Somerset Farm 

                                                                                        by Jamie Haze


Chapter 73

It seemed like years after Christmas vacation instead of months, but spring
break had finally arrived. Doug and Buck planned to spend their vacation at
Dagger Cay for a few days, while the rest of their time was to sail Doug's
90-foot catamaran yacht Claw, a Christmas gift from his partner Buck.
Initially, they planned to cut classes for a week to sail, but neither boy
wanted to suffer the pressure of also studying while vacationing or
catching up to their classes by studying after that vacation and also
keeping up with the new classwork.

Of course, the two boys didn't wish to leave any of their Family out in the
northeastern cold, so everyone who cared to was invited to enjoy Dagger
Cay, but specifically excluded from the partners' sailing trip. The boys
told everyone up front that they wanted time by themselves since their
bedroom in Trenton Hall was more like a drop-in flop house as the rest of
Family learned they could travel instantly by just willing relocation to a
given destination to make it so, and there were no mistakes when aiming at
the boy's unique boat bed.

Buck finally reduced traffic by broad beaming a message in mind-speak, that
visitors should contact he or Doug before just appearing in their bedroom,
naked, erect and looking hopeful; a combination that could not be
refused. Of course, Buck excluded any Great Cats from the rule; Cats were
always invited whenever they cared to visit, with or without their Cat
friends; they were always welcome. To extend their vacation time, the boys
decided to just appear in their suite of their home away from home on the
fourth and top floor of the old hotel. From there, they could look out the
windows or over the balcony railing to see what was happening on the little
island when no one knew that the owners were in residence. While they
couldn't see the whole island, they could see the outside of the school
buildings, the lagoon, the dock and of course the foot and boat traffic on
land and in the lagoon.

There was another larger dormitory under construction with the first floor
to be dedicated to classroom space, to save space on the island and keep as
much land as possible in its natural state. Apparently, the exotic birds
enjoyed the island and were busy hatching and raising babies because the
roosting area of the aviary was also being expanded so the babies had
somewhere to sleep when they left the nesting boxes and began to fly when
they were old enough.

Doug had laughed while Buck mock cringed when Doug showed him the bills for
`bird food', for, in addition to a broad assortment of tropical nuts, the
birds also enjoyed eating fruits and berries that had to be imported from
anywhere in the world where they were grown regardless of season.

The birds were so popular among the students, groups or individuals vied
with each other to set up more and more elaborate perches to attract
individual birds or pairs near their windows. If one group or a Cadet was
successful, they were required to keep the water bowls clean, and full,
along with provide the birds with fresh food, nuts and seeds daily as well
as clean up the messes they made, not to mention put up with the noise they
made that mostly began at dawn as soon as the birds left their roosts for
the day. The whole idea was to make friends with their birds so they would
fly into the rooms, sit on student's heads or shoulders and learn to speak
words and short phrases.

Teaching the birds to talk generally began with the one word a boy could
get demerits for if he was caught using; fuck. A few if a boy was overheard
cussing in normal conversation, but a whole raft of demerits if fuck was
said in anger such as playing a sport. Displaying anger was a very big
no-no among the oft-times troubled preteens and teens who became student
Cadets at the Marine Academy. While walking guard duty with nothing to
guard, on weekends was bad. The very worst offenders lost privileges for
extended periods; whatever the individual enjoyed the most, diving, deep
sea fishing, sailing, or tending a bird friend, etc., all parts of the
academy's extensive recreation program.

The big question among the imaginative boys was; how did the staff know
when someone was breaking the rules? The obvious answer was, all the
students' rooms were bugged and a few boys spent hours searching their
rooms, looking for the microphone. None knew about Snoopy or about the
Great Cats that appeared randomly when least expected. Everyone knew the
Cats could talk and could do amazing things with their long tails, but none
knew that a Cat could scan the minds of a group of new arrivals and
identify potential troublemakers, the super intelligent, pranksters with a
sense of humor and the very shy or troubled.

And just as often, a visiting Great Cat would instigate what was called a
`rough and tumble', quickly involving all of the newbies and any other
Cadets in the battle if they happened to be within range of a Cat
tail. These wrestling matches worked to get the new group acclimated to
being nude in a totally nude environment and to touching other boys,
strangers who individuals liked best for whatever reason and wanted for a

The boys were shocked when their bodies were joined to the body of a boy by
a Cat tail they most admired and/or desired while facing each other before
the couple were forced into the pile of other new classmates and Cadets
during the rough and tumble. At first the goal seemed to be everyone
wishing to get away from the erotic happening. Then as the Cat tail worked
its magic, the goal seemed to change to not only not getting away, but to
be on the bottom or the middle of the struggling pile.

When the Cat declared the rough and tumble over, and he placed the boys
back on their feet, it didn't seem unusual to the new boys that they were
all erect and had acquired an audience of soon to be Cadets many of whom
were also proudly erect. It also didn't feel odd that the new boys had
already chosen roommates by unspoken mutual agreement.

Doug and Buck appeared in their suite's bedroom, dropped their bags and
walked out on the terrace of their corner suite and then walked around the
corner to see what was happening in and around the lagoon, the view from
the terrace there as well as their lounge. Doug's attention immediately
went to a classic island schooner that had to be 80 to 100 feet long, that
was tugging at a new mooring out near his new catamaran, Claw. Doug began
exclaiming about the beauty of the strange sailboat's lines and woodwork,
while Buck thought he saw movement behind a potted palm against a wall that
separated the neighboring terrace. There was also something else even more
startling; a pair of blue and gold macaws was sitting on a perch and
staring back at Buck.

"Hey Douggie, somehow we picked up some roommates," Buck pointed.

"Oh yeah, how many is some?"

"At least two and maybe three," Buck said as he began walking toward the
birds, but was really walking toward the palm since he had whoever was
hiding behind the big pot, cornered. The trespasser was trapped between the
pot, the wall and the glass wall there that separated the terrace from the

Since the macaw pair had staked their claim on the very nice perch and
wouldn't be easily relocated, they became residents by default. However,
third party who was in hiding remained a question mark to Buck and Doug
although he had to be the one taking care of the demanding birds.

"Come on out of there. We need to talk," Buck called with a grin to show he
wasn't mad.

When a boy of about 12 or 13 stood up in response to Buck's summons, both
Buck and Doug noticed that the boy's overall appearance somehow just didn't
look right. His appearance seemed off because his eyebrows and lashes and
his sparse growth of pubic hair were clearly blond, almost to the point of
being invisible and if it wasn't for his new golden tan, they would have
been. The anomaly was that the lad's hair was sort of a strange dark brown

Doug discovered the reason for the difference, "You're a good-looking guy,
so why dye your blond hair brown?" he asked. Doug had considered dying his
sandy blond hair because his always seemed to be changing colors; from
white blond to natural strawberry and back depending on how much time he
spent in the sun and swimming in chlorinated pools.

The boy had stepped away from the palm fronds enough so apparently the two
birds thought they had sufficient air room the relocate to his shoulders
but they misjudged; instead of landing from the rear so they were facing
forward, they had to land from the front amid much wing flapping in the
boy's face, and more when they turned around so they were also facing in
the same direction as their host after the boy helped in relocating the
three foot long tail feathers to his back.

After the bird's final whole body feather fluff, they settled down to begin
using their beaks to groom the boy's hair while the boy reached up to
snuggle his fingers under their neck feathers and gently rub the birds in
return before he began to answer Doug in a rather roundabout way.

The boy's name was Sander, short for Sanderson, his mother's family
name. He said that some guys like him who had first floor rooms also had
tiny terraces, ideal places to put a school supplied perch if a boy wanted
to try attracting a bird as a friend. The only requirement was that the boy
had to keep the water bowl clean and full of fresh water as well the as the
food bowl well stocked with fresh food every morning before the whole flock
left the roosting building.

Sander got really lucky; he managed to attract a pair, but he qualified, he
was outside refueling the food and water bowls attached to his new perch
when the birds landed on his shoulders first, before he handed them over to
the perch. Then when he ran to get two more bowls and brackets to add to
the perch, he said the birds had flown away. But he found them by them both
squawking their heads off for some reason and then he saw one up on a
fourth-floor balcony attached to a rough faux stone wall and it looked like
it was trying to peck a hole in the wall.

In the process of doing his exotic bird homework, Sander remembered that
macaws sometimes nested in holes they excavated in heavy clay riverside
cliffs although, more commonly, in nests excavated in dead palm trunks. He
tried bringing them back down to their new perch, but aside from eating and
drinking, they flew straight back up to the same fourth-floor
balcony. Since there was no perch up there they made do by standing on the
back of a chair or sometimes on a small table while both continued to stare
at the wall that was too hard for them to build a nest so they could mate.

Sander finally gave up and lugged the perch up to the balcony so his new
bird pets had somewhere to sit comfortably and bowls to eat and drink. "Oh,
this is Bonny and this is Clyde, although I don't know which is which yet."
He giggled suddenly, "Who knows, around here they could be just like us;
you know two Clyde's or two Bonny's," he concluded. Sander then got a
little serious when he finally explained about his dye job, the answer to
Doug's question. "You know I can't help it if I'm blond but personally, I
don't think I'm a dumb blond just because of my hair color and I happen to
know that blonds don't have more fun just because they're blond, as those
two sayings go. Anyway, I tried to switch to brown and that didn't work
either and contrary to popular belief, this blond is NOT an easy lay.

Doug and Buck laughed at that explanation and display of zero self-worth
before they silently agreed to get down to business. Buck was their
spokesman. The boys wanted to return his hair color to his natural blond
color as soon as possible, starting off with a bleach job, and then
allowing the real color to grow in naturally. They grinned at each other as
they silently agreed to help.

Doug excused himself and walked into the bedroom before he disappeared from
there with a thought. When he returned to the balcony two minutes later, he
was carrying a small box labeled, `Platinum Blond' that also displayed a
picture of a cute girl whose hair color matched the label. Sander noticed
something else; Doug reappeared wearing shorts and his shirt, so in two
minutes, Doug managed to dress AND then go somewhere, probably off island,
and find the appropriate hair color!

Doug grinned and admitted that he was fast, which Buck corrected to,
`half-assed'. After the laughter died, Buck suggested that they adjourn to
the bathroom to get the first problem out of the way, or at least get

The boys first held Sander's head under the faucet to get his hair
wet. Then with Sander's eyes closed, Buck opened the bottle of color while
Doug waved a jar of `Stuff' in the air. To perhaps speed the process up,
since Stuff was advertised as `multi-purpose' cream for topical application
while aphrodisiac was only strongly implied.

Buck shrugged, "Can't hurt," he agreed.

"Can't hurt what?" Sander wanted to know.

"Nothing, just keep your eyes closed," Buck admonished.

With that, Sander suddenly felt four hands rubbing his hair and scalp and
something else; just as suddenly he felt the urgent need to get his rocks
off, then and there, no matter the consequences. His hands left his closed
eyes to drop down to his erection, which Buck quickly replaced with his own
hands and then Sander felt those were replaced with a warm, loving, he
thought very experienced mouth. All while two hands remained giving
attention to his forgotten hair.

Doug invoked his other Tara powers to dry and somewhat style Sander's
white-gold hair without doing anything but willing it to be so. It didn't
take long for Stuff to do its wonders on Sander. He ejaculated and of
course Buck swallowed with Doug standing behind Sander to hold him up.

Then it was Buck and Doug's turn, only they took Sander's hands, pulled him
along into the bedroom and then tugged him onto the bed with them. Sander
ended up behind Buck, propped up on his elbow so he could watch the masters
of Dagger Cay, `69' while the busy couple lay on their sides. The last
thing Buck had the presence of mind to do was to take Sander's free hand
and run it up and down along his side before moving it over to Doug's.

Sander was briefly in shock. This was the first time in student gossip
history that a student, except for famous Charlie, was invited to engage in
any form of sex with a member of the supreme aloof `Family', and there he
was, first getting a head job from Buck and then being invited to feel the
august couple up and watch them 69!

He decided that they would realize what they'd done after they finished,
reconsider their actions and toss him over the balcony railing for a
four-story flight to the ground. But before that happened, he would enjoy
every unique moment of the experience. First, he got up to stand on his
knees so he could bend over to see what he was feeling up as his hands went
to work to caress two sets of balls alternately before moving on to the
bases of their cocks to gage diameters by feel and length by using his eyes
to see how much was exposed as the partners punished each other's
mouths. It was all over quickly, too quickly in novice Sander's
estimation. He sighed and moved to get off the bed but Doug caught him by
the ankle.

"And just where do you think you're going bird boy? Bucky Boy enjoyed you,
now, I believe it's my turn," Doug stated wearing a lecherous grin as he
slithered over Buck's body head first, intent on capturing his prize with
his mouth.

