
his wife warehoused their `pretty things' and where Finn would sleep when
not on duty. Finn didn't think it was strange that there were 10 boys there
already whose apparent ages ranged from 10 to 16. They all stood at
attention when Jaeden entered. All were naked, unashamed and not even the
obvious older boys (the mistress's property) sported a single pubic
hair. Rob's advice was sound; Finn would ask the older boys how hair could
be removed when the need arose.

Jaeden told Finn to leave his bag on a vacant bed and bring his laptop and
follow him; no clothing in the house for boys was ever required. He left
Finn in his office while he went to dress more comfortably. Finn looked
questioning. While he hadn't lived in the orphanage proper for very long,
it was long enough to know that anything of value that was left exposed was
to have it swiped. Jaeden laughed and pointed at two guards who were posted
at the other end of the room. The two young men who stood there were
dressed in shorts and armed with pistols. Initially, they like the boys
didn't know there was no ammunition. None of the boys realized that the
guards were there to see to it that no one broke into the human treasure
room to steal a boy or boys; not to watch for boys stealing from boys,
although they also served that purpose.

The two guards, recent teenagers themselves, were recent new hires. Their
first posts were to see if they could be trusted to keep their hands off
the boys during their 12 hour daytime shift, although no one was
watching. Jaeden didn't realize that most of the boys in the room were
sorely tempted to put their hands on the guards, and would have except for
the cameras in the room.

When Jaeden returned to his office, he was dressed in a long flowing silk
robe that he had belted loosely around his waist which also revealed his
erection. A quick glance told Finn that normal men were somewhat under
endowed while apparently his was the exception to the rule; that was
disappointing when the older boys in his new dorm were bigger than the two
adult males, Rob and now Jaeden, Finn had seen so far.

When Jaeden sat down on his office chair in front of the desktop computer,
he opened the robe then reclined to expose himself, Finn knew what was
expected. He and Rob had frequently played this game in Rob's office
before. Finn backed up until he touched Jaeden's knees. When Jaeden picked
him up, he spread his legs so they were outside Jaeden's. Jaeden pulled him
back, and then lowered him while Finn locked his legs under the man's so he
wouldn't be dislodged. Finn took a risk to lean back against the brown man
and sighed his contentment.

"You've done this before," Jaeden stated.

"Yes sir, this is how I worked the orphanage computer."

"Well then in the future, never come to me unless you are clean and
lubricated if you wish to be my personal assistant." Jaeden ordered.

Finn expected Jaeden to begin bouncing him like Rob always did while Rob
played with his peter as if it was a joystick with a button on top, but
Jaeden just sat there unmoving until it was time for the noon meal. Then
Jaeden bounced Finn a few times before he faked an orgasm, lifted the boy
off his prong and admonished him to return clean and lubed before he was
sent on his way to the dorm.

At lunch, Finn sat on a bench between two of the older boys who had a table
with the other two teens while the majority, the boys around Finn's age or
younger sat as far away from the teens as they could get because of the
guards and the damned cameras. He needed help and he thought these four
teenagers would show him how to get clean and lubed before he had to return
to the office and he looked forward to paying for their help with his
body. Finn ate the highly spiced food quickly so both hands were soon free
to use to ask for their help.

First, he boldly ran his hands up their hairless thighs before grasping two
hands full of teenage cock. Both boys dropped their spoons and looked down
on the little redhead while wearing lecherous grins as they immediately
filled Finn's hands under the table beyond capacity.

"What is it you desire little one?" Sven asked kindly while he rubbed
Finn's back and thrust his cock into Finn's hand. "We can't do much in
daylight because of too many cameras, but tonight we will do much to please
you if we are not called to the Mistress," he added.

Surprisingly, Finn giggled, "Don't be worrin' about the cameras lads, the
man told me that they be dummies. He said if they worked, he'd have to buy
monitors and then have to hire watchers."

Then he explained what he really wanted but he didn't know how. He began to
stroke the two big cocks that were more like the size he'd viewed on the
Internet; as he suggested that the four teens could provide the lube after
he was clean. The four, Sven a Swede, Colin an Englishman and two more
Irishmen, Burk and Patrick were more than willing. Food was forgotten as
the five boys left the table for the shower room. The foursome called
themselves `The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse' and were all, with Finn,
standing proudly tall as the five biggest cocks in the dorm revealed
themselves in broad daylight for the first time ever, now that they knew
that the cameras were dummies.

Burk led Finn to the shower at the end of the row where there was a red
thing hanging from the shower head. Finn watched in amazement as Burk took
the red thing down and filled it with warm shower water before he added a
few drops of something labeled `liquid soap'. The red thing turned out to
be a waterproof bag that Burk shook after the bag was corked with a
threaded stopper. The rope on the bottom of the bag resolved into hose that
spurted when Burk released the clip, a shut off valve, attached to the

Burk motioned to Patrick to join him and Finn for a demonstration of the
bag's use. Finn was goggled eyed when Burk allowed the bag to drain through
the hose into Patrick's ass. He laughed with the Horsemen as Patrick
scampered away to a toilet. Finn understood how boys got `clean'. Next was
a demonstration of how the Horsemen `lubricated' each other when Patrick
returned to the group under the showers and he bent over with his back to
Burk with his legs spread wide in invitation.

As soon as Burk shot his load and withdrew, Finn was invited to test the
human lube. Finn was ecstatic because apparently he was going to be allowed
to fuck other guys, much younger guys, in the new situation just like he
did with Rob in another life. After Finn was mounted in slippery Patrick
and was banging away Burk inserted the hose in his ass to make it into a
properly lubricated boy pussy for the first time. Finn wondered why Rob
never thought of this nicety.

When Finn had his dry come, he thought surely he'd cut the hose off with
his muscles which by then he was very good at controlling. When Finn
returned from the toilet he thought he would be lubricated by one or more
of the Horsemen. Instead he was douched with fresh water first. Burk
explained that it wouldn't do to have the Master get soap in his mouth. It
took Finn all of a second to realize what that comment implied.

The Horsemen and Finn had to hurry because it also wouldn't be prudent to
keep the Master waiting. Just as Sven finished with a groan of pleasure,
Burk was there to insert a butt plug as soon as he withdrew.

Jaeden was already sitting in his office chair when Finn rushed into the
room. Finn quickly pulled the plug and dropped it as he backed into
Jaeden's lap and impaled himself. Finn never gave a thought to the distinct
odor of boy cream, but he needn't have worried. Jaeden sniffed, and then
breathed deeply before he carefully hugged Finn's body to his, carefully
stood up and moved to a cushioned settee. Finn ended up resting on his
shoulders with his spread legs in the air while Jaeden stood on his knees
behind him with his mouth covering Finn's open pussy and sucking out the
Horsemen's goodness for all he was worth.

When Jaeden finished, he allowed Finn to rest on his back but kept his legs
in the air so he could enter easily. This time Jaeden wasn't faking his
ejaculation. Finn felt several spurts and when he finished, he gave Finn
the rest of the afternoon off so he could get to know the other boys in the
dormitory `better', he instructed with a wink.

Thus began Finn's new life of giving and getting pleasure.

Since Finn was Jaeden's, his Master's, constant companion, his secretary
and his established boy toy when he secretly reached age 14 but only 12
officially. He'd begun using a number of depilatories since he was 13 to
appear younger and wished he someday he would be allowed to grow his pubes
so he looked like a teenager. One thing he was pleased with was when Jaeden
discovered that he could ejaculate; Jaeden added sucking him off to their
sex routine, not to be confused with love making.

Finn took every advantage of his position with Jaeden. When the Four
Horsemen reached or passed age 17, they were replaced with 4 new younger
boys and were scheduled to be sold, Finn intervened on their behalf with
Jaeden. He frankly asked if the Master liked the taste of Swedish, English
and 50% Irish cream, if he did, selling them would be subject to a change
of flavor that the new boys were unlikely to match. Fortunately the
Mistress agreed so the Horsemen stayed on with four new 14 year olds added
to the mix.

By then the young dormitory guards were two years older; in their early
twenties and established as the two live in guards which eliminated the
need to pay two additional guards for a second shift. It didn't matter that
their tastes ran toward younger boys; those boys got their older playthings
to use as they wished. Of course the guards lost their limited uniforms and
became the boy's `trainers' both sexual and physical conditioning for all
the boys. The Mistress deemed harder boy bodies much more attractive as
well as provided greatly improved stamina.

The morning Jaeden decided to replace his fishing fleet; he gave Finn a
list of account numbers, fictitious names and passwords. It had become
habit for Finn to move the keyboard to the side and him to standup if he
was plugged after some of the lads; there were now eight, the Four Horsemen
and the four newer 14 year olds, made a deposit before Finn went to the
office. Sitting down was uncomfortable when wearing a butt plug and
removing it so Finn could sit on Jaeden's rod meant risking some of the
freshly deposited boy cream leaking away before Jaeden was ready to take a
break and enjoy the very special `snack' that Finn was packing in his lunch

Jaeden needed $50 million as a down payment to buy a factory ship and 12
trawlers so he directed Finn to a bank he used in the Cayman Islands. He
was horrified to read a notice on the monitor that simply said the account
had been closed! Jaeden had Finn access the next bank on the list only to
find that that account also had been closed. So it went; all Jaeden's
accounts had been closed until Finn accessed an account in a Luxemburg
bank. Then the screen flashed a notice that the account holder was already
online and transacting business at the moment!


Hans and Herman were starting new jobs at a large estate in Durban, South
Africa. They were hired to work as guards and occasionally escort small
groups of children to new homes located anywhere in the world. To get the
jobs, they visited an employment office in country that specialized in
placing mercenaries; hired guns or soldiers of fortune. They thought it a
good joke when they utilized their actual resumes less their current
employer, Evan Falconberg.

Evan swore that he would find and punish the man who was ultimately
responsible for hijacking one of his supertankers and ruthlessly killing a
ship's officer just to make the point that the hijackers were serious. It
didn't take long for Evan to find a name and location; Jaeden Patel, an
Indian expat, residing near the port city of Durban, South Africa.

Evan sent two of Patel's tankers that were captured when his supertanker
was recovered, to a refinery that was owned by the man himself. The only
difference was the ships were crewed by Evan's men and 20 mercenaries on
each ship who were responsible for taking over the refinery with minimal
damage if possible. Evan didn't have any interests in South Africa and the
refinery would be a start.

The third ship that only appeared to be a tanker docked at night at its
regular pier that was adjacent to a large Patel owned warehouse
complex. The few dock and warehouse workers and a minimal security guard
force found they were overwhelmed by 50 more mercenaries without firing a

Evan had already sent a very capable administrator and his staff from the
Hamburg office by air to manage his new South African interests. The staff
waited patiently at the warehouse gates to be admitted after the complex
had been secured.