That head job was over quickly too, but the partners gave him no chance to
recover just by hauling him to his feet. The three boys didn't realize that
Bonny and Clyde had relocated to a balcony table just outside the open
bedroom door and when the boys had Sander back on his feet he again
presented his shoulders, where except for the lack of food and water, they
considered the ideal friendly human perch who also appreciated their

After the birds settled down, Sander thought to ask, "Where are you taking

"To show you what is officially your bedroom, although our door is rarely
closed so you can visit anytime you feel horny or if you just want to
snuggle," Doug informed.

Buck expanded Doug's invitation, "Of course, if you leave your door open,
you just might get a visit from us. You should also feel free to invite
anyone else to your room at any time and when you do, you can warn us off
by just closing your door," Buck added. Sander laughed at Buck, "Yeah
right. I've already, what you call, warned off all the guys who thought I
was blond, therefore easy. The only guy I wouldn't have warned off just
never tried, because he already has a couple of friends. Friends that are
older than me; either older or closer to his age. While he's a year older
than me, he's in my English Comp and Algebra classes. I know he's a smart
dude so he won't be there very long after he gets graded on his next essay
and Algebra mid-term exam. I think his major problem was before he got
here, he just didn't have the opportunities most of us had," he concluded
wearing a rather morose expression. "Well, we'll just see about that,"
Buck said. "We'll break our cover tonight when we go to dinner with
you. We'll either invite him to sit with us or we'll sit with him if he's
already seated when we get to the dining room." Buck finished by dusting
his hands together to signal that as far as he was concerned, the problem
was solved.

Sander giggled at Buck's optimism and countered, "Who are you kidding?
Every student here keeps an eye on these penthouse balconies and by now
someone has seen you hanging over the rail, so word has already gone out to
the whole student body so if we all know, you can bet all of Black's Cay
knows too. Say, how'd you guys ever get up here without being seen anyway?
No one heard your jet either, come to think of it."

"Would you believe we're very fast?" Doug suggested.

"Right, very fast, it is, if you say so," Sander answered with a snicker.

"Okay, back on subject. Well, you'll be alone here most of the time since
you have to take care of the birds and their babies when they hatch. One of
the guys that takes care of the aviary told me that if two hatch, that one
always seems to be superior and gets all the food while the other starves
to death, so if there's two, you'll probably have to hand feed and mother
one of them. You have a month before anything hatches after the eggs are
laid, so you'll have plenty of time to do the research on the web," Buck
said or perhaps, warned Sander about his future bird parent

"But first we have to build something for them to nest in," Doug
interjected into the conversation, "We'll have to get Ace involved unless
one of you know carpentry or are a mason", he said and rolled his eyes
toward Buck and waited.

Sander shook his head and shrugged his innocence, while Buck giggled,
punched Doug in the side, then he explained to Sander as if Doug wasn't
there. "This asshole was just jabbing me because we have a carpenter, a
mason, a plumber and an electrician on staff at home, or at least my mother
does," he admitted with a red face and to Doug's annoying howls of laughter
as he leaned out of range of Buck's fist.

"Okay, enough fun, I'll get Ace up here so he can see the scope of work,"
Doug said and picked up the house phone. He carefully ignored Buck when
Buck looked at him strangely. Buck knew that Tara Doug the Builder could
build the bird nest in seconds since he knew what was required. Then when
Doug was talking to Ace, he zipped Buck a mind-speak to say he wanted
Sander and Ace to become friendly so Ace and his boys would become
interested in the birds and would give him any help Sander needed when he
and Buck weren't there, which was most of the time.

"Oh, now I understand," Buck made the mistake of saying out loud. Then when
he saw Sander looking between he and Doug wearing a strange expression, he
blurted the truth, "We're both telepaths, sorry if we freak you out but one
of us is normal the rest of the time." He pointed at his chest but already
getting out of Doug's range. Well, almost.

Doug took Buck down to the carpet and they began to sort of wrestle. Sort
of, because they were laughing too hard to try for pins but were just
having fun with only Sander and the birds looking on as if they were both
nuts. The mock battle ended when there was a knock on the door.

Ace and two other guys walked in. Check that, Anton was hiding behind his
father's legs. It took all of two seconds to get little Anton out of his
shy mode. Buck grabbed Anton and tossed him to Doug who had him screaming
and laughing to stop the tickle torture but didn't try to escape Doug's

"Is the good ship Catamaran Claw all shipshape and ready to sail?" Doug
asked playfully. Anton looked to his father Ace, to answer but Ace just
nodded, meaning that Anton should give his report.

Anton had little to say, except one green light went out, it wasn't amber
or red either, it just wasn't lit at all so he got the electrician to
replace the bulb. "Then when I felt Doug and Buck's arrival that morning
(that tidbit caused the guys to blink in surprise), I did a complete stem
to stern inspection and found two dock lines with eye splices that could
have been done better so I got the dock master to do them over even though
there are only a few docks in all of the Bahamas where Claw could ever tie
up to," the little boy, far more mature than normal five-year old reported.

"Then when I knew you were here I got old Daddy in gear enough to get him,
Claw, stocked up with food and stuff for a whole week." Anton switched
gears after concluding his formal report, "Is Great Cat Freckles here?" He
asked while looking into the bedroom, while dodging his laughing father's
hands and absently patting his head. Apparently Bonny and Clyde took that
as an invitation to leave Sander's shoulders and flap their way to Anton's,
screaming all the way. Since Anton's shoulders were more narrow they had
the sit closer to the little boy's head so his face all but disappeared in
bright yellow breast feathers as the birds began kissing his ears and
grooming his hair while continuing to scream.

"Will you two shut up, you're hurting my ears!" Anton just proved that he
could scream as loud as the birds.

The birds continued grooming but they did it quietly with just an
occasional protest squawk. Then in the relative silence one clearly said,

To which the other responded, "YOU BIRD BRAIN!"

To which Sander protested, "I did not teach them to say the `f' word!" He
was attempting to head off being reported for saying THAT word, to the
school's Commander Curt. Then to get the birds away from Buck and Doug, he
asked the room, "Is any one hungry?" The birds knew hungry, meant food,
"Feed Clyde," one said in a normal bird voice.

"Feed Bonny. Bonny is hungry," the other agreed.

Sander pointed out to the terrace without saying anything else and both
flew out to their perch. "And this time try not to make a mess!" he called
after them with a giggle even as nut shells, one shit each and torn fruit
pieces began to rain down on the tiles. "Did you hear me?"

"No mess," the two birds agreed almost together even though the `rain' of
debris continued.

"Is Freckles or one of the other Great Cats coming?" Anton asked again in a
slightly different way.

Just then, Peter, Edvard and the five Numbers appeared somewhat behind
Anton so he didn't see them at first. The Numbers in their `bloodhound
mode', had tracked Doug and Buck to Dagger Cay so while they knew where the
boys were, they did not know what Dagger Cay was and Peter would only tell
them they would have plenty of young white warriors to play with as soon as
they arrived, before he put up his shield so they couldn't get any more
information. With that the Numbers took off to follow behind Tara Peter and
Edvard for the relocation.

The five Numbers went into a crouch with their tails swishing
violently. They were ready to pounce on the single little white warrior as
soon as he noticed them. During the rough and tumble, each chose a body
area to concentrate on. To kiss his open mouth, lick his face and body,
tickle him or best of all, get his diminutive coupler to stand tall and
proud whether the warrior wanted to or not; they would let paste from the
tongue bath do its work. It always worked wonders on Tara Squeak and
Hughie, his mate who always allowed them to stay and watch who encouraged
them to `help' by using their tails in those `secret places' and sending
them real time images and feelings of other Family members in action
particularly Pettie, Hughie's older brother.

When Anton saw golden fur neatly spotted with round darker patches from the
corner of his eye, he surprised the Numbers by facing them, crouching down
with his hands raised in welcome or defense, while grinning from ear to
ear. It was obvious that this little warrior had played rough and tumble
before. A quick mind touch confirmed it; he'd played with Freckles and Spot
and he was eager to play with five big kittens since they were closer to
the same size, although the match would be five against one, unless they
could get one of the older warriors involved, Tara or a mate, it didn't

"Damn, there goes the neighborhood! Let's throw them out!" Doug challenged
and with Buck at his side, they stepped up to join Anton. The battle was
soon fully engaged when Peter and Edvard began to help their Cat friends,
not the other white warriors. When Doug invited Ace and the two craftsmen
to join, the older men beat feet out into the hallway, so they wouldn't be
tackled, but they left the door open so they could watch.

Ace was quickly taken down by the Cats with Buck and Doug's laughing
help. That left a single white warrior standing; Sander, who didn't know he
was a warrior and who looked comatose at witnessing two teenagers and no
less than five huge wild cats that suddenly appeared as if by magic.

Sander had heard all the stories about Great Cats and their unique
abilities and antics even with fellow Cadets, but he thought the stories
were all elaborate bullshit made up to intimidate or impress wide eyed
newbies just like him. Suddenly, there they were, five of them and they
were not only wrestling with guys, they were also able to talk.

It was then that Sander found himself in the midst of the pile and being
groped by both human hands but by Cat tails and being licked in places that
he'd previously only wished someone would lick. Then he had his ultimate
secret desire fulfilled; a cock had entered his virgin butt. When he raised
his head to see which guy was providing the service. He was shocked to see
one Cat, he somehow recognized as Great Cat Number Three stretched out on
his chest and the cock was not a cock as he thought, it was Number Three's
tail. He felt it wiggling delightfully as his body felt the beginning of an
unquenchable lust for the real thing.

Bonny and Clyde suddenly set up such a raucous clatter they brought the
rough and tumble to an end. Number Two had the presence of mind to touch
the bird's minds and report the reason they were so upset. Haltingly, he
said, "Fly things, birds, want babies, not to play. These Cats help," he
added. The four other Numbers agreed with nods before they looked at Tara
Doug, The Builder, and waited. "You are so busted," Buck told Doug with a
grin, "You may as well come clean and get it done."

Doug sighed and pulled Sander and Ace to their feet and invited the mason
and carpenter back into the room. He already knew Sander did his research
on proper nesting boxes and what he envisioned would be acceptable to the
birds that would be attached to the terrace wall and he went to work there
while he explained his new powers and abilities to Sander, Ace and the two
craftsmen in the lounge where they couldn't see what was taking shape just
outside on the wall.

He began by explaining something about the Ancients who came to earth from
somewhere else and those beings with very great powers, brought along
assistants; the Great Cats and a race of special humans known as the Cat
People. Then something happened and the Ancients left but they also left
some Great Cats and some of the Cat People behind to be ready for their
return to earth in some way or form in the future.

Strangely, the Numbers didn't tackle Sander as they normally would a
stranger. Instead, Sander sat down on the carpet and the Numbers vied with
each other to rub their bodies on his and kiss him affectionately and
stranger still, Sander kissed them back!

It was obvious that the Numbers were growing rapidly. They had already lost
most of their `baby fat', their fuzzy fur and had taken on the lines of
small yet mature Jaguars. To gage their growth, all of them happily took
turns weighing themselves on human bathroom scales, although they had
reached the stage where their big paws could barely fit without covering up
the digital numbers and they had to stand with their front paws standing on
their hind paws to accomplish that. Their minds were also beginning to
mature evidenced by when Number One was caught by the other four `tickling'
the scale electronics while they watched, so he suddenly weighed in at 150
pounds while they averaged 60 pounds.

Doug blushed a little then before he admitted that it seemed that the
Ancients were returning slowly by being reincarnated in Cat People and
humans who were otherwise, just regular guys.

Doug paused and looked up at the ceiling. He grinned and looked down at the
Numbers. "These little guys are," he pointed at each in turn and introduced
them by name accurately, which caused all five chests to swell with pride
that Tara Doug could tell them apart. "These little guys are considered
kittens who are just learning about their powers and the outside world
while the next two are classed as teenagers," he said for Sander's benefit
since he alone hadn't seen Freckles and Spot before.

Then he looked at the ceiling again, "Okay, show yourselves, just try not
to scare the new guy to death," he warned, he was sure futilely. "These two
Great Cats take great pride in scaring people they haven't met before," he
warned with a laugh.

With that said Freckles and Spot pranced into the lounge from the
bedroom. Freckles went directly to Anton and soon had him laughing and
screaming his delight at being whipped and thrown around the room only to
be caught again by Freckles' tail. While Freckles was busy molesting Anton,
Spot zeroed in on the only new guy; Sander.

Sander's emotions went from shock and fear of the huge toothy Great Cat,
very aptly named he thought, to real laughter and even fighting the
prehensile tail back as he was tickled and molested with impunity, but with
more respect than they ever showed Family members. "Okay, enough Freckles
and Spot, put your toys back on their feet. Some of you haven't met our
largest size Great Cat. Show yourself Leader." Doug again shouted at the

Leader walked, not pranced from the boy's bedroom, only he wasn't
alone. Fang followed Leader and the spacious lounge suddenly became
crowded. With two adult Cats present, Freckles, Spot and the five Numbers
promptly abased themselves by lowering their heads to the floor between
their stretched out front legs. The boys were looking at the new
Leader. One who had turned from a forgetful rack of bones with splotchy
fur, into a magnificent Great Cat. He'd filled out completely and his pelt
was radiant. Even his tail seemed thicker and longer if that was
possible. In short, he had turned into exactly what he was; a walking,
talking killing machine restored, and the most powerful Great Cat mentally
since he alone had ever walked with and talked with the Ancients and just
like the elephants; he never really forgot anything.

Leader and Fang walked directly to Sander and both greeted him formally
after sitting down. They had to pick him up to their head heights for their
greetings, but everyone noticed that they lifted him with their tails under
his arms, not around his neck as all Great Cats were fond of doing with two
legs, including all the other boys in the room.

The two Great Cats together, filled Sander's mind with images of animals
and birds. Leader even contributed some who became extinct during the Ice
Age. All that they knew of, their lifecycles from conception to death,
their ranges and even their most desired foods. Sander absorbed every
tidbit of knowledge. Then he suddenly thought about the birds, his birds,
Bonny and Clyde.

The pair of blue and gold macaws were no longer sitting on the table
looking into the room and screaming at the humans to provide them with a
proper nest. They were still screaming but more distantly and then closer
as if they were flying and then silence, blessed silence unless you were
another macaw.

Sander rushed out to the balcony and through huge eyes, spied the reason;
there was a nesting box attached to the masonry wall that was so cleverly
built and camouflaged, at first glance, it appeared to be part of the
wall. The nesting box was only marred by one eight-inch round hole with a
built-in perch just below the hole. That perch was currently occupied by
Clyde who held a beak full of brown palm fuzz that grew out at the base of
each new frond.

While Bonny could not be seen, she could certainly be heard from inside the
nest, scolding Clyde for taking so long to bring her satisfactory building
materials to complete the actual nest inside the box. Then Bonny's head
appeared briefly, only long enough to snatch the fuzz from Clyde.

"BITCH!" Clyde clearly said as he flew away to get more palm fuzz.

Sander went on the defensive, "Now I certainly didn't teach him that word
and I couldn't have taught him when to use it," he stated and giggled
thinking about the wife-husband squabble. He sat down to watch his birds
intently because he knew that Bonny and Clyde had already mated and she
wanted her nest completed quickly because eggs were forming in her body and
they needed to be deposited in the nest as soon as possible. So, in 28 to
30 days, Clyde and Sander would become fathers.

"Now you know the rest of the story," Doug said softly in Sander's ear. I
am called Tara Douglas the Builder because I can build things just by
thinking about it." Sander didn't notice when Doug placed one of those
priceless emeralds around his neck and vaguely recalled Doug telling him
that the Great Cats had declared him to be, Tara Sander, the Lord of

Sander only waited for Clyde to return with another load of palm fuzz,
which he took inside the nesting box. Then when he didn't reappear, Sander
declared the nest complete. With that, he rushed off to his only class that
day after Doug told him to use the elevator, not the back stairs that he
had been using to get up and down to the fourth-floor penthouse suite since
he just became the only fulltime resident of the boy's unique `home away
from home', the former resort hotel.

Doug's first order of business was to investigate the beautiful island
schooner that someone had restored. Before steam powered or internal
combustion engines, schooners were used as freighters that regularly
delivered goods and mail to the many inhabited islands or Cays that
comprised the island nation. In this day and age, such large wooden
sailboats were rare due to the expense of restoring one, and then their
intensive maintenance and lastly paying a crew necessary to sail one.

When Doug and Buck got to the dock, it was as Sander predicted, everyone
knew that the owners were visiting and based on overheard conversations,
the residents already knew, or were being informed about the boy's strange
new powers. It was clear that the resident gossip grapevine was in full
operation, compliments of Ace and his two workmen who couldn't have gotten
to the dock much before a few minutes before them.

As luck would have it, six boys who comprised one sailing class were being
ferried out to the mystery schooner. Doug and Buck began to grin when they
heard the instructor's name was none other than Capitan and owner, Nigel
Winston, the former captain of the 100 foot motor yacht Oasis, who awaited
his class on board his schooner. The boys began to laugh when they saw that
one of the class members was Sander who was grinning back at them

It was clear that Sander didn't know how to act when he and the owners of
Dagger Cay, two guys who had given him his first and second head jobs ever,
were together, out among other student Cadets at the school. Buck erased
the problem by grabbing Doug's arm and introducing themselves to the
students on the launch. When they got to Sander, they gave him a hug in
addition to handshakes and fist bumps before Doug told everyone that Sander
and a mated pair of macaws who had set up housekeeping on their quarter's
balcony, so Sander just became their new roommate until the birds decided
to move on to another perch (an unlikely move). After introductions, one
brave student asked about where the Great Cats they'd seen on the balcony,
had gotten to. Doug and Buck grinned and pointed forward to the schooner.

There were Freckles and Spot busy on the fore deck teaching the five
Numbers to dive, then either chase fish or to retrieve barely moving
conch. Apparently, the big Cats had already told the Numbers that the
animals inside the shells were delicious to eat, especially when made into
something called `fritters' but only if they could collect enough. As the
sailing class, Doug and Buck boarded, Nigel was also busy telling the Cats
that there was to be no conch cleaning on his boat because if the mess of
flying shell bits and guts cleaning conch made. In response, Freckles began
cleaning each conch as it came aboard while Spot made short work of the
pile already on the deck.

The animal popped out and instantly, Freckles sent all the mess to
nothingness so the only thing remaining on the deck was the desirable white
muscle and the empty shells. Then Sander asked if his sailing class could
have the shells after the Cats cleaned them. These shells were particularly
desirable because they had no holes in the shells that humans made to get
the animals out normally. While students no longer lived in the cottages
and lined their walkways with them, they still collected the nicest to line
their windowsills or use in their quarters as decorations.

These particular shells were even more valuable because not only did they
not have holes, they were also pristinely clean, the Cats having willed all
foreign matter away and they came from the lagoon, an area that had been
declared a marine sanctuary so the area couldn't be over-fished. Of course,
the Great Cats worked their magic on the shells exactly the way they
treated gemstones so all the boys decided they would keep one inside their
rooms as a bit of ornamentation or perhaps as lamp bases or even
nightlights if they put a small bulb inside the shell.

After things calmed down and the class was set to work washing down the
hull using a big inflatable, Captain Nigel told Doug and Buck that he'd
talked to Commander Curt the first time he set foot on Dagger Cay and Curt
had agreed to set Nigel up as the Academy Sailing Instructor as soon as
Nigel found a suitable boat.

The result was the 100-foot schooner they were sitting on that he
christened, `Gone with the Wind' and the brand new wooden replica tender
that hung on stern davits as `Scarlet' recreated in a Nassau boat
works. The boat had been painstakingly restored over the course of two
years, during which time, the owner went bankrupt and couldn't pay the
final bill. The beautiful craft sat on land in a cradle for another year
because while there was a lot of interest, there were no potential buyers
that were interested in paying for the maintenance of a wooden boat that
large and a full-time crew.

Buck assured Nigel that the Marine Academy would pay for every expense Gone
with the Wind incurred as long as he was used in a sailing program. By
then, Nigel was more used to calling boats and planes around the Family of
boys, `he' or `him', which even the Cadets used regularly, instead of the
traditional `she' or `her'.

Nigel then explained to his new employers that while `Wind' appeared to be
restored to his late 1800s grandeur, he was actually a modern boat below
deck. He started the tour by pointing up to the radar ball and antenna on
the top of the tall wooden mainmast, then he took them below to the modern
interior starting with the galley that was right at the foot of the entry

There, Nigel turned a bit red faced as he introduced his first mate,
Rutland, Rut for short. By then Nigel was also nude and completely to
others also being used to nudity, of course including both his and his
single crewman and all of the cadets except for their blue neck
kerchiefs. Rut made his position very clear when he surrounded Nigel's neck
with his arm and hugged him to his side which caused Nigel to turn even
more red faced. Rut had been below preparing lunch, or luncheon, in proper
British terms for them and the cadets and both ship's officers continued
the below decks tour while at least holding hands.

Rut admitted along the way that he had been a crew member on a sailing
yacht that was participating in an around the world race with a planned two
day stop in Nassau. Then the night before departure, he visited a local pub
and woke up at 10 the next morning sleeping under a tree near the
pub. Unfortunately, his yacht had resumed the race at seven, so Rut was
left behind; he was beached, and looking for any berth, but preferably a
sailing yacht.

Nigel found Rut's name on a marina bulletin board and just knew from his
name that any parent who tagged a son with a name like Rutland just had to
be from the British Isles. Nigel found Rut living in a cheap rented room,
liked `the cut of his jib', and the bulge in his too tight shorts also had
possibilities. Rut was promptly invited below Wind's decks to view the
accommodations available after professionally checking out the condition of
the old restored sailing yacht.

After looking into the three staterooms made from what once was the ships'
hold, Rut chose the master stateroom or Captain's quarters with a grin and
raised eyebrow at Nigel as a challenge to see if he was gay and confirm
Nigel's interest in a 25-year old's athletic sailor's body. Before sunup
the next morning, the brand-new partners got all the supplies they'd need
on board, and the ship ready in shipshape condition before they cast off
from the rented mooring for the trip from Nassau to Dagger Cay.

Once back in the spacious cockpit and the Cadet crew were just about
finished cleaning the already clean hull, Nigel said that they had planned
a day sail but when he saw Buck and Doug on the tender with the cadets, he
switched gears and now really had nothing for them to do that wasn't more
non-productive make-work while he wanted to keep the boys excited and
interested in sailing.

That's when Doug looked at his watch and snapped his fingers before he
pointed at Claw, bobbing peacefully on his nearby mooring. "Why don't we
day sail Claw the rest of the day? Then after you and Rut check him out,
you can incorporate him into your sailing program when we aren't here,
which unfortunately is almost always. He's already stocked with food for a
week, so Lord help us, we even have enough food to feed the Cats dinner, if
they want to go that is," he shut his mouth, closed his eyes and waited all
of one second before he was inundated by five kiddie Cats who were all
eager to go sailing with Tara Doug for the first time ever.

It was obvious that Peter had been monitoring his five Cat friends'
activities because that's when he and Edvard suddenly appeared to be
sitting next to Buck. Then suddenly Kad and Sidi were calling them from
Claw's twin bows to hurry aboard so they could depart. They were quickly
displaced by Freckles and Spot who pitched the Cat warriors, screaming and
laughing, into the water.

"That's for taking our places, brave warriors!" The twin Cats shouted to
the empty water as the two warriors relocated to sit on the spreaders near
the top of Claw's mast, still laughing, but this time down on the twins far
below them.

Nigel and Rut agreed at once since neither had been out on a catamaran
yacht before, plus they had no idea how to work the sails without looking
like idiots. They said the first problem was transporting everyone from
Wind to Claw, unless they took both the inflatable and Scarlet, that would
have to be launched from his davits which would take more time.

"No problem," Buck declared, "Doug and I will relocate everyone. Everyone
on both islands knows the Cats have unusual powers and now they're finding
out that we do too, so grab your hat, sunglasses and asses because ready or
not here we go!" He began to snap his fingers and finished the snap with he
and everyone standing on the spacious fly bridge deck and looking around.

"I wish I could learn to do that, then I'd never be late for classes,"
Sander mused.

Doug whispered in Sander's ear, "Try wishing by thinking your body standing
behind Freckles on his bow before moving your wish over to Spot."

No one was more surprised when Sander found his body laying against
Freckles' back and hugging the shocked Great Cat with his arms. Freckles in
turn began using his tail to rub Sander's bare back before he was suddenly
rubbing the air where the boy's back was a moment ago.

Sander called over to Freckles to make him aware that he'd moved over to
Spot's back before Doug called him mentally to return to the fly bridge,
for his first flight debriefing.

Sander replied "Okay," with a silent giggle, but first he wanted to see if
he could scare Kad or Sidi. From a distance, he couldn't tell them apart
although they were both still sitting up on the spreaders, swinging their
feet and not holding on to anything. The result of that little prank almost
caused Sidi to jump or fall in fright from his lofty wind swept perch when
he suddenly sensed Sander sitting beside him.

"SORRY!" Sander called up to Sidi from the fly bridge through cupped hands
two seconds later although he wasn't quick enough to lower his hands before
he also relayed his laughter to negate his apology. Although, Sidi gave him
both his middle fingers before he burst out laughing, which promised a
prank in return at some future time.