The first thing the new boss did was to offer everyone their jobs back with
generous pay raises that doubled their salaries and $10 thousand USD
signing bonus to be paid on the spot. Evan could afford to be generous
since the bonuses were Jaeden Patel's money. They were also told that the
offer included all complex workers so they would spread the word to the
other shifts. Those that showed up would receive the bonus; those who
didn't show were deemed to be loyal to the previous owner. They would be
found and temporarily detained. It was important that Jaeden Patel not find
out that he had lost everything until Evan knocked on his door and told

There being no dissenters, the workers were assigned to unloading the fake
tanker's holds. There were brightly painted Land Rovers and Mercedes vans,
SUVs and two enclosed trucks that were loaded with the most modern arms,
ammunition and supplies; enough for a small invasion. These brands were
common in South Africa. There were no American brands intentionally and no
Americans in Evan's fighting force to avoid an international incident. This
was a Falconberg Limited, versus Jaeden Patel business scuffle where the
winner took everything and the loser lost everything, including his life in
a most horrible way.

The last vehicle to be unloaded was a Mercedes bus that had deeply tinted
windows, even the windshield; it also had an enormous custom sunroof. When
Evan walked down the gangway, he appeared to be alone but as his foot
touched South African soil, a giant spotted cat suddenly appeared and was
walking with him. Leader Great Cat had decided to accompany Evan since the
African Continent belonged to him by right of longevity and Ancient powers,
so the Patel problem was partially his to help correct.

Evan looked up to Leader. The pair looked like a jockey walking beside a
big sleek thoroughbred horse. "So much for surprise," he observed with a
grin, "I thought you were going to appear inside your bus. Now you've
scared the shit out of the dock workers. You are one mischievous Cat," he
accused playfully while digging his fingers into Leader's neck ruff to give
him a good scratch.

Leader carefully scanned the dock area and around the abandoned
trucks. "Wrong," he countered, "The shit is still in the workers' cloth
coverings," he added wearing a huge toothy grin. "Will you still ride with
this Cat in his Cat Mobile?"

"Certainly, it will be fun and since Hans and Herman have jobs as guards at
our target's home, I may need your excellent protection skills. But first
do you think you can roundup the dockworkers so they can finish?"

"Do you want them all or just the ones without shit in their cloth

"Well Great Cat, since you were the cause of the shitty pants you could
clean them by sending the shit to nothingness, but just the shit, not the
whole worker," Evan reminded.

"We will have a stalk! Climb on, we will have much amusement," Leader
declared as Evan found himself seated on Leader's shoulders with no effort
on his part. It was obvious that Evan was joining the stalk whether he
wanted to or not.

Leader suddenly flattened his body into the stalk mode just like Evan had
seen Freckles do. He appreciated how fast a Great Cat could move as his
head snapped back when Leader accelerated straight to the back of one of
the trucks whose rear door was open just a crack.

Leader used his tail to pull open the door to reveal where five of the
workers were hiding and cowering. He blinked the five to an open area of
the dock. When they attempted to run in any direction the Cat was not, they
collided with an invisible barrier, the same thing Leader used in the
paintball match. Three more workers were lying on their bellies on top of
palletized freight until they felt Leader's hot breath behind them and
heard Evan giggling. Suddenly, they found themselves lying on the dock with
their five fellows and watching the giant Cat with a boy riding him
approaching low and fast.

Evan was glad that South Africa was primarily an English speaking country
or at least most natives could understand English although they could only
speak it in their native dialect. "Relax guys this Cat is very friendly as
you can see. He is also very playful and has unusual powers as you just
found out. He is called Leader and is the last of an ancient breed once
found anywhere on this continent. Now we will leave you to finish
unloading," he concluded.

Leader the drama queen disappeared, leaving Evan standing on the pier with
his legs spread awkwardly, to instantly reappear with his head poking above
the roof of his bus. He left Evan standing alone on the dock and the native
workers cautiously feeling with their hands for the limits of the barrier
that no longer held them in place.

Evan screamed, "Wait for me goddamn it," when the bus engine roared to
life. The first thing Evan noticed was there was no steering wheel when he
climbed aboard so there was no danger of anyone stealing Leader's
customized ride. Fortunately, there was one long leather sofa that extended
from wall to wall facing front, while the balance of what was once human
seating had been converted into a cushioned Great Cat bed. Leader could
stretch out on his belly to `drive', or sit up with his head above the

When the bus began moving, the mercenaries all ran to the other trucks to
form a convoy. They would stop along the way out in the country to arm
themselves, but in the city, Evan wanted them to give the appearance of
being innocent tourists.

Evan already knew from Hans and Herman that the mercenaries might not even
be needed. Apparently Patel wasn't into paying his security force very
well. That was the reason there was a constant turnover, which allowed Hans
and Herman to get jobs as guards so quickly. Then their first day, they
were assigned positions guarding an orphanage from the inside! Hans and
Herman were hired to replace the two young guards who still lived in the
facility but had been promoted to work as the boys' trainers and frequently
add their cream to the snack mix the younger boys delivered to the Master
or Mistress.

The orphanage was a surprise to Evan. He didn't know that Patel was also an
international slave dealer; all young boys. Hans and Herman were given side
arms but it was their choice whether or not to wear them. The same was true
for wearing uniforms. Patel didn't see the need for paying, so the few
guards mostly wore shorts or nothing at all, just like the 100 or so
orphanage inmates who Herman estimated ranged in age from seven or eight to
16 and were of many nationalities as long as they were white; the skin
color that returned the highest price because white skin was hardest to
safely find.

Stranger still, some of the boys actually propositioned the new guards as
soon as they walked in the door and the age of the boy didn't matter. The
guard supervisor laughed when he saw the new guys' faces redden; he thought
from embarrassment. He didn't realize that Hans and Herman reddened as
rage enveloped them when they first understood what the boys most likely
were used to be used for. Apparently there were few secrets among the

The men were also told that there were still more boys that lived in the
monstrosity of a house. Those boys were Patel and his wife's personal
playthings. That is, playthings until the couple tired of them and sent
them back to be swapped out for one that was younger and/or prettier or
more eager to have sex.

Hans and Herman immediately set about making friends with the boys, which
the boys were eager to do. The men wanted more information about where they
came from and how they came to be in the middle of South Africa, while the
boys enjoyed talking with father figures and incidentally see if they could
talk the men into losing their shorts at first and then into having man-boy
sex with them just like most of them did in the orphanages they came from.

Hans suggested that they all have a soccer match when he saw a boy kicking
a ball around on a large fenced field behind the building. He thought that
a game would build trust and comradery so the boys would talk about past
histories. He didn't have to ask twice; all the boys from the youngest to
the oldest came running to the field.

Since there were more preteens than teens, the teenagers, were divided
evenly. Two captains would be chosen and then they would pick teammates
from the pool of preteens. At first Hans and Herman were going to coach but
the boys all wanted them to play, so they agreed.

"Not so fast there kind sirs," a boy who looked of about 12 interrupted,
"if ye be teammates ye need to be dressed the same as us," he challenged
with an Irish accent. Of course all the other boys agreed with the
enterprising Irish lad, introduced as Sean. "Seems that be a unanimous
decision," the boy declared amid cheering as he stared meaningfully at
Herman's shorts. "Lose `em or be depansed," he warned.

The men used mind-speak to agree that to be depansed by the boys was the
quickest way to build mutual trust, so they went into crouched fighting
stances and waited to be inundated by boy bodies. The men would lose their
shorts, but not before they found out who was the most ticklish.

When the two pronged attack came, both Hans and Herman literally
disappeared until they made some inroads by flinging boys to the side. This
tactic only worked to keep their hands busy. The smarter kids including the
Sean went directly for the goal and gold; the shorts via the cock they
contained. Herman started laughing when he felt the snap at his waist
parted and the zipper skittered down to let the sunshine and cooler air in.

"Do ye yield you beautiful big brute or must I twist and pull on your
prong?" Sean asked sweetly and Herman thought, with a quick swipe of his

"Lose the shorts," Hans encouraged, "and let us play football (soccer)."

After the match began, several boys made a discovery at the same time. Sean
made the discovery public, "Hey lads look at these big bruiser's hides;
they're tan all over just like us. How'd you get so tan?"

"If you keep calling us names, we will not answer your questions. We will
end this game and return to our room as soon as we find it," Hans
threatened. He felt there was a big difference between guarding and
babysitting a group of undisciplined, unruly boys.

"Your rooms are the same as ours for guardin' us," Sean announced with a
giggle. "The Master ain't about to be payin' for two shifts when one will
serve as well," he explained to the new men happily. "Now, tell us how you
got so tan."

Evan allowed the men to tell the boys most of the truth as they thought the
boys could understand. Leader already said that he'd scanned all the boys
and found none that were loyal to Patel. Further it seemed that some even
suspected that they were all on the auction block and could be sold into a
brothel anywhere in the world at any moment. While the boys were told they
were being adopted by families; it seemed they were always shipped out in
groups, which didn't compute for orphanage pessimists.

As Herman began telling the boys about the huge yacht Sea Song that sailed
tropical waters, owned by their employer, the boys got wistful
expressions. Then when Hans told of the Marine Academy for homeless boys,
their boss helped found, that was built on a private island, the boys who
were lying on the grass listening, sat up and moved closer so the men would
not be overheard. The boys looked at each other, when he mentioned that the
students lived there until they graduated with a choice of going on to
college free of charge, going to a trade school or just picking a country
and city of their choice along with enough money to live for a year, all
legally. All those boys were free to choose their futures. The boys in
Patel's orphanage all were convinced, that is all except one.

"Wait up here blokes; you said `work for' not `worked for'; why are yous
guys here?" Sean demanded, louder than he would have liked.

The men hurriedly explained about the hijacking, the unnecessary death, and
their boss's intention of taking Patel down with extreme prejudice. Sean
remained skeptical but was willing to give them the benefit of doubt by
contacting someone who lived in the mansion and had worked for Patel for
two years as his private secretary; Finn would know the truth. The problem
was contacting him. The boys couldn't, but perhaps a guard could use the
house phone to call and Finn would answer; one of his duties.

"How do you know a boy that came here two years ago?" Hans questioned Sean.

"Cause Finn's me best bud. We came here together like from the same
orphanage. The Master liked his body and chose him to work in the house and
run the computer, while the bitch Mistress chose me to be one o' her bed
buddies until I was sick with the chicken pox and she sent me down."

"And you have lived here for two years without being sent somewhere?" This
time it was Hans who was skeptical.

Sean just giggled and nodded yes, before he explained, "Me buddy Finn just
removes me name from the lists an' replaces it wi' a brand new bloke, one
that I ain't friends with yet. There was eight of us that came in together
two years ago. Now Finn an' me are the only ones left o' that lot."

Hans unlocked the emergency phone and dialed a number Sean provided. A
changing young male voice answered. "Sean needs to see you ASAP," Hans said
quickly and replaced the phone.