"As you get to know them better, you'll find out just how difficult it is
to scare the shit out of a Cat warrior," Doug commented to Sander while he
began flipping switches in a specific order, slowly for Nigel and Rut's

Nigel watched like a Hawk, but Rut not only watched, he took notes so in
the future he and Nigel could reproduce Doug's actions without error if
they were ever to sail Claw alone with innocent Cadets on board as
well. And Doug said the monster catamaran was designed to be sailed by one
person. It was obvious that he could do it because he was doing it.

One switch turned on the twin engines after the blower cycle turned
off. The next engaged the autopilot for casting off the mooring line and
the next engaged the jet drives so the autopilot could commence its work of
steering forward precisely always exactly downwind from the short mooring
mast. Then after the pressure on the line eased enough, the painted red
claw with white teeth opened, the mooring dropped into the water and the
giant catamaran was free and under power that was controlled by whoever was
at the wheel. It was all so simple, a child could do it, or in this the
case, a laughing, adventurous teenage yacht owner!

Doug conned the cat through the pinchers manually using the ships' wheel,
not the alternate joystick. It was then that the sailing instructors
noticed that Doug was gloriously hard and so was his first mate Buck. Buck
looked huge considering his height and from a distance he looked 12. Except
closer, his maturing musculature, revealed that he looked more his true
age, almost 16, a year younger than Doug.

Their age difference was still a playful bone of contention between Buck
and Doug. Doug would get his driver's license first. Buck insisted that he
wouldn't ride with a maniac driver and Doug always countered that Buck
would be forced to. Only while Doug drove, Buck would be seat belted into a
kiddie car seat. Of course, in the backseat, well out of harms reach by the
airbag if they should be deployed through no fault of Doug's!

In the here and now, after Doug drove Claw through the cut into deep water,
the sailing instructors and the six Cadets watched and marveled at how
easily he lowered the centerboards and deployed the sails, all with the
touch of a few buttons. The last thing he did that made Claw into a
sailboat, was shut down the twin engines that powered the jet drives.

Before Doug turned over the wheel to Captain Nigel, he demonstrated how to
turn on the autopilot, and then immediately turn it off again before he
stepped away from the wheel so the first sailing class could begin. That
would be a class sailing an ultra-modern sailboat that was all done from a
command and control station, either one of two on Claw. The second position
was below and forward in the salon to be used in the event of foul weather,
but today the weather was glorious so only the twin controls and wheels,
port and starboard, on the fly bridge would be used.

Nigel was about to demonstrate the use of how the different headsails could
be used but one Cadet asked how fast Claw could go and when all the
students nodded and looked hopeful and even Doug grinned and nodded, Nigel
changed his impromptu course plan. The first lessen would deal with Claw's
maximum speed that he could move on an ideal course using that day's,
steady 15 knot wind.

When Nigel slowly fell off the wind, everyone felt Claw pick up speed until
Claw actually heeled, although not all the way out of the water. Still,
Claw was moving at a brisk 20 miles an hour, according to the
instruments. To keep the Cadet's interest at peak levels, he gave each one
a turn at the wheel and had nothing to say when the first attempted to gain
more speed by adjusting the sails, so all the others also experimented.

Super quiet Sander was the last Cadet to have a turn. Everyone was totally
surprised when he not only adjusted the sails, he changed course to sail
still further off the wind and Claw immediately responded by picking up an
additional five miles per hour, according to the digital readout.

Suddenly, Sander looked all around the horizon and then thumped his head
with the palm of his hand. Whatever happened, Doug and Buck felt it too
when they walked to stand at Sander's sides. Doug was grinning when he
asked, "Did you get a message?"

"I guess, I think I'm going nuts. Something in the water is sending a
picture of Claw with the moon behind it. Did you guys see it too?"

"Look back at the boarding platforms at the stern, picture them and hold
it. Buck and I will do the same thing, then we'll see what happens." Doug
instructed but didn't have time to explain his reasons.

Doug was first to see splashes in the gentle deep water swells. When he
pointed them out to Sander and the other Cadets, a large pod of dolphin all
broke water right along both of Claw's sides and all of them were
chattering a welcome for as long as their heads were above water.

Doug seemed to be concentrating on one in particular. Then he put his hand
on Sander's shoulder and suddenly he was included in the boy/dolphin
conversation. Sander didn't understand it all, but he thought the dolphin
were offering to give `swimmers' rides if the swimmers went to a specific

"Do you guys want to swim with these dolphins?" Doug asked as if he didn't
already know the answer. Class was suspended when Doug took the wheel amid
much cheering from the boys and even from Nigel and Rut. He was offering
the chance of a lifetime. Swimming with wild dolphin was rare and only
really occurred after the humans involved got individual dolphin somewhat
trained to allow human touch so they were in fact semi-domesticated.

The pod disappeared after Doug got Sander to agree by sending an image of a
cove that Doug supplied. Doug explained after Buck took the other Cadets
below to get a small anchor out and ready its line by attaching it to one
of Claw's bows. "Many of the pod will give rides to us swimmers; they call
us swimmers sarcastically, because we're so bad at it, at least the way
they do it. Anyway, most allow a swimmer to hold on to their dorsal fin to
be towed around until they get bored and sink out of reach. But there are
four who take just a few of us for rides by straddling their beaks and
hooking our feet on their dorsal fins. If you want to try that I'll
introduce you, but fair warning; if you ride that way, your dolphin will
get you off before he brings you back to the boat."

"Yeah," Sander enthused, "I'll try that, but you know I hadn't planned to
be away so long and I wonder if Bonny is doing alright." Doug shrugged,
"You could always ask her by thinking the question directed at
her. Remember you are now Tara, Lord of Creatures. I think that's how you
picked up on Rocket the dolphin checking to see if any swimmers like me and
Buck were on board Claw. They want to really play with us tonight on Claw,
after moonrise."

Doug whispered a last comment as the boys and instructors were returning,
"I'll explain about that later in private, after we get back to land." Then
in a normal voice he asked, "Did you call Bonny yet?"

Sander felt foolish trying to talk with a bird, who was miles away, but
Doug was watching him and waiting to hear some results. "Friend?" Bonny
returned initially to Sander's question about her health and well-being.

"Yes, Friend," Sander returned, he hoped also to convey his image and the
feeling of love in his tone of mental voice. By way of answering, Bonny
stood up and backed away from where she was sitting before she cocked her
head sideways and looked down. Sander got just a glimpse of an egg laying
among some yellow feathers she'd plucked from her breast before she covered
it with her body once again.

"That's wonderful Bonny!" Sander sent.

"Another soon!" Bonny replied proudly with excitement in her mental
voice. She was excited because this was her first ever mating. "Where is
Clyde?" Sander wanted to know.

By way of answering, Bonny looked across the nesting box and there was
Clyde, sitting in the opposite corner. Since Doug the Builder was outted
and he caused the nesting box to appear, he knew only that sometimes the
beautiful male birds would join their mates inside the nesting area. He
didn't want to risk Clyde stepping on the chick or chicks so, he made the
nest three-foot square instead of the recommended range of smaller
sizes. He guessed the smaller sizes were perhaps the desire to save on
materials and Doug was definitely not an economy minded builder.

"Food now?" Sander clearly heard Clyde ask Bonny.

"Soon, egg first," Bonny answered.

Sander couldn't help jumping for joy, first because he could talk with his
birds, and second, he could hear the birds talking with each other. Then he
found he could also mentally talk to a dolphin or dolphins just like Doug.

But first they had to get to the cove, get into the cove and anchor. Doug
took the wheel again for that brief journey. The entrance was wide for the
small catamaran's they'd used before but tiny for big Claw to squeeze
through under power, not sails.

After anchoring and with the dolphins chattering and thumping the hulls,
Doug once again gave his speech about dolphin, not human, safety and
abuse. "So, if the one you're riding wants you to let him go, you best let
him go. You better believe I will hear any complaints and the guilty party
will find himself on a one-way chopper trip back to wherever you were
found, IF you don't fall out of the chopper before you get there," he
concluded the warning.

Nigel was first in line to get into the water, with the five cadets next
and Rut was once again last in line. Doug impulsively held Rut back to
watch the dolphin pick out riders from the group. While they watched, Doug
explained the alternate way of riding, including the dolphin that chose
him, getting him off before returning him to the boat. Rut just grinned and
nodded his instant agreement with the proposal and the others noticed that
he even `plumped up' just thinking about the unique adventure.

That's when Buck snapped his fingers, "Swim goggles, we need swim goggles,"
he reminded Doug before he ran somewhere to get four pairs. With goggles in
place, the four dropped into the water on the side opposite where Nigel and
the Cadets were frolicking and getting rides.

At first the two newbies, Sander and Rut, didn't see the point of swimming
aimlessly where there were no dolphins until four zoomed out from under the
twin hulls and surfaced, waiting with just their heads above water, to be
introduced to the newbies and to greet Doug and Buck as if they were long
lost relatives. Relatives, or former lovers.

Of course, Rocket chose Doug and Comet picked Buck while the other two, as
yet un-named dolphins picked Rut and Sander. "Woah!" Sander exclaimed from
above water and then absently switched to mind-speak after his dolphin
ducked him and began to inspect his privates, "From now on, I'm calling you
Nosey," he broad beamed joyously, "It took you all of a second to get me
hard, and now you're trying to get your nose in my ass. But, so far that
all feels pretty good!"

Sander went quiet for a while. Doug and Buck waited for the new
interspecies relationship to be completed. Finally, Sander said using
mind-speak experimentally, "Hey guys, can't you hear me underwater?"

"Yup, loud and clear," Buck answered.

"I'm getting images of what Nosey wants to do with me tonight. Can that be
right? Can a guy and a dolphin get, um, together like that?"

Doug answered promptly, "If he's sending, then that's exactly the plan, in
the Dagger lagoon, right after moonrise, to all four of us, if Rut wants to
play too," he qualified. He and Buck would have to have a chat with Rut as
soon as they got back on land. "Can Rut hear us talking like this?"

"Nope, but anyone wearing an emerald can easily, from anywhere they are,"
Doug giggled, "Like all mind-speakers like us, heard everything you said so
far using mind-speak and will until you learn to block or just direct your
thoughts to some individual."

"Oh shit," Sander was clearly embarrassed.

"Yes shit, but not to worry, we'll just have more company on Claw tonight,
and we'll have to take turns. That is, we will if you want to play with
Nosey tonight."

"Are you kidding? Hell yeah!" Sander all but screamed as he got mounted on
Nosey's nose, per dolphin instructions.

The other Cadets and Nigel didn't know that the group was four guys short
until they were seen rocketing out of the tiny lagoon aboard four dolphins,
all laughing and screaming their delight in experiencing the ride of a
lifetime. It seemed the dolphin were playing follow the leader and with
experienced Doug and Rocket in the lead, the three smaller dolphins held
mini-contests along the way. Like when Rocket took Doug on a 20-foot-high
leap, that they knew they couldn't match; the one out of three who leaped
highest was declared the winner.

Once, Doug suggested that Rocket introduce Sander and Rut to plowing sea
grass before the water got too deep. Rocket set Doug up with a mighty leap
before he took Doug straight to the bottom almost head first. Then just as
Doug thought he was going to die, Rocket leveled off to push Doug's head
through the grass including four to six inches into the mucky bottom below
the grass. Rocket only deviated from a straight course to swerve to avoid a
conch or other bigger mollusks who crept along eating the grass as they
went. Of course, Rocket knew when Doug needed to breathe, even though he
didn't, and he once again zoomed up the surface before taking him back down
to the bottom to do some more plowing. Doug didn't have to look back to see
how Sander was doing. Sander was blasting the small world of mind-speakers
with his joy of being pushed head first through the muck and not
incidentally, the feel of his erection and sensitive little head being
dragged through the muck wherever his big head went first.

It was Nosey who sent Sander a suggestion using the image of holding his
arms straight out and using his flat hands as dive planes exactly as Doug
and Buck were doing. Then when he barely lifted his fingers, Nosey answered
by taking Sander up to the surface for his own mighty leap. What Sander
didn't see, was that the adults without babies in the pod were swimming
along with he and Nosey and leaping whenever he and Nosey leapt into the
sky at the same time.

The wild ride ended suddenly at some place in the water that Rocket judged
as far enough from the cove for it and Claw's mast to be barely
visible. Just as suddenly, the five Cadets and Nigel found themselves
treading water without any dolphin. All they could see was mighty leaps in
the air by the pod that abandoned them for some reason.

The reason was Sander, the members of the pod wanted to pay homage to the
Lord of Creatures in their own way. They vied with each other to rub their
bodies on Sander's and then back off with their heads mostly above water
and chatter. By the time the unattached adults did their duty, the mothers
with babies had caught up to begin the process all over again.

This time Sander paid particular attention to the babies as he hugged each
in turn and complemented them individually; as beautiful females or
handsome males before he released them. As Doug watched, he wondered how
Sander knew the difference between near infant dolphin males and females,
but apparently, he did.

The last to show Sander affection was Momma. Sander held her against his
body longer than any of the others. It was just long enough for her to tell
him some of her interaction with `swimmers' from when she was shot with a
spear gun, saved and how she paid off her debt by teaching a crippled
Charlie Garcia, to swim properly, the dolphin way, and lastly, how she
taught Charlie how to couple. Momma was very graphic and promised him that
she would teach Sander to couple that very night after he got done coupling
with Nosey! Sander thought his ears were burning off when he asked, "Tell
me that kind of coupling is possible?"

"If us males can do it together and Momma promised you a more normal couple
with her, then she'll just kidnap you to the beach to go at it until you
are totally fucked out and your mind is nearly fucked up," Doug informed
between his giggles. He added, "Don't worry, by morning you should be able
to crawl up to your room. By then, your only problem will be to reach the
fourth-floor elevator button while lying on the floor!"

When Doug saw Sander's hand begin to stroke himself, he ordered Nosey to
take Sander for a ride and make him come two times before reaching
Claw. "Two?" Sander croaked as Nosey removed choice and took off before the
others, to perhaps get and keep the advantage over Rocket and Doug in the
frantic surface race.

Whether or not the Rocket-Doug team threw the race or not remained an
unanswered question, but the Nosey-Sander team won by a `nose'. As the four
dolphins dropped their rides among the Cadets and Nigel. Doug shouted to
Sander as the newbie climbed the boarding ladder, "Was it two?"

Sander didn't answer verbally or by using mind-speak, he just waved two
limp fingers over his head as he disappeared to find the nearest lounge
chair, lay down, cross his arms over his chest and appear to go comatose or
dead from his exertions. He dozed off while watching Bonny and Clyde's
antics in their nesting box.

Bonny seemed reluctant to leave her nest for any reason, even food, until
finally Clyde just pushed her away and promptly took her place after
looking down at two eggs to be sure he was covering them properly according
to Bonny's detailed instructions just like any mother-to-be.

Bonny first took flight, once around the building to take a quick
dump. Then she landed on her end of the perch and began eating as if she
was pregnant. She got a big drink and took off again, but this time just
around the balcony until once again, she took another dump. All the while,
she kept up a constant stream of macaw chatter, that was apparently
directed at Clyde. If Clyde didn't answer promptly or to her satisfaction,
she raised her voice even louder and repeated her words.

With her needs fulfilled, Bonny landed on the outside nest perch and in the
next instant, she was inside and pushing Clyde off the nest. But, before
she settled down on the eggs, she used one clawed foot to carefully turn
each egg just so. Satisfied, she settled over the eggs with a final ruffle
of her feathers before she took a long nap.

Two things woke Sander up; the first was the odor of grilling meat and the
second was several Great Cat tongues who were busy painting him blue with
paste or Stuff and miraculously, he discovered that he was once again hard
as nails, but this time, pleasurably so, there was no sense of urgency as
there was earlier, when Nosey had him planning over the water at breakneck
speed and he shot what he was sure was two humongous loads, the second,
right after the first.

Since Doug and Buck were expected and Ace was sure that they would want to
sail Claw, he packed the fridge with enough food that two hungry teens
could eat for a week but also packed the freezer with more of everything
that was in the fridge except salad fixings. They remained at anchor in the
little cove to have dinner before they left for Dagger Cay.

When the Cats saw that Sander was beginning to stir from his nap, betrayed
by his slight smile, the teen and adult Cats backed away to watch the five
Numbers with great amusement, welcome Sander to the land of the living.

Number Five took up position on top of Sander's body, just far enough so he
could further stimulate Sander's nipples while at the same time far enough
back to cover his blue painted cock with his furry belly and still snuggle
his tail deep between Sander's legs. Sander, once again enjoyed the feel of
a versatile tail wiggling deep inside his body.

While this was happening, the remaining four Numbers had positioned
themselves, two on each side of Sander's head. They were very careful to
not betray their presence or it could end their planned make out session
with Sander before it even got started.

This seduction wasn't new to the five Numbers. They first perfected their
technique on Edvard until they got him to the point where he enjoyed
kissing any one of them with their paste covered tongues, before they moved
on the Tara Peter, with Edvard's laughing encouragement. All too soon,
Peter stopped playfully complaining about Cat germs in his mouth and he
began kissing back before switching over to his mate, Edvard with even more

Then it happened, Sander opened his mouth to complain about Number Five
being so forward with his innocent teenage body. Numbers Four and One drove
their tongues into his partially open mouth while exuding copious
quantities of paste.

It was unexpected when Sander reacted by not trying to push them away;
rather, he used his hands on their heads to pull them in closer while he
demanded more using mind-speak! When the kitten's meager paste supply was
exhausted, they backed away to be replaced by their two fellow
co-conspirators, Number Three and Two, who had full paste charges.

That was how the five Cadets and Nigel discovered Sander, making out with
all five Numbers. While Nigel looked at the unusual scene with interest, he
went to find Rut, to find out why the dolphin pod kidnapped him. The
Cadets, all relatively new to Dagger Cay, sat down on the deck with
Freckles, Spot and Leader, all surrounding Sander to watch him making out
with the big lovable kittens. There was one boy in the group, who was
slightly older than the others, who had only been at the Academy for a
week. This boy, Glen, had watched Sander from afar as he attempted to lure
a bird or birds to his new perch that was placed just outside Sander's
window. Sander was there one day and the next, he and his new bird perch
were gone and now, suddenly he had returned and was in the same beginner's
sailing class.

Glen thought Sander was a `loner' just like him, but suddenly he seemed to
know and appeared to be friends with Doug and Buck, the owners of Dagger
Cay. Equally amazing, Sander was also friends with the Great Cats of all
sizes and while Glen enjoyed playing with the dolphins, he loved playing
with the Great Cats in and under the water more.

Glen realized that the Cats had very special abilities beyond just being
wild Cats. While the Cats always treated the newer boys gently for the most
part, They were far rougher on Doug and Buck and they showed no mercy at
all to each other.

Like when one or more kittens became annoying it was standard practice to
fling a kitten 50 feet or more out into the cove. And the unusual became
usual for the same kitten to swim like a fish, back to be just as annoying
so they could be flung even further! When the bigger Cats saw that Glen
wasn't afraid of them or their versatile tails, they somehow knew that Glen
really wanted to play with them and be treated just like Doug and Buck so
they were happy to oblige. The first time Freckles really threw Glen out
any distance into the empty cove, Glen was shocked and pleased when Spot
was right there at splash down to catch him and throw him back to Freckles
and then repeat and repeat again. Suddenly Glen became a human Frisbee for
the two Great Cats.

Just as suddenly once dour Glen began to laugh. Glen didn't know that Great
Cats could scan human minds so they were well aware that the boy with
disappearing whip marks and a few cigarette burn scars on his arms, on his
body were signs of abuse just prior to his arrival at Dagger Cay. The Cats
didn't realize that the rest of the Family of boys also took an interest
and a few planned to do something about it, in the form of erasing the
perpetrator(s) from existence.

The Cats also knew of Glen's interest in Tara Sander, the new Lord of
Creatures. They also knew that Glen didn't know Sander's new identity and
hadn't seen him with his birds up on the forth-floor balcony, the suite
where the Dagger Cay owners hung their hats when they were in residence.

The Great Cats also knew that Sander was in search of a friend who might
become his very good friend, so Freckles and Spot conspired together to
play a pair of overgrown fury cupids. First, they ordered the kittens to
back off from molesting Sander further by pointing out that they were
neglecting Tara Peter, their Cat friend and Peter's mate, Edvard. Meanwhile
they'd been reinforcing the seeds of desire for lonely Sander in Glen's
mind while also subtly painting Glen blue with paste using their tails.

The twin Cat's timing was perfect; when the five Numbers disappeared to
leave Sander's body uncovered, they also had Glen panting to be the
kitten's replacement. Those watching Sander and the kittens had the
briefest view of Glen laying on top of Sander and replacing two Cat tongues
in Sander's mouth with his own, before the new couple disappeared to
somewhere else and just before dinner to boot! Sander knew that he and
Glen had been relocated to his room and on his bed with Glen right there
still covering most of his body and with their erections mashed together,
slipping and sliding along with Glen's more frequent thrusts but Sander
wanted more.

Sander's next thought was that he wasn't clean inside as described to him
by Doug and Buck in the shower. Freckles intruded into Sander's mind then,
"That has already been taken care of for both of you and the result has
been sent to nothingness."

"Both, does that mean..." Sander couldn't force himself to say that he
would also take a turn at being the man in the family.

"Of course, Glen is eager to couple with you and just as eager for you to
couple with him. That is what you white and Cat warriors call a balanced
relationship. Now unless you want Great Cat help the first-time coupling,
you should get Glen mounted. He is ready to explode," Freckles cautioned
and/or warned.

The last thing the Great Cats and mind-speakers heard was Sander's bedroom
door slamming closed before he put up his first mind block to seal all of
them out of his first-time experience. When Buck and Doug returned to their
suite a short time later, they were both carrying food for the birds; a
sack of mixed nuts and a broad selection of fruits and vegetables that all
the exotic birds liked to eat. They would care for Bonny and Clyde through
the next morning when they would embark on their cruise aboard Claw, come
hell or high water. That would be after Ace had restocked the galley with

Meanwhile Doug and Buck talked about what they would do to two men, a
couple and curiously a 14-yaer-old boy, who lived in an ocean front mansion
up in Palm Beach. The Great Cats obtained the names and the address from
Glen's mind. The men had been driving down to Fort Lauderdale to troll for
boys along Atlantic Avenue and when they lured one or two into their car,
they took them home to Palm Beach to train them to be good and obedient
servants before they could be leased to friends with similar tastes
in-house help. "Not without us," David advised from across the room with
Noah leaning against David's side. David and Noah were the boy's regular
bodyguards. It was always fun for the boys to try to allude them for as
long as possible as long as they were somewhere that was relatively
safe. Somewhere as safe as Dagger Cay.

"Damn, that didn't take long," Buck lamented with a grin. "When did you
guys get here?"

"About one minute after you arrived," Noah replied. "We knew you packed a
few warm weather clothes. We just watched you two birds in bed until
suddenly you weren't, so we relocated here, which began an exodus from
Trenton Hall and Somerset Farm. Your house is filling up fast with the rest
of the Family. Your moms and dads are in their usual waterfront cottage and
the rest of the parent mob are claiming the other cottages as we speak," he

Doug sighed, "Well sneaking in here didn't work anyway. We were seen as
soon as we stepped out on the balcony, and around here, what one resident
knows, both islands know within minutes," he admitted.

Buck added, "Plus we were reminded that however we arrived, we didn't do it
by Kermit or any other jet. These islands listen for jets," he reminded.

"The planes will be here later in case they're needed," David stated.

"Now tell us what the guys you plan to off, did to piss you off," he wanted
to know why the boys were going vigilante suddenly. Buck and Doug took
turns relating parts of Glen's story as they understood it without him
being aware that he was divulging it.

Just a bit earlier, Glen was telling his exciting new lover, Sander, the
same story. Glen was the product of a broken home who had been raised
solely by his mother who just happened to be a hoarder. A home filled to
the ceilings with junk and garbage, precluded Glen having any friends
because he was horrified that if even one friend found out the condition of
their home, the authorities would be called. He didn't even want to think
of what would happen then.

Glen was old enough to know that his father not only paid child support, he
also paid his mother alimony, but as far as he could see, she only spent
the absolute minimum for their upkeep. She maintained the outside of their
home to keep up appearances and so no one would come around to look at the
inside. There was one room that was completely trash free; and that started
at Glen's bedroom door. He steadfastly refused to allow any of his
mother's collections in his room. When she occasionally forgot and placed a
box of junk or a filled trash bag in his bedroom while he was at school, he
promptly took the invading stuff to the backyard and burned it in the fire
pit while his mother begged and pleaded with him not to light the match,
but he was relentless until she stopped forgetting that her son's room was
off limits to her and her growing collections.

Early after the final divorce decree, and just before she started hoarding
in earnest, his mother told Glen that the child support money was his to
use as he wished. Initially he wanted to furnish his room as he thought
best and his mother supplied all the cash he requested. As a result, Glen
owned all the electronics necessary to be a teenage boy, a queen-size bed,
a book case that was filled with books and current posters on the
walls. Later, as his mother became weirder, he used the money to buy them
groceries that he had to shop for.