Ten minutes later, the guard supervisor allowed Finn in the dorm and
quickly relocked the door. Hans and Herman were surprised by Finn's
appearance. While all the boys in the orphanage were either deeply tanned
or heavily freckled from the sun, Finn was white as a ghost that contrasted
markedly with his flaming red hair and penetrating blue eyes. The other
thing that got their admiration was the length of Finn's very manly cock
that was attached to such a young boy. Finn eyed the two new guards
suspiciously while he hugged his laptop tightly to his chest until Sean
vouched for them without reservation. He even suggested that they had a way
to freedom until Finn cut him off.

"The little prick is going to sell us all, even us, whom live in the
house." Finn sat on a bed to be surrounded by boys while Hans and Herman
stood across the bed to look down on the open laptop.

Finn told them all that he was dismissed from the office after the Master
discovered that someone hacked into all his bank accounts worldwide and he
was broke. After Finn got back to the house dorm, he accessed Patel's
desktop and watched as his and everyone else's photos and biographies were
posted on the auction website. It was clear to Finn that Patel was
liquidating all his available assets before he fled back to India on his

Then Finn announced that he had a plan to escape that would be everyone,
before any of them could be shipped out. He said that first they would
transfer all the gold and diamonds from the basement storeroom, into the
big enclosed triple axel trailer that was used to haul supplies from the
city. They would take the heavy truck used to tow the trailer, the bus used
to transport boys and everything else that had wheels and an engine, and
escape into the city.

"It is time that you met our young Master," Herman said as he bent over
Finn and typed an address. Evan had been listening in on the conversation
and suddenly he was looking at a very surprised handsome, redhead Finn.

Evan's smile was infectious and soon the two boys were chatting like old
friends before they got down to business. While the two boys talked, Finn
saw that Evan's background seemed to be light colored spotted fur. Leader
was leading the convoy by sitting up with his head out the sunroof. When he
heard Evan's conversation, he ducked back inside to rest his head on Evan's
shoulder so he could see who Evan was talking to, and accidentally pushed
Evan's head out of camera range.

Finn was so shocked; he pushed his laptop away to get away from the cat's
head that filled the screen. "Damn Great Cat," Evan scolded, "you're so
pushy." Finn grinned when he saw Evan's hand push the cat's head away
before leaning in and then pulling the cat's chin back to his
shoulder. "Finn and Sean, meet Leader Great Cat. Believe it or not, but he
is a very good friend who will help you to escape."

"Greetings white warriors," Leader said after his bulk suddenly appeared in
their midst, "Yes, I can talk to friends. We will explain later but first
we must use your eyes to view everything around you as you walk

"What sort of joke is this," Finn protested.

"It is unwise to argue with this Great Cat," Leader warned, "but since you
are new; Sean, look around at all your friends while you Finn, look at your
monitor," he instructed.

There were gasps and giggles as the boys saw themselves on TV for the first
time. Finn was suitably impressed but Sean ran to look out the window to
look out at the plaza to where the cars, trucks and the big trailer were
parked. "Is that the trailer where you wish to conceal the gold?" Leader
asked Finn.

"Yes SIR," said a suddenly respectful Finn.

"Now can you show this Cat where the gold is stored? You can leave your
laptop, so the others can watch. You and this Cat can converse without the

Finn stood up and began to walk toward the door accompanied by Leader. Both
winked out to reappear in the mansion's dorm to scare the bejesus out of
the other 13 boys, the two ex-guards in the room and Finn, again. Finn was
just getting used to Leader's ability to appear out of thin air, to speak
out loud or in his head, but he wasn't familiar with teleporting.

"No gold in here," Leader observed, "just more very handsome white

"Not in here," Finn risked scolding, "the room is below this one."

"OOPS!" That comment was as close as a Great Cat came to admitting a

The dormitory fuzzed out and when Finn could see again they stood in a
smaller room that was over half full of WW II wooden ammunition boxes, as
well as everyone who had been in the upper room. One box lid popped open so
everyone could see the shinning yellow contents.

While theft had never been a problem before, because none of the boys knew
that the artifacts that decorated the mansion were priceless antiques that
once furnished Indian palaces and there was nowhere to take them to sell
anyway; everyone recognized gold bars, and gold was entirely too
tempting. The younger smaller boys each grabbed a single bar and
immediately discovered just how heavy gold was, while the teens and
ex-guards formed teams to carry away single boxes with the same result.

"Do not struggle to carry the boxes; this Cat will assist," Leader
pronounced as the boxes -- all of them rose three feet above the floor to
hover there while Leader found the outside door that lead up to the plaza.

The solid steel door presented the next problem until it disappeared into
thin air. Then as the boys trooped up the stairs to be chased by a line of
gold filled drifting boxes, Finn pointed out that the trailer and the truck
used to tow it was on the other side of the parking area.

Leader shook his head in disgust. "You humans..." The mob was open mouthed
when the truck and the attached trailer moved silently toward where they
stood, turned carefully and backed up to the stairway with its door already
up, ready to receive cargo. The gold seemed to know where to go as the
boxes nudged boys out of their way to stack themselves neatly in the

"Come," Leader intoned, "we will go visit the boys in the orphanage."

"As if we had a..." Finn began.

"Choice," Finn finished, standing in the middle of the orphanage dormitory.

It seemed that Finn and Sean decided to make up for two years of being
separated except for a few words through the fence occasionally when Finn
could get away from Jaeden. Since Sean was by far the most experienced,
having lived among 100 randy boys for so long, he took the initiative by
taking Finn to a vacant bunk with the intention of ravishing each other
several times. When Leader saw that they were a couple, he caused several
pots of paste to appear with a few instructions sent to the boys' minds.

Finn and Sean sniffed the blue contents cautiously and then threw caution
to the wind as their couplers grew in anticipation. The two boys couldn't
seem to stop anointing each other until they were completely blue. Their
actions drew the attention of all the other boys until they had an audience
of over 100. Finn and Sean invited everyone to sniff one of the containers,
without explaining further.

No further instructions were necessary as pairs formed, beds were claimed
and blue skin predominated as an epoch orgy began. Since there were more
preteens than teens, the youngsters kept their older counterparts busy bed
hopping, which the paste certainly helped. Fortunately the kids had come to
enjoy being filled up and making it with each other, while enjoyable,
produced no results beyond mutual pleasure, so a visit from a super randy
teen or three, then to be tongued and eaten by an equally young partner was
a truly sensual treat.

Of course Sean and Finn didn't bed hop and declined all offers. They were
secret 12 year old lovers in the old orphanage who had literally been
fenced off from each other for two years. Both were 14 and looked 12 and
both could and did come in buckets as they renewed their love in that South
African orphanage dormitory. While paste applied by hand worked wonders,
paste applied by a Great Cat's tail, more inside than out was wonderful and
resulted in breaks to keep the fresh cum from running away before it could
be swallowed.

Finn was mounted on Sean and Leader was helping out, when suddenly the tail
was withdrawn. Leader whispered to the boys; "This Cat will be back. If you
hear gunshots do not worry, you all will be safe here." When the boys
looked back to where Leader had been sitting, and `helping' them out, he
was gone.

Evan discovered that he could drive the Cat mobile that had no steering
wheel or any controls after Leader disappeared to enter the orphanage. He
did it just by willing it to be so. He was standing on his seat so his head
was above the bus roof, and feeling very proud of his new accomplishment,
when Leader appeared sitting behind him as if the Great Cat never left Evan

"Why didn't you tell me I could drive by willing it to be so?" Evan
demanded, by then, he was reluctant to yield driving to Leader.

"You all have been told over and over; to do a thing, you must will it to
be so," Leader retorted, of course wearing a shit eating grin. "You must
trust in your abilities."

The bus was just rolling up to the closed estate gates actually guarded by
two armed guards. "Can I open the gates?" Evan asked Leader.

"Try to will them to be open," Leader challenged.

Evan let loose a blast of thought that he imagined would be adequate to the
task and the gates disappeared. The gates, the two guards and 100 feet of
fence on both sides of the gates also winked out. "Holy shit," Evan
exclaimed followed by a giggle.

Leader drove toward the ugly mansion at breakneck speed while the trucks
that followed spread out around the plaza to park in front of other
buildings, including the largest, the orphanage. So far, Evan's fighting
force had met no resistance. When Leader saw the men enter the orphanage
gates he told Evan; "This Cat will take all the boys to this Cat's home;
they are new to paste and it will take them some time to calm them. After a
short period of time, this Cat will deliver them into Big Bird for their
flight to your school. I look forward to operating such a large flying
machine," he added just before he disappeared again, leaving Evan in front
of Patel's front door alone.

When the mercenaries entered the dormitory, the only people they found
there were Hans and Herman, who hired them and were their commanders. Both
men were just pulling on their shorts while they looked around the empty
room that seconds before had been packed with boys who were enjoying the
major benefit of paste or Stuff for the first time.

The orphans had time to blink before they found their joined bodies in
Leader's opulent resting place in the heart of Sphinx City. While extremely
large, the room was crowded; the beds were packed to overflowing with the
residual on the floor and the teens flopping around in the pool's warm
water. Then the room became even more crowded when Leader appeared lying in
the space between the circular beds and the pool so he could boom boys
around at his whim.

Leader had relegated the teens into the pool because they were taller and
could just stand up to avoid drowning but he forgot that while Finn and
Sean were both 14, both were very petite and neither ever learned to
swim. When the pair surfaced, spitting, sputtering and cursing at that
`damned giant Cat', they barely had their heads above water while dancing
on their toes, "OOPS", Leader admitted his mistake.

Leader fished the grumpy pair out to stand them in front of him so he could
groom them, but with their sexual frenzy temporarily interrupted, the boys
looked around at the splendor that surrounded them. Then they asked if they
were allowed to explore before they were recovered in paste. That request
got them a guided tour as well as make sufficient floor space for the teens
that were floundering in the pool for want of space to lie down in the area
that Leader was occupying.

Leader moved Finn and Sean only so far as the hallway outside his sleeping
place. He wanted them to walk into the immense gathering place and meet the
boys, Squeak and Hughie, who were sitting on the golden throne wondering
why Leader summoned them.

Leader wanted the two teens and the two small boys, who had all recently
become active sexually to become friends. He felt the little kids could
have more fun with the young teens than they were having with older more
experienced boys including Pettie, Hughie's older brother. There was also
great danger if their father, Big Pettie, ever found out what his sons had
been doing together, because while Hughie was the instigator, there was
little doubt that Little Pettie would be blamed for the illicit
relationship with no small amount of Great Cat assistance; illicit for
human white warriors, but not so much for Cat warriors with or without
Great Cat help.