If he allowed her to shop, she generally got fixated on sale items, which
resulted in her stocking up on those few items such as a car full of toilet
tissue that there was no room to store, or buying 100 pounds of
buy-one-get-one- free steaks that they didn't have freezer space for.

Glen knew he had a father who had left his mother before he was born, but
he never set eyes on the man; he just saw his father's money that flowed in
monthly. Since Glen was supporting them both, his mother was free to go on
buying sprees, using her generous alimony payments.

Suddenly, all buying stopped when his mother took to her cot that was
jammed into the kitchen. Glen realized her mother was very ill when she
stopped shopping and raiding the neighbors' trash on collection days, but
try and argue as he might, she would not go to a doctor and was horrified
of all hospitals. With all her remaining strength, she did manage to visit
the Bank of America to secure Glen's financial future. That evening, she
gave Glen temporary debit and credit cards and a checkbook that he could
use anywhere in the world. With that done, his mother recommended that he
flee before she died and the dread CPS, or Child Protective Services,
arrived to take Glen away to some institution or a foster home.

Glen fled, but not before he made some advance arrangements after the
plastic arrived. He got on the internet and rented a small apartment, sight
unseen, in a small complex as close as he could get to Atlantic Ave., in
Ft. Lauderdale. To eliminate any question of age, he paid the first year's
rent by credit card. Then he called the apartment building's office and
represented that he was the renter's teenage son calling on his father's
behalf since mythical dad traveled almost constantly and was rarely home,
to arrange for packages to be received and stored in the father-son
apartment until they arrived in the near future to take possession. It was
also very important that Glen continue his education, so he composed a
letter from his `father', addressed to the school to advise that his son
would be withdrawing from the school system and that they could expect a
request for his transcripts from a school in Florida, yet to be decided and
the letter was his authorization to release the information.

Of course, none of this took place until Glen accessed his new bank account
to find that he had nearly one million dollars at his disposal, so his
mother's sketchy plan wasn't just a pipedream. Further, she didn't even
come close to squandering all her alimony on junk. With all that done, Glen
began to pack and ship all his possessions and anything else in the house
that was small that took his fancy.

The last thing on Glen's list of things to do, was to reserve and pay or
two business class one way tickets to Ft. Lauderdale. Later at airside, it
would be unfortunate that Glen's father had some emergency at the last
minute, so 14-year-old Glen would be flying unaccompanied, with the cost of
his father's ticket to be refunded to the new address.

Glen's mother constantly urged him to hurry and make his getaway while she
still lived and had the strength to do one last thing under her own power;
she needed to flick a Bic lighter just once. She had the strength to pull
Glen's head down to kiss his cheek. That was the first and the last
mother-son kiss ever. Then the airport limo tooted outside and Glen was
gone just carrying a small bag. His clothes had already been shipped with
everything else.

Glen's mother worried about her health and prepared in advance for that
unforeseen eventuality. While she felt something inside her brain compelled
her to collect other people's castoffs as well as buy many items that
appealed to her, she also liberally `salted' the growing piles with
flammables. She bought typical red plastic gas cans and filled them with
gasoline so with heat, the cans would melt, cans of spray paint, hair
spray, and jugs of paint thinner.

Most important of all, Glen's mother bought piles of all different kinds of
fireworks. The frugal woman waited until the days just after the holiday
before she swooped in on the tents and temporary store fronts before they
closed in advance of the next holiday when Americans demanded big bangs and
bursts of color to celebrate, to purchase leftover inventory at deep, deep

Glen told Sander it wasn't until several days later, after he got his
internet connection and he looked up news from his former home town, that
he discovered what his mother had planned all along. Their house had
exploded and continued to explode while an intense fire consumed everything
and even metals long after any other typical house fire should have been

Taller Glen was spooned against younger, more delicate Sander while he told
his story. When he had to raise his voice, sometime near dawn, he shouted
at Sander with a grin since he already knew the answer. "And just what the
hell is all that racket coming from out on the balcony?!" The rest of
Glen's story would have to wait.

Sander began to giggle as he spun his body to face Glen and kiss him on the
nose. "That's Bonny sitting on two eggs," he explained, "Right now she
wants Clyde to replace her on the nest so she can have her breakfast and do
a fly around, that's polite for taking s shit," he added. "Come on, I'll
introduce you as my mate so you can be their friend too," he said and

"By mate, do you really mean mated just like they are?" Glen asked

"Yeah, if you do. Do you?"

To answer, Sander put his arms around Glen's neck and pulled himself up
Glen's body to give him a resounding kiss. "Does that smacker answer your
question? You know I've always been waiting to do that to my first ever

Sander felt Glen's answer growing between them, but he pushed Sander back
to the floor, took his hand and began to tug him out to the lounge. "Come
on lover boy let me meet your bird brains, otherwise, I'm feeling the
urgent need to go back to bed and sleep -- eventually," Glen urged

In the lounge, Glen pointed across the room at an open door. What's in

"Oh, that's Doug and Buck's room. Come on and be quiet or you'll wake them
up," Sander said. Then he tried to whisper about the suite's open door
versus closed door policy. He gave up when the big bird chatter and
squawking increased beyond what even two macaws were capable of making.

Glen giggled at that, "Wake them up? You can't be serious. If they aren't
already awake, then they're deaf or they're dead!"

It was neither of the above. Doug and Buck appeared out of nowhere. Both
were carrying overflowing buckets of cut up fruit and vegetables and bags
of mixed nuts. All of which the owners paid to have imported regularly to
the tiny island. They'd been to the aviary kitchen where workers there had
been slicing and dicing for hours before anyone with flying pets or the
birds themselves, woke up to fly to their perches, ready for breakfast.

"Oh, good you two are really alive," Doug quipped, "we'd have come in there
to drag your young asses out of bed to help, but your door was
closed. That's okay though since it was your first night together."

"All this for just two birds?" Glen questioned to change topics as he
rushed to take Buck's bucket and was surprised by its weight. "Obviously,
you haven't been out on the terrace yet," Doug laughed and led the way.

Outside, the balcony or terrace railing, the backs of chairs, as well as
some side tables were festooned with birds of every species that inhabited
Dagger Cay. The four humans also saw that Freckles, Spot and the five
Numbers were holding a contest to see which of them could coax the most
birds to sit on their tails at the same time. For the Numbers to compete,
against their bigger cousins, they were allowed to use their whole bodies
as well as their heads as a perch.

Clyde was just about to enter the nesting box to relieve Bonny when he saw
Sander arrive and he was carrying a bag of nuts that he took from Doug,
since the birds were supposed to be his responsibility to care for, he
didn't want the owners to think he was shirking his duty from the first
night he slept in their suite officially.

Just then, Tommy appeared in their midst with Mutt and Jeff and an
additional Mutt and Jeff barely sharing his small shoulders. Spencer
appeared right behind him and laughing his ass off at Tommy's consternation
at suddenly experiencing a 100% increase in his bird friend population.
Apparently, the original Mutt and Jeff had found mates within their species
and that was why Tommy showed up so suddenly. Tommy wanted Doug to build
two nesting boxes on the wall of his parents' stilt home mansion so the two
new bird couples could get on with the business of breeding, laying and
hatching eggs and soon after, raising chicks. After Sander greeted and
gave Clyde a good scratching around his neck, Clyde flew back to the
nesting box to disappear inside and Bonny came out to do a fly around, then
return to settle on Sander's shoulder for her morning scratch, before she
went to her end of the perch to begin breakfast.

When Sander heard Tommy explain his urgent need to Doug, and Doug
agreed. Sander looked around at all the exotic birds. He realized that all
the birds present were couples and they were all there for the same thing,
they wanted nesting boxes of their own and they came to the Lord of
Creatures to ask.

Sander noticed that all bird eyes present were looking at him, that is
until he looked at Doug, then all bird eyes switched to Doug and remained
there until Doug agreed after Sander relayed all their pleas for help. It
seemed most of these exotics would excavate holes in dead palm trees, or
use tree cavities and high safe cliffs in their native habitat but the
problem on tiny Dagger Cay was too many birds and not nearly enough natural
nesting sites or boxes in the aviary.

Doug sighed and of course agreed if the new bird couples would return to
their individual perches and wait for him, after breakfast, human
breakfast, he stressed, when he would do a walk around with Sander to relay
what each couple wanted as long as it was close to their existing perch so
not to wear out their human friend, and no one had to run around the whole
island caring for their birds while still getting to first class on time in
the morning.

After the whole flock took off for their home perches, Sander moaned, "Just
look at this fucking mess; there's bird shit, shells and chewed fruit
everywhere," he complained.

Buck grinned and put a friendly arm over Sander's shoulders, "No one
bothers to tell guys that just got amulets," he plinked Sander's emerald
with his fingers, "that there's a lot you can do with them besides
mind-speak. For instance, you already know how fast we can move from one
place to another, but no one told you, you can do it too, and relocating
can be applied to anything or anyone else, including you. First we'll just
take care of all this mess."

Buck then got Doug to explain and demonstrate relocation, since he was a
Tara, and could bestow knowledge faster than a lowly mate of a Tara. Doug
reacted to Buck's implied dig by suddenly appearing to face Buck, while
already lifting Buck up and kissing him without mercy. "Keep up with the
disparaging remarks and I'll just make you poke me the whole trip," he
warned playfully.

Then Doug took Buck's place at Sander's side and explained relocation while
he kept his arm over Sander's shoulders. Instantly, the whole mess on their
terrace, disappeared to nothingness. Then Doug did the unthinkable to
Sander; he brought the whole mess back, stepped away to break body contact,
and told Sander to repeat the lesson on his own.

Sander closed his eyes and snapped his fingers. Instantly, the terrace was
once again pristine. Then before Sander's excitement waned, Doug had Sander
grab Glen's hand and relocate them to the dining room downstairs, that was
already filling up with guests looking for breakfast.

Doug made an announcement to the assembled throng. Henceforth, Sander and
Glen were acting hosts on Dragger Cay, any time he and Buck weren't there,
beginning at the time Sailing Yacht Claw left the lagoon that same day and
for the next week. Then he qualified the left-handed promotion by
mentioning that in around 30 days, the boys would be busy being surrogate
fathers and mothers to a newly hatched blue and gold macaw chick and
shouldn't be disturbed by random visits!

After breakfast, Doug, Buck, Sander and Glen took a whirlwind tour of much
of the inhabited island. Wherever there was a bird couple and a Cadet
waiting for them. When the first pair envisioned a nest in a palm trunk,
Doug went off island to find that there were lots of those due to a disease
that was killing off older coconut palms everywhere they grew.

Doug picked an old one that had a nice fat base. He installed that first
palm trunk upside down with the nesting hole close to the bush-like upended
roots on the north side so there was no chance of the nest being overheated
by the sun and the naked root ball would provide some shade. That was all
very nice, but the female really wanted the nest hole to face east so she
could enjoy the morning sun and shade the rest of the day.

Doug rolled his eyes and turned the trunk 90 degrees and for good measure,
he added a woven palm frond conical `hat' over the brush-like roots so the
result looked much like an airport kiosk. That first palm nest quickly
became the standard nest rather than the exception. That decision sped up
the problem of nesting sites as first floor dorm rooms blossomed with
conical palm frond hats although there were still a few that opted for more
typical man-made domestic nesting boxes attached to walls.

The last relocation took the four boys into Claw's master stateroom so
Sander and Glen knew exactly what it looked like. The implication was
clear; if Sander and Glen wanted some variety in their love life for a few
hours at night, all they had to do was appear to be Doug and Buck's
guests. Then Sander and Glen with perhaps one or more Cats were in for more
lessons of a sexual nature. With the younger boys once again relocated to
land and the Academy, the good Sailing Yacht Claw, disappeared from the
Dagger Cay lagoon. The two boys, new lovers, ran to their rooms in their
dorm. Time was short, they wanted to pack their few possessions and
relocate them up to their room in the elegant fourth-floor suite before
class. They used mind-speak to agree that they would be careful not to
flaunt their new status as Doug and Buck's friends or their new address; a
room in `the big house', as the older hotel was generally called. Whatever,
it was never to be referred to as a `mansion', Buck had reminded them both.
Both boys suddenly had a revelation. Both looked up at their rooms'
ceilings, "I just realized that we've been talking with mind- speak and
you've answered me," Sander sent, "That means you deserve one of these
amulets, but I have no idea where to find where they're kept."

Great big, beautiful Leader Great Cat nearly filled Glen's small Cadet's
room to over-flowing when he appeared with Glen, "That is no problem, Tara
Sander, this Great Cat has one for your mate," Leader's uniquely accented
deep voice replied while the image of Glen having a Cat tail place the
special talisman around Glen's neck as Leader's eyes recorded the event for
all other mind-speakers to view simultaneously.

"CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?" boomed in Glen's mind as he was inundated with
congratulations and laughter by one and all mind-speakers, most of which
had had arrived at Dagger Cay for their spring break vacations.

Spring break reminded Glen of something he'd heard, "Hey Sander, doesn't
the Academy have the same school vacation schedule as American schools?"

"Yup, that's the rule," Sander agreed. "The sailing class we signed up for
was voluntary."

"It is? Well then, I'm lucky I'm dense when I signed up too, but since
we're on vacation all this week," Glen playfully suggested, "Shouldn't we
still be in bed just like all good guys our age, unless they have some fun
things to do?"

To which Sander coyly replied, "Rumor has it there are fun things to do in
bed too." The implications were clear. Last night, their first night
together was animalistic, but starting in a minute, in the new bed, with
Bonny and Clyde yacking at each other nearby, the boys would explore the
sensual sides of making love in broad daylight.

Glen and Sander almost crashed into each other when they both landed and
bounced on their bed at the same time. Only Sander forgot about his
affinity for creatures; Leader Great Cat tagged along to `help'. Almost
instantly, the two boys felt their bed jiggle with lots of additional
weight. When they looked to the side, they found little Tommy and his mate
Spencer with his great big beautiful body grinning back at them with
expectant hopeful looks.

Group sex was another thing they hadn't experienced with Doug and Buck,
only because there hadn't been time. The new boys quickly found out that
human sex, frequently included the assistance of a Great Cat. In this case,
Spot appeared at Tommy and Spencer's side of the bed. So, with two Cats and
two boy couples, it didn't take long for the Cats to groom their couple,
including coloring them blue, both outside and inside.

The first group sex lesson was for Sander and Glen to watch Spencer make
love to Tommy with the practiced ease of a long-term couple. Then the new
guys were encouraged to use their hands on the opposite couple, all over,
the more intimate the better. By then Tommy had Spencer, so used to be
handled, Spencer had come to expect and enjoy being felt up by hands other
than Tommy's.

Gradually, Sander moved closer to the visiting couple and Glen couldn't
help but follow until he was on top of Sander. Then he was quickly mounted
with an Ancient Cat tail's help, before the same tail began to get Glen
comfortable with the same length and girth as Spencer's prodigious always
loaded fun gun; the sign of future good things to come between the four
boys. Also, with the couples close together, within easy reach, all
available hands explored wherever any one of them desired a touch or feel.

The new foursome took a break at lunchtime so Sander and Glen could gain
experience being surrogate hosts in Doug and Buck's absence. With that duty
quickly and expertly completed with the two young former introverts, fully
converted into extroverts, the youngsters daringly willed Tommy and Spencer
back to their bed after a quick dip in the lagoon. The next lesson was to
find out exactly what Spence and Tommy meant after they promised to show
them what `afternoon delights' was all about.

Sander's quick swim in the lagoon turned into a meet and greet session
between him and the resident lagoon fish. While all the fish species knew
their station in the watery food chain, it seemed a truce had been called
as Sander found his body bumped, kissed by tiny mouths and even sort of
caressed by fish of any species of any age and size. whether newly hatched
fingerlings to and through adult toothy jacks or torpedo-like barracuda,
all were intent on touching and sending some barely discernable greetings
to Sander, the Lord of Creatures, creatures that apparently included the

The fish truce ended as Sander feet left the water with the smallest and
most vulnerable; at first leaving the shallows, some to seek previous
shelters or just reform as schools who were always on the lookout for
larger predators in the food chain.

At first Sander hesitated to leave the water because the fishy kisses and
gentle nibbles were applied everywhere and he had developed a raging
erection. His blush receded when he saw that his three closest friends of
the moment also sported their own erections. He decided that perhaps the
fish were indiscriminate in bestowing kisses and delicate nibbles. The
erections caused all four boys to relocate back to their rumpled bed since
they were well primed for the `afternoon lessons' that required the use of
their lips and tongues. During the exciting afternoon, the four boys took a
well-deserved break.

Tommy climbed Spencer's sleeping body to act like a too small throw to
cover Spencer's important parts and dozed off to sleep. That was the ideal
time for Glen to continue his story of how he came to be in the Dagger Cay
Marine Academy using mind-speak so he didn't disturb Tommy and
Spencer. Glen didn't know that he was sending the story to other
mind-speakers because he hadn't learned how to block his thoughts.

After Glen got his new apartment squared away, he set off on the short walk
to Atlantic Ave. and the white sandy beach just a few steps further on. He
needed to reconnoiter to see if there were other guys just like him, what
they were doing, their schedules and what they were wearing. He wanted to
fit in without being particularly noticeable.

The first day, he sat on the seawall from nine in the morning. That was
obviously too early for teenagers. A few guys began to straggle across the
Avenue at about 10 o'clock and by 11, the whole mob of guys had made their
way to the sidewalk along the seawall; the perfect place to see and be seen
from the beach and by passing cars without being hassled by shop owners
across the street. Glen was dressed correctly he guessed. He was wearing
board shorts and a tee shirt and something else that got him invited to
play little ball games and participate in conversations. It was dumb luck
that Glen was wearing the latest edition of Michael Jordan basketball
shoes! He hadn't been able to resist that one splurge.

Some guys immediately admired the very costly footwear and a few were
disdainful and jealous that any kid new to the street had found a sugar
daddy right away, who bought him a pair of MJ shoes that were already
selling for $2000.00 on E-Bay. Glen remained evasive when asked where he
got the shoes, except to mumble about being lucky.

Glen soon discovered that the boys on the street gave each other nicknames
instead of just using given first names. Of course, Glen became `Shoes'
after his first day sitting on the seawall. Either Shoes or MJ, but Shoes

Anyway, his pricy shoes got him accepted and welcomed by the majority of
teens on the street while he had yet to turn his first trick nor did he
have any real knowledge of what a teen hustler did to attract the
mysterious trick. He realized that he had to go into business long before
his bank account was completely drained but that would take quite a while
if he remained his usual frugal self. He would let nature take its course.

After a solid week of visiting the Atlantic Ave. sidewalk, Glen got into
the habit of tucking his shirt in the ass of his pants and jogging a little
bit before 11, weather permitting. During that time, he'd seen guys pause
what they were doing and sprint out on the beach to talk to a dude, or the
road if a nice car stopped opposite a group and the driver pointed and
waved at a specific guy to call him over.

If Glen wasn't involved in a kick ball game, he liked to sit on the seawall
where a few guys joined him for more conversation and laughter. During that
first week, not one driver or dude on the beach had beckoned to him. Glen
didn't realize that during that time, his body had tanned and his sandy
colored hair was beginning to bleach out from the constant exposure to the
sun. In short, he was beginning to look like a young and very attractive
street boy or hustler.

About noon one morning Glen and his current crop of friends were ragging a
kid who had missed the little rubber ball, so badly that it sailed out on
the beach. Glen was watching the kid run after the ball and while he heard
a muted car horn honk, he ignored it until the guy sitting beside him
called his attention to a guy driving a gleaming black Infinity with the
window down and waving at him. Glen first looked blankly at the luxury car
then looked behind him on the beach, only there was no one there. "Hey
`Shoes', wake up. The dude in that car wants you. Man, you are so lucky
when combined with that `who me' innocent act. I wish I could pull that
off," the boy, `Dolphin' (Dolphin got his street name from the team logo
embroidered on his cap.) said with a giggle as he pushed Glen off the wall
to get him moving toward the car.

For want of something better to say, Glen was about to say a nervous `good
morning, but the driver beat him to it by offering him a deal. The man
would pay Glen $500, for the rest of the day and the same amount as well
for the other kid that had been sitting beside him on the seawall.

Glen beckoned to Dolphin with a glance back at him, a smile and a quick
come here with a head motion. Dolphin was there leaning on the car's window
frame beside Glen in a flash. Glen was pleased that Dolphin had been
included in the deal because he and all the other boys around the same age
helped each other out whenever they could. In Glen's case, they all
recognized that Glen, or Shoes, was new and all were his mentors at least
until he became established and comfortable in the `business'.

A deal was soon agreed to between the client and Dolphin more than Shoes,
since Glen knew nothing about rates of payment, anymore than he knew about
participating in a gay sex act. In the backseat, Dolphin took Shoes' hand
and squeezed, he hoped to convey that they made a wonderful deal. Glen
grinned and squeezed back, glad that Dolphin was more than happy and that
he was holding another guy's hand, a guy that Glen was attracted to, for
the first time.

Then the client made both boys even happier and Glen suddenly nervous when
he said that he and his partner enjoyed watching younger guys like them
really getting it on with each other for some raw sex as soon as they
arrived at his home in distant Palm Beach. Meanwhile he suggested that he
would appreciate it if they made out with each other during the ride and he
could watch them in the rearview mirror once they got onto I-95 north in
minimal traffic where looking back in a mirror was somewhat safer.

Dolphin, naturally and thankfully to Shoes, took the initiative and began
kissing him while the boy's hands traveled his body. Glen played follow the
leader, hesitantly to start, but it wasn't long before hands were grasping
each other's hard cocks through cloth, assessing ball weight and really
stretching tongues to tickle tonsils while breathing frantically through
their noses.

The two boys were so engrossed in their activities, they didn't notice when
the car entered the Interstate, until the client directed; "Okay, it's time
to lose your shorts, you won't be needing any clothes from now on." In the
heat of the moment, neither boy noticed the man's ominous undertone and he
said `from now on', instead of `the rest of the day'. Plus, the man was no
longer asking, he was ordering the change of dress.

By then both boys were hot to trot. It only took a second before Velcro fly
and waist closures were heard to `rip', the confining board shorts were
pushed off and kicked out of the way.

Because Glen chose his unique new profession, he expected his first partner
to be much older just like the current client. The image Glen held was of a
face that needed a shave, a hairy body and too much weight pressing on his
14-year-old body. Instead, he found that his body was on top of Dolphin's
as they stretched out on the backseat and apparently, Dolphin was giving
him the lead!

That was confirmed when Dolphin whispered, "Let's give this guy a real
show, give me a real head job," he encouraged to stop Glen from humping his
gut and wasting his first shot of cum. "Then I'll give you one," he added.

Glen promptly began dragging his tongue south, over Dolphin's body. Of
course, he paused to nurse each nipple and delve into the hard-little
slightly recessed button navel before be began tongue caressing his first
real prize; a young guy's cock. By then Glen was kneeling between Dolphin's
legs and he was savoring the major event with his eyes open wide to
visually record every second in his brain while his mouth saved the special
flavors of another guy that was as young as he was.

Unfortunately, youth prevailed over mutual desires. Dolphin shot into
Glen's mouth with incredible speed but without warning beyond an upward
thrust of his hips with his hands holding the back of Glen's head, although
Dolphin needn't have worried about Glen pulling away.

Glen only had time to take a full breath before Dolphin rearranged their
bodies so Glen was lying on the seat and Dolphin was kneeling between
Glen's legs. There was no question of which boy was over-heated. Dolphin
barely had time to take Glen into his mouth before the virgin cock rewarded
him with several spurts of warm, thick white cream.

"What's your real name? Mine's Glen," he confessed after the two boys
resumed sitting on the seat to watch passing traffic that couldn't see them
through the dark tinted glass. Real names were only used between very good
friends among the small mob of teen boys on the street. Names were like
addresses or living arrangements.

Only very best friends knew where each other lived and whether it was safe
to visit. Some boys enjoyed having `sugar daddies' they lived with if the
daddy was otherwise unencumbered. A daddy could be jealous of others or
could maybe enjoy an additional boy in his bed occasionally. Whatever the
arrangement, a boy who visited the street during the day, did so with
permission of his daddy if he was kept.

Others, perhaps the majority, lived in run down motels with or without one
or more roommates who were also in the procurement `business'. A very few
somehow worked for pimps who either found them customers or sent their boys
out to Atlantic Ave. to find their own for which the pimp took the majority
share of a boy's income in return for living in a group flop-house.

Almost none lived in their own private apartment like Glen, nor did others
have a very heathy bank account. To Glen, knowing Dolphin's first name was
also the first step toward inviting him over for fun and games and perhaps
even inviting him to be a roommate if he proved to be completely compatible
with the proviso that they both continued to work the street and share

Glen was brought down to earth by Dolphin saying, "My name is almost the
same as my street nick, it's Dolf. My father is a second-generation Swede
and old customs and names tend to hang on," he laughed at his
admission. Then he asked the client, "Have you got anything to drink, or
are we almost there?"

The man driving almost on cue, handed back a red plastic cap covered cup
with a straw already inserted. Dolf handed that to Glen and kept the second
cup that was blue, for himself. Glen found that he was drinking sweetened
iced tea that he'd come to enjoy with meals since he'd moved to Florida.

Glen had his arm companionably around Dolf's shoulders while his other hand
held his cup. Dolf held his cup with one hand and continued to massage all
of Glen's stretched out body with his other. Suddenly Glen was over-come
with the need to sleep and when his eyes closed, Dolf was there to take the
cup from Glen's limp fingers and hand it forward to the customer, who took
it without comment. Dolf had plenty to say after he kissed Glen to be sure
he was out cold. He met the customer's eyes in the rearview mirror with a
satisfied leer. "You know my father pays you to be my bodyguard, and he
pays your fuck buddy Shawn to be my tutor, while you both should be paying
me for catching you all this young pussy. That would be pussy with very
tasty cocks." Dolf took Glen's cock and stretched to its full length. "I
think we've got a real winner here; he's not only new to the street, I
believe he's also a virgin. Let's hurry home. I want him to wake up when
I'm fucking him and then you two can each have a turn before the serious
training begins. You have to keep the marks on this one's body to the
minimum though. I was only able to get three grand for the last one because
of too many burns."

"Aw come on Dolf," Donald, the bodyguard protested with a laugh, "A
cigarette burn applied just at the right time makes the little pussy
tighten up like you wouldn't believe. It makes us come an extra pint at
least. And those burn marks heal up so there's just a little round white
spot so the boy always has something to remember us by." Donald's laugh
turned into more of a demonic cackle as he recalled that Dolf didn't forbid
any burns; he said to keep them to the minimum.

What Dolf and Donald didn't realize was that Glen wasn't in quite the deep
sleep they thought he was. Glen was enjoying his first `buzz' and he wanted
it to continue so he played at being a rag doll until the middle of his
first ever fuck when Dolf was mounted on him. Glen heard what was said in
the car but the words were disjointed and meaningless.

Dolf was surprised when Glen surrounded his back with his arms. He pulled
Dolf's head down for a kiss while his body began to respond by thrusting up
to meet each of Dolf's downward hip movements. Dolf regretted that his
parents would be returning home in just two short weeks.

After, he would have to suspend his part-time business of finding,
training, and then leasing out homeless boys to degenerate friends of his
father's. The first one was a fluke, but that successful deal got him more
referrals than he could easily and safely satisfy, but it was fun as long
as it lasted. He would be prepared to start up the business again as soon
as his parents became bored with home and so called family life again and
they took off to enjoy yet another relaxing vacation. A vacation far away
from their bratty kid who was finally old enough to fend for himself with
only his tutor and bodyguard for minimal supervision.

Glen managed to escape when Dolf was forced to close down his business when
his parents were due home the next day. Ready or not, Donald and Shawn
drove him to his new `employer' who just happened to live in
Ft. Lauderdale.

Glen looked out the back-car window and knew where he was; he was close to
his home. The time for Glen to escape was now or never. He'd gotten into
the habit of acting deeper under the influence deeper than he really was so
he could enjoy some of the things that were done to him, especially by
Dolf. So, he slurred his words when he pleaded that he had to take a wicked

For that to happen, they had to backtrack slightly to find a gas
station. Sean parked at the pumps to fill the tank since they were there,
while Donald was supposed to be watching Glen in the restroom. Only Donald
decided to buy a few munchies from the store for the trip back to Palm
Beach. He watched Glen stagger slightly in his haste to the restroom and
thought it safe to lose sight of him. Glen had been docile most of the time
he was being trained and only was whipped to demonstrate what his new
master would do to him if he didn't perform properly.

Glen was pleased that his small backpack had been returned to him just as
it was taken from him. Sean piously told him he and Donald weren't thieves
so everything like his keys, his billfold and even his sun-visor and
sunglasses were still in there. Glen started running as soon as he was
around the corner of the building. He knew exactly where he was because
he'd shopped for junk food and drinks at that convenience store. He slowed
to a walk only when he was close to his apartment building and he thought
he was safe at last.

While Glen was wearing his own shorts, he was wearing a tank-top that Dolf
gave him. Dolf wanted to display Glen's fresh whip marks to his customer,
who was also to be Glen's new master, to prove he'd been properly

Glen suddenly stopped in his tracks when he heard his name called by a
high-pitched voice that hadn't begun to change, that he recognized. The
voice belonged to a young kid he'd met his first day he'd ventured out to
Atlantic Avenue. He remembered that the kid was totally bubbly and
outgoing, but behind the constant smile, Glen saw the same fear of the
unknown that he was experiencing. That first day was also the last day he
saw the kid who someone had dubbed `Sparkles' because of his ever-present
white teeth visible from his constant smile. Now suddenly Sparkles was back
was back with two other guys Glen recognized and all three of them were
almost falling out of the open back window of a stretched-out limo!

Glen couldn't resist detouring out to the car to find out how Sparkles'
circumstances had changed for the better while his first experience had
changed to shit. Glen had no idea what he was going to do in the future,
but he knew it wasn't going to be working as a street kid. That was how he
came to be a new Cadet at Dagger Cay Marine Academy.


Evan and Billy, two of the Family, were on a private mission to find the
men who had abused Cadet Glen and commit some abuse, Family style, of their
own. To catch the bad guys, they went where Glen said one of his captors
mentioned just before he once again sank into semi-oblivion during his

So, they went to an upscale gay bar looking for two fellow gays, whose
images were plucked from Glen's mind. That this was Billy and Evan's first
time in any bar as a couple who could hold hands and even kiss each other
if they wished, based on what other couples were doing openly, was a
welcome fringe benefit. Of course, while Billy could pass as 21 years-old
with his fake ID, there was no way cherubic appearing Evan could with all
the fake credentials in the world. Billy corrected this problem when they
were already seated in the back seat of an innocent looking rented sedan
with Hans and Herman in the front seats.

There was no way the boys would be allowed in any bar or anywhere,
unaccompanied by bodyguards. In this case, the men decided it would be
amusing to watch the boys actually get served the first time in a gay bar,
fake ID, or not.

Billy took on the problem of making Evan look much older while in route to
the bar. He made his cherry cheeks blossom into a fully bushy blond beard
which made Evan appear even more laughable. Herman even reached back and
gave the beard a hardy tug, which caused more laughter when Evan's head was
jerked back and then forward in response, to prove the whiskers was real.

Even Evan agreed the beard was over-kill, so Billy compromised by changing
the beard into a scraggly goatee. Evan protected that with his hand so
Herman couldn't pull on it to test for authenticity. But, Evan allowed the
door bouncer to give it a playful yank. Then when the bouncer got around to
checking Evan's photo ID, Billy realized he forgot to change the picture so
it matched the so very innocent appearing face.

A quick blink fixed that, although the bouncer did do a double take to be
sure he wasn't just imagining things on the first glance. With that,
combined with the tug, the couple was reluctantly admitted. Then, after
they worked their way to the bar, the bartender was about to card them a
second time until Evan ordered a double shot of top shelf brandy (top shelf
meaning the costliest). In a snifter, please, and Billy asked for a double
of top shelf single malt scotch. Either were brands that the bartender
couldn't try to fudge on with cheap `well' shots, because customers who
ordered them were used to the distinctive tastes. Those two bottles were
also covered in the most dust to indicate that they were rarely moved from
the top shelf.

Hans and Herman were standing at the bar with the boys beside them, but
appeared not to know them. They even went so far as to enter the crowded
dance floor and proved that they knew the moves required in the current
dances. Then when Billy started to move his body to the beat, he pulled
Evan out on the floor and began to dance with abandon. Billy was really
showing Evan how to dance until Evan began to match his moves and seductive

Evan got so into dancing, he pulled off his shirt just like some of the
other dancers. Then it was Billy's turn to follow Evan. With Billy's shirt
off, the young couple attracted lots of attention from the other
patrons. The jeans the boys were wearing appeared to be held up only by
their very desirable bubble butts.

It was then that Billy and Evan were not only bumped from behind, their
melon asses weren't just groped, they were fondled seductively. Both turned
in opposite directions to confront the owners of the busy hands, and there
stood none other than Buck and Doug grinning at them while thrusting their
hips seductively.

It was very rare for this upscale gay bar to have more than one or two
actual `boys' on the dance floor and those proudly displayed by older very
protective men. Now, suddenly there were four, unescorted, except by each
other. All four, along with their ever-present bodyguards began to laugh
when they realized that Glen had been broadcasting his thoughts not only to
the Great Cats, but to all mind-speakers as well. This meant if four got
the information, that most likely there would be more Family members appear
as well. The initial foursome was proved correct when the dance floor soon
became crowded with the entire mob and all of them were taking off their
shirts if they'd been wearing them when they relocated. The dance floor was
soon ringed with regular patrons who were amazed by the `meat market' type
show that the club owner obviously arranged in advance; the only way all
the underage boys could have gotten in.

When Doug saw Spence dancing with Tommy sitting on his arm, Tommy's most
favored perch, accompanied by Dieter and Billie dressed in full drag queen
regalia, he called out, "If the gang's all here, where are the Cats?"

By way of answering, the giant video screens spaced out high in the room
flashed images of all nine smiling Great Cat faces, although the five
Numbers appeared crowded together. The screens normally showed images of
patrons or nearly naked young appearing servers who also appeared on the
stage as dancer/strippers in the club's late night show.

Apparently, the show started early and was to be held on the dancefloor,
not on the stage. While the chicken hawks were actually drooling their
delight, all the other regulars appeared to be just as interested in seeing
so many nearly naked boy bodies all in one enclosed space.

None of the Family realized that the three Cat warriors and Charlie were
missing until they appeared on the stage wearing more clothing than they
ever wore before. Since all loved to dance and perform and show off their
bodies, their clothing began to disappear in flashes, one article at a time
while they danced seductively with and for each other.

Buck got Doug's attention by pointing up into the black painted steel
rafters. There they were, using the rafters as if they were Stonewood tree
branches. Fang and Leader were draped out close together and openly defying
their youngsters to bother them by slashing their tails, flexing their
claws in and out and silently snarling if Freckles, Spot or any of the
Numbers got too close in their stalks with the intention of unseating the
two elders to make them fall. The youngsters weren't trying to injure their
elders, they were just trying to gauge their reaction times; to see how
many parts of one second it took either to relocate before they landed on
the dance floor among or on top of some of the humans. In short, all the
Great Cats were having fun while everyone looked for the two vicious men
who harmed Tara Glen, Lord of Creatures.

No one in the big room noticed the Cats because everyone was had their
attention fixed on the dance floor or on the stage as the warriors and
Charlie continued to shed their clothing in colorful flashes. Then
whichever Cat was directing the stage show livened it up by relocating
individuals from the dance floor to the stage starting with Pettie and his
partner Scott who continued to dance with each other with total abandon
even though they also began to lose their few bits of clothing.

Suddenly, two words flashed in every Family member's mind; "THEY'RE HERE!"

"Holy shit," Donald screamed to Shawn to be heard over the music, "Here
we've been driving to Ft. Lauderdale all this time and there were all these
boys right here in Palm Beach!"

No one noticed that the red exit lights winked out or that the main
entrance door was locked, except for the outside bouncer and the crowd of
late night revelers who couldn't get in the club. It was lucky that no one
inside the club tried to leave because the whole doorway had disappeared in
favor of a continuous wall of bricks and mortar.

By then, the warriors and Charlie were completely naked as well as fully
erect and the newer dancers on stage rapidly began to catch up both to
their nudity and their excited states. Some few in the audience began to
notice some anomalies. All the apparent underage boys wore the same
sparkling gems around their necks and all had an unusual blue caste to
their entire bodies and so did the shirtless boys on the dancefloor.

Donald and Shawn began to discuss a new business plan that didn't include
Dolf since he had his patents to deal with. There was no reason that they
couldn't continue to find likely boys they could keep hidden and train in
their apartment over the garages. They had a list of potential buyers and
the money they received would go into their account, not into Dolf's.

The men agreed that the most likely candidates to begin with were the one
of the three very exotic boys, or perhaps two, maybe all three together if
they got very, very lucky. Donald and Sean went into shock when they were
suddenly surrounded by the three naked and erect exotics, plus Charlie who
appointed himself as the Cat warrior's manager.

"How much are you paying for one, two or all three of these assholes?"
Charlie challenged to begin negations for the sale or lease of his
chattel. The two men were so shocked, they didn't notice until after the
fact that they'd been stripped. Nor did they notice of they and all the
Family members present all disappeared together, relocated to somewhere

Nor did they see that the chicken hawks, potential child molesters had also
been stripped of their clothes and relegated to outside where they could
not help themselves from making out with each other, even after law
enforcement arrived to take them away. The boys thought that such treatment
worked very well with priests, so why not try Palm Beach. Everyone but the
men in handcuffs were pleased with the result.


My eternal thanks to Emoe, my courageous editor who has supported me for so
many years without one word of complaint!

Happy Reading!




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