The sparks began to fly from the little kids' eyes as soon as they saw the
teens and their hairless bodies. This was further enhanced with a brief
peek into the Irish boy's minds. And there was something else; Squeak sent
a tendril of thought into the teen's minds and received an immediate weak
mind-speak answer back. While the teens were surprised that the kids were
interested in `resting' together and what those same little kids defined as
resting; surprised enough to grow their couplers to full mast while
standing in front of the two little boys.

Always helpful Leader blinked to bring a pair of matching emeralds on gold
chains that were just like the gems the little boys were wearing, to dangle
in front of the teens. The little boys scampered to put them on after
making the older boys kneel down. After, while still kneeling, the kids
boldly administered deep throat kisses that proved that they were very
experienced in areas where age didn't matter. While the kisses continued
and grew in passion, the foursome found themselves relocated into a vacant
resting place with Leader using his tail to boom the four boys to the
middle of the bed where he promptly joined them to begin proper in depth


Evan had a lengthy wait after he knocked on the elaborately carved door
into Jaeden Patel's home. As he studied the door, he realized that it was
very old, which reminded him that he neglected to strip the entire house of
its valuable antique furnishings. He decided to try his hand at relocating
the valuables, but unlike the compound gates, he would aim for the empty
hold of his new pirate ship that was formerly Jaeden's, most recently used
to deliver the trucks and Leader's bus.

Jaeden didn't realize that his house servants had fled as word of the
invaders spread, and he didn't know why one of the house boys who were no
longer there didn't answer either, so there was no one to answer the
door. He just put his hand on the front door latch when the door
disappeared along with the latch from his grasp. He was left with squinting
in the sun at a very attractive, naked tow headed teen and two blond men
who were wearing shorts. He didn't know how the teen escaped from the
orphanage but it was obvious that the men were guards who were sent to take
the boy back inside the orphanage.

Jaeden was about to ask about the disturbance when he was distracted by his
wife who came boiling into the foyer, raging that her pet boys had
disappeared. A second distraction was occurring out in the parking plaza
that got Jaeden's attention. Uniformed, armed men were busy setting up some
metal contraptions including what looked like a large caldron or cooking
pot sitting on a tripod and what looked like an iron maiden that was being
suspended over the large pot.

It was a total surprise that in the bright light of day, it was obvious
that Jaeden's `wife' was sporting male genitals under her diaphanous gown;
that perhaps was the reason some of her human `pets' were functional male
teenagers! While Evan, Hans and Herman enjoyed what they saw in a quick
scan of the wife's mind, the major difference was; the boys were owned by
Jaeden and his wife and weren't given the option of participating in the
sex play or not. If one refused to perform as they were instructed, he was
sent back to the orphanage to join others on the auction block.

Jaeden knew the first pangs of fear when Evan introduced himself as the
owner of the supertanker that his men hijacked and the hostage they
butchered was his valuable employee. Jaeden wondered why his arms felt
unusually heavy so suddenly. He looked down to see he was wearing
handcrafted iron shackles on his arms, and his feet when he tried to take a
step. Screams from his `wife', Preet, indicated that he was receiving
similar treatment. At least the screaming stopped when one of the guards
filled his mouth with an iron gag, more like a short, fat dildo, that was
secured with a rope behind her head.

All the genuine hardware, valuable antiques, Evan explained in the sudden
quiet, were borrowed from the dungeon of one of his castles. Both Jaeden
and Preet wondered what the largest and most complex item of torture was
for until Preet was moved toward it as it was lowered to the ground and the
front half was opened to reveal recently sharpened iron spikes that pointed
inward when the contraption was closed on the subject to be interrogated
before they expired from blood loss. Some of Preet's screams did manage to
escape the gag as the iron maiden's latch was secured and it and Preet were
unceremoniously hauled aloft again.

As blood began to drip from the iron maiden, Jaeden began to wonder what
the heartless boy had in store for him. He was under no illusion that he
was going to escape with his life. He just hoped that his death would be
quick. That hope was dashed when the boy, Evan Falconberg, pointed to the
bubbling cauldron and related a story his grandfather Anton told him about
a successful internationally known banker who had offended him in some way
that resulted in the banker's feet being boiled in oil until the flesh fell
away from his broken leg bones...

Jaeden suddenly connected the name, Anton Falconberg, a man no one in the
world offended more than once, with a fleet of supertankers, and here he
was talking with his grandson! And the grandson was laughing at poor
Preet's feeble struggles as he slowly bled to death.

It was then that Jaeden realized what the black bubbling stuff in the
cauldron was. This was confirmed when the guards attached his wrist
shackles to a chain hoist and he was hoisted aloft until his feet just
touched the ground. Then one of the smiling guards waved a slim iron bar in
front of his face and asked him if he would be more comfortable if his was

Jaeden nodded, yes, without thinking how this might be accomplished. He
screamed at feeling the extraordinary pain in both forearms. Hans broke the
long bones there with one swipe of the bar and the weight of his body
pulled the breaks apart far enough so he could once again stand on his
feet. Herman bet Hans that he could do as well or better by breaking the
heavier bones in Jaeden's upper arms, once again with just one swipe of the

By the time the men finished with his legs, Jaeden's body was a good 12
inches longer, although he no longer cared. However the men cared; they
complained to the grandson of Anton Falconberg that they had to lift the
body that much higher with the chain hoist before it could be lowered to
just the perfect height so his weighted feet were submerged in the boiling
oil, the same crude oil, Evan kindly explained, that had been taken from
his supertanker where a valued Falconberg employee had been killed.

Each time Jaeden passed out, he was lowered into the oil a few more inches
so it had fresh flesh and nerves to cook. The last thing Jaeden saw before
Evan released the chain hoist and he sank into the cauldron, was his
magnificent palace and all the out buildings, including the orphanage,
burning brightly around him.

Leader Great Cat reappeared in Jaeden's compound just after Evan finished
clearing up the mess they made. The oil and bodies were sent to nothingness
while the valuable antique torture implements were returned to the castle
dungeon, ready to be used again should the need arise.

Hans and Herman defined `need' as anyone who offended their Master in
anyway, by as little as a frown in Evan's direction, whether Evan was
offended or not. Evan had suddenly graduated from being their `Young
Master' to being `THE Master' hence forth after he dispatched Jaeden in a
manner exactly as his grandfather would have done. Hans and Herman were
proud to be the Master's `Dobermans' once again.

Evan planned to will Hans, Herman and himself directly back home in New
Jersey. Leader had almost the same plan, but including his bus and a
special guest who was already inside the bus. Of course Leader's plan
superseded Evan's by simply moving the three inside the bus and then moving
the bus to Trenton Hall, the only place Leader had visited previously.

Evan was first to look out the windshield, before he started laughing and
pointing out to the men where they were. Leader's Cat Mobile was parked in
Trenton Hall's ball room alongside a treasure trove of Egyptian artifacts
that Leader had called out of hiding once again since everyone else had
also returned from their Middle Eastern adventure.

When Evan looked back to point out the parking problem to Leader he saw
that Fang in the flesh was Leader's guest and best of all, the reclusive
Great Cat was smiling at Leader's error. No one in the extensive party of
world travelers was aware that suddenly displacing air with a bulky item or
items inside a structure caused the air mass to relocate or a vacuum to
form with a substantial exit. With the arrival of the whole group, the
Egyptian tomb or Leader's bus, the house shook, this announced to the
household staff that something in the house had changed somewhere, usually
accompanied by living people and highly intelligent animals. The shaking
indicated to the staff that it was time to go to work.

"Oops," Leader said, admitting another mistake, although he was still new
to civilization and the company of anyone else, be they Ancients, human or

Leader just had time to glimpse the vacant space under the portico in front
of the ostentatious hut before he relocated his Cat Mobile. However he
wasn't quite fast enough because most of the people in the house at the
time had gained the knowledge of `traveling' and blinked into the ballroom
before Leader was able to blink his bus to outside, where it belonged.

The Taras, Bani, Peter and the newest, Douglas the Builder somehow
anticipated Leader's attempt to blink him and his passengers back into the
ballroom. They were at the side of the Cat Mobile to open its doors to lead
everyone into the house via the front doors before Leader could react.

Everyone froze in place when they heard a shriek coming from the distant
ballroom. "I think Mom just found her gifts from Leader Great Cat," Buck
opined mostly to his father, but everyone heard and started running if they
were human or loping if they were Cats while Peter just disappeared from
the hallway along with his five little Cat friends.

They found Victoria ensconced in a golden chair with a small chest in her
lap, picking through a collection of jewels once worn by the pharaoh who
was interred in the sarcophagus near where Victoria sat. "You better call
your contractor Dad," Buck said with a laugh.

"No need," Leader countered, "we have Douglas the Builder. This Cat can
provide the memory of either this pharaoh's throne room or his burial
crypt, and Douglas can build one, the other or both with exactness."

Leader displayed more confidence in Doug's engineering skills, than Doug at
the moment. Doug was then busy willing another dining room table expansion
and another Great Cat lounge into existence, hopefully before the gong
sounded calling everyone to dinner. He returned from his trance when he
felt Buck's elbow in his ribs to get him to agree to build whatever Leader
and Victoria wanted since the new construction was safely in the middle of
thousands of Trenton owned acres.

While Doug agreed, he wanted the help of the other Taras. It was then that
the boys noticed that the youngest Tara, and perhaps the most powerful,
Squeak was missing. "Oops," Leader said and blinked Squeak into the room
along with Hughie who Leader had already `borrowed' from his home in Texas,
since everyone knew Hughie was Squeak's `best friend'; a diplomatic
description of the two little boys' true relationship.

Surprisingly, Squeak and Hughie were accompanied by strangers; two young
teenagers, Finn and his friend Sean. There was no question what the four
boys had been doing or where they were doing it, because all four were
bright blue and Leader included his huge bed once in his resting place in
Sphinx City. While the young boys weren't `doing' anything at the moment of
transport, the four arrived as two couples facing each other while spooned
tightly together with no daylight showing between Hughie and Sean, the two
boys facing each other. It was quickly noted that the two newbies were
wearing emerald communicators so they were mind-speakers.

While Squeak and Hughie were both giggling at the surprise relocation and
jumped from the bed to rough and tumble with Peter's Cat friends, Finn and
Sean were not amused to be found naked, in bed and painted bright blue by
such a large audience of strangers.

"That bloody Cat did it again," Sean swore as he quickly pulled a sheet
over his and Finn's bodies.

Finn suddenly looked around the large room frantically, "Where's me bag
Great Cat?" Finn demanded of Fang who he thought was Leader. The two adult
Great Cats looked very much alike and Leader was trying to hide his bulk
behind Fang.

Those cloth coverings would not fit you now," Leader answered from hiding
behind Fang until he was exposed when Fang relocated to the Great Cat side
of Leader's bed, from which he dressed the teens in someone else's

"It's not the clothes in the bag I want; I stashed the Master's diamonds in
there," Finn answered.


The missing luggage hit Finn squarely in the chest, its surprising weight,
knocking him off his feet onto his back on the floor where the playful
Great Cat kittens and little Douggie House Cat pounced. The Great Cat
kittens recognized Douggie as a tiny version of them somehow and were
careful for one of them to hold him aloft during their rough and tumbles so
he wouldn't be injured but would enjoy some exciting rides while being held
in a Great Cat tail.

Once comfortably dressed in Buck's clothes, Finn opened the rolling
suitcase to reveal more cloth sacks than clothing. Each small bag weighed
around a pound and there were 30 in all. Finn took the last bag he piled on
the floor, opened the drawstring closure and poured the contents in a neat
pile on the floor.

No one in the room knew that uncut diamonds looked like, but the collection
of gravel in assorted sizes wasn't what they expected. Freckles took it
upon himself to deliver brothers, Harman and Spencer Golden and Tommy and
Huss, their mates from their apartments in the pool residence into the
ballroom without warning the boys or allowing them to dress or even to
assume less compromising positions. Freckles corrected the error seconds
later when their clothing caught up to their bodies.

While Harm's specialty was antiques, Spencer was a trained gemologist; the
reason Freckles relocated them all, so he didn't miss Spencer. Unlike
everyone else, Spencer zeroed in on the small pile of gemstones like an
eagle diving on a rabbit warren. He immediately picked up one of the larger
stones and his ever present jeweler's loupe that he always wore on a chain
around his neck, no matter what he was doing except for showering.

"Holy shit," Spencer mumbled as he impulsively began to grade the stones in
three piles according to quality. Occasionally, Spence had to pause his
work to push a mature Cat tail out of his limited field of vision. No one
saw Leader snatch one of the larger stones and carry it away to a quiet
corner. The room quieted as the piles grew. One pile was larger by far
than the other two.

Buck pointed to the biggest pile, "Are these the ones Doug can use to mix
concrete?" He asked. He along with everyone else thought the greater pile
was suitable for exotic gravel.

Spencer laughed while shaking his head, "No way; those are the best quality
as far as I can see before they're cut. This next pile can be cut into
smaller stones that will be suitable for $1000 dollar engagement
rings. Doug can use the smallest pile for concrete."

Just then Leader returned to the mob gathered around Spencer to drop an
eight carat, beautifully cut diamond on the top of the pile. "This is what
these stones look like when they are properly finished. This Cat has a
roomful if you wish to have more," Leader told Finn and Sean. It was
obvious that he'd taken a shine to the outspoken Irish orphans because
they'd been forced to do what should have been fun to do all their
lives. While he didn't tell them, he planned to visit them often in their
new school in the land of sunshine and warmth as well as Squeak and Hughie
at their school in the land of snow and ice. He also planned to have all
four of them visit him in Sphinx City along with any new friends they made
at their schools, but first he would visit the Irish orphanage where the
boys were abused initially.

While Finn's `owner' treated him very well, Sean had suffered pain and
degradation at the hands of his priest and Leader planned that, that debt
would to be repaid tenfold in Castle Falconberg's dungeon as a clear
warning to others when the result was delivered back to that orphanage.

"Would anyone like to go swimming before evening food?" Freckles asked the
boys and Bucky while they found themselves already transported to the pool
deck sans cloth coverings. All that was needed was a push into the water
and Spot, Fang and Leader supplied that by displacing the man and boys when
they appeared on the pool deck in the exact same space.

Squeak grabbed his partner Hughie and willed them onto Leader's back. Then
he declared a game called `battleship' although he wasn't sure what a
battleship was. Whatever, Leader was big enough to be his and Hughie's ship
and immediately ordered Leader to bomb Fang as Doug and Buck were busy
scrambling up on that Great Cat's back.

Fang saw Leader coming and put up an umbrella-like screen which Leader hit
and began a mad scramble with all claws fully extended to keep balanced on
the slick invisible surface while Fang got his boys mounted and swam away
before he collapsed the screen and Leader, with his two boys, ignominiously
splashed down on empty water.

Freckles and twin brother Spot joined forces for the purpose of beating the
adult Great Cats, Fang and Leader in the marvelous new water game called
battleship. From the beginning it seemed there was only one rule; there
were no rules. Any tactic that involved pool water was legal.

Peter's little Great Cat friends, Numbers One through Five begged Peter to
join the game despite their diminutive size, they argued that there were
five of them against only four more mature Cats. With odds like that, how
could they possibly lose? Peter thought for a moment before he sent images
of he and Edvard with Edvard holding Peter's ankles with all five numbers
mounted on Peter and Edvard's backs. The Cats would act as `gunners' that
would be directed by Peter, the ship's captain. All seven on the team would
join to provide propulsion. The last innovation Peter was inspired to add
was their makeshift ship would be a submarine.

Before the submarine took to the water, Peter directed them all to hide
behind 10 of the straight swimmers who lived in the residence and were
therefore somewhat used to the strange goings-on caused by the Great Cats
and the boys from South America. The 10 straight boys were grouped
together, watching the growing battle from the side of the pool with a few
wishing that they could participate in the fun in some way. On cue from
Peter, gouts of water under pressure like water from a firehose nozzle
without the hose rose from the pool to blast the Great Cat's riders in a
surprise attack that knocked them off the Cat's backs, temporarily taking
them out of the game until they regained their seats and the Great Cats
lifted their heads to see who caused such an effective assault. This brief
time allowed the submarine components to slip into and under the water,
form their ship and slip away to circle the four battleships in the middle
of the pool looking for another opening.

Little Squeak was the first to identify Peter as the culprit and the fact
that he was hiding behind the straight swimmers who were sitting with their
feet in the water or stretched out on the pool deck with all of them
laughing and pointing at the disabled battleships. Squeak made a suggestion
to Leader and he agreed with the plan by turning the water in front of the
group a dark inky blue, then causing the water to rise up to inundate the

As the mini-tidal wave receded, the first thing the boys felt then saw was
they had turned blue and their cocks had become erect and individually were
demanding instant relief. For some reason, none thought it strange that
they were suddenly admiring swimming buddies or roommate's bodies. As a
group, they decided to adjourn to the locker room shower, steam room or the
sauna. That left the pool deck bare; Peter was gone.

Since the dive pool was separate, the racing pool was uniformly shallow, so
Peter's homemade submarine couldn't go deep. Doug with the advantage of
height, sitting on Fang's back spotted the dark, fast moving shape that
could only be Peter and his playful band of big kittens, Numbers One
through Five. Doug thought they could get Peter to surface if they could
remove the water above his unique attack submarine, but he didn't know how
to do it without destroying the building. He didn't think about Fang
listening in on his thoughts.

"We will have a waterspout," Fang said by way of agreeing to Doug's plan.

The air in the huge pool room began to move in a vague circular pattern
around the walls before it coalesced over the pool, and then concentrate
directly over Peter's sub. Soon it took form as a definite waterspout as it
began to suck water into its vortex, lift it up to arch and then splash
down on the other side of the pool. This left a temporary hole in the water
with Peter, Edvard and the five Cat friends floundering on the bottom of
the pool before a split second later when Fang filled the hole from the
bottom up, which left the sub bobbing on the surface.

Once Doug understood how a waterspout could be created, he simply reversed
the flow so Peter and his band of cohorts were instantly deluged with water
that was sucked up from the other side of the pool. The force and weight of
water broke apart the sub into its components, which left Peter, Edvard and
the kittens looking around to see what happened.

It was little Hughie who was sitting behind Squeak, who realized that their
new exciting teenage friends were missing out on all the fun. He looked all
around the pool deck but didn't see Finn and Sean anywhere. Then movement
and Finn's red hair caught his eye. They were up in the audience gallery
cautiously peering over the railing.

Both Sean and Finn was bug eyed from watching their new friends actively
trying to kill each other by drowning or being squashed by the weight of
water. "SEAN AND FINN, COME ON DOWN!" Hughie called in his high pitched
voice. Hughie's mom liked to watch quiz shows during the day and that was a
distinctive summons. Squeak just looked over his shoulder at his mate as if
Hughie was going nuts. "What?" Hughie asked Squeak.

While Sean and Finn were only 14 years old, both had been active sexually
almost half their young lives and while they were concerned about being
killed, both were fascinated by the extraordinary bodies they had recently
been surrounded by. All of whom apparently preferred boys over the strange
`opposite sex'. The new Family of boys was just like them and they had no
interest in being killed or injured before enjoying many or all of them in
bed or any other convenient place.

It took but an instant for Leader to be appraised of the problem before
Sean and Finn found that they were sitting astride Spot's back with Pettie
and Scott. They were two of what the Irish boys considered `rare fine
stallions' who were always ready to play with younger guys, although Pettie
always took a bit of coaxing.

Sean and Finn were barely wet before Leader delivered the foursome with
Spot to the shower room. There they discovered four of the so called
straight boys who were actively attempting to become slightly bent without
appearing to be too eager for what they thought would be a one of a kind
experience while they were inexplicably blue and had the nerve to
experiment with what they'd sometimes fantasized about after lights out.

One of the new couples to be had covered their fronts with soap and were
busy grinding their slick bodies together. One of the second couple was
behind his friend and crudely humping his cock between the other's closed
legs. The Irish lads were shocked to see some of what they thought was
their new friends in those simple `beginners positions'.

"Hold up there lads," bold Sean said as he pulled one couple apart while
Finn did the same for the other. "What you're doin' is fun but wasteful,"
he explained to the guys. "First get rid of that nasty soap," he directed
and pushed his couple under a shower head where he proceeded to wash off
the most important parts while handling those parts so sensually, the boys
began doing deep breathing exercises.

"Hey Leader Great Cat," Finn called to the ceiling. By then Finn and Sean
were comfortable with the strange feats of magic the Cat could do including
appear when called on for help with all things erotic.

"WHAT?" Leader shouted from directly behind Finn. The Cat was hoping to
scare the boy by both appearing and shouting, but it didn't work. However
the straight swimmers were frightened into immobility. All four knew that
the two new Cats were larger than Freckles and Spot but none realized how
big they really were until Leader was standing by, and dwarfing Finn in the
low ceiling shower room.

Finn grinned as he reached up to scratch one of Leader's ears. "Ah, there
ye be what took you so long? These lads appear new to the art an' need some
paste be applied an' mayhap a pot or two left behind for them to use
later," he suggested imperiously. It was curious that Finn never seemed to
be intimidated by any Great Cat and just as strange that Leader considered
the little Irish lad to be his equal

Leader not only caused four jars of Stuff to appear, he also summoned Fang
to help him apply a proper coating to the new boys, who by then were frozen
in place. Doubly so when Fang appeared to begin lapping one of the boys
while he used his tail on the other after he scanned the two minds to
determine their secret desires.

After the four newbies were properly coated enough so the last of their
inhibitions were also wasted, Finn began explaining the art of giving a
proper head job. Leader interrupted the lecture. "Don't just tell them,
show them," he ordered.

Finn grinned as Sean sank to his knees with his mouth open in invitation to
the closest virginal cock that was already so ready to explode; it was
bobbing up and down with the innocent swimmer's rapid heartbeat. Sean just
barely got his mouth over the cock head when he was rewarded with copious
quantities of thick, white virgin cum (at least the first he shot in
another guy's mouth).

"It is time for evening food!" chow hounds Freckles and Spot announced
using mind-speak. Sean jumped to his feet even as he swallowed for the last
time. "The dining hall is open, so we have to go," he informed the
swimmers, "but surely ye get what to do."

"An' ye all have jars of paste to do it with," Finn added as he and Sean
collected Squeak and Hughie on the way out of the locker room riding Great
Cats, Fang and Leader.

As soon as the Cats cleared the pool exit, they fuzzed out with their cargo
of boys to reappear in the Trenton Hall dining room. The adult Cats
immediately stretched out on the two lounges that Doug had hurriedly
reproduced for them while their riders dismounted to be shown to their
chairs. Squeak and Hughie's chairs had been augmented with `kiddie' seats
placed across the arms but Finn and Sean were seated in conventional chairs
like everyone else. That is, the four boys were seated after the Great Cats
hurriedly once again raided Buck's closet to dress the Irish lads and
Squeak's extensive wardrobe to clothe he and Hughie, but not before
Victoria got a good look at the boys' individual `attributes'.

Victoria seemed to be unaware that she could be overheard when she
whispered to Bucky; "That red haired boy is as well-endowed as you, Buck
and Hughie!" Bucky, Buck and Finn's faces turned bright red while the rest
of the table laughed. Hughie on the other hand just grinned at hearing
Victoria's comment that he considered a compliment; he was indeed to be as
well hung as his big brother, Pettie!

When Peter and Edvard went to their usual places at the table, they found
the chairs already occupied by the Irish boys. The butler, Hamilton,
politely directed them to their very own table. Their table was a smallish
low oval that once served as a coffee table, somewhere in the very large
house; a table that was already occupied by five Great Cat kittens sitting
on pillows in front of five gold bowls, licking their chops and wagging
their prehensile tails violently, anticipating dinner.

There was no question about who was served first before the kittens began
knawing on Peter's legs. Dinner that night was very rare steak sandwiches
for all Great Cats. The only difference was the size of the sandwiches all
of which were eaten with disturbing speed.

Humans and Cat warriors enjoyed steak; grilled as the individual
preferred. Beef in any form was a rare treat for the Great Cats and Cat
warriors because while the farms were well populated with cattle; the
cattle were milk cows, not raised for their meat. That was why Bani wanted
to establish herds of Angus and Herefords, beef cattle, on their new
millions of acres of grass covered range lands across the river. Meanwhile,
the native populations; Cat People and Cats, would continue eating pork.

When the kittens polished off third helpings, Peter called a halt to them
getting fourths so they began begging from both Peter and Edvard. When
their cuteness failed to get them tidbits, they resorted to theft using
their tails whenever they thought the boys weren't paying attention to
their plates. The young Cats didn't know that newly made Taras also
developed advanced senses and lightening reflexes until Peter very nearly
stabbed a tail with his fork that was slowly, carefully, wandering close to
his steak while he grinned at the would be thief.

"That would've hurt," Peter said before he banished all five of them from
the table. "Try begging from the guys sitting at the big table by sitting
up on your haunches, look starving and wave your front paws at your
target. If that doesn't work, give their upper legs a push to get their
attention while you look like you're dying of hunger," he advised using

The kittens split up. Two wisely raced to between Victoria and Bucky, the
two humans they thought would the softest `touches'. The kittens were
right. Both hosts were flattered by the attention the big kittens paid
them. By the time Victoria and Bucky were down to the last bites of steak,
they realized that they hadn't eaten any.

Then the kittens asked Bucky and Victoria, "We have bones?"

Doug heard that request, with his aversion to listening Great Cats
crunching bones. "Nope, no way, not in the dining room where you'll get the
carpet all dirty."

"Outside?" Number Four countered very sensibly and hopefully.

"Okay," Doug agreed. He barely had time to take a breath before the five
kittens as well as Freckles and Spot teleported all the bones in the room
outside to the terrace whether the individual diners were done eating or
not and quickly followed without bothering to open a door in their haste to
get at the bone dinner.

After the general laughter died, Buck asked the two Irish lads; "Hey you
two, would you be interested in going back to the Irish orphanage that sent
you to South Africa for a little payback to the priests that abused you?"

"We would, but what can we do, we've not one scrap o' hard evidence in our
favor? We be just lowly orphans and they be high n' mighty priests," Finn

After the laughter around the table died again, Doug explained to the two
newest Family members; "Buck wasn't suggesting that we take them to court;
we were thinking in terms of taking them down our way, which they'll never
be able to complain to anyone about without admitting that they're child
molesters and white slavers."

"What is orphanage?" Leader asked.

After orphanage and priests were defined and Leader understood what a child
molester was, his and Fang's ears flattened in anger, Leader volunteered
the adult Cat's services, and in fact, took over the mission by suggesting;
"These Cats will increase these priests' desires for young white warriors
but each time one gets too close, their couplers will rise as well as their
body temperatures. If one touches a boy, his fingers will burn to ash.

"That's a beautiful plan Leader, can I help?" Bucky asked eagerly.

"Any who wish to can come to watch," Fang agreed. He didn't seem surprised
when everyone's hand shot up.

Leader grabbed Hughie and Squeak and Fang mounted Finn and Sean on his back
in preparation for departure. That was when the two Great Cats looked at
each other in question. "Where is this Ireland?" Leader asked
sheepishly. Both Great Cats took on the look of beaten kitties when laugher
broke out around the table. The Cats hated to admit they made a mistake, or
in this case didn't know something in advance.

Buck called up a world atlas and pointed out Ireland. Then Buck showed the
country enlarged and Sean pointed to a small city near Belfast where the
orphanage was located. With the geography lesson out of the way, the Great
Cats snatched away everyone in the room to reappear instantly on the
grounds of an ancient manor house that had long ago been converted into an

No one had the nerve to complain that the Cats forgot to dress everyone in
coats. Instead, Buck led the way inside after he tried his hand at mental
lock picking. They found that the temperature inside wasn't a great deal
warmer than outside.

Sean explained that it was warmer in the dining hall as he and Sean led the
way into what was once the homes' great hall that had been set up with long
trestle tables and benches. Rebecca found the room totally devoid of any
sort of decoration to give the resident boys the feeling of homey
warmth. The home had been `institutionalized' at the turn of the last
century and obviously hadn't been updated since.

Rebecca took Leader in tow to help make some improvements immediately,
beginning with turning up the heat in the whole building as well as
lighting the old `walk in' fireplaces located at each end of the
room. Meanwhile Bucky and Buck suggested to Fang, Finn and Sean that they
find the eight priests they knew kept boy toy bed warmers and relocate them
as is, along with their `toys' if present to the hall. Buck also asked that
Leader scan the rest of the priest's rooms to be sure there weren't other
offenders that Finn and Sean didn't know about since the boys had been away
from the home so long.

Finn guided Leader to a whole wing in the back of the old mansion where few
orphans were allowed. This was the resident priest's exclusive domain. The
first difference Leader noticed was that the heat was definitely on in this
wing. There were lounges, large and small, a dining room, not a barren hall
and modern offices, all elegantly furnished and as comfortable as any
home. They found no one on the first floor so they ventured upstairs to the
priest's rooms and apartments. Size depended of one's accommodation was
based on position and status.

The two boys on Leader's back took great delight in scaring the bejesus out
of their first target; Monsignor Rob who occupied the largest apartment at
the far end of the hallway so he had two views of the garden.

Leader and the boys entered the apartment through the closed and locked
door then Leader padded silently into Rob's bedroom. Rob didn't wake when
all the lights turned on but the boy he was cuddled behind did. The boy,
Will, would have screamed but Sean covered his mouth with his hand and
shushed him until he was recognized as a friend and former fellow inmate.

After Will was out of the bed and hugging Finn and Sean, Leader leaned down
over Rob and snuffled in his face. Between Cat snot and breath, Rob woke
instantly. The first thing he saw was a mouth full of very large, sharp
teeth. He jumped out of the bed on the opposite side and snatched up a
blanket to hide his nakedness. When that disappeared, he tried a sheet,
then a pillow before he gave up when he was shocked to recognize Finn who
should have been somewhere else in the world other than in his orphanage in

"Hey there Robbie lad, it's pleased I am to see you're still up to your old
tricks," Finn sneered. Worse, so did Leader to show Rob more of his teeth
that he accompanied by a low snarl.

Finn was pleased to see that Rob was so scared; he pissed himself as Leader
advanced on him until they were nose to nose. That was when Rob disappeared
from his bedroom to reappear in the dining hall still pissing himself. He
was just glad to be far away from that horrible giant Cat. That is until he
saw Fang sitting among a large group of strangers; mostly very attractive
teenage boys. Rob once again made a move to cover his privates with his
hands and found that he couldn't move and couldn't even open his mouth to

Upstairs, the boys got their mate Will to guide them to other priests who
were keeping boys in their rooms. One by one, the pedophile priests
disappeared from their quarters only to reappear in the dining hall,
leaving their boy toys behind and asking Sean and Finn; what was going on.

Finn sent the boys off to the dormitories to wake everyone and report to
the dining hall to watch the payback. While none of the boys objected to
having sex with older men, they all objected to having to use their bodies
in return for a warm place to sleep, better food and yes, a few toys.

As it turned out, no one in the dorms had to be awakened; they were already
awake and evacuating. They were convinced that the building was on fire due
to the hot air that was suddenly boiling out of the floor
registers. Previously, in winter, only tepid air at best served as heat for
the boy's dorms, class rooms and common areas, just enough to keep the
building's water pipes from freezing.

With total access to all the orphanage records, only Finn knew the
orphanage's history. The previous owner of what was once a beautifully
decorated and maintained home directed that the property should be turned
into a boy's orphanage to be administered by the church. Further, he
endowed a foundation in the amount of 25 million pounds for the facility's
support. The orphanage was to operate until for 100 years or until the 25
million was exhausted, at which time the property and money, if any, would
become wholly owned by the church.

However the benefactor misjudged the income from the 25 million pound
bequest that was all invested in rental properties. Just the annual income
alone would have been more than enough to support the facility -- forever
-- without touching the principal sum. The church ignored the man's last
will and testament.

Profits from the foundation went elsewhere and the rooms were stripped of
anything remotely valuable and either sold or redistributed to other church
owned properties or had been moved to the administrative wing of the
orphanage for priestly use and enjoyment.

None of the inmates needed encouragement to report to the dining hall, not
with Leader smiling at them over Finn and Sean's shoulders. It didn't take
long for the eight priests to appear and be lined up together. All were
fully erect despite their best efforts not to be.

Something new had been added during Finn and Sean's absence; there were two
more priests that served as dorm proctors. While both had private rooms,
both preferred the fun of sleeping with boys in the dorms, usually close
together so they could watch each other enjoy their selected boys of the

With the two new additions, that made 10 priests who would suffer the
consequences of removing free will from their young conquests. All 10 were
beginning to sweat through their catatonic states and none knew why. The
room was surprisingly comfortable, although certainly not hot by any means
and none of the boys or the strangers in the room appeared to be sweating.

Finn took pride in repeating what Leader told him of the torture the 10
would face for the rest of their lives. "Hence forth lads, I'm told that
your desire for young lads will increase 10 fold, but the closer ye get to
one, the hotter you'll be, an' if you touch one or one touches you, you'll
get a right good burn an' a scar on the spot to remember him by."

"Really," Will, Rob's current boy toy asked almost too enthusiastically,
"can I try this out?" It didn't help Rob's composure when he saw Will flex
his fingers, getting ready to experiment.

"It would be our pleasure as soon as Mr. Great Cat Leader releases them
all," Finn answered. "But only you do the touchin', no one else," he warned
the other boys. "I have the feelin' these 10 will be resignin' from their
order an' if they be smart they'll retire to a cottage where they can enjoy
each other, because that will be the only outlet they have to quench their

"That was a hint to you 10," Sean added maliciously with an evil grin.

Rob found he could suddenly move again, as Will advanced on him with his
index finger circling the man's body as if undecided where to touch, Rob
felt his body heat increase drastically. Just before he turned to run from
the room, Will's finger found its target. Will swiped the top of Rob's hard
cock. Rob screamed, clutched his offended member and began to run from the
room to be followed closely by nine of his future intimate friends.

"HALT!" Leader shouted as loud as his communicator was capable of. Of
course he also reinforced his order by figuratively freezing everyone, both
the orphans and priests in mid-step just before the 10 priests managed to
get out the door with the orphan boys in hot pursuit to experiment in
burning their tormentors with a touch.

"First, all you young white warriors will not chase these creatures,"
Leader said to the boys. Next, he ordered the over-heated priests, "Tell if
there are other such homes like this who sell their young to others!" With
that demand he turned up 10 internal thermostats so there was no question
who he was talking to.

Rob almost screamed the answer, fearful that he was about to burst into
flames. There were five other homes in Ireland that he knew of. Four only
sent boys to the facility in South Africa, while the fifth sold individual
boys to customers anywhere in Great Britain.

Just as Rob and his friends found they could move again and they began to
run before the boys were freed, Rob shouted over his shoulder, "It was
never just us, don't forget to look at the Anglicans! All their priests
keep boys!"

"Wow Dad," Buck said, "Dagger Cay is already almost at capacity. What are
we going to do with all these new guys?"

"Well I was just thinking about that," Bucky responded while he looked
around what he was sure was once a stunning great hall according to his
wife, Victoria. "The Foundation that pays the Marine Academy bills will
lease all these facilities from the Church or Churches. We'll, I mean your
mother will fix them up according to her exacting standards, which the
owner will pay for and then we'll staff them, simple," he concluded.

Finn overheard the conversation. "This Mother Church is too powerful to be
givnin' up any land, plus I know one Bishop that be in league with Robbie
boy an' even collects a share o' the profits. He'll not be leasin' anything
the Church owns," he warned.

Bucky giggled just like the boys. "Have any of you heard of the concept
popularly referred to as blackmail?" He waited until some of the orphan
boys nodded and began to grin as they considered the possibilities. "That's
right," Bucky confirmed, "I'll take a very special DVD to the church
officials, all of which will have your faces fuzzed out, but not any of the
priests. After they get their eyes full, I'll suggest ways that the
original DVD can be made to disappear. I think they'll be happy to lease
anything want for a whole dollar per year, plus they'll be more than happy
to pay for all the improvements my dear wife Victoria wants and she wants a
lot," he assured everyone. That last comment got all the boys in the Family
who knew Victoria to nearly fall on the floor laughing and harder when
Victoria sent her elbow into Bucky's ribs in return for revealing her
expensive tastes and spending habits.

By the time Bucky finished, even the youngest boys were grinning and
nodding their full approval. This even though they hadn't been
participants; all boys talked and they knew that their turns would come in
just a few short years as the current crop got too old and were
miraculously `adopted' out in groups of four, six or sometimes eight boys

Meanwhile, Leader and Fang were making plans to visit the other orphanages
that Rob had named or even thought of, with Sean, Finn and little Hughie
and Squeak using mind-speak, all four boys thought and treated the two
adult Great Cats as heroes and best friends evidenced by the boys paying
the Cats constant attention like scratching ears, hugging and always
keeping one or the other within reach and frequently using a mighty front
leg as a leaning post.

When the planning session was done, the Cats took the time to advise Bucky
what they were going to do at each facility depending on the residents'
circumstances and they gave Victoria the addresses of the facilities that
would soon need her no budget interior decorating skills.


Four boys stood in front of a nondescript door on a city street that time
almost forgot. There were a few street lights. The one closest to the boys
flickered on and off. If anyone was around to look at the boys they would
have observed two large shadows that shouldn't be there when the blinking
street light was on. All four boys were carefully shabbily dressed, without
coats but clutching raggedy sweaters to their young bodies. All were
wearing short shorts that exposed their shapely youthful legs higher than
most boys would like, especially in the middle of an Irish winter.

The Cats decided that the boy's story would be that they were brothers who
were obviously down on their luck, including homeless, who came to the
orphanage to ask for help from fellow Catholics. With the bluntness of
youth, Hughie began laughing and pointing at Squeak.

While not quite five years old, Hughie was already familiar with breeding
and a parent's ability to pass on traits, hopefully only the best from each
parent be they horses or cattle and he assumed the same rules applied to
humans. What Hughie thought was funny was that while he could pass as Sean
and Finn's younger sibling, there was no way Squeak could fit the same
mold. He pointed out that Squeak's appearance was too exotic; that his eyes
alone more closely resembled Great Cat eyes than any human he'd ever seen.

To compare eyes, Squeak pulled Great Cat Fang out of hiding behind his own
shadow and then pulled Fang's head down using the Cat's chin whiskers, so
it was level with his so he could look him squarely in the eyes. Or at
least one Cat eye at a time because of the size of their respective heads.

"Do you know you are not supposed to change this Cat's choice of hiding
places?" Fang asked Squeak, fortunately, not unkindly. Fang was actually
amazed that Squeak could so easily manipulate a mature Great Cat's
powers. Both Cat and boy Cat warrior were equally amazed that what Hughie
observed was true; Squeak did have Great Cat eyes except for the amount of
gold flecks and Fang fixed that with a blink.

Leader interrupted the genetics lesson. "There is a young one in there who
is in pain! If this door is not opened, this Cat will cause the front of
this hut to disappear!" he vowed.

Just then the light over the entrance turned on and the door was opened by
a man wearing and clutching a closed and padded robe and looking mean at
being disturbed at such a late hour and interrupting the evening's
entertainment. The man was about to send the four boys away until he
chanced to see Hughie and Finn's boldly outlined couplers that were barely
contained in their tight disguises.

The man cracked an icy smile as he threw open the door all the way and
invited the poor waifs to enter. It appeared that the entertainment had
just changed and that the orphanage roster just increased by four. The man
was so excited by the new acquisitions, he ignored being almost being
knocked over as two shadows that accompanied the boys brushed passed him on
the way to find the boy in pain.

"This creature wants you to entertain him," Leader said via mind-speak, "so
entertain him. Also, this hut is colder than a witch's tit so turn up the
heat," he instructed.

All four boys broke out laughing at hearing that. "Witch's tit, where did
you hear that expression?" Squeak asked out loud while looking in the
direction the invisible Cats had gone.

"Buck and Chief Bucky say that all the time. They do not like to be cold
either," a closed door answered clearly.

The man closed and carefully locked the front door before he spun on his
heel and gave Sean a painful surprise clout on his head. "This is a house
of God where we do not use sinful words or profanity!" he roared. The man
chose to pick on Sean because he appeared to be the most `disposable' of
the four boys.

Squeak took a second to touch and remove the bright red hand mark from
Sean's cheek before he turned his attention to the man. First the man's
robe slipped off his shoulders and out of his clutch as he tried to keep it
in place. Once free, the heavy robe drifted over to the dark foyer
fireplace where it folded itself up neatly on the empty fire grate and
began to burn brightly and with more intensity than cloth would normally

The man watched his robe burning with amazement, but not so amazed he
stopped trying the cover his erection that normally only grew useful after
a half hour of inflicting pain on a helpless boy. Squeak then turned his
attention back to the man. He thought a bit of ridicule was in order. He
caused the man to remove his hands from his coupler, then pointed and began
to laugh.

"Look Hughie this fiend has no bigger coupler than this brave warrior,
although I still have a great deal of growing to do," Squeak assured his

"I know, let's show this creature ours since now is as close as he's ever
going to get to a boy's pecker in the future," Hughie suggested as his few
bits of clothing disappeared along with Squeak's, Sean's and Finn's.

"Hey boy," Finn playfully complained, "it would be fine if you asked in the

"Sorry, but since you are naked, you should show this guy the rest of the
story," Hughie giggled and brushed his fingers along Finn's coupler which
caused it to grow and stand away from his body proudly.

The man, assumed to be a priest, simply could not control the impulse to
jerk himself off. After he began to pull his pud, he didn't care if a bomb
went off, nothing but self-gratification mattered. He didn't even notice
the noise of antique door bolts being thrown back or feel the sudden draft
of freezing winter air that swirled around his body.

He finally opened his eyes when he found that he and his hard cock were
suddenly on the wrong side of the front door. He continued to pound his pud
with one hand but used the other to pound on the door and his voice to
shout out to be admitted to the orphanage. It wasn't long before he
attracted the attention of the neighbors who called the law to report a
naked predator who was attempting to break into an orphanage while abusing
his body on a public street! That wasn't to be tolerated.

Two patrol officers soon caught the perpetrator in the act and took him
into custody. They had difficulty getting the man's hands cuffed behind his
back and after they did, the man began to thrust his hips forward and back;
he was fucking air in an attempt to get his rocks off, all the while
babbling about being a priest who lived to the orphanage he was trying to
break into. When the officers finally got the man in the back seat of the
patrol car, the opposite door opened and the man disappeared!

Squeak was not about to let the man escape into the law's clutches -- just
yet. The man reappeared on the correct side of the orphanage's front door,
still wearing handcuffs and still unable to jerk off properly. Outside, the
law sent a notice to all concerned; that a naked child predator had escaped
custody and someone added that the escapee was presumed to be armed and

Unfortunately for the returned man, he was returned just in time and in the
exact place that Fang was occupying. A 150 pound man against a 1000 pound
Great Cat contesting for the same floor space was a no brainer as to who
would win. The man ended up on his back, still wearing handcuffs and still
humping vigorously as he stared up at a furred underbelly and a sheath that
hid a humongous Cat cock. Fang looked down to see moving feet and legs. He
leaned down further to look between his front legs to see the human head
staring up at his coupler.

"How rude," Fang stated in disgust before his tail surrounded the man's
neck and he was unceremoniously hauled out and up into the air. From there,
the man could look up at the cobweb draped ceiling or down where he had a
limited view of the new orphan boys. Boys that apparently were something
more than they seemed.

The boys seemed to be highly amused at his embarrassing predicament as they
laughed and pointed up while he felt the beginning of being slowly
strangled by a giant cat that surely was the devil or his
spawn. Fortunately, the man was put down onto his own feet before he passed
out, although the tail remained around his neck, at least he could breathe.

"Come," said the Cat of few words, "you must see what amuses this scum
before we decide if they should continue to live," Fang ordered.

Locked doors that the Cat shadows walked through previously now disappeared
at the groups' approach with a mere twitch of Squeak's fingers. When they
arrived at the room Fang insisted they see, there were no boys, but there
were four men, assumed to be priests that had been strapped over what
looked like crude pommel horses so their legs dangled free. There was a
fifth horse that was vacant until Leader caused the man that he'd been
holding, to drift over and his body to drape itself over the body of the
horse where leather restraints immobilized his arms like the other men
without anyone's assistance.

Squeak walked to where the men could see him before he said to the first
man in line, "TALK!" he ordered.

"We did nothing wrong, we were just preparing a group of orphans for
adoption overseas," the first man pled his case almost indignantly except
for the fear that crept into his voice.

"Show us how this is done," Squeak demanded, "using your administrator as a

Until then no one had asked who was in charge, and since all five were
naked, there was nothing to indicate who the boss man might be. That is
until a balding fat man in the middle of the group began to struggle
against his bonds and sweat profusely in the cold, dank room.

"Wait up Squeak lad," Finn intervened, "shouldn't the young lads who were
bein' readied for export demonstrate what was done to them?"

"Okay, but where are they?" Hughie asked absently while investigating an
assortment of dildos, butt plugs and whips that were lined up on a table
behind the pummel horses.

Fang and Leader looked at each other and laughed just like Buck. "They were
all sent to Sphinx City for rest, food and warmth," old Leader admitted.

The invaders ignored the five men who had begun shivering as they listened
to the two Great Cats speaking out loud for the first time. Until then
orders that were impossible to resist came directly into their minds.


"Well what?"

"Well get them back here for the demonstration while the rest just enjoy
the show."

The room began to warm up and then shimmer briefly. Suddenly 40 boys
appeared. All were naked and happily painted blue. All were erect and were
in the process of enjoying Leader's huge bed as couples or still wet from
enjoying the benefits of the paste augmented pool. Their expressions
clearly said that they hadn't the least interest in returning to the
orphanage ever again. The younger boys seemed to be able to tell which Cat
was Leader because they looked at him while begging to be returned to
Sphinx City,

The teenagers in the group however took an interest in the five naked men
and were pleased to see a bit of roll reversal. Five walked closer without
being asked after picking up whips and lashing the air and trying to make
the whips crack without strangling themselves or again feeling the bite of
the flashing tip as it had been applied to their bodies.

Earlier when the Cats first arrived as shadows, all the boys displayed whip
marks. They were told whipping was the softening up phase. Phase two was to
be the application of dildos into their asses to spread them open so phase
three could commence. The priests happily explained that the boys would be
fucked repeatedly by what they described as God's `wands', that is, the
priest's dicks.

By then, all the boys had entered the room. None seemed to be upset to see
the priests strapped to the pommel horses in such humiliating
positions. They all looked forward to seeing them beaten until blood began
to flow before the hated dildos were strapped on them for a change. Then
there was some kind of disturbance at the door in the back of the room. All
the boys in the Family laughed, they'd followed using the younger Great
Cats like bloodhounds'. They were the one's causing the ruckus that was
mandatory when crashing a party.

Five Great Cat kittens bulldozed their way through the boys' legs followed
by the equivalent of two teenage Cats; Freckles and Spot.

Peter thought he'd escaped his Cat friends and when he saw them coming, he
playfully stepped to behind Pettie to hide from them, but they had better
noses than bloodhounds. The kittens first took Pettie down flat on his back
which put Peter flat on his and all but hidden by Pettie's bigger body. It
only took the orphans a few seconds to realize that there was some sort of
game afoot and they wanted to play with the kittens too and began edging
closer to the fun.

Freckles and Spot helped by picking up naked blue bodies and tossing them
on top of the growing pile of spotted fur and struggling, laughing humans,
all of which were still wearing clothes also known by some as cloth
coverings. This seemed to be an unfair advantage to Freckles, so he fixed
the problem by removing everyone but Victoria's clothes.

Thus began an epoch pig pile style rough and tumble when even Leader and
Fang joined the battle by using the tongues and tails to anoint anyone who
they deemed not sufficiently blue outside or in although inside was
accomplished more discretely since wide eyed Victoria was watching as
erections began to appear.

When that happened, the affected boy attempted to double his efforts to
burrow into the pile in a futile effort to hide themselves. Of course
Victoria had seen everyone naked but not erect and she was particularly
interested in her son Buck and his lover Doug. While she knew what they
did together, the question was; how in the world did Doug's big thing fit
inside her little boy. By the same token, she wondered how Buck managed to
take that big thing down his throat.

Victoria didn't realize that her thoughts were leaking through until her
husband Bucky, gave her a mental nudge. "Where does my magnificent cock go
in you my dear?" He asked using mind-speak. Then he began laughing too hard
and left his bare body vulnerable to her elbow. "I think we should go home
to our bedroom to rest," he suggested, "We can leave the rest of these
orphanages to the boys and the Cats." With that, the couple fuzzed out to
disappear from Ireland.

"We are Catholic priests!" One guy raged and struggled against his bonds,
"We cannot be treated like this! Release us at once!"

"Who is that dude?" Spot asked one of the boys who was half buried in the
pile. Someone unseen was doing something delightful to his coupler and he
had trouble just breathing let alone speaking.

"That blighter be none other than Father Justin, he's English," the boy
spat, "and he runs this dump but he loves to hurt us the most, but the rest
ain't bad at it either."

"Do you wish to help me? You can bring your friend along," Spot said while
already using his tail to extract the boy's friend. As usual Great Cats had
a habit of removing choice from white and Cat warriors.

Once free and standing up, Spot could see both boys displayed sparse pubic
hair which made them probable candidates for export. Spot herded the boys
over to the table where the whips and dildos were displayed.

"Were any of these ever used in you?" Spot asked kindly. He picked up and
examined the largest made of hard rubber that had a series of rings like a
bottle stopper that was easy to install but probably difficult to
withdraw. Spot considered that it would be impossible to remove from a boy.

"Has this ever been used on anyone here?"

"Only one guy who lost his temper and called Father Justin a fuckin'
English fag; there was lots of blood before they hustled us out of the
room. Father Justin later told us they took our friend to hospital but none
ever heard a siren. That was yesterday when he told we was all to be

"I think we should use this on him," Spot sort of suggested as the horrible
looking dildo drifted toward Father Justin's ass. "Does anyone want to
help?" He asked.

"You know this might kill him?" The boy said as he walked closer to the
target and took the dido by its handle.

"If this creature dies, I will send it to nothingness; he will cease to
exist," Spot assured.

"So be it," the boy said.

Then there was a small chorus of, "Wait, we will help," the other four boys
who were about to be `adopted' chimed together. The boys took turns pushing
the ribbed bulbous torture device in although he screamed the loudest when
the blunt end first touched the hairs that surrounded the so called
Father's hole. Screams gave way to pleading, then begging and finally
tears, before silence when the sorry stretched out asshole muscles accepted
the last rib and he fainted. While the thing was equipped with straps to
keep it in place, everyone could see there was no danger of it slipping or
going anywhere.

The same boys didn't need to be told what to do to the other four priests;
they each picked up didoes that were intended for them as a precursor to
priestly cocks fucking them. The boys didn't bother to use the lard as
lubricant that was intended for use on them to prevent injury to valuable
merchandise. Instead they had the fun of hearing screams of pain after
cries of humiliation. These also were equipped with straps that had to be
used so they would remain in place in time for the final humiliation with
the addition of full strength paste on their cocks.

After the cocks were anointed, the bindings that held all five of the
priests in place over the pummel horses were released, they all drifted to
the front doors despite their best efforts to fight whatever was keeping
them above the floor. Of course the priests didn't know the ones
responsible were walking to the door with them. They were in so much
discomfort; they also didn't see the Cats disappear completely except for
their shadows.

The Cats, including the kittens wanted to see what else the Cats had
planned. First, priestly collars that set the men above other men appeared
that commanded, not earned the respect of the populace, and latched around
the neck of each naked man.

The ex-priests realized they were outside when the door slammed behind
them. Then they were torn between removing the collars that labeled their
profession, removing the dildos and seeking to gain the advantage over
their weaker brothers by removing and replacing the plastic dicks with
their own.

While the administrator's ass was well occupied and would be until surgery,
his blue prick was left waving in the cold. He was very tempted to crawl
under the youngest man's bent over form before he realized he couldn't
stand the additional pain, so he got behind the couple and went for a three

When all five were engaged, that was when everyone heard the approaching
sirens. By then the men didn't care, they couldn't stop. They were all
controlled by the four large shadows lined up against the building wall and
to a lesser extent by five small shadows that never stopped moving as they
attempted to trip the participants up so they appeared to be an orgy, the
result of a most humiliating dare.

Priests or imposters, men having sex with each other in front of an
orphanage, were not to be tolerated. They were whisked away after they were
forcibly separated before they could be loaded in the paddy wagon, and in
the van, the men contrived to re-join in some way even though their hands
were cuffed behind them.

"I think the Bishop is going to have a very bad day when he starts
reviewing these DVDs," Bucky observed while seldom heard laughter and
cheering echoed from the second and third floor windows in the building as
the boys watched their tormenters' public disgrace.

The Family split up into four groups, each group with a Cat, to carry on
with the nights' work. All the boys that were in group homes were relocated
to Sphinx City at Leader's request until their former orphanages could be
renovated and staffed or they had the option of staying in the City
permanently if they wished. Somehow Leader made sure that each boy had a
small box of cut gemstones to convert to cash through Bucky that would
insure their educations and futures when they became adults AND most
importantly; a lifetime supply of paste also known as Stuff.

The five kittens had fun dragging Peter and Edvard to any of the locations
where one of the groups were working. Wherever the kittens appeared, so
chaos followed with much rough and tumbling between the Cats, orphans and
any Family member who wanted to play and some who just got too close.





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